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Obama Vows To Pass Jobs Bill In Pieces

October 13, 2011 by  

Obama Vows To Pass Jobs Bill In Pieces

Despite President Barack Obama’s repeated recommendations that Congress “pass this bill,” Senate Republicans united against the President to ensure that what they have called a rehashing of his previous stimulus attempts died on the Senate floor.

A 50-49 tally that garnered support from a majority of the 100-member Senate but fell well short of the 60 votes needed to keep the bill alive ended the President’s measure. As a result of the vote, Obama criticized Republicans for failing to support measures that they have in the past and vowed to pass the bill in pieces.

“Tonight’s vote is by no means the end of this fight. Independent economists have said that the American Jobs Act would grow the economy and lead to nearly 2 million jobs, which is why the majority of the American people support these bipartisan, commonsense proposals,” Obama said in a Tuesday night statement. “And we will now work with Senator Reid to make sure that the individual proposals in this jobs bill get a vote as soon as possible.”

Obama and his fellow Democrats’ new plan, it seems, is to break the bill apart and force Republicans to vote on some of the measures that Obama pulled from GOP playbooks in creating the jobs bill. Reports also indicate that some marriages of Republican and Democratic ideas may come to vote as smaller proposals.

“With each vote, members of Congress can either explain to their constituents why they’re against commonsense, bipartisan proposals to create jobs, or they can listen to the overwhelming majority of American people who are crying out for action,” Obama said.



Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Peter Walker

    This is just how obama care should have been dealt with piece by piece

    • Dave

      Since the Democrats had a SUPER-MAJORITY, they simply RAMMED IT UP OUR…I mean DOWN OUR THROATS” ( YEAH, RIGHT! )

      It was all done behind closed doors and over holiday weekends . . .

      OBAMACARE MUST BE REPEALED, no matter the cost, or it will DESTROY US !

      • T-Texas

        when are these people going to get it don’t pass anything that is going to raise taxes.

        • Lewis Munn

          Never. Have to replace them sooner but not much later.

    • Christine

      The voting against the bill is good, but the jobs bill has spending in it. According to the constitution, all spending bills must originate in the House of Representatives. Obama doesn’t care what the Constitution says and knows that his bill is going nowhere in the House, so he tried to send it through the Senate so he could pass it there and then deride the Republicans in the House for not passing it. (Do nothing Congress). Now he has a jobs council trying to get around the Congress (and the constitution) since he can’t get his awful bill passed. It’s hard to believe a so called constitutional scholar could trample the constitution like Obama has.

      • Matt Newell

        He’s no more a constitutional scholar than I am (and I have never considered myself a scholar). We don’t have any proof (evcept Obama saying he was) or any idea of what he supposedly taught (it’s been kept from the public eye by our transparent president).

      • Lewis Munn

        Too bad the people cannot ask him questions and get his answers, without a teleprompter!

        Wonder if he really knows anything not teleprompted to him at the time?

    • olinda moore

      Obama thing [eople are stupid;sing by pieces and in the end put every thing together and pass it,,to the congress said no to every pieceand work on somthing diferent ,he wants money for the campain,becouse thepeople he put in wall street paid by the democrats is not working every body can see it ,i said VIVA AMERICA Y DIOS NOS AYUDE…….

  • FreedomFighter

    The US financial situation simplified

    This rather brilliantly cuts thru all the political doublespeak we get………..

    Food for thought….. This puts it into a much better perspective and is the same for many countries in Europe…..? Even democracy doesn’t solve this one.

    Why the U.S. was downgraded:

    • U.S. Tax revenue: $2,170,000,000,000
    • Fed budget: $3,820,000,000,000
    • New debt: $ 1,650,000,000,000
    • National debt: $14,271,000,000,000
    • Recent budget cuts: $ 38,500,000,000

    Let’s now remove 8 zeros and pretend it’s a household budget:

    • Annual family income: $21,700
    • Money the family spent: $38,200
    • New debt on the credit card: $16,500
    • Outstanding balance on the credit card: $142,710
    • Total budget cuts: $385

    Above from email

    Goverment needs to cut spending and reduce regulation to stimulate job growth, goverment spending just kills jobs.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • WaChar

      AGREE totally FreedomFighter! This is a joke to think 1 Trillion over 10 years will change our future. Individual families that live like this go bankrupt, lose everything, and if they can prove intent: GO TO JAIL!

      • lkar

        NO! You go occupy wall street, demand debt forgiveness and blame the rich for your problems. Only if you are a middle aged white male do you go to jail.

    • Isaac Davis

      So simple, even a moonbat can understand it! Great example where the zerobamateur likes to obfuscate, and the zeroes shed the cloak and expose the truth. Excellent!

    • Ellen

      Excellent explanation! Cutting spending is critical, yet Obama and the Dems want to increase it. Years ago, government spending did create jobs – like military spending that employed engineers, machinists, etc to design & build weapons. Today’s government spending is increasing welfare, increasing Medicaid, extending unemployment. Not only does this spending not create jobs, it increases debt. We need to start phasing out welfare. Limit women to be able to collect for only 1 child and require them to name daddy so he can be held financially responsible. Our fastest growing debt problem is welfare (not all entitlements) and it is completely controllable by setting limitations.

      • Skptk

        The devil’s in the details, as always, but your general ideas need to be pursued. Can you imagine the howls, though, when a bill in this vein is introduced?

        • Lewis Munn

          Should we all head for the stores for earplugs?

          I think nobody with any pull will dare to introduce such a bill! The Government will be after them fast and furious!

      • kantstanja

        Well Ellen, you voice a good opinion but your wrong if you think congress and the g’ment is actually in office to make things completely controllable by setting limitations. We’re talking about self-interest crooks or at the very least, Vegas casino owners who own AND control the house (the betting average profit that is). I wouldn’t trust one of these vermin to even walk my dog. Their a bunch of losers whom we elected giving them the false confidence that their NOT losers after all then as a reward for their egotism they fleece the flock and whine and bitch in order to upset the apple cart thus insure their phony baloney well paid jobs remain secure (at least until the next election thus more favors from the rich with an agenda to see the entire face of America in their image).. Show me an honest politician and I’ll show you TEN veteran politicrooks brow beating him into submission, then once accomplished.. He becomes just another herder. There is nobody going to get us out of this mess, because.. THEIR POLITICIANS!!

    • AVCurmudgeon

      Truly most excellently done. I’m cutting and pasting, complete with attribution. Great job.

    • Jay

      FF, thanks for putting it in simple term! Nice work!

  • kate

    Republicans? What about Harry Reid? and the other, albeit few, democrats who did not vote for this bill?

    I am tired of the President of the UNITED States working so hard to divide this country.

    It is NOT prudent to make corporations pay more taxes. It is not prudent for rich people to pay more taxes. Common sense and your own experiences of cash or credit costs for items should tell EVERYONE that when the rich have to pay more taxes, they take it from the pockets of middle and lower class citizens.

    This bill makes no sense, and how in the world does President Obama get off telling us that MOST of Americans want this bill? Did he ask me? NO! So, he likely did not ask MOST Americans, so how does he know we want higher taxes (fines) for rich people who have committed no crime, but rather have spent their lives becoming rich.

    I do not deserve the money someone else worked hard for. Neither does anyone else.

    • Patty

      He gets the notion that most Americans want this bill because more than 50% of the population are collecting some sort of money from the gov’t. Just like the other stimulus bills, this one is to enrich the unions so they can stuff more money into his re-election campaign, because the money isn’t coming in like it did in 2008. It is a scam, he is a scam.
      As I sit and watch my state contemplate yet another Coliseum for the billionaire owners and yet another 1/2% sales tax on a community which will not go to a public vote, the insanity yet continues. Instead of our state taking care of its’ most basic infrastructure, it is of no wonder to me how we got to the place we are at today. The last stimulus bill went to gov’t. union workers to save thier jobs. We don’t need more gov’t. workers, we need private sector jobs with private sector money. Just as Sylindra was a money laundring scheme, so will this bill follow the same path.

      • eddie47d

        If you are correct and 50% of Americans receive government assistance then why would they be demanding jobs if they are already receiving money. The picture of the declining middle class should be at the front burner and they definitely need more jobs coming into their community.

        • Dave

          I think he “attempted” to use a 50% figure by lumping these things together:

          (1) Social Security Retirement
          (2) SSI
          (3) Welfare
          (4) Food Stamps
          (5) Disability
          (6) Unemployment Benefits

          Unfortunately, as with most SOCIALIST LIBERALS, he tailored the “facts” to suit his agenda, while ignoring the “real facts” !

        • Isaac Davis

          The jobs have gone offshore. Those jobs are never coming back to America. We wanted cheap crap, and we got it. You should go read, really read, market-ticker. There is a vast wealth of a boatload of clues over there. The government has never and will never produce one thing except MISERY. The government has no responsibility to produce a “job”, but to only ensure that the environment is conducive to the Free Market and prosperity. The government has taxed the jobs offshore, and there can never be the incentive for those jobs to ever return to America. We paid our fifty cents for the ride, and the ride is over, the park is closed.

        • Lewis Munn


          I used to be middle class, doing engineering.

          Now I am considered too old to work, and my income is less than half in amount, and far less than that when inflation is considered.

          Obama keeps cutting and cutting us older people to give money to his union buddies and his illegal buddies.

          Just wait until you are older and you too will wonder where your supposed SS benefits you paid for went!

        • olinda moore

          to Eddie,people geting easy money from the govermrnt do not want to work any more,is like erope if they work the money go to the goverment and the gov. paid there house food supply and school,some of them are 50yrs.old and they stiil sing for school to get money ;I do not want that for my kids i want my children going to school get a good job and live a decent live,not beeing checking the mail every week for the goverment check.

        • eddie47d

          I’m retired too Issac and nobody gets a whole lot from SS but that is the way it was set up. Strictly as a supplement. Please don’t expect any “pity” from anyone on this site. They will tell you tough luck. Another thing don’t be blaming things on Obama you would be getting the same no matter who is President.

    • Iris

      What Obama is doing makes perfect sense for HIM. And believe me, everything he does is FOR him! Sensible and pragmatic you, thinks that Obama WANTS more jobs available, but the truth is that his “Occupiers” first of all really don’t want to get jobs and show up sober at 8:30 AM anywhere in this world; and second, who will riot for Obama in the not too distant future and give him the Raison d’etre to call for his Dictatorship? THE MAN IS EVIL.

      • eddie47d

        Look no further than Joseph McCarthy if you want this nation to be governed by a dictatorship. He was willing to strip every American of their rights and was willing to use undercover agents to do so. He groomed Richard Nixon who followed in his footsteps. Nixon/Agnew openly loved using the police to enforce their agenda. Obama doesn’t even come close to those scallywags.

        • Brad


          Ohmama is the lier in chief, everytime he opens his mouth another lie comes out. Ohmama does use hid minnions; i.e. acorn, unions and soros funded organizations to spread lie’s and condem those who work hard for a living.

        • http://yahoo Skyraider6

          Big Bullsheet

        • Brad

          .(offensive comment removed)

        • eddie47d

          I only thing being attacked in this country Brad is the hard working men and women in almost every segment of society. That includes teachers,nurses,factory workers,farmers,waitresses,etc and they are being bashed by the right. You are part and parcel of that group which defends the elites while pounding down on the middle class.

          • Ellen

            Eddie, Have you any examples of how the right is bashing the middle class? The right has always – and continues to – work for the middle class. The Dems have always worked to pretend to help the poor. They have only helped the poor stay poor and repeat the poverty cycle. The Dems are actually a richer party and liberals earn 8% more than conservatives. Just because Obama says the opposite doesn’t make it true. He is inciting class warfare and the non-thinkers believe him. If you are aware of reality, most middle class Americans live in small towns and they are overwhelmingly conservative. Liberals live in big cities and either don’t comprehend life outside a city or they live on welfare.

          • eddie47d

            That is always a favorite of Conservatives bringing up welfare and insisting that they vote Democrat. Democrats can only wish that they would get off their behinds and vote at all. Then several of you attack the millions of union workers as thugs. How heartwarming and generous of you. Rail that nurses(very middle class) are way overpaid. That teachers are incompetent commies like that kind of trash talk is going to endear them to you. That factory workers are expendable numbers without souls and making little while the CEO of that company is making millions is a God given hero.What a twisted version the right has of the middle class worker. Seems like alot of these attacks on the middle class is intentional and so many have even called government workers parasites and leeches.The middle class includes many and most who bring the hammer down on them support the widening disparity that is increasing between the haves and have nots. There is indeed class warfare and some right here are active in perpetuating it.

          • Brad


            Then answer this one simple question, why the democrats want to increase taxes instead of cutting spending?

            Then answer this, in 2012 Ohmamas continuation of the Bush era tax cuts come to an end will he ask congress to renew/make them permanent or be the president going out the door who raised taxes the highest?

            By the way the president and his minnions are playing class warfare, do you see rich liberal/democrats pouring their hard earned money into the wealth redistribution pot… Didn’y think so, Eddie just as long you keep your blinders on you will never see the big picture. The day we the people elect constitutional representatives to congress instead of these so called professional politicians Washington will remain the same. By spewing the lefts major talking points you don’t research for yourself or fact check the lefts major points, I look at both sides and make a consciencious decision about what should work for me and to include the nation. Right now I see the Democrat party infiltrated by Communist Party of America (CPA), George Soros floating his money to every anarchist organization that support the NWO. Today I see my government being ruined by a party of god less people, who’s turning our nation our morality into a power play, lead by the leftist elitests saying do as I say not as I do. You claim unions and their officials aren’t thugs, what do you think about Jimmy Hoffas comments when he introduced Ohmama a few months ago, what about the teamsters and their attack on a ship yard in Evert, Washington? These are the organizations you support and the Soros/SEIUs paid support for Occupy Wallstreet hoollagans. Please do me a favor look at both sideas of the coin before attempting to post again, DaveH and quite a few other posters have proven you wrong and have pointed out your blatent lie’s.

          • eddie47d

            First of all the Bush Tax Cut did precious little but make the rich wealthier and created even fewer jobs. We should call that for what it is a Ponzi scheme for the rich. Maybe a hoax on the Middle Class? You are one confused man Brad and damn hateful.The only thing more confusing is your confusion and arrogance. The CPAUSA has few members and most are old farts dreaming of another age long ago. So hyping that up earns you no porridge tonight.Attacking Liberals for not being productive is also a laugh. Someone earlier said that Liberal make much more than Conservatives so that must mean they are indeed working and putting back into America. On the New World Order issue you are so wrong again. They are mostly governed by old money from the last century. Sure there may be some Liberal involved but if you look at history it was the Conservatives who had all the old money. You surely can’t lay that on any progressive but nice try.So who has their blinders on …take another look in the mirror since you want to play smartazz. Who looks at both sides of the story? It isn’t you!

        • Lewis Munn

          You sure you aren’t just quoting Obama? Sure sounds like Obamacare and his other policies. When you are older, perhaps you will understand when you are in desperate straits and your dollars in SS and/or the bank are worthless!

          Sure be interesting to hear your feelings then!

          • eddie47d

            You don’t understand SS do you Lewis. It is only a supplement.

      • WaChar

        Go Iris! this is insanity and a President is supposed to represent ALL AMERICANS!!!

        • eddie47d

          Does “your side”? Now please be honest about supporting ALL AMERICANS.

          • Brad


            Ohmama doesn’t care about us or this country, didn’t you know that, the only thing he cares about, getting his pet legilations passed. The only other thing he cares about are those Liberal donors giving him millions of dollars for his re-election campaign.

          • eddie47d

            Yes Brad your ignorance is bliss. Your statement could be said about any President.

    • Charlie

      all ovomit wants to do is pit the haves against the have nots and then be on the side of the have nots because there are more of them to vote for him…..all he is interested in is another 4 years, NOT the United States nor what we still, hopefully, stand for in the eyes of the world…he wants to bury everything this country has stood for since our inception and bring his useless ideas to the forefront….it is so much time for him to go..

    • Jibbs

      According to the Constitution, obama is not president!

      • eddie47d

        Until proven differently then he is and you know it.

        • Lewis Munn

          He bears the title. He takes the vacations. But he does not act as a President should, in the best interests of everybody, even folks like me, whom you sometimes scorn. And he is NOT presidential timber when he kowtows to foreign gangsters, and puts them ahead of US citizens.

  • peter

    If the government took all the money and distributed it equally amongst the citizens, I figure it would take approximately 20 years at the most for 1% to have 99% of the money and the other 99% to have just 1%. Bet on it.

    • Lost in Paradise

      Five years tops!

    • Jim

      Yep The bottom 20% would continue to do nothing but just live off the money the top 1% would guide the rest into investing in them and their products to assure a good life and later retirement. They would continue as Compassionate people working and supporting the bottom 20%

  • Lucy

    Kate, I’m right with you! This so called President cannot tell me I want this bill. Just like you, I was NEVER ask!!! Not only that, but all these people who are out on Wall Street, DC, Boston and other places are just like “OBAMA”, they have all been “BOUGHT AND PAID FOR”! Therefore this Administration is nothing but corrupt!!! This President should have been “IMPEACHED” a year ago!!!!!

    • Lost in Paradise

      It would be nearly impossible to impeach that piece of garbage. It would however, be good if Congress would do its job, and get started investigating him over several issues, including his legitamacy. I firmly believe he is not legit, and is a very big deciever, and pulledthe largest scam ever on the American people.

      I’m quite sure if he were really investigated, he, holder, and several of his other cronies would be arrested. Much much better than an impeachment. He would lose bigtime over that one.

      • Jim

        The most rediculas thing i heard from a government official was that the Jobs created by this jobs bill would generate revenue(Tax money) to help pay off the deficit. I didn’t catch the name, you can be shure I would love to post it!

      • Don

        Lost in Paradise, i agree with you 100%, and I think fast an furious has a chance to do just that, along with a few others !!

    • eddie47d

      So Lucy was never asked? So now you want special treatment because you don’t like something. Were you asked if you liked NAFTA? Where you asked if you liked the Patriot Act? Where you asked if you like the Iraq War? How about the Vietnam War? Were you asked for the Interstate System? Were you asked if private developers can drill for oil on our public lands? The thing is that we vote in elected officials who vote up and down on bills which do things that none of us like. This jobs bill was defeated in this round and that should make you feel good. But nothing makes some folks happy and some of you are living proof of that. I support the jobs bill and you don’t. You won and I lost and that is the way it goes. I supported and served in Vietnam and when I came home I saw the truth about what was really going on and I turned against that war. In essence we all became losers because neither side of that argument gained much of anything.Yet I’m still proud we live in a country where issues are debated and can fight for our individual opinions. If there is truly a better way to create jobs then I am all ears. If not then I’ll support the piecemeal approach. Less taxes and less regulations are not a proven fact. So “your side” has alot of work to do in convincing anyone of that also. When all is said and done it is not what you like or I like but what is best for the country. Agreed

      • Don

        Eddie, so you think your opinion is more important than Lucy’s ??

        • bigjohn

          The problem is not just democrats, it is that everybody in Washington has a political agenda, and that agenda is defined by one word, “Power”. We have those on the left who would take away our freedoms as Obama and his crowd have been trying to do, and on the right, we have those like Bush, Cheney, and Rove, who usurped as much power as they could. It is time that Patriots who love their country and fellow men take control of all of our branches of government, and do what is right for the country rather than for themselves or their political agenda. I think we should not spend any more than we can take in through fair means. I think we should expect personal accountability from all individuals, except those that are truly disabled or too young or old to fend for themselves. I think we should not be the policemen of the world. Our military should be to defend US and not everybody else. I also think a different form of taxation is needed that makes no distinction between rich and poor, but permits all of us to pay our fair share. People who have skin in the game are a lot less in favor of big government programs. We need to take our education system back from the federal government, including federal judges. We need to rein in federal and state judges who try to legislate from the bench. If they want to be legislators, let them step down from the bench. To do all of this, we need to all work together, and look after each other’s interest, and not be so interested in just our own interest.

        • eddie47d

          Certainly don’t but all you offered was empty rhetoric and added nothing.Bigjohn above had an excellent reply so you need to add something more relevant in finding some common ground or some solution.Those who proclaim they hate Bush or Obama and offer nothing more deserve the government they received.

          • lkar

            I agree we deserve the government we got. But I take issue with your call to “debate the issues”. I watch the Republican debates and think what a farce. Wolf Blitzer asks hypothetical situations about some mythical 30 year old without insurance. WTF! Debate would have simply asked the candidate to explain governments role in caring for the uninsured. NO, Wolf wants to plant political land mines to drum up ratings. He does not give a crap about the issues!
            The same was true in the Democratic debates of 2008. We no longer have debate in this country (at least from a main stream media veiwpoint). We have “gotcha” moments and we hope to God that our favorite candidate has fewer of them than the others.
            Obama did not want to debate a Jobs bill, he wanted a “gotcha” moment for his next press conference. Guess this speech of his proves my point! Debate would have been, let’s break this up into smaller bills and debate the pros and cons of each (the Republicans original response). Now the PONTUS wants to take credit for this idea of open dialog, BS he wnats more precise “gotcha” moments. To be fair the Republicans like to practice this same tactic, it just seems they are a little to honest to get away with it as malicously as the Democrats!

      • Isaac Davis

        Go read Grover Norquist’s, “Leave Us Alone”, if you need some proof of low taxes creating prosperity. Yes, that requires some work. The one thing that is blatantly glaring is how you say that you came back from the Vietnam War and learned the truth, yet you still hand your life over the government as if they have somehow, magically, become benevolent and honest? No one owes anyone else anything, least of all the government owing us anything except to clear a path and honor the Oath of Office to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

      • Lewis Munn

        Have heavier and heavier taxes and more and more regulations and more an more illegal aliens made more and more jobs happen for us? US citizens?


        Has it not driven the jobs overseas, and given us a recession headed towards a depression, along with lots of crime??

    • Lewis Munn

      Late in the season, but pass me the peaches so if he comes by, splat!

  • Lost in Paradise

    Anyone with a brain, would know that the government cannot and should not create jobs! It should stay out of our face, so the free enterprise system can work. The government needs to be reduced, by a minimum of 50%, and let us prosper. There then would not be a huge need to rake us over the coals for more taxes. What I would like to know is why some of these whiners do not start a business of their own, if they like big government so damn much.

  • rafael


    • dfinch

      Don’t forget Warren Buffett

      • Lewis Munn

        When he takes all the money from the rich, he will keep it for himself, so he can buy more power, and more votes!

        • eddie47d

          Now you are playing politics Lewis. You know fear over facts.

          • Lewis Munn

            “Playing” politics?

            I’ve been around the real thing!

            It may be a game to you, but I’ve been close to the trenches and seem the dirty tricks and pressure tactics that are played when it gets to the votes. I also know how computers can be gimmicked easily to miscount the votes.

            I really do not trust an Electrical Worker’s union to set up a vote-counting computer to record the true votes, since it is generally not in their best interests for the election to be totally honest!

            I am sure as a liberal you are well acquainted in many ways of how to rig an election.

  • s c

    Obummer is a consummate DIVIDER. He has NO plans to UNITE any group, other than utopians or societal destroyers. As for common sense, what the flying hell does that airhead know about common sense? He couldn’t find a bucket full of common sense if he went on a world-wide shopping spree.
    As for JOBS, what’s that “genius” been doing since he was in the W H? He WAITED for almost THREE YEARS to conclude that he should get off his posterior and begin to THINK about it! He’s a classic utopian. He’s so filled with rage and hatred that if he wasn’t programmed to deal with it in public, he would have exloded by now and alerted his minions to the fact that he’s not fit to be in politics, let alone get close to the W H. Jimmy Carter must be the happiest guy in the world, and everyone knows exactly W H Y.

  • Lost in Paradise

    Obama needs to be gone before 2012. He is causing too much damage, and will make a real mess of this country if allowed to remain in office till the end of his term.

    As conservatives, we do have a big problem. That is we are vastly outnumber by the socialist/communists. I would rather have a revolution and die with at least some dignity, than to die under control of a communist government. Communism is the direction we are headed. This distrubition of wealth BS really proves it.

    • eddie47d

      Oh Please LOST you have less backbone than Obama in such negative drivel. “we are outnumbered by the communists”. I see no truth to that. Let’s see there are 310 million Americans and only 3-500 members in the Communist Party USA. You have bought into something that just isn’t there. The disparity between poor and wealthy is widening and if the rich get wealthier and no jobs are brought forth then there will be more poor people. That doesn’t bode well for this country or don’t you care. I think you want to give a damn but I see nothing coming down the pike in the form of the wealthy providing jobs. If private Enterprise is the job creators and the wealthy have the money to create jobs then where are they? You attack Obama for trying to set up a jobs bill and some of you have some valid reasons. Yet you crow that the Republicans will save the day when there is nothing to show for it.

      • Isaac Davis

        Again, go read. Look up this guy Wynn, the CEO of Las Vegas. Read what he says about oboingo’s business climate. Businesses are sitting on their capital because they have no confidence in the economy, due totally to the incompetence of the present administration. The impending taxes, “healthcare” costs, wages, regulations raining down from unauthorized/non-lawful sources like the EPA/FDA, the global economy, and the fed printing billions per day to devalue the dollar. My God, man, open your eyes. Oboingo has done nothing to promote the Free Market, but piss away hundreds of billions on “shovel ready” crap that never existed in the first place.

        • eddie47d

          Those shovel ready jobs were there and the ones that haven’t been worked on are still there.

          • 270 Win.

            Eddie, Obama admitted there were no shovel ready jobs.

      • Brad


        If Ohmamas jobs bill ever gets passed, once the money runs out so do the jobs, think about that. TARP didn’t work, oh we must pass it so we can keep un-employment down below 8%, our Vice President (Biden) said that, where are the jobs created or saved from it?

        • eddie47d

          Sure did work. Kept thousands employed while the Republicans said they would get the private sector to provide jobs. Opps they lied but I’ll keep looking for them there private jobs!

      • Lewis Munn

        And who is against the “Tea Party”, that wants a real Constitutional government? That worked for a long time until the Liberals hijacked it!

      • Lewis Munn

        The number of card-carrying Communists is irrelevant, and you know it.

        It is those who support the idea of everybody equally poor and bound by endless laws with which a lawless aristocracy rules. Those who support the idea presuming they will come out part of the ruling clique.

    • Isaac Davis

      I truly believe we conservatives/Constitutionalists outnumber the lemmings 10:1. The over two million that went to Washington on 912 had a weekend to participate. We don’t show up Mon-Fri because we have an employer who sort of expects to see our faces at work. Look at the lemmings…they are unemployed, but somebody paid for that e-crap they are sporting and texting and you-tubing and communicating with. Some of them even have a clue about the issues, but I have yet to hear one of them put the gov’t front and center of the reasons for the situation in America. The “banks” may have done financially corrupt practices, but those practices were authorized by congressional action. Barney Fwank and Chris Doodd both stood by Fannie/Freddie in the gross failure of subprime lunacy, and the big investment houses manufactured the most immoral and bogus schemes ever devised in order to turn billions of dollars in profit betting that the housing market would fail! Not succeed, in that the mortgage holder would actually be able to and continue to pay their mortgage, but FAIL to pay their mortgage. This “dream” came true in 2006 and 2007. We are on the same track to witness this devastation once again, as the very same situation that allowed that hundreds of billions in wealth to simply vanish as the defaults blossom. Go read, “The Big Short”.

  • Had it

    I can see no problem with rejecting his jobs bill a peace at a time. Just so he is rejected, that’s the main thing. Like a spoiled brat he will sit around and make accusation and try to intimidate to get his way. Like a spoiled brat he needs discipline. He can not tell when people have had enough of him. some polls may show people approve of his performance ( by 200% ) so much for poles.

  • Jim

    How is a Bill proposed by a Democrat, pushed by a democrat,voted against by 20% of the democrat and all of the Republican senate a “Bipartisan Bill”. I think it’s author(in name only) has been so bussy pushing this that he hasen’t gotten enough sleep and has become dilusional. It has been voted down,quit beating a dead horse! Follow the constitution, it will do wonders for your sleeping problem!

  • Lastmanstanding

    these guys will and have stopped at nothing to divide the country. In fact, both repubs and dems at the fed and most state levels are doing the same thing. This will continue.

    I personally have lost faith in the voting process…My prediction for these guys is that when they destroy this nation, they won’t be able to stand in the light of day…between them and the bankers, I’m afraid only a total reset will solve the problem.

  • Baba

    Dip ____!

  • Michael Lewis

    This man must believe he was elected Emperor and consistently ignores the will of the people. We must fire him in the 2012 election!

    • Raggs

      With all of the scandles coming out in the open and many many more that we don’t even know about yet I hope that he will be impeached prior to 2012.

      • eddie47d

        The left wanted to impeach Bush and the right wants to impeach Obama. What a hoot! The right impeached Clinton over a silly sex scandal so is this how far this country has denigrated itself? Most complaints against Obama are not impeachable either Mr Raggs even though you must dream about it every night. Every nation has sinister government officials and some do really serious horrible things.Asking for a jobs bill isn’t one of them.

        • Raggs

          To you nothing that oblama does is a call for impeachment regardless to what laws are violated that is hypocracy.

        • Alex

          And yet, after ignoring intelligence specifically warning that Al Qaeda planned to fly passenger aircraft into tall buildings and subsequently giving up on finding Osama bin Laden, the Bush Crime Family hurled over 5000 of our children to an early death in Iraq —where were the cries for impeachment then? Not a word from the Teagaggers.

          If Maxine Waters or Barbara Lee had yelled “You lie” while President Bush lied to a joint session of Congress about why he was going to kill so many young Amerikan mercenaries and innocent Iraqi non-combatants we would have never heard the end of it, yet the Reich Wingers feel it was fine for the imbecilic Joe Wilson to shriek that way at President Obama. The are unashamed of their hypocrisy.

          • Alex

            So weird the way these Fright Wingers get all hysterical when confronted with the truth and resort to vitriol and anger ABSENT ANY cogent response!

          • Brad


            What was it that Hillary and Kerry said, I was for it before I was against it, the war in Afganistan then Iraq. When are you going to rail against this administration spending 4.6 trillion in deficit spending in 34 months, an economy which is stagnent, no real job growth.

          • Brad

            and by the way Alex Joe Wilson was right, HCR is providing federal funds for abortions to include the morning after pill, fact check it I dare you to!!!

          • eddie47d

            Where are the private sector jobs that the Republicans said would save us and our economy.? Tell me they didn’t fib.

        • Isaac Davis

          Clintoon desecrated the Office of the President of the United States, sportsfan. Bush and Co. did plenty, nobody is giving him a free pass, either. Woodrow Wilson and FDR screwed the living dog squeeze out of a Freedom and Liberty, but you don’t mention them. Lincoln obliterated the Constitution, but you seem to miss that one, too. This is NOW, dude. The water over the dam, the crying over spilled milk is useless. You better get a clue and some good ones, because what happens to the rest of the 300-plus million of us is going to happen to you, too. Gov’t caused every issue we face as a nation, yet they do nothing to take ownership of those problems, yet they will campaign/demand/rant/politic and otherwise act like jackasses to tell you how taking MORE of your money is going to solve the very problems that they, the gov’t, CREATED!!! Politicians don’t give a rip about any of us. They simply play both sides against the middle, and you are content to get on the side that says they’ll fix your little problems–that they caused!

          Self Reliance, belief in a Higher Power, Responsibility, Ownership of YOUR life is what an American is supposed to reflect to the world.

        • Earl


          Suborning perjury and perjury are not “silly” little charges. Ms. Lewinksy can do whatever she wants, but Clinton has a duty to be chaste for his wife and a moral example for his countrymen (and women). Never even mind the cloward & Piven stuff. I could go on but this will be sufficient…How soon you forget!

          • eddie47d

            The “bedroom” police are out again!

  • Alex

    The GOP doesn’t mind American families struggling—that is the way they like it, as long as the George Soros of the world get to keep their loot.

    • Raggs

      Alex.. No it is not like that and you just want to be bottle feed by the government…

    • Isaac Davis

      You obviously have snorted the Kook-Aid. You have become so liberal that your brains fell out several blocks behind you, and they were run over multiple times.

      Where did you ever hear that conservatives EVER thought soros was something other than alien from Uranus?

      Leave the cat poop alone when you’re in the sandbox, please.

      • Alex

        That is not the point; the point is that the misguided neo-conartist practice of layering love upon the wealthy while hurting families benefits EVEN people like Soros, who you cannot seem to stomach.

  • Raggs

    This stupid bill is nothing but a smoke screen to blame the republicans for not passing it in order to help oblamas re-election campaign… It is the same tatic that eric holder is using with the so-called Iranian terror threat that is a diversion from the fast-n-furious.

    • Isaac Davis

      Nail on the head!!! Wag the jackass!

  • Blackberry

    Thanks freedomfighter for the clear budget insight!

  • kemp

    Smoke and mirrors folks–smoke and mirrors

  • Vic Bailey

    When is the Congress going to get off their Lazy Asses and send Bama Packing to Leavenworth? Is he going to have to kill half of the American people first? He is in the process right now! Slowly causing more and more jobs to go overseas. STOP him NOW! Semper Fi!

    • Alex

      Capitalism sent your job overseas, sweetheart.

    • eddie47d

      Lets get this straight; Nixon opened up relations with China that slowly opened up Capitalism within that country. So far so good right? Trade with China has increased with every President since then. You all strongly believe in free markets and free trade right. Then we have the NAFTA free trade agreement pushed by Republicans/Gingrich and signed by Clinton. Companies took advantage of all this free trade and left the country and took the jobs with them. China improved on every product that we made and started making them themselves with Chinese workers. They then sold these products back to Americans who are sitting around complaining about job loss. Then you have the audacity to blame Obama for not creating jobs when the axe came down on us several years ago. Sadly and unfortunately it is these Conservative actions with free trade that has crippled this country. Free trade always sounds good and we were snockerned by those who sold all of this to the American people. One thing they left out Competition!When it comes to competition whether in sports or business there is always one side that will play unfair.They need referees and regulations and either they left that out or they just aren’t doing their job. I think it’s a little of both but the damage was done years ago. Neither party can run from setting up those bad business deals but we do know who put them in motion and encouraged them. So what is the Pro business/free market community going to do about it?

      • Brad

        Eddie said: “China improved on every product that we made and started making them themselves with Chinese workers. They then sold these products back to Americans who are sitting around complaining about job loss”.

        What Eddie47d meant to say, every American invention developed after WWII was made better by Japan starting in the 50′s and to the present day. Today who makes the majority of the electronics we use and or listen too, who makes half the vehicles we drive today, why do the Chinese only know how to copy a product instead of improving on it. Eddie get your facts strait, you are still making yourself look bad. History is powerful, when we forget it we tend to make the same mistakes over and over again.

        • eddie47d

          Nothing wrong in what I said so stop being a jerk or is that normal? Japan has nothing to do with this equation since their economy tanked in the 90′s. So you are the one who is wrong again.

          • Lewis Munn

            Then why do I see so many new Japanese cars on the roads? So many electronics and cameras made in Japan? For a “tanked” economy, they sure are doing well!!

          • eddie47d

            Almost all Japanese cars are made in America Lewis.

  • Dan

    If a republican president did half of the things this president has done, (arming terrorest groups,the drug cartel, by-passing the constitution, making deals with the UN to back door passing gun control on a world wide stage, discussing turning over our military to be under UN control, instituting all of his “czars” to run departments so as to bypass congressional review and approval, taking over private companies, special loans in the solar field, in spite of warnings from his own staff,which went bank-rupt, more money being loaned to Palozies brother-in law for a plant being built in Reids home state.)to name just a few, the press and the liberals would demand his impeachment and restitution for his criminal actions. Amazing how quiet the press is!

    • Alex

      A lot of us DID call for impeachment when Ronald Raygun traded arms for hostages and then arms for drugs.
      Ron Reagan is so much smarter than his evil father.

      • Isaac Davis

        Well, you’re going to love Ewic Holder and Billary Clintoon, then. Talk about your arms dealers!

        • Alex

          Didn’t trade ‘em for hostages, like Raygun.

          • Brad

            Clinton did sell missle technology to China which compromised our missle technology!

    • Lewis Munn

      They say money talks, but it is also good at keeping silence!

  • Dr. smith

    how much more can we stand of this corrupt lying cheat? I for one am exhausted from hearing the massive BS coming out of this rat’s blow hole. I guess I’m just a racist despite my support for Herman Cain. Obama is the most divisive corrupt president in the history of America. just who is he? the “enemy within”?

    • Lewis Munn

      He is a Marxist Muslim!! Can’t stand to see a Christian cross. And he is best at taking vacations and pouting.

  • http://moniquer7 Merlin

    Obama is so pathetic! He is like a little child that when one parent say no goes to the other to get his way. And if that doesn’t work, he throws a tntrum.

    • Alex

      Sounds like you are talking about Eric Cantor.

      • Brad

        Ya, he was talking about Ohmama…

  • Ken Howes

    The article suggests that this is a “tactic” to “force” Republicans to vote on it piece by piece. This is what they wanted in the first place! Obama wanted it all bundled together so that when Republicans voted against the bill because it contained things to which they had reasonable objections, he would be able to say that they were being unreasonable in blocking a bill that contained some provisions to which no one would reasonably object. He would say that it was “political, just so they can get me out of office.”

    Now he can’t do that. He’ll get the reasonable parts of his bill passed without any serious problem. The unreasonable parts will be DOA. Obama won’t be able to say the GOP just said, “No, no, no,” because they will have said, “Yes,” to those parts that were OK. On the other hand, the GOP will be able to say that it saved America from the unreasonable parts. This is a major win for the Republicans because it wipes out the most dangerous Democratic argument–that there is a “do-nothing Congress” that only wants to obstruct Obama.

    On the other hand, it’s about time that the House starts sending up bills to undo Obama’s damage–repeal Obamacare, set the future base line for budgeting at the fiscal 2009 pre-stimulus levels, etc.. We know such bills won’t get through the Senate, but it will prove that the GOP is not “do-nothing” and is not just blowing smoke to keep the Tea Party quiet but is really acting to rein in spending.

  • J J

    If his bill isn’t passing, why doesn’t he look at what people don’t like about it and make changes to satisfy more people? Why does he insist that his way is the only way? Better yet, why doesn’t he get some non-union small business owners in his office and ask them why they are not hiring??? Then make his bill from that, if one is really needed! Why doesn’t he just listen to the American people and STOP spending, cut some of the multitudes of regulations they have introduced and get out of the way and let America do what it does best!

    • Lewis Munn

      Because hia orders do not come from people who care about the Nation, but from those who hate freedom!

  • Vicki

    obama was born in Mombasa, Kenya.The Ambassador from Kenya to United States, Peter Ogimga Ogego says so. his paternal granmother in Kenya
    says so. obama does not belong in the White House walking around re-
    presenting the American people American people.
    By the way , sign into google and ask, ‘where was obama born’

    God bless America !
    Vicki S.

    • Raggs

      The only people that oblama represents is the far-out left wackoo anti-american bottle fed liberal drug babies… He hates the real Americans…

  • Jibbs
  • Marion

    Why don’t we just pass an “Obama in Pieces” bill and be halfway
    back to sanity??? With every breath he abolishes everything that works and wants to “invent” a new way of doing everything! The
    wreckage of our country is proof that nothing he mandates works.

  • Sandy Anderson

    Like everything Obama does there is always a catch to something that’s in the bill. He hates to go through congress and wants to go around them. One thing I haven’t heard much talk about in this new job bill is no one is talking about that very “catch”. If any state takes any money from the govt. they lose their
    “SOVEREIGN RIGHTS”. This is exactly what Obama wants to do… take away the rights of the state.

    The left cry separation of church and state, yet Obama told the feds to find a way where they will pick the ministers in the church! I am so fed up with this pagan who claimed on “The View” he had a reptilian part of the brain. I believe it! STOP THE SPENDING! All that money he’s collected for his reelection should be put toward his spending of our hard earn money.

  • Lance

    If the Republicans are stupid enough to not extend the payroll tax cut that expires on 12-31-2011. Every working American will get Demorcatic Party campaign literature in the form of their bi-weekly pay stubs which indicate that their taxes went up so that millinaires taxes would not. The election result would be a forgone conclusion as Republucan could never et over the charge that they were for all tax cuts except those that effect working people.

    • Scott

      The payrol tax holiday is just that, a holiday. Was meant to expire after a time period. This is what funds Social Security. Funny how once a tax break comes along, with all the news that it is temporary, the Dems will then call it a tax increas when it runs out. duplicity at its’ highest form.

  • http://deleted Claire

    Heaven forbid if the jerks ever worked together to solve the issues. No wonder I have no respect for any of them. Nothing but political wannabes,political junkies that have only their “party” in mind, nothing else. Disgusting.

  • davh

    Impeach him, everyone should tell their congressman to impeach this fungus in the white house. All he wants is to pass the part of the bill to get his union workers a job for 1 year so they can vote for him. What a joke.

    • eddie47d


      • Lewis Munn

        Regulations and taxes sent them all overseas!

        Any other foolish quetions?

  • Bruce Kolinski

    Simply amazing that the main stream, state sheeple media don’t bother to report that the treasonous squatter in our White House is openly touting “dictatorship”.

    Congress has special interested themselves into total irrelevance.

    Put away food folks – we’re gonna need it when this circus we ignorantly voted for collapses.

  • Larry a



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