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Obama Tramples Checks And Balances With Recess Appointment

January 5, 2012 by  

Obama Tramples Checks And Balances With Recess Appointment

By using recess appointment powers to name the head for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Administration of Barack Obama has tossed aside a long-standing precedent that Obama and other Democrats used against President George W. Bush.

Obama appointed former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray even though the Senate, which has the power to confirm nominees, says it is still in session. The White House, however, contends that Senate Republicans worked so hard to stall Corday’s appointment that Obama had no choice but to bypass them, according to The Washington Times.

“Although the Senate is not in recess, President Obama, in an unprecedented move, has arrogantly circumvented the American people,” said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

When the Senate is not in session, the Constitution gives the President power to make appointments without confirmation. Traditionally, it was understood that the Senate would have to be adjourned for longer than 10 days, and a legal opinion during the Administration of President Bill Clinton said a recess must be at least three days. Obama acted just one day after the Senate held a session.

Obama and fellow Democrats cited the three-day rule in 2007 and 2008 when they used the strategy to prevent Bush from making his own recess appointments. Back then, Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had the Senate convene twice a week in pro forma sessions to keep Bush’s hands tied.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • James

    The Dictator & Chief is working hard.

    • FreedomFighter

      Dont forget to get your GAS MASKS, dont want them using the GAS of PEACE on you, makes it easy to take your guns put you on FEMA BUS.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • USAF VET

        Shoot the tires out of the bus from ambush. Won’t be going anywere any too soon that way.

    • Robert Smith

      Let’s deal with some facts folks.

      From “According to the Congressional Research Service, President Bill Clinton made 139 recess appointments. President George W. Bush made 171 recess appointments, and as of December 8, 2011, President Barack Obama had made 28 recess appointments.[4]”

      It appears Bush is the king of recess appointments. Let me know when Obama gets into the same league.


      • FreedomFighter

        Bush is not in office, its 2012, please try to keep up.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

        • Deerinwater

          RIGHT! It does not matter who’s “potato” it is , until it be comes “your” potato.

          I understand that about “conservatives”. Everything is fair game until you have to swallow some of your own medicine. What you subscribe for “others” is not what you would subscribe for yourselves. Then you run and hiding behind some elevated and lofty biblical phrase, professing your Christianity.

          From the Book of George; “Don’t pull anything you might have to eat”

          Pull your gloves on, it’s going to be a long year and expect to taste some blood. No more Mr. Nice Guy with you and your friends.

          • http://windstream Concerned American Citizen

            You are right about the blood but you had best have some very thick and high gloves of your own since this administration and their radical supporters are going to be up to their elbow’s in the mess that they have created. The conservative ‘s ( as well as the Christian’s that you like to poke so much fun at ) will have some boots on and are ready to wade up to their necks to make darned sure that you deerinwater will be underwater with all the rest who have been bound and determined to destroy this country for your own purposes.

          • joe1cr

            Our country has been taken over by our first communist dictator. He has no need of congress nor their approval as he does his end runs around the constitution.
            His justice dept. is a joke ,the supreme court and lower federal courts are simply denying all law suits filed against this royal dictator in case after case.
            Let’s face it, they the liberal socialist communist democrats now rule this country and did not have to fire a shot to do it.
            No man is justified in doing evil on the ground of expediency.
            Theodore Roosevelt

      • 101stRECON68

        You idiot! So that makes it right because other jackasses did it too? Can’t get that party system cocaine from between your ears can you? Don’t know about you, but I have had enough of all these baboons in DC.and their little parlor tricks of circumventing the Constitution whenever they feel like it. Time to flush the toilet. In Texas, we once used the Battle Cry “Remember the Alamo”. This time around I think it should be “Remember the Constitution”.

        • liberty49

          I could not agree with you more! This dictator MUST be defeated! The new Battle cry of the TEA PARTY PATRIOTS should be “REMEMBER THE CONSTITUTION AND REMEMBER WE ARE NOT A DEMOCRACY, WE ARE A REPUBLIC!

          • richard keeney

            maybe congress thinks it’s o’k to ignore constitution , but we the people don’t and thanks for your correct perspective we are a republic , send e-mail to tea they don’t know , all they’ll corrspondents i get from them use we are a democracy

          • firedup

            Wait a freaking minute – these douchebags are talking about a second term of trashing OUR country – when HE should’nt be there in the first place!! WTF – How come THAT has’nt been satisfactorily resolved? He did’nt prove that he’s a legal citizen the FIRST TIME ROUND – What the hells going on and he has’nt yet and they’re actually considering trying to pull the wool over everyones eyes again? For the worthless,perpetual welfare recipients who voted him in in the first place i guess it would’nt matter where the hell you were from as long as you keep sending money that they don’t have to do anything for – Like any other clown they will continue to pull their crap until someone makes them stop – He feels he’s above the laws that we all adhere too – IMPEACH NOW!!

        • eddie47d

          The point Smith is making is that you don’t give a rat’s patute when the Republicans do it and do it more often. Your minds are shut tighter than a steel trap and are entangled in the left/right paradigm. No appointment should take as long as they do and vacancies should be filled as soon as possible. The left does it an the right does it and all for political posturing. If you don’t like it get off the left/right seesaw.Demand accountability and reform on the issue or accept it the way it is.

          • Flashy

            Ahhh shucks. let’s just wait until 2017 and then see if there is a GOP President…then we can hammer the recess appointment issue. That way, we’ll have both the wacked Right and the moderates wanting change. Right? I mean, the TPers and the Right will be against it no matter who sits in the WH.

            uh huh … sure

            Look..all the GOP has to do is come up with a reason why the person is unqualified for the appointment. If not, explain to the People why they are refusing to allow voting on the appointments.

            And if they want to use the gimmick they are insisting on…i.e. the Senate is not in “recess”…then show us what work is being done during this time of “non-recess”.

            Is it any wonder the Congress has a lower approval rating than Hugo Chavez of Venezula? Such is the GOP way of “working” for compromise….

          • daniel

            Flashy, eddie makes more sense than you do. And yes I do disagree with a lot of what he says. Get off the Dem vs. Rep. merry go round. It is a nowhere ride. I’ve watched both parties do the same things for years. They just get us caught up in their game of gotcha.

          • duaner

            Get your sorry putrid but off of this site. go hobnob with madcow and nasty eddied on msnbc. I am sick of you and all the other liberal pukes than pollute this site. Go f yourself since you are so good at doing it.

          • WickedPickle

            … And I’m getting tired of this “Birth” thing.. “He did’nt prove that he’s a legal citizen the FIRST TIME ROUND”

            If it’s true then PER our constitution, he should be ousted (with prejudice) but don’t you think every Republican in the Nation would be on this like flies on $hit if there were even the slightest degree of truth to it? Instead they keep their bureaucratic mouth shut (even during the primaries) and simply allows the innuendos and propaganda flourish while they wash their hands of the entire affair.. And don’t tell me that the Democrats have more imagination and where to do in hiding such a gigantic secret.. Any one with the guts and the proof would have the president up on charges but they don’t so they won’t.. and another thing.. “The worthless, perpetual welfare recipients”.. Seems the right wants to sacrifice the true needy by concentrating on and seeking the destruction of the welfare system (something that all charitable people are known for) because of the few who abuse the system that the federal g’ment allows by ignoring these fraudulent percentages. I myself am angry at these bottom feeders, but not to the point of killing of the true needy in order to make a point. DEMAND that the g’ment find and convict these low life’s who live in chateaus and drive caddies and use tax payer money to by both illegal and prescription drugs.. Their out there and their obvious if only the feds gave a $hit. I sure as hell wouldn’t want on my conscious the elimination of these oldsters and needy because I’m pissed at fraudulent users.. Eliminate them through the process of law so that those in need do not suffer. But then that would eliminate all the tin men in the Nation because we would all have a heart now wouldn’t we, instead of all the inhumanity that’s being spewed…

          • John Woodbury

            Hey Dishwater and Fat Eddie and assorted liberal nut cases;
            Sure President Clinton and President Bush did it, but they played by the rules. Your freaking leader is not anywhere close to the rules, that is what we are talking about. So your childish “you did it too” is not in question, we would like him to play by the rules. BTW we a Representative Democracy i.e. a republic. If O has his way, we will be a Banana Republic.

          • eddie47d

            I was speaking of the lack of accountability John so take that banana out of your mouth.

        • mark

          No, Robert Smith not an idiot. He is just pointing out the incredible hypocrisy and duplicity of conservatives when it comes to criticizing liberals and progressives for doing the exact same thing they often do. Liberals and progressives are frequently guilty of this very same hypocrisy themselves. Not admitting that everyone involved in the political process from all parties from voters to leaders are hypocrites is what’s idiotic.

      • TML

        I think you’re missing the point. Obama just disregarded the rule of law, and blatantly disregarded the Constitution, to appoint someone he wanted. I think that puts him in the same league.

        • Bob Jeffrey

          If Sen. McConnell doesn’t like the appointment, stop filbustering!! Let the Senate vote!

        • Flashy

          Errr..what law did he violate? What standard of the Constitution which bars recess appointments?

      • gardenlady

        he still has to GO!!!! we want our country back, not in pieces if he stays in office!! He is out to destroy this country any way he can! does not appreciate the Constitution, just out to ruin it..

      • Les

        Might try reading the Constitution Sir; makes no difference Rep. or Dem. its a violation of the Separation of Powers, because Congress is in fact dysfunctional due to the likes of Harry Reid and friends is no reason to ignore our Constitution which is not a living breathing document as most Progressives believe.

      • equinimity

        The point here is….Congress is NOT in recess! Why are people so willing to relinquish all their liberty and self-government to a dictator?

      • Paul Ouijan

        Looks like you a hit a nerve! Most of the respondents of this blog/site/service are so blinded by hatred of President Obama that they are unable to address any of the long-standing, real-world threats to Liberty. The rebuttals all seem to devolve into teenage sarcasm. The same attitudes and behavior that have deranged the Left have come to our own house.

        Particularly surprising is how many of these self-described Constitutional “experts” do not seem to have read ANY of that document, except possibly the Second Amendment.

        The consequences of these errors are already grave. They are turning the Libertarian movement into a cranks’ club and debasing the value of Conservative philosophy and action. Our support or opposition to various issues are completely determined by the press’ loosy-goosy view of the parties. We no longer make thoughtful, impossible-to-ignore arguments that win minds and hearts, but simply spit venom at our neighbors as proxies for the politicians we loathe. The tone and precision of our rhetoric is already close to that of the Marxists. Overall this is not a good development under ANY circumstance, even in extremis.

        I plead for a little more clear thought about these issues. The “Gays, Guns, and God” political fights will take care of themselves. Error can be easily corrected; malice, not so easily. We are the ones who must again be “the adults” and take responsibility for cleaning up the national mess. It may be unfair that we are the ones charged with the sanitation detail in King Augeas’ stables, but if we lose control over our civic life, we will be finally and truly lost.

        • Historian

          Very good comment Paul. I wish others saw this as clearly as you and weren’t so blinded by partisan rage. Well-couched arguments that can’t be ignored are what will eventually win the day. Not teenage name calling and pissing contests.

      • dfinch

        These totals were over an 8 year period.

      • Bus

        Bush made RECESS appts, Obama is making recess appts when the Senate is in session. Duh.

        • Bus

          Also Bush was working with a Democratic Senate his entire time in office. While Obama has had the yes men rubber stamp Senate in place for 2/3 of his time in office.

          • smilee


            The senate was not in session they did not have a quorum there since before Christmas, and Bush had a Gop senate 6 of his 8 years. Do you have a bad memory or is it your not capable of realistic thought

      • DJ

        According to the register of Congress GW Bush made 42 recess appointments. Huffpo pulled your lie at 140, you expanded it with more propaganda. Now head on back to Media Matters and suck the progressive kool-aid down.

      • RickC

        Rob, please pay attention to the details. They matter. I do not believe that any of us have issues with recess appointments. It is a President’s right to appoint folks WHILE THE SENATE IS NOT IN SESSION. Therein lies the problem. The senate was in session and Obama has no right whatsoever according to our laws and The Constitution to appoint anybody without the “advice and consent” of Congress if they are in session. The recess appointments you speak of were all done when the senate was NOT IN SESSION. This is a serious matter and I believe an impeachable offense if anybody on the GOP side has the balls to do it. Which if recent history is any guide they do not and most likely will do nothing to remedy this traitor’s behavior.

        • smilee

          Your wrong, the Constitution only says the president has the right to make recess appointments and the Constitution says nothing about pro forma, the fact is there has been no quorum, not even in DC much less in the senate chamber, the question is can they be in session without a quorum and if not in session then they are in recess, that is Obama position and if the GOP does not like it take it court, I bet they don’t because if the court finds Obama is correct they will look like fools. The court can reject hearing it and then Obama’s position stands and if the court does hear they can find for Obama or define what a recess is and I think they would be hard pressed to say they are in recess when they are not in session. (session being having a quorum so they can conduct business and without a quorum they can not) The Constitution does require a quorum to conduct business of a majority of the senate present. This will end up being just more GOP BS.

    • wandamurline

      It is time to change some of the rules in Washington….one being that anything you vote into law, you have to participate in that law, two…no more czars…the president has his cabinet that is approved by congress and that is all he needs….three, this presidential choice of appointing board members without congressional approval needs to be terminated. If we can get enough conservative constitutionalist representation, I believe that we can stop these processes and cut departments from this expanded overreaching government and take it back to constitutional size….enough is enough.

      • gardenlady

        well said…aslo no more “executive orders”! what does he think he is…king! and 17 days on a vacation, when was the last time any of us had that much time to go on vacation??? but of course, we paid for all vacations….the public picked up the tab for this one and many more.

        • Flashy

          I assumje Reagan is your idol. So…care to match up Pres. Obama’s Executive Orders and his vacation days versus Reagan? LOL …

    • DavidL

      Talk what you know instead of regurgitating what you swallow from Fox, Limbaugh, Hannity, and other right wing nut jobs. Here are the facts. If 9 gets you to dictator, what label do you have for the others? See below.

      Reagan issued 30 per year. Bush senior 19 per year. Clinton 18 per year. W. Bush 21 per year. Obama 9.

      • John Woodbury

        Once more for Koolaid guzzlers like you, the problem is not the recess appointments, it is the fact that the Senate was not in recess.

    • Michael

      Treason seem the only word to describe these actions!

  • Peter

    This is another example of Mr. O conducting Civil War against the middle class tax payer..

    • Sandor Geza

      “President Obama, in an unprecedented move, has arrogantly circumvented the American people,” said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

      The only arrogance in this whole process is the continuing obstructionism by Republicans. The attempted dictatorship of Republicans who are doing everything against the wishes of the majority of Americans (just check public opinion polls) obviously has to be overcome with extreme measures. Recess appointments are a Presidential obligation when every effort he has made to make life better for the middle class has been blocked by Republican arrogance. That is not Democracy.

      • Ken

        We live in a “republic,” so who cares what the “majority” want. We have a constitution. So Obama does the same thing as Bush, who does the same as Clinton, who does the same as Bush……etc. It’s WRONG.

      • Danny Kirkpatrick

        Are you insane? This is not about the Republicans or the Democrats, this is about a sitting president behaving like a king. No one, Rep. or Dem. should allow this. If you do nothing now it will set a president, it will make the Constitution irrelevant. IF, if we can get Obama out of office, the next president will have the power of a king. Please think about what he just did here, if we do nothing but complain, he will see this as what WE THE PEOPLE want him to do. NO SIR, it is NOT what WE THE PEOPLE want ANY sitting constitutionally elected by freedom loving people to do.

        • Bus

          One power congress has that it ought to consider is the power of impeachment…By now the list of High Crimes and Misdomeaners is longer than that seaman stained dress used to indict the former Democrat who had more respect for the orifice than for his office.

      • Greg

        You should learn the laws of this country before moving here. If you wanted to live in a dictatorship, you should move to one.

      • eddie47d

        Danny says,”if we can get Obama out of office” everything will apparently be hunky dorey. That was also said about G Bush. Ken says,”who cares what the majority thinks”. Oh really! This sounds like more of the same no matter who is elected. Who cares what OWS thinks or who cares what the Tea Party thinks or who cares about what anyone thinks. Too many folks out there promoting themselves and not the nation. Kicking someone out of office won’t change the appointment problem and it will continue no matter who is elected. Get them to change the rules or timeline on appointments or all this hair pulling is useless.

        • Kinetic1

          Well put. The problem is not the appointment, but all the game playing. Our elected officials spend so much time looking for clever ways to get around the rules that nothing is getting done. Of course, if you’re looking to keep the country down to improve your parties odds in the next Presidential election it makes all sorts of sense.

    • Kinetic1

      The President has been fighting to put the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in order for years now to help protect the middle class. If anyone has been “conducting Civil War” it is the Republicans in Congress who will do anything to protect Wall Street. No, I’m not happy with the method, but after years of game playing by the Republicans what was he supposed to do? As for the claim that President Obama has “Trampled Checks And Balances” there are many questions about the Congress’ actions in holding pro-forma sessions to prevent the White House from exercising their legal powers. In the end no one wins with the current game of partisan gridlock.

      • http://yahoo scout

        Do you honestly think this guy was appointed to PROTECT the consumer. We in more trouble than anticipated.

  • JTB

    Come on November! Get this man out of our White House!

    • smilee

      And if he gets reelected then what are you going to do????????????

  • Flashy

    LOL….a minority in the Senate is blocking appointments. not because they object to the appointee…but because they don’t like the law passed. So who is in violation? Congress passed the law…yet a few feel it shouldn’t apply?

    So they used a gimmick which on its face is transparently fake. Obama called ‘em on it. OK…so let McConnell go before the people and explain why he is supporting doing nothing. There is no other reason…by McConnell’s own words he wasn’t objecting to the people themselves.

    Obama made a recess appointment to vital posts. Appointments held up by the GOP in the Senate for reasons other than the person appointed. Obama has used recess appointments less than any modern presidency.

    So he called the GOP out. Go ahead GOP…explain why you are supporting lettng vital posts unfilled because you have no reason other than to continue to put politics before nation.

    Yes… I would have screamed if it had been Bush II doing it. Wonder why he didn’t? hmmm…maybe because he didn’t have a bunch of yahoos in Congress placing politics and self before nation. ya think?

    • FreedomFighter

      Totally incorrect again, you have your facts all wrong again. Jesh man dont you even try to get it right>

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • Sirian

        Woo, hang on there now, Flashy has an outstanding batting average of .004, no need to go getting frustrated. . . :)

      • Flashy

        OK FF…as you view it…what are the facts on the recess appointments?

        • FreedomFighter

          There was no recess.

          Laus Deo
          Semper Fi

          • Flashy

            The gimmick ? LOL … give me a break. So what was it? No one around, no business conducted, the chamber and committees not doing anything…

            OK…let McConnell and the GOP go before the cameras and say “we weren’t around, no one was dong anything, but we pulled a fast one and weren’t in recess. And we’re griping because we have no objection to the person, we just want to make the law worthless.”

            OK…go ahead Mitch….see how many votes that wins for a Congress with lower approval ratings that Hugo Chavez. bet the rank and file up for re-election will love that one (seriously…Chavez has a higher approval rating than Congress…lol)

          • Thor

            Yo! Flashy: a dictator by any other name is still just a dictator. The ultimate question here is ‘are you (and your ilk) willing to forfeit your lives in exchange for my freedom?’ Whatever your answer, you lose.

          • Kinetic1

            Parliamentary semantics. It would be like me calling into work each morning from my cabana on the beach and saying “I’m on it boss” just before my scuba lesson. When all they are doing is gaveling in and gaveling out without doing any business, without even discussing business it’s clear that they are not really in session.

          • eddie47d

            Freedom Fighter will never comprehend that Flashy. He’s too busy in the twilight zone. He should be asking himself if no one is there to vote then apparently no one is working on the Hill. Looks like the President was working so once again Congress dropped the ball and deserves that dismal low approval rating.

        • Brad


          By senate rules any one sitting on the floor of the senate means their still in session. By Ohmama curcumventing the senate only a day tells us that Ohmama has no respect for the US rule of law including senate rules which he was part of…

          • Flashy

            As i stated…if Mitch thinks it was wrong, let him go to the People and explain why the gimmick is being used since there is little objection to the appointees…and the gimmick is being used to nullify laws designed to protect the Middle Class and consumers.

            Let’s see what the voters think about that. Wonder if those members up for re-election will agree with Mitch. Scott Brown doesn’t … lol.

            And if Mitch and the gang thinks the recess appointments are invalid? I’m sure he will be able to take the dance to the courts … think he will ?

          • Brad

            Well rules are rules and Ohmama did break them evan when he was part of the senate. As for Mr. Cordray it’s the senates understanding that the position doesn’t fall under senate jurisdiction and can basically do as they please with an unlimited budgit. With that being said your argument is mute and Ohmama is expanding his power base beyond our constitutional checks and balances.

          • eddie47d

            Then if what you said is true it would be mote under any Presidency not just OBAMA’s. Then correct the problem created by both parties or you solve nothing.

          • smilee

            The Constitution trumps the senate rules and the Constitution only says when the senate is in recess the president is within his rights to make recess appointments. If Mitch thinks pro forma sessions are actually Constitution then let him take Obama to court, of course, if the court will not hear the case or find for Obama then Mitch would look like a fool especially since by filibustering a vote when he says the man is more that qualified but he does not like the law that the was duly enacted, talk about disrespect for the law, Mitch certainly is guilty of that by his own admission

        • Brad

          Hey Flashy,

          Answer this one simple question, why is Harry Reid the Senate majority leader sitting on 25 house bills and won’t bring them up for discussion and a vote?

          • eddie47d

            The votes/bills usually have to have a clear chance of being passed before they are considered for debate.

          • Flashy

            As Eddie pointed out. They can’t even get those atrocities out of Committeemuch less to the floor. I don’t see the GOP in the Senate screaming about moving the bills…do you?

      • Capitalist at Birth

        You should have learned by now, not to even read Flashy’s posts much less waste your time responding.

      • Ted Crawford

        Come on Freedom! You know Progressives don’t waste time on unimportant things like reading bill or getting facts! They have a whole Country to “Fundamentally Transform”. Little things like this just get in the way and slow down our arrival at their Socialist Utopia!

    • Brad


      It was the rats in the senate during clinton then Bush IIs tenure that designed and implemented the scheme, the senates still in session, it’s stated in the article if you would care to read it again. Evan senate rats confirm it and was used to prevent GWB from making his appointments. All the people are asking is the POTUS to use common sense and appoint people for the common good of the country instead ideology and a political party and or cause. What we have been getting known communists, union attorney’s and Sal Alinsky wanabe’s.

    • http://personallibertydigest Frank J.

      flashy is just a jerk and irrevelant.

      • Michael

        Flashy may not have the support of the bloggers here, but the POTUS sure does as he pleases and the US citizens and the mighty US Congress sit on their hands and do nothing.

        • smilee

          Let the republicans take it to court, If Obama is wrong then het will be proven wrong, my guess is they won’t cause if they loose and Obama is right then they will be exposed of their shenanigans and can no longer play polities with it and my guess is they will not. Rhetoric is cheap and if they do not take it to court it shows they do not have the guts that Obama has shown here

    • Brad

      Bush had a democratic congress the last two years in office and Harry read kept taking a recess every two weeks so he couldn’t.

    • big wyo

      VITAL POSTS are sh@tting me – you idiot. An eternal line of worthless big goverment in a newly formed unconstitutional bureau. Oh my god how did we survive before Obummer and his czars????

  • Charles

    Heart broken – but does he care? I think not. I will continue to call on the Lord to open his eyes, and we will see who wins in the end. In the end, the G_d of heaven wins!!! The book of Revelations is very clear on this.

  • BigBadJohn

    LOL Too funny

    You seem to ignore the fact that GWB had 171 recess appointments with 99 being permanent positions. He effectively stacked the courts with conservatives – which why they ruled that corporations are people.

    If recess appointments are tramping checks and balance republicans truly trample the Constitution a LOT worse than Democrats.

    • http://Personalliberty Tony

      To BigBadJohn:
      I hate to have to say this, but you’re right sir. It’s total hypocrisy what the Repubs. are saying. Thanks!!

      • Brad

        And I suppose you don’t care what the rats are doing to include the rino’s take a look at the national debt clock posted you’ll get the idea.

    • Brad


      Two wrongs don’t make a right and your statement tells me you don’t care that this country is going down the tubes financialy and the US gov has us so far in the red they (US gov) have us spending 100% of GDP. Just look at the gross debt to GDP ratio, you’ll get the point

      • BigBadJohn

        Brad I agree totally.

        But you need to put this in perspective, with Bush’s tax cuts, two unfunded wars, an unfunded prescription drug plan and TARP bail outs, Obama inherited a 1.5 trillion dollar deficit and 10 trillion dollar national debt. 1.5 Trillion time 4 years puts us exactly where we are 15 trillion in debt.

        Simple solution un-do everything that republicans did when they controlled congress for 12 years.

        • Brad


          What a lot of people neglect to see, the congress sets the US gov budgits, Bush II final republican budgit had deficit spending coming down. When the dems took controll of congress in 2007 Bush’s last two budgits hit new levels, 1.2 and 1.3 trilion in deficit spending, why he didn’t veto each spending bill I have no idea. When Bush left office in early 2009 our national debt stood at 10.6 trillion what is it today 15.195 trillion and Ohmama’s administration wants to push it higher by another 1.2 trillion. So, when does the spending stop and we get our fiscal house in order and pay down the debt? Inquiring minds want to know…

    • DaveR

      Gee, I didn’t know Bush was president back in 1818, did you? The US Sup Ct ruled that corporations were persons long before Bush was president. You can start to read about those decisions here

      • Flashy

        Errrr…that case decided that corporations can enter and be bound by contracts. Without that ability, there would be no corporaqtions as it meant every shareholder had to sign the contract for it to be binding.

        Nice try though…

  • Kara

    i’m afraid of anyone who is not afraid of obama.

    • Alex

      That is why the Reich Wingers are also known as Fright Wingers—you live in fear and you live on fear. Grow up, PROGRESS, and join thelong march of civilization.
      Stop living in fear.

      • Capitalist at Birth

        I fear no man, especially those who espouse the long march mantra. I will be waiting for you Alex with my two thousand rounds of ammunition, my books, and my 6 month’s supply of food and water. Are you ready to face me?

        • Think about it

          Cap you should keep your amount of ammo and food supply to your self, only you and your family should know those numbers.
          Stay safe.

      • Brad

        Alex only believees in the NWO, government should controll everything and provide all. Alex that’s called communism it’s been tried and has utterly failed as a system of government.

      • 101stRECON68

        Oh my you ARE so clever; Reich Wingers, Teabaggers, Faux News. So very clever of your type. Keep throwing those labels out and one day it will land on the wrong person. Why don’t you try engaging in some realistic dialogue instead of throwing slanders towards those you refuse to talk with on an intellectual level?

        • eddie47d

          …but it’s okay to call the opposition fleabaggers,Alinsky trolls,mainstream media lemmings and Obummer/Oblammer. Nice try in intellectualism Recon 68.

  • Charles

    Do we really need any more examples of what a dictator, looks like.? The constitution is only of use when it pleases the anointed one. If he doesn’t like it’s provisions and he ‘can’t wait’ he just goes around Congress. Exactly what he,as Senator, decried about Pres. Bush. We no longer have a President, we have a King. God help us all.

  • Stephen

    Didn’t I see the Obuminator put his hand on a Bible and swear to uphold the Constitution…so help me God? Doesn’t everyone get sworn into office? Where’s the integrity in our leadership? Why is it always politics as usual and the American Public getting burned on every deal? Where are the true American Leaders? Politicians are not leaders.

    • Flashy

      Ummm…just a minor point. What court has ruled Pres. obama to be in violation of the Constitution? Marbury V Madison states the Courts are the interpreters of the Constitution…not you, not me, not the TPers, not the Left.

      • DaveR

        Good point, Flashy, but then, why did Obama and Holder themselves decide they would not support DOMA? Why did they not take the case to the courts to decide whether or not DOMA was constitutional? They have elevated themselves to be laws unto themselves, just as they did in refusing to prosecute the New Black Panthers following their intimidation of white voters in Philadelphia.

        • eddie47d

          No proof of NBP intimidation case closed get over it!

        • Flashy

          I dunno..maybe the same reaons why the relgious right and the conservative states decided not to?

        • eddie47d

          Now that is at least the 11th time I’ve seen that video and low and behold still no intimidation. Really lame propaganda for your A Team or are you a part of the Desperado gang searching for a clue?

      • TML

        “Marbury V Madison states the Courts are the interpreters of the Constitution”

        Seems to me there is something very wrong with citing a court case in which the court asserts it’s own power as the only interpreter of the Constitution. Kind of like the fox guarding the hen house if you ask me.

        Anyone who can read, can know what the Constitution says, and if he is in violation of it or not. Although, I agree that someone should step up and take him to court over it. In fact, he should be impeached for violating what he swore to uphold.

        • Flashy

          The case has stood and been recognized for 200+ years as sound and wise. I guess if you disagree with having the Court decide on what is and is not Constitutional…i can take the role . What do you want me to rule on? Not a problem. I for one, object to you deciding. So that leaves me.

        • Stephen

          Hey, when it comes down to it, he’s a public servant and we the people are the boss. I make a motion that we fire him for not doing his job as his contract with us states that he must do his job with specified restrictions. He is not above the laws of OUR land.

          • Flashy

            Come the first tuesday in Novemeber, you can vote to fire Pres. Obama. good luck with any of the bunch running for the GOP nomination. Whoa…

            Me? I think President Obama has earned another four years. Then, if we can convince frmr Pres. Clinton to run for another term…we may just start having this nation recover from the disasterous condition began by Reagan culminating in Bush/Cheney.

  • http://. Big Daddy


    • BigBadJohn

      Better lay off of that cool aid……

      • Lastmanstanding

        Why is that so hard to believe? Look at everything that has happened “gradually” over the last 100 years.

        The US Constitution has been shot full of holes by nearly every politician and our own govt.

        Just another persons take on what he sees…perhaps he wants the same freedom and liberty that you and I do…for my kids and grandkids.

        Do NOT be so trusting of those in control.

      • Don

        bbj, how big an bad do you really think you are, you don’t even rate capital letters in you name, are you sleeping with o boze o ????

      • eddie47d

        Big Daddy doesn’t even deserved to be called little man with his sound bite. There will be elections this year so all the liars hanging around please put down the crack pipe. No dictator,No Martial Law so NOT EVEN a good try little man!

    • Brad

      Big Daddy,

      The vast majority who post here have their eye’s wide open and see the danger that Ohmama is. Unfortuently there are those who post here believe Ohmama is right but we believe he’s wrong and we’ll use our votes on November 6th to take him out. That’s if he doesn’t make it onto the ballot in Georgia or New Hampsier, there’s court proceedings challenging his eligibility to hold the position of POTUS since he has a documents African father and an American mother. In previous SC rulings to be eligible for the POTUS he would have needed a father who was a US citizen and a mother who was a US citizen to be a natural born citizen of the US.

      • smilee

        That BS is so old it does not even stink anymore!!

  • jopa

    James called Obama the Dictator in Chief for the appointments he made.However when Reagan was in office he averaged 30 appointments a year, Bush around ten and Obama seven.I guess Reagan would have to be considered a close relative of Hitler and Mussolini for his actions.These appointments are nothing out of the ordinary unless you want to pretend it was never done before by your own party to rile up the wackos.

    • Flashy

      James…you have to realize…if the Right skirts the law, deals with enemies of our counry, fixes and rigs elections, uses the powers of the state to torutre, usurps elected officals … it’s all right.

      If the Moderates do anything which they don’t like…as in make and obey laws…it’s treasonous.

      Get it?

      • Brad

        Why Flashy,

        ACORN, SEIU the AFL-CIO are already working behind the sceens to get their minnions on the move to vote and vote often. For you sir you can’t see the forest for the trees are in your way.

  • s c

    This is the same approach used by Germans when Hitler was trying to come to power. What are you afraid of? What can go wrong? He’ll clean up the counbtry? He knows all the words, and he has the plans to get things done.
    Obviously, Hitler had some quirks that were also
    suicidal. Time after time, herds of semi-humans refuse to believe that because something hasn’t worked anywhere in the world doesn’t mean it won’t work here, and ESPECIALLY now that we finally have ‘god’ in the W H.
    THIS is what that ‘fighter for the middle class’ really means, folks. This is the SAME yahoo who has done nothing but DIVIDE America, and he DARES to think he can run a campaign that didn’t use a budget. That’s not a record. THAT’S an EXCUSE.
    You’ll get a better deal from blind pigs. At least they have a functional sense of smell. The current herd of wannabe semi-swine and semi-anacondas will slowly eradicate each other.

  • Sirian

    Here we go again, the same number that can’t see through the fog. Alright, it’s as simple as this – THEY ARE PLAYING BOTH SIDES AGAINST THE MIDDLE – and we’re the middle, GET IT?? Sheezzz!!! What’s wrong with everyone? The Democrats play their game with their jock straps, uh, I mean supporters while the Republicans do the exact same thing. This has been going on for a very long time and they will continue to do so. You know, just enough to keep us “happy”. Look at both sides of the coin people, you just might be surprised how effective they – both parties – have been.

  • http://personallibertydigest Frank J.

    i did and you didn’t post it . WHY?

  • Randy

    I’m with Charles on this one. If you can’t see a difference in the way the Constitution is being shreaded by BO, then you are wanting a Communist dictatorship government in the US. In the case of GWB, little games were always played by the Dems to try and make him look to be incompetent. If it weren’t holding up any legislation, it would be a constant barrage of accusations and investigations by Committees to errode the confidence of the Republican Party by the Dems. This was found in a memo sent by Jay Rockefeller to his Dem friends to constantly play games in order to regain the Dems power in Congress and the Presidency.

    Dems are once again playing games, but because they don’t want to lose power. Remember when BO made the statement, “Get over it! We won!”, to tell the country that you had better get in line with his way of thinking. Yet with the 2010 elections, he refused to admit that people didn’t like his ideas and it was going to be full speed with his agenda once again. This man is arrogant and refuses to take a hint.

    When this man and his administration can declare that he has more to fear from someone that disagrees with him than a Middle Eastern terrorist, there is something wrong. When these people can declare a person that owns guns, carries a Bible, or is against abortion, a domestic terrorist; there is something to be worried about. He has described a majority of people in this country and has more or less declared war on them. This man doesn’t care who he offends in this country. If you can’t see the way BO and the Dems have gone around the law and shreaded the Constitution, then how warm is the sand on your head in that hole?

  • 45caliber

    “Don’t do as I do – do as I say.”

  • Stephen

    What should Congress do when the President breaks the law? Impeach? Where’s our justice system? November cannot come fast enough. The House should begin proceedings immediately. I think Boehner has the balls to go forward.

    • Think about it

      Boehner is a f-in drunkin coward, and he wants what Obama wants.

    • obxyankee

      I agree with Stephen, why don’t we hear from our congress about impeaching a president who is openly violating his oath of office? By the time November 2012 is here, so much damage will have been done to our constitutional republic, and yes – the fraud will be so rampant in King Obama’s favor – that Americans will be unable to stop it.

      • DaveR

        Others have already stated why Congress (Boehner) won’t seek impeachment — they have no hope of a conviction by the current Senate.

        A better approach would be for Congress members to investigate Obama’s eligibility to hold the office of president, and following a thorough investigation, to issue a formal report and resolution to that he is not and never was qualified to be president because he is not a natural born citizen as required by the Constitution, and to demand his immediate removal from office and to declare all official actions by him void ab initio since he never qualified to hold such power.

        • Think about it

          Please please please wake up, they already know that Obama is ineligible, they don’t want to change what he has done, they want these new laws for when they take over again, if they take over again, no matter there all the same.

  • wlllbjr5

    The disgrace in all this is the fact the Democratic party did not vet this candidate at all! Another
    Disrace is the fact that the Democratic Party did not even attempt to field any opposition to prez bam
    obummer this election cycle! The Democratic Party deserves to become a relic of failure and to
    immediately faid into complete obscurity. The Democratic Party is nothing more than a “Communist”
    organization irregardless of whatever name they go by whether that be ” ‘progressive,’ ‘Liberal,’ ” or
    what other limp name they can come up with! If the Democratic Party has any integrity what-so-ever they
    will demand prez bam obummer step down and remove him from the Democratic Ticket altogether and nominate
    a candidate outside of his administration and the current Democratic Legislative elected delegation and
    Judicial Appointees. Other wise it is the duty of the America people to do away with the Communist Party.
    There is another Unknown candidate in the Democratic Race for Democratic Nomination fo President
    although he is conservative, he is naive about the United Nations. His Name is “Randall Terry.”

    • Kinetic1

      “although he is conservative…” Conservative? He’s a REPUBLICAN! Randall Terry is a “Pro Life” activist who lost primary elections in both New York and Florida, both on the Republican ticket. This is just one more piece of political theater for a man who will do anything for attention and a group of like minded people who will do anything to make their views the law of the land. There is nothing about this man, nor you apparently that qualifies either to represent the Democratic party.

  • David

    Bush pushed thru several recess appointments, including a couple of poor choices, but I didn’t hear a peep from the Republicans about how he was abusing the system. I say suck it up and let it go.

    • JON

      They can’t suck it up and let it go. I wish they could. But as you can see by what their post, they can’t. They present themselves as a group of hostile, bigoted people. They can’t even look past their own ignorance. It’s probably because they don’t like the African American side of Obama’s heritage. It’s very sad. It’s also part of the reason for the downfall of America. They just keep feeding at the trough of their false Gods: Fox News, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Michele Bachmann. They’re fat from eating too much fear.

  • skyraider 6

    Constitutional Law Prof. for 10 years! What school? Where are his students? In jail?

    • JON

      That school would be The University of Chicago Law School. From 1992 until his election to the U.S. Senate in 2004, Barack Obama served as a professor in the Law School. He was a Lecturer from 1992 to 1996. He was a Senior Lecturer from 1996 to 2004, during which time he taught three courses per year.
      Have YOU done anything as impressive as that? Hmmm?

      • skyraider 6

        Was he a licensed attorney at the time? He was denied the ability to take the bar exam I believe. Do you really truly believe this person who uses false names, false birth places and falsified documents? Did you ever investigate him? I did not become the president under false pretenses so my qualifications are not in question. Barry is the topic here. Can you look into his prior records…no you cannot…he has had them all sealed..why would he do that?

        • Think about it

          Maybe it’s because he is a liar and there are no real records, Hey skyraider 6 maybe we shoiuld try and use somebody else’s social security number. You would think that Big Bad John Boehner would use the false SSN to have the liar an cheat removed from office, what a loser.

        • Flashy

          As to Pres. Obama and his license to practice law. He was licensed, and voluntarily surrendered the license because his job no longer required it to be active. Common practice.

          • big wyo

            common flahy thats crap. have a good friend that is still atty in New york and would not give up license just incase he went back and wanted to practice again. The bar isnt easy to pass.
            resign barry resign

  • Chris

    Obamais a tyrant…plain and simple.

  • gnafu

    It appears that Obama has declared himself “King.” Plus, I think that “Consumer Financial Protection Bureau” does more than look into credit card use/abuse. And, that is where the Conservatives bulked – not because of Cordrey but the Bureau itself. In part: “Like a neighborhood cop on the beat, the CFPB supervises banks, credit unions, and other financial companies, and we will enforce Federal consumer financial laws.” Now, that sounds rather reasonable but what else does CFPB do? Where does FDIC come in on this Bureau? I thought FDIC monitored big banks and made sure they were following proper guidelines. But, the point here is that Obama has used his Executive Powers to name Cordrey to position of watchdog without Congress input while Congress had been in session in proper time to be included. There was more to ironed out before naming a ‘watchdog.’ What kind of power does CFPB give a president? To approve more spending? Hmmm

  • http://liberyalearts john p.

    ALL THE PEOPLE WHO VOTED FOR Obama feel the same.everyone was
    taken in by his smooth talk .now you see the man for what he is.
    he is a snake . he will be voted in again because there are people
    who listen to all local news .they are the problem they lie to
    everyone.they tell everyone how great Obama is and
    people be leave them .and here we are i steal want to see his birth
    place .

    • Kinetic1

      john p,
      Flights to Hawaii are available at any major airport. Bon Voyage!

      • Think about it

        Well unless he’s going on vacation i wouldn’t go to Hawaii, if he wants to go visit Obamas birth place he should just fly on over to Kanya, that would be in Africa.

    • nurseboston

      I just visited the hospital where the president was born in Honolulu. Yes, Hawaii is one of the 50 states of the United States of America! Sorry to say that he is a United States citizen!

  • JimO

    Hitler had Nuremberg Laws : Obama has Executive Orders.
    Hitler had Reichstag Fire Decree : Obama has Direct Appointments.
    Hitler’s game plan (Mein Kampf) : Obama’s Audacity of Hope.

    They are both the same road to ruin.

    • JON

      That is the typical ramblings of a person who is not reality based.

    • eddie47d

      What JimO said could be made against any President and probably more so. JimO has a mind of JellO.

  • http://moniquer7 Merlin

    He has been trampling Congress, the Constitution, the nation, and the American people since day one.

    • JON

      That is total BS

  • Merrill

    Yes other presidents did make appointments, the issue here is that the “Holy One aka BO” violated the constitution to do it. This is not a one time thing for him. OB violates the constitution and the will of the people quite often. The united States has been the leader of the free world since our independenance, people have come to this country because of what we stood for. Unfirtunatly with the break down of family values and the lack of upholding the principle of being held accountable for your actions people have started to adopt this “where’s mine” mentality. Folks show me one country that has this socialist or communist government that works successfully.

    Remember we are a republic, we have to fight for our god, our country and our families. If we don’t, one day we won’t have any of them. Start now, talk to your family, friends coworkers people in your community. Dont be afraid to express yourself. Stand for what you believe, let’s make America great again.

    • Kinetic1

      Republic: a government in which supreme power resides in a body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by elected officers and representatives responsible to them.

      Funny, but no matter how many definitions I find not one of them says “”we have to fight for our god….” In fact, our Constitution protects us from people like you who think they have the right to dictate who’s God is our God, although your use of a little g god may suggest that you are willing to accept any god as long as we are willing to fight for it.

  • carole

    the constitution is not being interpreted correctly, not even the expert obummer. the law is if the vacancy occurs during recess,the pres can fill the appointment, because of the horse and buggy days. Contact your senators and reps, and demand that they restain him. (impeachment). We need to follow the constitution to the letter and the commas and periods.

    • Deerinwater

      High Crimes and Treason Madam, that is in the constitution as well.

      You got them, whip the out, otherwise control yourself.

  • JON

    WHAT A BUNCH OF FREAKIN’ WHINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Merrill


      You poor fellow. Is that the base of your argument, everyone is racist. Man what color is the sky in your world? Usually, those who don’t want to hear the truth or want it their way with no supporting fact, seem to turn to playing the race card. I still love you,

    • Don

      And jon, your a racist bastard

      • eddie47d

        Don blows alot of hot air with the O-Boze-O name calling but expects others to be civilized. Practice what you preach Donnie boy.

      • Deerinwater

        I can’t tell if he’s a bastard or not and fail to see how you can. However, claiming he is racist in response to claiming that your are racist won’t work either.

        He is guilty of shouting and I’d not read his post if you had not call him a bastard.

    • big wyo

      He had no right to create the bureau in the first place or all his czars or the rest of big Government crap he has forced on us.

      • smilee

        Congress created it and he signed it, certainly you know he can not sign anything into law unless and until Congress passes it. Apparently you do not understand how your government works

    • big wyo

      Sorry jon -I despise barry because he isn’t American (especially at heart), he isn’t honest, he has lied about everything from where born to gun control. Before you pull your race card, just for you I don’t much like piglosi, boxer, fienstein, frank clinton billery or billdo or Moore and just to show you how prejudice I am lets through in Newt or Boehner or Scary Harry or Santorem or Bush.
      There are 20 good minorities and women that are eligible that would have made a great President, some even D’s but barry doesnt make that list.

  • David Macfarlane

    What happened to the “like” button? There were numerous comments on here that I would have hit the “like” button for and also numerous comments would deserve a “dislike” button. The experiment of having a black leader in the US has failed, just as it has in African nations, i.e. S. Africa, Rhodesia, Uganda. If we don’t get rid of this obamanation, we will be asking Haiti for help in the near future. Its a shame that two of the better qualified candidates have dropped off the Republican ticket, one a black, the other a woman. I only hope Ron Paul continues to run and keep the pot stirred, even though I disagree with some of his views.

  • Bob Marshall

    Bush once said, a dictator is a good thing as long as i am the dictator. he received a lot of laughs. Obama plans to make it happen. “it is fortunate for the governments that the masses don’t think.” Adolf Hitler. At no time in American history was that more true than in the election at the polls in 2008.70% of Americans voters wanted Obama. Unfortunately, the 30% of us who didn’t lost the same freedoms and liberties because of their decision.Ignorance of his ties to Communist, Socialist,the terrorist group the Weatherman underground,and Bill Ayers, George Soros, Nation of Islam, ACORN and other extremist was no excuse. The fact that 97% of black voters voted for Obama was no surprise.they apparently though because he was part black they had a president who would favor them.I don’t see where twice the unemployment of any other group worked out too well for them.” If we expect to be free and ignorant in a state of covilization, we expect what never was and never will be…if we are to guard against ignorance an dremain free, it is the responsibility of every citizen to be informed.” Thomas Jefferson. Millions of voters failed with that responsibility. now, we are living in a police state and a Socialist type government. If you haven’t bothered to read the original Constitution while we still have it although a few thing have been added and others ignored.It is too bad for America that our founders warnings weren’t heeded.

  • Bob Marshall

    civilization opps! my bad.

  • wildmann

    Any of you Ds and Rs, inclusive, who went to High School in the
    ’60s, say— ’62-’65 Had to take the “Americanism V:S Communism” Course. If you didn’t Sleep through it, Try to remember the Tactics the Commies use to Take Over a country, W/O firing a shot! Obama, and the Demo-c-Ratz are dead on the mark. Right on Schedule. The Reason that the younger people don’t SEE this, is the Dumbing Down of the Nation through the Friendly Liberal Neighborhood P/C Public School System.

  • Bob

    I cannot understand how it is that people listen to our communist dictator and believe him when he says the Senate Republicans held up the vote, yet when I see the vote results I notice that some good democrats voted with the republicans??? The democrats own the Senate, and therefore they can pass what ever they want without the Republicans holding up the vote. Wake up people this little commie is going to take over our country and before you know it we will all be commrads………………..

  • Bill

    It would be ok but its not a recess! Dictator in Chief!

  • Boatdriver

    If this absolute liar should, by some idiotic chance, get re-elected there is only one way to topple a dictatorship…Revolution !!

  • Winston Smith

    If I were Obama (hurl) I would be scared – VERY SCARED! It’s obvious that his handlers are goading him harder and harder to be more and more brash, more drastic, more impetuous, more destructive to what America should be! Two of the possible outcomes are:
    1, Some overzealous (Left manufactured?) ‘patriot’ will make an overt assault on him or his – enough to “justify” full Martial law and the apparent ends of his handlers will become fact: total subjugation of the, once, mightiest, most productive, most creative country the world has known
    2, The proles, brainwashed by the lamestream media, will quietly acquiesce, bit by bit, and the apparent ends of his handlers will become fact
    In either case, should he survive the assault, he, Obama, and his office, the Presidency, are superfluous! In other words, HE IS EXPENDABLE, an “agent provocateur”, installed to create either turmoil or radical change toward the goals of his handlers. That accomplished he may be invited to ‘visit’ Gitmo, himself lest he wake up and become repentant or blurt out things that might upset the applecart. Purges were/are common in the sort of society he seems to be leading us towards.

  • Wyatt

    As a Native American , both by having been born in these United States and by way of decent . I find myself outraged at the shear arrogance of this individual . How much more is he going to do in his effort to destroy America and her government ? He has soit and trampled on our Constitution , usurped powers of both Congress and the Senate and yet not one of the members of these august bodies will say anything meaningful against this pompous fraud .
    In the three years that this individual has been in the White House I have watched him degrade our economy , break laws at will , waste taxpayer funds on failed business ventures , in crease our debt to 3x’s what it was when he took office , Insult our allies , apologize to those who attacked us without warning and kiss up to those who would like nothing better than to destroy us . This is intolerable to the American public and ample proof that this person has no love of America and needs to be replaced along with his cadre of yes men and boot lickers . Act now America , it is your freedom that is at risk

    • big wyo

      Wyatt – agree with you 100 percent but to me native american means american Indian. If you are native (no offence meant to Natives ) you show much more devotion to america than is usually expressed( and basically rightfully so). either way I wish more people got it like you. If Obama got it or was american at heart(like you) he would not be having near the prolems he is having as the most hated Politian ever.

  • Carol

    It’s the old “Do as I say, not as I do”.

  • http://facebook Namvet 66/67

    Obama loaths the Constitution and has shown that over and over, yet all the Liberals and OWS Ararchists and Socialists in America still support and defend that traitor, no matter how much damage he does as he ignores the checks and balances in the Constitution.

    Obama is a conniving dictator wannabe and just makes up his own insane rules and is pushing his own disasterous agenda, of killing off the American Democracy once and for all……………….

    • SMsgt Z(ret) Nam 68

      OWS Ararchists did you mean OWS Anarchist’s.

      Obama is a conniving dictator wannabe and just makes up his own insane rules and is pushing his own disasterous (disastrous) agenda

      Have you ever been to a OWS event?

      What agenda;the protection of the American people is disastrous agenda how ?

  • http://LibertyAlert Alec

    Read the law. It states that the law must be signed into law by the Congress. And since the Congress is in session, it cannot be used as a recess apointment, cause, you got it, Congress is in session. The whole premise of the law is being done outside of the pursestrings of the Congress. Can you say powergrab. Can you say Dictitorial in nature? I certainly can.

    • Deerinwater

      Can you say? “Don’t start none and there won’t be none”?

      The DNC can ignore with the best you’ve got. We tried to reach across the isle and the GOP showed us their a$$ every time.

      The gloves are off and about damn time.

  • SMsgt Z(ret) Nam 68

    The Conservative/Republican Hero Ronald Reagan appointed 243 individuals during congressional recess.
    Congress is not conducting any business now and has not conducted the peoples business since December 23 when they passed the payroll tax bill (a win for the working class)
    There for they are in RECESS
    One should ask one’s self why is Corporate America so afraid of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and why are there LOBBYISTS investing so much money in stopping something that will protect the American People?
    Lobbyists must be removed from the political process they serve no good to the Republic

    • Deerinwater

      well! finally ! we concur! except for the HERO part anyway.

  • Americanfreedom70

    2012 Political Reform Petition

    All public servants i.e. senators, congress persons, judges, governors, and all appointees shall from this day forth be restricted to no more than 8 years in office.
    No members of the above mentioned group shall receive compensation to exceed $60,000.00 annually.
    No public servants shall receive any insurance paid out of public funds with a co-pay of less than 50% including but not limited to premiums.
    No public servants shall receive any retirement paid out of public funds.
    No public servants shall be eligible to trade in open markets during their time in office.
    No public servants shall receive any additional funds, or other means of compensation from private individuals or corporations during their time in office.
    Housing outside of the public servants home area will be provided by the people in the form of public housing not to exceed 1500 square feet per family. Any deviation will be paid “out of pocket” by the public servant seeking such accommodations.
    Meals will be provided at public expence to include no more than 2000 calories per day of the basic staples of good nutrition.
    All special interest groups, labor unions, and corporate officials shall be restricted from any public buildings in an official capacity.
    Violations of the above binding guidelines will result in immediate termination and loss of benefits.

  • jopa

    Brad;You should not use Fox news as a source to prove your point here.Everyone has seen the episode where they were trying show protests in Wisconsin, however they missed the palm trees in the background when editing.Fox news even admits to being more for entertainment than actual news.

  • SMsgt Z(ret) Nam 68

    Lobbyists a little factual information for a change

  • Bono

    Maybe it’s time to quit crying about what the other party does. Executive power has been growing without check by both parties when they control the executive branch. Finger pointing isn’t going to end it as both parties have become so diluted in their deeds and philosophies. Abraham Lincoln was the most profound federalist supporter of them all by his war against the rights of the confederate states so why now would any other president be any different? He was the executive that strenghtened the federal government with military force.

    • SMsgt Z(ret) Nam 68

      Get over the War of Union Aggression( which the South started) with out a strong federal government this Republic would not have survived.The true problem is lobbying and it’s money that control our Government in 2012. Forget the rest of the Bovine Scatology

  • Sonata

    Obama will do anything to win, chicago thug style..Hook or by Crook..Guess who got baited..YOU! When the Senate/Congress did not hold out on Obama policys We got angry with them when they what is Obama doing? He is using our anger at the Senate/Congress as his platform to win! We really handed it to him..He is using US!! Now he is going to use Executive power and go around the Senate/Congress. He is just waiting for us to tell him what We The People are angry about and then He will use it againts US and it folks or are we setting ourselves up for this fall??? Newt Gingrich is the ONLY one whether we like it or not who has the real experience to go up against Obama and win! He said he is a Christian and that he repented of his sins committing why do we judge him? God is our Judge! Do You want to win or not? Newt is the only GOP canidate who said that he LOVES this Country..Do YOU want to WIN? Lets vote for Newt and Get Obama out of there as it is our ONLY chance..that’s it..OUR only chance!! Vote,,Vote,Vote them OUT!!!

  • Bob

    Thank you Sonata, I believe you are right on!! I agree with you that Newt Gingrich is the best of the remaining potential president wannabe’s…. Let’ get out and support Newt and vote for Newt to vote our commie dictator out of office, once and for all….

  • Fed Up

    When are they going to impeach this impostor?

  • FWO21

    Oh, the games they play with our lives. I certainly wish they would all just grow up and be adults. God help us all.

  • Disturbed

    Move over George W Bush, another politician has learned from your book of tricks on getting legislation passed without the opposite party being present. Now, all the republicans in and out of office are crying foul. They should stop stooping over and take their punishment like groan(sic) men.

  • Jay

    “Treason”! has no Senator or Congressman the balls to file for impeachment. Dictator Obama has violated the constitutional oath of office to “uphold and defend” at least 7 times in three years.
    And the people cower even when they know the facts, do nothing and we lose our liberty, ” Do something, Say something”, act now write the Senate and House and demand Impeachment! and dont stop untell they do something. Then vote Ron Paul!

    • smilee



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