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Obama Won’t Sign Off On GOP Budget, White House Says

February 18, 2011 by  

Obama won't sign off on GOP budget, White House saysThe White House has issued a warning to GOP lawmakers who are proposing significant cuts to the current budget: The Federal government will shut down if Republicans can't compromise on spending measures.

The Office of Management and Budget released a statement on Feb. 16 saying that President Barack Obama would veto any spending measure that resembles the GOP's current proposal, which is $61 billion less than 2010 levels and $100 billion less than Obama's request. The government is currently operating on last year's budget because Congress failed to pass a spending bill for fiscal year 2011.

However, the stop-gap measure is set to expire on March 4. If the President does not sign a new budget into law by that date, the Federal government will shut down.

The Republican-led House of Representatives began debating the spending bill earlier this week, and the discussion featured a new twist, according to The Wall Street Journal. Due to recent rule changes in the legislative process, the bill will be read aloud paragraph by paragraph on the chamber floor and members can rise and propose an amendment, as long as it relates to the passage being read.

After the amendment is introduced, any House member can speak for five minutes to weigh in on the proposal.

"This is an open process," said House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R.-Va.), quoted by the media outlet. "Every member will have an opportunity to submit his or her vision of how we can reduce the deficit."

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  • s c

    Bubba Clinton tried this scare tactic. He said terrible things will happen if our elected criminals left Washington. Bubba implied that the end of the world might follow if “the best government that MONEY can buy” went on an unscheduled vacation.
    It might be worth it to see what happens. Maybe America’s rats will leave Washington the same way they left Wisconsin. Is that what people like Clinton and Obama really mean when they talk about working together?
    We’ve seen what we get when Washington is infested with career criminals and utopians. I’m willing to see how Washington functions without the SOBs. Let them go “home” and face their constituents. Let them stay at home. We need people in Washington who know why they’re there and will do their jobs.

    • Richr

      Absolutely right on, sc

      • Granny Mae

        I say Impeach them all, from Obama on down ! We have a worthless government right now anyway so why keep paying them just get rid of them ! Obama is more concerned with interfereing with the affairs of Wis. and supporting his precious unions and taking Arizona to court on bogus charges rather than protecting us from drugs, and murder coming across the Mexican boarder, or allowing each stat’s governor to handle his state. These people were elected to do just what they are doing and Obama is interfereing with them. It is time to rid ourselves of all these communists and put honest people in office and put the crooks in prison ! Bill Nelson in Florida is another one of those jerks. He backs everything the Dems. want. He told me himself that there are a lot of times he votes for things that are against what he personally believes but he believes in the majority rule ! In other words most people in his opinion want it so he votes for it ! In other words he is voting for votes !

    • Lastmanstanding

      right on s c…What will the weak bastards do if they don’t have any money to spend or freedom/liberty to steal. Can you imagine what would happen if 14 republicans left the state an 19 Demons wanted to vote!!! In 2009-10, conservatives had to do just that in the house and senate. NEWS FLASH!!! All the demons are back wearing orange solidarity shirts!!! Who paid for those shirts, taxpayers or the union. Where were they all holed up??? Illinois!!! What a coincidence! Who paid for that??? You figure it out! These people have f—-d us for years and produced nothing. They have won at every turn of their lives. It’s time for them to share. That of course is something that liberals/progessives cannot do. They had all those jobs disappear because they were greedy…you cannot continue to get money for producing nothing. Competition is good for everybody. Lessons built character. In nature, IF, you learn those lessons you survive, if not, AMF. IT IS THAT SIMPLE.

    • Fred Pund


    • Patriot

      Very Good! Let’s shut it down for 6 to 8 weeks that will save 11 to 15% off the budget. Sounds like a good plan to save some money. Then lets’ defund the NEA, EPA, EPA & ObamaCare this should be a good start for fiscal responsibility, we would not miss any of these departments!

  • OtherTim

    The Republicans need to stick to their guns. Tough decisons have to be made, they’ve been put off for too long, and the time has arrived.
    Unfortuately this pres. can’t make tough choices. Why did he vote “present” so many times while in IL? The country needs leaders, and the Dems didn’t do that last year during the budget process, and this is what we have now to deal with.

    • wandamurline

      There is no telling how much money we could save if Washington shut down….do not give into such nonsense that Obama spreads…you know the words “scare tactics”. If they shut down, one thing to keep in mind is that no one is paid for the time they are away from their job…all federal employees have to take vacation time or get bumped on their pay if the government shuts down, and this goes for our elists representation also. Let’s see if the world comes to an end if they shut down….I really don’t think it will because it has had to shut down before…can’t remember which president, but the government was shut down for a couple of weeks?

  • mike

    Let the government shut down!
    And while it is shut down the Republicans need to write a Bill that Demands to See the Birth Certificat and school records of Mr. Obama.
    What is Obama affraid of?
    I am reading a lot of information that our elected officals are not concerned about this issue. We’ll a lot of the people are interested!
    Demand the Birth Certificate and school records of Obama.
    I will NOT concider him my president until he can prove it, without a doubt!

    • Teresa

      Stunner! Supremes to give eligibility case another look
      Challenge to Obama getting 2nd conference before court.

      I honestly do not know what it will take to open peoples eyes! What part of WE ARE BROKE do you not understand? If this does not throw up a flag, nothing will. WHY WILL HE NOT HEAR THEIR ARGUMENTS ON CUTTING SPENDING? ah that’s right…HES HERE TO DESTROY US! HE IS FOR NWO! NOW DO YOU GET IT!

      • JUKEBOX

        I thought the annointed one said that everyone was going to have to tighten their belts, and share the bad times. I guess that was just more of his duplicitous rhetoric. His standards don’t seem to apply to union members or government workers.

        • Kate8

          JUKEBOX – I know. We’ve heard this call for sacrifice before by our ‘leaders’, many times. I’ve yet to see a single one of them give up anything. This goes for their friends, as well.

          In the case of the current WH, he spends more extravagantly than any yet. Vacations, parties, expensive food, and get-aways for the Mrs. Are we supposed to be impressed because she wore a $35 dress one day? Geez, if that wasn’t a contrived story…

          I’ll be impressed when I see them give some of their millions to helping Americans; when I see them give up even one of their many mansions. Weren’t they supposed to be more like us, as in one of the people, elected to SERVE for a term and then go back home?

          We allowed them to set themselves apart from us, and become our rulers.

        • Patriot

          You forget, he has no standards!

      • Kate8

        Teresa – He is not only FOR the NWO, he is being groomed to head it, according to the words of Henry Kissinger.

        When I saw the article about the SCOTUS meeting to give the elegibility issue another look, I didn’t find much hope in it. Maybe I’m wrong. I hope so, but I suspect they’ll just look for another way to silence the people on the issue.

        • Teresa

          Yes, but WE have to keep OUR voices heard..CONSTANTLY!

          • JeffH

            Teresa, that is correct…loud and clear…even on the deaf’s ears.

          • Kate8

            Trust me, guys. I’ve never been one to shut up and go home.

          • TIME

            Tetresa, Kate Jeff,

            I thank GOD that so many are “Waking Up, better yet “SPEAKING UP.”

            Thank You all!

            The new term is WUA, Wake Up America.

          • JeffH

            Kate8, Time and Teresa, I’m sure I’m on the short list with Boxer and Feinstein, Boehner and the White House too!

    • Norm

      You sir are an idiot.
      And I personally don’t care if you think Jesus Christ is president because you live in a very small dark place.

      • Robin from Arcadia, IN

        Norm… Name calling is uncalled for. Mike has a right to how he thinks and feels. If you can’t be nice we don’t want you playing.

    • eddie47d

      Mike; Some of you make it an over riding issue when it is of little concern to most Americans. You are fiddling on that issue while Washington burns.Are you really searching for the truth or just out to get Obama? On the budget issue I think Obama needs to take it on the chin even if it hurts alittle. I’m not against Government spending but the benefits of that spending better equal or do better than what is taken in. Obama is treading on thin ice when it comes to creating more debt.

      • Robin from Arcadia, IN

        eddie47d… If the truth is found to be that he is not an American, doesn’t that change the entire course of our country? I am concerned about it and so are many others. Just because it doesn’t bother you doesn’t make it a dead issue. And yes, Washington/ our country is in trouble. Nobody can deny that. It’s all important.

        • Norm

          Robin from Arcadia, IN
          Even the right wing extremists like Rush and Glenn have given up on this.
          If Obama were not a citizen he would not be president. The state of Hawaii has certified his birthplace and that’s it.
          With all the problems this country has, we really don’t need to address nonsense.
          By the way, if you don’t like my posts, don’t read them. When you start your own site, you can censure the comments and the language.

          • Robin from Arcadia, IN

            Norm… You like to be the bully, don’t you?

          • Dale on the left coast

            Norm . . . hate to brake it to you . . . but the Governor or Hawaii could not find the BC either . . . why . . . cause it ain’t in Hawaii.
            Bama is a loon . . . and he is “DONE” in 2012 . . . following Bama for another 4 years would be the END OF THE USA. Although the “Clueless” in America will probably still vote for the clown.

          • Lostwages

            Wrong Norm! Hawaii has not certified his birth. Maybe you missed the news recently that the new Governor of Hawaii stated that he is unable to find any records of Obama being born in Hawaii. By the way, I love reading what you write, “If Obama were not a citizen he would not be president.” what sand hill did you pull your head out of? and the cull to call others “idiots.” And then trying to put the blame for Obama’s spending follies on “Bushes red ink”. It was everyone’s red ink, until Obama’s follies came a long and started spending money faster than the fed. reserve could print it! and by the way, if Obama has nothing to hid, why was his first executive order to seal the personal records of all presidents, past and present? No one has given up on this, we are just waiting to see if the supreme court is working for the good of the people or the good of the new world order! Freedom of speech…it’s our right! The pen is mightier then the sword!

          • Norm

            Dear deluded birther boobs:
            Sunday, December 26, 2010
            HONOLULU — Gov. Neil Abercrombie of Hawaii, who befriended President Obama’s parents when they were university students here, has been in office for less than three weeks. But he is so incensed over “birthers” — the conspiracy theorists who assert that Mr. Obama was born in Kenya and was thus not eligible to become president — that he is seeking ways to change state policy to allow him to release additional proof that the president was born in Honolulu in 1961.
            “It’s an insult to his mother and to his father, and I knew his mother and father; they were my friends, and I have an emotional interest in that,” Governor Abercrombie said in a telephone interview late Thursday. “It’s an emotional insult. It is disrespectful to the president; it is disrespectful to the office.”


          • Vicki

            Dear deluded Norm.

            I might have ignored the issue except that we have eyewitness testimony that he was born in Kenya.

            Candadate McCain was heavily and publicly vetted because he was born outside the US. Why was Obama NOT vetted even though the controversy about his birth was well known before the election.

            That combined with the extraordinary steps taken by Obama and the large sums of money spent to block investigation into Obama’s history creates reasonable doubt.

            Further. There are many people who will suffer or benefit from the policies and laws that Obama will propose and sign.
            These people are told by the court system multiple times that they do NOT have standing. How can they NOT have standing. They are DIRECTLY affected. This is a clear and direct violation of the First Amendment.

            How can a reasonable person NOT be suspicious? With the court actions there is now probable cause to investigate NWO tampering of our entire system of government.

          • Dan az

            OK Norm
            Lets just pretend that they find him not a US citizen then what will you say about what should be done with him and all of his marxist friends that he appointed?Will you still defend him?I would really like to know because I just cant imagine what you all would do,would you say its Bushes fault or Reagans really I dont know so explain it to me because I believe he’s going down and I see you refuse to see it.

        • bob wire

          “Just because it doesn’t bother you doesn’t make it a dead issue. And yes, Washington/ our country is in trouble. Nobody can deny that. It’s all important.”

          True, ~ it’s dead issue to us and we see no good to come of it as there more demanding issues to address. We can’t stop you from worrying about what piece of soil Obama dropped to at birth so enjoy yourself. We however are not going to allow your concerns to dominate the day with so much demanding our serious attention.

          We can’t control you or your mind but we can control ours.

          • Don

            bob, seems to me you libs are out of control and have been for sometime, should i say at least two years ?

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Are you saying it doesn’t make any difference where Nobama was born??? If you are, you are sadly mistaken, son!!

        • Lastmanstanding

          Robin, We need to move past it. It is too late to do anything now. He has already caused too much damage and we need to focus on fighting for the survival of our republic, The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. “One nation, under GOD, with liberty and justice for ALL!”

          Your comments are always appreciated… God bless you, your family and the rest of us.

          • JC in CA

            …Justice for All….even for you Lastman.

            We will continue to fight on all Constitutional fronts against this administration’s treasonous errors. Clinton and her agreeing with the u.n.’s small-arms ban treaty, obummer’s lawsuit and blasphemy to the u.n. of AZ’s immigration law and his refusal to not only PROVE his eligibility but to fight tooth-nail-$$dollah bill$$ in court, 1st in history i believe, and finally for obummer to not protect our borders where we are being invaded.

            Until these vital matters are concluded, our nation will continue to erode.


          • Kate8

            JC in CA – I agree. There are many of us who will NEVER move past it. Not as long as we have breath! Not until this usurper is dethroned, put on trial and put before the you-know-what squad, right along with all of his cohorts!

            Not until our Republic is restored, and the people, again, have voice.

            Count on it.

      • JUKEBOX

        Obama is noy going to do one thing that will affect his personal wealth, unless it is to make it greater, and he definitely will not “SHARE”.

        • Kate8

          JUKE – When he speaks of ‘redistribution of wealth’, what he means is confiscation…from us…to THEM.

    • barbm

      it’s too late for all that b.s.. if we took him out, there’d be so much havoc, we’d spend the next 5 years or more trying to straighten it all out. we just need to make sure that this is his only term.

      • Kate8

        barbm – He still has a lot of time to do plenty of damage in THIS term. He’s racking up unprecedented power, and MUST be stopped.

    • J.M.R.

      i’m with you mike he’s americas first dick-tater and if anyone can’t see this well we are in trouble. every day he proves he doesn’t give a damn abut the people of the U.S.A. the spending has to stop and that includes money the foreign countries are getting.

  • Mark Matis

    Good! But make sure he shuts down ALL the government. Including the pigs at BATFE and the FBI.

  • tomm

    I know enough already to know he is not my president and am
    disappointed that the “Supreme Court” has not already ruled
    in favor of the people, not the ones who, in their ignorance,
    elected him.

  • barbm

    if the new tea party members back off and start compromising, we have accomplished nothing. we need drastic measures for a drastic situation. as a social security recipient, i didn’t get a cost of living raise this year. i didn’t whine or file a law suit, i just accepted it as my part of the solution. if all those teachers, police, firemen, etc. would do the same, maybe we could get this bandaid off quickly and relatively painlessly. if those protestors in wisconsin would let the unions go, they’d get an immediate raise in their take-home pay simply by not having to pay part of their salaries to the unions. they probably wouldn’t see another raise for a few years, but that’s true of most of us. if you aren’t part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

    • sandra

      barbm, My husband said almost the exact same thing last night. You are a wise woman. We are not yet on SS, but in a few years, we will be. There are so many people in my area who are on SS and SSI and still work under the table. That’s why people who deserve SS don’t get their much-needed raise. God Bless You and hang in there. Help is on the way in 2012. Obama is such a bad president that I don’t think he could get elected to animal warden much less a second term.

      • sylviam

        I am 70yrs old and on SS our cost of living (cola) has been frozen for 2yrs now but thats alright by me, also the amount I pay the SS each month has went up,and thats ok,then for the first time ever I have had to pay a co-pay at a hospital but I figure if a little bit of my small check is helping the country so be it, I am An American and we all have to do our part, so why can’t Obama do HIS part without all the hoopla he is is trying to do. Why can’t the POLITITIONS take a pay cut just like we plain old people do. After all they are Americans too *AREN’T* they???They spend so much of other peoples MONEY on THEIR UNIONS and PORK and expect us to foot the bill without uttering a word and THEY don’t even say THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT. ALL THEY DO IS TAKE WITHOUT ASKING AND ENJOY HIGH LIVING, while we eat beans. Let the GOV go broke we will survive. BECAUSE WE ARE AMERICANS, GOD BLESS AMERICA

      • JeffH

        sandra, it should be pointed out that SS benefits and SSI are two different things.


      We have not had a COLA in our SS since Obama has been in office, and by Democratic criteria, that is considered a “CUT”. I thought the great saviour told us we needed to share the pain. He must have furnished ear plugs for the union and government workers when he said that, so they wouldn’t have to hear it.

  • Norm

    So far all I’ve heard are platitudes and how many billions are going to be cut by the GOP. I haven’t heard anybody come up with any meaningful details.
    In fact, Boner was upset when the alternative engine(GE)for the joint strike fighter was cut from the defense budget “want” list because Ohio would loose government bucks!
    Sounds like the same old s**t to me.
    Remember the Bush admin. was responsible for much of the red ink we are now drowning in.

    • Richr

      So why isn’t your buddy, obrama the bull, trying to pull the plug and drain the tank you’re drowning in. Instead of making it worse!

      • sandra

        Hey, richr, you are right on. Nancy Pelosi said they were going to drain the swamp. That was until she realized they were back-pocket deep in alligators. I think the liberal spenders are finished for a while. Isn’t it something how Oblahblah has been in office for over two years now, spent trillions on a stimulus to keep unemployment from going over 8% (although it’s been over 9% for 21 consecutive months), and everything is still Bush’s fault. How funny. Truth is Oblahblah couldn’t hold a candle to President Bush. Just because Oblahblah is well-educated doesn’t make him smart. He is president now and he needs to own the problems, not blame someone else.

        • Don

          Right on sandra, but you have to be a man to own a problem, the tard in the WH is a wimp!!

        • barbm

          he may have been educated at impressive schools, but we have NEVER seen his grades. that’s probably why he doesn’t want to show his school records – he’s embarrassed. :)

          • Patriot

            His Birth Cert. has not been seen becuase it does not exist. The reason his college records are sealed is because that would show his education was funded by grants and other sources due to the fact he is not a citizen. When he filled out the finacial aid he indicated that he was of limited means and he was from another country!

          • Kate8

            barbm – We don’t even know for sure about the schools. It seems no one attending those schools at that time remember him.

            Wouldn’t you remember if you went to school with a pres?

            I believe that much, if not most, of his history was manufactured. I think he’s a foreign agent.

          • Kate8

            Oh, an official at one of the colleges said he was seen once or twice, to establish a presence, and that no one was impressed. He wasn’t particularly bright.

    • Teresa


      • barbm

        i doubt it. they’d compare their jobs with the multi-million dollar wall street execs. who ar waaay over-paid too for what they do.

        • Teresa

          Oh I know, was a suggestion. The new IRS positions Obama is wanting to impliment….did you figure out how much those positions will add up to paying???? An avg. of 91,000.+ a yr. Not a bad gig huh?


      Right Norm, that’s why the deficit has tripled in two years. When are you Obamaphiles going to place the blame on the great one. He says he is thick skinned & can handle the criticism. By the way, the Chinese government don’t have any Communists in their leadership. If you believe Obama, you’ll believe that.

  • katerina

    Tough times require tough choices. Governor Scott of Florida turned down the bail out money that the FEDS offered us to build a high speed rail- that most of Floridians do not need. It was an unpopular decision to turn down the FED money but it was the RIGHT decision but now he is being bashed by both Republicans and Democrats who say that means jobs that won’t be. Well, jobs on the backs of taxpayers is not what moves the economy forward. Both parties have become TOO dependent on government to take care of them. Good for Governor Scott- he did the unpopular thing- but the right thing. So should this same thing be done in Washington.

  • Dean

    The “shut down”, would only hurt Obamas’ base! If we’re ever going to get out of this mess, it will require significant cuts in government jobs. Government jobs create nothing but debt. We can’t afford to carry them all anymore! Government jobs have traditionally paid less and still should. Now these parasites are all unionized and better paid and compensated in pensions and medical benefits than the private sector and that is wrong! We don’t owe these people anything, they owe us!

    • GregS

      Well said, Dean! Government employees get paid more and have more benefits than those in the private sector. With the support of unions, they can bring down the entire government, if they don’t get their demands. It’s pure greed! The recent riots and Democrat defections in Wisconsin are the epitome of socialism, and they mirror what went on in Greece. Hopefully, the Governor will stick to his guns, and the majority of the people of Wisconsin (i.e. non-government workers) will support him.

  • Jack

    If Congress is so concerned about cutting spending how about they set the example. Cancel their health care and buy it like we do. Cancel their retirement and get it like we do in IRA and other vehicles. What do they care, anything they pass doesn’t affect them.



  • David

    Shut it down! We’d be better off without them.

  • Norman F.

    I won’t comment on other posts here. But I think that Newt Gingrich and the Republican led HR missed a great chance when Bill Clinton shut down “non-essential” government agencies. They should have defunded all of them and made them justify being funded. I think we would be in much better financial shape if they had done away with farm subsidies, foreign aid, the departments of Education and Environmental Protection, and now Homeland Security.

    If the Democrat Senate shuts down any part of the government the House should do nothing other than hold hearings on their individual reinstatement. I know that will not happen because the Republican leadership is as crooked as the Senate.

  • Erik Osbun

    So shut down the government.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    Perhaps a shut down would bring America up to speed on what is happening in Washington.

  • jopa

    The last time the republicans shut down government they all got booted out in the next election.Shut it down and save America.

    • bob wire

      Yes, that is true, ~ and in GOP fashion they attempted to call any defeat a victory. ~` That seems to be the GOP standard approach to things, put some reverse spin on it and send it back out. They manage to find someone that believes it every time, so they keep doing it.

      Like that policeman I encountered last week end , I broke his night stick with my nose, then proceeded to beat his fist up with my ears.

      GOP spin is very comical.

      • JeffH

        …as well as your spin bobby…

      • Vicki

        Projecting again bob?

  • bob wire

    It appears that newly elect Tea Party congressmen and congressional democrats are finding so common ground and opposing GOP pork.

    I was wondering when these two side would turn on the main stream GOP and their over spending practices.

    It’s good to see some common sense at work.

  • Ramon

    Like a bunch of children, they want you to let go of yours, and refuse to let go of theirs as well. Obama has shown enough that if there are any common sense thinking independents watching, they wouldn’t bother dealing with him and his act again. He’s writing his pink slip as of this moment. Remember, it wasn’t Bush, but the idiots on Wall Street (despite knowing how fragile of a situation this country was in) that caused this failure in the way debt.

    And stop trying to gloss over the fact, Obama added an additional 7 trillion dollars worth of debt on top of what he was already facing to begin with. Bush was already stymied by the Democratic congress in many ways. They didn’t just pop up from out of no where. Liberal voters had them in there well ahead of time. They were voting for anything they wanted to, and fought like children in a sandbox whenever they were challenged. Acknowledge the fact that this Liberal congress was part of the huge failure that was the Bush Administration.

    And we still don’t even know if Obama is an American or not. He says he was born in Hawaii. But there are two states that have shutdown proof of his birth. Illinois has protected intel about him as well. That was known since 2008. The fact we’re playing a game of chicken with this numb skull about his place of birth, among other things, Why inthe world are we pretending everything is fine as is? What if we find out after all the damage he’s done to this country, that he wasn’t an American at all? That he was a Muslim agent sent to destroy the country from within.

    The way I see it, A real American has no problem proving his/her place of birth. Hell, I’m not running for president (would love to, but will not), I have no problem telling folks I was born in New Hampshire, on 24 APR 1975 at Portmouths AFB, Portmouth, N.H.
    If you had my SSN and full name, you can check it out for your self. I’m not ashamed in anyway for being born there. And I’m sure many in this country are willing to show theirs as well.

    So why in the hell is he hiding it? Don’t tell me Hawaii doesn’t require you to have a certificate. Hawaii has to have info on every resident that was born there. There shouldn’t even be a question about one’s birth certificate being on file.

    • sylviam

      Ramon—— I agree with you, was born and still live In VIRGINIA, we HAVE TO BY LAW, carry on our person at all time, when out in public—-# 1. a PICTURE ID, up to date.
      # 2. a drivers permit with picture, up to date.
      # 3. A birth certificate, marrige license, if married, to fill outany and all applications for work or Medical information at Medic. institutions before treatment etc.
      # 4. Stopped by police for road checks or violations of any kind.
      We do not find that a problem at all but the SS number of OBAMA was for some state in the NORTH EAST NOT ILL. nor HI. So what does he have to hide???????

  • Lostwages

    WOW! From budget to birth certificate, to Bushes red ink. You’ve hit on a lot of bases, but I’m not seeing many answers to the budget problems. I think shutting down the fed is a great idea, look at all the money we will save. All of those parasite government employees that owe us something for taking a government job will be in the street on unemployment insurance, the national parks will close, and the military can all come home and spend time with their families. It’s a great idea! Am I upset at the threat of this, no! Do I think it will happen, no! But if it did, so what, the Fed. is so screwed up anyway… Here’s some ideas I had after reading the headlines lately. No funds for Homeland Security until the borders are locked down. No new jet engines, bombers or anything else for defense until we bring our troops home and stop protecting the growing of drugs in other countries. No high speed trains until you can show us that people will use them and give up the use of their own cars. No funds for congress until they take a pay cut and start getting the same benefits and retirement as any other fed. employee. No budget until you can show where you’re going to get the funding to back it up! How can you budget what you do not have??? This country is broke! Past broke, to the point that our children’s children are broke! You want to work, then send everyone that’s in this country illegally back where they came from and lock down the borders. Stop Obama Care, it’s going to cost us billions and your medical care is going to suffer. Stop Mrs. Obama’s breast feeding tax cuts! Stop the federal reserve from printing more money and lowering the value of our dollar world wide. Make the banks reimburse the public for all the money we’ve lost to them with the housing schemes they’ve played at our expense. get the banks out of the stock markets completely, if they can’t make money in the banking industry with loans and credit cards, then they shouldn’t be in business in the first place. Go ahead, shut down the fed. and start giving the federal taxes to the states and run things from the state level. The fed is just a waste of time and money anyway! We can have a “United States” without a federal government. We can form a UN type of US, where all the states meet together for the benefit of all the people and the people we send there work for us! Wait a minute, isn’t this what we are suppose to have now? Isn’t this the mandate of the federal government? I wonder?

    • Teresa

      Good Post.

    • Lastmanstanding

      LW. Commonsense does not work in DC. They are far to smart and know what is best of you and I. I’m with you all the way.

      The fed is not part of the fedral govt. I’m afraid it’s far much worse.

  • Charles

    Get off of it, Bush isn`t responsible for most of the red ink.If you want the truth the blame should fall on Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Democrat congress.Barney Frank and Dobbs were the two people that
    were suppose to be looking and montering Fannie and Freddie. Several times President Bush over his watch, he wanted to pass a bill
    to see what Fannie and Freddie were up too.Each time he was stoped by
    the Democrat Congress. Frank and Dobbs kept telling the goverment
    everything was alright.It`s funny Franks came to congress a poor
    man, now he is worth millions.Your boy, Obama, has added more debt to
    the deficit than all the Presidents combined.A thousand years from now
    you Progressive nut jobs will still be blaming Bush.Your Marxist leader has
    taught you well. If you don`t know the answer,blame Bush.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Charles… Way to put him in his place! Norm is not just a liberal, he is a mean liberal. And to top it off he thinks he knows everything and considers conservatives unworthy of a thought or any of our God given rights. I think it’s one thing to disagree and make a point, but he is not only mean, but angry. It is probably a cover for all dissent against Barry that is found on this blog that infuriates him. He is a very unhappy man. Charles your points were valid and well put. Good Post!

      • Norm

        Robin from Arcadia, IN
        I’m very happy.
        I love jabbing you neocons.

    • Norm

      Bush started 2 unnecessary, unwinable wars at a cost of at least a trillion dollars. He initiated the Medicare drug program using big pharma rules at huge costs. To pay the bill he actually CUT taxes, mainly to people who were doing just fine. Once again the voodoo trickle down nonsense failed.
      Then, because of a lack of government regulation, the big economic meltdown occurred. Bush and his treasury secretary, Paulson, started the bailouts which were unfortunately needed and were ok’d by then candidates McCain and Obama.
      The day Obama was elected he was suddenly blamed for all the problems this country has and has ever had in its history!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Hey dude, don’t forget almost all of congress voted to go to Iraq!!! If Bush was able to fool” all of them, what the hell are they doing in congress??? Or is that he fooled YOU as well?!?!?! THAT’S WHY YOU HATE HIM SO!!!!

      • Vicki

        Norm writes:
        “The day Obama was elected he was suddenly blamed for all the problems this country has and has ever had in its history!”

        Well. Actually. No. Obama has only been blamed for things he has actually done. Bush on the other hand has been blamed by liberals for all the problems this country has and has ever had in its history! and they (you) CONTINUE to blame him even after he has been out of office for 2+ years.

        The SAME 2+ years that liberals have had a super-majority house and filibuster proof senate and a liberal president who would sign most any law the democrats cared to bring to the table.

        What did they do with that great power? Doubled down on all the things they claim bush did wrong including 2 wars, stimulus bills and 7 TRILLION ADDITIONAL spending.

        • GregS

          VERY well said, Vicki!

  • David in MA

    The United States Congress has to investigate obaamaa as to whether or not he is qualified under the Constitution to be president and if he is found not to be, and so far obaamaa has not shown he is qualified, then arrest him and remove him from office along with all of his appointments and get America back on track.

    Otherwise obaamaa, pelosi, reid, bwarney fwrank and that bunch will keep stirring up the ignorant trouble makers and continue down the path of destroying America.

    It is way past time to clean up the obaamaa question, because if he is not qualified, everything he has done is illegal. Impeachment is not an option, impeachment will validate obaamaa’s actions, he and his agenda must be removed through disqualification!

    • sylviam

      David— OBAMA demanded that McCAIN PROVE he was an AMERICAN, when they were running for Office but when OBAMA was asked the same question, thats when all the HIDING AND SECRECY started about HIS own Birth Certificate became a GIANT QUESTION MARK and to date all he has shown is a Certificate of live birth from HI.
      Which by the way is issued to all babys born alive. It is not proof of anything but to say he was alive, nothing more.

  • Charles

    You said a lot of truth.The problem is ,we have a President who is trying to destroy us.He thinks by doing this and with Europe about to
    go belly up he will be able to have a one world goverment with him at the head of it.His muslim buddies will fall right in with him. He will run the largest califate known to man.The world will be his,
    afterall he is the chosen one. If you don`t believe that,just ask his wife and Opera.

    • Lostwages

      Charles, I already know this, but thank you, it can not be spoken too much! The only thing the the new world order junkies are forgetting is that this is America! Not the middle east where if you are not a man you are so much lower than a dog! American’s are raised on freedom of thought, speech,and actions. We are the most innovative people in the world! We’re already causing the nwo more trouble than they expected and I firmly believe that as more of our rights are interfered with, the American people will raise to the call. As for Oprah, see below, this is what I wrote to her after her little demand for respect for Obama. God Bless America!

      Oprah Demands RESPECT for Obama, I was raise by a 30 year United States Marine. My father would not stand for disrespect to our flag, country or president and was always proud to be an American, God rest his soul. Thank God he is gone, and not here to witness the down fall of this once great country. Respect is not a demand, not for President Obama, not for our flag, and not for our country! Respect is based on actions, and when our countries actions are, as taking place at this time, less than our fore fathers commanded in the Constitution of the United States of America and less than the commandments of God, the president, the flag and the country will suffer the loss of respect. Not just on our own soil, but throughout the world. When the President of the United States of America lies to his countryman about ObamaCare, fails to up hold the constitution of the United States of America, both in his failure to show a proper birth certificate and his taking of the position of President of the UN Security Counsel. Insults the country by turning the state of Arizona over to the UN for human rights violations, while allowing the borders to go unchecked as American’s are being sexually assaulted in our own airports by Homeland Security! Lining
      our streets with the flag of China, that is run by a dictator, that he bows to and eats dinner with as a piano plays music that insults our own country and you are trying to tell us who to respect? I will give the president the same level of respect that I feel he gives me based on his actions, not on your pathetic demands. All I see in your demand is a cry for someone that has shown little respect to our citizens, flag and country, and is therefore is getting little if any in return. Yes, he is a human being, my fellow man and I will give him that much respect no matter what. But I will not show respect to anyone that lacks trustworthiness, patriotism, and pride for this
      great nation, its flag and its people. God Bless America!

      • Teresa


        • Kate8


  • jopa

    When government is shut down it is like an individual declaring bankruptcy.After you do check out your standing in the community.There isn’t anyone who would want to invest in you because you are looked upon as a loser and a dysfunctional family.That is what America has come to but don’t let the whole world kow.

    • JeffH

      jopa, in case you haven’t paid any attention, the whole world does know. Who’s investing in America these days? The Chinese?

  • Norm

    The GOP’s first attempt to shut down the government in 1995 and 1996 threatened “worldwide economic catastrophe,” cost taxpayers more than $800 million and “shook international confidence in U.S. government bonds.” What’s more, a failure to raise the debt ceiling would not only result in a government shutdown itself, but would cause “worldwide financial panic,” a “default on the national debt,” a “severe drop in economic growth and employment,” and an “actual increase in long-term deficits and debt.” The GOP plan to threaten public safety and national security in order to secure a full-on economic meltdown is much more than naive, it’s a surefire disaster.

    Some GOP members including House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) and Sen.-elect Rand Paul (R-KY) are beginning to realize the chaos that would ensure from such a policy. As the Washington Monthly’s Steve Benen notes, certainly their public remarks which “position a shutdown as beyond the pale help create an incentive for Republicans to avoid one.” But Paul’s own impossible proposal to find enough cuts to balance the deficit in one to two years threatens chaos of its own and even possibly a shutdown. Rep. Paul Ryan’s “Roadmap” is just as misguided. Not only would it radically undermine Social Security through privatization, it would tax the middle class at a higher rate than the wealthy and end Medicare as we know it.

    • Don

      Norm, do you think our country is on the right path ? if so explain why you think so !!!

      • Norm

        I think we are in deep dodo.
        Outside of a few elite, we are quickly becoming a poorer country than we ever were. The middle class is shrinking, and real earning power is declining. Good high paying jobs are being exported at warp speed. Programs like social security and medicare are now being looked at as welfare, and we are fighting wars like a true imperialistic nation (find that in the Constitution).
        Jumping in front of a moving train is not the answer. We need to large budget cuts and some tax increases as well, especially on the upper earners. If your neighbor’s house was burning would you not help financially?

        • Teresa

          Norm, I agree that we are indeed in a economic state that I am afraid we will NOT recover from. But, for you or anyone else to suggest that only the most wealty pay a higher tax increase is wrong….THEY ALREADY DO. That is the ONLY answer to the problem I have heard from the Dem’s…do you realize this is not a debate about dem v. rep any longer, has not been for years. This is a debate on whether or not we will survive as a nation FREE or not UNITED…..DO YOU GET THAT! WE ARE BROKE, END OF STORY! There is no way around it, we can NOT start making money until we first STOP spending money!!!!! I am so sick of hearing everyone yell, the reps are too extreme, the dems are too soft….WELL GUESS WHAT PEOPLE, WE ARE BROKE!!!! GOT IT! You can blame anybody you want and it won’t change a thing!!! But the ONE thing EVERYBODY better recognize is WE HAVE TO STOP THE SPENDING, how hard is that to understand?

    • Vicki

      Norm says about the 1995 threatened shutdown:
      “cost taxpayers more than $800 million and “shook international confidence in U.S. government bonds.”

      I am quaking in my shoes over a 0.022% cost as compared to the 3.5 TRILLION dollars the government cost in 2009 or the 3.4 TRILLION dollars the government cost in 2010.
      (Table 1.1—Summary of Receipts, Outlays, and Surpluses or Deficits (-): 1789–2016)

      Even the evil bush year of 2008 that 800 million is 0.027% of the total outlays. Oh Sorry that was when Democrats were writing the budget.

      A trillion here, A trillion there. Sooner or later your talking about real money.

      • Kate8

        Vicki – I wonder how much money the gov’t takes in taxes each year. With the spending in the trillions, and there being – what? – maybe 100 + million people paying any taxes at all – how does all this begin to pencil out?


        • Vicki

          Kate8 the info you asked for is in that table I sent the link to.

  • jopa

    kow should be know.Had to hurry before the spell cop caught me.

  • jopa

    Norm;Very well said.

  • mygorilla

    The federal government should be shut down. Then funding should only be provided for the basics that are provided by the US Constitution. All other agencies and such should be required to provide compelling reasons for why they should be funded. If the House and Senate cannot each agree that these other agencies should be funded for the good of the nation, then the agencies, not agreed upon, should be forever defunded, disbanded and dismantled. This alone would probably cut about $300 to $400 BILLION DOLLARS or more from the US Budget. It is far time to get rid of all the BS in DC and get back to the basics.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I agree the government should be shut down to a point. I do, however, worry a little bit for the people that get social security, disabled vets and such, as if the government shuts down they will be the ones to suffer. I have a friend that is considered 100% disabled from Viet Nam and CAN’t work. his vets benefits are all he has to go on. I know a few people on social security that wouldn’t make it without the little they get. Now if you can figure a way for them to still get their DUE, then I’m 100% for your idea!!

      • mygorilla

        Joe H., I am on disability myself and Obama and the rest of the democrats have already cut so much of my funding, while allowing my costs to go up too. My Medicare now covers less and my supplemental insurance costs me more. These are only a couple of the costs of Obamacare that will directly affect me. I welcome a government shut-down in the hopes that the democrats will actually learn something from it. I know that this is asking a whole lot, but I can still hope. What you ask about will still be funded through an emergency bill to keep the country running. It always works that way. However, all the none essential government agencies should be shut down, with the vast majority of them shut down for good, never to be funded again.



  • BPurple

    Obama take the cost of living increase away…now refuses to sign the budget… Taking both into consideration what do you think that means for all of those federal employees that are being a victim of both bad decisions made my Obama? Note: im all about helping out and if thats the cut that i get thats the cut that i will take. BUT when March 4th comes around and the budget isnt signed, people are out of work indefinately or until it is signed. Some of these people cant live without a paycheck. So the bank tries to reposes their house due to no payment. What do you say to the bank?? Im sorry but our irresponsible, i dont have my priorities straight president should be paying my bills because i cant do my job because he cant do his? Ya i dont for see that going over well. But you know what shut the federal government down, see how many angry federal employees are! And see how many people push the Birth certificate issue!!! They will do everything in their power to make sure that becomes a bigger issue than it already has become. I am a federal employee and we have been effected constantly due to his decisions. Money saving or not it would be this way if he would of been a little PROACTIVE instead of reactive!!!! He knew what he was getting into when he ran for office!!!!


    If this so called government shuts down, be sure and cut off their outrageous pay too!!

  • JeffH

    House Votes to Dethrone Obama’s Czars
    The czars whose funding would be eliminated under the amendment include the health-reform czar, climate-change envoy czar, the green jobs czar, Guantanamo Bay closure czar, the TARP oversight czar, and the auto manufacturing czar, and the FCC diversity czar.

    By far the most controversial official who would be out of a job is Mark Lloyd, the FCC diversity czar.

    Lloyd cites author and radical organizer Saul Alinsky as a source of inspiration, and has praised Venezuela President Hugo Chavez for his “incredible” attainment of a “democratic revolution.” He favors re-implementation of the Fairness Doctrine through what is known as local-content restrictions, and has called Thomas Jefferson’s maxim “That government is best which governs least” an “outdated canard.”

  • JeffH

    House Votes to Deny Obama Healthcare Law Funds
    WASHINGTON — The Republican-controlled House voted Friday to choke off cash to fund President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform law, stepping up a fight with Democrats over budget cuts and deficits.

    The move against the 2010 healthcare law — one of Obama’s main legislative victories — is certain to be rejected in the Democratic-led Senate, but it has escalated tensions over federal spending that could lead to a government shutdown.

    Instead of searching for common ground, this amendment intensifies warfare,” Democratic Rep. Sander Levin said. “The Republicans have become a wrecking crew.”
    Levin’s common ground equates to a compromise rather than completely defunding the financial monstrosity camouflaged as Health Care Reform

    • Ted Crawford

      How could one possibly find “compromise in this 2000+ page monstrosity? It is surly loaded with boobie traps, read “unintended consequences” and landmines, read “unexpected results”! The fact that nearly 1000 waivers have been granted points to one of two possibilities: A) that it is a poorly designed piece of “legislation?” read crap,or B) that it was and is working exactly as planned!
      While I believe that the progressives didn’t intend it to fall apart just yet, I think that they truly believed that they would maintain the majorities in 2010, it was in deed intended to fail spectacularly! Clearing the way for the much sought after “Single Payer System” read Socialized Medicine!

  • Daniel

    As serious as it will be, I believe congress should hold fast on the budget. If he should vito it, we’ll have someone to point the finger at when things fall appart.

    • mygorilla

      I agree…Everybody’s fingers will be pointed directly at Obama and the rest of the democrats, where they should be.

      • Vicki

        The MSM will blame the Republican Majority for failure to compromise.

  • http://com i41

    Onumnutts will go on a vacaion again since he and Big Mamee are going to another vacation and March 4th should be a perfect time for more golf. Cut Onumnutts and all Senators pay for at least 2 months of their salaries for every day they don’t get a budget passed. Just more proof of democrats deralection of duty and ineptitude job performance, they were elected to do. Of course everyone knows any democrat is a soros socialist union slub of morons spawn.

  • Mike Austin

    Let them shut down. It will be painful but many will see we do not need a huge Gov’t to keep living. State Gov’ts will start taking back their share and it will be easier to control them than the bloated Feds. Belgium has had no Gov’t for 18mo. I think they are getting used to it now.

  • Fed up

    Let them shut it down! My husband and I are both on SSDI, and he’s retired after serving this country in the U.S.A.F for over 24 years. We have no savings,,,yadda yadda, yadda. All our income is from Government, but I don’t care. People need to really see how to survive without the Government or the will never be independent, self-governed people again! All they give is crumbs off their tables and now Americans can’t live without their handouts. There is no such thing as a good politcian, and/or political party. They all have a spending agenda just differ on what to spend on. I will be glad when God takes me home. Good grief, people are dying in the gulf STILL and everyone looks the other way. Let the Government crash and then rebuild it. Get everyone that is in office now, out and start over. It’s all a big farce and the people haven’t got a clue and don’t really want one as they are to weary to even think about it after having to look for work or working 2-3 jobs to buy the stuff we’ve been brainwashed into beleive we have to have to live the ” American Dream”…sheep…sheep….sheep…politicians love lamb and so does the NWO. If the mouths of any politician is moving, it’s just a truth they believe to be true…so it’s not really a lie is it?

  • Debra

    I agree,the Federal Government is no longer out to serve the people, but is being set up to control the people for the Socialist/Communist agenda the Democrats are obviously approving. Any time our senior officials are after support from the so-called United Nations, in order to get illegal laws passed and ask for military intervention if we don’t want to go along with it, then there is a big problem. We are all in deeper dodo than most of us realize. The only way to stop our total destruction is to keep what they are trying to take away. Writing to our Senators and Congressmen will not be helpful, as they all report everything to Washington, their superiors. Their hope is to kill off the baby boomers and those who are loyal to the constitution, as Generation X is a malicious and militant bunch, not to mention the millions they are bringing into the country who support their cause. Most people now realize that the President was never “legal”, and it prooves just how much power and control the 168 people in congress have over the now 6.3 billion people in the United States. Obama has now already passed laws which far surpass that of a dictator. Within the Health Care bill, there are thousands of laws that were bundled into it which have nothing to do with health care, but are designed to control the masses. Everything will be controlled from doctors and nurses to the farmer and how much he can charge just run cattle on his grassland. In that one bill alone, it dictates to us, and it hurts us, while forcing us to buy health insurance and forces us to be responsible for everyone in the household, which must be covered by an approved health care provider by the year 2014. This responsibility is being shoved onto the backs of the citizens, not the government. In Socialized countries, like Canada, the government takes out almost fifty percent of a paycheck, which goes to support their Socialized Health Care system. This system is now failing, and Canadians are now being forced to provide their own health insurance on top of the money the government is already taking out. It is corruption at its highest level that is doing this, and they want to do it to you. It provides a free ride for all “government employees”, as they do not have to pay into these programs, and are exempt from it all. The one’s higher up are permitted to get away with a form of “embesslement”, which they seem to always get away with because there is no one to keep them honest, and they are able to walk away with money and an income that wasn’t theirs. Bill Clinton tried to pass this legislation back in 1995. People already cannot afford the high costs of living, but with the higher taxes and forced so-called health insurance, many people will not be able to meet these stringent demands. Easterners with those big fancy jobs we elected them to have, have had it so good they think all Americans have been living like they do. And after getting filthy rich they no longer care. The truth is, only less than 1/3 of Americans have quality lives, while the rest struggle from day to day. I can’t imagine how anyone would think that by bringing more people into the country would help the situation any. The penalties for the health care reform bill are death sentences for the sick and elderly, and I wouldn’t doubt that prison or death will occur when people cannot meet the demands of a Communist/Marxist government. We live in a country where outsiders can come in to our country and get citizenship, free food, food stamps, education, housing, government grants, health care, and amnesty from prosecution, just to name a few things (for now), while unfortunate innocent souls will be charged for neglect for not having health care insurance, their homes will be forclosed on and sold for half of what they are worth to foreigners, and slammed into Federal prisons. I am sick of hearing complaints about discrimination from people who really are not being discriminated against. It’s nice to have visitors come from other countries, but to have them settle illegally is a whole other problem. They are not being discriminated against, and any organization that thinks they are, are crooks, liars, and thieves. We know that the only reason why they cry these types of things for foreigners is because there is something criminal going on that they want the American public to stay ignorant to. I have been denied government assistance severak times, and I know of several more who have been denied help, when it was really, truly needed, after paying taxes in this country for over thirty years. The unemployment rate is far above what the government and news media are saying. I don’t see any signs that the economy is improving. There has been so much lying and deception with this government, they should never be trusted again. Our country does need to get rid of the Feds and the Democrats as well, but unfortunately, there will be no rioting in the streets, like what we are seeing in Egypt, because Americans have become way too passive and oblivious to what’s going on around them. They have been drugged, desensitized in so many ways, and have been conditioned to trust to much. They would rather believe in a false computer generated birth certificate from Hawaii, rather than a real “live birth certificate” from Kenya (which Obama has literally spent millions of dollars to hide. – go to: They would rather see people from terrorist countries and organizations coming into our country and getting more benefits than the indigenous people. Even the Mexicans along our southern border are testifying that Middle Easterners are invading their country, and they are even wearing T-shirts which say: “Do I Look Like A Rag-Head?” Prayer mats are found all along the southern border. I agree, that not all Muslims are bad, just the same as not all Christians are bad, but when certain groups of people are the one’s who are inspired to kill and hate, especially in the name of God, then why shouldn’t they be labeled as “enemies” and “terrorists’? I would say that a person who really does believe in God or Allah would be a person who believes in the thinking of “live and let live in peace.” A person who does not believe in God or Allah are the one’s who are not only the one’s doing the teaching that it’s okay to hate and kill, but are also the one’s being taught to hate and kill. The Democratic Party is in control of most of the Media, and so they will spin stories their way to support the Socialist/Communist/Muslim agenda. They know that if they gain control of the information delivered to the minds of ignorant souls, that those who hear it will be content to believe it. They would rather see their government take all their savings and retirement and livlihood, and hand it over to foreigners. No country was designed to be able to handle the amount of immigrants it has taken in, not even our great nation, and it has become a huge burden to all. The British have stood by, and will see their country of England be taken over by Muslims soon. Do we want to stand by and watch the same happen here to America? I can’t understand why our own people would rather see corrupt, mafia style, people running their country, while their very lives are at stake. I’m sorry, but what good has the Federal government ever done for us other than spend our money, cheat hard working tax payers from having the lives they deserved, and support anti-American groups right here on American soil? The Federal government has built its own court houses and prisons all across our nation, making sure that railroads are close by, as they stand ready to imprison anyone who won’t or can’t meet their demands when these bills are passed and become final. It sure won’t break my heart to see the Feds not getting any of our money. They have enough money of their own that they can operate without our money, and it’s clear who is supporting their operation of evil intentions. Those who support these types of activities and the evil bills that our Democrats are trying to push forward, will be known throughout eternity forever as “back-stabbers to the American people.” May righteousness prevail and evil fail, and may God take down those who come to persecute us. May God put stumbling blocks before them, and may they not be permitted to carry forth the evil desires of their hearts. In God’s name, Amen.

  • Martin Smith

    The US problems are due to corporations having to much power, the right to lobby and buy political power by any group, which is not the case in other western democracies.
    And the US military, which along with its illegal wars of agression have wasted trillions of dollars.
    The deep seated corruption that seems to be a natural part of US way of doing things in most parts of life where money is involved . The thieving bankers just took you for a sucker on a scale the even Bernie could not pull off and now you wonder why you and your congress is in the mire up to your eye balls.
    nobody is held accountable other than the poor for the situation that exists,
    where are all the banker,brokers,CEO’s,inside traders, and the likes up on fraud charges, or what ever. no its just leave the game as it is because now the tax payer is on the hook for the cost of the trillions given.
    Yeah sure the stock market is up, but why would it not be with all those trillions to spend.
    mean while gold sucks are working out how to divide up 10 billion odd in bonus’s.
    the fact that congress and the president are bought and paid for by these same moneyed groups should be more important to you, than which party the appear to be from.
    thankfully I don’t live in your corrupt country, but how you conduct your selves does have a bearing on life outside the US. and it is easier looking from the outside to see your problems and where the stemmed from.
    Corruption, Corporations, Military.

    • Vicki

      Martin Smith writes:
      “The US problems are due to corporations having to much power,”

      Our problems are and always have been representatives that do not honor their oath. They don’t even bother to read the bills they vote on.

      “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”. – John Adams.

      I think that moral is sufficient. People get their moral compass most often from religion. People who say they are not religious need a compass too. The people who try to tear down American institutions such as the Churches and Christianity know this and try to convince people that “social justice” et all is the moral compass to follow. They then define social justice in such a way as to put themselves in power.

      I say that the only moral compass you need is this.

      YOUR Creator gave you 2 gifts. Life and Free Will. How you use those gifts and how you Honor those gifts in others, establishes your character and gives you the compass you need.

  • wake-up

    Passed along from an old friend – A Different Point of View
    Here’s something to think about . . . .

    I remember asking dad about Castro when I was about 9 years old. I asked , “Is Castro a good guy or bad?”
    Dad said he couldn’t tell!! This was about 1955. We were living in Louisiana at the time . Dad was in the army there.

    Cuba was fairly close and in the news a lot. The Cubans were asking the same question! Ike was president.

    This past July, we had the pleasure of sharing a summer barbecue with a refugee from Cuba . Our dinner conversation was starkly different than most.

    This refugee came to the United States as a young boy in the early 1960s. His family was more fortunate than most as they were able to bring a suitcase and $100 when they fled Castro’s newly formed revolutionary paradise.

    Our dinner consisted of all-American fare: hamburgers, potato salad, watermelon and fresh ears of sweet corn. This is a menu shared with family and friends nationwide, while celebrating the birth of our beloved America on the Fourth of July.

    We began with a simple discussion about our country and the direction it has taken since Barack Obama came to power. We shared the usual complaints about the sour economy and liberal social engineering emanating from the rulers in Washington .

    But then he said it. The sentence came naturally. I assume it was unplanned. But it carried the weight of a freight train. “You know when Castro took power, none of us knew he was a Communist.”

    We sat stunned. He continued, “Yes, we all thought he was a patriot, a nationalist. Before the revolution he didn’t sound like a radical.”

    The comparison at this point was easy, and I interjected, “You mean just like Barack Obama?”

    He responded, “Yes, just like Barack Obama.”

    He continued, “We were all shocked as the government just continued to grab more power. First they said the revolution is over, so please turn in your guns. We all complied.”

    “I remember my uncle saying after it started, ‘Castro will only nationalize some of the big industries, he will never come and take our family hardware store. ‘But that is exactly what happened, Castro started with the sugar mills and the large industries, but they eventually came and knocked on the door of our family hardware store. My family had run this store for generations. They said we now own the hardware store, you work for us. And that nice, large four-bedroom home you own, it is now our property also, and you can move yourself and five children into two rooms of the house because others are moving in with you.”

    The lesson learned from this discussion is a lesson most Americans refuse to hear. Political leaders can lie about their agenda and once in office they can take totally unexpected turns.

    If you had asked us three years ago if we thought General Motors would be nationalized, we would have never believed it. We could never contemplate a country where the rule of law, the most fundamental building block of a justice society would be evaporating just like it did in Castro’s Cuba in the early 1960s.

    But the news of injustice keeps increasing. Black Panthers are not charged with wrongdoing by the U.S. Department of Justice because their crimes are against whites. The bondholders of GM are stripped of their assets without due process by the government. Governmental leaders are bribed in full daylight only to have all investigation of the crimes stifled by the Attorney General. The U.S. borders are overrun with crime and illegal activity and the leaders in D.C. act as if it is important to protect the lawbreakers while the innocent are killed and overrun. When local communities attempt to enforce the law, they are ridiculed and threatened as racists and bigots. They are sued by the very administration entrusted with enforcing the law.

    Without the rule of law the U.S. Constitution is a sham. Without the rule of law our beloved America is swiftly becoming a country where only the well connected and politically powerful will be safe. As Michelle Malkin has so eloquently explained in her recent book, a culture of corruption has replaced honest government.

    The only way this problem will be fixed is by massive citizen action. All honest citizens that want to be treated equally must come together and demand that the favoritism, the bribes, the uneven enforcement of law end now. And yes, it can happen here.

    PLEASE SEND THIS TO OTHERS ONLY IF YOU WANT TO. … And may God save the United States of America !

    • Dan az

      Wake up
      This site that I found gives me a little hope that things are going to change and not the obumer way.Hopefully everyone will write their reps. and governors and demand that they follow suit.

  • Deep River Rat

    This is truly a scare tactic by the White House that the goverment will shut down on March 4.I say,Let Obummer take that so-called stimmulus money that vanished in thin air,fire all the communist czars leaching our tax dollars,cut back Yo-mama’s ice cream benging, and stand up to those union thugs. Wimpy!

  • spepper

    the problem with the White House’s little comment about “…Republicans can’t compromise on the budget…” is that the Republicans elected in Nov 2010 were NOT sent there by their constituency to “…compromise on the budget….”

  • James

    The problem, here, is that too many Amricans are dependent on the federal government for their wherewithall. The Republicans want to cut spending across the board, equally, by returning to the 2008 budget – a good place to begin. But the Democrats dont want any cuts, they want more spending. If the President refuses to sign the budget bill, the federal government will run out of money, stop spending, and millions of Americans on the take will holler and scream. The Dems hope that pressure will make Repubs change their budget.

  • GregS

    If the Democrats reject the spending cuts proposed by the Republicans, then it can truly be said that the Democrats are the party of NO. If the government shuts down, then it will be the fault of the Democrats, because they said NO to the spending cuts.

  • GregS

    From the above article:

    “The White House has issued a warning to GOP lawmakers who are proposing significant cuts to the current budget: The Federal government will shut down if Republicans can’t compromise on spending measures.”

    I think it’s high time for Obummer to start compromising!

  • jopa

    Jeffh: The house votes you mentioned above are merely symbolic by the republicans to make the teabaggers happy.They are votes that are a waste of time and totally meaningless.They just want it to be documented that they voted for this and that but it wasn’t passed so it sucks to be you now vote for me and I will try again.It’s all fun and games for the politicians knowing most Americans are clueless as to what really goes on in Washington.

    • GregS

      jopa, if those votes were “totally meaningless,” as you put it, then the lefties would NOT be so adamantly opposed to them!

  • jopa

    GregS; Before the votes were taken it was well known they would never be passed in the senate.I think you are a little clueless.

    • Nail Buster

      As all must surley know in all governments, city, county, state and especially the FEDS ” common sense and REASONING DO NOT APPLY’. Two plus two equils forty two so that means they can spend eighty four for old Joe six pack and all us great unwashed are going get stuck with the bill.

    • GregS

      jopa, if you think that I didn’t realize that the Democratic-controlled Senate would never pass those spending cuts, then you are the one who is clueless, as well as arrogant. Furthermore, the fact that they would never be passed by the ultra-leftwing senate does NOT make them “totally meaningless” as you put it. Those spending cuts are a HUGE threat to the leftwing special interests. That’s why the lefties are so adamantly opposed to them. By voting them down, it puts the Democrats on record as being totally unwilling to compromise and seriously deal with the deficit.

  • Steve

    Obama is using this shutdown scare to remind Repubs of 1995. However the cuts are necessary to keep our dollar as weak as it is in tact. We cann’t support the trillions of dollars of debt we have and allow it to continue to grow. The goverment needs to learn how to spend what it has and not just keep making more money as they need it..
    just a thought


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