Obama The Obtuse

President Obama speaks on Sequestration in Washington

One after the other, the scandals break and President Barack Obama feigns ignorance. He didn’t know guns were walking to Mexico. He didn’t know that Benghazi wasn’t caused by a video. He didn’t know he was lying when he repeated his claim “the video did it.” He didn’t know the Internal Revenue Service was targeting Tea Parties and small-government advocates. He didn’t know his own Department of Justice was stealing the phone calls of a major news organization.

He didn’t know. He didn’t know. He didn’t know. He didn’t know. He’s the smartest man in the world, and he didn’t know.

During the run-up to the 2008 election, we were treated ad nauseam to reports of Obama’s superior intellect. After all, he attended college at Occidental, Columbia University, Harvard School of Law… or so he says. He was first an editor and then president of the Harvard Law Review… or so he says. He was a law professor — err, lecturer — at the University of Chicago School of Law.

Brilliant guy, or so they say. Yet when it comes time to own up the responsibilities of the Presidency, he’s strangely absent… or absentminded. In a word, he’s obtuse.

Obtuse Obama’s sycophants will no doubt rush to his defense. He couldn’t know everything going on, they’ll say. It’s the gun dealer’s fault. It’s Eric Holder’s fault. It’s some low-level IRS department heads’ fault. It’s the media’s fault. It’s George W. Bush’s fault… or Dick Cheney’s. It’s the Tea Party’s fault. It’s Weeper John Boehner’s fault or Mitch McConnell’s. There was no cover-up. We shouldn’t know everything government knows. He wasn’t targeting his enemies. What does it matter? It was a long time ago. There’s just no there there.

Harry Truman said, “The buck stops here.” Bill Clinton was content to pass the buck to Janet Reno. Obtuse Obama doesn’t know where the buck has gone; he just knows he doesn’t have it. Like a petulant child, he always blames someone else when he’s caught with hand in the corrupt mess he created.

And do not doubt that he’s corrupt. Obtuse Obama’s problem is that now even the mainstream media can’t ignore it. It’s hit them too close to home (wiretapping AP’s phones, threats to whistle-blowers, thuggishly threatening reporters who don’t toe the line, siccing the IRS on reporters who dare ask tough questions); and by ignoring it, they’re losing what little shred of credibility they had left.

In addition to being obtuse, Obama’s a thug. I told you this a little more than a year ago. He uses the politics of personal destruction — and he has throughout his political career – and he doesn’t care about collateral damage. He’s Tricky Dick with better-fitting suits and a complexion that hides his 5 o’clock shadow.

But if it makes his sycophants, his slavish followers — those talking-point parrots who come here day after day and dribble out their foolishness on Obama’s behalf — happy, we’ll just call him Obtuse Obama. That way, he’s not responsible for his failures. But Mr. and Ms. Obama Worshipper, don’t tell us anymore how smart he is. You can’t have it both ways.

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Bob Livingston

founder of Personal Liberty Digest™, is an ultra-conservative American author and editor of The Bob Livingston Letter™, in circulation since 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • independent thinker

    Excellent article Mr. Livingston.

  • Harold Olsen

    I guess Obama has the Sergeant Schultz Syndrome. “I know nothing! I hear nothing! I see nothing!”


      At least Schultz was a nice guy!!!

  • edc

    No comments from “his oliness” supporters. The “mess-iah” didn’t give talking points as yet on “not knowing” anything.

  • northbrook

    Best comment yet ” I know nothing ” We need to stop this know nothing President. Some of the things he is implicated in should be impeachable. Too bad there is no one in the government with enough guts to start impeachment proceedings.
    Certainly Hillary should be branded with Bengazi and Holder should be fired for fast and furious, and his general failure to uphold the Constitution. The whole lot should be run out on a rail from Washington. Once this is done maybe the country could actually be the country we once knew.

  • steve buckner

    Apparently as a child Obamma could do no wrong but as an adult and supposed to be the leader of the free world, he is still acting like that same spoiled child. If he had any real intelect he would know that as president he IS responsible for anything and everything that goes on in his administration ! The Democreeps that follow along blindly to his every move and lie should face the same fate as the president. They should never be allowed to run for office ever again !! This blame game gets old very quickly especially when Obamma is behind it all !!

    • Betta

      “Apparently as a child Obamma could do no wrong”

      This is the problem with many folks today. Everything they did as kids their parents saw it as cute and served up no consequences for unacceptable behavior. Well, it ain’t so cute no more and now unacceptable behavior, such as telling LIES (something bammy excels at) is now acceptable.

  • hippybiker

    At least Nixon had the resolve and courage, as well as love of his country to do the right thing and resign. I see none of these qualities in the present resident of OUR White House.

    • Justsomeguy151

      Please, Nixon resigned out of embarrassment, when the office of the presidency actually meant something. Now its painfully obvious that whoever is president is NOT working for us. Nixon worked for the same Bankster criminals that control Obumma. Nixon was implicated in a deathbed confession of a former FBI agent in the assassination of JFK, along with Gerald Ford, LBJ and the most evil man of all, Bush sr.

      • http://www.facebook.com/CapitalistAtBirth Greg Murphy

        Where can one find this supposed death bead confession of the FBI agent, implicating all of those you list?

        • vicki

          Ask and ye shall receive.


        • Justsomeguy151

          You seriously aren’t familiar w/ the invention of Google??? Anyway, his name was E. Howard Hunt.

      • Deerinwater

        Well, ~ it wasn’t actually embarrassment. ~ Nixon was checkmated ~and the will to fight on, ~ left him.

        I thought then and think even now, that Nixon was a most able statesman. I was embarrassed for him, as he was a flawed man in ways ~ no one such ever have to endure in this imperfect world.

        I’m sadden by what we did to him more then I hate what he did.

        I like a rascal, ~ I feel as we have something in common in knowing that the truth is subject to interpretation and often over valued while always under appreciated.

        If you wish is to make people happy ~ just give them what they want. If you want to anger them, ~ give them the truth.


    • perry holmes

      you got one thing right for once!!!!!!!!!!

  • hippybiker

    PS. No one dies as a result of Watergate. Can you Obot Trolls make the same claim about Fast and Furious and Benghazi?

  • Warrior

    Let’s see. The “guy” made a living suing the “gubmint”. Then the crook county “machine” lines him up to run unopposed for a state senate seat, where his “contribution” to ILL-annoy law is to extend late term abortions. From here he again runs unopposed for a u.s. senate seat. Does nothing but rail against “bush” for being “unpatriotic”.
    His wife works with valerie jarrett on legislation that allows u of c to “dump patients” onto the county health system.
    This is what these two have accomplished. That’s it!
    Being from Chicago myself, what in the world gave anyone else in this country the idea this “guy” had ANY qualifications to lead this country?
    Anyone else notice the “hard core progressives” have been “hiding” the last couple of weeks? You’re seeing exactly how “progressive crook county thugs” operate. “How do you like me now”?

    • ronniericky12


      • vicki

        And voted at least twice (legally 2008,2012). Stalin had a name for them.

        • Deerinwater

          Right ! Twice the GOP has spent millions of dollars with Karl Rove running a bad campaign with McCain. ~ and the second time, a bad candidate and a bad campaign again under the direction of Karl Rove.

          I think that I’d get rid of Karl Rover for starters. Then I’d narrow my primary selection down to no more then three hopefuls. They need to be vetted well, don’t assume anything. Dig deep and check them out ~ Know them! ~ No Keaton 5 and conflict of interest. , ~ no divorcing a wife laid up in some hospital and marring a hot little number that owns a brewery , No person that has an automobile elevator in his home or thinks that Donald Trump is the King of Cool. Or thinks winning is all about “free stuff”

          ~ No long history of chasing skirts, ~ No Black Walnut or 999 please! ~ No Rick Santorum’s or Michelle Bockman’s ~or anyone that cannot carry on a discussion without invoking the name of the All Mighty for support every 3 minutes.

          Do whatever it takes to discourage these lightweights from even running. ~ Make them a deal , they can’t refuse. Pay them, ~ offer them a position and Title, ~ threaten to take their 1st born.

          Then find the brightest, most accomplished and Pat Boone cleanest man or woman that is willing to consider the job as upward advancement. ~

          I’d like to see a woman have a shot at it ~ but whoever they are ~ let them be very bright, quick witted, personable, can think on their feet and engender confidence to others of these virtues . They must have a stellar history of delegating authority and the placement of human resources. They must have a vision that has strong appeal to the majority of the American people and be able to sell it.

          That is asking a lot of anyone but that is what it will take to win this next general election. That person is out there somewhere. It’s time to start looking for them.

          I don’t see a strong DNC candidate at this time.

          • Bob666

            Yo Darwin,
            I agree with most of your post but the following”
            “Then find the brightest, most accomplished and Pat Boone cleanest man or woman”
            I really don’t believe that person exist in either party and perhaps we have unrealistic expectations?
            As for the DNC, if Hillary were to run-she would be hard to beat today, but 2016 is three years a way.

            I have voted for far more republicans in life than democrats as I vote for the person, not the party. It would be nice to get excited about a GOP candidate for president for a change as it has been a while.

      • Laurie

        Well I’ll tell you I for one NEVER voted for him….he scares the bejeezuz out of me!

      • Deerinwater

        Hmm? ~ Would you mind offer us a better candidate next time then?

        ~ Mc Cain could have won it ~ but Karl Rove was over managing him. And the reaching out for the “woman vote” with Mrs. Palin sort of backfired. ~ McCain last week of stumping ~ was without question his best. ~ He was saying what needed to be said and in a way that he came across genuine and sincere. He was a real Tiger!

        Where he would have made a good President or not, we will never know. ~ ( I think maybe he would have) But at least this Washington gridlock ~ and Tea Party activity with it’s disdain for all things government would have been much more manageable and made more progress with the economic recovery.

        ~ We could have occupied Iraq for the next 30 years, ~ allowing the American GI to do his magic in the romance department, having red head and green eyed babied to be Iraq’s future.generation Installed a Walmart and a Burger King and have them listening to George Jones and Toby Keith music. We could have built churches. ( well? I’m having a nightmare of course)

        As for Mitt Romney. ~ He has a wonderful loving family and outwardly a blessed life, I’ll leave it at that.

  • skippy

    Great article as always, Bob.
    Ovomit makes me think of “Baghdad Bob”….remember him??? LOL
    Tanks rolling into the town, and him at the mike…’no US troops here’…that’s not verbatim, but you get the idea….

  • jim b

    Agree, they’re not the sharpest tools in the shed. BHO, Holder, Clinton all claim they knew nothing or that they know nothing about anything that is going on in their government. It would be a complement to say they are incompetent, I believe they are just Stupid, complete dunces that have not business running this country! This has now become so obvious that even the governments liberal media contingent is saying ‘what the …..? For Stupid to be so careless as to be interpretable by the liberal media, who is virtually blind to the corruption and incompetence happening within this administration, you have to have graduated to the level of stupid not seen in this county in a long long time!

    • Justsomeguy151

      You are wrong. They’re not stupid. They are INTENTIONALLY destroying this nation. It’s no accident. You said it yourself, they’re corrupt. Hopelessly.

      • ronniericky12


      • perry holmes

        right on tell them what you think

      • Laurie

        Unfortunately I have to agree with you Justsomeguy151….scary!!!

  • dan

    you can’t reason with the unreasonable,Bob…

    and yes, I was married for twenty years,lol’s

  • Vigilant

    Re: the wiretapping of AP’s phones:
    Articles of Impeacment, Richard Nixon, Article 2, Seection 2:

    “He misused the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Secret Service, and other executive personnel, in violation or disregard of the constitutional rights of citizens, by directing or authorizing such agencies or personnel to conduct or continue electronic surveillance or other investigations for purposes unrelated to national security, the enforcement of laws, or any other lawful function of his office; he did direct, authorize, or permit the use of information obtained thereby for purposes unrelated to national security, the enforcement of laws, or any other lawful function of his office; and he did direct the concealment of certain records made by the Federal Bureau of Investigation of electronic surveillance.”

  • Tough Guy 1

    Obama is short of a Big Mac hamburger-sandwich without the secret sauce on it. And rip off kids of a Happy Meal with no toy!


      His beloved wife, who loves this country so much, would not like the fatty hamburger reference!!!

    • marylou

      Please don’t pick on the Big Mac…. McD caters to kids and were blackmailed by OBAMA &MO to remove the toys…that’s what dictators do!

      McD has nothing to do with the fact that OBAMA lies!

      You’ll ruin their brand by putting them in the same sentence as O :-)

  • Doc Sarvis

    It is good that President Obama is not jumping to conclusions. He acknowledges that what was done is wrong and will act upon the facts when they are researched. He can take the heat in order to make the correct actions.

    • rendarsmith

      He’s searching for a way to distance himself from them and blame Bush, the Republicans, Rush Limbaugh, string cheese, global warming, mountain goats, guns, Tim Tebow, you know, the usual suspects. One of them will hopefully stick.

      • Doc Sarvis

        And you know this how???

        • Sandy Burglar

          Because that’s EXACTLY what he’s done for 4.5 years now, Doc. You been paying any attention? And you think he will “act” once the “facts” are researched? What do you think he will do, pray tell?

          • Doc Sarvis

            He will act on those facts. Nobody can say what he will do since nobody has all the facts yet.

          • KENYAN KRUSHER

            He & His partner in crime, Holder are still giving out bad mortgages to welfare recipients, who can’t even afford a down payment, threatening banks who disagree…..I guess that’s kinda acting on the facts that the recession was caused by this very same thing….He is intentionally trying to destroy the nation, NO ONE can be this stupid!!!

          • ronniericky12


          • Sandy Burglar

            The only thing he’ll do is invite Jay-Z and Beyonce to the White House for another high-dollar throwdown or hit the golf course again. Doc, he either ordered this stuff or it was done with his approval. You are one hopelessly naive individual there, Doc. Or just a blind sycophant.

          • vicki

            A good leader does not need all the facts to make decisions and act.

          • Nadzieja Batki

            When will those facts come in?

          • Motov

            Acting is right, he always acts, but doing something is a whole different thing.

        • marylou

          Give it up Doc, we all know you’re blowing smoke even if you haven’t figured it out yet…OBAMA lies!

      • http://www.facebook.com/CapitalistAtBirth Greg Murphy

        You forgot ATM machines. I strongly suggest you ignore “Doc’s” post in the future, as they are a total waste of time.


      hahahaha!!! You should really do stand up comedy with lines like that!!! What a HOOT!!!!

    • red neck

      Hey Doc…. The reason that your king obama is wasting time with excuses is because he is the one that gave the order in each of the cases….

  • Bella

    How embarrassing to have a President that admits to knowing nothing! Step aside and let someone that is intelligent and knows how to lead take the reigns. What the heck are we paying you for? To golf? to vacation? to hang with celebrities?

    • Joy

      Evidently, that is all he has done so far. Oh and you could add campaign for about 7 years so far.

  • perry holmes

    say bob I do walk my talk if you wish to find out come and see me

  • marylou

    Don’t you get it yet?
    OBAMA lies!

    You know…. like your 2 year old who feigns ignorance when he’s caught in the act…… with the evidence on his face or in his hands!

  • BarrackHussein

    …he attended college at Occidental, Columbia University, Harvard School of Law…
    Frankly, the so called superior educations of the east coast are not so superior… but everyone else has know this for a long time.

    • RAND PAUL IN 2016

      Yet, when a breath of fresh air like Palin comes along who has nothing to do with those IVY WALLS, she gets roasted for being stupid!! She’s got more common sense,leadership skills & spirituality in her pinkie than all those progressives put together!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/CapitalistAtBirth Greg Murphy

        Ditto that. How about Rand and Sarah in 2016?


          They got my vote!!!

        • Bob666

          How about a loss by +5%.

    • javamann

      Kissinger spotted his talent and gave him his 1st job.
      Alan Wayne root was his classmate of ’83:


  • http://www.facebook.com/CapitalistAtBirth Greg Murphy

    Excellent article Bob. Thank you for all the work you do. Unfortunately the comment section is cluttered with the likes of KG, etc. that have no contribution to make to intelligent discourse. I shall continue to ignore their posts completely.

  • wyatt81

    The people who worship and protect this man, no matter what he does or says-is astounding. This goes beyond ignorance and stupidity, even. A giddy, willing blindness and foolishness that laughs as it goes over the cliff…

    • Motov

      I must draw a conclusion that Obozo is a highly addictive drug.

      People must know by now, as Obozo spends, and spends, and occasionally buys trinkets for his people. This can’t continue.

      Right now that hole they have been digging would easily rival the Grand Canyon.

      We must do the correct thing, “Fire” Everyone in the WH, restore our constitution as the law of the land, and find people who will proudly stand up for that document

    • Betta

      The people who worship and protect this man are enemies of the United States of America.

  • Michael Shreve

    I remember a line from a movie “you don’t know much do you? NO, but I don’t NEED to.” Frankly, I DOUBT Obama’s ignorance about what goes on in his administration, rather than his complicity.


    The word that sums up Obummer & His corrupt Cabal perfectly is “THUG”…he is just a Chicago-style political Thug!!!

    • sunshineIQ

      Local control of education insures your child will get one.


    A review of Obama’s public speeches, campaign materials and especially his writings reflect that Obama’s personality has been remarkably consistent from childhood through adulthood.

    In his book “Dreams From my Father,” Obama lays out the foundation for an examination of his character and personality. That seminal work reveals much, and almost all of what it reveals is truthful and applicable to his presidential prospects.

    Obama’s life began with loss, hurt, confusion, alienation, frustration. Out of these he constructed a psychological “mask” that still endures.

    Every individual wears a mask. It is a part of reality and a part of a healthy personality and psyche. But Obama’s pain still controls his personality. Like Dr. Strangelove’s arm, that can’t help rising, Obama’s sense of loss, exclusion, frustration and fantasy still overarch his personality.

    He authored a book “Dreams From My Father,” when in reality he got no dreams from his father. Obama created his father’s “dreams” in his own fantasy world. The fantasies associated with the “missing parent” are among the most powerful, the most enduring and occasionally the most devastating in human experience.

    He was “Barry” until he went to college. Then he became the tribal Barack. But on his first visit to his “roots” in Kenya, he once again succumbs to “Barry,” because that is what his father and family called him.

    He apparently held and still holds Kenyan-American dual nationality, but has scrupulously avoided any discussion of his “dual” status. Duality is not what Obama craves: he craves the singular, the linear, and the straight and narrow, to compensate for his own confused and winding initiation into the hardship of life and family, of creating a personality and mask consonant with his troubled feelings.

    Over and over again, Obama returns in his speeches and in his writings to a sense of loss, alienation, detachment. He is a skillful promoter, and he manages to overcome his mask, to gild it with soft statements and lofty promises. He sells his weakness as a new paradigm of strength, security and clarity when there is little strength and no clarity in his mind. Indeed the very essence of his personality is the perpetual, eternal promise unfulfilled.

    Obama’s “Hope” is the absence of reality, the unattainable in his own life scaled up to a national fantasy which he hopes to peddle to unsuspecting voters and especially young people. When he fails, they will feel betrayed.

    While decrying the “smallness” of our politics he resorts to the smallest dimensions himself. Is he seeking to control foreign policy, or is he a frustrated local school board member?

    Should our schools be run from Washington, as he suggests, by the president, or should local people have final authority?

    Should the federal government have a bigger role in local schools, or is he just engaging in the casual blather that he decries in others?

    What is he going to do about teacher salaries? Nationalize or federalize them? And, oh, the teachers’ unions. In Obama’s fantasyland all of these conflicts and contradictions dissolve into “hope.” He is for more pay and perks, but which teacher’s union supports strict accountability and expedited procedures for dismissal of incompetents?

    Does Obama really believe that we need to revive the role of “labor unions” in his “digital economy,” or is that merely another sop to leaders that might support his candidacy?

    The very things that Obama condemns, he is in the process of becoming.

    Bill Clinton reduced the presidency to worrying about school uniforms. Before long, Obama started promising “healthy snacks” for school children as part of his “hope” for the future. Where does the smallness end? Obviously not with Obama, the newest champion of the same, the secure, the warm and fuzzy and ultimately the same escapist fantasies as every other career politician.

    While Obama claims to be moving along Robert Frost’s “road not taken,” in reality he is on the same road, used the same fund raising contributors (tens of millions of dollars), and stimulated the same media hysteria and ultimately ran a traditional campaign while claiming he was doing precisely the opposite. In short, a bunkum artist who is fully capable, because of his “Mask,” of convincing himself of the truthfulness of his delusions. The same way children are.

    Can his personality stand the stress? Probably not.

    The media will get tired of Obama’s same old tired message, his substitution of hope for reality. And, ultimately, he will get tired of himself.

    Politically, Obama will become cannon fodder for the Republicans. Goofy Republicans wanted Hillary; but ended up with Barack, a dream come true.

    Ultimately, Obama’s personality matrix left Obama weak inside, weak under the surface, “all sail and no anchor.” He learned to avoid conflict, not fight. His mother raised someone who would run away, not stand his ground.

    Obama said during his campaign is “not just about me.” But in his mind it was/will always be just about him. Righting the wrongs he perceived and experienced as a child, strengthening the powerlessness he reviled, restoring his role, the one his siblings called his father’s “Obama” attitude, in the pantheon of politics. He will strive to be a strong leader on the surface, using powerful language and images; but inside he is still the pied piper of powerlessness. And knows it.

    Obama has succeeded largely by his successful concealment at the margins. Obama’s natural tendency, his default state of mind, is to evade, conceal, avoid–and escape. Questions of family background still plague him.

    Obama’s psychology is weak. Obama is still the outsider, still the one who needs to justify himself, and still the one who still needs to create a fantasyland to compensate for the void left by his absent father.

    The conflicts inside Barack Obama’s soul alternate between jive and reality.
    As much as Obama might try to change his face, to abandon his “old” Obama for a “new” persona, he cannot do so. His growth is limited by the demons within him. The mask is rigid, hardened.

    In his first campaign, Obama approached the American people as though he were speaking to a college audience, casual and insufficiently serious for someone who asks for the right to put his hand on the nuclear button as well as Washington’s bible.

    Today’s display is free-form Obama, and he doesn’t travel well and sell well outside a narrow spectrum of the electorate.

    As Obama comes to realize he may have finally overreached, and perhaps even exceeded his level of incompetence, he may withdraw into himself, withdraw from the battlefield, and plan to return again, at a later time.

    The Mask, however, will remain. It can never be removed. He hasn’t learned how. All of the inadequacies and frustrations he perceived as a child still drive him and still control his personality.

    He won’t learn how to remove the Mask because he continues to be afraid there is nothing behind it.


    • Alfred Ferguson

      Excellent summation, counselor. Guilty as charged. Case closed.

  • vikings4123

    Is it possible that the libs, the dems, obama, started the scandalous behavior with the full knowledge that there would be an ideal time to reveal it in order to incite the opposition into taking action? With that action obama could then declare his martial law. Just wondering if that is possible? If it were, then what might the fraud’s next move be in order to synthesize the opposition’s intensity level? This fraud, this person, this human being, soetoro/obama, is one dangerous s o b.