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Obama Wins: Ouch!

November 7, 2012 by  

Obama Wins: Ouch!

The re-election of President Barack Obama reminds me of the joke my friend tells about me because I have a hard time giving up on things.

“Myers is the kind of guy who goes to the fridge, opens the door, takes out the milk, takes a swig and says: ‘Still sour!’  Then, he dutifully puts the milk back in the fridge.”

My fellow Americans, Obama is “still sour.” The Nation’s future rests upon the hope that his leadership will somehow get better if we can chill over this result of this election.

That is not much consolation except to say maybe we were doomed before this election. Also, what we do now and over the coming months will be a test for American democracy — the longest lived one in the world.

In fact, Founding Father John Adams did not believe it could survive. Adams wrote: “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There was never a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”

And few democracies have been on the edge of a precipice and not fallen from it.

The danger lurks with so many factors that no President could overcome, at least not in time to avert an economic disaster and perhaps even a social uprising. Most of it comes down to the change in the moral compass and the destruction of American values.

White Men Can’t Run?

I watched Larry King interview acclaimed writer and reporter Bob Woodward on the day after Obama’s inauguration. King told a mystified Woodward: “My younger son Cannon, he is eight. And he now says that he would like to be black. I’m not kidding. He said there’s a lot of advantages. Black is in. Is this a turning of the tide?”

I don’t know what is more amazing: that the 78-year-old King now has a preteen son or that his son wanted to be a black instead of a white Jew.

Perhaps it’s not so strange at all. Robert Groves, the head of the U.S. Census Bureau, said regarding the 2010 census data: “This is the decade of Tiger Woods and Barack Obama, where we talked about race combinations.”

Race, ethnic and economic issues are certainly becoming a major hurdle for both the United States and Canada. In 2009, columnist Frank Rich wrote in The New York Times:

“…the inexorable transformation of America into a white-minority country in some 30 years — by 2042 in the latest Census Bureau estimate — is causing serious jitters, if not panic, in some white establishments. … we’re just at the start of what may be a 30-year struggle.”

The problem is that the races are not all coming together as they once did in a giant melting pot. Rather, America is turning into a monstrous salad bowl whose mixed cultural heritage differs on morality and government, a mixture that may not be easy for anyone to digest in the not distant future.

It certainly has happened in Canada and my hometown city of Calgary, Alberta. When I left and moved to Spokane, Wash., to raise my family 30 years ago, Calgary was a white, Anglo-American city built around energy. Energy still powers this city, but its population has more than doubled in three decades. Much of the growth has come from immigration of peoples from the developing world. The common Christian values that the people of Calgary once shared no longer exist. The city is a mishmash of cultures, colors and mores. Adding to the societal stress is the infiltration of street drugs as well as Asian gangs that pedal them.

To deal with the problem, Calgary elected Mayor Naheed Kurban Nenshi. He was born in Canada after his parents emigrated from Tanzania. A smart and likable man elected in 2010, he promised to ease the social tensions in Calgary and bring spending under control. So far, he has had limited success.

I saw similar changes in Spokane. I first visited The Lilac City in 1977. After hosting Expo ‘74, Spokane rebuilt its core with a beautiful park.

People didn’t think to lock their doors at night. Then, there was the case of Kevin Coe, better known as the South Hill rapist. In 1981, he was arrested for and convicted of a series of rapes. A decade later hard drug distribution was so rampant that police warned drivers to be extra cautious driving because some dealers were carrying meth labs in the trunks of their vehicles.

I turn 55 next week; and, over 30 years, I have seen a severe decline in the morals that made both Canada and America great nations. If unchecked, things will get worse, so bad that I fear there will be violence.

The forces facing Obama are gigantic compared to that of any one mayor. Obama’s ability or inability to deal with social and economic problems impacts the Nation and the world. To date, he has not shown much capacity to lead, but now more than at any time in the past half-century, America needs strong leadership.

So far, Obama has done nothing but incite alarm for millions of Americans.

The New York Times bestseller Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive To 2025? was written by Patrick J. Buchanan, a strong conservative who was a member of the Richard Nixon Administration. Buchanan opens the second chapter, “The Death Of Christian America,” with these three quotes:

  • “America was born a Christian nation.” -Woodrow Wilson
  • “This is a Christian nation.” -Harry Truman, 1947
  • “… we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation…” -Barack Obama, 2009

The question that stands out to this writer is whether Obama is being a shrewd politician and tapping into that rainbow of voters or does he not think that Christian values and mores are important to the future of the United States? We have four more years to find out. Meanwhile, now is as good a time as any to be taking precautionary steps to secure the future of you and your family.

Yours in good times and bad,

-John Myers
Editor, Myers’ Energy & Gold Report

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • steve

    turn out the lights the parties over.

    • aaron j denigro

      This is a big disappointment for me and the many others who really supported and believed Mitt Romney would have changed this country’s disatrous course of downfall and failed approach to economic recovery. Also, the direction of Obama’s faith and christian ignorance and disrespect, disturbs me for the sole fact that it would hinder our blessings from our lord and savior Jesus Christ. Obamacare will cost this country many heartaches and problems…This is the change I didnot want or ask for.. I hope that his second term is worse and we can finally get a conservative president back.

      • Warrior

        In the meantime, just keep going to work and paying evermore taxes, half the country is depending on you.

      • eddie47d

        Why would Aaron or anyone else keep wishing for failure. You tried that over the past four years and you achieved the failing economy part and lost the election. How about trying a different approach and start working together or is that asking too much?

      • G Velasquez

        I fear our generation after the great generation (WWII generation) has failed our children and grandchildren to keep America as a God lead nation where it has been GOD, family, country in that order. Seems like it is all about “me, me, me” now….Abortion on demand, same sex marriage, free cell phones if you vote for me, socialism closer to becoming a reality in the USA now, with Islam lurking around the corner.

        I’m not all negative, just disappointed in my generation to do what it needed to do…I guess all that 60′s pot smoking, drug induced stupors, flower child stuff just took over how people think…or in my opinion…NOT thinking…

        May God bless and keep us all.

      • jt


        Evidently, you are among the many who’ve bought into obama’s endless excuses for his own failure to lead. He doesn’t KNOW HOW to work with anyone, and he isn’t the slightest bit interested in learning. He doesn’t “lead”, rather he “rules” unilaterally. And when this method inevitably fails, he blames his failure on those who oppose him.

        News flash…..It is the responsibility of those elected to represent the people, including the opposition of goals and policies damaging to the present and future of this nation. Obama is so far-left and has such radical views on what America should be “fundamentally transformed” into, that even many in his OWN democratic party are often unwilling to work with him.

        The reason for obama’s failure is that he is wholly unwilling to compromise, opting instead to rule by executive order, thereby ignoring the true will of the people.

        I just have to say that I am saddened and astounded at the demonstrated gullibility of the American public today (well… half of it, anyway).

      • eddie47d

        News Flash JT: I see the Republicans lost but are still trying to govern through sabotage and using the art of Not compromising. Yes we may be miserable for the next four years too thanks to the Republicans who will make it so. You are also part of the problem and some of us are tired of Republican excuses.

      • FreedomFighter

        In honor of Obamas 2nd term i give you this little diddy to salute his agenda…


        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Chester

        JT, HOW do you work with someone when their whole idea of cooperation is MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY? Or, even worse, someone who is so determined to see you fail that they are willing to take the country down as well, just as long as it looks like you might have prevented it by giving up. Take a good hard look at what the tea party has done in the house of representatives, where they literally threatened other Republican representatives with loss of their seat if they didn’t go along. That made it impossible to do anything, as if Obama had agreed to something, then his agreement would not have been enough, and rules would have changed again so he would still fail to do anything.

      • Mary

        President Obama has never indicated he was not Christian and he has never done anything that would cause you to think he was not a decent man. You suffer from listening to those who had a political agenda to discredit him in anyway they could and they would stop at nothing. Too bad you got sucked into their scheme but apparently with enough money on their part, people can be convinced of anything.

        • Gea

          Barak Hussein Obama is a great story teller which made him very rich after he published them in his books. He is particularly skillful in taqiyya, an Islamic principle of lying (see “Lying and cheating in the Arab world is not really a moral matter but a method of safeguarding honor and status, avoiding shame, and at all times exploiting possibilities, for those with the wits for it, deftly and expeditiously to convert shame into honor on their own account and vice versa for their opponents. If honor so demands, lies and cheating may become absolute imperatives.”

          It is irrelevant if officially Barak Hussein Obama is a Muslim or not. He let Muslim Brotherhood into the White house to white wash Islam and sharia as “peaceful religion and as any other law” and had given them the US Taxpayers money for their war on Egyptian women and Israel. He extoills Qur’an and Islam, bows to Saudi king and disses Bible. The Muslim Brotherhood stated long-range goal is “to infiltrate America and destroy Western civilization from withing and establish the only true religion, Islam, over all others). There are 4 stages for this goal of Islam (

          Stage 1: Infiltration
          Stage 2: Consolidation of Power
          Stage 3: Open War with Leadership and Culture
          Stage 4: Totalitarian Islamic “Theocracy”

          We are reaching the 3rd stage in America, because American education had failed to help develop critical thinking of its citizens to prevent this, and had elected a facilitator of this conquest, Barak Hussein Obama, who is living up to his middle name.. He cannot be trusted and anything he says needs to be compared with his actions.

      • Vicki

        Chester writes of the Tea Party legislators:
        ” That made it impossible to do anything, as if Obama had agreed to something, then his agreement would not have been enough, and rules would have changed again so he would still fail to do anything.”

        Thats all fine and dandy for the 2nd 2 years of obama’s Presidency. Now explain the failures of the first 2 years.

      • eddie47d

        Obama does want to thank the Republicans for that Voter Suppression drive they had going on. That angered enough Democrat voters into action and pushed Obama over the top. I’d like to thank those malicious anti-union folks in Ohio and Wisconsin who woke up the union folks and got them to the polls to give those states a blue color. Democrat Sherrod Brown in Ohio also got a boost from those who attempted to trash unions as worthless Americans. The Republicans tried to divide everyone on issues like rape and birth control and shot themselves in the foot.

      • jt


        “HOW do you work with someone when their whole idea of cooperation is MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY? Or, even worse, someone who is so determined to see you fail that they are willing to take the country down as well, just as long as it looks like you might have prevented it by giving up. ”

        Yes, you do indeed make an excellent point regarding obama’s “MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY” attitude and approach to leadership. I do agree with you, that he has been impossible to work with, however there is no corresponding quality in the TEA Party, OR are you referring to their unflinching defense of the founding principles of this, the greatest nation in the history of the Earth?

        If you are, then I suggest that you learn something about the principles and values that created this nation, and then ask yourself “why would obama want to “fundamentally transform” America into a marxist experiment doomed to eventual failure”.

        If you are honest with yourself, the answer will be a teaching moment for you…….

      • Nadzieja Batki

        eddie47d, so what you want is everyone in this nation becoming Dems/Progs/Leftists and becoming moochers and parasites just like you.

      • eddie47d

        How can I be a moocher if I worked for 43 years and earned my retirement Nadzieja? Just because you don’t care about others doesn’t mean the rest of us have to be that way.

      • Joann Flanagan

        Well give the guy a break!
        How do you expect Ceasar Obomas Onaminus to to worry about minor details like unemployment,crime,our embassys between attacted and our diplomats being murdered when he has to worry about those really important things like some slut running out of contracptives when she’s only serviced fifty johns-less than half her dailly quota!
        Where’s your perspective,Comrad!
        Joann Flanagan

      • Suzanne Coffman

        A friend forwarded my an email today, which basically states: to the entitlement-loving liberals who voted to have “more of the same,” from here on out YOU OWN IT. Whatever the consequence of re-electing Barry will be- YOU OWN IT. The masses that have fallen for the European Socialism Barry touts will get far mote than they bargained for. THEY WILL OWN IT. Unfortunately, those of us who voted sanely will also suffer their stupidity.

      • Smilee

        Vicki says:
        November 7, 2012 at 11:28 am

        Much was passed in his first two years which you choose to ignore as you do not like what was passed like Obamacare, a very big change and now here to stay as his second term guarantees it will take effect.

    • Robert Smith

      Big Bird in an interview said to Romney, “This election is brought to you by the letters “F” and “U.”


      • Jeff

        Yes, Romney could have balanced the budget by cutting PBS, the NEA, and Planned Parenthood, so long as he was wearing magic underwear when he did it.

      • JON

        To Jeff,

        Dwight Eisenhower was last Republican President to preside over a balanced budget. He had a balanced budget in 1956 and 1957. Since then, there have been two presidents to preside over balanced budgets, LBJ in 1969 and Clinton in 1998 through 2001. During the last 40 years there have been five budget surpluses, all five were under Democratic Presidents: 1969, 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2001.

        What makes you think Mitt Romney could have balanced the budget?

      • Robert Smith

        Question asked: “What makes you think Mitt Romney could have balanced the budget?”

        Magic underwear!

        Big Bird survives! Dick Chaney took a shot at him and missed. He shot reality full of holes.


    • http://facebook Pam Deininger

      Also, while you put the lights out. Pray again for our country.

    • ChaznGwenie Gugins

      I can not wait to hear wayne allyn roots excuse for why romney did not win, let alone in a a landslide. He claims he has not missed in the past on his odds making of political elections. well he missed big this time.

    • Munnster

      Steve – I hate to agree with you, but I must……………sad

    • Nadzieja Batki

      eddie47d, if we as a nation are split 50/50 among ideological lines why is it you are not moving to the Conservative or Libertarian or Republican side?
      Have you any idea what you and your kind of mindset of voting for O will do to this country? You cannot be completely stupid or can you be? You have been used and will be discarded.

      • eddie47d

        I’m actually very middle of the road Nadzieja. Conservative on some financial issues and Liberal on social issues. I don’t live in a straight jacket like you do. Besides you LIED about me being a moochers. Nice try but wrong!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      gea, this is going to be a conflict because there are Jews and Christians and even athiests who believe that lying to another person is the most odious action and confessing to a priest will not change that fact. So is that how we must now live thinking that all people are liars and betrayers?

      • kenneth120

        How can you tell if a Republican is lying? His lips are moving.

    • Donald Darden

      It’s more than lights out. It’s the final hack at the great tree that once was America. Now the Have-Nots take over big time, government grows bigger, liberties will be loss, and spending runs rampant again (if not immediately, then when the Democrats take over the House of Representatives in 2 years time). America is gone. We are residing in the hollowed out shell now. Even that won’t endure when the economy falls apart and the money becomes worthless. I wish I had better news, but that’s what it comes down to.

      You can’t save America, because America cannot save itself. Greed and Envy at the lower levels of society are on a march of what they now believe is their share of everything. The fact that something like Income Tax is nothing but legalized theft from the Haves does not disturb them. And when the well off see that they are gong to lose, many will just trade citizenship for something more secure. Canada looks like a good place, but it has a tendency to follow what happens in the US or A too closely in a span of a few years. Where else is there to go?.? Because that is the way it has always turned out. The average life expectancy of a Democracy is about 200 years.

      You can fight back, but it is a losing battle. Why? How do you fight greed and envy? You already see the thread of it penetrating our lives with home invasions and car jackings, and every corner convenience store is at risk of being knocked over. They don’t even have to hit you during business hours, now they use their vehicles as battering rams to crash in through doors and windows or knock down a wall.

      Something can come along to replace the USofA, but who knows how many generations before that happens. People have to be terrorized into submission, and have to endure that for a few generations before they get over their love of life and just want something better at any cost. It’s those people that will be fit to try again, not the current generation.

      You look at all the military and police personnel around you. Which side do you think they will be on? Historically, they will be on the side of the regeme , would you not go?that takes over. To them, you must take orders, and orders always come from the top. Old hands might feel differently, but if you were ordered back to duty, what would you really do? Take off into the wilds, or accept your orders and report in?

      For those that think there is hope yet, I can onloy advise you to link up with some of the many splitered Conservative Parties in America, and see what you can do there. The Republican Party is toast, burnt at that. Try to get the Conservative movement to unite at least enough to come up with a slate of suitable candidates for any remaining elections ahead, then get people to vote those candidates. You’ve been organized against, now see if you can do as well to get back what you can. Otherwise, Ta ta!

  • RivahMitch

    Buy ammo and be prepared for the worst. Jeremiah Wright’s prayer has been answered. America has been damned and the form of our damnation is Obama.

    • eddie47d

      Another one back to the same old loser rhetoric! I see your mental skills are the same!

      • Capitalist at Birth

        So, you are a mental midget?

      • Ron Christopher

        Eddie says, let’s work together with obama. I remember HItler saying basically the same thing. Let’s work together for a better Germany. This is not a matter of working together, it should be working together for a better America, but that will not come about. You see, I have no choice but to work for America, not obama. We all know what obama’s plans for America are because he told us.Remember? “America is the greatest nation on this planet, help me change that.” And the one he campaigned on, “We will fundamentally change America. I asked, change to what but got no response. You see, now the police can put hidden spy cameras on your private property. Believe me, today, Nov 6, 2012 is the day America truly died. Even Colorado voters says it is OK to grow and use Marijuana. And I want you to remember this. Our God is a very jealous God. Sodom and Gomorrah would not avert from its evil ways, and the citizens applauded the corruption, and God destroyed them both. So goes America and truly, I cannot blame God for doing so. I blame the American people.

      • eddie47d

        Yes Ron President Obama did want the American people to stop hating each other but some Republicans thought that an insult to do so and fought him all the way. Don’t worry about Colorado and Washington State for marijuana is a natural product and harmless if not abused.I don’t smoke anything but I did approve of this measure.

        • Frank Kahn

          Statements are not facts without supporting information eddie47d. Please provide us the actions of Obama that show his desire for us to stop hating each other, and then provide us with the opposition to those actions taken by the GOP.

          As to something being OK because it is natural, and to the statement “as long as it is not abused”. Many DANGEROUS things are NATURAL, so I guess we need to hear a definition of abuse. psilocybin mushrooms are NATURAL, but they can result in psychological damage. Hemlock is natural but is also a lethal poison.

    • tlgeer

      “Buy ammo and be prepared for the worst. Jeremiah Wright’s prayer has been answered. America has been damned and the form of our damnation is Obama.”

      To put it bluntly, you do not have the right to overthrown our Constitutionally elected Government. I’m sorry that you are angry, and fearful, that your candidate(s) did not win. But none of you have the right to over throw our Government. That would take the phrase “sore losers” to brand new heights.

      • Vicki

        Actually they do have the right. It is even mentioned in the documents that are part of this countries heritage and founding.
        “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it,”

        Fortunately (unlike all those tweeters that threatened violence should Romney win) “Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

        So as long as the evils are sufferable the government is quite safe.

        • Gea

          Read Declaration of Independence. We may again stop the government that is promoting taxation without representation. Obama should be impeached for betraying America.

      • TIME

        Dear Tigeer,

        May I ask ~ just where it is that you were educated?

        Peace and Love

      • chamuiel

        Thomas Jefferson said Occasionally the tree of freedom must be refreshed by blood. You know Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers.

        Oh, I forget you people do not believe in the founding fathers and the constitution any more, right?

      • Donald Darden

        Now that is really empty as a line of argument. The language in the Constitution allows for change, doe it not? And how many Democrats threatened to move to Canada after G.W. Bush was picked as the President? On top of the number of Democrats that threated to shoot Romney if he were elected because he might take away their food stamps? You are a fine breed to be criticizing others.

        Whatever else Obama is, he is a Socialist and a Liar. I know is his a Socialist by his actions. I know that he is a liar by what he says. What you are is another story. To be kind, I might consider you just a duped fool that can’t sort out the facts for himself.

    • Mary

      The Rev Wright lived through a period in American history where blacks were damned, treated like animals and scum. We who are white, will never be able to understand where he is coming from, but he has a right to his opinion. Because a person listens to all sides does not make him side with any one individual. President Obama has done nothing to indicate he feels the same as Wright. After all, he would be siding against himself as he is also white. You still have all the freedoms you did four years ago so if you want to be damned then you will make your own hell. The President is not going to do it for you or to America.

      • Vicki

        Mary writes:
        ” You still have all the freedoms you did four years ago…”

        Technically you are correct for our rights and freedoms come from God and not man. Being free to exercise those rights without being attacked by our own government has diminished quite a lot.

        The freedom to buy any light bulb we want. (and the freedom to make and sell Edison’s fine invention.

        The freedom to speak out publicly for or against the government should we be within XX feet of the President or any other elected official.

        The freedom to buy health insurance of our choice or to not buy health insurance.

        The freedom to communicate privately with others using that wonderful technology called the cell phone.

        There are many others.

      • chamuiel

        obama only set in wrights church for over twenty years. If he did not agree with Wrights viewpoints, then for over twenty years he did not object to it.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Actually you like lying and believing lies. You must have been reading some other country’s history.

      • kenneth120

        Vicki –
        To buy certain lightbulbs – that’s a “G-d” given right? To have a cell phone is a “G-d” given right? What planet are you from?

    • Smilee

      Sorry, your ammo in your gun is out of the range of the drones, duck!!!!

      • louyisquinze

        Grow up – stop having 2 yr old tantrums.

  • DAK

    Well, my prediction came true. Mitt managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory just like I said he would. It wasn’t that Obama won so much as Romney lost. The GOP of today is too far right for the main-stream American politics and so they lost many votes that would / should of gone to them. Social issues were their downfall, not economics. As many people that hated Obama (or said they did anyway) it seems he was bound to be defeated. Then Mitt didn’t release his taxes, didn’t stand up to the fringe element of his party, didn’t keep his mouth shut on issues he had no business talking about until all the facts were known… If he would of been as civil in the primaries as he was in his concession speech, I think Mitt would now be the President Elect.

    • eddie47d

      Its also a shame that race had to be brought up right off the bat to stir the pot. Blacks who live in Calgary equal 2.1% and not even on the radar in Canada and especially in the US election yet it was done. No wonder sour milk is still being drank so maybe that is the new kool aid of Canada.

      • Jeff

        I think Old John used the wrong analogy. When he opened the refrigerator and tasted the milk, he should have said, “Still not orange juice.” Obama is clearly not what Old John wants in a president. The color is all wrong, he doesn’t talk about endless tax cuts for the rich, he wants us to join the rest of the civilized world with a healthcare system, and he speaks reasonably about foreign policy. No, what Old John is looking for is . . . George W. Hoover!

      • barry

        Anyone who has visited a city with a significant minority presence knows that a relatively small percentage can bring much attention to itself with their crime, noise, blight, and solidarity of culture & community in opposition to the majority. Elections can be swung by appealing to block voting by one or 2 small ethnic groups. In some US cities, a few thousand blacks can be responsible for over 3/4 of the violent crime & thefts in a large, predominately white city, for instance.
        In the US & Canada, where Jews are only about 2%, they have wrested control of media, banks & business, which they have parlayed into a virtually untouchable political lobby that no member of Congress dare cross. The Christian lobby, representing many tens of millions more people is insignificant in comparison. Likewise, there is no European or Asian lobby that can compare in power to the Marxist black & Hispanic lobbies.
        To say that a small minority has no influence on a community is incorrect, and freedom-loving patriots must remember that we are a larger minority than any ethnic groups and it is time that we stick together as well as many minority groups do if we want to have influence.

      • jt

        There are many times when race is a relevant element of a discussion. That does not make the mere discussion of it a racist act.

        The idea that the mere mention of racial forces within a given system makes one racist is pandering to the politically correct left, and political correctness is a concept completely anathema to open, truthful discussion of important topics.

        There are many discussions that need to happen in America, and many of those involve subjects deemed too “uncomfortable” or “offensive” to some, and so they never happen. That is a shame, and a waste of what precious little time remains in which to get our house in order.

    • texasrattler

      I believe the author of the above article is correct. The nation is changing to non-christian and the takers are out numbering the providers. But, it really want matter who wins, this country is going under due to our debt, changing morals and rejecting Jesus.

      • Neil Swan

        Yhis country has never been a chirstian nation. We have always been free to believe
        in any religion or none at all. Of course most of our people are Cristians. But we
        definetly shouldn’t try to make religious law like the religious right want to do.

    • Janice Dempsey

      DAK – I don’t even know you, but I know I really don’t like you! Why don’t you just crawl back under the rock you crawled out from under!

      • DAK

        I don’t care if you like me or not. I have my opinion just like everyone else and I voiced my opinion and you don’t like it so you don’t like me. Just shows how shallow you are and how much hate you have in your heart for anyone who dares to disagree with you. I feel sorry for you.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Why aren’t the Dems/Progs/Leftists happy that their O won?

    • Dad

      There is not a conservative bone in Romney’s body… Romneycare = Obamacare. McCain was a failure, so they double down with Mitt-for-brains.
      Want to impeach Obama? Just pick a card… any card. It’s fertile ground.
      The Republicans just don’t get it. Heck, we can’t even afford another 4 years of Boehner…

      • Cliffystones

        As a fellow “Dad” I concur. It’s hard enough trying to persuade the Obama supporters on this site that true conservative principles are not evil. When the New World Order keeps offering us Bush I, Bush II, McCain, Romney, Clinton, Kerry, Gore, and yes even Obama, it’s not our generation I’m worried about. It’s our grandchildren who will inherit whatever this current crop of “leaders” leaves them. The difference between folks like us and Doc Sarvis, Eddie47d, Robert Smith, etc. is they actually believe that things are and will continue to get “better” with Obama. What I still don’t understand is the criteria they are using to make this assumption beyond the administration’s news-speak.

        So far my past assumptions have been generally correct. Not just those concerning the Democratic folks either. I knew in my heart the day Bush II invaded Iraq that it was going to be as bad or worse for us than the Iraqis. I knew that impeaching Clinton for getting a little beege and lying about it was a waste of time and would backfire. It’s the idiocy of these and past Republican actions that make it so difficult for them to take the moral high ground now on things like F&F and Benghazi. And the lives and capital squandered “nation building” in the Middle East has just left this nation poorer.

      • Robert Smith

        Cliffy says: “What I still don’t understand is the criteria they are using to make this assumption beyond the administration’s news-speak.”

        I’m looking at most of the industrial world that has universal health care that is better than that offered to much of our population. Hey Cliffy, do you brag that our health care is on par with Cuba?

        I understand the criteria that “trickle down” (voodoo) economics has had almost 30 years to work and it has FAILED.

        I look at the REALITY of Obama’s not grabbing any guns, and in fact sticking with the only issue on record, the Bush rules for national parks. I can still pack my heat.

        Another criteria is that we are out of one forever war that Bush started and we are almost out of the other one.

        AND plenty more.


      • DaveH

        You look at Propaganda, Robert, and you believe it because you want to believe it, whether it makes sense or not.
        For those who truly have open minds, not just the lip-service that Liberal Progressives give to it:

    • caesar

      Hey guys…not to be a sore loser…but I think this country is in serious decline, and I’m not saying that loosely. The demographics in this country are changing rapidly, and the blacks, Spanish and single women are leading the charges…and sadly all those folks do NOT vote on meaningful issues, instead voting blindly on liberal party lines…which really means illegal immigration, gov’t handouts, and full abortion/pro-choice rights.

      I think we, as a country, will NEVER be the same. It’s a SAD day for me.

      • Kate8

        caesar – What’s most disheartening is that we all know that this election was stolen. The dems are guilty of major voting fraud – it’s been reported all over the country how non-citizens were being brought in and told how to vote, machines were flipping votes to Obama, dead people and animals were voting, and then the usual ‘vote early, vote often’ practiced by the Left. But then, the ends justify the means, right?

        And no one is going to contest, or ever question, it.

        Nice job, you idiots. Thanks for insuring Americas complete dimise.

    • Capitalist at Birth

      Not far right enough for me. Compromise is for dummies. What social issues are you talking about? Queer marriage? Protecting the innocent lives of unborn children from being murdered? Open borders? Bowing to Saudi Kings? Telling the Russians he will have more flexibility after the election? Raising the cost of energy? Free abortion and birth control? Free stuff for all the “people of color”? Of, which social issue do you speak? I will never compromise my principles. When you come to steal my stuff, be ready for a fight. Give me liberty or give me death. I prefer death and honor to slavery. I guess you are going to be one of the slave masters, or so you think.

  • Jonathan

    Obama is a one World order man and so is Mitt Romney so who cares who is in the White House. I’m actually glad Obama made it, maybe it will teach the Republicans a lesson. They are the ones who ousted Ron Paul so let them lick their wounds.

    • Dan Kjeer

      YA…Good one. Smoke another one!!!

      • Robert Smith

        Big issue for States’ rights, uh Dan…


    • Capitalist at Birth

      Ron Paul can and never will get elected to any national office. Why do you think he has never ran for Senator. You Paul loons make me sick.

      • Vicki

        Interesting opinion you have of the House of Representatives.

      • DaveH

        What makes me sick is people who masquerade as something they aren’t, Crony Capitalist.

      • chamuiel

        Of course you do not know that Ron Paul is a U.S. Representative. I guess under your idol, obama, Representatives no longer have to run for office, correct?

    • Kate8

      Jonathan – True, but I don’t think we’re going to survive Obama unless there is a complete uprising, which would have to include the military.

      Someone brought up the point that the communists have groomed Obama for this time since his childhood, and they weren’t about to allow America to replace him. The election was already decided, and who knows the real vote count. This administration will continue to commit crimes and cover them up.

      There is no way over half of America voted for this communist fraud.

      Many journalists who’ve spoken out against him are bailing, because they knew that if his machine kept power, their lives were over. Valerie Jarret’s promise that everyone who opposed him will get what they deserve echos in the minds of many of us.

      I suppose the liberals will rejoice when the persecution (and elimination) of conservatives ramps up in earnest. Which it will, sooner than we think.

      All of us who have spoken against this administration have targets on our heads. We have no idea just how ominous this is.

      Who cares, anyway. I have no desire to live in a country of idiots.

      • alicia

        YEA, Does that mean you are departing. You are not very intelligent about society. We the people are not just made of one color. If you don’t like equality for all then, please do depart. There are a lot of hard working Americans that voted for Obama. America spoke out, Florida and Ohio tried to keep people from casting their constitutional right the vote.

        • Gea

          Ohio did nothing like you claim. As a judge in election yesterday, I never saw so many losers and moochers coming to vote in my Precinct. Obama is a “community organizer” and his free phones, pizzas and other freebies that he gave to moochers paid off for him yesterday. However, soon US will find out that the problem with socialism is that soon you run out of other people money to dole out as Obama is doing ;-)! There will not be a sufficient numbers of productive Americans to pay the bills those on the dole incur ;-)!

          If Obama is not removed from the White house for his role in cover up and murder of US ambassador in Libya, US mayt become a Third world country while Saudis, Chinese and Germans own US. Allahu Akbar, ain’t he ;-)!

      • Robert Smith

        Kate8 claims: “All of us who have spoken against this administration have targets on our heads. ”

        Yet it is DOCTORS who have been actually KILLED by extreme right wing nuts.

        Right wing nuts have blown up churches and killed children who’s only “sin” was to be in Sunday school.

        I’ve seen on this forum from right wing nuts that some should be allowed to die on the steps of the hospital because those on the right too selfish to consent to treatment of any except just the right parentage.


      • DaveH

        Robert Smith says — “I’ve seen on this forum from right wing nuts that some should be allowed to die on the steps of the hospital because those on the right too selfish to consent to treatment of any except just the right parentage”.
        Life is full of bumps, Robert, but bumps or not, no man has a natural right to ride on the shoulders of any other unwilling carrier. It’s called Slavery, and I find it odd that the self-interested Liberal Progressives, who feign “compassion” for their fellow man, have no qualms about enslaving people.
        You are not “compassionate”, Robert, you are just a Thief who has great powers of rationalization.

      • Kate8

        DaveH – What liberals don’t understand is that politicians don’t legislate freebies for people because they care. They do it for power.

        It’s not power that corrupts. It’s dependency. This is why the democrat party has worked so hard to create entitlements. If no one depends upon them, they have no power.

        Imagine how much freer we were, and would be now, if we didn’t have huge numbers of people on the dole screaming for more free stuff. If politicians had no special interests to pander to.

        This is the sole reason for socialism: creating dependence. Only an independent people can sustain freedom, because they take care of themselves and are not willing to give up liberty for a sugar daddy.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Robert Smith, so you have gotten bolder in pronouncing how stupid you really are.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        alicia, why are you on this site announcing how stupid and malevolent you are as a woman? O isn’t going to be your boyfriend or husband.

      • Kate8

        I wondered how long it would take before my post to Robert Smith was removed.

        Yes, I name-called. And I’m not sorry, either. I meant every last word of it, and felt it well-deserved. And no, I did not use obscenity.

        What’s really funny is that it was actually much more civil than what he posts to me, and gets away with.

      • DaveH

        Don’t let it get to you, Kate8. The Liberals thrive on pushing peoples’ buttons. It’s really all they have since logic and facts are strangers to them.

      • DaveH

        Alicia says — “If you don’t like equality for all then, please do depart”.
        What the heck does that mean? Who defines equal? Is that like “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”?
        It is a fact of life that non-producers gravitate toward Socialism, which is why the people in highly Socialistic Societies ultimately end up living in squalid conditions. They live fine only until they run out of other peoples’ money, then the SHTF.

      • Kate8

        DaveH – I was wondering where that remark even came from. Equal? What? That those who do nothing should have everything that those who work hard for it have?

        Equal means if you are willing to do the work you can have what someone else who works has. But then, we don’t all have equal intelligence or equal physical or mental health, so where does equality fit in?

        It’s also a fact that in socialistic societies, when the ruling class no longer needs the dependent class, they eliminate them. Not only do they not care about them, they have only contempt for them.

        And, btw, I’m speaking not as someone who is wealthy, but as someone who gets by on very little…less than those on entitlements… and I have all I need, which is very little, because I don’t worry about having stuff. And I’m quite happy, thank you…all I care about is being free.

  • TIME

    Dear People,

    Oddly; “FORWARD” is the same slogan Adolf Hitler used too. But then again Evil is what it is, and the mindless will follow like the good little sheep they are.

    Peace and Love be with you, Got your bus tickets yet?

    • Doc Sarvis

      Forward, it is just a word that most english people have used. That does NOT make us like Hitler. Hitler also had a dog; both Romney and President (for another four years) Obama have dogs, tens of millions of Americans have dogs – that does not make us like Hitler.

      • eddie47d

        Forward is a common everyday word used in America and all over the world. Doesn’t have to mean anything sinister unless people make it so. Looks like the Republicans marched so far Backwards they bumped into themselves. Another thing Doc Hitler also loved babies and bounced them on his knee. I suppose now Republicans will say because Hitler did it no one is allowed to do that.

      • Warrior

        Hey doc, ya think the “war on women” has stopped now at least until the next election cycle?

      • Doc Sarvis

        Warrior, that is up to the Republicans who have been waging that war.

      • Charlie Tall

        Tell you what, Doc, take a look at the meaning of fascism, then take a look at GM, Solyndra, and Chrysler. Let me know if you need that explained to you.

        Review Hitler’s assumption of dictatorial powers, then take a look at Obama’s increasing use of executive orders.

        Recall Hitler’s use of strong-arm tactics – SD, SA, Gestapo – then take a look at Obama’s use of the IRS, FBI, and Homeland Defense to harass and intimidate his opponents.

        There are indeed many similarities between Hitler and Obama, too many for comfort.

        Oh, one more: Hitler wasn’t a German citizen. He finagled his reclassification as a citizen long after he began to participate in German politics.

      • alpha-lemming

        Correct….. just words…. but with deceptive usage!!
        “Hope”… for what?? “Change”… to what?? “Forward”… to where?? I fear none of the answers are good.

      • TIME

        Dear Doc,

        Some day when you pull your head out of your ~ “Anal Sphincter” ~ perhaps the fresh air may aid your brain cells to start working as they should.
        Oh ~ I forgot your head is so deep in there thats never going to happen, now will it.

        Slogans are just that ~ thus they have no relationship with dog owners no matter how you may try and spin it. they are used by the same “EVIL” persons over and over again and yet Humans with massive brain damage not unlike you, ~ just never seem to get it,
        Thus ~ HIS~Story ~ repeates it self over and over again.

        But then again for a person with such a limited IQ as yourself ~ you sure do seem to love to try to spin silk out of road apples ~ oddly ~ its still transparent.

        I pity your souls fate,

        Peace and Love

      • Doc Sarvis

        I see a lot of folks here get all frothy when a centrist Democrat defeats a centrist Republican, who tries to look conservative, for the office of President.
        We are lucky to have President Obama for another four years of strong leadership. He will continue to build America and the American way after it was given a severe financial/economic hit just before he took office.

      • Capitalist at Birth

        You are either a dupe or a comrade. Which is it? I don’t believe you are anything close to a P.H.D. You need to drop the title.

      • Vigilant

        Sarvis, you live in a dream world. The stock market is tumbling as we speak. So much for the confidence this capitalist nation has in a weak economic “leader.”

        And so much for the fools who continue to claim that “Wall Street loves Democrats.”

      • eddie47d

        Now it is time for Capitalist at Birth to be the “mental midget”! LOL.

      • Kate8

        TIME – That’s not the only thing he borrowed from Hitler.

        Homeland, Fatherland, healthcare, IBM… there are many, many correlations. I’m just to upset right now to think of any more.

        I don’t care what he does anymore. It’s now up to God to bring justice. Or judgment.

      • TIME

        Dear Doc,

        A “centralist” OMG ~ There is no such thing within the platform of Barry Omen.

        He is so deep into { the total control of the Human condition } that he can’t even speak with out being prompted by his master, Lucifer to covertly as well overtly lie,
        A total Nazi Police state form of Government is what you think is CENTRAL thinking

        Well your right in { a very bent way,} as well oddly that’s also whats broken with this nation ~ the “CENTERAL” form of Governing thinking pattern.

        Yet you seem to have a love affair with this nations POWER LORDS, Thats quite Odd, As you P&M over the 1% all the TIME yet you follow like a good little sheep.

      • DaveH

        No it doesn’t make us like Hitler, Doc. But what does make you and your fellow Socialists like Hitler (besides the fact that he was a Socialist) is that you are Forcing your choices on other people like the immoral harpies that you are.

    • jopa

      That is strange;I remember the old western Rawhide on TV when they wanted to start moving the herd they would Holler FORWARD HO.Makes you wonder is the word forward pretty common in the English language or are you being silly?When I am not going backward it is so much easier for me to say forward than pointing and saying I’m going that way.PS I have seen film clips of Hitler talking and his lips were moving.The same thing was true when Romney talked.What do you make of that?

      • jopa

        My reply was to TIME and his HItler comment.

      • judith

        jopa……..Did you forget to take your meds? “Forward Ho” OR “Wagons Ho” was spoken on Wagon Train by Wagon Master Maj. Seth Adams, not on Rawhide. (Trail Boss Gil Favor always closed the show (Rawhide) saying, “Head ‘em up, move ‘em out”.)

      • TIME

        Dear Jopa,

        Perhaps on the lssue of moving lips you should watch Barry Omen’s lips for his overt as well covert lies, as they flow like water over a cliff after a hard rain from Barry Omens lips. Again oddly ~ so to was the case with Hitlers Lips.

        I hope that clears this issue up for you, if not ~ well ~ I don’t quite know what to tell you ~ thus ~ its your problem not mine.

        Peace and love.

      • Kate8

        TIME – They are not going to get it. They are too starstruck… and fluoridated.

        The S will reall beging to HTF now. It already has, anyway. The media has just been ignoring it. I saw reports of conservative-owned, legitimate, upstanding business being raided by guv and IRS agents with absolutely no cause, no warrants, no rights…no explanations, except to say, “We’re the government and we can do anything we want to you, and there’s nothing you can do about it”.

        I’d post a link, but no one looks at them, anyway.

        This is no longer America. I hope the liberals enjoy what communism brings, especially after patriots are eliminated.

      • Vicki

        Kate8 says:
        “I’d post a link, but no one looks at them, anyway.”

        I look at them. I even looked at the 1-2 that have been posted by liberals :)

      • TIME

        Dear Kate,

        I know, but I still try, thats what we all have to do.

        On the topic of the raids you noted, I have cataloged about 25 so far that have been nothing less than total NAZI SS troops behavior in all respects.

        PEACE and LOVE be with you, I know you have your Bus Ticket ~ You have seen the light just as I have, saddly it took me a long TIME to get there. The beautiful thing is that ~ once you do ~ there is no going back.

        JFTR: In our small town of 100K we have 29,000 odd people on Public aid, Barry’s tally was, 28,900 some odd votes.

      • Kate8
      • Kate8

        TIME and Vicki – This is the biggest story around, and the one they REALLY don’t want us to know.

        It will frost your cookies, but it will also give some sorely needed hope:

        Thank you Ronald Reagan… He’s been so maligned by many, but this shows how he really intended to save America from what he knew was coming.

      • Vicki

        Thanks Kate8

      • TIME

        Dear Kate,

        I just got in from a biz related gig that took far to long.

        On the Sandy issue, it seems that nearly 1000 people from around the south east went up to NY and NJ to aid with the mess, electric power workers etc. Construction and Human aid, guess what? They were right truned around and sent back home.

        WHY you ask?

        All of them are “NON UNION.” Keep in mind these folks went with out asking for any form of PAYMENT.
        So the folks up in the North East get to suffer for as long as it takes ITS UNION workers as they will not work with out PAY!

        Thats what I call a WTF Moment, ~ oh and yes ~ I got that intel straight ~ from many of the guys who were sent home. Turned around by the “State’s” ~ of NY and NJ who’s electric power people refused any form of help from “””NON UNION””” workers! .

        No one need ask whats wrong with this nation, its quite clear! Its broken beyond repair.

        Peace and Love,

    • chamuiel

      It was also a slogan used by the Communists. When obama says forward, what does he mean? Has he ever explained just exactly what he means by it? Forward to what?

      • Gea

        FORWARD to the goal of Muslim Brotherhood: Destruction of the Western civlization by infiltrating America and destoying it from within! They had been highly succesful with the help of Barak Hussein Obama who had been living up to his middle name since 2008 and even berfore. Just like Hitler he did not hide his goal in his books. People just do not want to understand what he is and what he plans with US.

        Obama should be impeached for treason for allowing those genocidal supremacist misogynist Muslim Brotherhood into the whtie house and giving them money for their war on women and Israel.

      • TIME

        Dear Chamuiel,

        Yes you are 100% correct, it was used by Lenin and Stalin let alone Mao Zedong.

        You see these SOB’S think we are all stupid and can’t think past today. Great catch.

        Peace and Love

      • jopa

        Cham; I was driving VW bug one time and when I put it in first grear and let out on the clutch it went FORWARD.Do you think there might have been a hidden message in this car since this was one of Hitlers concepts for the peoples car?

  • NoSpin

    Christianity based on the Christ of the Bible is the ONLY genuine and enduring social light.

  • Jim griffin

    Are country of voters just can’t look at the problems we are going to have. there is no way that he is going to change. he as got by with so much in the last 4 yrs does any body think that he won’t try a lot more now. After all whats he got to lose at this point..

    • eddie47d

      Yes the problems will still be there but it is the Republicans who wanted and egged on gridlock. The Senate gained a couple of Democrats so maybe the Republicans will see the light and start working a little harder to push forward. Instead of having the stagnant swamp they loved bathing in.

      • Rosegarten

        You are so right. The publicans don’t want to take responsibility for their part in the gridlock they caused the entire four years of this presidency. If they continue this line of attack, the publican party will become irrelevant.

        • Charlie Tall

          As I recall, the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress during Obama’s first two years. Unhappily, they spent their creds passing Obamacare and the idiotic stimulus program instead of working on the root problems.

          So what were you saying again?

      • Cliffystones


        I agree wholeheartedly! Us Libertarians are dog tired from trying to paddle up the progressive creek. The Republicans should from this day forward give Obama anything and everything he wants!

        I’ll give this strategy six months to three years. If you are correct we’ll be living in a vastly improved country by 2016. If I’m correct the S will hit the F ind this will all be just so many electrons in cyberspace anyway.

        While I do pray you’re right and folks like me and Bob Livingston are made to look like fools, my gut tells me otherwise. And my gut has been correct way too many times in the past to allow me to sleep any easier.

      • chamuiel

        Do being delusional run in your family, or are you the only one?

      • DaveH

        I realize that this is beyond the comprehension of Liberal Progressives, but the Republicans were sent to Congress to stop Government Growth. They can’t do that by “compromising”, because the Democrat version of “compromise” always starts with more Growth. Half (compromise) of “more Growth” is still Growth. Thus the supposed “Gridlock”. On the other hand when the Republicans put Spending Cuts on the table, the Democrats are nowhere to be seen with their famous “compromise” buzz word.
        You Liberal Progressives are so transparently obvious, I can’t help but wonder how you live with yourselves?

  • Right Brain Thinker

    Yes. And don’t forget that Jesus was (and is) a Liberal. Romney’s defeat reminds one of the problem camels have passing through the eye of a needle.

    • NoSpin

      Jesus is not a political formula.
      He is individual and social government by LIFE, imparted by His Holy Spirit.
      Rejection of His rule brings the unbreakable hell of man’s rule.
      For those who want Him, He will share His throne and dominion.
      Hallelujah for the King!

    • Vicki

      If Jesus is a liberal he would be one in the classical sense. That group now tends to call itself libertarian.

      Go thru the platform and compare to what Jesus taught.

      Then if still not convinced look at how big government treats people. Then ask yourself which form of “liberal” do you want. The current big government democrat form? The current big government republican form? Or the small government form expressed in the Constitution and in the Libertarian Party Platform.

      • Kate8

        The way Yeshua really dealt with government is


        Only when they attempted to trap him did he answer in such a way that they could speak no longer. Nor could they fault him.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        I notice in reading that Jesus Christ never told the Jews to run to the Roman Government for their daily handouts.

      • Kate8

        Nadzieja – Good catch! You are so right.

        Yeshua taught that we were to help the poor, but not the lazy and entitlement-minded. And certainly not by having the fruits of our own labor confiscated to hand out to others.

        Charity only counts when it’s freely given. And when people are free to prosper, they do give joyfully. It enriches the soul.

        That’s another reason why democrats want it stolen from us. They love creating resentment. It works well for them.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      If you voted for O, you are not a Christian as simple as that. You are condoning thievery, deceit, threachery,murder, etc., and this is only a starting description of you Dems/Progs/Leftists. What ideology and who you aligned yourself with describes who you are.

  • Eric

    We have never been a democracy. We were founded as a republic. “…..and to the Republic for which it stands…..” That is why John Adams made that statement and why the Founding Fathers stayed away from a democracy. Of course, we are well on our way to becoming a socialist state with total destruction of the Constitution so the discussion isn’t really neccessary.

  • alpha-lemming

    It was a nice run….

    God bless Amerikka and long live the USSA!
    PS…. Which way to the welfare line????

    • Elton Robb

      The nearest FEMA camp where I live is Camp Williams.

    • eddie47d

      Is that the one in Skull Valley? FEMA camps have been around for decades and all are empty. They are there for emergencies like famine,floods disasters and riots. Still not used even when these events do erupt. The Right didn’t get their Martial Law that they promised would happen if Obama was elected. Now what will they do to up the ante and create a bigger event. Can’t let a good FEMA camp go to waste now can we?

  • JJM

    Many reasons will be offered for the results. As he was never my preferred candidate, Mitt’s loss does not bother me as much as does the acceptance by 100 million people of the thing who continues to refuse to prove Who and What he is. But thru his actions we have been given a clear indication of his being – and it is not pleasant. The question is if Congress and Patriots will defend our Constitution and our Republic.

  • Doc Sarvis
    • Vicki

      A nice (and accurate) description of the Republican party and why conservatives aren’t with the GOP. As the article explains the Demopublicans are pretty much the same as the Republicrats. They both want big government. Controlled by their party. Neither want the Constitutionally LIMITED government created by the founders.

  • LP

    Sad day for our future but the time bomb has been ticking for decades. Four more years of this President just picks up the pace of the impending financial hardship of our Nation and the final shredding of our Constitution. Just prepare your family for what is ahead.

  • duckyack

    When all people STOP referring to this nation as a Democracy, and instead, call it what it is, a Republic, then perhaps, we can finally re-educate the US population, and our children, as to what that actually means! Our Republic has been usurped by elitist Progressives, and until we know the difference, we will not get our country back. I suggest that everyone read the book, “The 5000 Year Leap.” It teaches, in easily readable language, how we began, what we are supposed to be, and which way we are supposed to go in order to get back what we had.

    • Robert Smith

      Ducky says: “Our Republic has been usurped by elitist Progressives,”

      As opposed to the right wing conservative chroney looters.


      • duckyack

        For crying out loud! Will you people ever learn how to stick to the point? Where did I say that the Right is clean as a whistle? I suggested that people R-E-A-D a book in order to have some pertinent information about our country! If you don’t care about the destruction of the US Constitution, then go somewhere else where there are no rules except those of the ruler in charge?! And for God’s sake, stop with the flimsy argument of pointing to the past, or opposition, as if that makes continuing wrong OK. If Obama jumps off a bridge, would you follow him? Shades of your mother.

      • Robert Smith

        “And for God’s sake, stop with the flimsy argument of pointing to the past, ”

        Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. I don’t want another tumble like the one induced by Bush.

        As far as jumping off a bridge… Not again.


      • DaveH

        Get used to it, Duckyack, it’s the Liberal Progressive way. If they can’t make a logical factual statement (the usual case), then they must put words in peoples’ mouths or some other form of adolescent manipulation.
        Robert still hasn’t caught on, after all the time he’s been here, that there are Progressives on the Left and the Right.

  • http://aol j.m. olson

    i was so hoping the romney would pull out a win last night and i feel if there were not corruption and fraud associated with many states (ohio, for one) that he would be the president come jan 20th. i wonder if romney had been more aggressive on benghazi and fast and furious, if his chances would have improved..i also wonder why he didnt make an appearance in new jersey, followiing sandy’s aftermath..they are saying that actually was one of the reasons some undecideds went for obama..because he (with photo crew in tow, of course) appeared to look presidential for two days. if that is all is takes for one to make up one’s mind, we have a lot of awfully shallow people out there.

    • TPM

      I don’t think that Romney pushing Bengazi & Fast and Furious would have been an effective technique. The main stream media gave and continue to give Obama too much cover. Look what happened when he brought it up during the 2nd debate … the “neutral” moderator (Candy Azz Crowley) jumped in, defended Obama and misrepresented the facts.

      If Fox News couldn’t bring Obama’s crimes to light over a period of weeks and months, what good would it do Romney to mention it again, to a nation of dumbed down voters?
      Romney had a positive message. I think it was the right message.

      Romney was bucking an incumbent, the media and a bunch of short sighted voters who put self interest ahead of doing the right thing. When we turn on the printing presses to fund all of the freebies, we’ll have massive inflation. The ones at the bottom will be hurt first and most. Smart and industrious people will see this coming and prepare. Kool Aid drinking free loaders will see their share of goodies dwindle. The guy who said “you can’t get something for nothing” was wrong. You can. For a while. But, sooner or later, Atlas will shrug and the free loaders will be offered a choice … eat a $20 Big Mac … or your free Obama phone.

    • eddie47d

      It was Romney who tried to misrepresent the facts at the debate and he got caught too. It was Romney who slandered everyone with that 47% remark. There again he didn’t think anyone was listening and that comment would be a crowd pleaser for that select group.Obama had his share of weak moments and Romney just had a few more.

    • Robert Smith

      J.M. says: “appeared to look presidential for two days. ”

      Finally when it’s true the right just can’t bring itself to say, “Good job Brownie.”


  • Elected4Life

    Better get as much as you can quickly;
    • Rainwater Collection
    • Solar Energy
    • Heirloom Seeds
    • Food Storage
    • Guns & Ammo
    • Fishing Tackle & Animal Traps
    • Gold & Silver
    • Self Composting Toilet
    • First Aid Supplies
    • Bicycle or Horse

    …and learn to live as self sufficient as possible “Off the Grid”;
    • Gardening & Food Preservation
    • Food Gathering
    • Home/Property Protection
    • Self Defense
    • Hunt & Fish
    • Barter & Trade

    ….especially if you do not live in one of the union states poised for secession!

  • Jack Penland

    This was a contest of Diet Democrat vs Full Flavor. Romney was my second to last choice, (the last being Obama) but I did support and vote for him, hoping for the best from a milquetoast candidate backed by an entrenched RINO power structure little better than the one they sought to replace. All these people really want to change is the occupant of the driver’s seat, and the sooner “We the People” realize this, and insist on term limits, along with an informed, motivated electorate who cares more about the Republic than “American Idol,” the sooner things will change. I suppose my new slogan will be “1/20/16, change I hope I can believe in.”

    • alpha-lemming

      Inre your next to last choice option…stated a little simpler…. it was another “Damage Control” election.

      Damage won.

  • emnem

    The answer to the question seems evident to me…it is both. Changing demographics in the USA can no longer hide its new moral identity. As ignorance, godlessness and non-Christian behaviour continue to grow, it’s hardly surprising an opportunist politician like Barack Hussein Obama is now the darling of the receptive classes. However, current events are the result of historical seeds and missteps, now come to fruition. It is a sobering time and reflection on the road to hell.

    • Robert Smith

      From emnem: “As ignorance, godlessness and non-Christian behaviour continue to grow, ”

      Although America is a nation with christians in it, America BY LAW is NOT a christian nation.

      Learn that and you can go back to sorting out the W Ws out of the M&Ms.


      • Mark Glasgow

        Duh…where did u learn that comrade Trolski?

      • eddie47d

        Our laws state that all religions are accepted and welcomed. Most of our Founders were indeed Christian yet they had the foresight to include everyone. Thus we are a nation of mostly Christians yet not a Christian Nation. Israel is a Jewish State and Iran is a Muslim Nation as examples.

        • Charlie Tall

          @ eddie47d
          So you and your liberal president honor one part of the Constitution? How about the rest of it?

      • Eric

        Robert – regarding your reply to emnem – our Constitution separates CHURCH AND STATE not RELIGION AND STATE. The majority of our Founding Fathers were Christians and most of the founding principles were based on Christian values.

      • Robert Smith

        Oh! Look at this diaper load: “most of the founding principles were based on Christian values.”

        Nope. There is ZERO mention of worshiping your brutal christian god. There is ZERO mention of taking his name, etc.

        Not stealing, not murdering, and all the other “values” have been common throughout most societies. Moses brought the big ten down in the OLD testament before there even were christians. Jesus himself was a nice jewish kid.

        BTW, can you quote from anywhere in your bible babble anything that resembles the second amendment?


      • Eric

        Robert – I strongly suggest you read the book “The 5000 Year Leap”.

      • Vicki

        Robert Smith says:
        “There is ZERO mention of worshiping your brutal christian god.”

        Tell us of this god you speak. The God of Christians even goes out of His way to encourage His followers to love thy enemy and to practice peaceful resistance.

      • Robert Smith

        Vicki asks: “Tell us of this god you speak.”

        The one that flooded the world and killed a bunch of folks except for Noah and his kin.

        The one that destroyed a couple of cities because they weren’t nice to strangers, let Lott pimp his virgin daughters, and then let him knock them up after giving him so much magic wine that he could still get it up, but he couldn’t recognize his own daughters?

        The one that allows right wing nuts to lie about basic biological issues of how a woman can get pregnant?

        The one that will “give” a raped woman a baby and his followers call it a “blessing?”

        The one that allowed his own kid to be tortured to death?

        The got that allowed the plague, inquisition (in his own name), and 911 to occur?

        If that’s YOUR definition of anything but a brutal god I’m glad I can defend myself against those who follow him.


      • Vicki

        Robert Smith says:
        “Vicki asks: “Tell us of this god you speak.”

        The one that flooded the world and killed a bunch of folks except for Noah and his kin.”

        Noah and his kin were preppers so of course they survived.

        (snip additional examples of human decisions)

        Robert Smith: “If that’s YOUR definition of anything but a brutal god I’m glad I can defend myself against those who follow him.”

        With the power you give your brutal god why do you fear his/her/its followers? Seems like he/she/it could strike you down at any time.

        I notice that a lot of the brutality you talk of is mano on mano. Some of it is from the earth mother (Gaia not WoW) in the form of natural phenomena. I am sure she will be pleased that you consider her brutal.

        What I don’t see is any reference to the God of Christians. The God of Life and Love. The God that raised up Jesus from the dead after men killed his body.

      • Kate8

        Not only was Noah and his family prepared, but, as God asked of him, he spent a number of decades warning EVERYONE that the flood was coming, and to prepare themselves.

        So, Robert, God DID GIVE WARNING, but they failed to heed.

        That is one thing that is meant by the warning that, in THESE days, it will be ‘as it was in the days of Noah’. Peopl ARE NOW being warned, but as in Noah’s day, they laugh and mock and continue in their debauchery.

        God destroyed the world because He saw that ‘all flesh was corrupted’. IOW, they were little more than animals, without morals or conscience. This is not how God desires that humanity lives.

        Since God created everything, and imparts His Spirit to all of His creation, He can do with it as He Wills. That means you. That means me. If you don’t like it…tough.

        Actually, there is much reason to believe that these cataclysms occur on a cyclical basis, cleansing the Earth of corruption and devastation wrought by corrupt humanity so it can begin afresh and anew. Some say we are about to experience such cataclysm again in the near future.

        I don’t see any other way to straighten this mess out. The Earth is just too far gone. And when this happens, all memory is erased, so the evil technolgies are all lost.

        Hooray, and praise the Lord.

      • DaveH

        Robert says — “Not stealing, not murdering, and all the other “values” have been common throughout most societies”.
        Apparently, Robert, you missed those lessons, especially the “Not stealing” ones.

      • Kate8

        Not only that, but it’s also not true. In some cultures, stealing, killing, lying…is a way of life.

        In fact, it’s become the American way of life.

    • Nick

      I think I’m a one issue person. I think this slippery slope started when they legalized abortion. They say Abortion Rights. Do you really believe there is such a thing!?

      • Vicki

        Abortion “right” is just the “right” to murder people during a narrow time in their life. MY right to my body is my right to keep my knees together. My Child’s right to life begins when he/she acquires a spirit/soul. Since we can not determine when (or if) that is, we must err on the conservative side and protect that life from conception.

      • Robert Smith

        Vicki and her claim of a fetus being a “Person”: Abortion “right” is just the “right” to murder people during a narrow time in their life. ”

        OK, I’ll for the sake of argument only I’ll concede that point for this occasion.

        By YOUR logic, if you invite someone into your home for a Christmas party they can announce that they can stay in your home for 9 months. You must supply all their food, etc. for the duration. I’ll bet that if the police didn’t help you get them out you would be inclined to shoot them.

        Yet YOU demand that a woman MUST support another without any choice.

        Sheesh, another double standard from the right.


      • Vicki

        Robert Smith says:
        “Vicki and her claim of a fetus being a “Person”: Abortion “right” is just the “right” to murder people during a narrow time in their life. ”

        OK, I’ll for the sake of argument only I’ll concede that point for this occasion.”

        Good. But then you attempt an interesting rationalization.

        Robert Smith: “By YOUR logic, if you invite someone into your home for a Christmas party they can announce that they can stay in your home for 9 months. You must supply all their food, etc. for the duration. I’ll bet that if the police didn’t help you get them out you would be inclined to shoot them.”

        That strawman is not even related to the discussion. I would not need to shoot them. I would have my big brother or husband or both toss them out.

        Robert Smith: “Yet YOU demand that a woman MUST support another without any choice.”

        I demanded no such thing. Her choice, like mine, is in keeping her knees together. I.E. Not having sex.

        Robert Smith: “Sheesh, another double standard from the right.”

        No double standard and I don’t think your mythical right would have a libertarian.

      • Kate8

        Vicki – Excellent analysis and commentary. Women DO have choice, as you said. There are plenty of ways to avoid pregnancy. What Robert is advocating is the right to never have to be held accountable for choices. A liberal stance, to be sure, as liberals hate having to be responsible for their actions.

        As far as when the ‘soul’ enters the being… It is my understanding that the Life Force itself is Spirit, is living, and at the moment life begins, spirit is present (or there would be no life).

        As for the ‘soul’, which is simply the individualization of spirit…it’s impossible for us to know. A liberal will decide for his/her own selfish desires over reverence for life, and will be held accountable at some point whether they like it or not.

        If we honor life always, life honors us.

      • DaveH

        It’s a thorny issue, to be sure, but one best left to your God to sort out.
        Judgement is mine, sayeth the Lord.

      • DaveH

        I might add that I respect the opinions of those who don’t enable the military meddling and killing by the US around the world. Those people who do are simply hypocrites.

      • Kate8

        Right on, DaveH. God or no, I never opt for taking life. I even love the critters who come into my yard, the insects, even many of the weeds. All of life has value.

        War is a terrible evil, and I do not support killing people in other lands. And now, our government is about killing us. That’s kharma.

        Self-defense is another issue. But I do not believe the wars our military has been used to fight are justified. I think that leaders should not be allowed to become so wealthy, because if they could not pay to employ huge armies, they’d have to fight out their issues themselves.

        When we reset this thing, we need to select people who are our peers, and not allow them the means to amass vast wealth. No lobbies. No accepting bribes at all. No illegal trafficking. They come from among us, serve their terms, and go back to their own way of life.

        That’s the only way they will keep the interests of their country first and foremost.

  • louyisquinze

    Voting for Romney would have meant government of the rich, by the rich, for the rich – hello! that is not ,democracy.

    • Patriot1776

      And now we have government of the poor, by the rich, for the rich. The liberals still haven’t figured out that obama is a 1%er just like Romney. The difference is Romney earned his and freely gives to charity.

      • Robert Smith

        “The difference is Romney earned his ”

        Actually he didn’t. He looted companies for all they were worth and then tossed them into bankruptcy.


      • Patriot1776

        Which is worse than obama dumping our tax dollars into his crony’s “green” energy companies so that they can file bankruptcy and walk away with the money, right?

      • Kate8

        The Obamas, like the Clintons, made all of their money off the backs of the American people, looting and plundering the public coffers with the help of the very same banksters who … Romeny plays with!

        Robert, you liberals are so dim. And deluded.

      • DaveH

        Robert says — “He [Romney] looted companies for all they were worth and then tossed them into bankruptcy”.
        Pure conjecture, Robert. If you deny that, please explain in detail such a case and provide references please.

  • mark

    Was it ever in doubt? Comfortable electoral victory for President Obama as expected and predicted by Nate Silver, the NYT poll wizard. Four more years. Obama’s message and vision defeated the haters. But not to despair. You can still stew in your bile and malevolence for 1,535 more days – until January 20, 2017. Rage and rant on this blog for everyone of those 1,535 days against the Muslim, the Kenyan, the Stalinist, the Fascist, the Nazi. Especially important: teach your children to hate and despise and pray for his death each and everyone of those days, to detest, and loathe him every waking hour of their lives just like you, their parents, do. This at least will impart some meaning to your lives, give you some purpose for living on this planet. You appear to have no other.

    I voted against George W. Bush twice because I disagreed with practically all of his policies. I was despondent when he won reelection in 2004. But I also told my kids, he is our president and we have to respect the will of the people. This is how our system works. I disagreed with Bush but I never hated the man. I never called him a traitor, a monster, a foreigner, a fascist. This vicious hatred and irrational fear is poisoning our whole political process.

    • Robert Smith

      “Was it ever in doubt? Comfortable electoral victory for President Obama as expected and predicted by Nate Silver, the NYT poll wizard.”

      I was sure Obama was going to win weeks ago when the betting lines in London favored him heavily.


    • Patriot

      Mark your post is proof that a complete overhaul of our education is required. There is no hate, only conviction for the Constitution and core Principles to help preserve the Republic for future generations. You will not understand this until it is too late, I fear we may be closer than any of us think to a fate beyond repair. The chance to reverse course may have just past us by 11-6-12!

      • eddie47d

        What site have you been posting on Patriot? Hate is a daily feast around here. Its not even hidden for some commenter’s. How many times were the black panthers brought up? No one was intimidated by them yet the spin doctors made sure it remained headlines to scare the bejeebies out of everyone. There are also many who want to stick to Constitutional issues like yourself and I sincerely hope that there will be changes in the Patriot Act and NDAA. We only have to wade through the rest of those dog and pony show issues.

      • mark

        Patriot, I wish I could agree with you that there is no hate. But have you read the enormous volume of hateful posts against the President on this site that call him a monkey, a baboon, a spear-chucker, a traitor, a Nazi, a porch monkey, a Communist, a moron, etc, etc? Have you listened to what people say about the president everyday on talk radio – much of which has to be bleeped out because of the over-the-top obscenities? And as for you and others’ objections to what you perceive as unConstitutional acts by the president. Well the Patriot Act and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (undeclared by Congress) were all unConstitutional acts launched by Bush who never faced these endless slurs about his race, ethnic background, family, and alleged foreign birth. A few left-wing nuts called him a Nazi but Bush never faced these endless ihsults and death threats (according ot the Secret Service more death threats than all presidents since the Second World War combined – and that is only for one term!) that Obama has endured.

        The vicous loathing against Obama is unprecedented and I can only surmise that his race is at least a factor in much of it since Bush carried out just as many allegedly unConstitutional policies (his large number of czars, only three less than Obama’s, his executive orders, sanctioning of torture, the creation of a prison in Guantanamo, and his $600 billion Medicare Prescription Program vs. Obama’s $800 Affordable Care Act. But Bush never faced the level of unrelenting hatred on virtually all conservative media outlets, blogs and talk radio in particular. The evidence to this is overwhelming.

      • DaveH

        Eddie says — “Hate is a daily feast around here”.
        Some examples please, Eddie?

      • DaveH

        mark says — “But Bush never faced the level of unrelenting hatred on virtually all conservative media outlets, blogs and talk radio in particular. The evidence to this is overwhelming”.
        Then it should be a simple matter, mark, to back up your conjecture with some references.

  • Doc Sarvis

    President Obama won because the American people (largely) understand that he is for making all of America a better place and lift all Americans together to better lives in this world. The composition of the Democratic Party looks like America than that of the Republican Party. The Democratic Party understands that America is, and always has, evolved (that’s why people of color and women can vote). The Republican Party is stuck in the past.
    Challenger Romney lost because the American people (largely) saw big money interests pushing to get their guy in charge of making more policy that would favor the 1%. Americans know that when big money interests (Citizen’s United decision from the Conservative Supreme Court, the Tea Party, and the 1%ers). They saw no steady hand in leadership from him.

    • Wayne Leach

      GOD, please bring back “the Past” when we had some semblance of liberty left, especially for those who took individual responsibility seriously. The People of the United States are now taxed about 10 times higher than were those who came here and formed this nation. Now, the ignorant who are following the “chosen One” want even more? No, but thanks anyway!

      • Mark

        Wayne, what is your fairy tale vision of the past? Is it where women and minorities “knew their place”? Not to mention gays and teenagers, and “furriners” ? How about “Messicans”?
        Wayne, that’s all gone. We have moved past all of that. “Leave it to Beaver” is funny, but it’s also quaint. Instead of whining about a train that’s left the station, you should be trying to help people to become good Americans. Valuing hard work, being reliable, all those things that I hope are at the basis of your “Americanism” Think about it.Set a good example. Don’t just whine and bitch.

      • Vicki

        Wayne Leach says:
        “The People of the United States are now taxed about 10 times higher than were those who came here and formed this nation.”

        You think it’s bad now just check out the 94% tax rates of the 1940′s (1944-1945).

        Not to worry the new copy of the administration will find lots of reasons to raise the current taxes.

      • DaveH

        In 1910, Government (local and central) consumed about 6% of the US GDP.
        Now, Government (local and central) consumes about 40% of the US GDP.
        So, total Government has grown 7 times larger just since 1900. So the 10X stated by Wayne is very plausible.

    • Gea

      Community organizer was able to mobilize all kinds of people who never voted before to come and vote for him. As a judge in my Precinct I had witnessed this phenomenon. This just indicates a failure of the US educational system to teach Americans to think critically, rather then believing propaganda on which Obama lives and excells, being a great story teller and taqiyya (Islamic obligation to lie when among non-Muslims).

      Obama is a danger to the US and the entire Western civilization because he is trying to subvert US Constitution in order to prevent the facts about Islam and its supremacist Jew hating genocidal, misogynist teachings to be known in US. Israel better brace for another attack from Egypt, this time with US taxpayers money that Obama gives to his Muslim Brotherhood for their war on women in Egypt and their war against Jews again.

      Incompetence and Islam now continue to rule from the White house and unless Obama gets impeached for his role in allowing the rape and murder of the US ambassador in Libya, we may be in for a bumpy ride. Biden is in the pockets of insurance companies of Delaware, and that is why Obama care is a scam designed to hoodwink Americans while profiting the hospital/insurance/pharma complex.

      • eddie47d

        More worthless putrid bile from GEA again. See the election didn’t change anything the GEA’s are still dirty dancing!

        • Gea

          There is no “bile” just the facts that anybody with half-brain and some critical thinking ability can see for themselves. Islam is a supremacist ideology, similar to supremacist Nazi ideology, together with its delusional Jew hatred, which led to Holocaust in WWII, and if Muslims could they would repeat Holocaust on Israel.

          Obama extolling Islam, and bowing to Saudi king, while dissing Bible is a good indication where his true loyalties lie: certainly not with America and US constitution with which Islam is incompatible. His re-election is a clear indication of the failure of US educational system to teach critical thinking. The Race to the Top is an asinine expensive way of transforming eduction into drilling for meaningless test taking and enriching Obama consulting friends who make tons of money on those tests. Obama White house is fulled of incompetence and Islamists, neither of them fitting in protecting American values.

      • mark

        Gea, it takes a two/thirds vote in the Senate to impeach a president, that’s 67 votes. The Democrats, if the trend continues, will have 54 members of the Senate. So impeachment is impossible. Besides why would the Senate impeach Obama for his alleged failure to save the lives of an ambassador and three other Amerians in Libya when the Senate failed to impeach President Reagan for allowing the deaths of 242 American Marines in the barracks bombing in Lebanon in 1983? Or for Reagans admitted sale of U.S. weaponry to the terrorist Ayatolah Khomeni regime in Iran during the Iran-Contra scandal of 1985-87? Or Reagan’s illegal funding of the Contra War in Nicaragua in during this same scandal? No the bar for impeachment has to be much higher than the tragedy in Benghazi despite Fox News attempt to gin up outrage for this admittedly terrible event.

      • eddie47d

        Get over it GEA! Obama does not hate Jews,Muslims or Christians. Your false replies are indeed bile.

        • Gea

          I do not care what Obama “feels’ aboout Jews, Muslims or America, but what he does. He is a traitor to American values of liberty and human rights and will hopefully be impeached for treason.

          Islam and Obama both are incompatible with US Constitution and the Universal declaration of Human Righgts and have no place in any country that resepcts liberty and human rights.

    • DavidL

      I share your perspective here, Doc. Also, the piece you cited by William Saletan, “Cheer Up, Republicans” is a good one.

      If I may suggest to my Conservative/ Republican friends, It is time to clean house and reform your party. Start by looking at yourself and your point of view. Start with what I call the “bat-crap-crazy” extremism of your Republican party Platform. If you do not, your party will continue to marginalize itself and lose more elections.

      A short time before Steve Jobs passed, he had lunch with Rupert Murdock. At that luncheon Jobs admonished Mr. Murdock for his liberal vs. conservative axis. Jobs told him that the axis should be constructive vs. destructive. Look at your party platform, Republicans, 90 percent of it is destructive. That is why you lost. The Republican party needs real fiscal conservatives and social progressives who are living in the 21ist Century.

      • Vicki

        “The Republican party needs real fiscal conservatives and social progressives who are living in the 21ist Century”

        The Democrat party could use a few of those too.

      • DaveH

        DavidL says — ““bat-crap-crazy” extremism of your Republican party Platform”.
        I am no great lover of Republicans, David, but could you please list some “bat-crap-crazy” examples, so the readers can judge your taste?

    • Frank Kahn

      Actually, Doc, you are wrong. I say this because you make an empirical statement without any shred of evidence. Actually if you look at the numbers correctly Obama won by a mere 1% of the vote, in other words, if he had lost 1% of those votes it would have been a tie. If you take the number of voters who cast a vote possibly, based on race (blacks voting for black) away from Obama, then he loses by more than 1%. So, to say that the majority of American voters voted because they KNEW Obama wants what is best for us is wrong.

      In a series of interviews of Obama supporters, when they were falsely told that policies described were Romney’s they said the policies were terrible. When told the policies were actually Obama’s the people changed tune and said that the policies were justifiable. This lends to the fact that perceptions of policies and actions are not actually based on rational thought, but rather on emotional attachments to the person being described. So you see, in the interviews, Obama supporters hated what Obama was doing to our country, until they found out it was Obama doing it. In conclusion I state that those voters did not vote for Obama because they knew he was doing what was good for them, just that they like him personally.

    • Doc Sarvis
    • daniel

      Doc you don’t know too much when it comes to history. If it wasn’t for republicans there would not have been the civil rights act. Don’t have to believe me the books are open for you to check out. You can also check out Gov. George Wallace too. Better check who segregated the Army as well. That honor goes to Wilson. Don’t care to check on which pary they belonged to?
      You are so stuck on propaganda and taliking points that you refuse to see anything but your own narrow world view. Benghazi Barak was re-elected but not without a lot of help. He owes bills that the people he owes will indeed demand payment. You can bet your bottom dollar you will be paying it for him. The media as you should know is totally in the bag for O. You just don’t have enough gumption to check to see if what they were saying was true or not.
      Did you research Benghazi? I doubt it. Did you try to figure out how to maintain the entitlement state we are in? I doubt that too. Have you looked at the various ways to lower the debt? No on that too? I have. The path we are on is not the way to accomplish anything except digging a deeper hole. O is clueless if he is being honest and dangerous otherwise. Yet you elected him preferring to remain ignorant yet you are not innocent when all goes to pot.

  • dhip

    The communist muslim pied piper has won, forward to a fiscal clift.

  • Stan Williams

    The worry i have is…..Russian Flexibility??…Iran, Israel ? Our Military Hates this CniC !….Health Care Law ?? Nations Debt ?? And last, but not out of the questions….MUSLIMS !!! We must have Our Lord and Savior On Our Side ! Semper Fidelis

    • Stan Williams

      I failed to mention……Supreme Court Nominations ! Been Me Up Scotty !

  • illshowyou

    I’m going today to file for my e.b.t card, and to get a free phone… I don’t need either, but I’ve already paid for them so why not use them… I’m self employed and have no recorded government record of my income… so I encourage every American to do the same thing and maybe we can bankrupt their system in his first year… his wife and their extended family are trying to do it taking vacations every week she’s not suppressing the children of America from eating “junk food”, meanwhile stuffing her own …i’ll show you forward, I’m adding a nitrous button to it!

    • mark

      That phone program is not funded by the government so you will not be able to bankrupt them. A small fee, around 35 cents per month on all paying cell phone users bills pays for those “free phone” with 150 minutes per month. Now a new war with Iran that conservatives are itching for, that would severely damage the finances of the government. If you want to bankrupt the government support a new war with Iran!

  • Polski

    Republicans are still sour. America isn’t even 300 years old and it’s failing. Certainly not a Rome or an Ottoman. We brag a lot but don’t do a lot. Our advanced technology has given us one thing, the knowledge that there are a lot more CROOKS than we thought there were.

    • Eugene Sevene-THE PATRIOT

      We have become a nation of takers and we want to keep on taking. I wonder what the takers are going to do when this country goes under and there is nothing left in the government to take. If you come my way looking to take,don’t worry I will give gladly 180 gr. power point, as many as you can take. I am an independent and think for myself. Unfortunately there are those that care only about self. When they start rounding you up for disagreeing with policy and putting you into work camps to work for the government just go along like good sheep.

  • dr john

    Until everyone is required by law to vote, we will have vermin like obummer in all the states. The liberal whackos and the people on the govt teat will always vote for whoever pays them..It is the fault of those who didnt vote at all…I would hate to be in the military right now and have to know that the so called commander in chief was a idiot racist socialist. And the lies from the left about social security being taken away by Romney and the idiotic statement that they are going to put you back in chains, were believed ,by especially older folks who are gullible , uneducated ,and uninformed. And so they voted for more taxes and 6 trillion more deficits until obummer is out in 2016 or is impeached before then…

  • louyisquinze

    Given the classed society of the US, with the wealth in so few hands, how can you say that the US has aspirations to be seen as Christian?? This nation is the only one to have dropped an atomic bomb (what gives it the right to determine who can be trusted with WMD?); invade other nations at will when it suits their purposes…etc….etc……….and uses tactics to deprive citizens of their right to vote because the suspicion is that they will not vote in your favour, and while expecting to monitor other countries’ voting refuses to allow observers in its own (7 states).
    How is this Christian? Jesus never said that by their doctrine/beliefs will you know them, but by their fruit/behaviour……..He also spoke against institutionalized injustice…..and………..’Not everyone who calls ‘Lord ,Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of the Father’……….Suspect there will be a few surprises.

  • Steven May

    The fix was in on this election. The globalists and their media played to the moron factor in this country and you saw the result. The agenda all along was to take this country down and they have their Manchurian man. America unfortunately is a socialist nation. Too many idiots abound out there especially in NY and CA. The tipping point sadly has been reached. God help those of us who cherish limited government !

  • Dad

    Forget the rhetoric… his ‘revenge’ statement speaks volumes. As for leadership… well Bengazi says it best!
    Obama is for Obama… period. At least your enemy is easy to spot now… unions, media, governement slugs like the USPS, DOJ, EPA, DHS… well, there is not enough room here.
    Ask yourself one question, “In 2012, who would switch their vote to Obama from the 2008 McCain voters?” Everyone who voted for him in 2008 must have voted for him in 2012… even the dead ones. More importantly, the guys who are on the government sugar-tit just voted themselves more free stuff… don’t believe otherwise!

    • eddie47d

      Speaking of Rhetoric and Revenge and Dad practices what he preaches! Don’t overdose on hypocricy! Oops too late!

    • mark

      About 47% of U.S. troops who are also, as you say “on the government sugar-tit,” voted for Obama the last time. No doubt around the same amount did yesterday. Retired folks on Social Security and Medicare, retired veterans, can also be included in Obama’s vote totals. You’re right these people are all useless slugs, too. Jeez, what a misanthrope.

  • http://n/a David

    Very well said, DAK !!

    It is a shame, Mr. Myers, that you are such a bellyaching sore loser. Are you like many of my friends that declared if Obama won, they were leaving the country ? If so, please get your ticket and get on your way and don’t linger around here like a turd in the punch bowl. The American people have spoken and we have chosen our leader. Whatever happened to good sportsmanship and gentleman like behavior ? As DAK pointed out, the GOP is NOT your father’s GOP. The extremist element has infiltrated their ranks and they are marching lockstep to a different drummer that borders on Neo-Nazism.

    I am 67 years old and I have always been more of an independent. I am a product of my environment, upbringing, and local culture. I was a big fan of Barry Goldwater, I was all for Governor George Wallace’s action of “standing in the school house door,” I voted for Jimmy Carter, then Ronald Reagan, and I campaigned for Ron Paul in the primaries of 2008. When Paul dropped by the wayside, I was leaning toward McCain, but when he picked Sarah Palin, I came on board with Obama and I think he has done a good job and will continue to do so to the best of his ability. He loves YOU, me, all of us, whether rich or poor and he dearly loves the United States of America.

    The Repubs outspent the Dems 3 to 1 and I was quite worried that the repubs campaign of disinformation would totally brainwash the majority of voters. And guess what ? They nearly did succeed in buying the election. I live (born and raised) in the Very Red state of Alabama and my neighbors are so full of misinformation that they are like trying to talk to zombies. Yeah, the majority of them think Obama was born in Kenya, is going to take away your guns and give them to gay Muslim terrorists that are illegal aliens from Mexico (yes, I add a little humor here, but I hope you get my drift). I put an Obama yard sign up and it was stolen after a day and a half. My wife asked me to not replace it because anyone that would steal so easily (it cost me $6) may not hesitate to damage our home.

    In his concession speech, Romney wished the best to Obama and said it is time for all of us to come together across the aisle, reach compromise, and do what is right and good for all Americans.

    It is time to bury your hatchets and for all of us to join hands, get the ox out of the ditch and return America to it’s greatness in every respect for the common good of ALL !! :)

    • Charlie Tall

      So you’ve been asleep for those 67 years, huh, David?

      Puzzle me this: what makes a resource a resource?

    • Dad

      It’s not all about you, David. The word ‘waffle’ comes to mind. You voted for both Carter AND Obama… I don’t think i’d said that… ha, ha, ha, ha, ha

    • eddie47d

      Not everyone is extreme left or extreme right Dad like you are. I will say Romney did have a beautiful concession speech and that was welcomed.

  • Lawrence

    Even so come quickly LORD JESUS!

  • twistingyarn

    After 4 years of Obama’s rule I’ve had to give up food thanks to the harassment of the Dept. of Revenue, (Not for anything unpaid just interest & penalties caused by a delay in filings due to several deaths and key personnel losses.due to medical problems). Now, I have no hope of eating anytime soon. On a brighter note, I predict we can look forward to a Russian military base in Cuba which is what I believe he promised Putin after he won in his conversation with Mededev. We will just have to wait & see…

    • eddie47d

      You’ve told so many Yarns by now we don’t know which ones to believe!

  • Wayne Leach

    Near the top of this article, the author mentions “a test for American democracy”. The United States is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, not a “democracy”, or rule by the mob! There is a HUGE difference, and statements like these detract from the viability of any author creating them.

  • Bill Roth

    When 47% of Americans are on the dole how would you expect the vote to go. I think I will cling to my guns and my bible until I can afford a ticket to Australia.

    • Louis Lemieux

      How about all those retirees who pay no taxes because they live on their social security and on the money they have saved when working, money on which the taxes were paid in the past.? What do you have to say about them and many others in similar situations?

    • eddie47d

      That 47% also includes the military so are they on the “dole”.

  • Louis Lemieux

    To John Myers having a white skin is one of the most important thing to him. Well, why should it be!? None of us ever asked to be born in a white, black, Chinese or whatever family. All of us human beings should be treating each other in the Christian spirit: “love thy neighbor as thyself.“ The need to feel superior to someone else because of skin color or cultural background is certainly one big impediment in humanity’s progress. What’s lacking in us is lack of trust in those who are different from us. Interrelationships is crucial in breaking this barrier.

    Being a liberal, conservative, Muslim, Jew or Christian has nothing to do with being a good or bad person. We all have our reasons for thinking what were thinking and for being what we are. All of us humans on earth form one great family and that in spite of all our religious, political and ideological differences. No doubt we have to protect ourselves from those who’s purpose in life is to harm others, but happiness is peace and peace is love and kindness to all.

  • Lynn

    Mr. Myers, when you left Calgary, I think you forgot your white hood and cape. I wonder if you left a cross burning too?

    • Charlie Tall

      Unless you are a minority, if you mention anything about race, ethnicity, or whatever, you are a racist. Ain’t that right, Lynn?

      Well, I am a minority, American Indian (not Native American, thank you), and I’m here to tell you that color, race, etc is a big deal. On addition to affecting how you are treated or seen by others, it affects how you think, how you act, and what you believe…

      You are a blind fool if you think otherwise, Lynn.

      • Lynn

        Hey Charlie… Myers refers to the “…infiltration of street drugs as well as Asian gangs that pedal them.” In blaming the Asians, Myers is conveniently telling a half truth. Most Asian gangs in Canada are “puppet gangs” of the Hell’s Angels… a very white and very American organization. When Mr. Myers left Calgary in 1974, its population was less than 434,000 people. The oil boom and solid economy has seen Calgary grow to a city of 1 million… 67% of which are Christian. That means there are more Christians in Calgary now, than there were Calgarians in 1974. As usual, I think Mr. Myers is presenting a very limited viewpoint, skewed (factually wrong) to pander to a particularly narrow audience.

        Am I a blind fool? No… but when it comes to people I am ‘colour blind’, I judge people on their actions and their words, not the colour of their skin or where they came from.

      • Charlie Tall

        Yeah, Lynn. Sure you do. So how does one designate the Asian gangs without saying they are Asian?

        The Asian gangs might be doing business with the Angels, but they are definitely not puppets. But, hey, I wrote “Asian gangs.” I guess that makes me a racist.

        Ever hear the expression about calling a spade a spade? Or is that racist, too?

        I guess I’m just niggardly with my words. Is that racist?

  • Gea

    Since Barak Husein Obama is a true believer of two ideologies that belong to a dungheap of history, Marxism and Islam, US may be on that dungheap also, unless we can get Obama out by impeachment for his role in the rape and murder of the US ambassador in Libya and his allowing genocidal, supremacist, misogynyst Muslim Brotherhood into the White house.

    Since the stated goal of Muslim Brotherhood is “to infiltrate America and destroy Western civlization from within, and establish the only true religion of Islam to rule over all others), Obama is a traitor and should be tried for treason too.

  • Liberty Lover

    Obama won because, with a shallow electorate, mis-educated by American schools and mis-informed by corrupt and biased media, cool trumped competent, style prevailed over substance, and the visual of Obama being hugged by Christie meant more than Romney’s entire term as a Governor working with Democrats to revive a sinking state. Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, Rev. Wright got his wish.

  • Dr Kyle

    When this election is dissected we will discover that Christian conservatives let the devil win because there was no messiah on the ballot. Less than half of Americans voted, and unfortunately the wrong half voted. I wish we had better options but we did have the choice of the far letter of evils or the far greater of evils and the nation chose the far greater of evils if not by voting for him, by not voting against him.

    USA RIP 2012

    The last shred of the constitution has been shredded. Obamacare, abortion, gay rights are now carved in stone. The government will take our bread and our remaining freedom away from us and tax and spend us to death. religious freedom is gone!!!

    although a sorry hope, the last hope that we had is gone.

    I hope that those who did not vote or wasted their votes are happy with the outcome!

    • Mary

      Your arrogance in presuming to speak for God is obnoxious and where was he, in your world, when he allowed President Obama to win again? It is odd, how people like you blame the Devil when things don’t go YOUR way. Were you speaking out, when the party you believe in, was obviously telling outrageous lies about our President? I am guessing you did not as you were hoping it would sway people to your thinking. I do not think God likes liars and those who use evil to their benefit. Maybe I am wrong and if so, this could be the reason many are turning away from religion. I do not think you have prayed enough. You are not here to judge GOD. If you are a MInister, you are here to preach the gospel and promote love and goodwill to those who want and need your services. You will have no influence on those who do not share your ideology. You are responsible for your own actions, not those of others. If you do not believe in those things, that are sanctioned by our government, because they are against your religion or morals, you should not do them.

    • Mary

      In what way have you lost your religious freedom? Has someone knocked on your door, arrested you and taken you to jail for your beliefs. NO of course not. You still have the same freedoms you had yesterday or even 10 years ago. Maybe you are just saying things did not go your way with the election. Not the same as losing your religious freedoms, Is telling the truth a thing of the past?

  • pete

    It seems to me that it is really true that ‘ You can fool most of the people most of the time ‘, no wonder he is laughing! And in 2016 he will be laughing again!

    • Vicki

      You only need to fool all of the people for a short time to get elected. Until the pain is great their memory is short.

  • Jose Rafael Roldan

    Two words:
    This is the time to follow the tactics of King and Shuttlesworth in order to fight the unconstitutional abuses of the Bull Connor of the far Left. Since this revengeful O-bastard has brought civil war unto this nation, ’tis the right thing to fight it with all the determination for which the heroes of civil rights were so justly famous.

  • Mark

    Folks, it’s a convincing win. After all, Romney did not “win” the Republican primary, he merely survived it. There’s a lot of Republicans that still don’t think of him as a Christian, so what he had going for him was his skin and a willingness to say anything that would advance him toward the White House. Ok, Mitt, you gave it YOUR best shot. It wasn’t good enough. Do what Ann said. Don’t try again. You’ll just be an older, whiter, richer guy, who wants to go backward. AZlso, folks, remember the “Etch a Sketch” comment? Prophetic, wasn’t it?

  • jopa

    Last nights election was totally awesome with one negative I can think of off hand.Michelle Bachman pulled a squeaker and she will be back.Most Teabaggers were eliminated and Mr. Donald Grump was calling for a revolution going off half cocked before the final vote count came in.Romneys best speech in the campaign was his concession speech that was very gracious and supportive of the President.Once again God has blessed America and has shed his grace on thee.You know the rest of the story as Paul Harvey would say.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    The Communists are gloating today. I must go to prepare for martial law and my families self defense. Good Day

    • Vicki

      Why would there be Martial Law anytime soon? Obama won. The threats of riot were from people who claimed they would riot if he lost. Obama doesn’t need to declare Martial Law to stay in power for the next 4 years. What is your concern?

      Well other than the fact that the socialists are about to run out of other peoples money.

  • sue conservative

    My greatest fear with the loss of Romney is the continuation of Obamacare. I am almost 70 years old and considered not worth saving in the world of Obamacare if I have a heart attack or stroke. I will be given comfort measures in many situations like joint replacements or strokes or the like. Our elderly are living viable lives long into their 80′s and 90′s and will suffer from this ideology and perhaps even die long before their time. I fear this “LACK OF PROPER CARE” all for the cost cutting factor.
    Obamacare will bring huge taxes and costs to us and deliver bogus care. God help us.

    • Mary

      I am also a senior and I am sorry you have been so mislead. So much of the rhetoric you have been hearing about Medicare is for political gain and not the truth. Your health care should not change and you now have prevention measures you did not have before. The money cut from Medicare came from wastful payments to providers and insurance companies, not from patient benefits. Apparently there was much fraud, waste and abuse in the system. Medicare does not work well without another “gap” type policy which most of uis have since it only pays 80%. We all know that the 20% it does not pay can add up for those of us on fixed incomes and be very expensive.
      At least you have a choice of any private health insurance policy for that “gap” and they can not refuse to cover you if you have a pre-existing condition or if they have to pay out large sums for your care. That is what the Obamacare ( Affordable Healthcare bill) does for everyone. We should be fine.

  • Mary

    “Obama has done nothing but incite alarm” Oh please, what a bunch of BS. The Republican right wing propaganda machine fueled by Rove and the Koch Brothers are the ones who have tried every dirty trick and told every evil lie about the President and incited all the hate that has been spewed toward hin for the past four years. Once and for all it, is time for the Conservative Republicans to get down off their high horse using their morals and religion as excuses for their political agenda. Morals are individual beliefs and should be practiced personally and within ones own family. Religion is the same to be practiced by the individual, in their home, their church and with other like minded people, not shoved on to those who do not share the same belief. This was exactly what President Obama meant when he said this is not a Christian nation, meaning there are other religions here also. America was not Christian when the first settlers came here. The Native Americans did not practice Christianity. Remember many came here because they were being forced under one religion and no one coming here made it mandatory to be a Christian. The right wing conservatives would love to make us all one religion doing to others what our founders were against.
    For those who presume to know what God wants, let me remind them of how great and powerful God is. If he did not want Obama to be President, he would not allow him to be so maybe he is telling us all something. Myabe he is telling us that he created all men in his image, and he is not happy with the bigotry and hate displayed to one of his own because of the color of his skin. Maybe he is telling us he does not love those who lie to get what they want and maybe he is telling us he has a plan for America that we do not understand. Maybe he is telling the Clergy in this country they do not have the right to judge what God does and how he does it. Maybe he is telling them their job is to preach the gospel about love and good will, not second guess God’s actions to suit their political agendas.
    As far as a Democracy, this country is not a true Democracy anyway. It is more of a Republic. We have represenative government but requiring 60% of the vote instead of 51% in Congress and having a Electorial vote determine a true winner, instead of a popular vote, is not truly a Democracy.
    President Obama has done much for the country. The economy has improved, the stock market soared, the auto and bank bail outs worked and many kept their jobs. the housing market is on the rise an jobs are steaily improving. The economy will continue to improve and it does not matter who is President. Women now get equal pay for equal work and will continue to be incharge of their health care. Our veterans are better off and the Iraq war is over with Afghanistan soon to be. Osama Bin Laden is dead along with many of its leaders. The healthcare bill will benefit all Americans and will one day be accepted the same way as Social Security and Medicare is. If we can give our tax money to foreign countries in aid and big oil companies, to the tune of billions of dollars, we can certainly have programs to help our own poor and struggling Americans. The answer is not to get rid of these social programs but rather have a better system of determining true need to prevent fraud. The Republican Congress has a choice now. They can keep obstructing the government from moving forward and behave the same way they have for the past two years or they can work to find compromises that benefit us all. They need to stop blaming the President and take responsibility for their lack of action. The doom and gloom Republican Party needs to look for positive results and participate or disband. There is no place for extremist on either side.

    • Right Brain Thinker

      Well said! (and repeat that several times)

      Can’t add much to your thoughts except to say that the nation need not fear “extremism” from the left very much. It has become a near monopoly of the right. Contrary to what the intellectual whores like Faux News, Limbaugh, and Beck et al would have you believe, there is little danger of the nation going Marxist-Socialist-Communist, certainly not under an only-slightly-left-of-center president like Obama . The real danger is the corporate fascism that Carl Rove, the Koch Brothers, and the plutocracy have been working so hard to bring about in this country. Let’s hope this election slows them down.

      • Lynn

        Hey RBT… you said ” …intellectual whores like Faux News, Limbaugh, and Beck” Hahaha that’s the first time I’ve seen those names and the word “intellectual” used in the same sentence! Did you know that Limbaugh, Beck (and Sean Hannity) are all college dropouts? It would seem that they don’t have much intellect to “whore”.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Good point, Lynn. I can remember a time when Hannity and Limbaugh at least sometimes made a little intellectual sense (Beck never did). They became true whores once they decided that one could get rich by feeding ignorance to the already ignorant. Can you believe that the fat GasBag is paid $50 million a year. At least he sold out for big bucks. Hannity, on the other hand, is small change in comparison and should be ashamed..

  • http://Liberty Tony

    To All concerned: The reason why the incumbent was re-elected was because he ran against a candidate that was elitist, out of touch, and didn’t know which way was up. It’s that simple. If the Repubs. would of picked a candidate that reached out instead of being exclusive then the outcome woul;d of been different. I’m going to say this until my tongue falls out. If conservatives would of followed the advice of the late William F. Buckley, Late Jack Kemp, or recently retired talk show host Tony Brown, then none of this debacle would of occurred. Well, i hope this is a wake up call for the Repubs. Hopefully by 2016, they’ll regroup and picked the ticket of Rubio/Watts. That’s the best approach right now. Thanks!!

    • Mark

      Tony, just a simple request. I think “would have” is better usage than “would of”. Just a thought for better communication . . .

      • http://Liberty Tony

        To Mark:
        No disrespect intended but who are you,the “Grammar Police”? The conotations still have the same meaning in context. Anyhow, my analysis still stands. Farewell.

  • Momma Smith

    It is time we get back to our nations roots. Everyone needs to start living Godly lives. Keeping the 10 Commandments. Healing our families, our towns, cities and states. We do have hope! Let us not forget that. Let us stand tall and proud! Love God and he will hear our cries and heal our families, heal our land, and heal our nation!!!!!

    • Mark

      If you go back to our nations roots, you’ll find out that we were settled by losers. After all, why would you come to a new world if your prospects were good back home? Of The 4 main colonizing countries, 3 had a state religion, which turned out to be somee variant on Christianity. If you did not practice the “State Religion”, you were constrained and thwarted.
      While the Founding fathers were members of varying sects, they realized that the influence of organized religion on government was not a good deal. I recommend you look at what the Puritans did to people who practiced other versions of christianity. Similarly, how about the Spanish conquest of the areas they were in. And the extension of the Spanish Inquisition. We are best served when people keep their civic duty and their religious duty separate.

  • s c

    Just one comment for the mental virgins who monitor this website. America is supposed to be a Republic that has a functioning Constitution. A democracy is for voluntary retards who have no leadership skills and won’t think twice about selling their kids into slavery to make their “leaders” happy.
    And so the curse of democracy continues . . . for a while.

  • Right Brain Thinker

    Haven’t got anything much to add beyond strongly supporting 99+% of what Mark, eddy47d, Dad from Alabama, JoPa, and only a few others have already said as they tilt at the windmills of blind ignorance and misinformation that flow so strongly on this site. I hope that many of the posters here are kept behind locked doors and denied access to sharp objects so that they can’t do harm to themselves or others (Gea in particular).

    One positive aspect of all this is that the Repugnant Party will likely disappear from the scene for generations if it continues to cater to the insanity of the the far right and the greed of the plutocracy rather than move back to some semblance of moderation and concern for the greater good. I could have voted for John McCain until he took Palin as his Veep. I could have voted for the Romney that was the Governor of Massachusetts but not the lying, pandering, stand-for-nothing caricature that he became because of his catering to the far right to win the nomination.

    So, to all you extremely left-brained thinkers out there—-keep up the unending drumbeat of ignorance, confirmation bias, and stupidity! One of the more idiotic things said by Mr. Etch-a-Sketch was that self -deportation was the answer to our immigration problems. Your continued blindness to the truth may cause the self-EXTINCTION of the Repugnant Party as it presently exists, thereby making it possible for the REAL Americans to work together to solve the country’s problems.

    FORWARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul Wells

    My synopsis of the election:

    Turd, meet punchbowl (for another four years). Any questions?

    • Doc Sarvis

      To clarify for Paul Wells; punchbowl = President Obama’s leadership and turd = Republican House and conservative Supreme Court.

      • Paul Wells

        No, Doc Savris, Wrong again as usual. Turd = BHO, punchbowl = all you slobbering libtards salivating at the triump of the Obamanation!

  • dcjdavis

    The government has overthrown the people.

  • William

    Republican = Democrat = 2 headed Snake 1 party system ! I call it the Globalists choice aka the Bankers choice ! No matter how you look at it WE THE PEOPLE had NO real choice ! Obama lied from square 1 in his 1st run and will continue to lie until he is held accountable for his actions ! Romney would have put the people who woke up back to sleep until he got his agenda in gear, which probably would have been worse in the longrun but now we will never know ! One day this country will fully awaken and take it back but until then we will continue to slide down the rabbit hole ! Its easy to be Sheeple what we need in the worst way is a real leader and those with a backbone to make a difference !

  • `

    Jeremiah 45 Gods Judgement on the nations.Many people assumed that they were free from judgement and punishment for their sin.Guess what america your on this nation list.

  • Bimbam

    This article should be called THE BROWNING OF AMERICA.

    What we are seeing is America slowly turning white to brown. We are importing so many people from other countries and they put their own king, er kind in office.

    That means we have 3rd world poverty, 3rd world culture and thus, 3rd world thinking! Where I live I go to town and I think I’m in Brazil! They don’t change, they resent you and they’ll all be too happy to be an anchor on you.

    Ted Kennedy and the party below brought U.S. this.

    Only one party can be blamed on this, the Dremboucbrlaitcsans (that’s the Democrats and Rebuplicans joined at the hip).

    • tlgeer

      “This article should be called THE BROWNING OF AMERICA. What we are seeing is America slowly turning white to brown. ”

      Why should this matter? In what way would the skin color of the majority of this country somehow doom it to 3rd world status?

      • Bimbam

        There are no 3rd world white countries. You are now witnessing the USA being phased in to 2nd world country on it’s way to a 3rd world potentate.

  • Don Cartmill

    I was lying in bed yesterday and at some point it occurred to me that I have not seen a post from Raymond in about 2 weeks. Raymond posts on all of these conservative blogs ,and is one of the most astute and proliferate posters on each of them. Did the Obama thugs call on Raymond …it would not surprise me at all. Hey,Raymond let us hear from you.


    “John Myers,”






    • Biff

      I can’t believe this post has been here for more than a day and no one has complained about it. Negroes? What year is this, 1960? All in all, congratulations on an utterly hateful, racist diatribe. And congratulations to rest of you, your silence speaks volumes. This is the problem with the GOP… crazy old white fundamentalists. Until you’re gone, the GOP will never win.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        I for one was silent about it because it is futile to even talk to people who are as wing nut as Christopher A-H. It is also futile to talk to the many here who agree with him. It is also unnecessary to say anything to those who looked at what he said and just shook their heads in wonderment that anyone could be so stupid. Now that you’ve brought it up, I will support you.

        By the way, he actually lives his fantasy life in an earlier time than 1960—-perhaps back during the heyday of the KKK and Jim Crow—1890, 1910, 1920? You know, when all those lynchings and church and cross burnings were taking place? All carried out by PATRIOTS and REAL AMERICANS like him.

        And don’t discourage him from his rantings—until they die off, crazy old white fundamentalists will continue to drive Hispanics, “Negroes”, immigrants, LGBT, young folks, and right brain thinkers of any age away from the Repugnant party. This is good—it will bring on the self-extinction of the GOP that I eagerly await. Please don’t give Christopher A-H any more clues as to how he could become more rational and actually gain support for the GOP (and did he pick those names because their first letters have a double meaning?)

      • deerinwater

        Hmm? Well maybe you are not aware that CHRISTOPHER ALLEN HORTON claims to be a negro?

        And while I could never be certain, I suspect that he is for the things that he has presented over the months. A southern black gentleman to be exact.

        My family still had freed slaves living on property as late as 59″ to 60″ which by no means makes me an authority on slaves. slavery or Black Americans. I was child and grow up with it all around me. Horton has offer things that few of today white people understand or have experienced in their own lives. And this is why I believe there a good chance Horton is a Black Gentleman.

        Horton seems to take delight in purposefully throw a white mans bias in while peoples faces, to get a “rise” out of them to expose the injustice and double-standard that exist among blacks and white, ~ he enjoys voicing what many white people believe to be true, ~ even if it is true ~ to only degrees.

        Horton, is smarter then the average bear.

        I’ve been hard on Horton, many times, in the effort to shack him out and expose himself.

    • louyisquinze

      Your hubris sir will destroy you – why so much invective?

      Have you thought that the ‘great America’ for which you mourn was actually rotten at the core (as you demonstrate with your response). and an axe has been laid to it?

      Slave owners were obviously unable to apprehend that which they read or they would not have been slave owners in the first place. Starting with the Jewish Bible, the Christian scriptures continually speak against institutionalised injustice – ‘let those with ears to hear’… awareness is not only wonderful but essential.

      You seem to need others to be inferior to you – this speaks volumes about you. Perhaps counselling might be in order for you to come to terms with yourself and the community in which you live.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Rotten to the core, you say? Don’t you know that the Founding Fathers of this ‘great America’ fought tooth and nail against slavery? Michelle Bachmann says so. And she must be right because she also knows the shot heard round the world was NOT fired in Massachusetts and that homosexuality can be cured (if you pay enough to charlatans like her husband for “counseling”). Christopher A-H is probably greatly disappointed that Michelle [comment has been edited] Crazy is not the newly elected president of the U.S. She surely would have surrounded herself with folks who could deal with the “Negroes”.

        By the way, you need to remember that slave owners are the direct spiritual ancestors of the present day owners of the Repugnant party. The slave owners had no problem getting obscenely rich at the expense of others. Just as today’s plutocrats have no problem gathering up an ever greater share of the income and wealth in this country at the expense of the 99%. The slave owners had no problem getting non-slave owners to fight the Civil War for them by convincing them they must do so in order to continue to be superior to somebody (anybody). Just as today’s plutocrats have convinced conservatives and evangelicals that they should fight this new civil war for the rich, even though it is against their own self-interest and detrimental tio the greater good of the nation. And, as the fog of this war obscures what they do, Romney and the 1% will continue to pay next to nothing in taxes on their obscene wealth and will continue to stash it overseas. Perhaps it would not be outright slavery, but a more benign form of feudalism would be brought back if the 1% had its way.

  • richard holmes

    America is doomed. this thing will destroy us.

  • Peter

    Hallo Americans,
    gratulations. Here in Germany we are so happy about having Obama for another term. iu spent 6 hours in front of TV from 01:00 h am in.
    The result is good for USA and EUROPE
    Peter ( from Hamburg / Germany )

  • Lynn

    John Koster, Republican (Tea Party) candidate for Congress, in the Washington 1st District said he opposes abortion even in cases of “the rape thing.” The “rape thing’? ** Defeated. **

    Richard Mourdock, the Republican (Tea Party) candidate for the U.S. Senate from Indiana, who said “…but I came to realize life is that gift from God, that I think even if life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.” ** Defeated. **.

    Todd Akin, the Republican (Tea Party) candidate for the U.S. Senate from Missouri, said “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” “Legitimate rape?” ** Defeated. **

    Would the Republican Party be more effective if they distanced themselves from these fringe/extreme candidates?

    One final thought, Mourdock also said ““I believe God controls the universe. I don’t think biology works simply in an uncontrolled fashion.” Well Mr. Mourdock (and Tea Party members) if God controls the universe, I don’t think elections work in an uncontrolled fashion either. Therefore your defeat (and Akin’s defeat and Kossler’s defeat) means God doesn’t like you.

  • sesame

    Vox Populi, Vox Dei.

    • Gea

      In 1933, Germand freely elected Hitler which ended in disater for Germany in 12 years, While Obama does not give nasty Jew hating speeches as Hitler did, he associates with thsoe who give those speaches, such as leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood or others who call Jews “the sons of pigs and apes”.

      Birds of a feather flock together and therefore Obama is a clear danger to US and Western civilization as Islam is!

      • http://google brandinspector

        very few people read this maddrass educated,marxist loving, puke who will never release his school records, Why because he is a congenital liar and a sorry leader who likes to watch live feed of murders of his close friend and others. Muslims beleive in killing their own to promote the worshipping of a moon god clay figurine, callled allah and his pedophile pervert goat abuse, Moohamid. Any American would have stayed awake and at least tried to do something to save our Americans, but that just wasn’t opitamil time, and Holleyweird was waiting. So get ready to grab your shoe laces as USA implodes by to many unproductive degreed shulbs.

  • http://Personallibertynews Tilton Gore

    Both my wife and I had great hopes that Mitt Romney could step up and defeat Pres Obama and get us back on the right track. I think he did the best he could with all the people supporting Obama not really looking at the facts and how Obama was leading, but rather, they Love him for whatever reason. I also think the balance of power (Number of voters) has shifted from the producers and taxpayers to the takers (either totally on the dole or working, but qualified for all the government handouts. Don’t see them voting against their self interest, just like I don’t vote against my family’s interests. My most prominent feeling this morning, the morning after, is sadness and some feeling of guilt. I am distressed with what kind of country we might be turning over to our grandchildren. It will take me some time to get over this and participate in the process, but we cannot just give up and allow our country to become France or Greece, or even Russia.

  • Wade Morgan


    • Biff

      Really? Perhaps if we capped the voting age at 65, we wouldn’t have to worry about the evangelical loony fringe of the GOP anymore and we could actually start winning some elections again?

  • Dee

    The morals of this country has gone to hell. The state of Colorado has gone to hell.
    They just voted in to legalize pot and let the homosexuarls get married.
    God help us.

    • Wayne Leach

      Yes! God, please help us form a new Republic, for we and You know that the old one is now gone – by default. Who wants to ‘give that a shot’?

    • Lynn

      How does legalizing marijuana infringe on your personal liberty? I would prefer if the entire country legalized marijuana and began collecting taxes from the sale of marijuana. That would make a lot more sense fiscally than letting criminals take that money out of the economy. How does letting two homosexuals get married infringe on your personal freedoms? Why are YOU so judgmental about the love of two people who are obviously COMPLETE strangers to you? If it displeases your God, let Him bring His judgment… its HIS job.

      • Wayne Leach

        He has before (sodom & gomorrah) – and will again.

      • Biff

        Wayne… Sodom and Gomorrah? The last time your man in the sky got pissed off was 2500 or so years ago? Since then we’ve created many more inventive ways to kill each other and kill en masse… there have been many new religions created with many new “Gods” and none of that has pissed off your imaginary father figure? Your hatred, be it based in Greek Mythology, the Torah, the Bible or the Qu’ran… books meant to control your thought and your actions… it’s just sad that in this day and age there are people who just can’t see through the nonsense of 2000 year old fables. Grow up and think for yourself.

    • Joe Hammond

      You bet we legalized hemp in Colorado!! We gave people here a choice. Freedom, man! Real freedom from being raped in jail for having a joint. Alcohol is more destructive than hemp and you don’t go to jail for having a beer at a baseball game do you? But smoke a joint in your home and you people (who claim that freedom is so important) will have Federal Government DEA thugs kick in the door and send peopel to Bubba the love machine in the prison system. 55% of the people of Colorado said yes to hemp. If you cannot accept that then you are not for constituional rights. You are a hypocrite.

      The people of Colorado have exercised their rights. Accept it. Or admit you believe in tyranny!

      • Biff

        I’m confused… I thought Colorado voted to legalize marijuana? Hemp is NOT marijuana. You can smoke an acre of hemp and not get the slightest buzz. By the way… at one point it was mandatory for every farmer to grow hemp. The navy needed the hemp for the miles of rope each ship needed for rigging.

        • Frank Kahn

          Try Googleing hemp, you might find out that Hemp is very much related to Marijuana.

          • Biff

            Yeah Frank… hemp is related to marijuana… like lemons are related to limes. You can’t get high smoking hemp. Colorado has tried to legalize marijuana NOT hemp. (I say ‘tried’ because Colorado is still going to have a fight with the Federal government and a handful of federal agencies.) So smart guy, take your advice, Google hemp and improve your knowledge about the difference between hemp (low THC cannabis) and marijuana (high THC cannabis) they may be related but they are NOT the same thing and the terms can NOT be used interchangeably. Just thought you should know.

          • Frank Kahn

            Just thought you might want to know that the legal definition is the opposite of your contention. In WWII the United states relaxed its laws on the growing of Marihuana to allow the production of hemp for needed textile usage. While, as you say, the “official” hemp plants have a low concentration of the THC drug, they still have it and was considered to be Marihuana by our government.

            They issued a permit for growing this Marihuana to replace manila hemp. I am including a quote as proof. It will not allow me to paste the picture of the permit here.

            “United States “Marihuana” production permit. In the United States, hemp cultivation is legally prohibited, but during World War II farmers were encouraged to grow hemp for cordage, to replace Manila hemp previously obtained from Japanese-controlled areas. The U.S. government produced a film explaining the uses of hemp, called Hemp for Victory.”

            Although you might be technically right in the difference in names, you are wrong in stating that you cant smoke hemp. You can even get high from it but it would take about 10 times as much hemp leaves as Marihuana leaves.

      • jopa

        Joe.I don’t smoke weed but I would never infringe upon another persons right to do so.I don’t know why there are so many on this site trying to take away the personal liberties and freedoms that our Constitution gives us.The ones I know that smoke weed seem to have achieved the “Pursuit of Happiness” and the one’s drinking the downer beverage “alcohol totally legal” are misbehaving badly after a few giggles in the beginning of their drunken stupors.Drinks in moderation fine.

  • Mark E

    Gea, Wade, Dee. Have your medications checked. You all appear to be both paranoid and seriously delusional

  • Lawrence

    Unfortunately,the one more qualified to offer real bona fide solutions to the current economic quagmire we are in,lost,and for all the wrong reasons.Not long ago I saw an ad on TV where a Chinese professor was addressing a group of students on sound economics.He went on to say how some of the greatest empires in history like the Romans and the USA among others fell because they got away from the very princples that made them great.Now that was just an ad,but it draws from real history,and if we keep going the way we are,that IS where we will end up!Mr.Meyer, your observations are spot on.You know,all the armchair experts that I’ve talked with who still think Obama is the greatest thing since sliced bread,well when the “stuff” does hit the fan in a big way and things go sideways,I am going to get in all of their faces and say “See,I told you so”.That said,as I said before the one more qualified to help us avoid this,lost.I find that deeply troubling.

    • Wayne Leach

      “…the coming months will be a test for American democracy —….”
      Please define it as a republic!! A pure democracy is just one step away from socialism. Thanks.

  • Motov

    The ONLY good thing about OhBozo winning is when everything crashes, He’ll be remembered as the one who was in power when it does with a cheer leading press to boot. Liberalism will be seen for the true evil it is, A parasite on success that Liberty built.
    And the parasite that killed its host.

  • SJJolly

    “There was never a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” (Not counting those that were murdered by other nations, of course.)
    Q: How many nations have the same form of government, of whatever type, today as they did in 1776? While England, for example, is still technically a monarchy, Queen Elizabeth II’s powers are a mere shadow of those of George III.

  • Joe Hammond

    Hey, Wayne….Where is that big “people of faith” tsunami that is going to sweep Romney into office like you predicted?

    And you do what? Handicap betting in Las Vegas? Wow………..

    • Wayne Leach

      No, I did not make such a prediction, nor did I vote for the lesser of 2 evils, Romney, and No to #2 & #3, as well.

  • Wayne Leach

    “The last time your man in the sky got pissed off was 2500 or so years ago?”
    That is just a blip on the eternal screen, so I pray for you. BTW, I do think for myself – and my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren ………… and yours, too, if any.

  • Wanda Faye Rigdon

    instead of good morning america its now mourning in america nov 6 2012 the day america died

  • http://libertyalert Suzanne Coffman

    A friend forwarded my an email today, which basically states: to the entitlement-loving liberals who voted to have “more of the same,” from here on out YOU OWN IT. Whatever the consequence of re-electing Barry will be- YOU OWN IT. The masses that have fallen for the European Socialism Barry touts will get far mote than they bargained for. THEY WILL OWN IT. Unfortunately, those of us who voted sanely will also suffer their stupidity.

  • Dad

    Well, the layoffs have started and everyone will pay more taxes, although it won’t matter one bit to the economy (we borrow 40% of what we spend)… or the deficit. Therefore, a 40% reduction in governent is breakeven.
    You see, because of America’s failed educational system, the Obama followers are so inept at math that they do ot realize that the extra few bucks that are picked up in taxes will not make a dent in Obama’s 6 trillion dollar deficit(2008 to 2012 alone)… too many zeros for a lower quartile educational performance.
    I sat with my part time guys (all of them now) yesterday and explained that things have changed. The paperwork will make sure that they pay taxes… or make it easier for the IRS to go after them. I believe that we can cut down on welfare fraud as well. Time to get vigilant!!

  • Attila

    No, it is not the longest running democracy, for at least 100 years it was a constitutionally limited republic. The founding fathers abhored the very idea of a democracy. When the Progressives foisted democracy on us (Roosevelt, Wilson, etc) began our decline.

  • FWO21

    People, don’t forget, when you are praising Obama on what a great person he is, he still has to answer for the assassination of the ambassador in Benghazi and for Fast and Furious. Obama was or at least knew about these things and has not been held accountable. I was so excited that his first 4 years was about over, just turn around and get him another 4 years, if he doesn’t change the US Constitution so he can stay in there forever. Be aware on New Year’s Eve too, because that is when he signed The National Defense Authorization Act; you know, the one where he can have an American citizen arrested just because he “thinks” you are guilty of something and you get no lawyer and they don’t have to tell why you were arrested. Good ol’ Obama; man, are we lucky to have him again. NOT.

  • deerinwater

    Well? hmmm? it’s Monday Nov.12th at 8:26 ~ Bob Livingston Forums has yet to be delivered at the usual time. ~ My guess, heap big pow wow is taking place this morning.

    John says; ” The forces facing Obama are gigantic compared to that of any one mayor. Obama’s ability or inability to deal with social and economic problems impacts the Nation and the world. To date, he has not shown much capacity to lead, but now more than at any time in the past half-century, America needs strong leadership.
    So far, Obama has done nothing but incite alarm for millions of Americans.”

    These millions of Americans you are taking about make up about 20% of the voting public John Myers. ~

    There has been to date, no civil unrest and Bronco Bama has shown strong leadership in his first 4 years or the GOP would all be happy campers today.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear deerinwater,

      You write: “Well? hmmm? it’s Monday Nov.12th at 8:26 ~ Bob Livingston Forums has yet to be delivered at the usual time.” By all accounts it appears to have gone out as scheduled. Perhaps you should check with your ISP.

      You write: “My guess, heap big pow wow is taking place this morning.” It is business as usual this morning. Why should we have a “heap big pow wow?”

      Best wishes,

      • deerinwater

        Hmm? Wonderful! I will look into it! ~

        “Why should we have a “heap big pow wow?”

        To assess what ground has been gained and what needed to be shored up, preparing for tomorrows victories today?

        And ~ Thanks for being a constant in a raging storm in a sea of discontent.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear deerinwater,

          We have problems with ISPs blocking us because of complaints about our content. Comcast and RoadRunner are the worst offenders. This is a constant battle for our team.

          You write: “To assess what ground has been gained and what needed to be shored up, preparing for tomorrows victories today?” We do this daily.

          You write: “And ~ Thanks for being a constant in a raging storm in a sea of discontent.” You are welcome. Thanks for your continued patronage.

          Best wishes,

  • disposable digtal camera

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    My site has a lot of completely unique content
    I’ve either created myself or outsourced but it looks like a lot of it is popping it up all over the internet without my permission. Do you know any solutions to help stop content from being ripped off? I’d genuinely appreciate it.

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