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Obama Warns Social Security Checks Might Stop If Debt Deal Not Reached

July 13, 2011 by  

Obama said that Social Security checks might not get mailed if a debt deal isn't reached.President Barack Obama warned that Social Security checks and payments to veterans might be at risk if a deal is not made on the debt ceiling.

“I cannot guarantee that those checks go out on Aug. 3 if we haven’t resolved this issue, because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it,” he told CBS News.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has warned that the United States might default on its obligations if the debt ceiling is not raised by Aug. 2

Fox News reports that while the government is obligated to make Social Security payments, a report from the Congressional Research Service found that they could be delayed if the Treasury Department deems it necessary.

Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio) said that he was doubtful that the payments would be stopped.

“The Treasury secretary is going to have options in terms of who should be paid and who shouldn’t,” he told Fox News. “Yes, there are some debts that have to be rolled over. But there’s going to be money available on Aug. 3, and I think it’s way too early to be making some types of veiled threats like that.”

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  • DanB

    To get America to complete the turn from a republic to a democratic dictatorship, they have to turn the masses against the principles of the republic. I am not talking about the Republicans. The Republicans and the republic are two different things. The issue though is that the Tea Party and true conservative infiltrated the Republican party this last election cycle. So while the Republican party itself rebels against the new conservative wave from the masses, the Republican party is now being reformed some degree by those that do believe in the republic. This gives the progressives an excellent target to incriminate, the Republican party. When this debt ceiling debate began, some of us knew from the beginning that they would threaten to cut the pay to seniors. Once the useful idiots revolted and put the Democrats back in power, their usefulness would be over until they next needed useful idiots. I am not saying seniors are stupid. But they are going to be used in this power play. Some of us knew it from the beginning. We also know that at some point they must threaten to cut the pay of our military and blame it on the Americans and conservatives. To become a democratic dictatorship, they must create a divide between the people and the military such the military will become useful idiots as well…. This is a power game. The pieces are falling into place. The dilemna is that if they raised the debt ceiling there is very good odds that this problem will stay play out. Perhaps just not in August, but our country is so over our head in debt that raising our debt limit might also lead to a different economic collapse and perhaps within the next year too. Either way I see it, we will be in a dictatorship. Right now looks like lose-lose for us and win-win for the future dictatorship of America. The only way out I see is through firm reliance in God and to each do our part to stand with God. We are repeating the cycle of history where republics surrender their freedoms to tyranny, not at all once for sure–but we have been down this path for a while now so we are probably approaching the end game where freedom is lost in its final death throws. The only way I see out of this is through God. Christianity suffered under the Roman Empire, but it did survive. So can we.

    • mary Hanna

      AMEN brother you said it right GOD is in control now and for always!

    • granny mae


      Do you think that God wants us to be under a dictatorship? I don’t think so. I am a christian and I speak with my God every day. We have this thing going you know ! I talk to him and he talks back, just not with an audible voice but with that we still voice inside of me! He says woman I have given you everything you need to make it here on earth and still you sit back and say God will take care of everything ! I don’t mind taking care of things when mankind goofs them up but it sure would be nice to see my creations using all the gifts I have already given them ! I say well Lord I guess we just think that you can do a better job of things. He says daughter, you can do a superior job of things yourself you just have no faith in me that I have given you the ability to handle all situations. You have to have faith in yourself. I have given you all of me and I expect you to show me the wonders of my creation ! All of us should take care of business of our day to day lives and also of the future as much as we can. God didn’t make us to sit around and be stupid. He made us to be able to handle what ever comes our way while we are on this earth and by doing so we glorify God ! There is always a chance that something will come that we just can’t do anything about and he is always there to lend a helping hand and even to preform a miracle or two from time to time ! To handle this life we have to have a positive attitude and a can do disposition ! As far as I’m concerned God don’t make no junk and for us to sit by and do nothing always means we are junk ! That is when I ask who made the junk ? Stop being so negative and start thinking on the positive side and you will accomplish a lot more every day ! And you will get his help a lot more too !

      • WickedPickle

        An absolutely logical way of looking at it granny mae.. You are absolutely correct.. The phrase is, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” It applies to human kind as well.. When we join the great one then we can assume our spiritual demeanor but while we breathe we should accomplish our heritage (that was given to us) as best we can with a sturdy moralistic focus.. Right now most seem so negative, some are negative and a few creates negativity.. Only with a moralistic attitude (not just in words but in your whole being) might we show God that his creations are truely worthy of note.. We don’t have to sin to acconmplish this, just vote the sinners out of office. Who could we replace them with? Moralistic individuals who’s interests lies in the Nation’s people.. And they don’t have to be devout, merely sympathetic to the people and determined to make the Nation a better place (yeah, I know.. dream on).

  • mary Hanna

    I am so worried because social security is all we have coming in to pay our bills and buy food for the month and not only us it is gonna affect thousands of people. what are we gonna do to pay utilities ans buy food, we depend on our checks..I am praying that GOD takes over and intervenes on this matter! I TRUST IN GOD!!!

    • granny mae

      mary Hanna,

      How long have you been reading the postings on this blog ? Probably for a while and everyone has been talking about hard times and getting ready for the unexpected and putting aside a food supply and how to go about it in a reasonable way and here you are not prepared ! Do you think we are posting these things for our own health? NO ! We are already prepared and we are trying to get you to prepare also ! But instead of taking good advice and working towards a self sustaining and self preparedness you have read all this and sat on your but doing nothing! I’m on SS too and I have bills to pay and fod to buy plus I take care of my son and grandson. I do not recieve food stamps or any kind of assistance ! I have worked very hard to make sure that we are prepared. I did it little by little, putting one foot in front of the other. Having a plan and working towards a goal. How many times have we all said when you go to the store buy an extra bag of beans or a can of tuna or a can of soup. What ever it takes to make it through for at least a month ! You are responsible for your own welfare and no-body else. Just you and if you neglect to secure your self and your welfare then that is your problem and no-one elses. If you get prepared then you don’t have to worry about anything o matter what the worry is ! You have time right now to go out and pick up some extra supplies so do it! We have all talked about where to find the bargins and deals on canned goods and beans and split peas and flour and so forth. Some of us are prepared enough to the point of even grinding our own wheat into flour and so on. You can get that prepared too in time but you have to start ! You may have cut back on your coffee to buy some extra canned goods and beans but do it! You can’t live on coffee even though some of think we can! It is a matter of priorities ! Set priorities and take care of them first ! You need to gradually put away enough money to be able to pay your bills. If you don’t have time to do that right now I suggest that you get on it just as soon as possible. Even if it is just putting away $5.00 at a time. Put it where you won’t see it and don’t even consider it when you have a need. You will be tempted to spend it on something foolish instead of saving it for a real necessity ! Like, you put away $5.00 and then in a week or two you need a gallon of milk ! Right away you think well I put away that $5.00 so I will use that to get some more milk ! That is a no, no! Believe it or not you can get along without that milk untill you get another payday! It is a matter of choosing priorities first . Once you have put aside enough money to be able to pay your bills for a month if something happened then you start working on another month ! You need to start taking the things we say on here seriously ! If you don’t, don’t cry about getting caught with your guard down ! Take stock of your cupboards and see what you already have. Then check your freezer. Write it all down and then figure out what you can make meals out of and how many of those meals will provide left overs. Then plan to use the left overs. My grandson loves it when the evening comes when we have left-over dinner ! It is like going to a smorgus board ! A little of this and a dab of that and everyone gets to choose which dab or little bit they want ! Start thinking instead of just slidding from one day to the next and to getting prepared for anything and everything ! Obama be damned ! Get with it woman !

  • granny mae

    Obama and his scare tactics ! If I was him I wouldn’t be so cocky as to threaten the military and the elderly ! It is a sure way to loose his job hands down ! We know his BS and we also know that there is no way our checks would stop unless he was going to be vindictive and if that is the case we can do the same !

  • granny mae

    If they need money to pay us our SS, then maybe Nancy (Pelousy) I mean Pelosi, and Harry Read and Obama and all the senate and house could give their pay checks up for one month ? LOL ! Now let me ask you this, Obama is creating a lot of government jobs and if they don’t have the money to pay SS and the military how in the world is he going to pay everyone else on his payroll? He needs to stop his spending period !

  • BimBam

    Will someone please remove this effing kenyan negro out of office?

    He does not belong there that is why we have a Constitutional requirement.

    I hold the entire Congress responsible for putting this simian in office. They should also be removed and tried for treason.

    And for you dimwits that believe the MSM and put this idiot Alfred E. Neumann in office should now take your head out of your arse and go clean up!

  • mickey

    If obama refuses to send out the checks, and I think that is nearly impossible for it would be a nightmare just to correct the computers in following months, but then look at it on the good side, illegals getting Medicare and Medicaid funds, food stamps, housing, etc, are getting paid out of these funds. This I want to see, obama, denying illegals state and federal benefits.

    How many mortgages would add to the implosion of housing crisis?

    In order to not pay the checks, the government doesn’t need to work. A government shut down, anyone? I love it when he puts his foot in his mouth. It should read “obama threatens to shut down the government over debt ceiling”.

  • Ira Johnson


    • granny mae

      Ira Johnson,

      You won’t see any of them going without ! You won’t see Obama cut back on his flying around the world or the country for that matter. Just think this jack ass, is campaigning with our money ! That is what he uses when he uses that big bad air-plane or chopper he flies in. It’s not his campaign funds that is putting the fuel in those planes or paying the piolets to fly them it is your money and taxes. He gets a break that no other candidate does. If you have been paying attention to what we have all been saying on this site then you will begin to start putting aside some goods to carry you over for a month at least. Same with the bills. It takes time to get ones self set up financially to make it through a month with out a paycheck, but it can be done and should be done! It takes sacrifice and Lord knows I’ve done my share of that over the years. But if I can do it I know anyone can. It is done just a little at a time with a resolve not to touch what you have put aside for any reason other than what it was intended for. Sometimes you have to give up something to gain another. It’s all about priorities and choices. If you thought you were going to have it made once you got on SS; think again. You are now at the mercy of your president and the rest of the government ! It is your duty to yourself and your family to make sure you are secure at all times. That is priority number one. Food,medicine, shelter, clothing, bills and so on. You must look for everything you can afford on your paycheck, not everything you want that is out of your price range. So many times we have grown up with the I wants that we begin to think they are the I needs ! There is a big difference ! If you take care of the I needs first then the I wants will come. I don’t shop at the high priced stores and I could care less about brand names or the latest of this or that, I look for and buy what I need at the lowest price I can find it at. Many times that is at yard sales and flea markets and discount stores and so on. I make sure I always have the news paper because that is where I will begin to find the discounts. It is where the yard sales are located, the store sales are located and I always make sure that I look carefully at the sales. Many times a store advertised sale is not a sale at all, but just a cleaver way to get you to buy something you don’t need ! I will give you a for instance = In my local paper a local super market has advertised that if I buy 2 Red Barons frozen pizza for $11.98 I can get a free box of bread sticks, a 3pk. of popcorn, a 2 liter bottle of soda and a package of ice cream cups free ! The add tells me that it is a savings of $14.16. But the only half decent food on there is the pizza and I certainly don’t need any of the other products! I am better off getting the same size pizza from another store that is known for better prices that to be suckered into giving my money to this other store for something I don’t need just because they try to make me thing I’m getting something for nothing ! I don’t fall for that crap ! You also have to watch the 10 for 10 deals and the buy 1 get 1 free deals ! They are not always great bargins either. You have to know that the store is not going to loose money on anything they offer you, if they did they wouldn’t be in business long ! Always look at the prices before the sale and the prices durring the sale then decide whether it is a good deal or not. If you decide it is a good then by all means jump on it but make sure it is first. It is your money and you must get the most out of it that you can. Also learn to make things from scatch rather than buying it pre-made or pre-packaged ! You get more for your money that way and end up with those great left overs that can become the great creations on another day ! That is a real two for one sale !

      • granny mae

        People there is money going into the SS coffers every week and if there isn’t enough money in there to pay your checks then it is because Obama has dipped into it to spend it on something else . Like sending it to bail out Greece or finance a war that we should not be in ! Use your heads and don’t panic and make Obama pay you for your vote and then do just like he has done to us all this time. Lie and vote for someone else ! Two can play that game !

  • Russ

    Obama and all of congress suck!!! Cut all out of country aid!! bring all troops home !!!take canada over!!! get rid of the french and the UN.close all out of country bases!!! fire Obama:)

  • Russ

    Pay back all money stolin from SSI BY CLINTON AND HIS BUNCH OF WORLD PAWN BROKERS!!!

  • WickedPickle

    Well I’m getting fed up with being threatened with money that has absolutely nothing to do with default.. The G’ment would dance a jig to break into that vault but they can’t, so what’s their alternative? Add it to the National debt.. Cowardly, back biting maggots!!! And FYI, Clinton wasn’t the first president to dip into that fund.. Check all the Pres from Ike’s tenure.. The blame belongs to EACH party and it hasen’t waned since. AND for a big (sarcastic) laugh.. What the hell good is uncle sam’s cutting an iou? In the end it is us (through more taxes) who will be paying back what belonged to the people in the first place and that’s why it hasn’t been paid, the g’ment has other interests to waste money on. The idiot supreme court is to blame for allowing these punks to steal moneys that they had NO intention of paying back even with the extra taxes they squeezed from us to do just that.. The g’ments iou’s are worthless, just like them.


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