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Obama The Race Huckster

March 28, 2012 by  

Obama The Race Huckster
Demonstrators rally outside a Department of Justice office in Washington, D.C. to protest the killing of Trayvon Martin.

The racist flames licking at the political discourse in the Trayvon Martin shooting needed no fanning, but President Barack Obama fanned them anyway when he waded in and claimed: “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

Perhaps his racist white half was saying all blacks look alike to him. After all, his grandmother, according to Obama, “once confessed her fear of black men who passed her on the street, and who on more than one occasion has uttered racial or ethnic stereotypes that made [Obama] cringe.” Or perhaps, it was just another rush to judgment, much like when he waded into the Henry Louis Gates Jr. incident and claimed police in Cambridge, Mass., “acted stupidly.”

Make no mistake. Neither Obama nor his fellow race hucksters Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson care one wit about justice or Martin. If they did, they wouldn’t have convicted George Zimmerman without first knowing the facts. But the facts aren’t interesting unless they promote a certain narrative.

Now the facts are beginning to trickle out. Far from the media’s initial portrayal of Martin as an innocent, hoodie-wearing candy snacker, Martin’s Twitter account — his handle was NO_LIMIT_NIGGA — reveals he was probably a promiscuous, dope-smoking thug who had been suspended from school and caught with a  burglary tool and a bag of women’s jewelry, and who may have recently attacked a bus driver.

I don’t know exactly what happened that night, so I’m not ready to blame Zimmerman or Martin. But there are enough agencies investigating it now that I’m sure the truth will eventually come out. I just hope it happens before the New Black Panther Party is able to pay out its $10,000 bounty on Zimmerman’s carcass.

Obama is not interested in justice. If he were, he’d tamp down the vitriol, denounce the talk of bounties and encourage the justice system to run its course. On average, 30 homicides with a gun occur in the United States each day. Almost two-thirds of them are either black on black or black on white. If Obama were interested in justice, he might say something about those.

No, Obama is interested only in ginning up his base and diverting your attention. After all, there’s an election coming up. And even if the mainstream media have to come up with a new ethnic group for Zimmerman — white Hispanic — this one fits the correct narrative. (I wonder when the MSM is going to refer to Obama by his true ethnicity: white black?)

And keeping attention focused on the Martin/Zimmerman affair keeps the people’s attention focused on an ancillary issue rather than important ones. Those would be issues like Obamacare before the U.S. Supreme Court, crony capitalism benefiting bankrupt green energy companies, rising gas prices and the EPA’s latest power grab that will put onerous and costly regulations on new coal-fired electrical plants, drive up the cost of electricity and put more people out of work.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Michael J.

    Most Presidents have had the wisdom to stay out of problems best handled by local officials. The fact that Obama has chimed in on several of these instances plus the fact that in each case, race appears to have been the motive speaks volumes as to his lack of leadership prowess and confirms my suspicions all along that he is better suited to be a night manager at Walmart.

    As far as foreign policy goes, from the practices and policies witnessed by the American people during Obama’s first three plus years in office. Exemplifies the Founding Fathers foresight behind the their intentions that only natural born citizens be considered eligible to obtain the status ofbecoming President of these United States to avoid the very same things that are now unfolding in front of our eyes, such as sympathizing with known enemies and taking actions benefiting foreign interests while alienating long time allies.

    • cawun cents

      Had’nt you received the memo yet?
      ONLY white folks are or can be racists.
      It has been that way ever since I can remember.
      And it is then true that only white folks can be accused of that particular deviancy.
      At least that has been my experience through my few days here on earth.
      Havent you come into the twenty-first century yet Michael J?
      Dont you see the writing on the wall?
      You built this nation[whitey],but its time for the rest of us to take over,so just thoughtfully step aside and watch us take control.
      We will leave it in far better shape than you ever could.
      Just look at what we have done in the inner cities!
      The shootout at the O.K. corral is coming to a neighborhood near you!
      And with this new Obamacare legislation,we can get fixed after the gunbattles and do it again,for free!
      What a country!

      • Michael J.

        What was I thinking???

      • eddie47d

        CC is rather defensive in who built America. Whites deserve credit where credit is due but do you really think the South would have achieved so much financial status without using the free labor on the backs of blacks. I give credit to those who did the work not those who controlled the whip. Those beautiful mansions wouldn’t have even had a foundation without all that cheap labor. That is one thing the Right use to thrive on in achieving their status : low wages and poor working conditions. No medals or bragging rights are deserved for anyone who exploits their labor.

      • vanessa

        eddie47 at some point the slavery thing has to be buried. Ok it was bad, we had a war over it, now lets get on with life. If this dosent happen then we will be divided forever. Ask this question…are the black people better off here in the US or would they have rather gone back to Africa?

      • bobby nealey

        Eddie nothing is free the people that owned slaves back then , white and black bought a product that was sold legally back then by traders , family members and even by the people them selves . Selling other people has been outlawed , but the majarity still sell them selves to the highest bidder . The differance between then and now is , back then you had to feed , clothe, pay doctor bills , and funish houseing . Now you sell your self and have to get these things for yourself and also keep up other people that refuse to work like government workers if you can call them that and profecional welfare people . If everybody went to work for the government and on welfare who would feed and take care of us.

      • Michael J.

        Southerners do not own controling interest in exploitation. The Northern states plus African territorial war lords selling their own people into slavery, without whose support, the world wide slave market would not have been possible.
        Such exploitation continues today and even as I type with the antics of Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and Louis Farrakan just to name a few.

      • Michael J.

        Blacks did play a role in the building of this country, it is your perception that is skewed by the progressives that have written that out of the history books. So who are actually the racists?

      • david

        could not of said it better but you left out the fact that our president had leave his family reunion in Kenya to make that statement

      • eddie47d

        Cawman cents said that this country was built “by whitey” so why didn’t you challange him Michael instead of agreeing with him?

      • eddie47d

        Yes Vanessa the Civil War is long over with but it was replaced with a just as brutal Segregation system which kept blacks out of the jobs market. I do hope that this division will end and not just on paper but within our hearts. Many things have changed for the good and somethings remain the same. Then there is generational welfare which has made things worse.

      • JeffH

        Not surprised that eddie goes off in another direction and completely misses the point – again and AGAIN!

        It’s the “community organizer’s” J-O-B to divide and racial division is clearly the O-community organizer’s specialty. As a matter of fact, it has become the specialty of a lot of the Democrats. History will document that despite the MSM’s partiality towards protecting their butts.

        Truth be damned…and of course a point made by the MSM is that Zimmerman is a “white Hispanic” yet the evrepresent racist “white hater’s” refer to Obama as black, not a “white African American.”…go figure, or not! Where’s La Raza’s voice in this? Oh, that’s right…they won’t weigh in ’cause possibly defending the labeling of Zimmerman as a “white Hispanic” doesn’t further their cause,

        “Race Hustlers” Sheila Jackson Lee, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, The New Black Panther’s(?handy little tool that might actually be sponsored by Holder & Obama?) are activly and intentionally inflaming racial passions and promoting racial division…much to the delight of Obama I’m sure.

        It means nothing to these racists that “of the nearly 770,000 violent interracial crimes committed every year involving blacks and whites, blacks commit 85 percent and whites commit 15 percent.”

        All they want is their version of “vigilante” justice…not the facts, or the justice of which I’m more interested in. Is it a hate crime? Depends on who’s talking! As Sgt, Friday was famous to say…”just the facts”.

        Let us not forget the anti-gun crowd salivating over all of this.

        ***Attention all of you racists and in particular the liberal’s that like to regularly cry racist…I’m merly pointing out the hypocricy of the racists, not prosecuting or defending Zimmerman Trayvon Martin…let local law enforcement sort the facts and determine the next path to take.***

      • http://PersonalLiberty Alondra

        This month in Detroit was killed Delrik Waymon Miller, a BLACK 9-MONTH-old baby boy by neighborhood shooters. But that story did not become national tragedy. MSM did not report about it. “Neither Obama nor his fellow race hucksters Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson cared one bit about justice”. Even his “spiritual” mistress negro “diva” Oprah was not “infuriated” as she is “infuriated” by the Trayvon Martin shooting. WHY? Because the shooters happened to be – surprise, surprise – BLACKS!

        Zimmerman is half Hispanic and half white, but MSM refers him as a “WHITE”. All above racists need deepen the racial division. Obama lost 15-18% black voters.

        Month ago Obama shamed the “war” on women, because he lost 20-25% women’s support.
        Nothing new. Saul Alinsky’s tactics at work.

        • Bellagram

          Have any of the shooters of that baby been caught yet? Are there charges pending against anyone? Are the police saying that they are not going to bring charges against those people? If the police have indeed said that the shooting was somehow justified, then you have every right to be angry and the President should indeed weigh in and tell folks that this case will be investigated. But if the police are pursuing this and are bringing charges, then it is no where close to the same. You see, the race of anyone has little to do with Mr. Zimmerman and Trayvon – the problem is and always has been, is that Mr. Zimmerman was not charged, and until people started speaking out, the whole thing was not even investigated. If you cannot see the difference between a case where someone will be held responsible and one where someone is not being held responsible, then go right ahead and say this whole thing is all about race – but you would be wrong.

      • http://PersonalLiberty Alondra

        Bellagram, Zimmerman was not charged because the investigation continues. The case is not close. And this is not first time that your “black-white” “president” rushes to judgment not having “all the facts” with his stupid nauseating demagoguery. And, as always, Chihuahua Sharpton makes the noise. All these unwise stupid racist negros can’t act rationally because they are motivated by hate and money. They do not CARE about justice in this case. And, sorry, but the races (“white-hispanic” vs. negro) play the major role in this case.

        And, please, do not come to me with ‘he is our president’. He is not my. He is a FRAUD, CHARLATAN, IMPOSTOR and USURPER who deserves none respect, but contempt. All world is laughing in our faces that he still not thrown out from the White House. Even Russian president Putin did define that ObaMao is a “quack” and “charlatan”.

      • Patti

        I need to say something (and know it will get under many people’s skin…but!)
        It is not the white people keeping the “race thing” going. Please wake up!
        I am living in a neighborhood which is 95% black. If I could move – I would. I have seen these mothers, young and old, sit out in these yards in our complex, calling (even) their toddlers the most awful x-rated names, even the “N” word and beat the crap out of them for speaking to white people. The older children, the teens and adults complain daily about the “f’kin white peoples makes us dim problems.” I do not talk to many, but when I do, that is all I hear! I am blamed for their ancestors. I am blamed for their income (none here work – but the gov pays all their rent and utilities and plenty of food stamps – which most sell – and also welfare benefits that I was not aware that existed as they sure do have nice cars and can afford to drink and drug daily!!!) This is MY fault?
        I am disabled and can barely get by physically and did work for 40 years until health problems invaded. My “income” is barely $500 a month and there are no freebies for me. I applied for loans and am enrolled in college so that hopefully I can once again WORK and not wait for my social security to arrive each month. It won’t be physically, but at a desk – but at least I will be doing something to make a positive difference in my own life and not blaming others for insane and preventable reasons.
        So when I hear that someone called someone a name – and the Black Panthers get themselves involved and it goes viral on tv and internet – and I see how they treat each other each day…I have NO respect or sympathy for their “plight”.

        • 4me2777

          Please know how much I respect your going back to school to try and continue working when you are no longer able to do the physically demanding work you previously did.

          That is such an admirable position to take, I was fortunate when I began my own fight with cancer almost 25 years ago (it will be 25 years in July) to have already put myself through college, even when I was working three jobs as a single Mom I would remind myself of the work I did in the fields starting at age 8 (before child labor laws) and knew it would all be worth it. All of the sacrifices and struggles you are enduring now will be worth it.

          Please know that my heart breaks for you and anyone else who has faced discrimination, it is yet another example of a mind set I cannot understand that anyone who has faced discrimination would show discrimination based on skin color to any other human being. Why these individuals choose to teach their children to be racist, which I believe is a form of child abuse, is simply beyond my meager ability to comprehend the evil of the human heart. God made all people, he made us the way we are, whatever that appears to be on the outside, we choose through freedom of will who we will be on the inside.

          Stay strong and know that you can and are rising above that which we would love to stop but have no control over. Not everyone of any skin color choose to be as the people in the neighborhood you live in, it is my hope that you are able to separate that and not see everyone as they see you, not as an individual but as a stereotype of skin color, it is a difficult pain to overcome. Best wishes for your future.

      • Bellagram

        Alondra – Really??? I really thought that the reason Mr. Zimmerman was not charged was because of what the Police Chief said when he pointed to the law..”776.032 Immunity from criminal prosecution and civil action for justifiable use
        of force.—
        “(1) A person who uses force as permitted in s. 776.012, s. 776.013, or s. 776.031 is
        justified in using such force and is immune from criminal prosecution and civil action
        for the use of such force, unless the person against whom force was used is a law
        enforcement officer, as defined in s. 943.10(14), who was acting in the performance
        of his or her official duties and the officer identified himself or herself in accordance
        with any applicable law or the person using force knew or reasonably should have
        known that the person was a law enforcement officer. As used in this subsection, the
        term “criminal prosecution” includes arresting, detaining in custody, and charging or
        prosecuting the defendant.
        (2) A law enforcement agency may use standard procedures for investigating the
        use of force as described in subsection (1), but the agency may not arrest the
        person for using force unless it determines that there is probable cause that the
        force that was used was unlawful” But of course you know better..

        The problem is that there was no further investigation until someone took it to social media and the story got out. It is now being investigated only because a special prosecutor was brought in. So no, the reason Mr. Zimmerman was not charged is because the investigation was dropped until pressure was brought. Good grief, the child was killed over a month ago and the autopsy is yet to be done. Mr. Zimmerman’s clothes were not taken for testing.

        The President did not make any judgement other than that this incident needed to be fully investigated – certainly no rush to judgement there. Why do you refer to our President as the black-white President? That has nothing to do with the Trayvon Martin case. Unfortunately you are so wrong about our President. He is the President and was elected fair and square.And is an American citizen. President elect Putin said what? Source please cause I do not believe you. People here post so many untruths about the President that it is sometimes hard to take anybody seriously.

        Have no idea what Sharpton and “all these racist ***** (African American slur) have to do with this. This is about Trayvon Martin being killed. If you see something else going on that is your problem, but is pretty much a non sequitur. The only hate I see in any of this is coming from you folks.

    • steve

      so the saying must be true. once you go black you never go back.

    • Viejo Gringo

      Spot on Michae.

    • David A Deal

      Obama was asked a question and answered it appropriately, fairly and with NO hint of getting involved but rather just showing his concerns as a father. He did NOT fan the flames of racism. The right is SO desperate to make Obama look bad they look like a bunch of buffoons playing twister. His foreign policy has been the best in generations as he tries to reach out in cooperation ans humility instead of playing the BULLY. Look back to your school years and remember who you looked up to and admired. If it was the schoolyard bully then that explains a lot. If it was the kind, protective mentor then you are probably a liberal like me.

      • 4me2777

        You say”Look back to your school years and remember who you looked up to and admired. If it was the schoolyard bully then that explains a lot. If it was the kind, protective mentor then you are probably a liberal like me.”

        I WAS the kind, protective mentor in school and I am NOT a liberal ‘like’ you.
        Making a crippled up old lady laugh that hard is not funny, bladder control pads are expensive on a fixed retirement income.

        Renewal of the patriot act
        FEMA camps
        aggression in Lybia without Congress approval
        apologizing to enemies
        spy drones in the USA
        executive orders taking our rights
        loss of freedom of religion, it was never freedom from religion!
        the czars
        etc. and etc. and you say ‘he tries to reach out in cooperation ans humility instead of playing the BULLY.’ you say ‘Obama was asked a question and answered it appropriately, fairly and with NO hint of getting involved but rather just showing his concerns as a father’ As President why didn’t he simply say the investigation is on going? Then there would be NO question as to his intentions or meaning.
        God help us!

    • Michael

      Obama has proven time and time again, to me, he is nothing more nor less than a racist. This is disturbing in itself, but to be the president and to push a racist’s agenda is inexcusable. We have enough race baiters without the president being one also.

  • Rebecca

    The president should stay OUT of domestic issues. He’s just fanning a fire that should be left to die out. This was NOT an act of racism but pure and simply bullying and self defense.

    • eddie47d

      That may be true but Zimmerman should not have bullied anyone into a confrontation.

      • bobmark

        And you know this happened exactly how?

      • Michael J.

        Newsflash: Eyewitness claims Trayvon the agressor.

        Background check reveals Trayvons drug envolvement and assault history.

        Trayvon’s mother already persuing money making scheme to cash in on sons death. (theres that pesky exploitation word again)

        And then there’s this:

      • David A Deal

        Zimmerman was stalking the kid (and his phone conversation with his girlfriend indicated he felt this way), he was much bigger, he had a gun and clearly an overzealous gungho attitude as his history and refusal to back off after the 911 operator told him to clearly indicates a bullying. So you are so right.

    • kmann78

      I agree unless he sticks up for every murdered teen regardless of race he needs to stay out of it and let the system work

      • Bellagram

        This issue is not about just a murdered black boy, and the President had every right to speak about it. If there are more young people murdered, someone confesses they did it, and then there is little investigation and no charges filed – I would hope the President would speak out again. He said that there needed to be a thorough investigation, and he offered heartfelt condolences to Trayvon’s family. What in the heck does the Black Panther crap, Sharpton and Jackson crap, or Trayvon’s personal life have to do with the fact that he is dead and the man who shot him was not investigated? I would think that the 911 tapes alone would merit further investigation. That is the issue here. There is now a video released of Mr. Zimmerman at the police station after the shooting. Now, maybe he changed his clothes, but I would kind of expect there to be some blood on his clothes. If not from the “bloody nose” then at least a spray of Trayvon’s blood from his being shot at close range while on top of Mr Zimmerman – and maybe they did tests and found such blood that supports Mr. Zimmerman’s story. But my point is that the only things that matter are that the boy is dead and the shooter is not charged. Trayvon’s school history or whether or not Mr. Zimmerman is a racist do not matter. Some are comparing this to black on black or black on white crime. If there are cases where these crimes happened and the person who confesses is not charged with any thing, then you have a point – other wise they do not matter either.


      He will not say any more about this, but will let Sharpton and Jackson carry his water, and bring the black community to the brink of anarchy. Al Sharpton showed what a media whore he is, when he went to the rally in Orlando, while his mother lay dead in the funeral home. Now that’s showing respect for your family!

    • firefight

      Eddie, Are you assuming that Zimmerman bullied Martin or do you know this to be a fact? I have heard nothing on this. At this point, all we know is that Zimmerman reported a suspicious looking individual to 911 and then approached that individual. If we want to assume anything, we can assume that Martin was up to something and tried to either fight or get away. In either case, if all that Zimmerman did was confront this 6’2″ black man, he was asking for trouble. One on one, Martin surely thought he’d win and he was until the gun came out. This much we do know about what happened. Police reported that Zimmerman’s back was wet with grass stains. His nose was bloodied and the back of his head was bleeding from being pounded on the ground. It would seem that Martin was more interested in really hurting Zimmerman than in getting away. Even with this very little bit of information to go on, we can easily see how Barack Obama is a racist. He, on two occasions publically, pushed his way into situations that he had NO business in and showed us his true color…….just like he stated in his book. Obama is a racist to the tenth power and his education from the good Rev. Jeramiah Wright is definitely showing through. I hope that the black community can see this and the damage he is doing to separate Americans. Remember, “UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL.” Don’t let this “HYBRID” imposter undo everything that Martin Luther King,Jr. has done to unite all of us.

      • Opal the Gem

        “Eddie, Are you assuming that Zimmerman bullied Martin or do you know this to be a fact?”

        eddie said it so just like anything Flashy says it is a fact just because they said it.

      • Wyatt

        Point well expressed firefight . I wish everyone had this point of view . None of the posters were there they are simply basing their opinions on what the mass media chooses to report , From what info they give and what I read on line , its a lot more complicated than what the major stations are reporting

        That said , I would note that I haven’t heard one word about the white youth who was beaten and lit a fire by black youths or the young Scandanavian immigrant girl beaten because she didn’t wish to date a black youth .

      • eddie47d

        You need to get out more Opal for it is well known that Zimmerman was told to back off and he continued to pursue and provoked the situation.

      • firefight

        That is correct. And…….we’re not hearing much about the director, Spike Lee, who tweeted out the address of an innocent elderly Florida couple as being the address of Zimmerman. This tweet went out to over 250,000 of his contacts. Now, these people, age 70 and 72 have been forced, out of fear for their lives, to abandon their home and live in a motel. Who is doing anything about this POS Spike Lee? He should be arrested for wreckless endangerment if nothing else. It is this kind of hate from specific blacks that fuel the fires of all blacks and that is plainly wrong. These are the racists we need to deal with just like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

      • David A Deal

        We only have Zimmerman’s statement of what happened in those crucial moments as no one so far has said they saw anything before they were on the ground. Perhaps Martin reacted in self preservation when he saw a gun or Zimmerman attempted to pull it on him. I don’t see any reason Martin would have been aggressive unless he felt threatened. First you heard that Zimmerman was struck from behind but the leaked police report said that he claimed Martin approached him (probably surprised him by turning the tables on his stalker (whom he had NO idea who he was) and Zimmerman claims Martin asked if he had a problem with him. Zimmerman says he simply said NO then was attacked as Martin said “you do now”. Something sounds fishy here as Zimmerman seemed determined to find out who Martin was and why he was there and he simply responded NO. I think there had to be more to the confrontation than that. A neighborhood watch person should not be brandishing a gun. There is a reason they call it a neighborhood WATCH! You watch and then call the professionals if you feel you have reason to. I myself have insurance as a civilized person of the 21st century and KNOW that a human life is FAR more important that my possesssions. What do you think Jesus would say to that? I’m an atheist yet I know the proper value to assess to things. OH and somehow I’ve survived 55 years without a gun but then too I’m not a paranoid whacko who has conspiracy theories about the Democrats wanting to enslave me.

      • http://cableone lisa

        It doesn’t matter who was winning the fight. I WOULD ASSUME that if Trayvon was fighting for his life Mr, Zimmerman would have some kind of marks on him. He should go to jail… The dispatcher told him not to pursue the police was on their way. She did not tell him to take matters into his own hands, and kill a child. Why every time a person does something wrong they bring up everything they ever have did in their life. You are missing the point it’s not about the race Trayvon was a human being. Who gives Mr. Zimmerman the right to play god. How could that young man overpower him to the point he had to kill him. If Trayvon was beating him he should have taken it like a man,instead of taking the coward way out, and taking a life. If it would have been a black man he would have been locked up, and asked questions later. he would be charged with MURDER!! point blank

      • Bellagram

        “This much we do know about what happened. Police reported that Zimmerman’s back was wet with grass stains. His nose was bloodied and the back of his head was bleeding from being pounded on the ground” – so then now we need to wonder about that police report? Because a video was released that shows Mr. Zimmerman entering the police station after the shooting, with no visible signs of injury and no obvious signs of blood on his clothing. Wouldn’t you think that there would be – if not from the *bloody/broken nose* then surely the spray of Trayvon’s blood that would occur when Mr. Zimmerman shot him in the chest in an attempt to get Trayvon to stop beating on him. Mr. Zimmerman’s back looked pretty dry with no stains too. Now maybe someone gave him different clothing so his could be bagged and taken for testing – except supposedly there were no tests done on Mr. Zimmerman. Supposedly Trayvon was visiting his father’s fiance who lived in that gated community, and yet some people are still asking what Trayvon was doing there, as if he must have been up to no good – wonder why that is.

      • JeffH


        Your “Admiration is the daughter of ignorance”.
        Benjamin Franklin

      • Bellagram

        JeffH – my admiration of whom? Mr. Zimmerman or Trayvon Martin? I am rather cautious of whom I admire and actually since I do not know either of those men, I admire neither.

    • bobby nealey

      obama should stay out of all issues. He has no common sence and is not qualified to judge or comment. That is why he is a community organizer (Sorrors flunkie) , he could not hold down a job at Wal Mart or any where else as a floor sweeper so don’t even consider night manager . If he could not talk and lie as well as he does he would be just another welfare case .

      • Bellagram

        The President has every right to offer condolences to Trayvon’s parents and say that there should be a thorough investigation, which is all he said.

    • lucitee

      Rebecca, And let a tragedy go to waste? Al, Jesse, Farrakhan, Bo, and all the REST of the vitriolic, hate-spewing racists, should stop USING a terrible and horrific issue to FURTHER their OWN agenda! How many people did they BUS into these rallies, and how much did they COMPENSATE them for their TIME! I cannot understand WHY people can’t SEE that they are being indecently USED by these hate-mongers! NO Conservative would DARE put on a show like these “supported by the poor and dumb” tax exempt divisive people!

    • Bellagram

      You are right, it is not about racism and the President did not say it was. It is about a boy being killed and the killer not being held liable in any way or even investigated much, until the media got ahold of the story several weeks later (Trayvon was killed on February 26), and then because some people did not think it was important for some reason, they decided it was a racial issue. A boy is dead – he should not be dead. The killer is walking around free not being charged with anything, and all people can talk about is race??

  • peter

    Mr. Obama – Do you know that condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance? We are all well aware of your ignorance in many matters and would be pleased if you would’nt continue putting your foot in your mouth. Small wonder that folks overseas think the USA is coming unstuck with leaders of this calibre whose diplomacy borders on the ridiculous. If you have nothing worthwhile to say, please be so kind as to stay still and think instead of losing your cool. Save that for your next shank on the course. Good luck there too as the course will sort you out anyway.

    • firefight

      peter, It might be a good idea to let him continue swrewing up smaller things like this and leave the country alone. Seems like everytime he comes home from a round of golf the country goes further in debt and our freedoms disappear.

    • Bellagram

      Who did the President condemn? All he said was that there should be a thorough investigation, and – well you can read it here.
      You do not think there should be further investigation? Why?

  • DocVenture

    Bob, great article! It clearly articulates things I’ve been thinking. You know 30 years ago, if mobs convened around the country to claim justice was not done without knowing any facts in the case other than a Hispanic man shot a black man, people would have reacted with a fair amount of disbelief, that people were willing to pronounce themselves judge, jury, and executioner. But with the great Divider-in-Chief running his mouth, and inserting foot, things will only get worse.

    To be sure, a great tragedy has occurred, no one likes to hear about a young unarmed man losing his life. If the accounts are correct, Trayvon jumped Zimmerman from behind, and started slamming his head into the sidewalk. Supposedly, a bystander said it was Zimmerman who was whimpering, as he thought he was about to be beat unconscious. If those are indeed the facts, who amongst us, if properly armed, would not have used a firearm to protect ourselves from death. But with a deafening hue and chorus of voices claiming it was a racist matter, the truth will be difficult to ascertain, and they may end up making Zimmerman a sacrificial lamb. Kind of reminds me of just over 2000 years ago when they put an innocent man to death, just because the “crowd” demanded it!

    • eddie47d

      Seems like you want to be the judge jury and executioner though. That is not how this situation started so you left out important facts. Since Trayvon was stalked by a civilian carrying a gun then he had every right to suspect that the man was out to get him. He also had a right to self defense.

      • DocVenture

        No eddie, That is not what I’m saying. I’m saying leave it the frick alone until all of the pertinent facts come out. You seem to want to convict him only knowing the facts you know. Those aren’t all inclusive facts, and if you’d READ what I said, I didn’t make any conclusions one way or the other, except to let the legal system work. Don’t put words in my mouth!

      • bobmark

        You are no more able to say Trayvon was stalked than anyone else can say that Trayvon sucker punched Zimmerman. That is the whle point here, none of the people doing all the hollering actually know what happened!

      • JeffH

        eddie says “you left out important facts”…why don’t you educate us then? You’ve obviously made your mind up yet you just accused someone of being the “judge, jury and executioner”, hypocritically so I might add.
        Sorry eddie, I forgot…with you it’s your belief that opinions are indeed the facts. My bad! Can you hear the laughter now?

      • eddie47d

        Look at Mr gun rights Jeff wanting everyone to be able to defend themselves against an aggressor and now he thinks Trayvon shouldn’t have that same right. You never answer the questions Jeff so that would make you the comical one. “Hear me laughing”What would you do if someone dressed in civilian clothes came at you and demanded anything? Zimmerman could have been a mugger himself or heaven forbid a killer. Trayvon didn’t know that and went to defend himself so feed on that hypocrite! An even more important question for you which you probably won’t answer either. Should Trayvon have had a weapon to defend himself against His perceived threat?

      • JeffH

        As usual eddie avoids answering the question with a scatter brained popouri of expletives. Oh so predictable.

      • AnneOnymous

        “Since Trayvon was stalked by a civilian carrying a gun then he had every right to suspect that the man was out to get him”..

        … And Trayvon knew this How? Was Zimmerman waving this gun? Did Trayvon have x-ray vision? How? I’ve read quite a bit about this incident and not once did I read that Zimmerman was brandishing this gun prior to the actual shooting. See how simple it is to ‘assume’..? We should leave this to the judicial system and the investigative branches and get our minds back on those political snakes who are (probably at this very moment) screwing with yet another one of our rights (gotta keep on ‘em like a fly on $hit).


      I noticed that Obama or Holder had no condemnation of the Black Panthers, who made a thinly veiled death threat against Zimmerman. I heard that the one who offered the reward, “DEAD OR ALIVE”, was arrested in Georgia for a weapons violation. You won’t hear about this in the MSM.

      • firefight

        You got it. In every case, everything is slanted by the media. What about the case against the black panthers who harassed voters at the polls a couple years ago? Why were the charges dropped? Why do we allow such a group to exist in this country to begin with? Their agenda is as blatantly clear as can be. “KILL WHITE PEOPLE.” Do we need it spelled out any clearer than that? Without a shred of evidence, they place a bounty on Zimmerman and nothing is done about it. The one reprieve is the black panther issuing the reward gets arrested for gun violations. That should tell us something about the character and class of the black panthers.

    • Bellagram

      Obama did not say anything until four weeks after the incident. People were upset and feeling that justice was not done, because nothing had been done for weeks, and then the 911 tapes were released. The President spoke after all the hub bub started, probably in an attempt to calm the situation down by saying that a thorough investigation needed to be conducted (as well as sending condolences to Trayvon’s family). I certainly am not saying that Mr. Zimmerman should be convicted of anything, but it should be thoroughly investigated. Now with the release of the video showing Mr. Zimmerman in remarkably good shape, I expect there to be more questions. Are you satisfied with the way this thing was handled? I do not know if Mr. Zimmerman is a racist or not – doesn’t really matter to me, cause I do not care, but i can understand why some African Americans in the country may be a bit suspicious, given how cases like this have been handled in the past and, in some cases, their own personal experience with racism, and I acknowledge that I will never understand what that feels like.

  • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

    Well well; look who is endorsing the vigilante movement of the BLACK PANTHERS; who incidentally have now issued a million dollar[$1,000,000.00] bond for the life of Zimmerman;; no reaction from Holder/Obama .they are complicit to the outrageous anarchy.

    • El Love

      where on earth would a thug seudo-organization like the new black panthers come up with a million dollars? do any of them even have jobs?

      • George

        Plenty of black multimillionaire ball players, rappers (thugs) and movie actors.

      • Jonathan

        Drugs, prostitution, illegal gambling…

      • bobby nealey

        Ed , yes they do , drugs , extortion, pimping, strong armed robbery and donations from idiots that idolize them like obama , sharpton , and a long list of others .

      • Adollarsworkapeenyspay

        They’d probably pay the million off with crack cocaine.

    • eddie47d

      What the Black Panthers proposed is wrong and there is no justification for the bounty. That amount was $10,000 not one million so stick to the facts. Would it be better for you if they used KKK tactics and just killed the fella and buried the evidence? I think not!

      • Brad

        Well Eddie,

        Spike Lee is re-tweeting calls to have Mr. Zimmerman hunted down and killed without having the full picture, he’s one of the worst racists I have ever heard of. True there are white, brown and even yellow racists, but, let’s let the authorities dig down to the truth before all assume Mr. Zimmerman’s guilt or innocense.

      • bobby nealey

        Eddie , IT would be best for me if the law did their and dis banded all these groups black and white or to be balanced white and black and every thing in between that is out stiring up trouble and living of peoples fears like the panthers, sharpton, jessie jackson , and anyone else that make their living on hate and fear .

      • JUKEBOX

        Eddie, you need to keep up with the latest news! That Panther was on television saying that they were going to raise a million dollars for the capture of Zimmerman.

      • Opal the Gem

        eddie has never been known to let facts get in the way of his opinion.

      • eddie47d

        The number is now 1 million when it was originally 10 thousand and the bounty is for his capture not for his killing which someone on the right had said. Did you Opal challange that person in posting an error. Now Opal I’ll suck up my error if you come up with something of relevance …anything!.

      • JeffH

        eddie, keep it up, you’re doing a great job! I’m all for you speaking out on the subject, what you think and what you believe to be the facts. Tell it like you believe it is!
        GO EDDIE 47D! :) :) :) :)

      • Opal the Gem

        I suspect 47D is wishful thinking. It is most likely 32AA instead of 47D

      • eddie47d

        I’m sure that you will be doing the same Jeff for yourself unless you have some mind control powers.

      • Brad

        they just have not found him yet there is a bounty

    • Bruce

      is offering a reward for someone dead or alive not a solicitation for murder?
      An attempt to hire someone to do murder for you.
      This is how Al-Quida operates…..
      If so then the Black Panthers should be re-classified as a TERRORIST ORIGINATION, IMMEDIATELY. And if not re-classified, I want a explanation as to why what they said (1 million reward) is not a blatant attempt to hire someone to do murder. And the acts of a TERRORIST.
      EXPLAIN it to me….
      I am waiting…..

      • http://google rose

        Yes I want to know too.

  • http://liberty Tony

    To Everyone here:
    True, Obama should of been neutral in this case. However, what happened to Trayvon
    Martin was horrible. There’s just no excuse for what George Zimmerman did. I think you people know that. Alright, thanks!!

    • DocVenture

      Ok, Tony.
      I want to hear a factual account from you of what exactly transpired, especially since you seem to know exactly what needs to be done here. I laid out a perfectly acceptable excuse for “what George Zimmerman did” above, but I admit that is only one possible scenario. All you arm-chair Dick Tracy’s should stay in your arm chair and wait for due process, and our legal system to determine the actual facts in this case!

      • Warrior

        Ditto here too Doc. 100% correct.

      • carla

        I totally agree with you, everyone has a opinion, but not many know the facts. The President should keep his over run mouth shut.

    • El Love

      Tony: you need to stop watching media idiots like diane sawyer, george stepinoutofbounds, and the rest of the lame stream media frauds — this matter is no where near cut and dry. Eye witnesses say zimmerman was on the ground and trayvon on top of hiim…… so it does not sound like we have all the facts yet.

      Also, how many young people in this country die every week at the hands of gangs, fights, etc. this has become politicized to a ridiculous degree — and obama shows his ignorance yet again….

      we are now at war with white hispanics; soon to come — war with white asians, white indians, white latinos, whites worldwide…… how stupid

      • Chester

        IF Zimmerman was on the ground under Little, what in the three shades of hades was he doing out of his car. He had been TOLD he didn’t need to follow the boy, yet not only did he follow, he dismounted and put himself in a bad place. I don’t know for sure what he was doing, but he had already disobeyed a direct order by carrying his weapon, and a more recent, if not so direct, order by following and confronting. And I will say that stand your ground works for both parties here. Once Little was confronted, he would feel in fear of his life and respond appropriately, which is not turn and run away.

    • SammysDad

      If a person is on top of you beating your face and you fear for your life or severe bodily harm, Florida law states you have the right to protect yourself and stop the assault. As the real facts unfold, we will see if this was true. I’d shoot someone beating up on me, facial lacerations, a broken nose and all.

      • Karolyn

        I believe Zimmerman had more weight on him than Martin. Didn’t he knw how to fight to defend himself. I do! A well-placed kick does a heck of a lot in changing the scenario.

      • Dennis48e

        Karolyn it is kinda diffacult to use a well placed kick when you have been sucker punched and knocked to the ground as some reports say happened.

      • firefight

        FYI, most individuals in neighborhood watch programs are merely individuals who live in that particular neighborhood and “VOLUNTEER” to stand a watch to help deter crime. Unless they happen to be law enforcement trained or ex-military, they probably have little to no personal hand to hand defense training. I am under 6′ tall and weigh 158 lbs and I have taken down individuals over 6′ tall and weighed over 200 lbs. That is not something everyone can do……but, I am trained. Zimmerman was carrying a gun and that is something every person needs to consider before deciding to jump on another person. Jayvon screwed up. That’s it, plain and simple.

      • Adollarsworkapeenyspay

        “A well-placed kick does a heck of a lot in changing the scenario”.. (karolyn)

        Not all life experiences are Kung-Fu movies dear.. Even in such a perfect scenario, most of us wouldn’t be thinking three steps ahead and would only react in self-preservation unless we have a secret agenda.. So, as has been reported concerning both, who had the secret agenda? Let the folks who’re gathering FACTUAL evidence determine that answer.

      • http://cableone lisa

        That’s why Trayvon should have been carrying a weapon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • bobby nealey

      Tony ,I don;t know what took place and it is not my place to judge . I will tell you one thing if some one attacked me I would end it the fastest way possible , hopefully before I am killed or turned into a vegetable . I also know that a policeman or security officer has the right to stop and question anyone that is where they are not supposed to be and if the person questioned has nothing to hide and responds the way he or she should there will be no trouble . A lot of people are going to ride this horse to fame and fortune . Obama is foaming at the mouth , the black panthers will make millions of it and gain thousands of members , there will be a movie and the mother will control all rights worth millions . Al Sharpton already worth millions will get what he loves more than anything in the world , more people worshiping him as some sort of god.

      • http://cableone lisa

        Great point, but was Mr. Zimmerman a polce officer or security guard. No, he was neither. He is a citizen that is participating in his neighborhood watch program, who went a little far and took matters into his own hands. Let’s not forget people. He is not a police officer. Why even stop Trayvon he knew the police was on their way… He felt like he had that authority that’s why. Why isn’t this man in jail????????? I really hope the police end this investigation quickly and justice be served, because I fear retaliation. I see no reason why he should’t be arrested.

      • bobby nealey

        Lisa , I must have miss read , but I thought it said he was a volenteer watch person for that neighborhood and if so that is a type of security .Also black , white or pink polk a dotted , if you are in a gated area people have the right to ask you what you are doing there before a break in or killing takes place . If the person is not up to any thing they should be respectful and not a smart a– and answer any questions , but by asking that question it could cost you your life so you will be smart to call the police and let them handle it . Watch is one thing , getting killed by some druged up smart A– another , and no I did not say any body was on drugs but I would bet a dollar to a donut if the check is made momma would be in for a suprise or would she .

        • Bellagram

          Guess you would lose your dollar or donuts or whatever, cause according to the reports, Trayvon was tested for drugs and alcohol and both tests were negative. That was one of the bones of contention – that Trayvon’s body was tested and Mr. Zimmerman was not tested.

    • STEVE E.

      Only an idiot makes judgement before hearing all the facts.

      • Bruce

        here here


      If there was a 6ft 3in, 17 year old white boy on top of one of the Black Panthers, and the Panther killed the white boy, you probably never hear a word about it from Obama, Holder, or the MSM.

      • bobby nealey

        Jukebox , you would not have heard anything from anyone , they are not interested in justice , just what they can get out of it , money , fame , they hope for both .

    • firefight

      Sorry Tony,
      Could not agree with you less. There are plenty of acceptable reasons to use deadly force. The first one is basic. “I believe that my life is more important than the one of someone attacking me.” Another one is: “I am not obligated by any law to allow someone I don’t know or do know to injure or kill me.” This is simple Tony. If you have a family and if your family loves you and needs you in their lives, you have an obligation to be there for all of them. If you allow someone to change all that by taking YOUR life, you are plain stupid.

      • http://liberty Tony

        To Firefight:
        George Zimmerman was out of line period!! No if ands or buts. He was told by the 911 dispatcher to not to get involved nor to engage in the situation. LET THE POLICE HANDLE IT!! Therefore, when George Zimmerman disobeyed their warnings that led to the ensuing confrontation. Granted, Trayvon Martin shouldn’t of swung at George Zimmerman but Zimmerman intiated the contact. Thus, it was Zimmerman’s fault. Also, You’ll talk about constitutional liberties, etc. Well, wasn’t Trayvon Martin’s liberties violated by Zimmerman harrassing him? Can you answer that? Basically, Zimmerman should at least be charged with at least manslaughter and misuse of a deadly weapon to at worst charged with the murder of a minor. Finally, Firefight, how would you like it if you had a 17 yr old and he was murder over this nonsense!?! HOW WOULD YOU FEEL!?! I have a 17yr old nephew, who’s a star athelete. If anything like this would happen to him, i personally would get my nine milimeter caliber assault rifle, 32 caliber pistol, along with commando knife and take out the person who did it. I’m sorry if i offend or frighten people here but there can’t be sympathy for this garbage. Good bye!!

      • firefight

        Sorry Tony. Didn’t know you were standing there the whole time. So, why didn’t you try to do something to stop this senseless killing? Unless you were there or have better news service than the rest of us, you are only making assumptions. Anyhow, Piss on what the 911 operator said. That person wasn’t on the scene to evaluate the situation which was obviously escalating. What would you do if you were flying an airplane that caught on fire and was going down and the tower told you to keep the airplane in the air and try to make it to the nearest airport? Your appraisal is just about as rediculous. No one in a 911 position has any authority to tell anyone to do anything when it comes to protecting one’s life. You need to get that straight right up front. No one could tell me what to do in a situation like Zimmerman was in. IF, and I say IF that kid was pounding Zimmerman’s head on the ground as the police report states, and all the evidence supports that fact, then Zimmerman had every right to do whatever he had to to defend his life and nobody needs the permission from another person to do that. Protecting my life is a God given right and a natural instinct of survival. Obviously, you don’t have that instinct.

      • Adollarsworkapeenyspay

        No, just plain dead.

    • Brad

      Not sure of anthing yet the facts are not clear in the MSM

      • http://cableone lisa

        Tony you have my support. I agree with every freaking word that you are posting. Keep up the good posts Mr. Zimmerman should have been cahrged.

  • lindarm

    No president in my life time has had the gall to take sides in racial matters the way in which this president has. He has tarnished his own image, but then he probably doesn’t care since a narcissicist never sees himself as anything but perfect. For a sitting president to take a racially biased stand at any time is dangerous. This president has done it more than once and in this case; he;’s opened a can of worms even he may live to regret. I feel that his behavior and comments have caused an open season on whites to begin. I actually fear for the lives of my grandchildren andthe rest of my family. And I will tell you why; there’s revenge in t he hearts of many and they could go beserk at any time anywhere; at your school your mall your store, your neighborhood on the street, Black leadership in the form of Sharpton, Jackson, and others like Ray Nagin; are going to have blood on their hands along with this president. If yo doubt it; just remember the Rodney King riots in East LA>

    • eddie47d

      Very few spoke out against the Klan in their white on blacks crimes and Klan members even got elected to Statehouses in several states especially in the 1920′s. That gave a wink and a nod to the “legal” killing of blacks. Since the Klan is still in every state although much weakened do you support their tactics and are you afraid of them? Should blacks live in fear anymore than your suspicion that whites will be living in fear? Did you care about how much blood was on their hands Lindarm?

      • Brad


        No person should live in fear of any one person or group. When our president put’s his perverbial foot in his mouth that’s when I speak out. He neither had all the facts nor wanted to know them before making his unorthodoxed comments, just like when he sided with a black professor calling the police ignorant. The only thing Ohmama is is a race baiter; pitting blacks against whites and you are doing the samething on this site. We already know the true color of the KKK, white, democrat and deep seated hatred for anyone of color. I will stand up for any group who has been wronged no matter what color they are and if the facts show Mr. Zimmerman was within his rights I’ll stand behind him or if the facts show Mr. Martin was wronged I’ll stnd behind him.

      • JUKEBOX

        Their main leader was that famous Democrat Senator Robert Byrd, who was almost sainted by the Democrat Party.

      • havinganopinionwillgetyoufired

        Eddie I’ve been reading all of your comments on this topic because you seem to be the constant antagonist here. That’s fine, healthy even. However, think about this. Whenever there is a KKK rally, is it protested? It most certainly is. Now who protests it? Every rally I’ve ever seen protested on the news has had blacks and whites side by side protesting. How many protest the Black Panthers? Do any blacks protest them? I’ve never seen or heard of it. I think the law should shut down these domestic terrorist groups. That’s exactly what they are since they spread hate and fear. But it won’t happen as long as the DoJ and the ignorant hatemongers like Sharpton protects them.

      • Michael J.


        When Obama and Holder gave a wink and a nod to the Panther protest in front of the polling station, did you expect it would lead to them forming posse’s, placing bounties and vowing revenge?

      • firefight

        Brad’s words are good and true. Why throw up the KKK in the first place? Your defenses have little meaning to all of us. What this President has done to demoralize the whites and Hispanics is unexcusable. NO OTHER President in the history of this country has ever done these things. That IS a fact! The media, of course, is right behind him labeling Zimmerman as a “white Hispanic.” What the hell is that all about. He is either a white man or a Hispanic man. Whites are typically anglo in origin and Hispanics are typically Mexican in origin. The media just HAD to throw in the word WHITE to further build race hatred in the matter. Why can’t you see that and why can’t you see what Obama and his Rev. Wright hatred friends are doing here? The rest of us can see it as clear as day. Obama is hell bent on dividing our country and our people and with the likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and those worthless individuals in the news media, he is doing just that.

      • Opal the Gem

        Brad’s words are good and true. Why throw up the KKK in the first place?”

        Because that is all eddie has.

      • eddie47d

        There is little that Firefight sees as “clear as day”. Your comments in the past have proven that. I brought up the KKK because there were Presidents who allowed them to flourish and for many decades and they helped keep this country divided. Learn your history instead of laying everything at Obama’s feet. I made it clear i don’t like this tactic of the New Black Panthers but you sure brush off the lasting effects that the Klan still brandish.

      • eddie47d

        Why throw in the Black Panthers Opal when they have little influence in this country and the Klan actually controlled parts of this country. That is the big difference that you overlook. I don’t care for either group but don’t let facts get in your way.

      • JeffH

        Ah eddie and his obsession with The “long outdated” Klan.
        Keep it going Eddie47D, never forget and keep the memory of The Klan alive. It is your purpose to remind everyone of The Klan and their attrocious behavior.

        Marginalize the New Black Panthers, their meaningless, but The Klan? They’re the real boogey men promoting racial division in this country, not Al Sharpton, Sheila Jackson Lee, Spike Lee, Jesse “we’d all be lost without it” Jackson.

      • Opal the Gem

        “Why throw in the Black Panthers Opal when they have little influence in this country and the Klan actually controlled parts of this country. ”

        eddie why don’t you show us where I mentioned the Black Panthers. for that matter show us where I mentioned the KKK myself and not as a quote from someone elses post.

      • eddie47d

        Then you never should have mentioned them at 11:53 Opal. Stop being so naive with the reality of the Klan or are you one?

      • eddie47d

        The Klan has several hundred members spread out over most states even today Jeff. I think you knew that! The Panthers are only located in a handful of cities and most states never heard of them. Two years ago they only had 15 members but that could increase with all the racists attitudes that still persist.

      • JeffH

        eddie, you think I knew that? Why on earth would I know that? You’re the one obsessed with the Klan, not me. You’re the one who brings the Klan up in your pitiful attempt to marginalize the New Black Panthers who, in case you haven’t heard, are getting plenty of air time…$10,000 bounty on Zimmerman, 2008 voter intimidation in Philadelphia, 2009 I hate white people. Targeting Jews and in April 2011 threatened the Tea Party movement with violence, asserting it challenged the Nation of Islam:

        We said to the Tea Party of Mississippi if you come to the Nation of Islam headquarters in Mississippi, and you harm one Muslim, we said we are sending a group of legally armed men, the Black Panthers, down there. And if you['re] coming, we['re] coming too. And if you make any move on any black organization or the [N]ation of Islam, or harm one MGT [member of the Muslim Girls Training program of the Nation of Islam], Tea Party, there’s going to be serious consequences…. If you want some, come get some.

        The New Black Panthers have unapologetically declared their hatred for white Americans.

        In January 2009, King Samir Shabazz, head of the Philadelphia chapter of the New Black Panthers, raged: I hate white people. All of them. Every last iota of a cracker, I hate it.

        The Southern Poverty Law Center — itself a leftist organization — writes of the radical New Black Panthers:

        The New Black Panther Party is a virulently racist and anti-Semitic organization whose leaders have encouraged violence against whites, Jews and law enforcement officers. Founded in Dallas, the group today is especially active on the East Coast, from Boston to Jacksonville, Fla. The group portrays itself as a militant, modern-day expression of the black power movement (it frequently engages in armed protests of alleged police brutality and the like), but principals of the original Black Panther Party of the 1960s and 1970s — a militant, but non-racist, left-wing organization — have rejected the new Panthers as a “black racist hate group” and contested their hijacking of the Panther name and symbol.

        Yeah eddie, be real proud of who you are and who/what you champion for…at least you have one in your corner…youself.

      • Winston Smith

        Lets see, Holder won’t prosecute NBP intimidation at the Polls, a Bounty 0n the head of an “undesirable, statements like “We ani’t gonna obey Whitey’s Laws, “Take the ‘law’ into our own hands and mete out ‘justice’ ourselves!” and on and on! So, what do we have here? The media and “Community Organizers” TOTALLY ignoring the epidemic levels of black-on-black and black-on-white violence and, myopically focusing on ONE incident of Latin-on-black violence. Just what do they propose? A “BBB” (Black Bucks Band) – a 21st century version of the “KKK”? But since they don’t profess Christianity as their cause célèbre maybe they could burn boxing gloves (a readily available rendition of a clenched fist) on lawns.

        • Bellagram

          Please post a link to a case of black on black or black on white murder case where the officials handling the case said that there would be no charges filed. That is where the myopia comes from. Nothing was said about this case either for three weeks, until someone took to the social media and people became aware of the 911 tapes and the law that apparently says this is OK. That is what the fuss is about. If you think that this is OK – fine, you are entitled to your opinion just as I and a bunch of others are entitled to theirs. All this stuff that you brought up has nothing to do with this case.

      • Opal the Gem

        “Then you never should have mentioned them at 11:53 Opal. Stop being so naive with the reality of the Klan or are you one?”

        Like I said eddie whoi lacks comprehension skills show us where I mentioned the KKK myself and it was NOT a quote from someone elsde.

      • bobby nealey

        Eddie yes they did speak out and most of them that did are dead or for a while wished they were . there have always been good people that wanted to make the world a better place for everyone and it has cost them . The demacrats were the same then as they are now , they know what is best for everyone and they will cram it down your throat or kill you trying . If you are wondering how that came in , unless I miss read my history , the demacrats start and were the KKK .

    • Steve

      Given your comment I assume you are only 12 years old. Lots of presidents have taken very strong positions on “race-issues”.

      Open seasons on whites? That’s just funny…although a bit sad that you think that is what has happened.

      The Black Panthers are trying to get attention. They should be charged for what they have done and punished – I don’t know what state they were in when they made the threat but they should be charged by the state and/or the DOJ. In the meantime, let’s not try to compare the Black Panthers to the KKK…total up the body count and you will find that the Black Panthers are a pretty pathetic group next to the KKK. And yes, their events have been protested by multiple races just as Malcom X’s events and Farakan’s comments have been blasted by all sides.

      I feel absolutely no threat being white.

      • firefight

        That’s bull Steve,
        Show me one time in history that any President ever said anything like “If I had a son, he would look like Jayvon.” That made this whole affair a personal thing with Obama. NO President has ever connected himself with any racial situation as Obama has. Now, like I said, give me one documented example of your statement.

      • Bellagram

        firefight – Ever hear of the Rodney King case? Did you forget what President George HW Bush said when the Jury acquitted the police officers accused of the beating? He said “viewed from outside the trial, it was hard to understand how the verdict could possibly square with the video. Those civil rights leaders with whom I met were stunned. And so was I and so was Barbara and so were my kids.” from Fiske, John “Media matters: race and gender in U.S. politics” page 188, “Bush on LA, extracts from his speech to the nation, May 1st, 1992″. President Bush did the same thing as President Obama – he spoke out about an incident that had gained national attention. He did several things by doing this – he acknowledged that he was aware of the incident and the outcome of the trial, and he felt the same way as many of his fellow citizens – Obama did the same thing, although he did not really take a side other than that it should be investigated. If Obama had a son, he would look like Trayvon, but more than that, a lot of people heard that and thought that Trayvon could be their own child, that this could happen to anyone’s child.

  • lindarm

    p.s.sorry for the typos.

  • http://n/a AmFer

    O jumped at the chance to ‘fan the fire’ – too bad for him and his PR staff they didn’t have ALL the facts. With Sharpton, Jackson and Jealous jumping on the band wagon, the racism has been fanned ‘out of control’. O has now alienated the Jews and Latinos (re:Zimmerman) and I am waiting with baited breath how he is going to ‘spin’ this one.

  • Carl Babcock

    I have heard no mention of this hate crime from Obummer, Sharpton, Jesse jackson or most disturbingly the biased mainstream media…

    The victim being white doesn’t jive with the ‘racist America’ agenda of the left…

  • Don Sanborn

    The guy that shot him need to be shot himself. How can it be self defeace when all the kid had was nothing.

    • Gunslinger

      So if someone slams your head against the wall your OK with that as long as they don’t have a “weapon”??

      Genius! Please dont reproduce!

    • Gunslinger

      So if someone slams your head on the ground you’re OK with that….as long as they don’t have a “weapon” that is!!


    • eddie47d

      Zimmerman overreacted in his quest to be the community hero in trying to catch someone. He should have handled the situation much differently such as not provoking the killing.

      • DocVenture


        Once again, how the hell do you know Zimmerman overreacted? It sounds as if you were there. Were you? Did you witness the events? Shut UP!

      • firefight

        How about this one eddie47. Jayvon shouldn’t have attacked a man with a gun. That makes just as much sense as what you said. Neither of us know what motivated either of these two individual’s actions and neither of us know who thought what or did what. Why do you infer that YOU do? YOU KNOW NOTHING!!!! JUST LIKE THE REST OF US. STOP your stupid judgements until all the facts of the case are in. YOU KNOW NOTHING…………….WE ALL KNOW NOTHING. Everything at this point is hearsay and mere speculation. One thing for sure, eddie47… jump on me for any reason and you’re in deep s__t.

      • Steve

        How dare you make reasonable comments and come to reasonable conclusions like Zimmerman overreacted by killing someone with no weapon after pursuing him after being told by 911 not to do so. Don’t you know we have an agenda on this thread and being remotely reasonable is not one of them.

      • JeffH

        Steve, just what are the facts? Tell us? Is it what you know to be the facts or what the MSM has been reporting? I already know the answer but I’d like to hear it from you…because you and eddie, both, seem to have some damning evidence that your not sharing or are unwilling to share.

    • Brad

      Uh Don, go back to sleep

  • daledubois

    All of these kind of stories were never heard of before the Civil War.

  • Power To The People

    Obummer will not let a good tragedy go with out milking it for his political gain. This is only the beginning, as the polls turn more negative for Obummer, he and his handlers will ramp up the racial strife more and more to energize the black vote. Don’t confuse a socialist with facts.

  • Robert Lebischak

    I think we should let this subject rest until an investigation is completed and results are posted. Right now no one causing the problems with this, know what actually happened, lets find out before we make asses of ourselves.

    • DocVenture

      Perfectly willing to do just what you suggested. Now tell that to all the ignorant race baiting zombies gathering in all big cities that are “demanding justice” and the vigilante crowds who are NOT willing to let this thing be, until the facts are known. Allowing the system to work without having rallies to protest “injustice” would have been the prudent thing, but our leftist President saw fit to not allow that to happen. It’s race baiting, pure and simple, and I hate to say it, but those who are predicting riots, and worse civil disobedience are probably right. What this country needs is a great big chill pill right about now, but that just ain’t a gonna happen.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        The facts are known just not to the mobs’ liking.
        Who ever controls the mobs controls what they feel and what direction they will go. These mobs believe that they know what they are doing and can control the outcomes of their demonstrations.
        Notice that they have no independent activity and are directed what to do.The expression on their faces is identical.

    • Jo

      Robert I agree!

    • bobby nealey

      Robert , opps to late

  • s c

    People, HOW can you NOT see that this is an easy way for sleazoids to make this a 2nd Amendment issue? Obummer and his rogue AG will say or do almost ANYTHING to get dumbed-down zombies to think that Uncle Scam is a GOD SUBSTITUTE and that “all things come from Uncle Scam.”
    Open your eyes, people. The W H dictator can’t wait to use this circus as an excuse to drive 2nd Amendment-haters to make all responsible freedom-lovers look like gun-toting
    nut jobs. See this freako prez for who and what he is. On his vest day he’s a PRETENDER. His AG is infatuated with convicted felons and anarchy, and between the two of them
    they’ll divide Americans on yet another issue.

    • Brad

      Oblamya probably hired Zimmerman and now is hiding him just to make this about the 2nd amendment right out of the Fast and Furious playbook of Holder

  • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

    I venture that WE as a society are responsible for this ugly mess for we have yet to elevate ourselves above intolerance, bigotry, misogyny, racism and injustice.

    It brings out the worse in us. We ASSume we know what is going on, we pre-judge, we condemn, we kill. It’s like we are still in the wild west.

    Hell our laws, thanks to the UN-Patriot Act, now make us legally guilty until proven innocent and then we act surprised when the citizenry does the same!

    Unfortunately we in America have a stronger affinity towards the big stick rather than diplomacy, debate and consensus.

    Events happen and then we overreact and pass stupid laws that swing the pendulum way too far the other way.

    Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman were just waiting to find each other on a dark night. A spark that sets the whole place ablaze. It was just waiting to happen.

    It’s unfortunate that someone always has to die so that we are forced to reexamine our limited beliefs our prejudices and our ugly behaviors.

    A few months ago it was Troy Davis.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      How magnimonious of you to suggest that we as society are to blame for the choices made by Martin and the consequences that occurred?
      Such stupidity from a Leftist mind.

      • Karolyn

        “Magnimonious?” Did you jus t make up a word, Nadzieja?

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Magnanimous is how the word should be spelled.

    • JeffH

      Eric the “self confessed progressive” Red says:

      “I venture that WE as a society are responsible for this ugly mess for we have yet to elevate ourselves above intolerance, bigotry, misogyny, racism and injustice.”

      Not an unexpected comment by a progressive and his “advanced ideology for the common good”.

      Now I believe that American society, as a whole, has embraced the idea that we, as American citizens, are equal as men & women and we all have an equal opportunity to succeed or fail in life.

      We have a government full of politicians with the blessings of the MSM promoting “”racial oppression” yet you think it’s “we as a society” that is responsible? To a small degree you’re close because of the ignorance of some in society that “believe what they hear or are told” and not what they actually experience or see. Racial oppresson is a term used by Marxist writers in the 1930s, and it entered sociological parlance in the 1970s with the publication of Bob Blauner’s Racial Oppression in America. “racial oppression” makes clear from the outset that we are dealing here with a system of domination, one that entails major political and economic institutions, including the state itself.

      The terms “prejudice” and “discrimination” are also ideologically laden. Marxists have long argued that prejudice and discrimination are the mere epiphenomena of systems of racial domination.

      Which deception is most dangerous? Whose recovery is more doubtful, that of him who does not see or of him who sees and still does not see? Which is more difficult, to awaken one who sleeps or to awaken one who, awake, dreams that he is awake?
      — Søren Kierkegaard

  • Pingback: Obama The Race Huckster - Old Hippie's Forums

  • Alex Frazier

    My biggest concern with this Trayvon issue is that it has once again given an open opportunity for anti-gun proponents to push legislation. The kid got shot. And next thing you know, the family is testifying in front of Congress. Why is that? Congress doesn’t arrest people. Congress doesn’t involve itself in local crimes that the police can handle. Congress is hearing them because they wanted to petition for more gun control, attacking the tool rather than the operator. Had he been stabbed, they would never have been in front of Congress.

    Never let a tragedy go to waste.

    As a result of this shooting, this 1 individual out of a population of 300,000,000 will be the catalyst to restrict the right of people like my wife to protecting herself when she’s out delivering newspapers in the early hours of the morning. After all, we all know that if one hispanic shoots one african american after being punched in the face, that means me, you, my wife, my eldest kids, my congressman, my mother, my brothers, my neighbor … we’re all going to go on a little-black-kid-in-a-hoodie shooting spree.

    I hope all of you who believe in the Constitution have already called your congressmen. This will be used as an excuse to enact more gun control. In particular, they are petitioning to overturn Stand Your Ground laws at the Federal level, which enable you to protect yourself any place you have a right to be. If successful, it will go back to the duty to retreat, which was previously superceded by Stand Your Ground laws because the duty to retreat resulted in too many victims of crime as they attempted to flee or otherwise avoid an unlawful shooting.

    Disclaimer: Just to be clear, I do not support the actions of the shooter in this case. As I hear it, he shot the boy in the back while he was fleeing. If that was the case, I see the incident as flat out murder. He should have called the police and pressed charges for the assault rather than shooting him in the back as he fled. The time to have shot him was when the boy approached him to do violence, assuming that’s what happened.

    • eddie47d

      The Stand Your Ground law gives too much power to the person shooting. It is not a Castle doctrine as some states have in defending your home and property. You can’t chase after someone and kill them as in the Zimmerman case. We each have a right to defend ourselves when assaulted but not to use aggressive action against someone and then kill them. The Florida law needs to be repealed and replaced with a more appriopriate Castle law.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        I suppose you can out run physicaly fit 17 year old males any time huh eddie. Well I will tell you right now I cannot. Under your proposal I must try to hobble away and hope the assailent is even more handicapped than me. The law might and I emphasize MIGHT need tweeking but it is basicly a good law.

      • eddie47d

        Who says you have to run just don’t provoke a situation. If someone is threatening you let them know you are prepared and if they don’t back off let them have it. Zimmerman was the original aggressor in this situation.

      • JeffH

        WHY? As long as you have a right to be where you are, if you’re in a convenience store for example, or you’re in a Wal-Mart and somebody starts threatening, attacking and running amok, you have the right to protect and defend yourself as well as other people.

        Using a gun against another person is a last resort. Allow law enforcement to do their job without the pressure of those with an agenda. Ultimately, a jury should decide whether a self-defense situation is justified, not the ulterior motives and an agenda of the POTUS, not the ulterior motive and agenda of the MSM and not the ulterior motive and agenda of racists. Their cry’s aren’t for the “injustice” to Trayvon Martin…they all have an agenda.

      • firefight

        Google up Castle Doctrine. You will find that many states have adopted the Castle Doctrine or their own version of the Castle Doctrine. The “Stand your Ground” law is an extension of the Castle Doctrine which gives, by law, an individual the right to stand his ground as opposed to retreating. Now, you alledge that Zimmerman ran Trayvon down and killed him. If that was the case, why didn’t Treyvon stand his ground? He has the same right. OH! Maybe it was because after beating Zimmerman’s head on the ground and Zimmerman bringing out the gun, he didn’t get the chance to run away. Where did you get that business about running Trayvon down from? MSNBC? Nothing in any of the reports indicate any such thing. STOP making stuff up! You spout off things that are simply not true and not a part of any credible investigation results. Your credibility is non-existant here on this site. FYI, nothing in the reports thus far has divulged exactly where Trayvon was shot. If the bullet entered the kids chest and exited his back, your story falls apart. Let’s wait until all the evidence is presented before we all do something stupid like you and Barack have done.

      • JeffH

        firefight, :) …I’ll play eddie and answer back at ya’:

        DUH! It’s against the law in New York City so what makes you the expert??? DUH! They have black and white BBQ’s in Memphis and Austin and they get along just fine…DUH!

      • eddie47d

        Firefight needs new reading glasses so don’t be quoting me if you can’t get it right.Besides Trayvon didn’t have a weapon of any kind so how could he have stood his ground in equal defense. You love making up stories.

      • firefight

        Thanks Jeff, I needed that.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        “Who says you have to run…”

        You do eddie. If you eliminate the “stand your ground” law that is what is left, run away.

    • Brad

      I under stand he shot the boy in the chest not the back

  • http://firefox wog1

    Why is Oblamea always making stupid comments?

    • DocVenture


      I don’t understand your comment. Why, in community organization 101 he was taught to speak what is on his mind on events that happened in one locality. After all, running the Country is way too big a job, so why not get “sound bytes” now, to propel him to the White House again?

  • Bikerpop

    Worst case scenario: This debacle could just be the very spark that lets the POTUS impose martial law, grab all the guns, etc! Things getting out of hand is all he needs. He may not be as stupid as he appears on the surface folks. Stirring up more unrest just fits into his game plan IMHO.

    • Steve

      So when your right-wing, conspiracy theory bull—- proves to be 100% false, then what? Will you adjust your thinking or just be off to another conspiracy?

      • Bikerpop

        So Steve, …. Are you one of the “Sheeple” ready and willing to welcome the NWO?
        Anarchy, civil unrest, a(nother) false flag event, or any one of a number of other things including the financial debacle now in progress, is all it will take. The stage is set, the “hand writing is on the wall”. This tragic event being discussed here may not be it, but, it is one more straw on the proverbial camel’s back. When it does come, and come soon it will, remember I told you so.
        I borrow a quote from Bertrand Russell: “Most people would rather die than think, in fact they do”.
        And, for good measure, here’s one from Henry Kissenger: “The American people don’t have the will to remain a free nation or to resist being led into captivity”.
        These sad but true facts are what empower the PE to continue on it’s course toward that NWO.
        I wish I could say more on the subject of my “conspiracy theory”, as you call it, but to do so would be to highjack this thread/blog.

        • 4me2777


          as to this

          Henry Kissenger: “The American people don’t have the will to remain a free nation or to resist being led into captivity”.

          Mr. Kissenger you are trying us now, watch and see! We only hold our will to avoid martial law before the elections, we will fight, I will fight even if I fight alone, to be free, I have the will, I will not be captive to your NWO, Jesus set ME FREE and whom the son sets free is free indeed, and for those who don’t believe in God, My Will to remain free and to give my sons and grandson the free nation that I was born into, IS STRONGER than you can ever imagine or comprehend, you underestimate the will of the American people of the USA to hold on to our Constitution and our freedom. If you attempt to stop the elections you will commit an act of treason and freedom fighters will arise, from the shadows, the dark, the corners, you will see it, if you try us, we learned much in Nam, we learned more in Afghanistan. we have the will to remain free and resist being led into captivity. The NWO underestimates our will because of our silence, that is by design, that is by strategic alignment. You have no idea Mr Kissenger who the American people are, when you know it will be too late, for you!

  • STEVE E.

    Obama should keep his mouth shut. He himself gave an order to kill Anwar al-Awlaki, an American. An American who had no warrant for his death, was not convicted of any crime in the court of law. And was just driving in the desert. But, Obama had him killed. Anwar al-Awlaki was not in an altercation with Obama either. What a hypocrite. We don’t yet know all the facts about Zimmerman, but we know the facts about Anwar al-Awlaki’s death. I will admit he was a bad guy. But not an immediate threat.

    • uvuvuv

      yes steve i agree, that kill order was monstrous, but then you have someone sentenced to death for raping then strangling a ten year old and the libs are out by the prison with candles. many of them after their abortions that morning. please, don’t ask us to show any consistancy!

    • Bruce

      so he is a killer?

  • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

    Biker You have it pretty well covered. Besides what was this innocent little kid doing out at that time of night snooping around that neighborhood . Caseing an easy mark , burgler record and such , probably had it coming… watch the libtards jump on this one

    • Steve

      I hope one of your kids comes walking into my neighborhood…they probably have it coming.

      • mark

        Steve my kids probably wouldnt be in your neighborhood. They have been tought if u have no business there dont be there.

      • Steve

        Mark – So Trayvon was out of bounds therefore he got what he had coming? He was walking back to his father’s home and was pursued. From all reasonable accounts – although we may learn more – Trayvon was pursued and targeted. Your kids should be safe in any neighborhood and they certainly shouldn’t be pursued for no reason other than a “hunch or feeling” and shot down by the neighborhood watch nut-job. Why isn’t this thread berating Zimmerman who, again, by most accounts is a bit off his rocker. This is a dead person. Obama had every right to speak out and has every right to speak out on domestic issues. Bush certainly did as did Reagan and the entire Right side of the isle in Congress.

        The level of hypocrisy on both sides of the debate is nauseating. It was wrong when liberals called Bush a war-monger and it is wrong when Obama is characterized the way he is on these pages. Of course, “” only makes money by roping in the most weak-minded of the herd and feeding them full of their “wisdom”. Truth be told, they love that Obama is in office and the fact that he is black helps them with their agenda. It would be much harder to sell their garbage if a Repub was in office despite the fact that the only real difference is rhetoric not policy.

  • mark

    Obama is a racist pig. So what is brown like a turd with two legs and two arms?

  • uvuvuv

    the trouble is that this trayvon had reasonably engaging looks. he looks like the type to politely take the $10 for mowing this lady’s lawn even though he should have gotten 20. do looks give clues as to character? if they do, why is there this connection? our looks are nothing more than bone structure and muscle shape, so how can we read character into them? but still, he looks like an okay kid to me. maybe he finally got pushed too far and just snapped. white kids go into a store, they’re presumed honest and are left alone. black kids are nervously hovered over and watched. this could have happened even at that convenience store. and then along comes yet another provocation. boy, this is a sticky case. i do know that if he looked like some crud in a police line-up instead, the all-wise president would have never owned up to being his erstwhile father.

    • JB

      I haven’t read many posts here that aren’t sided which is a bit depressing considering what is said. What I mean by that is this, several 911 recordings have been played and obviously Zimmerman was the aggessor from those accounts. Anyone going beyond that is adding their own personal view. uvuvuv this comment you made was about the best I have read. Zimmerman was told to leave him alone and not to follow him let the police handle it. He didn’t do that and that made him the aggressor. He wasn’t standing his ground he pursued and went after…

  • Julia Baker

    I think most of you people are a bunch of racist a_ _holes with no brains or class. It’s a shame that after these years of growth we still have not made much progress toward a cure for racism. That is largely to haters teaching childern how to hate and passing it down to the next generations. I think President Obama is doing a great job even though the republicans are doing everything they can to sabotage his Presidency.
    P.S. In case you didn’t know you don’t own the world God is still in control.

    • jcv1010

      Your a perfect example of the hate filled racists trying to convince everyone they’re not.

      If you have children, I feel sorry for them to grow in a twist warped mental institution.

      And if you don’t, please do us all a favor and don’t have any. We don’t want to grow up as ignorant as you have.

    • Gunslinger

      I agree Julia! Black people should stop teaching their kids to hate and passing that along through the generations! I am positive that you and I have never owned slaves or treated people of color poorly yet they still hate us because of our color alone! Racists!

      You go girl!

      By the way….You did get the Obama thing ALL wrong though! By far the worst excuse for a president in the worlds history!!

    • DocVenture

      Please note the way the tolerant leftists don’t name call, or stoop to any type of character assassination or stoop to lowly behavior like that. It’s their truly enlightenment that causes them to decide you are an a__hole just for speaking up. The President has no business saying anything, let the state/local authorities handle this, he only said it to keep things stirred up. Only a true leftist wealth distributionist would think this train-wreck of a president is “doing a good job”!

    • Brad

      God waont have a chance in this country if Obama gets re-elected

  • Jerry M

    If Obama could give birth, the boy would look more like Larry Sinclair.

  • Chisna

    Actually the president simply made a innocent comment.
    Bob Livingston and people like him are the ones who are
    turning it into a race issue. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    I get it that you don’t like Obama. But why be a hypocrite and a liar ?

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Chisna,

      Please explain for me how I made this a race issue? Please explain for me how I am a hypocrite and where I posted something that was not true.

      Best wishes,

    • jcv1010

      Chisna are living in a dream world, tune in and turn on your boob tube and it’s all over the place.

      The “n-word” president needs to keep his mouth shut and not let his racist ghetto ways spill over into the hispanic community.

      Zimmerman is a hispanic, not white, and a Democrat. This is what the racist Democratic party is really like in full display.

      So get your head out of your but and know they want your blood as well.

    • carrobin

      You’re right, Chisna. And it was a factual comment–if Obama had a son, he probably would look like that kid. What I don’t get is why there’s such a howl about his showing sympathy for a dead boy and his family. But then I don’t expect conservatives to have much sympathy for anyone.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        “What I don’t get is why there’s such a howl about his showing sympathy for a dead boy and his family.’

        Just who has made, as you put it, “a howl” about showing sympathy for him or his family? The “Howl” is about the attempts by obama, sharpton, and others to make this a racial issue and only a racial issue.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      He did not make an innocent comment.
      What should we be ashamed of?

  • jcv1010

    I’m HISPANIC and if I had a son he would look like Zimmerman. These ghetto “n-word” (I would use the real word but I want this to post, you can say if if you want) thugs like Sharpton, Jesse and Obama can’t tell the difference between white and brown, then they are truly color blind.

    These “n-words” should be time warped back to the slave days to be hung high on a tree.

    True blacks love this country for what it stands for and the people in it, West is a good example of a true American black man.

    Heck these ghetto, “n-word” thugs even hate blacks. Lets see, the new black panthers say they are “honky tonk negros” and “uncle toms”, they would just as well love to linch them as any white or any other race. They’re pathetic, I would say they should be ashamed of themselves, but they have none.

    These ghetto, “n-word” thugs don’t give a rat’s a$$ for any one except for their hate filled racist, bigoted rhetoric.

    This should be a wake up call to all hispanics how the Democrats feel about us if the “n-word” president can’t tell the difference, but only care’s about a black son he doesn’t even have. They not only want white blood, they want even your blood.

    • JB

      jcv I guess what you are really saying is the only good black person is a dead one unles they are like West.

      • jcv1010

        BJ fits you better, you sound like an Obama, Sharpton or Jesse hating racist Democrat that you are who love to twist any thing around to fit your racist beliefs.

        You shouldn’t go around and try say what you think some one is saying. Speaking to ignorant people like yourself is a waste of time, when you hate like you people do no one can change your hate filled heart and mind.

        I don’t see any thing about a dead black any where in the post. As for admiring West as an up standing black man who isn’t afraid to even stand up against blacks when they are wrong regardless of the consequences is a strong individual. Unlike you spineless racist Democrats who are afraid to go against the grain of your racist party.

        West doesn’t keep acting like many blacks in todays society as though he was just free from slavery yesterday.

      • JB

        Clearly you have some issues, I neither stated any of which you associated me with but took your statement to it’s logical conclusion. Now if that offended you imagine how you words which have more hostility to them offend everyone else. I could very well be West for all you know but your words are not the wordsof a “true american”

  • ranger hall

    The President JUMPED on this Only to get the Black Votes and some Others,He could give a hoot about this Boy,But it shows what kind of Man he is.
    But it also allows the Blacks to jump into the same old Garbage,Seems like they are the only ones that can afford to rally,Sorry i left out the Mexicans.
    Whites cannot take time off of work for these things.But WE should.
    As to jumping into things seems like some of you Whites have also made up your Minds,What really happened,??WE as a people have been Backing away from Crime for to Long, If more people stood up there would be less crime..ITS OUR RIGHT.
    Just the Facts Folks Before Judgement. I can see that most of you People have Never faced this kind of Problem.
    Some years back there was verbal words with the Blacks and Whites about the Blacks moving back to Africa if things were so bad Here.SomeWhites said they would even help pay the Fare.
    Well MOST did not, a few did But they were back in a few weeks.
    VANESSA, so Right.
    PETER, Well Put
    EDDIE47d, Get your act are half right and half wrong.
    Is there any White Groups in this Country besides the KKK.

  • ranger hall

    I think i missed a few things, a few of my best Friends are Black and Hispanic, also served with them in the Military,and also as DOD Police, These People are Americans and they stay away from all the N- crap, These People can be respected for what they are, And its respect they have earned.
    FEAR and INTIMIDATION is what gives the Criminals Power, Take that away and you then can control the Criminals.
    Also i understand that Putting a Death Bounty on a person in this Country is ILLEGAL.If that is still true the People that put up the Bounty should be arrested.

  • David W. WIsner

    Mr. ‘NOBAMA’ is NOT a Natural Born Citizen, he has BOUGHT his way into the White House with the help of RADICAL LEFTIST-COMMUNISTIC ALLIES INCLUDED. He is a ‘LIAR’, has been, continues to be, and will be for the rest of his life! He has repeatedly spouted his rhetoric to the American Public and has done so for the last 3 years. It’s time to put a “STOP” to Mr. ‘NOBAMA’ and his ‘wayward’ thinking! REMEMBER NOVEMBER 2012″!!

  • mark

    Cant anybody see by going through all the replies that racial war has already started. It just hasnt gotten truley physical for a long time. Obama is just doing everything he indiscreetly can right now to get shit started while he is in power.

  • Jeremy Leochner

    I believe when Obama made his comment about Trayvon it was simply a statement saying if he had a son he hoped he would be like him. An admittedly strange way of saying it but I don’t see any racist connotations in the statement. As to Trayvon I have heard about his suspension due to marijuana possession. My belief is Mr. Zimmerman should have been arrested and put on trial so evidence could be brought up and so a judicial decision could be made. That would be better than letting him off based on his word. It leaves alot of room for doubt and leaves people worried that there is a killer on the loose. I believe attention to the issue’s of gun violence and the strange almost pathological distrust of young black men that seems to permeate around our country should be looked into and I appreciate the President speaking out on it. But I do agree there are other issues that also need to be attended to.

    • Mark in LA

      Oh Yeah, a trial in the US. That is one SURE way to get the truth, especially if the race thought police are involved. Why just ask OJ Simpson. or the officers in the Rodney King Trial, or Ramos and Compean.

      How about Brandon Piekarsky convicted of housing discrimination laws when nothing else could apply to appease the illegal alien lobby. An illegal alien starts a fight, gets decked, after restarting the fight gets decked again and dies. The state cannot convict so enter the feds with crap equal rights housing charges since he is not a citizen and civil rights do not apply. A brain dead jury convicts.

      Yeah a trial will do it.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Its better then him simply saying it was self defense and being let off.

  • David Hendrick Behrens

    So called religious peaceful, leaders, Al, the big mouth Sharpton, Jessie, the agaitator Jackson and Louie the lip Farrakhan, a with their actions of hysterical, screaming, ranting and raving already have fanned the flames of race hate, for the Martin family and marchers and add the radical black panthers in the mix, and their violent, calls for vigilante justice and offering a bounty for Zimmerman’s capture an death.

    All that race hate, will cause riots and mob rule, if Zimmerman ever goes to court or not and is or is not found innocent, all out anarchy still could break loose nationwide.. Just add some white radical groups, kkk, skin heads and nazi’s mixing in, looking to make a stand and a fight, America will turn into a civil war and a blood bath nation wide and Obama will just sit ideally by and be totally stupified and will be afraid to say or do anything, as not to offend the minority voters, since he already added his opinion, to the situation………

    • Bikerpop

      No, he will impose marshall law. All of the ground work has been laid to effect that outcome. If it happens before election time, he will suspend elections and be a defacto dictator remaining in office as long as he can.

  • GrammaD

    One thing CITIZENS NEED to pay attention to is this… “O” continually chimes in on situations like these with his biased opinion and feeble attempt to sway the opinion of the populous. WE THE PEOPLE need to recognize that, that is good… because we SEE his true agenda and should be intelligent enough to use this information to VOTE HIS RACIST SELF out of office. We need a TRUE AMERICAN who is passionate for ALL PEOPLE, not just those who have like thinking and agendas as the “O”

  • Dad

    I think Obama was trying to say that his daughters are just like Trayvon. I am inclined to believe him except that he ‘stretches’ the truth on a regular basis… which brings up another question: Is it better to have no father than to have a racist father?

  • No fool

    If Obama had a son, he would also have a long rap sheet just like Trayvon too.

    “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” which is also to say that if Trayvon had any sisters that would look like Obama’s daughters? Maybe now we know who the real father is.

    Looks like the press is having a major heartburn that Zimmerman was a registered Democrat. How about that.

  • chuckb

    has anyone checked out what size of ears martin has? he could in fact be barrys son. they are both black, crooked and democrats. the media dream team.

  • JeffH

    It hardly needs saying that increasing black-white conflict is the dominant feature of the current American political scene.

    By placing the blame for racial oppression on the white population en masse, the liberal wing of the “ruling class” not only deny their own responsibility, but even pose as champions of the Black people against the ignorant and bigoted white workers. In some cases, blaming racist attitudes begs the question. Many liberal’s do not believe any of the myths of racial inferiority, yet deliberately pursue oppressive policies aimed at dividing the people along ethnic lines.

    • Bruce

      the division is the ruling class elites against everyone else.
      But lets make it look like a race issue.
      Or democrats against Republicans
      rich against the poor
      Smoke and mirrors for sure.
      Is this what we have a government for?
      If race wars start then they can declare Marshall law and then do as they want.
      Enter the Unites states ruled by a dictator / lyer, poser / non-natural born citizen / and the end of freedoms as we used to know them.
      We will assign you a job, and give you food, but you are now a slave to the rich, FOREVER.
      Then the gov / impostor poser can not get anywhere with his race bating.
      Race bating should be illegal as a hate crime.
      When can the recall begin?
      Why wait for the election?
      We can have our country back tomorrow if we act today to fix the problems.
      God is greater than Government.
      Flame away……

      • Bikerpop

        HERE, HERE Bruce! You tell it like it is my friend. KUDOS to you, you sound like a real pstriot and took the words right out of my mouth!.

      • Bikerpop

        Whoops! misspelled PATRIOT. Typo, sorry.

      • Bruce

        ty biker, ty
        now go and spread good ideas

  • 4me2777

    As a person of mixed heritage, Native American and Celt, who remembers a time when signs in windows warned ‘no injuins’ along with slang and insulting terms for all other “unacceptable” races were allowed in the door. The first time we ate in a restaurant after the civil rights movement that had previously sported such a sign I was terrified, my father was celebrating and allowed us to order anything we wanted, I remember that day so clearly, the smells, the light coming through the window, my fathers joy.

    We were taught always to look at a persons heart and not the color of their skin, never to even see it and shameful to speak of it. It amazes me that people who have faced racism can take positions that promote racism against others. Yet, I hear and read people make racist comments when they don’t like someone instead of observing that individuals actions and why they are angry. This instantly negates anything else the person can say that may be worth consideration.

    Unless the witness who I understand was there is reading this, not one of us, NO- NOT ONE can judge or speak about what happened, the jury hasn’t even been selected yet much less made a decision. The investigation is on going and no matter what the young man looked like or foolish mistakes he may have made in the past the investigation should only be based on actual events of that one moment in time. It is shameful that this death has been used by a corrupt political system and community agitators to promote or instigate some agenda, what exactly that agenda will lead to is unclear and heart breaking.

    If the intellectuals that I have so enjoyed reading at this site cannot eliminate racial bias from their comments are they any different than the ones they are professing anger towards for doing the exact same thing?

    • JeffH

      4me2777, :) you laid it all out on the table. I agree and say Thank You.

  • Trust in God

    What saddens me is , a 13 year old white ,boy was killed by two blacks, he was reaching for his door,to go inside and had gasoline thownd all over him and then lit him on fire,
    how much news was spred? not much.
    A collage white student, Shot by 3 blacks. how much news was spred on that? Not much.

    White and Black people , we lost 3 boys that we heard of. and there will be more lost children if we don’t forgive and gorget and try to live in a human social life. My heart go’s tout To all 3 boys. Just let it go we can not bring them back.

    I know this cause I lost a son 2 days before his 19th bithday.not to long ago.
    I was hangry but i lived with it . I believe in a higher man that took my son and believed he had a reason to take him. (Thank You O Lord.)

    We all knew about the Obamas , and Rev White, and Bill Ayies, and the rest of his friends.
    So I really blame the people that voted Obama in office. sure hope you don’t make the same mistake in 2012..

    • mark

      Down with obama

  • RichE

    Bob Livingston or anyone,

    What’s the racial mix of each ‘Stand your ground case’?


    • Capitalist at Birth

      Who cares? Why do you ask? White people do not have a right to defend themselves against attacks from people of a different race? What is your point? Are you just a s*$#@ disturber?

      • RichE

        Since the enactment of ‘Stand Your Ground’ in Florida homicides have tripled.

  • chuckb

    jeffh, it goes back to one thing. people have to stand on their own merits, by granting one more than another it creates conflict.and envy. i suppose my racist attitude is showing, it’s not that my self is any better than anyone else regardless of color, i am proud to be what i am and i don’t expect to be shown more consideration than anyone else. when people joke about a white person it doesn’t bother me and i don’t feel violated. the liberal bleeding heart people have placed the blacks in the position they are, the media has gone out of it’s way to promote their every endeavor and they have built a resentment in every black persons mind that white people are racist and bigoted,. in my own personal opinion i don’t think we will ever come to a peaceful solution.
    in listening to .talk radio or on tv and the host is discussing with any black person about racial matters, i can’t help but feel the host is patronizing the guest and i believe the guest feels the same way.. the schools have pounded love they person who is darker than you,. my experience with the younger set today, most are racist to a point.and the blacks more so.
    when we have an incident such as this martin case, the media causes more trouble by distorting the facts and publishing misleading stories. the civil rights activist see this as another opening for promoting their agenda and people like jackson and sharpton see it as another large amount of money coming their way..
    there must be something wrong here, i don’t see the japanese, chinese, latinos or europeans looting and burning down their infrastructure every time one of their own is involved in these kind of cases.

    • mark

      Obama must go

    • JeffH

      chuckb, I hear ya and I agree with ya. Being raised in Nor Cal I never really experienced racism, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t aware of it, didn’t hear it or didn’t see it. Basically, man by nature holds some form or another of racism. I’ve heard it from every angle and as you’re probably aware, I don’t condone it and will point out racists from both sides of the aisle on this website. I judge a man or woman by their actions, not the color of their skin. I’m tired of the overbearing “reverse discrimination PC” that our elected officials and government have thrust all Americans into. Heck, I want equality for everyone, for everyone to have the same chance but there is a certain amount of effort, of personal responsibility that we all must have to get ahead in life. It “don’t” always work out but you make the best with what ya got and move forward.

      In my opinion, and I don’t think I’m in the minority opinion in this country, this president, this administration and his minions have done more harm to race relations than I’ve seen in my 62 year lifetime. It’s just pathetic to see others so ignorant as to defend this indefensable(community organizer) POTUS’s contribution to this problem.

  • Bimbam

    Negroes are the most racist people in the world!!!

    Negroes should not be in charge of anything that has to do with white people due to INFERIORITY COMPLEX.

    It makes them base ALL decisions on “get back at whitey cuz me blackie”. I don’t know in any other way to put it.

    Of course, I didn’t graduate from Harvard,. they just call it LIBERALISM. Again, whites using blacks again like slaves.

  • Old Geezer

    Must be a slow news day. Who do you think his son would look like? George Bush?

    • RichE


  • David169

    I think this race baiting is an offshoot of Nero’s failed multiple gunrunner scemes. The democrats created and funded in the stimulus five operations to make the border into a war zone. The only purpose was to sway public opinion against the 2nd Ammendment. That 40 million dollar fiasco blew up in their faces. This administration has facilitated the murder of over 10,000 people for nothing.
    Now we have the news media and Nero race baiting, laying the groundwork and stiring the pot to create racial hatred and riots.
    They started a war on our southern border and it failed, now they are sowing the seeds for a race war in the US and as soon as the body count gets high enough they will be back at the rose garden screaming for gun control.
    The liberal/progressive/socialist/ communists know a takeover is impossible as long as the citizens of the US are armed. It’s a national disgrace that the democrats want to make policy by killing people in vast numbers to sway poblic opinion.

    • eddie47d

      You want to describe all those victims that you say are out there? I have heard of only two or three.

    • Bikerpop

      Ah yes, the gun running scheme that failed. This is an example of a false flag operation to achieve the ultimate goal of the powers that be. Convince everyone how bad guns are and get the populace to agree to a nation wide gun grab by them for their own protection. i.e. create the problem, then offer the solution. But, it blew up in thier face.
      This tragic shooting here under discussion will be spun to that very same end. That’s why Obummer chimed in with his two cents worth [in addition to vote garnering]. The other senseless crimes mentioned above where three boys were killed, would not get him the same result as effectively. The thugs will always have guns folks.
      The old cliche’ still rings true,”guns don’t kill people, people do”.

  • Karolyn

    aw a video on TV of Zimmerman going into the police station in handcuffs the night of the attack. There was no blood on him, and he looked fine and healthy at that time.

    • Capitalist at Birth

      Then the police report indicating the severity of the injuries and the eye witness accounts are all wrong. What exactly are you smoking? Something that has affected your liberal brain, quite obviously. Were you in the police station? You are a fool, as usual.

  • firefight

    Here are some statistics for all to ponder. Eddie47, these statistics are easily found if you wanted to.

    The “New Century Foundation” studies Federal crime reports, and found significant differences in crime ratio between races, verified by the FBI’s NCVS, National Crime Victimization Survey, and The Department of Justice’s UCR, Uniform Crime Reports, FBI Communication’s Division, 304-625-4995.

    They state emphatically that the Judicial System is not biased against minorities.

    Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.

    Blacks are three times more likely to use a hand gun, and twice more likely to use a knife.

    Hispanics commit three times more violent crimes than whites, but the statistics are nebulous because sometimes they are classified as white, so it could be far higher.

    The best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percent of the population that is black and Hispanic.

    Blacks are 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against whites then vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit a robbery.

    Forty-five percent of black crime is against whites, 43 against other blacks, and 10 percent against Hispanic.

    Blacks are seven times more likely to go to prison, Hispanics three times, and the reason is clear, because from 1980 to 2003 the US incarceration rate has tripled, and so proves that Justice is not only hard won, but well served.

    Continue reading on Federal Statistics of black on white violence, with links and mathematical extrapolation formulas. – Lafayette Political Buzz |

    • 4me2777

      And here are some more statistic for all to ponder IF they are looking to find a reason to perpetuate racial demographic fears or stir the pot that has been stirred and this article is attempting to enlighten us to avoid such assumptions as our current administration and the new black panthers have done. Please don’t be deceived into this game of hate, it serves no positive purpose!

      Comparison of UCR and NCVS data

      According to the NCVS for 1992-2000, 43% of violent criminal acts, and 53% of serious violent crime (not verbal threats, or cuts and bruises) were reported to the police. Overall, black (49%) and American Indian (48%) victims reported most often, significantly higher than whites (42%) and Asians (40%). Serious violent crime and aggravated assault against blacks (58% and 61%) and Indians (55% and 59%) was reported more often than against whites (51% and 54%) or Asians (50% and 51%). American Indians were unusually unlikely to report a robbery (45%), as with Asians and a simple assault (31%).[17]

      Despite the differences in the amount of crime reported, comparisons of the UCR and NCVS data sets show there to be a high degree of correspondence between the two systems.[18] This correspondence extends to the racial demography of both perpetrators and victims of violent crime reported in both systems.[19]

    • 4me2777

      Please forgive me I lost my temper I did not mean to be so rude.

  • James

    It’s clear to me Obama, by inserting himself in this mess, ‘Acted Stupidly’.
    As the details come out, this case is not what the Lib’s hoped for: A clear case of a white guy shooting a poor innocent black kid”.
    As CNN said: What’s clear is that, as more is learned about this case, it becomes more complicated. This means that it is not going as the Lib’s thought. For example Martin was suspended from school three times…..

  • old hillbilly

    Looks to me like a wonderful opportunity to give the left wing media, panthers, etc. what they deserve. Lots of Constitutional issues, inciting riots, terrorizing a citizen, slander, contracts for murder, etc, etc… ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, CNN, movie stars, legislators, TV personalities, basketball stars… endless assortments of limitless deep pockets. Most are video recorded on national TV. There is enough pristine gold nuggets here for thousands of gut wrenching trial lawyers… & I hope the legal bagmen run all of them in the ground, strip them clean, & burry the rats on their pedestals!

  • harleydavidson

    ha! obama admits he has a loser for a son.

  • Shoestring 47

    I have not heard from anyone that has the facts yet. I did see the black caucus on the floor (C-Span) and I called to let them know they are a complete disgusting bunch of people. They should be trying to help these people, not try to make whites, hispanics and others the scapegoats. They are only interested in keeping these people on the plantation while they reap the rewards of the republic.

    Disgusting is putting it mildly.

  • rebro

    I thought what Obama said was fine and I understood what Geraldo was saying as well. In my book nothing excuses Zimmerman from chasing down Trayvon after the police told him to stop… and this circumstantial-at-best character assassination of a teen is disgusting. So now we have noisemakers like Jesse Jackson on one side and people like this author on the other side, and both sides look the same to a blind man. Wake me up when the shows over.

  • http://cableone lisa

    Tony,You have my support on this issue. MR. Zimmeman was wrong period, and he should go to jail. Keep up with the great posts I enjoy reading them.

  • Winston Smith

    Of course what happened to Trayvon is not a “good thing”! Killing someone is NEVER the optimum solution – though, given SOME circumstances, it may be the only workable one. But, as for the [il]legality of the case I will leave it to the FACTS as presented to the Courts to decide. It is said “… as YOU judge, so shall YOU be judged …”! I would NOT want to be judged by God based on rumors, innuendo and sound-bites – would YOU?
    More than that, even, I might feel more impetus to praise the Nationwide (worldwide?) efforts on behalf of MISTER (a full grown ADULT today) Martin IF we saw a similar outpouring of sympathy and support for the tens (even HUNDREDS) of THOUSANDS of other folks: men, women, children … even infants … that are intimidated, violently assaulted and even murdered by violent gangs and individuals annually. So many are severely injured or die with no better “excuse” than “collateral damage” or “mistaken identity” in a turf war or such! Does not God expect us to love, support and mourn the death of EVERYONE – not just those who happen to get plastered all over the 10:00 news!
    Finally, this is NOT a case for more “Gun control”! During Prohibition when alcohol was ILLEGAL – who HAD alcohol: CRIMINALS! And, consider Europe that has almost draconian anti-gun Laws (1) compared to ours gun crimes are rampant! Even in England – the country with some of the strictest anti-gun laws in Europe it is STILL “The most violent country in Europe” (2)


  • Revolutionary Thinker

    Bob Livingston: And what is your take on this? The kid did it? Zimmerman is innocent? If that is your thought, then you fan the flames of white hatred towards young black kids, wearing hoodies and carrying Skittles and a bottle of iced tea. Here’s the facts. A kid is dead. The shooter is alive.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Revolutionary Thinker,

      You write: “Bob Livingston: And what is your take on this?” My “take” is that calling for Zimmerman’s head on a platter is not helpful. The district attorney, whose job it is to make the case and gain a conviction if there is enough evidence, felt there was not enough evidence to convict. The prosecutor has access to the evidence and witnesses, I do not. Therefore I am not prepared to proclaim Zimmerman’s guilt or innocence.

      You write: “If that is your thought, then you fan the flames of white hatred towards young black kids, wearing hoodies and carrying Skittles and a bottle of iced tea.” Nonsense.

      You write: “Here’s the facts. A kid is dead. The shooter is alive.” True, and I’m sorry the kid is dead and I’d wager Zimmerman is sorry he’s dead as well.

      Best wishes,

      • Bellagram

        Mr. Livingston, I am not calling for Mr. Zimmerman’s head on a platter – all I and bunches of others are wanting is a thorough investigation. The District Attorney deciding not to proceed with anything further seems to be the problem. Trayvon’s family has a right to know exactly what happened to their son and I do not know how that is possible without a thorough investigation. When the police finally released the 911 tapes – weeks after the incident – the tapes raised more questions than they answered, and now the video tapes have done the same thing. I think that by bringing a special prosecuter, his family now has hope that they will receive those answers. I think Mr. Zimmerman will also be relieved if an outside investigation verifies his account. So many here seem to think that blaming the victim (Trayvon) is appropriate. I just happen to disagree with that. Others think it is appropriate to compare this case to the high incident of black on black and black on white crime and wonder why no one seems upset about those. My position is that only if, in those other cases, the investigation was shut down without a thorough investigation, and the victims were blamed, would those cases be comparable. Apparently most of those cases mentioned were brought to a close by the arrest of the perpetrator, not exactly the same.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Bellagram,

          Why are you are assuming the DA did not do a thorough investigation?

          Best wishes,

          • Bellagram

            I guess part of it is because the town council held a no confidence vote for the Chief of Police when this incident broke to the general population and I wondered what they knew that i did not. When the 911 tapes were released, they made no sense in light of the reported statements (released by the Police Dept) of Mr. Zimmerman’s account of the incident.. Then the video tapes were released which raised more questions than they answered. It would make sense to me, that when questions were first brought up about this case, that the DA and police would have released the evidence they had that substantiated Mr. Zimmerman’s claims, instead of the Police Chief simply stating that no charges were being brought because it was self defense covered in the Stand your Ground law of Florida. It appears that the whole thing was terribly mishandled and I wonder why the DA did not step up and say that yes, this has turned into a cluster – f***, but this is what we definitely know, this is what the autopsy confirmed, and yes we should have put this information out sooner. Do you think this investigation was handled appropriately? It is not just Trayvon’s family suffering here, but also Mr. Zimmerman and his family. Gosh, he has got to be thinking – come on folks, surely you have the evidence to prove that what I said happened really happened. He has a right to a thorough investigation too.

    • JeffH

      RT says “Here’s the facts. A kid is dead. The shooter is alive.”

      That’s only two facts. FYI, that’s always the case where one person fires a fatal shot into another. I don’t believe the investigation is finished and I’d bet there will be many more facts we’ll learn before when the investigatin is completed.

  • old hillbilly

    Sounds like the 12 year old child in the media pictures was really a 6+ foot 17 year-old with gangster tattoos and no visible traces of being punched out by the white Latino who shot “gangstaman” to save his own life! You can’t check ID & age when they’re big, mean, & violently smashing your brains out!

    What would happen to a white person with a KKK sheet & hood strolling through a black ghetto??? A “hoodie”& sun glasses is a gangster symbol ( idol) that strikes fear in civilized black and white people. On the other hand it is a symbol of “in power” for youth trash of all colors, especially wormy looking white kids who couldn’t defend themselves if they had to!

    With all of the trillions our president and his liberal communists have spent killing people in the name of Allah or throwing money at Solindra, global bankers, protecting illegal alien invaders, ad infinitum… a logical person might ask why there are no businesses, job opportunities, worthwhile mentors, or police protection for anyone in the ghettos of America. Jackson & Sharpton’s stereotypical black children are deprived of a rewarding and useful life because they like captives! It’s Obama’s zoo – free food, clothing, cell phones, & exercise… but no way to be independently self sufficient and no way out. If you steal a car, it runs out of gas, before the cops catch you & if you’re tired of running you just hold your hands up & off you get more food & regimentation. If you manage to merge into the mainstream, your hoodie & sunglasses make people think you’re going to rob & kill, or if you bend over to pick something up people will think you’re mooning them & will kick your butt if they’re big enough!

    According to reliable sources, Spike Lee got spiked, but needs serious comeuppance with felony law! The media & politicians who have viciously maligned the shooter and the deceased, by use of government and government licensed and controlled “news” needs a legal Armageddon to break their backs, so no one, black, white, brown, whatever is ever publicly scourged without due process!


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