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Obamacare: The Perfect Trojan Horse

April 5, 2012 by  

Wayne Allyn Root weighs in on Obamacare: the $17 trillion Trojan horse. It was supposed to save us. But in reality it’s been sent to destroy our economic system, capitalism, and our American way of life.

Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root is one of America's leading Libertarian-conservative authors. Wayne's new book is The Murder of the Middle Class Wayne is a Capitalist Evangelist, serial entrepreneur, conservative media commentator, and proud champion of the middle class. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee and Fox News regular. Follow Wayne on Twitter and visit Wayne's web site:

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  • Sirian

    Outstanding point and I’m thankful that you have brought it up. It most certainly sheds a great deal of light on the subversive perpetrators behind the ObummerCare fiasco. Glenn Beck was talking of this and had pointed Cloward & Piven’s plan out at least two, possibly three years past. That couple, well, solo Piven now since Cloward has gone off to the great Socialist hunting grounds in the sky, were also, partnered behind the scenes, with the Clintons back in their lovely years. Yes, their plan was also one of the base units behind HillaryCare. You’ve hit the target dead center but you’re just a wee bit behind. A wee bit behind or not, it is still a vitally important point to continue relaying to the public so they’ll understand the prime intent of Obummer and his useful idiots galore.
    Hat’s off to you, please don’t stop, people need the truth from a source that is unquestionably reliable – the more the merrier!!! :)

    • Tom W.

      Hear, hear, Sirian! You said everything I was going to about Wayne’s video today (He still reminds me of a vacuum cleaner salesman! LOL!!!) It is good to see these facts finally coming out in the public forum! I believe it was about 2 1/2 yrs. ago when Glenn spent about a month on the history of Cloward and Piven! As a matter of fact, Glenn was on the forefront (A main stream Alex Jones, if you will!) of alot of the revelations that are JUST NOW coming out about this administration and deserves tremendous credit for getting alot of people to open their eyes! I miss his show and pray that God blesses him in ALL of his future endeavors, In my opinion, he (I do realise that he’s a bit touched, but ain’t we all?!!) is a modern day hero for bringing the things that he exposed to the light! I already spend too much time behind this stupid keyboard and don’t have two hours a day to devote to his new format, but I do wish him the best! Even though his show was a bit outlandish at times and definately over the top, I found it quite educational! Even thuogh, he could go on a tirade every now and then. I think FNC made a big mistake when they let him get away and the show that they’ve replaced him with “The Five”, although quite entertaining sometimes, is more or less a news parody show on a major news channel, on at an hour that should be reserved for serious news matters! I love Glenn, even though he is a heretic!
      Everything this administration (This has been coming on for quite a while and is by no way solely to blamed on this administration or the Democratic party itself! If there is any blame, let it be placed on US for falling asleep and allowing the fox to come into charge of the chicken coup!) does goes RIGHT ALONG with Saul Allinski’s “Rules For Radicals” playbook! Bottom up, top down, and inside out!!! They’re not even trying to disguise their tactics!!! Right along with the playbook, step by step! Kinda LAZY, don’t ya think?!! But then again, what would ya expect?!!


        Sir, you left out “Communist Rule for Revolution,” for which, was designed to corrupt and destroy our young’s faith in religion, their parents, authority, etc. Today, our young know nothing of American history, the U.S. Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence. They know more about sex and drugs than they do about their country’s history.

        Also included in the “Communist Rule for Revolution” is what we witness almost on the daily basis; “Destroy the people’s faith in their national leaders by holding the latter up to contempt and ridicule.” You’ve seen what they did with Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. Members of the Communist Democratic Party made full use of this “Communist Rule for Revolution” as a tool for “Character Assassination.”

        The “Communist Rule for Revolution” was obtained by the Armed Forces in Dusseldorf in May of 1919, for which, had later spread and infected the United States of America by members of the Socialist Party in the early 1920s, and continued to grow like an invisible cancer ever since. And we can’t say we weren’t warned over the years by prominent leaders, only Americans themselves left their country unguarded. People heard them, but they didn’t listen. I did!

        USAF (RET)

      • Jerry

        I believe Glenn Beck is more of a VISIONARY than most people will give him credit for!
        He predicted the current situation in the Middle East several years ago, the Socialism coming, several years ago, and what he has been predicting, for the near future, I believe, is right on target, as well!
        He has an EXCELLENT staff of researchers, and he’s not AFRAID of criticism by the LEFTISTS!
        Like him, or not, he’s been right a LOT MORE than anyone else I’ve heard!

      • Tom W.

        MSGT JOHN, I salute you Sir! Thank you for you service! I’ll bet your men are well schooled ALL AROUND! Very well said Sir, point well made!!!
        Jerry, here’s a guy they were laughing to scorn when he was telling everyone to buy gold at $600 an oz.!!! Who’s laughing now?!!Almost every single prediction this guy made came true, name me ONE that didn’t! You are spot-on about his staff, theyr’e EXCELLENT!!! I sent Bill O’Reilly (I believe that, truth be known, ole’ turkey neck couldn’t stand, and was quite jealous of, and felt threatened by Glenn! LOL!!!) an email one time tellin’ him that he wasn’t takin’ Glenn seriously at his own peril, because he was one of three things, a genius, a prophet of God, (I don’t buy that from a Mormon!) or a “spoonfeeder” privy to some serious inside information!!! O’Reilly’s so FULL of himself!

      • Sirian

        Please go to That’s Glenn’s new network and it’s well worth it. He’s on vacation right now, should be back week after next. Even so, there are plenty of shows that you can watch that are archived. We subscribed the moment it started and have learned so much – it’s well worth the money. And that, believe it or not, isn’t really expensive. Give it a look, you’ll like it I’m sure.

      • soverit

        @TomW: GBTV is available to watch on your time, unhindered by networks’ slots. Always getting better; worth every dime! Highly recommend The Blaze, also.

      • HAPPYRWE

        Mental note: The John Birch Society and Ron Paul along with countless others have been warning us for decades of the political, social and moral break down of our country. Glenn Beck has been able to pick up the ball and continue the warning and enlightenment. I do stress that as much as I love Glenn Beck’s message I have put him on the back burner after he has “bore false witness against ” Ron Paul. I have no idea why, they are both libertarians, and Ron Paul supports Israel through common sense and the Constitution not through the UN or our Crime Inc. bosses in D.C. and else where. I trust Ron Paul because he has been talking and walking Liberty, common sense and upholding our Constitutional rights for 30+ years. I would say Glenn is riding on the coattails of those who have gone before him yet now is slandering. Non-interventionism and Isolationism are apples and oranges. Ron Paul supporters are not only decent, law-abiding and incredible people, but they are leaders, true patriots and one by one trying to save our country while so many others just gripe, are deceived or close their eyes to the cause of liberty and truth. Ron Paul said it’s not about him, he does not want to be king it is about the message………………

      • HAPPYRWE

        @ Jerry Glenn Beck is not a visionary man, he simply is repeating what John Birch Society, Ayn Rand, Ron Paul, and countless others have warned for decades. He has been given a powerful soapbox and I am grateful that so many can learn what millions have known for years, but slandering Ron Paul has me questioning him. False claims, slander and negativity toward good law-abiding and honest supporters is just as wrong as the left attacking the Tea Party supporters around the country. I don’t know why he is doing it. I also don’t believe in being (once again) scared into war and submission by yet another “boogeyman” so that we can put more of our finest men and women into war again. Socialism and Communism are deeply rooted in the game of deception, and “even the very elect” will be deceived. I put my faith in God, Family and Country, in the Constitution and in the American people who are willing to speak out in defense of our country and fix us first. Our cash is worth near zero yet we are willing to print more debt and use our soldiers as UN/ Big Government collateral damage again……

    • http://none personallitycrisis2

      The more the merrier you got that right. The more of you right winged conservative brain dead idiots we can get together the easier it will be send you somewhere were you can talk your garbage to other idiots like yourself

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Miffy

        Hello! Pot calling kettle!!!!!

      • Tom W.

        Hey PC2, why don’t ya go take a dip in some shark infested waters somewhere, huh?! What the hell rock did you crawl out from under?!! Flushduche, IS THAT YOU?!!

      • Ben

        If you send all us right wing conservative capitalist away who would be here to do all the work be productive and supply the lazy blood sucking parasite free loading socialist on the left with the free ride they want? The unlimited welfare state of Ameritopia…would go bankrupt with every one looking for the hand out and no one there to give it???
        No America was built on the individuals right to out and make it happen not sit and wait for some one else to make it happen for them!
        It say the right to the Pursuit of Happiness not the guarantee of happiness fulfilled through the efforts of others!!
        Get Life and if you like Socialism go to Cuba, Russia, Greece but get a one way ticket to some where! Because we are about to export Socialism in 2012!
        Have a nice day!

      • JeffH

        This group of “right wing brain dead” is fighting the good fight and striking fear into the flock of you pre-programmed ,highly educated progressive “independant thinkers”.

        Gonna’ be tough to have to live in a country where you’ll have to take reponsibility for yourself and work a living huh?

        It’s time to make some serious choices. Do I allow government to make all of the important decisions concerning me ad my family or do I resist so that I

      • JeffH

        The Failure of Communism and Socialism
        There has been a total collapse of the capitalist economic system, but there are no “countervailing powers” to oppose the cabal. The old capitalist system of a supply and demand market has been scrapped and a new totally fascistic structure put in its place: looting taxpayer money to give to financial institutions, with fat-cats receiving obscene multi-million dollar salaries and bonuses accompanied by a systematic genocide of workers.

        “History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments . . .”
        – President James Madison

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Making threats to kill us off.

      • Tom W.

        Good mornin’ everybody!!! Glad to see everybody woke up on the right-side of the bed this mornin’! What we have here…

        “I submit that an individual who breaks the law that conscience tells him is unjust and willingly accepts the penalty by staying in jail to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the very highest respect for law.”
        Martin Luther King Jr.

      • GALT

        Mr. Root; Yesterday Mr Myer’s warned us of the potential disaster of the possibility of China dumping 300 billion in treasuries on the open market and today you have managed to trump that with 17 trillion, and 87 trillion respectively, which is impresseive fear mongering until we get to the 791 trillion in unregulated derivatives, created by the unregulated capitalist system……you are so concerned about preserving.

        All in 6+ minutes of rhetoric, whose justification seems to be that most americans are
        happy with what they have……and amazingly you do this on behalf of Personal Liberty,
        which spends much of it’s time and energy making the point, that the medical establishment is dangerous…….which would seem to suggest that your attempted justification, seems willing to accept that those happy americans…are clueless and ignorant of these dangers… a system which has nothing to do with “health” and actually kills 750,00 to one million a year, iatrogenically, making it the leading cause of death in
        the U.S.

        The reality is, that the bill was crafted by the health insurance industry and drug companies… actual socialist bill would have been single payer….and since we do not have that, the bill simply guarantees profits for the private ( capitalist ) insurers,
        while the reforms required to correct the irresponsibility of the medical professionals
        and drug companies, go unaddressed……..and yes there will be debt, but my friend
        that is what the american capitalist system is based on…….

        The problem with people who babble for a living, preaching to their respective choirs of ignorance, is the obvious self contradiction that is so readily apparent to anyone with a moderate amount of intelligence and minimal degree of skepticism.

        Fortunately, the reality is….change is far more rapid, than in previous times and information challenging the mythology of “history written by the victors” is rapidly taking hold… you have a choice, you can continue to babble and be part of the problem, protecting what ever it is you are afraid of losing……in which case, you will in the end simply be exposed for what you are…..and discarded.

        For those here, who would like to understand what “american capitalism” is… is
        another myth busting ball against the wall of willfull ignorance……

        Debt The First 5000 Years: David Graeber

      • DaveH

        Good point, Ben. When they run out of other peoples’ money they’re screwed.

      • DaveH

        Galt repeats his ignorant statement about derivatives from yesterday — “which is impresseive fear mongering until we get to the 791 trillion in unregulated derivatives”.
        And as I said yesterday, derivatives, like all financial instruments, are heavily regulated. And nobody has to participate in the Derivatives’ markets if they don’t want. For some reason, Derivatives have become the new Liberal whipping boys. Maybe because most people don’t understand what they are? At any rate, if you’re in that category read this:

      • DaveH

        Galt says — “The reality is, that the bill was crafted by the health insurance industry and drug companies… actual socialist bill would have been single payer”.
        It doesn’t matter what you call it, Socialism or Fascism, it is still detrimental to the citizens to have the disinterested middle-man (Government) involved in our voluntary medical decisions. How could it possibly be healthy for the citizens to have an expensive middle-man with the Power of Force intervening in our medical decisions and deciding who gets what scarce medical resources? And that middle-man, once established will be almost impossible to fire if we don’t like the outcome. We can’t just switch plans like one could do in a Free Enterprise situation. I love voluntary transactions. In fact, I just fired my satellite provider and switched to another because I wasn’t happy with them. I can’t offer a similar example for Health Care Insurance because I don’t buy any. I don’t bet against the probabilities that I will suffer misfortune — which is the only way I can get rewarded financially (not a very desirable event).
        Free Choice — what every Liberal claims they have a right to when it comes to killing babies. But for some strange inconsistent reason they don’t allow us that same Free Choice about our own bodies. Of course those of us, who can actually think, know that what the Liberals really want is our money.

      • GALT

        The amazing reasoning of DavidH. 300 billion of U.S. Treasuries dumped on the open
        ( free? ) market could cause a catastrophe according to the fear mongering Myer’s,
        17 trillion in possible debt, to 87 trillion because of “socialist Obama Care” which is actually as explained a capialist bill, preserving profits for insurance and drug companies,
        these too present huge problems…….791 trillion in UNREGULATED DERIVATIVES,
        not a problem…….but Mr. DavidH, fails to identify the REGULATOR”S AGAIN.

        And he seems to have forgotten very recent history, the nobel prize winning quants, who founded Long Tern Capital Management ( the inventors of derivatives ) and single handedly almost crashed the U.S. Market BEFORE Glass Stegal was repealed…..and after that lesson, the crash of 2008 was caused by UNREGULATED DERIVATIVES….and that isn’t over yet…..

        And you are growing tiresome….so please note the following, all my posts here are directed at the author of the main piece…..and they are, of course free to respond…but
        this won’t happen…..and it won’t be done well if it is…..

        Whatever your purpose here sir, and whatever you have that you think is being threatened……you appear to be a person who is so locked into a position, that in order for the world to move forward, we shall just have to wait until you die…….not that you actually have any power, intellectually or otherwise…..

        The saddest part of all of this is that you seem to be somewhat clueless as to the actual positions of your host… you might want to run through his suggested reading list,
        because a few of the selections will be a shock for you……as I said, when you are engaged in the babble business……you just have to keep talking…..unfortunately,
        this tends to lead to mistakes and inconsistencies…..especially if your agenda, conflicts with reality or distorts it.

        You do not have this problem, David…..your reality is one framed by a philosophy which was never valid, supported by a history which never happened and since you will do nothing to change this or risk the possibility of changing it, your mind is closed…and discussion is pointless.

      • Jerry

        Typical LIB-TARD to use the “party line” to pass blame onto those TRYING to PRESERVE this Republic, while he’s busy ‘occupying’ something!
        At least he got his name, personality crisis, correct!
        Hey, LACK of personality, why not go back to your ILLEGAL anarchist occupying rallies, and leave the IMPORTANT discussion to the ADULTS!
        Who lets these MORONS into this site, anyway?

      • absolutely amazed

        Check out GALT below – he is right on the truth of what has happened and is happening. You all have fallen for the Koch Brothers/Tea Party line that will insure that the rich get very, very rich, and the insurance companies will own us all. that is called captialo-fascism, and that is where we are headed – ala Hitler, Mussolin, Tojo, Idi Amin. You asked for it, you’ll get it, and you 99%ers will suffer beyond human comprehension. I wish it were just the Kochs and the Tea Partiers who would suffer, but you greed and fear mongers will bring us all down.

        • Daniel from TN

          You appear to be experiencing what Psychologists call “Projection.” Projestion occurs when you see your own faults in others, but not in yourself.

      • Marty S.

        Can you say FEMA camp?

      • Tom W.

        Speakin’ of libtards! Hey GALT, dude! You’re deeper than whale sh!t!!! You’re more full of yourself than our bud Deerinwhatever! And man, that’s FULL!!!! I don’t know why someone who believes that they’re as smart as you obviously believe that you are would belittle themselves by conversing with the riff-raff!… A$$hole!!!
        It should be pc.2 Jerry! LOL!!!
        I’d be absolutely amazed if you weren’t occuping your parents basement!


        Sir, I gather from your statement that you are incapable of rendering constructive criticism. In this case, I suspect you are a typical uneducated American who follows the path of the Marxist Doctrine, which has the tendency of leading the human brian to go numb. Through the philosophy of the Marxist Doctrine, some individuals succumb to the three easy steps of liberalism, socialism, and then, the final stage and normalization of communism. This is when the human brain is buried in a concrete block where nothing of “sound reasoning” will ever get through. Popularly known as “brain-washing.”

        Allow me to put it in the following simple verbal formula you may be able to understand….

        Marxist Doctrine = *liberalism + socialism = communism* This how the “Communist Rule for Revolution” guide book sucks the life out of the feeble-minded human brain. Promise them anything and they will come running like little sheeps.

        USAF (RET)

      • soverit

        @personalitycrisis2: appropriately named! Who are you calling “winged”? Liberalism is a disease; symptoms include stupid!

      • Obamanator

        Hey PC2. You say nothing of value. Just hurl insults with no substance. Typical liberal trollism. You prove Michael Savage correct when he says liberalism is a form of mental illness… and I don’t care to listen to him either. That’s because he sounds like the right wing version of YOU! That’s something to think about. Now I’ll have to watch Mr. Roots presentation. Have a great day.

    • Ellen

      Obamacare’s purpose has always been to take over 1/6th of the US economy. Uninsured people won’t be healthier once they become insured. We already have proof of that with Romneycare. In fact, people who go to the doctor more frequently are more likely to be given worthless drugs (Ie: statins, acid reducers,etc) that cause many new health issues. If preventive medicine actually worked, every person who goes for an annual physical would be in great health. Instead, our health has deteriorated in the 30 years since this foolish idea took over our health industry. Previously, we went to the doctor if we were sick or injured only, so we had very few health claims. Now, we go for multiple preventive issues (physical, mammogram, pap smear, etc) each year. With all these additional claims, our premiums had to increase. How can anyone be confused about why our health insurance costs so much now? Worse, providing ‘free’ preventive care for an additional 30 million people will raise our premiums higher. Does anyone in America think anymore?

      • Jerry

        Ellen, let’s not forget about the LEFTIST’S bed partners, the Trial Lawyers, who just LOVE to sue anyone involved in health care!
        Trial Lawyers, and the rash of lawsuits have made medicine a DEFENSIVE proposition, and the medical professionals are paying half of their earnings just in malpractice insurance, to defend themselves against the hungry sharks!
        TORT REFORM would go a LONG WAY in lowering health care costs, but this has been the LEFT’S plan for decades; drive up the costs, through frivolous lawsuits, and then have the Government come to the rescue!

      • absolutely amazed

        Bull roar – the health insurance companies control 1/16th of the economy, and the $50 aspirin tablet someone is bitching about is a product of their collusion with the hospital monopoly. The government can’t do worse than that no matter how hard it tried.

  • Louis Lemieux

    Moderate socialism is welcome! Outright capitalism with no restrictions has the tendency of getting the money supply concentrated in one spot, just like in a game of monopoly.
    Those without insurance generally seek it at emergency rooms where it is much more expensive and when it is often too late for effective treatment. All of us who pay our insurance premiums and/or pay our taxes pay for this and other tremendous inefficiencies now. We pay our share AND we pay for those without insurance by paying our higher taxes and the higher insurance premiums caused by the uninsured. This is fact.

    • http://none Summertime

      There are clinics for the poor in every main city in the county. Even drug stores sponser certain things. They do not need to wait and go the the emergency room. Most people who carry their own weight and do all the right things, do not understand that the poor have a lot of resources available to them. I know this because my daughter lives that type of life. She has a job but doesn’t make more than $150 a week. There is a Christian sponsored clinic that she goes to that has 5 doctors and 5 nurses and they see people that do not make enough $ to afford insurance or medical care. They also give prescription medicines out and help them get free drugs from the pharmaceutical companies. If she didn’t make any money at all, there is another clinic she used to go to that was sponsored by the local hospitals and doctors of the area. There are EKG, blood pressure, flu shots, diagnostic medical vans that are sponsored by various drug stores in our area. There is always the Free clinic and then the Abortion Clinics that say they are there to help wormen and give physicals and pap smears or breast cancer screens. Then lets talk about all the Christian groups that specifically target the Hispanic culture and give them all sorts of free medical care, medicine and groceries. Then lets talk about the County/City government who gives Medicaid.
      All in all, they have more free help than my generation ever had and it’s funny, but I grew up poor and had no health coverage. I’m 65 years old and still alive. Don’t tell me that poor people have no alternative but to go to the hopsital, they are just lazy about going to the places where there is free help.

      • Louis Lemieux

        The US is a rich country, 24% of World Gross Domestic Product and 5% of world population.Where do you think most of the money is going? Ask the Koch brothers. There are intrinsic administrative malfunctions in the US social system and they need to be fixed. All Americans should be entitled to healthcare, a basic need. The enormous stress this causes on many individuals and families is itself a health issue and eventually raises the cost of healthcare.

        I’m all in favor of the Affordable Care Act because it’s not normal for so many millions of Americans not to be able to afford healthcare insurance and opponents don’t have any true solutions.Even Romney believes In the Affordable Care Act at the state level. Collective freedom starts where individual freedom stops and collective sharing should start where individual greed should stop.

      • Chester

        Apparently you have never, and I do mean NEVER, tried to use one of those “free” clinics. Granted, there is no cash outlay for the clinic visit, if you can get in in the first place, but you do have to know where and when it is, then be able to afford transportation to get you to it. Just because there is a free clinic or two within a hundred miles of you has nothing to do with whether or not you can get to it, or if you will be seen when and if you do get there. Most of these clinics are so over-utilized and underfunded that their hours are extremely limited, as are the number of patients they can see. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on when you get there, they don’t do triage, but first in, first out. This means the kid with the cut finger that was there waiting when the doors opened is more likely to be seen and treated than the lady with heart problems who arrives ten minutes before closing time.

      • absolutely amazed

        What you call “free health care” is not true. We all pay for that care, since those giveaways must be covered by increasing the rates the rest of us pay. So that economic argument does not hold.

        Now if you promise the rest of us that you will always remain healthy and never ever access the health care system, or if you do, you pay every cent up front for your care, I’ll welcome you in with no insurance purchased since you will promise to self insure yourself. There is a 50/50 chance you will get Alzheimers, more than a 20% chance you will have a heart attack or similar, the same for cancer. As long as you put away the hundreds of thousands of dollars, or more, that it will take you to pay for that care, you are welcome in. But you have to assure someone somewhere that you have the money put away in a medical care lockbox that only you can use, if you get sick, you must not access the US health care system at any level unless you pay up front, just as you must assure the car dealership that you are going to pay for your car, etc. Otherwise, you must stay out our go to Mexico or somewhere to beg for care there. No problems if you promise to do that – you won’t be a burden to the rest of us when you need care. Under no circumstance obligate the rest of us to pay for your personal, independent choice that will keep you free of the tyranny of the health care system.

      • Windrinker

        Louis L. You are certainly correct when you said that it is unusual for there to be so many people (I didn’t say citizens or Americans) in this country without healthcare!
        What do you expect when the Socialist State has created a “dependent class” of half this Nation!! These are the obama supporters that now have “both” hands out for an increase in benefits. Then, people like you come along and bemoan about these poor creatures and their “right to healthcare.” Find a new “cause” of interest. How about the “cause” of getting these people off the “collective tit” and paying their own bills.

        When nearly half of the population refuses to work and pay their own way…it IS a big problem..but the “problem” is for the rest of us that actually work for a living!

        It is the “creeping socialism” causing the problem,,,you got it wrong. Capitalism, those evil people that work and pay the bills, are the ones that have the solution. Put those freeloaders to work. We don’t need obamaSCARE that is about total control of every aspect of our lives, not about healthcare.

        If it is about healthcare, why does obamaSCARE fund obama’s private “civilian Army!” I suppose that is about caring for the sick!

      • Tom W.

        Don’t ya see Summertime?!! Thus the problem with our system! Although, you are correct, there are places to go, (I would have everybody notice how many of these organizations that help the down-trodden and poor are CHRISTIAN organizations! You don’t see too many New-Age soup kitchens do ya?!!) medical expences have become so ARTIFICIALLY inflated that in order to pay for an accident or illness you MUST have insurance or face the threat of losing EVERYTHING you own. And insurance companys don’t make fortunes insuring sick people! So the only ones who get it are the chosen, healthy, and/or well to do. This isn’t health care!!! It’s extortion and social GENICIDE!!! Jesus WILL NOT forgive us for leaving our poor and destitude in neglect! READ MATT. 25:31-46!!! If you go to the doctor and pay cash, they charge you a different fee than if you were to file it on your insurance! I understand that the paperwork is a headache and requires more labor, but this shouldn’t be!!! It breeds corruption! It’s not the entitlement, it’s all the corruption that goes along with it that is THE PROBLEM!!! I too remember as a kid, growing up in a below poverty line household, getting sick and going to the doctor when dad was able to pay the bill outta pocket! Who could even imagine trying to do that today!!! If a doctor knows that you’re covered, they MILK it, and even some of your more unscruppless ones will treat you for things that don’t even exist! At the same time trying to get your insurance to pay for procedures has become like pulling teeth!!! Then there’s the lawyers! And what do ya see? Them all LOUNGING around pointing the finger at each other, smokin’ big fat Cuban Cigars and drivin’ Jaguars!!! Duh… It’s a God awful shame that our system is one that is so easily manipulated by the liars and thieves that the poor innocents have difficulty getting help!!! The government envisioned in our founding documents was supposed to protect us from such piracy!

      • Tom W.

        I love your name Summertime!!!

        What a talent!!! Nobody could possibly sing the blues with the pasion JJ displayed without the TRUE feeling that ONLY comes with pain and suffering! What a talent and what a tragedy of the times in which we live!!!

      • Don

        Summertime, you sound like one of the mother’s that has caused a lot of these problems in this country, maybe if you provided the right kind of food to your daughter she wouldn’t need all of those drugs, your kind, anything free is good enough !!!!

      • Karolyn

        absolutely: “There is a 50/50 chance you will get Alzheimers, more than a 20% chance you will have a heart attack or similar, the same for cancer.”

        Could you cite where you got this info from? Never heard of the 50/50 chance of alzheimers, and I think that is outright wrong! Also, if everyone took responsibility for his or her own health, less people would get sick; and even if they did, they could treat themselves. The human body is designed to heal itself, given the proper conditions (and “conditions” doesn’t translate into “pharmaceuticals.”


        To: Summertime

        Everything you stated is absolutely true. We always had hospitals that treated the poor even if they held a job. No one that I have witness throughout the coarse of my life were ever turned away. But I can tell you this much; hospitals became a big business venture.

        My niece and I were at a hospital in West Virgina to see her daughter; while there, my niece experienced a severe headache, at which time I asked the nurse for an asperin. Later, when my niece’s husband received the hospital bill, the one single asperin I had asked for cost $50 dollars and I kid you not.

        The total bill came to well over $18,000.00 dollars for a hospital stay of eleven days. A hotel bill would have been a lot cheaper.

        USAF (RET)

    • Raggs

      You obviously DO NOT GET IT.
      This has nothing to do with health care but everything to do with Totalitarianism.
      Yea I know those EVIL capitolist… if you don’t like it MOVE.

    • s c

      Comrade yahoo ‘l,’ to quote one of your political ‘Gods’ [Stalin], ‘there’s no difference between socialism and fascism.’ Did you leave your brain at home today, comrade l? DUH!

    • Robert Phariss

      There is no such thing as “moderate” socialism, any more than there is such a thing as a moderate bite from a rattlesnake. All socialism, by definition is totalitarian in nature. Their ultimate objective is the destruction of our republic, and the system of free enterprise that fuels it.

      The only acceptable form of government is one that supports, fosters, and guarantees INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY and PERSONAL FREEDOM OF CHOICE.

      • Louis Lemieux

        Anyone can use his personal freedom to step on his neighbor’s freedom! My freedom stops where my neighbor’s freedom starts and much of this is determined by free elections. Even if you don’t vote for a president who gets elected, you still have to live under him and his administration.

      • Windrinker

        Louis L. said:

        ….”Even if you don’t vote you have to live under a president that gets elected and his administration.”

        Hey Louis, I bet you had to think all day to come up with that tidbit!”

      • Louis Lemieux

        Windrinkler, if you vote for a candidate who doesn’t get elected president, you still have to live under the one that does get elected even if he’s not your choice. What I’m getting at is that individual freedom and freedom of choice is not absolute. Obviously the more one cares about his compatriots in need and the more he wants to collectively help them, not judge them, the more freedom he enjoys!


        Just a little quote: “Recession is when your neighbor loses his job. Depression is when you lose yours. And “recovery” is when the foreign-born Muslim communist agent dictator Barack Hussein Obama II loses his.”

        As quoted by Ronald Reagan; I Just changed it a bit to fit the crime.

        USAF (RET)

    • Amanda Ford

      What people with your view do not seem to understand is that capitalsm is not a political doctrine like socialism, capitalism is a basic building block of any kind of economy. Without people making things, inventing things, selling things and employing people there would be no economy of any kind. Socialism can only exist where such a system is there in the first place. Socialism is a parasitic political doctrine which survives on repression, greed, theft and envy. That is why it never works. Sooner or later it runs out of other peoples’ money. While I would agree that ‘bad Capitalism’ leads to crony capitalism and ultimately facism, that can only happen where the economy is subverted for political aims. The injustices you are talking about are just such a subversion. Capitalism does not tax people, governments tax people. Unless you want to live on fresh air don’t blame capitalism, criticize governments who try to subvert it in order to derail it and get more control over everyone. Put it this way, you may have heard about the recent piece of legislation passed by Obama saying that he can take control of every resource in the country including citizens. ‘Civilian labor inmate camps’ anyone’? Tell me, would you like to work in that kind of a collectivist workforce in the kind of communist economy that Obama envisages where no-one has any choice or would you prefer a free captitalist economy where you can participate as a free citizen as you wish with some kind of control over who you work for, when and for how much? You might like to consider that before advocating a system of which you undoubtedly have no experience.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Thanks Amanda.

      • absolutely amazed

        But Capitalism doesn’t need to be Gordon Gecko style hyper greed and screw who’s ever in the way, ala the Kochs, Goldman Sacjs, Wall Street, Exxon Mobil, Rupert Murdoch/Fox News. Somewhere,someone has to have a conscience and some concern for his fellow man. We can’t all be Zimmermans or no one will be left.


        To: Amanda Ford

        Very well explained Amanda. I would like to pass on three philosophies by Ronald Reagan….

        “There can be no prosperity or even freedom for our people if we ever abandon the competitive economic system that transferred this country into the strongest nation in the world.

        History makes it plain that unless restrained, government proliferates to a point where its cost bankrupts the people at the same time it robs them of their freedom.

        The American dream that we have nursed for so long in this country, and lately neglected, is not that every man must be level with every other man. The American dream is that every man must be free to become whatever God intends he should become.”

        Amanda, I believe the above coincides with your statement or very close to it.


    • Tom W.

      I believe that Bill O’Reilly coined the term “Unbridled Capitalism” Louis! I found that abit ironic coming from the well coifed narcissistic king of bloviation! This is what the Bible refers to as “the LOVE of money”!!! 1st Tim. 6:10

    • Brian

      No such thing as half way, Democrats have pecked away at this for years and they will not be happy until the U.S. is like Europe. If I wanted it like Europe I would have stayed there. Imagine just for a moment the price of everything DOUBLED, every store is the same price, no good deals and everything imported to the country has an import tax of 60% and up. Your wages taxed at 60-70% just so a government can pick and choose FOR you.

    • Dorian Douglas

      To Louis Lemieux, but others need to read this too

      There are inequities in our old medical insurance system, that needed to be addressed. I put forward a plan nearly 25 years ago to do it. But doing it requires getting rid of Progressive legislators in Washington. Who set up the old system??? Congress! And we want congress to fix it???? They are making money off the old system, and will off the new (until our economic system collapses, and they will be in a position to capitalize on that). That is what Cloward & Piven were about, elitists who know better than we do how to run our lives, so “they” need to control the rest of us.

      Also remember what else Beck discovered. Congress didn’t write the ACA! It was written by one of Geo Soros’ financially-backed organizations. Neither Congress nor Obama ever saw it before it was passed. No wonder Obama could never it explain what was in it. No wonder Pelosi said “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it”. (She was probably drunk when she let it slip, but she was telling the truth for once.)

      Cloward & Piven just wrote the last of 3 “how to” playbooks to destroy America (updated in the ’90s by the husband of a sitting congresswoman from Illinois, while he was in prison!). But Progressives started destroying America with Federal Aid to Education in the 1940′s and 1950′s, then demanding the destruction of our education system, and replacing what was good with what would eventually destroy us. Once colleges & universities were hooked on the money, they acquieced to the changes demanded by Progressives in the federal Dept of Ed, in order to continue receiving the money. Any wonder that the education dept and the journalism dept were the first to be “improved”????

      “Destroy the value system of the new teachers, and the new journalists. Then we can more easily control most of the populations in years to come!”

      Finally, Progressives have taken over both Dems & Reps parties. There are currently about 40 Dem senators, and about 30 Rep senators who are Progressives masquerading as something they’re not. They are like magicians, always misdirecting our attention away from what they are really doing. It is Progressives, not liberals or conservatives who are running, and destroying, the country. Progressives are the “unseen” third rail to our political system. And like the subway systems in this analogy, the 3rd rail drives the train.

    • JeffH

      Louis Lemieux, moderate socialism?

      Moderate socialism is Fabian Socialism. You could say that Obama is a Fabian Socialist…relentless cultural and journalistic attacks on everything that is, and then a hard pitch for the hope of what might be. Basically it is a plan for society where a democratic Government strictly controls the economy, and enforces humanitarian practices. Believes in protecting the working class and economic equality.

      Stop Blaming Capitalism, for Socialism’s Failures! Do you understand how crony-capitalism has assumed the identity of capitalism? Without the blessing of government this ruse could not exist.

      HMOs, the health care crisis, strip mining, robber barons, deforestation, SUVs, “global warming”, world hunger, unemployment, inflation, periodic recession/depression…what all have in common is that Big Government is the cause, but your economic freedom is blamed.

      Politicians tend to force bad government programs on us, which then have destructive side-effects, usually the opposite of what’s intended, and then saying the effects were caused by whatever freedom of choice is left over, and trying to take that away.

    • Palin16

      Louis L,
      When are you lefties going to stop using that misnomer “Affordable Health Care Act”? These liberal politicians sure are good at naming their acts just the opposite of what they truly are. Affordable? I’m not old enough for medicare yet, but the quote they gave me before Obamacare was $150 a month, to be deducted from Soc.Sec. With the passage of Obummercare it is now closer to $350 a month thanks to them robbing $500 billion out of Medicare to help pay the cost of it. Just like another misnomer the “Employee Free Choice Act” which would have taken away an employee’s right to a secret ballot regarding joining a union. The unions would then be able to have their thugs standing over an employee’s shoulder and intimitading them to sign. Fortuneatly, the Act failed.

      • Karolyn

        You pay nothing for Medicare Part A (hospitalization). I was told $96 for Part B (doctors) and didn’t even look at Part ? for prescription drug.

      • JeffH

        Karolyn says, “You pay nothing for Medicare Part A (hospitalization).” I beg to differ Karolyn…to say you pay nothing is a misnomer, it is “pre-paid coverage” for those who qualify to recieve it…even you know that nothing is free in this world…Part A is paid for by a portion of Social Security taxes. Generally, people who are over age 65 and getting Social Security automatically qualify for Medicare Parts A and B.

      • Karolyn

        Semantics, Jeff.

      • JeffH

        Karolyn, an excuse? You should know better.

      • eddie47d

        I pay $99.10 for Part B Karolyn and some pay $115. Maybe others pay a different amount.

      • Palin16

        You two know those fees you quote me will necessarily go up if and when Obamacare is fully implemented. I’ll pass on the prescription drug part, I don’t use any and I don’t trust the FDA anyway.

    • moonbeam

      Louis Lemieux, You do know that if one doesn’t have healthcare they pay a fine. If you can’t pay the fine you go to jail (welcome to debtors prison). Do you support this as well?

      Since this illegal prez pissed off the Supreme Court with his arrogant attempt to bully and intimidate them, I hope they show him who is who and what is what. And it is up to us, We The People, to show this great liar the door in November…that is if the electoral college doesn’t outvote us.

      • Louis Lemieux

        Moonbeam, the government will help you pay your health insurance depending on your level of income and hardship situation.

        • Daniel from TN

          That is only a partial truth, which is the ONLY truth Liberals will ever tell. 80% of the people are already covered by health insurance, a truth Liberals refuse to reveal. If the government would just pay the health insurance premiums for the other 20%, and forget all the bureaucratic garbage, then the cost to taxpayers would be less than one-thousandth of one per cent of the projected cost of ObamaCare. This has already been confirmed by the CBO.
          ObamaCare is NOT about health care. It is about controlling the money spent for health care, thereby increasing direct control of the people.

    • DaveH

      Louis Lemieux says — “Moderate socialism is welcome! Outright capitalism with no restrictions has the tendency of getting the money supply concentrated in one spot, just like in a game of monopoly.
      Those without insurance generally seek it at emergency rooms where it is much more expensive and when it is often too late for effective treatment. All of us who pay our insurance premiums and/or pay our taxes pay for this and other tremendous inefficiencies now. We pay our share AND we pay for those without insurance by paying our higher taxes and the higher insurance premiums caused by the uninsured. This is fact”.
      No, Louis, what is fact is that Government, thanks to Liberals like yourself, has forced us to pay for those without Insurance. This is how Progressives work, Folks. First they whine and cry that we must help others. Then when we meekly allow them to get their foot in the door and things start degenerating, instead of admitting that the Marketplace distortions are a result of their own meddling, they blame it on Free Enterprise and offer us more of their same Poison as a solution.
      We need to excise the Cancer that is Progressivism. They have gotten away with their trickery for long enough. Anybody, who thinks Big Government is the solution, needs merely to peruse this list of countries that are ranked by their Economic Freedom (Less Government). This is actual Experience, Folks, you know — Our Best Teacher. Check out the economies of those countries who have bought into the Big Government Siren Songs of the Progressives (those at the bottom of the list):

      • DaveH

        And for those who have not been so dumbed down by Progressive Propaganda that they can no longer think:

      • JeffH

        Hear Hear!

      • Louis Lemieux

        Extreme right and extreme left are way too dogmatic. Don’t we all have a left and right eye to determine how to proceed forward? It’all a question of values. People have different values and we make personal choices that shape our lives. One of my values will always be that money exists for us and not us for money!

      • absolutely amazed

        Absolutely circular logic, Dave. It is the insurance companies and hospitals, which are not controlled by the government, that force us to pay for the uninsured. Someone shows up with no insurance, and they are cared for. That costs money. Where in the hell do you thank that money will come from – Saturn or Venus? If everyone was in the system and had insurance, then we could figure out how to deliver care and control the costs. Now if the uninsured, for example the healthy trying to beat the odds, don’t want to pay for health insurance, and do in fact get their leukemia or have their heart attack ,just like student loans, their health-related debts should never be forgiven. They played the odds, they lost, too bad. The Republicans proposed mandated health insurance long ago, but once taken up by the Democrats, it became, of course, a communist plot. Those damned communists are everywhere now – traffic lights at intersections, stop signs where we don’t want them in school zones, protecting the food supply from salmonella. Before long, they’ll even tell women they can join the work force and have their children looked after in day care, which, as we all know, are indoctrination camps where they might possibly learn the ABCs and math, think about going to college, and even become scientists who might claim that the earth did come into instant existence those 7 days 6016 years ago and the dinosaur fossils were planted in the rocks to fool us all, and that putting a man on the moon to beat those Russkie communists there was just a wider plot that those devious and lying, college educated, smart-ass snobbish scientists foisted on us. Got to watch out for those communists – they are around every corner now, wanting their kids educated and their food safe, and the next thing you know, they will want to have their own guns in their own homes. Now that would just not be acceptable, would it.

    • Bobbi Bennett

      Louis, you are describing crony capitalism, or fascism, not pure capitalism. Capitalism, in theory, would allow competitors to challenge any monopolistic tendencies. In the real world, the successful (whatever their ideological leanings) invest time and money in getting legislators to pass regulations that benefit them and knock out the competition. Socialism, if you think about it, is merely a populist face on the exact same system as crony capitalism/fascism. In all these instances, government interferes with the free exchange of goods and services among free individuals. What’s needed is not socialism-lite, where more political and economic power is concentrated in the hands of a few, but a renewed commitment to founding principles and separation and balancing of power.

  • Doc Sarvis

    Obamacare – Romneycare, both implemented correctly will save money and give more care to All people. Good for America.

    • Daniel from TN

      ObamaCare has bureaucrats making health care decisions, not me and my doctor. There is a lifetime dollar amount limit of health care I can receive: After that I am NOT LEGALLY ALLOWED to receive anymore treatment. I can only be a part of a government “approved”
      health care plan even if I find a better, less expensive plan that is not approved.
      Doc you’re missing one important thing. ObamaCare is NOT about health care at all. It is about control of the money associated with health care, and consequently, the people. 80% of the public are already covered by health insurance. If the government would just pay the insurance premiums of the other 20% the cost to taxpayers would be less than one thousandth the projected cost of ObamaCare. Everything in ObamaCare has already been tried in other countries…..and failed. Besides, everything “promised” in ObamaCare is already available at a public health clinic, including birth control.
      One last thing, Doc. I suggest you go to a library and actually read the legislation paying close attention to the parts of the legislation that have absolutely nothing to do with health care. I did. I thought I was reading a Stephen King horror novel.

    • David E. Bahner

      “Implemented correctly” is the challenge. How many Federal Government programs sold as the
      answer to whatever ill was being attacked at the time have been implemented correctly. How about Carter’s Department of Energy? Johnson’s Great Society, our wonderful Department of
      Education, Homeland Security, HUD, Social Security fund, Medicare, keeping our borders secure, and the list goes on. Trillions wasted to produce a worse outcome than we had before. I for one do not want to be subject to the Obamacare Death Panel decisions or have my bank account drawn on at the whim of the Bureacrats. Obamacare is a another program designed to destroy this country and our freedoms that was passed using bribery and intimidation without
      even being read by the billionaire Nancy Pelosi who exempted herself from the fiasco. Obamacare is unconstitutional and must go along with Obama.

      • Tim L.

        If you are going to argue against something, at least get your facts straight: There are no death panels. You’re still clinging to a stupid statement made by Sarah Palin. Obviously, you love the current system, under which, your fate is decided by the insurance company, and a catastrophic illness could cost you your home.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Tim L., you say there will be no “death panel”. This is a term that Sarah Palin used to get the most attention. It won’t be called a “death panel” but it does exist in obamacare. There will be a panel that decides how to “ration” healthcare. Do some fact checking. They will decide who gets what treatment. Using cancer as an example, they know which chemo drugs work and which do not. The ones that work are terribly expensive. If you are past a certain age of productivity (50? 60? 70?) you will not receive the expensive drug that they know works. You will be given a less expensive drug that they know has a lesser survival rate. I read that they are setting an age, after which you would receive no treatment at all. There will be a whole range of services that will be tied to age ranges. They will also look at a younger person’s overall health and ability to be a “productive” citizen. Even children will be denied services if they decide that it doesn’t provide a “good return”. Do you want someone else deciding whether or how much treatment you or your loved ones receive? Keep in mind, you would not be allowed to seek out and pay for these services on your own because they have decided that there are a limited amount of resources that must go to the most “worthy”among us. This is is what Sarah Palin refers to as the “death panel”. And it IS part of obummercare!

      • eddie47d

        The real death panel is from the insurance companies who deny people coverage or drop them if they become really ill. Few people can predict that they will be the ones who end up with a catastrophic illness. Yet the insurance companies play God and have booted those people off of their rolls. Even when you faithfully have paid your premiums they can find reasons to deny you. Private companies can’t always be trusted and have their own death panel categories which keeps millions out of their healthcare system. The Life Insurance business can also set up legal contracts and set a given amount. Yet years into a concrete policy they change the rules and force you to pay more or drop the contract on you. This one gentleman the story was about had a lifetime policy and now was quite old but had a few more years on him. The insurance company demanded $50,000 a YEAR more from him or else be dropped. If he didn’t renew he would also loose any premiums paid in even though it was a lifetime contract. There are several stories like this where private companies don’t deliver on what they promised so why should they be trusted to come through.

      • Ron

        We’ve had death panels for decades. They’re called insurance companies, and they regularly decide who lives and dies, based on how much money they can make off of them.

        We’ve been liberated from the evilduerness of “Big Government”.

        And we were sold to Big Corporate, who demands every day that we cede more of our lives to them and remove what few protections from their bottomless greed the government still provides.

      • afdbghq

        Nancy in Nebraska says: “It won’t be called a “death panel” but it does exist in obamacare. There will be a panel that decides how to “ration” healthcare. Do some fact checking. They will decide who gets what treatment.”

        You are right. These panels will determine how much productive lifetime (how many more years they will be able to work and pay taxes) a person has. If they determine that the cost of a health care solution is more than the persons expected return by paying taxes the coverage will be denied. This will result in people over a certain age (based on health of individual) to be denied coverage.

        The other thing that I think will be coming will be permits for people to have children. DNA testing will be required and if it is determined that the person is likely to have a child with a mental and/or physical condition the person will be refused the permit to have a child. Also people who are below a certain educational and.or financial level will not be allowed to have children (they cannot educate and/or provide for them at a level the government says they must be able to do in order to insure the child has a good chance to succeed). Also every pregnant woman will be required to undergo medical tests to determine if there is any medical/physical defects with the unborn. If it is determined that there is there will, be a forced abortion.

        I could go on with many other things the POLITICAL panels will be allowed to do.

        People will probably tell me I am out to lunch but just wait and see if I am not correct if Obamacare stands.

        • Daniel from TN

          Some of the things you “prophesied” in you post are already in ObamaCare. Here’s one you missed, and it’s actually in the legislation. Each person will be allowed a lifetime dollar limit to the amount of health care he/she can receive. After you have reached that limit, you cannot legally receive anymore care, even if you pay for it out of your own pocket.

    • mags

      there is no way that that will save money. come into the real world and wake up. You need to read behind the lines here. This will takw away our freedoms our way of life I can’t believe that you are so blind sited about this whole thing. It is already in the whole this is what obama wants to put us in such a whole that we are totally dependant on the gove. They want to dictate everythng in our lives. I want my freedom not more gove. There is already too much.

    • Isaac Davis

      Why not just force auto insurance on those, say, about 12 yrs old. This way, they can “give more care to All people. Good for America.”, and get a good dose of “hopium and changium” well before they are able to vote. With 6 years of good ol’ indoctrination, they’ll be sure to start ratcheting down the age of requirement so that within a generation a parent will be taxed, oops, “mandated” to pay auto insurance on those who won’t sit behind the wheel of an maobama-mobile for another 16 years at the birth of their own children. There’s nothing like a socialist panacea full of jackasses who think they can manage everyone else’s life.

    • donbosch


      Here is a challenge for you. In the last 20 years, name me one government program that was “implemented correctly” , has been wildly successful and has come in at the cost estimates that were originally stated, and that has been beneficial to all Americans, not just those who do nothing to contribute to the system. That should keep you busy for a long while.

      • eddie47d

        The success of the Internet can be directly traced back to the government and with wild success at that. NASA programs in launching communication satellites also helped bring the world closer and many private companies were spin offs. The Interstate System covered every corner of this country and brought a boom to cities,tourism,commerce and transportation. Even Social Security is popular and widely accepted and a necessity for most who retire,(even after the few in government who syphoned funds from it). National Parks are a blessing that can’t be measured in dollars in protecting our air,water,animal species and quality of life. Everyone benefits even those who don’t use the parks but those who do have to pay a fee. A national healthcare plan can also work if properly administered and considering that private companies are still on board it could be a good partnership. Unless those private companies try and gouge the public again. I’d keep a close eye on those private companies if i were you.

        • Daniel from TN

          eddie – Have you actuallt read the legislation? Or are you just accepting the word of what some Liberal told you about the legislation. I suggest you go to a library and read it for yourself. You’ll react the same way I did when I read it, especially the parts that have absolutely nothing to do with health care. I thought I was reading a Stephen King horror novel.

    • Windrinker

      Doc, you are parroting when you have been told. The cost of obamaSCARE has already doubled to nearly TWO TRILLION Dollars. And, you are wrong when you say that it will give all people free healthcare! There won’t be any care unless your are “worthy.” Your “worth” will be decided by politicians that could care less whether you live or die.
      In fact, they are ready to get rid of all the “dead weight.” If you are on these blogs you probably qualify as “dead weight!” Besides you completely ignore the fact that this is NOT about healthcare…

      Government employees, muslims, big businesses that buy out, special interest groups, etc. will all be “exempt!” Face it, obamaSCARE is for the unwashed masses!
      It is not for anyone with connections, government employees, or the very wealthy!

      The excuse for creating obamaSCARE was to cover the 35 Million people that were without insurance (notice I didn’t say Americans or citizens.) We could have given each one a Million Dollars and that would have cost us $35 Million, instead of TWO TRILLION!
      Which would you rather pay….you probably don’t pay….that is your problem

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Miffy

      Is it the rarified air up on the cloud where you live that has caused a malfunction, or did you send your brain out for renovation and haven’t yet picked it up?

  • Raggs

    I knew at the first time that I had ever laid eye’s on king oblama that he is nothing but BIG trouble to the freedom of America… Many people like me have been saying this from the word go… I was never distracted by all of the propaganda and the “created crisis” thrown in the mix from the communist left-wing… If oblama-care is upheld in the supreme court and oblama gets a second term ( rule ) you can kiss this country good-bye..

    • mags

      men sister to that I am right there with you

    • nc

      Raggs, do you know how many conservatives, since 1932, have made the same silly a$$ed statement you have just made? That electicing a Democrat will ruin this country?? It has been blared at the public by Republicans in every general election since FDR! Guess what!! We have elected those ‘damned socialist Democrats” and they have lead us to the number one position in the world! What other country would you rather live in? Under the more conservative bush, the Crawford certin, the Dow dropped almost 8000 points. Under that damned socialist Obama it has grown over 6000 points< Under the more conservatibe bush the economy was losing 700,000 jobs per month! Not so now under Obama! We were fighting an unpopular and costly war in Iraq under the more conservative bush! Not so under Obama!

      • Dorian Douglas

        NC (& others)

        Do you realize that since 1928, every president except Truman & Reagan were Progressives, masquerading as dems or reps? Kennedy & GWB didn’t follow the Progressive tax policy orthodoxy, but did for most of the other decisions that were made.

        We’ve all been duped.

  • cliff cox

    We don’t need Obaba Care. We just need to fix what we have.

  • Eric Siverson

    Yes Oboma care will destroy the country , but so will the bogus bills the medical establishment is pssing out right now . medicare for evreyone would have brought some price controls on the medical establishment right now . But the most selfish people , the unbriddled captalists don’t want controls . Even in the most severely depressed economy since the great depression , even with 100 % financing to allmost evrey warm body , with little or no verification of income or repayment ability . Still bogus medical bills is the no 1 reason for bankruptcy .

    • http://yahoo sandy

      This is true. I agree.

    • Windrinker

      Eric, most doctors are scrimping to try to take care of people. When you get paid $5.00 to treat a patient, that doesn’t keep the lights on or pay employees.

      We had the greatest healthcare in the world, what was to FIX? People from all over the world come to this country to be healed, because they know something that “you don’t know!”

      If people want the brightest and the best educated men and women in charge of keeping them alive and healthy…care-givers must be able to realize a reward for their efforts!

      Sure, there was some fraud, in the Medicaid and Medicare system, but with a little effort, that was easily stopped. There was no reason to throw the best healthcare in the world into the garbage! What you are going to get with obamaSCARE will be a government run fiasco, with rampant fraud and mediocre, if not worse, medical care.

      But I digress, this is has nothing to do with healthcare, and all about taking control of this country and every dollar created.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      I think what we have to remember is that there are no “good guys or bad guys” in all of this. Both sides have conspired to bring us to where we are. It used to be that medical care was offered on a non profit basis. Hospitals were not allowed to profit and were required to show “need” for expansion or the purchase of major equipment. There were boards that would decide if a hospital needed to raise it’s prices to meet the needs or if they were just trying to compete and grow. Now, I’m all for capitalism. But not in health care. The leeches took over and got all of the “non profit” rules tossed out. Once health care came under the unbridled capitalists that’s where we became doomed. I think when it comes to absolutely necessary services, such as health care, utilities, etc… There needs to be regulation to prevent what has happened now. They can charge outlandish prices because everybody needs health care. They get together and “fix” the prices then all they have to do is wheel and deal with the insurance companies. None of them care about us, they just want as much money as they can squeeze out of us. And we don’t have much choice do we? It’s a matter of life and death. I think they need to go back to health care being operated as non profits!

      • Ron

        Thank you for a little common sense. America has swung so far to the right that we’re now privatizing the prison system, accountable not to society but to shareholders, while private prison corporations plunge their profits back into lobbying for “get tough” legislation among Republican candidates who can then look tough on crime while creating more “customers” for the private corporate prison business. The net result: We lock up more of our citizens than any other western nation, and for good reason–there’s money to be made off of incarcerating Americans! We’re once again Big Corporate’s personal ATM machine, and plenty of people on this site seem to think that’s a wonderful idea.

        And people on here are spinning in circles on Obama’s secret FEMA/concentration/extermination/incineration camps while they’re blind to the corporate concentration camp system set up right under their noses–all for profit.

        Privatizing the space program is a brilliant idea–should’ve been done years ago…but we don’t need to invest zero accountability in those institutions which hold the power of life and death over us, whether medical or penal. In time we’ve become slaves to the greedy institutions we’re willing to die to protect.

        That ought to be a no-brainer, but if you’re a corporate jihadi, any act of disagreement is the mark of the infidel.

  • Elevenarrows

    Doc Sarvis,

    What you neglect to consider is the constitutionality of the method purported to “save us money”. Believe it or not, there are some of us who believe the Constitution should be protected and obeyed. To do otherwise is to start down that slippery slope. We all know where that ends!

    • http://yahoo sandy

      That is what I am worried about, our constatution, they are already trying to take our right of choice all ready.

      • absolutely amazed

        I would protect your choice to be an idiot, but I would far prefer you to be able to read and write. So you chose not to go to school. None of us are the better for that choice.

  • http://yahoo sandy

    I have read so much about how our country is headed down hill because of greed in big goverment. I don’t know what to think, but I do know this is the best place to on earth to be.I am proud to be an AMERICAN, proud of our men and women in service,proud of our forefathers who founded this country,If this is true I know the AMERCIAN will stand up and be counted and not let big gov take away our rights.

    • Tim L.

      Keep voting republican, and let me know how that works out for you.

      • afdbghq

        It does not matter who is elected as president or to Congress anymore or governor or state legislature. All most people elected to office want to do is to become rich at the expense of the average American. They do not care what happens to our retirement systems, health care systems, living standards, etc. because they exempt themselves from all of these. They have their own retirement system and health care system. What needs to be done is to make these people fall under the same retirement system (Social Security for example) and health care system (ACA) they put in place for the rest of us. Take away all their perks and make them follow all the laws the average person has to follow (no insider trading, etc.). Do this and see how fast they actually fix the problems facing this country instead of giving lip service to them.

  • cliff cox

    All we need to do is put a price freeze on what doctors can charge. If they don’t like it they can go to another country to practice. The main reason we can’t cover indigents is because we don’t have the jobs. If we had the jobs everything would fall in place. This is another prime example of Obama trying to derail capitalism.

    • Windrinker

      Cliff, how about keeping this a sovereign country and “close our borders!” Don’t let every indigent in the world come here to suck all the benefits out of the system. Lets take care of Americans, the ones that have worked and paid into the pool, the ones that have earned what they get!

      You know, just because someone manages to get one foot on this land, doesn’t give them the right to everything for “free!” I don’t want to pay to raise other people’s kids, educate them, feed them, and pay for all their needs and more. Get everyone off the “tit” that doesn’t belong and there would be plenty of money in the system. We are top heavy with those that “don’t/won’t ever pay” anything into the system…It is unsustainable!

  • Jim Bandinelli

    I wonder if this Harvard socialist plan/study include a chapter on ‘How To Eliminate the Judiciary Branch of the Government’?

  • frank schallock

    When we say that we need to have government intervention in any we start the snowball effect that cannot be stopped. Yes the health care in this country is expensive but if we can’t afford because we cannot make money and we suffer under the heavy weight of htaxes and the unconstitutional weight of government mandated programs what is the use of having their help in any form. The only way is to trust in God for your health and be generous to the poor and give tithes. The government intervention with debt is twice as wicked when we as the people are silent about it. This Obamacare no matter what form is an utter failure. Thank you for letting me rant, Keep up the good work.

  • Paul Coolidge

    Looking at these comments a lot of people still miss the point; Dictator Obama is destroying our country, and our freedom. This, is of course, is for our own good, and safety. I cannot believe how stupid we Americans have become, and how we believe these lies that our government is putting out. The Ole Guy Paul

    • rhcrest

      Obviousl some of these comments are by liberals who prove repeatedly that liberalism is a mental disease

      • Amanda Ford

        Yes, I cannot believe how people are expressing such uninformed opinions on such important matters. The woolly, system-conditioned and illogical arguments are so symptomatic of how it is that someone like Obama and all his very bad ‘Skull & Bones’ predecessors were ever able to be successfully elected. If our leaders wanted world peace it could be achieved very quickly, if they truly believed in good government they would not be doing any of this stuff. Just look at the press from whom so many people on this forum are deriving their ridiculous ‘arguments’. it is all government-sanctioned propaganda. The press is not free, it is owned by 5 corporations, all government sponsored. Look at the alternative media everyone, it will change your life forever. And by the way, everyone needs to know that Obama, like bush senior are CIA. Don’t just say ‘birthers’ are nuts. Check out the evidence and get some facts. All his records are sealed – that alone should tell you something. The press will not touch it with a barge pole -ever wondered why? Wake up everyone!

  • David

    Root’s credentials label him as a whack job radical right wing pseudo-conservative, which, quite frankly renders anything he says as hugely suspect.
    This guy is in the same league as Glen Beck, Laura Ingram and Rush Limbaugh who will say/do anything to keep their listening base riled up and tuned in. For them, it’s ll about the bottom line. Their bottom line.
    Until they prove to me they have the country’s best interest at heart, I must suspect anyone who makes a 6 figure income telling people what they want to hear, regardless of the facts.

    • mags

      I tell ya DAvid you can’t be real smart. You are jealous that they make lots of money. You can’t stand it. Get real we are not here to hand out anything. They earned that money and you would love nothing better than to sit on your butt and have them hand you the money. Obooozo is out ot ruin this country we have never been indebt like we are now gas prices have doubled and he is trying to influence the Supreme Court in their decision making. He is a dictator from the get go. Get a life and ome to the real world.

    • g2-00941f555997baa181e6405a0fc698ac

      “If you allow the banks to control the currency, them and the corporations that grow up around THEM, will be a bigger threat to your freedom than any standing army.”

      We’re getting a taste of what our founding fathers warned us about! The Fed and the mega ‘corrupt’ corporations they fostered. (not to be confused with normal corporations).

      • Windrinker

        The “privately owned” Federal Reserve Banks are one of this country’s greatest enemies and should be abolished! These global elite, multi-Billionaires own this country and we must buy our Dollars from them… They are the “Shadow Government” that runs this country.
        The reason people are paying attention to them now, is because they have decided it is time to break the back of our country and pave the way for the NWO. They have “their boy” in the oval office and they control our economy. They are devaluating our Dollar and stealing wealth out of this country by causing inflation.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      David, someday you are going to wake up and realize that you’ve lost EVERYTHING! Then you will wish that we’d ALL listened to Glen Beck, Laura Ingraham and Rush Limbaugh. It’s a very unpleasant message that they have to deliver but true nonetheless. The things they’ve been saying are already coming true but you refuse to see! You are suffering from “cognitive dissonance”. It is a condition where you hear something so horrible that your mind just can’t accept the possibility that it is true. Study more, research, eventually your brain will be able to accept what is right before you. I’m not joking and I’m not trying to insult you. The more you research you will come to accept the truth. Don’t listen to the evil people who keep telling you over and over that which you KNOW is not true.

  • Steve E

    It’s funny when you use to hear politicians expound “We must look out for our children and future generations”, when, in fact, we are drowning them in dept. I don’t think they will be using that line anymore.

  • HarryButtle

    This article is delusional claptrap.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      OK, Harry. Just keep on talking your little pills. You’re doing exactly what they want. You are being what the communists call “one of the useful idiots”.

    • eddie47d

      What do you call the King Makers on Wall Street Nancy? How many more times will they rip off this nation before the sheeple stop falling for their devious practices?

  • Randy131

    I just watched an interview of Nancy Pelosi, where she says she told her Republican friends, which she claims she has many of, that they need to take their Party back from the radicals that are controling it now. Then I remembered what she said to Congress before the vote on Obamacare, that they had to vote on it in order to find out what was in it. How more radical can it be than to make the representatives of the people to vote on a bill that they are not allowed to read until they vote on it first? Her reasoning is simply, if they read the bill, they would fear what their constituents might do to their careers in the next election, having known what is in the bill they would probably not vote for it, knowing their constituents would find out after it was passed. And thats exactly what happened in the blood bath the Democrats took in the next midterm election, for not a single Republican voted for the bill and they won re-election handily, but not so Nancy Pelosi’s Democratic Party cohorts, who she forced to vote for a bill she would not let them read, to prevent them from knowing what was in it, that they would know their constituents were against. The CBO projects the bankruptcy of Medicare and Medicaid by 2020, and Social Security by 2030, if they are not reformed, but if Obamacare kicks in in 2014, with what they now know will be a trillion dollars added to the deficits each year, the country will not make it pass 2015 before it goes bankrupt, no matter any reforms to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Have you asked your friends and neighbors what they are going to do when the US Dollar is worthless on the global market, and how they will survive when that Dollar will pay for nothing? The national debt is projected to be 17 trillion dollars at the end of Obama’s first term, what will it be by the end of an Obama second term, if the USA survives that long? The radicals aren’t the Republicans, and since polls show that 72% of the American people are against Obamacare, they know who the true radicals are.

    • mags

      I could not have said it better. Amen tthat Randy.

    • nc

      Randy, how many Republicans would you guess, since 1860, have voted for bills that they had no idea what ALL they contained? Had not read every word or any word before they cast their ballots “for it”? Don’t blame Nancy for something that had gone on long before the heath care bill was called to a vote! I’m quite there are some Republicans and Democrats in the history of the House who have said later,”My Lord, I didn’t know I was voting for (or against) that.”

      • afdbghq

        nc, what happened to Obamas promise to have the most transparent administration ever? If he had kept the promise (which he never intended to do in the first place) he would have allowed congress and the American people plenty of time to read the bill before bringing it up for a vote. He also would not have conducted all the closed door/back room deals in order to bribe his own party to vote for the health care bill.

        This man (and I use the word man with a grain of salt) has lied to the American people from the first time he entered political life. His only goal is to expand the federal government and force it into every aspect of the American way of life.

        This liar-in-chief or pretender-in-chief is the worst president this country has ever elected. Way too many people fell for his rhetoric of hope and change without looking at exactly what hope and change he was talking about. The real meaning of his hope and change was that he hoped the American people would remain asleep until he changed the greatest/freest country in the world into a socialist third world country. Well, congratulations, he is well on his way to achieving his goal.

        • Daniel from TN

          You are correct, up to a point. There so many bills pending at any one time (over 10,000) that it is impossible for a representative or senator to read every single one of them personally. That’s what staffers are for. The difference between this and Nancy Pelosi is that her statement actually encouraged members of Congress to NOT read the bill. Pelosi and the Liberals placed the bill, all 2700 pages, on the House floor at 2:00 AM and wanted Republicans to have it read and be ready to vote on it just five hours later. Even a speed reader coldn’t read it that fast.

  • Myra Zuckerman

    Before the new health care reform bill I had “preexisting conditions” of a Caesarean at my daughter’s birth and was refused admission into Harvard Pilgrim. When I became pregnant in mid April my new insurance began May 1st. My pregnancy was called a pre-existing condition and I was told the whole pregnancy would not be covered by my policy. Ten phone calls later I managed to get my pregnancy covered with much fighting

    I know what it is like not to be covered. It is frightening and believe me no one cares if you are not getting the necessary care and you must be a real fighter to get care.

    Many people simply will not get care, die, or remain unwell when there is care available that they can’t get for themselves or their families.

    I am a fighter, born in this country, very educated. If I was less of a fighter I would not have had my pregnancy covered. At the time I had my own business and was working 60 plus hours weekly. How would you have helped? I would have been on my own and in big trouble.

    • bigjeff1


      Unfortunately there is an underlying theme behind all of these attacks on “Obamacare”. It is a bizarre notion that none of us has any responsibility for anyone but ourselves and that somehow we are entitled to great care without paying to establish a system that can provide it. There is also this strange suggestion that those without insurance can get great care from clinics and pharmacies. Add the nonsense that people who are healthy today should not carry insurance until they get sick (Scalia) and it is no wonder we see people willing to throw others under the bus and blame them for getting run over.

      • Windrinker

        bigjeff, did you get your government check this month? Just checking…

        ObamaSCARE has you reprogrammed and it is obvious that you know nothing of which you speak. Quit embarrassing yourself. ObamaSCARE is only for the unwashed masses, no one of any consequences will have to use it… You HAD the best healthcare system in the World. You won’t have the care you could get from a Vet School Dropout, with obamaSCARE…..if you can even get that.

        And, YES, this country was built on personal integrity and taking care of one’s own responsibilities. You communists feel that you are entitled to sit and do nothing, while everyone else provides for you…Get off your butt and pay your own bills. No one wants to take care of you..

    • mags

      I am truly sorry for your plight, but really do you really thnk you are going to be anymore covered with this obama care. As a new senior I am frightened because he is going to ration our health care If you listen to the news they are already reprogramming us about healthcare, telling us we don’t need to have a mammogram every year or a pap smear how do you feel about that rationing is going to happen and if you become a senior chances are you are not going to have much insurance but will have to pay thru your nose to be covered.

    • Elevenarrows

      My husband and I are small business owners and have eleven children. We have no health insurance. We have interviewed several companies, but we would have premiums (for the most basic policy) of $2000 per month with a $10,000 deductible. That means that we would have to spend $34,000 before receiving any benefits and even then, only catastrophic injuries would be covered. We could not afford to do that. So, we pay out of our own pockets (gasp) for any surgeries, etc. we have to have. My husband has a $15,000 + kidney stone every 5 years…you could set your clocks by it.

      The point I’m making, Myra, is that yes, it is upsetting to not have coverage. It is disturbing to know that with one tragic car wreck, we could have multiple family members injured which would be upsetting…and costly. However, we are not willing to stomp on others freedoms (or our own) in order to demand the government provide us with things they were never intended to give us. We want our government to do the job they were designed to do: defend us from enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. I don’t want them to feed the poor or give us insurance or free education…or health care. I don’t want them to manage my retirement fund. They will never perform any of those functions as well as churches and charitable organizations and families can.

      If you will study history, you will see that all these needs were met (and quite well) before the government usurped those functions. I don’t think you intend to want handouts. I suspect that you paid for insurance and wanted it to cover your pregnancy. I completely get that. I, too, have had my share of fights with insurance companies prior to us starting our own business and not having insurance. However, we have got to get past demanding that government solve our problems. From a purely business standpoint, surely you can see that if insurance companies are forced to accept any and all pre-existing conditions, their costs will dramatically increase. It will become difficult for some companies to remain solvent. Companies will fail. When there is little competition left, the consumer will have fewer options. Before long, almost all Americans would be forced to rely on government-provided healthcare. I assure you, that would be a far more disturbing scenario than you have just faced.

      Americans have got to get to the point where we look at the big picture and put responsibility back where it belongs….on “We the people”. The only real responsibility government has to us is to protect us and they are so busy doing everything else that they are doing a HORRIBLE job in the most important task they have.

      • Donna Sangsiri

        your comments were very well written and I enjoyed reading what you had to say. If everyone felt the way you do we wouldn’t be in the fix that we are in now. It’s too late to do anything. The writings on the wall but unfortunately only a few of us are able to read. Thank you for taking the time to write.

    • Karolyn

      mags – If you did a little research, you would find that all the testing that is done is not necessary and can, in fact, be harmful; so limiting testing is a good thing. Another thing is that if we each take responsibility for our own health, do the research necessary and treat our bodies right, we don’t need healthcare. The human body is designed to heal itself given the right circumstances. I can tell you from experience that much of what doctors want us to do or take is absolutely not necessary. Upon finding out I had Hepatitis C over 10 years ago, I was urged by a gastro to take chemo. After doing my research, I refused and began a regimen of supplements and vitamins, as well as changing my diet. The only reason I go to the doctor is for yearly bloodwork to be sure my liver is functioning properly; and it hasn’t let me down yet. There are so many ways to treat illness and disease other than buying into Big Pharma. Attitude alone is half the battle in winning over disease. There is a proven mind-body connection. I recently turned 65 and declined Medicare Part B for $96 per month. Besides the fact that my income is rather on the low side, I just don’t believe in it. As far as any prescription plan goes, screw that! I refuse to bend to the belief that we all have to be on drugs for one thing or another. Bottom line is that people need to be better educated and NOT listen to everything a doctor says. They are not God like that gastro I had thought he was.

      • One-Angel

        I agree with you Karolyn, and I work in healthcare. The best doctors are telling people how to stay healthy and keep from getting sick, and when they do get sick they are telling them how to get well without all the drugs, surgeries, etc. Getting older does not have to mean getting sick and decrepid. The overwhelming majority of illness is lifestyle related–easy to fix if one is motivated enough. I look to much older people who are healthy, vital, fit and still contributing to society. My favorite is model Oleda Baker who at 77 looks like she’s in her 40′s, still rides horses, paints, and runs her own beauty company. She has not had a face lift, and has the excellent health of a young woman in her 20′s and 30′s. She has nurtured herself well. Information and images of Oleda can be found on the net if anyone needs inspiration. Or, Dr.Bob Delmontique who is OMG hubba hubba at 85! I look to doctors like Dr.Joseph Mercola and Dr.Michael Cutler, Dr.Stephen Sinatra and Dr. Whitaker for REAL healthcare, not the overwhelming majority of doctors in the U.S. who just practice disease management and help you heal absolutely nothing. You want a really good, healthy life? Do your best to stay out of clinics and hospitals that practice conventional medicine. And, Obamacare needs to go to H E double hockey sticks.

        And, Louis Lemieux, what color is the sun on your planet?

        • Daniel from TN

          Decreased medical testing will not endanger anyone’s health. For many years doctors have been practicing what has come to be known as “defensive medicine.” The extra testing had nothing to do with diagnosis and treatment of patients, but to prevent medical malpractice lawsuits against doctors.
          FYI. A few states now limit the amount of punitive punishment that can be awarded in medical malpractice lawsuits. By some strange coincidence the cost of health care has decreased and the quality of health care has increased in those states.

  • Power To The People

    I too believe Obummercare is unconstitutional and should be struck down by the court. Many ills of our current medical insurance system could be addressed via restructuring of the insurance offerings back to some personal liability for the day to day office visits and providing “major medical” for the emergencies and major illness…much like the policies offered in the 60′s.

    Frankly, there are no easy solutions. There are far too many people who refuse to take any personal responsibility for their welfare; the truly poor who can’t afford medical insurance; the people who want it all but don’t want to pay the freight. These are tough issues….but are they issues the government directs us how to solve?

    • Rebecca Turley-Summers

      Do you have any idea how much money you would need to make to afford medical care under that model? More than you’ll ever see.

      • Windrinker

        When the government got involved in medical care, the costs to the patients sky-rocketed! Believe it!

      • Myra Zuckerman

        Hi- Actually this is to WINDRINKER. I am one of the unwashed masses. Except I do shower daily, have one 40 hour week job and 2 part time jobs. So no freeloading here. I will not collect social security until 70 years old, and will be working for the rest of my life God willing my health remains. Currently I am 60 years old.

        I have worked all of my adult life except when I was unemployed. During that time I collected 256 a week and worked part-time—applied to 100′s of jobs, many many rejections;.. All people I know and have known have worked hard to get employment during unemployment . It is a frightening experience. Who can live on unemployment???? I also used retirement funds during that time with basic expenses. Where are these ideas coming from about people who are unemployed? And all these people getting hand-outs?

        For people who have to worry about themselves or loved ones not getting good health care the new health care reform is deeply deeply appreciated.

    • Karolyn

      We have a non-profit medical corporation here with, I believe, 8 offices that is thriving while servings thousands of people in this lower socio-economic area. They charge on a sliding scale for those with no insurance and offcer a wide variety of services. When I arrived here with no money and in need of assistance, I was able to avail myself of a doctor, counselor and get bloodwork done for $15, as long as it was all done in one day. I was even able to get an ultrasound done for $15. It has gone up to $20 over the past 7 years. The corporation is doing very well and stands as a model for how things can be done.

  • Henry Ledbetter

    Wayne Great post and in my opinion right on target. Obamacare is already being felt in our neck of the woods as cutbacks are already happening but for the most part people here understand who is behind it. We had a lady yesterday that has a nineteen year old son with a disability that has $700 drugs that have been cut off. At least she understands it is Obamacare that is pulling the strings. I will try and find a natural remedy that can help him but even they may be to costly for some. I would recommend everyone get as healthy as possible and get off all drugs if possible. My wife and I are drug free and are still uncovering natural remedies that can help us remain that way. We asked The Lord for His Wisdom and believe He has given it to us. “We have not because we ask not.or we ask amiss to consume it on our own lust.”

  • Paul

    What a bunch of BS !

  • Alan Woods

    Hmm, where to start, actually I believe it has to start with Nixon, and taking the US off of the Gold standard. Some could argue that it started in 1913 with the creation of the private bank, “The Federal Reserve”. In this presentation it points to Obama and some balls rolling with the Clinton Administration but the hard truth is that we have been rolling toward this moment for sometime. The common man just had no idea.

    So, to Cliff Cox, no we can’t fix what we have because we, the US, and the World are Bankrupt. Depletion of refined fuel and the production of useable oil will not allow the economies of the world to continue the Infinite Growth Paradigm that the world has followed for centuries. Remember the savings in loan debacle in the late 80’s, a bail out by the government of commercial banks? And the fact of the undeclared wars in Afghanistan and Iraq triggering the bailout of Wall Street under George W Bush and Sec. Treasury Paulson (former CEO of Goldman Sachs) with the Federal Reserve secretly creating Trillions and loaning them to Commercial Banks across the Globe unbeknownst to congress or the public of the United States who are on the hook for all of that money?

    No, a simple election will not solve the problem because the GOP establishment is in just as deep as the Democrats establishment. Look at your 3 GOP hopefuls, more war, big government, and promises to get the economy going… It’s been said that the only difference between Obama and Romney is skin color and hairstyle. And consider, what difference in war or economy between Obama and G. W. Bush?

    Hang on; it’s going to be quite a ride. But hey, I could be wrong

  • Charles Blume

    The chicken little republicans running in circles lamenting the sky is falling all while opposing any action to help our country recover from the collapse they caused during the Bush administration. Even opposing their own proposals if Obama agrees use that idea

    • s c

      Comrade ‘c,’ when you finally understand the difference between a ‘Republican’ and a conservative, you can come back and try to wow us with you childish mental garbage. Until then, kindly stick it wherever it’s comfy, comrade.
      While you’re at it, learn the difference between facts and opinions. It would be great to have a utopian on this website who knows at least THAT much.

      • nc

        SC, what differences do you know exist between a Republican and a conservative? Who do you consider the leading conservatives in US history?? I’m waiting.

    • Evelyn Studdard Levine

      As I read through the threads of this group, my heart is sickened by the bitterness, anger and hopelessness that I hear. Some hate the Republicans and some hate the Democrats. It is all we have or why don’t some of you start a new political group and work like the devil to get 15 people to follow you. Life is what it is and you either make that which is upon us better or you become a bitter, hateful person to be around. America has turned into a Godless country and that is the #1 problem we have. We have left the God of the rights for doing everything our own way. This country needs to get back to the roots of our forefathers and see the reason and a big need of God. You can talk about a problem until there is nothing else to say or you can pray about that problem and leave it with God and see results happen. It is that simple. The way that is being done is the hardest way to try to live life. In our own efforts. I am active with the Republican Party and they are not perfect because all are just humans. Most of the ones I know are Christians and have a need for someone greater and more capable than they are. I urge you to try it. You are all failing in your own strength and that is the way man is designed to do it. All we like sheep have gone astray. We have turned everyone to his own way. That is what I hear out of the people on this group. I pray I never get like that because my hope is not in myself but in God to clean up America. When I was growing up, most people saw their need for God. And slowly time eroded that need for so many and now man is going his own way. So we have opinions after opinions but no solutions. Why do you think Obama has failed? He intended to happen what has happened. He came into office to make a socialistic country our of a democracy and so far has failed. But God is giving us another chance to change to turn to Him. We are just like Israel was. But if you don’t get your thinking straight and stop this blame game and just make prayerfully thought out solutions for our country, we will continue to go our own way. I for one don’t intend to do that with any part of my life. I will continue to support the Republican Party with all the different humans and opinions. Who ever told any of you that a political party was the answer. It is the people in that party that come up with answers and hopefully prayerfully. You can scoff all you want but this is the way that seemeth right unto man but the end is death. Death of our Republic. Death of our way of knowing how this wonderful country can be. Pray, pray and pray more and God will deliver us in due time. There is no other way of Obama would have tried it. God bless each of you richly and that these thoughts might get into that hardened heart and seek a better way.

  • Patriot

    Remember this for all these ObamaCare supporters, this law is not about healthcare, it is all about CONTROL! If this law becomes reality then there is nothing that the Government cannot mandate you to buy. If the all powerful government can get CO2 declared as a pollutant then there is nothing stopping this out of control 5th column in our society. Many more need to wake up before it is too late!

    • Rebecca Turley-Summers

      HMMM. How come all these laws were written by conservatives? Yep, each and every one of the things you complain about. Oh, and unless you actually understand the science and the economics behind them, quit spitting out platitudes and abuse at the wrong people. BTW, all the conservative constitutional scholars happen to disagree with you and the last time I checked that list didn’t include anybody on Fox News. You can’t trust the main stream media, they are complicit in all the skullduggery and they are not part of any liberal bias, what BS.

      • Windrinker

        Rebecca is truly a liberal nutcase! She thinks people will actually believe that Conservatives wrote obamaSCARE!

        Demonrats wrote it “behind locked doors in the dead of night!”

  • Ignatius Turchi

    “The most terrifyng words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” —- Ronald Reagan

    Nothing else need be said.

  • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

    We didn’t need Obama or Obamacare to destroy capitalism. Capitalism is self destructing on it’s own and for some of us it is not a big surprise. It is not a sustainable system and just like peak oil we now have peak capitalism. It is on it’s way out and I say thank God because although some of you think it is the greatest thing since sliced bread, all it has done is make some people very wealthy but always at the expense of the masses. Not much has changed only the titles from Kings to CEOs. We can do better than that.

    I realize that some of you always need to blame someone for the mess we’re in when in reality we are all responsible for this mess. And Wayne no amount of overuse of “isms” will make it so. But what I find despicable is your ever present underlying tone and code words that hide your true intention. Face the ugly truth, even though you don’t know it, you are still a racist, plain and simple. You and the other ugly-american numb nuts currently running don’t even come close to deserving the office of the President of the United States.


    To all of you who are denying the American people this right, I say right because how can you pursue happiness without health, and who fight on the side of this corrupt and way over priced mafia sick care industry, which is why we ended up with the convoluted compromise which you now conveniently call Obamacare, I say shame on you. You are responsible for this mess.

    Oh and by the way!
    A single payer non-profit open healthcare system using the already existing Medicare/Medicaid structure is the easiest and most cost efficient answer.

    • Sirian

      LOL!!! If this isn’t a brilliant example of socialistic non-sense then none exists!! LOL!!! “A single payer non-profit open healthcare system using the already existing Medicare/Medicaid structure is the easiest and most cost efficient answer”. LOL!!! Most cost efficient? LOL!!! Where oh where has this little boy been? You are so far out of the ball park you can’t even see the bleachers. Oh yes, I know, I’ve really got you riled up now. Think I’ll just sit back and wait for the fireworks. . . :)

      • Karolyn

        Why couldn’t it work, Sirian, if Medicare and Medicaid were straightened out with regard to all the waste and fraud involved?

  • lee

    That is of no surprise that oboma is out to distroy economy or anything else. All you had to do was listen to his speech when he was running for president and you knew what he was up to.He wanted to change the Constitution of the United States. He and his administration is the most corrupt i have ever seen.He seems to want to be a dictater.

  • Kevin Caraher

    Wayne, I think you really understand the issues, you are just putting your spin on it to be contrary to any of the Obama policies that influence the true fabric of America and that is the middle class and the poor who labored to make corporations what they are today. Abraham Lincoln is credited with stating that Labor is superior to corporations. Look it up. The GOP used to be the party of the people back in his day, now it is the party of the ___________. You fill in the blank,but I am guessing it will not be the party of the people. I am positive that none of, the 99 percenters who are a part of the Occupy Movement are against capitalism. Capitalism is great and made this country what it is today. It is corporate greed that we are trying to bring more awareness to. We are not jealous of the ones who are rich,they worked for it and in some cases just inherited it. We are only asking that you pay your fair share and not make the middle class and the poor carry the burden of taxes to build a better America, not make it a nightmare. Dignity rather than degridation for all !!!

    • Jefferson Thomas

      It follows that you would refer to Abraham Lincoln, America’s tyrant, dictator, con man, thief, and front man for other thieves in the corporate structure of the northern states.

      Need examples? Lincoln imprisoned and then deported without due process congressman Clement L. Vallandigham from Ohio for the heinous crime of making a speech in congress opposing Lincoln’s unconstitutional action of printing money in the Legal Tender Act . A quote from Vallandigham’s speech “high prices, extravagant speculation, enormous sudden fortunes, immense fictitious wealth, general insanity, these belong to all inordinate and excessive paper issues” ….”the object of all of this is to subjugate the States and the people perpetually to the Federal government” and to aggrandize the political posture of Abraham Lincoln now the President and Caesar of the American Republic”…of course every word is true, no wonder old dishonest Abe, America’s Stalin got mad and tossed him. hmmmm sounds somehow very familiar to me relating to our time.

      Suspension of habeas corpus? Yep that was old dishonest Abe. I could go on, but time does not allow.

  • jopa

    Elevenarrows;Are you trying to tell us you would refuse treatment for your family and yourself if you were in a tragic car accident that would be very costly to the taxpayer.Do you realize we would be stuck with your medical bills if you are under-insured.Don’t try and be a foolish hero in writing when we know when it comes to a life or death matter, you would choose for the people of America to pay your bills if there were no other way for you to do it.If you understood how the hospitals do their billing you would shaking your head in disbelief as to how they sock it to the uninsured and under-insured.It’s a well known fact if you are brought to the ER you will be treated in most cases insured or not and someone has to pay the bills.

  • Rebecca Turley-Summers

    Kudos to Eric and Kevin. You get it. Nuf said.

  • ghostob1

    @ Tim L
    You sir, are the one who needs to get their facts straight. There is in FACT a panel created by this unconstitutional takeover of our private medical system who will decide on when a person’s life is “worth” saving. No it does not call itself a death panel, but that is what they do. I know because my wife is a life-long medical professional who deals with end of life issues daily.
    Reminds me again why they say “never confuse a liberal with facts”. They can’t deal with it.

    • Ron

      We’ve always had death panels.

      They’re called insurance companies, and they decide who lives and who dies and they answer only to their shareholders. We’ve tied suffering and life and death to the profit margin, and Greed is Good and Greed is Holy and In Greed We Trust–and Greed will always rule us in our hour of need.

      So, it’s time we asked Americans to lay down their lives to die for capitalism the way W and President Cheney asked the troops to lay down their lives to keep their chickenhawk hineys in the White House.

      Let’s just stop B.S.’n ourselves, though. You can see on this site plenty of people who will defend the Religion of Capitalism to the death the same way Muslim fanatics strap on suicide vests.

      Just own that religious fanaticism, though–instead of wearin’ us out with this fakey RealAmerican SuperPatriotism. That sounds too much like Big Government to me, and the truth is we’re all owned by Big Corporate. Big, multi-national, un-American corporate. Heck, corporations don’t even have to LIKE Americans to fleece us.

  • jopa

    Summertime;You speak highly of all those free clinics your daughter goes to however if she comes down with a serious injury or illness those clinics cannot help her.Lets say she comes down with a form of cancer that is treatable with certain high priced drugs.She would be told there is no cure for her to tough it out because of the lack of money or insurance on her part.I have seen this scenario played out over and over with todays health system.We need the ACA.

  • jopa

    ghostob1;Tim L had it exactly right about Palin.What was offered in the ACA was end of life counseling and she twisted it around and called them death panels.There are so many fools in America they sucked up and believed what that nitwit said and some even believe it to this day even after it was proclaimed the lie and joke of the year.End of life counseling gives the patient the right to die with dignity and not be kept alive with tubes stuck in every opening in your body.It would be the patients choice and not the doctors or any panel.Your wife is confused.The majority of my family are health care professionals.


    I would not concentrate on OBAMACARE as an issue too much as there are many baby boomers in their 60′s who are starting to worry about Healthcare costs which they would rather the Feds pay for instead of having to sell their assets to pay for ongoing care. It will be a very popular scheme and too much debating will only remind the older age groups that it might be a rather good idea including many Republicans, no matter what they tell you to your face. Many taxpayers dont really care who pays the nations debts in their afterlife where patriotism does not really run supreme. They wont care if the new immigrants and illegals, or your sons and daughters will have to pay the bills in their lifetime. But I disagree with Wayne Allyn Root view that the Obamacare will destroy your form of capatalism, it wont..

    The system wont work too well in the USA as too few people really seem to pay income taxes due to your strange taxing systems in states,, although it works reasonably well in Australia where everyone pays a levy on their income taxes and the doctors rarely have bad debts because the scheme is underwritten by the taxpayer. For some reason doctors and health care is much cheaper in Australia, though you will have more care if your have private health insurance.

    • Ron

      I know America’s probably hard to comprehend from the outside, but healthcare is expensive in America because, starting in about 1944, the science of consumer manipulation and marketing was invented here. The American people have progressively been “liberated” from Big Government and enslaved by Big Corporate through a propaganda machine that would make ‘Sepp Goebbels look like a hack.

      Combine that with a school system that has progressively dumbed down the majority of the population, a Fox News propaganda machine–built to cater specifically to that demographic–which constantly-constantly-constantly beats the blunthammer that All Governement Is From Satan, all education is part of a Vast Liberal Homosexual Brainwash Plot Spanning All of Human History, and the Only Real Truth has been revealed to a handful of Brilliant, Righteous, Jesus-Loving White Men (Lord Limbaugh, Lil’ Lord Hannity, Lady Ann, et al)–

      –and Americans are pretty much ripe for the pickin’. We’re gonna be bled white by the multi-national corporations who use us as their personal ATM’s until they can powderize our bones and sell it to the Chinese for fertilizer.

      That’s why we’ll fight healthcare reform–and any other regulation of rabid capitalism–tooth and nail. We’re determined to die defending the religion of capitalism with the same fanaticism that suicide bombers defend Islam.

  • scout

    Wayne, you’re preaching to the choir. Those of us on this site understand the problem and can see where we are headed very clearly. The ones who don’t see what is happening, unfortunately don’t read this type of site. It was a very clear depiction of where we are headed but I think you need to take the semon to the streets to be more effective.

    • absolutely amazed

      Wrong, Scout – Gillysroom and Dave have got it right. Your head is in the hypercapitalist sand.

  • sandy daniels

    Read the bill. We obtained a copy after 3 months of study we found it to be one of the most evil documents we have ever read the word dhimitude is used many times. For those of you who are unfamiler with the term it means in arabic/farsi ” to control the infidel”
    Unfortunatly the effects of the bill are already being felt. No more mamograms for those who have survived it once, limited cancercare and so on. The bill also covers a plethora of other and sundery issues having nothing to do with healthcare carfully written to mean anything or nothing. Same ol same ol from this dem supported ultra evil bill

    • Ron

      This is typical John Birch Society/Confederate States of America rabid propaganda B.S., designed to cater to your secret Muslim/not-good-enough-birth-certificate/skin-color-scariness of the President of the United States.

      “Dhimmitude” is not mentioned in the Affordable Healthcare Act. If you got your version of it from Glenn Beck, please disregard the above. I’m sure Beck’s version also includes a line about requiring all participants to curse America and pledge allegiance to Allah–but that’s not based in reality and is probably something pulled out of his health-insurance covered anus. It is not a Secret Kenyan America-Hating Mooslim Code being slipped in anywhere as a mystical sign of the President’s secret Nig-a-Kenyan allegiance to plans to destroy America.

      The AHA does wrestle with the fact that several American as well as multi-national religious groups have issues with participating in the plan for various reasons, but argues that if they accept Social Security, then members of religious organizations would have a hard time arguing exemption from participation in AHA. This includes Muslims as much as it does Mennonites.

      Here’s what had to say about this nonsense, being C-R-O-W-E-D about by members of the Confederacy Party as proof of President Obama’s clear Nig-a-Kenyan loyalties:

      But by all means, don’t let the truth get in the way of your hatred. If this constant drumbeat of evil conspiracies can inspire even one little nitwit John Wilkes Booth wannabe to try to take with the bullet what you lose with the ballot, then I guess your work is done, and you can all wring your hands afterward and say how the libs have made America a violent place.

      Just one thing, though, to borrow from former President Cheney:

      You guys may, in fact, succeed in overthrowing America…

      …but we will NEVER welcome you as liberators.

      P.S. And for the record, Marinus Van Der Lubbe may have been goaded into starting the Reichstag Fire, but you guys clearly helped him burn it down and used it as an excuse to take over the country, even though you never were able to get more than 33% of the popular vote. ‘Just sayin’.

  • Tim M

    I fully agree with Mr. Roots’ video and have sent this on to many folks today.

    Yet I take it one step further. Yes, I do believe that ObamaCare is the centerpiece of his presidency. But I do not for a second believe that he does not have a Plan B. If fact, Plan B may be equally as effective in his mind.

    Plan B is for the Supreme Court to find ObamaCare unconstitutional, in which case he will use that decision to stoke massive civil unrest and then get to employ his dictatorial powers as set forth in his recent (March 19 if memory serves me) Executive Order. This would be consistent with the Solicitor General appearing to be so unprepared in the Oral Arguments, and also with the sophomoric quality of the forged birth certificate; i.e., this was intentional. Food for thought . . .

  • Louis Lemieux

    Obamacare: The Perfect Trojan Horse
    Well, I believe the best Trojan Horse delivered to the American people would be the downfall of Obamacare : people without health insurance would keep going up, the government more and more picking up the tab,more and more people climbing aboard the free bandwagon well on our way to universal healthcare.

  • Big Daddy

    More right wing fear mongering. What a load of BS!!! What I find even more alarming that these idiots that sprew this BS is the amount of gullible, uninformed Republicans that this BS works on. Turn off FOX, Know that voting GOP is a vote against you, your family, the future. If you listen to Fox, Limbaugh, Beck and this moron then you have more serious issues than Obama and health care.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      How did you find your way to this site?
      Is this your assignment for today?

  • Ron

    Thank God we’re destroying Obamacare! It was an attempt at compromising with the Party of John Wilkes Booth–since many of it’s elements were originally the ideas of the Republick Party anyway–but WE ACCEPT NO COMPROMISE!

    It’s about time the Dead-Enders (uninsurable) of America stepped up and were willing to lay down their lives to defend capitalism, the way the non-wealthy were willing to do during the recent decade-long “Decider’s War” (also known as the “War to Get W’s Picture Taken On An Aircraft Carrier”). They knew that the well-heeled had to save themselves in order to rule, and today our wealthy are calling on all welfare-queen America-despising unemployed and uninsurable people to be willing to die in the emergency room parking lots, rather than cause our Christian Healthcare Providers to adjust their profit margins by possibly reforming a bloated system designed to deny coverage to the very people who pay into the ponzi scheme.

    At least if these Al Qaeda-loving America-haters really loved the Confederacy, they’d be willing to die for it.

    We are committed with a Will as hard as Kruppstahl (Krupp Steel–a great German “job creator” during the Third Reich) to overthrow America and it’s “democracy” (voting by the mongrel races), and we will Take America Back…

    …all the way back to the Olde Timey Confederate States where women knew their place, sharecropper whites were just happy to serve their draft-dodging chicken-hawky wealthy landlords–and shut up and fight the wars they’re ordered to fight–and slave owners, well…with trafficking in human beings as the single largest component of the American GDP in 1860, it’s pretty easy to conclude that our Christian White Slave Owners were the original “Job Creators”. (smirk)

    Capitalism is not an economic theory, subject to nuance or adjustment; it is a holy religion better than that of the Mooslims and that Our Greed is One Greed and He Is Holy. Death to the Infidel.

    Death to the “United” States of America and God Bless the coming Confederate States of Amerikkka, forged in hatred, fear, the freedom to not have an education (“These colors don’t run!”), and the commitment that, in this land, Jesus does not want everyone to have a better life–only those who can afford the cover charge. Death to the Infidel and the Unbeliever.

  • http://None Bernhard Weiss

    Well, please explain this: Why, since the introduction of National Healthcare in Germany,about 250 heard ago, has Germany not gone bankrupt?
    Fact is that the taxes in Germany and other countries in Europe are higher but the people live free and happier than in the US. What Europe has is Social Capitalism. And that will save the US. Look the German economy is not destroyed, it runs better than ours!

    • Ron

      What treason. How DARE you suggest this?? NOTHING is ever better than Rightwhite Olde-Timey RealAmerica, and we are always happier here, even if it kills us. And Rick Santorum said that RealAmericans don’t even have to get an education and we get to work two shifts at McDonalds.

      What’s more free than that?

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Prove that you are working 2 shifts at McDonald’s.

    • antilies

      Anyone who actually believes Obamacare will give all healthcare are either braindead, brainwashed or brainless. It sounds like many of you ARE the lazy ones who don’t work and want everything handed to you off the backs of us hard working self sufficient true blue americans. Many of you are blind to true nature of this scheme, it is about power and control over every aspect of your lives. It will allow the government to not only know all about your private health records but whether or not you DESERVE treatment based on your lifestyle. Anyone who doubts this is a fool. Yes, there will be death panels, Beaurocrats who will decide if treatment is worth the cost based on your longevity (i.e. the older you are the less chance for life preserving treatment). Pull your heads out of the toilet and get real. I’m not against helping those in need but destroy the many for the few, that I am against.

    • Void1972

      Germany and many other countries that have government sponsored health care don’t have 35 million illegal aliens sucking off the system. Nor do they have millions of illegitimate minority babies to over whelm their system. When my Spanish workers children would get a cold, they would go the emergency room for medicine, the same for the minorities. We need to stop illegal immigration. Stop giving away free health care and schooling to illegal’s and stop the sick government system of paying minorities to have multiple children, by multiple partners. 73% of black children are now born out of wedlock. These kids will be wards of our government from birth till death. Who pays for that?
      Free health care for the corrupt, and extremely high cost for the good citizens doing the right thing.
      I just escaped from N.Y. because of the horrible changes that have made N.Y. a third world State. When I would go to any hospital in N.Y., I felt as if I just arrived into a poverty stricken third world building. It is sickening what has happened to America. Both Republicans and Democrats are to blame and the system is broken, but unfortunately there are no heroes that are willing to make the necessary changes that will save us from destruction.
      One thing I can say to all of you Liberals supporting our current communist in command. Do your homework on Russia and China. The same is about to happen here, and when it does, it is you my friends, that will be sent to the “work camps”. The useless of society that were sucking off the system and the most active true “communist” were the first to be murdered because Stalin and Mao knew these to be untrustworthy, the welfare recipients because of their uselessness and the liberals because of their mental disorder and lack of loyalty.
      Welcome to the new America. Change you can believe in!

      • trelore

        The problem is not our polititions though they do contribute, the problem is not our system, nor is it Obamacare, our problem is that to many people keep saying there is no fixing this problem or the other half who say let the corporations do whatever they want.

        Our problem is not the black women who have welfare babies, they number less then five percent of the entire population. Our problem is not the illeagal aliens who just want to be as free as us. It is the corporations who want to hire them because they are willing to work for pennys and these same companies who fire hard working Americans because they refuse to be taken advantage of.

        The problem comes down to too many people who bitch about how bad it is, but refuse to bring change. There are leaders who want to bring this change to us. But to many corupt polititions block this change because they want more money. We caused this by allowing greed to be Okay. We caused this by saying I cant change it. it is to far gone.

        If your so sick of leaders that wont do anything except line their pockets with cash, then that means you have to become that leader who demands real change. Stop bitching and start doing something about it.

        One way we could stop these companies from hiring illeagals over us is by demanding all persons no matter where they are from get paid the same starting wage. One of the reason as I said before that companies want to hire illegals is because illegals dont stand up when they wronged, because they are to scared to get caught. If employers were forced to pay mexicans, asians, jews, and irashmen the same as an American. Then the companies would stop hiring them over us. Instead of just slapping these companies on the wrist, put the biosses who did the hiring in jail. This would scare them into doing what is right

        These companies wil do anything to keep us in the dark angery zone most americans are in. media outlets like fox news and Glen beck were created for the soul purpose of fighting real change that does good and that would stop the slavery here in America. Glen becks whole reason for being iss to destroy our freedom of choice and to keep the rich in power and to keep the poor downtrodden. To many people blame the poor when they need to be blsaming the rich for not helping out. To many people blames the forigners seeking freedom when they should be blaming the corporations that brought them here. Instead of blaming the poor for being poor blame the employers who refuse to pay a good cost of living wage/ What this all come down to is quit laying blame and start doing what is right

      • Daniel from TN

        For those of you who cannot “put 2 and 2 together” or “connect the dots,” work camps in the US will mean FEMA camps; the camps that are already completed or under construction.

  • DH

    Well my golly. Someone of substance and one listened to has come out and said what so many of us have known for some time. Obama has been out to destroy our economy and way of life ever since having taken office. If more people could see the forest, there wouldnt be so many thinking that he ought to be re-elected. He wasnt qualified to run the first time, but no one seems to really take issue with that, except for a few who have taken action. Our own representatives have hidden, that being even worse than those democrats leaving the state to not to have to vote on something that they disagree with. Cowards?Or something else, but what?

    • Daniel from TN

      obama’s ineligibilty went unchecked in 2008 due to a legal loophole. The Constitution sataes the president must be a natural born citizen, but there is no mechanism in place for verifying eligibility. In the past, no check was performed because there was no need to do so. Now there is, and the biggest legal dispute has arrived because no one seems to know who has jurisdiction over the eligibilty issue.

  • Mirage

    As an independent who REFUSES to join any one party … I PUT COUNTRY FIRST.
    However, once again the Right demonizes Obama for everything.
    The president could walk on water, feed thousands with one loaf of bread, and yet those on the Right who put party above country, would whine that the Prez got his feet wet and got bread crumbs on the ground!
    Yeah, Obama care sucks, but it was a (failed) attempt to change a system where 40+ million Americans go without care – the only industrialized nation that can lay claim to such disgrace.
    The president originally wanted a “single-payer-system”, but in an effort to appease the Right through compromise, his attempt to improve health care failed, and is probably unconstitional. If the Supreme Court finds Obama Care unconstitional, it might be a good thing, and possibly pave the way finally, to something like a single-payer system … time will tell.
    For those of you who brand single payer health care socialism … if you collect Social Security, attended a public school, have a public library, etc. well then, WELCOME TO THE CLUB FELLOW SOCIALIST.
    Lastly, at least this president tried to do something to improve our health care system.
    His failed attempt is far better than anything the Tea Party, Libertarian Party, and Republican Parties have cumulatively come up with.
    The Right’s Health Care Plan?
    Don’t Get Sick, and or, Hurry Up and Die.
    Even though I’m a middle of the road Agnostic, I’m curious what the Liberal’s Liberal, Jesus Christ would have to say about all his followers on the Right; on sites like this, being fine with the status quo and letting the poor die in the streets???

    • antilies

      Mirage is trully a lost soul. Jesus believed in helping others DUE to self suffiecency, not Big Daddy government.

      • Neil Swan

        I think Mirage has a better brain than you do.


      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        JESUS = Communism…
        CHRIST = Capitolism…

    • eddie47d

      Thanks Mirage for there are some things that those on the right just don’t get it.Their hearts are cold and their minds closed. Almost anything can work but not when it is deliberately being sabotaged and as you say where is their plan. Those free markets kept folks out of health care and took people off the rolls who needed it. If I were them I wouldn’t be rejoicing unless they can come up with a workable alternative. .

  • Roni

    I wish more people, especially those of the empowered and dominate race could see that capitalism does not work for all. Since this land was stolen from the indigenous people and formed as America while building an economy on the backs of others through constant thievery; the systems have only worked and been an advantage for some. Many people have and continue to suffer at the hands of capitalism. Socialism is not an evil and capitalism isn’t the only way. It is a shame that no matter what President Obama suggests it is deemed by conservative groups as against the American Way. Every time I hear about restoring America or the American Way I begin to cringe as how America was built and operated for centuries is not in the best interest for my family nor many people. Those with power always want to stay in power- the problem is business does not care for nor want to care for those that work for them. he pursuit of the dollar becomes stronger than morals, values, and protection. The healthcare in this country is not of a fair mind. Why should those who work for the government enjoy better benefits than I. There should be reasonable and affordable healthcare for all. As an example a government official will not pay more than $5 for prescription medication yet even though I have a medical plan and i just paid $150 for one of my daughter’s allergy prescriptions. The middle class is not well taken care of in this country and bears the brunt of too many issues. It is interesting to me how some conservative Caucasian males always want to present as middle class and able to rise above the childhood economic situation; well a newsflash is that the American system is not designed for all people to be able to rise above economic hardships and situations. It is funny to me that is the broadcast you mention creating so much debt that companies need the government to bail them out- that is a smoke screen- being that Republican President Bush beginning from Reagan led this atrocity with the housing market. Everyone needs to calm down, open their minds, and see how all people are affected by all decisions. It is shameful that the the millions of workers in the USA with bachelor and master degrees in social service industry are unequally paid. This country needs to change and prepare for recognizing and appreciating all it’s citizens from all walks of life.

  • todd

    Today should be national punch a liberal in the mouth for being a complete lazy, non working blood sucking leech day!

    • Karolyn

      My, my, such misconceptions!

      • todd

        Lol… must be my misconception that occupy wallstreet protesters are ACTUALLY going to work everyday or are out trying to find a job! lol No, i’m very accurate on that point. We will stick with complete lazy, non working blood sucking leeches.

      • Karolyn

        Why is it people just love generalities so much?

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        Why is it people just love generalities so much? /////////////////\\\\\\\Beacuse they are BREAF… The devel is in the details!!!

    • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

      Well then it’s official Todd, you are just a mean moron.

    • Ron

      “punch a liberal in the mouth” reminds me with a smirk of a former time when a Great RealAmerican SuperPatriot, Preston Brooks, rose up with a mighty cane of righteousness and replied to Senator Charles Sumner, an America-hating abolitionist, by nearly beating him to death on the floor of the U.S. Senate.

      THIS is the only kind of righteous America-loving argument that the liberal and Lincolnite and book-reader can understand. When that filthy traitor (Abraham Lincoln) sought to become the Redistributor-in-Chief by stealing the property of Christian Southern Job-Creators (libs called ‘em “slave owners”) and creating a lazy mob of welfare queens out of a bunch of Kenyans (libs called ‘em “slaves”), it took an armed-to-the-teeth and short on book-learnin’ bluntforce to rise up and stop him.

      When John Wilkes Booth, an innocent RealAmerican simply exercising his “second-amendment remedies” to take with the bullet what the Confederacy lost with the ballot, the execution (libs called it “murder” and “assassination”) was a bluntwhite punch in the mouth to those who would seek to curtail the freedoms of our wealthy slaveowner class.

      God will smite those who oppose the Confederacy, and we will prove once again that a book, or education, or compromise can NEVER stop a bullet or a fist launched by a righteous Christian white man.

      These colors don’t run. C-S-A! C-S-A!

      Don’t let the libs fool ya. In 2012 we are voting to overthrow the United States of America and replace it with the Confederate States of America. We’re going to take America back–way, way, way back to an olde-timey world where women let their men-folk decide what’s best for ‘em, good sharecroppers knew obedience to their landlords, and the swarthy peoples were uppitiness-free.

      • Karolyn

        I hope you’re being facetious! Have you ever seen the movie “Confederate States of America?” It’s about what the US would be like is the south had won. Truly a gem of a movie.

      • Ron

        Yes, Karolyn. I have seen the movie. And after reading the postings on this and sites like it, I think we’re going to see it come true. Kevin Phillips, Nixon’s campaign strategist in ’68, specifically says that he sold the Party of Lincoln to the Party of Jefferson Davis, making Nixon the first Republican since Lincoln to sweep the former Confederacy. He did it cynically and deliberately, by appealing to all of the fear and ignorance he could drum up.
        And later, he lived to regret it.

        The Tea Party and Nouveau Confederacy Party (formerly Republican Party–who would now ideologically reject and swiftboat Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan, Dwight Eisenhower, Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln) has every intention of converting America back to that lost cause and I just want them to own it. In truth.

        The American people need to understand that these people are fear-mongering up a false choice; in 2012 we will not be choosing between RealAmerica and CommuNaziHomoSocialist Nig-A-Kenyanism.

        We will be choosing between the United States of America and the Confederate States of America, warmed-over and served up as if it’s something new.

        As I always say, the Confederates may succeed in overthrowing America in 2012, whether by the Florida Election Commission or Republican Supreme Court–or by some darker means, hinted at regularly on this site and those like it–but make no mistake;

        Former President Cheney was wrong.

        The American People will NEVER welcome the Confederacy as liberators.

  • Wyatt

    As we have already seen with the collapse of the Soviet Union , Socialism does not work . When it does work , it is short lived . France and now England are struggling under the weight of Socialized medical care . And the Communist concept while a good theory is open to corruption of the leaders . The only ones who get anything are the elected who TAKE everything , much like our current elected liberal elite . the belief that they earn it is crammed down our throats and they always have the Conservative Right to blame things on . Should the right suddenly vanish , people would realize what has been going on for years in a ever growing plot .

    America isn’t easy , capitalism is nothing more than free and fair trade and trading practices . Also there are no guarantee’s in America but one . Failure ! You are guaranteed the right to fail . That said , you also have the right to succeed . All one need do is put in the effort . America did not rise from being a fledgling Nation to the premier country in the world by people collecting welfare or government handout’s . It was hard working people who stood up and made it great . Do not believe Barry Obama for one second , his only goal is to destroy our nation and make it into what he was brainwashed into believing by his Communist worshiping parents and those he worshiped in Collage . The Communist element in the world of higher education

  • todd

    I went out to our Occupy Wallstreet protest and hung out for a little while and pretended like i was part of them. My goal was to ask 10 different people if the government was providing any type of funding to them. I asked 11 people because the last 2 were a couple. 8 out of 11 were getting funding. Yet, they were all out there have a great time, not looking for work. So you hardcore left wing crazies ask me why i have a problem with socialism??? Because these lazy people know that the government is going to provide for them!! If they starved to death because they refused to work, i bet they wouldnt be sitting on their butts. They would be out looking for a job, or mowing someones lawn, or taking advantage of all the student loans that are available to anyone in this country so they can better themselves. There is more opportunity in this country to better yourself than any other country in this world!! But thats not enough for you damn liberals! If you are lazy, you just expect everyone that has worked hard to STILL give you everything because you feel you are ENTITLED!! I have no problem helping those that try, but we have too many lazy people in this country that do not try and it is getting worse with every $ that is given to these people.

    • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

      And Todd you are obviously too lazy to learn anything new and you’ve yet to develop compassion. So who’s lazy?

      • antilies

        Eric, Todd is more compassionate than you could ever be. Did your father just hand you everything you wanted or did you have to earn it. Get the point?

      • todd

        I’m not lazy at all. I wasnt given anything in life. I went to school and learned everything i needed to so that i could become successful. I now have over 100 employees that have great jobs and are treated very well. All of my employees have the ability to better themselves and move up in the workforce. The only thing they must do is work hard and apply themselves. I also pay in over $200,000 in taxes every year. I also give to multiple charities every year. I contribute to society! Do you Eric??

  • trelore

    Well if if give healthcare to those who need it and destroys capitolism then I am all for it. i will lay you 10 to 1 odds that the guy ho wrote this article has never once even studied economics and its history in the world. Nor has he studsied the over all effects of rampent capitolism. Every country that practices it went bankrupt in our ppast and many of the countries who currently practice it are now of the verge of total financel collapse. Yet countries who do not practice capitolism, most notably China. China is now the one supporting through loans all these capitolistic countries and is keeping them from complete collapse. So if capitolis dies then that is a very good thing, because all the gredy mofos who are sucking this world dry will lose their power, and we will be able to stop being thir slave.

    • todd

      Really Trelore or whatever your real name is? Give us examples of all the great countries that were destroyed by capitalism. I would love to hear this. Capitalism is what built the country that we live in. It is also why people flock to this country. Because EVERYONE has the opportunity to be as successful as they want to be with hard work and dedication. No one is limited. And those that state they are limited.. are full of crap.

      • trelore

        Duh lets see here Rome, would be number one, The perfect example what happens when you let the rich do whatever the hell they want. Pre hitlers germany, and their allowing the rich to do whatever the hell they wanted led to hitler being able to come in and take over. Greece is the most recent example of rpib catitolisim that is allowed to run amok. America is also another great example as is the europian union, All oof these countries are on the verge of complete collaapse because they allow corporations and bank to do whatever the hell they want.Mean while Norway which is a socialist country as is Sweden, The Netherlands and Demark. Current Modern Day Germany and Japan, are perfect exapmple of What happens when you dont allow the rich to do whatever they want. These countries Are booming and they have unions that work with the corporations to keep their pay scales so they are at the cost of living scales. These countries also have the best free healthcare systems. They tax the corporation who operate within their borders a lot more then anyoine else. Also in history America went int ot the despression because Corporation and banks were alowed to due whatever they wanted and had no rules to follow, just like they are now. Capitolism is fine but it can not be ruled or ran by the rich , or the banks or the corpoations themselves. This is what scares the author of this article. he wants the rich to be able do whatever the hell they want. He doest like Obamacare because Livingston his boss is on the board for big Pharma. These guys dont like Obamacare because Obama care is a lot like what these countries I mentioned were like when they first started their healthcare systems. He is really sscared because Obamacare will open the door to Americans eventually getting the fre healthcare offered in other countries. Obamacare has its flaws, but all of them do when they are first started. Norays system had a lot of hiccups in the 30s. But now they are a utopia comapared to America, as is Denmark, The Netherlands and Present day Germany. The minimum wage in these countries is 30 dollars an hour and The average salery for a chairman of a cororation is not allowed to be more then 100,000 a year and they pay highers taxes because they make so much, and they have had this system sinces the 30s with no problems.

  • antilies

    trelore, spoken like a true complete idiot.

  • antilies

    China’s government is capitolistic “Business wise” but their are millions of impovrished “citizens” (socialistic consequence). Wise up.

    • trelore

      You need to quit listening to the media BS, China has the highest amount of billionares bar none. many media outlets have come forward and even admitted that they were wrong in their reports on the imporvished people in China. China has a billion plus people living in it, so yeah they may have morepoort people then a country that 305 million living in it. But here are the fact. American has the highest amount of poor and imporvished people in it. We also have the highest amount of crimes being commited and the highest prison populations. So until we fix those problems by getting rid of rampent capitolist who have no rules to follow, we have no right to preach to countries who are richer and moire successful then we are.

      • todd

        “But here are the fact. American has the highest amount of poor and imporvished people in it”

        Complete b.s.! The same people you consider impoverish or as you say “imporvished” have cell phones and go to the supermarket and buy filet mignons and then get cash back and go buy their beer or cigarettes with tax payer dollars! My very good friend manages a supermarket and says he is sickened by how much of this goes on. If you are poor in this country and just absolutely don’t want to work. You can eat better than a middle class american that actually tries.

        • trelore

          Just because you have a cel and an xbox does not mean your rich, it just means you have to work more jobs then most,. The average american currently hold 3 jobs and makes a hell of lot less then we did back in the 70s. These are fact. These fact you call BS can be found in any good economics class. Currently 35 percent of the people in America are working 3 partime jobs and still living paycheck to poaycheck. Impoverished is when you cant afford to work less then 3 jobs and have to have a cel because your never home except to sleep. As to the stats regrad crime and prison no these are not BS, these are the stats put out by World economics leading magizines and the guiness book of world records. i can see you do not have a business major in world History and accounting and economics like I do. Quit wqatching Fox news and go back to school

      • todd

        You talk about take a simple Economics class. You should do the same. Greece main mistake was to go out, borrow money and use it to fund huge wage growth, rather than pay down its already substantial debts. 1 out of 3 of the population works for the government! Hello? That alone will tear down an economy. Greece also went on a spending spree, allowing public sector workers wages to nearly double over the last decade, while it continued to fund one of the most generous pension systems in the world.

        You also speak of Rome.. Rome had so much contributing to its downfall which took 500 years. It certainly wasnt capitalism. It had to do with a lot of corruption. It also is not even a close similarity to the United States. They had no middle class whatsoever and we can go on for days about the decline of the Roman Civilization and the contributing factors.

        You have it in your head that socialism is so great. Go move to one of the countries you seem to like so much. Socialism is not what the country was founded on. It is not what our forefathers wanted and it is not what the hard working individuals want in this country.

        • trelore

          Again your onand e those who are believing the bS put out byt the media types who want Obama to fail Greece had a finacel crisis because they did the same thing we are doing now which is let Corporations banks do whatever the hell they want and then they taxed the hell out of the poor, but did not make those corporations and banks pay their fair share. how do i know i know it because I have family who live there in greece. As to socialism go get a real dictionary, and quit watching Fox news. Our country was started by Socialist, and our constitution was written by two of the biggest socialist. Evern ben Franklin stated that Americans needed fre health care paid for by the governement as did Thomas Jefferson. The governement was created to help protect us from the big banks and corporations who like to rob from the poor to give to the rich. The depression of the 20s and 30 was caused by banks and Corporations who did not pay their fair share in taxes and did whatever the hell they wanted. in fact everything the corporations are doing today is exactly what happened then. Except in those days they were called robber barons and they had a lot of republicans on their side just like today. And they ran this country into the ground. I see this article bitching about how much it will cost to help the poor. But never once does the man complian about the real problems. Like the fact that we have wasted 20 trillion on a useless war. Or the fact that because corporations are not paying taxes many schools are shutting down and kids are going with food because thier parent are not poor enough to get help. . No instead heand you are more comfortable with attacking programs that actually help people. And btw I do have a degree in economics.

      • Karolyn

        todd – There are many in this country, such as those in Appalachia and on Indian reservations, who are truly impoverished. They have not bathrooms, let alone cellphones!

      • eddie47d

        We have much socialism in this country and every country on the face of this earth has socialism.. even Singapore.

        • trelore

          Thankr you Eddie, my point was Socialism when done right it protects the people who cnnot protect themselves. Kenbedy and FDR created laws that protected us from the sharks who run the corporations and the reporter who is writing this dribble is one of those sharks who wants his victims to believe that he and his fellow shark wont eat us. So like most monsters he distracts us by making us look at something Is not there so that he and his friend can hit us from behind. Our country was built on the ideas of a perfect social order. They were borrowed from a nearly perfect utopian sociaty called the Iroqouis nations,. These nations lived in peace for 1500 hundred years before they met the white man. There was no hunger, no greed, no crime, their governement provided everything for them, and historical evidence now shows they had a population close to the same size as ours is now. Yet their governement and society which had no capitolism was not poor. They were thriving so well that Our forefathers were deeply impressed with their levels of peace. Yet these morons like this writer want you to believe socialism is evil. Because it fights the very thing they crave, greed and lust for power. I am so sick of how I see America becoming hitlers dream come true that when I am finished with schooling I will leave to live in those socialist countries.

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    United States Code: U.S. Citizens (ONLY) get Social Security.. when they Pay into it! (Comes out of their PAY When they are paid for working!) In the S.S. Package, is MEDICARE! Ya didn’t put into it // ya don’t get it! The Politicans are Scrambling to get their place in { 1 world government } Giving from some… to others! (Like Robin Hood) Taking from The Government / Rich / & / MIDDLE CLASS… But keeping for them selves & giving the poor “HOPE”…With out any intension of filling it!
    No Benifits: To Unlawfull inhabantance! To be a CITIZEN… Must be able to speak / read ENGLISH to a 3rd, grade level… Must give Oath of Loyality to U.S. of A..If Not a Citizen… MUST HAVE A CURRENT, Green Card / Visa…

    • sandy daniels

      Social security right now is being pais out to over 24 countrys they work 8 quarters here under a visa go home and live off the sweat of our brow.

      @ the idiot who is preaching socialism the founding fathers had a bit of wisdom for you they said Good Bye and best of luck THIS IS A FREE COUNTRY Where Men earn their way by the sweat of their own brow

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        THIS IS A FREE COUNTRY Where Men earn their way by the sweat of their own brow
        /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Small % … The Criminal System empowers So many, that Working Hard only works if ya can stay out of trouble…And been able to save, enough to live on till ya die! (NOT EASY!)
        SOCIAL SECURITY & Medicare are the Pillow & Blanket by Government!
        You do make a good point… Should remain in th States!

  • Herbert

    Well some of you get it and that is good.but the ratio of those who do not is alarming and there post show the failure of the schools and that is exactly what they wanted to accomplish.a bunch of morons.

    • Windrinker

      Herbert, the parasites you are talking about….they don’t want “to get it.”

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    But: It Was Hillary Care First… ( Modified )

  • sandy daniels

    I see nobody paid attention to my post. We have read the entire healthcare bill. there are indeed deathpanels in it. did anyone see the drudge report? They are now denying cancer patients care, treatments, Welcome to Obamacare by the way islamic people are exempt as are the government politicians. Read the friggin bill and learn something.


    This is very emphatic



    Frederick Douglass’ words have come to light!


    Many people wonder why Republican legislators are so hard on President Obama. Frederick Douglass gave us the answer many years ago.

    “Though the colored man is no longer subject to barter and sale, he is surrounded by an adverse settlement which fetters all his movements. In his downward course he meets with no resistance, but his course upward is resented and resisted at every step of his progress. If he comes in ignorance, rags and wretchedness he conforms to the popular belief of his character, and in that character he is welcome; but if he shall come as a gentleman, a scholar and a statesman, he is hailed as a contradiction to the national faith concerning his race, and his coming is resented as impudence. In one case he may provoke contempt and derision, but in the other he is an affront to pride and provokes malice.”

    Frederick Douglass
    September 25, 1883

    Rosa sat so Martin could walk,
    Martin walked so Obama could run,
    Obama ran so our children could fly!!


    Fair Winds…
    Calm Seas…

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      But his Re Election will be based on his deeds! SOME WANT & SOME DON’T WANT!

  • mark

    So what’s the big deal? According to you guys Obama has been out to destroy every man, woman, and child on planet earth for years now. And then even worse, after they are all dead, he’s going to take away their guns. Tell me something I don’t know. You guys should spice up the Hate-Obama, Obama-is-Hitler progaganda line a little more often. This is all starting to get very predictable and boring.

    • sandy daniels

      so is your vast ignorance, keep on drinkin that spiked kool aid I’m sure it will help you see reality……………not

      • Ron

        …and for the record, while there are constantly cries to “stop drinkin’ the kool-aid” of any ideas other than the barking points of Lord Limbaugh and Lady Ann, that warm, yellow stuff they’ve been rainin’ down on ya for years, calling it “tinkle-down economics”?

        That ain’t lemonade.

  • Pete Sagi


    Your socialist professors and Obama are not carrying out a new program … i.e., to institute socialism here in the US through debt and/or to sell socialism as the fix to whatever the promoted crisis is. That program has been going on since at least the FDR years. Furthermore, the foundational planks of that program were put in place in 1913 … the passage of the Federal Reserve Act allowing for the centralization of credit in the hands of the state as per Carl Marx … in fact, a federal govt./private corporate partnership is what the fed is. Also the 17th ammendment, which gelded the state legislative bodies from having any input to Congress via appointment of senators by allowing for the popular election of senators instead. Some would argue the 16th ammendment was important, but, in fact, that was a smoke screen. The US Supreme Court stated that the 16th ammendment gave the federal govt. no new taxing power that it didn’t already have, and that all it did was clarify that a tax on income could be collected as an indirect or excise tax. And that brings us to the centerpiece of socialistic legislation of the FDR years … Social Security.

    The Social Security Act was passed in 1935, upheld as Constitutional by the US Supreme Court, and went into effect as far as people paying into the program in January of 1937. When the program started, everybody knew at the time it was totally voluntary. IT STILL IS EVEN TO THIS DAY. There is no law that requires anyone to have or use an SSN to get a job here in the US. It’s just that due to overwhelming ignorance on the subject today, it is now virtually impossible to be hired without an SSN/agreeing to participate in Social Security.

    Obamacare is based upon “voluntary” participation in Social Security. No SSN use, no Obamacare. Also, no liability incurred for FICA, payroll tax, medicare tax, federal income tax, state income tax, local income tax, or Obamacare mandate/tax penalty/liability.

    What you point out about these socialist professors of yours and Obama may be true, but, what you and everyone else who writes for this column fails to point out is the connection to the grandfather of all socialist programs here in America, which is Social Security. If you favor a complete restoration of free enterprise/economic competition/free market economy here in the US, the ugly wart of Socialism must be taken out at the root. It is not enough to just roll it back a ways. The method of removal is simply a requirement for full disclosure. That is, anytime anyone anywhere for any reason asks for an SSN, they should be required to provide a plain language full disclosure as to all terms, conditions, powers of attorney granted, rights waived, and all liabilities incurred … including tax liabilities … on the part of the requestee for providing said number. The disclosure should be both written and oral, to be initialled off point by point, signed at the bottom by both requestor, requestee, and third party witness. Once full disclosure is provided, I doubt that too many people would want to participate. The socialist applecart would be overturned, period.


    • sandy daniels

      and what of the people who paid into SS all their working lives? What you fail to point out here is that until LBJ the fund couldn;t be touched now every president since has stolen our retirement money. Ah yes I guess we get screwed for trusting the govenrment to pay back what was taken from us.

      • Pete Sagi


        Part of the deal with socialistic insecurity … while it was sold to the public as being a form of insurance, that there was a trust fund, that there was an account with your name on it, etc… that would have never passed muster with the Constitution. When socialistic insecurity was challenged all the way up to the Supreme Court, the govt. position was that it was just another tax, with revenues going into the general treasury to be used as the govt. saw fit, period. There never ever was a trust fund or an account or any of that. In a legal sense, anything that a recipient receives is merely a handout from govt. There are no guarantees, it is all political. Congress can lower benefits, institute means tests, make you submit to drug tests, or even weekly proctology exams to qualify, nothing prevents that. Sorry, Sandy, that is just the way it is legally. It was ALWAYS a scam, the purpose of which, when it started, was to create a nexus whereby the income tax could be slapped onto the wages of ordinary Americans. That was done during WWII as the so-called “victory tax” which was supposed to last only two years. The name was changed but it is still with us today. Meanwhile, most everyone seems to have forgotten the voluntary nature of the program.


  • rkz777

    M/Sgt.Correa: I also heard the warning, some 55years ago, from my Father. He was a very smart and True American. I know every step these thugs take, even before they take them. I also know the thug in the white house, along with his many comrades, will be placed back into office to continue their communist take over of the United States, but they also have a plan to remain where they are at, should there be an obvious vote count that tells them to get out, and its not pretty. Many who call themselves Americans, sleep good every night because they have a home, several vehicles in the driveway, a fridge full of food and beer, work 9-5, weekends off and several weeks vacation a year, which makes everything appear to be all rosie! Well they are totally in the dark, and don’t even realize how far America has been reduced to a third world nation by the pestilent thugs which lurk in the hallways of our American Government. They are like the many who didn’t answer the call to arms when “the british are coming!” was sounded, and rolled over in bed and went back to sleep. But fear not M/Sgt., do you remember that fellow named George, who crossed that frozen river in that boat with a few others, in the cold dark of night, and kicked ass after making their landing? Well many descendants of those men (Including me ) are still around, and will not bend to a bunch of communist thug tyrants. We will have to answer the call again if no one wakes up. This country, at least where I stand will remain FREE AND UNDER THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and I’m not talking about some re written version concocted by these maggots.

    • todd

      I’m with you rkz777! The whitehouse is pissing on our constitution. They disregard its purpose. Which was to limit the power of the government and to give our people rights that the government should never be able to take away. Yet, they are doing their best to completely rip it up. I say lets split the United States right down the middle. One half can go with Obamas communist plan where everyone is equal. You work hard, you get to have a certain standard of living. You dont work at all, you STILL get the exact same standard of living. You also get all of your gov ran programs and medical!! Yayyyy.. go And then the rest of us will live on the other half of the United States where we believe in capitalism and living free under the Constitution of the United States and be able to retain all the liberties that were given to us under it! Lets see which side does better. Our side will do spectacular. Why? because now we dont have to pay for all your gov programs or lazy people or immigrants. All of those people will of course move to your side of the country. And you wont have anyone working on your side. Why would people work? They get the same lifestyle regardless of whether they work hard or not! Hence the problem with the plan of this idiot president! If it comes down to a revolution to prevent our liberties from being taken away.. I will help lead the charge!

    • nc

      rkz777, you described a way of life that is the American dream. House, cars, job from 9 to 5, beer in the fridge and sleeping well knowing that no country is an imminent threat to them!
      Would you please give me the cites of where the Obama communist army is going door to door arresting all Americans who disagree with him?? Not sound bites of conspiracy theories of other brain dead fear mongering wingnuts but actual proof of that happening!!!

      I’m 76 and have been hearing these same “warnings’ for 60 years and have yet to know of one my fellow Americans being hauled off by the government never to be heard of again> NAME A BETTER COUNTRY THAN THIS ONE! IS THERE ANOTHER COUNTRY WHERE YOU WOULD FEEL SAFER?? THERE IS TREATMENT FOR PARANORIA!!

  • Ron

    The most important comment to ever come out of the entire healthcare debate–which shows how the Corporate blunthammer has bent the minds of the capitalist jihadi people so hard right they’ll destroy themselves like terrorists in a suicide vest if their corporate rulers issued barking points that told them it would destroy Obama:

    “Get your filthy government hands off of my m-e-d-i-c-a-r-e!”

  • Ron

    Another thing: If you Big Corporate-loving, Big Government-hating RealAmerican SuperPatriots who live in rural areas of the South really loved America, you’d rip out your power lines to your house and do your President-hating by candlelight.

    It was Lyndon Johnson and the liberals, after all, who created the Rural Electrification Act of 1937,(ugh. I think I just threw up in my mouth when I mentioned them) which gave you the power to sh*t on the liberals today. Corporate America and the Republicans despised the act, since they believed you were all dead-enders and welfare queens who didn’t need electricity anyway, and accused Johnson and the Roosevelt administration of CommuNaziHomoSocialism for wasting good money on you.

    OF COURSE, once it was done, they swooped in and made a ton of money and continued to sh*t on the people who made it happen.

    Like John Quincy Adams, who “wasted taxpayer money” on the Erie Canal–which then created the economic boom of the early 1800′s, it’s a standard song-and-dance of the rabid right–crap all over progress, call it’s potential beneficiaries “dead-enders”, then make a ton o’ money off of it once it passes over their death threats.

    The point of the Affordable Care Act was to create the economies of scale that would make health-care affordable and reduce it’s dysfunctionality that has dumped America to 37th place in the world in healthcare.

    But of course, that got lost in photos of Obama with a Hitler moustache and birth certificate B.S., he tried to compromise and adopt Romneycare and Republican ideas into a bill which inspirjed them to then take a sh*t on their own ideas and c-r-o-w-e-d about ‘handing him his Waterloo”.

    It’s all they wanted in the first place–’just get rid of Obama as soon as he got in and get Cheney 2.0 back in there.

    The Confederacy Party “jobs plan”? Invade lots of countries and don’t ‘create jobs’ as much as kill off potential employees–lowering unemployment. After all, the “Draft-Dodger’s Wars” only cost us $4 trillion, blew gasoline prices through the roof, and killed off a bunch of potential welfare queens while making a ton’ o’ money for body armor and humvee aftermarket armor manufacturers. If that ain’t win-win for our “job-creators” (*smirk*), I dunno what is.

    • Bobbi Bennett

      Except that Obamacare does NOT create “economies of scale”. In fact it doesn’t address any of the problems we have within our current system and instead doubles down on them, providing benefits to big corporations and big insurance, provided they support the current administration, while screwing the people.

    • soverit

      @Ron:Lyndon Johnson became President in 1964 & therefore had no part in any 1937 legislation! The “Rural Electrification Act” sounds like barbed wire fencing! LOL.

      • trelore

        See here is where once again we see what happens when people who do not study history make statements on something they know nothing about. In 1937, Johnson successfully contested a special election for Texas’s 10th congressional district, which covered Austin and the surrounding hill country. He then ran on a New Deal platform and was effectively aided by his wife. He served in the House from April 10, 1937, through January 3, 1949. So it is very likely that he did participate.

        • soverit

          @trelore: Thank you for the clarification. Johnson really was just a good OLD boy!

          • trelore

            Your very welcome, yeah he was.

      • Libertytrain

        trelore – thank you. It was in my memory as well that Johnson was indeed active even as far back as 1937 – Of course they don’t teach history any longer but they did in my day.

        • trelore

          Your welcome and they do teach it but now it is taught in collelge but sadly no longer in highschool

  • Mason Cobb

    Really enjoy weird people: Root and Livingston’s site is like the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” of the political Inet. We’re #37 in healthcare, cost 2x as much as anybody else, as private system failed, with poor coverage, out of control expense, and above ave. deadly medical error. Do the paranoid ranters here and other Teabaggers stand for anything that doesn’t kill or injure Americans? It’s wrong to dump on AMERICA, AS YOU DO.


      When you have some time research the thousands of “capitalist-killing, common sense-destroying, free-thinking, job-killing, Constitution destroying etc. etc.” REGULATIONS that our socialist thinking R and D politicians are forcing down this once great nation’s throat. The Socialist takeover of our government is deliberately through laws, courts and deceit destroying all that you mention. I guess you just don’t know it yet, please do your homework objectively.
      Decades of Progressive actions are why you are so grumpy and misled. We are all to blame for our current condition. Ron Paul 2012

    • Bobbi Bennett

      Mason, what criteria are used to create the ranking? If you check into it, its done by those who revere socialized medicine, even though those who have had it for a long time, find it also has many faults. Even though countries with socialized medicine rely on innovations that come from us, and envy many aspects of our so called “private” system. (several of the European countries are abandoning large parts of their socialized system, because it doesn’t work and is not sustainable, just as we head down the same road.) What factors drive up health care costs in the US? These are not addressed and are compounded by the law.

      No one is saying that the previous system doesn’t have faults, but rather that Obamacare is the wrong solution. I concur with that conclusion having read the bill, and having done some extensive study of the scholarly research into health care systems, prior to it’s passing. The problem is that the law doesn’t address any of the real issues that adversly effected healthcare under the previous system. We’ve already seen some evidence of that as the law has been partially implemented. Insurance rates have increased dramatically, waivers have been given out based on capricious criteria, and most recently we’ve witnessed the unprecedented power the law puts in the hands of the administration through the Secretary of HHS. The problem with the law (in addition to it’s being

  • Thinking About

    Now I have more reasons to never vote or back Root. Wonder if he would ever be able to produce the current cost of healthcare in the USA along with the percentages of cost being passed to the insured and medicaid. Doubt he would want anyone to know those figures. Death panels are already here. The lack of healthcare to everyone is a death sentence to many. Even one of the gang members trying to get Affordable Health Care overthrown is now filing bankrupcy because of her husband healthcare.

  • http://none don larson

    Question: Can someone tell me in a rational manner, why Countries like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Switizerland, and Canada, can provide their Citizens with a Single Payer National Health Care Plan for any Citrizen that want’s it; and, at a cost that is approximately 2.5 times, less costly, than our Health Care System?

    Can someone tell me why the above mentioned Countries are rich, by our Standards, with Cash Reserves, while we are, not only broke! but also carrying a National Debt of over $15 Trillion Dollars?

    Among the Developed, so-called First World Countries, why do have so many more people who are poor? Further, how, in a period of 35 or 40 years, how did the United States move from being the chief creditor Nation; to, the place we are in today, as being the Developed World’s greatest debtor Nation?

    Why, if we are such a Great Nation, is our infrastructure falling apart, along with the decay of our educational system? We, apparently, don’t even have the money to upgrade our 40 or 50 year-old technology that controls our nuclear weapons?

    Why are our College Graduates carrying combined Student Loans that now exceeds a total indebtedness of a Trillion Dollars? Are you aware that this debt is now equal to the combined debt that have been run up on Credit Cards?

    How do you propose that we pay off, or down, the huge national debt?


    • GiveMeLiberty

      Sir, I won’t dive into the weeds on the health care cost differences but I will offer this…I spent a quarter of the century serving in the armed forces of this GREAT nation, in over 16 countries and 5 continents. I don’t care if they offered FREE MEDICINE or FREE SEX in any of those countries you listed, I’ll take my chances here! I’d rather die because of a health care inadequacy in this country and at least keep some semblence of my liberty and self-independence, than feel like a co-dependent pawn enslaved to a heavy-handed government.

      Also, regarding almost 90+% of the rest of the issues you listed, I promise you, if you research hard and long enough, you will connect dots going all the way back to the Progressive Grandpa Teddy Roosevelt. That was the beginning of the Progressive moment and so many of our current issues. Prior to that we prided ourselves on bigger, better, stronger. We drove ourselves to work to succeed. Since then, well you spoke to it well in your post.

      • One-Angel

        Here is a short story of two wealthy men who could go anywhere in the world for healthcare.

        President Ronald Reagan went to Germany for alternative cancer therapy. He was not treated here. He lived many, many more years before Alzheimer’s took him.

        Steve Jobs had cancer treatment here in the U.S. The cancer killed him. anyway

        End of story.

    • Daniel from TN

      Here’s the differences in those countries and the USA.
      1. With the exception of Canada, they are smaller countries. Fewer people mean fewer problems and fewer potential problems.
      2. The citizens of those countries WANT to provide for themselves: They have a smaller per centage of wannabe free loaders.
      3. Independent thinking and a strong work ethic is taught and encouraged. “I’m entitled to it” is all that is taught in the US today, especially in the public schools. Independent thinking in the public schools is not only discouraged but has actually brought punishment to students who exercise it.
      4. Some of these countries allow the people more direct control of the government through national referendums. You really think that’s ever going to occur here?
      5. A balanced budget is required by law. Our government fights all attempts at a balanced budget.
      6. Deficit spending is forbidden by law. If deficit spending is ever abolished in this country then members of Congress would lose their avenue of legal bribery.
      7. Politicians have term limits, and must live under the same laws and conditions as the rest of the population, something we desperately need in this country.
      All the savings produced by these differences mean those countries can actually afford a single payer health care system, without all the undesired politics that is delibrately designed into ObamaCare.
      Do these items answer your question?

      • trelore

        I just want to point out a few things. First our countries freeloaders as you call them are less then five percent of our current population. in reality there are more millionares freeloading off the system then there are poor people. And the writer of this article is one of those millionares who refuse to pay their fair share in taxes. In those other countries, Millionares are not treated any differently then any other citizen. In fact they pay more in taxes and do so willing.

        Another fact is only a few of those country are actually smaller then us. Norway, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Germany have smaller populations. But Japan, China and Brazil have larger populations then we do. But on the other points you made I agree with. But does that mean that we should not try. Obamacare opens the door to us fixing that broken and corupted system. When those countries most notably Norway started their programs, the programs they had were a lot like Obamacare and over 30 years they fixed it. Obama did not and never said it would be fixed and perfect over night. he said several times we have a long very hard road ahead. First we should concentrated on stopping theese damn wars before we do anything else. Because the reality is they are causeing the biggest drain. once we stop the wars and trying to fix everyone else, we can better concentrate on fixing this country. The real reason the so called right{Personally I think we should never call them the right. i think they should be renamed the wrong.} wants these wars is because it distract the american people from seeing the real cause of our eminate collapse. Which is all this in fighting and this hatred. They love the hatred, they love it when people hate the poor, because hatred breeds war which just breeds more anger. Angry people cannot think clearly enough to really see what is wrong. The red they see blinds them to the truth.

        • Daniel from TN

          lease define the term “fair share.” I’ve heard many politicians and others use the term but no one has defined it. Anyway, according to the IRS over 90% of income taxesare paid by just 2% of the people. I’d say that some of the rich are already paying more than their fair share.

          • trelore

            Ok heres some numbers that will help to explain fair share. yes 2 percent do own companies that help put people to work. But as Warren Buffet recently said. It doesnt do the country or our employess any good when the employees pay more in taxes then their bosses. Buffet pays 2 percent in taxes while his workers pay 32 percent of the income to taxes. The average employers pays less then 2 percent in taxes and that tax has a capon it. Meaning once they hit the cap they dont pay anymore. You average corporation is suppose to pay 35 percent of their income in taxes. but the fact is again their employees pay more then they do, and they often they pay the companies taxes for them.

            When FDR came into office the same thing was occuring. Companies paid zero in taxes while the employees paid all the taxes. Banks and corporations were conning millions out of their cash and they did not go to jail. Oil barons were not paying any taxes and were allowed to buy up all the other oil companies and were creating monopolys, So FDR comes along and made that stuff illegal. He also raised the taxes on the rich, and raised it to 35 percent and then turned around and lowered the taxes on poor people. Which in turn gave them money to spend. Corporations taxes were raised to i believe 75 percent of their profits.

            There was no caps for the rich. If there were it is was on poor people. Poor peoples heavy taxes were removed and this made it so the average american could afford a home and a car.

            The price gouging that was getting out of hand was capped to half. What I mean by this is. Say the product cost 25 dollars to make. Well when the corporations were not kept in line they would charge 125 dollars for a product that cost 25 dollars. FDR came along and made this illegal and forced them to only be able to charge 100 dollars but also as sales went up the prices would have to drop so that eventually the customer never paid more then twice what a product cost to make. Another brilliant move he did was the creation of war bonds. Which gave all americans a chance to help pay off americas debt. Bush and his father made it so now only other countries and the rich can buy war bonds.

            Do you realize that 97 percent of the saleries increases only went to people who made a million bucks or more this year. There were no pay increases among the poor and middle class. Since 72 what coporate heads make has increased by 625 percent while the average americans salaries have actually dropped top rate lower then they were in 72. Yet the taxes a millionare pays is less then 2 percent, when by law they are suppose to pay at least 40 percent. In most cases after writeoffs they pay 0. While 90 poercent of Americans pay 22 percent of their income toward taxes and that not even including what they pay in property and sales taxes. When those are factored in we are actually paying 40 percent of income towards taxes. So now many Americans are working 3 jobs and even then they never hasve enough and are forced to live paycheck to paycheck. and we are still in debt. Why? because the banks are allowed to charge us 10 times what it cost to actually build the houses we live in. Even though it is against the law they get away with it.

            If you would please go check out a site made by a large majority of the 1 percent. Many Millionare feel that they are not getting taxed enough and the facts are they aint. If the taxes were raised on millionares and companies and then the poor people taxes were lowered then the money our governement need to stay aloat would coming in and would help fix it. The site in Patriotic

            Kennedy when he came into office, America was again on the brink of financel failure. because once again the taxes were lowered on the rich and the corporations. So he raised the taxes on corporations to 65 percent and raised the taxes on the rich to 40 percent and then in a brilliant move he made it so if a companie gave a fair raise of 25 cents every three months to their employees then they taxes would be lowered to I think it was 55 percent and if they made their products here, then it was lowered to 35 percent. By the end of his 3rd year the country was out of the debts Hover caused. I tend to think this is one of the reasons why Kennedy was killed. Because many of the greedy rich felt he had betrayed them.

            Not all rich people are greedy. In fact very few are. But it is the small percent of politions who are millionares and the Kochs who refuse to pay their fair share in taxes. Instead they just want their slaves to have the burden of paying taxes so that the employee cannot save any money and become as rich as they are. Many millionares want to pay more in taxes. Right now it is the republicans who dont want them too. n

            Heres some more facts, Corporations in American pay less then 2 popercent towards taxes and in most cases they pay zero in taxes. Want proof look at BP, GE and Exxon. they paid zero in taxes yet got billions in return. The Koch brothers the very same people who are the bosses of the writer of this article. Paid zero out in taxes last year. Zero. Yet when i was making 20 thousand a year I paidn 32 percent in taxes. The average american that makes between 1000 and 50000 a year pays this same amount.

            How is it fair that a millionare who can spare the cash, pays 2 percent to zero taxes in some cases? Yet 99 percent of us pay 32 percent. Then we also have to pay bills which take the rest of the money we have left. So we have to get 2 more jobs so we can afford to drive a car and own a phone. I ask you again how is this fair? how is fair that a typical Mom and pop store pays 40 percent of their income to taxes, but the corporations like GE pays zero and then gets 10s of billions of dollars of our tax money. money that suppose to be going to our health and retirement. So I hope this explains what is their fair share. As an American I expect to pay taxes and I am happy to do so. I know if i was a millionare I would still want to do so. because anyone who is not willing to pay their fair share and help this country get back on its feet are not truly americans, but are in reality the true bloodsuckers draing our governement dry.

            Heres some numbers. The average american makes 25000 a years pays 32 percent of that toward taxes. this means they paid around 8000 dollars toward taxes , leaving them 17000 . if they are renting, and they pay say 700 a month toward rent and bills this leaves them with 8400. When you include food in this and say food cost say 500 a month then your left with 1400 dollars. Now of course you need a car and the average car note is around 350 a month, Which is 4200 a year, which means theyre already in the negative.

            lets see how that applys to millionares.

            If a millionare is paying 32 percent then that means he is paying this means he is paying 303,000 dollars a years in taxes and he has 697000 dollars still left. now lets just say for funs sake he has a mansion, in the states and a vacation villa and maybe even a apartment in Manhatten Lets alkso say just for the fun of it he has morgages on all of these properties. and is paying 10000 a month for them. that is 120000 a year which leaves him 577000 dolars in the bank. hmm now lets say he also has to pay bills on those place like electric and water for say 3000 a month totaled. So this leaves him with 517000. now we all know most millionares have aat least a few cars. Lets say three mercedes. Again paying 3600 a month in payments which means he now has 473800 dollars left. Now of course he has to eat but he is he smart and buys in bulk, because he has a huge walkin freezer to store it and a wine cellar. so lets say he soens maybe a about 2000 a month in food, that leaves him with 449000 left. And again we know all good millionares have a butler maid and gardner with a small staff of grounds keepers. and lets say he is generous so he pays all of his employees 75000 a year which 200000 a year to live with. Hmm who has it easier and hey remember because he has employess that means he get 50 percent of what he paid out to them back. now do you see it is easier for a millionare to pay higher taxes and if you made them pay higher taxes then you could lower taxes on 99 percent of the american public which in turn they would spend it helping the economyeven more.

  • http://none Claire

    The cost of dialysis for my husband for the month of January was $ 54,862.40. If he had lived , the cost for one year would have been $ 658,348.80. Just thought I would pass this information on to all of you.

  • Richard

    Babylon is fallen, is fallen

  • GiveMeLiberty

    Claire, I’m sincerely sorry for your loss. My dad experienced some extensive hospital work and costs as well prior to his passing. The excessive cost is definitely an issue for ALL Americans but we can address those high costs in other ways, NOT through socialization.

    Mr. Root, as always, is spot-on with the trojan horse theory. Sleep with one eye open.

    The American health care system is the absolute envy of the GLOBE simply because of its quality. The incredible quality and access to our medical sector is NOT because of the government in any fashion. Ironically, quite the contrary. Things only get BETTER naturally because of competition, government control does not allow competition therefore it will suck! Before any LIB out there starts running their gums, I don’t want to hear the standard argument, “oh but it’s so good in Europe and Canada”! I have two responses…first, good, catch the next jet and please don’t come back. Two, then WHY do people from all the world come here to get extensive medical work done? Why? Because for the moment, we offer the best care on the planet and the government has nothing to do with that.

    The government is flat-out lying, they will not be able to offer better or more affordable health care. Once the takeover is complete and you do by chance find parts of it more affordable, then watch availability and quality become the issue. Seriously, ponder for a moment visits to the motor vehicle office, the post office, or tax assessor’s office. Do we want that level of service when it comes to medical services….NO THANK YOU! I’d rather take my chances. The good Lord will call when it’s time and no sense standing in-line waiting on a bureaucrat!

    Additional thought on modern health care…Just two generations ago, my grandfather cut off the tip of his finger while working on some farm machinery. He lived miles from a doctor. For any government Dept of Labor gestapo out there reading this…he was well over 18 and he’s dead now so it’s not a national security issue. Anyhow, after it happened, my dad who witnessed it, said he cussed, picked-up his finger, threw it in the chicken pen, grab a rag from the work bench in the barn and went back to WORK! Back to work….good GOD, now there’s a concept we’ve also seem to forgotten in this liberal cess pool! BTW, that was in the 1940′s and grandpa lived into his 90′s, without his finger! Point, we don’t need as much healthcare as we think.

    • One-Angel

      If you will subscribe to Dr. Joseph Mercola’s newsletters at mercola dot com as well as read the comments of all who post there, you will be disappointed to learn about the real quality of healthcare that exists in this country. The good news is that if you choose to adopt many of the recommendations there to keep you healthy, you won’t notice as much about what really goes on in “healthcare” as you won’t be needing it.

      • GiveMeLiberty

        One-Angel, Thank you for the suggestion but I am extremely suspicious of any advice given out by condescending doctors I don’t know. I prefer the “old fashioned” patient-doctor relationship. That’s not to say I don’t read to learn more about getting and staying healthly because I do. It’s also true that the better job we do at wellness, the less doctoring we’ll need. Too many people today RUN to the doctor over literally minor issues. I’m guilty as well with my children, although I’ve notched down over the years. There is so much we can learn, prevent and treat right at home.

        However, we certainly don’t NEED government controlled healthcare! If the government feels this overwhelming and compelling desire to involve themselves in “our interest”, then where we could use their help is in: SERIOUS tort reform, a shakedown of BIG MEDICINE, and some oversight of pricing. Good Lord, I just subscribed to bigger government, I better make a doctors appointment!

        I recall my parents visiting the local doctor who practicied in a section of his house on Main Street. There was never a line, he was always warm and personable and I suspect he handled 90% over his visits, with the remaining 10% requiring care he couldn’t provide and I’m certain he referred. I recall they paid cash too. Oh yea and he had Norman Rockwell paintings throughout the waiting room. Now ALMOST ALL doctors are ‘connected’ to a hospital and mega insurance companies and I wonder why. Big MED was successful in realigning the system and taking the doctor OUT of Main Street, literally and figuratively.

        If we let the government handle TORT reform, we can start demanding more ‘local’ care, forcing the market to adapt and shaking down BIG MED ourselves. Both of those market forces should start driving general costs DOWN without the government taking ownership.

    • Daniel from TN

      There’s another reason paeople come to the US for medical treatment: They can actually get it here. In Canada, the wait for elective surgery is a MINIMUM of two years. If you need emergency surgery then your in luck: You only have to wait six weeks.

      • trelore

        Daniel are you from Canada, have you ever lived in canada. because My family comes from canada and I can tell you , whoever told that is full of BS. Canadians do not come here because they dont want to wait. There is no waiting period. The reason they come here is only because even with all of its problems. America still has the best doctors. Also most canadians who come here only doe so because if they get an ailment, while living here it is simply easier to stay here and find a doctor whetehr then fly home. my landlord who is from Canada laughed when i read your statement to him. And he called you a typical American moran.

      • GiveMeLiberty

        Trelore, please convey to your landlord he can take his moron statement back to Canada with HIM. Of course there are differences and there is NO perfect system but I will argue ours is definitely adequate in MOST cases. I truly wonder why he’s HERE to begin with. I lived along the Canadian border for almost 10 years and my guess is affordability. EVERYTHING cost ALOT more up there….beautiful country and people but I would prefer extremely lower tax rates over FREE anything!

    • http://none Claire

      GiveMeLiberty—-Quality medical care? At this moment in time, I disagree. My husband also had a colostomy–through negligence. It took three hours for a doctor to see him in Emergency— it was all about being constipated or so they thought. . Finally they decided to do an x-ray–the person that read the x-ray did not catch the perforated colon. Thankfully they admitted him to the hospital because he was in so much pain. At 11:30 the next day a gastroenterologist arrived and found the problem. Finally, at 7:30 p.m. that day they operated which was 25 hours later. . My husband was full of peritonitis. Therefore he received a permanent colostomy. After he had open heart surgery, the medicine they gave him destroyed his kidneys. It is a known fact. The week before Christmas he was in the hospital with chest pain. He had 2 aneurysms and had already had an abdominal aneurysm surgery a few years ago. the doctors said he would not survive surgery to repair the 2 aneurysms but they went ahead and did a Cath test. Why did they do a Cath test when there was no hope? I had to watch everything like a hawk to avoid duplicate x-rays, CT scans, etc. He had 7 doctors and they did not communicate with each other. In October he received the fistula for dialysis–after they did the fistula–they discovered he was bleeding internally—they went back in and found an open vein in the fistula. His entire arm was brown and black. The entire right side of his body was discolored. He had to have 3 blood transfusions. He was never the same after that ordeal. Then, after every dialysis treatment he became so sick. I would call the dialysis center and report he was vomiting, dry heaves. All they said was “Oh. we must have taken out too much fluid, give him some chicken broth.” They acted like it was “nothing” to worry about. He was sick after every dialysis treatment., and he died 3 weeks later. He weighed 110 pounds. All his doctors wrote prescriptions for so many drugs it was unbelievable. I could go on and on. I have not been to a doctor since the mid-90s. I will take my chances rather than be butchered and fed pills with all their horrible side effects. I have posted these comments before. I would rather go to the small animal clinic at the Univ. of Illinois for treatment.

      • GiveMeLiberty

        Claire, such a sad ordeal for any human. I’m so sorry. I’m a devout believer in God and his love and guidance are often my only beacon. My dad went through many similar ordeals as well in the hospital. Your story reminds me of the human factor involved in medicine. I’ve seen both sides. I’ve seen providers (doctors and nurses) with extreme arrogance and seriously callous attitudes and I’ve also seen warm, caring and loving providers. In trying times, I’d much rather have the latter. I once visited a hospital where I saw patients in seemingly neglient sitautions…when I got home I instructed my wife, “do not let me die there, just take me out back and lay me down in the tall grass”!

        I’m with you, many providers today lack basic personality. It’s as though all that education erased it. I’m also with you with taking my chances. Key to that is taking care of ourselves and avoid their ‘sterile’ hell as much as possible. I will admit there are times where we just have to go but let’s consider those emergencies. For example, yesterday my sister went in for a ruptured appendicitis. Perfect example of when you have to go. BTW she bragged on the staff and she is stingy on praise.

        Although there are obvious limitations, I will doctor myself to the best of my ability.

      • http://none Claire

        GiveMeLiberty– My husband died at home. I found him on the kitchen floor when I got home from work. He got home from dialysis about 45 minutes before I got there. I have never been so upset in my life and I am bitter.

  • Pingback: Do you locate it ironic that the 10 richest individuals supporting OWS have a net really worth above a billions pounds?

  • Bert Cundle Sr.


    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      That has created more JOBs…

      • Daniel from TN

        What jobs? When Bush left office in 2008 the unemployment rate was around 6.2%. That number consisted of three groups of unemployed people:
        I. People who were unemployed AND receiving unemployment benefits
        II. People who were unemployed and NOT receiving unemployment benefits, but still looking for work
        III. People who were unemployed, not receiving benefits, and been unemployed so long that they have given up hope of finding a job and stopped looking for one
        Under obama we currently have an unemployment rate around 8.6% according to government announcements. The difference is, that 8.6% is only those in the first group described above. After counting the number of people in the other two groups the TRUE unemployment rate for the current administration is around 20%.
        All these numbers can be verified at various government websites.

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        Some Poor Lawers are on the Tax Payers pay roll, now. (On both sides.)

  • joe


    Why did it take 4 years to figure out what OBAMA was up to? I knew it before he was ever elected. I read Cloward and Piven before we elected this traitor.

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      Al Sharpton, was his Minister wasn’t he?

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        Oops… Obama’s pastor Jeremiah Wright: Former Muslim…

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        They must have been ReBorn an M.L.K. Follower!

        • Daniel from TN

          MLK advocated PEACEFUL change. That may have been why he was killed. There were others then, as well as now, who want change through rebellion/revolution and will not even consider peaceful methods.

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        Daniel: Change To–> Corruprion K-OSS Disrespect for the RIGHTS & Independance of Others!!! ( Peacefull or not … STILL WRONG!)


    ive loved reading Trelore, Ron and Eddy47 adding to the debate …all good stuff. Let me say that Obamacare would be good for the USA as it should have been introduced years ago….its really just the government acting as an insurer of last resort with taxpayers paying taxes instead of premiums and there wont be many real freeloaders as some you you always imply.

    And please stop rubbishing and blaming your President as the cause of all your problems… really reflects poorly on the debaters ability to debate with real arguments. The President is part of a team who was voted in by millions of Democrat supporters and when you rubbish your President…you are rubbishing his several million supporters.

    After following your debates and seeing how it seems Mitt Romney going to get nomination and not Dr Ron Paul, then I think Obama is going to win again. If you Republicans wre really supporting what the good doctors has promoted over last 40 years and the majority Republicans cant support him, then you deserve Obama instead of a pretend Obama Republican style….in Mitt Romney….

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      when you rubbish your President…you are rubbishing his several million supporters.%%
      I HOPE SO… DUMB IS …AS DUMB DOES! I Didn’t Suppoer o’Bomba EXCEPT… For Bringing Our Troups out of Middle East!!! ( NOT SOON ENOUGH…) But there is the evidance that he wants the borders dropped! gives him more power?The ObomaCare was his Exchange for Hillary stepping down from the race against him! He is trying to follow through… But { It Serves Non Citizens, Non Employed ( If they can afford to buy it!.) It is a real mess! The Hospitals will be fulled with Foreigners, Leaveing no rooms / Doctors for the Citizens that have Health Plans! It Will Destroy U.S. of A. } YES… TRASH HIM & HIS SUPPORTERS!!!

      • Bert Cundle Sr.



    It is the simple equation of class, race, etc. warfare, left vs. right, poor vs. rich, the people vs. healthcare, etc etc. Typical socialist agenda. No hostile takeover necessary just destroy from within. Unfortunately most don’t see that behind the scenes these destructive scenarios are big government, special-interest fulled. Government is regulating the destruction of America. People attack “healthcare”, drug companies, doctors, insurance because those in this struggle for power create warfare between A vs.B on all fronts. Hollywood Film and Music industry is the epitome of lavish excessive greed yet the blame game and attacks are toward Wall Street and Capitalism. There is greed in the world but to conjure up a civil war over it is preposterous. Marxist wear all the masks to play out divide and conquer. Only one man is leading the charge who has a real chance because truth has no agenda, bringing together all Americans, Ron Paul. Why does the media ignore him…..because he is dangerous to the lies and machine that has been built. The message of freedom and the answer to turn around the self-inflicted destruction that awaits us is to govern ourselves and not be subject to the tyranny and despotic will of a few. Many are awake but the common ground is God, Family and the U.S. Constitution under righteous, fair, governing by We the People…

    • Daniel from TN

      I cannot support Ron Paul because he is simply too old. Granted, he has made some excellent points up to now. However, he has also put his foot DEEP in his mouth and shown his total ignorance on some topics. These occurences convince me Paul’s age is already affecting him mentally, even if only occasionally at this time: just as it does many other people his age. We need a president who will have full mental faculties throughout his/her term(s) of office. Are you absolutely, 100% sure this will be the case with Ron Paul?


    Dont blame the media for ignoring Dr Ron Paul,,,,I blame most republicans who have the same ideas as the Democrats but want us to think they are like a better version of Ron Paul. The reality is many big and small businesses already live off big government contracts directly and indirectly the old Keynsian way but many republicans dont want any competition for that big government business, so you like to blame President Obama instead. Just look at yourselves and tell me that aint true? ,


    My view is…that when the Republicans try to pretend they are something different to the Democrats headed by President Barak Obama….as they are doing by not supporting Dr Ron Paul in full….but prefer to support ‘pretty boy’ Mitt Romney then that is why the Republicans cant win the Presidency, What you are really displaying is a fight as to who is going to control the federal budget and who is going to get favourable treatment for the next wave of government contracts and expenditures. Thats what it look like to me now looking inside from outside,,,because maybe you cant see it for all the slight of hand and BS that flys around election time. Your are really fighting over the the biggest expenditure pie in the USA…the Federal government pie and you dont want to share it with your competitors in the Democrats which i’m not so sure are as wickered as you seem to portray them to be.

    And I doubt it is they who are trying to blame Capatalism and greed for all our financial problems….which it never has beem, The stock markets and the centralising of money in private hands has always been beneficial for all the economy even when it fails from time to time, but generally it has been the engine room of creativity and wealth creation for all the community and the econom. Everyone has benefitted by increasing our standards of living as compared to the former Russian controlled territories who are way behind the eightball even today, and the mexicans is a classic example why they continue to want to excape Mexico or cuba to go to your USA. Why do you think we both USA & AUSTRALIA HAVE SO MANY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS? Because our systems offer a much better standard of living…thats why, I dont see Canadians trying to excape Canada to go into your USA.

    In your case it might be better to set up an immigration policy to permit some Mexicans to go live legally in your USA by using a sellection process and try to import the best of the Mexicans who wish to enter for the betterment of their families and not the real criminals who have other ideas to follow your locally bred criminals. The real criminals are the ones your police short be concentrating their efforts on and deal with them appropriately,but when it cometo your other illegals who are working in your factories as unskilled workers or as maids in rich peoples homes…then they are really benefitting your own nation instead of those industries closing down and moving their operations to China.where the labour costs are much less than the mexicans wages. Everyone in the USA benefits by having some Mexicans moving into the USA to work, Why is it that not many businesses are investing in Mexico to open up factories? Im not a local, but I would guess the government there is corrupt and businesses would rather be in the USA. So if the Obama administration starts to do something with accepting some of the Mexicans then that wont be such a bad thing.

    Oh and where did your forebears come from? Did they not also go to the USA for a better life, perhaps excaping bad governments in Europe or poor living conditions in England? Just remember that when your dealing with your Mexican ‘problem’ You all should be pleased that the Mexicans still want to move into the USA…the real problem will come when they might prefer to to stay in Mexico or come to Australia. lol .

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    The problem is that both BHO and Mitt Obamney are both guilty of identical unconstitutional raw deals. That’s why I find it frustrating that the GOP establishment and so many naïve primary voters would prefer this lemon Obamney – a RINO who may not keep his campaign pledge to repeal Obamacare. Again I must ask – how many Republicans are as guilty as Mitt Obamney???? Don’t forget – all GOP Senators and House members voted against Obummercare 2 years ago. But because of the foolish errors of voters in 2006 and 2008 (who believed in the tooth fairy – that democraps would do a better job and govern more conservatively – LOL!!), they were in the minority, and did not have enough seats/votes to stop its passage. On the other hand, as much as I loathe the RINO Mitt Obamney and the old nincompoop crackpot Ron ‘Wrong’ Paul, I agree with those who say the most important thing to do this year is to defeat the leftwing commie-in-chief who now resides in the White House. For now, I will continue to ask: Why ROMNEY?? By that, I mean: Why ‘Repeat Old Mistakes – Not Educated Yet’???? ….. However, once the primaries are over, I will say: Let’s get behind whoever the GOP nominee is. None can be worse than the ‘One Big Awful Mistake America’ of 11/4/2008.

    • Daniel from TN

      I agree with what you say and have one thing to add. If Romney is the GOP candidate after the convention then obama WILL be re-elected. The truth is Republicans refuse to learn a simple lesson. In the past 100 years EVERY TIME Republicans nominated the establishment candidate to run against an incumbent Democratic president, the Republicans lost. The ONLY time an incumbent Democratic president was not re-elected was 1980 when Reagan won: Reagan was NOT the establishment choice. The Republican establishment is a living example of the definition of insanity – Doing the same thing, the same way, but expecting different results. Learn Republicans! LEARN!

  • R Moore


  • Bob Moore

    More extreme right wing B.S


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