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Obama’s America

December 20, 2012 by  

Hello, I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. First, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas during these tough and troubled times. Enjoy your family, enjoy the holiday, enjoy the food and thank God we’ve all been blessed to be born in the greatest country in the history of the world.

Unfortunately, a majority of Americans have forgotten what made us great — or they are taking those blessings for granted. Even at Christmastime (perhaps because it’s Christmastime, because it’s a time for prayer and reflection), I think it’s important to remind you what America could become: the collision course toward disaster we are on. That path is so clear, there is no longer a debate. The proof is in. The proof is Detroit.

Detroit is dysfunctional, insolvent and teetering on the verge of bankruptcy. What a surprise.

There are three valuable lessons to be found in Detroit’s decline:

Lesson No. 1: Barack Obama claimed he saved Detroit and the auto industry. He was re-elected based on this claim. Obama was lying; he didn’t “save” anything. He just dumped billions of our taxpayer dollars down a rat hole to buy Democratic votes. Detroit was never going to be saved. Like an out-of-control drug addict, Detroit is a self-destructive spending addict headed for a tragic ending. Obama only postponed the inevitable and bought votes by using your children’s and grandchildren’s money. They’ll be paying the interest on this debt 50 years from now, and they won’t even get a car in the bargain.

Lesson No. 2: Mitt Romney was criticized harshly for saying Obama bought the election with bribes. Did you see the Democratic councilwomen from Detroit saying that the voters of Detroit voted overwhelmingly for Obama, so now he owes them? It sounds like Romney hit the nail on the head. Obama’s voters did indeed vote for the candidate they thought would provide them with the most freebies (bailouts, free contraception, entitlements) and handouts. Here is the irony: This is the exact same mentality that led to the death of Detroit.

Lesson No. 3: Detroit’s demise is America’s future under Obama. Look at the facts. Detroit is a one-party town. For decades, it has been run 100 percent lock, stock and barrel by liberal progressive Democrats — politicians who ruled with the exact same agenda and policies as Obama. There is no opposition party; there are no checks and balances. Republicans sightings in Detroit are just a rumor from the past — kind of like extinct dinosaurs. So Detroit is the perfect test case for proving what happens when you allow Democrats like Obama to run things their way. For decades, Detroit has followed Obama’s policies of big government always knows best, and massive taxing and spending.

Look at the results. Detroit has $2.5 billion in debt, similar on a local level to Obama’s $16 trillion in Federal government debt. (With unfunded liabilities, it’s actually more than $100 trillion). Due to too many government employees who are paid way too much and allowed to retire way too young with obscene pensions and unaffordable healthcare paid for life, Detroit has $11 billion in government employee retirement obligations — $11 billion in one abandoned city.

Obama’s America, for exactly the same reasons, has several trillions of dollars in unfunded liabilities for government employees. None of these absurd pensions can ever be paid. Detroit has to go bankrupt, and its union contracts will have to be voided in bankruptcy court. There is no way to ever pay them. America has to start thinking about how to do the exact same thing on the Federal level. I used to say, “We are Greece, except 1,000 times bigger.” But now just think of us as Detroit on a much bigger scale.

Detroit’s unemployment rate is sky high — just like Obama’s America. Actually, unemployment is twice as high as the metropolitan area around Detroit. Why? Because many of the towns around Detroit are Republican suburbs run with discipline, fiscal responsibility, lower taxes and lower spending.

Unemployment and bankruptcy aren’t the only results of Obama’s progressive liberal policies. Detroit is the most violent, crime-ridden big city in America — with strict gun control, by the way. Gun control is a joke. The only thing it controls is good people, who are prevented from getting guns to defend themselves. Criminals and murderers run free in “gun-free zones.” That school in Newtown, Conn., was a gun-free zone. Did that designation save those poor kids? What it did was leave the adults in the school unarmed and unable to defend the kids. Is gun control working in Detroit or Cleveland or Chicago or Washington, D.C.? Those cities with the strictest gun laws also happen to lead the Nation in murders, because gun control leaves the good citizens defenseless.

But I digress. The list of Detroit’s damage and dysfunction continues. Detroit has America’s most disgraceful public schools. Two-thirds of Detroit’s street lamps are broken. But why fix them? No one lives there anymore. During the past decade, a quarter of its population has escaped, leaving a literally vacant town. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Detroit’s abandoned lots combined are bigger than the entire city of Paris.

Detroit’s historic Woodmere Cemetery, where the town’s most prominent citizens have been buried since 1867, has been vandalized and desecrated, with desperate thieves stealing copper doors off mausoleums and selling the stolen goods for scrap metal. Folks, this is what Armageddon looks like. This is Greece in America. And this is what happens when Democrats get their way. Detroit is the test case for what America will look like if Obama gets his way. There’s no debate: Detroit’s Democrats got their way. This is the result.

Detroit’s policies are Obama’s dream come true: big government, big taxes, big spending, powerful unions, out-of-control entitlements, big deficit and debt, too many government employees, early retirement, obscene pensions, public schools run by all-powerful teachers’ unions with no competition and no choice for parents, and free healthcare provided by government (for government employees and the poor, which is pretty much the entire Detroit population). Do you want to bet Detroit leads the Nation in the percentage of the population on food stamps? If it doesn’t, it’s only because Obama’s Chicago is in first place.

What is at the center of this tragic American nightmare? Unions. You know, the ones that are Obama’s staunchest supporters and contributors. The same ones that now own him and most progressive liberal politicians. The Wall Street Journal points out that Detroit will spend $160 million this year and $135 million next year on just the retirement benefits of government union employees. That’s after factoring in the mayor’s labor reforms.

Unions bankrupted Detroit — just like unions bankrupted the auto industry. And because they bribed Obama with millions of dollars in campaign donations in 2008, Obama looted the taxpayers to bail out those unions — just so they could continue the scam: paying bloated salaries and obscene pensions to drill rivets into fenders, while the company that pays the bills go deeper and deeper into debt. This is now how America is run, too.

Government employees in Detroit have “defined benefit” pension plans that let them retire in their 40s and then get paid a fortune for 40 or 50 years — twice as long as they worked. This exact insanity is bankrupting cities, counties, States and even our Federal government from sea to shining sea. Keep in mind there are more than 22 million government employees in America. Yes, I said 22 million. All are aiming to retire with big pensions in their 40s; to live 40 more years of leisure built around golf, cruises, early-bird dinners and, of course, voting Democratic on Election Day. And here’s the really scary thing: With medical advancements, they may live 50 or 60 more years. That would add $2 million to their pensions.

This is Obama’s America with everyone working for government or unions or living on entitlements and handouts provided by government. This is what happens when an economy is run based on “The Big Obama Three” principles of “fairness, equality and social justice.” This is what happens when the politicians and bureaucrats of government get together with the unions, entitlement addicts and class-action lawyers to rig the system so that “the rich” and the business owners are the targets to pay for it all.

The final result is just like Greece: The rich and business owners leave as fast as they can. They run for their lives to protect themselves and their families. Recognize the result. I’m not making this stuff up, folks. They did leave Detroit. Everyone with money and smarts left. And they escaped to places like Texas, Nevada, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina and Georgia: States with lower taxes and smaller government. Soon, (just like Detroit) with Obama in charge, people like that — the ones who pay the taxes –are going to leave America.

Detroit is the Obama blueprint. This is how you run a country with no Republican opposition in the way. Detroit is our future laid out before our eyes. Detroit is our canary in the coalmine.

By re-electing Obama, a majority of Americans, after decades of being dumbed down and indoctrinated by members of the teachers’ union in public schools, voted for… Detroit.

Be scared. Be very scared — for your assets, for your income, for your future, for your children and grandchildren. This is the future we have to stop before we all live in a Third World country like Detroit.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root. This Christmas think about about what America used to be about, should be about and must be about in the future if we are going to survive: God, faith, family, capitalism, small business, private-sector taxpayers, economic freedom, free speech, the right to carry a gun to protect ourselves not just from criminals but from government, patriotism and American exceptionalism. We must get back to those values, if we want to save America.

Let’s reflect on those values this Christmas. Kiss your kids for me, and tell them how blessed they are to be Americans. Let’s stand up and defend the real America — not Obama’s America. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Merry Christmas and God bless America.

Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root is one of America's leading Libertarian-conservative authors. Wayne's new book is The Murder of the Middle Class Wayne is a Capitalist Evangelist, serial entrepreneur, conservative media commentator, and proud champion of the middle class. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee and Fox News regular. Follow Wayne on Twitter and visit Wayne's web site:

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  • phideaux

    Excellent article Wayne. However, you better watch your back eddie47d might attack you with a handful of limp noodles for saying something bad about his employer the unions.

    • eddie47d

      The thing is Detroit declined several years ago. As per usual that happened and long before Obama became President or even elected to the Senate.So Phildeaux is just another sheeple along with the author talking trash. All those old vacant houses you see happened years ago. See the vacant business section that also happened years ago. Because of Obama Detroit now might have a fighting chance . Corporate management back then couldn’t keep that city afloat with their piss poor cars,lousy fuel mileage and designs the public didn’t want. So maybe Obama and the unions can help Detroit rejuvenate itself.

      • Steve E

        Detroit was under Democratic control several years ago also.

      • Vigilant

        I think you’re whistling through the graveyard, eddie. Detroit is dead on arrival.

        Read the article again. Mr. Root was not blaming Obama for past failures in Detroit. He said, “Detroit is the Obama blueprint. This is how you run a country with no Republican opposition in the way. Detroit is our future laid out before our eyes. Detroit is our canary in the coalmine.”

        P.S. When the new union management of GM destroys that company, who will you blame then?

      • DaveH

        Eddie says — “Corporate management back then couldn’t keep that city afloat with their piss poor cars,lousy fuel mileage and designs the public didn’t want”.
        Piss poor cars? Lousy fuel mileage? Why would Detroit manufacture such cars unless the public demanded them? Who actually provided the labor to manufacture those “piss poor cars”? It wouldn’t have been over-priced under-worked Unionists would it?
        We can see from Eddie’s inane comments a good example of what Unionists are like and why we’re in the mess we’re in.

      • Thom Peschke MMCM(SS) USN Ret

        You have obviously sucked down the Kool Aid, now have a Twinkie… what? You can’t FIND a Twinkie? Why Unions, AGAIN! Thaink again little liberal think again

      • Jim

        Eddie you werent paying Attention. The Article didnt accuse Obama of ruining Detroit. The Article blamed Obama style management. It is saying that because Detroit had been run like Obama is running the country that the USA will soon look like Detroit. It is sad but true. Put your head back in the sand.

      • phideaux

        “Eddie you werent paying Attention. The Article didnt accuse Obama of ruining Detroit.”

        Of course the article said that. eddie is never wrong. If you don’t believe it just ask eddie and he will tell you ad-nasum how he is always right especially where unions and obama are concerned..

      • Bill Quigley

        Eddie, not a lot has really changed in the last four years. Detroit continues to make lousy cars with poor fuel mileage. In 1974 during the first oil price crises, I was able to but a VW Rabbit (diesel) that got 55 miles to the gallon at a reasonable price. For a number of reason I can not do that today. Cars with that kind of mpg at a reasonable price would change the whole dynamic of the automobile market and put America on the path of petroleum independence. A goal that would keep of our money within the country and greatly improve the conomy!

      • rb

        Love all the outside analysis here. Anyone from Michigan knows about Detroit. We just went through eight years of the most horrific Democratic leadership through Governor Jennifer Granholm. Her policies led 10% of the entire state to leave and produced 23% true unemployment. Worse in Detroit. For her efforts at bankrupting the state she was put on Obama’s first team of economic advisors. Detroit has been what it’s been since the late 60′s when riots left the town a burned hulk. The policies making Detroit what it now is are now at work in Washington. The policies making Michigan the leader in economic recovery are now at work in Lansing. Right to work, lower corporate taxes, elimination of unlimited wellfare payments just to name a few. Jobs are coming back to Michigan. Real jobs. Suburban Detroit is becoming a tech center with high paying tech jobs while they are creatinig a huge State Park in the inner city where there used to be homes and factories. We know what works however the government also knows that true economic freedom produces citizens and not subjects. Big government and the elitists need subjects not citizens.

      • Kinetic1

        “Why would Detroit manufacture such cars unless the public demanded them?”
        Showing off your automotive expertise are you Dave? Im certain that there is nothing in the mises library about this aspect of GMs failures, so let me help you. Those who know the auto industry have long been aware of a fatal flaw in GM’s management; design by committee. They thought they had a system by which they could give the people what they want, but as noted in a 2005 Washington Post article;
        “General Motors’ culture took over from there. Design would be by committee, the focus groups extensive. And production would have to stick to a tight budget, with all that sex appeal packed onto an existing minivan platform. The result rolled off the assembly line in 2000: the Pontiac Aztek, considered by many to be one of the ugliest cars produced in decades and a flop from Day One.”

        I recall the day that vehicle arrived at the Detroit Auto Show. I was working in the field at that time and the circle of laughing and incredulous people around the Aztek was embarrassing. All the Pontiac reps could say was “at least it’s different.”

        The article goes on to say:
        “…the company simply cannot get past its stubborn inability to create cars and trucks that people want to drive.”

        It wasn’t the unions, though pensions and labor issues were a challenge as the once proud giant faltered. It wasn’t the line workers, since they had little to say about the design of the loosers they were building. It was management and their inability to get out of their own way. An engineer or designer can create the worlds best car design, but filter it through one department after another and watch it fall apart, or become an Aztec.

      • davidg

        Hey Eddie, Hold your breath on that idea… Please.

      • momo

        Vigilant says:”P.S. When the new union management of GM destroys that company, who will you blame then?”

        Vigilant, you need to ask? Naturally they’ll blame Bush!

      • Kinetic1

        Thom Peschke MMCM(SS),
        Before you accuse others of “sucking down the Kool Aid”:
        “By constantly trying to defend and extend its old business, leadership at Hostess killed the company….And when they failed, management decided to scapegoat someone else. Maybe eating too many Twinkies made them do it. ”

        Hostess began their long fall back in the ’80s. Their products were not a part of the new “healthy” trend, but they just continued on as if it would all turn around over time. In the end, after selling the company and restructuring under bankruptcy several times they still had a product that was selling for too little to cover their cost of production.

        Would cheeper labor have helped? Sure, but they had already cut worker pay during their last restructuring. Even their own leadership admitted this.
        “”There was a lot of sacrifice,” Tom Becker, a Hostess spokesman, said of employees. “This wasn’t the first time they were asked to give something up.”
        The new CEO had cut wages 8% when he came on board, though his own salary rose from $750,000 to 2.5 million! Faced with serious backlash he later reduced his own salary to a meager $1.5 million. To show further compassion the company’s four top executives agreed earlier this year to work for a salary of $1 until Hostess emerged from bankruptcy — but only after enjoying raises of 75 to 80 percent in 2011. Even at the end they were asking the bankruptcy court to allow management bonuses totaling $1.75 million for 19 executives.

        FOX news skipped over most of this information in favor of placing all the blame on the unions, but the truth is out there if you care to look.

      • ibcamn

        dumbass,not telling everyone Obama killed Detroit,eveyone knows it was the unions that did that!He’s just CLAIMING HE saved it along with the auto industry!Detroit will still die and he never saved the auto industry,he mearly stole the tax payers money(at the request of unions)and gave it to a few companies,and one didn’t even want or use the money!because i don’t remember the great and all mighty Obama saving BMW,or SATURN,or KIA,or HYUNDA,or PORSCHE,blah blah..etc…!that would be the industry jackhole!and don’t forget all the dealerships,carhauler company’s and advertising companies and printer(copy)companies involved with the industry also,not to mention a gazillion other companies who are involved in the auto industry!

      • Tony Ruiz

        Forget defending obama, our public enemy #1. But Detroit has been in decline for decades but did build some fine cars. They failed to protect intellectual property, read demand for small cars after failing miserably at it, but most importantly of all has been on the take for decades and the chickens came home to roost way, way before obamination came on the scene to finish the job. He’s as horrible man, a horrible president, but a great muslim who’s doing his job to finish us off

      • ibcamn

        Eddie,its all about GREED,and you know it…and i don’t just mean the governer and the mayor..they did kill the state and city,(just as Obama is with the country),but the union heads and the workers demanding more money for less work and [expletive deleted] cars,that type of crap don’t float!every smart man, woman and child knows that Detroit Mich.(hell the whole state,{get it HELL,Mich.}for that matter)was the progressive prototype for the country,they messed up somewhere and moved on to California(even dumped millions and millions into tourist advertising)and look how that turned out!then your man who walk’s on water came along and the progressives moved on with their agenda ahead of schedual and here we are at the same point as you’re gloriuose town!and yet the proof is in your lap like a stripper and you just turn a blind eye and keep repeating to yourself,”it’s working,it’s working”while throwing money at it!like Obama,you can’t QE out a dozen times until the econamy is right where you want it to be then stop and hope it will stay there,guess what?it wont and it will drive straight to the bottom faster than the handbasket we’re in right now!GREED is killing this country and all those others that chose this same path we’re on now!!

      • Bud Tugly

        The unions were a part of the problem in Detroit, but remember that they were thriving when Detroit was at its healthiest. The real problem with the auto industry was executives deluding themselves into believing that power automatically gave them design talent. Their hubris let them ignore what foreign competition was offering in the marketplace as they too their customers for granted. The union workers built what was given to them and atrocious designs were not the fault of the people on the assembly line.

        Bean counters should stick to counting beans and let the designers do the creative work. A visit to any good industrial design school such as Cal Arts will reveal that the students are designing cars that are exceptionally cool and would find an eager market, but getting through the hierarchy of “suits” so dilutes the designers work that we wind up with Aztecs, Caprices, Edsels, and vehicles with the aerodynamics of bricks.

        This is NOT a political issue, but an issue of corporate culture. This cannot rationally be blamed on Democrats as most of the power players at the top of the industry are loyal GOP members.

      • WIA Ben

        eddie”69d”, Please be polite and go eat another Union Buffalo Bagel..

      • JUKEBOX

        Eddie, you or I will never live long enough to see Detroit as anything else but a wasteland, and that is with the help of Obama’s great grandchildren and every union in the world.

      • eddie47d

        Thanks Bud Tugly and nice to see someone who gets it without the ridiculous union bashing. Some see the big picture of who is in charge of what gets done in the auto world and that falls into the lap of Corporate management. Union and non union members can only build what is given to them by management. If the workers built what they wanted maybe they would only build hot rods.

      • DaveH

        You can second-guess the owners of the car companies all you want, Kinetic, but the bottom line was that it was their money that was at stake if they screwed up. The reality, deny it all you want Kinetic, is that the Coercive Unionists with aid from their Crony Politicians interfered Forcefully in their decisions. Take the Force of Government out of the equation and you’ll see the results of people risking their own money to please voluntary consumers. Until we get to those Free Markets, the peanut galleries can make all the claims they want because they don’t have to risk their own money if they’re wrong.
        All we know now is that GM is once again failing, and this time it is being managed by your Liberal Progressive busybodies who are working with unwilling stockholders’ money (the US taxpayer):

      • DaveH
      • Old Henry

        Thom, Twinkies could survive a neclear blast, but not four years of Obama / Soetoro…

      • Benjamin Fox

        eddie teddy, 47 ways to be a commie is at it again, no facts just talking points from his marxist left buddie’s. Blame everyone but the communist unions who are dumb, stupid and lazy. I know, I belonged to many as a pipefitter, welder, federal train inspector, machinist and laborer, truck driver and none of the unions helped me, why? Because I came to work and gave a 8 hour day with no fuss. I did watch the union back the drunk who got fired for being drunk on the job, those who wouldn’t do the work but, charged the company anyhow, those who didn’t and couldn’t do the job. If they thought they were doing to much? They would do something to stop production. A bunch of free loading idiots who think someone owe’s them. Go to Russia eddie teddy, you would fit in well with their views.

      • eddie47d

        Sly Fox Benjamin take a hike on a short pier dude. I never had any trouble in my 40 years in the union. Sure there are lazy folks everywhere even in non union shops and even in office buildings. Your panties are too tightly wound up so be proud of what you did. I bet you also won’t mention the good union workers and like to dwell on your own hurt feelings over what someone else did or didn’t do.

      • DaveH

        Kinetic says — “Showing off your automotive expertise are you Dave?”.

        Hardly Kinetic. After all, it is you who thinks you can read a few articles and know better, than the Folks whose money is invested, how run their company. Unlike a Liberal Progressive, I wouldn’t even think about Forcing those owners to do things my way. I wouldn’t for one minute trivialize their knowledge and efforts because I’ve read a few articles written by authors who couldn’t even begin to have the comprehensive design, procurement, manufacturing, and sales knowledge necessary to successfully manage the Owners’ company. It is an experiential (and logical) fact that people, who aren’t incentivized with their own money at stake, just aren’t going to care enough to make the difficult decisions.
        Liberal Progressives, like yourself Kinetic, are always quick to mind other peoples’ business as long as your own money isn’t put at risk. It’s so much easier to flap your lips when you don’t have to suffer for your failures.

      • charlie

        So how much more of America’s sovereignty are you willing to risk, eddie? When do Liberals wise up? How long can we have Unions on ‘Life Support’?

      • sam1966

        Sorry Ed-duh, but bailouts are unconstitutional. I guarantee it won’t pass the House. Here is a prayer from Hollywood that was said on the show Father Knows Best in 1954. If we say this prayer and believe in what it says, along with trusting in God, our country will once again be the world’s leader in all good things. I dare smelly, jeffy, falsesoy, or after service to say anything about it.

        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot.

        “Cursed be all that learning that is contrary to the cross of Christ.”

        Rev. John Dickinson

      • eddie47d

        I see were back to the name calling uh Samurai! What does that have to do with Thanksgiving. So maybe its better if the Elites rip off the workers and then all is good to you.

      • Kinetic1

        For heaven’s sake Dave, all this bluster and wind just because you thought you had a solid point and then found out you didn’t have anything to back it up. I didn’t need that article to know about Chevy’s troubles. As I said, I was working in the industry. I simply googled “chevy design by committee” in order to give you and others something that backed up what I had to say. Little did I realize that you would do the same for me!

        Well, since it’s clear you don’t want to take the time to read much (despite your claims in the past) I’ll keep it down to a few points.
        1) The OpEd you linked to (apparently based on the title alone) is about GMs’ failures in design and marketing in one market sector, not their union woes.

        2) Your argument that my knowledge came from “authors who couldn’t even begin to have the comprehensive design, procurement, manufacturing, and sales knowledge necessary to successfully manage the Owners’ company.” is weakened by the fact that your choice of OpEd was written by just such an author.

        3) Had you read Mr. Woodhill’s OpEd to the end you would have seen a link to a rebuttal by Bob Lutz, a man with a lifetime of experience in the field. You should have read it.

        4) My argument regarding the “old” GM’s failures was based on industry involvement and backed by years of insider opinion, not just one article (which I linked only to give you and others some reference.) The “new” GM is another company and I do not claim any inside knowledge.

        Face it Dave, you jumped in with your anti-union bias and flopped. You failed to do any research, instead viewing this as just another example of union arrogance and government meddling. One in a while you just have to accept you made a mistake.

      • nickkin

        Think again eddie…’s been more than a few years…..everything started going down the tubes with the coleman young era…..he was the robin-hood that stole from his own peops only to give it back to his own pocket. He had an endless political-junket. I personally saw the white-exodus starting in the 60′s-70′s. Crime was creeping up steadilly. Major hotels couldn’t afford theprivate security needed and to rely on the police force that already had the white-flight going on , the writing was on the wall…..DOOMSVILLE. But that’s okay for you DEMOC-RATS……somehow you think your protected…by the unions ?

      • wandamurline

        That being said…the truth of the matter is that it was still being run by Democrats when it went down. Obama is a Democrat and so is the principles who run Detroit. France just upped its taxes on the rich to 75% and they are leaving the country as fast as they can get out….America’s rich will do the same and then the productive of this country are going to get a gutful of the handout free loaders and that’s when the trouble is going to start. Bernake is printing money that is not worth the paper it is printed on because it has absolutely nothing backing it up since the gold standard was taken away by Nixon in 1971. While we had the gold standard, government could not spend more than the amount of gold that we owed, which was a check and balance system that kept the government in control….the control is gone…heck, we don’t even have the Judicial Branch as a balance system anymore…that was made perfectly clear when the black coat traitor, Roberts, said it is constitutional to make us participate in commerce that gives the government the right to tax us…even though we didn’t want to purchase anything. I am not legal scholar, but I keep reading the Constitution and I simply cannot find where Obamacare is legal in any shape or fashion.

      • Ruth

        Detroit has been under 50+ years of Democratic rule and this what has happened because of that. No where did the author said it was Obama’s fault. Just that if we allow Obama to continue down this failed path, then America will end up the same way.

    • eddie47d

      I understand exactly what Root was trying to get at and it wasn’t in favor of Obama. I bring up the facts about why the auto business failed and you all go into a bash Eddie tangent. Dave H still has a messed up mind and can’t accept the truth about those poor management skills that created those badly made cars in the past (70-early 90′s). Oh yes Dave keeps forgetting about the mandated bonuses for auto management and huge retirement packages. Remember Dave H its Corporate Management that tells workers what to build and what to put out into the market . They failed for many years to produce a decent car until lately so take your predictable union bashing trolling and face the facts.

      • DaveH

        For those who want the truth:

      • GALT

        You can also find the LIE there too…….one stop SHOPPING by DAVEH.

        Each and every day……….as in daily……..

        DAVIDH…… can get him HERE………what Dave? 1000X a day……??????

        Can YOU handle THAT MUCH TRUTH?

      • sam1966

        Leave it to Ed-duh to make a pro-union speech out of this. I do agree that the people at the top are paid a lot of money, but rank has its priviledges. Is this any reason for the unions, mostly the UAW, in Michigan to violently protest passing legislation that made Michigan the 24th right to work state? Does this give union thugs the right to assult reporters and others? Does this give them the right to strike and cause whole companies to fold due to the lack of business and capital, like Hostess? Are the union bigwigs, who get high salaries and retirement packages just like the CEO’s you describe? Causing states like Wisconsin, California, Indiana, and others to make it impossible to stay on budget, due to the high pay they get? Do union members that retire from a job paying them $50,000 a year deserve getting paid more than $100,000 when they retire? Sorry Ed-duh, it just doesn’t add up. I currently work for the IEA, NEA of Indiana, and I told them that I’ll never strike, nor will I take more than I have earned. Here is something that Obama bin Laden has done to our country and is continuing to do.

        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot.

        “Rendering thanks to my Creator for my existence and station among His works, for my birth in a country enlightened by the Gospel and enjoying freedom, and for all His other kindnesses, to Him I resign myself, humbly confiding in His goodness and His mercy through Jesus Christ for the events of eternity.”

        Rev. John Dickinson

      • eddie47d

        Obviously Sammy you haven’t been around for awhile and are ignorant of what happened at Hostess. Think again nasty boy name caller!

      • RivahMitch

        So, with GM union management having paid all their employees a bonus last year to produce a bunch of cars, with the upswing in sales being sales to various government agencies and with 800,000 now cars sitting in inventory that they can’t sell, and the company getting ready to buy back the government’s shares at about half of what they cost us taxpayers, all is just great. Guess it’s all going so well you’re ready for Auto union bailout round 2 next year?

    • GALT

      Before S.E.T.I. there was S.T.I. …….it FAILED!!!!!

      • GALT

        As for the achievements of our author…….and his “success” as a “sports betting analyst” and his so called “documented” claims of both “ability” and “customers served”……….the “reality” ( and his credibility ) will be the equivalent, of the technological paradise and wealth created and achieved by DavidH.

        Mr Root’s claims CAN BE verified……… can DavidH ‘s ……….for “history” is available to do just that……….BUT one has to make the effort to determine what the FACTS of this history ARE……….rather than accept, the “mythology” that is being told………for it can only be believed if one chooses to remain “ignorant” of the FACTS.

        Mr Root has made “claims” regarding his “performance” and “ranking” from the above named source……which lists “his results” for NFL, College Football, NBA and College Basketball…….so what are the FACTS regarding his performance?

        2011 NFL Season….32 picks required to qualify for ranking sides and totals………..Mr Roots ranking among the 35 people who WERE ranked.
        Mr Root had no ranking……nor was he listed as having “attempted” to compete……since he could not manage to “produce” the two picks a week required to meet the minimum qualification……..

        2011 College Football………minimum 40 picks required to compete.
        Mr Root had no ranking……nor was he listed as having “attempted” to compete……in the 30 people that were ranked, or actually TRIED to be.

        2011/12 College Basketball …..64 picks required……side and/or totals

        31 Ranked, of 60 plus that tried…….Mr Root not listed as having TRIED.
        2011/12 NBA…… 52 picks required for ranking……..with 20 being ranked…………Mr Root………not on list.

        In fact, Mr Root name and picks only appear as…..either those not intended for the contest or with less than the minimum’s required for the contest……with no way to distinguish as to what the intent of the picks were………( although his self proclaimed bio, which is posted here from a reason interview above, can provide a little insight into what this actually means? ) DavidH being the “exception” in this case.

        For those who have even the slightest connection to REALITY, the reason that the “tallest buildings” in Las Vegas are “casino’s”, should not be too difficult to figure out. And this TRUTH is one where the “consumer” actually has access to the “house advantage” that they face in seeking to beat the “odds”.

        The so called, “Sport’s advisory service”, is a confidence game, which preys on people, foolish enough to persist in the notion, that “probablility” can not only be “overcome”, but can be done consistently in direct contradiction to “all available evidence”……..which is pretty stupid on it’s face…… that the “potential customer” is either completely ignorant of what probability is, and/ or has already FAILED at doing for himself, what he now expects someone else to do for HIM. based on the CLAIM, that it can be done and has been done.

        An “intelligent person” might consider why and how those tall buildings exist and continue to be built………while Mr. Root’s, “service” is a small rented office which is “shared” with “other” services? ( again, DavidH being the exception. )

        BTW this only includes the “obvious questions” regarding the “evidence”……….which does not include the “means” by which these services operate……but there is a description, also posted here, before the “facts” regarding Mr. Root were blocked. ( censored )

        P.S. Wayne got his star for two tv shows that “promoted Las Vegas”, him FIRST and he
        just happened to BE HERE!!!!!!

        It was such an HONOR that those that “nominated” him…….had to cover all the costs
        of actually installing it…….which means this ass paid $15,000 for self promotion…

        This like Bob Livingston’s recent book sale…….where you can now get a DEAL
        on his wisdom…… some ASS actually PAID $99.95 for one of his books, which you can now steal for $9.95

        If you don’t cont the tree’s there is a bit of Larceny……..

      • sam1966

        Here is GALT trying to show his intelligence and failing miserably. Do you have to be so long winded? STI failed due to the libtards in Washington, not by testing the equipment. Here is something that makes it hard to believe anything Obama bin Laden says about our budget, economics, and spending. It is also what the 5th column is falsely preaching about.

        This is all part of his plan to destroy America and have us run by his Bilderberg friends.
        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot.

        “Governments could not give the rights essential to happiness…We claim them from a higher source: from the King of Kings, and Lord of all the earth.”

        Rev. John Dickinson

    • http://naver samurai

      I agree with you on this one. First, Ed-duh is always lokking for an opportunity to attack someone from the back side, hint, hint. Second, if we give up our firearms, like Obama bin Laden and the loony left wing wackos want, we may be more crime ridden than England.

      I guess the 5th column and the left don’t care how bloody the streets get, especially when the criminals, not the average citizen, are armed. This great country is being turned into a 3rd world country and it is time to stop it from doing so. Let’s get back to our Christian founding, going only by the Constitution, get rid of the welfare state, and get back to the belief of not being entitled to anything you don’t earn. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

      You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot.

      “Let us take care of our rights and we therein take care of our property.”

      Rev. John Dickinson

  • Monte
    • DaveH

      “Much of the city’s decline began with the election of Coleman Young, Detroit’s first black mayor and mayor for five terms, who engaged in political favoritism to blacks and tax policies against higher income mostly white people”.
      What? The author must be racist.

      • ibcamn

        careful Dave you’re getting close to that racist button,or doesn’t that apply to you?

      • JUKEBOX

        This pattern is repeated in more than Detroit, especially in Philadelphia, Washington, etc.

      • sam1966

        I agree with you dave. This just goes to show when people vote for someone for their race and not their brains. Here is something that will affect Detroit and the rest of America. This is Obama bin Laden’s socialist ideals of taking from the rich and giving it to the proletariat:

        Though this is the nation and not Detroit, but if these policies continue or are started, the whole nation could be another Detroit. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot.

        “Those who wish well to the State ought to choose to places of trust men of inward principle, justified by exemplary conversation…And the people in general ought to have regard to the moral character of those whom they invest withauthority either in the legislative, executive, or judicial branches.”

        John Witherspoon

    • David169

      I am live in a place worse than Detroit. It’s called California. Every move the state government makes is utterly illogical and a blind person can see the further damage every new bill or law they issue will cause. California is Detroit on steroids. I didn’t mention I stay because of my job because if the state government knew there were still a few jobs they would find a way to outlaw them.
      I have one question, What will the Democrats/progressives/socialists/communists do with the 50+% of the people who cannot or will not support themselves when the money runs out or becomes worthless. Food stamps will feed people only as long as they are accepted for payment. Section 8 housing works only as long as the property owner allows it and accepts payment from the state.
      California is like Detroit, they want a bail-out. However, all it will do is pospone the ineviatable economic crash unless the policies are changed. A bail-out is simply throwing good money after bad, into a failed system. Obama’s defict spending of 46% of the cost of government in the first two months of this fiscal year combined with the Fed printing 85 billion every month or one trillion a year should get everyone’s attention. If this continues at the end of the year we could have a 3 trillion dollar deficit this year alone. If that comes to pass you can be assured hyperinflation has started and the whole country is going down just like Detroit.

  • Rick

    Obama Orders Children Murdered

    • Average Joe

      Thank you for posting this. I hope more people watch it. Hypocracy at it’s finest and the same folks griping about guns are same folks giving this man a free pass.They will defend his actions for no other reason…than he isn’t a Republican.
      Where has common sense and decency gone? Where has logic gone? Where have our morals gone?
      May God have mercy on us all.

      • eddie47d

        Where was the outrage from Conservatives when Lt Calley deliberately and knowingly massacred 542 women and children at My Lai ? Those Conservatives had a parade for him in Georgia when he came back. So much for the phony weeping and gnashing of teeth from the right wing. Oh yes the convenience of hypocricy!

      • nc

        Average, we had a choice in Democrat or Republican leadership in the last election! There were other choices in philosophy BUT they COULDN’T and DIDN’T WIN! The other choice was a Republican with the Republican platform! I want you to take your time and tell me what that party and its platform have done for this country that makes it a better choice than the Democrats.
        Bad wars and recessions are things voters get to consider when they vote! Will one party more likely dictate control over their bodies than the other is another thing they get to consider as they hear the candidates express their views. If big businesses get to combine for their betterment why can’t the workers combine for their betterment is another issue they get to compare before they vote .Where were we when the last Democrat before Obama left office as compared to where we were when the last Republican left office as they prepared to vote in 2008?
        These are the things that Wayne Allen COULD NOT consider when he predicted his landslide defeat of Obama. WHY?? Let me guess!! HE IS PAID TO MAKE DIRE PREDICTIONS AGAINST THE DEMOCRATS! RIGHT?? Have you ever seen his write anything good??

      • http://midcontent brand inspector

        eddy, is spiuting BS again, these communist slanks were always siding and killing us, and the damn socialist/communist democrats are always whining about engagement in a war. If you weren’t there or are and media poock who will swallow anything the marxist loving bas—ds pound up your your lower brain valt. Same goes when we are fighting these pedophile worshipping sand coons. We are alway fighting with our hands tide by whimp socialist democrats.

      • Vigilant

        nc says, “If big businesses get to combine for their betterment why can’t the workers combine for their betterment is another issue they get to compare before they vote.”

        Uh, you’ve lost me on that one. Workers most certainly CAN combine for their betterment. You’ll spend a long time trying to find any citation that claims any Republican platform sponsors the outlawing of unions.

        That’s called “propaganda,” nc.

      • Average Joe

        “They will defend his actions for no other reason…than he isn’t a Republican.”

        eddie, nc,
        Thank you for proving my point. Unlike you two fellows, I am not stuck in the left/right paradigm. Murder is abhorent to most of us here…regardless of of who committed the act.
        For those of you stuck in the paradigm murder is ok…as long as it’s your guy doing the murdering. A couple of dimwits ye be….

        No parting gifts for thee today, thou doest not look trusworthy.


      • Vigilant

        “Bad wars and recessions are things voters get to consider when they vote!”

        One wonders on what side of the political spectrum you perch. The malinformed voters opted to continue the “bad wars and recessions” this past Nov. 6th.

      • DaveH

        Eddie says — “Where was the outrage from Conservatives when Lt Calley deliberately and knowingly massacred 542 women and children at My Lai ?”.
        Here we go again. As if two wrongs will ever make a right. Except in Liberal Progressive minds, of course.

      • DaveH

        NC says — “I want you to take your time and tell me what that party and its platform have done for this country that makes it a better choice than the Democrats”.
        You see, Folks, the Lesser of Two Evils paradigm has infiltrated the thinking of Democrats as well as Republicans.
        But there is another Choice, and that Choice isn’t Evil at all.
        For Individual Liberty, Personal Responsibility, Free Markets, Limited Government, and the PEACE that comes naturally when those are implemented — Support Libertarians!

      • DaveH

        And NC,
        It doesn’t matter if you state your nonsense quietly or YOU SHOUT YOUR NONSENSE — It is still just nonsense.

      • Average Joe

        eddie47d says:

        “Those Conservatives had a parade for him in Georgia when he came back. ”

        March 29, 1971

        Calley is found guilty of premeditated murder of 22 civilians and sentenced to life in prison. This sentence is extremely controversial and generates a widespread public outcry, as an overwhelming majority of Americans believe that Calley was simply following orders, and condemn the fact that one soldier was serving as the army’s scapegoat. Draft board members resign, veterans turn in their medals, and the “Free Calley” movement is born. Georgian governor Jimmy Carter asked his constituency to drive for a week with their lights on in protest, and flags are flown at half-mast in the state of Indiana.

        Dang…and all this time I thought Carter was a democrat….what was I thinking?

        As usual…eddies put a new twist on reality…..

        For the entire timeline of events:


      • Firefly

        God will have mercy on those who have mercy, Joe. Eddie47 and NC are sadly unaware of the spiritual reality of things. Thousands of letters were sent to the White House went Lt. Calley was sentenced and 99% of them were in favor of mercy for him. He alone did not kill all those people. He readily admits even 30 years later that he was under orders. Dozens of soldiers took part of the destruction of that village but it is human nature to always want a scapegoat. Things happen in war and it takes a very strong person spiritually to see your best friend give a candy bar to a cute little six year old Vietnamese child and then see the child give the American a huge grenade that blew them both apart. This did not happen to me, thank God, but it did happen to my brother, just 30 feet in front of him. In war bad things happen and he was not the same just from experiencing having parts of his best friend plastering him. It has taken many years but he is finally back to the fun loving guy he used to be. Others would have killed everything in sight.

        When asked about the notion that a soldier does not have to obey an unlawful order Lt. William Calley said, decades later, “I believe that is true. If you are asking why I did not stand up to them when I was given the orders, I will have to say that I was a 2nd Lieutenant getting orders from my commander and I followed them – foolishly, I guess.” He said that was no excuse, just what happened and not a day goes by when he doesn’t regret what happened.

        Even today a solder is soon going to be tried by a much different military for killing a dozen or more in Iraq or Afghanistan. Today we play at war far more than we did in Vietnam. Soldiers are hampered by more rules and regulations than I could ever handle. Worse than Vietnam soldier’s don’t often know who is the enemy. But I have European friends who have long said we were really there for oil, and the more I see the more I believe that is partly true. We have more oil and gas in this nation than several of those nations combined but getting it is suppressed by those who support the current administration so we are involved in those countries that supply what we could supply ourselves or at least to protect them so we can still buy from them.

        Additionally we (the Obama Administration with America’s blessing) have given or loaned a major corporation in Brazil a couple of thousand million dollars to develop their offshore oil so we can buy from them but before we ever do we are going to be to broke to pay for it or they simply will not want dollars but something real. What is coming is not likely to be the end of the world but it will be the end of things as we have known them, and no one, not socialist nor Republican nor conservative nor libertarian will like what we are making inevitable.

        Our nation is broke, our states are broke, our cities are broke, and yet the those who envy the successful still want us to take from them and give to those who won’t work.
        The day is coming, and if we were any other nation than the USA would already be here, when our creditors who are already refusing to loan us as much as they once did, are going to stop altogether and then you will see how far your social security checks go by the inflation that is eventually caused by just the printing of more paper coupons that we call money. If we stole all the money from the rich, 100%, it would not run the country for a year, and we would still be broke. It is amazing that it hasn’t all hit the fan yet BUT IT WILL and I pity those poor fools as Mr. T used to say, who simply have their head in the sand.

        Facts are facts but liberal progressive socialist Democrats are for the most part like members of a religious cult, impossible to reason with. If only we had a world dictator I heard a well spoken Washingtonian say just barely out load, when I was discussing these things at Arlington National Cemetery one fine day. I did not answer because that day is coming, perhaps after Iran gets the bomb, and after WWIII finally ends in another 15 years or so. I hope it’s not for generations but broke nations often turn to authoritarian forms of government when it all hits the fan. Perhaps this is why some 10 million have left this country since the Democrats took over in 2006.

        I don’t even know why I’m bothering writing. God have mercy on us, indeed!

      • deerinwater

        Vigilant says ; ” You’ll spend a long time trying to find any citation that claims any Republican platform sponsors the outlawing of unions.

        That’s called “propaganda,” nc.

        Oh come on now Vigilant, ~ are you quoting someone or making a statement?

        If that is a statement, ~ We need to frame the language as I take exception with two words. “Claims” and “outlaw”.

        While the GOP is funded by and large cooperate special interest who dwell and office out of the Us Chamber of Commerce while the DNC has been funded though organized labor Unions giving labor it’s loudest voice.

        In the last 4 years the GOP has left no stone unturned in it’s attempt to defund Unions as it attempts to stab at the heart of the DCN. ~ It’s not “outlawing” but an attempt to starve out.

        It’s language Vigilant. ~ Policemen do not shoot to kill, they shoot to stop. ~ heart, lungs , movement.

      • eddie47d

        Your a sicko Brand Inspector and give decency a bad name. Give it up seek help in your moribund mind. I was there in Dak To when it happened on March 6 1968 so take a hike creep! As for whining about “engagement in war” obviously you haven’t been paying attention. Listen to how the righties complain about drone attacks which I am also against but that disproves your point.

      • eddie47d

        You are wrong about Lt Calley for he directly ordered the killings after Col. Medina gave him the go ahead. Its not always about following orders but doing what is right and he failed miserably. He even put his gun to two American soldiers heads and told them to shot the 4 year old boy in front of them. They refused and he became madder and turned to the other troops that were there. He had not received any fire from My Lai but sought revenge for an incident in another village. Fun loving guy my arse! I was cold and deliberate.

      • eddie47d

        Dave H if you have been paying attention and I know you do when it suits you I have equally condemned Obama intervention in Libya,Bush’s war in Iraq Nixon and Johnson’s war in Vietnam. So don’t give me your “Progressive mind” crap you shill!

      • Vigilant

        Deer says, “In the last 4 years the GOP has left no stone unturned in it’s attempt to defund Unions as it attempts to stab at the heart of the DCN. ~ It’s not “outlawing” but an attempt to starve out.”

        Yeah, it’s about language all right. And you might do a little studying of the English language yourself.

        Let’s refresh your short term memory: nc said “why can’t the workers combine for their betterment…?” That’s verbatim, Deer.

        And I said the equivalent of “who’s stopping workers from combining?” Certainly not the Democrats and certainly not the Republicans.

        The Dems, however, along with the union criminals most recently in Michigan, have shown that THEY are the ones who would deny choice to workers who don’t want to join a union. It’s THOSE workers who are being stopped.

        Apparently you consider the forced extraction of union dues from non-Democrats to fund Democrat campaigns all fair and equitable, eh?

        Coercion to join, coercion to pay for something they don’t necessarily want. That’s what I call really un-American, but in your mind that’s OK?

        “Unfunding” unions and insuring choice are two very different things, my friend.

        And then you say, “While the GOP is funded by and large cooperate special interest…” Look at the donors to the Dems, Deer. To even hint that the coffers of the Dems are suffering from lack of contributions from big business is, in a word, propaganda.

      • sam1966

        Here is Ed-duh talking about Vietnam, when it was the libtards that made it impossible to claim victory in Vietnam, along with making it impossible to go back to defend them if they were attacked. Ergo 50,000 Americams dead and communism spreading across Southeast Asia due to the libtards. What about a famous libtard named Jane Fonda, hmmm? I guess that she wasn’t responsible for the deaths of American POWs, hmmm? Here is something that can help explain why the shooter in CT went on a rampage. This is seen in Detroit as well.

        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot.

        “In selecting men for office, let principle be your guide. Regard not the particular sect or denomination of the candidate – look to his character…When a citizen gives his suffrage to a man of known immorality he abuses his trust; he sacrifices not only his own interest, but that of his neighbor, he betrays the interest of his country.”

        Noah Webster

      • eddie47d

        Leave it to Sam to defend the indefensible. Vietnam was a false flag war so you have learned nothing and endorse atrocities. You better rethink God and Country in the way you think on that issue!

    • WTS/JAY

      And to think that this mad-man and his army of ghouls will now be re-drafting gun legislation-laws!

      • Right Brain Thinker

        I saw that, JAY. And can only add…….”OH, the horror!”

    • eddie47d

      If you don’t want these kinds of things to happen then stop supporting wars. That means any and all kinds of skirmishes,conflicts,rebellions or terrorist acts. People die in wars sometimes hundreds and thousand in one whack. When G Bush was President there were 103 people killed at a wedding in Afghanistan. So is G Bush a deliberate murderer? FDR ordered the bombing of Dresden killing hundreds of children. Truman ordered the bombing of Hiroshima knowing that thousands of children would be killed. Reagan supplied and ordered the mass killings in Central America where hundreds and thousands of women and children died. So Rick are you really concerned about how many children die under Obama’s watch or are you just another EVIL anti- Obama troll? When deaths under his watch are considerably less than other Presidents you obviously don’t have any decency in your bones either. I don’t condone these drone attacks yet they are far more precise than wiping out whole villages or cities.

      • metroman

        You guys don’t get it. It is not about Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama it’s about the NWO. How many times do you need these same people say that to you; New World Order, look it up! They are all operatives, the goal is to bankrupt the only free (free in little letters) nation left on earth. With that accoumplished the Orwellian government can be set up and they will control the world. Gun Control and World Bank with digital money. Take your guns and shut off your number and off to the FEMA camps:)

        You ask who they are? The Bankers, you know the names; Chase, Warburg, Rockefeller, Rothschild……How do you think all the bank frauds are commented with none of the heads of the pins getting touched. The only democrat and republican parties are in your head. They are Republicrates all working for the NWO. I can go on but I think it is falling on deaf earns. Watch your football play-off and stay in dream land, I may go to the other side and march you to the FEMA camps.

      • DaveH

        Eddie says — “So is G Bush a deliberate murderer?”.
        Well, Yeah. But what has that got to do with anything? Two wrongs still don’t make a right.

        Eddie says — “If you don’t want these kinds of things to happen then stop supporting wars”.
        Good advice, Eddie, but what are you doing when you launch your fallacious tirades against people who are trying to do just that?

      • DaveH

        Eddie says — “I don’t condone these drone attacks yet they are far more precise than wiping out whole villages or cities”.
        There is no excuse for killing innocent people, especially when we are butting into other countries’ business who have not attacked America. And even when they do, we must always keep in mind that those attacks are done by other Government Gang Leaders and not the innocent people that live in their countries. But which country in the world has dared to attack the most Powerful Gang of them all in the last 60 years?

      • eddie47d

        Still twisting my words Dave H. I never said I supported drone attacks yet was pointing out the effects of one situation over another. How is killing 4 people in a car far worse than killing thousands in Dresden? if you aren’t capable of seeing the difference then maybe you should crawl under a rock . Stop making false accusations against others in defense of Conservatives who are wrong. No go back to the original comment and try and get it right! Since I condemn both sides that makes you very dishonest and yes a few Conservatives here do support Conservative wars yet you fail to slander them.

      • DaveH

        Eddie says — “Still twisting my words Dave”.
        I quoted your exact words, ignoramus.

      • JeffH

        Dave :) Forrest Gump’s mom had it right..”stupid is as stupid does”. eddie = DUH!

      • eddie47d

        I’m starting to wonder if anything you say is true Dave H .but don’t worry Jeff H is still climbing up your back side playing dumb,err stupid!

      • sam1966

        Here is something else about Michelle bin Laden. Here is she telling many lies and using race as the reason for them.

        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot.

        “Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty, as well as the priviledge and interest of our Christian nation, to select and prefer Christians for their rulers.”

        John Jay

    • matforce

      Shameless politicizing of the horrible consequences of war has its drawbacks; How many children were killed by USA strikes in Iraq since 2003? (By some estimates there were over 35,000 children killed) Incidentally, sable-rattling is not one of this administration’s priorities. Can the same be said about the rhetoric from those on the right?

      • DaveH

        Matforce says — “Incidentally, sable-rattling is not one of this administration’s priorities”.
        Well no, unless you meant to say “sabre-rattling”.
        In that case, what would Libya be called? He ignored Congress and deliberately got into a war against the War Powers Act and against a country which had in no way attacked the US.
        And please spare me the “no boots on the ground” nonsense, as if killing people from the sky somehow makes it Not Killing.

      • rb

        No sabre rattling from the Obama administration? Lybia, Siria, Iraq, Afghanastan. How many inoccent civilians has this President had killed? How many Americans have conveniently met their demise when they disagreed with him? Endless wars and attacks against sovereign nations are no longer Bush’s fault when they are still happening four years later.

      • eddie47d

        One sided Dave H always brings up what Obama does wrong . (Heck you all do it) Yet when it comes to Bush’s “killing from the air” he totally avoids it. That is why you are losing your credibility Dave H. since you do take sides and this proves you out on that. Now listen closely it is generally wrong whether a Liberal President or a Conservative President or a NeoCon does the bombing. Maybe if you repeat that mantra you’ll stop just blaming “progressives”.

      • DaveH

        Eddie, you Troll, what have I said that wasn’t true?

      • DaveH

        Eddie says — “Maybe if you repeat that mantra you’ll stop just blaming “progressives”.”.
        Good Grief, it’s like trying to communicate with a monkey.
        Eddie, you ignoramus, Progressives include those people who use our military for their imperialistic goals.
        Now listen carefully, hoo hoo hee hee raaack. Okay, I’ll translate for the other readers — There are two main categories of Progressives, the Liberal Progressives, and the NeoConservative Progressives. They both want to use the Force of Government to feather their own nests and take advantage of the rest of us.

      • eddie47d

        Still lying Dave H. You still forgot to includes the plain old Conservatives who perpetuate wars or didn’t you think we’d noticed you consistent exclusions? I know you want to defend them so bad but that tomfoolery doesn’t work with me. I really don’t care if you don’t like progressives but don’t be so stupid on the war issue where straight up patriotic Conservatives also indulge in them.

    • DaveH

      Thank you, Rick. Powerful video.

      • nc

        DaveH, you criticize people here for their stance in the reality of todays politics! Democrats and/or Republicans! But your idea of how it SHOULD BE never gets to play> Every four years the voters say we are not interested in your plan!
        When are you going to play in the big leagues?? Are you going to stay on your soap box and one day you die?” Nice fellow that DaveH but he never learned the real world faces problems and his world fights windmills”!
        We didn’t reach our leadership position with unchecked capitalism nor have we remained number one in the world with unchecked capitalism. Even the “free market” has to play by the rules! That’s why WALL STREET LOVES THE DEMOCRATS. Give the market the security that ALL will play by the rules and they will gladly face their competition with great success> See our history!! See the record of the US market during it’s ” suppression” by the “socialist” Democrats! ‘ BULLS, BEARS DONKEYS AND ELEPHANTS” NOT BAD NUMBERS BY A BUNCH OF COMMUNISTS!! RIGHT??

      • Vigilant

        Oh, Oh, nc’s getting desperate again, with the “BULLS, BEARS DONKEYS AND ELEPHANTS” canard.

        How many times must you be proven wrong on that fallacy before you wake up? I’ve dispelled that BS a number of times, but you keep bringing it up like a broken record.

      • DaveH

        For those readers who aren’t sophisticated enough to know that NC has no clue what he’s talking about:

      • DaveH

        NC says — “When are you going to play in the big leagues??”.
        That’s Liberal Progressive speak for “When are you going to dumb yourself down to the rest of our levels?” or “When are you going to join the rest of us losers and help to turn America into the Third World nation that our compatriots have turned Argentina and many other countries into?”.
        The answer, NC, is — Never. Because I have knowledge and intelligence and I care more about the average citizen than you do. So I will continue to try to awaken the victims to reality until the day I die.

      • eddie47d

        The way you trash people Dave H I doubt if you care for very few and certainly not “the average person” Your too busy looking for that gold star to pin on your chest!

    • ibcamn

      Good point,how come none of that was brought up during all these conservative bashing and gun rights killing statements made by the Whitehouse during this tragity of these children in that town???

    • Benjamin Fox

      Good video Rick, also enjoy the one about gun control, both tell a lot, thanks friend:

  • Paul Wells

    Well said, Wayne…too much truth for some, though. There are a lot of bobble heads out there that just fail to see that they just voted to help ruin America, and I don’t think that is overstating it. Now, let the ad hominems start with the usual trolls that like to engage in unthoughtful dialogue!

    • eddie47d

      Yet the “bobbleheads” on the right just loved Rick’s predictable and one sided video. Unthoughtful dialog? I think those on the right have mastered that one! Now don’t “let the door hit you in the butt” or would that be don’t let the door smack you in the face from all the unthoughtful comments from the sinister right wingers.

      • DaveH

        Right on que.

      • ibcamn

        If the” right”wingers are sinister-that makes the left wingnuts practicing atrocidie’s against it’s people,don’t it?

      • Benjamin Fox

        eddie teddy, 47 ways to be a commie, where do you get your brains? Are you related to obozo? Talking points from the left is all you have, if you had to use your brain you would probably explode. Your a commie jerk and need to be educated.

    • deerinwater

      Paul say; ” Good Job! Now, let the ad hominems start with the usual trolls that like to engage in unthoughtful dialogue!”

      So??? Mr. Roots article is seen by you as constructive commentary? What uplifting thoughts did you gain from it Paul? What revelation or validation did you receive?

      Mr. Root writes; “This is Obama’s America with everyone working for government or unions or living on entitlements and handouts provided by government. This is what happens when an economy is run based on “The Big Obama Three” principles of “fairness, equality and social justice.”

      Obama’s federal government is smaller than his predecessors.

      Do you really believe that it was Obama that created this debacle, this disparity, this inequity we witness today ?? ~ This is what Obama is fighting against, ” long entrenched power on the hill” 30 plus years of entrenched power while he gets no help from you as entrenched power has you and Mr. Root in their pocket while the Obama administration bears down and ferret out insider trading and cooperate greed and bring them to justice. Every week there is news of white collar criminals being brought before the courts ~ but it is never spoke of here, nor is it offered by Foxed news as you live in a bubble of contempt for all political opposition.

      If you wish to see my response as “unthoughtful dialogue or an attack. that is all up to you, as I see Mr. Root’s commentary as an attack that I elect to respond too which is within the bounds of fair play and I thank Mr. Livingston for the opportunity.

      • DaveH

        Deer says — “Obama’s federal government is smaller than his predecessors”.
        Oh really, Deer?
        Federal Spending in 2008 (before Obama took office) — $3.0 Trillion
        Federal Spending in 2009 (Obama in office) — $3.5 Trillion
        Federal Spending in 2011 — $3.6 Trillion

      • Deerinwater

        I speak of government and you speak of spending ~ much less “protracted spending” David.

        W’s protracted war effort spending alone tops 7 trillion dollars David. ~ so do you really want to go there with me David?

        I’ve got to leave the office for awhile ~ and carry all this old money to the bank so that I can spread the wealth around, but I will be back and enjoy tying you in a knot of your own design.

        This link conflicts with my statement of smaller government ~ and while I am willing to concede to the interpretation of “small” ~ Unlike his predecessor ~ who did little but cause and create chaos and conflict on a global level for 8 long years and all but ignoring what was going on in the heartland of America as the Wall Street and a Capital Hill bunch packed our fudge on a wholesale scale of epic proportion, as the Brain Dead supporters went about waving tiny plastic flags shouting “Country First” .

        This President, ~ is at least taking out the trash and mowing the lawn and the economy is coming around after being all but decimated by war profiteering , cooperation welfare, inside trading and the entitled elitist like the Mitt Romney’s of the world.

        Too not know when you have dodge a bullet ~ must be a blessed feeling David.

      • DaveH

        Deer says — “I will be back and enjoy tying you in a knot”.
        What knot, Deer? You mean like that in your tongue when you try to speak normal English or use any kind of logic?
        I put up the figures that prove your BS to be wrong and all you can do is give us your Bush hindsight. I don’t care about Bush. Newsflash — He’s no longer President.
        The Bucks now stop with Obama, and they are some very large Bucks.

      • Paul Wells


        My dear deluded bobble head! You state that the size of government is smaller than it was under his predecessors, but you don’t cite why. The reason for this is Obama was unsuccessful in getting his jobs bill(read that PORKULUS) passed, that would have kept federal funding intact for federal and state government workers to keep “sucking at the trough”. The conservatives did not allow PORKULUS to happen, thus the size of government went down, but not because of any altruistic activity on the part of your DORKULUS leader! States, having to balance budgets (what a concept, having a BUDGET, something the dems obviously do not believe in, since we’ve operated for almost 3 years WITHOUT one), had to downsize their governments. So imagine, if Obama had his way, the 16.2T debt might actually be quite a bit higher!

        Bobblehead says “Do you really believe that it was Obama that created this debacle, this disparity, this inequity we witness today ?? ~ This is what Obama is fighting against, ” long entrenched power on the hill” No, I don’t believe is was Obama that created it. But in supporting him, like you bobble heads do, you’ve said..well, it’s poison, but we’ll swallow a little more, after all it hasn’t killed us yet. That’s unfathomable and lunatic, at best!! He is a union shill, it’s union money that elected him, and he has no objectivity in this matter, and you know it!

        You make the point of insider trading. Fair enough, it’s wrong and we need to corral it…just like we need to corral gun running (Fast and Furious), government interference in the free market (Solyndra and a host of other failures), capitulation on support of Israel, and a host of other things. You make it sound like Obama is the second coming, but then again, you just don’t want to face facts!

        So attack all you want….your spears are not sharp, your weapons are rusty, and…a bobble head, you shall remain.

  • Mohan

    You are daydreaming. Mit is history . He and his views are not even in the burrial grounds.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Well then Mitt’s views are alive and gone out throughout America, let us see,God, Love of Country, Moral Responsibility, Fiscal Responsibility, Marriage and Family Responsibility, Education, Job Creation, Creativity, Waking Up of America, etc., etc..

      • deerinwater

        Yea? Which day was that? When was it Red , White and Blue , mamma and apple pie day?

  • UWorlds1

    Oh jeez…you are rediculous….you can’t use Detroit as a litmus test. A lot of things happened to Detroit, I am going to stop getting your column, you make NO sense.

    • Paul Wells

      Don’t let the door hit you on the backside…or do, I don’t care.

      • milt

        you don´t need thoes kind of readers,if thay can´t under stand.

      • Deerinwater

        Yea, not everyone has a decoder ring and can descript relevant content from house manure.

      • deerinwater

        Some people simply don’t have the tolerance for outlandish claims .

        The aliens have landed and are rounding up all the pretty and brightest people, I just wanted to say Bye!

      • DaveH

        Yes Deer, “house manure” like regularly comes with your comments.

    • http://yahoo bob peters

      leave as fast as you can …Go join an MSNBC blog site where you can dribble with the rest of your kind.

    • Steve E

      Hope he didn’t hurt your precious feelings. See ya!

  • phil

    I’m sorry mr root, but america has been in decline for many many years. Obama is a long line of presidents and other political officials who have made very bad decisions ,,trying to be an empire on tax money alone has been a terrible policy…not to mention the corruption from within our politics and corporations. drug laudering banks my be an issue also.

    • Pete Sagi

      Exactly. There ar.e root causes going back to even prior to the Civil War with the missing 13th ammendment. But the real mischief was done in the early part of the 20th century. That would include the 16th ammendment, supposedly authorizing an income tax but in reality giving no new taxing power to the govt. according to the US Supreme Court, the 17th ammendment which disenfranchised state legislatures by allowing for direct election of senators, and the Federal Reserve Act, and, in the 1930′s, the bankruptcy as evidenced by the demonitization of gold for the public and the rest of FDR’s New Dealisms, the main culprit being socialistic insecurity.

      In order to restore a Constitutional Republic, the sociialist cancer must be gouged out at the root. At the root of the cancer of socialism is socialistic insecurity/use of socialist slavestate numbers. All other programs tie into that, and so do all income taxes. Participation is 100% voluntary by law but enforced by the policies of corporate Amerika to the point where it is almost impossible to do business without one. The answer is a requirement for full disclosure anytime anyone anywhere for any reason asks for that number.


      • John

        Right on my brother!

    • Gary

      Phil is correct. Decades of vastly overpaying for basically unskilled union labor with its accompanying lack of good management has led to what is now present. Because of the union rule book it has been easier for managers to look in the book for answers rather than learn how to manage. Unfortunately we can’t look to the politicians to solve these long term issues – Democrats have no sense of morality and Republicans have no guts.

      • DaveH

        Republican Leaders have plenty of guts. They have been the Party of Mercantilism since their inception, but have had the Gall to tell their Followers that they were the Party of Small Government. They lied to gain the support of their Followers in the War of Aggression Against the South, and they’ve been lying to their Followers ever since.
        The Democrat Leaders didn’t join the Progressive party until late in the 19th Century.
        Some reality for the Brainwashed minions:

    • WTS/JAY

      Phil is absolutely correct!!! Perhaps Phil should be writing the articles!

  • sesame

    Poor Wayne, if his prediction on the future of America is as accurate as his prediction of the the recent election, there will be clear sailing ahead.

    • DaveH

      Unfortunately, his prediction on the future economy is almost a slam-dunk, even if the voters come to their senses and stop voting for Progressives of either stripe (Liberal or NeoCon). The Juggernaut has been set in motion and will not be stopped without lots of carnage (both in lives and economy). And the longer it takes for the voters to come to their senses, the more dramatic the carnage will be.

  • MikeR

    W.A.R.: You helped re-elect Obama by being so critical of Romney for months prior to the election. You supported Ron Paul, knowing that he didn’t have a chance of winning. You didn’t give Romney your endorsement until the last hour. Too little, too late.

    • The Christian American

      Do you honestly things would be better under Romney? Romney had promised the Zionists his full support so America would join the in their wars. Maybe we would of been finacially a little better but when nuclear weapons started to fly in our direction, who’d care.

    • DaveH

      That is what Wayne should have done, but I don’t recall him supporting Ron Paul over Romney. Do you have any references to back that up?
      At any rate, you see where it got your people to back Obama-Lite when they could have been working to restore real Freedom to our country by backing the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, or even better yet — Ron Paul in the Primaries.
      We can start right now to promote Gary Johnson for the 2016 elections:

  • John

    A good article, well written and hit’s the nail square on the head!!

    • eddie47d

      Boy are you gullible. Detroit would have voted for Obama regardless of any auto bailout so Wayne is telling stories just to please you. Apparently you’d buy anything even a car built in Detroit. LOL!

      • Steve E

        You are right eddie. Detroit would have voted for Obama regardless of any auto bailout. The blacks got no benefit from Obama at all, and most of them voted for Obama also.

      • eddie47d

        Thanks for reiterating my point Steve although it wasn’t necessary.

  • Jim B

    A democratic government is a terrible thing. Europe is, and has been for centuries, a shining example of how awful and unbalanced it can be. We defined something different in our early history, but over the same centuries the politicians have morphed it back to a democracy. The ignorance, and the willingness of the common man to bow and concede their own destiny has made that easy for them.

    Now it is time to eat cheese!

  • matforce

    America was doomed by the EPIC GREED of blind capitalism as we witnessed the backbone of our magnificent manufacturing sector and superior technological advances, whose tenticles reached into every conceivable niche, being scattered to the four winds throughout the “global economies” (aka sweatshops) to garner a larger short term profit margin for our corporations and their stockholders with no regard for the long term vitalaity of their nation of origin or the populous thereof. Historic accounts will be unkind to these Plutocrats who perpetrated this economic TREASON, but it will reserve its most scathing reproaches for those who served as our elected Representatives, that allowed this to happen, or rather, PROMOTED the policies with their votes that paved the way, stood by and did nothing, or blocked any attempt to reverse this TREASON that took place on their watch!

    The fate of Bill S3816 speaks volumes!

    • The Christian American

      As long as the people go to politicians with their hands out, they are complicit in the crime.

      • matforce

        Not clear on two thrusts of your post. Are you implying that the blame for the “crime” rests solely on those with their hands out for freebies? And what, exactly is the “crime” you are refering to?

    • DaveH

      matforce says — “America was doomed by the EPIC GREED of blind capitalism…… being scattered to the four winds throughout the “global economies” (aka sweatshops)”.

      The concept of Sweatshops is strictly a Union invention to sway ignorant people to join sides with the Unionists while the Unionists pillage the American people for their own selfish gains. The workers in other countries, who have been pillaged by similar self-serving organizations (Unions, etc.) through Big Government meddling in their economies, are happy to have any kind of work to support their impoverished families.

      • matforce

        Short answer, gotta go! If they the impoverished, wish to have emancipation from their oppressors, why don’t they grow a pair (to coin a phrase) organize, rise up together and demand their human rights like our fore-fathers did?

      • DaveH

        When there are so many Propagandized minions here in our own country, which is supposedly Capitalist (it’s not really, it’s mostly Socialist), who don’t have a clue what is going on, how do you expect the citizens in those backward countries to know it?

      • matforce

        You bring up a good point, Dave. With our beloved nation heading toward a mere Plutocracy, with the well heeled holding all the influence over our policy makers, where does the Free Press’ responsibily kick in to do some investigative research, and call out the perpetrators of this mess? There is more than one way to view the Great Sell-out of the middle class, and they’re all complicated, more complicated for us commoners to sort out as we go about our work-a-day-world, But isn’t that the media’s job? That’s how they make their living. Surely, there’s got to be some unbiased voices out there in journalism, or academia, or even in the realm of our financial industry that haven’t been bought who place the best interest of our nation first. There is very little trust out there between the two parties because there’s been so many lies floated out there to persuade the sheeple. The real question comes down to: who can the people of this nation trust to lay out the truth amidst so many bold faced liers? Reminds me of the Tower of Babel.
        I believe it’s time to pull together and genuinely try to establish national priorities that promote the prosperity of the middle class, the “DEMAND” side of the SUPPLY & DEMAND formula of economics 101. What say ye?

      • matforce

        Have you seen this cite, a cite I visited over a year ago while in pursuit of the truth about what is happening to our nation, and one recommended to me recently by Right Brain Thinker, one of my favorite contributers on here?

      • DaveH

        Lizard Brain, your favorite? It figures. Obviously there’s no hope for you.
        matforce says — “Surely, there’s got to be some unbiased voices out there in journalism, or academia, or even in the realm of our financial industry that haven’t been bought who place the best interest of our nation first”.
        If you mean by “our nation” — The People — There are. They’re called Libertarians. But from reading your various comments you are not sophisticated enough to grasp our teachings.
        You, like so many other heavily propagandized Liberal Progressive followers, will just keep trying the same failed Socialist agendas over and over again, no matter how many times they have failed in the past. Big Governments always, I repeat always, become tools of the very same Crony Capitalists or other advantage-seekers that you claim to despise.

      • matforce

        DaveH says: “When there are so many Propagandized minions here in our own country, which is supposedly Capitalist (it’s not really, it’s mostly Socialist), who don’t have a clue what is going on, how do you expect the citizens in those backward countries to know it?”

        “You don’t need a weather man to know which way the wind blows…”
        ~Bob Dylan~

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Just cruising through for a quick look—-it’s hard to follow any intelligent commentary that might be going on with this thread because DaveH is once again monopolizing things with his mindless spouting of Libertarian horsepucky. Lord love a duck, Dave!—-Don’t you EVER run down? Are you on speed or crystal meth? Are you bi-polar and nearly always in the manic phase?

        Since I was mentioned, I thought I would chip in briefly and again agree with matforce that the Who Rules America site is a good place to go as an antidote to the mises poison and the mindless stupidity of those who refuse to see what the plutocracy is doing to them. Good data from good sources, unlike what DaveH peddles.

        And Dave, the Lizard Brain Eater, actually dares to say, “If you mean by “our nation” — The People — There are. They’re called Libertarians. But from reading your various comments you are not sophisticated enough to grasp our teachings”.

        That rates another “Lord love a duck!”, Dave. You yourself are about as sophisticated as a two-note whistle, and have about that many tunes to play for us—–endlessly and without variation—-on and on and on—-forever—unchanging—-juvenile—-biased—-adolescent—-mindless—-stupid. Libertarian teachings are something I myself grasp quite well, Dave, but I choose not to live i50 years in the past where they might have made some sense, but in the here and now that Libertarianism is so poorly equipped to deal with. You give Libertarians and Libertarianism a bad name—-I don’t understand why Bob Livingston doesn’t “moderate” you into oblivion..

        And thanks for yet another laugh—-seeing the words “heavily propagandized” coming from you IS truly funny.

      • Robert Rashbrooke


        Do you really believe that in the mid 1800′s the ‘unions” somehow inveigled the mill owners and other big business owners to create sweat shops so that unions could interfere with business operations and conditions for their own union benefit?

        Fact is, business owners created the jobs and conditions of employment to their own benefit, no matter how degrading it was to the workforce. Owners allowed women to work in the mills 6 days a week for 16 hours a day for $1.00 a day with limited breaks during the day, and THIS is why unions became involved in workers affairs and conditions.

        This attitude is STILL prevalent today by management even allowing for all the work rules and laws that have been enacted to counteract it, else how do you explain the salary discrepance between management and employee?

  • Paul

    This our America, Not Lowlife Obamas Socialistic scummer America…The sooner this [expletive deleted] is out of the Whit House and his Admin in jail the better.

  • ToughGuy1


    • The Christian American

      All that unions do is add another layer of overhead to things that we buy. That goes for union workers as well. They protect the sluggards and penalize the real workers as well.

      • Bill

        I don’t agree with unions in the public sector – in the private sector – that’s another story. What most people don’t understand is government regulations are far more responsible for manufacturing losses in this country then any union

      • DaveH

        That may be Bill, but the two work hand in hand to take advantage of the rest of us through the Force of Government.

  • Deerinwater

    Lesson #1 It has never been about Obama, try as you might to make it so.

    Lesson #2 It is about America and her people, with 50% you fail to agree. ( You had your Bush years and now we dig out)

    Lesson #3 Greatness is too the beholder. For example , Your have the right to see your glass as half empty and no one will interfere.

    Lesson #4 Change is not is optional but imperative for robust growth, It was CEO’s and not the working peoples of Detroit that brought her to the crossroads. Why blame $18.00 per hour workers for leadership failures that commands $250,000 dollars per year?

    Lesson #5 Obama won the election the same way all prior president’s have, by appealing to more American voters. W’s appeal was tax breaks ! “Buy the “round” a “house”.

    Lesson #6 Mitt Romney was not an appealing option to Obama.

    Lesson #7 Quite hanging onto every talking point the GOP attempts to force on the American people via Karl Rove, Grover Norquest , Rush, and Foxed News.

    Lesson #8 Sara Palin is irrelevant

    Lesson #9 All gun owners, secure your weapons so they make not be accessed by unqualified persons

    Lesson #10 As nation of people we are not as dumbed down as the GOP wishes to believe. Offer us an electable candidate next time.

    • DaveH

      Lesson #11 Deer’s comments are irrelevant.

      • deerinwater

        Resend # 11 DaveH comments, as all of his ideology is based not, ~ on real life experience or practical application but pure hypothetical conjecture derived from a book written by a person of much the same caliber and background, that only a very small portion of the earths population has has enough spare time to read and find of any interest or of great merit.

        This “Piffany” makes such person(s) exclusive and unique in their own eyes as the rest of us toil, pay taxes, raise families , build great armies, fight wars, build estates, fortunes, capital cities and empires for them to pass their judgement upon as to “How it should have been done”.

        David has openly stated more than once, he does not accept God, ~ but he believes this Libertarian hatred of all government is somehow more rewarding and better serving of man

        I do not mind it at all that David holds such views or feels or thinks this way. At times I find them refreshing. But what I do mind, is that he feels brazen enough to attack me for what I feel, think and believe. My strong response have been solicited and warranted.

      • DaveH

        I’m just repeating what you said about Sarah Palin, Deer. You can dish it out, but you can’t take it?
        At any rate, thank you for posting, Deer. You Liberal Progressives are my best weapons in waking up the slumbering Americans.

      • eddie47d

        Yes Dave H but who is going to warn them about you?

  • richard brooks

    another poorly written piece of propaganda designed to sway the sheep.

    well, mr root, have you reduced your income this year? are you accepting less? or do you demand more to keep up with your life style.

    those low wage positions are the problem with the economy. you are running out of customers.

    corporate and farm welfare. food stamps for immigrants. foreign aid. your two wars. the never ending tragic comedy of the drug war. home land security. why do you sheep always refuse to discuss those gop welfare programs. are you benefiting from them.

    out of the current 16 trillion dollar debt, about 13 trillion can be laid at the feet of the gop and their policy’s. which neither you or the other sheep ever complain about.

    the gop is slowly fading away. thanks to folks like you.

    • DaveH

      richard says — “those low wage positions are the problem with the economy. you are running out of customers”.
      Before you can buy anything, first it must be produced. With fewer dollars that go in productivity-enhancing capital goods because they are diverted to Government meddling, we get fewer products that are produced. As fewer products are produced, the fewer products outstanding increase in value (therefore price).
      Read this, richard, and think about it:

  • John Hasse

    Yes but. (It seems like there is always a ‘but’). We didn’t have the option of voting for Ron Paul. I voted libertarian, but I didn’t really expect them to win, and otherwise there really was no choice. it was ‘big government’ on the one hand, and ‘big government’ on the other. In short, we are toast.

  • Steve E

    This country is doomed. Thinking that is can be fixed is like believing Romney was going to be elected because good can win over evil so quickly. Well, evil won. And people are not going to change. You can’t fix stupid, and you can’t wish it away like you tried to wish Obama away with Romney. The voters in this country chose which side they are on.

    • John

      I agree. When Lord Rothschild selects both candidates he wins, and the American people lose. Our only hope is for “quantitative easing 3….add infinitum” to collapse the economy through inflation. Watch for riots in the big cities as the welfare people will no longer be able to buy their crack cocaine, crystal meth, marijuana, food, and alcohol. As an aside, this is why the powers that be want our guns. Riots can get really nasty when the populace is armed. When they are docile obedient sheep it is easy for Lord Rothschild to reach his goals.

      • The Christian American

        Bring up Click to the part about the Federal Reserve, It’s five 3 minute parts but well worth reading.

      • DaveH
    • http://midcontent brand inspector

      The only thing the idoits who voted for socialist/marxist pukes of the demorat party, is when they have plenty of pain, when like picking through fecal material and the re isn’t any Pierrer bottled water to wash it down. These regulations and dreamed up restraints that are coming at everyone at 90 a day, 24/7 and idoit pea brains keep bowing to the desytruction of the USA.

  • Tony Newbill

    Baltic Dry Index Signals Renewed Market Collapse …. whats the Dow Jones Really valuing ????

    • momo

      Company profits, but here’s the real problem:

      • Tony Newbill

        momo listen to this video at 1:45 forward it says we have been eating more food than we produce as a world for the past 6 years , so private sector growth would be stalled in the private credit lending if you were a banker looking at your long term debt lending as a Convertibility asset knowing starvation was Imminent , this is why there is no private sector long term lending any more ,

  • The Christian American

    It’s always informative to read about what’s going on but that only stirs emotions and causes people to react. Lets get down to the real problem which very few will touch. It’s simply this. The Colonist went to God with their plight. God saw them and worked with them through their prayers and helped them to build the foundation of America, the “In God we trust” country. Of course Satan was there with his wiles. but American’s rejected his persuasion, pretty much until the 20th century. There were times when American’s listened to Satan but probably the 60′s was the first major break between God and American’s. While God was still the people’s God they had built up a wealth never heard of before. Then that wealth began shrink, and shrink and shrink away, till now. Now America is bankrupt, financially and morally. Out of ignorance or Bush’s dumbing down of America if you are looking for an excuse, the people are still looking to build a utopia and at the same time carry on as they were. I know, politicians sell their dreams and we turn to them as Republicrat saviors. Does anyone stop to think: Politicians are in this rat race for themselves. Are they offering to give anything of themselves, or are they stuffing their pockets with all the loot they can get? If you have a good one, do not let him go. One man, Ron Paul offered to give of himself to America and he was rejected. Instead we picked between a tweedle dee and a teedle dum. Personally, I still think of myself as an employer of the people in government, not a serf to them, thanking them for a little share of the loot they have “legally” stolen. Want to see AMERICA return to what it once was? Repent to God, put some of his, not ours, servants in charge, purge the district of criminals and be prepared to make the necessary sacrifices. We might not have an easy road but our chidren will love us for it. I’m probably dreaming of that utopia but this isn’t. John 3:16 and other verses that tell us what to expect if we will surrender to God. Worked for the Founders.

    • http://midcontent brand inspector

      It wasn’t just dumbing down of Bush’s it is the dumbing down done by teachers unions and the removal of real learning, that was put in place by the socialist/marxist democrats. Starting with the constant embrace of any type of perverted personal behavior by the parties (leaders) wheather whoring, drug usage and dealing, not paying their taxes, or just loving anything abhorant to normal standrads. As for trying to use religion, Onumnutts was a maddrass educated loon, (read his books) and his mentor Rev Wrong sure embraced the pedophile rug rubbing worshipping, and black radical mind set sure isn’t a Christian mindset. Another icon of the socialist/commun ist, Willy Clinton, was to go to curch and keep his cigars at a proper humidity level, with his personal walk around humador, while on a call from the Oval Office.

    • DaveH
    • Charlie

      Christian American? ,,,
      You have failed to print out the Scriptures for becoming a True Christian , per The Book…
      All Scriptures harmonize with some other Scriptures,,,One CANNOT become a Christian with just one Scripture… BUT,,to simplify Salvation process I push Acts 2:38,,,because,,,IF
      ??? there is only one Scripture that IS IT!!!………..
      One ,MUST repent to become a Christian………. Acts 2:38…………

      One MUST be Baptized in The Name of Jesus……. Acts 2:38……….
      The water of baptism represents The Blood of King Jesus Christ… One MUST be washed in The Blood of King Jesus Christ… Which King Jesus Christ Himself , pointed out at John
      Peter said at 1 Peter 3:21 “baptism now saves you”… Peter also spoke Acts 2:38……
      Without the above Scriptures known and understood and accomplished,,,ONE IS NOT A TRUE CHRISTIAN…Because of Matthew 16:19 , spoken by King Jesus Christ……………

      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

      BASIC PRINCIPAL OF SCRIPTURE READING : One scripture does not delete another scripture …ALL scripture harmonizes IN CONTEXTS…

      Charlie Freedom

      • The Christian American

        To be a Christian one must repent of his sins to God, recognize Christ as his Savior, and then start to live a righteous life. You might never of read a word of the bible but doing those things but you will be saved. Asking God for the wisdom to understand what you did helps to.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear The Christian American,

          You write: “To be a Christian one must repent of his sins to God, recognize Christ as his Savior, and then start to live a righteous life.” You left out a most important and necessary step. See Mark 16:16, Acts 2:38 & 41, Acts 8:12 & 13, Acts 8:36 & 38, et al.

          Best wishes,

  • alicia

    “Lesson No. 1: They’ll be paying the interest on this debt 50 years from now, and they won’t even get a car in the bargain.”

    If your predictions about the future are as good as the presidential race, then we have nothing to worry about.

    “Lesson No. 2: so now he owes them? It sounds like Romney hit the nail on the head. Obama’s voters did indeed vote for the candidate they thought would provide them with the most freebies (bailouts, free contraception, entitlements) and handouts.

    We voted for the best man, the one we had confidence that could lead this world better and safer. The only ones getting free entitlements are the very poor and VERY RICH.

    “Lesson No. 3: Detroit will re-bounce, no thanks to the republicans, and that is my prediction.

    President Obama is the President of The United States of America, get used to it. Work together to make this country, better then it is NOW!

    • DaveH

      Alicia says — “If your predictions about the future are as good as the presidential race, then we have nothing to worry about”.
      Current National Debt — $16.3 Trillion. To put that in perspective we have about 315 million citizens in the US. So dividing $16.3 Trillion by 315 million we get $51,746 per citizen. Since the average family size is 3.1 persons, the average family is on the hook for $160,412. And that debt doesn’t even count the Unfunded Future Liabilities. And the National Debt is growing by over $1 Trillion each year.
      What our your proposals, Alicia, to solve that problem?

    • The Christian American

      This election was the predators vs. the producers, to some extent, and the predators won. Romney had sold his soul to the Zionist. He’d of let American blood flow for the Zionist cause. He threw fighting words at Russia that undoubtedly would of got us into a war, possibly preempted by the Russians and Chinese.

  • Joe V

    I live in the Detroit area. The city has been mismanaged for 40 plus years! To infer that Detroit’s plight has anything to do with Obama borders on idiotic!

    • Bill

      Evidently, you must have gone through their public education system because you don’t seem to have reading comrpehension (Ya, I know – my spelling is crap)

    • The Christian American

      Economics 101. You can’t consume more than you produce. Detroit attests to that. It’s city Locust wouldn’t even bother with.

  • Chester

    Why is it that all these people who keep on saying America is doomed, grab your goodies and go keep on peddling all their line and making millions off the scare they put into other people. I have seen several of these bloggers such as Mr. Root advertising off this site for stuff to survive the “inevitable meltdown” instead of trying to do something about it. Think they might know a LOT they aren’t telling you, such as the only meltdown they are counting on is of the money in YOUR pocket as it passes through the air to their bank accounts? I do know that a lot of them are doing their level best to see to it what they keep prophesying comes to pass rather than working to prevent it.

    • Elton Robb

      I’m not sure that trying to prevent it is the best course of action. The best course of Action is to turn to God and work hard to make his Kingdom a reality. However, since we are rife with people not wanting to do anything with Him, it’s much better to let them succeed in establishing their New World Order.

    • DaveH

      What are you saying, Chester? Are you saying that Wayne should drop his own personal pursuits to wipe your fanny because you don’t want to put in the effort to take care of yourself?
      We’re lucky that Wayne even bothers to try to educate us (even though he isn’t necessarily correct all the time). Most rich people would not bother trying to help you.

  • Wayne Allyn Root

    This is Wayne Allyn Root, the author of this video and article. In case some of the leftist trolls commenting here don’t get it, I did not blame Detroit on Obama…I blamed it on decades of rule by one party-Democrats, who all have had the exact agenda as Obama. You need to actually read these commentaries before attacking!

    There little difference between what Obama wants…and his socialist plan…versus every other Democrat for the past 50 years…from McGovern to Humphrey to Mondale to Dukakis…to Detroit’s Mayor Coleman…to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. All the same road to destruction involving unions, lawyers, the welfare state, and redistribution of wealth.

    And Detroit is justy one example. Use Chicago, Cleveland, Washington DC, almost any big city. All have massive debt, massive percentages of population living on entitlements like welfare, food stamps, and free meals at school. They all have strict gun control, yet highest murder rates in nation. What do they all have in common? 100% Democrat rule by politicians who think exactly like Obama.

    The story is best exemplified by Detroit. But it is found all across SA. Anywhere Democrats have 100% control, you have economic disaster, children with no fathers, abortions on demand, no one is able to step outside their home at night without fearing for their life, innocent children shot and killed every day by gang warfare, drugs sold on every corner. Why is that?

    Every see ANY of that in Republican conservative suburbs filled with educated God fearing people who love their country, respect law and order, and refuse to ever take handouts?

    The model is there for all to see.

    Is it perfect? Is the GOP perfect? Far from it. Mitt Romney was way way way too pro big government for me. Way too nice to Obama. Way to willing to compromise on issues. Not willing to call Obama a socialist and prove why on national TV. Boehner is a weak-willed jack-a–s who couldn’t negotiate his way out of a paper bag.

    And GOP has been way too willing to grow government, allow welfare state to grow, give $100,000 pensions to far too many government employees. Far too anxious to go to war in places we had no reason to go…spend far too much money on the defense industry/military industrial complex.

    And if you think I’m pro big corporations, you’re not listening to my commentaries. But guess what? Let me enlighten liberals. You’re beloved Democrats love big corporations too. Everything Obama does…every law he passes helps the richest CEO’s…the richest trust fund babies…the biggest corporations…and of course the poor and the unions. Who is left out? The Middle Class and small business. We are sacrificed at the alter. Obama’s plan is to wipe out the middle class and upper middle class. We all live in “shared misery”…except the ultra rich and big corporations…because he needs their money and cooperation to destroy capitalism. And they’ll gladly go along with it to increase their power and profits.

    Your Democrats hate the middle class, upper middle class, and small business. Obama was and is biggest beneficiary of campaign cash from banks, Wall Street, AIG, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. His fingers were in every pot of big business. And every law he’s passed from Obamacare to Dodd Frank screwed over middle class and small business…while rewarding big business. Obamacare is best thing to ever happen to giant multi-national health insurance companies.

    Wake up.

    • Elton Robb

      They’ll wake up when the government takes their money at gun point and say, “Hi. you voted for us doing this, now hand it over.”

    • matforce

      That’s not my perspective, and I voted GOP for 30 years until lately; here’s why.

      To me, decent paying middle class jobs is the key to our solvency and sustainability! The massive jobs exodus, begun in the 60s with our garment, shoe and textile industries, then in the 70s with our toys, audio, TVs, etc., provided an offshoring model shared in board rooms and business conferences across America, and perfected by the 90s and the introduction of the FTAs that allowing our manufacturing sector to be offsored with the blessing of our legislature (liabilities incurred in setting up manufacturing facilities on foreign soil was actually subsidized with $BILLIONS/yr. of tax dollars), and these cheap products were imported, tariff-free, to soak the USA and fleece an increasingly unemployed/underemployed middle class consumer with less and less disposable income, and coincidentally, less and less taxable revenue, all to provide larger profit margins for the top, the bi-product of which has enabled China to draw even with the mighty USA in just 10 years (China joined the WTO in 2001). The USA has gone from steady trade surpluses before 1975 to trade deficits that have averaged at least $600 Billion/yr over the last 10 years.

      That, plus the great wage disparity that has occured over the past 30 years has consolidated wealth at the top like we haven’t seen since the days of the Robber Barons of the Guilded Age a century ago. Maybe you think that there’s something wrong with a USA that promotes all of its citizens’ prosperity, but I don’t; it’s smart business. A middle class with disposable income will bolster retail sales and crank up the economy (that is if this increased production actually increased demand for production done in our USA factories and thus,place paychecks into USA workers like it used to do.) Even so, during the past 30 years real output in the business sector grew by 140% (admittedly, some of this increase was due to automation, etc.). Real compensation per hour, however (includes wages, benefits, pensions, and health insurance), increased by only 38% for the middle class worker.

      Post WWII, 1947-1979 America shared equally in the increase in output. During those years the increase that the bottom 20% received was 116%, the top 20% got an increase of 99%, and the middle quintiles increased somewhere within that range.

      Then the world flipped! From 1980 to 2007 the rich took practically all the increase in income. Over those decades, the poor received only a 15% increase and the middle three quintiles got a 25% increase, while the top 20% got a 95% increase and the top 1% received a raise of close to 300%, and they were compensated fabulously before that (Paul Heise, Ph.D. Economics).

      Tax policies that favor the top is another matter that has consolidated weath at the top and elevated investment money to “untouchable” status (see marginal rates of the Eisenhower and Kennedy era). That combined with trade policies have put us in a real bind. To me the key is for the USA to return the vitality of the middle class consumer market, “demand side” because suppy side, trickle down hasn’t worked.

      Plus, the middle class contributes to the national treasury (revenue) right off of their paycheck through a payroll tax. By gutting the middle class and depriving it from decent paying jobs by employing a cheap labor force on foreign soil, I hypothesize, you kill the goose that laid the golden egg. The wealthy that have remained super solvent in this 30 year trend of wealth consolidation at the top, have too many methods of hiding their wealth and keep it from being taxed (research “Top Ten Ways the Rich Escape Taxation), including parking it in offshore accounts. Is it any wonder why the debt is snowballing? The combination of a decimated, underemployed/unemployed middle class, and a privileged upper class that has been provided a myriad of means to hide their fabulous wealth, makes no sense anymore. To ask the privileged to put their shoulder to the wheel and chip in with this national crisis has been propagandized by some as “class warfare.” Disgusting!

      Republicans complain about the 35% corporate tax being the highest in the world, but have you looked into all the “corporate welfare” available to our “multinationals” that have taken tax subsidies to offset the cost of setting up shop offshore ($Hundreds of BILLIONS/yr. by some estimates. Examples: GE’s profits exceed $14 BILLION, but submit 24,000 pages of exemptions written by a team of ex-IRS employees, and pay zero taxes, then there’s Exxon/Mobile, etc.) then park their vast profits in offshore accounts with impunity to escape contributing anything in taxation to their nation of origin. See the fate Bill S3816, it speaks volumes.

      Click on the following USA treasury record of national debt. It shows the accumulation of debt in the national treasury.

      During the last half of the 20th Century (1950s-2000) debt accelerated a in the $Billions (a few years in the 1950s there were actually surpluses). Then after the 60s it grew by the $tens of Billions. But after 1980, the advent of supply side economics, it grew by $100s of Billions/yr. Then during the Clinton years, when he raised taxes, it slowed to the $10s of Billions again.

      But once the FTA’s were introduced (actually it took a few years after their introduction), deficits reached the $100s of Billions from then on. Here’s my point: The increases in debt from 2001, when China joined the WTO, reached over $500 Billion/yr. from then on out and have not diminished. Google trade deficits: (over $600 BILLION avg. in trade deficits over the past 10 years).

      I have come to the realization after voting GOP for 30 years that they will use deceptions kind of like kicking the hornets’ nest of social issues including but not limited to: reproductive rights, Evangelical Christians, gun rights, homosexuality, color, sable rattling, and a myriad of alleged “personal freedoms,” a type of fear mongering and the use of practiced, well-worn cries of panic and outrage to divert their base’s attention from the fact that their first and only true love is to the top, who are using their influence $$$ in our legislature to turn America the Beautiful, land of opportunity, into a mere Plutocracy. They have pitted us, one against another with this fear mongering, fanning the flames of our worst human instincts, inciting divisions along party lines, socio-economic lines, and racial lines to keep their base’s attention diverted from the fact that they serve only the top. When this can no longer be denied, the GOP will be in big trouble with the electorate, because they will feel used like yesterday’s newspaper and “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” or an electorate that realizes they’ve been used to craft their own demise.

      • DaveH

        You really want to help our country, matforce?
        We are in this mess because the Progressives (both NeoCons and Liberals) have propagandized the citizens to believe that Big Government is the solution to our problems when in fact it is Big Government that is creating our problems as they feather their own nests and those of their Crony Capitalists at the rest of our expense. It’s critical that people learn the difference between Crony Capitalism and Real Capitalism. Start here to learn that difference:

      • DaveH

        Here is a description of Capitalism by the master economist Ludwig Von Mises:

    • Lyndia

      You have made some very valid points…the problem is that people believe in “their party” and whatever that party tells them is the way they vote. The major portion of these people are republicans or democrats because their parents/grandparents were one or the other and therefore the generations continue that tradition rather then take the time to study what they are actually voting for! I do not belong to any party; my Mom taught us to study the candidates and the pros & cons of each and ignore the party. Over the years, that has proven to be 99% the most accurate way to determine the individual most likely to do the best job for this country!
      It takes a considerable amount of time to study & do comparisons on the candidates and far easier to just vote a party ticket but in the end I have a clear conscience when I cast my vote, whether is goes toward a democrat or a republican doesn’t matter; sometimes my candidates win/sometimes they lose but most often when they lose, the country loses as well.
      When I researched Obama, I found him to be a very frightening individual because there were far too many “blanks” that could not be filled in which caused me to believe he was & is a complete fraud; a puppet who is being led bythose who have carefully groomed him over the years. Those who are backing him will be the downfall of our middle class and the end of our country as we know it!!

      • DaveH

        You should research Gary Johnson, Lyndia. And please go a little deeper than the Propagandists’ postings who fear Gary because he will deprive them of their Government guaranteed advantages over the rest of us.

    • matforce

      The Military Industrial Complex that helped win WWII, converted easily into the manufacturing dynamo that employed our retrurning GIs and a growing population that benefitted from their fore-fathers’ fight (labor Unions) during the Guilded Age against the Robber Barons for a decent working wage that ushered in the most dynamic consumer market this world has ever seen. That, coupled with a rebuilding world that desired/needed the goods that our industries were pumping out, and the race propelled by the cold war, helped bring the USA to the top as the worlds largest economy.

      But Big Bad Government was on the side of the commoner back then in ways you don’t see today. For instance; The Employment Act of 1946 recognized the vital role of a prosperous middle class. The three stated goals of that bill were maximized employment, production, and purchase power through a decent middle class wage. Another example was during the Korean War, when the Military Industrial Complex was cranking up again, and CEOs in that Industrial sector, found themselves awash in profits, and would have claimed the lion’s share in pay hikes and bonuses until the Big Bad Govt. stepped in and deemed that the increase was due to national events (a War), and had nothing to do with the sagacity of their executive team, so it decreed that the CEOs spread the wealth to their workers, against their will.

      Another Plutocratic trend that I find alarming is marginal tax rates and the lack of tax policies with built-in incentives to steer USA capital toward investments that actually benefit the nation. For example: in the 50s and 60s when marginal rates on our wealthy were over 90%, to get a tax break, our wealthy INVESTED their fabulous wealth in the USA; namely, USA stocks, USA bonds, USA corporations, USA Parks, USA Research & Development, NASA, philanthropy, etc. In other words, they invested in their nation.

      Then in 1980, Reagan reduced marginal rates from 71% to 28% (who knows better how to create wealth than the wealthy? Give ‘em a break up front, watch ”em go, and call it “Supply Side” economics). By that time the offshoring model begun in the 60s, which was the precursor to the FTAs of the 90s saw our jobs leave for Mexico. But in 2001, when Red China joined the WTO, even our jobs in Mexico left for China (today their avg. wage is $1.36/hr.) and in just 18 years our “Industrial Belt” of the Mid-west has become the “Rust Belt” and China has drawn even with the mighty USA, thanks to yankee ingenuity and technical know-how that we either gave them or they have hacked in and stolen. Either way, these cheap products roll up on our shores in Maersk freighters capable of a payload of 2.2 million train car sized “containers” full of this cheap crap to fleece the declining middle class and line the pockets of our “multinationals.”

      And after 18 years, the best game on the street is no longer USA investments, but the China derivatives realized by banking on the returns of the sweatshops abroad. To compete with these large short-term returns enjoyed by CEOs and “multinational corporations’ stock holders, our businesses that remain in the USA are cutting costs to the bone, exerting downward pressure on wages on workers here to compete, and/or spining off whole departments, or liquidating them to the highest bidder to maximize their stocks returns with no concern for long term solvency and longevity. Our very pensions, 401Ks, and Insurance investments brokered by our Hedge Fund Managers on the market, are now dependent of these returns that keep our financial house of cards from building a stronger foundation. So our only real hope for a sustainable return to the days of glory, namely a prosperous middle class with a decent pay, is the casualty in our pursuit of protecting the wealthy and the continuation of zero variance from the course that is sending us into insolvency.

      That’s how I see it.

      • DaveH
      • DaveH

        Robber Barons? This one will cost you (at least a trip to the library) but isn’t a little knowledge worth the effort?

      • matforce

        Dave, I must confess that I will probably not read those books. I am currently reading a book that my son and I chose to read and correspond about when we get a chance to chat on the phone (Moby Dick by Herman Melville).

        Capitalism, as I understand it, has attractive qualities based on principles of private property, where private enterprises owned by private citizens on private land, purchase resources and labor to produce a product that is entered into the free market driven by supply and demand and the competition for this market share is what drives innovation, the need for R&D, and education to perpetuate an advantage.

        I may be out of my depth here, but pure capitalists, who are more like existentialists, in that they have no moral moorings about the plight of the populous amongst whom they reside other than a dog eat dog, winner takes all, Ayn Randian approach which breeds disdain for their underlings who have had any advantage leveraged from them so the haves have more and the have nots have less. The spoils go to the quick and the rest are dead. In my view, a balance must be struck between the power and the powerless, to avoid a capitulation into a feudalistic society where those without advantage receive no opportunity to move up in this dynamic. Call me a socialist, but I love the USA that our working class predicessors fought for, and some died for, that granted the working class the opportunity to work in exchange for ownership and even a shot at using their talents and skills to work their way up through a system based on equal opportunity for all citizens. That’s the USA I grew up in. That is the USA I believe is now in jeopardy.

      • DaveH

        matforce says — “I may be out of my depth here, but pure capitalists, who are more like existentialists, in that they have no moral moorings about the plight of the populous amongst whom they reside other than a dog eat dog”.
        You ARE out of your depth, matforce. But you could change that simply by reading the books that I linked to. Dog eat Dog requires Force. And Government is the only source of “legitimate” Force in our country. Real Capitalism is voluntary people making voluntary trades with sound money of choice and strict property rights. Without Force, Socialism could not exist because nobody moral would voluntarily sign up for it. I say “moral” because the heart of Socialism is the taking of other peoples’ property — Theft that is.
        I would recommend that you do yourself and your son a huge favor by putting down Moby Dick and instead reading “The Case for Legalizing Capitalism”.

      • matforce

        Dave, I have read DiLorenzo’s treatment on 3rd world labor. Speaking as a USA commoner, and citizen concerned with the preservation of our middle class lifestyle for my son and daughter, I couldn’t disagree with his thrust more. If his altruistic concern for the plight of the unfortunate people of these 3rd world nations was his actual concern, I wouldn’t hold this man in such contempt. But after reading this article, I caught a whiff of a true Plutocrat in sheep’s clothes, feigning concern for the exploited, with a steady eye on the profit margin for the “globalist” or ‘multinationalist” who would kick the middle class USA worker to the curb for a larger profit share, but turn around and fully expect those he’s betrayed to purchase these goods that have put him in the unemployment lines. These are the same USA workers who are now experiencing the downward pressure on their wages, a pressure that does nothing to sustain the lifestyle (mortgage payments, electric bills, car bills, food expenses, college expenses, etc.) that has become an integral part of living the American Dream.

        It is no wonder that the Labor Unions are the target of the right, since it is the right that walks and thinks in lockstep with this move toward Plutocracy that would forward the advancement of the top on the backs of the dwindling middle class and poor. Sorry, Dave, we will not see eye to eye on this one. Further, unless you are one of the Plutocrats I have come to associate with the undoing of America the Beautiful, and whom I have developed a great distaste for, then you must be one of those I have referred to in one of my previous posts who’ve been tricked into promoting your own demise through your support of your mortal enemy. If you are truly a member of the middle class, I cannot understand how it is that you cannot see and understand that this downward pressure on our wages to compete with sweatshops ($1.36/hr. avg. wage) for jobs will be our undoing.

        Although we disagree, I do appreciate the opportunity to share ideas with you, nevertheless!

      • DaveH

        What can multinational corporations force you to do without the complicity of Big Government, matforce? And if they don’t have Big Government, which the Socialists help put in place, giving them special privilege, please explain to me how they can take advantage of you?
        It sounds to me like you’re a typical Socialist follower who operates on emotion rather than logic.
        I have the hardest time understanding how you Socialists can whine about what the Big Bad Corporations are doing to you, but then turn around and hire Big Government to Force your way on other people, in this case Business Owners. How do you rationalize that you are any better than the phantoms you despise?

      • DaveH

        And if you don’t think businesses pay a fair wage, then why don’t you get together with your like-minded buds and start your own business. Show us how it’s done — The Moral way, instead of trying to MatForce your way on other people?

      • DaveH

        And do you even know what a Plutocracy is, Matforce? Government by the Wealthy. If you knew anything at all about Thomas DiLorenzo you would know that he believes Government should be kept out of the Marketplace. The only way companies can take advantage of people is by getting special privileges from Government. So if Government is kept out of the Marketplace, explain to me how those companies could benefit?
        You are just a heavily Propagandized dupe, matforce.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        I was not going to comment any more tonight. I’m reading a great book titled The Famine Plot—-a history of how the British plutocracy of the 1840′s starved a million Irish to death in the name of capitalism and “free markets”. Doubt that Dave can find a mises “source” to deal with that one.

        After reading Wayne’s whining and thrashing at 9:39 AM and reading matforce’s comments and DaveH’s replies, however, I feel I must throw a few thoughts out here.

        Matforce makes comments at 11:06 AM, 11:47 AM, and 6:33 PM. They are insightful and well thought out, and make reference to facts and data that are well-known to all educated people. MATFORCE SPEAKS TRUTH to all of us, and I compliment him for taking the time to put these thoughts together for us. I agree with ALL that he has said in this string 100%.

        DaveH, of course, wouldn’t know how to respond to intelligent and reasoned argument if his life depended on it, so what does he do?—-he gives us a string of 4 or 5 references!!! Lord love a duck, Dave! You are SO tiresome!!

        And matforce, in a weak moment (perhaps brought on by too much reading of Dave’s inanities), actually says something like he “appreciates the opportunity to share ideas” with Dave. Let me remind you, matforce, that “sharing ideas” is NOT something that happens with Dave. Dave is a shill, a propagandist that has very few original ideas, and he will either be stuck dumb by any real truths you lay on him, or call you his trite string of names because you have wounded him by exposing his ignorance. The only thing any thinking person should thank Dave for is staying off a particular thread so that the rest of us can engage in intelligent dialogue..

        Note that Dave recovers a bit after throwing some references out there as a smoke screen so that he can lick his wounds. He then starts in with the same smug and mindless “talk” that we always see him use to boost his ego and reassure himself that he actually knows something and he matters to the world.

        I refer to the final few of DaveH’s comments in the string—-the ones he piles one on top of the other in just a few minutes as he frantically tries to say something, ANYTHING, to restore his self-image.

        DaveH says: December 20, 2012 at 11:27 pm
        “It sounds to me like you’re a typical Socialist follower who operates on emotion rather than logic”.
        “I have the hardest time understanding how you Socialists can whine about…..”

        This comes from someone who is the biggest whiner (as evidenced by all the name-calling he does) on PLD, bar none. Yes, Dave, all your shenanigans with “sources” and name calling is just whining and evasive cry-baby behavior. You can’t stand up to me and you can’t stand up to matforce and others so you do what you do instead. And “emotional” rather than “logical”? Lord love a duck again, Dave! matforce and I and the other thinkers on this site who so intimidate you are the logical ones, your response is emotional—-write that on your hand like your sweetie Sarah P so you won’t forget it.

        DaveH says: December 20, 2012 at 11:30 pm
        “Show us how it’s done — The Moral way, instead of trying to MatForce your way on other people?”
        Yes, matforce, this is sound if contradictory advice from the one who “Daveforces” himself EVERYWHERE ON THE PLD SITE—-do as he says, not as he does..

        DaveH says: December 20, 2012 at 11:35 pm
        “And do you even know what a Plutocracy is, Matforce?”
        “You are just a heavily Propagandized dupe, matforce”.

        And now Dave approaches outright cockiness and arrogance as he speaks so condescendingly to you—-he has talked himself into a state of boldness. Read those last comments of his out loud to yourself while looking in a mirror and holding your nose, matforce—-put a little “snark” into your words—-pretend you’re Dave as he tells us all “how it is”. I guarantee it will crack you up.

        And please let me answer one of Dave’s more brilliant rejoinders for you.

        Dave asks, “So if Government is kept out of the Marketplace, explain to me how those companies could benefit?”
        That’s easy, Dave, Without government oversight, they would be able to “benefit” by going completely out of control as they seek to privatize their gain and socialize the costs. Just as they did not long ago—-remember Goldman-Sachs? Nothing would stand in the way of the free market and the plutocracy, the corporate oligarchy, and the corporate shareholders. They would be able to greedily amass even more wealth at the expense of the 99%. Go back and read what matforce has said—-really read it—-go to the Who Rules America website and find some truths there that mises doesn’t even know exist.

    • DaveH

      Thank you for your service, Wayne.

  • JON

    10 Terrifying Facts About Guns In The U.S.

    FACT #1: 31.5 Americans are killed with guns every day.

    FACT #2: 46,000 Americans will be killed with guns during President Obama’s second term in office — unles Washington acts.

    FACT #1: 31.5 Americans are killed with guns every day.

    FACT #2:46,000 Americans will be killed with guns during President Obama’s second term in office — unless Washington acts.

    FACT #3: Due to a legal loophole, approximately 40% of all U.S. guns are sold through private sellers who aren’t required to conduct a federal background check.

    FACT #4: In an undercover investigation of online gun sales, 62% of private gun sellers on the Internet agreed to sell a firearm to buyers who said they probably couldn’t pass a background check.

    FACT #5: A national survey of inmates found that nearly 80% of those who used a handgun in a crime acquired it from an unlicensed secondary-market seller.

    FACT #6: The federal penalty for trafficking guns without brandishing or discharging them is the same as the penalty for trafficking livestock.

    FACT #7: There have been 61 mass shootings in the U.S. since 1982. The killer used a legally obtained weapon in 49 of them.

    FACT #8: Among 23 high-income countries, the U.S. accounted for 80% of all firearm deaths.

    FACT #9: The firearm homicide rate in the U.S. is 19.5 times higher than in other high-income countries.

    FACT #10: 82% of gun owners (including 74% of NRA members) support requiring criminal background checks for anyone purchasing a gun


    Kenneth D. Kochanek, Jiaquan Xu, Sherry L. Murphy, Arialdi M. Minino, and Hsiang-Ching Kung. “Deaths: Final Data for 2009.” National Vital Statistics Reports. Dec. 19, 2011.

    Christpher S. Koper. “Crime Gun Risk Factors: Buyer, Seller, Firearm, and Transaction Characteristics Associated with Gun Trafficking and Criminal Gun Use.” Jerry Lee Center of Criminology, University of Pennsylvania. 2007.

    “Point, Click, Fire: An Investigation Of Illegal Online Gun Sales.” City of New York. December 2011.

    Caroline Wolf Harlow. “Firearm Use by Offenders.” U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics. November 2001.

    Sam Stein. “Gun Owners Surveyed By Frank Luntz Express Broad Support For Gun Control Policies.” The Huffington Post. Jul. 24, 2012.

    U.S. Code, Title 18, Section 924(c)

    U.S. Code, Title 18, Section 2316

    Ezra Klein. “Twelve Facts About Guns and Mass Shootings in the United States.” The Washington Post. Dec. 14, 2012.

    Erin G. Richardson and David Hemenway. “Homicide, Suicide, and Unintentional Firearm Fatality: Comparing the United States With Other High Income Countries, 2003.” The Journal of Trauma, Injury, Infection and Critical Care. January 2011.

    • Andy

      Jon, thanks for sharing all your favorite anti gun propaganda and non sensical BS.

      • deerinwater

        Propaganda is usually considered disinformation. ~ If you find any disinformation in JON posting please be kind enough to point it out for the rest of us to review Andy.

      • eddie47d

        Still waiting Andy!

    • Paul Wells

      You left out one:
      #11: Not one gun hopped off the shelf, loaded itself, went into a crowd, and started firing! So, when you logically evaluate the FACTS, people kill people, not guns! But continue on with your illogic, if it pleases you. Smart (and logical, thinking) people will not buy what your emotions are selling!

    • DaveH

      JON says:
      “FACT #1: 31.5 Americans are killed with guns every day”.
      In 1991 24,700 people were murdered in the US. That number has been steadily dropping since then.
      In 2011 14,612 people were murdered in the US. That’s a 40% decrease in murders since 1991.
      In 1991 17 states had Concealed Carry Shall Issue Laws or Unrestricted Concealed Carry Laws. That number has been steadily increasing since then.
      In 2011 there were 41 states that either had Concealed Carry Shall Issue Laws or Unrestricted Concealed Carry Laws.

      • eddie47d

        That’s very true that Americans are killed everyday with guns but Dave H makes a lame attempt to dispute that. Oh yes! The king of spin!.

    • DaveH

      JON says — “FACT #2: 46,000 Americans will be killed with guns during President Obama’s second term in office — unles Washington acts”.
      Murders will increase as their victims become known to be helpless:

      “Earlier this year in Colorado, James Holmes specifically bypassed closer theaters — where guns were allowed — to target the particular theater in Aurora where guns are prohibited.
      Like Holmes, several shooters in recent years have targeted gun free zones where their potential victims were disarmed by law: Columbine High School (1999), Virginia Tech (2007), and even Fort Hood (2009)”.

      • DaveH

        Does JON really care about the victims?
        Probably not, because if he did he wouldn’t insist on their being disarmed and helpless against Unlawful thugs.

    • DaveH

      JON says — “FACT #3: Due to a legal loophole, approximately 40% of all U.S. guns are sold through private sellers who aren’t required to conduct a federal background check”.
      Killers are breaking the law. To expect them to obey gun laws, when they aren’t afraid to break the highest law of the land, is just plain naive.
      Another fact — Big Government has been complicit in the murders of over 100,000 Iraqis since US military involvement just in Iraq. Has Big Government made any effort to disarm themselves?

    • DaveH

      JON says — “FACT #7: There have been 61 mass shootings in the U.S. since 1982. The killer used a legally obtained weapon in 49 of them”.
      The total number of murdered victims in those mass shootings was less than 1,000 over a 30 year period. That’s about 33 murders a year over that period.
      And many of those were committed in Gun Free zones where the shooters were relatively sure to be unopposed. The latest one was wearing a bullet-proof vest but then, rather than go out in a blaze of glory shoot-out with the cops, he killed himself? Anybody smell a red-herring there?
      Compare that number of murders to the number of murders that happened in the US in just in one year (2011) — 14,612. And that number is down 40% from 1991.

      • JeffH

        Dave, have you seen the latest connection between the Newton school shooter and the Aurora theater shooter?

        Two mass shootings connected to LIBOR.
        The father of alleged Connecticut school shooter Adam Lanza, Peter Lanza, was the tax director for General Electric, a corporation that paid -0- taxes on 14.2 billion dollars in profits last year. According to Fabian4Liberty, Peter Lanza was scheduled to testify in the ongoing global LIBOR scandal.

        In what could only be described an amazing coincidence, the father of Colorado Batman shooter James Holmes, Robert Holmes, was also a LIBOR witness in his position with FICO. According to the link at FICO, Robert Holmes was a ‘Fraud Scientist’.

      • JeffH

        continued…Both men were to testify before the US Senate in the ongoing LIBOR scandal. The London Interbank Offered Rate, known as Libor, is the average interest rate at which banks can borrow from each other. 16 international banks(Central Banks) have been implicated in this ongoing scandal, accused of rigging contracts worth trillions of dollars. HSBC has already been fined $1.9 billion and three of their low level traders arrested.

      • eddie47d

        Yes we’ve heard that propaganda swill Jeff H. The parents of the shooters were paid handsomely to kill lots of kids and adults. LOL! You righties can dig up manure all day long but it won’t make you smell any better. HSBC Bank also had to pay a $1.9 billion fine in that Libor fiasco. That was before the Newtown slayings so it was hardly done “to take the heat off” as one commentor said last week . (I believe it was Saturday)

      • JeffH

        I should have prefaced my post with: I haven’t vetted this information as to whether it is or is not an internet rumor.

    • DaveH

      JON says — “FACT #8: Among 23 high-income countries, the U.S. accounted for 80% of all firearm deaths”.
      Fact? More like Liberal Progressive Equivocation. Does it really matter if you’re killed with a gun or a knife or a necktie or whatever other method the killer can muster?
      Why don’t the Liberal Progressives be honest and compare the number of total murders instead of limiting it to “firearm deaths”? Of course the answer to that is that the Progressive Leaders want to disarm us for their own safety. The murders they commit around the world should be enough to convince any rational people that they don’t really give a rat’s ass about the rest of us.
      But back to “firearms deaths”:
      For instance in the matter of Russia which has had stringent gun controls for many decades:
      “The false assertion that the U.S. has the industrialized world’s highest murder rate is an artifact of politically motivated Soviet minimization of true Russian homicide rates since at least 1965. As of many years before that date Russia had extremely stringent gun controls which were effectuated by a police state apparatus providing for extremely stringent enforcement. So successful was that regime that few Russian civilians have firearms and very few murders involve them.
      Yet manifest success in keeping its people disarmed has not prevented Russia from having far and away the highest murder rate in the developed world. In the 1960s and early ‘70s, gunless Russia’s murder rates paralleled (generally exceeded) those of gun-ridden America. As American rates first stabilized and then steeply declined, Russian murder increased so drastically that by the early 1990s the Russian rate was three times higher than the U.S. As of 1998-2004 (the latest figure available for Russia) Russian murder rates were nearly four times higher than American. Much higher murder rates than the U.S. ever had also characterize the Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and various other now-independent European parts of the former U.S.S.R. Thus in the U.S., the former Soviet Union, and current-day Russia, homicide results suggest that where guns are scarce other weapons are substituted in killings”.


    • DaveH

      JON says — “FACT #10: 82% of gun owners (including 74% of NRA members) support requiring criminal background checks for anyone purchasing a gun”.
      Don’t know about that but, if true, it just shows the effectiveness of Government Propaganda. The truth is that they will use any excuse they can to get their foot in the door towards our eventual disarmament.

      • eddie47d

        That number has been around for several years and I heard it back in 1999. Sometimes it goes down to 75% so why are you so surprised.

    • DaveH

      We’ve listened to JON’s Liberal Gun-Grabbing talking points. Now let’s listen to what Gunowners of America has to say:

      • eddie47d

        Oh yes good ‘ol Larry Pratt and his GOA. Oh yes, Dudley Brown too! I gave up on them a long time ago in their extreme views. They were out there picketing the Columbine funerals. Lousy jerks and too extreme to be considered a reliable resource.

    • metroman

      Jon, what part of …”the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” don’t you understand? Oh, I forgot that’s part of the Bill of Rights from an old document that seems to be getting ignored. Gun confiscation was the main cause of the Revolutionary War. The Revolution started at Lexington and Concord when the British troops were sent there to confiscated American’s firearms and gunpowder.

      Read your history. America was not always here, it took a revolution to create the only FREE people that would govern them-self’s in modern history and has managed to survive for over 200+ years. The 2nd Amendment is not about deer hunting!

      Fact: DHS recently purchase one billion four hundred million hollow point rounds of ammunition. That’s right I said a BILLION! Gee, I wonder why? It is against the Geneva Convention for the military to use them in war and they are not used in target practice, to expensive.

      FACT: Suicide is now the leading cause of violate death in the county and also the leading cause of military deaths, not war unless you call it the war of the mind. The gun is the instrument of choice. Some use pills other use drugs and many times the ones they are prescribed.

      FACT: All the recent public shootings had one other comment element other then a gun. They were all on mind control drugs. All had something to do with a movie or video game. One was in a mind control program administered by a U.S. Air Force Doctor. Try searching MKULTRA for an update.

      You know what they say; figures don’t lie but liars figure.


      • JON

        I stated facts. I didn’t say anything about taking guns away from responsible gun owners.

    • ibcamn

      yo,Jonny boy…fact #2 isn’t quit a fact!all those people (give or take) will die,that’s a fact!..but you’re comment on unless Washington does something,is in itself NOT a fact!it is rather an opinion YOU have!correct?i mean unless you know something the rest of us don’t!?!.what if it’s a state or city or a small town or even a person who starts or say’s or does something that figures it out and then Obama’s out of office and something finally can get done about the amount of deaths due to other people who used a weapon of choice or convenience?

    • Lyndia

      The problem is not with the guns; they are non-thinking metal…they cannot kill without the human mind directing it and pulling the trigger. Gun control takes the guns away from the responsible people and puts more of them into the hands of those who are mentally unstable. Allowing the government to spend all that money on gun control rather then using it to help those mentally unstable would do more to drastically cut down the senseless killings of the innocent than putting guns under the control of the government!
      It is afterall, the government that has caused the increased numbers of mentally unstable people to be turned loose without the help they need when they return from each war for all of these years!
      You might want to check out the number of killings in this country that have been carried out by veterans who were unable to get help with their mental problems (PTSD). The US government did very little to help veterans until the past few years, & still have not done enough with hundreds of thousands out on the streets. Many of them commit suicide, either by putting a gun to their heads or by drugs/alcohol. The government may not have “pulled the trigger” but they are responsible for turning their backs on all of them. Many of their families grew up hurt & ashamed and ended up with mental problems themselves with no help for them either from the government either.
      Our government needs to give the help to the people of this country that will prevent the majority of the senseless killings in this country. The government would not have take the guns from the honest citizens. If the government takes the guns, those that want them will still get them and the honest citizens will not be able to protect themselves. Look at Mexico and South America if you don’t believe me!!
      People need to start thinking for themselves rather having their thinking done by any party and stop being one of their robots!!

    • ibcamn

      yo,jonny dipstick,..factoids #8 and #9 are the same stat just figured and worded differant!…ahh liberal’s,it must make you feel better if you think you have soooo many fact’s(actualy the same ones over and over usualy)but in a progressives mind…….

      • JON

        I stated facts. I presented the sources. I said nothing about taking guns away from responsible gun owners. I also stated it without the use of insults and name calling. What it your excuse?

    • Benjamin Fox

      Jon, fact over 2.5 million people saved their lives last year by owning a gun. fact Hitler disarmed the citizens before he could become a dictator. The same in the Phillipines with their dictator. John Adams say “A armed man is a citizen, a unarmed man is a slave. When ever evil does something wrong, we hear about it for weeks but, never hear about those who saved themselves or families from harm with a weapon. fact, in China a man stabbed 20 students and 1 adult with a knife, is knife control next and if so, why not cars that kill more people then any? I will not be a plantation slave on the marxist left wing plantation. I would rather die free then live in slavery and this old Marine can still fight. I fought for freedom, not slavery. People kill people not guns. Strange most shooting are carried out in gun free zones, do you know why? Easy, no body to shoot back and when you removed God from the public square and the schools evil moves right in the take Gods place, so you people who love slavery come and get my weapon.

  • Roumiana

    Mr.Wayne,Detroit is a model of a future Democratic America?OMG! Go ahead! The road is without EXIT!!!!!!!!!

  • michael mcdaniel sr (@michaelmcdani19)

    check out the californiacationation on the west coast for a similar situation. even its super-rich are leaving and moving to (or buying up) montana, wyoming, colorado, etc. although i do feel sorry for those places as well because the hollyweird a.h. will just mess up those states like they did california.

  • Robert hart

    You hit the nail onthe head. If you give money away it becomes worthless just like our affirmative action commander and thief. Money is no longer a reflection of labor and product. Obama is purposely destroying our dollar to usher in a new world bank currency. Obama is a traitor of the worst kind. He certainly is not qualified to run America. God help us!

  • Sandra Lee Smith

    Dems, libs, unions, all TOOLS of the real enemy, a group that’s been pulling the strings and deciding who may or may not show up on our ballots, for DECADES; in fact LONG before Detroit folded. They are the REASON it folded, yes, but they were USED to cause it to do so; just as they’re being USED to destroy America as a whole! Until we KNOW who our enemy truly IS, and what their agenda is, we can’t effectually FIGHT that enemy, as any good military leader will tell us. So look BEHIND the unions, the Dems, the Libs, even behind the CFR, Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission and UN, and SEE the true enemy of America: the Jesuits, whose SOLE purpose for existing is to get the Pope on a throne in Jerusalem to rule the world by destroying the Protestant Reformation {BASIS of America’s founding documents}, and the Jews, so by extension, the US also. Call me crazy, if you will, but LOOK for yourselves; the evidence IS there!

    • Karolyn

      OK, I’ll call you crazy!

      • DaveH

        Such negativity.

        • Tony Newbill

          listen to the video at 1:45 this is whats driving the global economic collapse .

          This is really behind the Rhetoric Obama is saying when he criticizes the Capitalist system not working opening the door for a Government controlled economic system

      • Karolyn

        Lighten up, Dave! Merry Christmas!

      • eddie47d

        They’re all crazy as a fox Karolyn.I think Dave H is leading the hound dog pack! LOL! Merry Christmas to you!

    • Benjamin Fox

      Sandra Lee Smith, well said friend. The only thing I might disagree with is the pope thing, I believe he will be the false prophet while the anti-christ will be secular and a son or friend of satan. I believe he is alive and well on planet earth and will rule from the UN which is a new age org. They will worship this man as God but he will only last for 7 years and then the Prince of Peace will come and rule from Jerusalem. All those who don’t know Christ will fall for this false messiah. Is there anyone who has the type of ego mentioned in scriptures? Yes he is the leader of a major would power and has a ego bigger then the Grand Canyon. Some even call him the messiah. Any guesses? God Bless, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    • Charlie

      Sandra,,, Since ,there are 3 different definitions for the word “Jew” in The Bible,,,which definition are you using ? Meanwhile………..
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

  • Tom

    The Dems continue to swallow what is given to them…at least have the courtesy to give Obama a reach around!

  • HKaufman

    America will still have a xmas in spite of this article. The Author of this article can spend the holidays, in fact ALL THE HOLIDAYS, trying to figure out how the house of budget maladaption will pursue its next not surprise antics….Now fly me droogies but watchout for flying houses. First little piggy built his house out of mud, the second little piggy built his house out of straw, someone shot the third piggy because he used his head and built his house of brick, so the moral of this seems to be worry about the house of budget maladaption, thats a job for posting this news 5 days before xmas..

    • Bill

      Please translate

      • Charlie

        Utter, heathenistic hog wash… Merry Christmas to All… Meanwhile………..
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…
        King Jesus,,,the reason for the Season…………..

        Charlie Freedom

    • Benjamin Fox

      HKaufman no such thing as Xmas, X means dead and those who have joy at Christmas know their living Savior who put satan to shame and made a open show of him at His resurrection. You can’t fight Him, satan can’t fight Him this entire world can’t fight Him but, if you try? You lose as does satan every time.

  • John

    Very good comparison with what we face at the national level .. not sure if I should clap for the insight or cry about the possibility

  • ibcamn

    If the great and all powerful Obama bought the election this time around,acording to the numbers didn’t he do it in foodstamps?we all know he got overseas money through small contrabutions via the internet(thousands of donations at just small enough amounts as to not arouse suspition)god forbid you count any of that money,or the millions George Sorouse donated to him(via all his companies[over 350 of them] and just straight out of his pocket)and from Hollywood people!yikes,do you think Obama will still send love letters to clooney and the rest of the suckers he used to get his way?hell he even pimped out his wife for his election,and she liked it!long live the FOOD STAMP KING!{and queen}

    • Benjamin Fox

      ibcamn your right but you left out the dead that voted for him, the illegals that voted for him and those who voted twice or three times since they didn’t need a ID. Strange those on food stamps need a ID. To drive you need a ID card, to have a bank account you need a ID but, elections are a hardship to get a ID card? In Mexico you need a picture voter ID card and have to prove you were born in Mexico to get this ID. If you move to Mexico, you can’t own property, can’t vote or have everything illegals have here in the U.S. God Bless Friend, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year:

  • Liberty Lover

    Outstanding article, Wayne, one of your best! Keep up the good work. Wish I could believe your words could have a meaningful impact in the foreseeable future, but things are going to have to get so much worse before a mis-educated but chastened public is willing to try liberty as a cure for what ails us.

  • blogengeezer

    Interesting that the ‘Progressive’ Liberal Left (Vast Majority of which are of the Democrat Party) voters have Not solved, nay made far worse, the ‘tax and spend’ legacy for which Dems are historically famous. Rather blame it on previous mismanagement, of which they were intensely complicit. I noted with prediction, the new solution ‘they’ now present, to solve the ‘fiscal cliff’. A ‘measured’ rate of INFLATION. Now that is predictable revelation. Who ever thought that Inflation is the Only way to repay debt with printed fiat US dollars worth far less than when the dollar amount was borrowed. The ghost of Jimmy Carter Past, returns to haunt the taxPayers and productive consumers of the USA. Perpetually Dependency Addicted Zimbabwe in it’s UN approved ‘Social justice’, fairness and equality (administered by death to over a million, ‘subjects’) now has a Trillion ($) note. The US debt can be repaid quickly with that type inflation. Of course given the formula for determining ‘wealth’, Any productive taxPayers will son All be considered wealthy, by that time.. Now we wait …and watch, as the ‘house of cards’ begins to wobble due to the ‘architect’s inexperienced hands, approach to ‘stack the final ‘unsustainable’ levels.

  • Charlie

    Bottom line is,,, King Jesus and His Law Book has ALL the answers to America’s sins …
    Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

    Charlie Freedom

  • ibcamn

    now what if someone were to say you still have a certain”element”living in Detroit that was sucking the city even faster and dryer than just the law abiding people of that town?most of them sell drugs,rape people,kill people,sell people,steal everything that aint nailed down,illegally gamble,carjack Detroit’s fine automobiles,kidnap it’s citizen’s just to name a few!and NONE of these people pay taxes,unemployment,medical,,etc,but yet they sit back and collect unemployment or collect food stamps and welfare or workman’s comp. and get grant’s or loan’s they never pay back or credit card debt that goes unpaid or even stolen cards that buy luxeries that will never get paid for{in cash}and not to mention stolen cars that insurance agensies have to pay out on!stolen cars don’t regularaly get gas put in them and if they do it’s from a stolen credit card and thats just to get to a liquor store to rob or to a dept store to shoplift stuff!then you get to the cars they use for breaking and entering and the tools they stole to B&E closed stores while a security guard sleeps because he don’t give a crap about the job or the place he’s guarding!and don’t get me started on city official’s on the take because 150,000 to 250,000$ a year salory,they just can’t live on{taxes you know}and city employee’s can’t live on 55,000 to 80,000$ a year{cost of living in Detroit is too high because of crime!wow,that’s just the tip of the iceburg!so now this element cost’s taxpayer’s money,that they don’t have, because of all this stuff going on.and when this element get’s caught,it cost’s the tax payer money also!boy the law abiding tax payer just keep’s getting it up the wazzoo!(and this is California too)no wonder the law abiding citizen want’s out of Detroit(and taxpaying companies)and out of the entire state of Mich. for that matter.Detroit people and it’s element has only themselves to blame!and who is this element?who’s gonna say it and what are the sayer’s gonna be demonized as for saying it?that’s why nothing get’s done……….dam progressives………..being P.C. and all!…what? what did you think i was gonna say???? yep you’re right

  • Lyndia

    The title to this “Obama’s Country” is totally wrong….people need to wake up and realize that the United States of America is the citizens’ (ALL OF US) country and stand for it before we completely lose all of our rights!!

    • eddie47d

      That would be the same under Bush,Eisenhower,Clinton or any other President Lyndia.

      • Benjamin Fox

        eddie teddy 47 ways to be a commie, more Propaganda from the marxist:

  • Charles Roden

    Several comments:
    1. How many remember the Henry J? It could be had with 4 or 6 cylinders and even with an overdrive and would easily get 40=50 mpg, I know because I owned one. It was forced off the market by unions, hiway experts, and government “safety experts”
    2. How about the Renautl? The same seanrio plus tax collectors, and the list goes on.
    3. I recall the steel workers forcing plants in Gary into bankruptcy then into court to keep them from shutting down.
    4. A private metal recycling plant in Wisc. that proved to be paying and proviiding superior benefits than the unions was shut down becauuse Wisc was a Uioion State. So what, the union lost out but won the argument.
    5. A RR worker in Hammond, In shot to death while walking home from his shift ( 12 midnight) because he did not want to sttike.

    You can readily see, if one cares to open ones’ eyes, he may see the wide disparity of the arguments pro and con and the same disparity of the “obvious solutions and results” to the problems. Very few folks care to look beyond the tip of thier nasal hairs, and obama and his supporters, and the GOPers tend to be the same sort. Everyone is seeking power and those who gain it stive to maintain at the total, and unforgiving cost. to those who have lost it.

    • The Christian American

      Yup! the Henry J invented by Henry J Kaiser, the aluminum magnate. He also developed the Kaiser and Frazier cars. The union predators predicted his demise in the car business.

  • Mimi Dick

    Obama isn’t the only president who is a socialist—communist—-Marxist—-liberal progressive but he is by far the most dangerous because he is also a Muslim. He was a Muslim when he lived with his mother in Indonesia and the punishment for disavowing Islam is death! He said he he converted to Christanity but look at who’s church he went to.
    Rev. Wright is about as far left as one can get and how he can call himself a Christian is beyond me. Obama wants to destroy this country so they can have their New One World Order which means the Muslims taking over the world. He has said that your energy costs will “necessarily skyrocket” and that meant gasoline too. He wants the unions to control the workplace so it will be easier to control the private sector. The unions are outdated!
    They started for a good reason but they learned that once you get control of that much money corruption will soon follow and it did. Obama wants “green” everything because there are BILLIONS of dollars to be made by him, his cronies, plus poor Al Gore!
    He wants gas so high that we will be forced to buy his unwanted green cars.
    There have been 36 “green companies” that have gone bankrupt in the last 4 yrs. so what does that say about his plans! If we let him he will ruin our country!
    We must not let him do it!

    • The Christian American

      Your right. our cancer was developed by many politicians. To name a few “notables” Franklin Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Harry Truman, the Bush’s, Lyndon Johnson etc. Obama’s just the one that will bring it to a head.

    • JON

      Your words are only a reflection of your perception, fear and paranoia that is residing in your heart and mind. Most of what you stated has little truth to it.

    • DaveH

      There was never a good reason for Unions. That is purely propaganda put forth by Socialists who wanted to take more from their employers than they were worth.

  • Larry

    Mr Root – good article as usual. May I make one suggestion though? Get yourself a wireless microphone to use on your camcorder. That would eliminate the hollow sounding audio and the echo chamber effect on your videos and would increase the production quality tremendously. Keep up the good work sir.

  • johnc811

    Every one knows that Detroit or all that is left of it is a burned out hulk and has been declining for decades, the tax base left that is the people who actually worked and paid taxes. You don’t do anything in Detroit there is no business there you have to leave the city and go to the suburbs to find stores, any stores that remain either charge exorbitant prices to make up for the rampant shop lifting or just moved out. I have been to Detroit it looks like Harlem in NYC stores boarded up. Cars on the streets half torn down and up on blocks (probably stolen) If your car just happened to break down there no point going back to look for it you will just find and empty hulk everything of value stripped out of it, So call a tow truck and stay with it till you are safely out of the city. This is the Detroit I saw

  • JON

    One failed attempt at a shoe bomb and we all take off our shoes at the airport.
    Thirty-one school shootings since Columbine and no change in our regulation of guns.

    • Charlie

      JON,,, Read The Real Law Book,,, King Jesus Made a “Rule” for His Men , take your money bag and one weapon to defend all with,,,see Luke 22:36 for that “Order” from The
      mouth of King Jesus Christ… Does the state god have jurisdiction over King Jesus and /or His People??? Meanwhile……………….
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

      Charlie Freedom

  • Lyndia


    I agree with you and should it have been any other president, I would have said the same thing….The USA belongs to all of it’s citizens, not just the president. The title just happened to contain Obama’s name.

  • old hilbill done said it pod

    Can anyone remember “Little Black Sambo?” Was a nursury rhyme that made a point, we’re too perverted to understand. So… he was black, it was funny, and those who paid attention learned something! PC is perverse in all sense of information

    PASS IT ON – I DID::::

    “Can’t disagree with the assessment. We’re looking at smoke & missing the fire. SSI-med avg. $43,500 wage deposits are $555/mo & total $306,153 over 46 years 18 to 65. If SSI pays 13 years $1235 from 65-78 its &197,660 payback – $113,493 down the latrine without any interest.

    If gov invested the money capital instead of “consuming it” at 5% that fund would have generated $1.6 million in deposits and interest over the 46 years of input and 13 of payback! Looks like of the $1,6 million that should be there $1.4 of it disappeared. Think – Communism… nothing left & capitalism $1.6 million & all one needs demand is honesty and ethics regardless of who administers your pension, private or public!
    Roll back the CPI index against constant purchasing power $555 (today?) deposits over the past 46 years & the purchasing power of currency & zero interest 85% of the money and purchasing power vanished
    However our treasonous officials slipped up & shout – it takes 2.8 workers to pay one current benefit – meaning nothing in the trust funds except Bernanke, Geitner, their money & bond printing presses, and a lot of rat terds! Fully funded @ 310million of us (minimally would be eventually if we don’t stop it) is $1.4 QUADRILLION!!!! & quarter funded $351 trillion
    Madoff is in jail for over 100 years for infinitely lesser crimes – nothing enough to enslave the whole country! The key words are trust fund, trustee, fiduciary, oaths of office, and equal justice. Everyone who speaks with forked tongue is culpable! Down here, we send governors to the pen for just snitching a few pocket tokens. They are held to the same laws as Madoff & so are the government auditors & accountants! They are paid protectors and they’re stealing our wealth and compromising out security!
    Less that 2% is required on an annuity basis for $1,235. Let them explain why it doesn’t & see how big a hole they can dig for themselves. Can’t imagine some bastard in a pin stripped suit snitching granny’s $500 check because there isn’t enough to gun run in Syria give food stamps to mexico, and on and on. Maybe if every citizen filed criminal charges on Geitner & Bernanke, then immediately of Holder for running the other way to save them, & let the mushrooms grow!
    Raise hell & pass it on.

    • truesoy

      old hilbill…..

      ….and if government had invested/turned that money from Social Security to the banks for investment as you are suggesting, ther wouldn’t be a Social Security now, for, and as apparently you forgot we had a ‘little thing’ called a financial ‘meltdown’ under the Bush administration that wiped out the banks. So much for the wise men saviours and protectors of our financial heart and soul. Funny though, how the big, bad, and so despised government had to come to their rescue.
      See, the problem with onservatives is that they believe in things they don’t understand, and they continuosly prove it, for they also enjoy the fruits of liberalism while fighting for conservative causes.
      Again, remember 2008 and who came to the rescue.


      • old hilbill done said it pod

        Bet you’re a speed reader – in one eye & ear & out the other end. “…nothing absorbed between can anyone & raise hell”. Do you know what an annuity is, or are you a Harv-awed puppet with a phs in redistribution?
        The SSI-MEDS go to the US treasury, where they are literally given away – consumed – not invested in anything except a note (debt instrument) that replaces it! On the other end of that sewer, you’ll find the same global monopolist banking pyramids borrowing those near-for –free to invest in their name at significantly higher rates of return… in China, etc. Don’t believe in collusion – just compromise – look the words up! China has a thriving economy, resource income, jobs, technology, & enough strength to blow us away… as a result. So, run the numbers instead of the mouth, & “splain” why 310 million citizens fully funded SSI-MED potential @$555/mo working lifetime capital investment spread over total lifetimes payout doesn’t exist ($1,4 QUADRILLION!)? According to sheep in high places who feed the wolves… it takes 2.8 workers to pay one lousy benefit ($1235/mo) out of general taxation, not specific dedicated SSI-MED… Which @ 2.8, gets the number to $4 Quads! Lot’s of real capital out there, but it’s all going to China – only an idiot would give their money for someone to invest in consumption… So you work for the government & some poor soul has to feed you, so you can give your union thug handlers money to keep your nemesis fat & happy!
        Government has the power to protect your savings – they’re in charge. The buck begins and ends there! Prosecute top down & life will change for the middle class and especially the poor! The laws & precedence needed exist in the private sector – Don’t need anything newly corrupted to make it work! ENFORCE THEM & STOP BELIEVING IN COMMUNISM! – re-read the numbers & better yet, ask some who can add 2&2 to tell you what it means!

  • Don

    Ok, so people think Obama owes them for electing him..he does. And it’s time that elected officials worked for the people. Our choices were: elect Obama, or elect Romney, who made it clear he was beholden to big money interests. We’ve all seen what beholden to big money interests has done since Ronald Reagan: trickle down economics doesn’t work. Republican plan doesn’t work…unless you’re a corporation or member of the 1%. I’m not, so I didn’t.

  • renata

    I couldn’t of said it better. As a Detroiter, you are being to kind if you ask me! You forgot the controlling Muslims on top of it who have taken over Dearborn, next to Detroit. Another Bomb zone! You get what you vote for and that should say it all with who is running everything!

  • nickkin

    Wayne…excellent article of truth….I grew up in Detroit and had a few close calls…family had a business there but as the dems were running the city , the writing was on the wall. I do wonder though, of how many of those big pensioners from detroit, stayed in detroit to give back to the city after their hard working years ?? It’s to bad that they didn’t reqiure them to come back to detroit on a monthly basis, to obtain their booty pension in person!

  • Curious George

    i stop by here every so often to see what the Lunatic Fringe is saying; never anything new. Unions=bad, Libbbbrullllls=bad, Obama=’Muslim’=bad, etc. etc. etc. Never anything of substance, never any facts, just raging paranoia. Great comedy relief, though.

    • Charlie

      Curious George,,, Well ,,, give us some “solutions”,,, is The Bible a Real Law Book???
      Are you part of the problem or part of the solutions… Meanwhile…………..
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

      Charlie Freedom

      • Curious George

        Yes, the Bible is a ‘real’ law book–for Bronze Age tribes who lived in the Eastern Mediterranean region. It contains wisdom and some interesting mythology, and its most valuable ‘law’ can be found in both Old & New Testaments: ‘Do not do unto others what thou wouldst not have done unto thee.’

        Solutions? They’ve been proposed ad infinitum, only to be denigrated by mental midgets.

    • Charlie

      Curious George,,,thanks for your answer, no answer, The Devil has you under his control at this point in time ,,,you are useless to yourself and America,,,but,,,with The Leadership of King Jesus Christ and obedience to His Orders , you can be a “Victor” along with many of Us, True Christians per Acts 2:38………..Meanwhile………..
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

      Charlie Freedom

  • SJJolly

    The sky is falling!
    It’s an Obama plot, again!
    Subscribe to the Liberty Lobby for further details!

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    The Sky is Falling!

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      The Eagle has landed… Right in the Chicken Soup!


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