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Obama’s Green Ponzi Scheme

April 11, 2012 by  

Obama’s Green Ponzi Scheme
In March, President Barack Obama went on a two-day, four-state energy tour, proclaiming the benefits of clean energy and the evils of petroleum.

Mitt Romney has a chance at beating President Barack Obama in the November election. Much depends on whether America will swallow Obama’s Green platform.

Obama’s renewable energy plans are as much a flight of fancy as GOP Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich’s idea to build moon bases. The difference is that Gingrich got caught up in a daydream. Obama’s plans are for nothing less than control over America’s future.

Last month, Obama went on a two-day, four-State energy tour, proclaiming the benefits of clean energy and the evils of petroleum. He said that the Republican candidates in the GOP primary are either misguided or simply ignorant ­Luddites.

Obama joked: “Lately we’ve heard a lot of politicians, a lot of folks who are running for a certain office — they shall go unnamed — they dismiss wind power.  They dismiss solar power.”

While the President argues that investments in green energy will ease the pain at the pump and even rebuild America, there just isn’t any evidence to support his view.

Consider this from Robert Bryce’s 2010 book Power Hungry: The Myths Of “Green” Energy and the Real Fuels Of the Future:

Oil is not a perfect fuel. There is no such thing. But oil is — in nearly every case — greener than any of the alternative energy forms that might replace it. No matter whether the replacement is ethanol from corn, biomass — such as wood, straw, or dung — or biofuels made from palm oil or other feedstocks, the conclusion is apparent: Oil (and if you can get it, natural gas) simply has no peers. Oil provides consumers with both high energy density and high power density. It burns cleanly. It’s easily handled at atmospheric temperature and pressure, and the number of uses for it are [sic] essentially limitless.

The crude truth from experts doesn’t deter Obama. On March 22, at the end of his energy tour, Obama said:

The point is, there will always be cynics and naysayers who just want to keep on doing the same things the same way that we’ve always done them. We’ve got a choice. … We can keep developing new energy and new technology that uses less oil, or we can listen to these folks who actually believe that the only thing we can do is drill our way out of this problem.

Obama’s latest directive seems more about getting power for himself than it does about generating power for the Nation.

Recently, syndicated columnist and noted economist Lawrence Kudlow pointed out the flaws in Obama’s mantra on energy:

As Ronald Reagan famously said, “There you go again.”

Of course, Reagan was blaming Jimmy Carter for launching false attacks during a debate. And that line was so effective, it not only helped Reagan win the debate, but a presidential election that would change American history.

But “there you go again” can apply equally to President Obama. Once again this week, the president was out on the campaign trail bashing and oil and gas companies. And he continued to spread major falsehoods about this industry, which I guess is the polite way to put it.

Obama is obsessed with oil and gas. He is a prisoner of the left-wing environmental groups. And really, he’s extending his leftist class-warfare attack from rich people to successful oil and gas producers.

What seems to have Obama especially steamed is the fact that the conventional-energy companies are profitable… So he wants to tax them. He then wants to redistribute their income to his favorite green-energy firms.

Obama’s Con Game

I trust that most Americans know the difference between a pipeline and a pipe dream. We tend to recognize con artists, regardless of the magic in the elixir they are selling. Well, most — but not all — of us do.

That’s good news for Obama, who seems more like Bernie Madoff than like Reagan.

Remember Madoff? He ran a giant Ponzi scheme that cost his investors $18 billion. His fraud was perpetrated on thousands of people, including his closest friends. They all believed the money mogul could deliver double-digit returns regardless of recessions and bear markets.

Why did such intelligent people trust Madoff? Because they desperately wanted to believe it to be true.

Madoff’s Ponzi scheme tanked only after he couldn’t get enough new investors to throw their money in to finance his hustle.

Madoff was a greedy crook who used his friends and associates. That’s prima facie. What was shocking is that so many ignored the adage: “If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

Four years after Madoff’s sentencing, a much bigger con is being perpetrated. It garners more support each passing month, and it comes from the man most Americans are taught to trust: their President.

Unlike Madoff, Obama is not interested in scamming a few thousand Americans out of a few billion dollars. He has far bigger ambitions. He wants another four years in office to change America into what he has always envisioned: a liberal society that will march lockstep to the orders dictated by Washington.

Obama has a few problems to overcome before he can begin his second term, most notably high unemployment and high energy prices.

Yet Obama has come up with a way for one stone to kill three birds. He promises that investing in clean, renewable energy will create millions of jobs and make America energy independent. The icing on the cake is that it will even save the planet.

Even for men like Obama, miracles don’t come cheaply; so expect the price tag on clean, yet un-proven, energy to reach hundreds of billions of dollars.

There’s just one problem: Affordable green energy is at least a couple of decades into our future. Perhaps our President thinks this is a small price to keep him in the Oval Office.

What loyal Democrats don’t understand is that the Greens are making fake promises that could impose a dark future on a Nation that is rich in fossil fuels.

America has real problems, but energy isn’t near the top of the list. Or at least it wouldn’t be if America’s leaders would agree to set wildcatters free off our coastal shores and in Alaska and let them tap into the bonanza of petroleum that can be discovered, pumped and transported throughout the United States.

Yet for some reason — personal, religious or political — Obama is doing everything he can to arrest a renaissance in petroleum. If anything, his plans will make America more dependent on Islamic oil.

Already, European nations are scaling back spending on renewable energy projects. But not Obama.

In a March 26 post on, Renee Nal wrote:

The Obama administration has already spent billions on “green energy” companies, with most of them resulting in bankruptcy and massive layoffs. His Green Agenda is not working and he wants even more. For Obama’s 2013 budget proposal, “Programs for advanced research along with energy efficiency and renewable energy account for the biggest percentage increase in spending.”

Don’t Shoot The Messenger

I write at the request of Bob Livingston. Sometimes, commenters claim I am a mouthpiece for Big Oil. My education and background is in petroleum and journalism. Yet I have never received so much as a dime from any oil company, big or small. At the moment, I don’t even own petroleum stocks. I started off as a cub reporter more than three decades ago, and I have had the good fortune to have publishers like Livingston who let me write the truth as I see it.

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers
Editor, Myers’ Energy & Gold Report

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • revnowwhilewecan

    Obama is good at one thing. He has to be one of the best “spinners” the the Oval Office has ever seen. I have no idea what his “green” agenda consists of but I’m sure it will cost alot of money we don’t have and I have a sneaky suspicion that the managers and stock holders of this so-called “green” movement are heavily vested in the petroleum industry. Technology already exists that have cars getting 80 to 150 mpg and there are a handful of cars on the road in Europe that literally run on air. While suppressing these ideas Obama will likely strike a deal with Big Oil to let a few of these cars on the road. This will give the appearance of green progress while keeping the oil c.e.o.’s in his wallet. Now that’s brilliance!

    Mr. President (this one or the next or the one after that),
    If you want a real “green” movement start by seizing the patents held by the oil companies that would allow for cars to run without gas. That should be easy since you just passed a law that would allow for your take-over. Please stop having your brownshirts clip (harass or kill) scientists that come up with these inventions routinely. On a side note: leave the Amish alone.


    To my PLD peeps. If you haven’t been already, please get the word out that gas prices are NOT going up. I think most of us would agree that it’s the DOLLAR that cannot buy as much! I think it’s just going to get worse. As I’ve said before, we just can’t keep bailing out whole countries, corporations and banks with freshly printed money and not expect the bottom to fall out! I believe that we are closer than ever to having the dollar collapse and to be honest, I welcome it. The shift is on. Brace yourselves because impact is imminent!

    • Sirian

      “He has to be one of the best “spinners” the Oval Office has ever seen.” Spinner or outright lier? Both apply quite well, don’t you think? No wonder he got a Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing. If “he” seizes control of the patents you mentioned wouldn’t that be simply furthering governmental, uh communistic/fascist, control over peoples lives? Yes, it most certainly would. I understand what you’re saying and from the standpoint of the technology that does exist and has been intentionally held back from the public, I agree whole heartedly. Oh yes, it most certainly does exist! But to trade off those technologies allowing him more control is not what we need at all. I also agree that people may be upset over the rising price of gas – way to high! – but most people don’t understand the dollar side of it at all. They honestly don’t see that as the dollar slips in value ,thanks to the moves by the Fed and the Treasury, Obummer too, the high gas prices are the end result. Natural gas is remaining lower but give it time, the Sunstein – Chu team will probably find a way to regulate that up in price too. Presently, Natural gas is running around $1.45 here in Tulsa but when was the last time there was a rush by the Big Three to produce in mass cars/trucks that are set up to run on Natural Gas or even propane? The answer is to obvious. Yes, the dollar will collapse, no doubt, but it’s a question of when? That alone is what no one can honestly predict. Your points are well taken rev, it’s simply a matter of who has the biggest control stick in Washington.

      • revnowwhilewecan

        I hear ya Sirian. The Obama comment was meant to be facetious and point out the fact that we are moving farther every day towards a police state. It definitely wasn’t meant to give the POTUS any o.k. to take any patents. I really was just trying to say that the only chance we have of getting anything beneficial from the oil companies was through an executive order. On all of your other points, I’m right there with you. I think the crash will come by 2020 as a conservative guess but I think it will really happen by the next election in 2016. I’ll be ready.

      • FreedomFighter

        Down my way we call spinners, —– liars.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • eddie47d

        Now who are the real spinners you all? Obama from day one has asked the auto industry to increase gas mileage and it it still one of his major goals.Increased MPG has been a high priority for decades and we slough along like it is no urgency. We have the technology but fickle consumers who demand better mileage also have no backbone in making it happen. I’d like to know where Obama said that oil is evil?( rude slam by author) He understands fully that we depend on oil but also knows that we must push harder for alternative sources. It’s rather hypocritical to say we depend on “Islamic” oil (rude slam by author) when alternatives are repeatedly rejected by the right. There are problems with every source of energy but it’s not going to get any better if if we strictly rely on our addiction to oil. That is where alternatives play a crucial roll. While you want to put all your eggs in one basket which makes us more vulnerable Obama is making us more adaptable for the future. That is foresight and even oil man G Bush said we must change from our addiction to oil. For environmental reasons,security reasons and for reasons of dependency on one product. Natural gas was mentioned but in a negative way “if you can get it” (another rude slam by author). There is an abundance of natural gas being brought up and sold. So what give? They say there is so much that the gas companies are building more storage facilities to accommodate the overflow.

      • Tom W.

        Mornin’ everyone! Sirian, Rev, Mr. Myers. Now you fella’s aren’t calling our beloved POTUS a LIAR are ya?!! (I did that in my best Sean Hannity voice, how’d ja like it?!!)
        Now I don’t want anyone to get me wrong. If you think I’m blaming the current administration for bringing all this on, I most certainly am not. Although I will say that they’ve added a whole new gear to warp drive! I personally had high hopes for Barack, I pray for him everyday. He’s been criticized for seeming emotionless at times by some, but that’s not the man I saw at the memorial for the West Virginia coal miners, the Dorothy Height funneral , or when eulogizing Christina Taylor Greene , the nine year old victim of Jared Loughners’ maniacal rage, at the memorial for the victims of the Tuson tragedy. I believed with all my heart that he’d get past his ego and come to see the light and what made us the greatest country that has ever been on the face of this earth. We would never have gotten to this point without many years of collaberation between the news media and both sides of the aisle in D.C.! Go online and look up what David Rockefeller,, told the media moguls at a Council of Forgien Relations meeting way back in the 1991.
        I am now seeing what a foolish assumption that was, this man isn’t only a liar, he’s a psychopathic liar with no concience!!! Now here I am, a Born Again Christian, stuck with making a decission between a sitting president who claims to be a Christian, although if ya judge him by his fruits, he’s most more than likely a Muslim practicing “Taqiyya”! (How does the old cliche’ about the duck go?!) And a man, who in my opinion, is a heretic!!! Here we are in an election year when the main thing that the GOP claims to be running against, the Affordable Health Care bill, and what do they do, they’re
        getting ready to nominate a man who governed the only state that, under his governance, passed a state Affordable Health Care bill which many claim to be the blueprint for the dreaded Obamacare!!! Duhhh!!!.. I may be a natural blonde, but something stinks to High Heaven to me boys!!! I don’t believe that Mitt has a snowball’s chance at beating Barack! We’d better pray that enough conservitves get voted into the House and Senate to render his next four years null and void!!!
        Keep your eyes on the skies, JESUS IS COMIN’! He loves y’all and so do I!!!

      • Robert Smith

        “Down my way we call spinners, —– liars.”

        Let’s look at some spins that cost America dearly…

        “Weapons of Mass Distruction”

        “Mission Accomplished”

        “Good Job Browny”


      • GALT

        “For every subtle and complicated question there is a perfectly simple and straightforward answer which is WRONG!” H.L. Mencken

        Mr. Myers, the messenger, of the truth as YOU see it, which since you quoted from Mr. Bryce’s book, seems to include the following?

        “Oil provides consumers with both high energy density and high power density. It burns cleanly. It’s easily handled at atmospheric temperature and pressure, and the number of uses for it are [sic] essentially limitless.”

        Your grasp of the “truth” is rather selective….in this case, we can concede both the energy/power density claim, and the limitless use claim, although in this latter sense it should be understood that this involves non energy applications.

        As for burning cleanly and easily handled, I will believe that you BELIEVE that, when you purchase a residence adjacent to an oil refinery, or lobby fiercely for one to built next to you, so that the Canadians can benefit from the valued added to refining all that nice clean oil sand, into all that clean burning fuel…….which will bring you even closer to those “secrets” from the insiders, that you share with your subscribers……since you can just invite them over for dinner? Be kinda like a real estate boom, too?

        Another problem is the false comparison with bio-fuels because you are dealing with stored carbon ( CO2 ) added to a climate system thereby increasing the total, vs recycled carbon, which is already in the system…….and the joke about ethanol is that in the U.S. the corn conversion, required more petroleum to produce, than the energy that was realised from the end product.

        Now I realise that this introduces the climate change debate into this equation…..which requires scientific understanding, and like most knowledge is in short supply……but the nice thing about “empirical truths” is that they tend to become undeniable….where as “the truth as you see it”, doesn’t quite measure up to this standard.

        But, that is not your real message, is it? The choice you seem to be offering is…….Obama or oil? As if there is some actual cause and effect relationship……..while using all those nice little inciteful catch phrases……con game, ponzi scheme, etc. as well as islamic oil….nice touch…..and, of course, the europe is scaling back on green……which is probably true, since it is scaling back on everything?

        So, the message here once again…..pointless rhetoric, factual distortion, and a false and essentially irrelvant conclusion which suggests that minus Obama, the problem is solved, being fed to an audience that seems to rabidly agree with this idiocy, and will no doubt extend this rant, with the usual mantra of derogatory ad hominums?

        Shoot the messenger? Why bother? You are just another distraction, which adds to the chaos of willful ignorance…….and what needs to happen is……a general understanding that “messengers claiming such truths” need to be ignored. BTW I look forward to both the announcement of your new home and the campaign for that refinery in Canada……..

      • JeffH

        GALT says, “a false and essentially irrelvant conclusion which suggests that minus Obama, the problem is solved, being fed to an audience that seems to rabidly agree with this idiocy, and will no doubt extend this rant, with the usual mantra of derogatory ad hominums?”

        The pot calling the kettle? Only an ignorant person would make such a statement as to infer that the people would believe “the problem is solved” if Obama is out of office. Quite the contrary. Yeah, Obama needs to go. Yeah, with Obama gone there is the “hope” that whomever replaces him will allow the free market to do what they do best “drill baby drill”. That would be a good start. But even if you don’t, I know most of us are aware that nothing is chisled in stone and we must be forever vigilant no matter who ends up in the White House.

        I love me country but I do not trust my government!

        You think way too much of yourself GALT. You make it too easy for people to see through your little charade.

        ***”The end is what you want, the means is how you get it”***

        If the Great Way perishes there will morality and duty. When cleverness and knowledge arise great lies will flourish. When relatives fall out with one another there will be filial duty and love. When states are in confusion there will be faithful servants.
        Lao Tzu

      • Tom W.

        Don’t ya just hate an a$$hole who talks down their nose at ya JeffH?!! Get DEEP on him Bro! I’m seriously impressed! Talk about a SMACK DOWN! BAM!!!
        For God and country! SALUTE!!!

      • GALT

        To JeffH….where do you see the message that suggests “trusting government” is the answer…….and since THIS post was directed at the “messengers” message, which conveys nothing except what you say it doesn’t, why are you again wasting time with an irrelevant response, attempting to find a motive which isn’t there, or establish that your opinion of my ego constitutes a valid argument? And just for kicks, with the economic incentives involved, why doesn’t canada build it’s own refinery…..improved technology, and all that… is, if nothing else, an interesting question which gets you what you seem to believe is a solution? But instead you choose to react and attempt to defend, that which you say… are too intelligent to believe is a solution? ( but which is the message! )

      • JeffH

        GALT, I’m sure you’re a big boy but I see that you’re still confused by missing my point.

      • JeffH

        GALT, this is what I think about your resonse to my comment.
        “And so the guided questioning goes on without anyone losing face or being left out of the decision-making. Every weakness of every proposed tactic is probed by questions…. Is this manipulation? Certainly….”

        Rules for Radicals
        By Saul Alinsky – 1971

      • GALT

        Really? You have made your point JeffH…..that it is more important for you to defend pointless rhetoric whose only message is Obama, con, ponzi scheme etc. with the claim that you are too intelligent to believe that removing Obama is the solution…..and you have received the approval of your peer…… are far too intelligent and clever for me.
        Unfortunately your time has expired…….

      • JeffH

        GALT, it’s not my fault that you can’t figure it out.
        Oh, darn!

      • Sirian

        OH NO, JeffH, you’ve just ripped him a new one and he’s gonna be talking out of both of them from now on – can you hear the whistle? . . . LOL!!! :)

      • JC

        GALT says:
        April 11, 2012 at 11:18 am
        “For every subtle and complicated question there is a perfectly simple and straightforward answer which is WRONG!” H.L. Mencken

        “As for burning cleanly and easily handled, I will believe that you BELIEVE that, when you purchase a residence adjacent to an oil refinery, or lobby fiercely for one to built next to you, so that the Canadians can benefit from the valued added to refining all that nice clean oil sand, into all that clean burning fuel…….which will bring you even closer to those “secrets” from the insiders, that you share with your subscribers……since you can just invite them over for dinner? Be kinda like a real estate boom, too?”

        Just an FYI, The Province of Alberta is where oil sands are processed, not refined.
        And as for “refining” Alberta has limited refining facilties. In fact a great deal of fuel is shipped stateside for refining then shipped back. The result being that Albertans are now paying 5.54 a gallon in a land that grows the stuff.

        How do ya like that? ;-)

    • MAP

      I wonder about those folks that were gullible enough to vote for ‘hope and change’. What are their thoughts now that they know they got only a dope and strange?

      • Louis Lemieux

        Democrats protect the middle class.
        Passed the Recovery Act just 28 days after they took the White House and the Republicans screamed the sky would fall. The economy was losing 700,000 private sector jobs a month under the Republicans.
        Democrat economic policies added more than 3.9 million private sector jobs. Cut taxes on small businesses 18 times. Raised employment by as many as 4.2 million jobs. Fixed more than 9,000 bridges, roads and highways. Saved or hired 650,000 firemen, teachers and police officers. American Manufacturing & Exports are growing again. Raised our nation’s GDP by as much as 2.9%. Produced 10 Quarters of economic growth.
        Democrats ended hidden fees and unfair penalties for credit card users.Passed landmark Wall Street Reform. Expanded health care coverage to 32 million unnsured. Brought oil imports to the lowest level in 16 years. Saved more than one million American jobs in the auto industry which is booming again. Provided new incentives to hire veterans, etc…

      • MAP

        Louis, you are a delusional, fanatic, iiberal moron. You support a dope that has done more to imprison future generations to debt than any other president in the history of the country. I don’t, and will never,support your Soviet-style opinons. Government is the solution to nothing. It is the very source of the problem..Direct your commie sentiments elsewere.

      • Raggs

        Loius you are a liar…. you don’t have not one thing to prove that your god oblama “created” one single job…. “created or saved” is anorher way of saying lie to the public.

      • Louis Lemieux

        If the past is a clue as to where were heading with our federal debt:
        1950 USfederal debt= 80% of GDP.
        1960=46%of GDP. The economy grew, so the ratio of debt to GDP fell, and everything worked out fiscally.

      • Louis Lemieux

        Raggs, I am not lying. I could have been misled or I could be mistaken, but as far as I can tell, I am saying the truth. I am very sincere.

      • MAP

        Yeah, keep up the hope, Luis.

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        Map you can’t have Hope & Change when every one goes home after the election and everyone in the other party criminally declares in times of crisis that they only have one mandate and that is to block everything the winner tries to do and only work to make him look bad so that he is a one term president.

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        there is a book called The Republican Brain which sort of explains why conservatives are unable to acknowledge FACTS that they don’t agree with.

      • MAP

        Yeah, Eric, and there’s a book named ‘The Communist Manifesto’ that presents your entire argument. The writings of Leo Trotsky serve as a very good foundation. Communist/progressive thought Interests me not at all. I abhor totalitarinism. I believe in freedom. I am an American. Perhaps you will be one of those executed in the Leftist cleansing. Trotsky was.

      • Brad

        Man Louis you are eaten up with socialism, just look at your name if you or no one is convenced.You are a facist commie pig with tarred fingers and brain from those little french cigaretts

      • DaveH

        Louis say — “Democrats protect the middle class”.
        That might be what you think, Louis, but the reality is that, like most Republicans, they are protecting their Crony Capitalists so they can get their campaign funding and get re-elected. Read this book and learn something about the reality of Leaders, their Crony Capitalists, and how they deceive uneducated voters:

        And how many times must I tell you, Louis, Obama hasn’t saved anything?
        Non-farm Employment in January 2009 — 133561000
        Non-farm Employment in January 2012 — 132821000
        That’s 740,000 fewer people employed now then when Obama took office.
        How much did Government spend to accomplish that wonderful feat?
        Federal Government Spending in 2008 — $2982 Billion
        Federal Government Spending in 2011 — $3603 Billion
        That’s $621 Billion more spending to give us 740,000 fewer jobs. What a deal!

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        Ooh Map I always know I hit a nerve whenever the replies turn to juvenile communist name calling

      • DaveH

        Louis says — “[Democrats] Raised our nation’s GDP by as much as 2.9%. Produced 10 Quarters of economic growth”.
        Democrats (with the aid of the Federal Reserve) have done nothing of the sort. They have created the illusion of growth, but the employment numbers (see above) say differently. The Truth is that the money supply has ballooned in the last several years and the “growth” in the GDP is simply reflecting the increased amount of new money in the economy, money that will eventually result in massive inflation. Already we are seeing 6% growth in consumer prices (, which no doubt will prove to be mild in the coming years considering the massive growth in the money supply. Note the rapid growth since 2009:

      • MAP

        Oh, Eric, you mean like using that really profane and insulting term (to you at least) ‘conservative’. Why exactly are you here instead of at some liberal/communist blog?

      • DaveH

        Louis says — “[Democrats] Expanded health care coverage to 32 million unnsured”.
        Who pays for that new coverage, Louis? Other people of course. Given that lack of food will kill people faster than anything, and lack of shelter and clothing also can result in death, where does redistributing other peoples’ wealth stop? It will stop when the real workers give up making the effort and we reap the benefits of those seeds sown by the (well-meaning?) Progressives who have trashed every economy they’ve ever been allowed to control.
        For the reality of Big Government, see this ranking of countries by the amount of Government Intervention in their economies. Those with the largest Governments are last on the list. Check out their economies and their living conditions to see where the Progressives (like Eric) are leading us. There is no denying actual experience, no matter how attractive the Hopes and Dreams are:

      • DaveH

        What “Facts”, Eric? All I see in your comments are conjecture and manipulation.
        At least Louis actually said something, wrong as it was.

      • Tom W.

        MAP, you don’t have to wonder, they’re lost and most still are!!!
        Louie, Louie, Louie! EVERYTHING done by this administration that even resembles recovery has had some assistance from a LOT of smoke and mirrors!!!
        MAP, you were WAY too kind!
        Give ‘em hell Raggs!!! Yeah, he’s not a liar, he’s just one of the gullible lemmings who’ll buy any kind of CRAP these con artists have to sell!
        He don’t need no HELP to make himself look bad Eric!!!
        SIC ‘EM MAP!!!
        You forgot pinko fag Brad!!! Maybe we can arrange for Eric and Louie to get together and start the PLA bi-curious dating service!!! Whataya think Bob?!!
        DavH, there’s NO SENSE! Facts will only further confuse the poor lemmings!!!

      • Flashy

        Sigh…Daveh is not comprehending reality again. DaveH…production is up. With less labor. how do you suppose that occurred? Efficiency and improved technology in revamping production machinery and tools perhaps? With the HUGE job losses the first quarter as a result of the carry over from the Bush II / Cheney debacle in economics as preached by the Right…Pres. Obama’s policies have given a positive job growth in the private sector, saved our auto industry with the jobs and industrial base, created new market opportunities for start ups, decreased our reliance on foerin oil to less than 50%, and we’ve begun the climb out of the hole which the GOP gave us during eight years of gross mismanagement [despite Europe languishing in economic stagnation...a stagnation incurred for adopting the austerity policies which the GOP and Right were preaching we shouldhave followed, but didn't].

        Facts speak for themselves.

        Here’s another tidbit for you. Since 1925, every GOP administration had the 3rd and 4th years of their respective term (1st and 2nd term) ending with a lower stock market return than every Democrat. 14.5% for Democrats versus 10.8 % for the GOP admins. Every one since Coolidge. Source : Global Watch

        Since 1981…every year the income for the Middle Class has stagnated except during the 90′s when Pres. Clinton held office. Every year since 1981, the wealthy have gained income far and above historical income growth rates and now have incomes which exceed that of the entire middle class COMBINED. The top one-fifth of U.S. households collected 50.3% of all the nation’s income. The Middle Class earned 43% of all income.

        What does it take to get it through that Luddite skull that the Middle Class has been hammred since 1981 while the wealthy and entrenched corporate elite have benefited from the most massive redistribution of wealth in history ? And that such redistribution is side by side with the economic decline of this nation?

      • Robert Smith

        From Eric: “there is a book called The Republican Brain which sort of explains why conservatives are unable to acknowledge FACTS that they don’t agree with.”

        It’s on Amazon: The Republican Brain: The Science of Why They Deny Science–and Reality

        Eric Hoffer’s “True Believers” is a tried and absolutely true classic that also explains a lot about the right wing mind set.


      • Tom W.

        Oh SH!T!!! FLUSHDOUCHE! Quick! Somebody grab a plungger!!!

      • Tom W.


      • Louis Lemieux

        Money is just a very workable and convenient substitute for everything else that is out there. The government protecting, helping and encouraging people to work and perform is what really counts and this will propel the US forward.

      • JUKEBOX

        Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf that if you tell a BIG lie, keep it simple, and keep repeating it, people will soon accept it as the truth. When Obama can make Air Force One fly with wind power or solar power, then he might be more believable.

      • Dennis48e

        Once again Flushy the fabricator, prevaricator,and proven lier has posted another bombastic narrative without a shred of evidence to support his statements. He has no sources or links to give us that will show the truth of his fantastic claims.

      • DaveH

        Sadly, Louis, you have it backward.
        The Government inhibits and discourages people from being productive. Why do you suppose all those countries with the most Government (see the heritage rankings) have such poor economies?
        You are displacing reality, Louis, with Hopes and Dreams.

      • DaveH

        And Flashman,
        there is no comprehending what drives you to post your misinformation. I suspect that you are somehow gaining by misleading people, but it would be a waste of time to query how you benefit since your credibility is severely lacking.

      • Tom W.

        Severely lacking DaveH?! Does he possess an iota?!!

      • Void1972


        The true obama economic record starting from the obamanations inauguration day.
        Unemployed Americans up 1.1 million.
        Unemployment rate… 7.8% up 8.5%
        Gas prices… $1.85 up $3.95
        Federal debt…$10.6 trillion up $15.5 trillion
        Debt per United States citizens…$34,731 up $52,699
        Misery index…7.8 up 11.9
        College tuition…$6.591 up $8.544
        Worker health insurance cost…$3,354 up $4,452
        Food stamp recipients…32 million up 46.2 million
        Americans in poverty… 38.9 million up 46.2 million
        Home values…$169,700 down $145,800
        US global competitiveness…1st down to 5th

        Thank you so much mr fraud president, for your BS of “hope and change”!

        You really did change America, and I trully hope all of the ignorant whites that voted for you in 08 to prove they were not racist, vote for anyone else to prove there not idiots!
        Most working blacks I speak with despise the “halfbreed muslim communist” and will vote for anyone else running.
        The Black vote will be half of what it was last election. The only way obama can win will be through total fraud and corruption. Expect this on a scale we have never seen.
        The “photo ID” was the only hope in stoping the fraud at the voting booth, but the fraud as president made sure this would not happen.
        If this thing is elected one more time, expect the above numbers to triple in the next four years, and America to become a third world nation.

        God bless America, and those who fight for her!!!!

      • Tom W.

        Oh, and by the way, excellent peice John!

      • YazNab

        The republicans think, by putting one of their clowns in the white house, this clown will bring the gaz price to 1 dollar a gallon. The Republican candidat that promised them the one dollar a gallon dropped out of the race within a week…weakest link , lol !!!

      • JC

        Several awesome posts and right on the money. ;-)

    • Warrior


      a 500 point drop in the market. I can hear the printing machines warming up from here.

      • Sirian

        They jus a hummin‘ and a buzzin’. . . ;)

      • MAP

        Very well said, Ellen. Everything you said is dead on the mark! The commie spinners posting here will, of ocurse, deny the truth.

      • Tom W.


    • Ellen

      Obama spins everything and people believe him because he tells his lies with a big smile. Spain has already tried green energy and it has been an abject failure. Their unemployment rate is 21% as a result. 52% of Greece’s population work for the government, so they riot and strike whenever they don’t get what they want. It’s a dangerous economic predicament, yet Obama is trying to copy it. He has increased the number of federal government workers and keeps trying to shame states into not laying off their government workers (police, firefighters, teachers) regardless of need or affordability. Welfare has caused countries in Europe to be sucked dry of their money as Muslims from the mid-East travel there and go on welfare. These countries could barely afford to support their own people/welfare system and they’ve allowed immigrants to destroy their system. Hmmm…This sounds a lot like us giving welfare to immigrants and Obama wanting to grant amnesty to illegals. These people don’t come here to work hard for a better life and earn the American Dream. They come to work the system.

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        Ellen, almost everything you just posted is completely wrong. Where do you get your misinformation?

      • MAP

        Very well said, Ellen. Everything you said is dead on the mark! The commie spinners posting here will, of course, deny the truth.

      • jeepman1

        Ellen’s numbers may be off a little, but the sentiment is on target. Today Greece has 8% employed by the govt and occupies 15% of the labor force. Compare that to the US which has 7% and 15% respectively. As of March 2012, Greece has an estimated 20.7% jobless rate. The main problem in Greece comes from the fact that as a member of the EU, the profits from any natural resources has been curtailed from the “reimbursement” clauses as a member of the EU. Economics 101 taught me that if there is no profit, you will eventually go broke. And, when compnaies go broke they close shop. And, when they close shop there are no more jobs. Duh… (This last lesson is for all of you who still think govt provides jobs.) Cutting the number of govt workers may have some short term benefit in Greece, but it will not provide long term, steady growth that freeing the market to profit from investment and getting out of the EU would provide. Anyone who wondered why Greece was reluctant to take bail outs from other EU members simply do not understand that the Greek govt allowed itself to become a hostage to an ill-conceived and dangerous union that was never beneficial to the private sector, but had great benefit to the govt.

        So, go ahead and tell me what a wonderful thing fascism is and espouse the great benefits to the economy that are derived from an overreach of govt into the private sector.

      • DaveH

        When you accuse somebody of being wrong, Eric, the customary thing here is to state what specifically is wrong and show us why. This isn’t a Progressive Blog.

      • Flashy

        Eric…DaveH’s reply only applies if you are anything but Right wing.

      • Tom W.

        Ellen, MAP, jeepman, and DaveH, excellent points, ALL! Yeah Eric, STFU!!! Imbicile!

      • Louis Lemieux

        One big problem that Greece and Spain have is that tourism is a major source of revenue that declined tremendously with the Great Recession.

      • JUKEBOX

        Eric, if you confiscated every penny from the millionaires and billionaires, you would barely make a small dent in the deficit. SPENDING is the problem!

      • Sue

        Ellen! Thank you for telling it like it really is…….I couldn’t have said it better myself!

      • Ronald R Worthington

        i am old enough to remember—–when ike was president, things worked pretty well. then in 1960, JFK & LBJ got in. they said “we got all this money, let’s spend it on all these Social Programs”. the democrats have us stuck on the same deal, even after everyone in the world knows the truth–we are out of money!?!? government bureaucrats and “professional educators” keep telling us the way to fix everything is to just spend more money. you might notice a common thread here—the key to all of them is SPEND. really seems like the need to understand how to stop spending money, especially for things that don’t do any good!?!?

      • Tom W.

        Good post Ron! I believe that when JFK got elected he was a part of the same problem that is KILLIN’ us today. But after about a year in office, much to the chegrin of the MIC, he staeted talkin’ about pullin’ our troops out of SE Asia, he signed an executive order essentially stripping the FED of it’s power (, an order that is still on the record to this very day, but for some strange reason ( has never been enacted!!! You did catch that smile that almost erupted on papa Bush’s mug didn’t ya?! Well yeah, I guess it could’ve been gas! But let me get back on point (I love chasing rabbits!), after Jack’s assassination began arguably one of the sadest 10 yr. periods, that TRULY has never ended, in our nation’s history!!!


      With all due respect, any person or corporation who owns any patent asset is entitled to keep it locked up until they sees fit no matter how cheap it will make future transport much cheaper. It is an asset developed or purchased and the property of its owner, yet for some reason you want your government to seize it as the Russians might do and meddle into becoming a communist country by doing what you might consider to be for the public good?

      You are advocating what most people in this forum is trying to stop the government from doing…your argument does not make sense,.

      • DaveH

        Patent law may have started out with good intentions (or maybe not), but the results have not been good. It costs a small inventor (who supposedly the laws were aimed at) a veritable fortune to secure a patent. The result is that the Big Well-Healed Businesses who need that protection the least are the only ones who can afford it.
        Read this, Gilly:
        A friend of mine, for instance, spent well over $50,000 to secure a patent, only to find out later that the market just wasn’t there for his invention.

      • Tom W.

        Excellent piont my brother from down under!!! He does have a point DaveH! We should let the market address such problems!

      • DaveH

        Exactly. Free Markets. But Patent Law is NOT Free Markets.

      • revnowwhilewecan


        I appreciate you opening your response to me with, “With all due respect” so allow me to return the favor.
        With all due respect, if you’re going to accuse me of supporting communism with statements like, ” You are advocating what most people in this forum is trying to stop the government from doing”, at least give the respect of reading my follow-up post to Sirian. I think Sirian might have suspected the same thing. I was being completely facetious in my statement regarding Obama and my follow-up comment explains this. I’ve only been posting here since December but I think most of the bloggers here know how I feel about our government and the totalitarian society in which we live. My being facetious about the POTUS is about as far as I will go in any responses about him. I try never to be disrespectful about any POTUS weather warranted or not because I respect very much the E.O. but hardly ever it’s occupant.
        But, for the record, I do support communism in it’s true meaning but that only exist’s, as “s c” likes to say, in a Utopian world. I absolutely do not support the countries which are considered communist states. I’m not sure why people brand these police states with the communism label. I suspect it’s just another imaginary tag put on by the elitists to perpetuate continued division among the people of the planet for purposes of finance.

        I wait happily for the day when this government, with its self serving, elitists serving, foreign country serving and anyone but the citizens of this country serving, completely fails and we can begin to truly progress the human race and reach mankind’s true potential as we were meant to.

        • Katrael

          Yes, true or fake communinsm won’t work as it ignores human nature. People need to be rewarded according to the efforts they exert or they stop exerting effort.

      • JC

        Katrael, and that is exactly why socialism and communism fail 100% of the time.
        Well said.

    • Jim Cumber

      The “Obamanation” is practicing “al-Taqqiyah” (deliberately LYING to non-Muslims in order to further the radical Muslim agenda. He learned it from his Muslim Mentors and from the Qur’an. The Globalists have FINALLY realized that our Pseudo-President is actually a Muslim, who has assumed “Christian” garb (at Michelle’s urging) purely in order to get elected! Those of us who have studied Islam (Arabic for “Submission”) have known he’s a “closet Muslim” and self-admitted Communist (see page 100 of “Dreams From My Father”) even BEFORE his fraudulent “election!” He was born in Kenya and only the AMERICAN voters are being kept “unaware” of this, by the TRAITOROUS “lame-stream media.” IF WE DO NOT EITHER IMPEACH HIM OR VOTE HIM OUT OF OFFICE IN NOVEMBER, AMERICA IS FINISHED! Might I humbly suggest Ron Paul: the only candidate with a 20+ year, 100% record for support of the US Constitution!

    • jimbo

      There’s no suppressed technology that gets 80 – 150 mpg in a commercially viable vehicle. That is pie in the sky. If you want to get out on snow covered, pot holed road and drive among tractor trailers and 4000 lb SUV’s in a single or two man solar powered fiberglass shell, that sits as tall as a go-cart, with an aluminun bicycle frame, fragile, and narrow wire spoke wheels, no heat, no amenities, no storage space, and a hole in the floor so you can use your feet for brakes, then be my guest!

      • George E

        Hey Jimbo,

        Sounds like you’re describing the Flintstone’s car. Is that where “green” energy is taking us?…..ha.

      • revnowwhilewecan

        I just watched a doc. on foreign future cars. They have on the road a diesel engine sport-type vehicle that runs at 150 mph. They said that the speed wasn’t the impressive feature but that it got 200 mpg at 120-40 mph. They have compact to mid sized cars that reach 55 mph that run on air. If you would read reports coming out of other countries you would know that there is an active agenda to keep these vehicles out of the U.S. at any and all costs. Government and U.S. car manufacturers are working in tandem to keep these from the american people in a large variety of ways. If you choose to get your from popular mechanics and other U.S. sources than I urge you to look more into the latest international advancements in automotive technology. American oil policy makers know that there is no money in clean emissions and high mileage but plenty in preventing these cars from hitting our roads.

  • cawmun cents

    This is what happens when you make environmentalists shot callers in world affairs.
    You make everything bogged down by regulation.
    The attempt is being made in California,by the folks that brought us the clean air act,to take over the world through green thinking.
    If business is stymied by regulation they say,that is just the price they’ll have to pay.
    California is no place to start a business.People who ordinarily couldnt fight their way out of a wet paper sack,are fighting to control what you drive and how you think.They are in danger of controlling the entire nation if things continue the way that they are going now.
    Those who are in a position to offer resistance,are not offering much resistance.
    ThesE are people who want to control who does business and how business is done.
    They are radical socialists,communists,and the dregs of society.Bit in sunny California they have been put in such positions of power that they control how business is done here in this state.Now they will make a move to hijack the control of business in the nation.
    Is that what you want America?
    That is what you are voting on in November.Whether you will let radical socialists run your businesses,or you will tell them no.
    I think you have been drunk on your own comfort too long to keep this from happening to you.That is where my bet is being made.
    I dont think you have the fortitude to say no to these foul environmentalist lunatics.
    But that remains to be seen.Be prepared to have them in every corner of your life from now till the day you die,dictating every facet of everything you do.That is exactly what you are voting for in November.Make no mistake….theses folks want the whole enchilada,and they cant wait to bite you in the posterior,while attempting to convince you that its for your own good.They already control your west coastal citiots minds,and yours are next.

    • eddie47d

      I’ve got my hip waders on CC and thinking about going for the Hazmat suit with all that crying about California. First of all Thank You Environmentalist for keeping America the Beautiful. Thank You for helping us to keep our rivers and streams clean for fishermen and our drinking water. Thank You for reducing the brown cloud and allowing us to breath easier. Thank You for exposing dangerous chemicals that are ruining our health and well being. Thank You for taking the Super Fund sites to task and not allowing future companies to get away with the sickening damages they laid upon our land. Thank you for encouraging green belts and open space where folks can stretch and enjoy life. Thank You for fighting for all the National Parks which helps keep our skies blue and refreshes our senses. Thank You for being concerned about trees being planted so we can all breath better. Thank You for making us aware of the damages done to our oceans and seas and how over fishing is causing aquatic species to dwindle. Thank You for keeping tabs on factory farms who have been using unhealthy methods to raise the food we eat. Thank You for having the courage in pushing America in the right direction with alternative energy so we are not as dependent of foreign resources. Thank You for helping the USA retain our awesome beauty and educating the need to preserve what could easily disappear without your foresight. The Environmentalists are not your enemy and neither are the oil companies. We have a unique partnership in America yet no one should sit back and allow it to be destroyed if it can be avoided.

      • George E


        I agree with a lot of what you’ve said. We all need to do what we can within reason to protect the earth’s environment. I’m sure you will agree that over regulation can be just as destructive and ugly as the environmental issues they seek to regulate. So, the trick is to achieve an appropriate level of balance between regulation and business development.

      • lloydmillerus

        Environmentalist are genocidal killers working for the .05% of the super rich. When energy is denied people, the poorer amongst them suffer and DIE! This is especially true in underdevelped countries: EXACTLY what the super rich environmentalist want. Environmentalist should be on trial for MURDER!

    • Tom W.

      California is a prime example of wanting to have your cake and eat it too! The elites want to continue to bask in the spoils of being the world’s industrial leader but don’t want to live in the pollution caused by such industry and are too greedy to spend the profits that it would cost to make industry more nature friendly! Ya just can’t have it both ways! Whoever controls the industry controls the purse strings and thus controls the world!!!

  • dan

    The entire EPA is a scam as is the DOE….time to thin the dead-wood

    • Louis Lemieux

      Without the EPA future generations will have to spend trillions fixing the environment and ensuing medical problems. Of course greedy people right now don’t care at all about future generations, they only care about themselves right now.

      • Debbie Wittig (@debbie101253)

        God created the heavens and the earth and saw that it was good….then he gave it to people to garden, hunt, live and enjoy. The green thing and the global warming are all a hoax and if you buy into it you are assuring that the next generations have no freedom. Our founding fathers came here to get away from a King and allow people to have their inalienable rights…that means the right to find a job, to buy your food, to buy or rent your home and the right to enjoy the good life. We have enough oil to keep us for the next 300 years and I am sure that within that time we will develop other alternatives. Right now that would bring down the gas prices and create jobs. If this oversized good for nothing Government would just bow out of our business and do their business which is to protect this country and its people we would be so much better off. But when you have a president that believes that our society never worked and he is the elected one to fix 200 years of what did work we will be just like all the socialist countries around the world. Our children will never understand what freedoms they actually lost!

      • Louis Lemieux

        People who don’t want to or cannot get ahead in life cannot be as happy as those who do. We’re not there to judge others, people have all kinds of physical, mental and psychological problems. As a group, don’t you think we Americans should help our compatriots who are in need?

      • MAP

        Dead on and well said Debbie. The Founders didn’t create a socialist state.They fought a war to resist tyranny. Obama and his commie followers are the enemies of the American people and their way of life.

      • Pete0097

        If you hadn’t noticed, most of the states have their own EPA which supercedes the EPA. The states have enacted regulations and laws protecting the environment without the EPA. The state epa’s are very zealous at protecting the environment whereas, the national EPA does what it can to destroy business, the state epa’s balance business and environment out and are more responsive to local problems. The national EPA sends out inspectors to justify the existance of the EPA and to push the state epa’s around.

      • Ed

        You watch roo much MSM, CNN, and NBC. Get a life and watch stations that don’t edit to suit their adgenda, or that repeat the lies from the Whitehouse. Then, think for yourself, if that is even possible.

      • Brad

        Luis please close your crap hole you are starting to stink up the blogg with your BS

      • eddie47d

        Miss Debbie: God also gave us a choice to not ruin what He gave to us. There is no blank check in taking without renewing what what used. You cut down a tree you plant a replacement. If you drill for oil and that wellhead goes dry you develop an alternative to replace the loss. It may mean drilling someplace else or or higher MPG to make up for the differences. That is where the next generation comes in assuring our future. As far as gas prices go the President does not control the price at the pump (negligible). Supply and Demand,Speculators,OPEC,wars, etc are the causes.

        • Katrael

          The things you point out do have an a profound impact on fuel prices but that the POTUS”s effect is negligible is not altogether true. What about inflation caused by dumping large amounts of a fiat currency into the market place? Our politicians, including the president were responsible for creating this fiat currency to start with.

        • lloydmillerus

          Apparently YOU CAN’T SEE, then. The President controls to price of fossil fuel with his FILTHY STINKING EXECUTIVE ORDERS which limit exploration and drilling. He could reverse those executive orders (his and the orders of prior Presidents) overnight and the price of oil would plummet, hopefully bankrupting OPEC and especially the Saudis. The Saudi tyrants would be most likely be beheaded within a few years if their cash dired-up.

      • uvuvuv

        louis we appreciate your concern. kindly tell us what vehicles you own and the square footage of your residence. is is energy star? do you ride the bus to work, or better yet, take your bike? answer these and then we can judge your sincerity.

      • DaveH

        Do you know the difference between regulations and law, Louis?
        Congress could have simply passed code to address pollution trespassing on other peoples’ bodies and property, and leave the Courts to adjudicate the cases. The EPA is simply a political body created to favor the Politicians’ Crony Capitalists and disfavor their competitors.
        Instead of punishing the actual polluters, they deluge all the affected companies with costly and unproductive paperwork hoops. Read this, Louis, and learn about the reality of regulations:

      • Nadzieja Batki

        You call the majority of the posters on this site alarmists, yet you yourself are the panicked alarmist. Believing governmental agencies that bad things will happen without them directing the outcomes.

      • DaveH

        Louis says — “As a group, don’t you think we Americans should help our compatriots who are in need?”.
        You, Louis, should help those who you think are in need with Your Own Money. Keep your hands out of MY pockets.
        It’s charity, Louis, when you give your own money. It’s Theft when you give other peoples’ money. And it doesn’t work anyway:

      • Tom W.

        Excellent post Debbie! Keep your eyes on the skies! Louie, an ancient Chinese proverb goes, “Give a man a fish and you’ve fed him for a day, TEACH a man to fish and you’ve fed him for life!” What part of that do you not understand Louie?!! Jesus said that we’d always have the poor with us and WILL NOT hold us unaccountable for leaving them neglected!!! (See Matt’ 25:31-46!) But the Bible also teaches that if there are any among us who WILL NOT work, neither should they eat!!! (II Thess. 3:10)
        What’s a shame is that we have a system that is way too easily manipulated by the liars and thieves!!! People’s hearts have become so hardened by the more than evident corruption which is prevailent among both the givers and the takers in this system, that the poor folks who are actually in need have a hard time getting help!!! Those vultures are the ones that we need to expose and rid ourselves of!

      • JUKEBOX

        You must be talking about all the welfare receiving myrmidons that hang on every word that comes out of Obama’s lying mouth as pure gospel.

      • eddie47d

        “Give a nation multiple resources to achieve it’s energy goals and that nation will be self sufficient and not so much dependent on other nations”. Depending on only one product (oil) will assure that the nation Will not survive in the long term.

      • JeffH

        Depending on only “tyranny” will assure that a nation of free people Will not survive at all.

      • Tom W.

        Louie this planet is in the shape that it’s in from man greedily raring her for thousands of years now! Although the industrial revolution brought with it the sting of progress, we’ve reached the point that we know how to manage our renewable resourses and I agree that we should keep looking for alternative sources of energy but think that the free market should be the channel by which it is achieved. If we are willing to spend some of that all mighty profit, we can do things a whole lot cleaner than the way it is done! They talk a good stick about how clean and safe they do things like oil exploration and fracking, and then BOOM!!! Gulf oil spill! Remember the “” commercials that were on prior to the spill? About how they were sparing no exspense when it came to enviromental safety, and now we find out that the accident was caused by corner cutting! They’re still trying to decide which one of the companies involved should shoulder the blame!!! Hell what about, they should be held responsible for lyin’ to the American people! Salespeople!!! Well dressed liars!

      • Flashy

        “The Founders didn’t create a socialist state.” Mop

        You would be correct. The US Constitution allows for any type of “state” the People decide upon. They may change it as they wish. Some changes do not rquire amending the Constitution, it would be the People deciding to give such power to the “state”.

        • Katrael

          Flashy, the constitution most emphatically does not allow the people to create just any kind of state it wishes. Where did you get that idea from? Certainly you didn’t get that idea from studying the Constitution of the United States of America. Maybe that’s the constitution of Mars you’re thinking of?

      • Jim Cumber

        In 1972, an Arab sheik was quoted as saying, “Unless you find and develop massive new deposits of Oil in America, you will be dependent on us for your energy for at least 30 years, but we are not worried, because our friends, the environmentalists WILL NOT PERMIT THIS TO HAPPEN, BECAUSE WE ARE FINANCING THEM!”

      • Tom W.

        I’ve heard it said Jim, that 200 yrs. ago when black gold was just some stuff that lubricated things well, that the king of Saudi Arabia could carry his royal treasure on the back of just one camel!

  • Thinking About

    As soon as all te brilliant oil experts can figure out how to remove the US oil from the world market then let oil production take a huge surge. Get the oil speculators out of the feeding chain. Regulations will remain simply because industries will not take the responsibility to handle safety issues themselves. It is more about the buck and using shortcuts when methods have already been proven.

    On the pipeline issue, this is truly a ponzi scheme, the enviroment will pay a big price in order to furnish the winnings to go to the Koch Brothers. There are refineries near the Canadian border but they want the oil to go to Texas refineries and guess what next, to be shipped to the world industry. Will the pipe line control the prices we pay at the pump, no, it will be the “world market” price.

    The use of alternative energy sources is truly not a bad thing. We have spent billions if not trillions of dollars to “protect oil”, dollars which could have been used to develop alternative sources, have solar, wind and water energy products in place. We will continue to spend big bucks to protect big oil, it is time to look elsewhere along with removing the US from the world oil market price.

    • Warrior

      Ponzi schemes generally involve duping lots of investors. It has become so much easier to just “swindel” old uncle sam’s backer’s i.e. mr. taxpayer. This way there are two winners and only one loser.

    • Brad

      More like Stinking About. BLAHHH BLAHHH BLAHHH

    • DaveH

      TA says — “Get the oil speculators out of the feeding chain”.
      Why, TA? How are you affected by their voluntary trading?
      My guess is that you don’t even know how they speculate, or why.
      You can change that right now:

      • jeepman1

        I suspect that TA also does not realize that he too is a speculator. Have we not all filled up before the holiday’s knowing that gas prices will rise before the weekend? That’s speculation. You make assumptions based on valid information and historical perspective and then buy low to sell (or, in our case consume) high. We all do it…but, then again, isn’t it just easier to poke sticks at others?

      • eddie47d

        Speculators control much of the price of any product. Sometimes they make a product more affordable by volume buying and selling but usually they end up increasing those prices to make themselves wealthier. That leaves the consumer burnt and poorer but that is seldom their moral concern. They can be no more than legal “bank robbers”.

        • lloydmillerus

          Nonsense! Speculators make their investements on their estimates of future supply and demand. Prices thus rise and fall in ADVANCE of actual supply and demand conditions, giving incentive for more production before the crisis hits or disincentive if bumper supplies are coming. . .

      • Tom W.

        A bunch of riverboat gamblers DaveH, unbridled capitalism at it’s finest! It’s this type of mentality that is destroying our planet so they can live in luxury today!!!

      • Thinking About

        Davie, don’t try to show your intelligence with your dribble. If you don’t understand the speculating, don’t go off on on your mises trail. I can always tell when you read a comment that hits you in the gut, you always answer with mises.

      • Tom W.

        jeepman! Love the thunbnail!!!

      • Tom W.
    • DaveH

      What gets me is that the Progressives promote the idea that Big Businesses are bad (some are of course), and that Big Government is good. Why would that be? Is there some magic filter that prevents Bad people from entering Government? Of course there isn’t. And the reality is that, without Government Intervention, Big Businesses can only survive by pleasing the consumers. On the other hand, Big Government, which Liberals adore, has the power to force the consumers to accept their products and services, and it has the power to protect its Crony Capitalists with subsidies, quotas, tariffs, targeted regulations, and other gimmicks which are sold to the unwitting citizens with sweet-sounding lies.

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        It’s amazing how often you speak for others while you know not what you are speaking of DaveH

      • eddie47d

        Yes big government can be over reaching and needs to be reined in. Yet it could be just the opposite where big business is so onerous in taking advantage of the gullible consumer that government has to come in and stop their foul plays. Demand honest players on Wall Street and within Corporations and then maybe government could butt out. It’s never one side or the other but a combination of both.

      • DaveH

        Then tell me where I’m going wrong, Progressive Eric. I’m all ears.

      • JeffH

        Eric the Red, I beg to differ! It is you with your self proclaimed progressive delusions that doesn’t have an iota of a clue.

        “Under progressive philosophy, freedom is understood as a condition brought upon individuals by the state, not a right already naturally possessed by the individual. Furthermore, the state decides which groups of people are worthy of such freedom, termed “valuable associations.” Progressives continue to use the word, freedom; they simply redefine its meaning.”

        Progressivism prefers collective social welfare over its perceived adversary, individual freedom. It is an either or situation: you are free one way or free their way. If individual freedom triumphs progress is not possible. To be “free” in the progressive sense is to be liberated by government forces from unpleasant social circumstances created by your fellow citizens. For the Founders, freedom is protected by government. For the Progressives, freedom is having your physical welfare secured by government, your physical welfare being a protection from the perceived excesses of others’ individual freedom in the marketplace.

        In his second year as president FDR echoed the progressive theme and insisted on “a broader definition” of freedom.

        Here is an example from one of his famed radio addresses, the “fireside chats” whereby Roosevelt sought to encourage the nation and educate citizens on his understanding of freedom.

        He dismissed…
        “a return to that definition of liberty under which for manyyears a free people were being gradually regimented into the service of the privileged few. I prefer that broader definition of liberty under which we are moving forward to a greater freedom, a greater security for the average man thahe has ever known in the history of America. (1934)”

      • Tom W.

        Way to stir ‘em up DaveH!!! “Eric the Red”, da comrade! LOL!!! You commie know nothing, what’d they do, fly you in from the Eastern Bloc?!! You went wrong when you asked a$$hole where ya went wrong DaveH! SIC ‘EM JeffH!!! You and Dave aren’t brothers are ya?! Oh eddie, STFU!!!

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        To all the –H Unlike you guys, I am not afraid or ashamed of who I am, I use my real name and my picture and yes I am a progressive.

        I can see how one would hide behind a fake name and no picture if one’s ideology is really modern day fascism. And then you have the nerve to call others, who disagree with your selfish greedy fascist ideologies, marxists/ Communists. You have no leg to stand on. You are just repeating lies over and over.

        I don’t believe in ineffective big government. But unlike you I don’t want big business running government, I want an efficient government that enforces the laws and regulations that have been fought for by Americans over the years and put in place to curb big business abuses.

        • Katrael

          Get real Eric, nobody here wants big business running the government since most conservatives know that running the government is up to the individual people through elected officials. Why would anyone want to trade one big bad thing (the government) for another big bad thing (big business government)? We already have a big business for our government or don’t you know that the assests of the government were traded off in exchange for the rental rights to the federal reserve notes?

      • JeffH

        ROFLMAO! Sorry your feelings were hurt Eric the Red.

        Progressivism was a major reform movement that began in the late 1800s. The movement shared the intellectual roots of European state theorists such as Hegel and Marx. In 20th century Europe their ideas came to fruition in the forms of communism in Russia, national socialism––that is, Naziism––in Germany, and fascism in Italy, respectively.

        These movements were ideological cousins of American Progressivism, certainly not isolated from one another; their respective leaders read the same philosophers and made the same arguments, albeit in their respective cultural contexts. Before the outbreak of World War II, American progressive intellectuals had many good things to say about Mussolini and Hitler.

        • Katrael

          Yeah, and they managed to get much of that crap to be taught in state run schools where millions would be indoctrinated by their lies.

      • George E


        I don’t believe there’s a conservative or libertarian on this site that would disagree with the last paragraph in your 4:35 PM post. Maybe we do have something in common. (Although we don’t want unions or any other organization or special interest group, like environmental groups, running the government either.)

      • Tom W.

        Hammer him JeffH, I think he’s gonna ball!!! Waahhh! What Americans have fought and died for over the years is FREEDOM Red!!! So take your sociallistic, progressive, Marxist ideology and head over to wherever in the hell god forsaken country you believe would suit your Lenin lovin’ fancy!!!

  • Louis Lemieux

    Why should oil companies get billions of dollars free from US taxpayers when they’re making huge profits and their oil goes on world market? Oil in the Mideast and many places is extracted from the earth at a fraction of the cost it is in the US due to geological factors. Obama is right, our future lies in developing alternative clean energy alongside fossil fuels

    • Warrior

      Lou, I’m afraid you are right. And when pond scum becomes the energy source of choice, just think of all the billions taxpayers are going to lose to some greedy company. I like your thought process!

    • bruce

      Louis, You are the perfect example of the gullible or socialist leaning geeks that are ruining the nation by blindly following those who are politically correct, in your preconceived definition. Your comments above prove that you do not seek actual facts. Oil companies are making money because they’ve invested and taken risk in the many, many billions of dollars, and if you’ll simply look at the returns they are getting on the capital invested, (something you’ve no doubt never considered) and IF you’ll look at the record of what these companies have paid into the US Treasury in the form of taxes, you MIGHT begin to understand the true picture. We are a free nation, at least until statists like Obama and those who follow him take all those freedoms away, and making a profit is supposed to be one of our freedoms, and if the people of this country had any common sense at all, we would look up to successful people who have done nothing wrong. If they’ve done something wrong, broken laws, etc, then I will agree that they should be arrested, convicted, and serve time. Political correctness is simply a weapon of politics and you appear all too eager to repeat the PC lines of MSNBC and the statists in the Obama Administration. Do you consider yourself to be a statist? Want Obama to control all commerce and all capital because he knows better? Can you name ONE socialist nation that has prospered? Want to live there?

      • Louis Lemieux

        If oil companies are so successful, why do they need billions of our tax dollars every year? Especially since their oil goes on world market.

      • Al

        Louis Lemieux you like all the rest of the liberals do not understand that the oil companies really get no taxpayer money. The “subsidies” that Obama keeps saying they get are tax breaks. His green money holes like Solyndra get real taxpayer money. Oops Solyndra took the money and ran. As has other Obama nightmares.

      • eddie47d

        Oil companies also have booms and busts and some of those companies disappear. They also received tax benefits and have in the past. I doubt if it will be any different with alternative energy sources.

      • Tom W.

        bruce! Hear, hear!!! If Louie comes up with a choice, I’ll purchase him the ticket! Get him AL!!!

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        Oh it’s a tax break!!. Are you getting these tax breaks? Do you think they deserve tax breaks? Why cant we all get these tax breaks?

        • lloydmillerus

          The so-called subsidies and tax breaks for big oil are granted by Congress to induce drilling and pumping on Federal Land. Generally, these are tax breaks or royalty reductions so that oil companies have an incentive to develop American oil they otherwise would not develop. They are miniscule as a % of oil company profits. I’d say reduce all US govt royalties to ZERO. We want more oil cheap! We don’t want to pay Muslims for the oil. More important legalize exploration and drilling EVERYWHERE under US authority. Repeal each and every law with the word petroleum or oil or gas or fossil fuel in it. Do it now!

    • Brad

      the hey is “alongside fossil fuels” . Great open up the federal land leases and lets rock and roll.

      • Tom W.

        Don’t call ‘em fossil fuels Brad!

    • uvuvuv

      louis we appreciate your concern. kindly tell us what vehicles you own and the square footage of your residence. is is energy star? do you ride the bus to work, or better yet, take your bike? answer these and then we can judge your sincerity.

    • DaveH

      Louis says — “Why should oil companies get billions of dollars free from US taxpayers when they’re making huge profits and their oil goes on world market? Oil in the Mideast and many places is extracted from the earth at a fraction of the cost it is in the US due to geological factors. Obama is right, our future lies in developing alternative clean energy alongside fossil fuels”.
      Indeed, Louis, why should any companies be getting taxpayer dollars? The names Solyndra, Evergreen Solar, and Spectrawatt come to mind, but there are many others who the taxpayers have been involuntarily helping.
      If Alternative Energies were the solution, people would invest in them and buy them with their own money. Government only steps in when there isn’t a demand for them, and reaches into unwilling investors deep pockets to fund inefficient energy solutions.

      • Tom W.

        And big government only breeds slothfulness DaveH!!! Don’t bother me, I’m on break!

  • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

    Ya Ya Ya John! what else should we expect from an oil man. And to the rest of you who agree here, I am sure you are all right we could never go to the moon and we could never have a clean renewable energy policy. We could never have conservation and a smart grid so why bother. We don’t need clean air, clean water, clean oceans or a clean environment. Our kids and their kids and all living organisms, or what’s left of them, can just learn to live with asthma, declining health and a polluted planet. They can just drink gas. So full speed ahead deregulate some more, because god knows we can always trust business to do the right thing, burn more coal, oil and gas. Frack for gas so we will get more earthquakes and then build more nuclear plants because they are all so cheap and safe in a climate change and earth shaking world. Let’s just keep giving the oil industry giant tax breaks/subsidies. Let’s keep doing what we’ve been doing. After all it’s working so well for us and the planet isn’t it.

    I got news for you! environmentalist are not the ones that are nuts, climate change deniers and people who have no respect for the environment are. You are (expletive deleted) all over your own house.

    But in the end what’s always more important than anything else, and the underlying tone of every article, is to get rid of the black man.

  • Flashy

    Let’s see…the premise of the article is a call to continue basing our economic future on a fuel source and technology which;

    1. is 100 + years in existence.
    2. countries emerging and growing from undeveloped to developing status will create more of a demand and higher pricing and less of an immediate reserve available
    3. continue to enrich ME sheikdoms
    4. Increasingly vulnerable supply lines

    1. diversification
    2. modern technological advances, research and development
    3. move into a modern 21st century oil independent economy
    4. increase our national security
    5. pricing stability

    Yep…sounds like a good idea doesn’t it?

    We will never be able to drill our way to independence from foreign oil imports. Anyone who seriously makes such claims should be given deep intensive therapy to treat paranoid delusions.

    Ceding Amrican leadership in creating and discovering new technologies as we advance into the 21st century is not a good idea. Is it?

    Tell you what…take your retirement investments. Toss it all into one stock. When the chips are down, you’ll buy even more shares of that stock even if new younger companies are creating a better, cheaper, more reliable product. Sound investment strategy?

    • Warrior

      err, let’s see, I have $500 mil to invest. Which one do I pick, solyndra? exxon? Hmmm, these are hard choices.

      • Flashy

        Well…Exxon certainly will benefit as oil prices keep rising and more and more developing nations increase industrial capacity. Kinda hurts other companies as costs keep rising because an il based economy has to pay the price of increasing demand and shrinking supply.

      • eddie47d

        You could have chosen Amoco or even Enron and lost your arse so you point is not well taken. Investing can be a gamble and yes there are sure things until they bottom out for a variety of reasons.

      • George E


        If oil gets too expensive, those other companies will switch to alternative sources of fuel, like natural gas. Wind and solar might be the coming thing, but it’s going to be a long, long time before they can compete with our fossil fuel energy sources. The thing is we should be encouraging “all” sources of energy to be developed, not just wind and solar. We’ve got tons of fossil fuels that we should develop while we’re working on future sources. This should not be an “either/or” debate. Personally, I’ve been a fan of hydrogen for a long time, but I’m realistic enough to know it’s not time for that one yet either.

    • DaveH

      Flashman says — “Let’s see…the premise of the article is a call to continue basing our economic future on a fuel source and technology which;
      1. is 100 + years in existence.
      2. countries emerging and growing from undeveloped to developing status will create more of a demand and higher pricing and less of an immediate reserve available
      3. continue to enrich ME sheikdoms
      4. Increasingly vulnerable supply lines
      1. diversification
      2. modern technological advances, research and development
      3. move into a modern 21st century oil independent economy
      4. increase our national security
      5. pricing stability
      Yep…sounds like a good idea doesn’t it?”.

      Since when does the age of a technology has anything to do with desirability of that technology? Why not let the consumers make that decision, instead of forcing your Progressive way on them, Flashman?
      If demand increases, and supply doesn’t, Flashman, then the prices will rise and certain Alternative Energies might make sense. But until that occurs, you are wasting other peoples’ money.
      Who cares who we enrich if they are providing us with the fuel we desire and nobody is forcing us to buy their products? That sounds like pure envy to me, Flashman. Do you have something against Muslims, Flashman?
      Why would the Oil Supply Lines be any more or less vulnerable than any other form of Energy, Flashman?
      If you want Diversification, Flashman, then please do so — With your own money.
      What is intelligent about wasting money on inefficient energy sources, Flashman?
      If an “independent economy” was desirable, then why not have an “independent” State economy, or an “independent” City economy, or an “independent” family economy? It just so happens that different people, different countries, are better at certain things than others, and that Division of Labor is responsible for more efficient production and cheaper goods and services for all of us.
      How would impoverishing our country by Forcing citizens to buy Uneconomical Energy make us more secure, Flashman?
      “pricing stability”? Are you talking Price Controls, Flashman, like Nixon tried and failed at?
      Indeed, “good ideas” don’t need to be forced on people, Flashman. Only self-serving bad ideas need to be Forced on people by your advocated Big Government.

      • Flashy

        DaveH…do you always have to go and prove day after day your intelligence masurement is less than your waist size?

        I won’t bother to respond to most of your contnuous inane blatherings..but do try this.

        When a captured market holding a resurce which is not discretionary for consumers, there is no “true” supply and demand” pricing. The pricing is dependent on how much money the consumer has in their pocket.

        When there is a disruption in supply, how long will it take to switch to alternate sources when there is no existing tech or base to begin with? Foresight would state to have it in place and in an ideal situation in a transition phase already.

        Next…you really do not have a clue…not even at a high school level, on the workings of economics. If you have a degree..i strongly suggest suing the insitution for false advertising and promise. A few minutes on the stand and you’d win the suit without question.

        Try a market controlled by a monoploy or an oligarchy, prices are set artifically as to what the market can be squeezed. When there is a hint of development of a competing technology, prices will be lowered so as to discourage the development of competing new tech. When the danger passes, prices are raised back up to levels which would not be possible in a truly competitive marketplace.

        Somehow, in your twisted mind, lack of preparation, continued reliance on foereign sources and the military presence to safe guard those foreign sources, increasing competition for the source with developing countries, and maintaining the oil oligarchy and the ME sheikdoms is good.

        Twisted. Either that, or you should disclose who you’re working for…because it sure in the heck isn’t in the interests of this nation.

    • MAP

      Flashy, you leave me stumped. Are you an employee of the DNC and your mission here is considered PR work? Or are you a member of the staff of our current moronic administration and are attempting to get the vote out? Or are you paid to be here by the Communist Party? No one would spend so much time, spewing so much disinformation and nonsense, for free. Come on; ‘fess up. Who is your master? Who pays you to be here? Inquistive minds want to know.

      • Libertytrain

        He did mention last week that he was paid to be here so any and all of the mentions you listed are probably correct

      • Flashy

        Libertytrain…I did not say that. Drugs kicked in early today eh?

      • JeffH

        falsy, did you not say you were here to do research for your job? That’s how I recall it! How ’bout you?

      • Libertytrain

        that is exactly what he said —

      • Libertytrain
      • JeffH

        Libertytrain, WOW! Smack – boom – bang – ouch!

        …and this quote from falsy: And I’m on this site partly for entertainment, partly for standing up for America, and partly as a segment of my research to do my job.

        Hmmmm…a segment of “my research to do my job”????

      • Tom W.

        1… 2,,,3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10… He’s OUT!!! Someone get the smellin’ salts!

      • Dennis48e

        what was it two or three weeks ago that ol flashy said he never posted after 1:00 pm because he was at work and here he is posting after 4:00 pm. He has posted after 1 many timnes since he made that claim.

  • Raggs

    This topic opened the door for all of the NUT- JOB liberals to come out and praise oblama for killing Americas energy… “GREEN” is STUPID just like the idea that oblama should tax the rich more… You can tax the “rich” 100% and it would not even make a hair on a dogs ass compared to the spending that this fool oblama does… So how many “GREEN” solar panel companies is it now that has gone belly up??? 20, 30 or more?… oblama and his cronies are trying to get rich off of the stupid Americans that fall for this stupid crap. Well I guess it worked for al gore….

    • Brad

      Flashy the price of raw crude is basically the same today as it was several years ago. Our dollar is worth 30% less than it was those same years back. when you print money out of thin air you cant keep up with the price of commoties. You liberals just dont get that you do not have the same comparisons for green energy because it successfully does not exist

      • Flashy

        Price of crude has remained the same and the value of the dollar is the difference/ Nice try…try again

      • DaveH

        So, Flashman does know how to post a link, after all. Maybe you should try more of that, Flashman — If you can find support for your nonsense.
        There is one major problem with the inflation adjustment, and that is using Government CPI figures, which are biased. Go here for better CPI figures:
        But that’s a side issue. More importantly notice from the chart which Flashman graciously provided that oil prices were relatively stable until Government started heavily intervening in the Energy Markets (especially under Carter). Then Reagan “deregulated” the oil industry (of course the Government never completely gets their meddling hands out), and the prices started declining again, until the next round of Government Meddling.

      • RichE

        Nice chart. Is there a profit margin chart? Is the oil industry making more or less profit per barrel?

    • noncommit

      Yes raggs, want to see more waste of money to save Obama’s butt, Joe needs everyboy’s help, he trying to do the right thing to get that guy out of a place he does not belong and he is being crusefied , Obama’s having a ball spending our money like it was water, get a load of this.

      Barack Obama, George Soros, “La Raza” and the entire liberal political establishment has launched a multi-million dollar campaign to destroy “America’s Toughest Sheriff.”

      They are spending millions of your tax dollars in an effort to place federal bureaucrats as “monitors” in his Maricopa County office — to stop him from doing the job voters elected him to do!

      Crazed supporters of amnesty for illegal aliens just held a protest demanding that the federal government step in and strip Joe of his powers.

      And left-wing billionaire George Soros has pledged to spend $10 million to defeat Sheriff Joe for reelection!

      If they would leave himn alone he could throw that gangster out of there. Joe need’s your help

  • Larry T Del Byci

    Alrernative energies are a decade or two off………..Oil is here new, right here in the good ol’ USA

  • BigBadJohn

    Green Technoogy has the potential to break oil companies monopoly on power and wealth so oil companies WILL keep spreading the lies that green does not work or has no value. Oil Companies and the MIC ARE the people behind the curtain pulling the strings.

    Peak oil is here and the race is on for the next big thing. An example of something that oil companies are actually starting to explore to maintain thier monopoly, is turning natural gas into diesel fuel. The problem with natural gas is it is bulky and does not produce as much energy as oil. The process is basically the same as coal gasification, except the raw product is natural gas which creates a clean burning diesel fuel.

    The second is automobile technology itself. It still has a way to go to become affordable but look up “Capstone supercar cmt-380″. It is battery powered car that can travel 500 miles, has a top speed of 180 mph and in full econo-mode gets 200 mpg. This is a concept car and still way too expensive for the masses. Capstone also makes hybrid buses that 100% more efficient that diesel buses. There are also a couple of other companies that have used this turbine in hybrids, but so far the auto companies have no interest.

    As far as solar, there is a company that has produced a spray on coating for windows that produces enough energy to power the house. Have you ever dreamed of being energy-independant? Do you think the oil companies will ever allow this to be sold to the public?

    It is not a question of if green technology has value, the question is how long will it take to become affordable and should the government be subsidizing development. My take is simple as long as oil companies get huge tax breaks so should these start up companies. BUT they should not get hand outs, only small business loans.

    • Flashy

      Hear hear !!!!

    • DavidL

      A valuable perspective, John. We will suffer if we forget that when the paradigm changes, everyone goes back to zero. Great Britain ceased to be the world’s great power because it stayed with coal as its energy source instead of modernizing and changing its paradigm to oil.The paradigm is once again changing and, like coal, oil is becomong the old energy source. We better recogniize and embraces this fact. Modernization is not just progress, it is survival. Green is the new paradigm. I have green illumination in my home and my electric bill is down 32%, and I haven’t changed a bulb in over two years.My next car will be electric. My hope is that it will be American. If conservatives have their way, it won’t be.

      • Tom W.

        Well go on out and buy ya a Volt there Mr. Greenjeans, ain’t nobody stoppin’ ya! Y’all are graspin’ at straws, like the poster said a little earlier, green energy is still a decade or two off!

      • Tom W.

        That’d be Larry T!

      • independant thinker

        I will consider electric when you can go 500+ miles on a charge driving normaly, recharge in one hour or less, while carrying 1/2 ton or more cargo and pull a trailer with 5,000 pounds or more on it and the vehicle is priced comparable to a gas or diesel powered vehicle. Untill then electric is useless to me.

    • DaveH

      John says (and of course the Progressive sycophants swoon) — “Green Technoogy has the potential to break oil companies monopoly on power and wealth so oil companies WILL keep spreading the lies that green does not work or has no value. Oil Companies and the MIC ARE the people behind the curtain pulling the strings”.
      They don’t need to spread any Lies, John. Consumers can see for themselves that the Alternative Energies are much more expensive. That’s why Progressives must enlist the Force of Big Government to thwart the consumers’ voluntary choices of Energy.

      • BigBadJohn

        As of RIGHT NOW you are correct green technology is too expensive for the average person.
        Remember when PC’s first started selling? The SAME comments were made about them – too expensive it will never catch on………

        My wife paid over $3000 for her apple 2e and I remember paying $3500 for my first 286 PC.
        What do you see in the future for green technology? I see the same sort of growth as personal computers – unless big oil can shut it down!

      • Tom W.

        And the FACT that it’s all a scam DaveH! CRIME INC.!!!

  • peter

    Anything is true if you believe it, so the question remains – who are you going to vote for come November? Which of the two spinners do you think is the least dangerous? The choice is yours and the best of luck, you are sure as hell going to need a great deal of it.

  • Steve E

    Let’s just keep punishing America with our stupid Green agenda.

    • Warrior

      Which “green” agenda are you referring to, energy or money printing?

      • Tom W.

        Is there ANY other green agenda Warrior?!!

  • Raggs

    Gas will be $5.00 a gallon by mid summer and you stupid “green” people are patting oblama on the back… HOW PATHETIC… oblama wants European style gas prices here so he can scam us with his BS green agenda…

    • eddie47d

      If we don’t stop being totally dependent on crude oil gas will someday be $8 or more and we’ll be in a position of never seeing a price drop. Alternatives (green energy) will help us avoid a future catastrophy. Plan wisely now.

    • BigBadJohn

      Here’s a thought for you. Last year I spent two months working in Canada. Canada is a net exporter of oil and the good ole USA is the biggest buyer of that oil. The Canadian dollar is stronger than the US Dollar and they are a net exporter of oil, yet the price of gas in Canda is about 25% more than in the USA. Also Canada national debt is less than the USA, so why the difference?
      If you say the value of the dollar, it is exactly where it was when Obama took office. The value of the dollar had its biggest decline during Reagans Presidency and then GWB’s presidency.

      Change the dates to 1980- 2011

      • DaveH

        Two different countries, John, two different sets of politics.
        Unless the various interventions of both Governments were removed, we really can’t compare the prices between the US and Canada.
        You can bet, if Canada’s gasoline prices are higher, that their Government has something to do with it:

      • eddie47d

        The Federal gas tax is only .18 even at $4.00 a gal. so put the blame on outside forces where it belongs. If the Federal government was like most businesses they would tax by the dollar and gain a windfall on gasoline prices.

  • Flashy

    There is very minimal impact a President has over oil rices on a short term basis. And Pres. obama is looking long term. Why can’t you?

    • Raggs

      Now let me take a wild guess flashy…. If Bush were still in office you would be crying to heaven about the price of gas?.. But since it is oblama you give him a free ride… Hypocrite……

      • Flashy

        LOL…so without any indication you’ll brand me a hypocrite eh? I don’t believe I’ve taken a contrary stance. In the short term, minimal impact any President has. long term…plenty.

        We are producing more fossil fuel energy today than in the past 20 years or so. How’s that grab ya for lowering the price of oil?

      • Thinking About

        R, do you know what the price of a gallon was in the summer of 2000? Just to refresh your memory it was $4.12 a gallon average in the USA. So are you saying each presidend is responsible for the price of gas during their administration? Then so what is your point?

      • Tom W.

        Right across your fat forehead, she did Flushduche! I don’t think she stuttered one bit either! Give him hell Raggs!!!

  • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

    This one is for you DaveH

    Whiskey & Gunpowder by Seth King April 10, 2012
    Many Austrians Are Wrong About Peak Oil Theory

    Time and again I read Austrian School economists dissing Peak Oil Theory. They likely do this because they have not taken the time to fully understand the theory behind peak oil. Instead, they get caught up in the doom and gloom predictions made by many proponents of Peak Oil Theory and the erroneous calls for some sort of government intervention to alleviate the matter. The problem with this dismissive attitude, however, is that by not acknowledging the validity of Peak Oil Theory, the Austrians lose legitimacy in the eyes of a large percentage of the population, namely the environmental left.

    In my younger days I, too, dismissed environmental concerns such as air pollution and overfishing, because in the back of my mind any acknowledgment of such would seemingly destroy the validity of the free-market. Only after having missed many opportunities with environmentalists did I finally discover a way to reconcile free-market economics with the environment. The same can be said for many Austrian economists who fail to acknowledge the validity of Peak Oil Theory.

    One recent example of Peak Oil Theory denial is a piece written by David Deming and published by To be sure, I am not familiar with David Deming or his economic background. My apologies to Austrians if David is not a student of our school. This attack on Peak Oil Theory, among other articles, having been published by LRC and does demand a response from at least one student of the Austrian School and proponent of Peak Oil Theory. I will now go line by line of David’s article and pick apart his faulty logic.

    Peak Oil is the theory that the production history of petroleum follows a symmetrical bell-shaped curve. Once the curve peaks, decline is inevitable.

    True. For anyone who studies math, physics, or pretty much any other type of statistics or science, you’ll find that the nature of systems commonly take the form of a Gaussian(bell-curve). Although, it doesn’t have to necessarily be symmetrical.

    The theory is commonly invoked to justify the development of alternative energy sources that are allegedly renewable and sustainable.

    This is a loaded sentence. Whether or not the proponents of Peak Oil Theory advocate the use of renewable energy sources is moot. It has nothing to do with the validity of Peak Oil Theory. This is a smear attempt. Furthermore, he throws in the word “allegedly” as if solar, wind, and hydroelectric power are “allegedly” renewable. They are renewable. I don’t think there is any disputing that.

    Peak Oil theory was originated by American geologist M. King Hubbert. In 1956 Hubbert predicted that US oil production would peak between 1965 and 1970. When production peaked in 1970, it was interpreted as proof that Hubbert’s model was correct and that US oil production had entered a period of inexorable and irreversible decline. Unanswered was the question of whether or not US production had declined simply because it had become cheaper to purchase imported oil.


    Peak Oil is a theory based upon assumptions.

    False. The theory does not rest on any assumptions about future demand. Regardless of whether demand skyrockets or plummets, the rate of production is destined to decline at some point. It is not a matter of if, but when.

    Like other scientific theories, it is subject to empirical corroboration or falsification. Although Hubbert correctly predicted the timing of peak US oil production, several of his other predictions based on Peak Oil theory were wrong.

    He is being extremely deceptive here. First, he writes about theories and empirical evidence, which is fine. But then he writes about false predictions. Predictions and theories are two totally separate beasts and he is trying to attack the theory of Peak Oil by way of false predictions. Example: Everyone on Earth will die(theory). Tomorrow, everyone will die (prediction). Two days from now when it is proven that not everyone is dead, will the theory then be proven false? The answer is no. Poor example, but you get the point.

    Hubbert predicted that the maximum possible US oil production by 2011 would be one billion barrels. But actual production in 2011 was two billion barrels. Hubbert predicted that annual world oil production would peak in the year 2000 at 12.5 billion barrels. It didn’t. World oil production in 2011 was 26.5 billion barrels and continues to increase. Hubbert was grossly wrong about natural gas production. In 1956 he predicted that by 2010 US annual gas production would be 4 TCF. But in 2010, US wells produced more than 26 TCF of gas.

    Mere false predictions that add nothing of value to his claim that Peak Oil Theory is false.

    The flaw of Peak Oil theory is that it assumes the amount of a resource is a static number determined solely by geological factors.

    Is oil a static resource or is it not? If anyone can prove that oil is regenerated at a rate of any significance for human consumption then I will admit that Peak Oil Theory is wrong. But that hasn’t happened. By all accounts the reserves (including undiscovered) of oil within planet Earth are understood to be finite. This fact alone shoots dead his entire argument.

    But the size of a exploitable resource also depends upon price and technology. These factors are very difficult to predict.

    How much oil can be exploited has nothing to do with the finite amount of oil that exists in Earth. The amount of oil that is exploitable in the future may change one’s predictions when Peak Oil hits, but it does nothing to disprove the Theory of Peak Oil.

    The US oil industry began in 1859 when Colonel Edwin Drake hired blacksmith Billy Smith to drill a 69-foot-deep well. Subsequent technological advances have opened up resources beyond the limits of our ancestors’ imaginations. We can drill offshore in water up to eight-thousand feet deep. We have enhanced recovery techniques, horizontal drilling, and four-dimensional seismic imaging. Oklahoma oilman Harold Hamm is turning North Dakota into Saudi Arabia by utilizing hydraulic fracturing technology. US oil production has reversed its forty-year long decline. By the year 2020, it is anticipated that the US will be the world’s top oil producer.

    A nice history lesson that has nothing to do with disproving the Theory of Peak Oil.

    For at least a hundred years, people have repeatedly warned that the world is running out of oil. In 1920, the US Geological Survey estimated that the world contained only 60 billion barrels of recoverable oil. But to date we have produced more than 1000 billion barrels and currently have more than 1500 billion barrels in reserve.

    Again, these were predictions about what would be recoverable. The predicted amount that is recoverable has nothing to do with the amount of oil in existence.

    World petroleum reserves are at an all-time high.

    This is likely bullsh!t. I write “likely” because few people know for sure. There are only a handful of entities that have a true stock of global reserves. For example, there are many who believe that Saudi Arabia(the most productive OPEC nation by far) falsifies the true amount of reserves that they have. There is speculation that they overstate their reserves so as to intentionally keep the price of oil low. While one might think that Saudi Arabia would benefit from higher prices one must realize that the Saudi puppet King is beholden to the U.S. And the U.S. Federal Government does not want skyrocketing oil prices.

    There are also many other political considerations concerning the amount any OPEC nation may produce relative to others. In other words, politics are likely hiding the true quantity of global reserves. Even if petroleum reserves are at an all-time high it says nothing about the future of reserves. It is false logic. Example: Home prices are at an all-time high. We have nothing to worry about. Crash!

    The world is awash in a glut of oil.

    Bullsh!t. Even by official reports the amount of oil that has ever been discovered in Earth is equivalent to three Lake Tahoes. And half of that has already been consumed. I would not call that awash. Would you?

    Conventional oil resources are currently estimated to be in the neighborhood of ten trillion barrels.

    Deception. Notice he uses the word resources here. There is a huge difference between sweet crude oil and oil shale, for example. Sweet crude can be easily extracted and yields a very high EROEI. Oil shale on the other hand is extremely difficult to extract. The amount of energy required to extract and produce usable oil from shale is relatively low to other forms of oil.

    The resource base is growing faster than production can deplete it.

    The resource base has not been growing at all. Oil is finite for all intents and purposes.

    In addition to conventional oil, the US has huge amounts of unconventional oil resources that remain untouched. The western US alone has 2000 billion barrels of oil in the form of oil shales.

    And we’ll be lucky to net 200 billion of that.

    At a current consumption rate of 7 billion barrels a year, that’s a 286-year supply.

    If we are lucky to net 200 billion barrels of oil it would mean a thirty year supply for the United States. This is also assuming the current consumption rate remains stagnant. I will admit, however, that in this regard one could count this as increased oil production. But it does not take into account the amount of oil necessary to extract oil shale. The net aggregate of produced oil will, at some point, decline.

    Nine years ago, I predicted that “the age of petroleum has only just begun.” I was right. The Peak Oil theorists, the malthusians, and the environmentalists were all wrong. They have been proven wrong, over and over again, for decades. A tabulation of every failed prediction of resource exhaustion would fill a library.

    Notice how he throws the Malthusians in with Peak Oil theorists? It is clear to me that there is a very large difference between food production(renewable) and oil production(non-renewable).

    Sustainability is a chimera. No energy source has been, or ever will be, sustainable. In the eleventh century, Europeans anticipated the industrial revolution by transforming their society from dependence on human and animal power to water power. In the eighteenth century, water power was superseded by steam engines fired by burning wood. Coal replaced wood, and oil and gas have now largely supplanted coal.

    Sustainability is a chimera? And this gets a pass from the Austrian School economists? Krugman would be proud! Not only does this line of thinking promote high-time preference but I find it laughable that he could write that “no energy source has been, or ever will be, sustainable.” Unless he wishes to employ the strawman argument, I think it’s safe to say that solar energy is an inexhaustible resource.

    In the far distant future we will probably utilize some type of nuclear power. But for at least the next hundred years, oil will remain our primary energy source because it is abundant, inexpensive, and reliable.

    This is another prediction which has no bearing on the legitimacy of Peak Oil Theory. And as far as his prediction is concerned, if oil is our primary fuel for the next century it will not be because of its excellence as a resource, but because humanity is still burdened by the regressive beast called The State.

    Petroleum is the lifeblood of our industrial economy. The US economy will remain stagnant and depressed until we begin to aggressively develop our native energy resources. As Harold Hamm has said, “we can do this.” What’s stopping us is not geology, but ignorance and bad public policy.

    Finally, something I can agree with!

    To conclude, Peak Oil Theory is real. Many libertarian types are guilty of attacking predictions made by proponents of Peak Oil Theory instead of the theory itself. While I’m all for attacking predictions made by Peak Oil Theorists and their naive(or sinister) calls for government intervention, the refusal to acknowledge the theory of Peak Oil automatically disqualifies libertarians from the discussion table. A strong case can be made that much of what governs United States foreign policy and global finance is a result of Peak Oil Theory. It behooves libertarians to study Peak Oil Theory in earnest and steer the conversation towards free-market problem solving instead of turning a blind eye to the theory altogether.

    Seth King

    And that’s just one of the reasons why we need clean renewable alternative energy.

    And by the way when oil gets expensive, everything else is expensive. Our entire food production and distribution system depends on cheap oil. It’s over.

    • DaveH

      I don’t doubt that someday oil may run out. But how about we wait for that before exhausting our financial and physical resources?
      I realize, Eric, that it’s no fun for you Progressives when you can’t force your way on other people, but just suck it up, invest your own monies in your own Alternative Energies, and leave the rest of us alone. Maybe you’ll get lucky and hit it big. Or maybe you won’t, but either way you can rest easy knowing that you made your own choices and NOT ours.

    • DaveH

      David Deming’s article for those who want to read it without Eric’s editorial conjecture:

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        Actually DaveH the article was copied over as is without any comments on my part. You are the only making conjectures here, without any backing I may add. Seth is part of Whiskey & Gun Powder financial newsletter which is part of Agora Financial. I get many of their newsletters and I find them to be pretty factual, pretty conservative and mostly concerned with making money and to hell with the environment. Much like most of you here. Like that can go on forever!

    • DaveH

      If you Progressives would quit intervening in the economy, Eric, we could find out if oil production has peaked or not. But with Government intervention, who knows? Remember that prior to the discovery of Oil, that for all practical purposes in human minds — Oil was depleted. There is no logical way that anybody can know if Oil has run its course or not as long as Government is interfering with investors who are willing to invest their Own money (you Progressives should try that, Eric) to discover more.
      The Progressives should be delighted if our non-renewable energy sources did run out. Then they could happily say “We told you so”. But the logical approach (not the Hoping and Dreaming approach of Progressives) would be to leave the Markets alone. As oil and natural gas started running out, the prices would naturally go up, and the investors would look for new ways to supply our energy needs. Alternative Energies would then become relatively economical and people would have plenty of money to invest and spend (that money which is now being wasted by thieving Progressives).

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        You are right DaveH let’s wait for it to run out. Let’s not prepare. Let’s burn as much carbon as we can and wait to see if the climate gets even worse before we do anything because some naysayers just can’t believe science. Let’s start a world war over who will control the last remaining oil resources. Let’s destroy all of our beautiful remaining national parks so that we can get every drop of oil and gas. Let’s do all of these things because that is what you are suggesting instead of conservation, efficiency and alternatives. Did you even read Seth’s article? He is talking about you!

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        Hey disingenuous hypocrite, please explain to me how progressives are intervening in the economy when, Bernie Sanders excluded, it’s all being run by conservative republicrats. Do you know any progressive CEOs, Senators, Congress people? Can you name any?

      • Tom W.

        Jeffery Immelt, Harry Reid, and Sheila Jackson Lee.

    • Tom W.

      Excessively loooong post! Citizen’s arrest, citizen’s arrest!!!

  • lloydmillerus

    No, the price of oil would plummet within days if OBAMA reversed his policy of East and West Coast drilling, drilling in Alaska, the Pipeline, the Gulf, Public Land, etc. The speculators would sell on the policy change and the price would plummet immediately. Obama doesn’t care because he works for the Rockefeller / OPEC / Saudi power bloc that benefits from environmentalist/global warming restrictions on supply!

    • Flashy

      LOL….yep. Sure it would. uh huh … [eyes rolling]

    • eddie47d

      I still have my hip waders on Flashy. Apparently Lloyd doesn’t realize that California is the 3rd largest oil producer in the nation and second in oil refineries. Yet “they aren’t doing their part”. Some scream for more and more drilling when it is already being done. Use it all now and to hell with what the future brings us. They come across like a bunch of spoiled children in a candy store. More mommy please! Too much candy gives kids cavities and obesity but what the heck a couple more pieces won’t hurt.

      • George E


        If the government would just get out of the way and let the market work, companies would find and recover more oil. Technology for doing this has already caught up and passed public policy. When speculators see that production is likely to increase over the long term, exceeding demand, prices will come down very quickly. They don’t want to get stuck holding high price oil when the price starts to drop. Heck, if we ever really start converting our vehicles over to burn compressed natural gas that’ll really reduce demand for oil and that alone should have a big impact on price.

      • lloydmillerus

        If the price goes, up that is a signal the market needs for oil. We should explore and drill as much as we can. Drilling off the coast of California is illegal. . . because of a silly little Santa Barbara spill decades ago, all West Coast offshore drilling is ILLEGAL. There is nothing but pluses for expanded exploration and drilling: reduced prcices, domestic employment, reduction in balance of payments problem, denial of cash to filthy Muslim dictatorships like Saudi Arabia, etc. The fact we are drilling more due to some tepid increases by BUSH just coming into effect does not mean we are drill ENOUGH!

        • George E


          You are absolutely correct. Developing and producing our natural resources is a good thing…….unless you believe strongly in the global climate change (warming) theory due to man-made causes. Then your goal is to stop everyone from using fossil fuels altogether. It becomes something other than an economic issue. You don’t mind if people have to pay huge costs for electric vehicles that aren’t very reliable if it gets them off fossil fuels. If you don’t subscribe to that theory, then the rational thing to do is to utilize our natural resources to improve the economy and our financial condition. We should allow our companies to produce these valuable resources, and let the public to share in the wealth resulting from that production. (Maybe checks sent to each person annually before taxes are due.) The rational thing for the country to do (in the absence of global warming concerns) is to use crude oil until the price rises to a point where natural gas is the best alternative, then move on to other energy sources as supplies decline and prices continue to rise. The thing is, however, this would likely take a couple hundred years to evolve, and our global warming proponents want this to happen tomorrow, regardless what it does to our economy.

          • Katrael

            What you’re saying George, and I agree if you are, is that a solution will be found when it’s really needed to replace a resource that is dwindling due to a natural cause such as happened with whale oil.

            As far as prices? Someone on this site did the math that showed how the same amount of silver now will still by the same amount of fuel that the same amount of silver would by 20 years ago. If this is really true then it tells me that the high prices now are due to inflation caused by a fiat currency. The problem for most people on the lower end of the totem pole is that their incomes haven’t kept up with this inflation.

            Can fuel prices come down? Most certainly they can and would if the federal criminals would leave things alone. We don’t need environmental regulations because that’s where the courts come in. If you polute my back yard I’m going to take you to court to seek a remedy. Environmental regulations got their beginning in the courts when people unwisely decided that they would give the federal criminals the right to control things they had no real business controlling.

          • George E


            You are correct that the price of crude oil is greatly influenced by the value of the USD. This is in addition to effects from economic supply/demand on this commodity. Just out of curiosity, I captured some monthly price data for oil and gold to see how the price of oil has varied over time to the price of gold. By doing this, we remove the effects of the value of the USD to see how the price of oil has varied, primarily due to supply and demand pressures. This assumes the value of gold hasn’t changed, only the value of the currency it is priced in. This isn’t absolutely correct, but is about as close as we can get to that perfect world. Anyway, I found that between March 1982 and March 2012 the value of oil to gold has been pretty constant. That is 1 oz of gold could buy between 7 – 36 barrels of oil at various points in time. Currently, the price is at 14.6 barrels, which is below the average (17 barrels) and median (15.8 barrels) pricing during this period. 80% of the time that same oz of gold could buy from about 10 barrels to 25 barrels of oil. Since the price of oil priced in USD has continued to rise over that period for the most part rather than cycle up and down as it has with gold, this tells me that most of the price we’re paying for oil is driven by the devaluing of the USD, not so much supply and demand, although it is true that if supply is increased in relation to demand, more pressure is put on downward pricing, and vice versa. The value of the USD is largely driven by the amount of printed currency in circulation and the value of the US GDP, I believe. We know that the Fed has been buying US debt (treasury notes) with “printed” money to fund the huge federal budget deficits that our Congress and Administration have been accruing on our behalf. We also know that the economy has been struggling to grow due to weak economic fundamentals, so the GDP has not been nearly robust enough to stabilize the value of the USD. I believe much of the price we’re paying for increased gasoline at the pump is driven by the weaker USD that is largely the result of our government’s poor management of their spending.

      • revnowwhilewecan

        The price of gas WILL go up. It has nothing to do with market demand. The value of the dollar is near freefall but the federal reserve keeps pumping money in to hold off the inevitable. Gas prices will keep going up because the fed keeps printing money to pay for it! The Saudi’s have said many times that if we want cheaper oil then to stop printing money to pay for it! Our country is bankrupt and has been stealing from other countries to pay its bills. Libya invasion, 134 tons of gold, Afghanistan, poppy control, Iraqi oil. Do you think it’s a coincidence that Iran and Syria are having so many problems with NATO? I’ll tell you the reason why they’re having so many problems. They refuse to take American currency for payment for petrol. Saddam tried that for a while.
        This video was posted long before the invasion of Libya and shows clear motive by someone who knows.
        One more time: THE PRICE OF GAS IS NOT RISING, THE AMOUNT OF OIL THE DOLLAR CAN PURCHASE IS DECLINING. If you think things are bad now, wait until the Yuan takes over as the world trading currency. That’ll make Greece look like a picnic on a breezy Sunday afternoon.

    • Thinking About

      If oil would drop if Obama changed his oil prices, what reason are you going to give for gas being $4.12 in the summer of 2000? Maybe you are right Obama’s energy prices probably has controlled even before he was born.

  • lloydmillerus

    PEAK OIL theory is nonsense. Statistics give the appearance of peak oil BECAUSE exploration and drilling is restricted by government environmentalist and global warming propaganda!

    • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

      I guess you didn’t get through or understand the entire Seth Green article. You are exactly what he is describing. Someone who can’t get accept a proven theory and attacks what ever might be slightly off in predictions.

      • DaveH

        It is not a “Proven” theory, Eric. We have no way of knowing if Oil has Peaked or Not because the radical Progressives are interfering with the Marketplace.
        I suspect that you are a Government Employee, or otherwise benefiting from Government Intervention, because you’ve had plenty of time to learn the reality of how Government people feather their own nests at the expense of the rest of us, and yet you persist in your Anti-Free Market rhetoric.
        It must be nice to feel so superior as to justify Forcing your ways on other people.
        Eric won’t read this, but for those Folks who want to understand why Free Markets work, and Big Government doesn’t:

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        Wrong again DaveH. Another ASSumption and you seem to make many of these. Too many for my taste.

        Chief Information Technology Officer for an Air Courier Logistics company. 30 years at a privately owned business whose well being is directly affected by the price of fuel and world events. And maybe the worse one yet is having to comply to the myriad of asinine and largely ineffective government regulations since 911, the Un-Patriotic Act and Homeland Security.

        As long as we keep operating from fear we are doomed.

  • lloydmillerus

    Oh, ok. . . a real peak in oil production might come some day if oil is not prroduced in the core of the earth and is REALLY a fossil fuel (more and more unlikely). However, the statistics supporting near time peak oil mean nothing if exploration and drilling is restricted by government policy!

    • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

      Lloyd there is more drilling now than 5 years ago. The EPA and the DOE do not work for the people and the environment they work for the big businesses they are supposed to regulate. The revolving door policies are what we need to eliminate.

      • jeepman1

        A study, prepared by the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service (CRS), examined oil production on federal and non-federal land between 2007-2011. Approximately 96 percent of the total increase in domestic oil production occurred on non-federal land. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported that oil and natural gas production on federal land DECLINED 40 percent over the past decade and 14 percent in 2011 alone.

        Say what you will, but the fact is there has been an increase in oil production INSPITE of the prez and his policies.


      • Flashy

        So jeepman..what you are saying is that the regulations and safety measures aren’t stalling oil exploration.

        Thank you for acknowledging that…

      • Brad

        Not totally true Eric as for most of the crap that comes from you and your liberal retard brothers. There is more drilling on private land but you will need a rocket launcher to get the rights to drill on federal land

      • Mark in LA

        jeepman and you know the reasons for that? No you don’t. There has also been a decrease in drilling the LA Basin over the last 30 years because the wells are running dry and there is no need to drill more wells.

      • jeepman1

        I will assume flashy that English is your second language. I did not mince words and the meaning is clear. I will not argue with you, it would be a waste of time and energy. I have come to the logical conclusion that some day soon your kind and mine will not be able to live amicably, side-by-side anymore. Our country has become too divided with those that want and those that want to be left alone. In your mob-aucracy world of govt handouts and govt intervention there is no place for freedom loving, self-starting individualists who would rather rely on themselves than seek a govt handout. Our country was founded on the ideal that the smaller the govt, the better. Your continued reliance on a “national” perspective is anethema to the protection of the individual and his rights. We no longer live in a Representative Democracy (heck, even our own congress thinks this is a democracy) and mob rules apply. Where does the federal govt get the right in the Constitution to “control” any state land…period? Do your children come to your house and take the car “in the best interest of everybody”? The federal govt was created by the states, and somehow we have allowed this leviathon to now rule over us. The child is now the master, exactly 180 degrees from where it should be. This is not an argument, just a fact of life in the once great United States (maybe we should just call our country America, as the states are really not involved anymore?)

      • jeepman1

        Mark, please enjoy your time on the left-coast and learn to speak Spanish…

      • Flashy

        Jeepman…here’s ya go. Chew on this for awhile.

        “I will assume flashy that English is your second language.”

        No, American is my native language. Fluent in English. Passable in French. Butcher Spanish.

        ” I have come to the logical conclusion that some day soon your kind and mine will not be able to live amicably, side-by-side anymore. ”

        Unfortunate you came to that conclusion. It’s logical only under the assumption one side will not compromise and would resort to violence to impose their will on others. So much for democracy (or representative republic) and respect for our Constitution eh?

        “In your mob-aucracy world of govt handouts and govt intervention there is no place for freedom loving, self-starting individualists who would rather rely on themselves than seek a govt handout. ”

        Leaving aside your smack talk…I doubt very much you can provide any instance where anyone is living in this country today ot enjoying government benefits AND in addition, anyone who would willingly give up those benefits they receive. This includes you.

        “Our country was founded on the ideal that the smaller the govt, the better. ”

        Eh? you got this where?

        “Your continued reliance on a “national” perspective is anethema to the protection of the individual and his rights. ”

        Is this akin to telling folks what religious mores are supposed to be adhered to, restriction on Choice, etc etc ? Depends on your defininition of ‘individual rights” eh? Such as…only those ‘individual rights” I want to assert and the rest are those ‘individual rights” i’ll tell you how to adhere with?

        “Where does the federal govt get the right in the Constitution to “control” any state land…period? ”

        ummm…try Federal authority under the Constitution. FYI…the Articles of Confederation and later, in the 1860′s, the Confederacy, proved a state authroty over federal would not and can not work.

        “The federal govt was created by the states”

        Whatever gives you that idea? may I suggest you review your hstory books again…

      • jeepman1

        As I said flashy, your kind and mine cannot live alongside peacefully. This however, did not mean to infer violence of any kind. I thought this was the land of the “free”? Does that not mean that I should be “free” to be a part, or not? So, conversely I should also be “free” to not participate. Your tired old argument that the North won, so they were right is…well, old. However, it does argue your opinion that “might makes right”. The Constitution at its core was designed to protect individual freedoms, it is a pact between free peoples to NOT interfere with an individual’s right to “pursue happiness”. Plainly the Constitution spells out federal responsibilities and leaves the rest to the States. Would you really try to argue that the fed has NOT overstepped it’s bounds? It would be silly to try. And, for you to say the States did not create the federal govt, is well…ummm…that just makes no sense at all. There were 13 Colonies that came together to form 13 States that created a federal govt. Silly you for thinking otherwise. Maybe you should study history, or at least take a critical thinking class at your local college. You may not agree with the South’s position, but if my child tried to overstep his bounds I would try to smack him down. In the Civil War case the child won with the death toll reaching 600,000. It still does not make the fed right. As far as “smack talk”, would you prefer a different term from mob-aucracy? After all, democracy is just another term for majority rules…or, mob-aucracy. Please, feel free to use anyother term that would not bruise your ego, the result of a “democracy” without defined limits is still the same. Cite any case you want, interpretations of the Constitution have usually been made within a context of taking more authority than was ever envisioned or granted. Again, in your “might makes right” world that is anethema to the rights of the individual.

      • b

        Funny that Flushy would bring up the war of Northern Agression since he was caught in multiple lies concerniong it a few weeks ago.

      • Lloyd Miller

        The world needs more oil. . . that is what a rising price means. So, stop restricting exploration and drilling. Cheaper energy is the best way to stimulate economic growth because all human production requires energy. The real PURPOSE of restricting exploration and drilling is to keep the price high for BIG OIL in league with OPEC. Big Oil profits track that of OPEC and the big New York/London Banks and Investment houses (Bloomberg/Soros/Rockefeller etc) profit from recycling petro Dollars from their Saudi allies (also explains all the Muslim butt kissing). The increase in production in America is due to Bush’s tepid policies to increase production and production on private land not yet controlled by the FEDS. Obama has done virtually NOTHING to increase production. He could change all that with executive order tomarrow.

    • eddie47d

      Lloyd doesn’t believe in wise planning or is heavily invested in oil. Blame the government is their main mantra without a lick of concern of what is looming down the road. We’ve heard their excuses for 50 years in keeping us dependant on oil and little has changed. We drill like crazy at home and are still dependent on Middle East oil. Their math doesn’t add up.

      • Lloyd Miller

        If I was invested in oil, I’d support global warming propaganda and peak oil propaganda and vote for Obama to restrict exploration and drilling. That would keep the price of oil up and guarantee my profits. . . just a simple little application of supply and demand. Big oil explores and drill only when competition FORCES THEM TO. . . Open up everything at once, reduce govt royalties to zero so independents have plenty of room to start drilling.

      • lloydmillerus

        Quit lying! We do not “drill like crazy.” Drilling and exploration is banned in Alaska, Offshore West and East Coast, Offshore in much of the Gult, much public land, etc etc. Quit lying!

  • lloydmillerus

    Resource conservation makes no sense as proven by Murray Rothbard in his treatise, Man Economy and State. Conservation theory is an infinite regress as NO GENERATION of humans could ever use a resource, because there is an infinite number of future generations to save it for. . .

    • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

      Lloyd I realize this may be a difficult concept for you but conservation means responsible management to insure continuity. The American Indians which we labeled as savages had already figured that out in their seven generation decision making process. The arrogant christian white man still hasn’t!

      • DaveH

        I realize this may be a difficult concept for you, but Conservation is exactly what Conservatives are doing. We’re trying to Conserve our Freedom and our Wealth, both of which arrogant thieving Progressives are trying to take from us.
        It is ironic that a Progressive would talk about insuring continuity at the same time they are saddling our youths, who didn’t even get to vote in the matter, with a huge debt burden.
        Be honest, Eric. You could care less about anybody other than yourself. Why else would you Force your way on other people, and Steal their money, using Big Government as your Bully Boys?

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        No what you are doing is not conservation. You are merely being greedy bastards. You are stuck in the me me me generation and screw everyone else.

      • Lloyd Miller

        Eric, you are spouting CLUB OF ROME propaganda. . . silly, Indians know all. . . Yeah, the CLUB OF ROME would like to kill off millions of humans by restricting industrial civilization. Too late, we cannot return to hunting and gathering of the the native Americans.

  • Doug

    Going green isn’t a bad thing. America per capita is the leading country for doing so. The far east is the worst, middle east is a close second Mexico, India, Turkey are real bad & Russia isn’t much better.
    Obama is just a tool, a lousy one at that. He has no clue, money & forcing isn’t the answer. Obama’s ideas & money laundering to failing Green companies has helped kill our economy along with bailouts of auto Industry, cars for cash, Wall Street & health care law

    • eddie47d

      Are you saying you want to be like Russia or Mexico with their deplorable environmental record? China outfoxed us within the alternative energy business but that is the way free markets work. More in Congress should have been concerned about what China was doing. Obama was aware but no one listened so lay your disappointments in their laps or into the laps of private businesses who weren’t smart enough to see this all coming. They were too busy manipulating Wall Street for that extra bonus instead of getting down to honest business. .

      • DaveH

        So Eddie admits that Russia and Mexico (both Big Government countries) have unclean environments. Thanks, Eddie.

      • eddie47d

        Your welcome!

  • Ted Crawford

    There is a small consideration involved with the manufacturing of these “Green Technologies”, particularly Solar Panels and even Hybrid car motors Even beyond these this consideration impacts almost all high tech electronics. They all require the use of what are generally refered to as ” Rare Earth Elements or Minerals”. These include all the ‘Lanthanides’, Atomic #s 57 thru 71 and two others, (#21) Scandium & (#39) Yttrium.
    We currently have no known way to recycle these elements and no known method of developing synthetic alternatives.
    The real problem here is that, according to sources such as National Geographic, China controls 95% of the Earths known sources for these elements! It’s important enough of an issue that on March 13, 2012, the US, Japan and the EU filed a formal complaint with the WTO.
    Given these facts, unless we harbor some very unrealistic expectations about the actions of the WTO, no other nation can economically compete with China in this arena!

    • Flashy

      “The supply of rare earths is dominated by China, which provides 97% of the world’s production. However, China only has 48% of the world’s known reserves of rare earths, according to the USGS Mineral Commodity Summaries 2011.”

      The US has the second largest KNOWN deposits, and since this area has not been subjected to high intensity searches before 2000, it is highly probable more depositis will be located.

  • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

    John what else should we expect from an oil man. And to the rest of you who agree here, I am sure you are all right we could never go to the moon and we could never have a clean renewable energy policy. We could never have conservation and a smart grid so why bother. We don’t need clean air, clean water, clean oceans or a clean environment. Our kids and their kids and all living organisms, or what’s left of them, can just learn to live with asthma, declining health and a polluted planet. They can just drink gas. So full speed ahead deregulate some more, because god knows we can always trust business to do the right thing, burn more coal, oil and gas. Frack for gas so we will get more earthquakes and then build more nuclear plants because they are all so cheap and safe in a climate change and earth shaking world. Let’s just keep giving the oil industry giant tax breaks/subsidies. Let’s keep doing what we’ve been doing. After all it’s working so well for us and the planet isn’t it.

    I got news for you! environmentalist are not the ones that are nuts, climate change deniers and people who have no respect for the environment are.

    But in the end what’s always more important than anything else, and the underlying tone of every article, is to get rid of the black man.

    • Brad

      Eric you are an idiot and that is not unknown here. No one is saying we do not need alterrnative energy sources, We are pissed that we are forced into this and not by letting the free market decide who and how we invest in these alternative sources.

      • Flashy

        brad…for true free market effects to work, you need a true free market. Would you support breaking up the oil oligarchies? Think that will ever happen?

        It will happen when there are enough competitiors in alternative energy markets to force changes in the oil oligarchy. it won’t occur if politics is allowed to play as the politicians are subjects to money. So…to counter balance the effects against the free market, government has to become involved, target areas for subsidy and development which are controlled by a few..expand competition and thus have a hybrid free market

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        Free Market Brad! what free market? Dream on. The carbon and nuclear energy cartels are all getting tax breaks and subsidies. I don’t want to pay for that, do you? Or is it only clean green renewables you object to?

        I put my money where my mouth is and put 71 PV Solar panels on my house. Next I am going to put an Evacuated Solar Hot Water system that will do my hot water, my baseboard heat, heat my hot tub and provide the thermal for an Airconditioning Heat pump for both units of my duplex. It’s all low tech and manufactured right here in America.

        Clean renewables technology is here now and it is now competitive even in the face of massive opposition from the carbon industry which you all support. They are using you and you are so afraid that you are buying it hook line and sinker.

        It’s a fact that, if we counted all of the subsidies, university R&D, military support, environment clean-up and health related issues related to but not paid for by the carbon and nuclear energy cartels, clean renewables are right now far cheaper.

        Do you ever wonder why Wall Street won’t finance Nuclear plants?

        Meanwhile congress just snuck in an $8Billion dollar subsidy to a company that falsified safety reports of Shoreham nuke. A plant that was supposed to cost $65M and ended up costing over $2Billion and never produced any electricity.

        Stone & Webster the company that put in Shoreham plant False Safety Report is now Nuclear unit of Shaw Construction who will build New US Nuclear Plants. How do you feel about your $8 Billion going to these crooks Brad?

        Then there are little facts like MIT just last week announcing a doubling of solar efficiency using a new 3D tower array design. We are just getting started and already it is competitive.

        Full speed ahead. Government money is us the people being the VCs. Don’t be so afraid. Believe in America’s ability to get it right and do great things again.

    • DaveH

      There goes the Progressive Eric feigning concern for the very children that his kind are grossly indebting. Sure we believe you care, Eric.

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        Hey Dave is that all you have. BS replies. You are always attacking people for not replying with facts but you do an awful lot of that yourself Mr Hypocrite.

        I have posted much information today and you have not had one intelligent discussion on any of them.

        You are showing your true colors today Mr MIses

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        Hey Dave I am not for printing money and I am against wars and wasteful spending so you can’t blame me. If you add up the big business entitlement you will find that it dwarfs the underclass entitlement which you so hate. Yes I admit it, I would rather we had compassion and took care of the unemployed families, the disabled, the elderly rather than spend money on wars and big business. What you are supporting is fascism. Big business having undue control over the government. I thought we fought the last world war over that. You hide behind small government ideology but what you are really promoting is more fascism.

  • uvuvuv

    back in the 50s people were crazed about the space age. Popular Science had many articles such as Breakfast On Saturn? Or, Your Future In The Space Age. Or, You And The Moon, Within Ten Years, Experts Say. there would be illustrations showing the outer space family flying in their rocket pod to the space station, with other rocket pods in flight all around them. cereal boxes had outer space toys inside. this culminated in one small step for man, a giant step for mankind in 1969, after the now famously mis-titled 2001 Space Odyssey. but we did get astronauts to the moon, an almost inconceivable notion now. and so yes, we might have the occasional test project where solar or wind is used to generate electricity, but the hype far exceeds the realistic expectations. and in fact we already have renewable energy. this is what the government should be working on, and that is upgrading the hydroelectric dams with present technology generators. i live within a mile of a dam, and that’s where i’m getting the volts to write this. why is this being disregarded? also, nuclear power can give us unlimited energy without all that just awful carbon. and what i want to know about wind power is, how often do they have to replace the clutches and transmissions in those towers? if you have strong gusty winds this can send damaging shock waves into the gears and torque converters etc, that can cause them to crack over time. they need periodic replacement or at least rebuilding, and this is added right into the utility bill. i would guess that they net out at zero in kw cost savings. does anyone have info on this?

  • lloydmillerus

    Bischoff: Your are a total brain dead robot programmed by the richest people in the world, the founders of the CLUB OF ROME, the founders of environmentalist tyranny.

  • lloydmillerus

    You cannot deny the RULING CLASS origin of the environmentalist movement, a really slick promotion to get the masses to persecute themselves at the behest of the super rich!

    • DaveH

      That is the typical outcome of Big Government.

  • Tom Tee

    The United States has 10% of the world’s oil supply. We use at least 25% of the world’s oil supply do the math!!!!!!!!!

  • lloydmillerus

    Conservation CANNOT assure continuity because there are an indefinite number of future generations to “conserve” for; continuity is ultimately impossible, a chimera. . . apparently, you can’t read, Bischoff.

  • lloydmillerus

    The US has 10% or less of proven reserves. . . THAT IS BECAUSE EXPLORATION IS ILLEGAL IN SO MUCH OF THE US, especially offshore, the Gulf and in Alaska. Proven reserves are irrelevent except for immediate pumping! Insande propaganda!

  • lloydmillerus

    Environmentalists are truly insane, putting the EARTH and other SPECIES ahead of mankind. In fact, in effect, if not intentions, environmentalism = human genocide. The Club of Rome clearly ADVOCATES human genocide to “clear living space” for the ruling class! Wake-up people!

    • MAP

      lloydmillerus, you are confusing the liberal zombies posting here. You are delivering facts, not dreams. They can’t digest reality.

    • Karolyn

      We are one with the Earth. An assault on the Earth IS an assault on mankind. We cannot live without it; and if we mismanage it, we won’t have its resources for mankind. The Native Americans had it right. They worshipped Mother Earth and lived in harmony with all of nature. Modern man just wants to conquer. I recently got an email detailing how the mountaintop mining is burying bears. It’s also ruining the land and the landscape – all in the name of king coal!

      • MAP

        Karolyn, in theory I agree with you. I am no industrialist/progressive. I am a complet believer in the analysis of the 12 professors that wrote “I’ll Take My Stand” in 1930. However, I refuse to trust the government to ‘straighten’ it out. Through incompetence and corruption they have created virtually every problem we suffer under. The current administration is power hungry and wants to control everything. But to whose benfit? I am loath to give trust to someone who deserves none. Every rule and regulation is done to enrich one group at the expense of all the rest, no matter the humanitarian lies they affix to it . We need to rein in the government and get them out of lives for good. If you want change, look to your state governments..

    • eddie47d

      I haven’t seen MAP or Lloyd producing any facts.They must belong to the Club of Confusion. If Lloyd remembers Rome overextended itself,exploited other nations to supply it’s needs and declared war on most of the known world. Wasn’t that the previous Presidents MO? We’ll take Obama’s more sensible approch in increasing gas mileage,encouraging alternatives and his increased drilling throughout the country. A wise combination will make America stronger instead of the old policies that keep us dependent.

      • Pete McAlpine

        Eddie: Do not confuse the CLUB OF ROME with the CHURCH OF ROME. The Club of Rome met in Rome originally, but not under the auspices of the the Catholic Church. Quite the contrary, the CLUB OF ROME advocates population control/reduction by birth control, abortion, denial of resources, etc. These policies are anathema to the Catholic Church. The CLUB OF ROME, founded in the 60s, if memory serves, were behind the original Earth Day and the “Environmentalist Scare” nonsesnse promoted by Walter Cronkite night after night around 1968. “Environmentalism” is a clever neo-Malthusian, genocidal plot by the ruling class (the .05%) to destroy the “ruled class”, especially the rising 1% (those who make $350,000.00 or so who are competition for the .05% and provide the economic growth the 99% require to SURVIVE!

        • Katrael

          Pete McAlpine, and on top of what you said; that 0.05% want to remain the elite rulers of the remaing losing class that isn’t smart enough to put 2 + 2 together. The elite plan to wipe out anyone that is able to think independently and is smart enough to recognize their evil plot for what it is. Remember Pohl Pot (or however you spell his name?)

  • Power To The People

    Correct, prices would fall over night on oil if the outdated east coast/west coast production and refining system were opened up and modernized. Obummer knows this and will do everything in his power to keep it from happening.

    On the topic of Obummer looking long term….that is baloney. He is catering to the environuts. He only thinks out to this November…..any longer would give the vacationer-in-chief a headache.

    Four more years under the tyrrant will secure the socialization of the USA ever while the NSA constructs it’s massive listning complex to track all of us…the soon to be slaves of the elites.

    • jeepman1

      What? What? What? Bloomberg is reporting that oil futures are down in May? Why? Because US supplies are up. Hmmm… I thought US production and inventories would have no effect on oil prices. And, all this inspite of the fact that oil production has fallen on federal land by 40% during this administration.

      Unfortunately gas inventories are way down, so don’t expect any real relief at the pump.

      • Flashy

        now why would gas inventories be way down? Maybe because…gasp…the small amount of producers won’t create production to increase supply and lower pricing?

        opening up alternative energy sources will affect the market. the more energy sources available, the more incentive against manipulating the market.

        When you have a captive audience for a needed commodity, manipulation occurs. In the economic theories, an oligarchy competes with a small number of prodcuers. prices are set to what the market will bear, not what supply can produce.

        From here on, if the modern theories of economics hold true…the price of gas and oil will be at the edge of affordability by the consumer, and not market driven.

      • jeepman1

        I really shouldn’t question your cognative abilities, but since you made an inane reply…

        Your premise is based on a lack of govt regulation that has negative effects on gas prices. The bottom line is that any “free market” ideas about oil and particularly gas prices are just an illusion. The local, state and federal govt regulations are innumerable and unpredictable, at best. The changes in speculation add up to small price changes at the pump, either up or down. Your notion assumes a free trade and little to no govt interference. Every tax, every little additive, every transfer fee, every little doo-dad and plastic cap that are required are passed on to the consumer. Fuel additives even vary from one locale to another. All these will keep gas prices high. Not the free market, which has only some room for speculation and consumer influence. So, while inventories will have an effect on prices, the true driver of a free market, the consumer, has effectively been muscled out by govt regulation. If you really want to get the economy rolling, and see gas prices fall…try freedom.

      • DaveH

        Typical Flashman comment — “now why would gas inventories be way down? Maybe because…gasp…the small amount of producers won’t create production to increase supply and lower pricing?”.
        Is the “gasp” supposed to impress us, Flashman? Maybe you should try logic and facts instead.
        So they’re holding back their production to increase prices? Why don’t they always do that then? Why are the Alternative Energies more expensive? Logic would dictate that if Alternative Energies are more expensive even with Oil companies holding back their production, they will be even less economical if the Oil companies quit holding back.

      • Flashy

        “So they’re holding back their production to increase prices? Why don’t they always do that then? Why are the Alternative Energies more expensive? Logic would dictate that if Alternative Energies are more expensive even with Oil companies holding back their production, they will be even less economical if the Oil companies quit holding back.” <— Dave H

        DaveH…seriously…take a basic course in economics. It would help since any serious discussion above that of a 3rd grade level is impossible given your current educational levels….

    • eddie47d

      The supply of crude oil in the USA is way up and even stockpiled in the Midwest. The supply of natural gas is also now being stockpiled. Time to invest in storage facilities for we certainly don’t need to be using more of these products except for normal population growth.


    I cant see clean fuel anytime soon to run your military equipment, jets etc nor can anyone honestly poo poo the need to keep drilling for new supplies of oil for the hugecontinuing demand by the motor vehicle industry, but you need to have an open mind with trying to encourage your inventors and reearch & development scientist to keep looking for better solutions to supplement or replace dilute some of the demand for heating oil.

    Your government probably needs to help keep prices lower by at least making the oil suppliers in IRAN/IRAK/KUWAIT understand that alternatives are in the wind, otherwise the price will keep going up up up and with China and India sending tens of millions of new cars into their faster developing communities the price of oil will most likely skyrocket straight up your graph,

    I dont really believe that oil is going to be replaced by cleaner fuels…no such thing going to happen anytime soon, but you got to give the ideas a try as long as your govt dont spend too much on some of the solar panel ideas which are all made in China by cheap chinese workers, not americans…be sure about that. The companies are failing because their idea was to buy cheap from China and sell high due to government assistance when the system only works economically if the cheap price stays cheap when the solar panels get into USA or Australia for that matter.

    The idea started because your government and ours in Australia where and still are trying to give the idea and the hope that a new industry can be created to create new jobs…well it works for a little while and then most of the new businesses fail because their business models are too expensive and people who do their real sums, wake up and stop spending. The governments dont help by giving them assistance via government contracts …but remember the assistance helps the Chinese manufactuers mainly and the american installers last.

    The Greens are the ones dropping their ideas into the minds of all politicians who cant think for themselves…the lazy ones who think they will win more votes by talking up the positive aspects and new job prospects which the jobless want to hear. Voters dont want to hear of negatives …they want to hear positives and not interested in fiscal responsibility…..they want the next generation to pay the deficiet not them..Fiscal responsibility is of no interest to our modern generation who have already learned to live on the never never.

    In Australia the Greens seem to be supported by the wealthier dumber types interested in the environment in Australia not realising that all the dirty work is being moved offshore to China at the real cost of jobs in Australia but ironically the pollution still continues on earth ie in China but not Australia. But these dumber green voters cant see the wood for the trees because it does not affect them directly. These Dumb voters dont understand that these Green Partys want the price of Auto fuel to skyrocket with increased taxes and levies, because in their belief…this will force consumers to reduce consumption due to the higher prices….how stupid is that? Not satisfied by that act of treason…they went one step further by encouraging the Labor Party to introduce a CARBON TAX again to discourage use of fuels by increasing their prices… that Coal used to make electricity will become dearer….I call that a small business destruction policy….but this is what we are facing on July 1 2012, this year….so think yourselves lucky you dont have idiots as bad as we have in Australia.Our idiots are helping our competitors….but luckily im seeing some hope when no Greens won any places in the recent Queensland elections….hopefully our southern voters will wise up too by the time we have our own federal elections.
    Good luck America.

  • http://None Mike C

    When, in the history of the world, have the people been oppressed to the point that they cannot harness resources from their own piece of earth?

    • eddie47d

      That is nothing new Mike C. Earlier ancestors took from the earth and ending up ruining their own livelihood too. They cut down trees and burned baby burn. They forgot to replace what they took and ended up dependent on others or died off. It always works out in the beginning and most do well but once all the wood is gone their troubles intensify. They had to walk miles for cooking fuels or have it brought in. Right now oil and gas are somewhat plentiful and I don’t have to worry but somewhere down the road there will be more dry wells and the expense could out match our ability to extract those resources.

  • bigjeff1

    Yeah, this whole nonsense about the protecting the environment and developing cleaner, more sustainable alternative energy sources is just so silly. I mean, I won’t get any benefit from that and I have a lot of money invested in carbon fuels. Who cares about the future. Let those snot-nosed, spoiled kids with it. Not my problem when I have someone writing these really cool investment letters so I can rake in the big bucks. Of course, the real economic benefits that China has already gotten from serious investments in wind and solar might be worth looking at but they are so far ahead now that we have to exploit oil and gas until it runs out. Then we can look around for something else.

    • DaveH

      Don’t kid, Jeff. If you really cared about the children, you would be screaming about the loss of their Freedom, and the $16+ Trillion debt that your kind are saddling them with.
      For those whose minds can’t comprehend such big numbers, that’s $50,000 per each person in this country, or about $160,000 per average size family.

  • Gordon Peterson

    Obama”The New Jolly Green Giant” is costing the motoring public $37 Billion with the Ethanol mandate. Due to the reduced gas mileage with the mandated ethanol in all of the gas purchased for our cars we are wasting 10 billion gallons of gasoline per year. We consumed 100 billion gallons of gasoline last year with at least 10% ethanol. With gas mileage reduced by at least 10% using ethanol(27.6% with E85!) and gas at $3.75 a gallon,That folks equates to a cost of $37,500,000,000 to our economy. It is simple physics-A gallon of gas has 115 BTU’s while a gallon of ethanol has 77 BTU’s- Do the arithmatic.

    • eddie47d

      Wow now Obama is responsible for the Ethanol mandate. Anything else you going to pin on him! I think those mandates and large subsidies came from the previous two administrations but I do like your other facts. Since those farmers(collectives) are making good profits those subsidies need to go.

    • Chisna

      Do you mean the ethanol mandate which was part of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. Which mandates that we consume 36 billion gallons of ethanol by 2022. You must remember Gordon, that was the same time they passed the incandescent light bulb ban. The one you all blamed Obama for…..

      Now with that said. I agree that we should phase out the ethanol mandate. And replace it
      with a phase in of algae based bio fuels. Which in it’s development and production can also be used to deal with our serious nutrient pollution problem we face in this nations lakes rivers and streams.

    • JeffH
  • Chisna

    Well one of the anti green energy experts from Personal Liberty Alerts better alert the U.S. Navy to the fact that green energy is just a bunch of hooey. Because they are starting to power jets and even destroyers with algae based bio fuels.
    You better warn the Chinese as well. They are investing billions ( not millions ) into the production of silicon solar cells. In fact they have driven the cost of these solar cell’s so low with their subsidies that the U.S. International Trade Commission voted unanimously
    accusing China of violating trade agreements.
    And then there’s what’s happening in Washington State. The wind farms are generating too much energy. And are being paid by the operators of hydro electric dams to shut down so that they won’t have to release too much water over the dams. Which apparently would have a negative effect on salmon.

    • JeffH

      Navy’s Big Biofuel Bet: 450,000 Gallons at 4 Times the Price of Oil

      The Navy signed deals to buy 450,000 gallons of biofuels — arguably the biggest purchase of its kind in U.S. government history. The purchase is a significant step for Navy Secretary Ray Mabus’ plans to transform the service into an energy-efficient fleet. But at approximately $15 per gallon — nearly four times the price of traditional fuel — the new fuels won’t come cheap.

      Right now the Navy uses more than 90 percent of the energy consumed by the federal government, and budgets about $1 billion a year for energy costs. These biofuels burn cleaner than fossils fuels, require no drilling and are grown in the US, processed in the US, and refined in the US.

      The down side to biofuels is the high cost. So far the industry has not been able to produce a product at a rate competitive to petroleum. Experts say the alternative fuels industry has the challenge of producing enough volume to reach a commoditized price.

      An MIT study of alternative jet fuels, conducted in association with the Navy, found that even under optimal conditions — with dozens of refineries up and running — the price of bio jet fuel would still be twice as high as the cost of the traditionally made stuff.

      Clearly, the Navy wants to go green, and reap some of the benefits of having a diversified fuel supply. Whether it can afford to do so — that’s still an unanswered question.

  • Firewagon

    “….Newt Gingrich’s idea to build moon bases. The difference is that Gingrich got caught up in a daydream.”

    How old are you John? Are you old enough to recall this: “First, I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth.” John F. Kennedy, May 25, 1961

    My grandmother, at the time, stated if God had wanted us on the moon, He would have put us there. Sounds a bit like your statement about the Gingrich “daydream.” Now the reality may certainly be that moon bases are not workable, but who’s to say that some day another president gets a motivation from another outside source? Like you, many of that day in ’61 thought president Kennedy was “caught up in a day dream!”

    • 45caliber

      Actually building a base on the moon has some excellent advantages despite the cost.

      It adds significantly to the raw materials that would be available to us.
      It would advance our science which would result in a lot of advantages here on Earth.
      It would provide a longer life existence for those living there.
      It would give a better place to recover from major injuries.
      It would allow better manufacturing for certain areas such as metal blends.
      It would allow vacuum tube advancement and manufacturing at reduced costs.
      It would give us a better way to prepare to colonize other planets.

      And I’m sure there are many more.

  • Wyatt

    Louis and the Flasher , a pair of brain washed Communist morons . Louis is so deluded he has pronounced that we are doing better than ever since Clinton . If that is the case why is gas over $4.00 a gallon in some areas ?

    The ole’Flasher thinks that wealth has been redistributed to the rich at the expense of the middle class . How he thinks that and what he basis it on I haven’t a clue . Some artificial contrived numbers poll I suppose . The rich have always had a larger return and piece of the pie than the middle class , why ? Thats easy , they are the one’s putting up the money and risking investment therefore they rightly earn and get a profit . I see no problem with that . Afterall , without there risk and investment , the middle class wouldn’t exist . Get it now Flasher ?

    If you wish to be outraged , be outraged at entitlements . Where in the Constitution does it say you have the right to be paid to sit on your ass ? 99% of these recipients are quite able to work but choose not to . Instead they sit home and breed and by doing so collect even more welfare . Yes there those who are unable to work do to legitimate disabilities . Then we have those with contrived disabilities milking the system . My mother raised two boys on $50.00 aweek plus what ever she earned in tips from her job as a beautician . Never once did she seek welfare .

    The present leadership seems to think investment in the so-called Green technology is a good investment . Maybe it is , but obviously not at this point in time . Either the technology is faulty , or Obama doesn’t know borscht about sound investing . Every Green outfit he has invested in has folded and gone belly up soon after receiving government money . But not until after the company’s management has all gotten large raise’s . Where is your outrage over this , where is the Democratic angst because the workers got skrewed and are out of work ?

    Where is your outrage that some middle class buffon you elected president came into office vertually poor by political standards and now so wealthy he qualifies as one of the hated 1% ? If you want to comment and be outraged , there is something to be outraged at . This guy is padding his bank account at taxpayer expense . He want’s you to believe that the government should hold your hand from cradle to grave . That the money with held from your pay for Social Security is an entitlement . It’s not , you earned it and the government hold it in trust and invests it giving you the profit for its use .

    Wake up boy’s , America come’s with no guarantee but one . You are guaranteed the right to fail . By the same token you have the right to succeed . But you need to be willing to do the work and or , make the investment .And if you choose the later , I bet you will be the ones looking for the larger share . Now Louis , and you too Flasher , tell me I’m Wrong !

    • Flashy

      OK Wyatt…you’re wrong.

      Want to know how and where your “analysis’ fails?

  • Ellen

    “Set the Wildcatters FREE!!!” WhooooEEEee! Can’t wait to meet some of these charmers! Why no in our National Parks???? Let’s have a petrolium picnic! And by the way; the day Liberals “walk in lockstep” is the day pigs fly.

  • KID


  • UpInTheSmokies

    As an example of a very small scale solar installation I was quoted nearly $50K before the tax credit for a system that would have been sufficient to power our home, and a tiny bit more excess power. We use less than 50% of the electricity that other similar homes in our area do according to the utility company.

    This system that we were quoted was a grid tie only, add another approximately $10K for batteries, charging regulator and the special inverter(s) required to still be grid tied with battery backup.

    As a smaller scale experiment I wanted to do a solar powered water fountain. The $60 kits that are available are very weak as far as lift height is concerned. So I found the lowest power 12 volt bilge pump available and here’s what is required to make this semi-viable:

    3 Solar panels (45 watt system), solar charge controller – This was $130 on sale, normally closer to $200.

    Then, because the sun doesn’t always shine at 100% all day long, I needed to add a 12V battery to carry the pump when the sun is at lower output (clouds, rain, etc).

    This does work well, but the cost / performance is certainly not there. I know that there are people using solar for remote cabins, etc. But they have to jump though a lot of hoops to get their usage way down to make it practical.

    And that is the problem when people hear their elected officials, and non-elected as well, talk about the great “solar revolution”. People envision that they will be able to maintain the same standard of living, when in reality to make solar even close to practical at this time they will either have to spend a lot more dollars than they expect or they will need to severly limit their usage of electricity. Now it is not a bad thing to reduce your usage, but people do not realize how much they need to reduce to make solar practical.

    Maybe in 10 – 20 years there will be enough of a break though in althernative energy to make it truely afforadable for the masses, but we are not there currently. And no wishful thinking on anyone’s part will change the laws of physics.

    It’s just like when people hear about “free health care” they picture everyone being able to go to the doctor when they want, and get the treatment that they need. The reality will be a far cry from that. Doctors are overloaded now, and given the payment rates from insurance and government programs the doctors need to see many patients in a day just to pay the bills. You are lucky today to see a doctor for 5 to 10 minutes if that. For my last appointment for the “free” wellness physical it took over a month to get a time slot.

    Imagine what it is going to be like when millions more enter the system making demands on the doctor’s time. There will be defacto rationing of health care just due to the shortage of doctors.

    I’m no fan of the health insurance industry but what the PTB are feeding the public is a bunch of bull and the reality will not be what people picture in their minds eye.

    • 45caliber


      I agree. Back about 1970 or so, the government built an “energy efficient” house and tried to sell it. It cost double what a normal house would cost – and it still didn’t provide all it’s own power.

      I read a report from an engineer who worked at the solar power plant in AZ that serves an Indian reservation. He stated that the normal bill for most home energy use is about $250 a month. The normal bill for the Indian families was about $50 a month. But … REALLY BIG ‘BUT’! … if the government had not subsidized the solar power plant the same energy useage would have cost the typical family about $15,000 a month! This was just to maintain the plant – with no costs for building it added in.

  • Dad

    Talk about a prez that is ignorant (and we are now a nation of imbeciles)… it is not so much anyone is dismissing the concept, but the economics is just not there… nor is the proposed timeframe reasonable.
    I wanted to run my well with solar power… happy to do so on my nickel too. However, laws of physics coupled with the technology available makes it not feasible yet. The submerged pump’s starting inertia depletes the battery too quickly since the pump, based on usage, does not run continuously… running the pump is smaller amperage than starting it. Besides, the economics is much like the prez’s $200,000 chevy volt.
    This explanation is much like Ron Paul’s message… intellect only works on intellect. Perhaps we should “dumb it down.” Not lie like the prez, but just speak in simple sentences with 5th grade words.
    If you were educated before about 1990, go ask for your money back… wait a minute, that was my money they wasted!

  • gnafu

    I believe in clean energy, too. But, it will take years to perfect clean energy and it will not be cheap. Our tax dollars arebeing pumped into various clean enegy companies right now is a pie in the sky thing. We need to look at the “here and now.” Wind mills explode because they are not perfected. Solar panels are extremely expensive unless you can figure a way to “do it yourself.” Although it will take a couple years to be totally independent of oil from the Mid East, America can do it. Get Al Gore and his minions out of the picture and America will once again be prosperous. We need to get back to manufacturing immedately, not 20 years from now. Americans have proved they can produce manufacturing and still have a clean environment!! We need Free Enterprise now, it is the only system that works in this country. I don’t want to grow vegetables and turn them over to any damn government for redistribution. I don’t want to build a good business and turn all revenue over to any damn government for redistribution of my empoyee’s and my revenue. If I want to plant a tree, I don’t want to get the damn government’s consent to do so.

    • 45caliber


      But you would be depriving all those developing nations of their ability to sell to us if America went back to manufacturing! Why do you think the government killed that in the first place? We can’t continue to be the richest nation on earth. We should share the wealth by giving all of ours away. And wouldn’t you fell sorry for all those in the Mid-East who wouldn’t be able to sell their expensive oil to us if we were independent of it? What would they do for all their new palaces? They might – Allah help them – be forced to go to work somewhere!

  • 45caliber

    The green industry reminds me of another “researcher”. He’s been researching a chemical way to remove aluminum from ore. It can be done – but it is haphazard and more expensive than the way done now. He gets millions a year to do the research and basically does the same test every day to justify his “salary”. It’s an excellent way to get big money without actually having to do anything to get it.

    • Raggs

      Prehaps he should be the next “president”… We pay him BIG money to do nothing.

  • Chris Mason

    Dear Rob…..

    Not the sharpest tool in the shed are you. Lets look at this

    “Down my way we call spinners, —– liars.”

    Let’s look at some spins that cost America dearly…

    “Weapons of Mass Distruction”- Hmmm, lets ask the Kurds if those weapons actually existed, given it was them who were actually attacked and murdered. I’m sure they would share your glib assesment. If that is not enough for you, read American Sniper. He confirms what was stated, that Iraq was in possession of WMD, and that Nancy Pelosi and most lib democrats are bold face liars becasue they knew the weapons were there and used them as a political issue

    “Mission Accomplished”- Given that we crushed Saddam, wiped out the fourth largest army in the Middle east in three weeks, established a democratic government in a place that had never had one, slowed the growth of Al-Quada……I mean I know it wasn’t the nice neat 60 minute libotard fantasy that Hollywood puts out each week, but in the end, we won..MISSION ACCOMPLISED. BTW, I’m sure it hasn’t occured to you that we have been at war with radical Islam since 1979, and that this conflict was inevitable. Where would you have preferred to fight it, there in Iraq with a semi modern infrastucture, Afghanistan with two main roads in the whole country, or here is a better idea, lets fight it right here in America on our streets, and homes…Real genius there

    “Good Job Browny- I’m guessing you know little to nothing about disaster response, but that not with standing, disaster response starts at the local level and moves up based on requests from the local authority. Since Mayor (and I use that term loosely) Nagin refused to evacuate, and refused to ask for help until AFTER Katrina was on top of them…funny thing about hurricanes, you usually see them coming from oh a thousand miles away or so….and that the govenor (another clueless democrat) did nnot ask for help either….so what exactly was Director Brown supposed to do, with no actual authority…Oh I know, you wanted him to do like your hero the Dear Leader Obama, and violate the constitution on an hourly basis and just roll into New Orleans…How silly of me to not consider that.

    • Thinking About

      It was the Bush Adminstration who reported WMD’s was not found so I can see who you think the spinners are on this subject.

      Bush performed the Mission Accomplished which was not near the end of the Iraq war. Crushed Saddam and guess what, unleashed Iran to do many things they was afraid to do while Saddam was in power, but it was more important to seek and kill Saddam because he threatened W’s daddy.

      You don’t have the first clue when you talk about Browny, the amount of money wasted which brought no aid or relief to those in need after Katrina. Ice riding around in a semi, moved from place to place at great cost and then just left to melt in the truck, mobile homes stored in Arkansas which rotted and never anyone who lived in those. All this and you want to think Browny handled this well, so many claiming how much money was spent on those affected by Katrina, wasted, wasted. You want to blame all the problems on Mayor Nagin, you are clueless.

  • Katrael

    Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff) says:
    April 11, 2012 at 8:39 am

    there is a book called The Republican Brain which sort of explains why conservatives are unable to acknowledge FACTS that they don’t agree with.”

    Well, if this were true then we can’t help it. Republican Brain? Is there a label or something in the skull that someone gets when they are born that says they will be a republican? What’s wrong with being republican? This country was founded as a republic and you get your freedom to spout your Hitleristic comments from it.

    Facts? They may seem like facts to you but, they aren’t and that is why reasonable people don’t agree with them. Besides, this issue isn’t about being a republican or a democrat but is more to the point of being conservative or progressive.

    By the way, most progressives believe in having the ability to minutely control their fellow man and to kill indiscriminately while most conservatives believe in allowing people the freedom of choice and only believe in killing murderers who have been convicted of such. Most conservatives believe that there is no such thing as a utopia in this life but work toward making life better for friends and family through honest hard work. Most progressives want to take from the real producers and us that wealth to buy loyalty from people who only want to live on easy street.

    • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

      Yeah yea yea! too bad you are all just full of crap liars. Conservatives have made this mess, blamed everyone else for it and want to keep doing the same stupid things. Money is your only mantra while many of you hide behind Jesus and christianity. You are an embarrassment to humanity. Jesus would have been labeled a progressive today and you would have crucified him today.

      • Katrael

        Thank you Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff). I love being told I’m full of crap. What did I lie about? Do you know what a liar is? It’s someone who tells a lie and does it to mislead. If I passed out a lie and didn’t know it then I’m not a liar I’m only misled. Besides, why shouldn’t I blame it on someone else when I didn’t create the mess that exists. Conservatives and Progressives are only people and it’s people with progressive mindsets, whether they call themselves conservative or not, that made this mess. What I should say is that it’s the people who are totally self serving who made this mess. Progressives are totally self serving.

  • chuckb

    we have ample supplies of natural gas, it is clean and is easier on the engine than our current gasoline. it wouldn’t take much to convert our cars, so why not, because the environmentalist live in the back pocket of the oil companies, they are the shock troops, talk nuclear power, natural gas and they immediately throw up road blocks. who would be the big loser if we converted to nat. gas, the oil companies of course. who allowed these oil companies to garner so much power, the congress of course. who donates to barry, the oil companies of course.
    we have enough gas reserves to last this nation until the end of time. the oil companies would have a hard time finding enough excuses for a shortage, so they want no part of it.
    if you go back to the early nineteen hundreds, standard oil, when business fell off, found they could survive by creating shortages and raise their price. sound familiar. .

    • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

      No Chuckb environmentalist are merely saying we can drill for gas but we should do it responsibly. We should not have to sacrifice our drinking water quality so that a few companies can get rich extracting natural gas while destroying the environment. If they can’t do it right they shouldn’t be allowed to do it at all. And that is quite a bit different than what you are saying. Get it right.

      • Raggs

        WTF?…. did you read that before you posted it?
        It is OK for you to drive your luxary car as long as you dont kill the bugs that smash into your window?

        Where do you people come from?… I mean really… Do you have any idea how stupid you are?

      • lloydmillerus

        Nonsense! Environmentalists are stopping perfectly safe exploration and drilling in Alaska, offshore East and West coast, etc. They are opposed to fossil fuels and want to stop as much use of fossil fuels as they can. The rationalize this extremist nonsense with the global warming hoax, peak oil, peak water, yada yadda. You are their catspaw in their genocidal program.

  • ireAmerica

    The meaning of this apparent mystery is fairly simple to explain;

    Consider Anthony “Van” Jones, our former Green Czar under Obama. In his former occupation he and his associates formed (by their own description) a Marxist cadre organization called STORM. The day to day public activity of STORM was organizing demonstrations in favor of several victim-class and environmental issues.

    The stated purpose of the STORM organization was to form a broad external cadre of Marxist activists subordinated to a core cadre of Communist intellectuals, for the goal of igniting a Communist revolution in America.

    Obama’s green agenda is one of several operations in progress designed to “fundamentally transform” (i.e. destroy) America as we know it. Of course the green agenda does not make economic sense, it is literally anti-capitalist.


    No doubt in my mind that this guy is just no good and is going to line his pockets and take off ASAP…He is a snake oil saleman and a split tongued liar..

  • Chisna

    What’s up with that ?

    Usually there is a advertisement on the page for “solar plans” big energy doesn’t want you to know about…..

  • Lucinda

    What ever happened to the Chicago Climate exchange, another hopeful scam of Obama’s Goldman Sachs? I think we can rest assured that Obama works for select masters and their investments. If it means taking down the dollar, the energy sector and the economy so be it.
    The U.S. now has more debt than all of Europe and the UK combined.

  • Raggs

    It just goes to show the corruption from the ole white house and his sorry ass minion liberals that Zimmermann is going to be “charged” prehaps he will be found not guilty?… ( doubt it )… My point is this… We allow this sorry excuse of a leader to waste away America for his own agenda… The “green” energy scam puts me in mindset of what is happening with the Zimmermann case… Push hard enough and you will get the results you wanted… No doubt that the sorry bitches sharpton and jackson the pelosi and the reid scumbags are determind to get their way regardless of what it does to our country… Zimmermann is about to face this…. The stupid bitching from the progressive ( re-gressive ) left has put a man’s life in jeapordy to satisfy their freaked up agenda… No doubt that the king oblama will screw America as much as possible and as often as possible to get his way.

  • Louis Lemieux

    World population was 3 billion in1960 and now it’s over 7 billion. We’re going to have to learn how to survive living closer and closer as global problems keep surfacing. World resources are being taxed at an incredible rate. Every year 15 million children die of hunger. Basic human needs for water should be fully acknowledged as a top international priority. The amount of water is effectively reduced by pollution and contamination (supply is decreasing). We humans together can find solutions. Our personal freedoms are at risk if we don’t collectively unite.

    • Raggs

      you are a freaking retard.

  • JeffH

    To be all that we can be, and the best that we can be, we must be individual, equal and free. The only equality we can have in a free society, is equal laws, equal rights, equal justice, and equal freedom, for everyone individually, the individual being the smallest minority on earth, the minority of 1. We have to choose for ourselves and be true to ourselves, to be freethinking individuals, to be free and stay forever free, in the Freest Nation on Earth.
    - N. Scott Mills

  • JeffH

    In any free society there will be some decadence or moral decay, but when moral decay or decadence become the norm of that society, you will more likely than not, lose your freedom and liberty. Morality should not be made law, but the free choice of every individual, although morality is a necessity in Commerce and in all of Human endeavor, to keep Liberty and Freedom alive, because too many people will clamor for the restrictions of Liberty and Freedom, to keep themselves safe and protected against the immoral in society and the decadence of a society.

    “Economic power is exercised by means of a positive, by offering a reward, an incentive, a payment, a value; political power is exercised by means of a negative, by the threat of punishment, injury, imprisonment, destruction. The businessman’s tool is values; the bureaucrats tool is fear.” I write, “Only the weak and petty seek to find power and control over others, the strong find it enough to seek, to find, to have power and control over themselves.”
    - Ayn Rand

  • JeffH

    Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence, “That we hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are Created Equal, that they are Endowed by their Creator with certain Inalienable Rights, among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness – that to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any form of Government becomes destructive to these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it.” Thomas Jefferson also wrote, “The God that gave us Life, gave us Liberty at the same time; the hand of Force may Destroy, but it cannot Disjoin them.”

    • Raggs

      the weak minded rats to the likes of louis only want one thing… And the $2 billion dollar question is… What do they want ?… They want your freedom… If you are free they cannot control you…

      • Louis Lemieux

        Whenever we vote we use our personal freedom to determine our collective freedom. Our country will be what the majority of voters want. The minority has to accept! Our personal freedom stops where our collective freedom starts. If our country is attacked, do you think we should all defend it our own way individually? Of course not!!!

        • Katrael

          Louis Lemieux, your contention that the minority must accept a majority dictate is nonsense. Our system was geared to protect us from majority tyranny. Just because most people want something doesn’t make what they want to force on people right. That’s nothing but mob rule. The problem with mobs? They change their mind from one minute to the next. Mob rule is often nothing but lynch mob mentality.

          What we need is a stable platform of law, like the original constitution, to rule the government by in order to protect us from mob rule like you propose. When all individuals have freedom then everyone has freedom and liberty and not the other way around. Maybe you should move to a country where mobs rule and you’ll feel more comfortable.

      • Raggs

        Ah the ole all for one and one for all concept?
        On my planet people take the time to take care of themselves and IF someone needs some help it is up to them to decide… You martians may think that it should be up to the government to decide… I want to put the government OUT-OF-BUSINESS !!! As the same with the unions…

        They are a POX on this nation of whiney bag, freeloading opie whimpy watching losers… I will also state that the political BS surrounding the Zimmermann case… I would have killed martin the ( martian ) as well not due to the fact he was “BLACK” but because with no other option…

      • GALT

        Eventually, some one will actually try to make sense of the claim…..the word is “unalienable”……and has no meaning…..the truths are not self evident nor are they truths nor are the “rights”…..rights……the “problem” was a government, the solution was another government……oops. Correct understanding using proper reasoning leads to the conclusion that you have one unalienable right… is not exclusive to men or humans, it is universal…….and as unalienable it can not be “taken away”…….where as, the self evident
        unalienable rights listed can all be given up and/or taken away, and governments are usually the ones doing the taking. Even more interesting, this has been equated to the
        basis for “natural law”……so the next time you are confronted by a pack of wolves or a tornado with your name on it, try whipping out your copy of the Declaration and see how that works for you. This last example should be enough to derive the “actual unalienable right you do have” and with a little bit of thought it is sufficient to derive everything else.
        That you will actually attempt this is not seriously expected………

  • Louis Lemieux

    Some immature people who feel their ego threatened by those who don’t agree with them will resort to name calling using words like retard, moron, imbecile, rats, etc. Immature people think that by trying to bring someone down this will bring them up. Benjamin Franklin said one time some people, including some politicians, are surprised that they are the only ones who are always right. No compromise possible.
    In general people will believe, listen and follow better those who are respectful in expressing their opinions.

    • Raggs

      OH … BOO freaking hooo… Get over it and grow up.

  • Raggs

    I wonder how long that it will be before the government will have home owners flying kites in their back yards ( solar panel equipped ) I can sell this idea to al gory?… Hell lets just re-invent the light bulb.

  • Raggs

    I tell you what Louis… When you have a feasible idea I will listen.
    The current administration has NO idea henceforth oblama is a failure.
    His pipe dream of taxing the rich to pay for his excessive spending cannot live long… You cannot blame everything on coal or oil afterall it is your source of heat in the winter and cool in the summer… The bottom line is that we do not have a leader, we have a follower a puppet if you will… The American people deserve much more than a follower… oblama is NOT a man of his word he is only a man of words that dont mean a damm thing…

    • Katrael

      I don’t have an exact quote from Winston Churchill but, I believe this is what he meant: a country that tries to better itself by taxing the people is like a man standing in a bucket who tries to raise himself up by pulling up on the handle. It takes other people’s wealth to maintain a government and all the government can do is consume wealth, it never creates it. We need a government but for heavens sake, and ours, we only need a little government that only consumes a little wealth. Any government that claims to produce wealth is a communist government where all of the people work for the government and not for themselves.

      Obama is a puppet and a lawyer. He learned the art of lying in a classroom and in court.

  • Lucinda

    Louis, you sound like a government programmed robot. Collective good, personal freedom bad.
    Meanwhile, all around the world, billions are waking up to the beauty and empowerment of capitalism. A billion people in China who are almost all of a free-market bent but who were forced down the disastrous communist road for a few decades are building a new future. In the old Soviet Union almost everyone is pro-capitalism after going through the horror of communism in the Soviet Union.

    • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

      Yes but maybe someone should let them know or maybe they already know that our capitalism is not sustainable and it is showing serious signs of weakness and it has run it’s course. It is based on perpetual growth which is physically impossible living on a planet with finite resources. Already we know, well some people know, that we would need 1.5 planets for the emerging countries to have the same middle class lifestyle the west has. It’s not just peak oil , but peak water, peak food, peak top soil, peak sea food, peak capitalism we are faced with.

      • Raggs

        Here you go again…
        You want ME to care for you on the governments authority?
        Take your communist ass out of the US…

      • Katrael

        Prove your comment. Seven Billion people shoulder to shoulder front to back will only fill up 490,000 square miles of land. How many square miles of land is on this planet? Plenty of left over room to grow food and to provide material for shelter. The only thing you can point to is bad land use practices which can be changed. We don’t need 14 billion people in the world but, this planet can sustain that and more if things are done correctly. The only sad thing is that it often takes a massive crisis for people to change their behavior.

  • chuckb

    louis lemieux, so you want to control hunger in the world. first off we are not God, secondly, mother nature takes care of the earth, when things get out of balance, then things happen. we in this nation are too concerned about feeding the world, we already

    have millions in this country that don’t raise a finger to feed themselves, yet, they are
    dropping babies like hail in a storm. we should make people responsible for themselves, not furnish them a free breeding lifestyle. cut their welfare off and see what happens, most likely they will resort to rebellion and theft, then we we can thin their ranks. some will cry out you can’t do that to little children, well, the parents should be the ones suffering that burden, if they are really concerned then plant some food or find a job, if that’s not possible, then stop dropping babies. easy solution.

    take a look at africa, every year the problem gets worse, more children, more hunger, do you see the problem there. we send them food they raise more babies, this has been going on for over a hundred years. somewhere along the road we have to say no more and take care of ourselves, if not, then we only have to look at africa or the ghettos in this country to envision our future.

    the do-gooders, when they run out of other peoples money and food, prepare to be on the menu.

  • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

    Here is an interesting viewpoint
    by Eric Peters
    April 11, 2012

    Anti-Authoritarianism Starts Within

    Mainstream “conservatism” gets no traction because it’s often so obviously hypocritical. It provides the shells necessary for the authoritarian opposition (they like to call themselves “liberals,” which is sort of accurate in that they are very liberal with other people’s money) to shellac the conservatives at will and make them look ridiculous – and mean spirited – which they often are.

    For instance: Attend a Tea Party event and you’ll almost certainly hear hearty critiques of “wasteful government spending” – including spending on “welfare” for the indolent underclass. This is easily (because accurately) parsed as not-too-subtle complaining about government handouts to blacks and other minorities, who are the disproportionate beneficiaries of this form of “wasteful government spending.”

    But the tables are very quickly turned when liberals point out – correctly – that these (mostly) middle-aged and older white people are fiercely protective of their dole – that is, of Social Security payouts. Or the dole given to (hack) “defense” contractors – a form of “wasteful government spending” that constitutes a raging torrent of taxpayer dollars down the proverbial sh!tpipe relative to the handful of dollars doled out to the EBT set.

    These same “conservatives” will tell you how much they are for individual liberty – while rah-rahing the “war” on (some) drugs – you know, the drugs they don’t use – even as they chug down another beer…

    They also like “family values” – that is, their family values. If your family is not like their family, why then all of a sudden they are much less in favor of individual liberty. And so on.

    Thus, the fundamental (and narrow-minded, petty) hypocrisy is exposed – and thus, the moral argument against the authoritarian thing-in-itself is utterly discredited. Which explains why “conservative” politics gets nowhere fast. It is a con – a pretense, a pose. It is as opportunistic, as fundamentally false – and at its core, every bit as authoritarian – as the “liberal” variety.

    Robert Heinlein, the great science fiction writer – and political philosopher – divided humanity into two basic categories: Authoritarians and anti-authoritarians. Which are you? You are not a Republican or a Democrat. Or a “liberal” or a “conservative.” You are either someone who wants to control other people, to compel them to behave and live as you believe they ought to – or you are someone who believes everyone else has the same right to live their life as you’d like to be free to live yours. That is, to be left in peace to make your own choices, according to your own judgment or simple personal preference – no matter how non-conforming or oddball others may consider those preferences – so long as you’re not causing someone else a demonstrable injury. Live – and let live.

    And leave others alone.

    It is pretty straightforward. You can very quickly and accurately cleave the authoritarian types from the anti-authoritarian types using this standard. And you might begin by using it to categorize yourself.

    If you would prefer not to be subject to arrest for enjoying a cold brew while you watch the game in the privacy of your own home – causing no harm to anyone, even if you end up passing out on said sofa before halftime – then you must object to the idea that your next door neighbor’s door is subject to being kicked in (and your neighbor carted off to jail) simply because said neighbor happens to enjoy partaking of a different drug – even though his partaking, as such, causes no harm to anyone else any more than your partaking of the legal drug does.

    If you do not object, then you have lost any moral authority to object to authoritarianism as such. Because you yourself have endorsed authoritarianism. It is either-or. There is no middle ground, no exceptions.

    You either are – or you are not.

    Likewise, government handouts. That is, money taken by force from one person in order to give (some of) it to another person. You either support this – or you do not. Which means, you cannot make a claim to Social Security without losing any basis to object to the claims made by the EBT underclass to their dole.

    The fact that you were robbed in the past (your “contributions”) does not make robbery in the present (your “benefits”) morally justifiable. You either oppose using the government to provide benefits to other people by threatening to imprison or even kill them – or you do not. If you make an exception for one, then you have lost any basis for objecting to the exceptions demanded by others.

    If you want to be left in peace you must be willing to leave others in peace. If a restaurant owner wishes to allow his customers to smoke inside his restaurant – or to serve only adults, or even only white (or black) adults or only men or only women or whatever – then you must be willing to tamp down your personal feelings and leave him be to do as he wishes with his property. If not, you have surrendered any basis for complaining about laws that threaten you with lethal violence if you fail to use your property as directed.

    If you expect to have the benefit of due process – to not be incarcerated without formal charges having been presented and proved – then you must object when anyone is deprived of due process, irrespective of their “looks” or the nature of their supposed offense. If you do not object, then you should not be surprised when you are dragooned off into the night.

    Much less object to it.

    Americans used to understand that when any single individual’s rights are trampled on, then everyone’s rights are trampled upon. Perhaps not immediately – but always inevitably. The Gadsden Flag – Don’t Tread on Me – used to be the appropriate symbol of that rapidly receding America. The new flag – which might read Tread on Me (and Let Me Tread on Others) is the flag of the new America.

    An America of morally compromised control freaks who never look into the mirror. Perhaps because what they’ll see there is too upsetting.


    Eric Peters

    • Raggs

      Come on with your copy / paste crap…
      You need your head twisted off and stuck on a stick…

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        Raggs you are clueless and obviously have a reading & comprehension problem. How sad for you!

    • Lloyd Miller

      Eric: You cannot blame conservatives for social security, medicaide, medicare, etc. etc. Conservative opposed all those programs when they were proposed. Now conservatives, like Paul Ryan, seeing these programs are unsustainable, propose means testing and other means to wean people off them. After decades of these programs it would be stupid and impossible to end them immediately. Your criticism is not serious! Apparenly, you don’t read conservative intellectuals and equate intellectual conservatism to a couple confused people you met at a Tea Party. . . STUPID, Eric, you are stupid!

      • Katrael

        Lloyd Miller, I think, and this is just my opinion, that most liberals are afraid that their liberal lifestyle (something along the lines that they want to behave anyway they want to sexually…for instance) will reveal the true dark side of their nature so they want to become the elites that control everything and everybody so that they can justify their behavior. Just my opinion.

  • Raggs

    I dont know who the hell that you think will buy into your communist bull-crumbs… but after reading much of your post it is apparent that you are in favor of oblama your king…

  • lloydmillerus

    The dirty secret is that BIG OIL, ie. the Rockefeller / OPEC / Saudi / Muslim camarilla doesn’t want wide open drilling anywhere! They profit from “global warming” and “peak oil” propaganda that is used to limit supply and RAISE THE PRICE!

  • Raggs

    If king oblama was sooooo interested in the price of oil then why did he and george soros spend billions of tax dollars into petro-bra?
    Crooked basturds need to be strung….

  • Lucinda

    It’s true that the power elite want to squeeze the US by depriving them of drilling their own oil so they create an energy crisis and price gauging. Global warming and peak everything is manufactured to justify geo-engineering, (Obama food czar) Mansanto’s GM0 to replace real food, OPEC profits, “climate change” unlimited taxes and regulations to force out all the little guys. Before you know it we have a small group at the top overcharging and distributing the world’s resources “for the greater good”.

  • http://gmail sancheleezy

    This Louie and Eric have got to be the most brainwashed Progressive/Liberal/Socialist lackeys that I have ever had the opportunity to have read in my life—as they actually concur with the Obama/Democrat mantra “hook, line, and sinker”. If they are this easily manipularted and convinced this guy Obama, and his minions, must be a well renowned hypnotists. Understand the truth that no one in the government ever creates a job unless they confiscate money from another through taxation, or levies, or fees. With the election coming up they also manipulate employment figures, by discounting those who have given up looking for work, and those that are underemployed are considered fully employed. Conservation is the answer and not using government loans that are never payed back by green energy charlatans, who are out to scam the American people.

    • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

      Then you sir are just another clueless moron and there are plenty on here. I have never liked Obama and didn’t/wouldn’t vote for him.

  • Lucinda

    On the edge of the 3rd Reich coin is ” Germeinnutz geht vor Eigennutz”

    Which translate to ” The Community comes before the Individual “

  • Lucinda

    On ebay for sale:
    The Writing On the Edge/Rim Of The Coin Reads: “The Common Good Goes Before The Interest Of The Individual.”(in German).

  • GrayStroke

    for the peak oil fanboys……there is a GOM well that was abandoned years ago and then during a regualar check it was found to have been replenished. Well the ocean is full of pressure relife valves that have been spewing crude for millenium without ill affect or signs of slowing down. THe center cauldern of the earth’s magma will produce and release pressure in many forms….. the green commies and earth huggers love fear mongering….as a tool to stay in power and almost as much as fleecing us to stay in power…… peak oil is a myth as big as global warming and every adminsitration pushing ‘green’ is complicit with the banker’s love affair of fleecing the working class that feeds them……… day…….they will discover there is no vault to hook up to the hearse…..

  • EyesWideOPEN

    “While the President argues that investments in green energy will ease the pain at the pump and even rebuild America, there just isn’t any evidence to support his view”…

    I’m certain a similar declaration was uttered by horse and buggy owners and manufactures (if not most of the g’ment and population) in the early days of oil speculation and contrary to their predictions, it placed us in a new era of technology and prosperity…

    “What loyal Democrats don’t understand is that the Greens are making fake promises that could impose a dark future on a Nation that is rich in fossil fuels”…

    …. Rich in fossil fuels that are processed and sold to other Countries and because of it we become dependent upon the countries that could not sell their oil to these other countries because big oil sold it to them first thus now we have to buy that oil for more corporate profit to fulfill our needs thus, because of this ‘double dipping’ we pay more at the pump than had we allotted our oil to ourselves then share what we didn’t consume to other nations.

    Face it.. We’ve got money grubbers who’s prime directive is profit and not just a living profit but a national squeezed profit and we have the naivety to believe their rival (wind/solar power) is a useless attempt at changing the way we live (less pollution, less dependence on other countries oil whom we first sell our oil to).. So keep on dreaming that big oil is on your side.. Like all financial toads, their always on the side of profit..

  • Neil Swan

    Green energy is the future of the world. We should certainly start getting involved with it,
    We should also start teaching more math and science, We are 39th in the world with High School students knowlege of science and math. At least that is what I saw a couple of years ago. Science and technology are the future of the world.


  • Louis Lemieux

    I’m not against Capitalism per say, what I’m against is unbridled Capitalism that leads people to exist for money instead of money existing for people. I don’t believe in Communism at all where private initiative is destroyed. What I believe in is more of a
    middle of the road ideology where those of us who can afford more to help accomplish
    a better and just society have to give more. A millionaire should have to give more for public education than the one earning 20K, etc. What’s wrong with that?! And those of you who believe our country will just slide towards communism are dead wrong. American voters are much too wise to let that happen!

  • Lucinda

    In California we pay almost !0% state income tax and 2% property tax of the purchase price of our home with a yearly increase. Obamacare would increase taxes to 2.8% of unearned income (including home sales). That doesn’t include federal tax
    For earnings between $0.00 and $8,376, you’ll pay 10%
    For earnings between $8,376.00 and $34,001, you’ll pay 15% plus $837.60

    For earnings between $34,001.00 and $82,401, you’ll pay 25% plus $5,937.75
    For earnings between $82,401.00 and $171,851, you’ll pay 28% plus $26,538.00
    For earnings between $171,851.00 and $373,651, you’ll pay 33% plus $74,656.28

    For earnings over $373,651.00, you’ll pay 35% plus $197,961.11
    so “millionaires” do pay more for education.


      Who said your not a Communist country with those high state and federal taxes…they seem to be higher than in Australia Tax rates 2011-12

      The following rates for 2011-12 apply from 1 July 2011 in Australia

      Taxable income
      Tax on this income

      0 – $6,000

      $6,001 – $37,000
      15c for each $1 over $6,000

      $37,001 – $80,000
      $4,650 plus 30c for each $1 over $37,000

      $80,001 – $180,000
      $17,550 plus 37c for each $1 over $80,000

      $180,001 and over
      $54,550 plus 45c for each $1 over $180,000

      The above rates do not include the Medicare levy of 1.5% (read Guide to Medicare levy for more information).

      The above rates do not include the Flood levy (read Flood levy information for individuals for more information).

      • Katrael

        This country became a communist country the day that the first property tax was imposed on private property. The governments of this country now own all of the real estate and only allows people to pay rent on it or they have to move somewhere else regardless of any improvements done to that property.

  • howdyrowdy

    The Obama presidency should be likened to the Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme. He’s lying blatanly to America and millions of Americans are going to get suckered into losing their liberties and freedoms just as those who bought into Bernie Madoff’s lies. They are just too gullible to see it. You don’t get something for nothing. Never did… never will… unles you’re name is Obama!

  • Jay

    President Barack Obama says there is no easy answer to the problem of rising energy prices, dismissing Republican plans to address the problem as little more than gimmicks. “We know there’s no silver bullet that will bring down gas prices or reduce our dependence on foreign oil overnight,” Obama said Saturday in his weekly radio and Internet address. …

    Obama said Republicans have one answer to the oil pinch: Drill. “You know that’s not a plan, especially since we’re already drilling,” Obama said, echoing his remarks earlier in the week. “It’s a bumper sticker.”

    Speaking of bumper stickers, remember “Yes We Can”, Mr. President? No one understands the concept better than the oil and gas industry. The main thing holding domestic energy companies back from making a stronger commitment to future domestic supplies is uncertainty. Capital hates uncertainty, avoids it like the plague. Your rhetoric may appease your doctrinaire base, but it makes domestic energy producers hold back, fearful that you will punish their success, or that you will change the rules on them in the middle of the game.

    Erasing uncertainty is the #1 thing you can do as a national leader if you truly desire to lower gasoline prices. Not only could it change the psychology of energy investing, there is still time for companies to change their 2012 investment plans.

    Below the fold is my humble 10-point plan: Things President Obama could (but won’t) do to reduce domestic gasoline prices by November 2012.

    1. Commit to a strategic goal of North American energy security. That includes reasonable and responsible domestic drilling. That includes taking the lead on the Keystone XL Pipeline; we could find a way to make it happen while addressing the legitimate environmental concerns of Nebraskans. It includes a commitment to maintaining the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System and opening ANWR.

    2. Ditch the anti-industry, anti-capitalist rhetoric. It is not the President’s or the government’s place to decide when an industry’s profitability is “high enough”. High oil company profits fund more drilling; more drilling means more future supply and lower prices. Besides, American oil companies are not owned by a cabal of wealthy executives, but by America’s pension funds, mutual funds and private investment accounts. “They” are “us”.

    3. Stop targeting the oil industry for punitive tax treatment. States such as Texas and Louisiana have production tax abatement programs that have successfully encouraged new drilling. If you don’t believe that the threat of increased taxes discourages drilling, just ask Governor Perry or Governor Jindal.

    4. Realize that Uncle Sam is in the energy business and is a partner in industry’s success. Oil and gas royalties are the federal government’s #2 source of revenue, after the income tax. Offshore slowdowns hurt not only industry and jobs, but government revenue.

    5. Recognize that industry does not need to be led by government; industry needs to be unleashed and encouraged to innovate. The resurgence of the domestic energy sector was rooted in the private sector, not matter how much President Obama and Dr. Chu would like to take credit for it. The growth in North Dakota, Pennsylvania and Texas happened in spite of the federal government, not because of it.

    6. Trust that no oil operator wants to be the “next BP”. The BP spill cost that company something on the order of $40 billion. Industry safety and environmental commitment is motivated more out of self-interest and less out of fear of the government. When it comes to federal regulation, the nation would be better served by Sheriff Taylor, not Barney Fife.

    7. Return offshore permitting to the pre-Macondo pace. Your overreaction to the BP Spill has cost on the order of 500,000 barrels per day of domestic oil production from the Gulf of Mexico. The ridiculous “Worst Case Discharge” calculation as a routine part of offshore permitting is engineering malpractice, in my humble opinion. The professional staff of the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement is capable of reasoned regulation, but they currently operate in fear of their political masters.

    8. Declare hydraulic fracturing & well design to be the regulatory domain of the states, not the EPA. Geology and environment vary widely; Pennsylvania is not Louisiana is not North Dakota is not California. It is insanity to think that one broadly-applied set of rules can be applied to regulate industry without suffocating development.

    9. Rescind the recently-enacted royalty rate increase for new onshore Federal oil and gas leases. Secretary Salazar’s stated rationale for increasing the government’s take by a whopping 50% – from 12.5% to 18.75% of gross production – was to equate onshore royalties with the offshore royalty rate. That makes no sense. Higher royalties mean less drilling, poorer economics of production and premature abandonment of wells. Besides, an IHS-CERA Study recently showed that the federal government’s total take of offshore cash flows makes the Gulf of Mexico the second-most punitive fiscal regime in the world, after Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela. [Update: In keeping with the First Rule of Holes, rolling back the royalty rate increase may be the first thing the government should do if it is serious about reducing energy prices. - Ed.]

    10. Encourage development of a nationwide distribution system of natural gas as a transportation fuel. Natural gas is clean, abundant and nearly 100% domestic. Its potential as a transportation fuel has scarcely been tapped.

    Bonus #11: Get real about the promise of alternative fuels. Recently you said: “You’ve got a bunch of algae out there; If we can figure out how to make energy out of that, we’ll be doing alright.” Maybe so, but I will stick my neck out and say it ain’t gonna happen, at least not in my lifetime, not on a scale that will impact pump prices.

    Energy policy will be a President Obama’s key vulnerability in November. His goal has always been to encourage alternative fuels by raising conventional energy prices. Alternative energy may poll well, but the average voter who fills his tank with $4+ gas on the way to the ballot box will certainly “Hope for Change”.

    • George E


      This is one of the best posts I’ve read in a while.

      I’d like to add to your list of things the federal government could do to help keep gasoline prices low. They could simplify the number of gasoline blends required around the country. This would increase the supply of gasoline by blend since some gasoline goes unused because it has been blended for areas that don’t need it. They could cut the red tape in getting permits to build new pipelines and processing plants. The longer it takes to get these permits simply adds to the uncertainty you talk about and this delays and/or reduces the number of new facilities built. They could open more public lands to drilling and exploration. I believe a portion of the royalty money should go directly back to the citizens by way of checks and/or credits since the public owns this land, not the government. This would encourage more public support for these programs which would increase pressure on our politicians to open these lands for drilling, and would, as you say, increase revenue to the federal government to help close the government’s deficit spending gap.


  • heather

    They have been suppressing FREE energy inventions since the early 1900s

    • George E


      Who has been suppressing “free” energy inventions? What do you mean by “free”?


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