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Obama’s Estimates For Job Growth Created By Stimulus Fall Short

November 4, 2010 by  

Obama's estimates for job growth created by stimulus fall short The $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which was signed by President Barack Obama in February 2009, has garnered ample attention from politicians vying for votes in the midterm elections. Conservative candidates are slamming Obama and Democratic members of Congress for signing off on a bill that hasn't met expectations.

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, the President and his administration were destined for a public perception of failure because of their unrealistic goals. Upon signing the bill, Obama projected that the stimulus would lower the nation's unemployment rate to around 7 percent by November 2010. Last month's figures reveal that the rate is at 9.6 percent.

No Republican Representative and only three Republican Senators voted for the stimulus bill. Most conservatives claim that increased government spending will saddle future generations with debt and drive inflation.

Some groups, however, are claiming that the stimulus package prevented even greater job loss. The Keystone Research Center recently released a report that claimed unemployment rates, without the stimulus funds, would be at 15 percent or higher in most parts of Pennsylvania.

"Federal policies stopped the economic free fall, and policy choices at the national and state level will powerfully shape the future health of the economy for middle-class Pennsylvania families," said Dr. Mark Price, the center's labor economist.

The Inquirer reports that the two previous recessions were also marked with slow recoveries in terms of jobs. In the 1990s, it took 23 months for the job rates to return to prerecession levels. Following the 2001 recession, it took 39 months.

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  • Dan az

    Well if it didnt work the first time then lets try it again its only money!I was taught that if you didnt have the money then you didnt need it.I guess I most be wrong in my thinking.Ive got plenty of checks so I must be rich,maybe I’ll go on that vacation that I needed so badly.Maybe I’ll figure a way for all the libs and progs to pay for it.oh that wont work they dont work.Any buddy out there have a spare 200 million I need to see that mosk someday?

    • JC

      Well the economy is trying to do what it does all by itself through human innovation…which is to say, “recover”. But The Kenyan feels he has to fix that. Get ready, here comes another 600B in stimulus.
      This malignant Kenyan prick won’t be happy until he has destroyed America completely.
      Anyone know what the penalty for High Treason is?
      Oh and for all you jumping up and down frothing at the mouth hysterical “liberals”…it was wrong when Bush did it too.

      • Al Sieber

        JC, I agree, but it’s more like 900B, well hell, why not make it a even trillion.

      • Craig

        “Well the economy is trying to do what it does all by itself through human innovation…which is to say, “recover”. But The Kenyan feels he has to fix that.”

        No, he is taking credit for what is happening naturally.

      • Bob Wire

        Make your case of treason or consider yourself speaking sedition.

        • JC

          How about knowingly debauching the currency, therefore the well being of the people of the United States of America…And I’m just getting warmed up, but that alone is treason ….BITE ME! Bob Wire.

          • Vigilant


            Let’s not forget taking a solemn oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, and then violating that oath by signing Obamacare, obstructing justice (AZ court suit, failing to enforce voter intimidation laws, sanctuary cities, taking over private businesses).

            Look up the definition of treason, Bob W: “betrayal or breach of allegiance or of obedience toward one’s sovereign or government.” In America, the PEOPLE are sovereign, much as Obama would be king. And it’s the POTUS who seems to have forgotten his allegiance to the government, which is strictly accountable to the Constitution.

            As for sedition, the left has been guilty of that for years. No, this pretender in chief doesn’t have to overtly advocate the overthrow of the US government. He and his communist lackies have been and are doing it in the still of the night, gradually, gradually, gradually, hoping we don’t notice.

            November 2, thank God, at least partially vindicated us who have seen the writing on the wall for years.

    • 45caliber

      Have Oblama cut his trip to Mombai by a day and you’ll have that $200 million.

      • Bob Wire

        don’t forget 10% of the us navy! You heard it first on Fox.

    • eddie47d

      Dan, Libs and Progs don’t work? I guess if you repeat it often enough you start believing it.

      • s c

        O ye misguided disciple of Lenin, Marx, Alinsky and The Anointed One, the truth doesn’t have to be repeated. That’s yet another point that you and your ‘friends [socialists, communists, fascists and progressives, etc.] will probably never get through your fuzzy heads.
        You wouldn’t recognize the truth if you slept with it, you could buy it wholesale or if some your more enlightened friends were smart enough to tell you that your head is still rammed up your #**.
        You are so incredibly predictable, Eduardo. You have nothing to add to the converstion, but your big mouth still flaps like it has a life of its own. By the way, the topic is ‘Obama’s Estimates.’

        • Bob Wire

          I wish you’d say something that made sense,just every once in a while, be nice.

          Diarrhea of the mouth. You need to take something for that before you require in patient care.

      • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

        Eddie69d, You Libs/Prog got your dumb commie butts handed to you, now be polite and go F%$& Youself.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Dan az,
      Nah, go out and buy that new Glock I know you want!!! Fills two answers!!!

    • Reality Check

      I don’t think anyone said it didn’t work the first time. The administrations only mistake was undersestimating just how bad the economy was and not making the stimulus high enough. What this shows is that Obama’s biggest mistake was raising expectations too high since it is impossible to exit this type of recession quickly. Employment always lags no matter what you do. What was your solution anyway? Maybe lower taxes on the rich so they can hire more people? That’s been proven over an over again to not work. In this bad economy the rich anonymously donated millions of dollars each to Republican campaigns. It didn’t sound like they were being taxed too much, did it? Did they hire more workers? No, they donated money to Republicans to garner favors and more power and less regulation so they can make more money. Meanwhile they won’t hire more workers to make more products because no one can afford to buy them. DO you all really believe the crap they throw at you here? Are your eyes even open?

      • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

        Reality Check Crack, which of the two Parties have the wealthiest politicians, let’s start with the Kennedy’s, Al Gore, down the line fella and don’t forget George “Spooky Dude” Soros. Talk about asleep.

      • Vigilant

        “Reality Check?” What an Orwellian name for someone who wouldn’t know reality if it hit him in the face!

        For example:

        “Maybe lower taxes on the rich so they can hire more people? That’s been proven over an over again to not work.” (!)

        Please refer me to the chapter in Alinky’s “Rules for Radicals” where you read that bit of lying propaganda. Historical fact (the most inconvenient truth for the left) points to just the opposite.

        Corporate America is sitting on trillions of dollars, ready to invest and hire people, but won’t budge until this gov’t makes up its mind whether or not it believes in Capitalism. The uncertainty of the business future in this country is only enhanced by a leftist regime that is hostile to free market principles and which studiously ignores the lessons learned as an outcome of the Reagan era prosperity.

        “Reality Check” my backside!

  • s c

    Why is anyone surprised that a progressive tool who doesn’t know squat about economics would have unrealistic goals? Neither Russia nor China had much luck with planned economies (unrealistic goals), but that point was repeatedly wasted on America’s retarded ‘elites.’
    Apparently, The Anointed One thought he could go to Washington, snap his fingers and the economy would do whatever he wanted. When The Anointed One didn’t ‘deliver,’ he couldn’t believe it.
    When fantasy replaces reality, this is but one of the many Twilight Zone results that occur. So, let The Anointed One slink away and fade into history.
    Reality always trumps fantasy, people. WHY is that SO hard for progressives and their lemming disciples to understand? Failed philosophies and failed economic theories MUST be abandoned.
    Having faith in ideas that always produce negative results and repeating those same mistakes defines insanity. No “leader” can change that.

    • meteorlady

      I believe that they know exactly what they are doing. It’s all about bringing the US to it’s knees so that we fall in line with George Soros’ One world order idea. What happens is that we fail to take them seriously as thinking people – they are and they have been planning this socialist take-over for years and years.

      • 45caliber

        I’m afraid you are right.

      • Dennis

        I wish everybody could understand that, It’s big Government that got us here. Think about it people,(and this is the Rinos and the Dinos)
        It’s big Government like the EPA/OSHA and so on that causes companies to leave the country or shut down, it’s big government jobs that pay 6 digit incomes with 100% benefits for life( paid by tax payers)for a man to stand on the side of the road with a shovel in his or her hand, this = Unemployment @ 9.6% ( yeah right more like 18% ), this = less taxes to uncle dumd azz, That leads to higher tax on the ones that do work. Bottom line is it leads to payoff Stimulus deals and bailouts for (Get This) BIG Government to stay in control.

        • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

          Dennis, Now is the time to start identifying the Rinos and Dinos vote them out from the House and Senate in 2012. Obama is the main target.

    • Bob Wire

      “Having faith in ideas that always produce negative results and repeating those same mistakes defines insanity. No “leader” can change that”

      well I’ll agree the GOP was successful in making the ideas slow to develop and appear ineffective inside a 15 month period of time.

      Congratulations, your Anti American ideas are infectious among like minds. I know your are proud.

      as far as the ideas themselves, after 30 years of special interest packing our fudge, I’d think you’d enjoy the relief.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Barb Wire,
        what’s the matter? your people lost??? Poor guy!!!

        • Dan az

          barby wire
          Just like your boy said to the republicans WE WON I dont care what you want Now its time to pay the piper you had your chance and now you will never see a democrap majority for the next 20yrs good luck with that.Sore loser now you will see what men with vision can do to better the economy not to destroy it in the name of socialism if you dont like it then leave!

  • Dad

    Just to keep this in perspective, Obama has no experience in much of anything. He has never successfuilly started a business, created a job, managed people, or even balanced a checkbook. He is a consumer, not a creater. This is a product of our government paid quota system. It is root rot that needds treatment! These people are virtually untrainable.

    • JC

      He’s a “community organizer” which seems to be some sort of communist.
      He might be a professor of some sort but sinse he has injunctions blocking anyone from verifying that…it’s really just a romor anyway. And that’s about it. OH! And he’s an imposter…let’s not forget that.

      • Craig

        If I remember correctly, Obama was not a “real professor”. The college he supposedly taught at even said he was not a “real professor”. He just grabbed that title on his own. He only gave a lecture in a once a week class for 4 years. Sounds like somebody who does the minimum to get by type of person to me. Kinda like when he was a Senator, who barely showed up and when he did show up only voted on a few bills.

        • 45caliber

          If you don’t do ANYTHING, then how can some one say that you did something wrong?

          As one boss told me one time, if someone makes no mistakes then he isn’t doing anything. Oblama typifies that.

        • Conservatives United

          Then also as both a state and US senator, voted PRESENT many times.

          • Craig

            Voting “present” just means either you are too stupid to understand the bill or could not be bothered to even read it in the first place.

          • Vigilant


            Voting “present” also avoids that sticky position where you might have to defend your vote, and Obama can’t stand to be in a position where he can’t straddle the issue, depending on the audience he’s talking to. It’s called “cowardice.”

        • Bob Wire

          “After graduating high school from Punahou School in Hawaii, Barack Obama attended Occidental College for two years, then got his B.A. from Columbia University.

          He later got his law degree from Harvard Law School (where he became the Harvard Law Review’s first African American president), graduating magna cum laude.

          Obama was also a lecturer of constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School. Then he ran for president in 2008. After the election in November 4, 2008 he was elected President of the United States.”

          • JC

            Once upon a time there was a beautiful Princess who lived in a land far far away….see I can do that too. Make up fairy tales that is…

          • Dan az

            Can you prove it? I didn’t think so!

          • Vigilant

            Bob Wire,

            All that little resume tells me is that he’s not qualified (experience-wise) to be POTUS.

            A little word clarification: “lecturer” does not mean “professor.”

            BTW, neither he nor Michelle have their licenses to practice law any longer. I’ll bet you didn’t know that, did you?

    • meteorlady

      Obama was groomed by the socialist elites to be one he has become. Never underestimate that or we will all be working in a third world country like Argentina.

  • charles

    And this is surprising how? The Hope and Change thing is about Government control of us as individuals. Read Commmunist, Sen Obbama never stated what his change was. He knew that if he did he would have lost the American people and the election. If he continues to push his agenda he will lose the rest of the Democratic Party, taking them into oblivion with him.

    • 45caliber

      Since most of the devote Democrats also seem to be Communist, it probably wouldn’t be a bad thing if he did take the Democrat Party into oblivion with him.

      • Bob Wire

        not all drunks are painters but all painters are drunks.

        Broad sweeping statements offend and more times the not, very inaccurate.

        Is there a bonus for being correct here?

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    Those who benefitted from the bail outs and stimulus were his great union comrades. Break the unions. They no longer are worthy. Their purpose was initially good, but the pendulum has swung the other way. As far as creating jobs, really? Where?

    • Bob Wire

      “The stimulus money that leading economists said was necessary to keep the Bush recession from becoming a “depression” has been distributed to every state. However, as of the 1st Qtr 2010, less than 25% of the money has been spent. The previous answer claimed that the Obama administration had no real idea where the money went. That may be a subscriber’s opinion, but it simply isn’t supported by the facts. A detailed list of projects appears at:

      Examples of big ticket items are listed below:
      Rural Housing Service insurance fund program account – direct loans and unsubsidized guaranteed loans $11,672,000,000
      Temporary increase in benefits under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (food stamps) $19,900,000,000
      State Fiscal Stabilization Fund to avoid cutbacks and layoffs (82% must be used for education while 18% may be used for public safety and other government services. The latter part may be used for repairs and modernization of K-12 schools and college and university buildings.) $53,600,000,000
      Pell grants for higher education $15,840,000,000

      Special education funding under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act $12,200,000,000


      Health Care $18,830,000,000
      Transportation and Infrastructure $98,325,000,000

      • ValDM

        It still only goes to the system suckers and did not “create” jobs. “Creating” jobs was how it was sold to the American people, not more giveaways to those who already are societal vampires.

      • eddie47d

        Don’t confuse them with facts Bob Wire for then they would have to admit something. The Republicans have said they have a better way over 2 years ago so now is the time for them to pony up. Within a few months the jobs ought to be popping out like pregnant rabbits. If not they will be cursed like Obama has been for these 2 years. Politics is funny until the shoe is on the other foot and we have these constant mea culpa moments.Back and forth,back and forth.

        • Conservatives United


        • http://naver samurai

          If they do start popping out like pregnant rabbits, it sure isn’t going to be because of the lib, gay loving, baby killing marxists. It’ll be because of the new patriots we have elected into office and the will of the people to do such things. Obama bin Laden doesn’t care about the will of the people, just his own marxist and absurd beliefs. His beliefs are founded on the works of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, and Alinsky, and not the same ways as our Christian founding fathers. He even just stated to the group “Move On” that he’ll never cooperate with the new people elected into office, which will make our country sputter along more than it is now. Why should he want to rake our nation across the coals for another two years, due to his immaturity, lack of direction, lack of leadership, and disbelief in God and dislike for Christians? Wake up, edduh! Remember, WE THE PEOPLE have spoken by electing many new people to office and kicked out many. Some (Boxer, Reid, etc) were just lucky to survive their elections. I think you really need to see a doctor about hat severe case of cranial retumitis you seem to have. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Teresa

    Here is what I don’t understand that Americans never got…common sense tells us that if you are late on your home payment, your car payment or even your medical bills…the collectors are coming after you! You can not call and say I do not have the money may I keep my car or home or insurance…they of course take your home, car or your insurance is cancelled correct. So here we are…the government wants CONTROL of these institutes and this was their opportunity. If I can’t make my payments, I loose them, END OF STORY, and this is what should have happen with the auto industry and the housing market! The government was NOT trying to help w/jobs or help w/industries, it was nothing but Government control and unions. The insurance is the worse government take over in history, not to mention constitutionally illegal! I don’t care how they worded it, phrased it, forced it down our throats, what the government did was ugly and Americans bought into it. So I ask, if these plans are so great…why do they not use them their self? Yes, our tax dollars have paid well for our leaders to preach to us on how to live on less while they live a life of luxury and will continue to live a life of luxury. I encourage you to all keep a close eye on the bills coming up for your in for one bumpy ride!

  • J.M.R.

    THE DICK-TATER is just a piece of crap bent on destroying this great country the repubs in jan. had better come to work with their clubs and they need to take a course on how to use them.

    • Bob Wire

      Thanks for that information, that’s something we can all use !

  • Bob Wire

    With due respect, it was more successful then tax cut to stimulate economic growth that helped create large national debit as well.

    Neither of these strategies offered us the effect we desired. It’s not to say they “didn’t work” they didn’t well enough for the right people.

    If you was a wealthy person, shaving 3% off of your tax burden was a chunk of change. A week to Europe for the family, mom’s new Lexus. This person would say it worked.

    If you were a school teacher or a city mayor with budget short falls and looking at laying of fire and policemen, they might be of the mind that the stimulus worked.

    But why are we backing up to hammer on this. It was the GOP strategy to see the stimulus fail from the offset for midterm gains.

    It was really the only card they had left to play in their hand that offered them any possible hope of coming back strong midterm. They had no other plans. The Obama’s administrations initiatives must fail. Or at least a case must be presented that they failed after 15 months of efforts.

    The truth is, much of the stimulus has yet to get to it’s intended targets as they focus on large ,long term projects and infrastructure.

    In any case, congratulations in your party gains and hope to see a few smiles to replace all these sad faces.

    Would like for the DNC to tie one arm behind their back to instill some confidence in the GOP?

    • marvin

      Bob Wire
      ford motors is going to puting 800 million of their owen money to opening a plant and putting over 1000 people to work, your god obama spent 800 billion of are money we did not have on air jobs and put maby 10,000 of his union friends to work

      • s c

        Truth is a beautiful thing, and you do know what you’re talking about, Marvin. 99.9% of the moonbat progressives, fruits, nuts and flakes who send in feedback are clueless. America will be a better country only if Obummer stays overseas.
        The way he does things, when he goes to China, he’ll try to ‘rent’ the whole country, only to learn that America is BROKE and that he’s making it WORSE (regardless of what his handlers tell him). So much for the idea that Obummer ‘inherited’ this or that from GB, eh? When someone makes something WORSE, the idea that certain problems were “inherited” from someone else is pure, raw, stinking BS.

        • Bob Wire

          Rejecting bailout wins political capital for Ford
          By Ian Swanson – 01/27/10 07:00 AM ET

          Ford is reaping the benefits that go with being the only U.S. automaker not to take a bailout.

          A little more than a year after the Big Three CEOs came to Washington for help, Ford has increased its share of the U.S. market, seen its stock increase six-fold over the last year and is hiring workers in a recession. “

          • Dan az

            bobby wired
            Its funny that when NAFTA was pushed through and GM took there marbles to mexico and canada the price of a truck was about 9000 today that same truck cost 35000 and the workers are now paid less than min. wage how is that they needed a bail out?Tax payers bailed out a company that dosen’t even produce here which I would call a foreign business,and with the profits being higher than if they stayed and payed unions what they wanted they still needed a bail out.Don’t start with that BS about they payed it back either we know that the tarp monies where used to pay back that debt.How many jobs were created by all those billions wasted on the profit building? was it good for you?

      • Bob Wire

        Ford didn’t get a bail out my friend.

        and 10,000 jobs is 10,000 jobs regardless who’s friends they are.

        Surly you are not suggest jobs should only be available to people you like and and their friends?

        • Bob Wire

          unless you are attempting to offer the argument that if Ford could make it, the Loan to GM and Chrysler was somehow a waste? ~ I could see such an argument, but I’d offer you four counters.

          One; they are paying back these loans and the money is returning with interest.

          2; GM & MOPAR as still making automobiles today and offering completion to the market, otherwise Ford would dominate.

          3; these jobs were not lost at a very bad time.

          4; if these jobs had been lost, it would not have been to Ford’s benefit as unemployed people don’t by cars or any big ticket items.

          That’s my way of thinking.

          It was called a bail out that’s true; but they are paying the money back;

          Do you know if these Wall Street Banks have been paying back their loans? hold on and I’ll ask someone ~

          “As Banks Repay Bailout Money, U.S. Sees a Profit”

          By ZACHERY KOUWE
          Published: August 30, 2009

          Nearly a year after the federal rescue of the nation’s biggest banks, taxpayers have begun seeing profits from the hundreds of billions of dollars in aid that many critics thought might never be seen again.

          The profits, collected from eight of the biggest banks that have fully repaid their obligations to the government, come to about $4 billion, or the equivalent of about 15 percent annually, according to calculations compiled for The New York Times.”

          Well? ~ it seems they are ~ so I guess we all got excited for naught. But I didn’t like that at all!

          Banks demand I be responsible and smack me hard if I’m not. It’s a two way street I figure. I paid 270 dollars in penalties just last week. Ouch! I paid it! and still in operation. I could use that money somewhere else. But it was my responsibility and that’s the way the world works. For me anyway.

          • Dan az

            Really! bobby the banks got the monies that where printed to devalue our money and was given to them with 0 interest then they bought treasury bonds that made them 3% interest on it rather than help the small business with low interest loans,Gee do ya really think that created jobs? and what exactly happens when they print more money to the stock market, do they not make millions on the phony money?Give it a break and go away with your bull sh-t it didnt work before and if you think your going to get a reply anymore from any of us your wrong its a lot easier to just ignore you!

    • meteorlady

      I hate that you have these views. If I work hard, study hard, make something of myself then I’m suppose to share my wealth with every drug dealer, alcoholic and drug users, scamer and illegal that lives in this country so they don’t have to go through what I went through?

      The fact is that the “rich” you so like to vilify pay almost all the federal taxes in this country. There’s a reason why they are moving from California in droves and the state is bankrupt.

      The problem here is not the bad corporations or the rich, it’s the elite bankers that want to control us and our money through socialism. But hey, you just hang in there and keep spewing nonsense.

      Here’s a very intelligent quote from a guy that handles your money:

      “The U.S. government has a technology, called a printing press, that allows it to produce as many U.S. dollars as it wishes at essentially no cost.” Bernanke – at least he’s honest or maybe it just spilled out of his stupid mouth.

      • eddie47d

        The rich and the corporations get their money from the banks. They quite often are one in the same and feed off of each other.

        • http://naver samurai

          Well Wall Street, Soros, and others are feeding off of each other and are also being fed by the hand of Obama bin Laden, so what’s your point? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • JimH

    They probably need help at the unemployment office. That’s about the only job creation that stimulus has made. The best way gov. can help the economy is to leave their incompetent hands off of it.

    • 45caliber

      You are correct. I hear the jobs at the unemployment office are booming.

    • thinking

      The federal government has/is adding thousands of jobs, Obama and his spending is helping! The rich sould pay there fair share as they are our government and banking system. Wait a minute, taxing themselve? Oh becuase of the bonuses and kickbacks. But that is under the table. So who pays then? Oh business that passes the taxes to the buyers who are?

      • Bob Wire

        What we need is a good war ! My vote is to annex Mexico. The weather is nice , the land rich and beautiful, she got two oceans, the indigenous population are Christians and good tequila is hard to buy here.

  • Bob Wire

    I’ve watched JB teary speech 8 times now.

    It was great until he attempting to hold back something ! and then it became quite comical. “Working every night job I could find” ?

    As a young 17 year old, married with one child, I too worked graveyard shifts, ~ on the 500 lb. bomb line. We were bombing the hell out of Hanoi, I worked as a machine operator. My longest week, I clocked 76 hours at the machine making $2.42 per hour.

    It didn’t hurt me none, a little rough on young marriages but the seniors get the day slots and it’s as it should be.

    You pay your dues, we all do. There’s no need for tears from a grown man that work at his father’s tavern and other bad jobs. Young people get the bad jobs and bad duty. He could have followed me to Nam and I’d shown him some bad duty. Sleep in the rain and mud a few days defending yourself against big bugs and small bullets and you might appreciate such dirty jobs.

    What a mix ! A short speech that started out so well that could end so poorly.

    This concerns me some and should concern you. .

    • marvin

      Bob Wire
      we the voters sent a message to they that where in power hear me now or feel me later ,if the republicans we sent to congress have not learned that we the voter will not be talked down to or made fun of,it is human to make misstakes but we can correct some now and some later,so i would say to all in goverment YOU WORK FOR US THE TAX PAYER,not the other way,you do not call me a tea bagger or your enemy or stuped or tell me to set in the back of bus or i won set down and shut up,or if i dissagree with you you will get in my face,or i am a racist because i don,t agree with you, because of skin color,i am a grown man and don,t need you telling me what to say or when ,respect is earned not given because you think you deserve it

      • Bob Wire

        It was a good election, I’m please as I’ve said many times. ~

        I think it’s time for the gloves to come off ~ maybe now the GOP has the backbone to suit out with the odds no in their favor?

        I was these SOB’s to earn their money, work late , work weekends,

    • meteorlady

      Thanks for your service. I to watched my father put in many hours at work to pay for his family. He never once depended on the government or any agency for assistance. My mom said that every other month they didn’t have money until the next paycheck. When I got sick my dad worked two jobs to pay the hospital bill. Now people just declare bankruptcy and keep their house, car and other possessions. They show up in the government entitlement lines and take the money until it runs out or they can get something more someplace else.

      I worked long and hard, paid my own way through college and worked menial jobs to save money to start a business. I took out loans, mortgage my home and spent a huge amount of time working to make it successful. Over the years in Washington State I was taxed for this and taxed for that. The most populated areas of that state are very liberal and usually get their way by electing officials that believe as they do. So, it was popular to tax business because, after all, they were rich and probably corrupt besides.

      Soon I was drowning in taxes and regulation. Most of the regulations were passed by people lobbying the state senate and house because it would mean an increase in their business if the regulation passed. Never mind that it did absolutely nothing to protect the consumer, it cost me more and more hours and money to figure out what these regulations meant and how to comply with them. A lot of the compliance cost me money. Then came the wave of property taxes, city taxes, permit costs, county taxes, state taxes and federal taxes. My personal property taxes doubled in just two years and were continuing to climb.

      I felt I could no longer live in that state and make a good living off my business so I moved to Texas. They are very business friendly. As a result of the move I was able to hire two more people in the last three years. That’s of course, until the Obama health care crap. Now I will have to lay off two people because the cost of my employee provided health care is rising 17% to cover the cost of additional mandated coverages in the new health care plan. I could, of course just pass the cost onto the consumer and let them eat the new “tax” on my business but in these times that would be death to my business, or my other option is to forget providing insurance to my employees.

      If the Bush tax cuts expire it will hurt me personally as well as hurt my business. That means another layoff or two if I can’t get enough to cover my costs and earn a living for my family. Sometimes I believe it’s better if I just take a job with another company and forget about it all – it was always my dream and still is but it’s getting destroyed and strangled by government intervention and taxes.

      That in a nutshell is why a lot of corporations are moving out of the country.

      • 45caliber

        You are correct. The regulations are such that it is almost impossible for someone to start a new business. The first people they have to hire is a safety expert and an environmental expert. That doesn’t produce anything except keep about twenty government workers busy all year handling the paper work.

      • thinking

        Thanks for your message, I know many people get this and understand that more government just means more taxes. But somehow the democrates( by the way are the rich) tell the poor how evil making money is and they should get entitalments which is good. Back a few years it was not what your government did for you but what you do for the government. Which I take as getting out the vote and putting in people that beleive if you earn it you keep it. God bless America!

      • Bob Wire

        Yes Metoeorlady, thy fate is a common fate of all, in every life some rain must fall.

        Texas has went thu much the same thing, It started in the 80′s as Reagan downsizes certain aspects of the FED. ~ Military base closing, all towns had been built prospered around. Huge cutbacks in social programs.

        This left local governments in a tight spot, so they raised tax rate across the board on people that had lost the revenue of the base closing themselves. Some basically we traded one armed bandit for four armed bandits and thrown an anchor to people that were drowning.

        And that’s what I’m saying today, ~ there no free lunch, and government will cut their slice of the pie first. FED, County, City or State.

        You want a small FED, no problem ! The other three are coming after you and they drive by your place of business, your house!

        Hey! I see you put up a new sign? That’s nice, ~ but it’s too tall and against city ordnance, now if you had permitted it, we’d told you before you bought it. Now you can petition city council if you wish or just take it down. on and on it goes.

        It’s been hard, for small business. Myself , I took a hard hit
        89 and lost everything by 91, wife, kids, had no heart to keep the house, holding too many sights, smells and memories. I managed to avoiding financial indebtedness.

        I’ve rebuilt, I run a mean lean operation, everybody and everything carries it’s own weight. There is no fodder, no fluff, I’m a Cash & Carry man, People owe me money, I don’t owe others money. It’s been hard and I had to stay inside what I could bank roll and that’s cost me some big jobs. But after throwing 20 years worth of work away I’ve learned to keep it simple and to know I can sit on the porch for months and be miles ahead of the many “wish I could” and “wanna be’s”.

        I like simple.

        The system in place has been to created to bleed you dry if you are willing to play the game. They don’t want it simple, they want it to be as confusing as possible, to overload you with bull $hit and make you their puppet.

  • Raggs

    One quaestion…

    Who in their right mind would hire people in this Marxist era?

    There is only ONE way to grow the economy and thats is by removing the dictator from office.. Nobody with half a brain will hire people under this totalitarian regime!!

    By the way the so-called “stimulus”… just a smoke screen to cushion and line the pockets of the unions…. The so-called “green jobs”… just another pocket liner for Al Gore and Van Jones.

    • s c

      Raggs, never forget that Al “Keep me RICH” Gore is filthy RICH and will get even RICHER as Obummer’s ‘green’ schemes get underway. ‘Dems,’ libs and all other retarded groups have a bad case of amnesia when it comes to remembering that Gore is stinking, unashamedly RICH.
      They want us to believe that all RICH people are EVIL and must be TAXED into changing their ways. If that’s so (and if they had ANY standards), they’d treat Gore like the sorry, ‘many bricks short of a full load,’ hypocritical, shill’s shill LOSER that Gore really is. But, you know how that goes with ‘Dems,’ libs and all other braindead ‘elites.’ They have “standards.”

      • meteorlady

        Hey research Shorebank, the Chicago Climate Exchange and Goldman Sachs. Seems our old buddy Al is heavily invested in Cap & Trade in Europe so he’s come back here with his scheme and invested in the CCX. Seems a lot of his “friends” are also invested, Goldman Sachs is set to run the trading floor and Shorebank is set to hold the funds.

        Shorebank is a bank in Chicago that was failing and going into bankruptcy until the government bailed them out – even though they were not too big to fail. Goldman Sachs invested heavily in Obama’s campaign and the Democrats in general. The CCX alone will make about 8 BILLION per year for Gore if Cap & Trade passes in this country.

        Don’t you just love the politicians?

        • 45caliber

          I was told one time that every law passed has a loophole in it. The lawyer politicians want that loophole so that their partners in the law firm can use it to make lots of money before some others figure out where the loophole is. Then they redesign the law so it has a different loophole only they know.

          And from what I’ve seen since, he was right.

        • Teresa

          Follow the money trail, they are not the only ones to make money from the new cap n trade bill if passed…Obama himself will stand to make off this. Look at the stocks that Obama owns in Chicago mfg. co., along w/a few of his former Senator friends. People need to start using their basic common sense again!

      • 45caliber

        s c:

        All rich people are evil UNLESS they support the Democrats. Then they are hard workers who deserve their wealth. Not long ago I saw someone trying to defend Soros and his riches. Talk about a laugh!!

        • s c

          45 caliber, for what it’s worth, Soros getting older every day, and his days on this planet are numbered. He can’t take his wealth with him. I don’t know how became a wealthy, willing useful idiot for those who drool at the thought of controlling the world.
          I suppose it’s possible that he’s sold his arse and his soul (like so many politicians). In that case, his wealth is temporary, and when he dies, he’ll be in the presence of the true, final judge of justice, right and wrong and all things good and evil.
          Soros seems to be the world’s elderly poster child for what’s wrong when the pursuit of wealth becomes a religion. Some are richer than he is, but he gets most of the p r. It would be interesting to know who owns Soros. Any ideas on that topic?

          • Raggs

            Yeah… soros knows who his master is.
            Thats the other thing obama has in common with him…

          • Dan az

            With the death tax coming back 50% of what he’s worth is going to go to the gov. slush fund. At least that helps me sleep at night.

    • Bob Wire

      “Who in their right mind would hire people in this Marxist era?”

      people that have something that needs to be done.

      Peter the Great had the church bells melted down and forged into Russian cannons.

      Supply & Demand is common anywhere and everywhere, even under anarchy.

  • Robert

    you can not spend your way into prosperity because before you can stahilize your money you have none and can not buy anything else so you starve to death. FDR spent and robbed the people and got nowhere, it took a war which he aggitated for to get us out of the depression. and we were not out of it untill 1950. when the government spends what it does not have it inflates debt and causes more debt and less prosperity. it looks good untill the bill comes due then it colaspeses. when you run your credit up till you can not pay the bill what happens. your credit is cancelled and you can not get anything else. you starve and go the government. which is in the same shape and everything colapses. you keep trying to do the same thing and expect a differnt result. sorry but you will never learn.

  • marvin

    this is not a party thing it is an american thing ,i don,t think a federal congress or senator should be in office for just 5 years and get a $60,000 dollar a year retirement my life and livly hood are just as important to me as any union teacher or federal onion worker making $100,000,are teacher important yes if they do their job are cops yes if they don,t just enforce laws thay want they do not have that right,i heard one say i an,t going to enforce federal laws,like immigration but go rob a banks see if this same cop an,t their with his gun out bank robbery is a federal crime a bank robber only steals your money an illegal steals your money and country,an,t no where in the constitution that give you the right to take what is mine and give to you,like obama aunt said this is all gods country and you owe me a living,looks to me like being the great man obama is he would spend some of his millions to help her don,t ya think

  • Bob Wire

    you can’t “save” yourself into prosperity either. So the statement of spending into prosperity truly has little meaning.

    If everyone was to quit spending, we’d all be in a pickle.

    This seem to imply the opposite of spending is to save. But in fact, you can spend to save and you can save to spend.

    So to keep parroting some statement that offers little meaning just because it sounds good to the ear is a waste of breath.

    How about being realistic about today’s affairs? We committed ourselves to spending too much money with too few returns over too long a period of time. And only now, today do we feel the effects of poor spending practices.

    The correction is not to stop spending or the spend, but to spend wisely. Wise spending is something we can all debate.

    The very nature of currency is to barter or leverage.

    • meteorlady

      So by your remark I’m led to believe that if I don’t spend the world is going to end. That’s a valid point, but…. if I don’t have the money to spend because it’s eaten up by federal, state, county and city spending it’s all the same. I don’t have money to spend.

      The fact is I blame the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act and Fair Housing for my retirement account being pretty light weight right now. I blame the government for not stopping Fannie and Freddie when they had the chance and were asked to stop them. I blame all the greedy liberals that believe that we need to pay for everyone that is able to work but won’t and all the illegals they believe we should let stay here because they broke the law and have lived here for a long time.

      The federal government has yet to spend any of my hard earned money “wisely”. Post Office – broke. Medicare – broke. SS – broke. VA – broke. Education in this country is worse the more the government gets involved. Health care in this country is worse and more expensive every time the government gets involved.

      The very nature of currency is to have it and spend it. It’s to help others of my own free will, not the government redistributing it to people that don’t deserve it and are able to work.

      • Bob Wire

        Well , I have little doubt that the world will someday end, but you shouldn’t have got that out of my posting Meteorlady

        To attempt to speak in absolutes, in and of itself is self defeating and few concussions or understanding can be drawn from them to form sound ideas and they be acted on.

        We can stop spending anymore them we can stop breathing.

        You cannot expect an ant to not move about or he will die. And what does the tiny ant do? He reacts to supply and demand, moving something from one place to another, for then it becomes his inventory, the equity of his labor, his resource that he might Lord over.

        The idea situations is be strategic and organized in this effort, to waste no energy, waste no resources as he scurries about satisfying his demands.

        We are little different from the ant, we move things about. We consume and we breed. Money and resources must flow.

        If the tiny ant wishes to wage war on a neighboring colony, the reasons for the war need to be reflected in some equity to be gained worthy and equal to the cost of the venture.

        Jeep, SC and 45 wishes to explain some brand of economics and offers us valid points and argument that we could all debate until the cows come home. Where Omaba is using flawed economic or not, I’m not willing to go there at this moment. I make it a point of not speaking of things without some knowledgeable grasp of the subject.

        But I do know this about Obama, he is a pragmatist, and will uses whatever medicine that give the most beneficial results in the time allowed. Obama is not an Ideologist. If horse snot works best, horse snot is what he’ll use. He is not a train going down a railroad track with only two speeds, stop and go or two directions backwards or forwards.

        We have had a hole in our bucket since 2002 and money is being lost through this hole quicker then it can be printed.

        That shouldn’t be hard for anyone to understand.

        We need a new bucket or plug the leaks in our old bucket. Now I know that’s not very glamorous or high brow or eloquently spoken. But I don’t feel it should be.

        These wars need to have an end!

        This steady flow of US greenbacks leaving our shore and going to the lands where the people don’t approve of Capitalist and Capitalism, or like us very much needs to stop Yesterday!

        • Jeep

          So, Bob, how does humble pie taste? You can dismiss the reality that has been staring all of us in the face for the last four years, it doesn’t make it any less true. I am sorry that you apparently have a hard time with economic models and understanding thier meaning. I will disagree with you about oman, he is not a pragmatist, and has already shown on a number of occassions that he is an ideologue. I have no reason to think that this will not continue. He will not move towards the center. However, it is fun for all to see that your undying adoration of him has yet to abate.

    • 45caliber

      There is something called the Law of Supply and Demand that it seems few know about. Particularly politicians.

      If you have a small supply of something and a high demand, the price goes up and the people begin to look for a way to increase supply. If you have a large supply of something and a small demand, then no one will buy.

      What the government is trying to do is alter this law – or use it to control. They want to be able to take money from us that would have been used to purchase something, and spend it on something else that few of us wanted. In other words they want to reduce demand for something people want (since they can no longer afford it) and increase supply of something we don’t want by bying more of it. And if the people doesn’t have enough money to do this, then they simply borrow it – or create it out of thin air. And in both cases, suddenly there is more supply of money but the same amount of goods. The price of the goods then increases since the government can afford to buy at a higher rate than people can – again reducing demand for the goods.

      Since they always seem to be working against the people with our own money, they should be forced to stay out of the economy completely.

    • Jeep

      Okay Bob, let’s get to it. BO is a straight Keynesian theorist, who has now had the chance to put those theories into practice. (Such is a Haw-vaad edumacation.)

      Keynesian economics advocates a mixed economy of both private sector and public sector jobs and businesses. Hmmm…why do you think the govt took over so many businesses and the health industry and the…yadda yadda.So, step one has been implemented.

      Step two, lower interest rates and implement govt investment in infrastructure. Can you say, “Shovel ready jobs?” And, have you seen the low rates on loans lately?

      Keneyes was also a huge advocate of deficit spending. And, perhaps you may wonder why the fed is keen on printing a few billion more dollars. Well, the answer is right before your eyes. The thought is that if consumers are expecting the dollar to be worth less in the future, they will spend it now, which will actually stimulate the economy and prevent the expected inflation. Whew!

      How about saving money? Keynes railed against it, because that money stagnates. Haven’t heard much from oman on saving for the future.

      There are several other points, but I think you get the idea.

      The problem is that we tried this towards the end of the Great Depression, and it utterly failed. There were elements implemented during the 1970′s as well. Again, the concepts failed to bring about prosperity. Keynesian ecomomics assumes that the govt can control supply, thus demand. In theory, it should produce a stable economy. But, since the 1970′s it has been thoroughly discredited both here and abroad (just ask the French.)

      • JC

        Jeep, you couldn’t be more correct about the keynsian system, especially as regards the European Union disaster.
        here’s a comedic look at the situation there. It’s quite funny right up unti you stop laughing….

  • jopa

    What the heck was that Boneher crying about now? I could not believe my eyes or what I was hearing.I hope the speaker position goes to Michelle Bachman, she has more balls than that( oops almost said man).Could you imagine him being in Nam in foxhole?Crying because he had to sweep floors and pick butts out of the urinal in his ole mans bar.Give me a break!!

    • meteorlady

      He might have been crying because his dream came true? I don’t think he was crying because he had to work hard…. he was extremely emotional that the American people had some sense and voted as they did.

      • vinz

        Sad that the republicans lost EVERYTHING and like the carerless gamblers who bet the economy on a drunken drug addict who started 2 illegal and immoral wars based on bold lies abou WMDs. they justify their losses by bragging about winning back almost half. Thanks for taking us from surplus to devestation in 8 years, fools. You are sheep being led by the rich who you like to pretend would piss on you if you were on fire. Its OK though, the smart folks realize the tax breaks are still completely at the mercy of the Obama administration, and very likely to fanally end. I guess the dems can play the republican filubuster game and use senatorial blockades and presidential veto to stop progress. Two more years to use the democratic advantage to forcibly clean up the bush trajedy before time to re-elect a man who is 100 times better than both Bushes combined!!!

        • Teresa

          If your so proud of Obama get use to bending on your knees and saying “yes sir” for You sir are the sheep. And please give it a rest about Bush already Obama has done more damage in 2 yr. than he did in 8 and Obama was a Senator on the house passing the bills when Bush was President so HE was just as guilty for the economic downfall if not more so!

          • Bob Wire

            Teresa; with all due respect AND the benefit of doubt.

            Obama “maybe” 15 months guilty and the prior Administration was 8 years, or at least 6 years guilt of digging a deep hole. Considering I’m willing to give anyone 2 years to show signs of come about.

            Now if you see something “equal” about these factual numbers please expand on the meaning of “equal guilt”.

          • Raggs

            Reply to bob-wire..

            2 years of blame does not equal 8 or 6?

            Interesting… So this means that 2 years of failure is better than 6?

            So which failure is greater in that case? the present or the past?
            As far as I can see the only failure is that of We the people for letting our country dive into a communist agenda.. So 2 years is much greater than 6…

          • Bob Wire

            you explain how 2 years of standing on your head is equal to 6 years of standing on your head. In 8 years, “W” was given more then ample time to show us how it make America prosper. And it did! for the top 2%, I know you must be proud!

            You haven’t got an argument Raggs

          • Bob Wire

            There is no communist threat to America anymore, it’s all in your mind and in the minds of people that think like you.

            It’s made up! fabricated, disinformation, propaganda , bull loney, nonsense, your “talking point” the nail you hammer and hammer until you get some “like mind” to believe it.

            The sad part is , it works! so it must be offered resistance or you could make it real. Did you know that is possible? We can think things into existence?

            Politics feeds on simple, fearful, doubtful minds. People don’t know for sure, void of faith and the unknown is scary. Making it wise and best to fear! Call me the GOP and I plan to live forever!

            Trust me on this , you are going to die and lose all your ~ stuff!

            This the “only thing” you have been promised and this you shall have.

            Meantime, have some fun and enjoy the fight.

          • JC

            Bob Wire says there is no Communist Conspiracy…

            For those who are silly enough to believe that, check out what I would consider a very accurate comparison to the US of today and the 10 planks of the Communist manifesto…


            National healthcare, Cental banking…and a good many more communist policies are alive and well right here in the so called land of the free and home of the brave.

      • 45caliber

        Of course he was. He is the Messiah. Everyone was supposed to let him do all the thinking for them. But they didn’t. Terrible, isn’t it?

        • Bob Wire

          if you say so?

    • Raggs

      jopa… political robots like obama ( heartless himself ).. have no reason to cry, they just point fingers in the other direction…

      I think most Americans cry with Mr. B because some stupid people elected obama!!!!!

      • 45caliber

        Remember, when you point a finger at someone, the other three are pointing back at you.

        • Raggs

          Thats a fact…

  • Dennis

    Hurry, Hurry, Read All About It, Breaking News, “Stimulus Falls Short” Unemployment at 9.6%. LMFAO, Wake the hell up people, and who the hell is doctor dumb azz in pennsylvania. The stimulus did what it was intended to do, payback Obama supporters and grow Government.
    ???? Unemployment ???? 9.6% ???? yeah rite.

  • Raggs

    I have talked with several people prior to yesterdays elections… We have came to the conclusion that regardless of how many seats that the GOP gained in the house or senate obama would push his agenda through… I am learning now that obama has been advised to bypass the congress all together…

    If you have watched his “speech” post election you would have seen how he is blaming the people for his failure, furthermore he is using the ole “we had to do it because it was an emergency trick” talking about the buy-outs of GM and the banks….

    He is following the progressive handbook to the letter… #1 Create a crisis, #2 sit back and watch the people beg for help… #3 take advantage of the situation and call it an emergency…

    Is there any doubt what we are dealing with?

    • Jeep

      What was it that Mussolini said just before his demise? Hmmm…I think it was something like, “But, why are you all turning against me? I was just looking out for you.”

      • 45caliber

        About like Saddam. He stated that since he was ruler, everything he did was legal and therefore he couldn’t have committed any crime.

        • Raggs

          Yes… And why is it that if one being in “power” has no oversight?
          This is my point… obama feels as if he has no one that can stop him from his drastic agenda including the congress… A government of limited control and authority is a joke to him… In his mind the “ruling class” elitist should be the only ones that are capable of any decision making… This man should be put in a rubber room…
          When we take a look in history there are many like him and they are all evil….

          As a supposedly office of the US and for the people of the US we have a very dangerous problem… From the days of our founders, God has always been the defining power of this nation ( the oversight ).. Now we have?? obama will never ever listen to the people of this nation…
          As he prances off to india or where ever on a $200 million dollar a day trip to prove himself worthy of his true following ( one day sfter midterm ) where is America?… This man is a shamefull excuse for a so-called president… I have a serious doubt he is even worthy of being called human!

          • Dennis

            Very well put,i could not agree with you more Raggs. I’m having a real hard time trying to understand how this — can go spend $200 million dollars a day for the next 10 day and get away with it, thats $2 billion dollars ( Tax Payer Dollars )??????????? what tha —, I understand he is home sick but he should be spending his own money on trips home.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            If the repubs want to stay in office, they better make Nobama wear out at least two dozen veto pens a year till 2012!!! Bet money on it!!

  • Dennis

    When bills are passed without any member of Congress having time to read them, it’s insulting to a free people.

    When $800 billion are wasted on a stimulus program that visibly does not create jobs, and yet our leaders tell us that jobs were “saved or created,” it’s insulting to a free people.

    When a 300-page amendment is inserted into a cap-and-trade bill at 3 a.m. on the same day of the final vote, a bill that would reorder the nation’s economy and impose economic costs of trillions of dollars, it’s insulting to a free people.

    When corrupt backroom deals are cut to buy support for health care legislation, even after promising all proceedings would be put on C-SPAN, it’s insulting to a free people.

    When a health care bill is imposed against the wishes of the American people, and moreover involves the paying for abortion for the first time under federal law in return for a few votes, it’s insulting to a free people.

    When the president publicly scorns the democratically enacted legislation of one of the states of the union, legislation that nearly 70 percent of the country supports, it’s insulting to a free people.

    Looks to me like Obama and his shabby adminstration is insulting to the free people of America.

  • Raggs

    Hummm…. A line from Dennis

    When $800 billion are wasted on a stimulus program that visibly does not create jobs, and yet our leaders tell us that jobs were “saved or created,” it’s insulting to a free people.

    Dennis two words caught my eye on your commentvfrom the line above.

    “OUR LEADERS”… This made me think…

    I am a man! I have but only one leader and it is NOT obama…
    Are we brainwashed to the point where as we think the “leaders” of us are the very ones that create our problems and hold us in their hands?
    Yes.. I think most people think the leaders are doing us some good in one form or the other… Batshit!

    My point is why would we call them leaders? I follow them not…
    Do people need a leader to tell them to get out of bed in the morning?
    Do people need a leader to tell them to feed themselves?

    You don’t need a leader ( not a man anyway ) you have to be your own leader…
    The government is NOT our leader, they on the otherhand depend on our ingnorance to support them…

    • Dennis

      The man is not my leader-never has been and never will be, But you are correct, Obama is not the leader of this free country we call The United States of America Land of The Free, ( HE WILL DISTROY IT ) He is being lead buy some very very rich people that hate America, and if he keeps going in the direction he is being lead in he will drag this Country down with him. And thats my freind is what they call the plan.

  • Raggs

    To be a leader you must have a follower…

    I say to hell with obama, I will not follow him!
    I will further say that this “new” congress has only but one chance to follow the people… obama is already trying to exclude the congress in an attempt to pass his marxist agenda… The message we sent did not fall on open ears only a closed minded idiot idealogy extremist..

  • Bob Wire

    Hmmm? I don’t know, as a leader he sure gave Mc Cain and all the money Fox, special interest and the GOP could muster a a$$ whooping.

    Now if he didn’t lead that charge, please tell us who did. I want to met the guy.

    and you are right of course, To Lead well, you must learn to Follow well.

    I think his mother getting his butt up at 5 am and going over his school studies for the day is a perfect example of leadership. So you are telling us this young man never learned to follow? Being a good student and college grad takes little character on anyone’s part? They give degrees away to people that can’t following instructions?

    Becoming a US Senator is easy! Becoming President even easier!

    Maybe I should have applied for the job?

    I’m just not buying your story, your bell is ringing flat.

    I’d have no need to defend if you would call off your frivolous attacks, would I?

    Actually I don’t need too, I just enjoy pointing out the obvious.

    • Raggs

      What the hell are you saying?
      Your post is about the most obscure, useless, meaningless crap.. It must have took you about one minute to come up with this lame junk.

      Oh I get it…. obama is special because he grew up indifferent from everyone else?… he achieved a goal of what? going to school?.. learning how to manipulate the public into a ponzi sceem?

      God Damm obama!

      • Bob Wire

        Raggs, you are pulling it out of the air. If you have something to offer.

        Do so. But don’t pull it out of the air and broadcast it as fact.

        You do both yourself and the written/spoken word a disservice.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        don’t bother with barb wire. He’s a graduate of the if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullsh!t!!!!

        • Bob Wire

          yet the stupid facts are easy to ignore, Just pull your own out of the air.

          Hey! did you head? Obama is going to India and it’s going to take 10% of the US Navy and 200 million dollars to get him there and back! I hear it on FOX ! 4 times!

        • Bob Wire

          You wouldn’t know leadership if some tried to stop you from bobbing for french fries.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            no worry there I don’t work at micky Ds like you!!! Never have!!

  • http://com i41

    Don’t forget 3 months ago when a memo from the Dept of Interior was leaked that Onumnutts bevy of radical communist lawyers are figuring out with the jug eared muslim on how to sign an executive order to take all private land away from land owners with out having Congress an ability to vote on the move. So never forget the NMCDUP’s mantra, of total government control of you and everything, down to what you eat of think! We already know he has hired several thousand new IRS agents and lots more shotguns and firepower. So you stilllove and trust the socialist democrats?

    • http://?? Joe H.

      could you give a site to check on that?? not that I don’t believe you, I just want to see it in print from somebody who would have the ability to know!!

  • Raggs

    I have been watching many polls concerning the current lack of leadership which in my estimation we do not need a leadership.
    However the polls suggest that the most uninformed people prefer a Bush tax cut extension as an important issue… Preferred over the intrusion of obamacare…

    Ok so I will make my point now…
    obama-non-care.. is the most intrusive policy and the most expensive and lack of thought scam while you were sleeping blowjob.
    In my view this is nothing less than a complete idiot serving ( government ) wake-up call… This so-called law ? ( no force intended? ) will ruin this country from the ground roots up… This is not an if… but a when!!! while obama skips to india with his jolly-good buddies for $200 million dollars a day ( no mention of his islamic worship at this time )… we are sitting here on our preverbile asses… The lack of a Bush tax extension is not an error.. in fact it is a sceem, Ya see obama needs to throw you off track until he claims victory… This is a very EVIL man… he wants you to beg him / worship him and when he has you in his hand… well pitty?.. I don’t expect very many people to believe me, but you will know when you have decided to look…

  • Bob Wire

    It’s funny, ~ I’m hearing “The people have spoken”

    Oh?!! and they didn’t 2008?

    I guess it just depends on which people?

    Now the GOP commands Congress ~ and the people have spoken?

    I think they spoke in 2008 and they spoke yesterday in 2010.

    and they are still saying the same thing.

    Why this is being received today a “NEWS” beguiles me.

    Listen to me! “Change Course !”

    I’ve heard very little about “jobs” posted here today. That was the topic thread title you know?

    That tells me, you folks are the ones that’s not listening.

    You prefer to bicker like old widow women. It gives you sanctification.

    Any victory however small creates an end zone ego celebration of validation. funny stuff, and you want to run the nation? I don’t think you could get your heads through the White House doors.

    39 nations has exceed the US in economic growth over recent years, 39!

    while we play in the sand and bicker among ourselves.

    Thanks You ~ Thank you very much.

    • Craig

      The only people that spoke n 2008 were the morons that voted for the chocolate Marxist.

      • Bob Wire

        Yea Craig, your statement just about sums up the Tea Party veiled intend, racily bias motives and the people they intend to serve. It’s very un-American and does not reflect the the spirit of the Constitution or the Bill of Rights that you so proudly claim to defend.

        • Craig

          Shut up jerk. When I want your opinion I will squeeze it out of you. Luckily for you nobody wants the opinion of a mental midget like you.

        • Craig

          Plus you have no clue what it is to be an American, boy.

  • http://none draper b. gregory

    Yeah: We all should be asking the incumbents whether or not they even read the “Health Care Bill”, and if not, then they are on the way out. PERIOD. We cannot have servants of the people who do not do their job, but pretend they do. Oh, and if you want to get a handle on Obama, just read his books.Whew.

    Getting jobs back into the USA is simple, take a look at our tariff system and make it work for us. Also, give tax incentives to those businesses who do return. End of story. Draper

  • http://com i41

    Get a hold of any REp of Congressfrom Utah or contact Orin Hatch’s office. You will find it follows the UN vote in 2007 to out law private owner ship of land. Onumnutts memo was release to study ways of pretty much of the western USA. cherck out BLM and DOI sites.

  • http://com i41

    JoeH, check out end of private land ownership, or Obamees memo on taking private land in the west, or the UN mandate in 2007 to eleminate private land ownership all over the world. Just what party loves and wants,backs and endorses the UN. The National Marxist Communist Democrat Union Party and all socialist bastards everywhere. Since the government cann’t take care of or pay for care of theses damned worthless parks, it allgot speed up by whorehound Clinton to stop coal production in Utah in the 90′s among other crorrupt things. It would have gave the USA mineral money as well as clean energy, employment for thousands of people, so all you f–ked up envior laid off governemnt dead a$$es that you socialist leadership. The isea it is so senic, what crap ,maybe there is 3000 people that drive thru it, and with the reclaimation rules you moronic dumbazzes could tell the difference in 10 years. I have done too muck mine reclaimation, which grow better plants and trees than before. The cholate purple lipped jackass has never done a damn think but followed his marxist communist beleifs. So any you liberal pus guts tell everyone where I’m wrong. Senery sure doesn’t feed anyone but the few government crap counters. EPA doesn’t want forestery, grazing, mining, hunting,4×4 riding, or any roads, then what the hell do taxpayers keep paying taxes on the worthless crap. Sell it and get ity on the tax rolls, set high enough the Serria Club, and envior smucks have to make money by using it, not just kaaping idle.


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