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Obama Wants Internet ID

January 13, 2012 by  

Obama Wants Internet ID

The Administration of Barack Obama is planning yet another assault on the Internet privacy rights of all American citizens, some critics say.

The Administration is currently drafting a plan that will hand over to the Commerce Department the authority to implement an “identity ecosystem” for the Internet with the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace to be released in coming months.

According to CNET, details about the Obama Administration’s actual plans for the online identification program are extremely scarce.

“We are not talking about a national ID card,” U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke said at a Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research event. “We are not talking about a government-controlled system. What we are talking about is enhancing online security and privacy, and reducing and perhaps even eliminating the need to memorize a dozen passwords, through creation and use of more trusted digital identities.”

Opponents of the plan, many of whom fear this is another step toward complete Internet regulation, reportedly say that if a trusted Internet ID system is to be created, it must be done by the private sector.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • s c

    More crap from Chicago’s Constitution-hating, freedom-hating poser. Obummer wants this. Obummer wants that. What AMERICA wants is a PRESIDENT, not a criminal in the W H.
    Is there ANYBODY who doesn’t understand that this pretender/poser HATES the American people and at the same time he thinks our armed forces are expendable? WHAT does it take for adults to understand that we have a usurper in the W H?
    Is there ANYBODY out there who is so retarded that they automatically give Obummer a free pass for anything and everything because he hides behind a language that he hates? Since when does a criminal admit to ANYTHING unless he’s forced?
    This issue STARTS with the idea that in addition to everything else Obummer HATES about a free America is the idea that he wants to destroy the first and second amendments? He will ignore anything when it’s convenient. His retardate, sheepish, lemming followers are the SAME way. OUT WITH THE TRASH!

    • Mona Callender

      ya know about all we can do is wait…..we have no help in the legislative so all we need to do is wait. he will piss off enough people and when something they try to do pisses off one of us….the revolution will begin. sadly that is what he wants….his pushing it….so we should give him what he wants…..right between the eyes. Amen

      • romo

        Mona, you and others who support the assassination of a duly elected leader are NOT patriots who support the Constitution. You have deluded yourself by your hate. Every four years we the people get to decide who our president will be, NOT by a bullet “right between the eyes”.

        • Ian MacLeod

          The problem being that anyone now capable of being elected is already corporate-owned and backed. Anyone who is NOT can’t get the PR or anything else that would get him elected. American citizens no longer have ANY real access to any portion of the government. What does that leave??


        • TheOtherWhiteMeat

          A Patriot fights the enemy. Sometimes when the “Marquis of Queensbury” rules don’t work, you need other drastic measures.

        • s c

          R, where the hell were YOU when utopians and other filth were openly calling for GB’s death? Do you know what you can do with your adolescent hypocrisy, or do you have to be TOLD?
          Take your thin skin, your defective reasoning and hump it down the highway, comrade. And don’t forget to STICK IT anywhere it feels ‘nice.’

        • El Gringo

          No one is advocating a physical assassination of this usurper of our freedoms under our Republic, but rather the end of all his “laws and regulations” that is spelling the death of our beloved Republic. We must all band together to end his reign in November, 2012, along with all his czars and other henchmen.

      • MNIce

        You should be aware that the Department of Homeland Security monitors sites like this one for exactly the sort of thing you wrote. At the very least, expect such material to be used for political purposes to justify more regulation of the masses. At worst, you may be investigated and your name put on a list of suspects to round up if martial law is declared, or you will get a visit from the Secret Service Presidential Security division.

        We have not yet exhausted peaceful means of correcting the multitude of abuses by the Central Government. We have two critical elections coming up in which we have the opportunity to fire the self-proclaimed princes and put the people back in charge – this year, and in 2014. If these elections are stolen by fraud or other means, then all bets are off. Instead of idle talk of violent revolt, concentrate your activity on making sure Constitutional constructionists are elected. Find out how to serve as a poll watcher or election judge in your community, and arrange to compare notes with fellow poll watchers to make sure the numbers add up at the end of the day, and that the reported results match yours.

        • Mike in MI

          MNIce (et al.) -
          There is another alternative action to take ALONG WITH all the other things to peaceably practice (and teach others to do) which is potentially more effective than any other.
          Pray for our nation’s government leaders – including the “0″ bomb. (“I ain’t praying for Obama. I dislike the thought of him, let alone pray for the &#!*%.”) Well, hold your horses and go read I Timothy 2:1-2.
          Notice that we are to give supplications, prayers, intercessions and giving of thanks for top leaders and all that are in authority…
          “that” (expected outcome for the highlighted activity)
          “we may lead quiet and peaceable lives” (not exactly what Progressive politians have in mind for us. But, hey, who is going to resist something God sets about to do for those who obey what He directs.)
          “in all godliness and honesty [simplicity].” (that’s the hoped for type of behavior, adviseable if one wishes to avoid similar future problems.)
          God must mean He has concerns about helping us with those in secular leadership in the realm of quietness and peaceability or He wouldn’t have had it written. The word “that” means He is willing and able to take action TO THE EXTENT we take faithful action in this regard. It helps to get very clear in your mind what you seek and aline your thinking with others of similar hopeful expectation (you don’t have to be physically together – get your minds in synch.)
          Memorize and cite this passage as a reminder to your own mind that what you ask is a righteous thing since God’s word says we should pray this way for these reasons. Do it “in the name of Jesus Christ.”
          The more people who get involved in this the more God can (and will) do things on behalf of THOSE WHO GET INVOLVED IN the asking.

        • DanB

          With coming internet ID, not only will you no longer have to remember multiple passwords, but every post you make with be “fingerprinted” so government officials can not only snoop on sites like this, but they won’t have to go to the effort of tracking down your connection to this site. All the lazy bums will have to do is look at the “fingerprint” on your postings. Instantly, they’ll know who someone like myself (DanB) is. They won’t have to look all Dan, Danny, Daniel, Daniele, or any other variation combined with a last name starting with B. Nor will they have to contact ISPs and get all the records to track this post back to me. All they would have to do is check my fingerprint. Of course, they would actually also have a handy log of every site I log into using said ID as well.

          Would an internet ID make us any more secure? Decentralized, yes it could. Centralized under one entity, we would actually become less secure. Centralized under one government entity, you must be dreaming to think there would be any security. Did you know that we already have a system of authentication used on the internet? Major sites all tend to use certificates of authenticity provided by a variety of companies. This past year, a few of those companies were compromised. It is believed that it was actually governments that did this in a couple cases and they tried to use this to control the internet access of their citizens. Most of us remained blissfully aware because our internet activity was not intercepted and “stolen” because we do not live behind their routers. The stolen certificates were revoked and the reputation of those particular certificate agencies were “stained”…. Some people were hurt. Some took advantage of the security system itself. But in the whole of things, the internet did not fall to the stolen certificates because it was broken up among several sources for authentication. Now imagine if there had only been authority to get our certificates proving that our sites were legitimate. If that one source were compromised, we would have simply been out of luck. You wouldn’t be able to trust any website online as being legit anymore. It may have brought the internet to its knees because the rules of trust would have been shattered for everyone, everywhere, and for all sites. So why do we want a central internet identity? I can tell you why government would want it. Absolute control. We do too much online, both as individuals and as businesses that if government managed a central source of authentication (to prove we are who we claim to be online) that they would have access to everything by simple default!!!

      • MilitaryPatriot

        Mona, just another power grab and more shredding our Constitution. You took the words right out of my mouth. Every day this hateful, illegal immigrant, Muslim, godless, homo,keeps giving this country the finger and laughs while doing. What a miserable excuse for a human being. Everyone who voted for him and will vote again for this moron, should burn in h@ll.

    • 2centsworth

      We have a skunk in the White House…..half white and half black and skunks are known to stink bad!!

    • Christopher Popham Smith

      Well sc, Barack Hussein Obama just confiscated our
      5th & 6th Amendment Rights, as of New Year’s Eve, with the signing of the NDAA, so its no surprise that he’s going after #’s 1 & 2….is it?
      Our 4th Amendment rights were usurped by George Bush with the creation
      of the Patriot Act.
      And so now, Obama has all the expicit powers that he needs to do literally
      anything he wants, regardless of our Constitution or the Bill of Rights.
      Good luck, America.

  • Verl K. Rothlisberger

    Of course they want to stop us from using this we can get lots of attention in a hurry and the King couldn’t stand on our heads. Washington already has control of the news papers and if we are not just sucking in what they say we are to be stopped. Couldn’t take our guns so they want to take our tongues.

    • Lastmanstanding

      Verl, yet…if barry get elected again…in fact if anyone other than Ron Paul is elected…it will be a full out assault to take our guns.

    • steve

      what about Jay Rockefeller’s slip of the tongue saying “I wish the internet was never invented”….gee why would he say that?…perhaps frustration because with all his billions he can’t control it…yet…

  • Temperance

    Do the people in government with their high paying jobs paid by us tax-payers, really have nothing more important than this to spend their time on? I mean what they explain they are doing with their time. I doubt that it is what they claim they are doing for the people. When they spend their time regulating something, it is to their advantage. It is to accent what they feel is a threat. And that means monatoring, spying, and invading the privacy of every person using the Internet. Beware of men in sheep’s clothing!

    • 2centsworth

      These guys in government aren’t doing the jobs we the American people are paying them to do….They are being bought off by special interest, lobbiests, and the elite to do their bidding, which is to take us the American people over, and do away with us. (You know by legalized slow murder….like poisoning our food, air and water, and trying to force polluted toxic vaccines on the Americans) For more information on polluted food etc. check

    • MilitaryPatriot

      Correction, beware of commie wolves in sheep’s clothing. Look for power grabbing fangs. Promises that wont be kept.

  • Dee

    What else is this lousy administration going to try to take control of? If obummer gets back in and God help us if he does, we will have no liberties left. Hope the American people has better sense this time and NOT vote for him.

    • 2centsworth

      How strong is a group of people who are of one mind and one accord and who are banded together? Things only work upon agreement. None of the laws that have been passed by this person in the White House are of any effect, because he is not a Legal President and should NOT even be in there. All of these laws, etc. will be overturned and thrown in the round file. Who says? We The People who have been ripped off and robbed in every area of our lives and finances by these low level, low vibration,… some of them souless… beings.

    • MilitaryPatriot

      He just gave 3000,000 illegal immigrants over night amnesty, all stupid blacks will commit treason again on this country by voting for him, all his fellow Muslims, Acorn, Black Panthers, the stupid union teachers, the white communist in this country, including commie Hollywood, the atheist,etc; but hay!, it’s all about him paying everyone off. Buy a vote, it’s yours. Isn’t corruption great!

  • GraemeB

    I always like the phrase “some say”, a phrase commonly used by Fox News to make some people think that what is being said is actually factual.
    “some say” that the recession has been caused by unions, when in actual fact, it has been caused by unbridled greed and lack of poper oversight by the regulators.
    “some say” that there were WMD in Iraq and “some say” that Ben Laden is still alive. “some say” that Elvis is too. I always take a jaundiced approach to an article when it does not include the verifiable source.

  • jopa

    With all of the identity theft and people trusting their life savings and portfolios over the inter net, this sounds like a great idea.However it could be a subscription service in that if you choose not to use it, well it sucks to be you.There’s a loser born everyday.

    • libertytrain

      I think those large tattooed numbers on folks arms, just above the wrist – worked well in the early 40′s. Everyone knew exactly who was who. No identity theft happened then… Is that what you aiming for? Good size too, about 1/2 in high by a couple inches long and very dark ink. Stood out well. Perhaps now you do a bar code and scan people’s wrists…

  • http://liberyalearts john p.

    Obama thinks he is a king .this dictator is very dangerous.
    congress and the senate lets him do anything he wants even
    breaking the law of the land .he controls the justice systems
    judges and all .

  • Jeanne

    The ID that should be a law is ID to vote. Of course Obama wouldn’t want that – it would stop all the dead, illegal and double voting.

  • R Crain

    While I do not advocate a bullet between the eyes approach, I do feel that we need someone to galvanize this coming election. If Sara Palin would join forces with Machell Bachman, this election would go viral overnight,. Want to see a bunch of Democrats and Republicans cry and wet themselves, just get these two in the running.The clowns in DC are terrified of Sara Palin. She is not one of the good ol boys, and she does not play well with them. She tells them how it should be, with a nation of people backing her, and she literally scares the crap out of them. No doubt if Sara ran, she would most likely be assinated like Kennedy.If she ever made it too the WH, there are so many laws and regulations she would repeal, it scares the libtards silly. Before she got to the WH, Obummer would declare Martial Law to stop her. Even Obummer knows he can not raise enough dead people to stop a LANDSLIDE ELECTION VICTORY. If I were her, and I made it too the WH, I would incarcerate all 435 members, and charge them with TREASON. Then I would have the Secret Service take Obummer and his Queen Bee into custody also for the same charges, plus being a USURPER to the WH. I would hold emergency elections to replace those 435 members with strict Constitutionalist members. Then I would hold court, find them all guilty, and execute them on live TV for all the world to see. That would stop a lot of future crap from happening again. Let the world see what happens when you mess with real Americans. This is our country, our Republic, our Liberty, and Freedom we are fighting for. Some may say this is harsh, but it fair compared too what they have in store for the American People. They are not passing all these Draconian Laws just to have something to do. They are not putting all these Fema Camps online, open for business , too help us. This is 1938 Hitler all over again IF WE LET IT BE. WE the American People cannot allow this too continue. If necessary we will use force to take back our REPUBLIC. Many will die, but for the sake of our Grand children, and their grand children, then we must. We have been a Nation of givers for so long, taking care of the world. NOW, its time we became TAKERS. We must TAKE back what is rightfully ours, and return it too future generations. We must let the World know, that this is what happens to tyrants that mess with real AMERICANS!!

  • slapjack

    I want this worthless welfare baby IMPEACHED Now.

    • Smilee

      Not going to happen, do you need a crying towel??

  • 2centsworth

    You know our husbands, sons, brothers, fathers and grandfathers gave their lives in the military to protect America and Freedom for all future generations. A lot of people’s families have been hurt by this, and the generations that they gave their lives for live on. Let’s not let their bravery and conviction be in vain. Let’s stand up for the values of Freedom and Liberty and don’t let some foreign born communist trojan horse come in and run our country into the ground, steal everything we have, and steal our values and hope for a better tomorrow for everyone!

  • Thinkly Clearly

    of course, this is communism, like in China, the Goverment deletes all those against them in the internet, no apposing voice. Obama on blog wants to have people tell him neighbors, etc who are against him, just like Germany and Russia.

    • cawmun cents

      I’m Spartacus!

  • MNIce

    “The ten most fearsome words in the English language are,’ I’m from the government, and I’m here to help you.’” – Ronald Reagan. That’s what this is. Quite frankly, I can do my Internet Commerce just fine without a government ID plan to replace my private password system, so thanks, but no thanks. Apple Computer solved the multiple password problem with Keychain more than a decade ago.

    If the Central Government really wants to do something that needs to be done, it should develop a means of tracking down credit card database hackers without compromising the privacy and security of our “papers and effects.”

  • don

    OBUNHOLE is at it again. a personal liberty is going down the drain. OBUNHOLE is trying to force his version of OBUNHOLEISM on us. the gun onership by individuals will go away. personsal opinion will be monitored and traced and prosecuted byOBUNHOE LAW IF WE HAVE TO HAVE AN ID TOBE ON THE INTERNET. we need to get reay to get rid of this crap in 2012. not elitist backed candates or OBUNHOLE. that only leaves paul. i hope people are not stupid enough to vote the clown we have now. more than likely it would mark the end of this nation. we’re probly teetering on the edge now. check out the “obama deception online. it has a lot of dirt on “OL OBUNHOLE” and talks about our elitist chosen presidents and lots of other stuff. it honestly made me ill seeing how it really is now. i think ron paul is our only chance.he the only one tied to the people not the dollar.

  • Bob M

    I am from the government and I am here to help. God help us

  • patriot ken

    I see this as one more example of massive federal overreach to control and regulate not only the Internet, but the way in which Americans can get in and out of websites, e-mail, and every other platform on the Internet. By doing this they control you and when you are being controlled you lose your freedom. Look WE THE PEOPLE THROUGH OUT ONE KING IT’S TIME WE THROUGH OUT ANOTHER. Sorry for yelling but this really ticks me off.

    Obama uses the Constitution like it is toilet paper. I’m against violence but step on, spit on, burn or disrespect the flag or the Constitution of these United States you are doing the same to me and I will not tolerate it.

    • Marty S.

      I hate to say it brother but if Oboner pulls this off we will have to return to other forms of communication such as hand written hand delivered messaging again. He is an avowed communist and his ideas reflect this closely.


    So what is new, he wants what all wannabe tyrants want, control and more power to intrude upon the fragile freedoms of the ordinary citizen and if nothing else he is definately the prime example of a tyrrant in the making.

    Still want to elect keep this uncredentialed clown in office????

  • LatterDayEsther

    What will it take before we ‘just say no’ to Obama???

    • Mike in MI

      Another Haman.

  • LiliQ

    The encroaching requirement of personal identity attached to all communications contradicts our own history. (Brits executed American patriots identified by their writings that derogated Brit rule)
    This ‘identification’ requirement for all written communications on the net has already begun with the increasing limits to comments sections, requiring use of ‘Facebook’ account to comment.

  • jopa

    I think you folks can come out from under your bed now.You are reading too much into this.Cheat on your taxes, threaten a government official or commit a terrorist act and the Guv may come after you.All of this fear you all portray is just silliness.Reagan was more wrong than right.We the people or as he stated our government has helped millions of people throughout time.We should all be proud and stand up and shout,”We are al Americans”.

  • Ol504troop

    “He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to recieve a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name”…”His number is 666.” Revelation 13:17


    Personally, the only ones who need an internet I.D. are the wrong doers… People who are not hackers,i.d. thieves and such should not have to go through this.Police patrol towns, now somebody is trying to get them to patrol the internet. HA HA HA.. I anm not for this..leave things as they are.

  • RightGunner

    Many people respond with replies to this and many other opinion sites. Here is a warning to go along with the one that warned about Government Agencies monitoring responses to this and many other sites, with resultant placing of people on “enemy lists”. It is as follows.

    People feel by using their Web Name they are anonymous because each site promises that your email address, which they require from each respondent, will never be released to anyone. But not long ago we read about a fearless Mexican lady reporter who was writing anti-drug cartel articles in local blogs. Soon after she went missing and the next day her decapitated head was put on public display.

    While the sites probably never gave her away, all people with lots of money who need such information have to do, is to find a willing employee who has access to that information, and they can then finger anyone, at very little cost to themselves. And of all the people with lots of money besides drug cartels, there are the Federal Government and large advocacy organizations, both left and right, all here at home.

    The push is on from many areas to control the internet just as has been done with the main stream media. We can and should fight that, but also always be careful in our opinion replies. We should not lose our heads and go overboard, so that we don’t go overboard and lose our heads.

    • Joseph

      The internet is not secure, nor is it private. No more than using a megaphone to do your telecommunications. I know some people want to front the idea that there’s a “reasonable expectation of privacy,” but those people are blatantly ignorant of the origins and construction of the Internet. Or else they’re well aware of them, and are trying to make the proles believe that the Internet doesn’t pass every packet of your data along a sequence of loosely-related public and private linkages, any of which has every right to read and laugh at the data flowing through its equipment.

  • g

    It was reported that the way to bring about the new world order is piece by piece liberty by liberty till one day the sheeople will not even know they have lost their country and freedoms. It is a shame the news media will not report what is going on because if they would then Obummer and the hacks in Congress and the Senate would be done.
    But no, the sheeople only hear how great Obummer is and how bad everyone else is. Sorry to say but Obummer probably will be re-elected due to this.

  • J c

    Here is the link to the CNET article. Option for secure ID for financial transactions.;8n

  • Raife

    Frankly, this is -not- just an Obama-thing. It has been planned for years. And, it -is- going to happen. Let me explain…

    I have worked in the computer industry for decades (programmer, designer, college instructor), and the APIs (Application Programmers Interfaces) and hardware-specifications for this began showing-up in “Microsoft-Windows” years ago (actually, shortly after Microsoft lost the massive Federal anti-trust case against them. For those unfamiliar with the actual facts of the case… every single “finding of fact”, in the case, -was- actually upheld by every single appeals court (including Microsoft’s final appeal to the Supreme Court of the United States). Basically, Microsoft was proven (in numerous courts) to be “guilty”. However, the DOJ, after absolutely winning the case, simply, inexplicably, dropped it… deciding to withhold any actually-serious penalties against Microsoft. Basically Microsoft was effectively let-off, pretty much, scott-free. There were actually calls on the floors of both the House and Senate, at the time, for a criminal investigation of the Bush-Whitehouse, for apparently ordering the DOJ to simply drop the case. Unfortunately, for justice (but very fortunately for the Whitehouse) 911 happened about a week later, and the matter was effectively forgotten. However, Microsoft did, shortly after effectively being given a slap-on-the-wrist, begin their massive “Trusted Computer” initiative). Furthermore, “Apple Computer” also now supports “Trusted Computing” (along with a seemingly, almost, psychotic-need to absolutely control their customers). Furthermore, Microsoft has just begun demanding that -all- computer manufactures must begin producing computers that only run “Trusted OSes”. And, the major motherboard manufacturers have already stated that they fully intend to comply with Microsoft’s specification.

    The “Trusted Computing” platform fundamentally allows Microsoft/Apple/your ISP (and therefore, effectively any special-interest, including the Government) to decide exactly what software and hardware users have to, and cannot, use on their computers). It also includes this requirement to include “two-part biometric identification” of the actual computer user.

    This ID-process would basically consist of;

    -Turning on the device
    -Running a (presumably government-issued) biometric, “machine-readable” ID through a hardware device (Real ID)
    -Using a biometric-scanner (thumbprint) reader… to prove user-identity
    -And, then only approved hardware, and software, would be allowed to access the Internet, with full, verifiable, identification of the actual computer-user.

    Aside from allowing powerful monitoring of every-single computer-user, this “initiative” would, just so happen, give virtually un-checked power to software-companies, media-corporations, and the government (through numerous back-door manipulations) to utterly control computers (and computer-users).

    This is not theory. The necessary software “hooks” have been embedded in “Windows” since “Microsoft-Vista”. The hardware-standards have been in place (as the “Trusted Platform” specification) for several years. The routers used by -most- ISPs (Internet Service Providers) have already been upgraded to enable, so-called, “End-Point-To-Endpoint” (“Trusted Computing”) security. Once, there is a “voluntary” requirement (motivated by SOPA, PIPA, etc.) from your ISP… to “improve everyone’s security and safety on the Internet”… Your ISP will simply begin requiring that only “Trusted” systems be allowed on the Internet. But, they [the ISPs] will announce the “good news”… most customers will simply need to buy a thirty-dollar (or so) thumbprint/ID-card-scanner, and continue using the computers already owned by most of the people in their customer-base. Those that won’t comply will simply be denied Internet-connections… for everybody’s “security/safety”… of course.

    Microsoft, in fact, has repeatedly demanded (at almost every “security” meeting that they attend) actual, direct, “legislation” requiring that “Trusted Computing/Endpoint-To-Endpoint security” be enacted… as “law”… and have actually claimed that anyone that opposes these Draconian measures, is either anti-social, or a criminal.

    Everyone really should “Google” “Trusted Computing” and “Endpoint-To-Endpoint Security”.

    In short… This is -not- a new threat. This is -not- a supposition. This -has- been long-planned. It -is- being implemented. It -will- most likely be imposed. And, once again, anyone that points-out the facts… and dangers… -will- be publicly denigrated and chastised as it is put in place.

    Pretty sad, if you ask me.


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