Obamacare Increases Deductibles, Premiums; Forces One Couple To Sell Car To Afford Baby


According to this report from the Michigan-based WZZM, a pregnant couple in the State has been forced to sell their car and disconnect their cable because Obamacare is forcing them to pay an extra healthcare deductible in 2014.

If not for Obamacare, the couple said that their $5,000 deductible would expire next April, after their child is born. The two also said that they have already spent the $5,000 needed to fulfill that deductible.

But under Obamacare, which resets health insurance deductibles in 2014, will force the couple to come up with an additional $5,000 at the beginning of the year to cover the pregnancy.

In addition, the child’s birth will not be 100 percent covered.

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