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Obama To Celebrities: You Determine The Direction Of The Country

June 18, 2012 by  

Obama To Celebrities: You Determine The Direction Of The Country
Sarah Jessica Parker raised $2 million for the Barack Obama campaign.

President Barack Obama continues to campaign among the finest in the film and fashion business. He believes it will be up to them to get him re-elected.

“What we’re going to have to do is present that choice,” Obama said as he rallied his glitzy troops at a fundraiser at the home of Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker. “You’re the tie-breaker, you’re the ultimate arbiter.”

Fifty donors paid $40,000 to attend the event.

“You’ve done amazing important things these past four years… I very much look forward to the things you’re going to accomplish in the next four years,” Parker said of the first lady.

The same night, Obama had a fundraiser at the Fifth Avenue Plaza Hotel that raised $2.5 million.

Obama’s entourage made traveling around Manhattan nearly impossible. Some New Yorkers found the bustle quite unnecessary.

“From 3 to 6, you’re really inconveniencing a lot of commuters. There has to be a better way to go about it rather than putting out how many thousands of riders out of commission, and having to find another way home,” said commuter Mary Grech.

Some analysts believe Obama is making a major mistake by campaigning to celebrities rather than the thousands of hurting Americans. Nonetheless, Obama’s campaign hopes to convince voters that Mitt Romney is out of touch with the average American.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • revnowwhilewecan


  • Judy

    Really. If I paid $40k to go to an event such as this someone better be saying really nice things about and to me too! Cause if they didn’t I wouldn’t bother to spend that money again. I think they are fools if they believe this. And he’s a fool if he thinks I care what an “actor” thinks.

    • Robert Smith

      I’ll bet you care what a singer like Ted Nugent things.


      • Rocky Night

        Rob do you get paid by the article to spew your hate?

      • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

        Yes Robert I like what a REAL American has to say not people like you who suck on the tit of the Government and Obaminations ASS. I fought for this Countgry and love everthing about our Constitution and way of life that so many gave their LIVES so we could have the bwest of everything and I HATE anyone like you or Obamination.. This Illegal Criminal Sunni Muslim Communist Half Breed NOT BLACK for your information his Mother (fkr) was WHITE has destroyed our Country and Constitution and should be Removed and shot for TREASON. He has put this Nation into Bankruptcy with NOTHING to Show for it. He has not ended the wars but is instituting another in Syria, he has not fixed
        our Electrical Grid as promised, has not fixed our Bridges as Promised, he has not fixed our Roadways as Promised nor has he fixed our Unemployment Problems he has made them worse he has stolen $14 Trillion in Net Worth from the Middle Class and our home Forclosures are increasing as we write these words to the tune of 2-4 Million homes this year. He is the Worst Rnemy we have ever faced and our Congress is just as bad.

      • Donald York

        I care what Ted Nugent says libbie. He is a true american patriot. You would’nt understand that though, now would you. Quit trolling!

      • Robert Smith

        Vet says: “should be Removed and shot for TREASON”

        I think that’s a little worse than suggesting his house burn down.


    • dale

      I Suggest sarah jp and hubby throw a $40,000 fundraiser for thenselves. With their acting gigs lately (what gigs?) They need it more than O-hole.

  • tim

    He gets stupider everyday. Why would people care what an actor thinks. Obama lives in a fantasy world!

    • eddie47d

      If I am allowed to post which is very questionable why isn’t there an uproar about Pat Boone raising donations for Romney and Lugar. How are those thousands of dollars different than what Obama supporters give?

    • Robert Smith

      So did Charelton Heston.


      • Rocky Night

        Rob do you get paid by the dumb remark?

      • dale

        Yeah but Heston was smart enough to fight for our 2nd amendment so this faux pres cant get the ultimate power over us that he wants. BUCK OFAMA!!!

      • Donald York

        Hows them food stamps working out for you Robert? Don’t get too comfortable with them. When Romney is president, you will surely have to move out of Mommy and daddys basement.

      • momo

        @Robert Smith, aka dumb ass, note the following picture, still think Heston was living in a fantasy world? I guess it only counts for you libtards if he was defending the right to have a gun. Read a history book before you open your dumb ass mouth.

  • Brad

    Bryan you write: Some analysts believe Obama is making a major mistake by campaigning to celebrities rather than the thousands of hurting Americans. Nonetheless, Obama’s campaign hopes to convince voters that Mitt Romney is out of touch with the average American.

    Should this not read MILLIONS of hurting Americans? With this huge written mistake I feel you do not share this same pain. It must be grand to live within you elites bubble.

    • don

      its kinda like the beauty padgent like atmosphe in election. anything to get a vote. a lot of ignorant voters are drawn to this kind of thing. the candidate hangs out with someone who is popular with the people. association gets votes.telling everyone whaat they wanna hear gets votes. obunhole is the best at it. lets hope the voters are not fooled again.

    • eddie47d

      I don’t pay much attention to the Hollywood crowd when it comes to voting or making financial decisions and they do live in a separate world than most folks. Yet Hollywood can only influence not make laws like ALEC does. Who voted ALEC into office and gave them the right to buy elections and pass legislative actions. ( They have actually written state laws).

  • http://Facebook glenn dupuis

    Parker and Dreyfuss both have played women who practice sex with all who want it on TV, and personally I think it reveals much about their character in real life.These are women the pres/ is holding up as arbiters and role models for the young girls of America.Welcome to the new Sodom and Gomorrah as this country goes deeper into perversion with a president that says he’s a Christian.Bold faced lies!

    • Robert Smith

      Yup, that there Sonny Bono sure messed up. His little girl is a not so little guy now.

      Oops wasn’t he a conservative though?


      • dale

        Chastity was raised by liberal Cher…need I say more???

      • JoMama

        And she’s a freak……

  • eddie47d

    If so many are concerned about money in politics then enact Campaign Reform. Since reform would require laws in how much a donor can give then ALEC and Citizens United couldn’t buy their way into the White House. The Elites they support have created economic disaster and fattened the bank accounts for a select few. Those plundering fat cats have done little for the average American and have even stolen the life savings of those average Americans (Middle Class). The fantasy world is thinking that these Wall Street Elites will save you when they were the ones who robbed you in the first place.

  • Bob

    This is not even worth commenting on,oreo is a loser.

    • Donald York

      As Rush puts it: President Kardashian.

  • dale

    Maybe on planet Obama actors will determine OUR future…here on earth we just stop seeing their movies. Talk about being out of touch!!!

  • peter

    Celebrities will determine the direction of the Country? Give us all a break. Obama loves these people because he is just like them. Without a script they don’t know what to say or do. He is an actor just like them, because he, just like them, needs to see himself as someone else and not himself. When you don’t like what you see in the mirror, then you need help, not a camera. Fakes, the entire lot!

    • Robert Smith

      Do you mean Ronald….

      Oh my, he acted with a chimp. Does tha tmake him one?


  • dale

    Robert..I’ve looked into jobs as bloggers. You are being paid to be the devils advocate…I’ll bet money that you are a conservative!!!

    • Robert Smith

      I’m a Goldwater Conservative.

      Goldwater wanted government OUT of the personal lives of folks. He was pro-choice and had no problem with gays in the military, etc.


  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    I for one will never see a Movie or even watch one on TV with any of these Traitors who are helping this Anti American Anti Constitutional Bastard Obamination the Illegal Kenyan Born Sunni Muslim Communist Half Breed NOT BLACK for you idiots stay in office. These spoiled Socialist Communists actors don’t have a clue to what Obamination has done to our Coinstitution our Bill of Rights and to the Middle Class in this Country. Its a shame that these idiots are allowed to use their statis to raise money to destroy whats left of our once great Nation. I will no longer support the Liberals, Radical Socialists, Communists and Muslims that live under the protection of our Constitution. I will not fight for your right to say what you want to say if it is against the very Constitution that allows you the freedoms that you want to Destroy, rather I will try to get you to another Country of your choice so you can enjoy a lower standard of
    Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness in a Socialist/Communist or Muslim Country.

  • Big Woody

    I notice the fact that Mathew Broderick got very little press for being smart enough to have a show to do instead of staying home to be host to the gang of 50. Is there an underlying reason he decided to not be there to welcome Obama into his home?

    • dale

      Yes…his reason is he has to listen to her uninformed rantings when he is home so I’m sure he’s out a lot. He was probably sitting in his car waiting for all the phonies to leave.Lol!!!

  • Leonard W. Giddens Jr.

    A group of make believe creeps can not decide anything positive and this want to be wants them do make rescission for real normal people? This should tell you this fraud is truly soul brother #1 and should not even be the grounds keeper let alone seat his rear in a seat presidents have been seated. Help us we are doomed by a waste looser and a fraud.

  • Dennis

    And just what makes the actors better and more knowledgeable than the rest of us? They work in a make believe world,and put themselves up on pedestals and think that they know better than us what is right and best for our nation. They make me sick, and after that I don’t want to watch any of thier movies.

    • Dave67

      Thats why I didn’t vote for that dolt Ronald Reagan… What do actors know anyway?

      But hey… its ok for the Corporate heads of the banks, big oil, etc giving their HUGE sums that dwarf anything the actors and unions give….they have done such a great job thus far…

  • Dave67

    Lets See… Mitts top contributors are the banks, wall street outfits and investment houses…. He also has a lock on the gambling trade with Adelson giving 10M to the Romney campaign…

    Thats who we want determining the course of the country…

    Vote for Corporations and the Wealthy…. Vote GOP and Mitt Romney.

    • stopspending4

      I would rather vote for the “corporations” who can hire people, grow the economy and help those in need ( yes, most corporations have a charity that they support) than vote for the unions that force contributions from their members and then use it the way the officials pick rather then what the members prefer.
      No one really cares what a movie star says about the election, except for the sheeples who will vote Dem no matter what, but Obama NEEDS their money. Follow his supporters. BTW, he was the largest recipient of Wall St money last time and now he is trashing them.

      • Dave67


        Trouble is… they are not…. They will hire someone from India to do your job less expensively…Now if you truly are ok with the “free market” you will be ok with that. What is so wrong about our wages being dragged downwards? These corporations are all loyal to America after all right? Ask Apple, Microsoft, Marriott etc about their loyalty…

        Oh wait… they are loyal to profit and any means to get there because being a corporation means not being responsible… that was the whole purpose of corporations in the first place, to take all that nasty personal responsibility our of the business equation… morality as well…

    • Jerry Lewis

      Yep and we love America and we want to save it.Those idiots in Hollywood dont know a thing what is going on.

      • Dave67

        Yeah, like those idiots Ronald Reagan and Charleton Heston… Oh wait… they are different because they agree with your political views.

  • MAP

    I find it interesting that someone can be an uneducated truck driver (no offense to truck drivers!) before deciding to try his hand at acting. A few years later this same uneducated truck driver is posing on the screen as General Patton (or some other such important hero), while in real life he has never so much as worn a uniform. Even more ludicrous, the acting continues off the stage and they now pretend to be an expert on politics, sending huge sums to the liberal loons. Consider: what could the loon George Clooney possibly know about government? It’s every bit as pathetic and silly as the Democratic Party and the mindless liberal loons and automatons within it. One has to laugh at these jerks!

    • Dave67

      And those loons on the right telling everyone who listens how bad and ineffective Gov is… Then their people get into the institution that they hate and they prove their theories correct with how bad they govern.

      • MAP

        You trust the government, the entity that can execute you, plunder you and imprison you. You are a statist and a dreamer. You have to show for your trust the incredibly ludicrous scoundrel and clown in the White House. You are irrational, delusional and naive. Maybe you should consider moving to N. Korea or Cuba. Those countries operate the way you think is perfect. They are leftist utopias. I would suggest relocating to the Soviet Union, but it crashed upon the rocks of reality, after murdering millions of its own citizens.

      • Dave67


        If I do not like the Gov, I can vote them out.

        You MAP would love China…They do not allow Unions, they do not worry about the environment and they just take the corp money to do their bidding… Its a right wing utopia.

      • MAP

        Dave, there is no need to continue the discussion. You are beginning to babble nonsense, typical of a delusional, dreaming, totalitarian liberal. For example, China is a product of the left, i.e. Red China, Communist China. You could move there, although it has retreated from many of the leftist goals. It found them unworkable.

      • Dave67

        MAP, lets see…


        Do not let unions exist. The right would love that…


        Do not have that nasty EPA…. The right would love that…


        Does the will of big business… The right loves that…

        Sounds to me the right in America have much in common with the Chinese.

        Are you sure would would not like China? I can get you a free air mask if you get the ticket.

      • Robert Smith

        Don’t forget! n China they are working to control every woman’s fertility.

        GOVERNMENT CONTROL between women’s legs. The right has gotta love that one.


    • dale

      The “finest” in film and fashion???? Really???? SJP is the finest?? What film did she get an Oscar for? Ever think that the reason she has time to do this is because she is a “B” rated actress at best? What has she done lately besides a 3rd Sex and the City which really sucked, by the way. You seem to choose your movies like you choose your politicians. SO SAD!!!

      • Robert Smith

        from dale: “Ever think that the reason she has time to do this is because she is a “B” rated actress at best?”

        What do you call a guy who was acting with chimps and president of the Actor’s union?

        I think you called Reagan “president.”

        He was at BEST a “B” actor.


        • dale

          But Regan was an “A” president. Even O-hole equates himself to Regan.

    • Robert Smith

      George C. Scott, who won an Oscar for playing Patton in 1970 was in the United States joined the US Marines, serving from 1945-49.

      Scott was pretty much a Republican and campaigned for Lowell P. Weicker of CT.

      BTW, Jimmy Steward became a Brigadir General.

      This is interesting: “Following the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy in 1968, Stewart, Charlton Heston, Kirk Douglas and Gregory Peck issued a statement calling for support of President Johnson’s Gun Control Act of 1968.[86]”

      That’s from:

      Note the presence of Charlton Heston in the context of gun control and LBJ. Looks to me like Reagan being president of a Union and then swiching sides.


      • Robert Smith

        I had difficulty believing Heston was for gun control so I found several links.

        Here is one that was interesting:

        It even came with a quote from the American Rifleman: “October 10, 1968 article from American Rifleman detailing Heston’s involvement with Tom Laughlin’s Hollywood gun control group. Laughlin praised Heston as a “die-hard” supporter who continued to stand by him when other stars left the gun-control bandwagon.”



    Hollywood and the Fraud in the WH both banal, inane, are birds of a feather…Only the Con Artist want’s to treat them like a dairy cow and milk their wealth, as long as he feeds their shallow egos they will give willingly…

  • Rebecca

    S.J. Parker may be Obama’s biological sister….Ha! She looks like the picture of the his birth mother’s profile in the previous article on P.L.A. today.

  • J

    Sarah, did you ever think your millions would be better off helping the homeless and our vets? You must live out of the country most of the time, because you sure don’t know what’s going on in the USA.
    I bet you had to pull BHO off the tee box to get to your fund rasier on time. Sad day for America.

  • http://google john p.

    well these movie stars are done if it were up to me . i wood
    boycott them.

  • Buck

    In reality all entertainers are the modern equivalent of the kings jesters , but back then the king knew better than to call them the direction of the kingdom because he realized that they were all FOOLS . Of course our modern day ” king ” being a fool himself would not know this .

    • Robert Smith

      Hmmmm, isn’t Arnold a Republican?


  • Can-Can

    I like it when those celebrities who support Obama come out, open up their mouth, and say what they really believe. For now I have an ever-growing list of “stars”, whose movies I will not be watching at a theatre, or buying in a store. They can believe whatever they want. I, in turn, will put my money where my mouth is, and will refuse to support them for supporting a president that makes even Jimmy Carter look good.

  • JoMama

    I’m no bathing beauty but – Sarah Jessica Parker has a horse face, don’t you think??

  • Intolerant of GOP Lovers

    Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker both have class. You, on the other hand, have NO class.

    • John

      (offensive comment removed)


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