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Obama Urges Governors To Increase Funding For Education

February 29, 2012 by  

Obama Urges Governors To Increase Funding For Education

President Barack Obama urged governors across the country to invest more State resources in education, as he noted that a highly skilled workforce is crucial for the U.S. to remain competitive with other nations, The Associated Press reported.

According to the news outlet, Obama made his pitch at a White House meeting with governors in Washington as part of the annual winter meeting of the National Governors Association. The President and first lady hosted a black-tie event for the politicians on February 26.

The AP reported that the President sympathized with the governors whose State budgets have been significantly diminished by the economic downturn, but noted that this was no reason to cut resources from schools.

“The fact is that too many states are making cuts in education that I think are simply too big,” Obama said at the event. “Nothing more clearly signals what you value as a state than the decisions you make about where to invest. Budgets are about choices.”

CNN reported that the President also spoke to how the economic outlook is improving from the early days of his Administration, noting “our recovery is gaining speed.”

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  • s c

    Stop the presses. “Budgets are about CHOICES.” Oooweeeee! I don’t know what he’s drinking, but it must be some kind of STRONG. HOW LONG did it take him to claim to HAVE a budget or talk about one?
    Once again, The Anointed Poser has stepped in ‘it.’ For the first 3 years, jobs were no big deal. NOW it’s somehow important? That’s what I call true concern and “leaderish” responsibility. Definitely.
    So, Mr. O is also “concerned” about a skilled workforce. Does “skilled” include working for the government? I can think of a lot of government jobs that have little or nothing to do with any ‘skills.’ Being elected is #1 on that half-arsed list, folks.
    After 3+ years, I have to conclude that this prez is in love with his own voice. He loves to talk, and he knows how to shuck and jive. But, when it comes to reality or preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution, this poser hasn’t a clue, doesn’t want one and will never have one. Yeah, even if it was discounted at a garage sale. Even if they were handed out free on a street corner.

    • WoundedKnee

      That is all that ” Scum Bum ” does…” Talk “.
      As in a ” Big Talker ” yet the Bum doesn’t even know what the Hell he is Talking about.
      Mostly just to ” Hear Himself “. What an ” Idiot Fool ” , whom has done ” More Harm then Good “. That Good For Nothing ?????

      • eddie47d

        What are You good for?

    • Vigilant

      The Anointed One pontificates, ““The fact is that too many states are making cuts in education that I think are simply too big,”

      What the Big Brother wannabe THINKS has no bearing in a Constitutional Republic.

      What this arrogant ass doesn’t understand is that:

      (1) Education is clearly a responsibility of the states and NOT the Federal Government IAW the Conatitution, so what he thinks is irrelevant,

      (2) Reductions in Federal grants and other forms of aid to “education” have strapped the state and local budgets. The Feds had no business attaching strings to their aid and unfunded mandates in the first place.

      (3) If the government reduced our Federal income taxes by the amount they “money launder” our dollars back to the states for education, we wouldn’t need to increase state and local budgets.

      (4) Never has “education” been funded. What we are funding, with our taxes to the tune of 75% or more of school budgets across this country is the cushy pay, health insurance and pension benefits of the public sector teachers’ unions. These unions are nothing more than special interest groups who care about one thing, and it ain’t education.

      • ChristyK

        They are not funding “education”. They are funding “indoctrination”.

      • Isaac Davis

        ChristyK has it perfectly within the crosshairs, it’s pure indoctrination. The money has no bearing on the outcome of the product, as it’s a ploy to tax further under the heading of “It’s for the children” whine. Want some wake-up info? And listen to what John Taylor Gatto has to say.

      • old hillbilly

        whack the indoctrination & we can eliminate at least 1/2 of school expenditures, plus teach children how to read, write, & add! Whack a few butts & eliminate the school police & protection racket. eliminate tenure & hire teachers who have not been through the commie colleges… lots of opportunities

    • Alondra

      The BASTARD asks money not for children, but for teachers UNION. He is absolutely careless about children. He is pro-INFANTICIDE.

      He needs money to promote:
      1.Homosexual agenda. In California signed bill SB 48 into law. It mandates positive teaching of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender lifestyles to children of ALL ages. That means that any child attending public school starting with kindergarten will be indoctrinated to the pervert immoral sexual lifestyle that God refers to as an ‘abomination’: “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination [detestable; hateful]…But you shall keep My statutes and My rules and do none of these abominations, either the native or the stranger, who sojourns among you…So keep My charge never to practice any of these abominable customs, that were practiced before you, and never to make yourselves unclean by them: I am the LORD your GOD.” (Leviticus 18:22-30)

      2.To promote the newest absolutely sick “Gender-free” agenda at public schools as a comprehensive sex education that is “the only way to combat heterosexism and gender conformity … and we must make these issues a part of every middle and high-school student’s agenda,” proclaimed Diane Schneider, the delegate of the National Education Association, America’s biggest and most powerful teachers’ union, sent a to the United Nations Commission. She explained that those who oppose to homosexuality “are stuck in a binary box that religion and family create.”

      3.Pro-islamic agenda: watch for yourself at web link,AAAACEco_Vk~,9bOat4XcfB_88ri1a3UMdKnLpH9aM8Fv&bctid=1271237687001

      3a. A Colorado high-school student quits the school choir after an Islamic song was included into the choir repertoire with the lyric “there is no truth except Allah.”
      “I don’t want to come across as a bigot or a racist, but I really don’t feel it is appropriate for students in a public high school to be singing an Islamic worship song,” Harper told KREX-TV. “This is worshipping another God, and even worshipping another prophet … I think there would be a lot of outrage if we made a Muslim choir say Jesus Christ is the only truth.”

      4. Anti-Christianity at public schools:
      Parents and grandparents, remove your children from PUBLIC schools.
      Grandma of 4.

  • jopa

    Well I guess you better vote for Santorum.He and his wife are both college grads(lawyers) and his kids are college grads but he said your kids should not go to college and turn into a snob or an elitist.He figures someone has to be his garbageman roto rooter guy and housekeeper and your kid will fit the bill just fine.

    • Libertytrain

      What’s wrong with being a garbageman or a housekeeper? Better than massive school loans because “everyone” says you have to go to school…. You don’t.

      • Vigilant

        Libertytrain, you are 100% correct. jopa actually buys into the canard that everyone is suited for college. I wonder what world he lives in?

        Yeah right, jopa, give everyone a 4-year degree (and you’d have to literally GIVE them away), so that your housekeeper or garbage man can charge you $200 an hour for services rendered.

        Or do you wish to reserve those jobs for illegal aliens only?

      • 45caliber


        Our company requres at least two years of college to get on here. Why? Because high school diplomas mean nothing any more. I’ve seen grads who have barely a 2nd grade education! They can barely read and write their own names and can’t even work math problems such as 26 + 15 = ? If they can pass two years of college they still don’t have the education I had when graduated but at least they can read and write enough to know what it says.

      • Vigilant

        45cal, you are of course right.

        The first year or two of college courses in many places are to make up for what the student did not learn in high school. Those courses were high school courses in my day, but now the schools have so dumbed down their curricula that the universities must babysit them through the basics.

        Given the requirements (or lack thereof) to become a teacher nowadays, it’s no wonder this situation exists. Allow me to submit that today’s educators are less educated than we were even before college.

        Did you see the recent news item where the high school posted a sign to the effect of “LAEP for Literacy?” I rest my case.

      • 45caliber


        One of the problems is that so many colleges have expanded that they want to fill their seats. So obviously they try to persuade everyone that if you get a college degree you’ll be set for life.

        Take engineering for example. The universities insist that the US needs 450,000 new engineers every year. The government quotes them. Actually, the US needs about 150,000 but it would cut 300.000 from their rolls. Those are the ones who pay and graduation proudly as an engineer and then end up getting a job as manager at some McDonalds … if they are lucky. But the libs all believe we need the degrees and teach the kids that.

      • Libertytrain

        My favorite “got college” story was a gal who had just graduated from a fine Journalism School in Wisconsin – this story is about 25 years old……So proud she was … but she said to me “I can’t get no job.” – oh yeah, college is definitely the way to go……

      • 45caliber


        My favorite story was one I saw on TV news in AR one time. An English teacher wasn’t rehired for a second year at the high school in Little Rock. She was insisting that it was because she was a minority person.

        Her comment on the news? “They ain’t got no reason to goin’ to fire me ’cause I’s black!”

      • Dave

        No one ever said you have to go to school. But you should have the option open to you. It has been expressly brought up to also have vocational skills and other worthy knowledge as it all makes for the greater good.
        No one ever said everyone has to go to college….wait a minute that was Santorum that said it that way…paraphrasing so he can make his mistaken Snob comments. He’s the effete snob along with Romney.
        Stop listening to the idiots you been listening to.

      • Libertytrain

        Listening to whom? I’m talking about my own experiences of watching folks for the last 50 plus years that should have never wasted time or money in school just because our society started making it appear that they were foolish or ignorant if they went to trade school or didn’t go to college or might have wanted not to go to college. It became the “in” thing to do – go to college – whether you wanted to or not. Doesn’t take much to realize colleges or universities appear to have been dumbed down on their own during the last several years – graduates are frequently no brighter than kids graduating high school in the past – you need to look around – talk to some of these college-educated kids…..

    • s c

      While we’re talking about education and ‘talent,’ j, you might share your story with us. So, are you a roto-rooter guy, a garbage man or a housekeeper? Don’t be bashful, tell us how successful a peon utopian can be – comrade.

    • Vigilant

      Last summer I met a rancher friend on the fairgrounds. He keeps horses, and was looking for some kids to help him do his haying. He was willing to pay them $10.00 an hour.

      He was on the fairgrounds because he couldn’t find ONE local kid willing to earn the $10.00 an hour. He ended up looking for the Mexicans who work at the fairgrounds to help him.

      This is the dream world of Obama and jopa. Not only is this a sad statement about the laziness of today’s kids, it’s the precursor of a future where no one will do hard physical labor because “they’re too good for it.”

      EVERYONE in this dream, including the people with an IQ of 85 or lower, will have a college degree. Now we wouldn’t want to harm a person’s self esteem by expecting them to actually do physical labor, would we?

      In that future world, I would expect the skilled laborers to be making a Hell of a lot more money than the priggish college graduates who will be unemployed because their meaningless piece of paper called a “diploma,” will only get them a cup of coffee (for $3.00).

      “Let them eat cake,” eh jopa?

      • 45caliber


        A couple of years ago I was talking to a boy about to go to college. I asked him what he was taking. He was going to take Business – and was going to get a job as a CEO when he got out making millions a year.

        I reminded him that the CEOs had to work their way up starting at a lot less. His argument? “I’m worth more than that! If they won’t pay me what I’m worth, I just won’t work for them!”

        Too many times the last few years I’ve seen young people take a job (agreeing to work 8 hours a day for the offered salary) only to insist after they get the job that they aren’t being paid enough to work more than a couple of hours a day. And they can’t understand why the business owner/manager won’t accept that and pay them more! Or why they end up being fired.

      • Libertytrain

        and 45 you are probably like me and slam your head against the wall in disbelief of the brilliance or lack thereof of this college-educated bunch of doofuses the high-priced colleges and or universities are churning out…. scary.

      • Dave

        If you think having a higher education is only so you can earn more is a Capitalist Pig.
        How about having thought out opinions and being able to understand the words and their meanings. Articulate conversation instead of blabber is a great joy in life. Most here can’t get complete sentences together but continue to spew ignorance and cheap shot verbage.

      • Joe H

        As i posted here a couple of days ago, My Father, whom I am very proud of had only a fifth grade education. He did jig and fixture welding, from Blue prints, did R&D welding from little more than a napkin with a drawing on it. He taught himself carpentry, masonry, metal working, He even built a caterpiller ( bulldozer) from an english ford anglia, and another small car. He did the mathematics to figure the length of the tracks, machined the adaptors to adapt a second transmission to it, even manufactured the brakes for each side for turning. He could figure out almost any problem and speak very itelligent as well. HE WAS SELF EDUCATED! BTW, He also built his first home from the ground up! Wired it himself, plumbed it and only had an inspection after to pass code. A College education does NOT guarantee a persons intelligence nor his ability to succeed in life. Without a good measure of common sense, and a will to succeed, the college educated man can still fail at even the most simple things in life!

      • Libertytrain

        Joe – I agree with your comments…

    • ValDM

      I don’t know where you live, but in my state the garbage men/women are unionized & “earn” better than $36.00/hr. When you factor in paid time off & bennies, they’re making pretty close to $50/hr………………much more than most college grads. Don’t denigrate blue collar workers. Most aren’t unionized, however. Someone MUST do these jobs & when someone, anyone, denigrates honest work, they prtray themselves as dishonest. Remember this old saying?…………….”any job, great or small, do it well, or not at all.”

  • Doc Sarvis

    Most states facing the economic downturn made deep early cuts to education which harms us all in the long run. As the economy slowly recovers so will state budgets. I agree that the restoration of funds for education is going to help our country climb out of the ’08 economic crisis.

    • Vigilant

      Unless and until schools are restored to being institutions of education, such a claim is ludicrous. Currently, they are socialist reprogramming camps, and Obama is fully aware that giving everyone a 4-year degree would accomplish one thing: it would provide an electorate of anti-Capitalist, dumbed down and Democrat-voting army of automatons, as well as deplete the populace of the job skills that fuel the Capitalist engine. Obama’s no dummy, but people like you are, Sarvis.

      “Restoration of funds for education is [NOT] going to help our country climb out of the ’08 economic crisis.” Creating a stable business environment, reducing onerous regulations, confiscatory taxes and profligate spending, and exploiting our natural resources will help us climb out, and nothing less.

      And why, pray tell, do you call it the “08 economic crisis?” It that some snide way to absolve Obama of his failures while tying it all to Bush? You are pitiful.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Seems to me all of the Tea Party congress people and all of the Republican Presidential candidates have graduated from college. Are you painting all of them as Socialists?

      • Vigilant

        Sarvis, your postings might be more credible if you’d stop and put on your thinking cap once in awhile.

        Many, if not most, of the people in politics today, especially the ones who espouse the correct Constitutionalist position, went to school before the socialist programming took deep root. You’ll note that the rise of anti-Capitalism and socialist sentiment took place as more and more graduates of the public so-called “education” system became part of the electorate.

        As for whom I’m painting as socialists, look at the Democrats like Obama, Schumer, Durban, Frank, Dodd, Waters, Waxman, Pelosi et al, people of the 1960s who were brainwashed “true believers” long before they became the opportunistic, self-serving politicians they are today. They either know nothing about the Constitution, or worse, they’ve violated their oath of office for purely personal advancement. I include a number of Republicans in this group as well.

        I graduated from high school in 1964, and it’s a very sad statement of the failure of the education system that I and my generation were and are more educated than the socialist-programmed, dumbed down robots of today. It has been largely the influence of the 60s radicals who became teachers, partnered with a Dept. of Education and teachers’ unions who couldn’t care less about true education.

        By the time I got my second degree in 1980, I already saw how the universities were being influenced by these radicals and socialists. Attending college for the first time in 1964, I saw by 1980 the deleterious effects of this socialist agenda,

      • Doc Sarvis

        Please spare me your “expert” analysis of our educational system based on your limited experience and false premise. Just as your labeled socialists (who incidentially are not Socialists) went to college in the 1970′s and 1980′s so did a lot of today’s conservative “leaders”. There have always been hotbeds of progressive education along with hotbeds of conservative education. In reality, most post-high school education is centrist in its orientation.

      • Vigilant

        “In reality, most post-high school education is centrist in its orientation.”

        Good God, Sarvis, that’s the most egregiously false statement I’ve ever heard you make. You are truly ignorant if you believe that. Ever read a newspaper, ever read a book or research studies on the nature of post-high school education?

        Ever heard of Ward Churchill or a slew of other anti-American, anti-Capitalist professors whose socialist-based diatribes in university classrooms are remolding the youth of America? I suggest you step out of your tunnel-visioned cubicle and read David Horowitz’ “The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America.”

        Care to explain why Conservative speakers are booed off of college stages? Those “hotbeds of progressive education” have grown from places like Berkeley to now include most colleges in America.

        No, sonny, my expert analysis is not based on anecdotal evidence, it’s based on years of reading, seeing, listening and understanding. Only a dyed-in-the-wool socialist would look at modern university “education” and call it centrist.

        BTW, what’s the difference between “socialist” and “Socialist?” For my part, my failure to capitalize the first letter is purely a token of my disrespect.

      • Doc Sarvis

        You neglect, as I expected, to explain today’s conservative leader’s post High School education.

      • Vigilant

        And you neglect, as I expected, to counter any of the details of my factual assertions.

        This Saul Alinsky tactic may get you some purchase on a leftist site, but the one-line zinger gets you nowhere here.

        Conservative, traditionalist thinking is the only hope for America. The intelligent people, not the wet-behind-the-ears kids who are putty in the hands of the socialist programmers, have a knowledge of history and a love for this country that transcends attempts to channel them into the groupthink destruction of the nation.

        As I mentioned elsewhere, the heritability of IQ and other factors belies the efficacy in reprogrammming so desperately attempted by the left.

        No matter how much you attempt to revise history, no matter how much the failures of socialism are covered up by the education establishment, regardless of the appeals to the indolent to remain on the public dole, the intelligent and knowledge-thirsty individual will understand the will of the Founders and the beauty of the Constitution.

        I do not include progressives in that list of intelligent individuals.

      • Vigilant

        Sarvis, here’s another one you might read if you have the intellectual mettle for it: David Horowitz’ “One-Party Classroom: How Radical Professors at America’s Top Colleges Indoctrinate Students and Undermine Our Democracy.”

        Somehow I doubt you’d even consider a point of view different from your own, but I offer the title anyway.

      • 45caliber


        Are you trying to say that only the members of the GOP are college graduates? That would mean that the Demos get all the people who aren’t smart at all!

    • 45caliber


      If cutting funds decreases the quality of education, how come increasing funding doesn’t do a thing to raise it? Somewhere I’ve got a test given to 8th graders back about 1900 to show their compitency to go to high school. I doubt if a college graduate today could pass it. And I know the education I got as a high school student is far better than than the education my own children got despite the fact that the money went up. Far up! When I graduated, the US educational system was considered the best in the world, turning out the best people. Now? I’m not even sure we’re in the top ten any more.

      • Doc Sarvis

        To answer your first question; we have simultaniously increased the funding/access to those things that detract students from school work. Television, the internet, gaming of various sorts all distract young minds from the important work at hand.

      • Vigilant

        45caliber’s spot on. One of the mainstays of liberal (e.g., Sarvis’) thinking is that you can cure any problem if you throw enough money at it, regardless of the number of times this has proven to be false.

        For the progressive, the only way they can attempt to support this crackpot theory is to get you to believe that the human brain is a blank page (“tabla rasa”) at birth, a clean receptacle into which the ultimate character of a person is determined solely by experience and by the nature of the information put into it. In short, it denies the heritability of many human personality factors and predispositions.

        In the Nature vs. Nurture argument, such outstanding works as “The Bell Curve” are denied or denigrated (even called ‘racist’) because they prove beyond a doubt that such things as IQ are largely determined by DNA and not by environment. And NO amount of money thrown at the situation will improve it!

        Even Sarvis can’t divert the argument by rationalizing away the failure of funding to improve the education system. Recent history shows just the opposite: in states where the spending per pupil is highest, so too are the failure rates in high school.

        Kids aren’t one whit dumber than they used to be; they are wrongly educated, period.

      • Dennis48e

        “…….. we have simultaniously increased the funding/access to those things that detract students from school work. Television, the internet, gaming of various sorts all distract young minds from the important work at hand.”

        And tell us doc just how will throwing ever more money at a failing education system overcome something that is occuring OUTSIDE the classroom.

      • 45caliber


        I agree. They are certainly wrongly educated.

        Other countries like Japan educate their children on the basics such as reading, writing, math, sciences. The US tends to require our kids be educated on things like environmentalism, homosexuality, sexual education, etc. Our kids are just as smart as we were but … they don’t have time for the basics!

      • 45caliber


        Yes, there are lots of things to distract kids now. They were lots of things when I was a kid too. TV, playing in the yard, board games, books, etc. That didn’t keep me from studying.

        The real problem today is that the students are required to learn things that are of little use in actual real life. Things that should wait until they learn the basics instead of learn instead of the basics.

      • Joe H

        Here’s a little bit of support for 45calibers statement of FACT. the Cleveland ohio school system spends more per student than any other system in NE Ohio, yet their drop out rate and failure rate is higher than any of those other school systems as well!! Yeah, Doc, good idea throw more money at the problem, maybe you can bury it under tax money!!!

  • 45caliber

    They must want to cut back the federal funds that goes to the states for education. That’s the reason he is urging the governors to increase their funding – to make up for the loss.

    Besides, when has it ever been proven that increasing funds increases the quality of education?

    Actually, if it did increase the quality of education by giving the teachers a raise, I’d wonder if the teachers hadn’t been cheating me on the wages I had given them. I expect anyone working for me to give me the best possible for the time I’m paying them since they agreed to that when they took the job. I’ve fired people who took a job after promising to work hard who then said that they were only being paid enough for them to work a couple of hours a day …

  • cawun cents

    The progressive solution to every condition….throw money you dont have at it.

    • s c

      You got it, cawmun cents. Ever since Sputnik and 1957, education has been OWNED by utopian filth and RINOs. What did we get for it? We have a nation full of dumbed-down geeks, wannabe dictators, a prez who follows his ego wherever it goes and braindead jockstrappers who can’t think their way out of a wet paper sack [e, the 'other' e, j, f, K, et al]. Losers. Yep, edgeekayshun really ‘works.’

  • jopa

    sc;I was actually working for the big demon Big Pharma for the last 20+ years for a big salary and benefits.Now I am on SS disability but still collecting my salary insurance benefits and paying taxes due to my salary that I will collect until I am 65.It’s just the way I prepared in the event things happened like they did.Once I turn 65 my pension and 401k will be available at it’s max for me.What Santrum is talking about is what is good enough for his kids isn’t for yours.Okay time to fess up and now lets hear your story.What is your talent?? Lets be honest now.

    • s c

      Who forced you to work for Big Pharma? Do you know the difference between real private enterprise and government-sanctioned, anti-business groups and agencies? What up, comrade? By the way, your 401k is in extreme danger with Obummer in the W H. When Congress goes looking for easy money, your 401k will go ‘POOF.’ Don’t think you’ll be praising The Self-Anointed Prophet or blaming GB.

      • Joe H

        evidenced by Adressograph, here in Ohio. For many years, the company used a formula to figure a persons retirement, written in their handbook. The union went along with it, the employees retired on it. Well, it seems that after the company started having money problems, they claimed that said formula was wrong!! there were people that were retired for ten years and longer that had their retirements cut almost by half! A friend of mine Sam S. had to go back to work for a little crap shop running a radial drill to make ends meet. ALL THIS WAS GOVERNMENT APROVED!! didn’t help much as they closed down!!

  • Raggs

    This moron does NOT know squat about investing in America ( unless it is a blowhard “green” project that will go belly up in a week )…
    I’m VERY surprized that he finished grade school… Or did he?

    • Doc Sarvis

      Sure glad he invested in our failing auto industry. His bet saved the industry and so many American jobs.

      • Vigilant

        His bet saved the bacon of the UAW hogs who negotiated such cushy benefits over the years that GM could not possibly have met the unfunded obligations. He violated bankruptcy law by moving the bondholders to the back of the line, and put the taxpayers on the hook for billions of dollars still unpaid and unlikely to be paid. And all this to pay back union support for his campaign.

      • 45caliber


        it also went to insure that there was enough money for the unions to give him more this election… it might be only 1% of the government money he gave them but what the heck? It didn’t come from him the first place.

      • s c

        Ye gods, Bubba. He “saved” NOTHING but union jobs [high wages=expensive vehicles=reduced competition]. Don’t you get tired of stumbling and falling down via those damned blinders? You sound like a drugged-out brown-noser who would have LOVED being in Hitler’s WWII Germany. You are INCREDIBLE, comrade. Love the fuhrer. Follow the fuhrer. Worship the fuhrer. This is America, comrade.

      • Jay

        Doc Sarvis: Sure glad he invested in our failing auto industry. His bet saved the industry and so many American jobs.

        But the government still owns 500 million shares of General Motors which, if sold at today’s market price of $20 a share, would leave taxpayers on the hook for $16.5 billion in losses. The U.S. would have to sell its GM stock per $53 a share to break even, far higher than the $20 it is trading at now.

        The stock liability puts the Obama administration in a double bind. If the stock were sold all at once, the market would be flooded with a half-billion shares, causing a precipitous drop in price and even greater losses for the United States. But holding on to them leaves a multi-billion dollar albatross around his neck, making the president’s rhetoric championing the unqualified success of the bailouts ring false.

        Seton Motley at Less Government has a solution.

        “GM is sitting on $34 billion in cash. To make our stock whole, it would cost $26.5 [billion],” he told The Daily Caller. We need “an orderly transaction of all 500 million shares from one owner to the other,” Motley argued, in order to avoid a drop in GM’s stock price.

        Obama has been “touting GM as the Exhibit-A success story for government interloping in the private sector,” Motley noted. “So if he sells the stock and we lose $15 billion, how successful was it?

        “If he holds on to the stock, the question then becomes, if it was such a success, how come the American people still own 500 million shares three years later?

      • Joe H

        Well I”M glad he saved the jobs at FORD!!! Oh, wait, he didn’t, did he??? THEY made it on their OWN!!! They REFUSED the funds offered!! They are much stronger for the act, too. Take Chrysler, how many autos do they make that get 40 miles to the gallon?? ZIP, ZERO, NADA SENIOR!!! Ford has, I believe TWO. Both selling well!!

  • jopa

    sc;edgeekayshun is spelled” education”.Spell check probably could not help you with that one.Glad to be able to help with your” education”.OMG I just tried spell check on your spelling and it worked..You just would have had to pick out the right word to use.

    • Vigilant

      s c, forgive jopa for not having suffient intelligence to recognize the fine subtleties of sardonic wit and burlesque.

    • s c

      You’re welcome! See, we can get along – rarely.

  • jopa

    Raggs be nice now. I am sure sc has feelings and your comment was not called for.We do not use words like moron retard and imbecile on this site.

    • s c

      J, Raggs was talking about YOU. I thought you wanted to get along, comrade. You are so MEAN-SPIRITED – and predictable. DUH! Did you stay home today so you can spew that stupidity?

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Who are you to tell anyone what they can and cannot do, what words to use? You cannot stop yourself, you have to be a bully.

      • Vigilant

        Nadzieja, he’s both a leftist and a bully, essentially the same thing.

      • Joe H

        NAH, to be a bully one has to have at least a few fooled into thinking they are superior to them. J FOOLS NO ONE!!!!

      • Vigilant

        Good point.

  • Bob Marshall

    Those who need an explanation as to what is wrong with our educational system google John Dewey Father of Modern Education. The first texbook in America was The New England Primer. In the 1800′s there was The Muguffey’s Readers 1-6 and The blue Black Speller. Google these for some interesting facts.

    • Vigilant

      Dewey’s theories found a ready faculty of teachers, and those leftists of today have put his philosophy into effect par excellence.

      As a result, students are programmed to follow an agenda rather than actually learn something of use. Dewey said that “education is a regulation of the process of coming to share in the social consciousness; and that the adjustment of individual activity on the basis of this social consciousness is the only sure method of social reconstruction.”

      Social reconstruction, that’s the key to molding young minds into nonthinking environmentalists, anti-Capitalists and socialists ignorant of their own history. Yes, the communists and other assorted statists owe a debt of gratitude to John Dewey.

      • Joe H

        I know this is way off topic, and I apologize. After the discussion about the muslim world the other night EVERYONE here needs to read thei months Imprimus from Hillsdale college!! A REAL EYE OPENER!!!

      • Vigilant

        Joe, mine came in the mail two days ago but I haven’t read it yet. Looks like a good read.

  • Buck

    I am urging ALL governors to ignore this embarrassment to the United States of America and spend their time getting RON PAUL into the Whit House to fix his destruction .

  • old hillbilly

    careful now… be nice…. raggs sleeps with a 45 between her (his?) leggs

    Sooo many good thoughts & opines here in – good to hear from people with some common sense instead of idiots who want to pour more money down a rat hole!

  • Jimbo

    Throw money at things they perceive to be problems.. That is all they know how to do. It reminds me of the road signs that were mandated to mark roads built with stimulus funds. Free advertising for Obama. New York State’s signs cost more than they would if they had papered the square footage with $100 bills.

  • Jay
  • nasknit

    #1, Recovery? What recovery?
    #2, More money into education? Fine, STOP sending the states ALL those “little rules” otherwise known as “Unfunded Mandates”. You know, those rules that cost ALL of us money, and are paid for locally. Hey, Obama, Put YOUR Money Where Your Mouth Is!
    #3, There was a joke going around when Obama first took over on how to fix America. IT would have accomplished more than O’s Great “Stimulus”. Plan, Offer early retirement to people over 55 or 60, with a one time cash payment of $1,000,000 with # provisions: Pay off or buy a home or vacation “cottage; Buy a new American made car; invest a certain amount of money in local banks, Bonds, etc. Those people who retired would open up jobs, stimulate the housing & auto industry, & provide money for investing in the community.
    #4, How’s that real unemployment of 15% going for you, Mr. President?
    #5, Thanks for the inflation, frozen wages, class warfare tactics, and personal depression on a national scale, to match the economic one-> an overall mood killer- Haven’t had this much “FUN” since Jimmy Carter!

  • Jerry Marshall

    OWE-BUM-MAO doesn’t want more educated students. He just wants more TAXPAYER money to go to the Education UNIONS!
    That is where the majority of the “education dollar” increases have been going, over the past 20 years, and look at the MORONS that are being churned out, yearly, from the public school system! Plus, look at who the Teachers are; BLEEDING-HEART, KNEE-JERK LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVES!
    Education reform should include TRUTH, HONESTY, INTEGRITY, and the CONSTITUTION!


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