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Obama’s Diversity Problem

April 13, 2012 by  

Obama’s Diversity Problem
Does the President simply talk the talk on matters of social equality?

If President Barack Obama were a Republican, recent media reports would likely have Democrats, equal rights activists and affirmative action proponents up in arms.

With an abundance of recent media controversy that paints conservatives as being racially insensitive and as having a “War on Women” complex that allegedly has them wanting all women at home “barefoot and pregnant,” two recent headlines about the President’s Administration are a bit ironic.

The first came in the form of a photograph that made its rounds on news sites and through the conservative blogosphere. The photo, taken from the Obama campaign’s Tumblr page, shows a gathering of members of the campaign team at its Chicago headquarters. Conservative pundits have pointed out that the “army of twenty-somethings” pictured in the photo isn’t an extremely racially diverse one.

The latest ironic Obama headline comes on the heels of the recent release of a number of White House financial records. The records show that women hold very few top-level positions on the White House staff and earn, on average, about $11,000 less every year than their male counterparts.

The median salary for women was $60,000, while the median salary for men was $71,000.

In a 2010 statement, Obama addressed the fact that women typically earn less in the workforce.

“Paycheck discrimination hurts families who lose out on badly needed income.  And with so many families depending on women’s wages, it hurts the American economy as a whole.  In difficult economic times like these, we simply cannot afford this discriminatory burden,” Obama said in 2010.

Obama’s behavior is not new. In 2008, it was discovered that women in McCain’s office were paid much better than the women in Obama’s.

–Bryan Nash contributed to this report.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Sirian

    Hmmm, what I see is a bunch of female Cockatoos and male Amazon parrots. But ya know, I don’t see any very talkative African Gray’s. This is diversity? Really! I wonder which ones get the biggest bowl with the most seed to enjoy? Ah, nevermind. . .

    • Warrior

      If one wishes to hear an adult speech, see if you can capture the speech Rep Ryan gave last weekend. I saw a replay on c-span last night. That guy just “nails” it when it comes to defining the two paths for the future of u.s.

      • restorefreedom

        Ryan is really a good politicians should probably be a candidate for president.

    • AFDSSD

      Oh let’s not fool ourselves there is another room with Black Panthers and “:Sharpies” (Al Sharpton’s) crew … but let’s face it Obama does not have to appeal to the black vote he has already bought it with food stamps and welfare
      As for women … hmm the recent news of the pay scale differentials is important to note no doubt

      BUT HELLOOOO women … Obama is closet Muslim … us men should be quiet while Obamas plan develops and we can have several wives with burkas … men shhhh don’t rock the boat this will solve the job and mating problems facing our society

      • http://Aol CommonSense4America

        As men, we should welcome Sharia Law. Put women in their place. ROFLMAO

      • jopa

        I think you have our Christian President and our Mormon wannabe President mixed up.Mormons are the ones to have several wives and we really don’t know how many Mitt has in the homes of his scattered throughout the world.

  • Vigilant

    “The photo, taken from the Obama campaign’s Tumblr page, shows a gathering of members of the campaign team at its Chicago headquarters.”

    That Tumblr page has a couple of rebloggings from a site called “Obama2016.”

    One has to wonder if that means (a) his supporters are so civically ignorant as to suppose that he can run for a third term, or (b) they know something we don’t know.

    • TML

      I would say A… although I would rephrase to say ‘constitutionally ignorant’ as the Twenty Second Amendment expressly forbids more than two terms. Most Presidents adhered to the two-term limit merely on principle until Franklin D Roosevelt served 3 terms, at which time the 22nd Amendment was proposed and passed.

      • marine72

        So, it is not beyond the imagination that during a contrived crisis this fall, ( EO will be invoked to protect us from ourselves. The 22nd Ammendment will only last until a so-called “Smart Guy” figures out how to undue it. Marital Law administerred by Big Sis.

      • TML

        marine72 says, “So, it is not beyond the imagination that during a contrived crisis this fall, EO will be invoked to protect us from ourselves. The 22nd Ammendment will only last until a so-called “Smart Guy” figures out how to undue it. Marital Law administerred by Big Sis.”

        Certainly not beyond the ‘imagination’ (as Vigilants option (b) might imply), but not necessarily realistic either. For one, it [the imagination] assumes martial law would be instituted this fall, rather than fall of 2016, and carry through until 2016. Second, and more realistically, if martial law was invoked in this manner, or in a manner which leaves a President in office, is akin to Caesar, of the Roman Empire, never giving up his power, to which one can ‘imagine’ would/could actually lead to the first ‘real’ Civil War in the United States.

      • andrew

        yes TML it does,but he has already side- stepped the constitution before….

      • TML

        andrew says, “yes TML it does,but he has already side- stepped the constitution before….”

        True, thus I say option (a) with the rephrase ‘constitutionally ignorant’, as they surely don’t know anything we don’t.

        Knowing that he must step down, even if he were to serve another 4 years, should keep the public at rest enough from conducting premature insurrection, which would lead to him calling for martial law. Even still; martial law, false flags, or any number of other events would not negate this as well… specifically because as I pointed out, FDR stayed in office for 3 terms as a result of WWII, and thus is the reason we have a 22nd Amendment… so that something of that nature doesn’t happen again.

        Honestly, to side-step the Constitution to stay in office, regardless of wartime conditions, is way more dangerous than even the NDAA, Patriot Act, or any EO put together, and would bring about a justified effort to forcefully remove him from power.

        There simply isn’t any number of Executive Orders that could side-step a term-limit without causing an all out war, and it takes 7 years to amend the Constitution if we wanted to take it out.

      • sidewinderaz

        Technically FDR was elected to four terms as POTUS but died three months into his fourth term.
        That being said, Obama and his criminal cohorts (the progressive left & the complicit congress) have basically ignored the US Constitution and our Bill of Rights from day one. What makes anyone think that he would abide by the 22nd Amendment? I would bet that they will come up with a false flag event of some sort that will give Obama just the cause he needs to bypass all the checks and balances promised by our Constitution.
        If things start going bad for Obama in the polls you can bet something like this will happen. Look how they spun everyone up about an issue in FL that should be handled by the local law. I can see something like this happening again if his numbers show him losing the election.
        Let’s all hope I’m wrong.

      • James

        TML, FDR served in 4 terms, he died three months into his fourth term.

  • http://liberty Tony

    To Everyone here:
    What’s the difference between Obama’s campaign staff and Mitt “Richie Rich” Zombie’s?
    I simply don’t see any. Thanks!!

    • Average Joe

      None….That’s why I’m voting for Ron Paul / Andrew Napolitano 2012!

      • AFDSSD

        Well I hope that more Democrats than Republicans follow you, I think Andrew Napolitano is great but Ron Paul is half genius and half imbecile and when you balance Ron Paul out both side of his brain cancel each other out

      • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

        AFFDSD if you had a brain maybe someone would listen to you but its good you can type because you can’t speak with your lips attached to Obaminations ASS. Go Ron Paul the only American running for office with a real plan to get America and our Constitution back on track and get rid of Socialists and Communists just like you. At least Ron Paul has a brain, you lost yours a long time ago.

      • Mighty Mitch

        Go ahead and waste your vote. A vote for Paul is vote for Obama. You Paulis are all the same, you think that some how this is showing yourrage against the system or something to that affect. Buts it not it just show your ignorance at how politics work.

      • http://liberty Tony

        Dear Might Mitch:
        Who are you going to support, Mutt “Richie Rich” Zombie? Ha,Ha,Ha!! If that’s the case, you might as well hand re-election to Obama on a silver plate. TGIF!!

      • TML

        Mighty Mitch says, “Go ahead and waste your vote. A vote for Paul is vote for Obama. You Paulis are all the same, you think that some how this is showing your rage against the system or something to that affect. Buts it not it just show your ignorance at how politics work.”

        A vote for Paul is a vote for Paul.

        The only reason that people say a vote for Paul is a vote for Obama is in the assumption that Paul will run as third party (which I hope he does if he doesn’t get the nomination), which is then to assume that Paul will ‘steal’ votes from Romney or Gingrich, while ignoring the fact that votes will also be ‘stolen’ from Obama… since Paul attracts people of all ages, all race, and all parties.

        Sure, third party candidates historically rarely win elections, but to think that a third is a ‘spoiler’ of a two part system is the logical fallacy that assumes correlation proves causation (assumes that because two things or events occur together, one must be the cause of the other)… this fallacy is very common and referred to in Latin as cum hoc ergo propter hoc (with this, therefore because of this).

        While some might vote for Paul thinking they are showing rage against the machine, it certainly isn’t an indication that they are ignorant of politics. Saying that a vote for Paul is a vote for Obama however, could be considered ignorant as I pointed out here.

  • cawmun cents

    “College interns work cheaply”…..should be the headline.Notice the actual racial parity versus the perceived condition……haw!
    So…naturally….my next question would be…..where are all the millions(billions?)in campaign funds going?
    The gray man,who was Muslim,but is now Christian,or is it the other way around….was Soetoro his Muslim name or His Christian name….is Obama a Muslim name or a Christian name… he moderate,or radical…..socialist,or communist,transparent,or is there a gray area in everything?
    Tune in to the Guessing Game again next week folks,as we ask the questions which have no clear answers,or lack the media/academia focus groups that are demographically chosen for this particular poll or statistic.
    Transparency……seeing through the black and white,smoke and mirrors,masks and disguises,political rhetoric and correctness,to observe just how much gray area can be invented by college age interns,and speech writers,in order to confusticate even the most avid disturbed progressive liberals,and otherwise free thinkers. users will be thrilled to flock to this obviously truthful representation of a world leader.
    When is the last time you heard the mans middle name?
    Hussein,you sane?
    We all sane,for Hussein…..
    (the developemental cheer for schoolchildren,and those who think like them,on an intellectual scale)
    “Just like the Pied Piper,led rats through the street……we dance like marionettes….swaying to the Symphony of Destruction!”-Dave Mustaine
    “Hello me….meet the real me,and my misfits way of life….my dark black past is my most valued possession,
    Hidsight is always 20-20…..looking back its still a bit fuzzy,
    Speak of mutually assured destruction…..nice story tell it to Reader’s Digest!”-Dave Mustaine

    Perhaps we can learn much from the drug induced ramblings of a mad,drug-crazed,rockstar?
    It seems as if he were telling the story of someone,,,,,but the gray area has clouded my mind…..cant quite think of who……

    • Warrior

      cc – that sums it up very well. LMAO.

    • Average Joe

      I much prefer Monster by Steppenwolf:

      Once the religious, the hunted and weary
      Chasing the promise of freedom and hope
      Came to this country to build a new vision
      Far from the reaches of Kingdom and pope

      Like good Christians some would burn the witches
      Later some got slaves to gather riches

      But still from near and far to seek America
      They came by thousands, to court the wild
      But she just patiently smiled and bore a child
      To be their spirit and guiding light

      And once the ties with the crown had been broken
      Westward in saddle and wagon it went
      And till the railroad linked ocean to ocean
      Many the lives which had come to an end

      While we bullied, stole and bought a homeland
      We began the slaughter of the red man

      But still from near and far to seek America
      They came by thousands to court the wild
      But she just patiently smiled and bore a child
      To be their spirit and guiding light

      The Blue and Grey they stomped it
      They kicked it just like a dog
      And when the war was over
      They stuffed it just like a hog

      And though the past has its share of injustice
      Kind was the spirit in many a way
      But its protectors and friends have been sleeping
      Now it’s a monster and will not obey

      The spirit was freedom and justice
      And its keepers seemed generous and kind
      Its leaders were supposed to serve the country
      But now they won’t pay it no mind
      Cause the people grew fat and got lazy
      Now their vote is a meaningless joke
      They babble about law and order
      But it’s all just an echo of what they’ve been told

      Yeah, there’s a monster on the loose
      It’s got our heads into the noose
      And it just sits there watchin’

      The cities have turned into jungles
      And corruption is stranglin’ the land
      The police force is watching the people
      And the people just can’t understand
      We don’t know how to mind our own business
      ‘Cause the whole world’s got to be just like us
      Now we are fighting a war over there
      No matter who’s the winner we can’t pay the cost

      ‘Cause there’s a monster on the loose
      It’s got our heads into the noose
      And it just sits there watchin’

      America, where are you now
      Don’t you care about your sons and daughters
      Don’t you know we need you now
      We can’t fight alone against the monster

      America, where are you now
      Don’t you care about your sons and daughters
      Don’t you know we need you now
      We can’t fight alone against the monster


      • Warrior

        Bingo! My neighbor and I played that song a couple months ago when we were attempting to figure out how we keep ending up with booby rush as our congresscreature. He keeps following us when we move out if his district.

      • Average Joe

        “He keeps following us when we move out if his district.”

        Stalking warrant, perhaps? ;)

      • http://liberty Tony

        To average Joe:
        Excellent post, Good classic song by that group. Also, this i, definitely, agree with you on. But on a side note, another son g good by that group was “Born to be wild”. Given this campaign season, that’s how i feel now!!

    • eddie47d

      More silliness from the silly masters. If there is not an issue make one up and run with it. Who cares if Obama’s middle name is Hussein and I know the right wingers desperately make attempts to tie the name to Saddam. No connection yet there are still those playing that fools game. There are many people with Arab sounding names that are Christian and people with Christian names that are Muslims. Go down to Mexico and you will find people with European(white) names yet they are as brown as can be. Time to grow up folks!

      • Opal the Gem

        “Go down to Mexico and you will find people with European(white) names yet they are as brown as can be. Time to grow up folks!”

        Hey eddie lets burst your bubble shall we. All Mexicans have a european (white) name unless they are one of the few that only have a Native American name. After all Spanish is a European (white) language.

      • eddie47d

        I suppose I should have been more explicit and said Old Europe which is generally referred to as the Northern and central countries.The Spanish were ignored by most of Europe until the 1970′s when Franco died. All of Mexico and South America is Spanish/Portuguese speaking and rather on the brown side. (as is my wife).

      • http://naver samurai

        Thanks for being the first to play the race card Ed. Classic liberal strategy. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • jopa

        What’s in a name anyway.Go to Mexico and everywhere you look you will find Jesus.

  • sean murrey ILLInio

    The kids nowadays are being brained washed by the progessives.

    • Sirian

      Nowadays? No, it’s been in “progress” for decades sean, decades.

      • Mighty Mitch

        It been progressives for about 100 years or so. The Progressive age started around 1900

      • Sirian

        Yes, quite true MM, Teddy Roosevelt initiated the Progressive Party way back in 1912.

    • uvuvuv

      it started with john (?) dewey, an early education reformer, who pushed the idea, we learn by doing. sounds innocent enough, but what it did was undermine the authority of the teacher, where the kids weren’t supposed to accept what the teacher said until they could check it out. these kids then sub consciously began questioning all authority, including even their own parents and religious figures and deities, etc. i’m not smart enough to have made this up, i read it. but i do think this culminated with the hippies, who turned on any and all authority, but then gradually realized that you do need some behavioral limits. a kite can fly 200 feet in the air, until you cut the string. but the progressive agenda continues in the schools, where evolution is laughably taught as fact, thereby undermining the authority of genesis. and of course they hand out condoms and bring in gay advocates.

  • Dad

    The Obama’s have proven themselves as bigots.

    • eddie47d

      So a picture of white campaign workers for Obama make him a bigot? Maybe he should have hired a couple of token blacks to give the picture a little color to please you. I bet there are districts that have mostly black campaign workers but that would get your dander up too over nothing.

      • cawmun cents

        So you mean…..salting the picture like the ones in the camera angles we see,when he makes his{“I am not a socialist”} speeches in front of a nand picked college crowd,eddie47d?
        Just askin’.

      • Mighty Mitch

        No Eddie Obama has proven himself to be a bigot by those he hangs with, Rev Wright, Bill Ayers, Farrakahn, Sharpton etc. He has also proven himself to not only to be a bigot but a socialist with his connection to big labor, his love for regulation. President Obama though a nice enough sort a good family man and all around good egg. He has proven a disaster as president. He legislates as professor not as a president. Why should that surprise us, he is after all a professor not a political leader and not in anyway a president.
        I think how President Obama is approaching his presdency is as a academic because that all he knows. It is effident is his choice for cabinet appointees with 90% of his cabinet being taken from academia not the real world. President is the theory president. These things he has done look good on paper so he does them. But as we all know what looks good on paper doesn’t always work in the real world and being the President of the United States is a real world job, not a community organizer job.

      • eddie47d

        That’s a good one Mitch. How many auto mechanics,painters,secretaries,farmers,machinists,firemen,plumbers,electricians,supervisors etc work on Capital Hill. You’re never going to get someone in there who represents the American worker. Mitt is a cannibalizer of American jobs and there are few CEO’s who would take that big cut in pay so who do you suggest? More lawyers?

    • uvuvuv

      that photo looks like and could be and probably definitely is of an informational meeting for the employees of a dot com start-up 20 years ago. we don’t know if the photo is legit or not. but it wouldn’t be surprising if the minorities in the obama campaign are relegated to simply voting, with the actual organizational work handled by good european stock.

  • rendarsmith

    Women need to earn their salaries just like everyone else. Maybe there are other reasons the average salaries are different? Maybe the positions held are different and they have different salaries? Maybe the women get more benefits (maternity leave)? I’m tired of this “gender gap” argument, it’s bogus, just like so many others.

    • Paul B.

      It’s all just another piece of the DC control program. They want to be able to DICTATE our lives for us… who does what, when and how much they should get paid. It is the blurification of everything such that we can’t distinguish individuality or personality such that everything looks, sounds and feels the same… at least for everyone except the tpuppet masters perched atop the fray with all the power and money in DC and “connected” cronies in business. Can you spell facism… that is exactly where we are headed, in fact we think we have one foot in that grave already

      Liberals think the land is growing more divided between rich and poor. Let their policies continue to control our lives and it only gets MUCH WORSE. I don’t understand why more people can’t see that eventuality as it slaps them in the face with every new “social” program launched. If history were taught the way it should be in school, these students would easily see the correlation between those dictators and despots of the past, Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Chavex, Castro, to name just a few, and where we headed now… but the Liberals and their indoctrination have “changed” history, jsut a Michelle said we must in order to effectuate the change they want… its the only way… Hide the truth and maybe no one will notice before its too late to put it in reverse. that is why we support the 2nd amendment, and they know it, and the reason they would love to change that too. Most of the people in his adminstration are pro gun control… Hmmm……..

      OMG 2012… and all his progressive cronies. Return our government by the people and for the people. But I am afraid we will have to rip our freedoms back from their cold dead hands (figuratively, he says to the SS), because there is no way they are going to freely give up the POWER they have worked so hard to wrestle fro us these past 100 years.

  • MAP

    Another glaring example of the left’s complete hypocracy. We must listen to what they say; be blind to what they do. No wonder all leftist regimes are failures. Though, I suppose, for a leftist even failure is success. It all depends on how you talk it up.

    • Jeremy Leochner

      Hypocrisy for President Obama and Democratic party leaders perhaps. But not for everyone on “the left”.

      • MAP

        Jeremy, I fail to understand your comment. What do you mean? The left is doomed to failure because their goals are not based on reality or human nature, but abstract dreams. Example: We assume ALL people are… We then begin to formulate theories founded on this, an unproven premise (or wishful dream). What’s worse, it is then embraced as a religion. And anyone who speaks out against it is to be held guilty of heresy (the real basis of pc). The left has created their own version of the oppressive church and the witch hunts that accompanied it. Yet again we are faced with leftist hypocrisy. All lefitst regimes are totalitarian.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        My views and beliefs fall under what is typically called the left. I tend to agree. I don’t believe my ideas are based on hypocrisy. If you would like to tell me more about what I believe please let me know.

      • MAP

        Jeremy, I know nothing of you or what you think. Nor do I care. This is, to an ever receeding degree, a free country. You are, to a certain extent, still free to voice your opinon – so long as you don’t run counter to certain others sacred claims and assertions. Therefore, now before the advent of thought crimes and prison time for heretical speech, I voice my honest opinon: The left is hypocricy in action, frauds, liars and dictators. I expect soon the pc police will be pounding at the door. I have said things that are beyond tolerace for the preachers of tolerace.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        That’s my problem Map. You don’t know me and yet you are calling me a hypocrite. I am a person whose views fall under the term “the left”. But I for the most part don’t consider myself a hypocrite. There are most definitely areas where people would call me a hypocrite and I must work on them. However simply being a liberal or having beliefs that fall under the left of the political spectrum dosen’t make me a hypocrite. Obama and some people whose views fall under the left have acted hypocritically in regards to women’s rights and pay but that dosen’t make anyone who agrees with them politically or anyone on the same side of the political spectrum a hypocrite. Obama is someone considered to be on the left. And perhaps he has acted hypocritically in this situation. But that dose not make all those on the left hypocrites,

  • Jeremy Leochner

    Perhaps both parties need to look at their record and improve their treatment of women as well as minorities.

    • Jon

      I agree to a point. But both parties should look at their treatment of Americans in general, especially those who fight the wars and those who would like to work for a living.

  • Wyatt

    Excuse me Jeremy , hypocrisy is the left . Their do as I say not as I do is the basis of their party and always has been . They claim they believe in democracy and freedom while at the same time telling us that the people aren’t smart enough to govern themselves .

    • Jeremy Leochner

      Wyatt. I have never said “do as I say not as I do”. I don’t tell people how o govern themselves. I do believe in using the government and laws to regulate our society but I have always thought laws were a basic part of a society. Not just do whatever you want. People are smart enough to govern their own actions and choices but we still need a government of, by and for the people to m. I do believe in democracy and freedom. Believing in government acting as one of many safeguards of that liberty and freedom dosen’t make me a hypocrite.aintain

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Sorry my mistake. My statement was we still need a government of, by and for the people to maintain law and order.

  • Jon

    It’s unfair to say that Barrack Obama doesn’t like women. Together with his Shia friends, they feel that every man should own one or four.

    • eddie47d

      Is that to be considered a rational statement Jon? That would definitely leave Mormon Romney or at least his ancestors out of the White house. I think they call it Big Love.

    • Jeremy Leochner

      Jon: President Obama is not a Muslim. He dosen’t want anyone to own anyone.

      • chuckb

        j leochner, how come he has rug burns oi n his knees, barry not a mulim, lol lol

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Well the President has said that hes christian and he has gone to church during his presidency. Why is his being a Muslim so important ?

  • Diane Mina

    I’m not voting because my vote dosen’t count. The goverment passes laws for us the voters. The immeration laws are violating are rights of the American dream. If your a immigrate and you break the law and pay the price the goverment can still kick you out.
    Where is the justices? There isn’t any more justices for all not even Land of the free.
    My vote dosen’t count because I never voted the goverment voted for me so my vote is VETO!

  • chuckb

    leochner, barry has said a lot of things that are not true. the church he attended under wright, is in lockstep with the nation of islam and if what i believe is right the nation of islam are black muslims and i believe barry belongs to that crowd.
    what is the danger of being muslim, this organizational cult believes in world domination
    under sharia law.
    barry has assisted the muslim brotherhood in gaining control of some middle east countries. libya, yemen and egypt to name a few. he is using our tax dollars to prop up these regimes.he has allowed our borders to remain open and it’s hard to tell how many muslims have illegally entered this country, this cult is based on ignorance and it keeps its constituency blinded from birth to death.
    this country was based on christianity and between the jews and muslims we are being widdled down to a secular country they are wiping out all vestige to our religion so it will only be a matter of time unless we remove this cancer from our shores.

    • Jeremy Leochner

      As to wright and the whole Nation of Islam thing I am pretty sure that horse has already been beaten to death, then beaten to a pulp. As to the Muslim brotherhood, those countries have declared themselves either democracies or are seeking to change the decades of totalitarian rule. Changing to democracy dosen’t equate to giving the Muslim Brotherhood power.

      Finally: Our country was founded on the principles of Liberty and Equality. Those are Republican Ideals, not Christian Ideals. Our country is one in which all ideals and values have a place. The ideals of a republic belong to all religions and all peoples not just Christians. In addition: Jews and Muslims are not trying to do anything other then live their lives and practice their religions. Freedom of religion and having numerous religious beliefs in our country is not a dangerous thing. And having Jews and Muslims in our country is not dangerous either.

  • Sirian

    From what I’ve read your understanding of the Muslim Brotherhood is extremely limited. I strongly recommend that you research the history of the Muslim Brotherhood to it’s very root. It is much more devious and lethal than what you presumedly understand. In so far as their commitment to Sharia I think it would be to your advantage to read
    “SHARIA, The Threat to America”: . For well founded, factual, document backed info concerning our founding jump to . If you want real information concerning that that is the place to find it. The more factual, documented information you have the better off you will be at all times.

  • chuckb

    i don’t know what tree you live in, the muslim brotherhood is not a democracy nor are the countries mentioned nor will be.
    furthermore this country was founded on judea christian pricipals, not secular individualism. the muslim religion is not satisfied without sharia law and both jewish and

    muslim religion call for the death of the infidel that does not accept their way,
    perhaps you should strudy jewish law and the qur’an. they both demand the death of the goyim and the infidel. of course the jews claim they don’t abide by this law, this may be because they are not superior in number, however, i would feel safer under the jewish law
    allowing the muslims to gain any kind of power in this country would bring on the shria law and that would be very dangerous.
    you are living in a dream world if you think these religions can live in peace just because they live in this country. our freerdom of religion doesn’t embrace tyrantical cults and the jews and muslims will never have peace until one or the other is destroyed, israel is the living example.
    barry is a muslim and his indifference to the israelis proves it..

    • Jeremy Leochner

      Chuck the countries effected by the Arab Spring have professed desires to be democratic. I know enough of the Muslim Brotherhood to understand it is a extremist group.
      I never said our country was founded on individualism. It was founded on the principles of equality of all mankind. I am an agnostic but my views and your views are equally valid and are to be respected in kind. If a country is not founded on the principles of a single religion that dose not make it a secular nation.
      I know people who are Jewish and people who are Muslim. Neither profess any desire to harm so called infidels or goyiems. As to them being minorities I know of countries where Muslims are a majority and ones where Jews are a Majority and the people of opposing faiths are not hunted down and killed. If any are it is the fault of the government not the religious majority. I cannot believe that Jews and Muslims want to kill people when people who are Muslim and Jewish genuinely have no desire to.
      Its called freedom of religion Chuck. I am not living in a dream world by saying people have a right to their religious beliefs. Our country was founded on the principle of equality and of tolerance and acceptance of other religions. That has made our country strong and prosperous. That is not a dream world.

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    • chuckb

      jeremy l, the countries you refer to are not professing democracy, they are in the process of voting the brotherhood into power in egypt and i believe they and al qaeda are ruling libya. thjis was another one of barrys blunders.
      you say the muslims and jews live in peace, please rtell me what country that is, they

      couldn’t possibly, their religion demads differently. a muslim country that allows jews or christians, they must live under strict obversance to the muslim law and are not allowed the freedom of their religion.

      the country of israel as you read in the news has an on going battle between the palestinians and themselves, muslim vs jews over religious land rights, israel is not the free land you might think. the christians are very limited as well as the messianic jews in their operations, in fact there is a problem at this very moment.with the messiainic jews.and trhe orthodox.
      there has always been a certain amount of persecution towards the christians in israel.even tho they keep it out of the news

      i believe if either of these religions get powerful enough in this country our freedom of religion will be out the window. and i don’t think our forefathers had any intentions of this country being anything but christian. they did allow for people to believe the way they wanted, however, i don’t think they meant we were to bow down to the jewish or muslim religion.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Chuck they have established a system of voting and countless Egyptians in America and in Egypt have numerous times expressed desire to build Democracy in Egypt. Perhaps Muslim Brother hood candidates are gaining power or are intimidating people into voting for them but I still believe the Egyptian people desire Democracy.

        There are Churches and Synagogues in Iran and Israel and people are allowed to be Christians and practice Christian rituals. As I said the persecution in these countries is a sign of the governments inadequacies, not the religion they say they are based on.

        Accepting people of different faiths and allowing them to practice their religions is not the same as bowing to them. I believe our forefathers intended this to be a country where anyone and every ones ideals mattered and held sway. Otherwise they would have stated our country is founded on the principles of the Christian god. If our country is a christian country they would have said so. Instead they said it is founded on the principle that all men are created equal to paraphrase Abraham Lincoln. No one ever intended our country to be ruled by the law of any religion be it Jewish, Muslim or Christian. If any religious group attempted to impose its laws on the country or tried to replace the laws of the Constitution with laws like the Ten Commandments or Sharia Law I and everyone else would oppose them. We have no need to fear Sharia or any religious law being imposed on our country because no one wants to and no one would allow it. In the mean time my view is I would never allow anyone to put words in my mouth or say that my religious beliefs have no place in America. As such even if I disagree with Muslims or Jews on religious matters I refuse to put words in their mouths or tell them their religious views have no place here.

  • chuckb

    jeremy, i’m afraid your conception of the election in egypt wishful thinking. the brotherhood has the majority of people behind them and they will eventually install the sharia law.
    the people who wrote the constitution, our forefathers were mostly christian and when
    they refer to god they are referring to jesus christ, this is where the jews and muslims are in conflict. the jews do not respect jesus christ as god, the muslims think of him as a great prophet. so never the twain shall meet.
    the qu’ran calls for the whole world as their conquest or off with your head, much like the talmud and the jews. they try to convince people they only want peace, however, they want a piece of your life. and i don’t think it is possible for them to live in this country and not want to eventually control it under their religion.

    i do understand what you say and it would be good for everyone to feel that way, unfortunately they don’t.

    • Jeremy Leochner

      I believe a lot of people want to believe what I believe Chuck but they think they are alone.
      As to Egypt maybe your right. All I know is Democracy is something I think the people of Egypt want and the Brotherhood is preventing it from truly coming to pass.

      Chuck the founding fathers never referred to god in the declaration. They make ambiguous references to a “Creator” and to “Divine Providence “. Their wording is open to interpretation.
      I believe the differences between Jews and Muslims are not insurmountable. Its just that extremists and hardliners from both groups think otherwise. But I believe the majority of Jews and Muslims are reasonable people capable of living in peace with each other.
      Finally I believe the Quran and the Talmud have mixed messages just like the Bible which also commands its adherents to spread the word of their religion and convert people.
      I don’t believe Jews and Muslims want to control this country any more than Christians do. They want to live their lives and practice their religious beliefs peacefully. At times there may be those that wish to impose their views or religious laws on others. But extremists from all religious viewpoints have tried such things since the dawn of civilization. Its not unique to Islam or Judaism. I believe most people are good and acceptance is better then rejection.

  • chuckb

    jeremy, if the muslims did not want to control this country they wouldn’t be muslims. the teaching of the qur’an is what they believe or they are not good muslims. the qur’an demands they convert the world to islam. the jews have their talmud and i don’t believe there is a way for these people to not want to overcome the other.if they are true

    believers they can’t help but want to convert everyone to their way of life and the qur’an wants your head if you don’t. that is my opinion for what it’s worth..
    some muslim countries allow christian and jews to live peacefully, however, there are stipulations, they keep their religion to themselves and do not try to proselytize the population. in israel christians have been prosecute for displaying lights and crusifix

    .” The term “providence,” as it was used in the eighteenth-century, was usually used to describe an active God who sustains the world through His sovereign power. This is not
    the distant God of the deist, but a God who is always active in ordering His creation. He performs miracles and answers prayers. By referencing “Providence,” the members of Congress were affirming their belief that God would watch over them and protect them in this time of uncertainty, trial, and war. Whether they embraced all of the tenets of orthodox Christianity or not, most of the signers could affirm a belief in the providence of God.that would be the christion God who they believe to be Jesus Christ.
    in israel some christians have been prosecuted for displaying christmas decorations in their windows. (pasted from an article on this subject)

    i know a few jewish people and have jewish friends, we get along fine and rarely discuss religion. i know muslims and the same applies to them, however, the christian religion as i know it is the only one that does not threaten your life if you don’t believe, they do believe god will take care of that himself.
    i believe there are a lot of good people too and there are a lot of bad people out there that would do you great bodily harm if able. we must be diligent in this country and not cast our pearls amongst the swine.

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