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Obama's College Classmate Speaks Out: The Scandal At Columbia That Ends The Obama Presidency

August 9, 2012 by  

Hello, I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. And have I got a story for you. I am President Obama’s college classmate from Columbia University, Class of ’83. And I’ve got a hunch on the scandal that ends Obama’s hopes for a second term. No, it’s not his birth certificate. The scandal that takes down Obama’s Presidency happened 30 years ago at Columbia University. This is the smoking gun.

This also ties into Harry Reid’s hunch about Mitt Romney’s tax records. You see Senator Reid opened up Pandora’s box. He made it OK for any of us to play a guessing game. If Harry can guess about Romney’s taxes, without a shred of evidence… then a citizen and taxpayer and former college classmate of Obama has the standing to do a little educated guessing of my own.

You see my background is one of a kind. I’m one of the most accurate Las Vegas oddsmakers and prognosticators ever. Accurate enough that I was awarded my own star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars – one of 60 legends in the history of Vegas to be honored with a 180 pound granite star in the sidewalk on Las Vegas Blvd. Gut instinct is how I’ve made my living for 29 years since graduating Columbia. My gut is almost always right. I became a self-made millionaire based on my gut instincts. And I smell something rotten in Denmark. Obama has a big skeleton in his closet. And it’s hidden in his college records at Columbia.

But first let’s examine the game being played to distract us from the real scandal. It’s a diversion… subterfuge. I call Obama’s scheme “Weapons of mass distraction.” Obama and his infamous strategist David Axelrod understand how to play dirty political hardball, the best its ever been played. They learned on the vicious, dirty streets of Chicago, where the mob appears downright nice compared to the politicians. Team Obama has decided to distract America’s voters by condemning Mitt Romney for not releasing enough years of his tax returns. It’s the perfect cover. Obama knows the best defense is a bold offense. Just keep attacking Mitt and blaming him for secrecy and evasion, while accusing him of having a scandal that doesn’t exist. Then ask your lapdog Senator Harry Reid to chase the Frisbee. The U.S. Senate Majority Leader is now making up stories out of thin air, about tax returns he knows absolutely nothing about. It’s a cynical, brilliant and vicious strategy. Make Romney defend, so he can’t go on offense and attack the real Obama scandal.

This is classic Axelrod. Obama has won multiple elections in his career by slandering his opponents and leaking sealed court documents. Not only do these insinuations and leaks ruin the credibility and reputation of Obama’s opponents, they keep them on the defensive and off Obama’s trail of sealed documents. And Obama spends millions to armies of lawyers to keep them sealed.

By attacking Romney’s tax records, Obama’s team of Chicago hit men creates a problem that doesn’t exist. And they even have the U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in their pocket… leading the charge… thereby assuring that the media will cover it and put Romney on the Defensive. The U.S. Senate Majority Leader joins a scheme to defame a squeaky clean opponent with the record of a choir boy. Romney is the guy you want to marry your daughter. Religious. Brilliant. Family man. Never cheated in his life. Harvard Law and Harvard Business. Donates millions to charity. So you get Harry Reid to make up stories out of thin air to frame an innocent man… and you get the biased liberal media to go along with the execution of an innocent man. But the reason for this baseless attack is what is so interesting… such brilliant but disgusting cynical strategy it could only come from Chicago… the point of this deception and distraction is to make Romney defend, so he can’t go on the offensive… to dirty his perfect reputation up… and to give the media something to talk about… something other than the real scandal they should be investigating.

But I have the answer for Romney. A challenge that shuts up Obama forever.

It’s time to call Obama’s bluff. Romney should call a press conference and issue a challenge in front of the Nation. He should agree to release more of his tax returns, only if Obama unseals his college records. Simple and straight-forward. Mitt should ask “What could possibly be so embarrassing in your college records from 30 years ago, that you are afraid to let America’s voters see it? If it’s THAT bad, maybe it’s something the voters ought to see.” Suddenly the tables are turned. Now Obama is on the defensive.

My bet is that Obama will never unseal his records, never… EVER. Because they contain information that could destroy his political career. Once this challenge is made public, my prediction is you’ll never hear about Mitt’s tax returns ever again. End of story.

But why are the college records, of a 51-year-old President of the United States, so important to keep secret? I think I know the answer.

If anyone should have questions about Obama’s record at Columbia University, it’s me. We both graduated (according to Obama) Columbia University, Class of ’83. We were both (according to Obama) Pre-Law and Political Science majors. And I thought I knew most everyone at Columbia. I certainly thought I’d heard of all of my fellow Political Science majors. But not Obama… or as he was known then, Barry Soetoro. Can you imagine…the President of the United States had a different name 30 years ago. How bizarre is that? You think you know him? You don’t even know his name.

But here’s where the mystery gets really strange. I knew everyone in the political science department. But I never met Obama in my life. Never saw him in my life. Never even heard of him in my entire four years at Columbia. And none of the classmates that I knew at Columbia has ever met him, saw him or heard of him either.

But don’t take my word for it. The Wall Street Journal reported in 2008 that Fox News randomly called 400 of our Columbia classmates and never found one who had ever met Obama.

Now all of this mystery could be easily and instantly dismissed if Obama released his Columbia transcripts to the media. But even after serving as President for 3 1/2 years he refuses to unseal his college records. Shouldn’t the media be as relentless in pursuit of Obama’s records as Romney’s? Shouldn’t they be digging for Obama’s dirt with the same boundless enthusiasm as Mitt’s? Doesn’t something smell rotten here?

So let’s down and dirty to figure out the scandal. The first question I’d ask is, if you had great grades, why would you seal your records? So let’s assume Obama got poor grades. Why not release the records? He’s President of the free world, for gosh sakes. He’s commander-in-chief of the U.S. military. Who’d care about some poor grades from three decades ago, right? So then what’s the problem? Doesn’t that make the media suspicious? Something doesn’t add up.

Secondly, all of Obama’s old classmates and buddies at Occidental say he was a poor student there…spending lots of time smoking pot and attending radical meetings. His grades were awful they say. Again, we can’t prove it because Obama’s records are sealed. So if he had poor grades at Occidental, how did he get admitted to an Ivy League university in the first place? Do you know how hard it is to transfer into an Ivy League university – it’s almost impossible. And if his grades at Columbia were awful, how’d he ever get into Harvard Law School? So again those grades must have been great, right? So why spend millions to keep them sealed?

Third, how did a poor kid pay for all these fancy schools? If he had student loans or scholarships, don’t American students need good grades to maintain student loans?

I can only think of one answer that explains all of these mysteries…

So here’s my gut. I believe Obama got a leg up by being admitted to both Occidental and Columbia as a foreign exchange student. He was raised as a young boy in Indonesia. That’s a fact. His mother made him an Indonesian citizen. But… did his mother ever bother to change him back to a U.S. citizen? I’m betting not. He was abandoned by his mother and sent back to Hawaii to live with his grandparents. No one was paying much attention to young Obama, so his citizenship was never changed back. But suddenly as he nears college-age and starts thinking of how to get into college with lousy grades and no money… Obama learns that foreign students have a much easier path being admitted to U.S. universities. And even more amazingly, they get loads of aid and scholarships to attend college for free – something unavailable to U.S. citizens. It’s a completely different path – a path so easy that even a kid with no father… no mother to be found… no money… and lousy grades can get admitted to the best colleges… as a poor foreigner with an exotic background.

So a plan is hatched. Obama uses his Indonesian passport and citizenship to get into college. Suddenly even Ivy League Columbia University is a possibility for a foreign student from Indonesia. And it’s all paid for by the taxpayers.

That would explain how a poor student who rarely attended class and got mediocre grades, and with no money, was able to get accepted and pay for Occidental, Columbia and Harvard Law. The door magically opened for a foreign student. Every college needs one or two bright exotic foreigners to create “diversity.”

Now the sad reality is there is some U.S. student — a Valedictorian of his or her school — who never got to go to Columbia or Harvard Law because Obama fraudulently took their place.

That would also explain the great mystery of how in the summer of 1981 Barry Soetoro was able to travel to Pakistan when no U.S. citizen was allowed to travel there. An American couldn’t make that trip…but no problem if you’re an Indonesian citizen using an Indonesian passport?

Of course, here’s the wrinkle…a foreign student isn’t qualified to serve as President of the United States. So that secret had to be sealed and covered up for the rest of all time. In 2007 everything happened so fast no one could even ask questions…ask Hillary! She never imagined Obama could beat her and never did any serious digging. Next thing you know, Obama is President. But with a massive secret threatening his legacy every second of every day. That explains why a sitting President of the United States would spend millions of dollars in legal fees to keep his past sealed.

If you could unseal Obama’s Columbia University records I believe you’d find that:

  • He rarely ever attended class.
  • His grades were not those typical of what we understand it takes to get into Harvard Law School.
  • He attended Columbia as a foreign exchange student.
  • He never paid for either undergraduate college or Harvard Law School because of foreign aid and scholarships given to a poor foreigner like this kid Barry Soetoro from Indonesia.

Lastly, why do his classmates at Columbia not remember Obama? Was he a ghost? Did he never show up at class? My educated guess is that he was too busy smoking pot, attending Marxist meetings, and plotting the destruction of the U.S. economy and the overthrow of capitalism. Don’t laugh. It’s working.

If you think I’m “fishing,” then prove me wrong. Open up your records Mr. President. What are you afraid of? Cat got your tongue? If all we’ll find is a few C’s and D’s… then show us the records. If it’s OK for U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to go on a fishing expedition about Romney’s taxes (even though he knows absolutely nothing about them), then I think I can do the same thing. But as Obama’s Columbia Class of ’83 classmate, at least I have more standing to make educated guesses.

It’s time for Mitt to go on the attack and call Obama’s bluff. Oh and one more thing, Mitt. Tell Harry Reid you’ll release all of your tax returns when Harry Reid releases all of his. Inquiring minds want to know how Harry Reid entered the U.S. Senate with no assets and became one of the wealthiest United States Senators, now worth millions, and living at the Washington, D.C. Ritz Carlton? I’m not saying he did anything wrong, but just like Mitt’s tax returns… shouldn’t Harry have to prove he did nothing wrong? We all want to see Senator Reid’s tax returns to solve the second biggest mystery in Washington DC… behind only Obama’s scandal at Columbia.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week, same time, same place. God Bless America.

Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root is one of America's leading Libertarian-conservative authors. Wayne's new book is The Murder of the Middle Class Wayne is a Capitalist Evangelist, serial entrepreneur, conservative media commentator, and proud champion of the middle class. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee and Fox News regular. Follow Wayne on Twitter and visit Wayne's web site:

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  • DaveH

    Don’t hold your breath, Wayne.
    It does seem surprisingly stupid that the Dems would base their attacks on Mitt’s non-disclosure of his tax returns, when Obama has spent four years protecting his history from scrutiny by the people he supposedly works for. Even Stranger is that it’s gone on for so long now without a strong response from Mitt.
    I think the fix is in.

    • Alex

      The “Dems” are not basing their attack on Mitt Romney on the fact that the ONLY tax records released by him cover the two years AFTER Bernie Madoff went to prison.

      Romney is being attacked by people who understand that Mitt will reward his backers by sending OUR CHILDREN—not HIS—to Iran. Just as Cheneybush had planned the invasion of Iraq before they even took office so as to fatten Haliburton, etc, Mitt will do what the GOP so often does—-push fear in order to pump money to their friends in the War Industries.

      This is why Republican presidents are always tying us up with little wars against paper tigers—Grenada, Iraq, El Salvador, Panama, etc. Invent enemies, inject fear, escalate
      hostility, send in our sons and daughters. Increase the flow of our money to the biggest Welfare Queens ever—-our war Profiteers.

      Romney’s tax masquerade is secondary.

      • http://Idon'tknow john vance

        get off it you are full of it. the scare tatics come from DEM”S always have example old lady being thrown off of clifff by Ryan look alike so dont give me this crap about repubs using scare tactics. and who tell lies about their opponets and always have DEM’S. DEM’S will do anything to get elected or re-elected

      • http://personalliberty chefdean

        If this is true why don’t the dumbocrats ( including Harry Reid) say so! If it was true Reid would be the first to shout it from the halls of congress where he is immune from charges of slander.

      • nativetexan

        Alex, you’re an idiot. I only need one word to answer your lunacy – SOLYNDRA. Enough said, your idiocy is proven.

      • Warrior

        Being from chicago, we have many interested people looking for the “manger”. We think tony rezko knows but he’s not talking. You can make all the absurd comments and proclaim your loyalties to the “progressive statist” that you adore. A fraud is still a fraud. Do something useful with your life.

      • http://n.a. Mort

        WWi … Wilson,Democrat
        WWII … FDR, Democrat
        Korea … Truman, Democrat
        VietNam …JFK, LBJ, Democrats
        Cuban Fiasco … JFK, Democrat
        Kosovo … Clinton, Democrat

      • Nobody’s Fool

        Alex, obviously you are blinded by non-facts and you will never overcome your blindness and stupidity. I feel sorry for such a dim bulb as you. Really. There is no hope for you (well, except the “hope” provided by your idol, oBlamer…and that would be FALSE hope, of course.) So you are a sad case. You should go back under your rock.

      • Cicuta

        Alex, your 100% correct! I can care a less about Romney’s tax records but what I see in Romney is a hypocrite swinging back and forth in front of that wall in Israel along with other Jews. He is not a president yet and he is already invading Iran. I have never liked Republicans because they are war mongers and they attack the meek just to take their oil and make their money along with the weapon’s and oil industry in the USA. My question is: Why don’t they attack China or Russia? They have tons of atomic weapons just as we do and Israel as well; so, where is the problem? In my book, Iran has all the right to produce their atomic weapons as deterrence from the USA and Israel and the same North Korea. If the USA and Israel, along with some other European countries don’t want Iran to have atomic weapon, no one in the world should have them including us and Israel. I never believed in any president as I have seen what all of them have done…Republicans or Democrats…so, I will not vote for no one as I have done so far.


      • DaveH

        What do his tax returns have to do with his backers, Alex?
        Why do you give Obama a pass for keeping our military interventions around the world?
        Why don’t you advocate that Obama exposes his backers?

      • DaveH

        Cicuta says — “He is not a president yet and he is already invading Iran”.
        Where was your protest, Cicuta, when Obama invaded Libya, without Congressional permission, and without attack from Libya?

      • http://yahoo samuel

        May I ASK A question about who is sending our brave kids(volunteers) INTO BATTLE? i AM CONFUSED! i ALWAYS thought the PRESIDENT was the only one that could do that!! PLEASE explain!

      • Jasmine

        So your Messiah, Odumbo, the The Peace BS artist hasn’t gotten us into more wars and hasn’t used our kids as pawns to do his dirty biddings? You should educate yourself to the fact that he allotted 1.4 Billion of our taxpayer dollars to fund the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow Mubarrak (our and Isreal’s ally). Also, he limed his way around Congress and the War Powers Act by using our treaty with the UN to empower the Muslims in Libya, Egypt and Syria. He is a corrupt, deceitful thug and if you can’t see that, then please don’t vote.


        hey humpty…ever heard of vietnam??? lets see, who was pres then….i believe it was JFK,then LBJ,both dems…..hummmm…

      • Rev. Vernon York

        If anyone would take the time to research the, historical, documented facts they wouldn’t become victims of mindless party politics and throwing verbal stones at each other while they confirm their unfortunate mutual ignorance. If they would use their eyes and ears, four times as much as they used their mouths, , then there would be a possibility, however slim, that they might could come together and defeat their common enemy. I realize that in a large way I am “casting my pearls before swine”, but I do it in sincere hope that someone somewhere, might wake up and see the light.

        All of Americas’ problems, with few exceptions, are much like a huge tree full of thorny branches, the thorny branches in this illustration would represent the many prickly problems. Pruning the branches will always produce more branches and make the problems multiply. The ONLY way to get rid of these monumental problems is to pull the tree up by its roots, and BURN THE TREE. Instead we continually fight tooth and nail over which fertilizer (politician) to use to make it grow bigger.

        This tree was planted (for the 4th time in history) by President Woodrow Wilson who later confessed that by doing so he had “ruined his country”. He was assisted by a skeleton congress while most were out for the holidays. The tree had been previously up rooted and burned by President Andrew Jackson leaving America DEBT FREE.

        The TREE is the PRIVATE CENTRAL BANK (see the Communist Manifesto 10 planks) that goes by the name FEDERAL RESERVE. It is not Federal nor does it have reserves. It is merely a powerful group of thugs who were given an unlawful private counterfeiting franchise to print Americas’ currency and LOAN to us that which was already OURS in the first place.
        Here’s how the SCAM works. Americas’ currency that was printed and issued for our use WAS issued DEBT FREE, not borrowed from a third party loan shark but from each other. Americans borrowing from other Americans and owing each other is good healthy business.

        Now the BANKSTERS can create a BILLION DOLLARS in currency for about $1000.00 dollars worth of ink and paper…… these days it’s just done with a keystroke on a computer. At this point congressional DISTRICT OF CRIMINALS in Wash, DC borrow TRILLIONS (electronically created out of thin air), and bury, the supposed uses for the loan in 1000′s of pages of treasonous legislation, then waste and embezzle as much as they possibly can, lie about it, point fingers at each other, and then scream for more…..all the while hard working Americans are made the unwitting co-signer to the loan and saddled for decades to repay this MASSIVE FRAUD.
        Then we are told that we can’t afford medical treatment any more and have to ration care and
        figure out ways to kill off the elderly and newborns to reduce the needs of the unaffordable you and me and our loved ones.
        Here is an illustration of what makes this scam so diabolical. Imagine if you will America, in your minds eye as an old west town out of your favorite western, and everyone in the town decided to repay all of their loans with cash and assets. That is they took all their cash, and put a cash value on all livestock, farms, homes, businesses, personal belongings..EVERY THING. Now they pool all of the money and assets to make one large payment to pay off the bank, and start over with the clothes on their back. They STILL can not repay the BANK because only the PRINCIPLE WAS CREATED and loaned into circulation. The INTEREST IS NEVER CREATED. The inevitable end is a shortage of currency in circulation and a CRASH (1929). After the principle is paid their can never be enough to pay off the interest too! So more loans on top of more loans and the FRAUDULENT DEBT gets deeper and deeper. So then orchestrating a WAR or two is good for business and the story continues…A good book for details see, “The Creature From Jekyll Island” G. Edward Griffin AMAZON BOOKS $4.95

      • Dennis Phelps

        WOW Alex looks like you really stepped in it this time with all these reply’s!
        What say you now?

      • Curt

        So your hero Obimbo is perfect? So, why does he insist on keeping his records sealed, he pass concealed? O’crap has been in office for, how long now, three and a half years? He promised that the troops would ALL come home. Why are there troops still in the middle east? 3 1/2 years and still can’t get them home.

        As far as Romneys tax records – Let me see if I understand…I should be more outraged about what Romney does with his money than Obimbo does with mine?

        The Repulicans are warmongers?
        I borrowed this from Mort…
        WWi … Wilson,Democrat
        WWII … FDR, Democrat
        Korea … Truman, Democrat
        VietNam …JFK, LBJ, Democrats
        Cuban Fiasco … JFK, Democrat
        Kosovo … Clinton, Democrat

        That, to me, sounds like more the Demoncraps are bigger warongers than Ghenkis Khan.

        Yeah…well, some people you just can not reason with even though the truth is written on a baseball bat and smacks them in the face. Alex, you are a lost cause. But the rest of us will pray for your soul. Oh, wait, you don’t believe in God either…never mind.

      • flipperj

        If I recall I think it was the dems that got us into Viet-Nam and all the major wars so do some home work and just keep drinking the Kool-Aid

      • Anumber1

        Who got us into the little war in Viet Nam?

      • Meteorlady

        You completely discount the fact that Bush has not less than 7 UN resolutions and the full vote of congress before committing troops. Where were your representatives when the vote was taken? Getting money under that table from the various military contractors and arms manufacturers?

      • Vicki

        Alex says:
        “Romney is being attacked by people who understand that Mitt will reward his backers by sending OUR CHILDREN—not HIS—to Iran.”

        Really? And there I thought that obama was the President. Well it appears that Alex has exposed what a lot of people think. Obama is not his own man.

      • doug

        ok, Wayne; Earlier this year you predict Romney will win BIG. This election will be 1980 all over again. Based on what exactly?

        I know that we have the 3 presidential debates to see. It is possible for the another Reagen-like victory. That’s asking for too much. Romney only needs 50% plus one … more vote to win. That’s all We patriotic Americans need to win.

      • Jay

        How many soldiers have died since obama took office?

        60% of U.S. Military Deaths in Afghanistan Have Occurred Since Obama Was Inaugurated in 2009! It must run in the family…

      • hedy

        wy dont you joine nancy harry and the rest of the dem idiots and go to planet stupid, ore crawl back under your rock

      • eddie47d

        Looks like they skirted your comment again Alex as they do everyday. Romney said during the debates he would take on Iran and do it even if Israel strikes first. That sounds like a deliberate provocation to me so there are plenty here who would go to war at the drop of a hat. I reckon they are the old kettle calling the pot black. What a merry-go-round they and we play!

      • DaveH

        How can you compare Romney to Reagan, Doug? They’re not even remotely close.
        Doug says — “Romney only needs 50% plus one … more vote to win. That’s all We patriotic Americans need to win”.
        What is Patriotic about putting yet another Progressive Freedom-Stealing Republican in office, Doug?

      • JeffH

        Rev. Vernon York, excellant comment…you get it.

      • Betty

        your a dumbass along with that idiot we call our pres

      • Tom

        Thanks for your excellent commentary Alex. As long as Romney continues to ride along with the Bomb Iran crowd, the likelihood of him dragging the US into another useless Mideast war needs to highlighted.

      • ML

        So little wars hmmm it was a Democratic who voided the 13th & 14% Amendments to the Constitution you know the one’s that prevent a draft,a conscription of Citizens of the US. A Democrat every single time. So don’t talk about Mitt sending our kids in my case grand kids to die in Iran. So let’s look a the larger paradigm.Vietnam dem started it republican finished it. Korea dem started republican finished it. WWII dems at both ends, WW1 dem starts repub ends. In fact with the exception of the Civil War when Lincoln illegally instituted a draft the republicans have never instituted a draft ONLY democrats always have. Obama is still allowing our sons and daughters to die in a region we need not be in any longer. He should use one of his famous executive orders to end the mess but I bet he won’t, not now not ever. So if Iran is your worry take a lesson from history and get the democrat out of office.

        • Jeff

          Historically, there’s a bit to what you say. BUT, Democrats learned the lesson of Viet Nam; Republicans have not. Carter- no military commitments. Clinton – only Kosovo and that involved No Troops. Obama – ended Iraq; ending Afghanistan (too slowly for my taste); and Libya – No Troops. Compare that record to the Bushes and Reagan. That being said, I can’t believe either Reagan or Bush 1 would have invaded Iraq under the circumstances as they existed. A bridge too idiotic for any but W-Cheney! Romney? Let’s hope we don’t find out. He’d be so afraid of a challenge from the right, he’d be likely to bomb Iran as soon as some general said he should.

          As Eisenhower knew and JFK learned, sometimes you don’t listen to the generals on the ground. They may know how to get from A to B, but it’s the President’s job to know where B is.

      • DaveH

        It’s not a Democrat/Republican thing, Jeff. It’s a Big Government Politician/Crony Capitalist thing. They work hand in hand with both parties. As long as people are ignorant of that fact, the Politicians will just keep playing the zealots off one another and growing their Power.
        What do the Military State and the Welfare State have in common? More Power for the Politicians.

      • Stasch

        So thats the same reason it was Democrat presidents that got us into WW II, Korea and you guessed it Vietman.

      • Maynard Runkle

        Great post Alex. The only disagreement I have is that Democrats Johnson and Clinton went along with the military industrial complex and Obama has as well. JFK, as documents that were released under the Freedom of Information Act show, blocked attempts to false flag us into war by rejecting a proposal to knock down a US plane and set off explosions in Miami and Washington, D.C. and then blame Cuba. I believe it was called Operation Northwoods. He also signed a paper that was rescinded by Johnson to bring our personnel home from Vietnam by the end of ’63.
        Johnson went along with the false flag Gulf of Tonkin incident. Nixon escalated by bringing the attack to neutral soil in Cambodia. Reagan and Bush gave us Iran-Contra, and Bush the Gulf War putting out false propaganda about babies being ripped from their Incubators and WTC ’93 where the FBI gave real explosives to extremists and were exposed but no action was taken against them. Saddam and Osama were brought to power by our CIA, to later be used as scapegoats, The Oklahoma City Bombing is suspicious because there were bombs inside and unexploded bombs removed after as documented by local news stations.
        The most horrific false flag in history came then. 9/11 videos, chemicals in the dust, eye witness reports, the videos, extreme heat hotter than jet fuel ever gets was observed in the debris pile for weeks and fragmented bones found on top of the Deutsche Bank Building in 2008 are allclear evidence of explosions at the WTC. The building with the best defenses in the world, the Pentagon, was supposedly hit by a jet. This defies credibility in itself. Furthermore, the Pilots for Truth analyzed the black box and it shows the cockpit door of FL 77 was never opened and the plane was never low enough to hit the Pentagon. The jet engines would have dug into the lawn if it hit where the first floor hole was photographed but the lawn was in good shape and they quickly covered it up with gravel. Plane parts, bags, and passengers were strangely missing. Many accountants looking for the TRILLIONS Rumsfeld announced unaccounted for the day before were casualties.

        Who knows what they’ll pull to get us to attack Iran, but I think Romney would do it in a heart beat whereas Obama shows a little more backbone.

        If Obama did not go to Columbia, how was he admitted to Harvard and elected President of the Harvard Law Review?
        I believe that Obama may have had connections with the CIA as Occidental is known for that and his parents may have had CIA involvement at the University of Hawaii, his father in Kenya and after the divorce and remarriage his mother in Indonesia.

        Osama bin Laden was supported by our CIA when the Soviets attacked Afghanistan. He repeatedly denounced 9/11 and side by side photos of him and the imposter on the videotape supposedly found in Afghanistan after our invasion compared with the known Osama reveal two different men. Al Qaeda means “toilet” in Arabic and it is highly unlikely any Muslim group would call themselves that. It is an invention of the CIA.
        Of course there are a lot more terrorists than ever now, a natural consequence of attacking, invading, kidnapping, torturing and imprisoning them.That was the intention in order to fill the vacuum left by the disappearance of the Commie threat.

        • Jeff


          Clinton, in his 8 years in office, only committed us to one military action, Kosovo, and it involved no troops. I don’t know what military pressure he either succumbed to or resisted, but we sent no troops anywhere. JFK learned the hard way about the military after the Bay of Pigs, but he learned well and knew NOT to take the Military’s advice during the Cuban Missile Crisis. I still think he would not have taken us on the LBJ path in Viet Nam. All presidents have advisors but the most important decisions are not made by the advisors but by the president.

          Do you really take the premise of this article seriously? Just because the author says he doesn’t remember Obama at Columbia, he wasn’t there? Then, you concoct some elaborate conspiracy to account for his admission to Harvard Law School. Wouldn’t it be simpler to say Wayne Root doesn’t know what he’s talking about? His evidence is “gut instinct.” What if Harry Reid said that?

      • Deerinwater

        Meteorlady says:

        You completely discount the fact that Bush has not less than 7 UN resolutions and the full vote of congress before committing troops. Where were your representatives when the vote was taken? Getting money under that table from the various military contractors and arms manufacturers?

        I say; You are indeed correct! And it was most wise! While you my dear friend discount the fact, congress and congressional body was duped with misleading intell and the firm determination of 43′s administration to do what it planned to do in spite of conflicting intell or the will of opposition much less inner council or Top Brass saying this would not turn out well and would be a political and military nightmare all things considered, while Donald claimed the freed Iraq’s would throw roses.

      • Katerina Gasset

        Alex- you don’t know Mitt Romney. I do. And he would never hurt my children or your children. He does not want war. He wants peace. You are so ignorant to base your assumptions on what you read about from the press. You need to first get to know a person before you judge them and say all manner of hate against them.

      • Deerinwater

        Alex says;This is why Republican presidents are always tying us up with little wars against paper tigers—Grenada, Iraq, El Salvador, Panama, etc. Invent enemies, inject fear, escalate
        hostility, send in our sons and daughters. Increase the flow of our money to the biggest Welfare Queens ever—-our war Profiteers.

        Romney’s tax masquerade is secondary.

        Mort says:
        August 9, 2012 at 8:22 am
        WWi … Wilson,Democrat
        WWII … FDR, Democrat
        Korea … Truman, Democrat
        VietNam …JFK, LBJ, Democrats
        Cuban Fiasco … JFK, Democrat
        Kosovo … Clinton, Democrat”

        Mort, I think you missed the point Alex was making ~ WWI & II were not paper tigers , Korea was in response to China exploiting it’s position and a defeated enemy (Japan) post war conditions and the entire world weary of war. It was a logical move for China to make.

        And I’m really not sure what Nam was about and I fought it. The history reads like a poorly written novel. While it is true the Kong were ruthless to peasant villages, doing things no other animal would do to another to gain obedience. But what actually started it, damned if I know, ~ the French leaving would be my guess, natural rubber had became less desirable as a product for market. ???? There was a power vacuum, I know there was a coup and double cross in leadership. America refused to talk with Ho, that was a big mistake. Ho was a patriot. What happen after America pulled out is a grisly story few historians want to discuss even today. It wasn’t pretty.

        Cuba Fiasco was an invasion gone wrong , while you must remember The Great Northern Bear enjoyed sunning there and installing his fireworks.

        Kosovo was an air campaign to stop genocide and human atrocities that were being carried out on a wholesale level.

        None of these incidents are equal on any level. In some cases it was poor GOP foreign policy that created the tension and left for the next administration to deal with the diplomatic mess. ~ Time is unbroken line.

      • bohdan1

        You’re being pissed on by OsamaObama and you think it’s only raining. Americans are just so tired of fools like you.

      • tom

        Grow up !

      • Wyatt

        If you truely believe that Alex you are not only a fool you are one of the sheep who blindly follow Barry the Fraud . Keep drinking the Koolaid , one day it will be the Jim Jones flavor

      • mooseairborne

        Shut up you worthless Marxist drone. I would smack your teeth out if you were in front of me. You ramble on about the same old crap that all Liberal drones ramble about. It is always symbolism over substance with you people. Why don’t you throw yourself off the cliff and save me the trouble of tracking you down.

        • Deerinwater

          There is no place for personal threats Sir. Attack the “message” to prove your worthiness and might power. Bacteria can be airborne while I’ve never seen a moose.

      • Obamanator

        Oh I see Alex, you worry about that Mitt might send our sons and daughters into harms way but ignore Obama’s expansion of the war in Afghanistan, getting involved in other conflicts in Syria and Yemen, not to mention to mention his “hit list” which includes American citizens. That’s very interesting you take this position. Your arguments are full of speculations but don’t seem to contain any substantive evidence.

        You make unsubstantiated accusations about Bush and Chaney starting the war in Iraq to enrich Haliburton but say nothing about Obama wasting a half billion on Solyndra. I thought the Iraq war was “blood for oil”, not Haliburton. Have you been listening to the shameless lies against Mitt by the Obama supporters?

        Mitt has a sterling record of successes in leadership roles, numerous accomplishments, a flawless character and a record of giving of his time and money to worthy causes. Yet a group of political hacks like Harry Reid craft lie after lie to try and bring down Mitt Romney. Obama’s solution to problem solving is a round of golf and leave the work to someone else. His record as a leader is dismal at best. For more details to to the Obamanator page on and get a true record of Obama’s track record both before and after his Presidency.

        You can hate rich people all you want but I never got a job from a poor person. I never had a rich person pull a gun on me and rob me. Please don’t tell me rich people are robbing poor people to get their wealth. That’s not even logical. Wealth is created not taken from poor people. Socialism, like Obama’s fighting to instill in America, kills initiative and promotes a “welfare mentality”. A vote for Obama is a vote to continue to swim in this stagnant quagmire of an economy while he creates more debt at a record pace. A vote for Obama is a vote to eliminate the Constitution of the United States which is the very Constitution Obama swore to protect. On a more personal level I find Obama to be an arrogant narcissist which in my estimation puts him a couple notches below a sickening, disgusting maggot. He’ll not get my vote.

        • Jeff

          Next time you should remove Romney’s diamond-studded member from your mouth before posting.

          I wasn’t aware Romney did it all for us. I will definitely reconsider.

          I’ve reconsidered and I still think he’ll try to sell Michigan to China. Rick Perry was right about the vulture capital thing. Romney made most of his money at Bain by loading vulnerable companies with debt, taking a good share for their “fees,” and walking away leaving the company in bankruptcy. Not only that, they made a practice of looting pension funds and cancelling workers’ health care.

          I know that Bain also had a true venture capital side and they had some successes. But they sucked hundreds of millions of dollars from companies that might have had a chance to survive without Bain’s “help.”

          Now, he wants to be the only recent candidate to not release multiple years of tax returns. The Prince and Princess have released “all you people need” to evaluate the superior lifestyle of the Romneys. The reason Harry Reid’s comments “have legs” is because everyone knows Romney is the kind of slickster who will get away with anything he can concerning his taxes. He has hired lobbyists to write tax laws favorable to him and he has exploited fraudulent tax shelter schemes in the past.

          • truesoy


            Not to mention that Bain took millions in taxpayers money for several companies the were involved with. One company was Steel Dynamics for which they took $37 millions in taxpayers money.


      • BigBadJohn

        WOW where to start?
        First of I agree that Obama should release his records but I also think Romney should release his tax records. I am getting sick of presidential candidates that you can not trust.

        john vance “dont give me this crap about repubs using scare tactics. ” I seem to remember conservatives speaking in one voice – ” We have to fight them over there instead of in the USA” and “if you are reading this in English thank a soldier” – As if Iraq was planning an all out invasion. Just check out some of those Carl Rove lies…..

        nativetexan – “SOLYNDRA. Enough said, your idiocy is proven.” (500 million) versus 10 BILLION IN CASH flown into Iraq which immediately disappeared into the greedy hands of Bush’s supporters.

        I’ll say it again – I CAN NOT vote for either candidate so will write in Ron Paul or vote Libertarian.

      • William Lewis

        I agree %100.

      • Smilee

        CHRIS BROWN says:
        August 9, 2012 at 10:03 am

        Nixon was president for almost the last five years of the war!!

        • deerinwater

          CHRIS BROWN says: August 9, 2012 at 10:03 am Nixon was president for almost the last five years of the war!! ~ Yea, I know, I was there, ~ it takes 5 years to “stand down” and pull out for entrenched military.

          You can expect a 4 to 5 years time frame for just about any major engagement that employed all branches of the service.

      • John

        First off, Mitt Romney won’t send his sons to Iran because they are too young. Just like Obama won’t send his daughters because they are too young. Second, the war with Iraq, Obama is still keeping it going. AND, during his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, he stated that we need a strong military to deal with nations like Iraq and Iran, so don’t tell us it’s just Republicans that are warmongers. Third, Republicans aren’t the only ones spreading hate and fear. Didn’t Obama pass the NDAA which enables the government and its officers to ILLEGALLY arrest and detain Americans for an indeterminate period of time just for voicing their opinions? And didn’t Obama allow more predator drones to attack Iraq than Bush? OH! and isn’t Obama trying to raise the debt ceiling just so he can spend more taxpayer money? Money we don’t have. And isn’t he also letting the Federal Reserve create more money, thus devaluing the American dollar even more? I could have sworn Germany and Russia did the same thing after WWI. Look how THEY turned out.

      • Lee Mc Donald

        I see you never really studied history Alex. When exactly did we invade El Salvador?

      • mytorpor

        Then how do you explain my son being sent to Afghanistan, TWICE, under a Democratic president? And how do you explain the fact that we have lost three times the number of military under Obama in 3 1/2 years, than we did under Bush in 7? I explain it by saying that Obama is tying the hands of our military in order to look good to our enemy and the media is releasing virtually no information about war fatalities to protect his re-election.

        • DaveK

          I thank you for your son’s service. Have you seen how much Obama has improved the benefits and services that your son will have when he comes home? Unfortunately, these come with financial responsibilities. Bush cut services for returning vets so he could help pay for the tax cuts. I believe that we ask a lot of our military, but that we must help them when they return even if it is expensive.

          • Jeff

            Supporting the troops is all about rhetoric and aparently has little to do with actual support. That might be socialism after all.

          • Deerinwater

            “in response to mytorpor:
            Then how do you explain my son being sent to Afghanistan, TWICE, under a Democratic president? And how do you explain the fact that we have lost three times the number of military under Obama in 3 1/2 years, than we did under Bush in 7? I explain it by saying that Obama is tying ”

            Allow me to jump in here, ~ First allows us to accept or at the the least consider so obvious facts and I will offer them by the numbers.

            1. These wars were “W”‘s administrations wars.

            2. W and many of his inner circle and supported and wanted these wars

            3. These wars were opposed by many including Obama.

            4. Opposition to these wars was not strong enough to stop them.

            5. These wars were never funded, no American was asked to pay for them

            6. These war(s) and their planing was poorly conceived, rushed and under equipped

            7. Senior Pentagon staff, warned of bad planing and were ignored

            8. Senior Pentagon staff retired early rather then be a part of a known debacle.

            9. Watch the best military in the world fight these wars was like watching a dog trying to eat peanut butter.

            10. Bush leadership of the military failed to produce Bin Laden (claiming he did know where he was and it really didn’t matter)

            11.Obama’s administration inherited a military nightmare, with no end in sight, stating the first order of business was locate and kill BIn Laden and bring these war to a close.

            12.With a stronger commitment to end these wars and bring in Bin Laden came greater efforts and greater troop strength and more material and supplies which your son has been a part of. (Nam was my war and I served in much the same purpose)

            13. It took 5 years for Nixon to close out the war that he inherited .

            14 In 3 1/2 years of renew efforts American soldiers have located and terminated Bin Laden and closed down one war and we still have one to go.

            15. Thank you for your son’s great effort, your family’s investment and improved leadership with a solid commitment to bring this debacle to a final closure and the 7 trillion dollars American’s have dug out of their sofa cushions to paid for it all as wealthy arms dealers have enjoy the greatest transfer of wealth in history and beloved and praised for their cleverness and ingenuity.

    • Deerinwater

      I believe that every modern president has found it necessary to limit personal history for the most obvious reasons, if you don’t understand or accept those reasons perhaps you need to educate yourself with the activities of the Secret Service and the daunting task they preform to keep our heads of state safe for all the weirdos and nut cases that walk around in a Free Nation where being a nut is not a crime.

      It seems that Mr. Romney wishes to exclude his Tax Returns from disclosure which is contrary to standard practice as Mitt is the GOP’s only candidate and asking the American people for their support while making claims he is a business man and understands business matters. It would seem only natural for the American people to want to know more about these business practices, especially since Mitt Romney is the one that brought the subject up in the first place.

      Obama is the president, Mitt Romney is not. So by default, Obama has some things working for him regarding matters of disclosure. I believe that it’s referred to as Executive Privileged, an entitlement and tool used by all past administrations for many various and unsundry reasons. It has cut both ways on many occasions.

      This is a card game, where not all but many cards are played face down. In this case Romney really needs to show us his “openers”, it’s Jacks or better to continue. We trust him, but it needs to be verified and a matter of sound business practices that he claims that he understands so well.

      All of this rumor of what Obama did or didn’t do is not germane to the issue at hand and more school yard folly and childish bickering.

      If Mitt want to play the game, that is how it’s played. ~ His history and documentation is being request now and actually, since Mitt is the only GOP candidate being offered , it’s rather late.

      If an election came be bought which we all know that they have and that they can, this is not the time to start ignoring the rules of standard procedure.

      I will accept the outcome of a fair election, regardless of who wins and it’s my hope the rest of you feel the same way.

      • http://personalliberty chefdean

        Obama (before he was elected and while a mere candidate) never answered ANY questions about his past. Why should Mitt answer any? Different standards for Republican candidates!

      • nativetexan

        You must be a product of the government school system. You need remedial training about how to communicate in English. Your “jacks or better” analogy backfires when and if you decide to hold obama to the same standard. We are still waiting for his “jacks or better”. He shut everything down before the 2008 election and refused to answer questions choosing to hide behind the privacy argument which lunatic liberals use only when they think it can benefit their lying, stealing ways. Mr. Root is right on with his hypothesis which I was espousing in 2007. Show us ANYTHING dictator-wannabe obama. You are disgusting and a disgrace to America.

      • Flashy

        Deer….As usual, Root is playing to emotions rather than any reasoning. He is relying on the TP Trilogy. For instance “By attacking Romney’s tax records, Obama’s team of Chicago hit men creates a problem that doesn’t exist.”

        Eh? So the records of a candidate which will disclose just how much he invests in America, how much he has played the game, just how much he has stepped up for paying back what this society has afforded him, just how true his words today are and where his interests lie…aren’t an issue? And his continuous refusal against all calls, from the Right AND the left doesn’t cause suspicion?

        Versus what Root is alleging. BTW…I can state that one doesn’t get into Harvard Law or become editor of the Review by being mediocre. And I couldn’t tell you who was in my Pol Sci Department in my college..and Root is kinda stretching it claiming he would know of everyone. Believe that claim by Root? Give me a break.

        High School? yeah…almost everyone knew of everyone. Masters? Pretty much my Pod and those associated with in Seminars and in projects. Doctorate? Most all (shared pain and suffering if you like). undergrad? LOL…ain’t no way. too big, too varied, and who cared? And no one i knew shared grades … anyone saying anything about grade performance in College…at any level…was either a very very close friend or they’re lyin’ . Who the hel* talked about grades ???

        Just another TP trilogy based rant….

      • Shelia

        Well said Deerinwater. Thank You

      • Nobody’s Fool

        Again, you are blinded by non-facts. It never ceases to amaze me how you democRATS refuse to see the truth. You made a Freudian slip in your post when you referred to “Executive Privileged”–that is what oBlamer thinks he is–Privileged. Privileged to lie, steal, hide, cover up, rob, pillage, and destroy this country. Are you going to be happy when this country falls? When we are no longer free to worship our God, no longer free to work and save our money for retirement?? (There will be no need to save for retirement, because under oBlamercare, when you reach retirement age, you get over in the To Be Killed Line.) And you look forward to that time….because…..???? Please wake up and smell the landfill. oBlamer is a hand puppet (of George Soros) and he’s made of plastic (no background) and stuffed with manure. Yes he is.

        BTW…what is “various and unsundry”?? Go back to school.

      • Nan

        Mitt Romney DID disclose his tax returns. Why are you saying he did not? Does he REALLY have to disclose the past ten years? Our wonderful IRS would have gotten to him years ago. C’mon, this is all just a distraction and you know it.

      • wonderbear

        When’s the last time we saw a fair election?

      • Cicuta

        Nothing is fair especially in this country now days. The votes will be counted by a Spanish company… Is that fair? Obama is using his power as president to bring in Mexicans to vote for him and I know that for a fact…Is that fair? Obama is using non-existing people to vote for him…Is that fair? We have a crook as president…Is that fair? Florida has discover 180,000 non-citizens registered to vote…Is that fair? Bush won in Florida because of his brother not allowing 20,000 ballots to be admitted in the tally…Was that fair?

        Nothing is fair in this country and you should know it by now. As far as Obama, I never liked the SOB and never will. He is an idiot who has, along with other presidents, destroyed our country and now we are more than 100 trillion in debt to be precise. Our problems began back in 1967 when Linden B. Johnson changed SS to be in a public trust so they could take the SS money to make war; what we are experiencing now is not new… It has been building up since the early 80s with Ronald Reagan and people still think he was great.

        I can care a less about Romney also and see in him a hypocrite; so, I will follow my ethic and vote for no one as I have done so far.

      • DaveH

        That is some mighty fine rationalization and double-speak, Deerinwater.
        Perhaps your best yet.

      • Flashy

        Nan—>” Does he REALLY have to disclose the past ten years? ”

        Yeah…he does. he has been so firm against disclosing only the one year. Evry candidate…every one…since his father in the 60′s…has. Pres. Obama and Biden had 8 years disclosed in ’08, the past 10 years online now.

        No one is saying Romney did anything illegal. but yeah, we have a right to know about his investments in America versus what he is saying today as we consider who we are being asked to vote for.

        What doesn’t he want us to know about him?

      • Meteorlady

        Romney did release tax returns, current ones. So why doesn’t Obama release as far back as he wants Romney to do? This is a smokescreen. Name one single ad or speech where Obama has actually run on his record? They are all more hype and lies as he did nothing the first time around and now he’s saying he will if we re-elect him? I don’t buy anything he says – he’s bad for our economy and business.

      • Vicki

        Flashy writes:
        ” Pres. Obama and Biden had 8 years disclosed in ’08, the past 10 years online now.”

        Link flashy. Link. Otherwise it is just another of your bald assertions.

      • TML

        Flashy says, “What doesn’t he want us to know about him?”

        I think that’s a great question concerning Obama as well, probably even more so, which is what the article/video is about.

        Don’t distract the real issue

      • http://Idon'tknow john vance

        Deerinwater: you sure do have strange thought process or should I say thoughtless, ya that is more like it.
        Romney has said 2 yrs worth of tax returns & that is more than enough no President has shown more. In fact OBUMER has not shown his when he ran if fact he hasent shown anything, so wuy don’t you give it jackleg.

      • TML

        Flashy says, “As usual, Root is playing to emotions rather than any reasoning. He is relying on the TP Trilogy. For instance “By attacking Romney’s tax records, Obama’s team of Chicago hit men creates a problem that doesn’t exist.”

        Eh? So the records of a candidate which will disclose just how much he invests in America, how much he has played the game, just how much he has stepped up for paying back what this society has afforded him, just how true his words today are and where his interests lie…aren’t an issue? And his continuous refusal against all calls, from the Right AND the left doesn’t cause suspicion?”

        That clearly is not an appeal to emotion as opposed to reasoning. Indeed, disclosure of records of candidates is an issue… and I’d say even more so concerning a sitting President. I think the point of the matter isn’t that Romney shouldn’t, and more to the point that Obama is more secretive in his records than Romney could ever hope to be. Personally, I don’t like either of them.

        Flashy says, “Versus what Root is alleging. BTW…I can state that one doesn’t get into Harvard Law or become editor of the Review by being mediocre. And I couldn’t tell you who was in my Pol Sci Department in my college..and Root is kinda stretching it claiming he would know of everyone. Believe that claim by Root? Give me a break.”

        Obviously it’s his personal testimony and nothing more. And speculation that would be unnecessary if Obama would release his records. What does he have to hide?

      • Jay

        DaveH says: That is some mighty fine rationalization and double-speak, Deerinwater.
        Perhaps your best yet.

        Dave, don’t you hate it when demorats refer to a tax increase as “revenue enhancement,” or when a boss says you’re not fired, you’re “transitioned” or “uninstalled”? Then you’ve been exposed to doublespeak. Deer-in-convolutions is always using language that is evasive, deceptive, self-contradictory, or misleading. Doublespeak turns lies told by deerinwater into “strategic misrepresentations,” “reality augmentation,” or “terminological inexactitudes.” After being treated with a smattering of deerinwater’s doublespeak, ordinary sewage sludge becomes “regulated organic nutrients” that do not sink but merely “exceed the odor threshold.”

      • Rick Caston

        Flashy- “Yeah…he does.” NO, he doesn’t. Romney is under no obligation to show us anything. Last election, Obama hide everything about his past and it remains hidden. Oh yeah, he showed some tax returns. Good for him. But he refused, and still refuses, to release any records of his past. They have been sealed and locked away with the key thrown away as far as he is concerned. The man can’t even produce an actual copy of his birth certificate for crying out loud. The last one proven to be a forgery. What is the man hiding Flashy? Until Obama comes clean, screw Reid, Obama, Pelosi and all other POS democrats and their voters! And by the way, Romney has said that last years returns will be provided once they are finished. And not having them done is not un usual, especially for the well to do. Heck, I never do mine on time and still haven’t. As far as I am concerned, knowing what we now know about Obama and his plans for America, he is a traitor. And anyone that would vote for this SOB is a traitor. And after this is over he, Holder, Jarrett, his Czars, et al, should be treated as such.

      • Stupidsheeple

        Actually, Mittens is just as much of the problem as King Barry. They are BOTH progressive’s and don’t give a damn about you, me, or anyone else. For almost 100 years, there has been little if any difference between the Democommies, and Neo-Cons. And FYI, Mittens isn’t the only Republican running. My vote will be going to Ron Paul, and not wasted for the lesser of two evils. Mittens and King Barry are very much one in the same. If you think Ron Paul is a nut case, then perhaps the founding fathers were nut cases too? A TRUE patriot always questions WHAT their governments intentions are.

      • TML

        “Romney is under no obligation to show us anything.”

        I disagree… he is every bit as obligated, if not legally, then ethically, as Obama.

      • JUKEBOX

        If Obama got into Columbia University as a “FORIGN EXCHANGE STUDENT”, and he really was born in the U.S., then he is guilty of criminal fraud. If he was a legitimate foreign exchange student, then he is not a legal citizen of the U.S. He is caught either way of this scenario, thus explaining why he has spent so much money concealing his records.

      • Deerinwater

        WoW! !!!!

        chefdean says:
        August 9, 2012 at 8:14 am
        “Obama (before he was elected and while a mere candidate) never answered ANY questions about his past. Why should Mitt answer any? Different standards for Republican candidates!”

        While the thrust of your argument attempts to center on some strange notion of “fairness” between a challenger and the incumbent while it is Romney that failure to offer full disclose to financial records while attempting to using his “business success in finance ” to inspire people to vote for him. Some what is so awfully unfair about asking for some validation of this success?

        I’m not exactly sure what Obama was asked to supply in his bid for office in 2008, but clearly he satisfied somebody as he holds the first chair position today. Obama has already cleared this bar to be a contender for the position and title that he already holds. Rightly or wrongly so, this can not be undone or unchanged. I do not remember 44 ever making claims that he was an astute and accomplished businessman while many scoffed at his claims of being a “lowly” community organizer. Should we ask Mitt Romney about his “community organizing skills” in some search for fairness?

        nativetexan says:
        August 9, 2012 at 8:17 am
        You must be a product of the government school system. ( I am a product of sharecropper that ran away from home at 14 from a father that was as tough as a nickel steak to get along with and educated by the school of “Hard Knocks” )

        You need remedial training about how to communicate in English. ( I confess, from the beginning my English teacher was a a loss with me and I spent many hours after school under one of one supervision, I was later found awful at Literature as well, where I struggled for a grade. It was after the war and my enrolling in college that I found my place in English Composition I &II and persuasive writing while Literature still a passion I never unlocked.

        Your “jacks or better” analogy backfires when and if you decide to hold obama to the same standard. ( I do not hold Obama to the standard of a contender, for the most obvious reason)

        We are still waiting for his “jacks or better”. ( That “hand” has already been played Sir. today we play another)

        He shut everything down before the 2008 election and refused to answer questions choosing to hide behind the privacy argument which lunatic liberals use only when they think it can benefit their lying, stealing ways. (So you claim, sound more like “sour grapes”)

        Mr. Root is right on with his hypothesis which I was espousing in 2007. Show us ANYTHING dictator-wannabe obama. ( ouch! ~ Well? it is good that Mr. Root’s work was not a total waste)

        You are disgusting and a disgrace to America. ( I’ll consider the source while my DD 214 alone shows us your opinions as worthless. I love irony, that I have engaged the American way of life, helped fight our wars, buried bothers in arms, paid my taxes so a blowhard like yourself can speak his mind and spew his poison is part of the American experience.

      • bohdan1

        It’s “Executive Privilege”. You must be another “Harvard” graduate. Duh…

      • mytorpor

        So why did this supposed “limited release of personal information” not count when Bush was running and the left was screaming for him to release his military records, or when someone stole his college records and released them? Or when McCain was running and Hillary and Obama co-sponsored a bill questioning his Natural Born status because he was born while his family was deployed to Panama. He was forced to release his school records, his military records, his full medical records AND those of his parents, both to Congress and to the media for 4 hours of unobstructed viewing…while at the same time Obama was furiously working to have all of his records concealed! Your argument simply does not hold water. Obama is hiding something big…and there should be no record that the voting public should not be able to verify and that goes for both parties.

        • Deerinwater

          “So why did this supposed “limited release of personal information” not count when Bush was running and the left was screaming for him to release his military records, or when someone stole his college records and released them? Or when McCain was running and Hillary and Obama co-sponsored a bill questioning his Natural Born status because he was born while his family was deployed to Panama”

          Presidential privilege and Presidential security matters only apply to presidents would be the first thing that come to mind. While I know that you might like to pretend Obama is not “your” president, the fact of the matter is ~ he is, along with all matters and functions offered and afforded all Presidential office holders.

        • Deerinwater

          What is it about a ” incumbent ” that you are not understanding?
          And Mitt does not have to do anything! Nor did GW.

          You don’t have an argument, you have a whine.

    • Sirian

      I agree, the fix IS in. I’ve simply had a bad gut feeling for several months that no matter what, Obummer will be coercively re-elected to complete “transforming this nation” to his mindset. SCYTL counting the vote simply intensifies that feeling.
      Wayne’s proposal is good but it won’t go anywhere – especially with the Romney campaign. The same applies to the info that Sheriff Arpaio’s team has uncovered. It too will go no where – there’s merely too much blockage by various people and agencies – Holder’s DOJ included.
      I hate to say it, but I’m not overly impressed with Romney. So in one regard, it appears that here we are again with almost, not exactly, but very close to a carbon copy of ’08. Even so, what other choice do we have? All other candidates – Paul, Johnson etc. can not win – that is assured. They are better in relation to commitment to the Constitution but there simply isn’t enough support for that to happen.
      As I’ve stated before, I pray that my gut feeling will be wrong – very wrong!!

      • Cicuta

        I do agree with you and my question is: what is wrong with people not voting for Ron Paul? To me he is the only one with the correct perspective and probably capable of doing better that all the idiots we have had as presidents after JFK. This country is going down fast and will stay down for ever. Don’t like Romney either; so, I won’t vote.

      • DaveH

        If you investigate the Libertarian Principles thoroughly, you will see that they are far away the best Political Party out there. The Establishment and their Crony Capitalists will do all they can to stifle our message for obvious reasons — The Leaders like their Power and Perks, and the Libertarian Philosophy is a very Big Threat to their cushy lives that come at the rest of our expense.
        It can only help us to grow if Principled people like yourself help to give them more exposure by voting for them. The vast majority of people know nothing about us, but will start investigating when they see an increasing number of voters coming our way.
        So, regardless if the Libertarians have a chance at winning or not, we still win if people don’t throw away their votes on Obama or Romney.
        Vote Libertarian!

      • Kate8

        DaveH – I don’t know how reliable this is, but I heard at a militia briefing last night that something VERY BIG is going to happen at the RNC convention next month. Something that will rock (and stun) the nation. A game-changer.

        I’ve read similar inuendos in various other reports. It seems that something is being planned that will upset the status quo apple cart. It may involve Ron Paul…

        It seems that the clash of the Titans has begun. We need to all jump into the fray and be ready to defend any patriot with the courage to move forward, because, ultimately, it is we the people who will determine where we go next.

      • Sirian

        Libertarians are by far the most Constitutional people our country has. Absolutely!! Yet the wall that we’re fighting to tear down has, over the years, been built very, very thick. It will fall – no doubt of that whatsoever – but not as soon as we would prefer.
        If by some remote chance Paul is on our November ballots here in Oklahoma – yes, without hesitation, he has my vote! But with the subversive maneuvers that even the GOP has pulled, as laid out in Sam Rolley’s article today, “Republicans Hate Democracy”, it’s hard to say what the end result will be. That’s why I said above – “Paul, Johnson etc. can not win – that is assured.” That may very well be one of the reasons Rand Paul endorsed Romney – play along with the “establishment” while at the same time, work against them internally. That may be one of the ways to turn their own subversive ways against them. Wait and see.

      • JeffH

        Kate8, this is what I’ve been able to find RE: RNC 2012…onvention/

        Yesterday Sinclair News tweeted out that sources inside the RNC have told us TX Congressman Ron Paul will in fact have a speaking spot at the convention in Tampa. The source said: “The RNC will have Dr. Paul on stage, there is no way the GOP is going shut out Congressman Paul from a role in the convention. To do so would only make it more difficult for the GOP to unite behind Gov. Romney.”

      • Meteorlady

        Paul and others that were excluded from publicity are the ones the media, the controllers and the sellouts hate. Therefore they are popular but since no one hears about them much, they fade away and people forget. We should all join and support another party…

        We just won a huge victory in Texas. We got Cruz into a run-off with Dewhurst (the Republican party backed candidate) and he won the primary. We worked hard to make that happen. It was mostly grass roots and Tea Party members that got this done. Cruz raise about 1/3 or less of what Dewhurst had but still won. So we know that it can be done.

      • Meteorlady

        Kate8 – I too have heard some rumors. Paul has gained momentum since his Audit the Fed bill. He also does have delegates and can play some very nice games with them at the convention. I hope he does – I’m luke warm on Romney – he’s not conservative enough for me and I don’t think he will fix the economy because he doesn’t have the balls to do what needs to be done – cut the size and scope of the federal government. With that said, I will vote for him of it’s between Obama and him… but I don’t have to like being handed another hand picked Republican candidate to vote for.

      • TIME

        Dear Kate,

        Not to go to far of topic, as I know you have a far deeper grasp of many obscure behind the curtains issue not unlike myself.
        Have you done any lookin into the “Clown” / Joker – aka the Great Deceiver role, or his TIME line – as in 48 months.

        Or “CARE” the OWL – note the United Nations has a CARE Programm and each year at least 10 high ranking UN members attend “the GROVE.”
        There is a vast under current of Satan Worship within both so just how strange that these very people who are quite quick to denounce TRUE Christians beliefs – seem to be following “the Book of Revelations” like a blue print / road map? One really has to question why that is.

        Also a few other points to look into, we know that the earth travels at about 18.5 MPH – PS, yet over the last 3.5 years its speed has incresed to well over 21.8 MPH PS.
        Also why it is that NASA is spending over $1 Million per week of TAX payers money on following something they claim is not there such as Nibiru or Planet X?

        Also Have you seen the Mayan artifacts unearthed in late 2011 – early 2012; most of what clearly display flying disk like objects – let alone “Almond eyed creatures.”
        BTW – 80% of these items are pure {22 – 24 Kt solid gold.}
        Carbon dates on the items tested so far place them at well over 1200 years old.

        There is far more than what the eyes see’s going on.
        So something BIG is going to happen within {many venues} as these special criminals just can’t keep the lid on it for much longer.
        Perhaps its also the very reason these special Criminals are working so hard to shut down the Internet, let alone disarm us.

        What do they know, – that we only have bits and pieces of?

        Peace and Love

      • moonbeam

        Kate8 – I hear you on that. I was just telling people the other day that I expect something to happen during the convention. Why? Because Bush and some others said they wasn’t going to attend (red flag). I can’t think of any other reason they wouldn’t be there except that they KNOW something is going to happen and bushboy didn’t want to be there when the roof caved in or whatever they’ve got planned. Just like I think bush KNEW something about 9/11 BEFORE it happened. His reaction to the news of it, I saw it myself, just wasn’t right. First thing I said to myself is “Hmmmm, his reaction is inappropriate and tells me he knew about this before the fact.”

      • George Harris

        IF the fix is in already, and I have concerns about it myself, what we need is Republican control of the Senate, while keeping control of the House. That way Obama won’t have as much power. Unfortunately, if Romney wins and Congress stays the same, we are no better off than we are now with both parties trying to stymie the other.
        God help us all if either party gains complete control!

      • Kate8

        TIME – You’ll have to fill me in on the Joker symbolism. I confess I haven’t taken the time to check into it much. Perhaps I’ve been remiss…

        As far as Nibiru, yes, I’ve researched it as much as I can. I do have many questions about it. I don’t talk about it because of the rolling eye syndrome…

        Some say it’s real and some say it’s a hoax. I’ve read books on the subject, and they make a good case. I’ve read some of the Kolbrin Bible, which goes into great detail about the cataclysms of the Earth when it passes by. Even both OT and NT (including Revelation) speak of it, if you know what you are reading. The OT repeats the message of this passage over and over. People just don’t understand what it’s talking about, but the descriptions are clear.

        And yes, it is recorded in ancient writings and symbols everywhere. Even the Hopi call it the return of the “Great White Brother”, who wears a red cap and cloak. The ancient Sumerians record Earth history from a time when it is thought to have occupied a place in the heavens beyond Mars, where the asteroid belt is now, but was knocked out of position by Nibiru and split in two. The book of Job describes something similar. The asteroids are thought to be fragments of that collision, and the moon is thought to be a fragment of Earth that broke off. These things are told in alleghorical terms.

        That said, how do we know that many of these “ancient” writings aren’t, perhaps, not as old as we’ve been led to believe. It seems that new “ancient” artifacts are turning up right and left these days. How convenient.

        The elite families have been around for thousands of years, always with the same endgame goal. How do we know that we have not been set up? And I include the book of Revelation in this, which would also have to include the book of Daniel and others. Why are we admonished not to question the written “word”, when these things are so easily manipulated? Why are we cautioned, as Christians, not to investigate other teachings and sciences, like astrology, when the Bible itself is full of astrological references?

        Don’t get me wrong…I have studied the Bible and treasure its wisdom. But God gave us minds and discernment, and what is the best means satan has for control…conquest by force or by corruption? There is absolutely nothing to stop evildoers from changing a word here and there… a phrase… and they have done this. And we know who put the testaments together at the time of Constantine. And we know who translated the King James version and why.

        All I’m saying is that we have been controlled for far too long by belief. Yeshua even warned us about the evils of religion, and has much to say about the latter day church. The NT did not exist during his time (duh) and it has been presented to us in such a way that we do not understand what it teaches.

        Anyway, I don’t want to turn this into a treatise here, but fascinating subjects. I wish we could sit down over a cup of coffee and share our take on things. I have no doubt that you could enlighten me on many subjects, and I don’t know of any other person but you who has any interest whatsoever in these things except me.

      • Kate8

        Meterolady – Yes, I’ve heard the rumors about why some high profile persons are staying away from the convention. But what I was referring to was something else, that some kind of shot will be fired (so to speak) for the cause of freedom and restoration of our republic.

        There is no doubt that great opposing forces are at play, and the showdown is on. The question is, which side will prevail? It is largely up to us, and what we are willing to do to get it back. There are many good guys who’ve been hard at work behind the scenes, and many revelations of corruption among the elite and their underlings is coming out.

        Remember, Apocalypse/Revelaton: the revealing of things hidden.

        I surround my loved ones and the Earth in white light every day, and pray for the strength and power of God to give us and our patriot brethren courage and Divine Intervention that will carry us to be victorious against the powers of h*ll.

        We must also pray that we, as a nation, can prove worthy of such a victory. Right now there are still too many of us who don’t think there is a problem, even though lives are being lost on our behalf, and without any appreciation at all.

    • Judith Miller

      All this mystery and I have to wonder why. Today, as as it was after taking office, this thought nags me every time I hear something about the cover up of records like this!!?. WHO would know the truth behind all of these mysteries? Mysteries starting over 4 years ago. This nagging feeling, one causing me to think, the closest relative ( in the USA ) died – died too soon. TOO soon to be able to be a proud relative of this new leader’s family. Ring any bells with anyone else? Is this a huge coverup or what? I am nobody, but I am an American observer. Speaking of this in this way for the first time. Thanks. . .

      • GREG




      • Meteorlady

        Greg – I’m sorry but Romney will not straighten this out. This has been going on for a number of years and I truly don’t believe that congress can actually balance the budget at all which is why they keep passing resolution after resolution to keep the government running. All the while running up more debt. Romney will not cut the size and scope of government – he doesn’t have the balls to do that and there would be riots like Greece so he will be a consummate politician and lie to us until he can kick the ball down the road to the next President.

      • moonbeam

        “WHO would know the truth behind all of these mysteries?” His WIFE!

    • Thor

      “And I couldn’t tell you who was in my Pol Sci Department in my college..and Root is kinda stretching it claiming he would know of everyone. Believe that claim by Root? Give me a break.”

      Yo! Flashman, if what you say here is true…if you went to college…then maybe you remember some of the rules of basic debate and rhetoric, like always use facts to counter your opponent’s speculative remarks, move an issue that is basically rhetorical into the realm of empirical fact, etc. You counter Root’s speculation with your own and then ham it up with anecdotal quips.

      The easiest way to get this issue out of the speculative front is for the President to release the records.

      As for your memory…perhaps you could go back and look at the class annual and peruse the pictures to jog your memory, there are also class rosters, alumni registers, ‘where are they now’ logs, etc., etc.

      It’s not like there are no records…unless of course they are sealed.

      Boring banter, flashy…put up or shut up!

    • Jeff

      Wayne is very impressed with himself. I don’t think anyone else is. He can say anything he wants and hardly anyone will pay any attention because his a right wing lunatic.

      • Kate8

        Jeff, Jeff, Jeff….Uh, do you actually know where you are?

      • Meteorlady

        Why can’t liberals just debate with the truth? Why do they resort to name calling and childish playground insults? If you can’t comment with adults, stay out of the conversation.

      • Vicki

        Jeff. Your comment was end to end an example of ad hominem. If we were to reply with an ad hominem we could easily do so. Change Wayne to Harry and right to left.

        Unfortunately way too many people pay attention to Reid. Or maybe they just wanted him out of Nevada. :)

      • Jay

        What are u saying Jeff, you wish you were Wayne?

      • Jeff


        How prescient! That’s exactly what I’m saying. I have a lobotomy scheduled for next week. Then, I’ll vote for Romney.

    • JeffH

      I believe Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” to be the consumate playbook of “commuity organizer” Obama and his handlers.

      “From the moment the organizer enters a community he lives, dreams… only one thing and that is to build the mass power base of what he calls the army. Until he has developed that mass power base, he confronts no major issues…. Until he has those means and power instruments, his ‘tactics’ are very different from power tactics. Therefore, every move revolves around one central point: how many recruits will this bring into the organization, whether by means of local organizations, churches, service groups, labor Unions, corner gangs, or as individuals.”

      “Change comes from power, and power comes from organization.”
      An organizer must stir up dissatisfaction and discontent…

      “Obama learned his lesson well. I am proud to see that my father’s model for organizing is being applied successfully beyond local community organizing to affect the Democratic campaign in 2008. It is a fine tribute to Saul Alinsky as we approach his 100th birthday.” –Letter from L. DAVID ALINSKY, son of Neo-Marxist Saul Alinsky

      Alinsky Rules for Radicals 101

      Opening page – Dedication: “Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history… the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.”
      —————————————————————-Prologue: “The Revolutionary force today has two targets, moral as well as material. Its young protagonists are one moment reminiscent of the idealistic early Christians, yet they also urge violence and cry, ‘Burn the system down!’ They have no illusions about the system, but plenty of illusions about the way to change our world. It is to this point that I have written this book.”
      —————————————————————-The Purpose: In this book we are concerned with how to create mass organizations to seize power and give it to the people; to realize the democratic dream of equality, justice, peace…. “Better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.’ This means revolution.”

      “Radicals must be resilient, adaptable to shifting political circumstances, and sensitive enough to the process of action and reaction to avoid being trapped by their own tactics and forced to travel a road not of their choosing.” p.6

      “A Marxist begins with his prime truth that all evils are caused by the exploitation of the proletariat by the capitalists. From this he logically proceeds to the revolution to end capitalism, then into the third stage of reorganization into a new social order of the dictatorship of the proletariat, and finally the last stage — the political paradise of communism.” p.10

      “An organizer working in and for an open society is in an ideological dilemma to begin with, he does not have a fixed truth — truth to him is relative and changing; everything to him is relative and changing…. To the extent that he is free from the shackles of dogma, he can respond to the realities of the widely different situations….” pp.10-11

    • Ted

      There goes WAR, selling Yugos as Cadillacs, again.

      First, he disregards completely Harry Reid’s claim of an anonymous source, then he rolls out a string of anonymous sources to back up his claims about the President’s academic record. Then he ups the ante with his “hunches”. It’s funny how his hunches always agree with his political beliefs.

      Keep this up WAR, and you’ll be as funny as Benjy Chrystal.

      • Alex


    • J L Smith

      Has anyone noticed that most of Mr. Ryan’s discussion on Obama’s Columbia College days was taken from a hoax email that was sent out in 2009

      • J L Smith

        Sorry … I meant, Mr, Root

    • Sarah R.

      Everyone is in the dark. This is all a set up. Romney is giving the election to Obama. Romney simply will not tell the truth to America about Obama. He could,but he won’t demand that Obama show his records. Why Obama has a fradulent SSN, has a fraudulent birth cirtificate. He has so much ammunition about Obama but won’t use it. Case in point Chick-fil-A. Romney would not stand up for our first Amendment on fredom of speech saying that it was not a part of his compaign. that alone gave Obama the election. So sad America that we can’t see when we are being set up.

      • gina

        Because the election is not all about Obama its all about how americans will pas through the economic hole you are all in. You keep on attacking Romney because he is rich , he did not get his wealth by being in the government.. he worked hard for it. You know what people who has no clue about business go to government service to make themselves rich. Can you name a senator, congressman, president who left the government service poorer than when they came. They all come out of the government so much richer when they first came. While Romney is a businessman, he knows the ins and outs of the business world thus making him rich. Who in the Democrats can do that oh there’s one John Kerry after marrying his wife who inherited the Heinz catsup empire.

        • Jeff


          Why do you single out John Kerry for your special ridicule? Didn’t John McCain do the same thing? And why do you assume that because Romney made his money in the private sector that he did it admirably? How does a person 65 years of age accumulate $100 million in a tax exempt IRA account? For most of us, the annual contribution limit is $6,000.

          Do you find it at all interesting that under Ryan’s “marvelous” budget, Romney’s tax liability will approach 0 (less than 1%)? Why do you think Romney will not release tax returns? It certainly isn’t because they “get attacked” when they provide documents. They have been attacked far, far more for not releasing returns than for anything they’ve actually released.

          Do you really want a governing coalition that includes people with the mentality of Todd Akin (a close ally of Paul Ryan, by the way)?

          • Scott

            Certainly better than Resko, Ayers, Rev. Wright, etc…..

          • Jeff

            Scott, you could let the lady speak for herself. And the people I mentioned are all actually elected officials deciding on policy. The people you mentioned are irrelevant to any serious discussion never elected to anything. Democrats do not elect people like you mentioned to office. Republicans regularly elect Neanderthals to office.

          • Jeff

            Sorry. I was thinking of another post where I listed more embarrassing Republicans like Bachmann, King, Fox, Akin, Ryan, Gohmert, and McConnell. And let’s not forget Sharon Angle and Christine O’Donnell.

          • Scott

            I suppose we must agree to disagree. I don’t believe the best interest of the country is to raise the debt to a staggering $16 trillion and have policies to raise it even more. The debt per U S Citizen is $50,856 plus @12,308 and growing at an astronomical rate. The government has got to stop spending, period. You, obviously, believe that the more the government spends, the better. At some point there is no more of other people’s money to spend.

          • Deerinwater

            Someone say; ” The government has got to stop spending, period”

            LOL! Well, I promise you, you would not like it if it did. Inside three weeks, there would be riots in the streets and they would continues until which time, someone spent a lot of money to stop them.

            It’s a nice “notion” but not very realistic.

            Government needs to spend less! and as Ron Paul pointed out so clearly, this would not be hard to do. Now , I admit, it would have much the same gravity as asking a husband or wife for a divorce. There will be some people greatly upset, they will be angry and say mean and nasty things, they will threaten, they will even follow through with some threats ~ but in the end, they will get over it and move on.

            We would be called every name under the sun, a liar, a cheat, a bully, untrustworthy to which I would on say, ~ ouch! that hurt.

          • Jeff

            The deficit will increase far more under Romney than under Obama. Republicans talk about fiscal discipline; they don’t practice it. Mitt Romney will get his tax cut even if it blows a hole in the economy like Mt. St. Helens. Remember “deficits don’t matter” as long as a Republican is president.

            Romney has the whole W foreign policy team together. Those neocons will have us in another war within 12 months of Romney being sworn in. Romney will be so afraid of criticism from the right that he’ll jump at the chance to show what a great “leader” he is the first time a general suggests military action. A president needs the confidence to say “no” to the military when it’s appropriate. Romney won’t even stand up to Rush Limbaugh.

          • Rosemary

            Jeff, You mentioned the statement “deficits don’t matter”, I keep hearing Bob Beckel say the same thing over and over. I emailed him asking for his reasoning but have yet to receive a reply. He is a Democrat, maybe you know the answer?

          • Jeff

            It’s a direct quote from Dick Cheney. It means that Republicans only “worry” about the deficit when a Democrat is in the White House.

          • Rosemary

            So Jeff, why does Bob Beckel keep saying it?

          • Jeff

            I don’t know. Context is everything. I would assume if he’s saying those exact words, it’s meant ironically or as a shot at Cheney and Republicans in general.

    • Brown

      It’s ALWAYS a fix when other do something, but when WHITE GOP does something OK.
      No one asked for Bush, Daddy Bush or any other WHITE President birth certificate, college records or anything else. That lying Bush and Channey got us the financial state we’re NOT OBAMA, and fool still DID NOT get control of Iraq’s oil. Romney is just another lying Republican that, by his own admittion, cares nothing for majority of thre citizens of this nation. I personal do not give a tinker’s d__n about his tax return, Romney is a curse to the poor and middle class of this nation. This guy Root if he know something and can prove it do, forget about some JACK__S Challeng. If can prove something he should done so in 2008. LYING COWARD!

    • ron . r

      This article should alert all as to why main stream Americans (liberal and conservative) thinks the authors on this site along with some others are rowing with one ore in the water. W.A. Root was sent to school to waste his time writting junk like this.

    • deerinwater

      Maynard Runkle says:

      Great post Alex. The only disagreement I have is that Democrats Johnson and Clinton went along with the military industrial complex and Obama has as well. JFK, as documents that were released under the Freedom of Information Act show, blocked attempts to false flag us into war by rejecting a proposal to knock down a US plane and set off explosions in Miami and Washington, D.C. and then blame Cuba. I believe it was called Operation Northwoods. He also signed a paper that was rescinded by Johnson to bring our personnel home from Vietnam by the end of ’63.
      Johnson went along with the false flag Gulf of Tonkin incident.

      Nixon escalated by bringing the attack to neutral soil in Cambodia.

      Great posting to you as well Maynard , but allow me to offer some insight if I am, Nixon can be seen as escalating the war I suppose, as it was he plan and promise to put this war to bed and bring US troops home. In order to do that and do it safely required a certain amount of escalating as we turned fire support bases and other matters of great importance over the South Vietnamese troops. This push into Cambodia did not last long and did not go that deep into Cambodia, we cleared out anything within 105 range or 15 miles. In this drive to the east we encountered jungle base camps with concrete sidewalks and swimming pools. They had been there for sometime and got cozy. Not having a DMZ on that side it was of military importance that it be cleared before any stand down might take place. Nixon took the heat for expanding the war and from a guy that was there, it was a bad wrap while I sincerely hate the way the students responded to it and the events gone crazy at Kent state.

      I can honesty say, at the time, I did not have the big picture of the Nam war, or even now for that matter for I was just one young soldier, doing what I was told and worked in a unit as “one”. We did not engage a lot of heavy resistance in our drive as they fell back, mined the roads, laying booby traps and faded into the jungle while we pushed them out, tore up their playhouse and left the slow ones dead where we found them.

      But yes, you are so correct, if it’s not about money from the beginning, war has a way of getting there quickly and then any war takes on a life all it own. It feeds on itself and that is exactly why I resisted “W’s” and the American peoples eagerness to go to war for the acts of just a few cowardly people that could have been neutralized by a hosts of different means with less collateral damage and greater effectiveness and a hell of a lot cheaper.

      I hate what has happened, I hate that many of us have to keep relearning this same old lesson about government ambitions and making their friends wealthy. To understand, if you spend big bucks on a big military, it’s a requirement that it be used to justify itself. While I do believe it is not the soldier that wants war but the man that outfits and supply’s the soldier.

      The protracted cost on these two war, including survivor benefits and VA cost is somewhere in the neighborhood of 7 trillion dollars. Just think of all the wonderful improvements America could have accomplished with 7 trillion dollars.

    • Phyllis

      I believe you are right, Dave. I believe the fix is in with Romney and I believe it was in with McCain. There is so much secrecy surrounding Obama it is actually scary. When you look back at George W’s presidency there was nothing left to the imagination, every aspect of his life was exposed. There were so many questions McCain could have asked and didn’t and now we are seeing Romney do the same thing. There is something rotten and evil in America. Only divine intervention will expose the evil we all sense. Pray for that intervention.

    • http://none Patti N.

      How true! He should be made to do this before he can run for president!

    • jude

      yes, the fix is in, its always in. “voters” are not really voters. they do not choose a president, that isn’t how it works. no American outside the electoral college has ever had any voting input and those people are, as a rule, cronies of the parties, and voting as they are told to. the last two elections and the treatment of candidates who do not kowtow to the “masters” should more than confirm that elections are not fair, are not legit and have precisely nothing to do w/what the people want..if ALL of us voted one way and the few hundred electorates voted another, guess who gets their way? what we need to do is call their BS bluff and all refuse to vote so its clear to all who has what to do with what. the result will be a mass awakening to the FACT that encouraging public involvement has an entirely different agenda than electing a president.

    • har82

      Unfortunately, – every – politician in Washington is in on the fix as well. Otherwise he would have been impeached already. :)

    • Rhonda Reichel

      BOTH of them are hiding something
      all the dirtly laundry should be laid out on the table before elections so we know what we are getting….had that happened last election Obama would have never been elected

      Mitt Romney’s Abortion Business Made Him $50M
      Posted by Jeenyus Corner on August 17, 2012 in News

      by Karen Fish

      Truth is stranger than fiction. You can’t make this stuff up because nobody would believe you. Mitt Romney’s business record is his chief qualification to be President, he says. Did you know that Mitt Romney’s business was the abortion business, from which he made $50 Million burning aborted fetuses through his company Stericycle?

      When Mitt Romney was sworn in as Governor of Massachusetts on Jan. 2, 2003 he was Pro Choice. Mitt Romney was so pro choice that he was in the abortion business. Did Mitt Romney campaign when he ran for Governor that his chief qualification to be Governor of Massachusetts was that he was the owner of the largest aborted fetus incineration company in the United States of America? Mitt Romney’s Romneycare, the blueprint for Obamacare provided tax payer funding for abortions, which Obamacare does not. Mitt Romney introduced Romneycare to get the taxpayers to pay him personally as the owner of Stericylce to burn aborted fetuses.

      Mitt Romney went on national television on five channels this week to publicly tell the American people that he absolutely left his company Bain Capital in Feb. 1999. When the Huffington Post reported on the Romney abortion scandal earlier this year Mitt Romney’s campaign and Bain friends said that Mitt had nothing to do with it because Mitt left Bain Capital in Feb. 1999 and they knew that Romney’s companies did not buy Stericycle until November 1999 when Mitt had severed ties with Bain Capital they said.

      Now David Corn a brilliant hard hitting journalist for Mother Jones in the mold of Woodward and Bernstein, Redford and Hoffman who uncovered the Watergate scandal that proved that Richard Nixon was a b & e artist and chased him from the White House, David Corn has uncovered documents which show that Mitt Romney signed personally for the purchase of Stericycle in Nov. 1999, had sole voting and dispositive power and on the Bain Capital 2002 SEC filing Mitt Romney is listed as the sole shareholder, CEO, President, and Fetus Burner.

      Mitt Romney is only going to release his 2010 and 2011 tax returns he just told America. When in 2008 Mitt Romney auditioned to become war hero Senator John McCain’s Vice President pick Mitt provided John McCain with 23 years of his tax returns which show exactly when and how Mitt Romney made $50 Million on his investment in Stericycle. This is why Senator McCain recently said that Sarah Palin was a better choice for VP than Mitt Romney. The Republican Party, the self proclaimed Pro Life party is running Mitt Romney, the biggest owner of the fetus disposal arm of the nation’s abortion clinics.

      Mitt Romney’s business record is his chief qualification to be President, he says. Since when did outsourcing jobs to China and disposing of fetuses put a person in a position to continue pulling the American economy out of the ditch George W. Bush drove it into by cutting Mitt Romney’s taxes and waging two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan paid for with trillions of dollars of borrowed and printed money taking us from the Clinton surplus to the Bush jobs depression?

      In case the GOP wakes up and runs Mitt Romney out of the country on a rail Mitt will be fine because his abortion millions are stored in Bermuda, the Cayman Islands and Switzerland safe from the arms of the tax man. To now tell the American people that he is pro life, you have to admire Mitt Romney’s chutzpah or just ask yourself if he is just a plain ordinary bully, liar and sociopath. The real question is why are we still listening to Mitt Romney let alone voting for him?

      too bad we couldn’t get someone with a clean record like Ron Paul

    • lizzie

      This is the dumbest, most outrageous nut since the birthers. Mutt Robme is a danger to our democracy and our Consitution. His Bain capital years, his lies and deceptions are not comparable to Obama in any way. Thanks for trying you millionaire nut, but the voters arent buying what your selling. Mutt Robme paid little or no taxes, and he is a draft dodger…ran to france to avoid Viet Nam…some commander in thief he will make. Your desperate attempts to take down this president have numbed the american people, to the point of laughing out loud…

      • Gea

        Romney and Ryan are both highly intelligent and educated people who understand working of free markets far better than Obama ever did. Romney got his law degree from Harvard 14 years before Obama including an MBA, while Ryan studied economics and political science in college making him cognizant of necessity of free markets rather than state capitalism that encourages dead wood, or coporatism which also encourages dead wood and decline in creativity.

        BO stinks, both in his Marxist economic leanings AND with his extolling Koran and Islam while dissing Bible and Christianity. He only pays lip service to either Christian or Jewish teachings which are the basis of compassionate and just society, since he needs them to get into power. Make no mistake, the guy who cavorts with Muslim Brotherhood and simiklar unsavory Islamic ideoloogs, is not promting American values. Americans ARE finally waking up to BO deceptions and will retire him in November in a land-slide.

        Then we can start a hard work of repairing our country that had been damaged both by baby Bush and even more by Barak Hussein Obama. BO can go to his Muslim half-brothers in Kenya, his Muslim Brothers in Egypt, or his Saudi king and write Dreams of My Mother to explain how a nice white girl fell for an older Marxist Muslim from Kenya who already had a wiffe and 2 chilren before seducing her and created Barak Junior.

        • Deerinwater

          Yea, and Jesse James knew a lot about trains and banking as well. That Romney is cleave enough to not release document offing a view to his financial activities accept for his down time, chilling out and not robbing pension funds alone tells us that he is very bright.

          And Ryan married into money, ~ smart lad! An Oklahoma democrat family no less, ~ he must be very cleaver as well.

          • Gea

            Ryan went to same school as my oldest daughter and finished in 1992, one year before she did. I met him a couple of times in 1998-1999 and we had long discussions about Friedrich von Hayek and Milton Frieman. Ryan is a higlhy intelligent man who does not pretend, like Obama does. I had never met Romney, but he DOES give to charity 15% of his total income, rather then1% that Obama gives.

            Both Barak Obama and his wife are rich people who had played the race card and were beneficiaries of the affirmative action. Whiel we need to keep on our guard to make sure that Mitt Romney does not allow more companies that are “too big to fail” and have socialism for the big capital while we the commoners suffer the vagaries of a “free market” swim or sink capitalism, Obama stinks with his Marxist/Islamic politicies that are endangering not only US Solcdiers and US but the entire Westrn civliztaion.

            No healhty society can exist based on slaggardness or wars.

      • Jeff

        My thoughts exactly. What will Romney do with Detroit? Sell it to the Chinese as an underperforming division of USA, Inc. and seek a tax write off?

        • Gea

          MIchigan is now 15% Muslims, who had taken over Detroit. Detroit is a consequence of political correctness ideogy taht BO represents with his Marxist Islamist policies. Obama will lose in a landslide in November because Americans are waking up to his dangerous Marxist Islamist policies which history ahd discared as unworkable to promote social justice.

          Anybody who repsects human rights and women cannot vote for this phoney who bows to Saudi king who allows lashing of women if they are caught driving, stones them if they are convicted for adultery (man can have up to 4 sives as long as he does not sleep with another man’s wife, chattel). who beheads adult gays (but allows molesting of boys and girls by old rich men)….Islam stinks and must reform to become compatible with US Constitution and Universal Declaration of Human Rights and not being white washed with the help of US president who behaves more like a Caliphin Chief than Commander in Chief. My dog would be better in the Whtie house than BO, who is doing US harm.

          BTW, I voted and was a strong supported of Barak Hussein Obama until I observed him for 2 years and read Koran and Hadith to see why he extolls Koran and disses Bible. NEVER AGAIN! Better rich Mormon than rich politically correct Muslim who is in disguise as a Christian. He is as UN=American as one can get.

          • Jeff

            Aside from the fact Obama is neither a Marxist nor an Islamist, your post is remarkably idiotic. Do all Muslims act like the King of Saudi Arabia? Is Detroit now under Sharia Law ruled by an Imam? Last time I checked the whole state is under the fascist thumb of a Republican governor.

          • Gea

            You are like the company you keep. BO likes to associate and help Muslim Brotherhood in the Whtie house and in Egypt. Detrloit looks like some large middle easter Arab town destroyed and populated by burkhas on one side and drug dealers on another.

            What does it meat to be “fascist in your vocabulary? It appears that you do not know enough about islam since that word is morie appropriate with thsoe who extoll Koran and iSLAM WHILE DISSING bible. Read Koran and Hadith to understand that Islam is a supremacist ideology similar to Nazi ideology, together with its delusional Jew hatred, which inspires current histeria of politically correct morons regarding Israel, the ONLY democracy in the Middle East which protects rights of all people.

            In contrast, most its neighbors are Juden-frei and Christians are leaving in droves since the islamkists of BO Muslim Brotherhood are bombing their churches and homes. Soon, the entire Muslim world will become Mulsim only, which will make those countries even more screwed up and disfunctional, and sendin their poor and opressed massed to mess up Australia, Europe and NOrth America, while you sing combaya of the liberal political correctness that does not recognise its head from its butt ;-)!

          • Jeff

            I understand your concerns about Islam and you are right about an important, militant faction of Islam. I think there are many in the Islamic World who recognize they’d get a lot further if they cooperated with Israel. Unfortunately, they are too often afraid to speak. what I don’t get is how you blame this on Obama. That is deluded thinking.

          • Gea

            I thougt like you until 2 years ago when I read Koran from cover to cover and enough Hadith to see how it is a supremacist ideology similar to Nazi ideology, with its delusional Jew hatred. In addition, Islamic treachings of Koran and Hadith promote dhimmitude (for Christians and Jews), misogyny, pedophilia, polygamy and murder for Allahu Akbar. Islam is NOT like other religions, but is incompatible with either US Constitution and the Univeersal Declaration of Human Rights.

            Islam MUST REFORM, rather then being white washed by CAIR, OIC and other Muslim organizations helped by US President who extolls Koran and Hadith, while dissing Bible and who bowed to Saudi king, whose subjects committed 9/11. It is Islamic teachings that is the main cause of Islamic terrorism around the world. Read Koran and Hadith and learn history of Islam to see for yourself.

            Obama will lose in a landslide, and take with him Democratic Party, becaue Americans are finally waking up how un-American BO is, and will not stand for it!

          • Jeff

            I think the measure of any religion is not what’s in the holy books but in what the followers of the religion are able to ignore. If everyone followed everything in the Bible, there’d be a lot more slaying going on. The strength of the West has been in our ability to acknowledge our religious fanatics, smile, be courteous, and then completely ignore them. Only when Islam reaches that level will it be a truly civilized culture. I think the actual words in the Koran are of secondary importance.

            The speech Obama gave (in Egypt, I think) about Islam was important because it pointed out that while the Koran was the same, the relative positions of Islam and Christianity were not always as they are now. 500 years ago, Islamic culture was more advanced than Western culture in many ways. Jews fared far better in Islamic societies than in Christian ones. Clearly, something has happened and it has nothing to do with the words in the Koran.

          • DaveK

            ok, we get it. you are against islam which is your prerogative. there is a little problem with the first amendment, though. They have the same rights as christians (or jew or athiests or whatever). That, my friend, is one of the beautiful parts of this democracy. WE ALL CAN PRACTICE WHATEVER RELIGION THAT WE WANT. If you are worried about them taking over detroit, well 15% is not enough, but suppose they do. They would only be able to make laws that fit within the US Constitution. I don’t know Sharia law, but I’m pretty sure that the first time someone got their hand cut off for stealing, there would be a law suit and that law would be stricken from the books and the person who had a hand removed would be a rich one-hander.

    • Robert Johnson

      Dave H: Wait until Friday and Mitt IS the Rep Nominee. The gloves will be taken off like you have not seen. As far as challenging as Wayne has suggested, that will only be part of what the offensive will contain.

      • Deerinwater

        “Wait until Friday and Mitt IS the Rep Nominee. ”

        Well okay, if you say so, ~ but it always seems to be “tomorrow” that up for grabs by the sound bite with the current GOP. Tomorrow we will be more conservative. Tomorrow, we will respect the will of the people. Tomorrow we will respect the bill of rights. Tomorrow , we will address immigration.

        It’s never about today and what can be done today.

        Faced with the negative issues associated with imported crude oil, 44 says, ~ checked the air in your tires , make sure they are properly inflated, giving each American the most miles for the dollars spent on fuel. Something Garndma can do! Something she can do it today!

        OOOOOHHHHHHHhhhhhhh! the GOP thought this idea was funny! So funny that they came forward with a tire pressure gauge labeled Obama’s energy policy .

        This humor, Defining the difference between today self proclaimed “conservatives” and practical ideas that really work and work NOW! While the GOP dangles in front us this old tired worn out carrot about tomorrows and “if only’s”

    • James

      when mitts sgow his tax return then you say something worth while and don’t give me that right wing garbage about President Obama, just coome on out and say it you don’t want a BLACKMAN telling you what todo and don’t tell me that crap about anything it isn’t your WHITE HOUSE your foreparents didn’t build it.You all make me sick acting like you all got a lock on the truth,stop lying to yourselves and the maybe you can see the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cawmun cents

    Unfortunately Mr.Root,there will be no such inquiry.
    Because the odds on favorite to win this election is Obama.
    They WANT to keep him there to soothe the savage masses,when the plot thickens.
    Ask yourself why they would choose to run someone so akin to Obama?
    It is so that he can give the illusion of propriety to the minority groups,while the elite pander to the opposing dissenters.
    Exactly what you have now.
    Other than a few seats changing hand here and there,change will not be coming soon.
    Business as usual.
    There have been comments to this effect,since the grey man took office.
    The stories have been there lurking in the shadows,but none issue forth to challenge the grey man.
    His ties to radicals have been neatly pruned from the record,and since no left-minded media mogul would dare form an opinion on this mans qualifications(Two words,OPRAH WINFREY)the TV world of reality shows,will never ever disparage his fine name.
    So W.A.R.,sir you are A double squiggly lines-out,and the next champion of finer black science is the one that pulls the puppet strings for all.
    You are not likely going to find him in your camp either.
    So ….. nice try buddy….stiff upper lip and all that rot.

    • eddie47d

      Interesting story but to say Mitt Romney is an “innocent man” is a far stretch. The whole article sounded like a cover up for Mitt and his lack of transperancy on those tax returns. Then to say “I’m not saying Reid did anything wrong” but then to make accusations against him is some pretty smooth writing in itself. Now maybe Reid is playing that same game and they all stink. I don’t care much for false accusations by anyone or even cover-ups so Obama needs to come clean too. I have heard of college students who never attend class but pass the course on the final exam. That could be interpreted as either they are cheating or are very intelligent and never had to sit in those boring classes.

      • Kate8

        Talk is cheap, edduh. I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts you’ll vote for Obama even if he refuses to disclose himself. And I’m sure he will. I mean, why cave now when the entire media and federal system is bought off and gives cover?

        They are all dirty. Lying, treasonous, self-serving scum. So vote partyline, right?


      • JeffH

        Kate8, spot on.

        eddie did say this, and it says a whole lot about his vision of honesty and what kind of person he is.

        “I don’t care much for false accusations by anyone…”

      • Meteorlady

        So Eddie – why the millions spent to seal records? Where did the millions come from? How did he afford two Ivy league colleges and get in with bad grades? Why are the records sealed? Why did he lie about being a full law professor at Harvard when in fact he was a guest lecturer – made two lectures and took a leave? How did he get a $1.6 MILLION house on a community organizers salary as $12,000?

      • Jay

        eddie, you provide us with a excellent example of double-speak! TY…

      • Kate8

        So, what say you, eddie? eddie? Chirp….chirp….chirp….

      • eddie47d

        I know Kate and Jeff think that this blog is my whole life like it is for them so they make comments like chirp,chirp,chirp (Kate) Jeff doesn’t like the fact that I don’t like false accusations from any side so apparently that means he will accept falsehoods from his side. So go ahead and step in that doggie do do Jeff for you just ratted yourself out. Now slick Kate I could be voting for Obama and maybe you’ll be voting for Romney. I really doubt if either of us will kiss and tell. Heck you were probably a Joe McCarthy follower so we can all have wild assumptions about others…… Nice of you trying to play Russian Roulette with me.

      • JeffH

        eddie, obviously everthing soars above your head. You don’t like false accusations yet you constantly make false accusations. In short, yes you are a hypocrit!

      • Kate8

        JeffH – LOL. Eddie is so transparent, and thinks himself so clever.

        But, follower of Joe McCarthey? I wonder just how old he thinks I am. :)

      • JeffH

        Kate8, “I wonder just how old he thinks I am.”

        Hold on to that thought while I get hold of myself and stop laughing. He thinks? LMAO again…do you really believe eddie “thinks”? Parrots can think too!

      • JeffH

        Kate8, one more thing, “follower of Joe McCarthey?”…LMAO even more now…this from a guy who doesn’t like “false accusations”.
        Think? ROFLMAO!

    • Flashy

      Cawmun…the reason there wasn’t a strong candidate willing to take on President Obama is that any quality candidate wouldn’t be able to say they’[d have done much different than the policies this administration has followed. It is, by any reasonable legitimate measure, a conservative Moderate administration. The only candidate willing to take on this President and succeed in getting through the primaries are those who, in the end, lied and faked and hid and played dirty with the facts and reality. I remain amused by the lack of vetting the GOP demanded of Romney…and which is now being open hunting season by Obama and the Dems.

      Pawlenty and Huntsman were solid and would be far ahead right now. But the TP did them in and thus guaranteed a tough but winning election for President Obama. if anyone asks me what I believe the best thing the TP has done? Giving us Romney and knocking out Huntsman.

      know why Pres. Obama will win and carry an enthused mandate into his next term? Because he has shown two characterisitcs the Moderates and progressives have dreamed about for years in their candidate. He won’t succumb to the shrill cries of the Right and cede a policy because it may be unpopular…and he doesn’t back down from a fight, instead taking it right to the opposition.

      • Thor

        Knew a fellow one time who liked to watch bear-baiting pit fighting so much he leaned too far and someone tilted him over into the pit.

        Your conservative button-pushing is laughable…hilariously feeble in fact.

  • Palin16

    If you get a chance, see the video “Dreams from my REAL Father” which also digs heavily into Obama’s past. We know for a fact he lived and went to school in Jakarta, Indonesia from ages 6-10. From there, he went to Hawaii for 8 years and attended Punahou School. At age 18 he stepped foot on the continental USA for the first time since infancy. While in Indonesia, he studied Islam. In Hawaii, he met his mentor, Frank Marshall Davis (Obama refers to him as Uncle Frank in his book). Davis is an avowed communist and publishes a communist newspaper in Honolulu. Davis teaches young Barrack all about Marxism. watch it!

    • Alex

      As you call yourself Palin16, your credibility is certainly open to question…

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Palin16′s credibility is not at stake as much as you would want it to be. For all you know she could be the 16th generation with that name.

      • RivahMitch

        Your credibility isn’t open to question, Alex, because you have none.

      • DaveH

        Of course he doesn’t — He’s a Progressive.

      • Flashy

        Alex..Palin16 exhibits the intellect of the usual TP and far right minion. Somehow living in another country, living in the 50th state, and having a closeness with someone is bad. Davies may have been a believer in liberal causes. And that is bad why? That Pres. Obama is aware and has taken the effort to be familiar with all ideologies. Those who choose to remain ignorant and suspect intellectual curiosity, are usually the ones who fall into the TP / American Taliban control.

      • Dale left coast

        Flashey . . . Pres O has demonstrated over and over again . . . that the job is “way above his pay grade” . . . no time in the history of the USA has a pres spent so much in so little time. No pres has hidden more of his history than the O . . . and no one has demonstrated such incompetence as the O when he is off the prompter . . .
        Just how bad do things need to get for some of you leftist-morons to get it?

      • Palin16

        I use the username of Palin because I love the way the very mention of her name throws the liberal lunatics into a panic, because they know she has more charisma than anyone in the dumbocrat party.

        • Jeff

          So does Snookie but fortunately neither of them will ever be President.

      • Vicki

        Alex says:
        “As you call yourself Palin16, your credibility is certainly open to question…”

        As your ad-hominem debate style is so typical of you there is no question as to your credibility.

      • deerinwater

        someone says; “no time in the history of the USA has a pres spent so much in so little time. No pres has hidden more of his history than the O . . . and no one has demonstrated such incompetence as the O when he is off the prompter . . ”

        Well, ~ not that it matters that much but it is you that wishes to play the compare game.

        “W” could not deliver a speech with or without notes or a teleprompter, and actually “O” is a very capable orator, very articulated for the most part, while this does confuse some people that enjoyed “W”, s tough guy John Wayne and James Cagney impersonations.

        And never in the history of warfare has some much military power and might been used so ineffectively until Bush /Chaney administration, while any gains made might be counted only in R&D of advanced desert warfare at the protracted cost of 7 trillion dollars, 6,472 dead US ,soldiers, 49431 wounded and what every Chaney’s geological reports reveal for future extraction that his is not sharing.

    • DaveH

      Dreams from my Real Father:

      • DaveH
      • DaveH

        And for you budding Communists out there, here’s something to think about:
        Do you think you’ll be on the List? Or will you be in the 99% that serves those on the List?

      • Kate8

        Love the link, Dave H. Thanks. And from wiki, no less.

        Sounds like exactly what we’ve got going on now in America, and have for a very long time.

      • Jeff

        Dave, we know you only dream about your MONEY.

      • DaveH

        Then I guess that’s one thing we have in common, Jeff. We both dream about MY money.

      • Kate8

        DaveH – Superb comeback! :) :) :)

        Gnats. No matter how much you swat at them, they are still there.

    • uvuvuv

      ann dunham (wife of obama sr) had young barack at the age of 18, she was born in 1942 and he was born in 1961 before she had her 19th birthday. she was living with her parents far from the university of hawaii campus and felt alienated and alone after her lively school days in seattle. along comes this guy who actually pays attention to her, and not only that marries her, a fellow student she met in class from kenya (who was already married to kezia there). at that age and in her circumstances and with her personal stand-offish inhibitions, she would never have played musical beds as some have alleged. she never would have even walked by frank marshall davis even in the street. this is what the obama book by dave maraniss presents with mountains of evidence, but the book doesn’t hide very shadowy and questionable circumstances with the future president, including whether of not he ever attended class at either occidental or columbia. he was a doper, a drinker and a bedder, and wouldn’t have been on anyone’s shortlist as a prospect for any success whatsoever. if i drew him for a roommate in my own college days i would go right to the housing office and say, can you find me someone else?

      • Flashy

        ” he was a doper, a drinker and a bedder,”

        Ummm…if you cite this as being bad, never went to college in the 70′s eh?

        Bud, beer and broads…I believe that was part of every guy’s education …(according to my daughter, it still is part of a college education)

      • Thor

        If these were your only college activities, Flashy, it is no wonder you don’t remember your classmates. Knowing them only in the biblical sense is not real memory–is it?

      • Flashy

        thor…”part’…catch that word?

        Ask those who went to college in the 70′s. Those that claim they can remember the 70′s when they were in college…I’d venture they’re being very selective and forgot about the times they can’t remember …

      • Dale left coast

        Flashey has trouble remembering the last 3 1/2 years . . .
        Like the 39%’ers waiting for their Obammy Free Stuff . . . they just keep trollin for the kenyan phantom in the WH.

      • uvuvuv

        flashlite, part of every guy’s education. why how sexist! can’t girls be dopers, drinkers and bedders too? you kind of imply your daughter is leaning that way, so she’s on the right track per your testimony. she might even make president.

      • Flashy

        uv… feel free to substitute “boys” for “broads”. I was using the masculine because Obama is a male as am I. I would have thought anyone with intelligence would realize the daughter reference made the entire topic gender inclusive. Actually, in considering your posts, my thinking may be accurate.

    • Jay

      Well said, Palin16, and very truthful; hence the reason for the attack from the left. Always consider the attack from the left as confirmation that your statement is truthful!


    “Wayne Allyn Root,”



    • Mike in MI

      Hmm-m-m-m, well then
      “Will the real BHO please stand up?…

  • Mike in MI

    Hey, how about this?;
    Doesn’t every college, especially prestigious Ivy League schools, take pictures – both group and individual of their graduates? Don’t they have personal interest bits about all the grads they are so proud of and their expectations for the future? Aren’t all their “diversity students” specially lauded and featured for their success at such a great college – all their extra-curricular activities, clubs, frats, sports (gym, basketball), efforts to be accepted and included, personal or professional development functions and co-ed activities? (Surely, some girls would have been attracted to such an eminence? ….Boys?) Did he need or use tutors? Who were they? Do they remember some poor “Indonesian” student who spoke awfully fluent Americanese?
    What about such an interesting and widely traveled young man? He’s been to such an exotic and forbidden place as P-A-K-I-S-T-A-N with experiences and access; but not even a yearbook mention?
    Look, nobody drops from the womb groomed and polished for such accomplishment. Even the Dali Lama had to be prepped, nurtured and trained for his preeminent calling to advanced spirit activity. (Don’t think any kind of high political or world leadership office isn’t spirit influenced – one side or the other.)
    It’s like Yul Brenner’s “The King and I” song,.. You’ve got to be carefully taught!!!

    • Mike in MI

      Just thinkin’, but wouldn’t such a public spirited and concerned young idealist have been out doing things in the volunteer community…like preps for later “community organizing” campaigns? That would certainly be Columbia Univ. yearbook fodder.


        “Mike in MI,”


      • Kate8

        Mike in MI – Most excellent points, of course. This guy’s got more red flags than fly in China. Even some on the Left are starting to ask ???, except for the ones who have a vested interest in NOT questioning.

        Other questions I have raised but no one else has: Who writes, not just one, but TWO (auto)biographies when they are yet a virtual unknown nobody? (Answer: no one.)

        When has ANY candidate running for ANY office flaunted such works of fiction to the public during their campaign? When has ANY candidate flooded the media with childhood photos, wedding pics,… and claims which can actually be proved false, like the claim of being a Professor of Constitutional Law? And why am I the only one who sees something weird about this?

        When has any other candidate for any office SEALED every iota of info about his history, including recent Senate voting records, so no one could refute these claims? I mean, he surely knew that there would be a huge backlash of those who wanted proof. Either he truly believed that Americans are now THAT stupid (well, plenty of them apparently are), or he knew that the PTB would see that no challenges got anywhere… Plus, he has unlimited taxpayer funds to stop any official inquiry in its tracks. No media interest, non-issue…

        Obviously, he was trying to set up a (fictional) history, because his real one wouldn’t fly in America. And the really sad part is that we have a huge swath of population which is so dumbed-down and mind-controlled that they don’t see any problem here….

        One Obot I mentioned the sealed records to simply said, “Don’t they ALL do that?”

        How sad is that.

    • moonbeam

      My sentiments exactly, Mike. Hey Barry, WHERE’S THE YEAR BOOK???? Another question that begs an answer.

      Hey Mr. Root! Whip that thang right on out so we can see what you’re workin’ with. Surely YOUR year book has the answer I seek. Help us out here Mr. Root. You hold the key to the locked door of mysterious mystery. Is Barry’s pic with horse teeth grinning in your year book???

      See there Barry, you left some stones unturned. Not all has been swept under the rug. You forgot a few crumbs. Turn over your stones, Barry. Let’s see what’s underneath. Now cough!

    • Jeff

      How do you know there was a womb involved? I thought Obama was the product of Saul Alinsky and Marlon Brando on Krypton. They foresaw the future and knew Hillary would make a key mistake (voting to give Little W a chance to make history) so Obama could be programmed to be President. He wasn’t really at Colombia or Harvard – that was his evil twin played by Chris Rock.

      As for Wayne Root, give me a break. He was NEVER anywhere near ANY of the cool kids, ever!

    • Roy Patterson

      Does anyone remember the story that both President Obama and Mrs. Obama, who were lawyers in Illinois, resigned from the Illinois Bar Association at different times. A note from a friend of mine, who is a lawyer, says people resign from the bar just before they get dis-bared. That’s what Bill Clinton did.
      This is going anywhere, just like the story on this website, because the main stream media won’t touch it.
      No one is talking about the huge national debt we have and growing every day. $15 trillion+. Who is going to pay it? It never be repaid. Unless something happens, you can look for run-a-way inflation in the future, just like Germany in the 1930′s

  • Harold Olsen

    Seeing as you’re white and Obama’s black, the left will just accuse you of racism. So, this is a wasted effort. Nice try, though.

    • Barb Leddy

      You are right about them crying racism, but he is not black, by the time you add up the various races in him. He’s half white, 1 fourth Middle Easterner (His Dad’s father was at least half and his Mom was Kenyan) so at the very least Obama is only 1/4 black and I think I heard somewhere that he’s actually only 1/8 black! That makes him a fraud, there are a lot of whites in this country with more black blood in them, especially those with ancestors from the South! He just drew the black card as they say. So technically if you say anything against him it couldn’t really be racist against blacks! Maybe against Middle East people but that is a stretch too. One thing is for sure, he is NOT an American!

    • eddie47d

      Seems like Harold is the one bringing up racism not the liberals. Was that intentional Harold? Hmmm!

      • Kate8

        eddie – So, it’s justifiable when you do it, but it’s provocative when we do it?

        IOW, the race issue is strictly the domain of the Left.

      • eddie47d

        Please hold my lunch sack Kate while I barf into it. Have you really drank that much kool aid to be so —–! YES!

      • Kate8

        eddie – You can hold your own lunch sack. It’s high time you learn to start doing things for yourself.

        Do you still live with your mom?


        THANK YOU, “Kate8!” “eddie47d” LOVES HIS “HIGH HORSE!”

    • Dale left coast

      Did you know that the O is related to one of the early slave families in America?
      That right . . . evidently DNA has proven it . . . but the amuzing part of the storey is that the DNA found it way to the Kenyan through his caucasian MOTHER . . . .

  • Jared

    So whom exactly are you blaming for this, Obama or the College administration Or Harvard. What i see is probably enjoying the political physio.

  • Michael J.

    Dictators do not bow to sheep. Nothing will be revealed by the Marxist in Chief. Information that does manage to perculate to the surface will be denied and or buried in what has become routine.

    Joe Arpaio’s slam dunk evidence was swept under the rug and Brietbart himself was swept under the rug. These unprecedented circumstances are not going to end well.

    • TIME

      Dear Michael,

      I think you and I both know quite well that whats coming is not going to end well for the “American Middle Class” period.

      Saddly the fat worms have eaten away at the core of what was at one time a “Great Nation founded on Strong Ideals and equaly strong Moral Fiber.”
      Saddly what we have become is a nation of ignorant sheep with zero moral fiber. Thus steps in The Barry O/S/HJB/BM – B Omen who is but a symptom of that illness this nation has.
      Yet many wish to allow their egos to override what they see, what they feel, as well TRUTH.

      The numbers are out as of last week; now over 109 Million people in this nation are on some kind of “”Government aid.””
      That speaks Volumes – when we are only {290 some odd Million “legal!}”

      Jobs, – there are NO jobs. The Jobs were sent to Cannada – China and Mexico back in the 1960′s – 2000′s. So now the results of those actions are quite clear to anyone who has gray matter.

      What has replaced the “Middle Class” are “Government jobs” that start at $55K per year and go up to $650K per year.
      That begs the question, just who’s paying for all these special Government jobs? Just Where’s the TAX base coming from again?

      Of what all begs the simple question – just who is;
      Barry Obama /
      Barry Sotero /
      Harrison J. Bounel /
      B Obama /
      the B OMEN?
      Or is he really Marshall’s child?

      You know we tend to look like one of our parents, he sure dose not look like his Mommie, its quite clear he don’t look like B Obama, nor L Sotoro, but Marshall, now theres someone he looks just like!

      Peace and Love

      • Truth

        Want to know who Obama looks like? Compare photo’s of Obama and Malcolm X !

      • Truth

        Is Obama the secret son of Malcolm X?

        by Israel Insider

        Nov 4, 2008

        Morph to Malcolm by PolarikIf Barack Hussein Obama II is Malcolm X’s biological son and ideological heir, it would uniquely explain the mystery of why he was so generously helped by so many Arab and communist “friends in high places” long before he was a “somebody.”

        Malcolm ensured his secret son would learn the ways of Islam, of revolution, tutored by the finest socialist ideologues of his time, and the future, funded by Saudi and Syrian financiers. He would be groomed for leadership, educated and trained to organize the community called the United States of America.

        Morph of Barack O to Malcolm X courtesy Polarik.

        In August I received a curious email. As a magazine that covers international politics, with a focus on Mideast affairs, Israel Insider gets more from its fair share of baseless tips and phony rumors. I ignore most and delete them unread. This one was a bit different. It came from a national security lawyer with extensive credentials and intelligence connections that checked out, and a phone number.

        Israel Insider had been running a series of articles exploring the vagaries of Barack Obama’s birth, and his concealed documentation, and this was the jumping off point of the email, which confirmed the claim that Obama was not born in Hawaii, that “Mossad are going with Mombasa” but “Proving Mombasa is not so easy, as NSIS in Nairobi are clamming up tight, as are MI6 in London, who have the original Mombasa file and full details of the birth.”

        He said that “Disproving Honolulu is child’s play. You’ve already shown that the birth certificate put forward by Obama (whose people privately are not denying Mombasa, by the way) is a fake. Why fake it? If he was born in Honolulu he could obtain a genuine one. Hawaii Dept of Health would hardly denounce a potential presidential candidate’s birth certificate as fraudulent without cross-checking birth records for August 1961. No birth was registered in the name of Obama in Honolulu in August 1961.”

        (This last detail may explain why Hawaiian officials last Friday confirmed that a birth certificate does indeed exist but conspicuously refused to release any details or even confirm that the details conform to those on the computer-generated Certification of Live Birth. The name on the “original” certificate may in fact not be Obama nor the birthplace Honolulu. But Obama’s recent visit “to his grandmother” may well have had less to do with her health than eliciting this vague and inconclusive statement from the Hawaiian Health Department.)

        The source continues: “There is no evidence Ann Dunham had even met Obama Senior in or around November 1960, the alleged time of conception, indeed it is not even clear Obama was in Honolulu at that time, although he may have been. Ann Dunham was only 17 and although she might have been in Honolulu the timing is tight.” “More to the point, she was in neither of the medical centers put forward by the Obama campaign (question: why do they not know in which hospital he was born?) on August 4th, nor are there medical records to back up the claimed birth, nor has an attending physician been named. I’ve heard of births with the father absent, births with the mother absent a bit trickier.”

        “There are said to be photos of Ann Dunham on Waikiki Beach taken in or about July 1961, when she is supposed to have been in her third trimester, in a bikini, taken by a fellow female student. AD is clearly not pregnant. Media have not yet talked to fellow students, but it can’t be long. There are bound to be other photos of AD in existence taken during the alleged 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Obama campaign are terrified some one will press for her medical records, which have been accessed by CIA.”

        “Moving to Indonesia the Obama campaign are also suppressing the Indonesian immigration and passport records, which I believe show him as a Kenyan citizen, and the naturalisation records. They have not denied Internet claims he was naturalised in Indonesia. If he was a US citizen there should be a visa record to back that up.”

        “Obama Senior was murdered in Kenya in 1982 to silence him. Interesting story re his sister Auma as well — she appears to be a full sister, not a half-sister as he is claiming, i.e. they share the same mother. She was ordered back to Kenya in 2007 to prevent DNA testing …. CIA did a DNA test on the grandparents, using saliva from glasses, which conclusively rules out any relationship between Obama and the Dunhams.”

        “The source said that the Dunham family became involved because Stanley Dunham, Sr. was suspected of espionage. Boeing, he said, has “a 1944 security file on Stanley Dunham in connection with suspected sabotage of B-17G aircraft at their Wichita Kansas plant and the theft of B-29 blueprints, a full set of which were passed to the German Abwehr via Lisbon by June 1944. Ann Dunham appears to have been chosen as the surrogate mother in 1963 because of the family connection to German Intelligence. German assets in the US, including Rezko, who is connected to the Syrian Mukhabarat and the German DVD, sponsored his career.

        “Effectively,” the source concludes, “Obama is a German sleeper agent.”

        Well, this is a lot to take in, and on first reading it struck me that the source had been reading too many Le Carre novels or Bond movies. I mean, really: “The Manchurian Candidate” meets “The Boy from Mombassa”?

        It seemed completely preposterous, and indeed I initially dismissed it as preposterous. Obama a “German sleeper agent”? Of course, in those days the East Germans were a Soviet satellite, and the DDR was perhaps the most feared and ideological of the communist states, with more than a sprinkling of rehabilitated Nazis uncured of their genetic fantasies and experiments. 1961-1963 were the peak years of the Cold War, with Berlin playing a central role in East-West hostilities.

        But what made no sense to me was why anyone in the spy business, or anyone in East Germany for that matter, would give a damn to find a foster parent for a newborn illegitimate offspring of mixed black-white parentage. What made him so special that the Syrians and the German would go to all the trouble or see some potential value in protecting and grooming him? What could possibly make intelligence agencies cultivate from infancy a sleeper agent?

        The source didn’t answer this, nor could I, over the succeeding months of the campaign. We exchanged a few more emails, but the nagging question of “why” anyone would bother with this baby would not leave me. What did come out in the ensuing weeks, however, was a litany of unexplained facts in Obama’s youthful history, of help from strangers in high places all along the way, benefactors who had either Arab-Muslim or Communist-Socialist connections. There was his Islamic education in Indonesia, the fact that he learned the Koran not in Indonesian but in Arabic. There was the fact that in Hawaii the boy was tutored in the ways of revolution by leading black activists, Muslim activists, and Communist activists. Influential black nationalist and Communist Frank Marshall Davis would become a huge influence in the young Obama’s life.

        There was his journey to the third-world, to Pakistan and East Africa, after his first year at Columbia. But things really got strange with the revelation that Khalid al-Mansour, close adviser to a Saudi billionaire and the Saudi royal family, was instrumental in helping Obama get into Harvard Law School (and reportedly Columbia before that), financing his education and advancement.

        It was al-Mansour who asked Percy Sutton, a prominent black lawyer active in the civil rights movement and defending radicals in the 1950s and 1960s, to help Obama get into Harvard. In the interview with a New York news station (see video at left), Sutton described al-Mansour as “the principal adviser to one of the world’s richest men. He told me about Obama and asked him to “write a letter in support of Obama’s application to Harvard Law School, Sutton recalled. “”And his introduction was there is a young man that has applied to Harvard. I know that you have a few friends up there because you used to go up there to speak. Would you please write a letter in support of him?” Sutton obliged:“”I wrote a letter of support of him to my friends at Harvard, saying to them I thought there was a genius that was going to be available and I certainly hoped they would treat him kindly.”
        How in the world would Percy Sutton know that Obama, a young man he had never met, was a “genius”? Why would he say that he met all of the qualifications to be president of the law review, even before he was admitted to the school? One possible clue: It turns out that Sutton was among the lawyers for Malcolm X.

        And why would a big wheel like al-Mansour take such an interest in a self-admitted drug-taking party boy (“I inhaled,” he joked. “That was the whole point” he joked on the campaign trail) from a second-rate college? While helping Obama get into Harvard, the Muslim form Texas was representing top members of the Saudi Royal family, Saudi billionaires Abdul Aziz and Khalid al-Ibrahim, and Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, nephew if King Abdallah of Saudi Arabia. So there was, early on, a direct connection between Obama and Saudi royalty and an aggressive effort by a Saudi agent to make Obama’s way in the world.

        It was this connection to Saudi wealth that has led to Obama being dubbed the “Mansourian candidate”.

        Then there were the revelations about Weather Underground co-founder Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadette Dohrn — unrepentant terrorists and communists both — who helped launch Obama’s political career from their home. Ayers, indeed, may well have ghost-written Obama’s memoir Dreams from my Father, creating the impression that Obama was also skilled in writing as well as “community organizing.”

        More substantially, there was Antoin “Tony” Rezko, the Syrian born real estate wheeler-dealer and convicted racketeer, who helped Obama raise his first campaign funds and assisted him financially, and even facilitated his home purchases.

        There were influential Palestinian scholars and propagandists Rashid Khalidi and Edward Said, colleagues and personal friends of Obama, despite his unconvincing efforts to distance himself from them and squelch his praise for their anti-Israel ideologies.

        There was Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s spiritual mentor, who conducted his marriage, baptized their children, and gave Obama’s campaign manifesto “Audacity of Hope” its title before being distanced (at least for the duration of the campaign) when their close twenty year relationship came to light.

        And, of course, there is neighbor Louis Farrakhan, current leader of the Nation of Islam, who recently spoke of Obama as the “Messiah” and as Ken Timmerman confirms, enjoys an “open channel” of communication with him.

        Why did all of these important scholars and ideologues, fundraiser and networkers, these millionaires and billionaires – especially from the Arab and Islamic world, and extreme socialist and communist party activists — reach out to help this unknown, undereducated young man, many before Obama was anybody of known importance? Was it just that he was tall and handsome and bright, with a silver tongue?

        Or was there some other factor – a genetic factor, a secret legacy of heredity — that mysteriously opened the doors and wallets and elicited the kindness of strangers?

        Last week, a long and rambling post attributed to one Rudy Schultz was made to the Atlas Shrugs blog of Pamela Geller. The starting point for the post was revelation of school records that show that the supposed mother of Barack Obama enrolled in the University of Washington just a few weeks after her son was purportedly born in Hawaii. But the intention of the poster was apparently to imply that Obama’s father was unlikely to have been Barack Hussein Obama, Senior (photo at left).

        The post provides photos and a video of Malcolm X, with a notation that he and Obama had the same height (6’2-6′-3″) and striking physical resemblances: identical hairline, jawline, and other distinctive facial features, similarities not shared by Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. or other members of the Luo tribe bloodline.

        The post noted striking similarities in speaking cadence and style, not to mention a bright flashing smile and a wry sense of humor. The man born in Nebraska as Malcolm Little also was a light shade of brown, the product of a mother from Grenada who, he said, “looked like a white woman” and a black father.

        See more striking similarities from insider Octaman here.

        The post also traced the path of Malcolm X in the late 1950′s and early 1960′s, a journey that took him to Africa and the young leadership circle to which Barack Hussein Obama Sr. also belonged, including the activist Tom Mboya who was behind the program which airlifted, with US funding, young African leaders to Hawaii to study at the university, a cohort to which Obama senior belonged.

        But Schultz concludes his post by pulling his punches a bit: “While Malcolm X may not be Obama’s biological father, Malcolm X is demonstrably Barack Hussein Obama’s philosophical father, and the lineage is undeniable! Obama Jr. was sired in the social soup stirred by Malcolm X.”

        While Schultz backed away from claiming that Obama’s biological father may in fact be Malcolm X, the hereditary claim cannot be discounted. If he was indeed the illegitimate offspring of Malcolm – the closest that one can get to “royalty” in the messianic broth of black radical Islamic and Communistic politics – that would explain the otherwise inexplicable:

        why this “illegitimate” baby, and later this young man – a druggie and underachiever — would have had paved for him the royal road to privilege and power, paid for his Ivy League education, got him jobs and a home, raised millions of dollars for his political career, got him selected to address the DNC in 2004, got him into the senate in 2006, and led him straight to where he is today, just two years hence, on the verge of the US presidency, powered by hundreds of millions of untraceable overseas contributions.

        In the minds of the leftist and Islamic leaders, he is the heir to the throne of “freedom fighters”, the revolutionary prodigal son – heir to legacy of black powers and black Islam — come home to rule.

        Nothing short of a DNA test is going to prove who Obama Jr.’s father really is, or, indeed who is real mother is, or is not. His long-suppressed birth certificate, which he wrote about possessing in Dreams from my Father and which Hawaii now admits is on file, could help solve the mystery.

        No one to my knowledge has explored the possibility that Stanley Ann may not be the birth-mother. That would explain the lack of hospital records in Honolulu and the fact that no one can remember seeing her pregnant. Suddenly she just appeared in Washington state with a little baby boy.

        There is, too, a curious comment that Stanley Ann Dunham reportedly made after high school, remembered by a friend, that “I don’t need to get married or date to have a baby.” And the fact that in June 1960 her family – who were reportedly highly sympathetic with left-wing causes — suddenly left Washington state for Hawaii, where they continued to be involved with socialist-communist causes and personalities, such as Frank Marshall Davis (identified by Obama only as “Frank” in Obama’s Dreams from my Father), who proved so influential in his upbringing.

        There is also new information, published in Atlas Shrugs and confirmed elsewhere, from the University of Hawaii that she was only enrolled only in the fall of 1960, and that from the Fall of 1961 (weeks after Barack Jr. was reportedly born) and through the following spring, she was enrolled at the University of Washington.

        There is the fact that she abandoned this baby on repeated occasions, and the fact that Obama returned the favored when he refused to visit her as she sickened and died. If she was merely his foster mother, then she was just a means to an end, to be discarded when she had outlived her usefulness.

        If Barack Hussein Obama II is Malcolm X’s biological son and ideological heir, it would uniquely explain the mystery of why he was so generously helped by so many Arab and communist “friends in high places” long before he was a “somebody.”

        Malcolm ensured his secret son would learn the ways of Islam, of revolution, tutored by the finest socialist ideologues of his time, and the future, funded by Saudi and Syrian financiers. He would be groomed for leadership, educated and trained to organize the community called the United States of America.

        Malcolm broke with Elijah Muhammad in large measure because the then-leader of the Nation of Islam had conducted illicit affairs and sired illegitimate children. If Malcolm himself had sired a boy, it is not something he would have wanted to advertise, or to bring along with him in his hectic and dangerous revolutionary path. But he may well have arranged to give the boy a first-class upbringing and education, free from the burden of his own violent legacy, his history as a convicted felon, his likely fate as a martyr, to realize the legacy he never could. He knew he was “a walking dead man,” marked for death — how could he perpetuate his principles beyond the grave?

        Malcolm X was marginalized even from the black leadership after he said, following the assassination of John F. Kennedy, that the “chickens had come home to roost.” That term would be resurrected by Rev. Jeremiah Wright, much to Obama’s chagrin, in a sermon discussing the reasons for the Islamic attacks on the United States, reasons that Obama echoed in his own post-9/11 statements, in somewhat less inflammatory terms.

        Malcolm himself was assassinated in 1965, reportedly by agents from the Nation of Islam.

        If indeed Obama is not just Malcolm’s spiritual son but his biological one as well, it would represent the realization of a lifelong preparation to seize power, not by guns but by genes, and the genius of Obama’s handlers, mentors and assistants along the way who prepared his path to power.

        According to this scenario, the sleeper agent is now wide awake, although it is also conceivable that Obama himself may not be fully aware of the role he was programmed to play. Nor is it clear who has supplanted his initial handlers — which my source identified as East German and Syrian — although the Saudis and their allies, including those within the US government and not just the Democratic side of the aisle, clearly seem implicated with pulling some of the strings and pouring some of the huge funding that has brought him to where he is today.

        Those who have helped him reach to the threshold of power — some knowingly and some “useful idiots” — have been working in concert to fulfill the revolutionary goals of Malcolm’s by putting his boy in power, using the system to destroy the system. Early voting. ACORN. Untraceable online funds. Brilliant. But that, of course, is just the means to the end.

        Barack Obama wrote, in Dreams from My Father, of the huge impact this black revolutionary hero’s memoir had on him, as none others did: “Only Malcolm X’s autobiography seemed to offer something different. His repeated acts of self-creation spoke to me.” Self-creation indeed.

        If Malcolm X secretly sired Barack Obama, then the title Dreams from My Father would indeed take on a whole new meaning, with Obama Sr. revealed as a kind of paternal proxy, a stand-in for a revolutionary of a higher spiritual and political order whose identity the self-creating son could never reveal if his own ambitions, and his real father’s ambitions for him, were to be realized.

        In 1964, the year before his death, Malcolm gave an address, “Ballots or Bullets” (audio available here) in which he urged African Americans to turn away from violence and create revolutionary change through the US electoral system.

        If the O is in fact an X, and wins the red, white and blue tic-tac-toe on Tuesday to become the President and Command in Chief of the United States then, truly, America’s chickens will have come home to roost.

        Red States may soon take on a whole new meaning.

        Netiquette: Please replicate up to three paragraphs from this article. Link back to:

    • TIME

      Dear Truth,

      Very , very – interesting, I really enjoyed reading your post.

      Until later Peace and Love

      • Alex

        Malcolm X was one of this wretched country’s Greatest Leaders—beyond question.

        Yes, I know, lots of the PLD readers are terrified of his Mythic status—it is mostly because of the last name, X—for some reason that just gives Caucasoids the willies….. I always thought it sounded really, really cooool….like “H. Rap Brown” or “Stokely Carmichael”. As a little twelve year-old White boy, I dug the way those cool names made my teachers nervous!

        The people who decry the legacy left us by Malcolm X just really have a beef with the “idea” of America, the notion of the Constitution. All Malcolm X wanted was to see it realized….

  • Jeanette

    Nothing will happen because the people who have the power and authority to actually do anything are in on the “deal.”

    • Vicki

      Which is why we need to revoke their power at the ballot box.

      • eddie47d

        …and those on the right are doing a mighty fine job of keeping folks from voting. Maybe you were putting in another dig about massive and unproven voter fraud. Hmmm!

      • Palin16

        It seems edduh has already forgotten about ACORN and how they registered the entire Dallas Cowboys team in Nevada.

      • JeffH

        Palin16, that or he is speaking out of ignorance…take your pick.

      • Vicki

        eddie47d says:
        “…and those on the right are doing a mighty fine job of keeping folks from voting.”

        Silly people wanting honest elections. Keeping dead people, cartoon characters, children, cats and dogs from voting.

        eddie47d: “Maybe you were putting in another dig about massive and unproven voter fraud. Hmmm!”

        Or just maybe YOU were putting in a “dig” Only I know for sure
        And I sealed those records (<— dig :) )

  • Louis Lemieux

    Obama’s college classmate, Wayne Allyn Root, speaks out against Obama! This can only help Obama in his reelection in November.

    • Alex

      Ooooh……FACE, W.A.R.!!!

  • muhamed kalema

    When obama ws born u were there in L with his mum and his dad?! Or u damage obama future,in politics sorry is treasure of of da world.move on body

    • Average Joe

      muhamed kalema ,

      Press 1 for English, Press 2 for incoherant sentences……2 it is ……..

      Best Wishes,

      • nativetexan

        He is another fine example of the government education system the lunatic liberals have controlled for the last forty years. We are lost.

      • DaveH

        It is inevitable that a Public Education system becomes a Propaganda Tool:

      • LindyMaeUSA

        Average Joe:

        LOL! I LOVE your “Press 2″ phone menu selection! ;-)

        Yes, an absolutely CLASSIC, articulate response from the mind and intellect of an “EXCEPTIONAL” American, despite on-going contradictions of that fact from the Muslim, non-American, usurper POTUS!

    • http://personalliberty chefdean

      What unintelligent gibberish!

    • Nobody’s Fool

      muhamed kalema do you live in OUR country?? Go back to your own country or else learn English. Also, before you post, sober up.

      • LindyMaeUSA

        Nobody’s Fool: **Another “EXCEPTIONAL” American posting!

        Because of the deadly ominous political and physical danger we and our beloved Country are in now, reading several of todays postings is the FIRST TIME in two years I’ve had cause to smile :-)

        Needless-to-say, your response was a little “off topic” but it still made me laugh instantly! In fact, I’m still laughing out loud! lololololol!

        Good for you, Nobody’s Fool and thanks a lot for “making my day!” ;-)

    • jt


      • moonbeam


  • Liberty Rock

    Time For We The People To Call On The Arizona Law Enforcer Sheriff Joe Arpaio Along With Other Conservatives Governors To Assist Sheriff Arpaio With Many Law Enforcers Acrtoss America To Arrest & Indicted & Prosecute Obama & The Illegal Administration & Void Obama Signature On Every Law Pass By Traitors Democrats & Arrest The Lawbreakers To The Fullest Extend Of The Law Lock Them All Up In Alcatrazz, Gitmo Or Supermax Porison For Life For The Crimes Against America & Treason By Throwing Away The Key In Jail.
    No Politicians Lawbreakers Of The Nation Founders Constitution Are Not Above The Law In America.

    • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

      Hey Liberty Rock where were you when we had the Bush Coup D’Etat when they stole not just one but two elections! You Hypocrites!

      • Nobody’s Fool

        You are a double loser. LOST the elections in 2000 and 2004, and your idol won through fraudulent voting in 2008, another loss to you (even though you count it a win). So you could just be addressed as Loser. Get a life, Loser.

      • DaveH

        No Eric,
        A hypocrite is a person who preaches one thing but practices another. And you fit that definition about as well as I’ve seen anybody fit it.

      • DaveH

        Here is just one example. Eric says “I am for cooperation” (follow the thread to Eric’s cooperation comment) :

        Does his above comment suggest “cooperation” to anybody?

      • Kate8

        Eric – Why is it when a R president violates the Constitution, it’s treason, but when a D does it, and worse, it’s necessary?

        I say, they’re ALL treacherous. Few here defend the betrayal from the Right. But you Lefties, almost without exception, blindly defend anything coming from the Left, no matter how egregious.

        When will you guys get that what we have here now is not R vs L, but freedom vs slavery? And that both parties are in on it!

        We’ve awakened to the peril in our midst. When are you going to wise up? Or is it, yet again, up to the courage of conservatives to save your sorry butts from your own delusions?

    • nc

      Liberty, you are thinking just like a Rock! It ain’t going tohappen because, just like this Wayne Root drivel, none of the accusations against Obama or the many “conspiracies” that involve him will ever or CAN ever be proved! These are lies cooked up to keep you and the CHOIR here inflamed ! Every time you see the President ask yourself why all of these things that RooT and Crystal say will bring down his presidency have not resulted in bringing down his presidency.
      You may “KNOW” a lot of bad things about Obama because you have been TOLD a lot of bad things but how many bad things have ever been PROVED about Obama??
      If all of those things are true and he is still in the White House it shows exactly why the conservatives in this country are so totally inept at governing a modern nation! You have money and votes but you lack the ability to make it work! Like bush had an MBA and …………………….!

      • http://personalliberty chefdean

        Spoken like true dumbocrats!

      • eddie47d

        Too bad Chefdean takes everything said in any of these articles as the gospel. Some of us don’t follow the herd like you apparently have been doing. We question everything just like Obama’s past is being questioned. Which it should be. So should Mitt Romney in how he achieved his wealth and his off shore accounts. I don’t buy Mitt’s smiley face Happy Days facade either and plain and simple don’t like the way he does business.

      • Ghost Hunter

        NC…I believe you just need to answer one question then. Why is obama hiding his past? It is obvious that reids comments are made to take the focus off the real untruths. They can make accusations about Romney, but the real issue is if obama is even qualified to be president in the first place. He has NEVER proved his eligibility, which is against The Constitution, which, by the way, I believe in. If someone has nothing to hide, then it should not be a problem. Anyone, and I don’t care who you are, president or not, that goes to such great lengths to hide their past normally has something very damaging to hide. That is pure simple logic. I do honestly know about such things. As a sniper, you had to know as much as possible about someone in order to perform the job at hand. Many things are hidden by those who don’t want their past revealed, or their present for that matter. Things are hidden for a reason, and don’t think for one minute that they aren’t. If you believe that, then you simply aren’t thinking or facing the reality of the situation. To spend thousands of dollars or possibly millions of dollars on lawyers and such to hide a person’s past is a dead give away that they are hiding something they don’t ever want anyone to know. Why would that be? I think the answer should be obvious to anyone who is even remotely thinking. Come to the party, and join reality.

  • R K

    Wayne Allyn Root (W.A.R.) As your name suggests (W.A.R.), you are nothing but WAR mongerer and an extremist and a liar. Nothing makes sense in your article.

    • cawmun cents

      Er…uh…ad nominem attacks only go to show how weak you are.
      You have no real argument with Mr.Root so you attack him personally.Do yourself a favor and dummy up.

      • Chester

        Cawmun Cents, arguing with Root is about like arguing with you. Show the FACTS, and be called wrongheaded, unable to read between the lines, and other, far more choice things. You complain about personal attacks against your mentor, but do so by using the selfsame tactics.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        So R K wrote and as his comment was more of a snarl against c c, then Chester came along to make the snarls louder and seemingly more ferocious.

      • cawmun cents

        Thanks Nadz for the defence,
        But neither of these posters presents much of any solid reasoning,so commenting further is like bashing ones cranium into a brickwall.Which in my case because of the thickness of my skull,does no good… just pulverizes the brick.

    • Tom Edwards

      In order to be taken seriously or credibly you must provide some evidence of your assertion. Thinking adults cannot simply assert that another writer is wrong. They must provide some factual evidence to support their assertions. Anything less, or the level you have chosen, is akin to a child blurting “nan ne nan na na na” in response to a thoughtful, documented allegation effectually presented.

      • Daveh234

        Root sounds like he’s espousing the allegations like Reid did and offers no proof either.
        One upsmanship.

      • http://personalliberty chefdean

        Harry Reid did!

      • DaveH

        Which allegations were those, Dave234? Could you be specific?

      • JeffH

        Daveh234,wasn’t that the whole point of Root’s commentary or did you conveniently miss that?

        Root: “This also ties into Harry Reid’s hunch about Mitt Romney’s tax records. You see Senator Reid opened up Pandora’s box. He made it OK for any of us to play a guessing game. If Harry can guess about Romney’s taxes, without a shred of evidence… then a citizen and taxpayer and former college classmate of Obama has the standing to do a little educated guessing of my own.”


      • Daveh234

        JeffH , of course I got the satirical nature and similarity.
        I was responding to previous posts that seemed to not catch that.
        You sure are fast t accuse others and call them names. Too bad I went off to do what I do every day. Work.
        Got away from this post and now I’m accused of being the dumb one?

      • eddie47d

        Has Jeff been outed again in his eager but phony accusations?

      • JeffH

        A wee bit sensitive are we Daveh234?

      • Kate8

        JeffH – Don’tcha love it when you get ‘em rattled. It’s far too easy to be fair… but then, it’s so much fun.

      • JeffH

        Kate8, yeah! So predictable too.


        “Tom Edwards,”


    • Slider

      Wow! What an idiot. RK. Amazing things occur when one educates him or herself. You seem the type of human(and I use that word tongue in cheek) who would say a person is racist if they don’t agree with the Obomination’s politics. Only guilty bigots spout out about things like that. Obama is a violent, uneducated pos. Unfortunately, because of his ties to the communist party, people are afraid of him. People pay attention!! It is well past time to flush the DC toilet and remove the stink that is our commandant in chief.

      • nativetexan

        I have been saying for many years (more than I can remember) it is time to pave over Washington DC and move the capitol to Omaha, Nebraska. The stench from DC has become unbearable.

      • eddie47d

        Here’s another conservative blurting out “racism” so that makes you the “guilty party”. Obama is hardly advocating violence and is a very educated man. That makes your comment extremely “prejudice”.

      • DaveH

        I would love it if the True Conservative states would secede and leave the redistributionists and Crony Politicians to fend for themselves.

      • Hey you

        Yes, it is indeed time to “flush D.C.”.

        It would seem well past time for independent stets to go their own way, Check-out “Dump D.C.”

      • JeffH

        DaveH, I’ll second that!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        nativetexan, NO, PLEASE!!! Don’t bring that stench here! Omaha is a pretty nice place to live! We don’t need that garbage here!!!

      • Kate8

        eddie – Now there’s an interesting statement.

        Obama’s a very educated man? There is a great difference between being educated and indoctrinated. Not that you lefties recognize it.

        As far as his education goes, I say PROVE IT.

        Oh yeah…those (nonexistent?) records are SEALED.

    • Vicki

      R K says:
      “Wayne Allyn Root (W.A.R.) As your name suggests (W.A.R.), you are nothing but WAR mongerer and an extremist and a liar.”

      I borrowed this from Mort…
      WWi … Wilson,Democrat
      WWII … FDR, Democrat
      Korea … Truman, Democrat
      VietNam …JFK, LBJ, Democrats
      Cuban Fiasco … JFK, Democrat
      Kosovo … Clinton, Democrat

      If initials had any real meaning your accusation that Mr Root is a democrat might make some sense.

      R K says: “Nothing makes sense in your article.”

      Thus demonstrating the success of public education. (Presumes that R K benefited from same)

  • http://google Helen Allen

    Now, they want to bring this out in the open! This should have been done years ago when he became the Senator from Ill. I’ve been saying this from day one, but no one bothered to sound the alarm. Just like Hitler, Obama has a taste of power and he has no intentions of going away, not quietly any way. The only way to get him out of Washington is to have him arrested for crimes against these United States for treason and sedition.
    With 80 Communists sitting in Congress plus the 30 Communists he appointed to his administration without going through Congress, plus the 4 Muslims sitting in Congress it’s highly unlikely he will go without a fight. He is very good at making threats, just like he did to Congress and the Supreme Court, not once but three times that if he didn’t get what he wanted there would be hell to pay. Do not forget, Obama signed an Executive Order giving him the power to call for Martial Law and he will if he sees he is going to lose this election. Don’t forget, 4 years ago he said, and I quote: “I plan to do away with term limits.” All one has to do is go back and read it for yourself.

  • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

    Oh Boy Oh Boy – Hand Rubbing – The fix is in. We’ll take any scandall, any dirt, to take down Barry Soetorro, Barack Hussein Obama, Obummer, the Sand N., POTUS and all of the denigrating ways of naming, our democratically elected president, the man holding the highest office in the free world.

    We didn’t like Bush but we didn’t work against America to get rid of him!

    What a bunch of sore losers you all are! You’ve been dedicating your lives in the last 4 years, sulking, puffing, kicking and crying, making fools of yourselves to only one thing. making sure America fails so that you can take back, not America, but power.

    Meanwhile we could have had an efficient and simple Medicare for all, we could have reinvested in America and put people back to work, we could have cleaned up the corruption in govt instead of actually insuring it gets worse. We could have put banksters and their regulators in jail for unleashing a Financial Holocaust on the entire world and pushing 100M people back down into poverty. We could have changed our ways and stopped the overreaching empire building. We could have…….

    But NO! You put ALL of our energy into making President Obama look bad so that he is only a one term president and so that we can go back to our old GREEDY trickle down (piss on the poor) ways which let’s face it is the real reason why we’re in the [expletive deleted] today.

    This/you will go down in history as the joke of the century. Unfortunately it’s not funny is it! People are dying.

    I didn’t and wouldn’t vote for Obama, but I believe that in a winner take all system, we Americans should STFU and stand behind who ever wins and let them have their term. But that is not what happened now is it. You did everything to make sure everything failed, nothing worked, things got worse only to satisfy your twisted egos.

    Don’t you ever doubt yourselves? Are you so sure you are right? And what if you got it wrong?

    • nativetexan

      Your stupidity is unbelievable. If you believe that we, the American people had any choice in the choosing of obama, you are sadly mistaken. Start with the primaries and the primary process. Why should two small and insignificant states such as Iowa and New Hampshire determine who will be on the ballot? States holding primaries later in the year do not get to vote on the same list of candidates because of candidate withdrawals when the candidates could be getting many more votes than what are available in these small states had they been on the ballot. In our state conventions, delegates duly elected to go to the national convention had to swear that they would vote for the candidate winning the straw vote at the state level rather than apportion the votes to represent the vote of the people or vote their mind thus disenfranchising the majority of voters. The process is rigged by the establishment of BOTH parties to favor their “chosen boy”. Neither obama nor romney should be on the ballot in TX because neither has followed the laws established to be on the ballot but our elected officials choose to ignore the law and do as they choose. In TX, two people select who will be on the ballot despite the laws of the state and no one will do anything about it.

      • Roy Patterson

        You are 100% right. If we had the primaries the same day across the country, just like the President election, it would be fair. My idea is that the 2008 election was a set-up election to let Obama win. You see there is no two party system,at the national level anymore. It’s all a shell game for the stupid, dumb public.
        Prove me wrong. The 2012 election, also, may be a sell out agaIn with Obama winning. I hope not, but it doesn’t look good for Romney. He is running the same campaign that loser John McCain ran in 2008.

    • hipshotpercusion

      What a very strange universe you live in.

      • hipshotpercusion

        the above comment was meant for Eric.

    • S.C.Murf

      eric, you really need to make that popping sound your picture is starting to turn blue. I ask you, just why has obama kept his college records sealed? This should be an easy one for you to answer since you are an egomaniac legend in your own mind.I can tell this from your self portrait, prove me wrong!

      up the hill

    • DaveH

      Once in a while, Eric the Red, breaks from his adolescent manipulative tirades to actually say something real, like this — “Meanwhile we could have had an efficient and simple Medicare for all”. Of course it is wrong, as usual, but at least it’s an attempt to be something more than childish on his part.
      An efficient and simple Medicare for all? Oh? So why did we need the Health Care Bill, and why were the Progressives screaming that the system was broke so we needed even more Government Meddling in the Health Care Industry than we already had?
      You make no sense, Eric, even when aren’t trying to manipulate people with adolescent personal attacks:

    • jt

      So you’re totally fine with having a Marxist/Socialist in the White House??

      You’re totally fine with the fact that he did absolutely NOTHING to hold those responsible for the meltdown accountable? ( apparently mega-bank CEO’s have more friends in the White House than liberals care to admit.)

      You’re fine with the ZERO economic improvement During Barry’s tenure? (despite all of his lofty promises, and pi$$ing away nearly a trillion taxpayer dollars)

      You’re fine with the fact that he promised everything he could think of to buy votes, and when he accomplishes NONE of it, all he does is blame everyone else for his utter failure? (Such an impressive leader.)

      You’re fine with ZERO transparency and ZERO bipartisanship, despite (once again) all of his promises to the contrary?

      You’re fine with the fact that he sat in a hate-based, Marxist, anti-American, racist “church” for 20-some years, was married by reverend Wright and had his children christened by him, called Wright his “spiritual mentor”? AND THEN when confronted with the so-called philosophies preached there, he simply says “I never noticed.”, and that was enough for the media to drop the matter entirely. They spent 4 months blabbering on and on about about the cost of Sarah Palin’s wardrobe on the campaign trail, (and were STILL talking about it even after the election) but barely a week on the reverend Wright subject. Can you imagine the field day if John McCain had spent 20-some years attending KKK meetings?? But evidently it’s completely okay for a candidate to be a racist, as long as his name is barrack obama..

      And that’s just the tip of proverbial iceberg when it comes to liberal’s hypocrisy and simple-minded capacity for rational decision making.

    • DaveH

      Eric the Red says — “This/you will go down in history as the joke of the century. Unfortunately it’s not funny is it! People are dying”.
      No, Eric, it is you Progressives, who have grown the Government to its currently Gargantuan size, who have caused peoples’ deaths throughout history, because it is a proven fact that Governments Grow inversely proportional to their countries’ economies:

      But you don’t really care, do you Eric, as long as you’re in the Elite?

    • JeffH

      Eric the Red, I know this is repetitive and repulsive for you but you are a self proclaimed progressive and I want others who don’t understand “American progressivism” for what it is.

      The American progressive movement shares the intellectual roots of European state theorists such as Hegel and Marx. In 20th century Europe their ideas came to fruition in the forms of communism in Russia, national socialism––that is, Naziism––in Germany, and fascism in Italy, respectively.

      Progressivism advocates—then and now—a total break from the principles of freedom articulated in our founding documents, particularly the Declaration of Independence. It seeks to either get around or dismantle limitations on government power, the very constitutional limitations established in the Constitution for the protection of individual freedom.

      The progress sought in Progressivism was to be an ongoing process through which society at large would evolve benefit under the guise of “the state,” administered by specialists, scientists, and the expertise of elitst intellectuals. They also agreed that only government so populated with and administered by elitists could be up to the job. Such a government, they argued, has the resources and the expertise could accomplish such an organizational task.

      For this reason, the progressives desire for something old in world history, not something new. Progressives are actually regressives.

    • Ted G

      Eric, I don’t like it but I’ll qoute Hillary;

      “One would have to suspend reality” to accept any of the assertions in your post.

  • Faith Martin

    Rings true to me. But the sad truth is that even if Obama is an illegal president (which 8 beelieve he is, it is too close to the elections to do anything but vote his tired arse out of office, then insure such a decable never happens again by passing a true NBC clause foor presidential eligibilty.

    • The Resolute Voice

      Totally agree. Get Oba out of office FIRST to protect the country and then go back and research how in heck he got there and all the lies he told to con the media and liberals and who put him up to doing it all and financed him.

  • HH

    I really do hope “blind” America will wake up! We need to get this country back on track, we need to clean out Washington NOW or we will soon be a third world country………….

    Thanks for the article Wayne!

  • Robert Trusty

    Nothing will happen because both sides work together to make this happen and now that they have been caught they are doing everything they can to hide all this.

  • John.

    All this sounds like more republican [expletive deleted]! Who gives a dam about tax return’s
    Mitt Rommey is no different then all the other republican MORON’S.

    • Nobody’s Fool

      John. your idiocy is astounding.

    • The Resolute Voice

      Like you? Wake up! You’re letting your politics pull the wool over your eyes. When someone spends millions to keep his life a secret, that person is hiding something he wants kept secret forever because he knows if it is revealed, he’s done as a politician. We may very well have a President who’s a fake and has been one his whole life, albeit a very clever one.

  • sj

    Wayne, great story we all know he’s a fake why don’t some of you high visability media types call for a boycott of some type or something ? I mean let’s propose SOME action of some kind for crying out loud isn’t working.

  • bruce wayne

    Wayne how much mitt romney or millionaire pay you to go against Obama go tell someone who cares this just. Wants me to vote for eve more for Obama the people want to see mitt romney tax returns

    • nativetexan

      Is it just me or does anyone else wonder how these uneducated idiots even manage to get on a computer? Is the English language dead? bw, if you don’t like or understand the dialogue here, why do you stink up the place with your drivel?

      • Nobody’s Fool

        NativeTexan you are so right. “Bruce Wayne” can’t even put a readable sentence together. One wonders how he managed to stumble onto this website, why he stays, and further, why he chooses to reveal his stupidity for all the world to see. Astounding.

      • Vicki

        Fine examples of public education. Of course there is no real guarantee that they even live in America, let alone derived their education from its schools.

    • American Girl

      I only read this because it was short. One thing that is certainly NOT a conspiracy “theory”, but an outright conspiracy, had been the deliberate dumbing down of America, assuming, of course that you are American. It is as if you just randomly hit the keys (or were blindfolded)… it makes no sense! Is it a code or were you actually trying to say something?!

  • Cap

    Those who have followed the background of President Barack Obama are familiar with the arc of his post-secondary education: After finishing high school in 1979, he attended Occidental College in Los Angeles for two years, transferred to Columbia College in New York City (one of Columbia University’s four undergraduate schools) for another two years, graduated from Columbia with a bachelor’s degree in political science, and then (after a five-year interlude during which he traveled and worked as a community organizer) entered Harvard Law School in 1988 and graduated with a law degree in 1991.

    Even those who have studied Barack Obama’s background in detail don’t generally know much about his time at Columbia University, however, as he hasn’t revealed much about that period of his life in his public writings and statements, nor has he made his transcripts or other school records from Columbia available
    for public examination. Obama’s reticence about revealing much from this period of his life has given license to a number of related rumors, the most outlandish of them being the claim outlined above that he fabricated this element of his background and didn’t really attend Columbia at all.

    Most expressions of this rumor feed off the statement (referenced in a Wall Street Journal editorial) that “Fox News contacted some 400 of [Obama's] classmates and found no one who remembered him” and a statement made by Wayne Allyn Root (the Libertarian Party’s 2008 vice presidential nominee who also attended Columbia at the same time as Barack Obama) that “I don’t know a single person at Columbia that knows him, and they all know me. I don’t have a classmate who ever knew Barack Obama at Columbia.”

    As literally true as these statements might be, they don’t prove that Barack Obama never attended Columbia — at best they demonstrate there was nothing particularly remarkable or distinguished about him at that point in his life that others found memorable 25 years after the fact. Barack Obama himself would likely agree with that assessment, as he noted himself that he spent his time at Columbia largely alone and isolated:
    In his memoir and in interviews, Obama has said he got serious and buckled down in New York. “I didn’t socialize that much. I was like a monk,” he said in a 2005 Columbia alumni magazine interview. He told biographer David Mendell: “For about two years there, I was just painfully alone and really not focused on anything, except maybe thinking a lot.”
    Although Barack Obama may not have been particularly social or memorable during his years at Columbia, it isn’t true that “no one ever came forward from Obama’s past saying they knew him, attended school with him, was his friend, etc.” Those who have attested to having daily personal experience with him during his time at that school include:
    • Friend and roommate Sohale Siddiqi, whom the Associated Press located and interviewed in May 2008.

    • Roommate Phil Boerner, who provided his recollections of sharing a New York City apartment with classmate Barack Obama to the Columbia College Today alumni publication and the New York Times in early 2009.

    • Michael L. Baron, who taught the year-long honors seminar in American Foreign Policy that Barack Obama took during his senior year at Columbia and recalled in an NBC interview Obama’s “easily acing” the class and receiving an A for his senior paper on the topic of nuclear negotiations with the Soviet Union.
    Likewise, other external evidence documents Barack Obama’s presence at Columbia from 1981-83, including:
    • An article by Barack Obama published in the 10 March 1983 edition of Columbia’s Sundial school magazine.

    • A January 2005 Columbia College Today profile of Barack Obama as a Columbia alumnus.

    • A Columbia College press release from November 2008 identifying him as “the first College alumnus to be elected President of the United States.”
    Finally, the fatal flaw in the “Obama didn’t go to Columbia” theory is that he couldn’t have been admitted to Harvard Law School in 1988 without having received an undergraduate degree. If he wasn’t attending Columbia from 1981-83, he would have had to complete two full years’ worth of coursework at (and graduate from) some other accredited college — yet his time between the end of his Columbia days in 1983 and his entering Harvard Law in 1988 is accounted for (working at the Business International Corporation and the New York Public Interest Research Group, then serving as director of the Developing Communities Project in Chicago), and no other school claims him as an alumnus, nor does anyone purport to have encountered him as a classmate or student at any other college or university during that period.

    At this time most would tend to dig up the stories of old to use as scare tactics and there are many who will become consumed enough by hate to believe them! Fox News adds nothing but the usual sleepy grind to try to consume people who fall into the bed of the less informed.

    • Caranina

      Very well said, Cap. Those who argue against what you said are ignorant, misinformed, hateful, and will NEVER ever listen to reason. In the past, the two parties “agreed to disagree”, then looked for common ground to benefit ALL of the people. Sadly, some would now require EVERYONE to subscribe to only their right-wing point of view. That is not a Democracy, and that is not what this country was founded on. Henry Commager, in his book “Freedom, Loyalty, and Dissent” argues that ” dissent and non conformity are essential to a free country”. Amazon says: “This book is a good read for those interested in LIBERTY”. It would be GREAT if some of these writers would read that! It takes all kinds of people working together, bringing ideas together, and finding common ground, to truly make a free America, and that is what makes us a great country.

      • DaveH

        Caranina says — “Very well said, Cap. Those who argue against what you said are ignorant, misinformed, hateful, and will NEVER ever listen to reason”.
        That was a reasoned comment?

      • Retired Army Officer

        Carinina’s response may not have been “well reasoned”…..but on the other hand, I’ve noticed that you couldn’t/didn’t formulate a response to Cap.

        Just sayin’.

      • DaveH

        I don’t get into the Obama History fray, because I believe that it would be a useless expenditure of my time with so many falsehoods swirling around about his origin.
        And Obama is just the tip of the iceberg. We have far bigger problems, like a vast majority of the population who don’t have a clue about economics and the inevitable results of the path we are taking.
        My focus is on educating those people who think Socialism will benefit them, when in truth it only benefits those who are politically connected at the rest of the citizens’ expense.

      • kkflash

        If his time at Columbia was so “normal” and merely an introspective period in his life, why is he so intent on suppressing his records from public scrutiny? And, none of Cap’s (uncited) commentary addresses the issue raised by Mr. Root of how Obama managed to pay for his Ivy League education, when he was admittedly of very modest means.

      • kkflash

        @retired army officer
        Not true. It is a fact that Mr. Root attended Columbia at the same time Obama purports to have attended. That makes his testimony about recalling nothing of Obama’s presence there a first hand eye-witness account, which carries the weight of fact unless refuted by some other evidence. His story is supported by the reported Wall Street Journal survey of 400 Columbia students that Mr. Root also cited. Cap’s contention about several people acknowledging Obama’s presence at Columbia is second-hand testimony, also known in law as hearsay.

        In any case, you are missing the key point of the article: that Mr. Root suspects Obama of attending college as a foreign exchange student, which if true, would make Obama an admitted non-citizen and ineligible to be President.

    • eddie47d

      Thanks Cap we appreciate each side of the story.

    • nativetexan

      As with all other lunatic liberal arguments, there are no facts to back up your claims and suppositions. Without documentation to verify your claims, they are, how did obama say it, words, just words. Take your story to court and see if it holds water. Mr. Root’s theory sounds just as logical as yours and a lot more believable. By the way, my college records and transcripts ARE available and I wrote for the college newspaper too.

      • Retired Army Officer

        Hey Texan, you stated to Cap:

        “As with all other lunatic liberal arguments, there are no facts to back up your claims and suppositions. Without documentation to verify your claims….”

        OK… how is this any different than what Wayne Root’s article?

      • Vicki

        RAO writes:
        “OK… how is this any different than what Wayne Root’s article?”

        I think you are beginning to get the point of Wayne Root’s article. Which is btw that if Harry Reid (democrat) can make claims and suppositions over tax records of Romney then Wayne make claims and suppositions over college records of Obama.

      • Alex

        Yes, nativetexan, but it seems probable that your college newspaper was in Texass, which raises a red flag.
        We have seen what the Texass “educators” want to do with textbooks! Just sayin’…
        (plus, I noticed, among other things, your misuse of the words “your/you’re” somewhere above…)

      • kkflash

        Not true. It is a fact that Mr. Root attended Columbia at the same time Obama purports to have attended. That makes his testimony about recalling nothing of Obama’s presence there a first hand eye-witness account, which carries the weight of fact unless refuted by some other evidence. His story is supported by the reported Wall Street Journal survey of 400 Columbia students that Mr. Root also cited. Cap’s contention about several people acknowledging Obama’s presence at Columbia is second-hand testimony, also known in law as hearsay.

        In any case, you are missing the key point of the article: that Mr. Root suspects Obama of attending college as a foreign exchange student, which if true, would make Obama an admitted non-citizen and ineligible to be President.

    • Nobody’s Fool

      Cap, you really had to dig for that, didn’t you!?!?! (How about digging up his birth certificate…the real one!! hint: look in British archives.) BTW, all the poop on oBlamer refers to or alludes to his attending Columbia University or just “Columbia”, rather than the remedial Columbia College.

      • Alex

        N. Fool—Can you not just applaud the fact that Cap DID dig so deeply for the truth? Whether or not it IS the truth will be borne out in time, certainly. But why is it that so many of the Faux Noose sheeple bury their heads and disdain investigation that originates OUTSIDE the small box they live in?

    • Ghost Hunter

      I suppose there are some people that make the statement that maybe he never attended Columbia, but I am not sure that is the real issue here. I would certainly never say that he did not attend there, I would simply ask one question. Did he attend as an American citizen, or did he have his education paid for as a “foreign student”? Did he have a U.S. passport, or one from another country. I don’t believe that is too difficult a question to answer. If he was an American citizen attending college then there should be no issue here. However, if he attended college as a foreign student, then we have a major problem. It is just that simple. I don’t know why y’all are making this so difficult. It is a very simple question. We do still have a Constitution. At least for the time being.

    • Wayne Allyn Root

      This is Wayne Allyn Root- you did not read my article or watch my video closely “cap.” Did you catch me on Hannity on Fox News discussing this? Or Hannity radio? Or Glenn Beck? Or Huckabee? Or Rush Limbaugh? Or Geraldo? I did them all in 24 hours. I’ve never said Obama did not attend Columbia. I’ve said it is a huge mystery that few remember him from there. He was the ghost of Columbia. The question isn’t did he go there? It’s what was he doing when he was never in class? Why? And all of that is just an obvious starter question.

      The real story and scandal is…did he apply to Columbia as a foreign national from Indonesia? Thats the scandal that could bring down his Presidency.

      • Retired Army Officer

        OK Wayne……you ask why was Obama never in class and what was he doing when he wasn’t in class. Well…..I want to know which classes YOU took with Obama, that you know he never went to class. Hell….can you even prove you had classes with Obama?

        I would find it amazing that Columbia would have so few PolySci classes that you absolutely had to have any…..or multiple…..classes with him.

        Furthermore, I’d find it interesting that you would know, by name and/or facial recognition, every black PoliSci major in your graduating class and that you’d remember them ALL 25-30 years later to extent that you can say that ONE OBSCURE STUDENT was ‘never in class’.

        I can tell you in no uncertain terms that I didn’t know (or cared to know) every black student with my major who was in my graduating class……and there weren’t very many. Nor would I remember any of them if I saw then on the street…..or on TV; and I’m only a year or two older than you.

        Finally, you imply (your gut is obviously great…..yes, I did read your article) that Obama gained entry to Columbia as a foreign exchange student from Indonesia. But you have nothing to go on except your gut.

        Sorry pal…..but your gut ain’t good enough for me…..and I don’t even like the guy.

        Articles like your adds nothing of value to the discussion as to whether Obama is a good/competent President. It adds nothing of value to the discussion as to whether he should be reelected or not.

        What it DOES do is –rile up– those who would read it and pass it along to other like-minded people, spurring them on to the inflamatory rhetoric we now have on this board…..and I believe (yes, I have a gut, too) that’s all you intend for it to do.

        Good luck to ya……hope your life is now adequately fulfilled.

      • DaveH

        From World Net Daily:

      • Retired Army Officer

        Thanks for the link to the WND article, Dave.

        Hey……did you see the quote, under the paragraph about Obama’s thesis or “Soviet Nuclear Disarmament”? The quote goes like this:

        “Former Columbia professor, Michael Baron, told NBC News Obama excelled in his year-long honors seminar called American Foreign Policy.”

        I guess that pretty much settles it…..a former Colubia professor remembers Obama…..and even references the class Obama took.

        OK……that settles the question as to whether Obama was a Columbia student…..and whether he was a competent (he “excelled”)student…..

      • DaveH

        Oh yeah, that settles it. A former Professor said so.
        Come on, RAO, are you really that naive?

      • DaveH

        Hundreds, maybe thousands, of College Professors have taught their students that Abe Lincoln was an Honest man:

    • Mark

      Actually the point of the article was that the Republicans should take up the tactics of the Obama campain which is to lie, cheat, and steal your way into an election, by making up stories of the opposing candidate based on half or no knowledge or information.
      The main point being that Obama lied about his country of origin so he could get into college, he attended Columbia and Harvard, but lied about where he was born.
      He promised openess and transparency and yet he is the most secretive and hides all his personal data more than all other candidates. And if he had “aced” the test so well and his grades were so good, then he can release his college transcripts as well as entrance requirements as whats he worried about?
      I seem to recall that some of Obama’s claims were for Hope and Change, and personally I think most Americans would agree, that he has inspired nothing of the sort, but has resorted to creating a society that is devisive and accusatory, as well as dependent on the government for handouts,, a society of entitlement hackers..
      Also I think the purpose of the president is to unify the country in all its diversity, and this president has done knothing but created devision between races, economic status, hate, and fear mongering.
      Obama promised to create 5 million Energy jobs, health care would drop $2500 per person, cut the deficet in 1/2, lift 2 million from poverty,
      I think none of those things happened, and dont blame the republicans, the first 2 years of his admistration the Dems had 100% control, and its not up to the Government to create jobs, (just look at Solyndra) as generally they havent a clue whats going on in the market, just like Obama’s “shovel ready jobs” theres no such thing,, tell that to his 57 states.
      Anyway,,didnt mean to bring facts into the conversation.. thx

      • Retired Army Officer

        Mark……all valid points regarding the article…..and……Obama’s tenure.

        But……I also recall that the Senate Minority Leader making a statement within days after Obama’s inauguration, that his PRIMARY (and “single most important”) goal was to ensure that the President had one term.

        It wasn’t National Defense.
        It wasn’t the plunging stock market.
        It wasn’t the incredibly poor job market or rising unemployment.
        It wasn’t curbing the national debt.

        ……I could go on regarding higher priorities……

        It was to ensure that Obama only had one term.

        When the primary purpose of the opposition is to get rid of a President, it pretty much ensures that the opposition will not work to do anything that would have a positive outcome and risking that the President would receive credit for those outcomes.

        “Hope and Change” never really had a chance…..nor did ANYTHING that the President OR Congress could’ve accomplished.


        Because the Republicans staked out their ground early…..and being on that ground meant they could give no cooperation what-so-ever to getting anything positive accomplished with the aid/support of the President or the Democrats in the Congress.

      • Vicki

        RAO writes:
        ” “Hope and Change” never really had a chance…..nor did ANYTHING that the President OR Congress could’ve accomplished.


        Because the Republicans staked out their ground early”

        Seems unlikely to be the reason why. For 2+ years they had a super majority in the House. A filibuster proof Senate and a Democrat President to sign anything they wanted. Hope and Change had 2+ years to do most anything.

        Lots of liberals blame President Bush. So much so it is a joke these days as to how a liberal will justify the failures of democrats.

        There is a simpler solution. Democrats are just incompetent.

  • T. Jefferson

    Will not end anything. The cowards in Congress refuse to investigate or prosecute for his criminal actions.

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  • Ron r

    You sir (Root) are an idiot

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Ron r,

      Thanks for your cogent and persuasive input. I’d be willing to bet you were the first cut at debate team tryouts.

      Best wishes,

      • Sirian

        LOL. . . Good one Bob, it definitely fits . . . LOL!!!

      • hipshotpercusion

        Touche, bob!

      • The Resolute Voice

        Don’t think so.

      • Kate8

        Bob – Priceless! :) :)

    • jt

      And in true progressive form, the liberal (lacking any rational point) resorts to second-grade style name calling.

      What a shocker……..

  • DMB

    One certainty from Harry Reid’s absurd assertions: he provided a reason for Romney to never have to release his taxes. Reid is a do-nothing political hack.

  • chelseawoman

    We need to pray that God will uncover those things which are hidden (about BHO) and shine His light upon them for all to see. We need a great awakening!! With God all things are possible!!

    • nc

      Chelsea, God will certainly shine his light on evil! Like he did on Richard Nixon.

    • Victoria

      When God place something no man can cancel, God put Obama in office for the people working class citizen who are suffering the most. The Rich are complaining cause it time for them to pay upl and that Obama is for us. They can’t kill him so they talk about him and brings so many lies,( that the enemy working hard) If Obama past had something bad in it it will come out in the light but I am sure it not as bad as they say. You can depict from his behavior in the four years in office he never cheated on his wife, a good family man, children not acting up in school. All the things That the Rep are trying to do will fail and Obama will be elected again I be on line brite and early putting in my vote and bring people with me.

      • Nobody’s Fool

        Victoria. Sigh. Obviously you are a product of the government run public school (indoctrination) system. You use incomplete sentences and ignorant phraseology, proving that you did not get an education in school (no one does these days–only indoctrination, brainwashing, and free condoms). You voted for the biggest liar and cheat ever to hold any kind of office in this country. Congratulations. But guess what honey…he’s not really going to pay your mortgage and buy you a big new car and a wall-sized flat screen. Dem wuz lies, huney. an yew fell fer it. (Thought I’d try speaking your language.)

      • hipshotpercusion

        We are truly blessed to have such geniuses like bruce wayne and Victoria in our country. Sarcasm off.

  • dragonlady

    O.K. you have the report, so what are you going to do with it? Seems there is a ton on information relating to horrendous scams and worse on the American people that just sits quietly on the shelf…main street America NEVER hears any of this information. So what are you going to do with this information?

  • Zed

    Wayne, you’ve been had.
    You’re quoting most of this article:
    dated April 1, 2009.
    That date is important.

    There are a lot of things I don’t like about Obama, but let’s stick to the facts.

  • Laboke, Ed

    Hi Wayne,
    Some questions for you dear: Did you meet some foreign exchange students except for the president or were you then barred from interacting with foreign students? Is releasing academic record a requirement as is the release of taxes and above all, the standard set by Romney’s dad? How do you call someone you never met your classmate? More questions, but just answer these three simple ones.

  • mad babe

    If you watch the DVD Agenda, you will see he was picked for this ‘mission’ to destroy America. If he is calling for more tax returns from Mitt, then Mitt should call for him to release the papers where he and Michelle surrendered their law licenses. You can see the record, but of course, no reason is given, but no one surrenders his/her license unless there is cause for a public scandal that would show malpractice. And check to see who paid the taxes on his Chicago mansion. There is so much trash on him, you wonder how he accumulated so much in 51 years. Those who think he is a ‘god’ will suffer along with the rest of us when he completes his ‘mission’, if reelected. You are warned, but you have your head in the sand and will follow this ‘fake’ leader to your own demise.

  • Karolyn

    So, how many PSC students were there? And Root knew every one? on’t have a clue what’s real and what’s not, but I like to question anyone who thinks they absolutely know the truth about anything.

    • uvuvuv

      karo, are you high fructose or what? by the time a student hits his junior year, his classes all focus on his major, which in obama’s case was allegely poli sci. therefore there would be a saturation effect where all the students of a given major would get to know each other, or for a larger school at least have recognizeable familiarity when passing on the sidewalk. it would therefore be reasonable to assume that this messr root would know who was who (not whom, we are in subjective case) among his fellow poli sci students. as detailed as the dave maraniss book on obama is in delving into the lives of his forebears in kenya, including the daily habits and employment history of his grandfather Hussein Onyango, then how come there is so little information about obama’s years at columbia, which is right on these shores and of recent memory and history? the author maraniss weakly describes these as his dark years, because of the shadowy and sketchy information he has about this time. honestly if you were to read this book, even if the allegations of his communist and muslim connections are false (which i think is the case) you would still come away wondering, this guy became president? i think you would be a better pick than him, based on your eloquent postings i have read.

      • Kate8

        Karolyn – You’d think they could turn up SOMEBODY who remembered him.

  • Willy

    T. – Youre right. this will not end unless we the people change it. The cowards in congress are the problem. They cannot change something they do not want to change. The elites have it good. It is only us that can make these changes. Can you spell r e v o l u t i o n?

    • Retired Army Officer

      Willy……can you spell t-r-e-a-s-o-n?

      • hipshotpercusion

        Army Officer, can you spell Declaration of Independence? Or, did you forget our history?

      • lovecookie

        What??? Recognizing a flawed and corrupt government and calling for a change is not treason, it is the love one’s country.

        “Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.” – Mark Twain

      • Retired Army Officer

        Hey Hipshot……the Declaration of Independence does not now… has it ever…..given any person the legal right to advocate revolution or succession against the U.S. Advocating such acts is, in fact, Treason. And as a former military officer, I’d gladly put the uniform back on to defend this country against such actions.

        Hey Cookie……really? You’re gonna quote Mark Twain? Hell…..why not quote ‘Bob’ who works down at the locat Dairy Queen?

      • DaveH

        Secession is NOT Treason, RAO. It is simply people deciding that they want self-governance absent those people from other places who want to control their lives.
        You should remember, being military (that is if you really are), that we fought both the Korean war and the Vietnam War under the guise that people had a right to self-determination.
        Especially, given the fact that the Central Government has long ago trampled the legal limits of the Constitution, the last thing you should be falling back on is “legality”.
        If and when we decide to peacefully secede and you and your kind want to “put on your uniforms” to stop that peaceful secession, then bring it on:

      • DaveH
  • Goldie Welch

    You are right on all counts, but until we the people vote him out of office nothing will be done. Then it will take someone with enough guts and money to expose him, take it to court and have him tried. Only then will this country ever know who he really is. Thank you for trying.

  • Karolyn

    “I don’t have…”

  • Gea

    Did anybody ever do search on Barry Satoro, an Indonesian citizen who lived in Hawaii from age 8-18 and then supposedly went to Occidental College and transfer to Columbia. The interview with the Pakistani Sohale Siddiqi may be informative about Obama’s going to Pakistan, where corrupt politicians and Islamists rule. I am much more concerned with Obama being tutored by Frank Marshall Davis, a member of the Hawaiian Communist party, then Obama Columbia records. How about his Harvard law School Records? He must have been a good student or else he would not be the editor of Harvard Law Review?

    Also, what was Barry Satoro doing in Pakistan and did he travel to Saudi Arabia and confirmed his Islamists sympathies, which are now obvious as Obama is cavorting with Muslim Brotherhood. Barak Hussein Obama extolls Islam and Koran, which dissing Bible which makes him a danger to human rights and Western civilization. He must be retired in November. He had been the most skillful liar and Teflon President US ever head.

  • Jonathan

    Allyn, your still pushing for Mit by Slamming Obama when this whole system is rotten. If you can remember correctly, Mit did the same thing to his opponents when he first started his campaign. Mit Romney was the first one to start this whole charade. It was hard to read this whole article because it take someone with an IQ of 80 to believe what you are saying. Who are you working for and why is Bob Livingston even allowing this stuff on his site. You have to be getting payed by Mit to even publish this junk.

    • Nobody’s Fool

      Learn to spell, Jonathan. It’s Mitt, not Mit. Sadly, another product of the government run public school brainwashing system.

      • Jonathan

        If that’s all you can find wrong with what I have to say, then I rest my case.

  • figmo

    The ony way to attack this abomination directly is to vote for his opponent in the coming election If you don’t get off your ass and vote, don’t complain. Then we need to attack these smug liberal bastards masquerading as news shows and the talk show commies. How do we do that? Boycott their sponsors and let the sponsors know you won’t be using their products. The liberal jackels did this to Lou Dobbs and Glen Beck so it can be effective. It sure would be more effective than coming on sites like this and preaching to the choir.

    • cawmun cents

      You sir are my hero…..haw!
      I have boycotted these charlatan Democrat contributing corporations for years.
      I had to make changes in my personal habits to do it too!
      But it has been worth every red cent they have not gotten from me.
      When I buy now…I do the only sane thing to do and research where the money goes.
      So many of these gubment sponsors are not getting any funds from me,that if everyone was to do things this way,then all the gubment contributors would go out of business.
      You are absolutely correct sir.
      Corporate wars are the wave of the future….what you buy will reflect who you are politically.
      It is already that way…but the populace has yet to stand up and take notice.
      So when they buy from someplace because they like the product,they are actually saying that they support that political view.
      Whether any of them will admit that,is subject to scrutiny at this time.
      But that is the only way you can ever hurt the lobbyists,who control the politic of the day.
      If you want to be a real American Patriot,listen to figmo folks….
      But what do I know?
      Apparently very little……

    • deerinwater

      “The liberal jackels did this to Lou Dobbs and Glen Beck so it can be effective. ”

      LOL! well Glenn did not need any help, he can destroy himself more effectively. Glenn is about as dysfunctional as you can get and still walk around a free man. While Lou Dobbs is a snake in the grass and not a person of conviction but opportunity. Dobbs just got found out, is all.

  • Harlene

    if obama has no class pictures or does not attend class reunions and no one remembers him then who is he?i have been saying all along you can never escape the fbi or cia cops always get their man i’m sure they have the goods on obama but their mouth is sealed by who knows who and our country is the one to lose in the end.This man has been train from birth to do just what he is doing and he should be exposed before the elections at once.

  • dan

    Indonesian citizen, Foreign Student THROWN OUT OF OCCIDENTAL because of poor grades……only registered at Colombia and lied his way into Harvard…

  • Sheryl Lane

    I am really afraid for America if Obama is reelected. As for the millions of people who are ready to cast their votes for him may want to reconsider what they are voting for if he serves another term. First, they are asking for the demise of America. I say to them if you don’t like our America then you to pack up with the president and move to the country of which he is a citizen. You idiots are so easily fooled by someone who follows Saul Alinskys teachings of marxism, say what you have, do what you have to, be who you have to, to fool the people. America, voters, you had better wake up, you have seen nothing yet as to what he has in store for an America that he does not like.

    • Shelia

      I am afraid for Americans if Mitt Romney is elected.

      • Nobody’s Fool

        I am afraid for America because idiots like you and Victoria (who can’t even write a coherent sentence) are allowed to vote. It seems there should be some kind of rule where you have to have an IQ or at least 50 to vote. Of course, that would leave you and Victoria out. Along with Retired Army Officer. (What’s with you, guy? Your man oBlamer wants to gut the VA along with our military, yet you’re FOR him?? What have you been smoking??)

      • Retired Army Officer

        Hey Fool,

        I’m not “for” oBlamer or Obama…….I just recognize Bull Sh…..uh….Crap (yeah, that’s better) when I see it.

        And this site is crawling with people slinging bull crap.

        I just figured we could be a bit better than that.

        BTW Fool……thanks for trying to imply that I have a substance abuse issue……really big of you……I bet it makes your mother proud.

      • JeffH

        There has to be one in every crowd just like “Nobody’s Fool”.
        The grammar and spelling cop, the guy/gal with and I’m guessing, unrivaled university credentials, high intellect and an IQ as high as his/her age. There’s no more a fool than “Nobody’s Fool”.

      • Roy Patterson


        • Jeff

          It’s OK, Roy. In 4 years, the Scary Black Man will go away and you’ll be able to come out of your room.

  • Pingback: Anonymous

  • david chuks

    When Idiots like this writer Wayne who has being living in poverty and envy for the President gets some money from Romney and Co to talk trash about the President, its a waste of time to even read this. I cant imagine people go so far to tarnish the image of the President bcos of Power. I used to think that Racism has gone in the US, but i now know otherwise.
    Lets start with Romney who has paid this bastard to write this
    1. Romney fired hundreds of people, bankrupt the company and send the job oversea
    2. Romney hides his money made in the US in foreign account
    3, Romney paid less tax than a common office secretary
    4, Romney said publicly that he doesn’t care about the poor
    5, Romney signs into Law the same type Health care law that Obama signed
    6, Romney wants to keep other people sons and Daughters in war front, while he has ten children that never saved in even US police or any law enforcement agency.
    7, Romney don’t want to release his TAX record, can you imagine that. This is the person that want to be the President of the united

    Folks, Romney can never protect the middle class or the poor. How do you understand what is pain when you have not experienced it. He has never being in the middle class all his life and will never understand what the poor is passing through. Can someone search his or her heart with racism and hatred and ask himself what law the President has signed that will never better the life of the ordinary American? Let us tell ourselves the truth irrespective of party. If not for colour, am sure Republians would have supported the President. Republians plunged the US into recession due to Wars they planned to use to steal billions of Americans tax payers money. They fronted Halliburton and use her to siphon tax payers money in the name of rebuilding Iraq.

    Let someone tell Romney that there is no space for all his numerous children in the white house. WH is meant for small families and not Mormons. Tax payers money are gonna be used to provide secret service protection for all these 10 children that never serve their nation and numerous grand children, this is not cost cutting. American foundation is based on pure christainity and not Mormons. And someone should tell Romney that there will be no war bcos his ten kids never served the United States even as Fire fighters, so no other persons kids will be killed while his own are enjoying in affluence.
    Any Real Christain that went to the polling boot ,Republican or Independent, ask yourself this questions, is this the foundation of the united states? Where is your faith, God or other gods? Can you justify this in God’s presence when you die that you voted in Power someone that never belived in his son JESUS CHRIST because of political party? What will you tell your kids? that you handed the millions of American, the greatest nation on earth to a MORMON?
    OBAMA might not be perfect, but i believe between God and Man that he meant good for the American people than the so called Romney.

    God bless the United States of American

    • nativetexan

      How did so many idiots get on this website??? God bless the United States of American??? Good grief. It was bad enough to have to read any of his rant but what a way to end. I am so sick that people like this have anything to say about this great country.

      • deerinwater

        Your sickness is duly noted and recorded. So what is it about personal freedom that disagrees with you?

    • Victoria

      I agree with you 100 percent God place Obama there in office and he will be elected again in Jesus name amen. Man will try to tear Obama down but I know this is God doing and yes he came out and won the election in 08 and nobody seen Obama coming he is here to stay. I will be voting and bringing my friends to the poll

      • Liz

        Are you serious? Do either of you even know what you are saying? You call yourselves Christian but you are not. How can a Christian possibly vote for a candidate that is pro abortion and gay marriage?! Your man Obama is for both of those things, yet you turn a blind eye to that? Your hypocrisy is astounding to me. You know nothing of Christ. A man of God would not be okay with murdering the unborn or of homosexuality. I am guessing you are both black and only voted for Obama based on the fact that he is too. Well, he’s only half, but you are so racist that you don’t care. You are a racist if you voted for the man because of his skin color. Racism goes both ways folks. If you voted for Obama because he is black, then YOU ARE A RACIST! And an idiot. Judge by the quality of character, not the color of skin. Black voters, wake up!!!! Do not vote for this man just because he is half black.

      • Flashy

        Liz —> “How can a Christian possibly vote for a candidate that is pro abortion and gay marriage?!”

        ummm..maybe because they’re not fake and not hypocrites?

      • An Educated Educator

        And Victoria, you deserve him and all he will do to change your life. And, if you end up liking the change he will bring in four more years, then God help us all. You speak like a small child. Maybe God will indeed forgive you simply because of that. But, personally, I think he expects more from all of us. America IS this world’s last chance to be what God envisioned for his people, and he must be shaking his head in Heaven today, just like my father would do when I was a small child making silly choices. He let me suffer the natural consequences. And so will God. I just regret that my children and grandchildren will suffer right along for no fault of their own. Wake up, child. Wake up. Don’t be like the masses who followed so many other silken-tongued demi-gods in the past, only to beg forgiveness years later for their stupidity and blindness.

      • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

        victoria. This is another sign of another air head taking up space on the planet…show us where you get this selfrightous reasoning of Gods being with Odummer. Where can you find any scripture stating Gods support for ,lying, stealing,abortion, queers marrying, Marxis commie govt, forging documents.And the list goes on,public knowlege. Just please show us where God supports such trsash and maybe more people can be led into the same trap as you have.Dont feel you are being singled out, there are more of your ilk on this site that expound religious authority to making stupid statements.. so you may be able to drag a few to the polls with you. pass that pipe around and go vote!!

      • kkflash

        Please try to understand that God had nothing to do with Obama attaining the office of President. He was elected by fools who think he IS god. I know that’s confusing for you. In reality, Obama is much more likely to be the anti-Christ than he is to be supported in any way by God.

    • Nobody’s Fool

      Mr. Chuks, obviously you have no education and are filled with hatred. But oh how you love your idol, oBlamer. You are afraid to turn the country over to a Mormon? Tell me, how is it when a Muslim runs the country??? I’ll take the Mormon over the Muslim any day of the week. At least the Mormon is American and believes in God. The Muslim is anti-America, anti-Constitution, anti-Christian, anti-everything that makes America great. Here’s hoping you forget to vote.

    • hipshotpercusion

      david.. Simply astounding. Are you able to feed yourself without help?

    • An Educated Educator

      Talk to us in 2016 if Obama is re-elected and you’ll be talking from a world you cannot envision because of your ignorance today. I feel sorry for you.

      • nc

        Educator, from 1932 to 2008 we have had 20 Presidential elections and in EVERYONE of the the Republicans have preached that electing or reelecting a Democrat will RUIN our country because they are Socialist and don’t know how to manage a free market society! You say you are educated so you must know that drill by now, right???? If you missed it, look it up! While you are looking up information please type in “BULLS, BEARS, Donkeys and ELEPHANTS” and go to the site to see just what a terrible job the Republicans have done since 1929!! GOT THE GUTS TO TAKE A LOOK??? Don’t stop there!! Go to at “Presidents and Prosperity” and see how a Republican controlled magazine even ranked the Republicans to the DEmocrats! Got the guts to really get EDUCATED” iT’S ALL RIGHT THERE!THE KOOLADE IS KILLING YOUR “EDUCATION”
        In 2016 with or without Obama there will still be the USA! Still number one!

  • jopa

    I have had thousands of classmates over the years and I sure don’t have much of any information on any of them.How Mr. Root having supposedly so much makes me kind of wonder if any of his claims can be backed up.I haven’t even seen any proof that he( Mr. Root) went to Columbia.I think he may just be trying for a moment in the spotlight with a dim bulb.

    • Dale left coast

      Bet they have a yearbook . . . or maybe going to Columbia is more like riding on the Boston Subway . . . lol

    • JeffH

      jopa, to understand Root’s commentary one must first comprehend.

      Root: “This also ties into Harry Reid’s hunch about Mitt Romney’s tax records. You see Senator Reid opened up Pandora’s box. He made it OK for any of us to play a guessing game. If Harry can guess about Romney’s taxes, without a shred of evidence… then a citizen and taxpayer and former college classmate of Obama has the standing to do a little educated guessing of my own.”

      I see it went way over your head, that or you didn’t read it…I’m guessing both!

  • Mary

    You are just another low life right winger, who has no proof of anything, just speculation to sway stupid people who are too lazy to do the research for themselves. To even suggest “personal freedom” is a joke in your party. It is you conservatives who wish to take away all the personal freedoms we have today because they do not agree with your beliefs. Why don’t you lay your records out for the public to see how you made your money on your instincts. Probably not so squeaky clean yourself. To say that Romney is squeakiy clean is a joke also. He may be a Mormon who does not believe in drinking, smoking and sex before marriage but what do we really know about his business dealings. Apparently he doesn’t even know about them. When asked about his money in the 3 foreign countries, he said he had no idea how much money he had because he had someone else managing his blind trust. Really? We want someone who cannot even manage his millions to manage OUR trillions? Competition is great and we expect it from our politicians. What I cannot stand is the many LIES the right tells and thinks it is perfectly acceptable. YOU Mr. Root are one of those who lie for political gain. I wonder how much money you are receiving from the Karl Rove propaganda machine. We know about Obama’s tax records and his citizenship. He was born here and I do believe that makes him a citizen. Apparently the American people were happy with the information they had on Obama because he was elected fairly. , even though the Republicans could never accept that fact and have done everything in their power to discredit him. Hillary Clinton would have had no trouble uncovering anything if she had wanted too so it is conceiveable there was nothing for her to uncover to use against him. What we do not know is anything about Romney’s business dealings and if he has nothing to hide, then he should show them. After all, he is running on his ability to turn the economy around.

    • Nobody’s Fool

      Mary, Mary, Mary. You claim Wayne Allyn Root has no proof, yet you blithely state that oBlamer was born here and is a citizen. Could you please show the world the proof that you have on that?? No one else in the world has that proof, as his real birth certificate has been buried deep within the British archives (seeing as how Kenya was a British subject in 1961, the year of oBlamer’s birth). So really, produce your proof or shut up.

      • jopa

        Mary;You nailed it about JeffH, he has been trying to blow smoke rings for some time now without any success.Great post.

    • uberpatriot

      Mary, something tells me you are not fond of Mitt Romney. Do you work for the Axelrod/Cutter squad? Be honest now.

      • JeffH

        :) That was good!

      • Kate8

        The fact is that there is an overwhelming TON of credible evidence (even PROOF) that Obama is a complete fraud all the way around, and ABSOLUTELY NOT ONE SHRED OF EVIDENCE THAT HE IS WHO HE CLAIMS TO BE.

        You’d think he’d produce something. Nope. Nyet. We are just supposed to believe it because he says so.

        Apparently, that’s good enough for Mary and the rest of O’s devotees.

    • Dale left coast

      “what do we really know about his business dealings.”
      Mary . . . what do we know about Bammy’s business dealings?
      How many promises has he kept?
      Do you think doing what we have been doing for the last 4 years is the path to prosperity?
      Do you live in a Parallel Universe?

  • Eddie

    I loathe Obama as much as anyone. However, all these supposed smoking guns and proof stories , even if true, for some reason will never be pursued. It’s almost like the right and the GOP is afraid to stir up trouble. If any of these stories were true and could be proven, someone would go ahead and get this lunatic out of the White House. But NO, nobody does anything. The GOP is playing everything too nicely and almost looking like they’re afraid of stepping on toes while the Dems are slinging mud at every step. It’s a good thing to dream about but I’m afraid ousting this president before November or after will never happen. God help us all!

    • eddie47d

      Well Eddie plenty of mud has been slung by the Republicans apparently not to your satisfaction. “GOP playing nice” ( Are you serious). Maybe after the G Bush debacle where he as a “businessman” was suppose to save the economy. Instead his expertise lead us to the worse economy since the depression. So it would be hard to champion Romney’s business experience as being good for our nation when everything he did in achieving that wealth is suspect. deja vu!

      • cawmun cents

        A Bushbomb eddie47d?
        Man you got that liberal stuff down pat dont you?

      • Dale left coast

        eddie . . . demonstating your intellect again?
        The last “Bush” Budget 2007 . . . deficit $160 Billion . . . that’s with a B . . .
        Since the Dimmicraps took over the congress in 06 and the Bamster took the WH in 08 . . . there have been $1.5 TRILLION annual DEFICITS . . . and no Budget has been created in almost FOUR YEARS . . . nothin to see here Eddie . . . especially for someone as numbers challenged as you.

      • eddie47d

        This wasn’t a math quiz Dale but I do go to the source in who caused the downfall to correctly judge who started the trouble. Doesn’t change a thing I said about Romney although Obama can be a little math challenged too. I guess we could say Romney took from others to achieve his wealth. Now that would make a great political ad.

      • Kate8

        eddie – Obama could put all the questions to rest by just producing his records.

        But he flatly refuses to do so, despite the loud outcry from the entire nation.

        Why? Doesn’t that disturb you…even a little? As Americans, should we not have the right to know just who this mystery man is, since he’s claimed the power of life and death over us all?

    • bearily

      Well; there you have it…..God help us all…..and THAT is exactly why it all continues…..the lying, cheating and cover-ups…..because this ONE NATION UNDER GOD has been turning it’s back on the ONE CREATOR for much too long. Keeping the “one nation under God” phrase on coin of the realm is one thing but how many people actually live with that philosophy? God knows how many and is very sad about the true number.
      Why were we made to exist in the first place? We are supposed to communicate with our maker in praise. How many of us do that? C’mon, people! That’s why we were made!!! Ignorance of that fact is what drove the Israelites into the desert for forty years! If we ignore God now he could very well keep Obama in the Whitehouse for forty years! Start communicating and maybe God will honor that turn-around with a heart-stopping answer to the biggest fraud ever in the Whitehouse!
      Remember that! Obama has no control over making his black heart beat one more time….it’s in God’s hands and if we pray in unison maybe the prayers will put the proper squeeze for America on the usurper that will end this plague of lies!

      • Kate8

        bearliy – Being a nation under God does not mean that He’s some separate entity whom we can invoke with words. God rules a nation through the hearts of its populace. We remove Him when we cease to honor Him in our own hearts.

        We bring Him back the same way. “Return to Me, and I will return to you.”

  • Ken

    Thanks Wayne;

    ANY and I mean ANY IDIOT who cannot see that Sotoro’s a lying, cheating piece of sh*t then your a damn fool.


  • Retired Army Officer

    This article is excessively stupid. Is this really the best response we can muster to the stuff Obama’s campaign is putting out?

    Good grief…..this is even weaker than the whole birth certificate fiasco.

    • An Educated Educator

      If you served in our Army, then they did little to teach you anything about how to recognize subversive activity. Obama is a shell of a man – an illusion dreamed up by the power brokers of the hard Left, all of whom were related to Frank Marshall Davis in some manner. (His real father by the way – and that birth certificate thing is no fiasco – my God, it’s what proves whether he is even entitled to be our president) Two things are at the root of why Obama spends millions to lock down his past: 1) His real father is Frank Marshall Davis (FMD), and the birth certificate says “Father Unknown” because Obama, Sr. was a flunky that Obama’s grandfather mentored when he first arrived in Hawaii to study and then paid to marry his daughter who had did some hanky-panky and got pregnant by FMD. Because of FMD’s strong communist affiliation, that all had to be hidden. 2) He held an Indonesian citizenship for years and that allowed him to get into these high-falutin’ colleges with no money, bad grades, etc. But funny thing…he never knew back then, when he was playing the system, that one day he would want to run for president – but again, his “real father’s” old connections opened up an avenue to make it happen – money could lock down all those secrets. We have a FAKE, an imposter, and most of all, a mean, cynical, man in our highest office hell-bent on bringing own the country he feels demeaned him because he was half-Black. When you combine that with his Narcissist personality, you have evil living in our White House.

      • bearily

        I don’t doubt many believe Obama’s last name should be Davis; but it could be any number of others as Obama’s mother apparently was not just free with her philosophy but also her physical attributes involving multiple men; not the least of whom was Malcolm Little aka Malcolm X; and if you want to use facial features and bone structure for genetic comparison then line up pictures of Obama and Malcolm side-by-side. That removes any doubt who his REAL real father is.

      • Retired Army Officer

        If you’re really an educator, then it’s small wonder that the effectiveness of our educational system has fallen off so drastically in recent years.

        Your response to my post speaks volumes to your propensity to being baited and hooked to any conspiracy theory that may be fashionable at any given time; and it would seem that the ‘grander’ the theory, the better.

        It’s amazing……his Grandfather marries his mother off to an African because;
        “Obama, Sr. was a flunky that Obama’s grandfather mentored when he first arrived in Hawaii to study and then paid to marry his daughter who had did some hanky-panky and got pregnant by FMD.”

        First of all, I doubt that you can prove that Obama’s grandfather had ever even been to Hawaii; let alone prove that he was there when Obama Sr “first arrived”. Then you claim his granfather also “mentored” Obama Sr? Mentored him…

        Second, you have some evidence that Frank Marshall Davis is Obama’s ‘real’ father? Or are you taking it as blind faith based off some film you saw or book you read?


        And then we have the “bearily” guy stated that Obama’s real father could be Malcolm X? Really? I suppose ‘bearily’ has some sore of proof that Malcolm X and Patricia Denham were ever in the same vacinity at the same time…..that they had ever met…..that they ever ‘knew’ each other (in the Biblical sense)?

        Man…..people on this board are unbelievably warped.

        I can’t believe that this is what our country has devolved in to……..

      • The Christian American

        Does all this matter or is it the work of magicians? We’re looking at the hand we’re suppose to instead of concentrating on fixing America. If we last till election time, either one of those narcissistic beings will probably drive the last nail in America’s coffin. The Zionist have a ring in Romney’s nose and the Muslims have one in Obama’s nose. What about America? These transit Caligula’s want to be the Emperor of the world, not serve America. The bible says “Where the Lord is, there is liberty”. What it also says is: where the Lord ISN’T there is NO liberty. We’re losing the Lord and our liberty with Him. We’re looking afar instead of our own back yard. DC’s doing it and we’re going right along. Beware of the muslim living in a hovel instead of the district of criminals treachery.

      • Retired Army Officer

        Hey Christian…….Really?

        “The Zionist have a ring in Romney’s nose and the Muslims have one in Obama’s nose.”

        C’mon……two ridiculous statements/accusations. WOW! Unreal!

      • DaveH

        After having read several of his comments, there’s little doubt in my mind that Retired Army Officer is just another of the many Internet Trolls plaguing this site.

      • Retired Army Officer

        I guess I qualify as a troll because I happen to disagree with most of the people on this site…

        OK then… be it.

      • Kate8

        Well, shoot… I’d think a simple DNA test could determine Obama’s heritage. All of the possible fathers have living offspring and other relatives who could be tested…

        How about the footprint on the Kenyan BC, too? That could prove its authenticity regarding whether he was born in Kenya.

        But, he continues to dodge the issue and refuses any and all proof.

        In any court of law, the evidence merits a GUILTY verdict.

      • DaveH

        Anybody who reads all your comments, RAO, will see what I mean.

      • DaveH

        It must be killing you, RAO, not to say the word “sheesh”.

      • JeffH

        DaveH, it took me a couple times to get your “sheesh” comment.
        Good catch!

    • Norm


      • Norm

        To: Retired Army Officer

    • Ken

      @ Retired; I’ve worked with retards like you – your GREAT at taking orders but LOUSY when it comes to thinking for yourself…..your nothing but a damn dope and a tool and a sell out to your country.


  • Danno2020

    Yikes… As I have read all the information about President Obama… Several question linger. Are the Rothschild’s behind this puppet president? That amount of power can get anyone elected including Bush. The birth certificate thing… hmmm… the document he released as authentic has a few real problems. The hospital mentioned didn’t exists for a at least another 5 years after his birth (a result of a merger). Also Kenya, his father’s birth nation, was not a nation for another 6 or more years. It was the Republic of South Africa, the territory of Kenya. I would like to see any other birth certificate that says Kenya on it from that period. I know Michelle made a lot of money and could have financed some the many early trips they took out of country (after being married) but the money trail has always been hid. The Whole College issue is shameful. Actually a disgrace… why wouldn’t you be proud of your University – Columbia, Harvard… The only reason that this President is being “attacked?” is because Americas, by nature, are a discerning lot. They do not like to be lied to. President Obama has soooo many issues, notwithstanding what he has done to Christian values (he most certainly is a Muslim and that is okay… just don’t lie about it… but I understand that under the Muslim tenets lying is okay to the infidels). I am tired of having to choose between the lesser of two evils. When we knock God out of our discernment and start to rely on facts (the media is not good and the spin-doctors are even worse) we go down a slippery slope. In the last 4 years we have taken great strides to become a third-world nation. Please Pray, listen, and wake up. The clock is seriously ticking. True LEADERSHIP is always honest. Not engaging in manipulation, secrets and miss-direction (except in the case of fighting things like war and terrorism). I, and many others are capable of providing leaderships and want to do so. America does not need an AGENDA, it needs to be allowed to be great, governed by the Republic for which it stands… One Nation, Under God, Indivisible with Liberty and Justice for All (not just the special interest). Blessings to all Americans.

    • JeffH

      “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.” – Mayer Amschel Rothschild

  • Polski

    Obama and Bush-Cheney must be related. Both are horrible-terrible. As is the Democrat-Republican party. And the Republican-Democrat party spouts nonsense, just like the Democrat-Republican party. And why would you think they are different?

    • Danno2020

      Right on Polski… many people are becoming aware, throught the miracle of socla media (with its downsides too) that both Bush and Obama have been under a global stratey (Rothchild’s being a big piece of this) to bring down the Colonies. We, as a nation are still very young and the world is in awe, and ticked. I see a dismantling of America by the world and how we are being very stretched out. A lot of hate towards America but, and this is important, PEOPLE want to live here…because of the freedoms. Unfortunately, global governments are now really taking us over and soon we will be very very ordinary and the day may be upon us soon when we are taken over and dismantled. I remain optimistic and apprecate your eyes being open more than most.

      • bearily

        Yes; the world take=over of America is real but there is now a great opportunity to dismantle not America but Washington D.C. and the politicians who cram their subservience down America’s throat.
        I say dismantle Washington….eliminate Congress by state’s rule and make America the United States of America as it once was before Washington usurped power over the states it didn’t deserve to have.
        The United States of America can rule by state. The United States of America doesn’t need Washington for governance.
        Just think of all the tax money that would be saved without 565 congressional greed mongers leeching off America!

        Obama has created a Governor’s Board for his secret agenda in destroying America.

        Those governors involved have a golden opportunity to seize the power that is rightfully theirs and kick that lying bum out of the Whitehouse; deporting him to Kenya in permanent exile; never to return his sorry lying fraudulent butt to U.S. soil ever again!

  • dean

    You are a quack. Dummy, you think Columbia college would not have said something by now if he was all you claim.Makes me feel dumb as you by commiting on your fanasy.

    • Chuklz

      Yes, you show how dumb you are by “commiting on your fanasy.” More so by believing that a Liberal Progressive Bizarro World institution like Columbia would offer up anything that would harm their “chosen one.”

  • Andrew Jackson

    What about the wedding ring B0 wore for 20 years before he married Michelle, it has been inferred that he was married to his Pakistani buddy.

  • http://YAHOO.COM Samuel Crisp

    Nice story! I think he got his advice from the Chicago Tribuine. I think that the GENERALS and ADMIRALS of our Pentagon need to STAND DOWN as BARRY is hiding his PAST. What if he ends up being a RAPIST, a PEDOPHILE,an unknown MASS KILLER. As an unknown QUANTITY he needs no reward for being in the OVAL, imprisonment should follow so that HE cannot give out any more secrets to PUTIN & GANG. Do you know that he is not a wanted PEDOPHILE? OK, then you tell me what we dont know about BARRY, all we do know is that AMERICAN IDIOTS voted him in and he won an ELECTION.

    • Greg

      And you think that is what is in his college records? I don’t think so.

  • Chuklz

    Breaking news: Bo Obama admits he ate the President’s records from Occidental, Columbia and Harvard while the First Family was on vacation in Hawaii.

    Bo says he was told to do it by the President and initially refused. After being sent home ahead of the First Family and being put into the dog house, he relented. He’s been under Vet care since then, suffering from numerous digestive issues, including constant nausea, mental lapses and overly aggressive behavior towards anyone coming near him. Now under heavy sedation, it is unlikely he will be able to attend the convention in Charlotte.

    Adding insult to injury, First Lady Michelle Obama has retracted her claim that, were she to be reincarnated, she would like to come back as Bo.

  • Norm

    Federal law limits the information that Columbia can release about Mr. Obama’s time there. A spokesman for the university, Brian Connolly, confirmed that Mr. Obama spent two years at Columbia College and graduated in 1983 with a major in political science. He did not receive honors, Mr. Connolly said, though specific information on his grades is sealed. A program from the 1983 graduation ceremony lists him as a graduate.
    Obama displayed academic achievement at Harvard, where he graduated magna cum laude and led the Harvard Law Review.
    Mr. Root your dumb, unsubstantiated allegations are no better than those of Harry Reid.
    Obviously Obama graduated from Columbia. Even if he had not, his education is not a requirement for the presidency. Truman and others never went to college.
    Romney’s tax disclosures also is not required, but they are important because that show where the man is “coming from”.
    If, indeed, he had years where paid 0 taxes on multi-million dollar incomes it will destroy him.

    • Nobody’s Fool

      Norm, congrats! You made the funniest statement of this whole post: “Obviously Obama graduated from Columbia.” Obviously?? You offer that statement as proof?? The only obvious thing is that you have been brainwashed and the truth means nothing to you. If you are concerned that Mr. Root’s allegations might not be true, then prove it. It should be easy, OBVIOUSLY. Oh wait, you can’t prove it untrue without oBlamer’s records being released. Tsk Tsk. The big point here is that Mr. Root was providing grist for the mill in the same way oBlamer’s thugs, goons, and minions (lame stream media) are doing on Romney.

      • Norm

        Nobody’s Fool

        A spokesman for the Columbia university, Brian Connolly, CONFIRMED that Mr. Obama spent two years at Columbia College and GRQDUATED in 1983 with a major in political science. He did not receive honors, Mr. Connolly said, though specific information on his grades is sealed. A program from the 1983 graduation ceremony LISTS HIM AS A GRADUATE
        Obama displayed academic achievement at Harvard, where he graduated magna cum laude and led the Harvard Law Review.

        A. A spokesman from Columbia said he graduated.
        B. He is listed as a graduate in a program from the 1983 ceremony.
        C. If he didn’t graduate, he would have never got into Harvard Law School.

        Are you really that stupid or are you putting me on?

        The probable reason Mr. Root didn’t see him is because he had his head up his a*s!

    • Dale left coast

      Norm . . . of course the College can’t release the records . . . but O’bammy can realease “HIS” records . . . but instead he had them sealed . . . why do you suppose that is Norm? Are your records sealed Norm?

      • Norm

        A. A spokesman from Columbia said he graduated.
        B. He is listed as a graduate in a program from the 1983 ceremony.
        C. If he didn’t graduate, he would have never got into Harvard Law School.

  • Chuklz

    Bo Obama Update: Bo was behind Fast and Furious Gun Running by ATFE

    The Fast and Furious gun running was authorized by First Dog Bo Obama after becoming enraged over Mexican dog fighting rings.

    In a related story about Bo, it was confirmed that he is “the man” behind the scenes, advising and making the hard choices for the President, including where to play golf, what to have for dinner, and when and where to have “date nights” with the First Lady..

  • flipped54

    Wayne Allen Root has a big mouth not worthy of listening to…..similar to Rush. This is irrevelant and made up and not proven. President Obama has no time to waste with idiots like Root and Limbaugh. These accusations are all if this and if that. Root should get rid of the gas in his gut because it is coming out of his mouth like a really bad smelling fart.

    • Chuklz

      You sure you’re not talking about “Dirty” Harry Reid and “These Boots Were Made for Walking” Nancy Pelosi?

  • http://personalliberty Randy

    I have a great Idea! If you do not like Christ,God,capitalism,and our democracy, then leave. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Karolyn

      This is still a fre country, and we can dislike or like whateve or whoever we want. Of course, people like you would rather we had communism an everybody had to think the same. My how boring that would be!

  • Humpty Dumpty

    Obama signed his very first Presidential Executive Order 13489, January 21, 2009 [the day after he took office] regarding Presidential Records that, in essence, sealed any information about him from being made public. I’d say that PEO substantiates Mr. Root’s theories about Barry, which ought to be investigated by the media and the FBI, if they have the intestinal fortitude to do it. See this link for verification of the PEO.

    I think it’s about time the playing field was leveled for many of the politicos in Washington, DC. Thanks for this article, Mr. Root.


      I am not an Obama fan but it would be interesting to know how many other presidents have signed an Executive Order sealing all their past records. Is this something that is common for them to do? I have never heard of it before but then maybe it just didn’t become a big issue with other presidents. I would like ot see Obama out of office next term but want to do it on factual evidence of wrongdoing not on supposition.

      • truesoy;

        Ginger, please don’t ask Humpty-Dumpty for answers for he/she doesn’t know and only ‘parrots’ right wing nonsense.
        Executive order #13489 is an executive order to preserve National Archives, that’s all.
        President Bush also signed executive order 123283, again it was for the preservation of National Archives, and Ronald Reag too, issued executive order 12667 for the same reasons.
        Ginger, only a mentally challenged nucklehead would pretend that a president could sign an executive order to seal his personal records. Besides, Obama’s records have been out in the open for sometime already, including his medical records.
        So, go ahead and google ‘executive order #13489 and find out for yourself. Besides is public records therefore you could also get it from the government.


        • DaveK

          I was not familiar with “executive orders.” I remember being surprised at the number of “signing statements” Bush did and others before him, also

  • Tom Tee

    How many candidates for president release college records? All presidential candidates since romneys father have released 10 years of tax returns. See the difference idiot?

  • Carol Ann Thompson Threet

    That would be a good come back from Romney, if they were not able to make changes to things and make it look different than the truth. They have so much pull with different departments, how could you prove that what they released was the truthful documents and not forgeries.

  • David

    Wayne Allen Root has his own political agenda. Doesn’t matter what the facts are as long as people like him can milk it for all it’s worth. Do I believe anything this man says? Not a chance.

    • Dale left coast

      Who do you believe David? Harry Reid or the kenyan?

    • JeffH

      …and Obama doesn’t? Obama, not Root, is the one running for a second term as POTUS…he a desperate.

      • JeffH

        …he is desperate…

      • eddie47d

        Numerous Presidents have run for a second term of office. Oh My All That desperation! LOL.

      • JeffH

        eddie says “Numerous Presidents have run for a second term of office.” And your point is ???what???besides DUH!

        Apparently the point that was originally made has sailed over your head…again.

  • bearily

    I thought Michelle would come back as a water buffalo; but I digress…

    ..I have heard both Michelle and Barry have been disbarred in the state of Illinios (which occurred before 2008); which means they can’t practice law there….not that either one of them care about what law is; since they constantly break existing laws every day….but again, I digress…….so America voted a disbarred lawyer into the highest office in the land….again, I digress…..and what was that statement I heard Obama make three years ago; something about reducing the national debt by this time or he will only be a one term pres… appears resignation is in order but NOOOOOOO; he runs for a second term anyway proving his insanity! I guess he forgot video recording doesn’t!!

    Concerning the wedding ring; it is my understanding Muslim men are not allowed to wear gold….what is that ring made of?

  • ArkansasRebel

    While I agree with Mr. Root I don’t really see how getting Obama’s college records released will help anyway. He has already been able to convince the MSM in regards to his citizenship by providing forged documents. Why wouldn’t he do the same here? We cannot expect him to offer any truth, only subterfuge!

  • KenC
  • brian anderson

    Barry never attended Columbia. His academic records were forged by CIA and inserted into the registrar office clandestinely. Barry was a CIA asset.

    All of this is perfectly legal under our national security laws. The CIA can forge BCs SSNs and transcripts in order to hide or establish the false identity of its agents.

    No court or judge can divulge this info it is completely protected by our national security laws.

    Harry’s mom was also a CIA asset as was his maternal grandfather. Why do you all ignore the clear evidence for this?

    Barry’s real father arrived into HI via a CIA funded flight. He is a true bastard since his patents were not legally married at his conception or birth.

    • mark

      Brian, it is your kind of laughable, over-the-top paranoia and dementia that makes Libertarians, the Tea Party, and the far right such a joke in this country to whom the American people will never entrust national leadership.

    • Humpty Dumpty

      You just may be correct about Barry being a CIA asset. I’ve seen recent YouTube videos of other men who were in the CIA mind control program with Barry. These men publicly say that Barry and they were teletransported to–you couldn’t guess where. Check it out on YouTube, if the videos haven’t been taken down. Brian, you just may have hit the nail on the head, I think.

      • Humpty Dumpty

        Here is the link
        Sunday Sept 9, 2012 – Forum,
        “Who is Barack Obama?: The Time Travel/Teleportation Connection”
        with Andrew D. Basiago & Alfred Lambremont Webre

  • dixiesuzan

    But…but…this fellow said bad things about :Dirty Harry” Reid !!!!

    • Nobody’s Fool

      It’s Dingy Harry Weird, dixiesuzan. Another sniveling, groveling politician unworthy of holding the office of dog catcher. He is a tool of the Left machine, effective at helping oBlamer destory this country through innuendo and outright lies, just like his mentor, oBlamer.

      • mark

        Yeah but the Tea Party put up this absolute nutjob Susan Angle who couldn’t even beat Reid, one of the most unpopular politicians in Nevada. If they had just nominated a right-moderate Republican as his opponent, they would have won hands down. But they had to be ideologically pure like they were with the witch Susan O’Donnnell in Delaware. When you have a party that is so ideologically-rigid that they will deliberately give away Senate seats, men like Reid have zero fear over their reeelection.

      • Hey you

        From what I understand, Reid supporters voted in the Republican primary simply to get Angle on the ballot. It was an effective ploy to win the general election.

      • Dale left coast

        Mark . . . no one could beat sleezy Reid . . . the voting machines were installed by the SEIU, maintained by the SEIU . . . the FIX was in long before election day . . . are you the only one that didn’t know this?

  • Chuklz

    More Breaking News: Bo Denies First Family Claims

    Bo Obama, the embattled First Dog over claims he ate the President’s college records, has been found in an undisclosed location. Speaking on the record at an impromptu news conference, Bo said, “Man, that dog just won’t hunt! I did nothing of the sort. Yes, I make the tough decisions and give advice, but I’d never do such a thing. What do you take me for, some kind of mongrel mutt? I’m pure-bred and used to eating a diet that is strictly controlled by the First Lady.”

    Bo seemed highly agitated, growling his comments while preparing for his morning walk.

  • Deborah Davidson

    If there is nothing to hide/illegal than why would Mr. Obama spend millions to have all his records sealed? I demand as a US citizen to see them, especially since none of his classmates remember him. He is going to destroy America unless he is removed, & if guilty, give him criminal charges & revoke all bills & Executive orders made by this man. Don’t give him a chance to win the ele tion, REMOVE HIM NIW, after docs are unsealed.

    • mark

      If he has nothing to hide, why won’t Mitt Romney release his tax records?

      • Palin16

        Romney has released the tax records which are required by law. Why hasn’t Dirty Harry Reid released his own tax records?

        • Jeff

          No one has suggested Romney has a legal obligation to produce anything. However, every other candidate has released tax returns and given Romney’s history with taxes and phony tax shelters, the rumors about his overly slick tax maneuvers will not stop. Romney has no DUTY to disclose; he also has no RIGHT to anyone’s trust or vote.

        • Deerinwater

          Why? ~ because Mitt is asking you to vote for him with claims of being a very cleaver and astute business person that could serve Americans well in these difficult time. So what better way to prove his claim then releasing documentation of these boasting claims?

          You would think this would serve Mitt Romney well.

          When my national patriotism come under attack, I’m looking for the opportunity to show off my tax records and a DD214 file that would put any would-be attacker in rapid retreat.

          So, if Mitt’s got it, it would be in his best interest to show it and put this issue to bed.

  • Re Re

    I always knew that there was something that he (Mr. GOD Himself) was hiding from us. Your theory make sense. He is the biggest threat this country has ever faced. I just don’t understand why people can’t see him (and that so called wife of his) for what they are. “Terrorist” plane and simple.

  • Pingback: Obama: The Only U.S. President To Be Sued Part I – Pravda.Russia « Political Vel Craft

  • Carl Manning


    Great overall analysis, but let me correct one of your assertions. Bill and Hillary knew quite well that Obama was ineligible from theget-go. If all of you want a REAL EDUCATION on what went down among the Communists (er, Democrats) in 2008, you need to watch this 2-hour video by a Democrat who saw it all, Hollywood producer, Bettina Viviano (producer of Adam Sandler movie, “Jack and Jill”), who overheard Bill Clinton at a Hollywood fundraiser for Hillary mentioning that he knew Obama was ineligible and he was planning to go to the MSM with this information. Obama caught wind of this and executed a close personal friend of Bill and Hillary, Bill Gwaltney, the Arkansas Democratic Party chairman who was found shot in the back of his head execution-style. Obama had to play hardball Chicago mob politics with the Clintons because Obama was quite aware of Bill and Hillary’s murder spree with Vince Foster, Ron Brown, and countless others who were executed by the Clintons. Bill remained undeterred and determined to get this information to the MSM. Therefore, to hammer his point home, Obama then told Bill that if he goes to the MSM with the Birther information, “Chelsea would be next”. I also found it particularly interesting that both Hillary and Obama met with Soros, their puppetmaster, who stated that his intentions were to destroy this country. To which Obama replied, “No problem!” This link gives time references for various remarks of interest if you don’t want to listen for 2 hours. This gives you a bird’s eye view of the death threats and illegal activities at the Communist (er, Democratic) Convention in 2008.

    • Retired Army Officer

      Is there some contest going on to see who can come up with the single most ridiculous post of the day?!?!?

      If so……Carl just won.

  • G. Smith

    So let me get this straight … we already did the birth certificate thing and that turned out to be a bust and made a complete idiot out of the donald who is now as i understand going to have a major role at the rnc .. Now we need a student report card or something like that. What will be next maybe immunization records. How about how I spent my time at summer camp? romney made the tax return thing that all presidents have kind of done not by law but just because it seemed to make them look more like regular joe’s paying their taxes. Romney decided to be arrogant and cast a giant white hot spot light on this issue. And can anyone explain to me how you get over a hundred million dollars in an ira when those are limited to 77,000 per year or some such minuscule amount which even after 50 years won’t add up to that kind of sheltered dough. It appears that romney will really go to any length to hide legitimate taxable income from the very government he aspires to be the ceo of.

    • Ted Crawford

      What must be very frustrating to you Progressives is the fact that most rational Americans are far, far more interested in our financial wellbeing and that of our Nation, than in Romneys !
      If anything illegal had taken place, we would already be aware of it. I know because I’ve attempted to ” be creative” with my tax returns in the past, that didn’t turn out as I had hoped !
      What we know about Obama and his policies, makes it perfectly clear that four more years of this will devastate both our personal and our countries economys !

    • Mike in MI

      G. Smith -
      Here, people, is the classic troll tactic of recasting the discussion and casting unwarranted and unsupportable aspersions at one who is not the focus of the present topic.
      So either he’s a good little propaganda tool troll or just a possessed progressive jumping out of his shoes because he sees he made a grievous mistake – but hasn’t the honesty to admit it to, even, HIMSELF.


    FLUSHY -} Yeah…he does. he has been so firm against disclosing only the one year. Evry candidate…every one…since his father in the 60′s…has. Pres. Obama and Biden had 8 years disclosed in ’08, the past 10 years online now.

    No one is saying Romney did anything illegal. but yeah, we have a right to know about his investments in America versus what he is saying today as we consider who we are being asked to vote for.

    What doesn’t he want us to know about him?

    “Tit for Tat” flushy, If “we have a right” to know a candidates investments in America, then so do we have a “Right to know that candidates eligibility and verify their background including SS #’s, passports, draft registrations, school transcripts and applications.

    No where in the Constitution have I ever read that it declares that a candidate must show 10 years of his / her tax returns in order to be eligible to Presidency.

    It does however, clearly state that a President must be born of parents (notice the “s” at the end of parents is plural, not singular – meaning a father and mother) that are both U.S. Citizens at the time of birth.

    Show me where it states the requirement to submit tax returns in the Constitution in order to be President. Then I’ll agree that Mitt should supply his additional yrs tax return as long as Obama supplies this Country his college transcripts, college applications, customs forms, certified microfilmed of his Birth Certificate and not simply some statement from a bought and paid for Hawaii Governors letter of confirmation.

    If a Governors letter of confirmation is suitable for Obama discrepancies, then I suggest Romney simply has a Governor write a “letter of confirmation” that Romney does in fact have tax returns and paid his taxes as required per the tax code laws.

    Otherwise seal his tax records as Obama has sealed all his records and claim that his personal finances and wealth has no bearing on his ability or eligibility to be President.

    Tell your King to either “PUT UP, OR SHUT UP!”

  • FreedomFighter

    Obama is a fraud, always has been, about time we put an end to the Obama lies, deciet and his progressive communist takeover attempt of America…

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Truth

      Based on investigative findings that are not discussed in the media, it would appear that the selection and election of Barack Hussein Obama was indeed the greatest scam ever pulled off against the American people.

      • mark

        No the greatest scams ever pulled against the American people were 1) the Declaration of Independence – the hypocritical cry for freedom from a bunch of slaveholders and 2) the Constitution that set up an electoral college so that the American people can never directly elect their own president like they do in practically every other country on earth. Oh I guess you can throw Bush’s Patriot Act in their too that gives our gov’t carte blanche to spy on the American people without warrants or due cause.

        • beachplumbaby

          What about the NDAA act that Obama signed into law on New Years Eve, which states if an American citizen is deemed a “belligerent” (which, by the way, is not defined in the act so it could mean anything), they can be detained indefinitely without charge and without warrant or due process. That to me is far more frightening than the Patriot Act!

          And also the Food Safety Modernization Act – signed into law by Obama, that basically gives the FDA the right to regulate, penalize, shut down, sieze or destroy property without warrant or due process. This also denies people the right to consume foods of their choice.

          You may want to read up on these bills that your King is signing into law!

          The bottom line is, you can’t blame the Republicans and you can’t blame the Democrats. There are bad, corrupt people regardless of party! It is the people – NOT the party – that are doing the damage.

      • Dale left coast

        Mark . . . once again you demonstrate your ignorance . . .
        America does directly elect its Presidents . . . whereas the Parliamentary systems in England, Canada, Australia and many other countries have their leaders picked by the majority party from among the elected representatives.
        When does the light go on for you? When your govt check stops coming?

      • Mike in MI

        Dle -
        Ever hear of The Electoral College or what it does?

      • MAP

        Mark: the American hating, far left, extreme radical. Here venting his American hatred and fear-mongering about the far right. What we have to fear is the likes of this radical, leftist nutcase, spouting about slaveholders, all the while working toward a state system that will enslave us all. Let Walter Williams explain what these nutcases are all about:

      • Jay

        mark says: 2) the Constitution that set up an electoral college so that the American people can never directly elect their own president like they do in practically every other country on earth.

        Well said mark, that would explain the maniac in office. I just knew that no one in their right mind would elect such a one as the mystery tool, obama, into office. You are correct, he was selected, not elected. So tell us, will you be voting for him this november?

  • chuckb

    deerinthewater, you say, romney should release his tax returns, well, mr, romney has released just as many as any other president, now why don’t you ask barry for some information, are you satisfied with the non-information the bolsheviks put out before he was elected, i didn’t see anything put out about barry, absolutely nothing of any importance, a fraudulent bc, rumors about his grades at harvard which has turned out to be just that a rumor, nothing else. now all of a sudden it is imperative that romney who everybody knows where he came from and his life story for all to see. has to produce more tax returns than any other president has been asked. why? because they are still hiding barry behind the cloak of secrecy and mr. wayne root is right.and barry has the worse record of any previous president to run on, so the bolshevik way, divert attention.

  • mark

    This gutter-licker Root will come up with zero just like all the birthers, Muslim-smearers, and toilet scrapers on the right. November 6, mark it on your calendar. President Obama gets 284 electoral votes and wins reelection. Can’t wait.

    • Dale left coast

      Mark . . . you are obviously one who thinks the kenyan is doing a fine job . . . so, you are either on welfare, food stamps or unemployment. No sane individual who has watched this gaggle of loons in the WH burn through almost 6 TRILLION dollars in less than 4 years could seriously want this to continue. The US is pursuing the Euro model . . . have you been watching Europe lately Mark? How are things going over there? The Euro union is set to collapse some time later this year or early next.
      Another 4 years of the Bamster will be the end of the USA as we know it . . . O’bammy cash for all . . . LOL
      One problem Mark . . . who will pay the bills after the “Rich” folks leave?

      • MAP

        Dale, your comment will make no dent upon the consciousness of Mark. He is a leftist fool.

      • Jeff

        Unless you compare him to his predecessor, the alternative, or the morons running the House.

  • Chuklz

    Fox News Update – Max Schnauzer, reporting

    Bo Obama was challenged on his conflicting statements regarding the President’s college records, stating emphatically that he was taken out of context regarding his previous claims that he ate the documents while the First Family vacationed in Hawaii.

    Max Schnauzer, Fox News correspondent attached to the First Dog, pressed him on the issue. “Mr. Dog, how do you reconcile the conflicting statements made that you ate the documents and your subsequent denials this morning?”

    “Go back and look at what I said,” was his only comment as he boarded Air Force Three, on his way to a campaign fund raising event in Dog Patch, Kentucky. While in Dog Patch, Bo intends on visiting several shelters for homeless dogs, where he is expected to announce plans for the administration’s No Dog Left Behind initiative.

    • Chuklz

      Correction – Fox News incorrectly reported the administration’s new policy as “No Dog Left Behind.” The initiative is the “No Dog’s Leftist’s Behind.” We regret the error and offer our sincerest apologies to Mr. Dog.

      • Mike in MI

        Chuklz -THAT got more than a smile — thanx.

  • Kim Simmons

    I think you are being too nice to Obama. While he may be the president, he is also a con and a liar of the highest caliber. We spent almost 50 years fighting communism, yet because he was never vetted properly the American people voted this guy into office, primarily because we wanted a black man in the oval office. Too bad the one we chose turned out to be a liar, a con and a communist.

  • B

    I have to wonder how so much mystery and paradox exist about BO….how we cannot confirm his citizenship, how we cannot get legitimate birth records, how relatives living in Kenya report they witnessed his birth, how Michelle admittted on a trip to Kenya that they had returned to “visit Barack’s home country”, how we cannot find college friends or even students who took the U.S. Constitutional class he taught, how he “misspoke” in an interview with George Stephanopoulos that the media had not questioned him about his muslim faith, er, oops, his Christian faith, hiow he was awarded the Nobel Peace prize shortly after taking office for …..what he was going to do? and on and on. His past associations, ie. Saul Alinsky, Tony Rezko, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, all leave red flags.

    Obama burst onto the political scene and inexplicably soared to popularity without the media ever vetting him, exciting the masses of sheeple who were swept up in his Pied Piper of deceitful promises to heal the division between red and blue America, of which he has only utterly deepened that division. Hitler did the same thing in Germany. I believe Obama’s rise to power has been backed by dark forces, both here and below, and ultimately he may be consumed and led by this dark power to become the world’s leader. How else can you explain the rise of a first-term senator who believed he was qualified for the most difficult job in the world, even though he had never held a real job in his life? He is in revolt against the Judeo-Christian values of the country he was elected to lead. Does that sound like Anti-Christ?

    • uvuvuv

      B, one of the few times i capitalize, you were wrong, it wasn’t george steph with the muslim slip-up, it was tom brokaw. and now for the rest of the story. back in the 70s the only controversy that surrounded jimmy carter of this nature was that his brother billy took a retainer from muammar khidafi, otherwise, except for his muddling stupidity, no one had any doubts or questions or uneasy reservations about him. and as much as the repubs hated clinton the only shadowy allegations of an illegal nature they proposed was that mena airport drug connection. of course there was whitewater and castle grande, and certain wheelings and dealings with jim mcdougal, and the death of vince foster following the travelgate scandal, and there was the white house access to the fbi files, but other than these repubs didn’t really have any smoking guns where you wondered, just who is this guy? clinton was solidly all american, i read a lot about him but never were there any doubts about his status as a citizen or as a free enterprise and constitutional partisan. so why do we have to settle for obama for president when you even have to wonder if he attended class or not, stoned or unstoned.

    • Mike in MI

      B -
      Obama could never rise to that position of being the “World Leader”. Obama is a loser and nurtured up to be given up for “The Cause”, most likely. Maybe to create a martyr; who knows? He’s undisciplined, way too selfish, arrogant, un”cultured” and profane. Worst though is he’s just too downright, pig sty stupid to be put in a position that demands such trustworthiness as “The.World Leader”. He’d lose his head and begin to think he got to that position by setting his own sail. Then he’d become unmanageable.
      Hell obama isn’t even trusted to make up and deliver his own speeches. The teleprompter is the source of his power. Without it he smells like a rotten potato.
      AND – if you look at the last four years his apprenticeship for that lofty position will not get a passing report card. He might be useful for something else, but not the BIG ONE.

  • The Christian American

    I agree with everything that’s said about Obama but what Romney? Is he going to be another Bush, the shrub, 2? By his resume’ you’d say so. Either of them will bring America any place but down. Is Romney going to be sworn in on the book of mormon or if Obama wins, will he be sworn in on the Koran? The only solution for real Americans is repentance to God and take the “In God We Trust” legend off our counterfeit money. Better to deny God than be a batch of hypocrits. We were offered Ron Paul, a real Christian by his word and action and we threw him to the wolves. The media directs our minds and actions. You want to know how Obama got elected? Look in the mirror. You want to know how either one of them gets elected? Look in the mirror. I’d love to see hope but I’m afraid the mobs in control.

    • uvuvuv

      CA, one of the few times i capitalize. the mormons use the king james bible, no reader friendly modern translations for them. they didn’t even use the book of mormon except as an occasional parallel supplement to some bible passage under study, until president ezra taft benson promoted it as worthy scripture. this was in the 1980s.

  • JeffH

    Obama and his gang of thugs have stooped so low that he’s denegrated the respect for the office of POTUS. This is exactly what this president and his administration has done in 3+ years.

    POTUS Barack Hussein Obama has stooped to a new low, hiring a team of militant hate-bloggers to attack religious freedom from the Executive Office of the President of the United States of America.

    The tax-payer funded computers and offices used are but a stone’s throw from the Oval Office, precisely at 725 17th St NW.
    725 17th Street, NW is, in fact, the New Executive Office Building of the President of the United States of America.

    The New Executive Office Building (NEOB), known as Federal Office Building #7, is a U.S. federal government office building in Washington, D.C., for the executive branch.

    According to Shelley Lynne Tomkin in Inside OMB, most Office of Management and Budget civil service employees work in the NEOB, while most OMB political appointees work across the street in the Old Executive Office Building.

    The building is located at 725 17th Street NW, on the north side of Pennsylvania Avenue.

  • The Resolute Voice

    If Obama went to school in the U.S. as a foreign national, he was NOT eligible for U.S. student loans ( at least not for the past 20 years). Those loans and scholarships would have had to originate in Indonesia, probably with the Indonesian govt. or a private donor. Supposedly Obama had student loans while at Harvard. Did he scam those as well, arguing he was a U.S. citizen? He was removed from his mother’s passport early on while living in Indonesia, and we all know his birth certificate is weird. Did he produce the same PDF copy to convince Harvard financial aid?

    If you want to learn more about Obama’s “thinking” and philosophy of life, research the lives of his mother and supposed Kenyan father. They were both leftists and scam artists as well. It took his Mom nearly 20 years to get a PhD as a distance student when those programs were nonexistent. Who let that happen? His father was discharged from Harvard and its Master’s program because of unacceptable immigration activities. There’s a lot more. Go read and learn. The acorn never falls far from the tree. Obama learned early.

    • The Christian American

      The godfather of the Kennedy clan made his money smuggling booze to America. He got or the clan gets a royalty on every bottle scotch and whiskey shipped in. That with other pieces of information and $5.00 you can ride the NYC subways. When America started into it’s decline is like the rising of the sun. You don’t see it happen but you realize when it just does. FDR said: When you see things happening in politics, they don’t just happen. You can bet they were planned that way. Shame on us.

    • mark

      It’s good that Obama learned early. As opposed to never learning at all – like most on this site. By the way 20 years ago, President Obama was 31 and through with all his schooling.

      • Jeff

        Obama graduated from Harvard Law School in 1991 – just shy of his 30th birthday.

      • Kate8

        mark – Where’s the proof?

  • Chuklz

    Bo Obama Update

    Panda-monium erupted during the Bo Obama’s campaign stop in Dog Patch, KY, when several of the homeless pooches began chanting, “We want our free Alpo,” “Scratch our back and we’ll scratch yours,” and barking insults at the embattled First Dog. Bo seemed to take it all in stride, saying he understands their pain and that many of them looked like his illigitimate children. “If it wasn’t for the luck of the draw, I could be you,” he said, adding “I’m the luckiest dog on the face of the earth . . . When I look at you, I see my children.”

    Several dogs were escorted from the scene, yelling “You’re barking up the wrong tree!”

  • Oliver K. Manuel

    There is little or no doubt that we are dealing with fraud on a grand scale. The problem is that many of us do not trust either candidate!

    We want our constitutional rights restored if full, followed by an honest election.

    • Dale left coast

      So Oliver . . . which of the two candidates do you feel will move the country closer to your goals? The Kenyan Marxist or The Romney of Bain ? ? ? ?

      • 45caliber


        I’ll take the “Romney of Bain”. While it is true there isn’t much difference between them, I KNOW what Oblama has done and wants to do. Romney MIGHT not do all the stuff Oblama will. I know it is a difficult call but then – that’s all we’ve got.

  • steve

    so after all these wonderful comments hasn’t anyone come to the conclussion that unless the political system is eliminated from our government , everything will stay status quo?

    • Hey you

      Well, yes and no. Yes, the political system may follow its usual path to the end but, no, tomorrow is not going to look much like today.

  • northbrook

    If true that Obama became an Indonesian citizen then there may be grounds to impeach Obama as the Constitution requires US citizenship for him to hold the office of President. This could well explain the reason that he has his school records sealed. It also explains the rumor that Barry Soetoro (Obama) attended Columbia under a scholarship for foreign students and was able to use the Indonesian passport to travel into Pakistan during the time that such travel was forbidden under US law. We may never know the truth but all the more reason to not re-elect him. He has done significant damage to the country as it is.

    • Linda

      and if re-elected he will finish us off. God for Bid,

      • Jeff

        Has Romney entered his bid yet?

  • Proud American

    Well said Chefden and Nativetxan

    Thank you both

  • Bentley

    Why is there not an inquiry with various Political Science professors at Columbia from the early 80′s? Surely they would recall instructing a student who went on to become President of the US! They can’t ALL be dead……..then again…..

  • s c

    Ho hum. So make Amerika’s ho bag MEDIA SOBs and DOBs believe it and spread the word. Wanna make a bet on that one? People, we’re on our own to make the difference. Spread the word any way you can. This herd of utopians is proof that they’d support ANYONE – living or dead or evil personified.

  • Chuklz

    Bo Obama Complains About College Documents Coverage

    First Dog Bo Obama leveled charges against Fox News over their coverage of President Obama’s college documents. “You’re chasing your tails on this,” he said, adding “I’m tired of getting the short end of the stick by the Fox News coverage of this topic.” Commenting further, he said “Let’s move on to the more important issues of the day, such as how we can eliminate mange, fleas, ticks and how we can give free dog-care to the disadvantaged dogs out there.”

    This comes as new statistics show that the number of dogs being employed have dropped significantly. “We need to get these dogs working. I have told the President we need to work something out with the TSA to get them working as security dogs throughout the US.” Questioned about his relationship with the President, he said “Look the President is no one’s lapdog, but he knows good advice when he gets it.”

  • BrotherPatriot

    Wow…now that was refreshing to see even though he did have a few things not fully explained. In so doing he glossed over the ROOT reason of why things are the way they are. However, the main body of topic is spot on regarding Obama & agrees with what my personal research has revealed. We have an usurper and fraud acting as the commander and chief who is but the figure head of a much nastier beast who’s pulling the strings from the darkness behind their puppet.

    The level of conspiracy that this directly has brushed up against staggers the mind and due to it’s own sheer enormity, defies logic that it actually has been and is…happening.

    Obama is just the symptom of the greater equation. A distraction within a multitude of distractions.

    It all begins to make sense only when you think in the following terms…a secret society, working diligently down through the centuries, following an agenda and passing that agenda down to their children & children’s children, controlling the various factions of society such as the news media, economy, money flow, entertainment industry, government, judicial, education and is so imbedded into the society that they have infiltrated that they have become interwoven into their very social fabric. However, these cult members remain first & primarily loyal to their secret society over the country they reside in. They are an international hidden secret society. For you see…they see the world as theirs and all of us as the useless eaters and the great unwashed who are currently depleating their resources. Giggle all you want but it’s very true because they wish a return to their fuedilistic society where they are the lords & masters of this world (and perhaps others when able as they view themselves as Gods) while the rest of us are their cattle to fullfill their every whim.

    Read “Brotherhood of Darkness” by Dr. Stanley Montieth if you wish to read some Historical truths. Learn of the Georgia Guidestones, their land claim stone called the Kensington Rune Stone, the Black Venitian Nobility, the Caanites and oh, so much more.

    God Bless us all as we find our way as a society back to His Light & bring our Lord God (no matter what name you call Him by) back into our hearts. If only we all lived honorably and morally while we knowingly stand in His Light. This world would be a better place. I personally think that starts with Honesty & Truth and we can’t have that while a controlling factor works from secrecy and believes in something that they can’t admit out openly in public. They profess they are not religious but they are in truth an ancient cult.

  • tm

    Get out of the left/right thing. If all of them up there were’nt in the same mindset, none of this would be going on! Grow up, its all good theater. Hollywood don’t have anything compared to folks in DC.

  • Renée

    Why can’t B.O. open all of his records? What’s so hard about that? I feel that anyone, I don’t care who you are or if you stand to the right or the left, if someone is running for president of the U.S. ALL of their records should be an open book. It should be standard procedure! To this point EVERYTHING that B.O. has done has been behind closed doors. It’s time to open them up.

  • Thinking About

    Root, you answered your question about Obama’s grades by stating he would not have been able to obtain student loans without keeping his grades at a certain level. Maybe the wrong one smoked themselves through college and does not remember. It’s cognitive dissonance, you keep telling yourself something for long enough and soon you start believeing it, and yet the truth will set you free. Enjoy your trip down whatever lane you care to remember.

    • chuckb

      thinking about, “the truth will set you free” what is the truth? can you say without doubt you know anything about barry soetoro, if you believe he earned good grades, he should be proud to prove it, if he was all the things they claim about him, put it out there for all to see, why hide the facts if they are true, show us the passport, show us an original bc, lay it all out there if he’s so great, prove it.

      compare this to your glorious leader:

      Personal Information:

      His full Name is: Willard Mitt Romney

      He was Born: March 12, 1947 and is 65 years old.

      His Father: George W. Romney, former Governor of the State of Michigan

      He was raised in Bloomfield Hills , Michigan

      He is Married to Ann Romney since 1969; they have five children.

      B.A. from Brigham Young University,

      J.D. and M.B.A. from Harvard University

      Mormon – The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints

      Working Background:

      After high school, he spent 30 months in France as a Mormon missionary.

      After going to both Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School simultaneously, he passed the Michigan bar exam, but never worked as an attorney.

      In 1984, he co-founded Bain Capital a private equity investment firm, one of the largest such firms in the United States .

      In 1994, he ran for Senator of Massachusetts and lost to Ted Kennedy.

      He was President and CEO of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.

      In 2002, he was elected Governor of the State of Massachusetts where he eliminated a 1.5 billion deficit.

      Some Interesting Facts about Romney:

      Bain Capital, starting with one small office supply store in Massachusetts, turned it into Staples; now over 2,000 stores employing 90,000 people.

      Bain Capital also worked to perform the same kinds of business miracles again and again, with companies like Domino’s, Sealy, Brookstone, Weather Channel, Burger King, Warner Music Group, Dollarama, Home Depot Supply, and many others.

      He was an unpaid volunteer campaign worker for his dad’s gubernatorial campaign 1 year.

      He was an unpaid intern in his dad’s governor’s office for eight years.

      He was an unpaid bishop and state president of his church for ten years.

      He was an unpaid President of the Salt Lake Olympic Committee for three years.

      He took no salary and was the unpaid Governor of Massachusetts for four years.

      He gave his entire inheritance from his father to charity.

      Mitt Romney is one of the wealthiest self-made men in our country but has given more back to its citizens in terms of money, service and time than most men.

      And in 2011 Mitt Romney gave over $4 million to charity, almost 19% of his income…. Just for comparison purposes, Obama gave 1% and Joe Biden gave $300 or .0013%.

      Mitt Romney is Trustworthy:
      He will show us his birth certificate
      He will show us his high school and college transcripts.
      He will show us his social security card.
      He will show us his law degree.
      He will show us his draft notice.
      He will show us his medical records.
      He will show us his income tax records.
      He will show us he has nothing to hide.

      Mitt Romney’s background, experience and trustworthiness show him to be a great leader and an excellent citizen for President of the United States.

      You may think that Romney may not be the best representative the Republicans could have selected. At least I know what religion he is, and that he won’t desecrate the flag, bow down to foreign powers, or practice fiscal irresponsibility. I know he has the ability to turn this financial debacle that the current regime has gotten us into. We won’t like all the things necessary to recover from this debt, but someone with Romney’s background can do it. But, on the minus side, He never was a “Community Organizer”, never took drugs or smoked pot, never got drunk, did not associate with communists or terrorists, nor did he attend a church whose pastor called for God to damn the US.

      You should know the difference between the men running for America’s top office.

      Does Obama/Biden deserve 4 more years.

      • Thinking About

        Mitt was a draft dodger, did not feel he should serve this country, he has used every means to avoid paying taxes and would like to increase the ways he does not have to pay taxes, might be fine with you but he now wants to be commander-in-chief but don’t ask him to be a good citizen. He has the flip-flop method prefected, whatever you want him to say he does and this can change tomorrow. I see you did not list these qualities for him.

      • Trenton Spears

        Chuckb great comment on the next President of the United States. Go Mitt, Go Patriots, Go tea Party, Go America. Trenton

      • Dean

        How hard can it be for Willard to just show his tax returns?

        • truesoy

          Willard can’t show his tax returns; too many bones in that closet.


        • Scott

          How hard can it be for Obama to release his transcripts????? After all, the media hounded GW to release his because he was such a dolt and Kerry was so smart, of course after they both released them, Bush had a higher GP than Kerry, OOOPS!!!

          • truesoy


            Just one issue at a time, please.
            Why not have Willard meet Obama halfway and show 12 years of income tax returns as Obama did; and then we move to the college transcrips? Lets keep apples and oranges separate.
            Makes sense, doesn’t it?


  • Chuklz

    Romney Dog, Mutt, Weighs in on Document Controversy

    “Mutt” Romney picked up the ball when he went nose to nose with First Dog Bo Obama, saying, “It’s time to put up or shut up.”

    Appearing at a campaign speech for the presumptive nominee, he ignored calls for him to release his pedigree records.

  • Jay

    A majority of Americans rate President Obama “about the same” or “worse” than his predecessor, George W. Bush, according to a new Gallup poll.

    When a random sample of 1004 adults were asked to compare the 43rd and 44th presidents, 34 percent of respondents said Obama had been a worse president than Bush, while 22 percent said he was about the same.

    Forty-three percent, a plurality, said they preferred Obama’s handling of the presidency.

    Predictably, Democrats were most supportive of Obama, while Republicans favored Bush in the poll. The response from independent voters might be most telling for Obama: a troublesome 67 percent said they considered him about the same or worse than Bush.

    The findings underscore the challenges Obama faces in his bid for a second term, with many voters dissatisfied with the direction of the country and their own economic situations.

    A separate Gallup poll found for the first time that a slight majority of Americans – 53 percent – now blame Obama for the nation’s economic mess.

    Previously, most Americans spared Obama from blame, seeing Bush as bearing most responsibility for the fiscal crisis and recession.

    I don’t know about you folks, but as far as i’m concerned there are no differences between the two so-called parties, except in the name. Democrats, Republicans; same sh*t!

    • The Christian American

      Records show when a country goes the way America is going God appoints a Hitler or Stalin to run that country. God punishes them with their own leader. Worse yet, he is only mirroring the type of people they are. Since Reagan, who was a fluke in history, our leaders have shown themselves to be would be tyrants, not interested in serving America but themselves. Each one has taken America down a step. They say untill a person realizes he’s sick he won’t visit a doctor. America is sick and people are concentrating more on DC’s actions. Bush Sr. started the dumbing down of America and his successors have taken advantage of it. The disease is more and more prevalent with Obama but are the people just reacting to him or are they reasoning before they elect their servants? I realize the Executive is grabbing more and more power but with the structure of our Constitution the people still have a lot to say, providing they aren’t apathetic about it.

      • Jay

        The Old Testament, in particular the book of 1 Samuel, is the oldest textbook in political freedom. Absent from its pages are the communism of Plato, the fascism of Aristotle, and the democratic totalitarianism of Rousseau. Written about 1000 bc, the book of 1 Samuel may be the first handbook in republican political theory.

        God established a model government in ancient Israel, and it is the only government for which he gave explicit rules. While many of those rules applied solely to ancient Israel – cities of refuge, for example – others apply to all governments. The judicial laws of Israel expired with that nation, but it is possible to discern general principles in the Old Testament laws that may be applied to modern governments.

        As for the form of government, God established a republic in Israel. The nation was divided into twelve tribes, much as the United States is divided into fifty states.

        Each tribe had its own territory and border; each had its own local government; and the nation as a whole had a national government.

        There was no king; there was no powerful central government. The government consisted mostly of judges; there was no legislature to create new laws each year, only judges to settle disputes in accord with the laws that God had already given.

        There was no standing army. There was no military draft or national service. Education was not a function of government, but of parents, schools, and synagogue. Charity was handled privately. Taxes were extremely low. Money – gold and silver – was provided by private merchants, not by the government.

        The remarkable thing about this political arrangement is that it apparently was unique in ancient times, at least in the Middle East. This very uniqueness became an objection to it during the time of the prophet Samuel. The people of Israel rebelled against their model government. The story is told in 1 Samuel 8:1-18:

        Now it came to pass when Samuel was old that he made his sons judges over Israel. The name of his firstborn was Joel, and the name of his second, Abijah; they were judges in Beersheba.

        But his sons did not walk in his ways; they turned aside after dishonest gain, took bribes, and perverted justice.

        Then all the elders of Israel gathered together and came to Samuel at Ramah, and said to him, “Look, you are old, and your sons do not walk in your ways. Now make for us a king to judge us like all the nations.”

        But the thing displeased Samuel when they said, “Give us a king to judge us.” So Samuel prayed to the Lord.

        And the Lord said to Samuel, “Heed the voice of the people in all that they say to you; for they have not rejected you, but they have rejected me, that I should not reign over them…. Now therefore, heed their voice. However, you shall solemnly forewarn them, show them the behavior of the king who will reign over them.”

        So Samuel told all the words of the Lord to the people who asked him for a king. And he said, “This will be the behavior of the king who will reign over you:

        He will take your sons and appoint them for his own chariots and to be his horsemen, and some will run before his chariots.

        He will appoint captains over his thousands and captains over his fifties; he will set some to plow his ground and reap his harvest, and some to make his weapons of war and equipment for his chariots.

        “He will take your daughters to be perfumers, cooks, and bakers. And he will take the best of your fields, your vineyards, and your olive groves, and give them to his servants.

        He will take a tenth of your grain and your vintage, and give it to his officers and servants. And he will take your menservants and your maidservants and your finest young men and your donkeys, and put them to his work.

        He will take a tenth of your sheep. And you will be his servants. And you will cry out in that day because of your king whom you have chosen for yourselves, and the Lord will not hear you in that day.”

        Despite this detailed and explicit warning from God, the people of Israel persisted in their demand to have a king “like all the nations.” So God instructed Samuel to give them what they wanted.

        In Augustinian terms, big government is both the result of, and the punishment for, sin.

        God’s warning against monarchy makes it clear that God despises all earthly monarchies: The people of Israel rejected God as their invisible king in favor of a visible, human king. This account in 1 Samuel makes it clear that human kings, powerful governments, are ersatz gods; they are idols of a wayward people.

        Subsequent verses in 1 Samuel repeat God’s disapproval of monarchy:

        But you have today rejected your God, who himself saved you out of all your adversities and your tribulations, and you have said to him, “No, but set a king over us!” (10:19). “Is today not the wheat harvest? I will call to the Lord, and he will send thunder and rain, that you may perceive and see that your wickedness is great, which you have done in the sight of the Lord, in asking a king for yourselves.” So Samuel called to the Lord, and the Lord sent thunder and rain that day…. And all the people said to Samuel, “Pray for your servants to the Lord your God, that we may not die; for we have added to all our sins the evil of asking a king for ourselves” [12:17-19].

        But God’s warning was directed at more than monarchy: It is a warning against big government generally, a warning of what happens when God’s model government, a republic of limited powers, is rejected.

        Rather than the governors being servants of the people, the people become servants of the governors. There is an echo of 1 Samuel in the New Testament:

        But there was also rivalry among them [Christ’s disciples] as to which of them should be considered the greatest. And He said to them, “The kings of the Gentiles exercise dominion over them, and those who exercise authority over them are called ‘benefactors.’ But not so among you; on the contrary, he who is greatest among you let him be as the younger, and he who governs as he who serves” [Luke 22:24-26].

        The American notion that government ought to be the servant of the people, not exercise dominion over them, may be traced directly to 1 Samuel 8 and Luke 22.

      • chuckb

        beg to differ with you on the dumbing down of america, that started with lbj, the civil rights act of 1964 spelled doom for the blacks and opened the door for the bolsheviks to insert a large dose of socialism into our society, it opened the door for the marxist in our education system and you wonder why these people vote for barry.the ones that got through the school system with their head on right were just too smart for the progressive teachers.

  • Trenton Spears

    Well, Well, Well everyone running for office should open all their private information to be displayed for anyone to pick apart and use for political gain. I believe that if you want to disclose your records by all means do soand let the voters decide. Maybe it is time to pass a law preventing the sealing of records if you run for an elected office. Mitt Romney should asked the Internal Revenue reveal to the public and the media if Mitt broke any laws or made out a false tax return if he did not then what is the big deal he followed the law. We are a nation of laws not speculation if a statement is made against a candidate then prove it or don’t make the statement. We must not support a Government that runs its statements like a smut magazine. Harry Reid is a dispicable human bean and should resign from office for his lack of honesty and integrity. He has become a very wealthy man while in office more than he could justify on a Senators salary Harry needs to opens his income tax returns to set the example and maybe his income could be held accountable. I agree with Mitt Romney Harry Reid should put up or shut up. Trenton Spears

  •'TREADLOL.gif Ralph

    You lost me at “do a little guessing”'T READ LOL.gif

  • Palin16

    Just wondering if Obummer will use a teleprompter to give his concession speech.

  • shadow

    I have a novel idea – has anyone ever has a politician or banker physically do anything for you? Do you even know a politician or banker? I think we should round them all up and hang them. Start over with no politicians or debt.

    • Gimmesumadat Whatyougot

      Shadow, while I have not had a politician work exclusively for me, I have been part of a very small group (less than 500 members) that needed a State Representative (Dem) as well as a Senator (Rep) to ‘go to bat’ for us. They seemed happy to do so, but also ‘appreciative’ (or demanding) that we throw some ‘coin into the coffer’ so to speak.

      And there’s the rub… They live a pretty cushy life, earn quite a handsome salary and obtain a very liberal health insurance policy (for life). Certainly better than 90% of their constituents. Yet they have the nerve to sit on their fat lazy asses and do nothing unless someone greases their palm. That is called Graft. And ‘nothing’ gets done without it!

      Those, on both sides of the isle have Law Degrees and are equally corrupt.

      We live in the ‘Time of the End’. (Jeremiah 10:23) “It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step.” And as such, God will do away with all Lawyers and Politicians.

      (Ephesians 6:11, 12) “Put on the complete suit of armor from God that YOU may be able to stand firm against the machinations of the Devil; 12 because we have a wrestling, not against blood and flesh, but against the governments, against the authorities, against the world rulers of this darkness, against the wicked spirit forces in the heavenly places.”

      Don’t mean to be preachy! Thought you may have never read this.

      We’re close, maybe not ‘Mayan Calender’ close, but CLOSE!

  • Annie W.

    Makes sense to me. This has been in the planning stage for 50 years. Atlas Shrugged should be required reading in every high school and college student. Obama is a puppet who was groomed to be a Judas goat. It will not end well. My only hope is Obama’s hubris will bring him down; he really believes his own press.

  • Norm

    When teabaggers call Obama “the kenyan” is that a racist slur? Can’t be.

    • Retired Army Officer

      No Norm… wouldn’t be a racist slur, but it would be factually incorrect.

      It would be like calling George W. Bush ‘The Texan’.

    • DaveH

      When Liberal Trolls refer disgustingly to somebody as a “teabagger”, that couldn’t just be an innocent mistake, could it?

      • Norm

        If the shoe fits….

        Actually teabagger is probably a compliment.

        • Jeff

          Wasn’t “teabagger” the original term until somebody discovered the dictionary? Don’t mind Dave. He thinks you’re after his MONEY.

      • deerinwater

        To the average straight, “teabagger” holds no implications. Only if you are familiar with homosexual street jargon might there be implication. The only reason I’m aware of this is it came forward a few years ago as some Tea Party activist became offended by the term.

        Referring to tea party members as “teabaggers” is a straight line and should not be overly confusing to anyone with the IQ of 88 or higher.

        Myself, I elected to delete the word from my vocabulary not wishing to distract from my message with nonsense and inflaming talk. It as If the Tea Party wants, or is allowing the Gay Community to redefine the English language. A battle I elect not to fight for now, finding other issues more worthy me time.

        • Jeff

          It is a shorthand way of expressing one’s opposition to, and contempt for, the ideas expressed by Tea Partiers. Much like the language of Republicans: “the Democrat Party,” “unnecessary regulations,” “tax and spend,” “frivolous lawsuits,” “the death tax,” etc. Republicans have become masters of altering the language to suit them and to actually change people’s perceptions of what were once non-controversial positions. Orwell would be both in awe of and horrified by the Republicans’ ability to shift perceptions by use of a different word.

  • KingKen

    I believe Wayne Allyn Root has it nailed. Nevertheless I also believe BO will hang around for another term and perhaps longer…as America’s Pharaoh.

    • Jeff

      Yes, he’ll continue to run under all the aliases you guys have “uncovered” until his daughters are ready to take over. I think that is something you should really be worried about.

  • liberal dan

    He would never have to change his citizenship back. According to us law he would have never lost it to begin with.

  • DaveH

    If we keep rubber stamping the candidates served to us by the Establishment Republicans, we can not hope for anything in the future but more of the same. Isn’t it about time to quit giving them your stamp of approval?

  • Gimmesumadat Whatyougot

    Mort says:
    August 9, 2012 at 8:22 am

    WWi … Wilson,Democrat
    WWII … FDR, Democrat
    Korea … Truman, Democrat
    VietNam …JFK, LBJ, Democrats
    Cuban Fiasco … JFK, Democrat
    Kosovo … Clinton, Democrat

    Not all guilty, and not innocent by any means either! All presidents through the course of history, inherit the baggage left from the predecessor. While J.F.K. sat in the oval office, young George H. Bush was making a name for himself in the C.I.A. The C.I.A. just so happened to be instigating the Bay of Pigs, attempting to start a coup in Cuba. Castro came to power in 1959 after ousting Baptista (a U.S. Loyalist and mafia puppet).

    In 1961, J.F.K. takes office, by April 1961, the Bay of Pigs debacle is in full swing, and in one year the Cuban missile crisis is underway.

    Do you mean to tell us that Kennedy instigated these events before he became president? Or that it was dropped into his lap once taking the oval office? Or did he know more about who really runs this world. Follow the link.

    • DaveH

      Does Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces mean anything to you, Gimme?

      • Gimmesumadat Whatyougot

        Commander in title only! What makes a elected politician an instant defense – war specialist? Nothing, that’s all!

        Are they smarter than you? No, just better funded. The rest comes down to a game of chess. The pieces of the game just sit on their butts, until a hand reaches in and moves them. That hand is owned by the Industrial Military Complex. Politicians as well as the ‘Commander’ await their orders, just like a ‘good little chess piece’.

        We never see the hand. [Zeitgeist: The Movie] 2 hr. and worth every minute!

        If you can’t fight your ‘Masters’, at least you can know them!

  • dennis

    To all of the Bamster’s (Obama) supporters out there, how can you ignor:
    41 + months of unemployment of over 8%
    5 trillion $ of new dept
    The lowering of the U.S.’s credit rating
    $4+ a gal. gas prices
    Solyndra’s 1/2 Billion down the rat hole
    Removing the work requirement from welfare
    Fast and furious
    The Keystone pipeline being refused
    Support of gay marrage
    Obama care
    More taxes, there’s more but you most likely wouldn’t care.
    Wake up you idiots, the man is our worst enemy and is funded by Geoge Soros (look him up)

    • Patrick Piklapp

      So you want to ignore the fact that George W. caused the mass exodus of jobs to overseas locations, involvement in two wars that we had no business being in, destruction of the balanced budget passed by the previous President and Congress, and the destruction of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Let alone the 7 trillion in debt that he accumulated and the money given away to those who threw away billions. Obama at least while propping up businesses made sure that the money was a loan and is being paid back.

  • Stella (@ranchdancer)

    This is a very strong argument for Romney to fork over more info than is required…giving in to corrupt Obama will not help Romney…anyone suggesting that Romney satisfy the whims of this administration is on Obamas side.The only advantage goes to Obama. Romney is wealthy, filthy rich…so freakin what…it means he doesn’t owe political favors, and he won’t be using the White House as a whorehouse for votes. We need to force the media to make Obama reveal all of his records…who spends millions keeping them secret if he has nothing to hide.

  • eric

    Thank you im trying to send this to romney.please semd this to him

  • Terra

    It seems to be the greatest fraud of all of human history and its living in front of our eyes now ,and no one not one single dignified member of the US Govt will take a stand for the very survival of what so many people died to create and died to protect and who died to save the world . To show the world what an utter lying 2 faced coward loser Barry Soetoro who is so afraid of his past because he knows he has absolutely no right to be where he is -this is what generates the division in human beings and creates hate that leads to WARS -and we need one here again -a New Civil War and take back this country through Blood what many before us died for FREEDOM !!!!

    • Jeff


      I really would like to avoid personal attacks, but PLEASE GET SOME HELP. YOU ARE OFF THE CHARTS CRAZY!

      • Pathfinder

        ” The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” … The words of “Thomas Jefferson”, apparently it is just a question of time .

  • douglas dauntless

    OK that’s great we have Obama dead to right, so why isn’t anyone starting the ball rolling to get him out of office?

  • Bill P.

    I would love to see a few of those Occidental college classmates step forward an substantiate your point of view. Your premise makes a good deal fo sense. Adding credibility with those classmates would really put the pressure on!!

  • saverio

    obama has to go

    • jt

      Tell him it’s just down the hall, third door on the left. Remind him to wash his hands afterward. ;-)

    • Patrick Piklapp

      Hey Saverio, I guess you are promoting Mitt the Twit and his dancing horse. When will we hear what these plans of his are? He keeps saying he has a plan, but is it top secret as to what he will do once elected? Obama has released his plans and explained them in great detail, Gary Johnson has done the same thing. So where are Mitt’s plans? I would like to know to see if it is true that his plan is to give all the money to the Billionaires and send all the poor people to fight someone else’s battles.

      • Pathfinder

        Obama has released his plans….. So what HE LIES!

  • DrRJP

    Great article Wayne, and I read about it when it first came out in 2008. I believe that Obama’s time at all three schools, Occidental, ?Columbia, and Harvard, was far less than reported, and that big money changed hands to fabricate his transcripts and degrees awarded.

    EVERY record of Obama’s is hidden. Obama had failed to provide a single shred of valid concrete evidence to prove WHO he is, WHAT he is, and WHERE he came from. How in the world has he managed to usurp an entire Presidential term because he has not and will not verify his eligibility?

    Why does it seem like it will take an Act of God to unseal 18 years of grade and high school records, seven years of college records, ten years of medical records, eight years of Illinois Senate records, lobbying records, four years of US Senate records (of course, half the time as a Senator he was campaigning for a position in Washington), lobbying records, 12 years of work records as a community organizer and trainer, attorney, Director of voter drives, plus an unknown number of other records when he worked with Bill Ayers on the boards of the Ford Foundation, Tides Foundation, Annenberg Foundation (Chicago Annenberg Challenge), and his activities with the Communist New Party.

  • Palin16

    Obummer consession speech:
    ” I just got off the phone with Governor Romney.
    I congratulated him on a well-run campaign.
    Michelle is crying right now because we won’t be able to take anymore taxpayer funded vacations to Spain, India, Bali, or Hawaii aboard Air Force One.
    But I told her, cheerup, I still get a $400,000 a year pension for life even though I didn’t work for it. Somebody else made that happen.
    Michelle and I are planning to retire in Kenya and buy a small herd of goats.
    Now I must go and say my goodbyes to Hillary, Holder and Napolitano, who, sadly, are all out of a job.
    May Allah be with you all.”

    • Patrick Piklapp

      Palin16 they need you back in Alaska, since Sarah is travelling. The office of state idiot cannot be left vacant. If Obama is not re-elect, it will be Gary Johnson elected. Mainly because Mitt the Twit is an embarasment to America, most of us don’t insult our hosts and Mitt insulted three different countries as well as America. If you don’t have the brains to know common sense, you sure don’t need to be in a position of power, let alone be President.

      • Palin16

        Why thank you Patrick, I’d love to be in Alaska right now, 65 degrees in Juneau instead of 108 here in Vegas.

  • G. Smith

    I’m so glad I get this personal liberty thing in my email box each and every day. I really enjoy the absolute over the top insanity exhibited here. All this angst must be really painful. A lot of you are really going to be pissed when the President takes his second oath of office. Have you seen the latest electoral college map?

    • Pathfinder

      Yes I saw follow it as a number of other indicators. BOB has lost a significant number previous supporters. Independents ave left his camp too. BOB is in deep shiX trouble as exemplified by his continued PAC attacks on Romney that will only get more personal and hateful as the election progresses. Fair minded voters don’t like that so Romney will gain and gain as long as Barry Soetoro plays his typical hate and discontent theme.The DNC is totally screwed up With Debbie Wasserman Schultz at the helm. So, If your going to follow the statistical analysis pay attention to likely voters and not the skewed registered voter poles that are published by the corrupt media

  • TerriG

    Is this all you have? Rumors that have been thoroughly discredited so many tmrs (factually and with no wiggle room)? School records have not been public since the 1970′s. IOW, you don.t have the right to see them and there is no reason to have them sealed. Medical records are not public document’s so, again, there is no reason to have them sealed. Passport records are not public records either. In fact, there have been people fired just for looking at someone else’s passport record. Furthermore, that Indonesian passport rumor has absolutely no favt to confirm it.

    If you want to be taken seriously iI highly suggest that you stop spreading lies, and start deasing with verified facts.

  • DavidL

    As usual, Root is on crack. He has no first hand knowledge of anything. So let’ stop wasting time on these racist rants and political distractions and focus on what is in the best interest of our country.

    Romney owes the American people a full picture of his financial dealings just like his dad and all subsequent presidential candidates. He needs to release his tax returns for the last ten years to prove that he has, in fact, paid state and federal income taxes. This entire controversy can be over in ten seconds. Just release his tax returns. But he won’t do that. Why? What is he hiding? When McCain was vetting him for VP, he gave 23 year of his tax returns. Yes, 23 years! Why did McCain reject him as his VP? What did he find in those returns?

    Ron Paul wouldn’t pull any of the crap Romney is attempting.

    What is Romney hiding? Why is he so secretive about everything? Why were his e-mails concerning his involvement and compensation at the Olympics destroyed after he promised they would be open to the public? Why were his e-mails and hard drives covering the help he gave to Obama on the new health reform law destroyed? Why is he not listening to the republicans within the party to release his tax returns? As time goes on, more and more people will come to understand why.

    I repeat, Romney is a chameleon, a liar, a draft-dodger, a wuss, and, based on his financial dealings in tax havens, a possible crook!

    I hope at the convention the Romney problem is dealt with. If not, he is going down to defeat. There are some good quality republican candidates on the bench waiting for 2016. 4 years of President Obama is a heck of a lot better than 8 years of Romney.

    P.S. For the record:

    WWI – We were attacked by German submarines. Wilson responded.
    WWII – We were attacked at Pearl Harbor. FDR responded
    Korea – The North invaded our ally in the south. Truman responded.
    Vietnam – Eisenhower (Republican) started American involvement after the French defeat.
    Cuban Fiasco – Eisenhower (Republican) designed this invasion plan.
    Kosovo – UN and NATO responded to this humanitarian crisis.
    Iraq I – Bush senior (Republican) defended an ally against attack by Iraq.
    Iraq II – W. Bush (republican) launched an illegal invasion and occupation.

    The only war mongering I see is W. Bush!

    • 45caliber


      You may be right about Romney – but he still looks better than what we have. At least some of it hasn’t been proved with Romney.

    • DaveH

      DavidL says — “He [Root] has no first hand knowledge of anything”.
      I think that was his point, DavidL.

    • Trenton Spears

      DavidL Nice try your Obama support is plain as day. It won’t work Obama is the worst President ever and it will take more than your lies to defeat Governor Mitt Romney. President George W. Bush kept your rear and America safe after 9/11. President Bush is not a war monger he stood up to the terrorist with avengence and a deep love for this nations safety.President George Bush said the the terrorist would hear from us and it would be soon. David did you think it there would not be any cost ? Do you think the cost of freedom is free?. Whatever was spent on the war against terrorism was worth every dollar. We waste more money on illegal aliens from Mexico than was spent defending this nation from foreign aggression and terrorism. I guess you could call the Democrats mongers of illegal aliens.Such a true a waste of our money and all for the benifit of the Democrats to build a illegal vote base for the most radical party ever, the Socialist Democrats. America is returning to the values its Patriots never left David how about you. George Bush supporter and proud of it. Mitt Romney supporter and proud of it. Trenton

  • colt lane

    LOL, obla the fraud , forger, phony, prez of the black race will be prosecuted, & deoprted back to keny wher all his little buddies live and his international terriost daddy lives, lol, lol lol

    • Larry K.

      there is no way the blacks can br proud of this person in the white house. obama is a disgrace to the black people. there are some blacks i would be proud to call my president and for your info. i am white.

  • Kelly

    I am by no means a fan of Obama’s, however I have been an International Student Coordinator for a Texas College. Our kids were expected to make a good grade point average…there was NO state or federal money available for them, in fact, they had to send us a copy of checking or savings accounts from at least two previous years. To show that they could support themselves financially. They were on student visas and not allowed to work. Their international fees were much higher than Anerican students. The only students I ever had with financial help were those who were supported by church groups, missionaries, etc. they were expected to attend their classes, and maintain good grades, otherwise be reported and expelled. Being expelled meant immediate repeal of their visa and they were immediately sent back home. All negative activities were reported to Homeland Security.

  • Terri

    I have been reading the replys above and I will agree that Obama has made huge mistakes in how he has handled his Presidency, the simple fact that he did not observe the National Day of Prayer but invited several thousand Muslims to White House to pray should be an OUTRAGE to every American! This country was founded on the principles of freedom of worship but this has turned into an attack on the American people.

    The welfare system is a complete joke and needs to be reorganized IMMEDIATELY! The unemployment rate is the worse I have seen in years as well as the housing market, auto industry, etc. I thought the plan was to try and stimulate the economy but what happened?

    I have never liked Obama and did not believe in his line of crap, to this day he has proven himself not to be a friend to the American people, to the working class American or the Small Business Owner.

    Mitt Romney, as far as I am concerned has shown himself to be an upstanding candidate as he has given in to tasteless acts on Obama, he is running a fair and decent campaign and I applaude him for that.

    One final comment: To those of you who have indicated that you have not voted in previous elections and plan on not voting during this election….KEEP YOUR MOUTHS SHUT AND DEAL WITH HAPPENS!!!! As an American citizen it is your right to vote, to overturn the Government if they are not representing the American people as they should be. Congress and the Senate should have limited terms, seats should not be handed down to family members as some members do. If you don’t like how things are being run then CHANGE THEM!

    • DaveH

      And how do you expect to change anything, Terri, if you just keep rubber-stamping the Establishment candidates that they put up for us? Both the Republican Party and the Democrat Party have been infested with Mercantilism for the last 100 years, and they will continue to be until the voters do some studying and get the ring out from their noses. They are driving the ordinary citizens to serfdom, and every time you elect one of the lesser of two evils you put us 4 years closer to their goal.
      If the American people don’t awaken to the reality of their loss of Freedom soon, the baby-boomers (those who can actually remember some semblance of Freedom) will be gone and there will be nobody left to attempt to wake the younger generation to the reality of politics.

  • wisefill

    It’s no secret Obummer is a total marxist con job, but something else smells a little odd. Why HASN’T Mitt brought this up? There is no way it has slipped through their fingers. I’m sure just about everyone in Romney’s group is full aware of the fact he has a sealed past. Perhaps even Romney’s knows he shouldn’t overstep his welcome among those who are pulling Barry’s strings.

    • Carl Manning

      That’s precisely the proof in the pudding that all of these guys play for the same team. It is so true that politics is a contact sport; it’s just that few Americans understand that it’s a game between us and THEM, not Democrats and Republicans. We’re all taking the abuse because they have given our jobs away to satisfy Wall Street.

  • http://none Claire

    Go ahead and vote for Romney. I could care less. I won’t vote for him. All I know is that the issues at hand will NOT get any better. Personally, I want the middle class to survive. Apparently some people do not. Rest assured people will not get rid of all politicians that are currently in office. And that is what needs to be done., Get rid of all of them, including the ones running for election at this moment. It is way past time that we elect decent honest people, not people that have the most campaign money!!! American government needs people that are trustworthy not the “party gameplayers.”

  • Jay

    Under Bush we were embroiled in foreign wars, subsidizing government cronies with tax dollars, watching states bankrupt themselves with public employee pension commitments, and watching our children walk into some of the world’s most expensively funded and least effective schools.

    Obama is about as different from Bush as a U.S. politician could be and yet nothing substantive has changed. Why would we expect huge changes from Romney?

  • SJJolly

    You got him, Mr. Root! Obama is really an ET alien, who — ala the TV series Third Rock from the Sun — is inhabiting a manufactured body, with his entire background, prior to a decade or two ago, forged by alien super technology. Right.

  • Pathfinder

    Obama is a crooked as the Road To Hanna (HI). Anyone that followed his rise to the Illinois Senate understands the corrupt and dirty, back door dealings that won him the democrat nomination for senator. The illegal activities of Obamas surrogates that knocked Jim Ryan out of the contest were on a par with Watergate criminal activities. And, yes the democrat culprits were caught and had their wrists almost slapped.
    Thats politics and law enforcement, Chicago style.

    Barry’s associates, Ayres, Rezneck, Axelrod, the Emanual brothers, Wright, and Obamas connection to ACORN and George Soros, are good indicators of what this man Barry Soetoro stands for. Add to this that his father was an avowed communist revolutionary. His mother a communist sympathizer. Then add 9 years in a Muslim school, and 20 years of ” Black LIBERATION Theology. Add that up and guess what you get as a president of the USA.

    This information about Barry Soetoro getting foreign student aid is not new. Its been out there for and long as Barry has been running for office. Barry Soetoro’s dark and mysterious origins may come light but do not expect the media (especially the NYT) to report any of Barry’s nefarious background. Because the American media is corrupt, all of Barry’s cheer leaders have no idea of his actual background and the harm he is doing to America.

    Its time that we, who object to the presidents policies, start using his real name.
    That at lest would help shine light on this great deceiver, the current president
    of the United States, Barry Sotoro (AKA Barrak H. Obama)

  • Judith

    Madelyn Lee Payne Dunham, October 26, 1922 November 2, 2008 was the American maternal grandmother of Barack Obama, the 44th and current President of the United States of America. She and her husband Stanley Armour Dunham raised Obama from age ten in their Honolulu, Hawaii apartment, where on November 2, 2008, she died two days before her grandson was elected President. (From Wikipedia)
    Now, think about who would have known him best and what he is capable of doing. Sad timing for his grandmother’s death, as all thought at the time. What tales could she tell??

  • M. Aisha (@Aisha_Artful)

    OMG! This diatribe is beneath you. What is Mitt Romney’s first name? Taxes relate to the public domain.Our so-called leaders have historically and hysterically rushed to line the pockets of their friends, just as in many other countries. I don’t care about Mitt’ or Obama’s grades. That is water under the bridge. I care about inferior schools grinding along on tax payer monies. I care about reforming the tax code. All Americans want higher employment in self-actualizing jobs to pay their own way.. I want something positive done about big businesses in: Cancer
    treatment; genetic food altering( to lessen nutritional value but increase shelf life)harmful pharmaceuticals that substantially create unhealthy humans in
    many industries. This now seems the “normal” way to assure the culture of entitlement for the “ordained”few, to maintain rule over average American citizens. Notice that the power-brokers do not refer to themselves as “citizens”. Look up the definition. You will see why! I want “leaders”
    show integrity in their souls. I want that integrity to be felt,shared, and encouraging to all who aspire to to live well. To not fear that their stars will be dimmed “just because” they have not been selected for mentoring by the
    “delegated”. The minions who spend their lives hoping for power and acceptance from the high and mighty as they show-off their “stuff”., pretending they REALLY came from healthy DNA.
    I am old and forgetful at times, but I believe,as someone “unknown”(but blessed)said before me: “We have mastered the air,conquered the sea, annihilated disease and prolonged life, but we are not wise enough to live on this earth without war and without hate. ” I say, any fool, any idiot can criticize and walk without sympathy, over-loaded with material goods,power ,prestige and economic security, but without ideals,truth,courage, his touch will be barren unable to to leave that which he touched much better than he discovered it. However, keep the faith,learn to accept and give love…that is the foundation to the gift of life.

  • William

    People like you makes me feel sick. I’m a republican but when I read comments so vague and unprofessional like yours make me feel ashamed of calling myself a republican

  • Pathfinder

    Hey all you Barry Soetoro (AKA: Barrak Obama) cheer leaders out there;

    JANUARY 1, 2013 ……. guess what happens then?
    Its time to pay for your health care.

    The SOETORO-OBAMA home sales tax kicks in at 3.8% on the selling price.
    (paid by the seller) and then ADD Capital gains is on top of the sales tax.
    I guess that another one of Obamas REVERSE stimulus deals that will help further suppress the housing market.

    Do you do bank transactions? Who in the heck doesn’t?
    That will be the next surprise paying for ” affordable health care” .
    Obama gets 1 % on every transaction fee …. thats in and out of the bank =2% TAX
    (I smell Barney Frank in this one)

    This is only part of the Obama-Reid-Pelosi Democrat
    ” We will see whats in the bill after we pass it”, Affordable Health Care Act ( AHCA)

    Is not the AHCA an oxymoron?
    And, notice how creative our legislators can become in naming legislative
    bills that SCREW U!

    OK lat all hear it for the OBAMA TEAM!

  • http://yahoo irina belman

    I am a simple , intelligent, intellectual, professional,M.D.,and I did understand and read about B. Obama v.s. B.Soetoro… a long time ago…but what will f/u…from these facts…
    First, Republican Party and the previous candidate were not smart not to say more accentuated…..
    Currently, the advisers to Gov. Romney are not very far from the previous events…..
    You even can not imagin in a tereble dream what will happen if Gov. R. will insists on the above facts….I do………

  • http://http// sophillyjimmy

    I have been saying Quid Pro Quo in many of my comments, if Obama and Reid want to see Romney’s tax records all they have to do is show Obama’s sealed college applications and records and Romney will show his tax return records. Reid is a non entity at this time, who is going to be the president of the United States for the next four years is way too important for not only the country but for We The People since in Obama’s first four years he has brought so much grief and destruction to our country and people, four more years of his presidency will surly take us down forever.
    Reid is an idiot who is in the senate for his own personal gain and not for the interest of the country or even the district he represents, but being president has implications that could affect our country forever.
    No matter how much Obama pays lawyers to keep his college applications and records sealed, just like he had connections withthe Chicago Tribune to have his opponents records unsealed, Romney could do the same with Obama’s sealed records, so now it is time for Romney to use up his personal wealth to hire a team of lawyers to get Obama’s records unsealed for all of the world to see, it won’t effect how much he is allowed by law to put into his own campaign, he is still only a citizen and as so he is allowed to spend whatever it takes to find out what the big secret his commander and chief is protecting as though it is his two young daughters cherries.

  • Boyd

    Exactly my idea. Show me yours, I’ll show you mine. Now the question is, who has what information on the members of Congress that they keep quiet. Or are the whores just bought and paid for? Then, what can we do about this treason?

  • Lisa

    Wayne, your creative story is just that …a story based on your “gut” feeling. No facts to back up your feelings

    • Jeff

      I’d say Wayne has a slightly outsized view of his own importance. Like somebody might see them together at an alumni event and say, “Who’s that Black guy with Wayne Root?”

      • Judith

        Black guy? Which side are you looking at?

      • Alex

        You are absolutely correct about W.A.R., Jeff!

        Who else would say, “I knew everybody…” and pose with his stupid Las Vegas Star behind him, which of course did not go unmentioned in his blather.

        Having a Star on the Vegas Strip is like wearing the highest heels in a whorehouse.

      • DaveH

        Can you Liberals ever do anything but personal attacks? Constantly? It sure doesn’t speak well for your level of intelligence.

  • ? Phd Candidate

    Phd Candidate says:
    Interesting when one doesn’t agree – they attack the person who did their homework as stupid and suddenly can’t stick to the subject. Has a familiar ring of inability to focus. Divert them, interrupt and maybe they will be disarmed and not follow through to a logical conclusion.

  • Peter Nebergall

    Today’s Obamacrat is so totally committed to “the cause” that they will do and say anything to win. There is no truth, and no morality. They hate all non Marxists, and they mean to take total control. Their bible is Lenin.

    • Roy Patterson

      I agree 1000%!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://yahoo Brad kennington

    I dont give a crap if you”r a REP or DEM this is our country and we want it back

    • Jeff

      Professor Brad:

      Who is the “our” and from whom do you want to take the country back? Are we perhaps just a wee bit of a bigot? Does “our” include African Americans? Hispanics? Jews? Asians? How about Democrats?

      • DaveH

        Are you just a wee bit of a Troll, Jeff?

    • beachplumbaby

      @Brad: Well said! All of this blind, adamant, “my way or the highway” adoration of one’s party is a sign of being brainwashed. This whole “left vs. right” division is a tactic designed to detract from the real issues (like war and our economy) and give people the illusion of choice. If you see who is pulling the puppet strings, the “left and right” are really being controlled by the same puppetmasters … which I believe are the global elite – corporations, central banks, the super wealthy.

      These people who attack others based SOLELY on their political affiliation are nothing more than angry BIGOTS… because a bigot is someone intolerant of anyone with differing views than their own. It’s time to focus on the PRINCIPLE and the PEOPLE vs. PARTY.

  • Earthking

    I do not disagree with the vid. What I take severe hymbrage with is calling a stinking libertarian the TEA Party. We are C O N S E R V A T I V E S. Libertarians are NOT conservatives. Ron Paul, nor any other libertarian represents the TEA Party. Palin, Bachmann, Santorum, and Cain, for example, are the TEA Party. Libertarian scum, go get your own brand!

    • DaveH

      No Earthking, you are a NeoConservative. Libertarians are the True Conservatives. Do some studying. Our Founders disdained foreign entanglements. Our Founders disdained Big Government. Our Founders were rugged individualists. The Libertarians are the only ones who come close to the philosophy of our Founders.

    • beachplumbaby

      From Websters Dictionary:

      Definition of a bigot.

      : a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance.

      Earthking: please take a step back and look at what you are saying. I would stop focusing on labels and instead look at the people and their actions, regardless of political affiliation.

    • Carl Manning

      Founder of the TEA Party movement. What rock did you just crawl out from under??? Where have you been all your life???

      • Carl Manning

        Correction: Ron Paul is the Founder of the TEA Party movement.

  • chancho

    In the first minute this guy sounds like a grade A douche. He’s from Nevada- yeah seems real legit. Also he sounds like a crazy person. All politicians are awful human beings, if they cared about humanity- or anyone other than themselves they would have done something else with their lives. There really is no hope from either side.

  • modans55
    • DaveH

      Where did Wayne say that Obama didn’t attend Columbia, modans55?
      From your own link:
      “Even those who have studied Barack Obama’s background in detail don’t generally know much about his time at Columbia University, however, as he hasn’t revealed much about that period of his life in his public writings and statements, nor has he made his transcripts or other school records from Columbia available for public examination”.

  • stupidamerkin

    As long as there are politicians, there will always be suffer, misery, death and wars. It doesn’t matter who the cabal puts on the thrown, the agenda remains the same.

  • http://yahoo Brad k

    Jeff; I”m talking about the working, tax paying people that take care of the blood suckers of society.

  • Ben J

    Bingo..Obama is a dirtbag. Hopefully America will vote the SOB out.

    • Jeff


      Bingo? Does that mean [expletive deleted] because that’s what the Root article is worth in the real world. The “smoking gun” is the suspicion of some right wing loon? Stop the presses! Right wing blogger suspicious of Obama! If that’s the best you’ve got, just cancel the election and proclaim Obama the winner.

  • David

    Be careful what you wish for! You sure don’t want to let the cat out of the bag that a poor Indonesian kid with bad grades is 10 times the man or president that Bush or any of the white over privileged rich kids ever were! Lol – If we are to believe what you say is true anyways! – He got your straw man Bin laden – He got most of all the top terrorist leadership! – He saved us all from a Wall St. crack binge that had the economy on the brink of collapse and losing 750,000 jobs a month after Georgie boy crapped his pants! – He saved GM and with it millions of American jobs! – He created over 4 million jobs with the worst congress in American history! – He passed healthcare legislation which no other man before him had ever been able to do including Clinton! – Pretty damn good for a lazy pot smoking kid with no father, no mother to be found and no money!

    • DaveH

      So many lies, David. I will only deal with one, as that’s all it takes to prove you a liar.
      David says — “He created over 4 million jobs with the worst congress in American history!”.
      Number employed when Obama took office (January 2009) — 133561000.
      Number employed most recent actual figures (May 2012) — 133018000.
      133561000-133018000=543,000. That’s a LOSS of 543,000 jobs since Obama took office.
      And it’s in spite of the over $2 Trillion spent on “stimulus” packages:

      • David

        You can crib data anyway you like to make your point! The latest jobs report alone reported a net+ 163000 jobs created in July which proves that it is you who are the liar. Spin it to win it Teabaggers! Obama is 10 up nationwide, 11 up among independents, and leading in most swing states! Thanks for your hard work!!! :) Obama ’12

    • Dan

      Thanks DaveH for at least putting one truth into this libtards ramblings. Talk about drinking the kool-aid. Yeesh.

      • dgildea

        Truth??? Lol – The one single point he made was a fallacy! How many months did Obama lose 750,000 jobs……………oh yeah right – ZERO! Bin Ladens dead GM is alive! Mitt Romneys disapproval jumped 6 points in a month! Whatever your doing keep it up! It’s working!!! Good time to be a Liberal! :)

  • Jar Binks

    How can a dumb-ass like Bush #2 who was a coke-head and a drunk and got low grades in college, who has an IQ of a 6th grader, and a really, really bad public speaker, ever become president twice in a row? Coincidence? Filthy rich daddy Bush, that’s how….

  • Bruce

    Sorry Wayne! I don’t see how the other supposed leeders are going to even suddenly find interest in condemning Obama. Governor Chafey, of RI for instance, Has decided to give both drivers licences and tax refunds to illegal immigrants, the right to vote and every other freebee you can imagine.

    If you owe tax in RI, you cannot re-new your drivers license, but illegals get to drive.

    Then there is Bloomberg who wants Mosques at ground zero and a ban on freedom of choice in your diet and private life.

    But then they are going to force gay agenda’s into every institution in the country.

    Nope, It’s not just Obama, it’s most of them including Romney who already is forcing people to buy health insurance in Massachusetts. One good example of this was someone who was out of work for nearly a year. He wound up owing a couple thousand dollars for healthcare and he barely could pay his rent.

    And I’m not really sure what conservatives thought was going to happen when we shipped 100 million jobs to china, but now those people don’t have any other source of income..hense the drive toward social programs.

  • ehancock

    If you were to call for both Mitt Romney and Obama to release their college grades, you would show that you are fair. But you just claim based on some reports from Occidental that Obama was a bad student (a bad student for a guy who would in time graduate Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law can be a damn good student compared with most people.) Despite the desire to get black students, Harvard still required good grades to get into Harvard Law School and Columbia still required at least average grades to accept a transfer student. It is entirely possible that Mitt Romney’s grades were better than Obama’s–so why not ask for both of them? By not asking for both of them to show their grades, you are telegraphing your motives.

  • Pamela

    What you say makes more sense than anyone else has ever said about Obaloney and his birth certificate and college transcripts. You are right on, now we have to get those records and prove he was an exchange student. I am convinced you are right. Hiding the records and his birth certificate make a lot of sense.

    • Jeff

      Wow, I’m sure a lot of guys on this blog are happy you’re so easy to convince. How convincing would a “foreign student” have been back during the War?

  • DEE


  • Evelyn

    This is from
    Q: Is it true that nobody remembers Obama attending Columbia University?

    A: At least one of his classmates remembers him well, and the university proudly claims Obama.


    Can you check this out and see if it is true?

    Thank you!


    We’re not sure why, but this false claim has been forwarded widely in recent days, judging by the number of queries we’ve received.

    Barack Obama was a transfer student from California’s Occidental College when he came to Columbia University in 1981 as a 20-year-old junior. More than 20,000 students currently attend Columbia. The enrollment in the early ’80s might have been lower, but not everybody would have met or remembered Obama. And it’s absolutely untrue that “not one person has ever come forward” from his years there, or that he is “the man who wasn’t there.”

    Columbia University proudly claims Obama as a 1983 graduate. The university magazine Columbia College Today profiled him as far back as 2005, after he was elected to the U.S. Senate.

  • Wendy

    Concerning the wars you should get your facts straight.
    WWi … Wilson,Democrat *War was started in Europe and we were drawn into it
    WWII … FDR, Democrat *Again we were drawn in and FDR did NOT want to get involved.
    Korea … Truman, Democrat *War was started as a result of Allied forces dividing Korea at the end of WWII
    VietNam …JFK, LBJ, Democrats **War started in 1955 under Eisenhower (Republican)
    Cuban Fiasco … JFK, Democrat *This was against USSR, Would Republicans have NOT invaded? Hell no!
    Kosovo … Clinton, Democrat *NATO countries promoted this as the first humanitarian war but I know Republicans are against humanitarian things..

    • Palin16

      Blaming Eisenhower for the Vietnam War is absurd. Yes Ike had military advisors there. JFK planned to remove them all during his second term. From 1956-1964, 401 Americans were killed; that’s about 50 a year.The real war began with the Gulf of Tonkin incident under LBJ, democrat. In 1965, 1,863 were killed under LBJ. BY 1968, 16,592 were killed. Protesters outside the White House chanted “Hey, hey, LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?” Lyndon Johnson was the warmonger.

  • black as coal

    get rid of the fraud

  • omanuel


    The sad fact is just this and nothing else:

    1. World leaders were united in fear of the “nuclear fires” that consumed Hiroshima on 6 Aug 1945 and Nagasaki on 9 Aug 1945.

    2. They established the United Nations on 24 Oct 1945 to end nationalism (including national boundaries) and to save themselves and the world from destruction by “nuclear fire”

    3. Since 1945, nuclear and space scientists have been rewarded for misrepresenting the “fountain of energy” at the cores of heavy

    _a.) Atoms (like the uranium & plutonium atoms that ignited Hiroshima and Nakasaki)
    _b.) Planets (like Jupiter, Saturn and perhaps even rocky planets like Earth)
    _c.) Stars (like the Sun, the “fountain of energy” that sustains life)
    _d.) Galaxies like the Milky Way

    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

    PS – NASA even hid data from the Galileo probe of Jupiter to try to keep the public from knowing that the core of the Sun is a pulsar, not a H-fusion reactor.

  • Loretta Hylton

    Very interesting article. I don’t understand why we have set back and let him take over our country.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    Wayne your insistence on being a libertarian firs and an American second by throwing your vote away on Gary Johnson turns my stomach.

    • omanuel

      Wayne, like many of us, understands that protecting our basic rights as citizens - as guaranteed by the US Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution - must come first!

      “We hold these truth to be self-evident. That all men are created equal.

      That they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights.

      That among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

      That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends,

      It is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it and to institute new government, . . .

      • Deerinwater

        Well, I’ll certainly agree, it’s a God given right to try. But you might be wise to think that through if you have any intentions of doing something besides just suffer and bleed.

        Where is a community organized when you really need one for you will never succeeds alone.

  • Steven Rasmussen

    @Vicky – For those who doesnt research or just read off talking points… here is the Link to the Tax Returns disclosed by the President (11 yrs), Vice President 11 yrs) + The Republican Candidates (Mitt Romney 2 yrs, Newt G. 1 yr, Rick S. 4 yrs.) LINK:

    • chuckb

      rasmussen, barrys tax returns should be examined, they are probably fraudulent like everything else about him.

  • Dan

    This makes no sense at all. This guy says he was Oblahma’s roomate, but then says he never knew him. I agree Oblahma’s a complete LIAR but so is this guy.

  • omanuel

    Disintegration of

    a.) Constitutional limits on government, and
    b.) Integrity in government-funded research

    Started about sixty-seven years ago, when world leaders and guilt-ridden scientists joined together to establish the United Nations and end national boundaries on 24 Oct 1945 out of fear of the “nuclear fires” that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Aug 1945 (2012 – 1945 = 67 yrs)

    “What should we do?” asked Dr. C. F. von Weisäcker – one of the more famous German nuclear scientists – in the fall of 1945:

    “We have played with fire like children and it flared up before we expected it.” [Robert Jungk, Brighter than a Thousand Suns (Mariner Books, 21 Oct 1970) 384 pages, quote is from page 335]

    Here’s the rest of the story of the cancerous growth that developed on government science in the US, the UK and the EU after 1945:

    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

  • Pointdan

    Thank you Mr Root. Now please do us one small favor. Call up Gary Johnson and convince him not to run a s a third party candidate for presidency. He will siphon votes from the Republican candidate. He is playing games with the future of our nation. It is not nice to mess with THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. He should NOT run. We have a country to save in 2012.

    • Oliver K. Manuel

      I disagree, Pointdan.

      We want, and deserve, the right to vote for a candidate that will reestablish constitutional limits on government!

      Limits that both political parties have given away since the United Nations was established on 24 Oct 1945:

  • Daniel Williams

    Wayne is an okay guy. But his constant bragging and self-promotion makes his analysis a bit suspect. Lose the bragging and perhaps your words will carry more weight.

    • Jeff

      After all, if Obama went to school with Wayne, why wouldn’t he be bragging, “I was a classmate of Wayne Root.”

  • Luigi Grimaldi

    Obama: Bankster installed socialist ass.

  • Alan Dentoni

    To equate Romney’s taxes with Obama’s “college records” is IMHO reaching. We know Obama’s long career and presidency. Maybe he got a D or two. That would not be a show-stopper for anyone I know. We Americans (as far as I can tell) really don’t, as a nation, stay up nights wondering about the President’s “college records.” I’m sorry but I will continue to be skeptical of the right’s feeble attempts to deflect attention away from Romney’s tax records. Every day Willard waits cements Obama’s lead further.

    • NoteToSelf

      That’s why he should release them, D’s are no big deal, exactly, but he should release his admissions documents too. Let’s know the whole truth of his status, after all isn’t this stuff supposed to be enshrined in a museum some day? It’s clearly so harmless that he’s spent millions on lawyers hiding it.

  • Pritty Brains

    You all know, don’t you, that WAR is laughing at you.

    Sure he is.

    He knows he’s a shyster and full of /s/h/y/t/. This has to be one of his most ridiculous blogs I’ve read so far, with the exception of the next one he writes. And you people are falling for it and that’s why he’s laughing. You people are giving him a sense of false power. False in that, as soon as you wake up and see this charlatan for what he is, this false power will disappear and he will return to being that NoBody he actually is.

    As long as he can continue to create chaos, as long as he can continue to convince you people that he’s a truthful, moralistic, reasonable person with scruples (cough cough cough gag), as long as he can attract attention to the Liberty Digest, however negative that attention is because it means traffic, he’ll be allowed to continue to write his fallacies, he’ll be allowed to continue to brag and boast and threaten and spread his fear mongering rumors and lies. And that is exactly what he is: A liar. Wayne Allyn Root is a Liar with a capital ‘L’.

    He’s still laughing at you. You people make his day. You people give him a reason for waking up in the morning and taking a shower. The way you all worm around him, treating him as though what he says is gospel, eating up his slimy words as though you’re starving to death. You people are the topics of ridicule and mirth at his dinner parties. He probably reads aloud your comments, ” ‘Ohhh listen to this one from DaveH blah blah blah…’ or ‘This one from ChuckB yada yada yada… or this one from Nobody’sFool… or this one or that one.’ Stupid ain’t they?” And everyone clinks their brandy snifters in agreement because you fall for everything he says as truth. But everyone at his table, especially the one sitting at the head, knows it’s horse caca.

    I was going to come here and discuss the topic of his blog and document with links, but I realized it wouldn’t matter what kind of proof I have that WAR is lying because you people have your heads so far up his /a/r/s/e/ you would only hear /f/a/r/t/s/ instead of truth. Just listen to yourselves… you can’t have a discussion with anyone who disagrees with you no matter what kind of evidence they document without name calling, without baseless accusations; there is no respect in your conversations not for the topic of the discussion or to the people you’re discussing it with. You are pathetic, hopeless, deplorable, petty, despicable and shameful people. Just the kind of people WAR likes because you’re easy to convince. Because you fall for his lies. Because you like the taste of his poop.

    You all can squabble amongst yourselves like headless chickens… there is nothing intellectual here.

    Carry on.

  • NoteToSelf

    I’m voting for neither.

  • Viv Rockoflove Curl

    Well I am not Obama supporter, but how is it possible to know every student at Columbia University? Last I checked “Undergraduate enrollment is approximately 4,500 in Columbia College and 1,500 in The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science.” Just saying thats a lot of people YO!

  • Leo Bax

    This is the president and commander-in-chief you are spitting on here. Show some fuc*** respect you bad mannered imbecile!

    • George Harris

      Since I pick and choose which posts I read completely, I don’t know to whom you are responding. Thus, I don’t know whether you are being facetious or not.

      However, our president has to earn the respect afforded to him.

      President Obama has certainly not earned any respect from me when he is selective of those laws which he instructs Eric Holder and the Justice Department to not defend.

  • Alan Dentoni

    Leo — the guy is a right-wing republican/libertarian. When, in recent memory, have you observed someone with such credentials actually respecting the President? I can only think of ONE — John McCain, in defending Huma Abedin recently, and the Birther calling Obama an “Arab” in the ’08 race. Other than that, I can’t think of any right-winger showing deference to Obama and the office he holds. Can anyone? Please post.

  • Edward Ritzmann

    Don`t you people know that there can never be an intelligent dialogue with a Democrat, they have the right mascot, a jackass.

    • Deerinwater

      Well, I’m not sure if it’s a Jack or Jenny but and “Ass” is a very intelligent animal, much brighter then a horse and served mankind for several thousand centuries. So maybe you don’t actually know your “ass” from a hole in the ground.

      Forgive my humor, is was intended in fun and light of heart.

      The elephant is most appropriate for the GOP, something that appears to be over-fed and has a tail at each end. Never forgets anything and afraid of a mouse, earth-bound with big enough ears you would think it might fly. Willing to serve man only when it’s in a good mood.

      That was fun! Your turn.

  • George H.W. Bush Supporter

    Wow! I attend University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, which has 60K students in total enrollment on average in a year, and as a History/Linguistics double major, I don’t even KNOW most of the people that I have classes with, and they don’t take roll call for a huge amphitheater lecture hall. How would anyone know all the people in a department of that size with any credulity. This is nothing but a case of a hater casting aspersions and doubt. He’ll have to do better than ‘predictions’ if he wants to get Obama out of office!

  • DaveK

    Isn’t this the same Wayne Allen Root who said that NOBODY that he knew ever heard of Obama while he was at Columbia. Now, he seems to know his heart and soul. Hmmm……..

  • Dean

    You got to hand it to him though, he managed to do all of this and still becomes the most powerful man on the planet, President of the United States

    • Lech Dharma

      Well, Dean, in the words of His Nibs: He “didn’t do it on his own. He had help.” The important question, of course, is who (what shadow organization) helped him get into the position he is now “in”, and “why.” It’s not that he was “smarter than everybody else. There’s a lot of smart people out there. It’s not that he “worked harder than everybody else. There’s a lot of hard-working people out there.”

      When he ran in 2008, one of the first questions I had in my mind—as all his mindless supporters were talking about his super intelligence—was why he didn’t release and publicize his college records during the campaign. And why hasn’t he “since”? …especially with so much blogosphere interest about his records over the last 3 years? WHAT is he hiding?

  • http://Carraher Padriac

    Regretfully to fail to mension that any advantage he may have gotton is was only by the policies and support of the one per cent.

  • Suzzy

    Obama has been trained by the dirty, nasty, people in Chicago. What else would you expect.

  • Palin16
  • Palin16

    ….and I am personally insulted by Obummer’s remark “don’t blow a bunch of cash in Vegas”. I’m sure Wayne feels the same.

    • deerinwater

      And pray tell why would you be “insulted” by that? I don’t consider Vegas or Donkey Shane Fig Newton too high up in my priority list either. Gambling is a Vice, Vegas is the Emerald City that should not be, they are running out of water. At some point, the inhabitable conditions will require the population to move or come forward with a cleaver way to produce water or steal it.

      In any case, ~ Like the remote island fishery that processed fish for 50 years with the left over by-products attracting and feeding thousands of seals until one day the fishery closed and the seals all starved, so too will become of Vegas. Moving now would be wise. you can gamble and live large in more friendly and less artificial environments.

      • Palin16

        First of all, I live in Vegas and we have the highest unemployment in the nation. Harry Reid said in the last senatorial election that we need him now more than ever, but after he stole the election, he criticized our governor, telling him you might want to reconsider your no new taxes pledge. Then Harry merrily went his way back to the Ritz-Carlton where he lives in DC and forgot all about us. Secondly, I was referring to Wayne Allyn Root, not Wayne Newton. You are seriously stereotyping Las Vegas (as many others do) to imply that everyone here works in the gambling industry. I worked in health care before retiring 2 years ago. I recall renting a car in Portland, Maine a few years ago and the guy at the counter asked me if people actually lived in Vegas and if I was a poker dealer.

        • Jeff

          Fake Sara:

          Was that the governor who resigned? I, too, used to live in Las Vegas and, yes, many people live there who do not work for casinos. But gaming is the largest business sector and that, more than any Obama policy, is the source of its economic woes. The City was way overbuilt before the W Depression and many shaky businesses and mortgages immediately failed. The problem with real estate in Las Vegas is it’s all artificial. If you buy a house by the ocean in L.A., there’s inherent value there because there’s a finite amount of real estate near the ocean. In Las Vegas, it’s all desert. You can live in Green Valley or in Spanish Trail or one of the newer “fancy” areas, but it’s all desert land.

          What Las Vegas had going for it in the pre-W days was someone with no education could move there, get a job and buy a house. Suddenly, they thought they were Mitt Romney. The problem was it was all fake and any downturn in gaming could wipe it all out.

          BTW: Check out Mitt’s history with creative accounting and fraudulent tax shelters. I remember similar schemes that were used in Nevada and Utah back in the 80s.

        • Deerinwater

          I see, now~ why you might feel as you do Ms. Palin, Vegas is your home and you are being protective of your home and that is very understandable while it does not take away from my calloused long view, that it’s a artificial city that does not offer the necessities to exist but exploits the folly of human nature to want to bath in excess.

          It’s been some time since I made it to your city, a year prior to them imploding the Sands. I enjoyed it and had a wonderful visit, the Lexor, the MGM and of course the main drag (Freemont Street). I managed to get “lucky” a few times during my stay, I managed to dominate the Crap Table for 20 minutes, it seems that I could do no wrong, I was playing with chips I’d never seen before and could really could not identify their value (they were winning). Most went back on the table while I stuffed my girl friend purse with hand fulls until she started complaining about the weight. Three bad rolls and I was out,~ cleaned out, done. It happen so fast and was very exciting. It seems, a bigger girl friend with a larger purse would have served me well.

          It can be an exciting town, while the time for such personal indulgence has long past for a citizens such as I and many other Americans today. And exactly why unemployment is so high in Vegas today.

          I was driving my aging mother to a funeral of an old childhood friend sometime ago. As we pasted through this small rural town, mother’s mind is racing through old memories and recollections, “and there is where the ice cream parlor was”, she said. “Oh really? did you and your friends gather there after school mom?” ” Oh no!”, she said. “I never had the money and actually went inside”. Oh! ~silence~. And that’s the way life is, everybody knows where it’s at, but only a few manage to enter.

          Forgive me for not feeling too bad about your homes economic suffering but we are 7 trillion dollars short today from 8 years of poor spending practices and blinded ambition. It is the middle class that is asked to pay the debit and they won’t be coming in droves to your town anytime soon Ms. Palin. If you are luck enough to have money to still invest, a Uhaul Trailer would be a wise investment.

          I understand the Arabs have made themselves quite a place out in the desert with all of their “winning”, just a thought.

      • Palin16

        Right after Obummer told the nation not once but twice don’t blow a bunch of cash in Vegas, 300 companies that annually held their conventions in Las Vegas pulled out at the last moment, causing an estimated $300 million in lost revenue. Along with this came tons of layoffs. Mayor Goodman, a democrat, was livid and asked Dirty Harry to tell Obummer to apologize. Of course, that didn’t happen, and after giving a press conference, the good mayor renounced his affiliation in the demoncrat party and changed his status to independant. His wife Carolyn, the current mayor, did likewise. And then we have Bawney Fwank and Chris Dodd, both liberal dumbocrats, to thank for the housing crisis and the devaluation of our home’s worth. The banks were forced to give home loans to anyone with a pulse even if they had no means to pay for them, otherwise said banks would be labeled as racist. BTW, after Obummer’s speech, apparently Michelle did not get the message as she has since been here twice and blew a ton of (taxpayer’s) cash. Oh, that’s different, isn’t it, because she is one of the elites. The worst part of living in Las Vegas is that after Arizona passed their immigration law, thousands of them relocated here, cramming 15 people into 3-bedroom houses with tons of junk cars and beatup old pickup trucks cluttering the properties.

        • DaveK

          Or did they find very affordable houses, bought them with their hard earned money and laid down a bet that the prices would rebound?

        • Deerinwater

          MS. Palin, you have made a sound argument and won me over, I agree with you, it was a bad thing to say to “all Americans” and I’m sorry for your pain while at the same time, there are 300 companies out there that spent their money in more prudent fashion and in a greater beneficial manner heeding the presidents advise.

          I know that you call Vegas “home” and feel obliged to stay there among friends and family ,confident in the belief that your life’s work and decisions have, value, worth and meaning.

          The very same could be said of the citizens of New Orleans, while they live and build inside a soup bowl, surf-side and below sea level , their life’s work and investments totally dependent on makeshift dykes, levies, canals and God’s good grace. All and all, a poor place to invest a life’s work where the prevailing lifestyle is life by the drop. While this not to suggest they valve less, only their decision in location. While this is decision is a freedom and right they choose to take, I should not be required to bear extra burden for poor judgement or at the very least to say there should be limits to my responsibility for poor decisions by others.

          A nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there.

          I don’t want neither my money or what I do to stay in Vegas. And I don’t go to Vegas unless I have money to burn. So don’t bother keeping the light on and waiting up.

          Maybe it was never your decision to live in Vegas but someone else’s , I understand this happens often. I attempted to get my last wife to move to Vegas, as H Bush stated his little war, ~ and my home town still reeling from Reagan downsizing rolled up the sidewalks and business came to a sudden halt. ~ I figured an AC contractor could do well in Vegas, she say NO!, ~ and year later, we divorced over my inability to provide.

          Please don’t construe my feeling as disrespect or hatefulness as I’d be the first in line to subsidies your relocation to a more healthy, people and economic friendly environment.

          You are not a snake or helemonster, something that lives under ground or plains antelope and that all that is suppose to live there, everything else has been imported. As an contractor, I’d got in and got out of Vegas, that is the only way to win, ~ knowing when to turn around and walk away.

          • DaveK

            why don’t they build underground in vegas and take advantage of the earth’s insulation?

        • Jeff


          Those conventions were cancelled just as the W Depression hit with full force. I’m sure far more of the cancellations were due to that than to Obama’s comments. I’m a little surprised to hear you tout Oscar Goodman as your champion. I’m sure you were less enchanted with him when he was the public face of Tony Spilotro and his Hole In The Wall gang.

      • Palin16

        Jeff, there you go again. W had absolutley nothing to do with the cancellations, it was all due to Obummer speaking off-teleprompter. We cannot afford another 4 years of the community organizer in chief blaming Bush while he blows through another record breaking $5 Trillion on useless big government programs and Michelle’s around the world tours. I want a president that sets a good example, not an elitist who says do as I say not as I do.
        Deerinwater, Vegas ain’t so bad. It gets a heck of a lot hotter in Phoenix and they have more than double our population. Run out of water? Not as long as Hoover Dam and Lake Mead are around. If I were ever to move, it will be on my terms, not yours. BTW, I am sorry about your wife.

        • Deerinwater

          “Jeff, there you go again. W had absolutley nothing to do with the cancellations, it was all due to Obummer speaking off-teleprompter. ”

          Well, the speed of reality seems to differ among people.

          I’d say what happen from 2000 to 2008 still affect us all greatly today. ~ 7 trillion dollars is easy to miss many years later.

      • deerinwater

        Palin say; “Run out of water? Not as long as Hoover Dam and Lake Mead are around. If I were ever to move, it will be on my terms, not yours. BTW, I am sorry about your wife.”

        Well, thank you, ~ it only hurt bad for some 5 years and I got over her and moved on while I missed the children. Everyone has to make their own decisions, hers was to move on when it got tough and I wasn’t seen doing enough about it. It was hard and I don’t hold it against her, as I understand it, she settled in with a Marine that like to use her for a punching bag and the kids left the nest. (they were hers) while I enjoyed claiming them.

        But do check on dropping water levels on lake Mead. I’ll see what I can find on it.

        There are many, I offer you one;

    • deerinwater

      I did my Advanced Infantry Training at Fort Huachuca, Arizona .

      It is claimed that a soldier call be AWOL from Fort Huachuca for two days and they call still see him leaving.

      Douglas, Tombstone, Bissbee , Seria Vista, Tucson, Phoenix and Nugalas I have some knowledge of while only heard scary stories of Yuma.

  • Brazzos

    Wayne Allyn Root : So how much did you sell out to the Republicans money machine? Your name is on the Las Vegas sidewalk. You must like people stepping all over your name and walking over you. Anything you have to say about the Prez should be taken with a grain of salt. You see, I and others, never, ever heard of you. But Obama, everyone knows his name. Sour grapes. Sure sounds like jealousy raising it’s ugly, your mug included, head. Crawl back in the ooze you came out of.

  • tom

    There are some very willfully ignorant people here in our beautiful GOD given USA. If you ignorant people would do a little research on your own you would realize and see the truth. But you have to pretend you know and listen to whatever tickles your ear and accept these tickles as proof . Please grow up . Accept the facts and try to fight back against the evil that is trying to overcome our nation . Ex; Life has been cheapened by the acceptance of abortion . And on and on . Etc. JESUS CHRIST is the only way !

  • omanuel

    Thanks, Wayne Allyn Root, for speaking out.

    Mr. Obama himself just confirmed his total separation from reality by announcing that he will protect the United States from drought:

  • R.Marcel Comtois

    Doesn’t surprise me at all…………sad state of affairs……..I never thought I would see this in my lifetime………..Sounds like there are traitors all around us……..we must send him back to where he comes from………

    • Gea

      Obama should go back to Kenya, which has lots of problems with Islamists. Or he can go to Saudi Arabia, whose king Obama bowed to even though the Saudis were 19 our of 20 terorists of 9/11. During 10th anniversary of 9/11, nobody mentioned that the terrorists of 9/11 were Islamists and that they screamed Allahu Akbar, when they were plunging planes into WTO. Allahu Akbar is a war cry of all islamists when they murder people around the world, including American born and highly educated Muslims such as Dr. Nidal Hasan who murdered 13 of his collegues at Fort Hood for Allahu Akbar.

      Obama should be sued for abatting and helping terrorists of Muslim Brotherood , which is against US laws.

  • Mountain Saint

    Wayne Root forgot that Obama and the Chicago gang are famous for gaining access to the closed records of opponents and using this information to destroy them…. Now that Obama is president, who and what is there to stop him from obtaining Mitt’s IRS records….As a cultist, Mitt isn’t above lying about his years at Bain Capital (Democrats have him on this one) and at the Olympics (Government bailed him out of this scandal).

  • R.Marcel Comtois

    Yes, thank you to W.A.R……….I’d like to see this story published in a major newspaper or told on Fox News……..W.A.R do you have any plans to appear on Fox News?…..
    I’m passing this article to as many people as I know…….

  • http://none Floyd Hardee

    All of this will amount to nothing. Obama will not release his records. He does not have to. The damage to Romney has already been done. He does not have to continue there. The wrongful death accusations of these things have taken away votes many never to return. Now that the insiders at th GOP have persuaded romney to take Paul ARyan as his running mate Obama can coast to victory. Ryan is not popular nationally. He will not draw in the badly neded female vote. He will not put a dent in the black vote. He will not help draw more Hispanic votes. He is hot a help, he is a hindrance to the over all ticket.

    The choices should have been Rob Portman (Ohio swing state), Rubio ( Florida and hispanics), Allan West (Florida, military and black voters), Rice (black voters and women, has national recoginition). Gingrich, Santorum, Palin, Huckabee, and many others all would have been better choices.

    You may as well take your millions and go on a long vacation Mitt. Donald next time don’t send a boy to do a man’s job….do it yourself and pick a VP that will help not hinder your efforts.

  • Bob

    Well, Romney just picked Paul Ryan. A good choice. I thought Rubio would be good, but Ryan has great credentials. All the Romney haters, just wait until Obamacare starts to hit you in your pocket. I DON’T want to pay for someone else’s healthcare and have lots of family members out of work because of Obamas policies. He won’t open Keystone Pipeline and closed the east and west coast drilling, a great source for lowering oil prices, and creating thousands of jobs and the US becoming self sufficient….so he lied when he said there’s more drilling being done in the US. LIES, LIES, LIES and he gets away with it. I can keep writing about this kool aid administration until I get writers cramp

  • Doubting Thomas

    What are the Odds that You are a complete Mormon? I’m sorry, I meant Moron. Well maybe they are the same thing.

  • Scott

    WOW!!!!! I think the key point is the fact that the media is so obviously left leaning that they will “give a pass” to those on the left and really “dig” and keep perpetuating the false claims regarding those on the right! It is just way to clear to ignore, unless of course you are ignorant.

    • DaveK

      It is not a “fact” that the media is left leaning. It is an opinion; an opinion of the extreme right media and it’s faithful listeners. Nearly all of the television media is corporate owned and has corporate values (bottom line) in the forefront. The fact that there are people who work there and some try to do fair and factual news reports instead of solely biased and manipulative like some, is a point in their favor, The mainstreamed media leans to the right if anything, especially broadcast media.

      • Scott

        Really? I would like you to name the mainstream “broadcast”, right leaning member of the media that really questioned Obama’s credentials. You know he was given a pass by the media during the 2008 campaign and has not been questioned since. If you are blind you are blind and I’m sorry for you.

        • DaveK

          I didn’t say the media was tabloid yellow journalism like Murdoch’s companies that report non-news gossip and make up stuff just to sell advertising. I said they are interested in their and their sponsors’ bottom lines. Corporate bottom lines are generally supported by lower taxes and looser regulation on big business. All of the candidates are suspect, but the conservatives brag about their support for big business (they say small business, but I disagree with their definition of small).

      • Scott

        So you cannot name one mainstream media, sorry, mainstreamed, that actually “vetted” Obama as much as any Republican. The mainstream media ripped Sarah Palin apart and she was only a Vice Presidential candidate. So please, whine elsewhere unless you have examples.

        • Deerinwater

          “So you cannot name one mainstream media, sorry, mainstreamed, that actually “vetted” Obama as much as any Republican. The mainstream media ripped Sarah Palin apart and she was only a Vice Presidential candidate. So please, whine elsewhere unless you have examples.”

          Well Sir, if you drive your car on the far right side of the rode, any road left for others to drive on would be on the left if you plan to stay on the road. Fox and it’s affiliates dominate the far right side of the media spectrum leaving no room for others and no media outlet want to be seen as deliberately second place in offering news and commentary.

          MSNBC, MSN, CNN, and affiliates are owned, operated and controlled by American Corporations that depend on profits and employ and embrace Capitalism which opposes Marxist collective beliefs.

          And as far as Sara Palin goes, the poor woman was dragged into the GOP spotlight like a trophy, vetted on “curb appeal”, the current title her held as GOP Governor with rumors of being most willing to “mix it up” with anyone that crossed her. While she was not ready for national political stage or politics on just about any level one might consider. A Governor best left to address the issues associated with simpler frontier life in the land of the midnight sun, where to eat or be eaten is an everyday fact of life, where the weather alone mans greatest enemy.

        • DaveK

          Sarah ripped herself apart. Obama was treated no differently than McCain. They probably didn’t harp on fringe issues such as birth certificate, “secret” muslim, etc.

  • Steve Miller

    Good luck with this. Unfortunately I believe the average hard working American is so deeply distracted with their own survival such as gasoline prices, food prices, and the media diverting people to other issues to keep Americans off track that most people have little interest in Obama’s records. Fact is though, it is one of the most important issues for our future.
    My gut feeling is that the media is bought off to KEEP us distracted. The media to me is the key player to winning an election. People aren’t told what needs to be known. They are told what the elected officials believe we need to know.
    This country runs like a bad business. There are two sets of rules and two sets of books. One for the workers and one for management. Of course no one will see the one for management. This seems to be the norm now.
    The Obamacare plan that was inflicted onto us is just the beginning. Average Americans haven’t seen it, read it, and NO ONE fully understands it.
    Companies do this type of business every day. Like where I work, they changed our benefits over night. They hired a law firm to come in and rspe our benefits and presented it to us like it is the greatest thing since the wheel. People were actually convinced it was better and walked away smiling. Less than a year later people realize how bad they “took it in the shorts”. The same thing has happened with the Presidency.!
    Like I said, good luck with this. Until people are told the truth and stop be diverted to the wrong direction in the media, this will get us nowhere.

    • CountryBoy

      Steve, you hit the nail right on the head! What amazes me is that so many people are unable to see what Obama and his cronies are doing. It’s just so obvious! I guess if you have been a lifelong Democrat, you still think of the Democratic Party is the Democratic Party. Those who do.. need to wake up! It’s NO LONGER the Democratic Party. It has become The Progressive Party. They just won’t call it that. The so-called Democrats better wake up before they sell all of us down the river.

  • rural dweller

    Rev York
    Agree 100%
    Amazing how many others on this forum did not reply. They continue
    to be caught up in the distractions….doing exactly what the powers to
    be want them to do…be distracted while being ripped off.

  • Dave

    When it comes to elections, presidents are selected not elected. Who ever the elite want in office as their puppet is who get put into office.

    • http://incerely, truesoy


      It is evident who wants Romney o be president, and for whose beneits. And its certainly not the people.


      • gunner689AI

        What “people”; oh you mean the dependency class. The real “people” that matter are the working people who pay taxes to keep America’s wagon moving along. That takes jobs not welfare handouts.

        • truesoy

          gunner689AI,ild care

          You are a very misinformed person because you do not understand many thing.
          You really think that no working poor receives some form of ‘welafare’? if you do you know less than I thought you knew. There are many perople, specially single parents that work very hard, yet, what they make is not enough to pay for child care and put food on the table too. These people receive some form of government assistance, either in the form of child care and/or food stamps.
          Being middle class is great, but you also have to understand that middle class is not a permanent economic status for there are many people today receiving ‘assistance that were middle class yesterday. And this has been the reality throughout time. You too could one day be one of the unlucky ones, and then what? or hasn’t anyone in your family ever needed?
          You know what’s the hypocrisy of this whole thing? is that I’ve known diehard conservatives that talk like you, and then I came find out they’ve benefited from housing and food stamps while raising their children as single parent, but now that things are doing great for them, they talk like just like you. Interesting, isn’t?

    • Deerinwater

      LoL ! well clear the selection process narrows election options down to just two.

      I think of my father and his wit. Coming home from school one day, I was telling him I had learned that some communist countries would hold elections with only one selection to chose from, in which he said. “~ well ~ we only have two.”

  • http://incerely, truesoy

    Mr. Root appears to have a very vivid imagination, and that is as far as it goes.
    Obviously I believe Mr. Root to be one of average intelligence at a minimun; and for me or any other person of average intelligence to believe otherwise, that he might believe his own diatribe, would be an insult to the both of us. However, I wish I could say the same of the ‘faithful’ on this site, for I’m almost positive they take his rant as the gospel truth.
    I’ve known for many years that there is a fool born every minute, but one thing I didn’t know was that they all congregate on this site.
    This is my informed opinion and is not be taken as an as an offense, but as an eye opener, instead.


  • Mary Blomquist Gurka

    How did Obama get into Columbia? Let’s see the name on the records. Let’s see if he was listed as a foreign exchange student. Why did he spend $4 mil to seal the records? Shouldn’t the media want to know this? It cannot be just bad grades. Who would care about that?

  • ehancock

    Dream on dummies.

    Columbia university states that Obama graduated from Columbia. Harvard Law School states that Obama attended Harvard Law School (which does not allow people to enter without at least decent grades, regardless of race) and that he graduated from Harvard Law School MAGNA CUM LAUDE.

    As for Obama showing his grades. Well Mitt Romney has not shown his grades. If Romney does, Obama is likely to do so too. And George Bush did not show his grades (they were leaked by Yale, but Bush did not show them) or Clinton, or Bush41, or Reagan, or Carter, or Ford, or Nixon or LBJ or JFK. None of them did.

  • Rudy Cabebe

    All of this bull *&% is still a lot of BULL*&%….Took 3 1/2 years for all of you Repubs to come forward now……Stick by our President like Americans……………I have faith in our man Obama whom we have elected Democratically………without a recount in Votes!

  • jerry

    I think Romney should go on all tv, cable,radio stations pay what it cost and say ALL politicians in DC release 10 years of there records. ie irs bank medical everything lets find out once and for all who is honest and who is not

    • Jeff


      That may be a good idea, but the tradition of releasing multiple years of tax returns applies only to presidential candidates. When Romney was asked if he would meet his father’s standards, he adopted his “naughty” look and said “maybe.” He knows few voters who are not Donald Trump would approve of his approach to “sheltering” income.

      • Palin16

        I don’t give a hoot about anyone’s tax returns except my own. What I would like to see are Obama’s college transcripts, which he sealed as his first act as president. As Mr. Root pointed out, there are only 3 possible reasons for hiding them:
        1) Obama had excellent grades all through college. Then why not show them?
        2) Obama had only average grades. Big deal, who cares 20 years later!
        or 3) Obama was given a scholarship as a foreign exchange student. These are not given to Americans, duh!
        It was Nasty Pigosi’s job at the time to verify if Obummer was qualified. Instead, she covered up for him, meanwhile enriching herself through insider trading.

        • Deerinwater

          Palin say;” I don’t give a hoot about anyone’s tax returns except my own. ”

          I say; well you should if this person is asking for the keys to the city and to hold the most powerful position entrusted to a single person in the recorded history of the world for the period four long years.

          It’s not surprising to find yourself stuck in Lost Wages with such a low qualifier. Don’t get me wrong, Mitt a nice family man, but how quick with he dump on your family at the pleasure of his? As history tells us, he’s done this many time on the way to the top. Mitt family lives rather high on the hog, can you afford him when it seems you could even afford Obama’s?

        • Jeff

          If it were Obama’s missing tax returns, you’d be screaming that only a Communist wouldn’t release his tax returns. Your ethics are at least as situational as anyone else’s. Your MO is if Romney does it, good. If Obama does it, bad. That’s fine. Just don’t think you’re operating on an elevated moral plane.

      • Palin16

        I’m sure if there was a problem with Romney’s taxes, the IRS would be paying him a visit.
        All this tax bologna is a figment of Harry Reid’s imagination.He claims he heard it from an investor at Bain. Since when do investors have access to their CEO’s tax returns? Come to think of it, I’d love to see the tax returns from my former stockbroker. Quite certain there was some insider trading going on.

        • http://incerely, truesoy


          Romneys taxes? He’s been on the IRS radar for sometime now, and he has been audited more than once, although the outcome of the audit is unknown to anyone but the IRS and Romney.


    • DaveK

      Like -/

  • omanuel

    America is deeply troubled.

    We need to work together toward these common goals:

    1. We all want world peace.

    2. An end to racism and nationalistic warfare.

    3. An end to the threat of mutual nuclear annihilation.

    4. Cooperative efforts to protect Earth’s environment and bounty.

    5. Governments controlled by the people being governed, including.

    6. Transparency and veracity (truth) of information given to the public.

    • DaveK

      Here, here!

  • http://n/a Arlen Elliott

    To ehancock I will just remind you that same people cheat in college, especially those like Mr. Obama who has proved by his wishy washy promises that he is a pathological liar. He has told us so many lies that, even though he is smart, he can’t remember all of them.

    I went to college with a first class cheater. In our sr. year, this guy’s face turned beet red when our Contracts professor told about another cheater in an earlier engineering class. That guy made straight A’s but, after graduation, he was soon working for one of his fellow classmates that was a C student but hired into the same company and was soon put over the straight A guy who couldn’t do the work because he had never studied in school. The same thing probably happened to my own engineering lab partner who had copied someone else’s reports from his fraternity’s files. He did not do the work that I did but usually got a slightly higher grade than I did on our weekly reports (if I received an A-, he would get an A).

    • Jeff

      That’s fascinating, but what’s it got to do with the price of tea in China? Is Obama supposed to be the cheating “A” student or the “C” student who ends up employing the cheater? Also, it’s a little hard to cheat in law school as there are no multiple choice tests. They’re all essays, and you’d have to be awfully good to “copy” off someone’s paper.

    • DaveK

      Just because some people cheat, does not mean Obama did. Just because he was not able to fulfill campaign promises does not make him a liar. There is a difference. It is pretty obvious that he worked hard to get his promises done, but it’s not a dictatorship. It doesn’t seem like you would be happy if he had.

      • http://n/a Arlen Elliott

        For Dave K., why, if Obama was really born in the U.S. did he state before he began to run for the presidential election that he was a Muslim and was not an American? Why did his wife also state early on that Africa was his home continent. After his election, he changed his story and spent approx. $1 million trying to keep his long form birth certificate a secret. After much pressure to produce one, he came up with a doctored up Hawaiian certificate that had 2 glaring errors (wrong hospital and wrong name of his dad’s home country) and, since there was more than 1 font used, was obviously a paste up and therefore a phony.

        Also, why did over 400 fellow students from Columbia not know Barry (or Barak)? He must have been skipping most of his classes or at least 1 of these people would have remembered SOMETHING about him. I myself attended a larger university than Columbia and remember many of my fellow students that I sat in class with. I still remember some of their names after 56 years without hearing from them or seeing them.

        I’m sure that Mr. Romney would be glad to produce his school records if he needed to. Why is Obama holding back on his? He obviously has something to hide about his schooling also.

        To the thinking person, it would appear that he is now lying about his citizenship so that he can claim to be qualified to run for president. This is just one example that shows it isn’t just campaign promises that he has reversed himself on.

  • Betty Cole B.

    This is the craziest thing ive ever heard. Primarily due to the fact my father went to college w the president and has pictures of them together w several other class mates. Additionally, he recalls the president doing most of the work on one of their group projects when my grand mother (my fathers mother) passed. My uncles met him as well while they both attended Columbia and while my oldest uncle remembers him as being “too smart for his own good” my other uncle thought he’d be a good politician one day because he had a sound knowledge of how the system worked even in under grad. So the the common american, your argument sounds plausible, however, to a college student who has a family with fond memories of Barack Obama as being BARACK OBAMA you sound like a rambling fool. I challenge Mitt to open his records too. This will be a circus that will leave him w egg on his face. Mr Romney needs to remained focused on the task at had; winning the election. Because what you will too find, is that my family are avid Republicans who love our country. But love God even more. How will it look when we are questioned? And all who know us know us as Republicans? Are you even a member of the GOP? Im not familiar with your blog, but you sound more like a liberal acting like a member of the GOP in hopes that someone will bring this up. I pray our candidate is smarter than to listen to a Las Vegas number runner. Stick to the Craps tables where the outcome doesnt affect billions of people. Youre wrong on this one sir.

  • http://n/a Arlen Elliott

    To Jeff, I want to remind you that the shaky economic foundation that George W. inherited was a carryover from Clinton’s days. That was when the rules were changed that set the stage for the housing and investment business crises. It took a while to really take effect, so by then, George W. had taken over and many uninformed liberals tend to blame him for it instead of the Democrats led by Clinton.

    • http://incerely, truesoy


      Are you a woman?, because if you are I would have to assume you fall a little merican history, for ‘liberals’ (whether democrats or republicans) were the ones that fought for the woman’s right to vote while conservatives fought against it; and now this is how you return the favor. Amazing isn’t? because without the right to vote, conservative women would be singing a different tune today.
      This kind of makes one wonder, why are conservative women so foolish?


      • http://n/a Arlen Elliott

        In answer to Trueso, no, I am a red blooded man who hikes mountain trails, does his own auto repairs, rides quads and catches trout.

        I don’t see what women’s voting rights have to do with the U.S. economic situation. The point I made was that George W. Bush did not cause our economy to crash as the Democrats would like us to believe. The crash was caused by rules that were put in place during Bill Clinton’s second term. These new rules relaxed the financial institution requirements that, for instance, encouraged home loans to be granted to people that couldn’t pay for them.

        • Deerinwater

          “The point I made was that George W. Bush did not cause our economy to crash as the Democrats would like us to believe.”

          Well, Sir. you are liberty to believe that if you want to. While you believing nickles and dimes makes up dollars can’t be denied nether can the projected cost of TWO “unfunded war” estimated at 7 trillion US dollars which includes survivor benefits and past and future VA COST.

          I say; you chock on a Nat while seeming most willing to swallow a camel.

          I say; You need to back away from the Kool Aid, you have had enough.

          • truesoy


            I first thought that because of the name Arlen (e) it was a ‘she’ and therefore I brought up the woman’s right to vote issue. However on current isssues I doubt he doesn’t know the truth for it would be inconceivable for anyone of sound mind to believe Bush was not the cause of the economic/financial meltdown.
            Arlen problem is one of denial for to admit anything else would defeat the conservative’s concept of conservatism.
            Conservatives live in a ‘make believe bubble’ purposely oblivious to reality and will not hear or see anything they con’t want to hear or see.
            Theirs is ‘an issue’ thing, too.


        • truesoy


          My apologies for the gender ‘oops’. It was because I thought it was short for Arlene.


  • dgildea

    Thanks for this site you can keep pushing moderate voters into my corner I will take them and Obama will win in November! 4 more for 44. The Crazies will not be allowed to run the show no matter how much you Teabaggers piss and moan! Moderates will never vote for the lunatic fringe! – FYI

  • T Mountz

    Check the validity of his selective service number and card as well as looking at his social security card and how he obtained both

    • DaveK

      Did they still have selective service number in 1979 when Obama turned 18?

  • Steve

    Or you can check out “Dreams of my ‘Real’ Father on utube.

  • CPT Pamela Barnett, USA Retired

    Wayne, what are the odds that aka Obama is legally using the Connecticut social security number that was NEVER issued to him according to E-VERIFY.. BTW, did you know that presidents don’t have to prove they are citizens or go through a background check to verify their identity? We need help with some FOIA lawsuits to get to aka obama’s immigration records as Barry Soetoro and his mother’s passport and consular records to see if she was out of the country when Barry was allegedly born.

    • http://incerely, truesoy

      CPT Pamela e yBarnett, USA Ret;

      Putting aside the known and proven fact that Obama was born in the United States; I want, you to tell us why then why if:

      a) Romney’s father was born in Mexico and therefore by Mexican law and Mexico’s constitution is considered a natural born citizen of Mexico. Why then was he still qualified to be president of the United States?

      b) John Mcain was born in Panama, and although it is questionable whether he was actually born in the Canal or at a hospital in Colon, why then, was he still qualified to be president of the United States?.

      I can almost predict what your answer will be, but we (all the people on this blog, and I the most) want to hear from you.


      • Gea

        One can be an American citizen even if born abroad. Just one cannnot become a President of USA, unless one is born like McCain was. Romney himself was BORN in USA. I could not care less where Barak Hussein Obama was born (most likelyi in Kenya where his mother was a wife #2 to Barak Obama Sr.) but what he had been doing to US and Western civlization by his extolling Islam and koran and cavorting with Islamists of Muslim Brotherhood. Not to mention his Marxist ideology which he lerned both from his Marxist/Muslim father and step-father and Frank Marshall Davies, who was a member of Communist Party in Hawai and who was BO tutor from the age of 10-18. BO must leave Whitehouse in November and he will because Americans are finally waking up from slumber and seduction of this sweet-talking Marxist Muslim.

        • truesoy


          You should know that Obama was born in the U.S., and that eh was raised by his mother. His father was not in the picture since he abandoned him at age 2 and therefore coun’t have ‘indoctrinated’ communism to his child.
          Second, about Mitts father, and not about Romney the son, but about Romney’s father. He was born in Mexico and therefore was a natural born citizen of Mexico in accordance to their laws and their Constitution, yet, he ‘ran for president’ of the United States with no problem. Get it now?



      Only one parent has to be a U.S. citizen in order for the child to be a natural citizen no matter what county they were born in according to the U.S. rules governing citizenship. Now of course if someone takes citizenship with another country and gives up their U.S. citizenship and doesn’t re-apply for it then they are no longer a U.S. citizen and don’t qualify for the rights and positions entitled bonafied citizens. So it all boils down to whether or not our president took on the citizenship of another country while living there and if he re-applied for U.S. citizenship after returning to America. Have all facts at your fingertips before making any decision about anyone else. I am a conservative Republican and I still make sure to take everything into consideration before making a decision about its authenticity. I would advise everyone to do the same. Note: I will vote republican since I believe that this administration has not improved the needs of the people and I am willing to give someone else the opportunity to try. It is scary to see where our country is headed because it is no longer, “Of the people, By the people and For the people.”

      • DaveK

        “corporations are people, my friend.”

  • Don B

    You have to forgive the Demorats, most of them don’t do any research on their own they just listen to all of the garbage the liberal media feeds them and the sick ads Obummer the liar and his sick followers spew out. It wouldn’t take much research to find out the truth, just look at some of Obummer’s videos from when he first got elected and what he’s saying now. He has reversed himself about 90% of the time. The most important one, he said if he couldn’t reverse the economy in three years he didn’t deserve to be reelected. Lets oblige him.

    • Jeff

      He didn’t count on a Congressional Fifth Column led by Mitch McConnell aka Jefferson Davis.

      • Palin16

        Nice try Jeff, but the demorats controlled the Senate and House for Obummer’s first 2 years. Did he do anything then to fix the economy? No, he did not. They wasted all that time on Obummercare.

        • Deerinwater

          Hmm? Well the Affordable Health Care Act, was not a waste of time but a milestone achievement that few administrations even dare address due in part to it’s strong unpopularity from persons like yourself and big business interest that you seem most willing to attach your wagon to and play a lap pooch to the monied people hoping they might find you fair and share their good fortune. Maybe your investment of 127 thousand in stock might go up a quarter of a point as you gamble your earning and future among people the Federal government found “too big to fail” and required bailing-out of economic tight spot one month prior to the 2008 general election.

          And while 44′s administration did have a majority for two years in the house and senate, unlike GOP politicians, fitted with a ring in their nose, willing to succumb to party leadership purely for party gains, democrats like Lieberman actually do have a mind of their own and most willing to go against party interest and direction. This matter of pure unadulterated fact coupled with GOP willingness to employ Filibuster rules setting an all time recorded of it’s use in both houses has slowed 44′s administration progress these two year you seem to believe the DNC held the keys to the Candy Store.

          If you would attempt to see and understand the greater picture and how our government works and not simply regurgitate tired old “talking points” like they might by written on stone tablets brought down the mountain in the safe hands of Moses, you could actually learn something and see your time and efforts here well spent.

          Congress ~

          Senate ~

          • truesoy


            In their view it was a waste of time for Obama to spend so much time in healthcare reform rather than the economy. I guess this is another shortcoming of the republicans for apparently they can’t chew gum and walk at the same time and they expect everyone else to be the same way.


        • Jeff

          If you can remember way back to early 2009, yes, PRESIDENT OBAMA has turned the economy around. We were hemorrhaging jobs at the rate of 600,000 per month. That stopped almost immediately after PRESIDENT OBAMA put his stimulus policies into effect. Paul Krugman and others thought the stimulus was too small, and I agree, but it at least stopped the bleeding. When you look at a graph of job losses/job gains, it is quite striking.

          It is true that the Democrats had a strong majority for the first 2 years, but the Republicans in the Senate still had the ability to fillibuster most initiatives. If a minority party decides to obstruct, it can stop a lot from happening. This Republican Party has been extraordinarily, historically irresponsible in its use of the fillibuster and in its playing with the need to increase the debt ceiling, causing the downgrade of our credit rating. Even if you have 60 votes in the Senate, 4 or 5 of them will waiver on many issues, so your strong majority is not fillibuster-proof. No Congress before Obama ever encountered anywhere near this many fillibusters.

          If the Republicans take over the Senate, I hope the Democrats play hardball just like the Republicans did and not allow McConnell to pass anything.

        • truesoy


          Do you know what a ‘filibuster is? well, if you don’t maybe you should, and the you wouldn’t make such an uninformed comment.


      • George Harris

        Jeff, you stated the following: If you can remember way back to early 2009, yes, PRESIDENT OBAMA has turned the economy around. We were hemorrhaging jobs at the rate of 600,000 per month. That stopped almost immediately after PRESIDENT OBAMA put his stimulus policies into effect. Paul Krugman and others thought the stimulus was too small, and I agree, but it at least stopped the bleeding. When you look at a graph of job losses/job gains, it is quite striking.

        What is striking is that Obama and the Democrats ONLY count as unemployed those who are collecting unemployment benefits. As far as the Dems are concerned, at least as it pertains to the election, once your benefits are over you are no longer unemployed which is most certainly not the case. The unemployment rate is actually over 15%, but no one will mention that. Certainly, the National Press doesn’t say anything about it. IF the unemployment rate goes down, it is only because more people have stopped collecting benefits than those who have started collecting..

      • Palin16

        DIW (or is it DWI)
        Why do you libs keep calling obummercare “Affordable Care Act”. As usual, the dumbocrats name their acts the exact opposite of what they are, hoping to fool some of the people some of the time. Same with “Employee Free Choice Act”…free choice my rear end with some union thug watching and coercing how you vote. Obummercare is already the biggest tax hike in history. Pigosi is wrong when she said in time Americans will grow to love it. Where did she get this info, she didn’t ask me my opinion, and the majority of Americans are opposed to it. How can you love something that you have to pass in order to see what’s in it? I wonder if Obummercare will pay for her another face lift because she’s got the wrinkliest face I’ve ever seen.

        • Jeff

          I wasn’t aware that your opinion of people’s looks is so determinative of policy. I can only imagine what horrors must confront you in the mirror every morning.

  • gunner689AI

    You coould present a video showing BO in communist cell meetings but if the mainstream media ignores it so will most of the American populace. I believe there is a strong likely hood that the author’s theory is correct. Bo should change his name back to Barry Srento; then it could be more appropriately BS instead of BO.

    • Jeff

      If you have the video, put it out. Maybe Breitbart forged one before he went to Hell.

  • swampfox

    I’ve been watching Obama lie and spew out Marxist socialistic crap for 4 years now,
    any body with half a friggen brain can tell he is a lier and a radical Marxist whacko.
    VOTE the whacko OUT this Nov!
    OBAMA=the ruination of America!!!!

    • Jeff

      You use “socialist” and “Marxist” as general terms of derision. Perhaps you could enlighten us with one coherent sentence explaining what the [bleep] you are talking about. Has he nationalized the banks? Big oil? How about Apple? You do know the Marx in “marxist” isn’t Groucho, don’t you?

      • truesoy


        I often wonder what will they (the misguided souls from these site) if Obama was to apply the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890.
        Under this act the federal government moved in (nationalized?) on the Union Pacific RailRoad and broke it in 1902.
        In 1904 the Federal Government moved int on the Northern Securities co. and broke it.
        In 1911, under provisions of the Sherman Act, the United States Government nationalized Standard Oil of New Jersey and broke it into several companies before setting it free.
        All this was dome become they’ve become monopolies. This is something that is loss to the ‘new republicans’. They don’t understand that the U.S. government have always had a hand in the ‘free market’ because if it was to allow anyone company to become ‘the great white’ that would devore all others the free market would die and so too, our economy and way of life.
        And you’ve seen what has been happening since the ‘hands off’ approach was put into place, right? the financial meldown and the housing crisis that just about brought us to our knees.
        Again, what would these people say if Obama was to use it, lets say, to bring the banks and the insurance industry and the oil companies to account? They’ll will sure call him a communist, don’t you think?


  • WRawle

    “That would also explain the great mystery of how in the summer of 1981 Barry Soetoro was able to travel to Pakistan when no U.S. citizen was allowed to travel there. An American couldn’t make that trip…but no problem if you’re an Indonesian citizen using an Indonesian passport?”

    This is false. There was no travel ban to Pakistan in 1981. US Consul John Brims actually wrote a letter to the New York Times in August, 1981 encouraging Americans to visit Pakistan. just did whole piece on the”sealed records” nonsense.

    Google “ Obama’s Sealed’ Records”

    Wayne, you should try google sometime it might it help you pick NFL games.

    “First get your facts, then you can distort them at your leisure.”

    • CPT Pamela Barnett, USA Retired

      Yes Obot WRawle, you may be correct about travel to Pakistan in 1981 -BUT EXPLAIN WHY OBAMA IS USING A STOLEN SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER AND HAS A COMPUTER GENERATED FORGERY HAWAII BIRTH CERTIFICATE AT Even a caveman can see it is a forgery with kerning, multiple alleged typewrite strokes, many layers of the document. Obama has has attorneys in the federal agencies running cover for him to hide his fraud. Also expain the completely forged draft card – selective service card – not signing up for the draft makes you inelible for the executive branch of the federal government.. Also explain why Minor v. Happersett 1875 does not make Obama ineligible to be President with a foreign father.

      Barry Soeotoro Obama’s alias, has/had an immigration record – this would make him inelible as a foreigner over the age of 18 when he attended.

      Mr. Root please contact me to help with these freedom of information lawsuits for Soetoro’s and his mother’s records.

      • WRawle

        CPT Pamela Barnett, USA Retired,

        He is not using a stolen SSN issued to someone else. He was issued the SSN in 1977 and it is the same one he used to register for the draft in 1980 and the same one he has been using on his taxes as late as 2010. But since his SSN has been broadcast over the internet since 2009, it is likely flagged in the SSA system, which is why e-verify doesn’t report it. He may even have been issued a new number. It is interesting that no one can name the person he supposedly stole the SSN from, can you?

        His Selective Service record was verified in August, 2008 in an e-mail to PJMedia. And a copy of the SSR card was sent as part of a FOIA request in October, 2008. So unless the Selective Service Administration under Presient Bush faked his record or in a Mission Impossible type operation, Ethan Hunt broken into the SSA computers and inserted Obama’s info and then broken into two Federal Data Repositories and replaced both the original microfilm and the working copy microfilm with copies, his records are correct.

        As to Minor v. Happersett, judges both State and Federal, from one end of the country to the other, have said that the Minor opinion does not make President Obama, Senator Rubio, or Governor Jindal ineligible.

        As for the BC, the Department of Health (DOH) in Hawaii sent to a Federal Court in Mississippi, a certified verification that all the information on the White House pdf matches the information on the original birth certificate on file in the DOH. So according to you, someone forged a Hawaiian BC and put on it the same information that is on the original. LOL

        BTW, US Immigration Law in the 1960′s (McCarron-Walters Act of 1952) would not allow a minor child to loss his citizens even if adopted by a foreign parent. And the Supreme Court ruled in the Perkins v. Elg case that a parent can not give up a minor child’s citizenship. Plus, Indonesian law did not allow dual citizenship unless the laws of the original country of origin permitted the person to lose that citizenship. Obama could not have become an Indonesian citizen by their laws. We know that his mother never gave up her US citizenship (continously held a US passport from 1965 to the 1980s), why would she give up her sons US citizenship?

        So there is/was no immigration file for President Obama. Even if by some quirk in the law, he did became a citizen of Indonesia as a child, he would still be a natural born citizen of the United States.

        • Jeff

          Do you really think facts will dissuade these Loonies? Still, sunlight is the best disinfectant, so keep stating the facts.

        • George Harris

          I believe that it is in the Constitution that the POTUS CANNOT have dual citizenship, presumably to avoid a case of divided or conflicting loyalties. Thus, IF he had/has Indonesian citizenship, he was/is ineligible to be president.
          I haven’t looked at his ‘birth certificate’, but from what I have read about it, it says that he was born in a hospital that did NOT exist at the time of his birth with the name as it is listed on the birth certificate. The BC also states that his father was a native of Kenya, which was not a country at the time of Obama’s birth. Hawaii’s certification of what is actually on file is worthless.
          Why Obama would wait a few years to release his birth certificate also raises questions. His obvious desire not give in to demands for its release might just be another one of his ‘executive’ decisions.
          Other questions about his legitimacy have been raised due to the fact that the Democrats tried at least 8 times to pass a bill to change the laws regarding eligibility to be president, prior to the election.
          I haven’t tried to verify any of this information but everything is certainly indicative of a forgery!

        • truesoy


          I doubt that anything you said registered with CPT.


      • WRawle

        George Harris,

        This is another example of someone simply repeat internet rumors. There is not truth to the your statement, “he was born in a hospital that did NOT exist at the time of his birth with the name as it is listed on the birth certificate”. Other Hawaiian birth certificates from August, 1961 list Kapiolani Matrnity & Gynecolical Hospital” In fact, it carried that name in the 1930s.

        Kenya has been called Kenya since at least the 1920′s.

        President Obama did not wait to release his birth certificate. He released in June, 2008. And he was the first President or Presidential candidate to release his birth certificate.

        Both Democrats and Republicans have tried to change the Constitution to allow naturalized citizens be eligible to be President. Think Arnold Schwarzengger.

        Nowhere in the Constitution does it prohibit dual citizens from being President. You might try reading it sometime.

        But of all your statements this may be the most ridiculous:

        “I haven’t tried to verify any of this information but everything is certainly indicative of a forgery!”

        In the time it took for you to type your idiotic comment, you could have found out if any of your claims were real. None of your “information” is true, therefore there is no indication of forgery.

        • George Harris

          I have not examined the long form birth certificate closely. Presumably, you have seen it. Since you seem to have a thing for accuracy, I must also presume that the hospital name you noted was taken from that certificate, misspellings or typos ignored, of course.

          I did spend a little time looking up the information and Wikipedia gave me the following information about said hospital and Kenya. I don’t know that Wikipedia is an accepted authority on such information, however.

          “… The facility was originally founded by Queen Kapiʻolani as the Kapiʻolani Maternity Home in 1890 for which she held bazaars and luaus to raise $8,000 needed to start the Home. Kauikeolani Children’s Hospital opened in 1909 named for Emma Kauikeolani Napoleon Mahelona (1862–1931), the wife of Albert Spencer Wilcox (1844–1919). In 1978, it merged with Kapiʻolani Hospital to become Kapiʻolani Medical Center for Women and Children. …”

          You will note that nowhere is it called the Kapiʻolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital.

          “… The British Empire established the East Africa Protectorate in 1895, known from 1920 as the Kenya Colony. The independent Republic of Kenya was founded in December 1963. …”

          You should also note that The Republic of Kenya was called the Kenya Colony from 1920 until 1963.

          The dates of significance are BOTH after his birth!

      • truesoy


        I don’t know if you realize it, but everytime you right wingers open you mouth and spew all that nonsense you make Obama look like a genius, really, you do. How else could he had done all you said he’d done.
        He fooled immigration, he fooled the draft board, he fool the Social Security Administration, and the Passport Officee, he also fooled the State of Hawaii; but best of all, he fooled both houses of Congress. And he did it all single handed. Oem all to r maybe he is so crafty that he draft them all into his conspiracy.
        Yes indeed, either the man is a genius or you guys are Full of IT.
        So, tell me, which one is it gonna be?


        • BohdanUke1

          Our country is screwed. …that anyone can still think that the animal in our White House is human…

          • Jeff

            Are you the 3rd or 4th generation in your family to walk upright?

      • WRawle

        George Harris ,

        No, George, Wikipedia is an an authoritative source. It is a starting point at best which the reader can use to research the accuracy of its articles.

        In 1934, the “Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital” was involved in a lawsuit. The appeal of the case was heard by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The case reference is KAPIOLANI MATERNITY AND GYNECOLOGICAL HOSPITAL v. WODEHOUSE et al. 70 F.2d 793 (1934).

        Here is the open paragraph,

        “This is an appeal taken from the decision of the Supreme Court of the territory of Hawaii rendered upon an agreed case submitted to that court in pursuance of sections 2371 to 2374, inclusive, of Revised Laws of Hawaii 1925. The parties to the agreement are the Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital and Ernest H. Wodehouse and James L. P. Robinson, executors of the will of Mary E. Foster, deceased. The facts agreed upon by the parties may be briefly summarized as follows:”

        See the date in parentheses “(1934)”, see where it says “the Supreme Court of the territory of Hawaii”. So George, when does wikipedia say that Hawaii stopped being a territory and start being a state?

        Of course, you could also google “Nordyke Twins Birth certificates”. They were born the day after President Obama at the Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital.

        Here is another fact:
        Kenya’s official name was The Colony And Protectorate of Kenya. But it was often shortened to just Kenya. Much in the same way that the official name is United States of America but is often shortened to United States, US, USA, or America.

        Go to Google Books and search for the Kenya Gazette. You will be able to look up old articles going back to the 1920s. And you will find examples of Kenya being called The Colony And Protectorate of Kenya or sometimes the Colony of Kenya and even just plain Kenya.

    • truesoy


      Wayne doesn’t need facts, he makes then as he goes.
      You also have to remember the audience he is pandering to. If Wayne was to tell them that pigs could fly and they were Obama’s secret weapon to invade the North Pole and take over Santa’s workshop, they’ll believe it.
      Like I said before, there is a fool born every minute, but what I didn’t know was that they all gather here.


      • George Harris

        You speak of facts, Truesoy?

        However, no matter how sincere your comments, those comments should NOT be based upon a book, which the author himself has called fiction, or the movie based on said work of fiction. I am referring to your comments about Emperor Constantine and the Bible. I didn’t read the book or see the movie, but what I have read seems to indicate that your statements came from the book and/or movie

        History was not my best subject in school. I did not research Constantine and the Bible at a library. I don’t know that the Internet is a reliable source of factual information. That said, i could not find anything that states that Constantine had anything to do with the Bible as it is written.

        • truesoy

          What I told you about Emperor Constantine is true. It is written history.
          A reason Constantine did it was in an effort to unify his empire, and religion was one way.
          There were many bibles in those days, and the people he appointed were to decide what was ‘bible’ and what was not, and what was not deemed fit for the bible was discarded.
          If you want the long version you’ll have to go to the library or research it on line (keep in mind to be careful of some sites because some are mot genuine).


          • DaveK

            Truesoy is right, here. Check the council at Nicea or the nicean council where constantine supposedly converted to christianity and decided he must standardize the belief system by editing the various books of the bible, get rid of conflicting reports, etc. He also added christian holidays and christianized pagan holidays.

  • Doug Watson

    Lots of comments here. I am sickest about the people who are not voting because they do not like Mitt or Obama. C’mon people, you need to vote! Apathy is not the answer! A vote for Roseanne, or Ron Paul or the Libertarian party is fine, you must vote! Hell write in a vote for yourself, but vote dammit!

    • Molly M.

      VOTE, I agree. Doesn’t anyone care that the fact we are in the countries is OIL. We had people in Vietnam before JFK became President, then it escalated. We cannot change a country that is 200 years behind our culture, stoning women, etc. WE are losing our young men and women for no reason other than OIL and big business making LOTS of money off the war. VOTE out the old guard and start new. They are all out for money and we as the middle class are paying for it and the children, and grandchildren will pay for all this stupidity. Our country is digging it’s own grave, giving away all the jobs to other countries. WAKE UP PEOPLE. Stop arguing about everything and do something about it.

  • WRawle

    “But not Obama… or as he was known then, Barry Soetoro. Can you imagine…the President of the United States had a different name 30 years ago. How bizarre is that? ”

    Since it is not true, it is not bizarre. The student Directories for the years the President was at Columbia list him as “Obama, Barack Hussein”. And when he wrote an article for the Sundial in March, 1983, he used the name Barack Obama. And Columbia graduation records published by Breitbart, lists him as Barack Obama.

    • Jeff

      These right wingers are unbelievable. They are absolutely convinced Obama must somehow be illegitimate because all Presidents have to look like a Bush. First, he was foreign born, then they talk about how he’s not “natural born” because his father wasn’t a citizen, etc. I’ve gone round and round with that Nazi JeffH and no matter how logically you present the argument and what cases like Minor say and what they don’t say, they just keep up the same claptrap. With all the wingnut federal judges W appointed, they can’t get to 1st base with any of their arguments. If that doesn’t tell you what’s going on, nothing can.

      One [expletive deleted] argument after the other. Eventually, someone will discover Obama got a parking ticket while at Columbia and they’ll argue THAT’s what makes him ineligible to be President!

      • truesoy


        I see your point. There is no way to reason with people that are determined to ‘believe’ not matter what the facts are. They see reality not the way it is, but they see it t the way they wanted to be, and they seem to be good at convincing themselves of that.
        I suspect the reason for that is more than skin deep. Some mornings when they wake up I tsuspect them running and screaming around the house upon realizing that no, it was not a dream (nightmare?) they had, but that a black man was actually president of The United States.


        • Scott

          I wonder why race is always brought up by the left? I could care less what color the president is. I just don’t believe his polocies are working. Trillions spent and still over 8% unemployment, Trillions added to the debt and no relief on the economic front. This administration is watching Greece go over the cliff and pushing the pedal to the floor right behind them.

          • truesoy


            ….and so if Romney was black, would you vote for him? and if so, then why didn’t you vote for Herman Cain 999, he and Romney had similar political platform?


          • Scott

            WOW!!! You bring up race as the issue. I call you on it, and then you claim I did not vote for Herman Cain whithout any evidence???????? Unbelievable. As soon as you begin losing a rational debate you revert to slander, how typical. So, can I assume you voted for Obama because he IS black?????????? As I said, I could care less about skin color. The issues facing this country are much more important than that.

          • truesoy


            All I did was asked you a question. No neeed to get all bent out of shape.


  • http://yahoo Joseph


    • Jeff

      Have a nice trip.

      • Ken Winkles

        Don’t hang around me when He comes GET RIGHT, OR GET LEFT. I will wave at you as I go up.

  • WRawle

    “It’s time to call Obama’s bluff. Romney should call a press conference and issue a challenge in front of the Nation. He should agree to release more of his tax returns, only if Obama unseals his college records. Simple and straight-forward.”

    That is what is known in politics as suicide.

    Imagine this exchange in an upcoming.

    Gov. Romney: “I issue the following challenge. I will turn over my taxes just as soon as President Obama releases his college records.”

    Pres. Obama: “OK.”

    Alternative scenario:

    Gov. Romney: “I issue the following challenge. I will turn over my taxes just as soon as President Obama releases his college records.”

    Pres. Obama: “I tell you what. I have already released 12 years of mine and Michelle’s taxes. Why not match me? Then we can both release our college records.”

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  • http://n/a Arlen Elliott

    To George Harris, you make it sound like Obama’s stimulus program was a resounding success. It was NOT! Did you ever do the numbers and realize that each of those new jobs (some of which were temporary or part time) cost the U.S. taxpayers over a quarter of a million dollars (much more than this country benefitted by that job)?

    And in my state, a lot of those new construction jobs were paid out at time and a half or double over time working on SUNDAYS, of all days and paving roads that didn’t need paved while letting dangerous bridges and overpasses go unfixed. It was often what we call “make do” work just to say that they put a shovel in somebody’s hands. Never before, except in a dire emergency had road work been done here on Sunday. It was obviously a typical gov’t. program where they cover up a situation with more and more people (a lot more than would be used if done by a private company). What a waste!

    • George Harris

      Arlen, you misread or confused MY post with that of Jeff. The first part of my post was a repeat of what Jeff had posted. It was to that post that I was responding.

      My post was not at all complimentary of Obama and/or his policies.

  • http://N/A Hawaiian Patriot

    I am usually not political but since Obama became president, I have noticed the decline of the overall goodness of the american people. I can only comment on my personal feelings and observation(s): (1)Get rid of the Federal Reserve; congress have the authority to coin money according to the constitution (2) Repeal the entire tax code and ban the IRS (another private entity)-but who has the guts?? (3)The entire federal system need to start over by voting out those that are in office. Look at each and every congressional delegate/representative with a fine tooth comb. (4) Lastly, I don’t think America, as a whole, was ever ready for a black president. A comment that was made by a leading Republican, Mitch McConnel, to the effect that his sole mission is make sure that Obama is a one term president. What a disrespect to office of the President. What a racial slur….SHAME!!

    • Deerinwater

      Hawaiian Patriot says:

      “I am usually not political but since Obama became president, I have noticed the decline of the overall goodness of the american people.”

      I say; LOL! It kind of depends on who you wish to listen too, an angry bigoted minority and their response or not, I suppose.

      The quality of life itself is in direct relation and proportion of how each one of us responses to it. While there are many things found beyond our personal control, it is our responsibility to control our selves. It is within our power to control ourselves. Or to say, “It should be”. That some elect not to, is their failing and found “lacking” in personal character to do so.

      People’s uncivil reaction to Obama is at the end of the day, their responsibility and not yours or mine or Obama’s.

      They will find many ways to attempt to justify their attitudes and behavior in some feeble attempt to cloak their deepest racial resentments. We have listen to three years of it. While Obama is not a negro or a black man, he is dark enough to stir this resentment.

      I do believe that some whites feared that Obama might launch a new wave of Civil Rights activism, much like we witnessed during LBJ tenure back in the mid 60″s, affording the Black American even more rights and special privileges at the expense of Whites.

      This has not happen, ~ I don’t believe that it is going to happen. While Obama did intend to address the failures of America’s employer based Health Care System before he took office. Knowing full well of the difficultly factor, ever growing opposition and political capital that it would take. This reform, “The Affordable Health Care Act” was all many Whites needed to convince them they were justified with their thoughts about Obama.

      What I personally would like to see Obama do, is put any end to “Affirmative Act” , I have said this many times , but from some reason it keeps getting ignored by “Everybody”. Why? I wonder? ~ Too overt? Too racially charged?

      It is time to end this reverse racial discrimination practice that feeds this racial resentment. It is time for the Black American to stand up as an equal and be counted and what better time is then today?

      Every society has sub-cultures, sub-cultures will never go away, while the more you feed them the bigger they will get. For them too, it is a personal choice with the road out clear enough for all to see and follow but never ever is it seen as an easy road regardless of color.

      If people want to run around with their pants around their knees and holding on to their pecker to keep their pants from falling off, that too is a decision they have made. And just like the White man, at the end of the day their responsibility along with all of it’s benefits and penalties.

      I’m not sure if it’s their women that thinks it’s cool and cleaver to walk around displaying your boxer covered derrière or the men, but one think is clear, a working mans world requires two hands.

  • revnowwhilewecan

    I really wish I could get a clear explanation about Romney’s foreign campaign contributions. Isn’t this highly illegal and punishable with jail time?

    • gunner689AI

      It seemed to work well for Bill Clinton and his Communist Chinese benefactors.

      • truesoy


        Please, be advised that ‘fortune cookies’ news are not facts


  • Joy

    Hahahaha. Laughing my fricking behind off. I guess deep seated hate and animosity, will have one believe the worst. And, how is it that he would be in most of your classes and more importantly that you would even care to remember him? Shame on you. Your recollection is at best convenient.

    • truesoy


      Forgive him for he’s got a vivid imagination. As usual it is story telling at which conservatives are very good at it and feed it in ‘supersized’ portions to their faithful conservatives brethren here.
      This would be an insult of Biblical proportions to the intelligence of the average person anywhere else but here.


  • roger

    This is was a wast of my time to read .. Probably the most uneventful bowl of assumptions I have read in a great while. I could assume , probably, maybe, hopefully, that most readers see through the crybaby antics and deflective methods that promote negative views while also making a pompous ads of yourself as if you need the psudo-celebritism associated with the political yuppies groups you are known to roll with.

  • http://n/a Arlen Elliott

    My apologies George Harris for mixing up your comments with Jeff’s.

  • http://n/a Arlen Elliott

    To WRawle, do you have a magnifying glass? If so, look at the latest long form birth certificate for Mr. Obama and objectively notice that there is more than one font used in a some places. This is no doubt an indication that it is a photo copy of a “paste up”, on which additions have been typed up on a computer (or typewriter) and then carefully cut out and pasted over the original copy. A trained photographer can then, using carefully placed lighting, cover up the cut edges and make the pasted edges disappear.

    Have you not seen the videa of Obama stating that “I am not an American” and “I was born in Kenya, not Hawaii”? This was filmed after he was elected Senator but before he realized that, to run for president, you have to be a natural born citizen. After he found this out, he changed his story and claimed that he was born in Hawaii. He spent about a million dollars to keep his BC secret but finally, released his doctored up copy due to public pressure to prove his citizenship.

    Remember this, that the human mind is like a parachute. IT WORKS ONLY WHEN OPEN!

    • Jeff

      Yes, I’m certain he found out about the “natural born citizen” requirement only after he was in the Senate. He’s not George W. Bush, for God’s sake. He was the Editor of the Harvard Law Review, not the village idiot of Midland, Texas!

    • WRawle

      Arlen Elliott,

      The video you are talking about is not real. Also you can find newspaper interviews from the 1990s where he says he was born in Hawaii. And of course his 1995 book where he says he was born in Hawaii.

      You are looking at a computer image. You can not do that type of analysis on a computer image. The State of Hawaii, Department of Health has sent a certified verification to the Federal Court in Mississippi. They verifiy that all the information on the white house pdf matches the information on the original BC they have at the DOH.

      Why forge a BC and then put the same information on it?

      • http://n/a Arlen Elliott

        To WRawle, I want know what proof you have that the video in question is computer generated. Who processed it and how much was he/she paid to make a phony video?

        As for the “certification” by the Hawaii Dep’t. of Health of Obama’s BC, it is also possible that someone in that office was paid under the table to falsify the certification.

        Thanks in advance for detailed and authentic answers.

      • truesoy


        I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. Obama is a GENIUS, how else could he pull this off, such an elaborate and successful plan that brought him up to the highest office of the land. Amazing.
        I’d say lets give him another for years, and do it quickly before he changes his mind for it is not everyday that a ‘genius’ comes along.


    • WRawle


      “I want know what proof you have that the video in question is computer generated. Who processed it and how much was he/she paid to make a phony video?”

      It is a computer edited video. The original website that uploaded it to youtube is “”. Birther sites took it and edited out the disclaimers, but they usually have to leave in a mention of the original website. Google “ birther delight part i”. Politifact’s fact checking website wrote an article about it.

      “As for the “certification” by the Hawaii Dep’t. of Health of Obama’s BC, it is also possible that someone in that office was paid under the table to falsify the certification.”

      They person who you suggest took a bribe was Dr. Alvin Onaka an internationally recognized expert in Vital Statistics and the Hawaii State Registrar since the 1990s.

      “Thanks in advance for detailed and authentic answers.”

      You are welcome.

  • Alan T

    One big problem here … Romney has also never released his college transcripts.

  • http://n/a Arlen Elliott

    To Deerinwater, I want to clarify what I said.

    When I stated that Bush inherited an economy that had been earlier messed up by Democrats, that automatically infers when he first took office.

    Later, after our nation was attacked again by Muslim terrorists on 9-11, the U.S. found it necessary to take this terrorism war overseas where it had begun. Several UN nations’ leaders and notably that of Great Britain, pushed to attack Saddam Hussein and neutralize his weapons of mass destruction. Many of the top U.S. Democrats also voted for this. In effect, Bush was also following up on Clinton’s shallow threats to go after the instigators of the (1) first unsuccessful bombing of the World Trade Center, (2) the Oklahoma City bombing, (3) the killing of hundreds of US citizens at foreign embassies and US armed forces bases around the world, (4) the USS Cole attack and (5) the shoe bomber airliner attempt. Bush was NOT trying to protect his alleged middle east oil interests as he had already divested himself of those. Instead, he was trying to prevent future 9-11′s and, so far, his plan has been successful.

    Therefore, it is unfair for you to blame Bush for the trillions spent on recent middle east wars. Remember, that the economy was already set up for a “crash” before he took office and the housing market, etc. would have crashed anyway, regardless of the middle east conflicts.

    • Deerinwater

      Arlen, I can admire your conviction and determination and for the record, I’ve never disputed your claim but only the significance of it. Would you not agree that every situation is setup and carries with it the potential for failure?

      There is enough guilt and blame to go around here and it was by no mean just 43 or his administration but the checks and balances, the forces that allowed it to happen, giving in to 43′s thumb twisting and his administration ambitions.( which by the by, included Sadam’s head on a stick his inaugural day. )

      These armed engagement required financing, for whatever reasons, yet financing was never addressed by the people sent to the hill to address such matters.

      And you are correct, the desire for home-ownership is a powerful force that this nation has come to depend on. It’s the biggest single purchase most American will ever make. So it is not surprising to find the lion lay wait at the waterhole. As every American finds need of a place, as one might a drink of water.

      Clinton also unlocked Pandora box with NAFT, but we do not hear too many complaints about that here on these forum as these small time self proclaimed conservatives have hitch their wagon and mutual funds to big business that enjoys NAFTA.

      While still, ~ why blame the toolmaker for the use of the tool? Clinton never intended for such “tools” to be used in such destructive ways. in such predatory fashion. Or did he?

      If you wish to address lack of accountability in the housing finance industry on Clinton, why stop there with NAFT only a single step away?

    • truesoy


      ..and then Bush invaded/attacked another country, Iraq, that had nothing to do with 9-11 at a cost of billions of dollars and thousands of lives.
      …and then he hands power to the Shiites that are aligned with Iran, thereby making Iran a real power broker in the area. And you know,when you think about it, your man, Bush, accomplishe for Iran what they couldn’t do in 8 years of war. And that, one day will come to bite us in the ass, but then the myopic republicans will probably blame Obama, or Bush; and when this happens I could imagine your rant on that.
      …..but it was, the war in Iraq, a bonanza for the likes of Hlliburton (Cheney).
      ….and I could go on, and on., but I know it won’t even leave a dent on that anti-truth shield you so proudly wear.


      • http://n/a Arlen Elliott

        To Truesoy, remember that you are the one who needs to wake up and see reality.

        There is a true saying, “The human mind is like a parachute – it must be open to work”.

        Of course Iraq was the country that Bush attacked. There was some evidence that they still had WMD and that they might have helped (maybe even helped train) the 9-11 Muslim terrorists.

        What about those 40 plus plane loads that were suddenly flown out of Iraq just before the inspectors began looking there for WMD? Can’t you openly admit that those planes were hiding the WMD’s that remained from the thousands of chemical weapons, some of which Saadam had used on his own people?

        I agree with you that Cheney had some interest in middle east oil but, George Bush Sr. had advised George W. not to invade unless that was the only option. Great Britain and other UN nations were pushing for the UN to do something to Iraq before they used their WMD. For a long time, Saadam had ignored 16 UN resolutions and, after trying one more round of negotiations, Bush finally realized we had no choice but to attack Iraq as the best starting point to prevent future 9-11′s that might include the use of chemical weapons in the hands of terrorists this time on US soil.

        Yes, i agree that the Shiites were put in power. But they have been fighting the Sunni’s for hundreds of years over there and we had to start somewhere.

        So Truesoy, is your parachute open?

        • truesoy


          If that what you’ve just told me makes you feel, then fine. But it is no true.
          There were no weapons and competent authorities told the administration so.
          Yours is one of many versions of the events leading to war; he, Sadam, was procuring Uranium fron Nigeria.
          The letter that supposely said this was proven a fake, and the administration knew it.
          the french said that it was not true, based on their investigation, that uraniun was being taken from the mines in Nigeria but the administration response was to begin the campaign of disinformation against the french. It was put out to the press that because of the fench’s vested interest in Iraq they did not want to support the U.S.
          Now, that makes as much sense as a hole in the head for it would have been a ‘bonanza’ for the french to instead invade Iraq and take it as ‘spoils of war’.
          Secondly, the french knew best about the workings of the Nigerian mines, and do you know why? because the fench owns/operates the mines. And lets not forget Ambassador Wilson, whose investigation revealed the administration was wrong on the issue.
          But the Bush administration response was instead to out his ‘CIA’ wife, and then discredit her by downplaying her CIA credentials.
          So, tell me now, why if Sadam really had these weapons, but was so scare he had to hide them in a ‘neighboring’ country, then was he really a danger?
          See, Arlen, if we just take a deep breath and think logically, we’ll noticed that they’ve fed us a ‘fairy tale’, and I find that insulting, and you should too.
          Of course you are right about his possession of chemical weapons in the past, we gave them to him, and he not only used it gainst his own people, but agains the iranian too. But tht was ok because he was our ‘friend’
          But at the time Bush invaded there were none, and Bush knew it.
          The lied cost thousands of american lives and billions of dollars. Maybe this why some people, and perhaps also yourself, want to believe otherwise for it will somehow it justifies their death and deliver us from guilt.
          History will say otherwise and future generations will know the truth.
          Most people already know.


  • Gary M. Johnson

    Recently it has been revealed through newly released documents ( front line ) from the Nixon Presidential Library that Vice President Richard Nixon set the Bay of Pigs fiasco in motion to embarrass incoming President John F. Kennedy if he was elected. It was also revealed that Nixon’s plumbers were not former CIA operatives but were working CIA Operatives controlled and financed by the CIA. So take the Bay of Pigs Fiasco out of the Democrat column and put it squarely in the Republican Column. Take the War on Drugs and place it in the Republican Column and the Iran Contra Operation with the Death Squads and financing these illegal operations by using the CIA to import cocaine into America’s largest cities by Bushes Director of Intelligence Negriponti put that in the Republican Column too. Facts are terribly wonderful things.

  • chuckb

    gary johnson, pure must have read the daily worker. the cubans were trained by the cia, john kennedy left them to die on the bay of pigs in cuba one of johns failings. isn’t it strange, the bolshevik party seems to side with communism on all fronts, something like vietnam.

    “iran contra death squads”, are you serious, you are right on one thing, the contras were a death squad for the sandinistas, they sure did a number on them i suppose looking at it from your point of view, seeing your comrades biting the dust must be kind of disgruntling yes the cia did what they were supposed to do.

    negriponti?? director of intelligence? apparently that goes along with your knowledge, who the hell was negriponti? and if you knew the cia was importing cocaine, isn’t it funny, the congress sat by and did nothing. of course maybe you are thinking about the clinton administration, he didn’t inhale he sniffed it.

    your comment sounds like you are a student of the seventies, brush your pony tail and don’t forget to close the door when you go out to play.

    • Jeff

      Still looking for those Commies under the bed, Chuck? Look out, there’s one right behind you? He’s coming for your baseball card collection. Who guards your stuff when you’re searching for the Commies at the State Mental Hospital, Chuck? And how do you know if they’re Red or just Black?

      • Palin16

        Jeff how much does the union pay you to troll this site?

    • Daniel Williams

      chuckb: John Negroponte was the Director of Intelligence, you idiot. If you had any imtelligence you’d know that. You silly man…

      • Jeff

        It was the “Negro” part of the name that threw chuck. He thought it was one of Obama’s alleged aliases. Chuck misses a good part of each week when he goes in for shock therapy.

  • chuckb

    jeff, are you out on another weekend pass? and forgot to go back. the comment by johnson sounds like you, lacking in authenticity and still trying to blame bush.

  • swampfox

    Yah hah ha ha ha ha,obummer IS toast!
    we ARE going to sack his arse this November,wwwhhhhaaahhhhoooooo!
    ovomit could’nt even get 1000 people to pay 51 bucks to attend his latest b.s fest,while romney drew around 13,000,
    heh heh heh,obummer IS GONE!

  • Original American Tribe State


  • omanuel

    We live in very dangerous times.

    Society is now deeply troubled worldwide and gradually awakening to the fact that George Orwell’s nightmare prediction, “1984″, slipped quietly in control of world governments after 1945:

    Here’s the rest of this intriguing story:

    That’s The Bottom Line of the current global climate debate.

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

  • http://yahoo B

    All I can say is: The top one percent plan of Divide and Conquer is Working!!!!
    Republican/ Democrat All the same they answer to the same piper Oil, Power, Food, World ! If you would open your eyes you would see that the [expletive deleted] stays the same! And All of you keep fighting while you stay POOR!!!!

  • Mike Lordner

    Can we just demand Romney to release his college transcripts? He went to Stanford and graduated Bringam Young in 1981 with B.A. in English.

  • http://n/a Arlen Elliott

    To Truesoy,

    I agree that Obama is a genius, but a misguided narcissistic genius. If we have the misfortune of 4 more years worth of his bypassing congress with his numerous Executive Orders, this nation will be so Marxist-oriented that we will never recover our freedoms again. Only God can help us then.

    • truesoy


      I don’t think you are aware that Obama’s 120 some executive orders are less compaired to Bush’s 200 plus, or to Reagan’s close to 400 executive orders.
      Everything put into perspective, then would consider Bush,or Reagan to be Marxists?.
      I believe that to define a person or an idea we must have pertinent information and then know why we say the things we say, or believe the way we do. I have noticed this blog has many that believe the way they do without the facts.


      • Jeff

        It doesn’t matter. History began with Obama, so everything that’s wrong must be his fault. Bush who? There were presidents before Obama?

      • http://n/a arlen elliott

        Yes, I realize that other presidents have signed Executive Orders although not at the current rate. However, until this president started issuing them, they did not take away our basic liberties. Some of those that Mr. Obama signed this month WILL TAKE AWAY SOME OF OUR FREEDOMS when they take effect! And this is happening at a very alarming rate.

        If Reagan issued one to help kill the Air Traffic Controllers’ union in 1981, I wouldn’t call that a threat to our freedoms. I would say that was done to prevent another union from infringing on our freedoms. They used to serve a useful purpose but recently they have become too powerful and the current president’s “stimulus money” that helped give the auto unions control of their companies didn’t help at all to corral them. We don’t need to follow the European unions’ lead and give our workers 2 months of vacation time with a 32 or 36 hour work week and Europe wonders why they are in dire financial trouble.

        Thomas Jefferson and George Washington would come back to life if they knew how much damage Mr. Obama had already done to this free nation’s freedoms.

        Very sincerely, Arlen

    • swampfox

      only god (Jesus) can help us NOW!
      interssessory prayer is needed NOW like never before,
      the lord will move,but only through our fervent prayers.
      bind,loose,cry out,loose and declare (decree) gods word and jehovah soboath who is Jesus (yashua)
      will REMOVE Obama,but we his church must USE gods word and declare it.
      What these librals do NOT realize is they cannot defeat gods word nor god himself!
      I constantly loose gods word and decree it out loud over Obama,over our government,etc.

      The kingdom suffers violently,and the violent take it by force.

      Jesus SAID,it is written.

      DECLARE a thing and it WILL come to pass.

      SAY unto this mountain….

      there is the POWER of life and death IN the tongue.

      I always declare gods WORD over Obama and his agenda,
      gods WORD will not return void and will accomplish what you send it into.god WILL back up his word!
      my LORD is greater than man,Satan,librals,or anything else!

      USE the word!!!!!

      • Renée

        The bottom line is…what is the will of God? We must always remember that His will may not be our will and we need to trust Him to make that decision. So, when we pray always remember to praise and acknowledge God for WHO HE IS, Pray that HIS will is done, make your requests known, ask for forgiveness, forgive ALL others before you even take your petitions to the Lord and leave them at the foot of the cross, Pray for His guidance and deliverance and then give Him the glory for all things, and do them all in the name of Jesus. The one thing that we all need to remember is that Jesus IS the victor, He already won the War and our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. May the Lord give you wisdom and courage to fight the good fight in the name of Jesus.

        • truesoy


          …and where in the Bible did Jesus say to fight againststruggle against the authorities/rulers?


          • Renée

            For our struggle is not against FLESH AND BLOOD, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil IN the HEAVENLY realms. Ephesian 6:12
            We are not in a battle against People per sé but against evil in a spiritual battle. The enemy of God can use people when they aren’t in a relationship with God, that is a given but this is where prayer and faith in God come in.
            THEN, Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding, Read Proverbs 3
            I hope this helps. Many blessings to you and yours as you seek the truth in love.

          • truesoy


            I understand you wan to make ‘a particular point or message’ that will suit you beliefs, politically or otherwise, and that’s probably the reason you left out ‘of darkness’. Thus, had you left out “darkness” it would have been almost impossible for you to ‘spin it’s meaning’.
            Nice try, though.


          • Renée

            Truesoy, You will have to explain what you mean by your comment, I really don’t understand. I wasn’t making a political statement whatsoever. I was trying to make the point that no matter who gets elected, no matter who we are against in this world, our fight isn’t against them personally. IF a person is against God, they are league with the enemy of God. I wrote the verse exactly as it is written in Eph. This again, is not an arguement with anyone and if you want to believe the Word of God or not that is totally up to you. I’m just putting it down as I read it. Blessings to you.

          • truesoy


            No. You didn’t ‘put’ it exactly as you read it because there it says very clearly ‘of darkness’, and you skipped that. Why?


          • Renée

            Dear Truesoy, Such are simantics with different translations. The original Greek says evil for that particular verse. Darkness is the translation that was used in the King James version but the ORIGINAL text, which is in Greek, says the direct translation is evil.
            I hope this helps to show that I didn’t purposely skip that word, it just isn’t in the Greek translation. Either way, Darkness is the same as Evil so we are both still on the same page. May the Spirit of the Lord always guide you in your converstions and the decisions that you make and may you be a blessing to Him always. Have a good day Truesoy.

          • truesoy


            For reference I looked up the ‘greek’ version and it also says ‘darkness’.


          • Renée

            Yes, you are correct. There are several meaning of darkness depending on the verse you are looking at as it is used many times in many scriptures. Thank you for taking the time to look it up. Blessings Truesoy, have a wonderful day.

          • DaveK

            It just depends which version of the bible you are reading

          • truesoy


            Also we have, when reding the Bible, to understand it is an evolving doctrine. It changed quite a bit from the Old Testament to the present version of the Bible.
            At the beginning the bible (biblia) is the greek’s word for book. Eventually somebody decided to add ‘Holy’ as the “Holy Bible” came to be known today.
            Regardles of one’s religious incliniations it should be clear that the bible as a tool in the hands of ‘rulers’ (chruch and State conbined) has been a very effective way to control the people, for how would anyone could reject the one that rules by the Grace of God (God’s will)?, or if in opposition to the ruler the same argument is made, and whoever still standing at the end, will claim it is so by the Grace of God.
            Hence religion, even today, is in many ways is a one size ‘fits all’ tool.


          • George Harris

            Sorry, Truesoy, the Bible is NOT an evolving document, although many people would like it to be. Someone’s translation or mistranslation of it may certainly give one that impression. It was written nearly 2000 years ago, at least when considering the New Testament. People who don’t agree with its contents will either ignore what it says or try to interpret it to suit their own purposes.

            The bottom line is that we should be adapting our lives to the Bible, not trying to adapt the Bible to our lives!

          • truesoy


            Then I gather that you have not heard of Emperor Constantine, either?.


          • George Harris

            You mention Constantine for what purpose, Truesoy? Did he author the fifth gospel, after Matthew, Mark, Luke and John?

          • truesoy


            Why Constantine?., because what you read in the Bible is what Constantine decided was to be in the Bible. Clear on that?


          • truesoy


            …and who is that that is against God, and why?


          • Renée

            Dear Truesoy, when we look at the world situations, and there are many to be sure and at certain leaders, those living and dead, we wonder and speculate in our minds who was or is the real enemy, yet we may not be looking at the real enemy at all. Remember the scripture I quoted, Ephesians 6:12 –
            12. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness (or evil), against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.
            I’m not speaking against those people, those men or women that we can look at in the flesh, living or dead, but the forces of evil or darkness that are not of flesh and blood.
            The enemy in all of these situations is the same. It is Satan.
            We, ourselves, do not possess the power to fight against him on our own, and all of the guns and armament in the world can’t defeat him, because all those weapons of death are from Satan himself.
            And the only way we can defeat him is to stand firm and call upon the power of the Lord to fight for us. If you believe that the bible is the WORD of GOD, than you will have to believe this to be true as the Word of God is clear on this matter.

            Read John 8, Jesus points out to those that wanted to kill Him that the devil is the one that those people were following.
            Many blessings Truesoy. Thank you for asking questions. It is important to always ask.

      • DaveK

        And Jesus said: “Make thou all the money you can; matter it not who you step on or lay off to get it. Forget not to give some to your preacher so he can buy a new armani and look good on tv.” you’re praying for the wrong guy, Swampfox.

        • Jeff

          Jesus of Fox News!

      • DaveK

        Renee has it right swampfox. prayer is a wonderful thing but do you think God will listen if their is hate in your voice? Pray for help to make you a better person and leave it in God’s hands.

      • truesoy


        I don’t know much about your Jesus, but the Jesus I know of would certainly agree that making healthcare available to millions is the only right thing to do, for He would have never said ‘let them die’.


    • WRawle

      Arlen – “Yes, I realize that other presidents have signed Executive Orders although not at the current rate. ”

      That’s an interesting statement which can be easily verified.

      President Reagan – Jan, 1981 to August, 1984 – 201 EOs signed.
      President G. H. W. Bush – Jan., 1989 to August, 1992 – 146 EOs signed.
      President Clinton – Jan., 1992 to August, 1996 – 184 EOs signed.
      President G. W. Bush – Jan., 2001 to August, 2004 – 167 EOs signed.
      President Obama – Jan., 2009 to August, 2012 – 134 EOs signed.

      So the rate of EOs is actually slower for President Obama than for the 4 previous Presidents.

      • Jeff

        Arlen is one of those guys who never let a lack of knowledge stand in the way of a strong opinion. Whatever the Republicans are promising, they won’t deliver except more tax cuts for the Romneys of the world, more deregulation of the banks, lax environmental regulation, an attempt to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act and replace it with NOTHING, voucherizing Medicare, an acceleration of the pace of wealth stratification, the destruction of any semblance of a middle class, a more aggressive foreign policy, and ultimately a repeat of the W Depression.

        • truesoy


          Do you remember a few years back when this guy, I forget his name, came up with the ‘pet rock’ idea, and as stupid as this might have seen to some people, he became a millionaire?
          Can you believe it! people actually bought it. They paid good money for a rock. It even had instructions for taking care of your pet rock.
          And shortly thereafter somebody came up with idea for a cemetary or burial, something like that, for when your pet rock dies, a he made almost two million dollars, although not as much as the pet rock originator, but not too bad either.
          See, the point I’m trying to make is that there is always a ‘buyer’; and as crazy as most of what we read on this site might seem to the average person, to these people here is the honest gospe, and the only gospel. And it doesn’t matter what the lie is, for if it’s packaged right, and comes with instructions and it reinforces their beliefs, they will buy it.

          Ps.- by the way, whatever happened to ‘uncle bumbler (shavager)? he either quit or is blogging under another name,


      • WRawle

        Jeff – Romeny is now saying that Obama cut $700 billion from Medicare but he doesn’t mention that Ryan’s 2010 budget counts on the same $700 billion Medicare cut.

        Romney/Ryan”s plan is exactly what Roosevelt did in the 1930s and caused the Great Drepression to get worse.

        • Jeff

          And the nature of the “cuts” is completely different. Obama is cutting back on overpayments to providers, particularly drug companies, but his plan cuts nothing in the way of benefits to Medicare recipients (i.e. senior citizens). Ryan’s plan will cut benefits to senior citizens, and in the future, for those just a few years younger than I am, Medicare will amount to nothing. And all so people like Mitt Romney can get another tax cut.

      • truesoy


        i don’t think is ‘facts’ what Arlen wants to hear.


  • Stephanie Lynn

    I want to believe this but it is so fake…That guy was all over Russian media talking garbage about Obama and siding with Mitt Romney..He is a Corporate elite….smooth talking cash cow.

    • Jeff

      It is blatant nonsense. Obama wrote at least one article while at Columbia and his roommate has written about him. Some people will believe anything so long as it fits their neat little view of the world.

  • Michael Hagan

    Wayne I agree with your analysis. Most of those who get smart and bad mouth you, for all we know, are paid for by some liberal organization or committee. And why would the president of the United States be unwilling to disclose his college transcripts? Why would any one spend millions of dollars in legal fees to hush this up? You are right on with this. Obama has more tricks up his sleeve than a card dealer in Las Vegas.

    • DaveK

      Who said he spent millions on this? Did someone sue him to release his records? And did they spend millions on this? If so, how is this not a frivolous lawsuit? Does it say in the constitution that a pres must release his college transcripts? Are you making all this up?

      • Scott

        Where in the Constitution does state that a presidential candidate must release tax records for 10 years?

        • Jeff

          It doesn’t, but it is a recent tradition. Romney has a perfect right to disclose nothing, and voters have a perfect right to refuse to vote for someone with something to hide.

          • Scott

            You are correct. So we, the voting public, need to decide if a few years of Romney tax records are more important than the whereabouts of the President between 1979 and 1988?

          • Jeff

            Maybe you should have asked 4 years ago. Obama is President and asking what he was doing in his 20s is a little silly. He was a student most of those years except a few where he worked as a community organizer in Chicago. Can you prove your whereabouts every day during your 20s? Any illicit liaisons you’d like to tell us about?

          • Scott

            Yes, someone, anyone in the media should have asked and not given a complete pass. No vetting what so ever.

          • Jeff

            What? Fox News, et. al. went into every area of Obama’s past. Reverend Wright was on a never-ending loop. We heard all about Ayers and the Davis, Kenya, the birth certificate, and Indonesia. What more do you want to vet? How about his grade in geometry?

          • Scott

            But no answers were ever given to Fox, and the “rest” of the media never asked????? Nice try though

          • Deerinwater

            If an answer offered is not accepted does not mean one was not offered. Fox News is only interested in answers of their own creation that supports, defends any preconceived notions they attempt to promote and sell. The merits offered to content determined by how unflattering it can be presented to one political affiliation over another and little to do with actual News content.

            Fox news viewers are the least accurately informed of the American public today. Fox takes liabilities to misinform, taking grain of truth to garnish buckets of manure in much the same fashion as the “Globe” a supermarket tabloid that excels only in the art of embellishment to the point of bizarre. Little more then a “Put Down” rag designed to make people feel certain ways about the people that make our today’s news.


          • truesoy


            these folks don’t want Obama for whatever reasons and they are trying to build a case to wrap around Obama, anything from birth certificate to social security, etc, so they can feel justified for their actions separate from the ‘real issues’ they have. And they know it, but will not admit it.


          • Jeff

            So, we can play “Where’s Waldo?” from the time Obama turned 18 through when he was 27? Are you serious? You think he wasn’t really at any of the schools listed on his resume? How do you know Romney went to Stanford, BYU, and Harvard? Were you sitting next to him? Do you KNOW he was in France on his mission? How do you know he wasn’t cavorting with the enemy? Or in the CIA? That’s about how silly this whole witch hunt has become.

          • truesoy


            The more I get to know conservatives the more I realize their minds are a ‘fairy tale’. Had I’ve known that years ago I would be a millionaire today. Ps.- though I don’t know if my conscious would’ve allowed me do it.


          • Jeff

            We should have known to buy Halliburton stock the minute W was selected.

        • DaveK

          My point exactly. There is nothing in the constitution about tax or college records. I don’t see anyone suing mitt over not showing his taxes. I was questioning the millions obama supposedly spent to hide this columbia record.

          • Jeff

            The Constitution says nothing about a lot of things that are nonetheless “requirements” in the modern age. For example, you need to receive the nomination of one of the 2 major parties. You’d better profess some sort of belief in God. And you need to release some tax returns. Romney can legally refuse to do so, but it just makes him look like he’s hiding something. Clearly he is.

          • George Harris

            Everyone knows that Romney is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.
            Idiots will assume that he has something to hide. However, those with a brain will know that the democrats need something that they can latch onto, whether it be an uncrossed ‘t’ or an undotted ‘i’.

          • Jeff

            [expletive deleted]. First of all, there will be no loose details. Romney has an entire accounting firm working on his taxes. Secondly, what will be made an issue of are those things that should be issues. That is, areas where Romney has been extremely aggressive in claiming deductions (like for his horse) or where he takes advantage of exemptions available ONLY to someone like him. These are legitimate issues and should be brought up regardless of Romney’s returns.

            Romney has a history of using fraudulent tax shelters. Why should we think he has changed his ways when he won’t let “you people” see his returns.


          • beachplumbaby

            @Jeff… I think it is GREAT that you are doing the research to support your argument – most people on this blog resort to namecalling and bigotry based on party alone – but I wouldn’t rely 100% on these types of organizations you are citing, because they are clearly biased towards their political affiliations. Politifact is a right-wing propaganda machine that is run by Republicans, and of course, is biased towards Republicans. is just as bad but left-leaning. My point is, it’s good to see both sides but, at the end of the day, to do your own independent research as well.

          • Jeff

            Unfortunately, because of the way in which the right has tarred mainstream media outlets as “liberal,” there really are no outlets that everyone will agree are relatively accurate. Time, Newsweek, New York Times – all outlets that were once considered “establishment” or relatively conservative are now branded as biased against the crazy right. They will believe only their own outlets which run only idiotic smear pieces against Obama. If one thinks a piece about Romney in “Mother Jones” is biased, fine. Do your own research. But don’t expect the information to magically appear on Fox News.

          • George Harris

            Jeff, believe it or not, that is what a tax accountant is hired to do. Their job is to find every deduction that a taxpayer can legally use. If they were to take some marginal deductions, that would be up to the accountants willing to risk their contracts and/or their jobs by doing so. I know that we are all responsible for our own tax returns, no matter who fills them out. However, I would doubt that Willard or most of us, for that matter, would pore over the entire tax return before signing it. I would guess that most of us would be looking only at the amount of the refund, if nothing more, before we signed. (How many of us have signed a legal document or contract without reading what we are signing? I know that I have!)

            Of course, Wllard’s accountants can be aggressive searching for and using deductions and exemptions available to him. I am sure we would use them too, if we had his financial situation and they were available to any one of us. (The tax code should be modified and/or restructured but that is another issue.) If I had a horse and I could claim it somehow, I would do so as well. I am guessing that you wouldn’t. However, I am willing to bet that Barry would claim his horse, or since he is a Democrat, his donkey, if he hasn’t already.

            My point is that I would think that all of us have a skeleton OR two in our closets, IF we are totally honest about it. (There are not many Mother Theresas in this world.) Some of us can afford to have the closet sealed shut. Some of us cannot. Whether there comes a point in our lives where those skeletons matter, one never knows in advance. Certainly, running for public office is one of those times, to be sure.

            The Democrats want the tax returns released so they can use anything and everything that they can find there. If their request is declined, some people would be inclined to believe that he is hiding something for sure. The Democrats, of course, would make sure to portray it as such, whether right or wrong, factual or false. If he accepts, then he knows that the returns will be examined for every uncrossed ‘t’ and undotted ‘i’. (You do know that I was being facetious to make a point, I hope?)

            Every politician, Democrat, Republican or Independant, wants to sow seeds of doubt about their opponents in the minds of the voters. Debates may accomplish the same thing. Sure, a debate may bring one’s opinion on the issues to light but one misstep can be fatal to one’s campaign. Both the leaders in the polls and the underdogs know this! The underdogs have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The leaders have everything to lose and nothing to gain.

            The main point is that BOTH sides know this!

      • Michael Hagan

        The above link is from Western Journalism and the article reports that Obama’s legal fees to date in blocking access to his academic records are around 1.4million. Check it out.

      • DaveK

        thank you Michael Hagen. I still haven’t found any other reference to “millions spent” to hide any records. That site,, is obviously an organization founded to dig up dirt on liberals, then priding itself on finding it whether they did or not. look at their “about” comments.

        • Jeff

          That website makes Fox News look “fair and balanced.”

      • WRawle

        Politifact did a stroy on this andfound that the Obama campaign at that time had spent about 1.7 million on legal work. The McCain campaign spent about 1.3 million. Presidetial campigans are expensive endeavors with a number of legal filings involve everything from campaign contribyution filings and frivolous lawsuits.

    • George Harris

      I would have been inclined to believe that Snopes was the go-to source for the facts. I have not found anything specific myself, but I have read that certain things which have not portrayed Obama kindly have been removed from the accessible files. I haven’t saved anything that I have read at Snopes. I doubt that there are many, if any, of us who have.

      • truesoy


        Just google Obama’s kept promises.


  • Angela

    Time is SHORT, praying for America!
    Bless you!

    • swampfox

      if they only knew just how short !
      Stay ready,stay in gods word,hold fast,stay the course with Jesus.
      the rapture is near,
      Jesus rules!!!!
      Avoid false gospels (Rick warren) and this ‘chrislam’ garbage,
      we are In the very last days for a fact!
      work out your own salvation with fear and trembling,
      I’m looking up ready to hear that trumpet blast!
      everything is lining up according as the lord said it would to his word,
      I am praying Jesus come soon,bring in the last souls and come,het me outtah here!

      • Spikeygrrl

        @swampfox: Oh please, PLEASE tell me that your post is satire??!!

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  • Annie Mouse

    Hey. I am running for a term in public office soon. A longstanding tradition of part of running for office (starting with my father) is to show my last 5-10 years of Tax returns. I don’t want to show them, because it would reflect badly on me. My opponent accuses me, and asks for me to show my records, so I will obviously have to ask my opponent to show the public naked pictures of himself. I mean, if he really doesn’t have anything to be ashamed of, he would obviously show everyone naked pictures of himself.

    Do you see what I am doing here?

    One of these things is normal.

    One of these things is not.

    Stop asking for nude photos, dude. You are sick.

    P.S. A logical thing to do, would be to ask my opponent to show “HIS” last 10 years of Tax returns. Unfortunately Obama eagerly showed his last 12 years of tax returns already.

    • truesoy


      Wayne is not stupid, he knows. He just counts on other people to be stupid, a there is plenty of them here. He knows his game.


    • Deerinwater

      Any kine to Mini?

      Expose and disclosure can, ~ and will carry implications for Mitt . Like a nice sweater with a dangling thread, don’t pull it or your sweater will slowly come apart. Mitt has chosen to not take that chance, fearing where it will lead.

      I can’t say that I blame him , but he is asking for my vote with claims of being a magician with business matters and accumulating wealth for himself and accomplices engaging in Capitalist commerce.

      The problem that I have is, ~ I know in my soul there is no such things as “magic”, magic is the “slight of hand” and fabrication of illusions by magician and should be offered inside the context of entertainment or used in the commission of crimes to defraud where by making the magician a criminal where it be a moral crime or civil crime.

      I was not aware that Obama has released 12 years of IRS filing, but that does not surprise me. Obama was wearing shoes with holes worn though the soles when he was elected into his Senate position. So he has not had the time Mitt has had to loot and plunder and acquire a history to hide.

  • Spikeygrrl

    But we already know at least SOME of what is hidden in those college records: that Obama funded his education by falsely identifying himself as a foreign student so that he would be (feloniously) “eligible” for grants not available to Americans!

    The birth certificate is a whole ‘nother can of worms — Frank Davis, anyone? — but the felony fraud for education grants ALONE is enough to justify impeachment proceedings.

    But, alas, impeachment and conviction is too little, too late to undo the damage of “President” Barry Soetoro’s first term. It may NEED to become an option, however, if we lose in November!

    ROMNEY/RYAN 2012! ! !

  • matt

    This is the kind of wild speculation and assumptions that gets the heads of the naive and ignorant voters. The ones who fail to make their own decision and do their own research to make a decision. How many of these supposed columbia alumni that have never heard of obama are republicans and wealthy who his policies threaten.I will bet a majority if not all.

  • jude

    sheesh, can’t anyone spell hypocrite? lol. got spell check y’all? you need it. there is an E at the end of hypocrite, k? wouldn’t have mentioned it but apparently its catching so thought I should lol

    • George Harris

      Thank you, Jude. I did not know that was how ‘hypocrite’ was spelled. I guess I have never had to write that word in my life. However, I think you ought to give these people some slack. Misspellings bother me too but I don’t hold it against anyone. I make allowances.

    • Jeff

      Even allowing for the normal typos one can expect in this type of communication, there seem to be a lot of spelling errors in these posts. Nothing can diminish an otherwise cogent argument more quickly than bad spelling or grammar. I know when I use my laptop, a lot of letters get skipped, so I take a quick look to make sure my post at least resembles what I’m thinking.

  • Russell Coleman

    Obama is the only president in the history of this nation to have a negative job creation number. Obama has spent more money as president than all the other previous presidents COMBINED! Yet we are still in the worst economic crises in history. He is also the 1st president to have absolutely positively no plan or vision for energy production in this country. Obama has broken ALL of his campaign promises. #1 The debates on what to do with healthcare will be televised for all the world to see #2 We will be the most transparent admin. in history. They have hidden behind exec.privilege more than any other admin. that has come before them including Nixon. #3 Any bill I receive will be posted on the web for 5 days for ALL American’s to view it before it is signed into law. #4 All spending measures will be posted on the web for 48hrs. so the American people can see where all the pork belly’s are being sent and have the opportunity to speak out in opposition to these measures. That was just a complete lie hell they cant even get a budget passed. #5 Create a tax credit for low income families who start a retirement fund. #6 End no-bid contracts to make sure Gov.contracts are bid on to guarantee the american tax payers get the best deal for THERE money. #7 Obama as president would create 5 million new clean energy jobs. Solyndra and my opening sentence is all that needs to be said here. #8. Obama also said as president by the end of my 1st term I will bring down the cost of healthcare premiums by $2500 for the average american family. Healthcare premiums have doubled for every demographic in america and more people are without coverage than at any other time in modern history. #9 Obama said as president he would lift 2 million people out of poverty by jolting the economy back to life with his economic plans. More people have slipped below the poverty line under Obama’s presidency than at any other time in history. 37% of this nation is on food stamps . I don’t know about you but none of what I have seen from this man spells success our we need more of what he is prescribing to create a successful america. What i have listed here is just a small percentage of the bill of goods promised to us in 08 that he has failed to deliver. Look it up for yourselves the truth is out there.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest KELTICX

    I think the scandal at Columbia is that Obama or Soetoro did not attend for all courses.
    It is conceivable that he stayed with his mother in Pakistan and attended university there. I have been told that buying degree qualifications and high grades there is quite common.
    He could then have had transcripts and high marks transferred to and accepted by Columbia.
    This in turn would pave his acceptance into Harvard.
    Speaking as a non US outside observer I think it has been decided that exposing the fraud of Obama as an ineligible President would cause just too much damage and derision to the US international reputation. Not to mention internal disruption..
    There must be a committee of “wise elders” who make these decisions. They have also likely determined and possibly contrived that Obama will not be elected for a second term. (Although this would not stop me from voting against him come election time).
    His unconstitutional legislation will then be quietly corrected. (Not sure about the implications of military orders). His ineligibility will then be made known about 15 years down the road when no one really cares anymore.

    • Jeff

      I think I follow your reasoning, but I still can’t figure our how he went back in time and gave that rifle to Oswald.

      • truesoy


        Come on! Jeff, you should know by now, and that even the most meekly a conservative knows it too, that Obama is paying $ millions to keep his ‘time machine’ a secret.
        I tell you, that Obama guy is something else!!!; good thing KELTICX has him all figured out.
        Smart guy that kelticx, I tell you!.


  • Dee Mann

    When the Revolutionary War occurred, ALL peoples fought side by side to achieve a common goal. NOW it has come to that once again. WE as a People HAVE to STOP drinking the Water, turn off ALL Media/Mediums which are ALL CONTROLLED for the purpose of mis information and confusion in order to regain our composure in an effort to RE UNITE ! WE MUST see through all the propaganda and LIES ! PLEASE collectively REFUSE to VOTE Republican OR Democrat and VOTE IN the ONLY true American Patriot left, RON2012PAUL ! WE MUST start by picketing the Governors to create a Congressional Committee in order to stop our current corrupt tyrannical Oligarchy ! WE MUST get along for the common GOOD of ALL peoples to achieve this. IF they, the Governors do not agree, they MUST GO ! THEY work for US(A) and MUST be replaced to establish this Constitutional RIGHT created to end tyranny like we are experiencing BEFORE it is Too Late ! Have you ever met a Congressman and their family ? Ever read about one in the paper ? They have their very own Personal Reality that is NOT the same as Ours, it is a Fantasy and where self serving and corruption are a DAILY practice ! WE must end this by replacing ALL current politicians with normal everyday Folks that live in the REAL World who understand WE THE PEOPLE. This Man/Woman MUST have “Unwavering Consistency, Unparalleled Foresight”, that Man is Doctor, Captain Ronald Ernest Paul, the CHAMPION of OUR Constitution ! NOTHING has worked for this country in a LONG TIME ! What do we have to LOSE ? EVERYTHING ! They are in the process of transforming Our Republic into a Socialist Machine and are SUCCEEDING ! WE HAVE TO GET ALONG , this time in order to END this INSANITY ! RON PAUL is packing Stadiums daily but there is NO MEDIA COVERAGE, WHY ? Because they are scared of OUR RIGHTS to end their Treasonous nature ! WE MUST put Our differences aside for ONE Election or WE are DOOMED ! PLEASE get ALL Governors to call for a “COMMITTEE” , as Our ForeFathers intended, and END THIS SOCIALIST TAKE OVER ! Don’t do it for ME, US or because it is the “RIGHT THING” … DO IT FOR OUR CHILDREN ! GOD Bless Our way of LIFE. GOD Bless FREEDOM. GOD Bless EVERYONE and GOD Bless the Best place on EARTH …. AMERICA !

    • George Harris

      While I agree wholeheartedly that Ron Paul could be a good president, the reality is that electing a third candidate, despite being the lesser of two evils, is an extremely hard thing to accomplish. Unless the majority of voters commit and then choose Ron Paul in EVERY state, a vote for him would just take votes away from one of the primary candidates. It happened here in Massachusetts with the last governor’s election. I cannot think of any way around this problem, unfortunately. Someone even suggested nobody voting at all. It would certainly send a strong message if it was at all possible to achieve.

      Unfortunately, there are diehard lemmings, or sheeple with affiliations to both parties, who would vote for their party’s nominee blindly, with no consideration at all to the issues.

      What we need to do is take control of the Senate, as long as Romney does not win. A singular party majority would not be any better than Romney and a split Congress as we have now. At the very least, then Obama would really be the lamest of lame duck presidents. His executive orders would have LITTLE chance of survival.

      • Deerinwater

        I say to you George, vote your conviction. You tell us , how else will you desires be counted?

    • Lisa A King

      Unfortunately, a vote for Ron Paul would be a vote for Obama as well. For every person who votes for Ron Paul (I’m sure there will be many) will not be enough to get him in office. But it would take away a vote for Romney, which will in turn, help Obama. Please, please re-think your stance. I appreciate your right to vote for Ron Paul but you’d only be helping Obama.

      • DaveK

        Is Ron Paul running?

        • Jeff

          Always, but is he still publishing?

      • truesoy


        Make an informed decision regarless which way you vote. Google ‘Obama’s kept promises’. It takes you to a nonpartisan fact.check; there it will tell you what he did, and what he didn’t do. At least this way you could honestly understand why you oppose Obama, instead of just going along the ‘parrot’ path. Maybe you would realized that many of the reasons you have been led to believe are not ‘real’.


        • Gea

          In 2000 Nader supporters also said that they should vote their consciousness and as a result, Bush managed to squeeze through with then help from his brother Jeb and Florida Secretary of State. BO MUST be defeated both for his Marxist policies and hie extolling Islam and koran,. which are incompatible with US Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

          Barak Hussein Obama cavorting with ISlamists of Muslim Brotherhood and Taliban and his helping CAIR and OIC white wash Islam as a “peaceful religion”, which is a total life as anybody who read Koran and history of Islam knows, is making BO the main danger to US and the Western civlization. BO must leave White House in November and voring Ron Paul would siphon votes from Romney/Ryan and thus continue disaster of BO. BTW, I voted for BO in 2008, but had since observed what a disaster he was for US. Never again!

          • truesoy


            I’m somewhat at a loss. What do you mean by ‘Obama’s Marxists policies? and, ‘extolling the Islam and Koran, which is incomparable with the US Constitution? what do you mean?
            Please explain. Thank You.


  • omanuel

    Three events robbed us of our basic Divine rights** as humans:

    _ a.) To live happy, joyous and free
    _ b.) To know God, Reality, Truth by
    _ c.) Contemplation, experimentation, meditation, observation

    1. Destruction of Hiroshima/Nagasaki on 6/9 Aug 1945
    _ -Generated fear of energy (E) in cores of atoms/stars
    _ -Unrealistic models of atomic and stellar energy (E)
    _ -Decision to eliminate/Unite Nations on 24 Oct 1945

    2. Murder of President John F. Kennedy on 22 Nov 1963
    _ -Ended United States efforts to reclaim independence

    3. Henry Kissinger’s secret visit to China on 9-11 Jul 1971
    _ -Reaffirmed a 1945 accord to promote Uniting Nations
    _ -False
    models of energy (E) in cores of atoms/stars
    _ -Orwellian government predicted in 1948 for 1984

    **The birthright of all on this beautiful, water-covered planet !

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. manuel
    former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

  • Robert Spires

    Mr. Romney should answer all requests with a continuous question; Why? Why? Why?

    • Jeff

      Given the mendacity of his responses so far, I agree.


    I only read the first para and decided your all on the wrong track and wasting good time attacking Obama the way your trying to. IMO the reality is when you attack Obama your attacking all the Democrates and their supporters and Voters PERSONALLY and INSULTING them all as they all have failings and skeletons in their cupboards and you wont convince many of them to try Romney. Your acting like sore losers when you should be attacking the Democrates and their policies. No point all of us agreeing with you Wayne as your already speaking to all the converted and you gain nothing, just wasting good debating time imo. You should be teaching the converted to use good and reasoned arguments in their localities to try converting the non believers to change their voting habits.

    Attack the party policies of waste and deficits, but dont pick on Obama the underdog because of his mixed race as it shows through and many of your citizens are of mixed race and an underdog. We white people are now in the minority and there are now more chinese who speak english than white caucasians, the world is changing and it is most of our politicians in both USA & Australia who are the dimwhits who have screwed us all around and got us into the predicament we are in now. Cant blame Obama because Romney does not have the will, determination or power to change much if he were to win anyway. Yours and our governments are run by the same people in the government services, the administrators, and those who handle the money . Most of these people remain and they dont all change their views much at all.

    The government machines continue despite changes at the top and if Romney were to cut programs to stop waste or reduce deficits…they will sabotage any way they can. I know some of you will tell me to mind my own business but I AM, What you do in USA affects us in Australia one way or the other. We are like your little brother is the best way I can describe our relationship and its my responsibility to tell you how I perceive the debate is winning or losing, even if you dont like it. And by the way.Dee Mann..Australia is the best place on earth…lol. even if we have to put up with the dimwit politicians who claim to be representing our best interests. Australia is doing pretty well in spite of the cretins who claim to know whats going on and we are very lucky indeed and if any of your dissapointed guys want to come over and have a look around, I urge you to do so. Lots of opportunities especially in our wild Western Australian mining areas or in Queensland. We need a few more small business operators and we also need some more farmers to take over from our retiring farmers. We have lots of good watered farms still available which the Asians have not yet purchased. The Asians are the smarter ones…they are looking further into the future and certainly know where good value is….but we caucasians are the stupid ones who allow our politicians to lead us up the garden path. So use the internet to look outside the USA for the opportunities which are boundless for the couageous and adventurous as your forefathers were when they left Europe to go to the USA. All for now…

    • truesoy

      Really, you want Wayne to teach the ‘converted’ to use good an reasoned argument? But isn’t that the reason they are ‘converted’, because they lack reason and logic?.


  • Daniel

    Makes you wonder how such a lousy and drug addled student managed to reach the top at the Harvard Law Review?

    • truesoy

      You mean Bush, right? although he didn’t have anything to do with the Harvard Law Review, he was well known for his fondness of drugs and alcohol.


    • Jeff

      I’m still wondering how a website can survive permitting such unadulterated nonsense to be passed off as a “serious” article. The subject matter is about as realistic as the author’s masturbatory fantasies involving himself and supermodels.

  • http://n/a Arlen Elliott

    To Truesoy, is your mind (parachute) open yet?

    Gillysrooms in Australia makes some good points. He believes that thinking Americans should attack waste and deficits. I agree wholeheartedly. Because of my working with and for the US. gov’t. for over 50 years, I have witnessed too much waste and the corruption that causes the waste.

    For example, I worked for the gov’t. one summer between college years. I never read so many books, played so many chess games and caught so many trout (all on gov’t. time) as I did that summer. And I was one of the hardest workers on the crew.

    My Dad, on the other hand, worked for the Dept. of Agriculture for 34 years until he retired. He always fought the idea of big gov’t. He was office manager for many years and his was possibly the most efficient office the US gov’t. ever had. To compensate for any inefficiency, he would go into work an hour or so early every day to set the example for his crew and fire them up for that day’s assignments. He was later promoted to Assistant Chief Conservationist for the 7 state Rocky Mountain Regional office of the Soil Conservation Service but he never stopped donating extra time every day.

    After graduating from engineering school, I worked for the US airlines for 49 years. One of the FAA aircraft inspectors that I had to work with complained once that he had to spend up to 90 minutes a day filling out a time management card for his manager. This was no doubt an effort to help dispel claims that his office was overstaffed. I knew that it was, and the fact that it took 90 minutes to make up enough projects to fill the day proved to me that he was overstaffed. That is one reason that I have said many times that “the word ‘gov’t.’ is synonymous with inefficiency”. The gov’t. way is simply to cover up a problem with more people, then hire more to keep track of those people – a viscious cycle.

    Another FAA inspector that I personally knew, quit his job in disgust when he found out that some of his associates were cheating the gov’t., and us taxpayers, by falsely claiming 4 hours of paid overtime each day.

    Over the years at the airlines, which tend to be understaffed, I had to work 60 to 80 hours a week for long periods in order to meet deadlines and keep my airline on time. During one 6 month period, I worked through every holiday and peaked out at 100 hours one week to meet the FAA deadline to install Cockpit Voice Recorders on all 4 of our turbine powered fleets. These excess hours all represented donated time because my airline didn’t pay overtime or comp time at that point. Some of you union hawks will say that this was dumb and that the company should not have taken advantage of its engineers like that. However, I say that this is just one example of the dedicated effort that I believe made America great in the first place. That airline, for the record, became the world’s most efficient airline with the highest percentage of “retained preference” by its business travelers. It was also recently voted as the best US airline to work for, for 3 years running.

    It has been said by a wise man that history has shown that the average democracy lasts only about 200 years. When half the citizens realize that the other half will support them, then the second half eventually will give up and let the economy, and the country, collapse. Is that what you want?

    Please, Truesoy, open up your parachute and realize that the US is getting dangerously close to the “point of no return” with our bigger and bigger gov’t.

    • DaveK

      You make some good points, Arlen. What other democracies are you referring to that last 200 yrs.? I mean some Greek city states, some Native Americans…I really can’t think of any. Here’s my take on big government. Yes, we liberals want to help take care of the sick, poor, etc., so democrats tend to support lifeline agencies. Repubs say they want to reduce these, but really don’t because all the money that gets spent by the government seems to go to the big corporations–big health, big pharma, big ag, big supermarkets, etc. This does not even consider the big money spent on the military contractors and suppliers. etc. Instead of paying a premium to it’s workers or it’s contractors government can certainly reduce spending.
      One thing about government jobs with their good benefit and salaries, is that it raises the wages and benefits for all workers. Many states with new conservative governors have stripped their budgets, privatized schools, prisons, laid off workers lowered wages and benefits. Then brag about increasing private sector jobs. Yes, look at Texas and the average wage.

      I’m ok with lowering government wages/benefits–across the board–legislators on down during hard times. Raising them back in times of plenty.

      • truesoy


        ….and to top it all, their newly minsted VP candidate, Paul Ryan, a name synomyn woth ‘fiscal conservatism and cut government waste’, now it has been disclosed that;
        1) even though he voted against the ‘stimulus plan’, he asked the Obama administration for stimulus money for his State.
        2) he wants to cut or do away with SS and Medicare to save money, but increases defense spending over those levels, and
        3) his familiy busines has millions in defense contracts.
        Now, what part of small government is this man talking about? is that the one that will be small enough to bankrupt SS and Medicare, but big enough to line his pockets with taxpayers money?
        I’m really curious how the diehard conservatives will reconcile this with their principals, if they had any.


    • truesoy


      One thing you must understand that there is no one particular reason for a democracy or any other system to crumble, it is simply the way things are. Arlen, everything is cyclical.
      Second I’ll not deny that there is waste at all levels of government as it is the case with any big organization, be it private or not. The difference probably lies in that a private entity can fix the problem easier once it is determined there is one.
      However, we can’t pretend that all government is dysfunctional and no one cares.
      I’m surprised though, for your apparent belief in collectivism..


  • http://n/a Arlen Elliott

    Truesoy, I think you know what Gea is talking about re Marxism (gun control, total gov’t. control with the entire citizenry relying on the gov’t.), in other words, what BO has begun pushing for. Fortunately, his Executive Order to prevent ammunition manufacturers from recycling brass for the shells fell flat. Our Generals made him realize that we couldn’t keep up with ammo needs in the middle east war effort if his EO held. As so often has happened, he forgot to put his mind in gear, check his facts first and then speak with some common sense.

    Gea also probably meant to say the Islam and the Koran are inconsistent with our constitution and they are. If you don’t think so, read the book “The Quran Unveiled” by Dr. Dave Miller of Apologetics Press. It outlines the conflicts between the Quran and the Bible as well as the US constitution (which was based on the Bible originally). It tells why so many Muslims are becoming militant.

    Sincerely, Arlen

    • truesoy


      As much as you try to spin it, it won’t work. Our form of government was not established as a ‘christian’ government, which is where you are trying to go when you state ,created on Bible principals.
      And no; the Constitution was written not on Bbible principals, otherwise a black man/woman wouldn’t be considered 2/5 human. Although the Bible condone slavery and has instructions on how slaves should be treated.
      Second, the Koran would be inconsistant as a political system with our form of government just like any form of religion would be, because ours is secular. Other than that, people are free to worship in whatever manner the want.
      The Executive order you are referring to was signed in 1998 and Obama was not president at the time. One, it was na environmental concern. Second it has nothing to do with leaving the military short. because what was the concern of the Defense Logistic agency was the transfer of military property for civilian use and this was in 2008- beginning of ’09. However, it would be interesting to know who ‘ourunnamed generals’ were that told Obama that we couldn’t keep up with our ammo need in the middle of the war.
      Arlen, I have not only explained to you those ‘executive orders’; but I also want to ask you to think logically what if we couldn’t fight those wars without recycle ammo, which by the way are unreiable sometimes, how in the world would we be able to fight against a major power, and/or a half ass power?.
      I knowthat you don’t like Obama, but please, do it for the right reason and based on facts and not from make believe stories that only insult your intelligence, and mine.


      • http://n/a Arlen Elliott

        For Truesoy,

        Yes, our country was established as a Christian nation. The great majority of our Founding Fathers were Bible believing men and several of them were ministers.

        The Exec. Order I referred to was issued in 2010 and fortunately, our top military leaders convinced Obama to retract or cancel it so they wouldn’t have a shortage of ammo for the middle east wars.

        I might respect Obama more if he would get his facts together in advance of acting. For instance he gave 30 billion dollars to the GM unions and now they have a controlling interest. Obama says that he personally saved the US auto industry. Well, it might appear that way until you get the rest of the story. GM is claiming record profits this year but they are hollow profits. Their new creative accounting system is counting all the cars and trucks shipped to dealers as SOLD. They are NOT SOLD at that point, until a customer actually picks them up. Therefore Obama’s union buddies are staying busy cranking out the usual number of vehicles even though demand is down somewhat. These excess vehicles are piling up in the dealers lots around the world but GM will no doubt have to almost give them away to clear the lots down the road, creating big losses that might wipe out any so called profits they are making now.

        And Obama’s billions in stimulus money to bail out the auto, banking, investment and health care institutions, etc. have already added up to trillions. Did he figure out how this country is ever going to be able to pay all this back? No. With half of our citizens already dipping into the national treasury just to get by, I sure can’t pay anybody else’s share, can you?

        Conscientiously, Arlen

        • truesoy


          Look, I’m not here to covince you, nor I pretend to for not even you could convince yourself water is wet if you had already made up your mind otherwise. But I’ll tell you that most of our founding fathers were Masons, and Jefferson in particular was no a christian and hand some unsavory things to say about christians.
          I’ll also refer you to Treaty of Tripoli. It was ratified by the Fith Congress of the United States and signed by Presiden Adams in 1797, just a few years after our independence and it says there, clearly as daylight, that the Government of the United States was not founded on Christian Religion.
          As for our military depending of ‘recycle’ ammo is another crazy idea for the ‘gullible consumption. Can you imagine if that was the case?. Please give yourself more credit.
          And about Gm, itbecame the number 1 seller, according to Forbes magazine. But obviously you have other sources that I could only imagine, right?.
          However, while at it, in regards to stimulus and bail outs, did you know that Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan supported every stimulus Bush asked for? and did you know he also had very nice things to say about it? and he also requested money from Obama’s stimulus plan?
          I tell you this so you will be better informed about your choices, not because I think it’ll make any difference, for your issues are more complicated than that.
          As I see it the problem with conservatives is that they believe in things they don’t understand and don’t know why.
          I could probably suggest you google ‘Obama’s kept promises’. This is a non-partisan fact-check that while it’ll show his accomplishment, it will also show his failures. Put it on a balance and choose which one is for you.
          But at least you would make an infromed decision.


        • Jeff

          Show me where the word “Christian” appears in the Constitution.

          • truesoy


            …or for that matter, where in the Constitution does the word God appears?
            If Arlene was to read the Constitution at least once instead of repeating what other misinformed people say, he would know better.


        • Scott

          The “restructuring” of the auto industry included closing dealers all over the country. Laid off office staff, sales, mechanics, managers, etc…. So “saving” the auto industry led to an increase in unemployment and government picking winners and losers. What a fair way to figure this out????????????????

          • Jeff

            Would it have been better if they all closed?

          • Scott

            I’m not sure of the question??? Ford is in fine shape and took no “bailout” money. Could the private sector have stepped in and “cleaned” up the mess GM and Chrysler created for themselves? Very likely. These companies are very similar to the government, got too big, wasted way too much money and yes, should have closed. They would not have stayed shut down. The private sector would have stepped in and trimmed the fat, put things back on track and we would not be stuck with the bill!!!!!!

          • Jeff

            “Could the private sector have stepped in and “cleaned” up the mess GM and Chrysler created for themselves? Very likely.”

            Scott, this is what is called “counter-history.” Novels are written about what the world might be like if the Nazis won WWII or if the votes had been counted in Florida in 2000. But in the world of reality, there was no private money to save the auto industry. If GM and Chrysler had gone down, the collateral damage to suppliers would have been so great that even Ford might not have survived.

            Where was Bain Capital when it was needed? Probably sticking its money from its latest victims in accounts in the Cayman Islands. It was not willing or able to invest the money needed to rescue the auto companies. You can say “very likely” all day, but the Allies still won WWII.