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Obamacare’s Generation Of Slaves

February 13, 2013 by  

Obamacare’s Generation Of Slaves

Did some of America’s liberals just wake up from a four-year coma?

Throughout the 2012 election cycle, conservatives complained that the online “social news organization” BuzzFeed served a propaganda arm for the campaign to re-elect President Barack Obama. But in recent days, the youthful news organization has published story after story explaining how the Obama Administration has been and is poised to continue “screwing” its base and young Americans.

In a piece published to the website early this week, BuzzFeed staff writer Ben Smith admonishes that the unConstitutional healthcare package the President designed ultimately will be most expensive for young Americans.

From the article:

State and federal officials and the health-care industry are currently preparing to implement two specific ObamaCare provisions taking effect on Jan. 1, 2014, acting on this politically perverse principle of shifting resources from your supporters to your opponents. The first is the individual mandate, which aims to force the young, childless, and healthy — “Young Invincibles,” as they are said to think of themselves — to buy health insurance, even if they think (and even perhaps make a rational, if risky, bet) that they don’t need it.

The second is a lesser-known policy to limit the practices of charging different premiums to different ages, known as age-rating. Many states currently set a limit on this difference, often mandating that an old person shouldn’t pay a premium more than five times a younger person’s, even if she’s expected to use more than five times as much health care. The ObamaCare provision kicking in next Jan. 1 would reduce that ratio to three-to-one, essentially limiting what the elderly pay in part by forcing young people to carry a larger share of the total cost of national health care.

Though Smith may have been too blinded by the prospect of “hope” and “change” to realize it, it has not been a grand secret that Obama’s healthcare initiative costs young people while lining the pockets of the Nation’s older Americans and insurance companies. That would explain why the AARP (which Smith branded the “implacable lobby for retired people”) so championed the healthcare overhaul.

The President and fellow Democrats have lauded the ability of American youth struggling to gain healthcare benefits through employment to stay on their parents’ healthcare plans longer as a key strength of the plan. But a recent study of healthcare changes coming in 2014 from the American Action Forum notes that, in reality, Americans under the age of 27 that do have to purchase insurance under the Obama plan will see their healthcare costs triple.

The study estimates young, healthy people will be hit with insurance premium hikes nearing 169 percent, while older and sicker Americans will enjoy a 22 percent decrease in premiums because of healthcare vouchers under the system of mandatory insurance.

Some people might suggest the bottom line is that the Obama Administration has managed to put into place the machinations to enslave a whole generation of Americans. And those who will be enslaved are the very people who enabled the Administration’s rise to power.

The Washington Post’s Ezra Klein attempted to soften the message of Smith’s article in a rebuttal bearing the headline “Don’t worry, kids. Obamacare is a good deal.” Klein writes:

Universal health-care systems in general, and Obamacare in particular, move money from the rich to the poor. The program fully subsidizes insurance for anyone making less than 133 percent of the poverty line and partially subsidizes it up until about 300 percent of the poverty line. On the other side, Obamacare pays for itself in part by taxing the rich. Both parts of the bill effectively redistribute from older Americans to younger ones.

So at a time when youth unemployment is hovering around 13.1 percent, the Presidential healthcare overhaul is going to slam young Americans with high healthcare premiums on top of crippling college debt and in spite of little positive economic outlook. But, worry not, pundits of Klein’s vein say; because on the whole, Obamacare will redistribute money from rich to poor by paying for itself with high taxes on high earners.

For anyone keeping score, it appears that Smith is winning the argument. Not only are young Americans going to get screwed in the beginning with high mandatory healthcare costs, but they will also get screwed in the long run when they mature and themselves become high earners who are subject to the high taxes that pay for Obamacare.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Robert Smith

    The Corporation just changed insurance carriers. Doctors I’ve been seeing for years aren’t “in plan” and I can’t afford them on my own. With universal health care that would not occur.

    Not being able to choose your doctor is already a fact and has been for decades.


    • Combat seabee

      You’re correct, because there won’t be any doctors. They are retiring, giving up their practices and hey, no plans to add more doctors in oblowhole’s coup de etat. But 20 million more people are added at what expense? iT’S ONLY THE BEGINNING, AND IT’S ABOUT TO GET WORSE!

      • Combat seabee

        Sorry, didn’t see the caps lock come on! Wasn’t shouting!

      • http://Arkybill.cominprogress Bill Henry

        Don’t worry about the caps Seabee, it is something that needs shouting.
        Regards, Bill CPO/Retired.

      • independent thinker

        Combat seabee caps lock is only a problem when you use it for your entire post like a couple of those posting here do. It is however OK to use for emphasis of a word or short phrase.

      • Dennis

        Shout all you want, just like you i’m mad as HELL over what the chickin $h1t government is allowing this POS to away with, he is distroying America.
        Look up The U N Agenda 21, it’s all part of the plan.

    • rendarsmith

      Yeah, so we all should pay for you because you dropped out of school and/or picked a crappy job. It’s all our fault, not yours. That’s right Robert.

      Keep feeeling sorry for yourself and begging the government for handouts. That’s its purpose right? To spoonfeed bums like you?

      • GALT

        Dear “future victim”,

        Know your enemy……. ( comprehension is critical )

        “To conquer, first DIVIDE!” ( and then HANG separately, one “willfully ignorant,
        functional illiterate” at a time. )

      • Dennis

        To GALT,
        Just goes to show, Democrats and Republician are all corrupt, the USPS should fight this bill again, man they are so f#$%^%ing dirty.

      • GALT

        What was and is amazing about this bill, is how after being passed, it was
        not not immediately challenged in court……and thrown out as unconstitutional.

        There is not a single entity government or private that could meet that
        expectation and in most cases, pensions that are defined benefit, have largely
        disappeared, replaced by defined contribution plans, which are largely 401K
        contributions which consist of company stock, provided to the employee…..

        Not exactly a secure future……….

      • Warrior

        Hmmm, looks like the “bulk mailer’s” aren’t paying their “fair share”. Hey, before you know it the evil republicrats may go after “forced busing”. Yikes! Then scrool lunch programs! Gadzooks! “Mass Transit”? Stop! How in the world are the “under-educated masses” going to be “made” productive?

      • GALT

        Besides demonstrating your continued “willfull ignorance and functional illiteracy”,


        Did you actually comprehend anything of what is being required of the “post office”?

        Are you going to defend the requirement that the USPS, pension plan be
        funded for the next 75 years as being reasonable????????

        Of course, you really have no idea what you were responding to……and you
        never do…….amazing what seeing four uppercase letters can produce
        in terms of mindless pavlovian response……and with such eagerness too!!!!

        • pweiters9

          2/14/13, Forget the Post Office. With time, we all have to learn new things, such as the computer. Gone are the days when you settled into an occupation, climbed the ranks & retired in 30 or 40 years. Today every occupation is temporary; do your best while you can, for tomorrow, next week, next year’s guaranteed to no one. This bum in the WH isn’t making things any better, you know. So learn how to transact business online; the PO will eventually reach a tipping point where it will cease to operate.

    • Morgan


    • Benjamin Fox

      I grew up when doctors would take what ever you could afford for his or her services, that all changed after medicare and medicaid where the government stepped in. They couldn’t even run a whore house in Nevada that they took over for taxes, now all those poor hookers are looking to make a living? Want to destroy something, let the government run it. When I drove a taxi most fares from the airport were from Canada where they would have died before they got the care they needed to live. I’ve read obozo-care and has many things in it that don’t have anything to do with health care and yes there are death panels in it and aimed at the elderly, if dead they save money that was invested to give us a life after retirement, not a hand out, we paid for it by working and paying taxes which a demo-rat president found away to steal our money and then tell us they are taking care of us, wake up America, obozo care is a control not better care.

    • pweiters9

      2/13/13, Observe people’s teeth in the UK; whenever you watch BBC, or any British venue. The reason many of them look like “Snagglepuss” is the British Health Service cannot recruit enough dentists. It won’t pay them enough.

  • Buck

    Perhaps many more people will now come AWAKE, and demand to see the bills(s) before they are passed, so they can READ them 1st, before they are lead down a path of deceit & lies by those in power in Wa-DC, who truly care for no one but themselves and their own interest.
    And I’m referring to both parties here. It’s way beyond the point and time that we need to “throw the bums out!”

  • ed shrodes

    this is one idiotic country. i was born in 1955 and all my life this was a country of plenty and you could literally do or be anything you wanted. now look at this mess. we let less than1000 politicians divide us, bankrupt us and conquor us. we are now their slaves. look at how easy it was. every man ,woman, and child owes over a $100,000.00 and you get nothing for your money. now how stupid is that.

  • empty pockets

    Funny how reality just seems to jump up and bite you in the butt with those “unintended consequences”, huh? Think those young people who bought into the “hope and change” feces have learned a lesson? Will they ask “HOPE–for what?” ‘CHANGE—to what?’ Nah. Too many decades of public “education” teaching them WHAT to think instead of HOW to think.

  • Scotpond

    Why does the conversation stop with the statement that we will have a doctor shortage? I’m mad as hell that the medical schools are not increasing the enrollment a to meet future needs. That they take in foreign students to fill slots. They have the bucks to pay in full, and then we send them home. And why Aren’t we opening up to more Physician assistant and nurse practitioner students ? Also, Medicsre should Stop funding the hospitals for training the GREEDY MEDICAL STUDENTS who turn up their nose at Family Practice as their specialty because they want the BMW and vacation homes they can afford as a specialist.

  • Chester

    Scotpond, for some small part you are right about why family practice is getting short shrift. A bigger reason is the fact that these young men and women would like to be able to pay off their student loans in time to be able to take a cruise or two before it is time for them to retire. They have to go a little deeper in the hole to get that specialty rating, but they can draw enough more on the outside to pay off the extra, plus all the rest, in less than twenty years without having to live in a slum to make ends meet.

  • Rennie

    The sheeple are waking up!

  • Steve E

    I live off the grid so I guess that Obamacare will bypass me, since they don’t know I exist.

    • norml14u

      Oh? Obama’s cybertroopers just might have found you.

    • Wellarmed

      As well as I, but please do not let that convince you that the Government does not know that you still exist. Thank you for taking responsibility for your energy requirements as I view it as no different than bearing arms. It is just as much a responsibility as a right for one who wishes to remain a Free Man.

      Based on the statements that I have made on Mr. Livingstons forum I am certain that a gun registration requirement would be rendered a moot point, nor do I care as they are free to come and take them at any point they so desire.

      Obama Care had nothing to do with access to medical care and everything to do with control. 26,000 pages that no one read in it’s entirety who signed it into law. They are the ones that should be issued warrants for their arrest as committing acts of treason against those laws they have sworn to uphold and defend against all enemies foreign and domestic.

      They should be sent to GTBC for their blatant disregard for theirs Oaths of Office, and should be subject to deportation to what ever country we could find willing to take their Sorry A&%%S after they have served a sentence that We The People have deemed appropriate and fitting for their crimes against our Nation.

      Please do not make the mistake in believing that those in the Republican Party are not just as Culpable as their Candidate for President was the one who first created the frame work and implemented Obama Care in his state (MA) at the suggestion of the Heritage Foundation.

      Please do not use selective memory as this is not a DemoRAT or RepubliCANT issue, but rather a display of the corruption that extends to both parties that pretend to have the best interest of the American People at heart. It is not a nightmare that we are in, as that can only occur when one is asleep and we happen to be witnessing the destruction of our country with our eyes wide open, and merely pretending that all is well when the evidence suggests otherwise.

  • Terry Bateman

    It will be interesting to see the results of Obamacare in 2014,2015,2016 for the
    affordability and quality of healthcare in the United States and the political future
    of the Democratic Party. I think not one Republican voted for Obamacare, but I
    am not sure. I do know that the future of the Democratic Party hangs on the
    results of Mr. Obama’s signature presidential legacy: Obamacare.

    The future may not be so bad for Republicans after all.

  • ibcamn

    And the younger people call us old and stupid!we saw it and fought it while they sat back and voted for the worst president ever,in history!your preaching to the choir man!that is why i have explained things to my children and friends to make sure they knew what was in store for them.i think maybe some parents missed that memo on child rearing!talk to your kids,and treat them like adults on adult topics,but that has fallen short.and plus some parents let their children attend liberal collage and that’s just as bad!
    Even if their children did not listen,at least you tried!
    This is how a country falls,ignorance and bliss of the sheeple!

  • s c

    Where are eugenics fans and their so-called standards? If they had the courage of their convictions, they’d see no-information voters and inferior ‘beings’ as being one and the same, and they’d have then – and themselves – neutered. To call what we’re seeing as a mere generation of slaves is an understatement.
    Only when the kids of utopians come to see their parents for who and what they are will they do what is necessary. It will probably be too late, but at least they will see where most of America’s problems start [inferior parents, inferior kids, career criminals in Washington and N O leaders available to SOLVE problems.
    It’s enough to make you believe in Mary Poppins. Barf! Neuter your pets, and don’t forget to neuter the slime you send to Washington. Up the rebels!

  • http://yahoo Don

    169% increase for younger insured. triple premium for under 27 yrs old. the dumba__ is out to break everyone in the country with his incompetence. who will be able to afford what is forced on everyone.

    • tim

      99% of these kids will pay the penalty or as that chickensh!t roberts in the supreme court put it, the tax. You know dam well he was threatened and forced to say the tax and not the penalty was constitutional!!!!!!!! The bill was written as penalty and therefore should have been unconstitutional and should have been forced to be voted on again after it was re-written!!!!!!!

      • GALT
      • Dennis

        To GALT,
        WOW, people this is a must read for all, what an eye opener, Thank you.
        Copy, Paste and send to all you know.
        Thanks again, that is very powerfull imformation

      • Wellarmed

        I cannot agree with you more tim. I was curious if Roberts ( I will no longer use Justice before his name as that title is no longer appropriate ) had been threatened in any way by people in this corrupt administration. There were numerous threats that Obama made verbally towards Roberts in the open air for all to hear. I remember a Judge writing a clarification and sending it to the Administration that simply re-a-firmed that the Judicial Branch of Government was NOT beholden to and separate of the Executive Branch, and merely requested a response from the Obama Administration if they concurred with that understanding.

        Were Roberts children/wife/external family members threatened? After reading his decision it appears to me that that could very well be a possibility, and that should have prompted an investigation to 100% rule out if any attempt had been made to threaten a member of the Judicial Branch in order to uphold this Act as Constitutional.

        Being that our President is more than willing to kill innocent civilians and Americans with his drone strikes, and his gun running scheme to Mexican Drug Cartels, which have led to over 500 Mexican Nationals dead with US hardware as well as two US Border Patrol Agents, does anyone think for one second that he would be incapable of threatening the use of force against a member of the Judicial Branch or his Family?

        Please Think People! You all know dam well as I that it IS an incredible possibility, and if it cannot be ruled out then our system of Government has become so corrupted that any further case for taking this Union between the States as nothing more than a failed marriage is just an act for the children.

        Can our Union be saved? Are we too far gone? Does anyone Give a S^&t? Or should I sell off the remaining items I have, and move to Venezuela with the rest of my family so I will no longer live under the illusion that we are a people who still care enough for the principles of Justice and Freedom for all.

        The Optimist in me says that we can prevail, nut the Realist asks the question at what Cost?

  • Goering, the 380 pound superman

    These equations are going to set up resentments between young and old, healthy and sick. This will further divide the population, who will then demand rectification predicated on cost. Lobbying of government by young will accelerate, and toleration for euthanasia will increase. Desensitization for the same, i.e., murder, has been taking place in the media over the last 30 years. Simply tie the need to a diminshed future, insert solution and Whalla! Problem solved.

  • Thomas

    I don’t want to be “judged” as a part of a “group” for medical coverage, or any other kind, actually. I want to be rated as an individual, based on my own proven history. So if I’m 60 years old, but am outrageously healthy, take lots of supplements, exercise, have the test results of someone half my age, and otherwise don’t really drain the system compared to others in my age group, my rates should reflect that.

    • Dennis

      It has nothing to do with health care, It’s ment to drain the system, an yes they will kill old people, along with the young.
      UN Agenda 21, look irt up

    • Dennis

      O by the way, you know those supplements you take, you better stock pile alot of them, they will be gone when ObamaNOcare takes full effect.

  • alpha-lemming

    Funny how Communism works….. In economics, they transfer money from the makers to the takers….. and now in healthcare it’s the same thing with a virtual transfusion IV bag injecting “health” from the young into the old. “From each to each yadda yadda yadda”.

  • Rayvness

    On the topic of medical schools and students, did you not know that the government subsidizes the schools for EACH foreign student they admit? That’s one of the reasons there are so few U.S. students in the schools. Physicians are closing practices because they can no longer afford to keep them open. If they stay in practice, many will no longer take medicare or medicaid patients due to all the cuts that have been made toward provider reimbursement. As far as the PAs and NPs are concerned, they are affected by the reimbursement issue as well, and since they must have a supervising/collaborating physician listed (in most states), if their doc doesn’t do medicare/medicaid, neither can they. I am a NP and it has affected me personally. Many of us who were already familiar with the socialized medicine plot, er plan, tried to tell people what would happen; but, we were told, “oh, that won’t happen here; that’s not what obamacare is about.”. Well, now we all know. The “death panels”, as it were, are real. Treatment is “awarded” to those who will benefit the most in socialized medicine. And the older you are, the less benefit. I am also a veteran. I still believe in defending the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

    • Wellarmed

      Hello Rayvness, I am glad to hear that your oath to your country did not have an expiration date. I agree with you that the the National Affordible Care Act is any thing but Affordable. This POS legislation was written by the insurance lobbiest, not those that signed it into law. This entire piece of legislation was written behind closed doors for a reason, and as I have said before, that donors to political campaigns wish to have a return on their investment. And by all looks of it they got all they wanted and more.

      I am partly to blame for this POS becoming approved by SCOTUS as Constitutional in that I very poorly cast a vote for the former scumbag President George Bush who in turn appointed Justice Roberts. NEVER AGAIN will I cast a vote for any member of a party with a R in front of it. These people are as corrupt, if not more so criminal than those with a D as their official party designation.

      My wifes father was a former Doctor and he once told me that out of every dollar his practice took in, 50 cents went directly towards liability insurance. I do not care what business you are in, that is not a good business model for one that wishes to stay in business. Most Americans wish to sue at the drop of a hat any doctor that makes even the slightest of error or even a perceived error, and patients must understand that like Corporations if these costs cannot be passed on to the consumer then they will strilke the tent and go else where with their business.

      If I were a Representative of my state I would propose legislation that would allow the option of zero liability ( No ability of the patient to sue ) to any physician in exchange for a process whereby their license could be revoked by ( a jury of their peers ) to practice medicine if they accumulated numerous cases of malpractice that could not be attributed to anything other than human error.

      Doctors do make mistakes as they are human, and that means that patients MUST accept a certain degree of risk when utilizing their services or face the potential of having no doctor what so ever which is now basically the norm for just about all rural areas of our country. No one has done a study to conclude how many people in rural parts of the country die on a regular basis because they are so far removed from medical care. Many doctors would be more than happy to live in a rural setting but without the ability to pool resources with other physicians to reduce their overhead ( liability insurance ) many find it an imposibility to do so without putting thier own families at financial risk.

      Our entire medical system is broken, and the point that I began hearing it referred to as a medical “industry” made me know without a doubt that the damage may be irreversable and far worse than I had ever envisioned. I hope readers do as I and not comply with any provision of Obama Care, lest you agree that not purchasing a product or service is a crime punishable by those that were hired to be servants which are now claiming to be your master.

  • Kratz lLeatherman

    Well, people that many tbought were stupid, right wing extremists, tried to tell the nation that obamacare was bad, but noone wanted to listen. you now have what you voted for. crappier, more expensive healthcare, & less opportunity to make your own choices. welcome to the socialist state.

  • Dennis

    The conversion of America into a Soviet Socialist / Communist State is underway and gaining speed. Do NOT dismiss this. It is serious. Here are their plans:

    Take Control of our Medical system ( Obamacare )
    Gun grabbing
    Millions more illegal aliens
    Extinguishing free-speech
    Unlimited internment of US citizens without cause
    Branding conservatives as terrorists
    Teach our children perversion is normal
    Stripping the wealth that built America, giving it to the world to consume
    Make all private homes government housing
    Make certain foods illegal
    Outlaw gasoline powered vehicles
    Reducing or eliminating Congress
    Making States accountable to the UN
    Reduce our military by 90%
    Remove our borders

    How many of these things are already done ?

    • Preston Weiters Jr.

      3/25/13, Although your list is long & odious, cutting military 90% seems far-fetched. Who will defend these lunatics from alien invasion? Ban gas cars, I’m not sure we can do that; alternative energy’s a flop. Sequester troops (3rd Amen.), let them hole up in public housing basements & trailers. “Conservatives” know how to go underground just as they do. Free speech is already being sanctioned via PC. [We] can show the opposition we can be just as treacherous as Vietcong; that their mindset of invincibility can be broken; see, that’s the trouble: the left is so used to winning they think it’s their God-given birthright. BO&Co’s regime will ultimately fail.

  • Steven Evers

    But you’ll never hear the words, we were wrong about this guy or the Obama naysayers were right along. Still split right down the idealistic middle… until we all go bankrupt together

  • judge

    Now you are noticing. Guess this just shows the difference between youth and experience, Wisdom and foolishness. All I can say is Duh!!!!


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