Obamacare Increases Deductibles, Premiums; Forces One Couple To Sell Car To Afford Baby


According to this report from the Michigan-based WZZM, a pregnant couple in the State has been forced to sell their car and disconnect their cable because Obamacare is forcing them to pay an extra healthcare deductible in 2014.

If not for Obamacare, the couple said that their $5,000 deductible would expire next April, after their child is born. The two also said that they have already spent the $5,000 needed to fulfill that deductible.

But under Obamacare, which resets health insurance deductibles in 2014, will force the couple to come up with an additional $5,000 at the beginning of the year to cover the pregnancy.

In addition, the child’s birth will not be 100 percent covered.

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  • Don 2

    Now that Obamacare is taking root, and costs are exploding, I shall take delight in watching Obama and Obamacare supporters, who didn’t think that they would be the ones paying for it, getting screwed and crying the blues about Obamacare…..the cycle of cause and effect.

    • Amfer Ferg

      which makes me wonder, who did this couple vote for?

      • Don 2

        They were not a couple, just two separate cases of Obamacare supporters from San Francisco, who each voted for Obama twice, and both admitted that they thought that someone else, with more money than them, would be paying the bills.

        • Bill

          Those dastardly rich need to pay their fair share and it was all Bush’s fault

          • Motov

            If that doesn’t work then you are also a racist

      • ChiefBoring

        Remember, BHO said: If you like your insurance, you can keep it; if you like your doctor, you can stiill see him/her; your insurance will go down. Either BHO still has not read the bill, or he is the biggest liar and charlatan we have ever seen!

        • John Woodbury

          Or both

          • ChiefBoring

            Yeah, could be both uninformed and inaccurate!

  • JimH

    The people who voted for and supported this are getting everything they deserve. To bad they had to drag us smart people down with them.

    • Don 2

      A local San Francisco paper did a story on a 60-year old woman in S.F. who had her new policy go up $1,800.00/yr. and a 52-year old man in S.F. who had his policy go up $10,000.00/yr. They both admitted that they voted for Obama twice, but did not think that they would be the ones paying for Obamacare. They thought it would be those “richer” folks. Serves them right!

      • JimH

        Heh,heh, heh. :) They thought the “deserved” to have others pay for them. Instead the got what they really “deserved”.
        Careful what you ask for.

      • Bill

        Hi Don,
        Obamacare also has a double whammy. It is scaring the hell out of employers and they are cutting their expenses to the bone. Which could be anyone’s job.
        So, you will have your health insurance go up and your income go down

  • Dajeno

    I tried to tell people in 2008 that Obama was a charlatan, but they all thought he was the greatest thing since the evolution of man. The problem Obama will never back down because he feels this is the signature accomplishment of presidency, when in fact it’s his Edsel. The other reason he will never back down is he can’t admit he’s ever made a mistake. He always blames someine else. He’s the guy that when school was out, he would be invited out back and taught the facts of life. But wait, maybe he can blame it on Bush and get off the hook.

  • Kenneth

    What strikes me more than anything else, is that our President is FULLY AWARE that MANY people through out our country are going to be effected in a HUGE negative way by the passage of this nightmare bill, and yet do we see him showing ANY CONCERN? You would think that he would come clean, and addmit what everyone else already knows, that OBAMACARE is THE WORST IDEA he’s ever come up with. But in reality, his actions show he could care less, all President Obama cares about is being “POLITICALLY CORRECT”. He is the epitome of the prevailing NARCISSISTIC attitude among almost ALL politicians that hold office today. In my opinion, he is the WORST person ever to hold the office of PRESIDENT of the United States! God please help our country! As we have sown to the wind, we are reaping the WHIRLWIND!

    • Pamela K. Cahoon Laub

      It has never been about health insurance. it has always been about CONTROL!

  • Bill

    Welcome to Obamacare, Folks
    If you voted for Obama, don’t whine

    • Motov

      BIG Government means BIG taxes, Lotsa Bureaucrats! And they will tell you what you get and what you won’t get!

  • simpleman56

    It’s way past my bed time, but I want you all to know one reason your HCare is going up, radiation sickness, the insurance companies knew the risk of nuclear power because they know the cause of Cancer, Radiation & folks we have been used as living puppets for only GOD knows when & some ass wipes in the government but it has been for decades!
    Ocare was never about Heath Care Period, it’s a tax, a huge TAX, they what? 700 million from Medicare? Or was it more, just another failed program that makes a politician seem like a good guy, but when he goes back home he/she has a huge home to relax in with armed guards packing AK’s or AR 15’s! So look at your member of congress, both houses would not make this LAW apply to them, why? Ask them & I want to hear their lame ass excuses! It’s a easy answer, they know how bad it really is & do not want a damn thing to do with it!
    Just if you could see the face on some member of congress setting in a waiting room for 4 plus hours just to be told it will be 3 or 4 more hours just to get that Finger up their Butt or & put your feet in these & it will be cold!
    This only the begging of how social medicine works, while in the military a lady married a man & paid him 10K so she could come to the USA from London for medical care! She told me she never saw him again but were still married & the time it took to get medical treatment she ended up having to have surgery that would have been not needed if not put on a 9 month waiting list in the UK, her Air Force ID was good enough to get her into a US Navy Hospital were we met, she was a heck of a lady & I hope she made it, but from her stories, millions have dies waiting for medical care in all the EU, UK Canada!
    One last thing, folks look up “THE ACT OF 1871”, all of us don’t owe the debt the corporation of DC, so who does? Well you will have to look it to see & you will pissed when you find out as I did!
    May GOD BLESS ALL, please protect yourselves from the radiation we are not being told about! http://www.fukushimafacks.com & enenews.com!

  • Motov

    Obozocare,….and this is just the beginning. From here on out it will only get worse.

  • Jim Read

    Some how this story although very short seems a little too far fetched even for me to believe.

  • Don 2

    Obamacare Train Wreck: Americans Tweet Anger, Surprise Over Cancellations. Higher Premiums


  • terri

    Awful Obama very bad guy. Americans suffer for expensive cost health care by Obama. He is big problem lie..
    I don’t agree him abt new health care law!!

  • tim

    File a discrimination lawsuit!!!!!! Politicians, muslims, unions all getting a pass. Its discrimination!!!!!!!!!