Obama: Waffles … Pie … Yum …


MATKINSON, Ill., Aug. 17 (UPI) — President Obama had more on his mind than the economy and jobs during a town hall meeting in Illinois Wednesday: He was thinking of food.

It started with acknowledgements before Obama began his introductory remarks.

“I want to thank the Waffle family — the Wyffels family, I haven’t had lunch — for hosting” the town hall meeting, Obama said to chuckles.

Obama conducted the town hall meeting at Wyffels (Obama pronounced it as “whiffles”) Hybrids Production Facility in Atkinson, Ill., on the third day of his bus tour through the U.S. midsection.

Then talk turned to pie.

“Lisa” of “Lisa’s Place” got a shout-out because the presidential motorcade meant her eatery was blocked for a while and apparently was being drained of entrees by a ravenous White House staff.

“I got a pie coming,” Obama said, asking what type. “Coconut cream and a cinnamon roll.”

For the record, Obama says coconut cream pie was his favorite.

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