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Obama To Request More Borrowing

December 28, 2011 by  

Obama To Request More Borrowing

President Barack Obama is expected to ask Congress to raise the Nation’s borrowing limit by $1.2 trillion this week, marking the third and final increase from a deal negotiated over summer.

The Treasury Department says that the increase is needed because the Federal government will be within $100 billion of its current spending limit by Friday. The newest increase will bring the amount of money borrowed by the U.S. government to fund its operations to $16.4 trillion and allow it to keep borrowing until after the 2012 Presidential election.

The enormity of the debt has fueled intense partisan debate in Congress over spending and taxes. Congress could reject the President’s request, but he can veto its objection. If Congress takes no action, the spending measure will take automatic effect after Jan. 14, according to The Associated Press.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Faith Montgomery

    The August debt ceiling legislation states that any resolution of disapproval must make its way through Congress within 15 days of the president’s request.
    If Obama announces his position this week, Congress would have to vote on a disapproval resolution by Jan. 14 at the latest.
    But the House isn’t scheduled to return to the Capitol until Jan. 17, and the Senate doesn’t return until Jan. 23.

  • GILLYSROOMS in Australia

    Do any of the forum readers have any credible information to show how much of the current stocks of gold are in the form of jewelry items and what percentage of each years gold ingot productions goes to jewelry or for industrial or electronic use and which percentage of gold is hoarded in private and government treasuries and where?

    Might I also proffer the speculation that some countries whose currency is not market oriented and possibly worthless, may be using worthless currencies to buy gold bullion in preference to their own currencies for the day when gold becomes a world standard and obviously become substantially more valuable.I would like to pose what I think is a pertinent question and ask which country is likely to benefit the most by us supporting the gold standard be introduced into the American economy?

    Will it be the Arabs, the Chinese, the Indians or the Russians? Individually or collectively which of the beforementioned countries benefit most? How will the USA benefit the most in such circumstance?

    • eddie47d

      China is the largest gold producer in the world with almost 400 kilograms. Followed by the US(Nevada) then Australia and Russia. Peru is the largest silver producing nation (6th in gold) followed by Mexico,China and then Australia. So you have plenty of metal wealth in your country Gilly so is it being put to good use?

      • GILLYSROOMS in Australia

        Thanks for your reply eddie47d, the next important question is who is buying all the gold being produced in USA & Australia, China & Russia and hoarding it into vaults?

  • combat seabee

    In his campaign to become the worst president ever, oblowhole called George Bush,”Irresponsible, and Unpatriotic,” for increasing the National Debt by 4 trillion dollars over “8″ yrs!
    Oblowhole, what is it called when you have matched that in “3″ yrs. and still want more? How about abuse of power, no economic sense, and just downright treasonous!!!!

    • http://HOTMAIL Trainman

      The largest budget (with the largest debt to it) voted in while Bush was in office was the last year he was in office and guess who was in the Senate to vote it in??? you guest it.. OVOMIT! Bush’s budgets in 8 yrs in realistic figures put us in debt just under $3 TRILLION. Ovomit beat that in 20 months.

      If predictions come true like John Meyer said and Ovomit is re-elected next year and we have mass riots and turmoil those who voted for him better find a hole or leave the country fast cause hunters wont be hunting deer… their sites will be on #1 Ovomit..#2 Pelosi.. #3 Holder… #4 Hitler-ry, and then any ovomit loving voters. No matter what ovomit, scar-crow pelosi, and hitler-ry try to do with gun control they will never get 10% of them. I also believe most in the CIA, FBI, Secrete Service, and Police Dept will turn on Washington with the rest of the citizens.

    • Don8878

      It is easy to see the flaw in your attempt at Republican logic, the big question is why you are having trouble seeing it. So either you are one of the wealthy 1% millionaires or you are naïve to believe that the Republican Party is going to look out for you. I can see that you are one of those who would cry about all those earning less than $50K and who don’t pay taxes. What you fail to see are the 1400 millionaires who paid nothing in taxes and the rest of the millionaires who paid very little in taxes because of the Bush tax breaks. It is understandable that you just like many Republican drones following blindly failed to read or understand the concept of taxes and the economy and how it relates to the population. From the time that income taxes were first enacted in 1861 which was to pay for the war and the majority of the population who earned less than $800 (yr) was exempt which wages today relates to about $132,000 (yr). Prior to then there were sales taxes on sugar, alcohol, and property and then those taxes were done away with and the government operated on import taxes. In 1862 the income tax brackets was expanded to those earning more than $600 (yr) which wages today relates to about $94,900 (yr) and a higher tax rate for those earning $10,000 (yr) equating to more than $1.5 million. So you see even then politicians understood that taxing the majority of the people (middle and lower class) was counterproductive and damaging to the economy. It amazes me that Republicans of today who boast Lincoln as setting the example and philosophy do not stand on those original principles. The Republican Party has turned this country and the people back into a state of servitude and slavery which is what the civil war was all about, what Lincoln fought against and what Americans died for. If things continue and if Republicans achieve their goals and agenda then everything the civil war was about and all those who died will have been for nothing. One of the funniest things is that the Democratic Party was founded by members of the KKK on the philosophy of slavery now boasts to fighting on behalf of and for the people. The truth of the matter is that political parties on both sides receive campaign donations from the same wealthy corporations, oil companies and lobbyist in an effort to hedge their bets no matter which candidate wins. Another fact is that throughout history every large society and empire from the Greeks to Romans have fallen for the same things we are faced with today and it all boils down to two factors, greed and power. Since the Great Depression of the 1930’s thousands of people lost their retirement due to the greed of companies so measures were passed to guarantee the peoples retirement. Now it has been argued that the taxes collected for the Social Security Trust Fund did not and does not belong to the people. However Congress saw those funds stacking up so they passed a measure to include those funds into the federal revenue general fund and $2.4 trillion of that money was used to pay down the deficit. If that money did not belong to the people to ensure their retirement then why did it take passing a bill for politicians to use those funds to pay down the deficit? Political greed and power over the people has never been more blatant than it has been today. Everyone is devastated at the mounting federal deficit but at one time in the last fifty years the federal revenue was greater than the federal budget and there was enough left over that the deficit was getting paid down. Since the Bush administration passing the tax breaks for the wealthy, corporations and the oil companies and multiple wars the deficit has exploded out of control. Republicans continue to push the tax responsibilities of Companies like GE who paid nothing in U.S. taxes and more than two third the companies in Wisconsin which pay no taxes. The only thing the Bush tax breaks have done is more harm than good, the money doesn’t trickle down and the tax breaks hasn’t created any jobs. The fact of money is that all money flows up and since the Great Depression politicians understood this and used the taxes collected for numerous infrastructure projects which in essence pushed money down to the lowest levels of the economic structure, the middle and lower class. There has been the argument that the government should not be in the “Job Creation” business however those politicians who make those statements which have been regurgitated don’t recognize or realize that all those government jobs are created and paid for by taxes. In fact Congress had no problem taking a salary increase after this mess started in 2008 and got worse in 2009. In the past Congress took direction from the President it was true until President Obama. I don’t know if the Congressional defiance against Presidents’ direction in the last few years is because of his ethnicity, greed, or if it’s just the same old politics. I prefer to believe that we, as a people and being we are in the twenty first century that we are above and beyond prejudice except that it can be seen at every turn in the news and that it is not prevalent in our elected officials. But I know that prejudice is prevalent even in our elected officials so I cannot discount this as a possibility as to the Republican Congressional blockade of every plan and proposal to get this country and the people back on their feet and the country back on a paying basis. The facts are that every aspect to include tax increases in order to get the budget and the deficit under control. However the only aspect that Republicans will entertain are cuts to social programs placing the entire burden of the federal budget and the deficit on the majority of the people. The fact is that the wealthy, corporations and oil companies have to be forced to accept responsibility for the deficit since they are the ones who benefited from the tax breaks and why the deficit is so out of hand today. I have always expressed the view and impressed upon my children that a bill does not fix itself or get better with time, it only gets worse and gets more expensive to pay off. Politicians and economist push the agenda that the people will be responsible for the deficit but the way things are going and if our politicians do not hold the wealthy responsible for the deficit then I am very afraid that this country and the things this country was founded on is doomed to fail and we are destined for another civil war. Politicians stand on the Constitution to justify keeping the country in line but it is the Constitution that is the tool for the people to keep congress and elected officials in line. Everyone would have thought that the Tea Party movement would have sent a message to our politicians to do the right thing and their jobs. Especially since Republicans went on national TV launching numerous ads standing on this very preemies. But after the election it was politics as usual and things have gotten worse and turned out to be the same old Republican agenda accept that now it is an extreme version of the Republican agenda. Then the Occupy Wall Street protests began and politicians choose to ignore or attack the people or acknowledging the very same message. The people have called for politicians to fix the budget and the deficit but ignored what the people were telling them after that, Increase taxes on the wealthy and hold them accountable for their irresponsible actions. The Republican Party is seeing the fact that they are destined to lose a serious number of congressional seats and are looking to pass measures to ensure their reelection. What Republicans fail to see is that many of the OWS protesters and supporters are Republican voters and they are seeing where they were misled by the Republican Party.


      I guess that makes Barry Soetoro three times as “IRRESPONSIBLE AND UNPATRIOTIC” as George Bush ever was. I wonder how many fools are stupid enough to want four more years of this IRRESPONSIBILITY.

  • http://. Big Daddy

    Dear Mr Obozzo,
    Please ask for clarification of any part of this you don’t understand

  • GILLYSROOMS in Australia

    I would also like to know what the collective wealth of the American government is in with all its assets, Land, Buildings and Chattels and the total value of all Privately owned and corporate assets so that I can try to work out what the inflationary factor might be with the creation of more credit to be created the current administration. A figure on all the government borrowings and a separate private and corporate borrrowing figure would also be heklpful. Im not interested in percentages of GDP etc.

    What we are really experiencing is really all an illusion where for example infrastructure spending is made with printed credit $ of little real value [ maybe better explained as depreciated $'s ] but accepted by the unionized workforce as acceptable currency. If the infrastructure has a long life it would hopefully last longer than the eventual demise of the value of those printed credit dollars. The roads and tunnels continue to be a long time use asset of value for future commerce. It is another form of theft perpetrated by the State against its collective workers…by another name. Most politicians don’t wish to be seen to be stealing money through taxation, but rather much prefer to be ‘generous’ to their supporters by encouraging the creation of credit and the printing of new currency as many voters and politicians I might add, are unaware of the real slight of hand really happening before their eyes. Surely the inflationary effect of increasing dollars in an economy to avoid direct taxation must be viewed as another form of taxation by theft of the value against the previous supply of money. And might I add who knows which other arms of government might be printing American dollars which are so easily copied. Why have the USA Feds not at least looked at the system used by our Reserve Bank of Australia to make it impossible to copy notes?

    • EHeassler, USN-Ret.

      I don’t think it makes too much difference whether “real” dollars or fake dollars are circulated, they are all going to be next to worthless before the Obama Admistration is finished. In his mind, they will only begin to have value when everyone in the country is equally poor except, of course, his ‘ruling elite” i.e. the wealthy few and the politically correct who have curried his favor. At that point, we will have a controlled economy, controlled society, and controlled food supply. We will be told where to live, what to live in, where to work, how much we will be paid, what and how much to eat, and when and where we can travel. Sound like any recently failed governments that you can think of? If Obama is allowed to continue, that will be our reality. In truth, our dollar will not have value until we earn more than we spend and our economy begins to grow through increased production as opposed to being throttled by government regulations and ideologically driven policies such as the administrations current war on fossil fuel production and attempts to relinquish our national sovereignty in response to the “war on global warming”.

      • Firefly

        It is not just Obama! He is neither smart enough nor cunning enough to do all that he is getting credit for. It is the progressives in Congress who support him and all he stands for, Dubin, Reid, Pelosi, Shummer, Kerry, Nelson, and a few dozen more. Return them to Congress and nothing will change.

        • Don8878

          To an extent I agree with you but you left out a few names starting with John A. Boehner, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Michele Bachmann, Eric Cantor, Michael Burgess, Thaddeus McCotter, Jeff Sessions and John Boozman is a good beginning.

          • JUKEBOX

            None of the Republicans you named are in Hawaii, spending $10,000 per night for a hotel like the PRINCESS PELOSI is doing. She must think she is one of the Kardashians.

  • EHeassler, USN-Ret.

    Digging the debt hole deeper, deeper, and deeper. Soon, the U.S. will not be able to borrow one thin yuan as the dollar becomes worthless and no one will want to be repaid with it. As staged riots and demonstrations in our country become more frequent and more violent in 2012, expect Obama and his thug administration to declare some sort of national emergency, declare martial laws, and attempt to suspend elections. Obama may not be able to do this before elctions this time, but if SEIU, ACORN, SOROS supported criminals, communists, socialists, union goons and the 65 members of the Democratic Socialist Party already in Congress that comprise a large percentage of his support, can defraud the voting process in key states, he will be re-elected. If that happens, don’t expect any further elections as given four more years to destroy our Constitution and it’s guaranties, he will succeed. Add to that the collaboration of his criminal Attorney General and the “Progressives”, i.e. Marxists that he will be able to confer judgeships on, and you will have the complete destruction of our democracy, judicial system, and capitalistic free market system. It will be replaced with a controlled society as envisioned by Obama, Van Jones, William Ayers and others of their ilk. Canada and Australia are looking better and better. The spineless Congress that is desperately hoping to maintain status quo will not be able to survive another four years of the Obama Administration and will have been rendered nothing but a rubber stamp or “temporarily disbanded” as an emergency measure until further notice. The stage is being set. Cabinet heads no longer lead their cabinets, appointed and unapproved by Congress “Czars” do. They answer directly to Obama. So far, Congress worries about its perks, benefits, and status while Rome burns and they are neutered. What fools!

    • David in MA

      That is when this SOB raids Fort Knox,
      if there is any gold left in there….

      • Sirian

        No one has been allowed in Fort Knox since 1974. No audit has been carried out since. So it does raise a very pertinent question, is there any gold still there? An unknown that should be answered openly. Then again, does the Federal Reserve really want the people to know? Probably not.

        • JUKEBOX

          The FEDERAL RESERVE is just another “PRIVATE” bank, not owned by the U. S. Government.

    • Barry

      Eheassier- I could not agree more!! With Arabs most likely their next major move will probably to a “dirty bomb” set up in more then a few major cities . WHY? Because thats how they work. If they succeed ( Arabs) They will cause our government to changes laws, Marshall law, police states, loss of liberites.Parlied with a Financial Collaspe coming to Europe shortly. the our Fed restarting them up afterwards. Followed by our own financial collaspe within this decade. Then they would have won what they set out to do. To live in Fear like them. They win we lose. We have to stay free pay the debt by going into the ground and get it (resources). All Profit comes from the Earth. The more we are ENSLAVED by spending (DEBT) the more ruin comes to our Nation. People in office who enslave our freedoms and causes debt are unrighteous leaders. We need righteous change it seems to me really Ron Paul is the Only True Champion on the FED ,banking ,entitlments, ect. I believe WE THE PEOPLE can bring back America from ZERO place in DEBT to HERO in SURPLUS.

  • RockyRoad

    Where do you start on this topic?

    We cannot keep printing money as we need it. If that really worked then all Americans should be allowed to just keep writing checks on money that is not in the bank.

    Gold and silver is skyrocketing due to the fact that the collapse of the dollar is eminent. Where will America be then? How will we live?

    An old Arab saying: “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time”.

    I think the collapse of the dollar was the plan all along.


      I have a different take on the Arab saying: “A termite will destroy a 10,000 foot house one bite at a time”. That is why I say we have a “TERMITE” government.

  • Sirian

    The majority of all currencies, world wide, are not backed by gold. In other words, there isn’t any gold standard being commonly used any more. The US, via Nixon’s action, ended the gold standard that it had based all of it’s currency on since the revolution, in 1973. This was manipulated into existence by the Federal Reserve and various other bankers and Wall Street institutions. Primarily though by the influence the Federal Reserve holds over our government. Insofar as which country will benefit the most if we were to return to the gold standard here, which I strongly support personally, is very difficult to say with any certainty. With the levels of gold acquisitions that have been taking place by all countries mentioned – Arabs, Chinese, Indians and Russians, in reality yes, they will benefit, without question – who wouldn’t? It primarily depends upon who manages to build enough gold & silver assets to initially reinstate a ‘gold standard’ to back their currency. Keep in mind that the Russians have the largest asset holdings of diamonds also. According to the listing of total gold assets held by individual countries that I have reviewed, the US still has the largest in gold yet the others aren’t all that far behind. Under the present global recessions that are in place so many different governments have been purchasing as much gold & silver as they can. Basically in breaks down the same of the old saying “He who holds the most gold makes the rules”. This may be true but we have to understand that the Federal Reserve and its associates, many other major banking institutions, central governmental banks or otherwise, prefer to stay away from a gold backed currency – paper money is so much more profitable when it isn’t held liable to a set standard equivalency of gold.

  • http://msn Kerri

    Well I have a solution:
    1. do away with all employees and all programs implemented by the Pres. since he took office;
    2. Begin disbanding whole departments of the govt. that we do not need, ie Dept. of Education and I’m sure you can add a lot more.
    3. Give back to the states all power that they never gave to the Fed. Govt.
    4. Get our of the U.N. and stop funding it and hosting it.
    5. Disallow public sector jobs to join unions, cut their pay and benefits to at least match the private sector.
    6. Stop sending money to the rest of the world.
    7. Welfaire Reform. Stop letting people live their whole lives on welfaire benefits. Put a 5 year life time cap;
    8. No more wik for baby formula, make welfaire mothers nurse their babies.
    9. Take away all perks for elected officials.
    10. Stop all earmarks’
    11. Make ever single American pay federal taxes, even those on welfare even if its only $5. a month.
    12. Reform the tax code, keep deductions for home mortgage and medical bill nothing else. And no one gets anything back if they paid nothing in.
    13. Inforce our immigration laws. For every illegal we deport there is a job of someone on welfare.
    Feel free to continue the list.
    Ask any American and they can cut the budget to the bone. Why can’t the congress and senate?

    • Joey Biden

      Excellent plan.

    • DaveR

      Good plan, but how do you propose to get any of it carried into effect given the way Congress conducts itself? A vote of Congress? “Flushing” all members of Congress, multiple times until clean “water” appears? A 10 million man and woman march into Washington? With arms? With the armed forces of the USA? A real Tea Party like they did in Boston Harbor?

    • JC

      Only one flaw there.
      “Make every single American pay taxes”
      Why not collect fees to support infrastructure at the cash
      register, or toll booth?
      And then, only enough to support infrastructure.
      Income Tax is theft by law and that doesn’t change just because it becomes universal.

    • Don8878

      I Have a plan too starting with doing away with all the tax loopholes for the wealthy, make the tax reform so that the more than 1400 millionaires and companies like GE and the two thirds companies pay their share in taxes. Put all the tax rates back to what they were under the Clinton administration. Cut all of the elected official salaries by fifty percent and make their salary adjustment inversely proportional times five to the unemployment rate if it goes above three percent. If the unemployment is five percent elected officials take a twenty five percent salary cut. If the unemployment rate goes below three percent then they can get a maximum of a three percent salary increase per year. Do away with federal compensated retirement plans, medical and dental health care for elected officials. Ban all lobbyist from federal buildings. Get these things put into place and we can talk about the rest.


      There are too many accountants and tax specialists paying good money to keep the American public confused, and making common sense a four letter word.

  • DoctorBob

    I think the question has become: is Obama INSANE? Seriously, is he mentally ill? Another trillion in borrowing and spending? He’s got this country’s face down in the mud, and he’s standing on our heads. This is money we can NEVER repay, EVER. He has sentenced our children, our grandchildren, and their children to lives of poverty as they struggle under this debt that he’s running up. And STILL the Dimwitcrat response is simply lies about how “George Bush caused it all.” No, Dims, George Bush did NOT cause this. This is 100% Obama doing this, and he’s destroying the country! Time to wakey-wakey now, Dims. It’s YOUR country and YOUR grandchildren that are being ruined here, too.

    • DaveR

      No. Obama is betting on the continued mass insanity / ignorance / stupidity that got him elected and continues to buoy him in the polls, and continuing adulation of much of the public media.

      I think he knows exactly what he is doing — a step-by-step weakening of USA leading to its destruction from within. Brilliant plan, actually, on which he has made fantastic progress in only 3 years. Destroy the economy in the name of saving it and the world, e.g. through green energy, helping labor through government interference in support of unions, destroy marriage and the family, e.g. through promotion of homosexuality everywhere, failure to support DOMA, programming children to believe that having two mommies or two daddies is perfectly normal (will 3 or more – polygamy – soon be “approved” by the so-called enlightened intelligentsia?), inverting law enforcement, e.g suing states who seek to enforce our border with Mexico, only enforcing voter’s rights for minorities, ignoring established bankruptcy laws and principles, e.g. GM union bailout at taxpayer expense, and on and on.

      • Don8878

        I find you post interesting like, “destroy marriage and the family”. You must be referring to the Presidential candidate who tried to get Clinton impeached until his own indiscretions came to light and is currently working on his third marriage. The one whose two previous marriages ended in divorce after he had affairs with younger women and when his wives were seriously ill. And you look to those who created the economic mess and are running scared for their jobs afraid of losing power and control over the people by redistricting voting areas.

  • bill


  • jenersea

    Damn cheeky of him to request more money while on another fabulous family fun filled vacation that we all are paying for. When will Americans wake up to this unlimited spending? You beat Bush up one side and down the other for his spending (especially all you media types) but Obozo just keeps requesting and getting more money to spend. With all the financial problems that have been raging in fights lately and turn around in a weeks time and demand more to spend. STOP the madness. How can anyone want to reelect this lunatic?

  • Glen Xx

    If the USA has the power to print ad coin $$$$$

    why is there a National debt ?

    Ron Paul, 2012 he will restore our right for debt free money.
    Issued directly by the U.S. Treasury.

    • Sirian

      Yes, we have an advantage due to our ability to print and coin our own money. Several countries are not quite as fortunate. Yet the national debt is a monster that was created out of the workings of the Federal Reserve. What currency you may have in your pocket – paper money that is – are Federal Reserve Notes. Again, Federal Reserve NOTES. These are their presumed/accepted value are created out of thin air and printed up by the Federal Reserve. Remember, they are backed by absolutely nothing, period. In a more simple description, they are nothing more than fiat money, or better yet, Monopoly money. A mere piece of paper, nothing more. Being it as it may, we – me, you and everyone else are paying the Federal Reserve a percentage of interest for the right to use their NOTES. This is where the national debt comes from. Well, other areas also but that is the primary culprit. I’ve often wondered, with Federal Reserve NOTES being totally worthless, wouldn’t it be funny if our next President were to, by executive order if needed, merely “zero out” all national debt. It would take but a few key strokes to accomplish this I’m sure. So, if the money is worthless, then doesn’t that lead to the thought of our national debt being totally worthless as well? Yes, may sound somewhat silly, but then again, does it?

      • ChristyK

        No fiat currency has lasted more than 42 years. Nixon took us off gold in 1973. What do you think that means for America?

  • Sirian

    Let me correct one line:
    “These, with their presumed/accepted value are created out of thin air and pruned up by the Federal Reserve.”

  • Sirian

    I’m really finger proficient today. . . “printed up” not pruned up. If that isn’t a good screw up – DUH!!!

  • http://liberyalearts john p.


  • Bob Marshall

    When the government has so many depending for it for some type of assistance as it does today, you will one day have a nation under a Socialist type government. More dependence means more government programs resulting in an even larger government. American want to feel safe so that means a much larger military budget. American has a fondness for cheap foreign products. Then, there is the cost for wars which millions of Americans support. No one want to pay more taxes nor lose their government benefits so the problem will be left for the children of this generation and the next.If we think Iraq and Afghanistan was costly, wait until the US and Israel start WWIII. not only in money but lives.

  • Barry

    After collaspe of the world financial markets. The Nation who has the most Gold and silver will become the Head and not the Tail. America best buy as much Gold and Silver as they can or as many mining sites as possible in the world CONTRACT UP AMERICA on Gold and Silver. Property values drop becasue the dollar goes down you gold and silver rise to the top . So you buy the properties with Gold and silver at less expensive pricing. Property rural properties go up it major attacks by The ARAB ( Bastards) with their “Diry BOmbs” in large cities. We need to protect our borders NOW not everybody elses. The Real Money is GOLD and Silver. Get it America. The fed is ruining our Country. Our Nation is doing to much fornacation with opther nations. We need to stop before we are burned with them.

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      GOLD & SILVER Are both Trumped by Land & Military Powers!

  • gnafu

    NO, NO, NO! If Obama cannot find enough cash of his own to pay off his lavish vacation in Hawaii (where he romped as a boy) then he can cash in one of his bonds and pay off his own damn debt.


      Don’t you realize that little Barry romped as a boy in Indonesia, not Hawaii. He doesn’t need to cash in any bonds, he just needs to transfer some of his millions out of his off shore accounts.

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    No… HELL NO! You can’t do your job with-out borrowing more on the insane courrent debt! Run to the lake of fire & jump in… We will get someone that has a valueble sense of values!

  • DH

    We just increased this not too long ago. Obama has to go, along with all of these spenders. Still no spending cuts. He is out to destroy our country, one step at a time. already we are at 100% of gdp.

  • Billy Cooper

    Plain and Simple folks. America has a Spending problem. And until those goof-balls in Washington understand that, We will continue to borrow more money. I have a Great Grand Child, And of course I will never be around to see it, But I firmly believe This gGreat Grand Child is only about a month old, Will some day more than likely have Great Grand Children, And They will not be Able to Pay off all this borrowing, and debt. Of course we will long before that time “Defaulted” Its not possible to continue like we are now.

  • Jay

    We have to produce, not borrow, our way out of debt; Economics 101! And to think that all our esteemed politicians, from President on down, are all university graduates, all economics and banking experts, yet, seem unable to grasp that rather basic, economic concept! Truly, simpletons and buffoons, run our country.

  • jessie

    My question to Obama would be.What are you going to do with the money you are asking for?


      Don’t worry, Be happy, he will work those bony fingers day and night figuring which of his cronies he wants to share it with, with the taxpayer holding the empty bag.

  • s c

    I’ve seen some intelligent remarks on this topic that get to the heart of our current problem(s). The #1 problem in America is the guy in the W H. The way he posed his request makes it clear that he knows the Senate will ‘busy’ long enough not to get in his way.
    There are many ways to respond to Obummer’s ‘request’ for more money. Every one of those ways starts with “take your request and shove it.” America is not a casino. It is not a plaything for in-house traitors.
    Any poser prez who can’t live within his means is not to be trusted. Lest I forget, Mr. Prez, WHEN WILL YOU HAVE A BUDGET? DID YOU HAVE ANY PLANS FOR HAVING A BUDGET IN FOUR YEARS?
    As for more money requests, FORGET IT. The answer is a flat NO. In case you’re not sure, it’s the opposite of yes. Go away. Many countries need your
    arrogance and your ego. America doesn’t. We can’t afford you, your ego or your arrogance. RESIGN.
    Sworn enemies are easier to deal with, and they make more sense.

  • Winston Smith

    Somebody said: “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure.” Owebama made these remarks in the Senate on 16 March 2006. WHOSE LEADERSHIP FAILURE IS IT THIS TIME?

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    This fits into his goal to bury U.S. of A. I went to get some work on my teeth, this P.M. … My A.A.R.P. Secure Horizens, co pay was $6,000.00 for 10 hrs of work, & $60.00 of material! When the H.M.O. Gets More than that from My Medicare! And O’ wants to make it mandatory to have Health Ins. The Co. Pay is as much as it should cost!!! Secret service Protects him? Are they in the Plot too? Our Police & Sheriffs know when a law is broken…that causes a danger to public. How do the President”s”, get away with it? Now Congress, is amune to Prosecution? Politicans be damned!

  • simian pete

    Wow ! We are the greatest country in the world ! Look at all that Federal Debt ! And we still have at least 70% full employment in our country !!

    America ! We sure know how to spend !

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      Out of the 30%… 25% don’t need to work…


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