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Obama To Consider Recess Appointments If GOP Continues To ‘Delay’ And ‘Obstruct’ His Nominees

February 16, 2010 by  

Obama to consider recess appointments if GOP continues to 'delay' and 'obstruct' his nomineesPresident Obama lashed out at Senate Republicans last week, blaming them for holding up a number of his nominees for key federal positions. Obama warned the GOP that if they do not act on these "non-controversial" nominees that have "overwhelming support," then he would consider making several recess appointments when the Senate is not in session.

Since taking office the administration has announced nominees for 569 posts, but so far only 353 have been confirmed, Fox News reports. Obama faults the GOP’s "obstinacy," which he believes is "rooted not in substantive disagreements but in political expedience."

"I respect the Senate’s role to advise and consent, but for months, qualified nominees for critical positions in government—often positions related to our national security—have been held up despite having overwhelming support," Obama said.

The president’s appointment power would allow him to install his nominees while the Senate is in recess. To be confirmed, however, those appointments would need to be approved by the end of the next session of Congress.

Meanwhile, Republican leaders in the Senate have shot back at Democrats, stating that they had a 60-vote, filibuster-proof majority until just a few weeks ago and should have acted quicker on their own nominations, according to The Hill.

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  • Tim

    Honestly, I think President Obama should use his executive power to do as much as he can to move things along, because the Repukes continue to obstruct. They won’t confirm these nominees, because they want to make Obama look bad. Their modus operandi is simply to obstruct. That is what they have done since this president has been in office, and nothing has changed. Everything the Repukes do is for political expediency, pure and simple.

    • Michael J.

      Obama doesn’t need Republican’s help to make him look bad, he does so quite well all by himself. First United States President in history to earn the title of “Lame Duck” after only one year in office.

    • Not-Impressed

      One of the very first Repukes as you call them,whom was a great man,is very possibly one of the very reason that YOU have the freedoms that you have today.( Abe Lincoln)
      In case you haven’t noticed-most of his appointees have been income tax evaders or worse. Wake up and get a life that bis not eternally greatful to entitlements. Socialism is not what our great nation needs.

      • bob

        We need to give these socialist 1 state to run where they can pass all the socialist liberal laws they want and let all these blind sheep move there and see how long they last

        • Robert

          Give them Death Valley. And don’t forget to supply them with sheep. This way they’ll feel right at home xxxxxxxx them.

        • Blue

          Better YET! Give them those “7 States” that BO talked about….. you know, the “57 States”.

      • J C

        Abe Lincoln was a great man? Sure, for the bankers and industrial cronies, he was just awesome! ;)

    • DaveH

      Tim thinks his childish name-calling will have the same effect on intelligent Conservatives as it does on ignorant Liberal sheep. It doesn’t.

      • Norm

        Oh give me a break! That was plain assanine.

      • Joe H.

        Did you just hear a BAAAAAA, BAAAAAAAA?

      • http://aol Don

        You hate people that calls other people names, but you love to do it yourself. tells us why your wife left you. Don’t feel bad. You are in good company. Several left Limbaugh and Gingrich

      • git it right

        Dave where are the intellectual Conservatives? You give Libertarians a bad name. What happened to you, who wanted freedom and equality for everyone? You mean everyone who isn’t a liberal!!! What a hypocrite. You need to start being honest and letting people know that you only want certain people to have equality and freedom, and you will be excluding all Dem’s, from joining the Libertarian Party. The Conservative party is going to be tough as they will not accept the gays, the pro-choice, non-Christian, or wrong Christian religion, anti-war groupies, Latins, Blacks, Asians. Basically you must be white to be a Tea Partier, and a white Baptist to be a Conservative. There probably isn’t a Republican out there in office who can qualifiy as a Conservative. Hello, that new Scott Brown isn’t even one. Does the Libertarian platform promote name calling for a specific party? Are most Libertarians not biased like you?

        • JC

          Just curious…are you suggesting that today’s Liberal agenda doesn’t have us all lining up like “sheep”? Because I think it does. Similarly though, I think the Republicans are guilty of the same crap at a slightly slower pace.

        • Joe H.

          git it right got it wrong,
          I very much accept ANYONE that wants to see this country get back to its conservative roots!! Doesn’t matter to me if they are black, white, pink, or purple!!!! Hell I would even accept Obummer if he wasn’t trying to RUIN this once great country that I love! don’t play the race card where it gets trumped by patriotism!!!!

      • Stephaan

        The sheep are looking might nervous since they heard that Tim and Norm are here. The ewe is smiling but the rams are having anxiety attacks! ;-)

    • s c

      Honestly, Tim. Why does anyone rant and rave about
      honesty when it’s just another word that will be abused and manipulated by dishonest people? Honestly!
      Get a grip! I honestly don’t understand why you think Obummer has the honesty market ‘cornered’ when he obviously knows NOTHNG about being honest.
      Honestly, Tim, you must be kidding. HONESTLY!

      • EClark

        SC I agree with you..I have yet to hear one honest thing come out of obama’s mouth.

    • Bob

      Everything the Socialist have done has been to destroy our country, raise our tax debt, remove our freedom and liberty. Apparently the Socialist didn’t want these canidates either. The vote didn’t change until January / Fedruary What took them so long, I mean they have done everything else to kiss up to Obama why not approve his appointees? Makes you think doen’s it? Oh, and according to the Constitution, I know you lib’s hate that document, even if he did this Congress would still have to approve them. I guess he could put them in but be sure that they have a go box so they can vacate the office when congress doesn’t approve their appointment.

    • JeffH

      ..Tiny Tim, did it ever come to your mind that maybe, just maybe, that some of these unconfirmed appointees just might have tax problems, be anti-american supporters or maybe “crooked”?

    • Mary

      Has it occurred to you that perhaps they don’t like his nominees or agree with their lack of morals and ethics? He has appointed an incredible number of controversial people, many of whom are deficient in possessing the kind of character and integrity that many of us desire in those holding positions of power.

  • Michael J.

    Obama should appoint bipartisan nominees which can be approved by the Senate. Installing nominees during Senate recess is an abuse of power and more than likely, just an idol threat designed to impose his wiil on members of the Senate.

    • Norm

      Michael J.
      Was it OK when Bush appointed Bolton to the UN position?

      • jim

        Yes, Bolton was a good choice.

      • DaveH

        Two wrongs don’t make a right Norm. In fact, that is the major problem with the Socialism you seem to support. It is just normal human behavior for people to seek the lowest common denominator, thus imitating the slackers rather than the hard workers.

        • Norm

          When the minority party uses every means to impede any and all negotions, and has the power to bring government to a halt, the president certainly has the right to use all his legal powers to overcome the gridlock.

      • Michael J.

        No, it wasn’t OK, but yes John Bolton was a good choice.

        • Norm

          Michael J.
          Bolton was an arrogant war monger.

          • jim

            Norm, You call John Bolton an arrogant war monger. Then your done, because you said it, it’s gospel truth. Instead of just calling people names, why don’t you back anything up with something substantial. My guess is because you can’t.

          • Michael J.

            John Bolton is a patriotic American and a straight shooter. The kind that Liberals and UN Communist abhorr.

  • PBERRY53

    we need to IMPEACH the impatient wannabe-ruler and get his butt out of there before he crumbles the entire nation

  • Victor L Barney

    LIAR! LIAR! LIAR! The Republicans have control of nothing! The re-organizer “Lucky” Luciano in the 30′s and 40′s was in the back-ground of FDR, while the re-organizer Barak “Hussein” Obama is actually up-front as the President for the Marxist(The 1st messiah, “Lucifer,” is the real messiah)! In fact, “Hussein” now will start using his presidential Lucifer-given powers to destroy our economy, which is the same agenda as his real brothers with the Islamic Terrorist agenda have! The real “Israel” is doomed by it’s own free will! We voted for it and it wasn’t a secret about what he was going to do, no matter what the pundits now say! It’s called “Jacob’s trouble,” WATCH!

    • http://Barney Adeline J. Reichle

      Whenever I (consistently)am forced to question/doubt what comes out of a person’s mouth, I silently wish I could have their handwriting read by a true professional. There are “pathological liars” all around us, and yes…it shows up in a handwriting analysis. What does Bama’s handwritint reveal…anyone given him the test???? Possibly HealthCare would even cover the test????? Ruthie


      The first time i saw Obama at first I was happy that he was running for president until I heard him speak, right off I could see what he stood for and it wasn’t for the good of our Nation. I am not surprised at all what he stands for and what he believes. His standing with Israel and his anti-Christian ideas. That is what he has shown and I’m afraid on how far he will take all of this and his far left support of healthcare reform which is not about health care at all, and the spending of our money that is making our National dept even deeper. We need to keep the Tea Parties going as we seek to keep our nation free, and under God.
      The people he has under him and in back of him are all anti-Americans, they hate the USA and what a dictatorship, we cant let this happen, I don’t believe we the people want this I know I sure don’t. May God hear our prayers and heal our land.
      What we are seeing ought to make us shout out so all will hear “NO STOP! WE DON”T WANT TO LOSE OUR FREEDOMS” for those of us who are Christians should start asking God to forgive us for being silent, now we are told to worship the Lord is wrong and will be punished is we do this. God wants to heal this country He allow us to exist but we have stood by and not said anything to stop it. But now we should pray and ask God to forgive us and keep us a free nation as He made us to be. Our power comes from elections, prayer, and our voices.

    • bob

      His name is not barak obama… Its barry soetoro im sure its in his sealed birth certificate along with the truth of his indonesian citizenship.. He is an illegal president and more and more people refuse to acknowledge him as so

  • OtherTim

    The Senate should have ok’d the nominees while they had the chance. Instead they were trying to ram health care down our throats. BO seems to have a nack of surrounding himself with buffoons, amateurs, tax cheats and thugs that are working hard to ruin the country. Someone has to put a check on his appointees. His only way will be to put them in there during recess, but that is done all the time anyway, in every administration. Maybe reduce the # of appointees?? Like smaller govt. Naaa, we can’t do that.

    • Phyllis

      But that is the “little o’s” kind of people.

    • Joe H.

      Other Tim,
      Nope, like I and others have said here before, watch BOTH hands as he will get your attention with one hand and get you with the other! The magician never wants you to watch both hands too closely. Obummer had this planned all along!!!

  • Tony

    There were 60 Dumbs in the Senate. BO has no excuses.

    BTW, I remember these same Dumbs obstructing President Bush’s appointments, then whining about the recess appointments he made.

    Tim, the Kool-Aid is through the door on your left.

    Dumbocrat strategy: “Tell a lie loud enough and long enough and the people will believe it.”

    • independant thinker

      Nice to know someone else remembers the dems. obstructionism during Bush’s time in office.


        Yes I agree with this he as appointed people who are just like him, I think its times to ask the real question to this President What are you really up to and tell the truth

      • Jana

        The problem for BO is we remember, and a lot more are finding out, and we don’t want his sick agenda to succeed.

      • EClark

        Either they don’t know or refuse to acknowledge the dems were in power the last half of Bush’s service.

  • HHH

    Tony, you are spouting the Fox noise method of TV “news”!!!!

    • Joe H.

      and you are spouting the way Air America did!! Notice I said DID? We hope you go the same way as them!!!! Obummer too!!!!!!

  • Raggs

    Yet more backroom buy-outs.
    Sickening isn’t it!!!!!!!!

  • home boy

    hitler here we come. you wanted change and by hook or by crooke you will get it. i wonder if any of these appointments are anything like van jones.

    • Raggs

      If you look at the rest of his bunch of cronies you will see who he surrounds himself with that should be a pretty good comparison to who he is selecting…

      • DaveH

        Birds of a feather flock together.

  • http://charter howe

    It’s sad to see so many people ignore the fact that big gov’t is part of our problem and the present administration is trying to grow it even bigger. We are broke, I’ll say that one more time, we are financially broke. We owe several countries money not the least of which is China who is holding over a trillion dollars in U.S. T-bills. We cannot afford Cap and Trade, we cannot afford Health Care Reform, we cannot afford the present Amnesty bill. Some small parts of each bill could be passed incrementally without killing the middle class and job creation. There are some Republicans that need to be voted out of office, but the Liberal left is heaping a dying criticism on who is really obstructing. All these big programs are not being obstructed when you think about the massive debt, tax and loss of freedom WE THE PEOPLE will be saddled with. There are Republicans, Independents and a rare few Democrats who are opposed (not obstructing)to passing a bill that has extreme negative consequences. Thank god for the so called obstructionist otherwise we could just sit back and wait until we are officially a banana republic. I spent 29 years in the military because I happen to believe our constitution is worth the sacrifice any day of the week, and I am a moderate who also supports the TEA PARTY movement because these people are the real deal. Republicans do not believe you can spend your way out of a recession and want to curb spending for the sake of WE THE PEOPLE and Republicans do not want a partisan bill that kills jobs and creates massive debt and drains money from the average american worker, if this is considered obstructionism by any party then I support the party of no. Obama doesn’t want compromise as we will all find out soon, he wants massive government and the resultant power control which goes with it. Hello Socialism, get in line for your daily bread.

    • Raggs


      Alot of us realize that this “health” bill and all others obama wants is to increase the government and control our lives. Also we know the republican party has alot of socialist and the dumbocraps are nothing but socialist/Marxist. All of the bills are about one thing only that is to create a nanny state where we are dependant on the government. These bills are about stealing our freedom and our money.

    • home boy

      hey howe, do you really think that the government is even considering to pay back all of this debt? their no different then someone running up credit card debt and then claiming bankruptcy. that’s why they have no problem spending the money. these congressman and senators that are quitting are doing so because they don’t want to be apart of the blame when the system collapses . and it will collapase sooner than later. you can change all the players but the system is so corrupt it won’t matter. i know a lot of people have hope but you are dealing with imperfect men and they can’t change. time for the big guy to take over.

  • Dusted_Eagle

    So much for change, transparency, checks and balances and the Constitution of the United States of America!

    When I was a little boy, my mother used to wake me up at 4am to tell me all about America. I know she didn’t like doing it, I will tell you now that I didn’t like it one bit, either! __od Damn, the F_____king USofKKK! And YOU voted for this guy?

    Well, comrade, you got the dictator “we” all deserve!

    If you don’t play ball with me, I’m taking the ball away, going home, and then shoving down your throat whatever I want to!

    Don’t forget to vote for the Communist Party in 2010 and 2012. After all, they “own” America, now. NOT the American people!

    • joni

      The Luciferian Rothchilds own 95 percent of the Wealth in the world. there’s alot of history of these people and other groups involved. 80-90 percent of Reps and 100 percent of Dems belong as I understand. The economy won’t get better. It’s war between Satan and God. The Ten commandments are universal for all. Keep the faith and do what one can to protect family etc. and help others.


        yes indeed

      • J C

        The Rothschilds started out as thieves and that’s where they are still.
        Google Mayer Amschel Bauer / Prince William of Hanau. It’s an interesting story.

  • Palin12

    Craig Becker’s nomination to the NRLB needed to be stopped. Everyone knows he wanted to put the so-called “Employee Free Choice Act” fiasco into place, either by legislation or on his own. I applaud Scott Brown for voting against his confirmation. Demoncrats…you had all last year to ram your crap down our throats, but instead you wasted a whole year on your health care proposal and didn’t attend to anything else of importance. You continue wasting our money on extravagences like private jets for Madame Pelosi and 24 assistants for Michelle Obama (with positions such as “Deputy Director of Scheduling and Events Coordinator For The First Lady”.

  • Raggs

    This regime will continue to ignore the people even after November.

  • DaveH

    Well, Obama did say one truth – “positions related to our national security—have been held up”. That is, the destruction of our national security.

    • Raggs

      I cannot argue with that, however what radical appointies will further diminish our freedoms?


    Can anyone truly beleve what hussain is saying he is a Gifted LIER! And a slick Crook and middle working class America is in serious hurt support America for the people

    • chuck b


      so many people keep saying how “intelligent”, what a great “orator” and how slick obama is. this guy is the liberal “bleeding heart”s” dream.

      he is not a slick crook, he only fooled the foolish, he is not that intelligent or he wouldn’t be in the position he is today. there are not many in the democratic party that you could call outright brains
      most are pawns for the unions or political organizations, they would sell their souls for power and obama is nothing more than a mouth piece at the end of a string. fear the people behind this guy!! g

      • Blue

        Chuck B, I think you’re close.

        Has anyone ever noticed that BO is a Fantastic READER or is it just me? You know, like READING Corpse men for Core men. Off the Teleprompter (without it), he can’t complete a sentence or thought without stumbling…. and they made fun of bush!!!!!!

        Notice I capitalize “Teleprompter”. I think it deserves recognition.

        Has anyone ever got the impression that this man is a buffoon, a PUPPET and the real “President(s)” is/are on the other side of the Teleprompter?

        Ever watch a master ventriloquist? You would swear that the dummy is alive, actually talking. Has ANYONE noticed the similarities?

        Just wondering!

  • s c

    King Obummer is nothing less than a supremely arrogant manipulator who is utterly dependent on dumbed-down, knuckle-dragging supporters. How do bleeding knuckles make life better?
    Obummer’s followers are closer to self-destructive lemmings than humans. I’ve seen all I need to see. I wouldn’t have thought it was possible for some people to devolve and yet claim to have “elite” minds.
    These ‘elites’ claim to have all of life’s answers, yet they refuse to see the difference between a swimming pool and a toilet. Perhaps it’s time to flush that toilet, and let some people learn that life’s lesson the hard way.

  • Josie60

    So let me see if I understand this, 353 of his goons have been passed thru and he’s not finished yet. His arrogance is astounding! Has he ever considered that he could be wrong? The rest left on the list must really be top notch citizens that everyone wants to wash their hands off of. This reminds me of a sociopath personality – never recognizing the ill effects of their actions on others. As long as it’s what works for him then “Let them eat cake”.

  • Conservative Carl

    OK. Obama had a SIXTY seat majority in the Senate for a long time and could have got ALL of those nominees confirmed if all the Democrats had wanted to confirm them. Why didn’t they want to?
    One thing about Obama and his people is that they want to cry long and loud about Republican obstructionism when that is nonsense. SIXTY Democrats could have passed the healthcare bill but they dragged it out until they got down to 59 seats.

    I’m thinking they didn’t want to confirm some of the nominees without some Repubican support and they didn’t want to pass the unwanted healthcare bill for the same reason. They wanted the Republicans to share in the blame.

    How quickly those people forget the nominees to the federal district courts that Bush appointed and which the Democrats stonewalled. So shut up already Obama.

  • blackhat

    I love it! Many Americans have come to the realization that govt is too big. This is just another way to highlight how big govt has really become. BTW, anybody know how to get one of those “sweet” appointments? I am sure that it cannot be that hard, and I am sure the pay would be acceptable!

    • OtherTim

      Forget it BH, unless you spent big bucks on the campaign for the “anointed one”, you don’t have a chance for anything. That is a tight circle of donors and other, call ‘em what you want.

      Face it folks, a huge chunk of the budget is Medicare and SS, and both are empty. Those will have to take a big hit in order to get a handle on spending and No politician will take those on. “We,” including our parents and grandparents don’t want to take the hit either.

    • JeffH

      Best way for an appointment would be an income tax cheat. The shortest and quickest would be a tax cheating used car salesman.

  • Senior Cesar

    Hello Folks:
    When a person go to a physician, he/she state the health problem so that the Doc. can get to work toward bringing a cure to their ailing condition. He prescribes medicines, and if the patient starts getting better;, then he recommends to keep on applying the treatment.. But if the person goes to another physician for the same condition because he/she has hope of instant cure, then the person might jeopardize his existence. Stopping the medicine that had started to cure the condition for one that have not proved anything positive toward a betterment but had caused the illness in the first place is plain suicidal behavior.

    When ex-president Bill Clinton left office, Mr. George Bush Jr, got an administration that had a surplus, not a deficit., that is common knowledge in America. And that Clinton’s surplus was producing interest that was aiding the prosperity of Americans, and keeping property taxes, corporate taxes and sales taxes some what less burdensome .And finances in government were improving because of the interest produced by the democratic surplus. That was not easy to accomplish because Mr. Clinton got the presidency with a deficit from Mr. George Bush Senior, and that deficit producing have been a tradition of the Republicans since the beginning of America, The elephants are very inconsiderate and do harm to the economy and denying it is “bogus“. But nonetheless, Mr Clinton managed to bring balance and prosperity to many Americans. God bless his heart! Also, Getting rid of Ex-President Al Gore who could had followed in the steps of Mr. Clinton was one of the worse Blunders of the election system in America..

    The medicine that brought a surplus to America is the one that can cure the present disastrous ailing of the American government and the American people. (((And notice that Irak’s government is not helping America with low priced petroleum. That was an illusory expectation of the Republicans that Irak claims not to be able to realize for America. Irak’s government will never have a medicine to help cure the finances of the American government. Irak’s government will always be a burden to America and will always give America an extremely difficult if not impossible task to deal with at the expense of the American tax payer instead of low priced petroleum. No Arab king is willing to supply low priced petroleum to America. How you like that tax payer?))) And again, the democrats with the healing treatment of the Clinton;s years had done right to America The democrats with the healing treatment of the now Obama’s and Biden administration approved by today’s caring congress stand a fair chance toward prosperity for all Americans. But nonetheless, instant cure is not given to America after the deadly poison that the swines and snakes of congress approved for the Republican administration of our friend George Bush. With a friend like that who needs enemies, but I blame congress not George Bush Jr. He was not as lucky as Ex-president Reagan. Today, the physicians Obama and Biden are applying the best treatment available for the prosperity of the tax payers of America, and America itself. It is going to be necessary to re-elect Mr. Obama or elect Mr. Biden for the continuation of the application of the financial care that brought America a surplus during Mr. Clinton’s years. Otherwise, the pachyderm with its illusions
    and counter productive actions will destroy America’s high finances for us to rebuild with the burden of our taxes instead of the interest of our government surplus.

    • blackhat

      Alright, go back and look at the GDP and the jobless charts; it is interesting to note the changes. Over the past few years the jobless rate was moving along at 5.0, 4.7, 5.2, and then, in 2007 it starts inching up. And by the time you get to the end of 2008, it’s almost going straight up to 10%. It is also interesting to note that the single biggest month for job loss since 1974 was in November 2008 (Obama’s election).

      With the 2007 GDP, if you look at the same time period, you will start to see it come down shortly after the start of 2007. That happens to coincide when the Democrats took control of Congress. Could it be that businesses know that taxes and increased spending are inevitable with a Democrat congress?

      As we all know, Congress controls the purse strings. Excuse me, but how many years did the Reps have congressional majorities during the Bush (plural) years? And, was it not a Dem majority that Clinton lost to the Reps during his presidency that was followed by increased “prosperity”?

      And, surely you would not want to look at the later years of Ronnie’s presidency. You know, that era of prosperity that most Libs like to rewrite.

      Cutting government entitlements and expansion, and concentrating on decreasing government regulation to allow the private sector will right this careening ship. Lower taxes has ALWAYS led to increased tax revenue as private businesses feel free to invest and individuals have more to spend.

      People who invest real money know when to hold onto it. And now Democrats have control over Congress, they’re in charge of all spending; they control the economy at this point. Investors and business are afraid to spend for fear of new dibilitating taxes and mandates, thus no new growth which makes jobs, which pay people that can go out and spend money, to support business growth, that creates jobs, etc…etc…etc…

      • OtherTim

        You’re right on. Trouble is, many are STILL po’d over the Bush elections, and will NEVER let that go. No matter how far BO takes us down the toilet, it will always be Bush’s fault. They seem to forget about the dem Congress, don’t they.

        • blackhat

          Spot on, OtherTim. At the risk of ire from others (and, a little shuddering from myself), with some noteable exceptions, it almost seems like a Rep congress with a Dem pres, leads to some balance. But, you are so right about the memory loss many Americans have.

    • coal miner

      Senior Citizen,

      Your post has merit.I like your post.

  • Raggs

    I think I may have the or at least one of the answers why the GOP is sagging on this issue….. I’m going to research this further but.
    odumbos new pick for an envoy to the muslims is… Rashed Hussain..Currently serving as a lawer to the white house.. He has been reported to have sympathy to the muslim extremist.. Well that would round off the day with more radical members to odumbos agenda.

  • Rod

    If o-BUM-a would stop nominating CRIMINALS to key posts maybe he would get some of them confirmed. Everytime he opens his mouth he
    lies and no one believes him anymore! We want him impeached for
    his CRIMINAL activities and his very apparent lack of compentence!
    Every move he has made has been designed to attempt to destroy
    our GREAT nation. He will FAIL just like Hitler did! We need to send him back to Kenya, where he was born!!!!

  • Senior Cesar


    We the people of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Prosperity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    • blackhat

      Okay Cesar, “We the people” (legal citizens) of the United Sates, in Order to form a more perfect Union (an inclusive club that will work on the following issues), establish Justice (some good laws to live by, you know no murder, running red lights, etc.), insure domestic Tranquility (keep simple easy to follow rules that do not get in the way, but are fair to all), provide for the common defense (the greatest military ever fielded in history), promote the general Welfare (ensure that government does not get in the way of individuals, but cannot guarantee outcome, remember it is promote, not ensure), and secure the Blessings of Liberty (by not exchanging the freedom of each individual to succeed, or fail) to ourselves (all Americans) and our Prosperity (sic) (Posterity, our children will not be saddled with our debts…oops! Too late, the current deficit will have to be paid by our kids) do ordain (what! that sounds too religious for me!) and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

  • Senior Cesar


    We the people of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Prosperity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    • Blue

      To Senior CAesar.

      This is to remind you what…

      blackhat says:
      February 16, 2010 at 2:41 pm

      Okay Cesar, “We the people” (legal citizens) of the United Sates, in Order to form a more perfect Union (an inclusive club that will work on the following issues), establish Justice (some good laws to live by, you know no murder, running red lights, etc.), insure domestic Tranquility (keep simple easy to follow rules that do not get in the way, but are fair to all), provide for the common defense (the greatest military ever fielded in history), promote the general Welfare (ensure that government does not get in the way of individuals, but cannot guarantee outcome, remember it is promote, not ensure), and secure the Blessings of Liberty (by not exchanging the freedom of each individual to succeed, or fail) to ourselves (all Americans) and our Prosperity (sic) (Posterity, our children will not be saddled with our debts…oops! Too late, the current deficit will have to be paid by our kids) do ordain (what! that sounds too religious for me!) and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

      Maybe you didn’t get it the first time.

      • blackhat

        Thanks Blue!

  • Senior Cesar


    We the people of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Prosperity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    • Raggs

      That boat has a whole in it….”P”

    • blackhat

      Well, thanks again Blue…let’s see if he gets it this time!

      • Blue


        It appears I was put through a selective editing, yet Senior CAesar was not. HMMMMMmmmmmmmm! *-)

  • http://PersonLibertyDigest Dee

    Go to the library and get the book “Culture of Corruption” by Michelle Malkin and you will find out just how corrupt and crooked this administration is. He will probably put this cap n tax in his budget and you will be paying higher energy bills and this country will never get out of debt. I don’t know why these dumbocrats ever voted for him.

    • Raggs

      Libary’s are prime to what you read.
      That’s a bad mistake since odumbo watches… Same same with the internet. I suggest an offline purchase without using a credit card or anything traceable… Just a hint…

  • Cribster

    The usurper-in-chief has assembled a freak show with his appointments. Every last one is either incompetent, a liar, theif, pervert or all of the above.

    The charlatan is pushing his luck by undermining every aspect of decency, how much more are we supposed to take from this fraud?!

    The misery the con is spreading will last for decades.

    • JeffH

      Cribster, pretty well said.

    • JC

      Oh look another Hitler comparison…didn’t also surround himself with thugs and gangsters?

  • JeffH

    Center for Individual Freedom reports that Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have huddled behind closed doors once again and are planning a series of ”legislative tricks” to pass ObamaCare. And their new strategy, designed to bypass a Republican filibuster of their government-run health care scheme and brazenly defy the American people, is as deceptive as they come.

  • Raggs

    Call me a dissconnect it seems to be the way of an advanced logic that pushes thier agenda to down play the tea parties, the working class calling anyone envolved an extermist or a radical.
    Not true… people just want answers and there are none to the truth. Need I say more?

    • blackhat

      Raggs…check out Saul Alinsky’s Rules especially No. 5 when it comes to dividing the opposition. BO is following the playbook down to the letter. I wish more people would become more familiar with Alinsky’s rules so they might be able to recognize the agenda from the current administration as it unfolds.

  • Robert

    I wish this President would find a new hobby. Like flying a kite in the middle of the ocean on a dingy.

  • Barb

    Obama keeps blaming the Republicans for all of this impasse yet the Damndemocrats have had the majority vote up until a week ago! Why didn’t “Obama’s own” vote for some these very questionable people? Obama is, and has from the get go, trying to pull the two parties further apart NOT bring them together. He is the most polarizing president ever, part of his strategy to destroy America and blame it on the republicans, Bush and the American who speak out against him, like the Tea Partiers. Now this morning the SOB is threatening and probably will sign an Executive Order for yet another insane stimulous because an dare I quote this madman,”the other one worked so well!” God save us from this insanity, please! Send us about a dozen heroes, God knows what I mean!

  • Victor L Barney

    And Hitler had to do things his way too, along with Lenin, Stalin, Mao, etc. because the people were too stupid to understand what was good for them. I guess it all depends upon who is the one being murdered, doesn’t it because the loser doesn’t write history! To the victor goes the spoils!

    • JC

      And that is why we Americans should never, ever, give up our guns.

  • Raul Delgado

    This guy is nothing but a child in a man’s body. What a baby! A tit for tat. Such immaturity. And he is our so-called president. What a joke. Grow-up and smell the coffee Mr. President!

    When are we truly going to wake up and demand, YES DEMAND, this administration act responsibly and in an ethical manner towards preserving the REPUBLIC? But based on Obama’s past actions and dealings, I believe he has no intentions of doing so and not only that, he really doesn’t care! He is a fraud – he has lied to the American people and we say nothing; he has misled the American people and we say nothing; and he has withheld information from the American people for a year plus and again we say noting to this behavior. All because of this pseudo political correctness, we no longer can have constructive criticism of someone.

    God help us in our faith and may God strengthen us in our principles which made our Republic great for 234 years. If it has lasted this long, then there’s something right about this form of government; and therefore, it our responsibility to maintain it, preserve it and improve upon it for generations to come. It WORKS!

  • Claire

    Geez, to think we as taxpayers paid the Administration, Congress, and the House of Representatives for the past year to do nothing.

  • lee

    Why is everyone against prez obama? He needs to get c work done and he doesn’t have the support of te support that needs to be in place iun order to get things done.


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