Obama’s Dismal Economic Record: Two Welfare Cases Per Job


On Wednesday, President Barack Obama delivered a speech in Galesburg, Ill., decrying political conflicts that aren’t focused on improving the economy, heralding his Administration’s economic efforts and promising to do more work on the economy.

Obama said that over the past 40 months, American businesses have created 7.2 million new jobs.

But, as pointed out by CNS News, the President left out a few key numbers in his economy speech.

CNS’s Gregory Gwyn-Williams writes:

Since February of 2009, the first full month of Obama’s presidency, 9.5 million Americans have dropped out of the labor force.  Nearly 90 million Americans are not working today!

That means that 1.3 Americans have dropped out of the labor force for every one job the administration claims to have created.

There are 15 million more Americans on food stamps today than when Obama assumed office.

At the end of January 2009, 32,204,859 Americans received aid from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. As of April 2013, there were 47,548,694 Americans on food stamps.

That means that more than two Americans have been added to the food stamp rolls for every one job the administration says it has created.

Under Obama, 1.6 million more Americans are collecting disability insurance. In February 2009, 9,334,369 Americans received disability payments.  Today, that number is 10,953,733.

It seems, as usual, it’s what the President doesn’t say that is truly revealing.

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  • rbrooks

    another misleading story.
    there are 47 million people on food stamps

    they are not all americans.
    they are not all federally funded.
    some are not even legal immigrants.

    one of the reasons for the increase is the 2002 farm bill that granted food stamps to more immigrants. subsidizing cheap immigrant labor. that same cheap immigrant labor that is used to replace american workers.

    • No Jizya

      Tell it like it is. I am so tired of being screwed by my own government, stealing my money to give it away to others in exchange for votes and political power.

      • lawabider2

        And speaking of giving it away to others, A few days ago I was in line to pay for my groceries at a Sam’s Club. Ahead of me was an Illegal Alien and his wife who appeared to be in their 30’s (neither could speak english) and they had a very large amount of groceries in their cart.

        When it came time to pay they produced a food stamp welfare card which the cashier swiped and told them they still owed $23
        that the card didn’t cover. They paid it and went on their way.
        I had a small amount of groceries and my bill was $78 which I had to pay in full, I received no discount and have only a small income.
        Let me tell you, I was furious.
        This is just not right and our corrupt politicians in both parties are not doing anything to stop it.
        This fraud on the good taxpayers of our country has got to STOP.

        • Eagle525

          Lawabider2: Sorry to hear your story and i to have seen similar circumstances. You are right to be furious because it isn’t fail, but it is POLITICIANS buying votes

        • Quester55

          Lawabider2, While I agree that those Illegals are Getting away with their Crimes, please don’t think that a FOOD STAMP Has Anymore value than your Hard earned cash.
          when The Wife & I get our Reduced food Stamps worth $72.00, For Food ONLY, They Perches $ 72.00 worth of food, No More or Less.
          As for those Mexicans, the Welfare System in Texas is as Corrupted as they come & Where I live, the Majority of those on welfare are ILLEGALS!! I Rarely see any Brothers or Sisters waiting in line, ( But then again, I haven’t been able to leave my bed for 5 years, & Will DIE in it, thanks to OBAMACARE) . Yet some do work as Case Workers.
          Go to the Major Food Stores in Texas, 85% are Mexican Workers, Blacks & Whites need not apply, unless they Speak & Read Spanish/Mexican, Like a Native. This is called Discrimination, But it’s up to you to prove it & live long enough to bring it to Court!
          Sorry, I lost my place.

          The bottom line is this, Some of us AMERICANS, RETIRED or Disabled, That Never Abuse the Welfare System, should not be Grouped with those that DO!

          • JP from VA

            The problem I have is these illegal immigrants are sending aide home to their other family in foreign countries through our social services and AMERICANS are going hungry and homeless.This is not RIGHT… we need to change it! We need to get rid of this government by voting out the corruption and making sure our votes are counted! Don’t assume anything… we need to be heard anyway we can!

    • Barack Embalmer

      Oh, only 47 million people on food stamps! In case you haven’t noticed the economy SUCKS and it has gotten worse under Oazzole and don’t try to go back to 2002 or Bush, the numbers have gone UP continuously under Obama and he hasent done a damn thing about it! His claims are all complete nonsense and lies and ALL you Obama followers are completely brainwashed sheep so don’t bother trying to rationalize, the numbers don’t lie and its all on your majesty Obamas watch. The End

      • rbrooks

        as long as you continue to be irrational, this will only get worse.

        remove the immigrants. from the food stamps, medical care, all social services.

        then remove them from the work place.

        we decrease the numbers on food stamps and decrease the number of unemployed americans.

        that is not going to happen until you accept the facts.

        • Barack Embalmer

          The facts are that Obama wants to give AMNESTY to approximately 25 million illegals! (11 million is another flat out lie) which in the long run will continue the Democratic hold on the country with their voting. That my friend is what this Amnesty is all about! Now you can tell me how you would remove millions of illegal immigrants from jobs and food stamp rolls. I live in California and voted for prop 187 in 1994 which was to cut all services to illegal immigrants. It passed with 56 percent of the vote. Soon after the 9th circuit liberal court of appeals threw out the whole thing as unconstitutional and it was never applied. Now, would you call negating the will of the people that voted for prop 187 constitutional?

          • rbrooks

            the facts are the gop is a bigger supporter of immigration than the democrats. both party’s support low wage immigration. they are the same.

            you keep blaming one party. this will only get worse.

            i was in arizona when 187 was passed. we knew it was never going to work.

            all that is required is a change in the criteria for food stamps.

            changing employment laws are just as simple.

            require citizenship to be employed in this country. go after the employers, not the immigrants. without those jobs and social services, the immigrants will leave and stop coming.

            big business is supporting the new amnesty program.

            immigration has been an increasing problem ever since reagan opened the borders.

            this is nothing more than reagan part 2.

          • Quester55

            You Blame R.Reagan Opened the Borders?, You didn’t Pass AMERICAN HISTORY back in High School, did You!!
            Just as with our borders with CANADA, Our MEXICAN BORDERS have NEVER Been CLOSED!
            Except for the Mexican & American War! back before our time and before WW1.
            OUR BATTLE has Always Been to CLOSE THOSE BORDERS, That is the real problem!.
            People ( liberals & Socialist) like you, Look on the EFFECT of a problem & turn a BLIND EYE to the CAUSE of that effect!
            All I’m saying is what Every person in the MILITARY ALREADY KNOWS: Cutting or Shooting the arm or leg of an enemy, does no good, They could still hurt or KILL YOU! If You want to WIN the Battle, You need to REMOVE your ENEMY’S HEAD!!!

          • rbrooks

            old reagan granted amnesty and increased the lottery numbers for immigration.
            you must not be old enough to have been there.

          • Barack Embalmer

            “you keep blaming one party,this will only get worse” Then you say………….”immigration has been an increasing problem ever since REAGAN opened the borders” Can you see the hypocracy here? If Boehner dosent kill this bill entirely,he will be ruined. No amnesty!!!!!

          • rbrooks

            reagans plan, that has been and continues to be,supported by both party’s.

            no hypocracy. reagan did throw open the borders.

            big business loves the low wage immigrant that is being subsidized by the american tax payer.

            reagan would be a proud supporter of this. little bush is already a proud supporter.

            obama is just following the game plan.

            even if this bill does not pass, the current problems created by low wage immigration will continue to increase.

            the problem is immigration.

            why are any of the politicians supporting that.

          • Barack Embalmer

            You are absolutely correct that immigration is the problem and going after employers would be a big step. After Reagans amnesty the deal was, if passed, the border was supposed to be secured and it never happened. Many more conservatives would be on board for some type of Amnesty if we could get a promiss that the border would be secured but we don’t trust this administration to ever act on it therefore we will not agree on anything without border security. You know as well as I do that Oballah wants their votes just like we both know that Reagan was also after votes in 86. Any Rino that endorses the current senate version is a traitor to us and will be commiting political suicide.

          • rbrooks

            securing the border is never going to stop the problem. illegals are not the big problem. it is, has been, legal immigration that is the real problem.
            flooding the labor market with cheap labor and then subsiding that cheap labor with social services.
            that has increased the number of unemployed and the number on social services.
            the only way to affect a viable solution is to require citizenship for employment, or social services, & go after those that employ them.
            any politician that supports more immigration is simply supporting big business. at the expense of american citizens.

  • wandamurline

    Distraction….just like Trayvon Martin…..keep your eyes on the ball…the IRS scandal is getting closer and closer to the White House and now, after 4.6 years, Obama is worried about the economy…..Pleeeeeeze. NSA scandal is growing….Benghazi is growing…..but, he would like for you to worry about Trayvon Martin….it takes the heat off of him and puts it on Mr. Zimmerman, who should sue Holder for violation of HIS civil rights.

  • regulus30

    THIS CLOWN IS LYING TO THOSE WHO do not matter anymore;; he is done.

    • Quester55

      He’s Done?
      He Can’t be done yet, You & I are still living!!

      • regulus30

        see you in the FEMA CAMP; I will be the first one they murder.

        • Quester55

          Not So my friend, These goons always go after the Lame & Disabled first, Then the Women & Children & save Strong men for last.
          However, I think it will be Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood that will be in charge of those camps, They’ve been running such camps for years.

          • regulus30

            then you and I must make sure this DOES NOT HAPPEN.

          • JP from VA

            Exactly…. we need to be the “Smart” Americans, we need to fight for our rights and we need to do it smartly. We the “People” are the stronger and beat this group of people who call themselves “the government”. This is not an American government, this is called by no other name but “destruction”. Remember, they work for us so let’s clean house. The first step is to get rid of the bad apples (big job) and lets be smart about it. It is your voice that needs to be heard, your vote that needs to be launched and your fight that has always brought this country through…. lets get back to business, lets take lessons from our past!

          • Chris

            Vote? Vote for WHO? Voting is a joke………it doesn’t matter anymore because it’s the same B.S. no matter WHO you vote for. We need to get rid of the 2 parties we have and I don’t see anyone running with a third…….they’d probably lose anyway………hey………if the brainless voted Obama back in after 4 years of NOTHING, a third party wouldn’t stand a chance.

  • Sam

    A new just came out about the way that the Russian communists lie and scheme to the people. It’s called “Disinformation”. It is not “misinformation” which is unintended. Disinformation is a way of lying and manipulation for political and financial gain.

    • Whackajig

      Chitfire, I thought that technique was standard stock for all politicians since time began.

  • Dr Moon

    The Media Drones and the Brain dead Democrats believe Obama’s outrages lies. How can someone be so stupid to believe the economy is improving when the only jobs available any more are part time. Government assistance has exploded under Obama, which is what he planned. The more they do the less free we become but Democrats go along and make wise cracks about how stupid conservatives are and how all of the scandals are made up. It’s amazing the stupidity that pours out of the mouths of liberals and the media, they are helping to destroy America and are too stupid to know it.

    • Quester55

      The Problem Dr. Moon, Is that they know What the current Communistic Goon is Doing, But they are too DUMB to CARE!!

      • rbrooks

        the politicians count on the stupidity of you two. they convince you that one party is to blame.

        all politicians are crooks. even the ones you support.

        • Quester55

          rbrooks, It’s far better to be though of as a Fool, Than to Speak out(like You just did) & remove all doubt!!

  • Warrior

    And the “real truth” is that the goobmint does not “create” any “productive” jobs. Only the “private sector” CREATES JOBS. Everyone else is just an “expense”. Good Lord, someone get the “hook” and get this “progressive” clown off the stage!

    • LadyFloridaCracker

      That’s a good way to say it!! Please, please, please…..someone get that hook quickly so we can get on with the next act…………A BETTER ACT!!!

  • wavesofgrain

    I remember within one month of taking office Obama increased eligibility of food stamps, raised the amount one would get per person, increased welfare and raised unemployment compensation. He then ensured the unemployed could live well without seeking a job for at least two years. That would give them time enough to find a disability or seek the welfare roster options. Which, by the numbers of those dropping out of the work force, seems to be what happened to the former workers. When you get all the comforts in life paid for, rent, heat food, car expense, rebates for each kid you have for the big screen tvs, why work??? I know a guy that bought a Harley with his first 5 grand child care credit. They plan to have a lot more kids, as it seems to be a lucrative deal. Those that are doing nothing but living off the government are the ones having the most kids. You can be sure, the work ethic will be completely destroyed within one generation.

    • Quester55

      Don’t know what Planet you live on, but here in the united States on Earth, that Jackass ( The National Parties Symbol for all Communistic Democrats) May have had some effect on the Welfare system, But it’s a Change that has proven less than useless.

      75% of those on welfare get less than you think. My Wife & me had our stamps cut by 40% this Year, because my SSI increased by 10%. I Pay MY own Bills, By most of my own food & am currently waiting to DIE due to a long Waiting List for my Surgery (Life Saving)! OBAMACARE DOESN’T Cover it, Yet it did before Obama was Elected, WHY The Change!!

      As For your story or Pack of Crap, Be that as it may, If You Voted for the Communist Than your part of the problem & a Traitor to this Country, if You voted for Mr. Romney, Like I Did, Then your Blinded by the PROPAGANDA OBAMA plants about those on Welfare. Here’s a Hint for you, 90% of those on welfare in Texas are ILLEGALS!!!!!!!!!And NO U.N. Word Changes will ever change that FACT!!

      • wavesofgrain

        Quester-I am sorry for your circumstances, but my stance derives from pure experience. At 62, I have worked non-stop for 46 years, never drawing welfare, unemployment, etc (in PRIVATE industry, so no taxpayer job). When divorced, I raised a child without any taxpayer help, and although eligible for reduced school lunches, never utilitzed it. I took one class at a time after work for years (no grants, no loans, no taxpayer help), eventually getting licenses, and then starting my own business. I used to watch the woman across the street with 5 kids, on welfare, drive a better car than me, get pizzas delivered, that I could not afford. I also could not afford to have 5 kids.

        And I have no idea why you think I voted for this current admin, as my post says quite the opposite, And I know full well about the work ethic being destroyed, as I have been hiring people as a business owner for 25 years.! Believe me, it is rare to find anyone with personal responsibility and without entitlement.

        BTW, I am STILL working, and can never retire, as I have no retirement, but must pay for those lavish bailed out, government, state, municipal retirements that allowed them to retire at a young age, and those that have chosen welfare for a career.

        • Vis Fac

          As a one time business owner and fellow struggling entrepreneur I can attest to what you say. Being a Vietnam Veteran I was faced with a myriad of prejudicial treatments from continuing education, job opportunities, and small business loans. I saw Vietnamese refugees and illegals receive better treatment. Through many years of sacrifice and determination I found success My family endured the same sacrifices and was rewarded by our success I too received no aid what-so-ever (I did apply for assistance only to be denied as I had the wrong sir name) but that made success so much sweeter. I almost lost it in the Carter administration then boomed during Reagans and GHW Bush. I had to close down during Clinton’s second term as I was being regulated and taxed out of business (I like most refuse to work for free) Now I saw things going south when (and you probably will concur) I had job applicants complete applications that couldn’t provide a complete sentence spell correctly and use text type language some of them misspelled their own names. This is what (functionally illiterate) our liberally controlled school system lets out into the world That is what government wants so they can be bought by freebies on someone else’s dime. Semper-Fi

          • wavesofgrain

            Oh my, Force Recon, that is similar to my story. I did not start business until I had worked 19 years, and then worked both jobs until business could support me totally.
            And, when you relate your inadequate applicant experiences, I have had the same. I discovered that secretaries with Bachelor of Business could not spell, or write a business letter better than I with only High School English, I knew our world was in trouble. My son’s 9th grade English curriculum was the same as my 7th grade content! And, after sitting in on a 2 hour conference on Common Core, it “dumbs them down” another 2 years. English/American literature will be cut 50% of content, replacing with “current issues of the day” and American History will be ‘phased out’. Global Warming (that SCAM) studies will be required. Our entire children’s medical, household, social, political and police records will now be housed within the Common Core data base. They will be required to register to vote before graduation. As we have seen them do in California with teens ‘selling Obamacare’, I would assume our children will now be used as tools for Government Propaganda!
            Congrats to you and your family!! You are an example of the true American Dream!

        • Quester55

          Thats fine for you, But don’t Fault the rest of us for not living up to the Standards you placed for your own ideal.

          Forgive me, That Old SINK or SWIM A-Moral attitude is for the birds,

          You have taken Great Pride in Mastering your own Life, Yet you Fail to ” Walk on Water in the open Sea, How is it you Can’t ?

          Pride Goethe before the Fall, & PRIDE in your case would be better served with a little humility .

          By the way, Even the RICH Can Loose all of their Wealth & become just as poor as you wish to be!

          That doesn’t mean much, because the state allows the person to have their car, House & everything inside. All that means is, if your car is a Brand new B.M.W. You Must make your own Payments, or sell it back.In Fact, Much of what you stated Has not been the Case for Years & FRAUD is slowly being removed from the system.Maybe a little less JUDGMENT of your fellow man & a Lot more understanding on your part, may make you a much happier person.
          Just don’t get your information from your local propaganda Machine.!

          • wavesofgrain

            Mr/Ms Quester:

            Wow, what hate!

            Sticks and Stones and Words can’t hurt me. You see, as a conservative who practices personal responsibility, and believes the socialism you preach is wrong for this country, I am used to being ostracized.

            Have a good day.

          • wavesofgrain

            Mr/Ms Quester:

            Wow, what hate!

            Sticks and Stones and Words can’t hurt me. You see, as a conservative who practices personal responsibility, and believes the socialism you preach is wrong for this country, I am used to being ostracized.

            Have a good day.

          • Quester55

            Wave, There is no HATE in my Heart, Just Pity for those that set in Judgment of others if they don’t live by Their (YOUR) Standards.
            I Will not Argue over my Faith in Jesus Christ, Either You Truly believe or You Don’t, It’s your Choice & Yours Alone!
            As for your Insults of being a Socialist, I Freely Forgive You & pray that the Lord will as well.
            One Day You will be facing JESUS in JUDGMENT, Will he find you in His book of Life?, i Hope so. It’s all up to you.

          • LadyFloridaCracker

            No need to argue…you’re both right. The people who really need assistance find every obstacle put in front of them that they have to jump over. Then, after jumping over the hurdles only to find that they didn’t “jump” properly and still have to wait or still are denied. And, the ones who don’t need/deserve assistance are able to get it and make a career out of it, and are able to get their entire family to partake in it seemingly without any kind of penalty placed on them EVER !!!!

    • Whackajig

      As goes detroit, so goes ovomit’s America.

      • wavesofgrain

        You have described the situation very well in a nutshell, Whackajig!

  • Eagle525

    Well we have the “Hope and Change” Obama promised…. Now, even the folks that voted for “0” have lost Hope and are praying for CHANGE.

    • Quester55

      Didn’t you watch the Democratic National Convention last Year, Those Sheep VOTED OUT JESUS/GOD from their Party & Invited The Muslim Brotherhood With their False, Satanic god, they call Allah (A Black Glass Rock Carved with a crescent moon.
      That Was the ONLY Real Change that he Gave Us. OH, And The Near Total Destruction of our Economy, That’s all for now, He still has 3+ years to go yet. & Millions of us to Die yet.

  • Guest

    At this rate, getting up to go to work in the morning will not be worth the effort. For I will merely be getting up to support everyone else on the dole, and not myself.

    • pete0097

      You already do. Our tax burden is now 5 months of our work income.

  • IsThisAmerica

    I watched some of his (yawn) speech. The people behind him rarely clapped or did so half heartly, some looked to be trying their best to stay awake. I feel sorry for Galesburg when they lost their huge Maytag plant to MEXICO! I used to deliver to that plant when I lived in the Quad Cities. That plant and the railroad were their biggest employers.

  • Quester55

    The ONLY Jobs OBAMA has opened up, has been the Need for More Grave Diggers & Undertakers, to bury the Dead & Near Dead.
    And a few days ago, The Kenya/not quite American Dictator was reported to be transporting 12,000 Russian Soldiers to our Country ! WHY?

  • WiSe GuY

    I can’t figure out, exactly, what 0bama and his KKKlan were trying to say.

  • Alan

    The more Obama works to fix the economy, the faster we circle the bowl. Stop helping – you’re killing us you ignoramace!

  • Marshall Watson

    As I have stated before he is a liar (Obama) therefore he is a follower of the father of lies Satan. Children follow in their parents footsteps, and he (Obama) has followed his father’s trail perfectly.

  • Alan

    Sounds like the old one-step-forward, two-step-back routine to me. Oh yeah, we’re really gaining ground with this “forward” meme, aren’t we?

  • Ibn Insha

    Even if it is true, how Obama can take credit for jobs created by private businesses? Or may be he can because nobody questions his wisdom.