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Obama the Chess Master

January 6, 2011 by  

Obama the Chess Master

Thomas Paine said that “Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.” With decades of increasing criminality in all three branches of government, it would be pretty hard to argue with one of the great libertarian thinkers in our country’s history. And with Congress’s approval rating at a stunning 13 percent, it doesn’t appear that many people disagree with Paine’s analysis of government.

Now, with a new Congress in session, many are excited about the possibility that the accelerating, anti-Constitutional power of government over its one-time employers (now passively transformed into citizen serfs) will be reversed. But what is the likelihood that it will really happen?

In an outgoing flurry of legislation and attempted legislation (e.g., the infamous omnibus bill that Harry Reid was forced to pull the plug on), Democrats and progressive Republicans — especially the lame-duckers — flipped one last gigantic bird to American Main Streeters. Some were shocked at their audacity, but those of us who have endured decades of political sewage pouring out of Washington have become cynical to the point where politicians’ contempt for voters doesn’t even raise an eyebrow.

Having said this, the big question is, will the Republicans be able to start turning things around between now and 2012? I believe the answer to that question lies in how successful they will be at cornering President Barack Obama into no-win situations. Politics, you say? Yes, of course! Do you believe these fire-breathing, anything-goes political animals are going to respond positively to reason? BHO’s entire adult life has been one big, ongoing game of political one-upsmanship. And, giving him his due credit, he happens to be despicably good at it.

For example, regardless of which way the economy appears to be going on the surface, BHO will be prepared to take the high road. (I say on the surface, because the bowels of the economy are already rotted to the point where a total collapse is inevitable.) If the tax compromise produces a temporary, illusory effect on the economy, he will, without a hint of embarrassment, claim that he turned things around by endorsing a tax cut for all Americans.

On the other hand, if the illusion of a turnaround does not come about, his position will be, "To show bipartisanship, I decided to give Republicans a chance and go along with their insane idea to give billions of dollars away to the wealthiest Americans, and, predictably, it didn’t work. Now we’re going to get back to doing things my way so we can grow this economy." That will give him a perfect excuse for returning to policies that are based on a system that all straight-thinking people realize has never worked: Socialism.

So, as much as I hate to say it, I believe the tax-compromise legislation that came out of the lame-duck session is a bad sign of things to come. And keep in mind that two of the really good guys in the House — Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) and Ron Paul (R-Texas) — voted for it.

In all fairness, Ron Paul’s explanation of why he voted for the bill had merit. Being a strict anti-tax, anti-regulatory, Constitutionalist, Paul took a principled stand and said he would never vote for a tax increase on anyone, no matter how much bad stuff he had to swallow.

Ryan was not as clear, saying only that if taxes go up, “that’s going to harm the people I represent.” Which was true. But he also said, “A lot of people are making these political arguments, which are, ‘What is the proper political chess move against Obama?’ And that is not the way we should be thinking right now when it comes to jobs and economy.”

Were it not for the fact that the U.S. Government has become the intolerable evil that Thomas Paine alluded to, I would agree with Ryan. But the reality is that ours is a criminal, Constitutional-hating government, a government headed by an angry young Marxist intent on bringing the United States down to the level of third-world countries around the globe. Sorry, but it’s a chess game whether Republicans like it or not. And if they refuse to play, they will get checkmated all over the board by default.

That said, I have to agree, at least to some extent, with Charles Krauthammer, who believes that Obama snookered Republicans on the so-called tax-compromise bill. However, to me, the most important reason Republicans should not have gone along with the tax compromise is that it was a continuation of their decades-old habit of acquiescing to Democratic blackmail — and blackmail doesn’t work! With each new blackmail success by the Dems, the country moves further into debt, further to the left, and further into the tar pit of tyranny.

The Republicans should have checkmated the chess master in the White House on this one. By letting taxes go up on Jan. 1, they could have boxed Obama into a no-win situation: Lower taxes on everybody, no estate taxes and no extension of unemployment benefits. (I italicized the latter, because it was the real heart and soul of the blackmail, yet most pundits mentioned it only in passing, if at all.)

In this scenario, if Obama caved in and went along with a Republican version of a tax-and-spending reduction bill in January, he not only would have found himself with one or more primary challenges for the 2012 Democratic nomination, he very well might have lost. Which is why, in the final analysis, I don’t believe he would have given in to the Republicans.

More likely, he would have fought against them to the bitter end, even while the economy was moving toward the Greatest Depression. Then, he would have unashamedly blamed the economic holocaust on higher taxes — and Republicans could have had a field day campaigning on a promise to lower taxes on everyone.

It would have been a close call at election time because, let’s face it, Obama has 35 percent to 40 percent of the electorate locked up regardless of what he does. But he would have had to convince at least another 10 percent of the walking dead that higher taxes and spending would ultimately lead to something-for-nothing nirvana.

Either way, if Republicans make the mistake of running the wrong candidate (remember, the best they could come up with in 2008 was super-progressive John McCain!), they’re toast. But with a fearless tax-cutting, anti-spending libertarian-centered conservative, they could win.

Bottom line: I never worry about Democrats. With few exceptions, they are hopelessly lost souls. Trying to proselytize them is an enormous waste of the number of heartbeats one has left in his life.

I worry about Republicans, who seem eternally destined to giving in to Democratic blackmail because they believe they “have no choice.” Actually, strike the word eternally. If Republicans don’t man-up soon, the job of fundamentally transforming the United States of America into a left-wing dictatorship cannot be more than a few short years away.

–Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer

is a New York Times #1 bestselling author and host of the highly acclaimed Liberty Education Interview Series, which features interviews with top political, economic, and social leaders. He has appeared on Fox News, Fox Business, The Tonight Show, Today, The Dennis Miller Show, Good Morning America, The Lars Larson Show, ABC Nightline, and The Charlie Rose Show, and has been the subject of feature articles in such major publications as Time, People, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Barron's, and The New York Times. To sign up for his one-of-a-kind, pro-liberty e-letter, A Voice of Sanity, Click Here.

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  • Angel Wannabe

    Good article!_Using the Chess Match to describe politics is a pretty good analogy, but I liken politics more to the game of Russian Roulette. The art of legal gaming is a bit like being a sleuth, created by those who know how to work the system and push that envelope.
    I agree, the Repubs should not have gone along with Obama’s tax extension. They should have waited til after being sworn in, because they would’ve had more control of it._ Obama forced the Repubs hand and they fell for it. The Party of “NO”, should’ve said no!_They’re going along with this, made Obama and his Admin look like they really cared about the state of the economy, in the eyes of the ignorant sheeple who fall for his lies. Fact is to those of us in the know, Obama could Govern from Church, but the horns beneath his Halo would still clearly be visible!
    As I said before, the skeptic in me has its doubts, but hope is still in the race. I’m gonna wait it out, and see what the Repubs do before crying foul….We have to watch what Washington does, Not what they say.

    • http://naver samurai

      Angel, did you have a Happy New Year? I hope all the patriots did, but I have some news. It seems that Obama bin Laden has made a “wrong move” in his chess game. DADT repealing isn’t a done deal!


      • Angel Wannabe

        samurai, we had a wonderful time over the Holidays! We went back to basics two years ago. We told the family no more expensive gifts! The kids each have they’re own families, and the old man and I want them to take care of them first. In turn, We get together to eat more often, hoist a few glasses of wine, bake cookies and Gingerbread houses!__it was fun!__Hope yours and sook youngs holiday was wonderful as well! :)

      • Doc Sarvis

        I read the article in the link you provided and found a significant flaw in the very first paragraph. Here’s the paragraph:

        Despite the fact that President Barack Obama signed the repeal late last month, a conservative activist and author contends the end of the ban on homosexuals in the military isn’t a done deal quite yet.

        In the last sentence, one should note that there is NO BAN on homosexuals in the military. In fact we have had homosexuals in our military since we formed our military.

        • Doc Sarvis

          Sorry, the paragraph should be in quotes – like this:

          “Despite the fact that President Barack Obama signed the repeal late last month, a conservative activist and author contends the end of the ban on homosexuals in the military isn’t a done deal quite yet.”

      • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

        There seems to be one move that continually gets missed. The Republicans can checkmate Der Fuhrer by simply vetting him. He can then be pulled from the People’s House, placed in jail, tried and convicted and put in prison with his bros.

        Biden you say? He will be null and void due to the fraudulent ticket he was elected on. Enter President Boehner.

        We then arrest Biden, Pelosi, Hoyer, Reid, Durbin – for starters. They are tried for aiding and abetting fraud on a national scale, high crimes and misdemeanors, convicted and imprisoned, or better yet we can fire up the gallows. The hangmen can work in shifts around the clock.

        • Another Voice

          So – you are of the Josef Stalin school of government: if someone disagrees with you, simply send him to the Gulag and silence dissent.

          Right. And I bet you are one of the people who are demanding that we ‘get back to the constitution’!

          Which proves that you yourself have no idea what is actually in the constitution.

          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

            You have missed the point entirely. No one spends 2 million dollars plus hiding his entire life, unless there is something to hide.

            “Uncle Joe”, as FDR fondly called him, did not have trials and judicial procedure. He simply locked up dissenters, or those perceved to be.

            The Democrats were johnny on the spot to vett Mc Cain during the campaign, but never made the slightest attempt to do the same for the Kenyan. Speaking of the consitution, the House is required to vett the president-elect before the Electoral College votes. This was not done. There are many complicent individuals who aided and abetted in this fraud. This act runs deeper than the Democrat party, but the top is the best place to begin.

            The problem is that too many in the country simply cannot, or do not want to, face up to the fact that we have been duped in massive proportions.

            As has been stated by an attorney: “When you have good paperwork, you get it out there as fast as possible. When you have bad paperwork, you Obfuscate.”

          • Michael J.

            Old Henry,
            I agree with your thinking. The shortest route is always a straight line. Eligibility is the question.
            Maybe the name Obama in Kenyanese means, “one who Obfuscates”.

          • Doc Sarvis

            Please document President Obama spending 2 million dollars to hide his entire life as you claim. I do not think you can.

          • JC

            That’s a rather twisted retort AV.
            Obama’s eligibility is certainly a question in my mind and that of many others.
            It’s not about “disagreemen” unless you can equate disagreeing with an ineligible foreigner holding our highest office as being Stalinist?

          • Mike In MI

            You know A.V. you liberals are so-o-o-o predickitable,
            I should take up Mr. Ringer’s position on this stuff and save a few of the heartbeats I will be privileged to experience. But your failure to “think it through” is one of the reasons progressives and other atheists always make assinine, short-sighted, short-on-wisdom, long-on-consequences laws and policies.
            You accuse Old Henry of being like Uncle Joe in wanting to annihliate or send to the Gulags everybody who doesn’t agree with him (us). But, you know the Constitution doesmake provision for capital punishment, penalties and imprisonment for the crimes the recently retired Congress and Senate perpetrated. Be assured, they are crimes.
            Our Founders were wise enough to realize that anybody doing the things the progressives have been doing have as their goal the over-throw and obliteration of the freedoms the Founders set up for us. They realized that some things never change. Dictators want to dictate. Tyrants by definition NEED to tyrannize and terrorize. And liberals need to be told what to think, what direction to follow and how to do what the tyrant wants them to do. That way they’re neither accountable nor responsible, just participants. (Kinda like the people who stayed in Europe when the freedom lovers, innovators and visionaries crossed the Atlantic to freely exercise their natural and spiritual strengths.)
            You drones just want to hang around for your turn at chance with the queen, great honey and the privilege to think the workers owe you the honor of making “whatever” available to you. Problem is in America’s hive the drones have multiplied to about 30-35% of the population which is fast becoming an untenable situation.
            I fully expect that soon the drones will arise against the workers who are no longer meeting your “needs”. You’ll shed your veneer of morality and re-establish the Bastille. Why will they do this? Because now we know – you have a spontaneous mutation that shows up. Its traits manifest as a form of willful madness, a mental aberration that corrupts whole cultures. I’m sure it’s one of the reasons that, in the Old Testamnt, God directed the Israelites they were to remove certain behavioral types to cleanse their nation (which is one of the reasons liberals absolutely despise Hebrews and Christians). Of course, in our culture such things are supposed to be handled in the civil legal systems. But, the laws have been rewritten to assure that the corrupters go free to have every opportunity to continue their work for the Devil.
            If the U.S.A. falls, freedom of speech or religion (with confiscation of Bibles) is quashed or The Constitution is overthrown/replaced (as is being done) the conditions for endtimes events will be pretty much satisfied. So, you liberals, go ahead and do your “doo”. With every advance toward your goal you bring your final end closer. But, it won’t be fun. If you don’t want God…He won’t force Himself on you. The big thing you’ll notice will be the lack of the blessings and good things He does for those who seek, find and follow Him. You don’t want Him? You won’t get them.
            So A.V., next time think twice about who should go to the Gulag or why.

          • kate8

            The fact that Republicans HAVE ingored the most obvious route to ousting this fraud posing as POTUS demonstrates how set up this whole dog and pony show really is. They are just going through the motions of playing the game, trying to keep us at bay while the sinking ship we’re on hits bottom.

            Everyone has an excuse as to why they can’t accomplish the will of the people and why the other guy is to blame. They virtually ignore the legibility issue, which really shows how the media can control what gets made an issue and what doesn’t. It’s outrageous that this point will not even be heard on its merits in any court, showing that the people are held only in contempt and that the courts are as corrupt as the rest of the body politic.

            I get the feeling that Boehner’s frequent tears have more to do with the fact that he knows the people have been sold out and fed to the wolves, and that he’s (perhaps an unwilling) part of the deception. He knows no one is really going to be able to fight for us, and his sentiment is most likely over the demise of our nation. I’m sure it pains him deeply, as it must a few others as well.

            I’m remembering the tears that welled up in Bush’s eyes at Obama’s inaguration. I wondered then if it was because he well knew what Obama was there to do.

            And Doc, there are numerous timelines of attempts to unleal Obama’s records and the money (ours) he’s paid his lawyers to fight it. Look outside your liberal rags and learn something.

          • Angel Wannabe

            Doc, even if there is proof of documentation, would you believe it?

          • Doc Sarvis

            Angel Wannabe
            I would believe it if it is sourced and credible information. I rarly get that in these parts.

          • JC

            Congress Reads Constitution

            The first order of business for the 112th Congress was a reading of the entire Constitution of the Untied States. This marks the first time the entire document has been read on the floor of the House. Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) proposed the idea earlier this year. The reading of the Constitution was a gesture by Republicans to the Tea Party, who championed a return to the framers’ original intent during the 2010 elections. Democrats were critical of the move, with Rep. Jerrold Nadler stating, “They [Republicans] are reading it like a sacred text,” according to the Washington Post.

            And there it is…Rep Nadler (Dem) displays the contempt the socialist left has for “our” nation and it’s founding principles.
            “Sickening” doesn’t even touch it.

          • Dan Burke

            If you think of this as a game of chess, then use your head. We are behind on the game. So if the “enemy” is planning for a certain end game result (check mate), how are they planning to get there?

            Why is this important? Because I see two possibilities on this whole issue of Obama’s citizenship and vetting for president.

            1. He is a natural-born citizen and they had a plan to discredit us as insane at an opportune moment later. In other words, you are playing into their hand. This sort of game plan could be worth millions to hide all the facts until the opportune moment. Remember, we believe they are playing for the chance to take all our freedoms so the stakes are high and well worth their millions if this wins the game for them. Then you have to wonder if Hillary wasn’t in on this scheme early on as it was her team that started the whole rumor that Obama is not eligible.

            2. He is not a natural-born citizen. Remember, they had Hillary Clinton, a very charismatic Democrat in her own right and she was a top contender for the Democratic primaries against Obama. So the Democrat party did NOT need to run an ineligible candidate for office. If they didn’t need to go with Obama as their candidate, then WHY would they push forward an ineligible candidate? There MUST be some end game plan here if they would skip over some of their very qualified candidates for someone who was not a natural-born citizen.

            Please, use your head. If this is a chess game, you must think more than just of what move they just made. You must anticipate the moves they have planned out. For you if you only respond to their moves, then a clever chess master will read your responses and make you move in a manner that benefits their path to victory.

            So here’s my question. The one I am having trouble answering. If the President is actually ineligible, then what is the end game? Why did they go with someone who could be cast out of office?

            See, I can project some possible reasons for why they would spend millions to get us all confused and misled about his citizenship to discredit conservatives in general, and then release the evidence that would make us look like crackpots and loons later. However, I cannot quite figure out what the strategy is for using someone ineligible. And considering what a good chess game they are playing, I can only think of two possibilities. Either they made a mistake and God has His hand in giving us a way out, OR they did have a plan and we just cannot figure it out yet. While I do believe in God, these people have been scheming too long and they had plenty of other viable candidates so it really is hard for me to imagine that this is their one mistake. Personally, I think there one mistake is misjudging the American people. We aren’t behaving yet like they planned on, and I really think the awakening that we are seeing through things like the Tea Party are the real miracle of God. That there are so many of us that believe in freedom and America still is a real miracle. I just hope there is enough of us.

          • Karolyn

            Dan Burke – Very logical and well put.

        • Dick Gazinia

          The thought of President Boehner is as scary as Obama. I am sooooo tired of supercilious, self righteous, and ultimately vapid politicians… although he would be a notch above a President Palin.

          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

            I am no big fan of Mr. Boehner. He is, in my view, part of the problem with the Republican party, another carreer politian. He was also on the scene helping lead the charge during the big screw-up under Bush. However,he is simply the next in line. My choice for Speaker would have been Ron Paul, or Michele Bachman. Either of them would be great in the Oval Office.

            On the bright side, Boehner is oceans better than ole Botox, and maybe he will get it right this time around.

          • Dick Gazinia


            Have you ever heard Bachman speak? Are you serious? The fact that she may spout rhetoric you want to hear does not make her qualified for the oval office. She is a self serving phoney and a dullard.

            Remember that phoney rally? She was on stage with her cronies and the adoring crowds euphic about her regurgitated remarks were from a different event at a different time of the year.

            I agree that we need conservative leadership, but we need INTELLIGENT conservative leadership. Spare us lugubrious politicians of any gender. Do you really want her as Commander in chief of the most powerful military in history? Ye gods.

            Lets elect conservatives with 3-digit IQs.

          • Mik

            Dick – I have heard Michelle speak. She does far better than many and does so without a tely-p. The press just has a way of twisting and misconstruing what she has actually said and is constanly demeaning her that so many come to believe it is true. Don’t fall for that Cr**. MB is a true conservative and American who is inteigent and just happens to be a women. Sorry, it might be the last part that really srares you. It seems to me that people want to say that all conservative women in leadership positions are stupid. Sounds a bit biggoted to me.

          • Patriot

            Hey Dick,

            Most people know how Palin stands on every important issue such as the Constitution, marriage, guns, abortion, military, freedom of speech, spending, the economy, taxes, etc. cannot say the same for most Progressives and Socialist’s such as Obama and company! I am of the old school belief in that you mean what you say and say what you mean. It is truly refreshing when you find a rare politician that does not try to double speak the public, I AM SICK OF THIS B.S. and I only hope that my countrymen feel the same way! I would take 1 Sarah Palin over any 10 progressive, socialist democrats. God help us!

          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

            Your comments are well thought out and well communicated, However, as for #1 even if we are wrong, and I know in my heart we are not, we are not crackpots for pursuing the issue. It is the absolute correct thing to do. They would be wrong for doing the deed. I know, the media. We must ignore them, as our founders would have.

            As for #2 the end game is to create chaos in the populace and to undermine the constitution. Remember, George Soros is the one who put little Barry there and the one who is pulling his strings. Soros simply needed the right charactor for the part. He has been working to bring the U.S. down for decades as we are the only thing standing in the way of One World Government.

            I know this sounds “out there”, but I have been watching, and THINKING, the incrementalism that has been taking place for many, many decades.

            Also, Kate8 you may be more correct than you care to admit. However, there may be some true statesmen in the congress that will stand up and then We the People will need to stand beside them, not behind them.

            Call the congressional switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask for Boehner’s office.

            Tell, no, Demand, to whoever answers the phone in Boehner’s office that you want an immediate investigation into Obama’s eiligibility.

            If we can get several thousand people to call he (they) will get the point.

            Aslo, call your Congressional rep and demand the same thing of them.

            People, Patriots, DO NOT GIVE UP, DO NOT GIVE IN! There has been far too much blood spent to build and keep what we have been given!

            Several minths ago I spoke with a TX couple who made no bones abut what is coming down the tracks, and what Texans will do. Think of VAlley Forge and the trail of blood left by the “revolutionaires” as they marched thru the snow with burlap for shoes. They defeated the enemy, and so can we! It may take blood and lose, but we have God Almighty with us and we will win.

    • JiimCO

      They couldn’t wait, they had to take the best deal offered, the tax cuts were scheduled to expire Dec. 31st.

      • DaveH

        I agree with Bob Livingston.
        The taxcuts are just a placebo. What really matters is the Government spending. Whether they pay for the spending (with our money) now our later is not that important.
        And what did they do with that Bill? They increased their spending.

        • Jeep


          Amen my brother! What part of “cut spending” do people NOT understand? Apparently, they don’t understand the “cut” part…

      • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


        I have heard Bachman speak, and I like what she says, and how she says it. The same with Palin. You think she simply regergitates everything. Well, when your beliefs and convictions do not wobble all over you do not need to constantly change what you say and how you say it like old dick-for-brains did, and does.

        I remember people saying the SAME thing about Reagan in the 60s and 70s. He had a solid base of beliefs and did not need to change for the current audiance.

        However, there is a person by the name of Herman Cain that could be a very good candidate. I read an interview last summer that he gave to a news outlet. He was the CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, is 64 years old and haa a resume longer than your arm. He is also a true black man, not a half-breed masquerading as a black. He is a Baptist who is deeply invlolved with his church and his God. He is an absolute conservative and a problem solver. He would also take the race card right off the table. In the interview he stated that he was giving prayerful consideration to running for president in 2012. I have not heard about him since, so maybe God has directed him not to run.

        • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

          Hey Dick!

          You mentioned about the way Bachman “speaks” and sounding ignorant. Well, I am old enough to have had to live under LBJ and hearing him speak. There was the epidemy of stupid.

        • wayne

          Old Henry, count me in on the was you feel. I am behind you on this all the way. I think Sarah Palin is a patriotic American. We need more just like her.

    • Carol

      Barry Soetoro (Obama) is a liar and cheat from a long time ago so they came up against a person who is a pro at deception.

      I don’t know whether you saw the interviews with the two girls who knew him when in High School but he was a drug dealer and a person who did drugs in his living room but as they said they are scared to death thinking he could be our President.

      • Gordon

        No! I didn’t see the interview, but would like to. Was it on YouTube? Can you reference it for the rest of us?

      • Karolyn

        Anybody on this board who never tried drugs when they were young, especially in college, raise your hand. I would doubt that there are many hands up.

        • Mike In MI

          I’m not too smart. But, when I saw what it did to the brains and habits of people I had to depend on as a U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman with the U.S. Marines I got away from and stayed away from it as fast as I could.
          I didn’t sit in my Grandparents (What was wrong with them?) living room, proving that I was cool and selling whatever I could get my hands on, to anybody I could extort or leverage the cash out of.
          Maybe that’s where he developd such great contempt for anything that might constrain him in any way…like the Constitution…or people who understand principles.
          He knows himself to be above all that. And most liberals admire him for that – ’cause that’s how they feel about themseves, too.

        • JLC

          Karolyn — Well. here is ONE hand! I am 86 years old and have never “done drugs” (other than by prescription) at any time in my life.

        • Mik

          I’m raising my hand – I also never smoked a cigarette!!! I also know MANY others who can claim the same!!!!! Who the Heck do you hang around with??? Obama and Clinton?

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Just remember that Clinton huh, huh, huh, never inhaled!! Oookkaaayy!!!

          • kate8

            And here’s another. Never did any drugs, never smoked anything.

          • http://naver samurai

            I’ve never smoked, drank, nor did drugs. I’ve seen what the last two have done to people, their families, and their careers. I take care of my body. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • usmadgirl


          Here’s one right here! I grew up during the “hippie days” & never once tried any kind of drug…ever! I certainly made stupid mistakes, but doing any kind of drugs never entered my mind!

        • wayne

          Karolyn, I have my hands raised even though you cannot see them. I am 73 years of age, I have, nor will I ever, use illicit drugs. I have see the results of what drugs can do to people, and it is not pretty. Give me beautiful flowers, the autumun leaves, the brilliant sunshine and a gentle breeze and this wiill give me all the high I need.

        • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


          I grew up in the 60s watching all the long-haired maggots protesting and getting stoned. I loudly cheered Mayor Daily in 68 during the eemocrap convention. Too bad his kid is such a POS.

          I never did drugs of any kind. I did drink a little beer, but never swallowed…..

    • Rainmaker

      A game, a ride, another analogy. Let’s just put it in plain english for everyone to understand. There are individuals in our government that are self serving and not serving us. Whether they be of the Republican, Democrat or any other party in boils down to the individual. Unfortuantely, those in these so called “parties” go along to get along. I understand the reason for why people come together to form groups. It is to have more power. However, by generating this so called power it lessens the importance of the individual. I would ask each individual person that is in government are you faithfully serving the people and our Constitution. Prove it!

      This is not a game, it is the lives and freedom of our society. When you act like we can just play around with our citizens lives for some political gain then you are going to find yourself out of this so called game. The statement should be “no games”. Give us the truth, serve us with honor and integrity. Stand up for your principles if you have any. Prove that you are really on the side of the individual and not the group. How would you like someone picking your pocket and taking away the opportunity to pursue happiness. Not me.

      We continue to look at the group as our salvation but we should be looking at individuals. As an employer would you just hire anyone to do the job you expect or would you check them out before putting them on your payroll. Maybe that may be the problem with corporate America as well, they expect handouts from the government and boy have they been getting it. It is not a game it is serious business. Let’s act like it is.

    • John Smith

      Are you kidding me? Reps and Dems have BOTH contributed EQAULLY to the demise of this country. Just follow the money trail. Let’s see, didn’t Bush bail out the banks? Stop the heretic and FIRE them all!

      The sad part is the economy HAS to collapse to get rid of them. Get ready to buckle down.

    • EddieW

      Russia Jeers: Obama Signed Away Missile Defenses
      Russia’s legislature says the New START nuclear arms treaty ratified last month by the U.S. Senate restricts the U.S. from building and operating missile defenses against nuclear attacks. President Obama says the opposite: that the treaty “places no limitations on the development or deployment of our missile defense programs.”

      Konstantin Kosachev, who was apparently sneering that U.S. negotiators had been tricked. Kosachev claimed, “our American colleagues do not recognize the legal force of the treaty’s preamble. The preamble sets a link between strategic offensive arms and defensive arms.” it gives no license for future defensive systems.

      Russian officials have been saying all along that the agreement restricts U.S. efforts toward building missile defenses.

      Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at the time said, “linkage to missile defense is clearly spelled out in the accord and is legallybinding.”

      (Haha they probably didn’t bother to read it!!!)

      • kate8

        EddieW – I saw that, too.

        It’ no surprise, since Obama’s rise to power was backed and funded, at least in part, by the Soviets. He’s nothing less than a foreign agent, here to serve up the US to the communists on a silver platter.

        Anyone paying attention can see that everything he does is geared toward weakening America to the point of collapse. We are, in fact, being set up for foreign invasion.

        • Donald

          You are paranoic and should see a good psychiatrist immediately if not sooner

          • usmadgirl


            If you are replying to Kate8′s comment, then YOU are living in “liberal la-la land”! If you can’t see that what she’s saying is the truth & is happening right before your eyes, then YOU need to go see an ophthalmologist immediately because you are going blind!

          • Michael J.

            It’s not paranoia if they’re really after you.
            I suspect you’ve recently been out of the country or out of your mind if you don’t at least have a clue about what the Russian Communist have been up to since the wall came down.
            For an update on Communist subversion watch this video:

      • Doc Sarvis

        All current and former Joint Chiefs of Staff, Secretaries of State, and Presidents wanted START 2 to be implemented.

        • Jeep

          Maybe so Doc, but Russia’a stand has been that this treay not only limits production of missile defence, but prohibits testing and development of ANY defensive weaponry. You may be comfortable with the old MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) theory, but I would prefer a strategy of non-proliferation and missile defence.

        • Donald

          Wonder Why?

    • njgirl

      Fowl would be the more appropriate word since the Democrats and Republicans are nothing more than the left and right wings of the SAME BIRD. Neither party really runs this country. They take their orders from those much higher, the global elitists, who are hell bent on bringing the US to its knees. The true fall of the United States started on December 23, 1913 when the Federal Reserve Act was signed. The plan to bring the United States down to the equivalent of a third world country has been in progress for a very long time. Many people didn’t notice because the changes came slowly. Now that they are near the end of their agenda, things are moving quickly. Janet (Big Sis)Napolitano is being shown on screens in Walmart stores telling people if they see something, say something. The TSA is radiating and or groping, most of the time beneath passenger’s clothing. Neighbors are being told to tell on each other if they see something that they consider to be odd. They are pitting Americans against Americans. It is the old divide and conquer. At the top of the Department of Homeland Security terrorist watch list are returning veterans, gun owners, those who disagree with the govt. in any way, etc. They just keep adding to the list. DHS is not for the turban headed ones that they use to scare people into submission with, it was created for us, the American people. If this sounds remotely familiar to you, just think Germany in the 1930′s. Boy scouts are being trained to use AK 47′s in case of civil unrest. If you remember, during Obama’s campaign, he said over and over, “We need a civilian army”. That “civilian army” was designed to be used against you and me, American citizens. If you are listening to the mainstream media, it is time for you to turn a deaf ear and do some research of your own, for they are only telling you what they have been instructed to tell you. They are the New World Order’s greatest diversion.

  • Tony

    What a well-written article! Loved it!

  • rosina

    hello Angel and fellow patriots.
    Happy New Year to you all.
    I also believe the compromise was a mistake. Especially with the demented ones. It could have been rescinded in January as stated, BUT, would it have passed with the Bummer and his vetoes?
    I am being wicked and hope that the big Soros machine collapses. Maybe he will be called to God very soon? I hope so. He will have a lot to answer for to his Maker.
    I just cannot understand how these people who make fortunes out of Capitalism then wish to deprive everyone else of the benefits and reduce the rest of the people to serfdom. Through socialism.
    Back to the Constitution and its system of pay for the government included.
    Back to responsibility!
    Hopefully we will eventually win.

    • Richard Pawley

      Rosina, you said, “I just cannot understand how these people who make fortunes out of Capitalism then wish to deprive everyone else of the benefits and reduce the rest of the people to serfdom. Through socialism.” THE ANSWER IS, THAT TO SOME OF THEM, IT IS ALL A GAME. When you can afford TO buy ANYTHING you want but are spiritually empty, with no concept of what physical life is all about, and what lies ahead after the few years we have here, well, many live that lie and have no idea of what havoc they are sowing for others or even themselves. They have no idea of spiritual reality, of “as you sow, so shall you reap” which is law of the Universe (like gravity) but which many associate with Jesus since he mentioned it. Ultimately, and sometimes sooner than that, we all have to answer for what we do, and think, and believe. This sounds to “religious” to those who choose to believe they are god or that there is no God and they often reject it out of hand. All of what man calls religion points in this direction. Many religions have rules similar to what we call “The Ten Commandments” but only Christianity has a way to end this endless cycle of sowing and reaping, of being set free from what is usually called ‘sin’, but as Herbert Agar said, “The truth that makes men free is for the most part the truth which men prefer not to hear.” In the meantime we must vote and pray and oppose those who would like to see the United States collapse into a crisis of a greatly devalued dollar and even a Greater Depression. Unless we return to the spiritual awareness of our Founding Fathers or the great truths that have been passed down through the ages, then there is little hope that anything we can do can really change things for any but a short while. “In God We Trust” is our national motto but many don’t like it, our nation, or even God. The rest of us have to live our lives to make up for them.

  • Phil Holtz

    Obama is yet another puppet, placed in the Presidency. The international bankers that have been in control of our govt. for generations pull his strings accordingly, to advance their goal of one world govt.

    Hopefully for freedom, the American people wake up and admit that our situation is not the result of bad luck, accident, or coincedenc—-but by design. This can be researched, and verified by an abundace of evidence.

    • Dr. Mabuse

      This is directly on point, Phil. The sad thing is that some people are still hoodwinked by the illusion of choice. Its less painful to be smug in the self satisfaction that one’s own particular ideology is the right one. Robert Ringer uses chess for a analogy, but he has no idea of what the endgame is. Command and Control, unfettered greed by psycopathic misanthropes, neo feudalism specifically tailored for the neo conservatives.

      • Teresa

        Dr. Mabuse, good afternoon….but one, contrary to what you may think or read…always has a choice…Always….many things can be taken, but not your free will, that is given, and given by choice!

    • Another Voice

      It’s not merely the bankers. You have to include the military, the military contractors (such as General Dynamics, the oil cartel and the intelligence agencies – all of which work together to control the US government. And the US Supreme Court has recently given them even more power to control us by siding with them in the Citizens United case.

      • Dr. Mabuse

        By striking down a provision of the McCain–Feingold Act, the Supreme Court opened the door for special interests to have even more power and influence in Washington, and at the same time marginalizing the imput of average Americans to support their chosen candidates. Once again we find that Scalia has set forth another cockamamie concurrance and opinion in regards to the 1st Amendment aspect of this case.
        Point taken on the cartels and the Paper Clip boys in our Intelligence services, but I believe Phil’s point was the Golden Rule:

        He who has the Gold…
        Makes the rules…

        • Mike In MI

          Mabuse -
          Well, who ultimately made and owns the gold? Now…Who’s rules?

  • Eric Bischoff

    I agree with you Robert, President Obama is obviously a very smart chess player. But I don’t see everything the way you do.

    There’s obviously plenty of money around. There’s always obscene amounts of money available for war. There’s lots of money to subsidize big Agra to grow ever more corn and soy to subsidize our wonderful and healthy fast food & processed foods industrial complex. Corporations have had record profits again and they are creating millions of jobs as well, just not in the US. Wall Street and the Banksters are not complaining, they are all making massive amounts of money. But that’s not enough, they all want more and the only way to get more is to break up labor, lower taxes on the wealthy and deregulate some more.

    The giant sucking sound of money always flowing upwards from the pockets of the poorest to the silk lined pockets of the few leaving the masses holding the bag on the national debt as they sock away their ill gotten profits in ever more real estate, foreign bank accounts, parties and…..

    You can choose to be disingenuous and argue that it’s all because of the illegal immigrants or it’s the welfare abusers or unions…. You can spew out all of this wonderful bull but repeating lies over and over will never make it true.

    The Republicans are just mean and greedy and they don’t care if anyone knows it. The Democrats are weak, unorganized and lazy. It does not really matter which way the pendulum of power swings, it’s all the same crap. Government for Corporations.

    Maybe we need a new Thomas Paine, one that will rile us up and motivate us with clear, simple and, unlike the well meaning but not well thought out Tea Party rhetoric, honest Intelligent language. Not the disingenuous crap we are being fed by our ridiculous media monopolies of faux news, all of them taking turns being bull horns for their favorite corporations and favorite parties.

    Bottom line, these are the last days of this RepublicRats War Mongering Empire and thank God for that!

    • castaway

      Eric Crawl back in that hole you came out of so I can deficate in it. You will be a perfect match for what I will be putting in it.

      • ciniowa

        castaway….you could probably fill any hole…because YOU are FULL OF IT!!!

      • JRC


        you would not recognize the facts and truth if it hits you between the eyes. You are the perfect example of a right wing sheep. Take of your blinders and for once in life THINK.

        • Al Sieber

          JRC,, you have your head so far up your a$$ you might see daylight sometime.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Al Sieber,
            Don’t worry, even at that depth they can always pipe sunlight in!!!!

    • Grinch

      Here we go again “Republicans are greedy and on are on the side of corporations while democrats stick up for the little guy”

      Eric, um, its not that simple buddy. Why does every liberal, or at least non-republican I know say such idiotic crap? Do you people really think its that black and white? I

    • Grinch

      Here we go again “Republicans are greedy and on are on the side of corporations while democrats stick up for the little guy”

      Eric, um, its not that simple buddy. Why does every liberal, or at least non-republican I know say such idiotic crap? Do you people really think its that black and white? If you do, you have a horrible lack of understanding of how the world works. Its really, really complicated guy. You might want to tell your liberal friends that.

      • TTB

        Grinch, I feel you missed the point. Read again, and maybe do some analysis.

        • chow

          TTB you’re the one that missed it. Anything written that condemns the republicans you find nothing wrong with it.

          • TTB

            Huh??? You are kidding right??? He is merely referring to the party rhetoric and that we have to move away from that, so we can focus on the real issues! No wonder things are going the way they are, as people have their noses too deep into their political parties so see the bigger picture.

    • Another Voice

      Great post, Eric! Unfortunately, most Beltway folks don’t see what the problem really is. Or at least, they won’t admit it. Perhaps our entire country is going to have to collapse before anything can be done to change the conditions which are impoverishing our people.

  • frank

    great article especially the end where the author tells republicans to man up .It has always amazed me why the far far left in this country has so much power.How can 20 percent of the people do so many of the things they do? For example energy independence. We (USA) have enough forms of energy to not have to import a drop of oil.And that is without building a single nuclear plant.The liberal French basically run their country on nuclear energy. The PC crowd crown has it their way .I say again GOP. and Americans MAN UP NOW BEFORE ITS TO LATE!!!.

  • Terri

    This is the biggest piece of illogical bull I have read in a number of years. The caveat you conveniently failed to mention is that choosing between two evils is still choosing evil.

    • NADS


      When you only have a choice of two names on a ballot, what else is there to do? NOT VOTE??? The lesser of the (two) evils is my vote.

      • Dave

        “None of the Above” needs to be on every ballot to give us a real choice.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Nah, then the dems would secretly run somebody by the name of “None Of The Above”. Those four part names impress, donchaknow!

    • eggsbenedict

      Well Terri, you only have two evils to choose from so now what? You have to pick the one that will do the least harm and really get politically invoved in what is going on in the government. Lots of letter writing, faxes, e-mails etc.. Especially you have to be active at the polls. Obama needs to go and there is no doubt about that at all. He is worse than Jimmy Carter and his next two years he is going to behave in a very dictatorial way with “executive” orders, totally by passing the congress and or the will of the people.

  • NADS

    Very well put Robert.

    As I like to call them, we have way too many FLACCID Republicans in both houses. I hope some of the Tea Party types can give them some much needed backbone. But, I’m too much of a cynic for that.

  • FlaJim

    The tax rate extension was a a good deal because tens of thousands of people would have been subjected to the inane alternative minimum tax, something that can’t be fixed retroactively and should be abolished.

    There is reason to hope that the GOP will be more responsible in the 112th session because they’ve seen the power of the TEA power movement and any who ignore it will be in for a fight just be be renominated.

    • ValDM

      The tax rate extension by itself was a good idea. But having it attached to SPENDING in the form of more unemployment was an exceedingly bad idea. How in the world do we FUND this new giveaway?

  • castaway

    Actually I am waiting for all you Patriots, to “man up” and grab a weapon so we can take our republic back. Oh sure, I forgot, you are going to do it with your vote. Are you a bunch of pathetic losers, or a winning bunch of Patriots? Do you have what it takes, and are you made of the same metal that our forefathers were made from? Is it worth the ultimate sacrifice to save your country? If not, sit down, shut up, and let the EVIL HOARD have their way.

    • JRC

      LMAO, man up with a weapon in the hand? You and who? Your so called revolution would be nothing……what you want to do, shoot at tanks, rockets, mortars and cruise missiles with your deer gun? Might as well pi$$ into the wind. The ONLY reason the first revolution was won is that the military hardware was primitive and both sides had it and because in the end, the majority of the population supported it. This is not so in this day and age. Today, any so called revolution will be declared and named just as what it is…an act of domestic terrorism….and dealt with fast and harsh. So, dream on and if you want to grow old, stick with your rhetoric because the moment you cross the line from rhetoric to action you are DEATH.

      • MWS

        The assumption is of course that our sons and daughters all of them in the military and law enforcement will come against their families because their commander in chief says to. Well some of the wienies will and you know who you are but most won’t they were taught right from left (I mean wrong). Nobody wants this but its our own fault, no more sitting on the sidelines.

      • TIME

        You are spot on dude!

        People for God’s sake look into FEMA, also all “Executive Powers” that have been written into LAW over just the last 20 years alone.

        Do your Research and do it right, as in “keep and OPEN MIND.”
        Peel away each layer one at a time, Don’t force an answer that makes you happy, let the “TRUTH” come out, then and only then will you wake up and see whats really going on.

        • Teresa

          Your right…and if people just sit around and make jokes of the people that ARE prepared and ARE aware of what is going on….those are the ones they will b running to…Wake up people, while your sitting around wondering about your republican party…pleezzzeee….You better peel those eyelids a lil further back for our time is upon us and you better be ready!

          • TIME

            It is sad, that so many just can’t pull their heads out from their backsides.

        • Michael J.

          Agreed, Castaway doesn’t realize how many allies he has who are quietly preparing to fufill their 2nd ammendment obligations. Wisely however, these efforts are kept low key.

          I also appreciate the wisdom of JRC, but I think he is under estimating the drive, ingenuity and resourcefulness of American patriots, both civilian and military. Our current opposition knows that when TSHTF, not all the tanks, rockets and missles will be in the hands of the tyrants. That’s why they seek to infiltrate our Military with the repeal of DADT and the implementation of progressive gay foot soldiers. These individuals will not only serve as informants for the regime, but will also enforce the will of the Messiah when asked to do so.

          Although the silent majority is no longer silent about their revulsion to the fundamental changes which threaten to enslave us and our offspring, most are also silently, cautiously awaiting the call to stand with the patriots to defeat the tyranny.

      • Al Sieber

        JRC, you must be a “JellyFISH” no balls to protect your freedoms, you think your’re free? what you gonna do lie down or get on your knees?

        • Al Sieber

          Castaway, the only way anyone is gonna “Man Up” is when they’re attacked, ever been in a firefight? or shot at? you can freeze up for a minute or two, then you’ll know what to do.

        • JC

          This seems appropriate don’t you think Al?

          “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”

          ~ Samuel Adams

    • Dick Gazinia

      I suspect that you have never been in combat. Brave talk about violent solutions is beast left to the realm of fiction. You confuse “backbone” with foolishness. Violence is the solution of those incapable of articulating what they perceive as truth.

      Do you really want to kill your neighbor because he disagrees with you? The Taliban is full of people that have that attitude. Do you respect those narrow minded slaves to ideology?

      Ask anyone who has seen friends die around him in combat or has taken the lives of others to further some soon to be obsolete political agenda. The blood does not wash off. The guilt does not go away.

      An old Indian wrapped in a sheet named Mahatma Ghandi brought the British Empire without firing a single shot through the quality of his thinking and the clarity of his expression.

    • Doc Sarvis

      JRC is correct, this is very funny.

    • Delores Smith

      I am a Patriot. Are you a Revoltionary working for Van Jones? Your comments show that you are intelligent enough to use your mind to defeat Obama and Soros.
      Delores Smith

  • http://com i41

    This isn’t a chess game, but the real world, and the votes after loss by the lame smucks who got beat, should have lost their voting rights, until the new members were in sworn in. As for Government Corporations and Wall Street crooks, between Onumnutts love in with all the wall Street tax cheats, and for the decades in Congress tax cheats. As well as the newly appointed Wall Street slubs by the marxist muslim. The socialist democrats have the market share of criminals on corporations idoit boards. Which are controlled by the financial morons who fleece the investors and who become lawyer lobbists after get kicked out of office. If you think the Tea Party complaints are unintelligent, thre purple lipped, jugeared telepromter read may be book trained, but an idoit for understanding how to let private business create jobs and pay off out debts to China and the world.

  • Tomas

    It is sad to see one with such hate for their country. Your summery of the Republicans and Democrats is so off base. The Democratic Organizations is the only thing that has allowed them to exist. They have not had a principled president since JFK and he would be a conservative in their eyes today. The organization that has spurred from the Tea Party has brought the Republican Party back to their principles. Driven by LIBERTY not greed, the ability for all willing to work to be rewarded for their efforts, and it is catching on in D.C… :”War Mongering Empire” every war and or Conflict we have been in was to fight for the Freedom of the people of that country. If we were WAR MONGERING EMPIRE would we not be RULING most of the world? Until the Clinton Administration gave China the technology to HIT what they were aiming at we could have taken over. We are but a SLEEPING GIANT at rest until FREEDOMS are at RISK!

  • The ‘American’

    Well said castaway. When words alone fail to curb obvious evil, other methods will ultimately be considered.

  • TTB

    Eric man, you are the only one whose comments make absolute sense, and I wholeheartedly agree with you! I am so tired of the classic, worn-out arguments on Faux News, as well as from the Tea Partiers blaming and harping on immigration, unions, political parties, and so forth.

    Supposedly the people on this site are not brainwashed, yet, why are they not seeing the real issues, which you so eloquently described? Do these people not get it…are they not seeing the bigger picture…are they too blind to see what is actually going on and believing everything they hear? Do they not know that Democrats and Republicans are one in the same, and there are much bigger players behind the scenes orchestrating the “good guy, bad guy” game to divide and conquer? Do they not realize the dominant party is selected at any given election period to create separation and confuse the issues???

    Have you noticed when the Tea Party rallies, a bunch of people show up just to join in the fun, but when asked specifically what they stand for, the majority has much difficulty expressing a coherent agenda.

    Bottom line, I feel, the dominating party is selected to fit an agenda during particular election year to confuse, divide, and compel people to take sides…it is all smoke and mirrors!

    Best Regards,


    • M

      Hey TTB – does that stand for Totally Too Brainless? I think so. You have no clue about anyone associated with the Tea Party. Individuals like yourself are always filling whatever space you can with your hot air and meaningless rhetoric. Every time you open your mouth, it is more to hear yourself speak, than to actually deliver an intelligent point.

      It is clear, that values, morality, and liberty are beyond your comprehension. Freedom must pain you. Common sense certainly escapes you. Intellect was never a possibility.

      • TTB

        M for “MORON?” What part did you miss? Take your medicine man. This is not about attacking anyone, but more about seeing the reality. I have no interest in hearing myself speak, nor seeing my own space filled. This is about reality. Read again, and maybe do a bit of research to become well informed.

        This blog is about freedom, and I am all for it…not looking to be enslaved by anyone.

        I am not putting down the Tea Party, nor am I discussing morality. You have absolutely no base for calling me immoral, as you do not even know me. Not once did I mention my morality for you to comment on. UNREAL! All I am saying is that people should be well educated on the issues, and not just attend a rally because it is “COOL.”

        Now, what exactly did you provide on your post that was so meaningful, aside from hateful, unsubstantiated and empty rhetoric? Common sense and intellect are certainly not your strongest points. Perhaps you should take up different interests, because you are certainly not able to comprehend deeper, more meaningful dialogue, which is quite apparent in your complete lack of knowledge and reading comprehension.

        • M

          And… make my point:

          “Every time you open your mouth, it is more to hear yourself speak, than to actually deliver an intelligent point.”

          • TTB

            Done with you M…go play now.

  • TIME

    Sure you all think your voting in a new POTUS every four years, sounds good to you all, looks good on the totaly controlled media too ~ yet again as I have said before they have all been “appointed,” not a single one has not been elected in years.
    Yet you all enjoy the DOG & PONY show now and then.

    Saddly I don’t think but a few of you will ever get it. Most of you are still hung up on ~ DemO V RebO, that clearly displays how deep in that sleep you still really are.

    Want to really wake up ~ look into (( Executive Order’s written into law over the last 30 years.))
    I DARE you to check it out ~ if you really do the fact checking you will find the truth.
    “A TOTAL WORLD POPULATION of LESS than 500 Million.”

    So Chess, anyone? Or would you rather the TRUTH?

    • TIME

      Forgive me; it should say Not a single one has been elected in years.

    • robert sekula

      it’s so sad republicans and rightists seemto so not care about the environment or exploitation of people by huge undemocratic corporationsinthenameof “freedom.” the habitat of polar bears and penguins — as well as people increasingly — is being utterly destroyed by global warming. the response — just play dumb and deny it. how about freedom thru more economic democracy???!!!

      • Jeep

        Robert, you say “economic democracy”, but don’t you really mean “economic redistribution”? You know, passing “laws” that allow the IRS to forcibly confiscate wealth from the “wealthy” and give it to you. That is what you are advocating, isn’t it?

      • http://?? Joe H.

        you are the one who’s ignoring facts! We are not ignoring global warming at all, in fact most of us agree it exhists to some degree. What we ignore is the LIE that it is man made!!! That has been proven by just as many, if not more experts than the ones saying that it is man made!!


    The only way our country will become a “left wing dictatorship” is if the police and military forces allow it to be so. If will only be if they enjoy dragging women out to rape in the streets, unleashing chain guns on the American people, and smashing toddlers brain matter out as in North Korea. After seeing what our forces have done in Afghanistan via wikileaks, perhaps they are just salvating at the mouth to engage in pure, disgusting evil. See you in Hell. – oathkeeper

    • TIME


      My firend I hope you do keep your Oath, as we are in a low level Marshal law right now, and its only going to get worse in the months to come. like when gas hits $6.00 per gallon, and the government pulls out the Army fully armed to quell the streets.

  • David

    i brew beer, I am a Conservative, the liberal is to lazy or ignorant to do it himself, so he comes to me asking for free beer, I say no go brew your own. The liberal skulks away muttering profanities at me. The next day I come home from work to find my home burnt to the ground, and then I see a sign in the yard that says free beer for all. Hmm, I have to wonder who burnt down the house?

    • TTB

      Very simplistic argument Norman. In human nature there are the givers and takers,whether republican or Democrat. This is not about that…wake up!!!

      The real issue is control and manipulation by big interests who very brilliantly orchestrated these games for their own benefit and to enslave everyone. Did you not realize they have had major think-tanks to devise this clever designs? It is not about party affiliation man, so wake up!

      • dstk

        there are the “have’s” and the “have-nots” and the have’s (whether it is the corporate or wealthiest) are in control, and I believe politics is the problem, all politics, on both sides, but I also believe the Republican Machine “enabled this to happen,” with their policies (masked in “freedoms”) more than the Democrats have over a period of time.

    • David Warheit

      I must have missed that, David. What’s your address again?

  • Jay Lindberg

    A government with money to burn is a fire waiting to happen. There is way too much truth in that statement to ignore.

    This government got us into trouble by selling out to the hightest bidder on just about everything for at least most of the last 40 years. Now we are looking at a government very close to bankruptcy and a nation that will more that likely break up like the former Soviet Union.

    Bakruptcy and Balkenization is the future for this nation. We need to be preparing for this reality. It’s that simple and there is nothing the TEA PARTY is going to do but accelerate the process.

    Let’s face it, this country will run far more efficiently and far more citizen accountable if it broke up into at least three independent nations (North, South and Western United States).

  • Jack

    Cancel congressional retirement. Cancel congressional healthcare. Congress needs to prove they sincerely care about this country and its citizens.

    • Norman F.

      Fat chance! No hog voluntarily gives up its place at the trough!

      • Karolyn

        Actually, I just heard 2 Tea Party freshman say this morning in an interview that they will not partake of the official healthcare. But that was only 2 out of 10! In being questioned about budget cuts, there were 2 of them (wish I could remember the names) who have gotten farm subsidies. One senator said he would give it up, while the other, a woman, hedged and said (to paraphrase) We have to take a look at everything. Will she give up her $200k subsidy? Hmmmmmm. We will see how these Tea Partyers stack up when push comes to shove.

        • Michael J.


          You said:
          “Actually, I just heard 2 Tea Party freshman say this morning in an interview that they will not partake of the official healthcare. But that was only 2 out of 10! In being questioned about budget cuts, there were 2 of them (wish I could remember the names) who have gotten farm subsidies. One senator said he would give it up, while the other, a woman, hedged and said (to paraphrase) We have to take a look at everything. Will she give up her $200k subsidy? Hmmmmmm. We will see how these Tea Partyers stack up when push comes to shove.”


          Hmmmmm, people who live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones.
          Pretty tough talk coming from a Pell Grant recipient.

          • Karolyn

            Michael J. – My income cannot even be compared to theirs. My education can only enhance my service to this country, as well as enhance my life and what I can contribute to the economy.

          • Michael J.

            So you’re suggesting that scale is the determinating factor? What monetary threshold destinguishes greed from need amongst those on the government dole?

            If duplicity was a form of wealth, you’d be rich.

          • Karolyn

            There certainly are degrees of need. Also, I think the ultimate good is what counts. A millionaire with a 2000 acre farm cannot be compared to an individual bringing in $1000 per month.

  • Norman F.

    All of us are stating our own opinions except when we attack each other, about 40% of the time. How about a moratorium on attacks and concentrate on efforts to change our country for the better. There are several groups that are doing that- on both sides. You would do well to attend at least one TEA Party meeting and one Coffee Party (a group formed to counter the Tea Party) meeting to see what the majority of your fellow citizens think. There are more then 2500 TEA parties in the country and a growing number of Coffee parties. Check Google to find one near you. Let us know what you find out.

    • M

      “Coffee Parties”? Oh, how clever. Let’s keep it real. The only thing a “coffee party” is good for is keeping the ignorant. These individuals have no idea of the truth. The “coffee party” is yet another wing of the communist movement in this country attempting to build momentum. These people have no clue about actually living in a communist nation, what that would actually mean to their everyday freedoms. They need to be shipped over to China for a long stay. That would perhaps enable them to gain a better understanding of what their cult is all about.

      • eddie47d

        M you sound like the ignorant one. You said just the opposite of what Norman suggested and putting your head in your own sand pile won’t help. Jeremy below is more correct.

      • Karolyn

        You are nother one who adds so much to the intelligent adult dialogue here – NOT!

      • Michael J.

        Without The Tea Party, The Coffee Party would not exist and as such is a textbook example of Communism. Never in the history of the world has Communism initiated a prosperous society or government. Like parasites, Communist require a thriving host for which to suck the life blood out of before casting aside the lifeless carcass and moving on. Much the same as the Soviets did to their satelite states during the eighties. Like farmers allowing a field to go fallow to re-generate nutrients in the soil, they will again plant the fields with hammer and sickle flags (probably in our lifetime)once the economies of the satelite states have re-generated.

    • Pat R

      Forget both the Tea and Coffee parties.

      Check out:

      We have a Constitutional deJure Government already seated and at work, right now.
      Stop playing games and get real. This is the only way to get our country back from the UNITED STATES CORPORATION it became in 1871.

  • Jeremy Leochner

    Personally I feel disheartened by Mr Ringers post. One of the main reasons I feel the American people are not intrested or dont approve of government and in particular the legislative branch is the rampant partisinship and political bickering between the two parties. Its as though all our politicians care about is demonizing the other party and presenting legislation that is the opposite of that opposing party. And I worry that Mr Ringer is simply encouraging that feeling of partisinship. It is important to stick to ones principles and one should mantian the platform one seeks election on. But when you denounce your opponents to the point that they seem like pure evil it makes it impossible for any sort of comprimise to be made. The problem I have Mr Ringer is the more you denounce “government” the less likley things can get done. Whatever one thinks of government if the right people-competent people who care are in power things can get done and change that helps the people can be made. I worry that what Mr Ringer is suggesting leaves no room for that.

    • chow

      No sir you got it all wrong. The newly elected members of congress were elected to not compromise with the other party and if they do there will only be one political party left and this time it’s for real and not just in name.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Chow I dont want one party. Both parties agreeing on everthing is a horrible idea. But right now it seems like the parties arent agreeing or comprimising on anything and thats just as bad. Republicans and Democrats arguing over which bills should be brought up for debate or fillibustering to prevent votes on issues is great for maintining your principles and party identity but it dosen’t get anything done. I dont want then to agree on everthing maybe just agree to disagree rather then try to debate everthing to death.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          At least what you describe is better than the rubber stamp people like ms. Snowe!!!

  • Schnable

    Well said Mr Ringer! Boehner is a class gy, but I seriously doubt he has the cajones to stand up to the rough and tumble liberal/progressive/socialist/democrats. Compromise shows you are willing to give up part of your program before you ever start talking. Leadership is not based on compromise.

    • M

      However, good leadership does entail concerning yourself with the wishes of those that elected you to lead. Hence, Obama being the worst of the worst.

      Leadership may not be based on compromise, but it certainly better be open to it.

  • FreedomFighter

    I dont believe Obama to be the “Master” behind the illegal, unconstitutional advances in the evil “sinistra”, socialist/communist agenda. He is to weak.

    Obama in my opinion is the current most powerfull tool of the evil powermad “spiders” that hide in the darkbess and weave the webs to enslavement of mankind.

    We the people of the United States of America, if we have the will, are the key to winning against the sinistra, and returning America to its people.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • TTB

      You are right on FreedomFighter!

    • Carlucci

      Exactly. Obummer is a meat puppet, just like Bush, Clinton, et al, ad nauseum. They are there to do the bidding of the evil cabals (CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergs, etc) that pull the strings behind the curtains – think the “Wizard of Oz” as a metaphor. They are like unpopular company managers that employees love to hate – but they are merely doing the bidding of upper level management.

      You know it has got to be this way as they don’t give a rat’s patootie about the American people…….


    I PREDICT: The debate over raising or lowering the national debt ceiling will reveal a lot. My guess, or intuition, says that the Federal gov. will shut down for a period of time this Spring. All those in favor of less governmental intrusion should encourage the lawmakers who agree with you. It will cause suffering for benefit recipients, but Obama will back down in humiliation this year and not run for re election.

    • Michael J.

      Obama’s narcissist personality will never allow him to have an LBJ moment.

  • Suzdelia

    This is a very good article. However, politics in Washington has always more or less been a chess game. The basic problem here and the most terrifying to America is the fact that Obama is not Eligible to be President. If this Republican Congress does not REsolve this matter A.S.A.P., we Americans will not be able to take our country back. Obama is a puppet and he is in there as our dictator. Our Constitution is being destroyed bit by bit every day and if our elected officials do not oust him from office before the 2012 elections, and declare in no uncertain terms that only a Natural Born Citizen can hold the office of the Presidency. Obama, may not even be a citizen of our country. His citizenship may have expired because of being a citizen of Indonesia…also even if he hold duo citizenship this exempts him also. All of the Marxists must be removed from their position within our government or their power must be taken away from them by True Patriots declaring their views and their demands as unconstitutional. Our elected officials must be strong and courageous as our founders and not self-centered corrupted individuals. OUr country and every American must come FIRST. I just hope that they can take actions befitting true Patriotism. “In God We Trust.”

  • Ronald Johnston

    We all need to deluge our representatives and senators with a repeal of the osama obamacare bill which also includes a 2 page healthcare bill which does all the things osama didn’t want: tort reform, the right to buy health care across state lines, relieve doctors and hospitals of the paperwork involved (patient responsibility like it used to be). Then, include the good things about osama’s bill, the pre-existing conditions clause and make it illegal for insurance companies to throw sick people under the bus. This bill could be written on 2 pages in language we can all understand. The only reason the osama bill was 2300 pages is that they didn’t want us to understand it and it allowed them to manipulate it any way they wanted. When individuals used to have to fill out the paperwork and submit it to insurance companies, there was probably about 1/3 the burden on doctors and hospitals which means our health care was cheaper by 2/3. The tort reform would save untold billions or trillions more.

    • rosina


  • Delores Smith

    My deceased husband was a Master at Chess. He taught me that checkmating is the most important part of the game, not when it happens. You are overestimating Obama. I doubt that he can play checkers. What he is doing is NOT a game. It is an evil agenda. Let’s see who does the checkmating, and what Obama and George Soros look like in the end. You are underestimating the Republican Party.
    Delores Smith

  • Ace Sez

    We the ppl have already lost our Country to the libs and the United Nations–Osambo can declare ‘Martial Law’ at any moment he chooses to do so—and that makes the non-law enforcement pll dead in the streets–our BB guns and six shooters will be worthless against the military weapons of the gov’t sponsored troops enforcing Osambo’s edict of ‘Martial Law’

    The United Nations enforcement troops are in the wings waiting for Osambo’s “go ahead” The majority of Americans have grown fat and stupid and will kneel down to the ‘black dictator’ just to save their tv sets and pretty automobiles. Figure on looking at those precious possesions thru the fence of your labor camp style residence–Voting has consequences and boy have we proven that to be a disasterous fact!!

  • Tierra Teneil/Johnnie Blando

    The article is good, but that is what we Conservatives do, write and read good articles as we stand by and get our asses kicked by the Democrats. I bet all these people who reply to these articles are do nothing couch potatoes. This is how I view the new blow hards elected to congress,…..right now they are an eye dropper filled with clear water,….the ass holes already there is a vial bowl of dirty muck,…squeez the eye-droper in the vial and you get more vial muck. These people not only capitulated to the Tax problem, but they have already mentally capituated their beliefs,…….we have no country any more, unless we violently take it back, and we won’t do that because we the people are nothing but a bunch of pathetic fat slobs who lack ethics, morality, and conviction,….blow hards at best we are!!!!!


      I agree mostly. Too much windage and not enough action. Which State of the Union will be the first to Secede?

    • Karolyn

      And violence gives you “ethics, morality, and conviction”????

  • Lawrence Ekdahl

    The real question is: Are the republicans just going along temporarilly with the conservative movement, or are they COMITTED to restoring constitutional goverment to this country.

  • DaveH

    Whether the Republicans man-up or not really doesn’t do much for our Freedom. Let’s face it, the Republican Leaders like Big Government almost as much as do the Democrats. They just have a different agenda and a different set of Freedoms to take away from the citizens.
    For Individual Liberty, Personal Responsibility, Free Markets, and Limited Government (at all levels):

  • AzApacheNative

    Brothers & Sisters, don’t call those representing the de facto government our leaders because they don’t represent us, We The People! Oh Bummer and Co. don’t represent me! My fellow natives know better than that because we recall what de facto did to our ancestors. We ALL have to get involved at the local level. The best group working behind the scenes is: and they are forming De Jure Governmental Assemblies at the national, state and county level. Get in touch with your local assembly now and get involved. Here in Arizona we are the first to hear foreclosure cases in Common Law Court AND WIN! This is spreading across the land as it is our sovereign right to be heard in Common Law with a jury of our peers. Many good discussions above, but I would strongly suggest getting involved with this group that has been truly dedicated to spreading truth and freedom as outlined in the Constitution. The Republic is restored! I appeal to my Native American brothers and sisters…we must guide our foreign brothers and sisters to true freedom and sovereignty. God Bless America and the Republic!

    • Carlucci

      AzApache Native,

      How does someone get in touch with that group you mentioned?

      • Pat R

        Each Republic (State) should by now have a web-site. Go to the link above homepage and click the Contact Us tab. You will be shown a list of the (State) Republics. Contact information is given.

        Hope this helps.

      • Hombre Colorado

        Carlucci, Pat R posted the national website: and I understand the following also applies: I believe the reason the Republic changed the “of” to “for” is so there is no confusion with De Facto Gov. Nevertheless, both will send you to the same site. Please get in touch with the State Republic and find out if an Assembly is being formed in your respective County; if not, get your collegues and friends to join you and form. I pray the Good Lord leads and guides you Carlucci. PEACE

      • AzApacheNative

        Carlucci, Colorado & Pat R, it is individuals like you that are going to turn this sinking ship around and help our fellow man! Most folks are unaware what is ocurring about them. I remember what my great grand father once told me, “Don’t ever let anyone get between you and the Master Creator.” Now after 50-years I understand what true sovereignty means; the latter 2-years is re-educating myself to truth, freedom and liberty. I love the new ID cards the Republic is issueing: National ID Cards, State ID Cards, and especially, the Traffic Warrant ID Card (no more drivers license, registering, insurance, long lines at the transportation office = awesome) and they are being recognized just about everywhere; the best part is NO BODY CAN DETAIN NOR TOUCH YOU BECAUSE YOU DON’T BELONG TO THE DE FACTO GOV, YOU ARE SOVEREIGN AND NO BODY COMES BETWEEN YOU AND GOD! God Bless America!

    • Hombre Colorado

      Az Apache I got your message and will spread to our brothers and sisters here in Co. I hear the tremendous news coming from the and how they are working with the military and nearly 90 countries to recognize their efforts to return the Republic back to the people of the land. I understand the people have been misled to believe the Courts operating in Equity Law (Commerce) only apply to businesses and that all personal matters such as mortgage, vehicle and credit cards fall under Common Law and that we have the right to demand all cases be heard in Common Law and most importantly, with a jury of our peers and that we can call on people we know to serve on the jury. De Jure juries are actually the HIGHEST LAW IN THE LAND and can trump any Judge’s orders. Don’t let Judge operating in Equity Law fine/incarcerate you! You are not a business operating in Commerce Law!!! I understand also the Republic is sponsoring National and State ID Cards and a Traffic Warrant ID card so when an officer pulls one over, they really can’t do anything to you because the IDs are issued by the Republic that is being recognized by authorities! No more long lines at the transportation office…that’s truly progress. This is excellent news Az Apache! Yes, we’ll spread the word here. Take care Brother.

  • Hedgehog

    If people really want to kill the politics in Washington D.C. then they really need to start in Chicago for that has been the headquarters for the Democrat party for years. That is where Obama got all of his corrupt training and the political sewage just keeps churning out of Chicago.I have lived in the State of Illinois for most of my life and have seen the corruption from Chicago pour out all over this state and now it has reached Washington D.C.. If you want to get something corrupt started, Chicago is the place to go, Crooked Politicians ,Lawyers and even the police. Check out most of the crooked politics, starting with the latest one Rod Blagojevich, then George Ryan, his Attorney Jim Thompson, Dan Walker, Paul Powell and the biggie Al Capone (he was not a politian but he had a firm grip on this state for several years) these are but a few and all of them came from around Chicago. I can also remember several years ago that Chicago democrats were caught counting dead people votes. Like I said in the beginning break the chain of crooked politics in Chicago and you will have a chance of straighting out your Federal Government.

  • Howard R Gray

    The problem of the Republicans is that they tend to follow rather than lead the herd. The progressives have for years set the agenda in most of society by stealth more than by overt act. They still have the high ground in the unelected civil service, local government, and in the allied NGOs. Further still the media, education at all levels, and organizations such as churches and unions are also suffused with progressivism. It is not surprising that most of what goes on in policy and action tends to the left, this is intended and fortunately easy to see.

    Conservatives and libertarians and the like are rightly horrified by this, but all is far from lost. Take Glenn Beck for example, love him or hate him, he has had a massive impact on the social order. Would the Tea Party even exist without his act of lighting the blue touch paper of rational patriotism? I suspect not is an answer many of us can agree to. Robert Ringer, as always, hits a point that needs inspection, rumination and an answer. I believe the great battle has started and won’t stop for decades if not for more than a century. After all the progressives have been at it for over 100 years now and have little to show for it, which might suggest that beating them won’t be all that difficult, they have little evidence of success for their policies. The mere emergence of the Tea Party soundly scared the progressive horses, this is only a beginning. The difference is that the Republicans do not have the luxury of doing what they used to do by failing to support conservative causes. The Tea Party will not accept such behaviour. That is where things will differ. The chess game is still in the hands of the old guard of the GOP, there is some lip service to the Tea Party but little so far, Charles Krauthammer is right that the GOP gave away too much on the Tax issue; the spending bill stealthily hidden in plain sight somehow missed the gaze of the Elephants in charge. This isn’t lost on the Tea Party there will be a price for this stupidity.

    More to the point the conservative opposition to the progressive steamroller needs to consider many methods of reducing the power of government. There is a need to consider a number of ideas to reduce the power of the Federal Government and the States. Here are a few to go on with:-

    1.Repeal the legal tender laws, this would allow private money backed by real assets not mere fiduciary paper. The dollar may well fail soon, there needs to be an alternative to obviate the outcome of the Weimar Republics currency failure. By setting up an alternative supply of money the worst effects of the great inflation that is coming might be forestalled or reduced in effect. Governments would have to abide by the constraints of real money rather than their criminal enterprise of general fraudulent currency management and the printing press and keyboarding money into existence.

    2.Push for new legislation creating a system of phagic laws that can sunset laws and cause unjust of harmful laws to be recalled. There is a reasonable supposition that many regulations and secondary laws are poorly drafted and innately unfair and inadequate and should be subject to a process of elimination by recall or challenge by petition to remove a law or regulation. Waiting for the legislature to repeal laws would not work there is a need to provide for removal of laws from the people upwards and not rely upon the lawmakers downwards. This is a controversial idea that law makers will resist; but conservatives and especially libertarians might feel is a just new way to manage laws and regulations in our societies. Making all laws subject to some form of ultimate public recall and review will dampen the desire to create controversial laws that are not publicly acceptable such as the health care law. There is a need to invent ways to review laws by petition and even by something akin to a grand jury to hear argument as to the acceptability of regulations and petty laws. How this scheme should work is a matter for discussion.

    3.There is a need to consider subsidiarity, an idea that comes from European Union law the idea is that matters of administration should be handled at the lowest competent level for the issue to be dealt with. States rights are an example of such an idea. There is a need for an amendment to the constitution to define subsidiarity before states have no rights left. The idea is to eliminate Federal interference into government at the lowest levels. In the European Union the issue of subsidiarity became manifest over the highest level of government opining on subjects as arcane as work surfaces and sausages. The Federal State should look after Federal matters only.

    No doubt readers of this web site can think of many more things to include and many more ways to promote control over law making outside the legislature. The wickedness of government is evident and as Robert Ringer indicates it is progressing from bad to worse because of progressives. Merely controlling the legislature isn’t enough; the whole society is suffused with progressive ideas. The left has captured the formal law making process and ancillary rulemaking as well. They control the law schools, the unelected administrations of the civil service and local government and the NGOs let alone a vast array of charities, pseudo charities and foundations. The whole anti democratic and secretive structure of progressive life is there to see but not so easy to understand beyond the baleful effects these people’s idea have on all of us. The meat of this is that the left has a huge influence on the informal rule making and politically correct ideas that run through the media and other organs of influence they use.

    Creating a means of tackling the rigid process of law making and rule making is essential if there is to be any chance of reversing the sheer scale of law production in this nation of 50 states and many layers of law making governance.

    Beware the progressives are looking to an antidemocratic world government to be inducted into the already over weight law making universe of this Nation. There is a need to create institutions to remove laws ex cathedra of the legislature. We recall governors and officials by petition why not whole laws and rule making systems too? Perhaps there should be a way to issue a writ to remove a law by forcing the government, at whatever level, to come and justify the law to an assembly of voters or to a grand jury. There will be howls of derision about these ideas from the law academics and others who are interested in power not the common weal. The more they are adopted in argument the better. Are we to put up with ever expanded progressive laws, rules, on a formal level let alone informal politically correct laws?

    In the final analysis if the common people can remove the laws perhaps the law makers might be more accepting of the need to draft laws that are beneficial to all?

  • Wim Vonk

    What a load of garbage. The U.S. is hopelessly stuck on the idea that you must not tax the rich 5% of your population. You unlike most other countries believe in the trickle down theory. It is more like a trickle up theory. The rich are not suffering in your country but the middle class is disappearing. The middle class had to bail out the banks. And have the banks been kind or have they just taken the cash and given themselves raises to boot? And long as you believe that you dare not touch the rich you will soon be a third world country, with the rich living in gated enclaves. And all you talk about is less government because you fear socialism. How about your armed forces? Are they not government? Why not privatize that too? I never will understand American thinking. But it is so sad to see a great Nation sliding downwards. You will not fund anything to help your own citizens (Katrina disaster) but you have the greatest military machine on the planet and keep invading countries where you have no business, and some of the other countries are stupid enough to follow you there, i.e. Afghanistan.

    • Will-CA

      Hi Wim Vonk
      It’s nice to hear other opinions from outside the box just curious where you are from and live. Are you free there and are you happy with your government? Example is the best way to change things. Please keep in mind my question is sincere and not meant to insult you in anyway. Thank you for your opinion.

      • Wim Vonk

        I live in BC Canada but my daughters both live in the US. We are a bi- national family. Yes i am free and relatively happy but I have concerns about the future and Canada is making a lot of the same mistakes as the US. But we do have a better banking system, and more political parties across the whole stream of opinion.
        And though not perfect opur health system is alt least better than yours. I also have roots in The Netherlands and keep abreast of the political situation in several countries.

        • JC

          Wim, I’m an American living in Alberta for some years now.
          I really enjoy Canada, it’s people and especially Alberta.
          I would tend to agree with the gist of your statements in all but one area, Health care. I don’t see the Cronyist/Govt./Corp. system as working well, but neither do I see a socialist system working well.

          There is a serious shortage of GP’s in Alberta and many people here have no family Doctor and won’t be getting one anytime soon. People in Calgary have been dialing 911 from “inside” the Emergency Rooms in an effort to get some help.

          If you do get in to see a GP, they slam you in and out as fast as they can in order to see as many people as they can in a day because the Govt. controls their billing. They will refer you to a specialist and since they are overwhelmed you will wait for months to see that specialist…at which time the rush happens again due to their desire to maximize their billing time.

          Canada is seeing too many experienced Doctors and Nurse’s retiring who are not being replaced and the system itself is perliously close to collapse…but naturally there is money for wars, gun registration
          and bail outs…

          The Socialist system in Canada is very tenuous at this time in history and the further the US goes “towards” Socialism the quicker we will see the demise of both nations.

          Be Well.

    • Karolyn

      You are so right. Ar you Dutch? I had a good friend from the Netherlands who used to go “home” every so often to get her medical needs taken care of. She was such a joy. So outspoken and free! Are you all like that?

      • Wim Vonk

        Yes i was born in Holland. See my comments above

    • Jeep

      Wim, perhaps you should study America a little more before commenting on our business. It is painfully obvious you understand less than you think.

      As for taxing the “top 5%”, you must not be aware that the top 3% already pay more than 70% of all taxes, and that the bottom 50% (that would be half to the uneducated) pay NO taxes. Hmmm…

      Let’s see, you say “You unlike most other countries believe in the trickle down theory. It is more like a trickle up theory.” Just why did you leave Holland? Taxes too high? No job? Whatever…

      “The middle class had to bail out the banks.” Really? If the top 3% pay 70%, then 70% of the bailout came from the “rich”, right? Or, is math in Canada different.

      “And all you talk about is less government because you fear socialism. How about your armed forces? Are they not government? Why not privatize that too?” No, we do not fear socilism, we recognize it’s utter failure. BTW, thank your fellow countrymen for being the sterling example on the terrible results of following the evils of socialism.

      “I never will understand American thinking.” This is the truest statement you made.

      “But it is so sad to see a great Nation sliding downwards. You will not fund anything to help your own citizens (Katrina disaster)…” Really? How much charity do people in your country give? Nowhere near the average American. So sit down on that statement. As far as Katrina, you show your ignorance on the concept of state sovereignty. The governor of Louisiana absolutely refused assistance from the fed govt. It was their right. Not a good choice, but absolutely a cornerstone of the freedoms of our nation.

      “…but you have the greatest military machine on the planet and keep invading countries where you have no business…” Not even going to discuss this issue with a foreigner, so shut up.

      “…and some of the other countries are stupid enough to follow you there, i.e. Afghanistan.” Don’t worry, while you hide from terrorism, nazism, and communism, America will be there to protect your pathetic behind.

      Now go back to Ottowa and vote yourself some more welfare on the backs of the Canadian “wealthy”.

  • Flying Eagle

    Obama the Chest Master? no way. He does as instructed, there are other Chess Masters behind him moving the pawns and as for himslef, he doesn’t care wether or not he ends up being embarrassed, it goes with the territory, the one he himself picked up. Please let the Republicans play its own game, they have very bright congressmen/women in their ranks, don’t understimate them, this is not 1964, this time they’ve learned their lesson and are doing the “We” The People bidding.

    Obamacare, the increasing of the debt ceiling and some of his other tricks, like treating Congress as irrelevant by circumventing it, are part of Murphy’s law, “what comes up, comes down”. wait and see.


    In the end “We” the people will be victorious, watch 2012.

  • Chris

    We The People need to stand up and be heard. There are a lot of challenges facing our country right now, and all the bickering going on, on this site, are you going to continue down this “no win” road?? While you are all bickering, we will lose our country and freedom! I choose to make a difference, to stand up for my fellow man, to preserve our freedom, to keep God in our country and ask that God save this country, so many have tried to give away, for their own agendas!! It doesn’t matter if its the president’s agenda, Soros’ agenda, or liberal’s agenda, None of these will take US back to the great nation we once were, just a century or two ago!!
    Time to take action, turn around and go in the direction of God, of “do unto others”, “what I learned in kindergarten”, “what would Jesus do”? Take US back to the basics.
    Get on the right track and take action, so we can keep our honor, freedom and One Nation Under God!

  • Guido

    Among the usual name calling there are some thoughtful postings here. We are too quick to judge whether we are for or against something before we fully understand it. There seems to be a consensus that people are disappointed in the those of either party who we vote for to represent us. Aren’t we adults why do we need people to represent us? We have the technology to vote for “Dancing With The Stars”. Why don’t we vote for policies that really matter and impact us directly? One of our most important founding documents is George Washington’s Farewell Address. Here our First President warns us against Political Parties. There is a tendency to put loyality to the Party above that of the Nation. Both Political Parties care more about gaining & keeping power than actually solving the problems that confront the Nation. I’m amazed at how on message so much of the political rhetoric is these days. It is as if corporate sponsored thinktanks are churning out the same talking points to be repeated adnauseam by the corporate media. We are rightfully suspicious of power concentrated in government but seem blind to a similar threat posed by corporate power. How many people who frequent these postings believe that corporations should have the same rights as flesh & blood people? By corporate power I mean too big to fail multinational corporations that monopolize whole industries and drive out small business owners and small scale farmers who actually create jobs. I can understand why people don’t want to pay taxes as we don’t presently get much for them except endless wars. On the other hand I would gladly pay more taxes as an investment in the country if those taxes actually went to benefiting my fellow citizens. Incidently taxes are voluntary! Unless you are a corporation making a profit there is nothing to tax as a working person. You will need considerable resources and legal advice but you can beat the IRS if you are so inclined. I’m concerned that the demonize government bandwagon is fronting for a corporate agenda which will turn this nation into a feudal society. First we must defund the government by endless wars, excessive spending and cutting taxes. Then when we can not afford all the public services that the American people have come to expect we will be turned over to the tender mercies of multinational corporations as they privatize all of our public services. Of course, this is no problem for the financial and corporate elites who control our government.

    • Wim Vonk

      Well said . This is exactly what is happening

  • chuckb

    calling barry a chess master is an insult to the country. this guy probably couldn’t play chess in the first place. people keeping referring to him as an intellectual, bill o’reilly of fox news almost wets his pants everytime he has a chance to convince us how smart barry is and that goes for charles krauthammer. i don’t believe it, this guy is nothing but a two bit con man with a good voice.

  • Donald

    Apparently almost everone here believes in the Conspiracy Theory of History.

  • Frank Andrew


    BO is a PUPPET…MAYBE the PUPPETMASTERS…the hierarchy of the CFR, TLC, Bildebergers, et all (the REAL TERRORISTS) are the CHESS MASTERS.

    the murdering clintons (Rest In Peace Vince Foster)(NAFTA and GAT killed the economy, CODEX ALIMENTARIUS will kill the people) Thank you Slick Willie and accomplice.
    daddy and sonny bush exposed the US as the image of the beast.
    dick THE US Cheney belongs in US and Nigerian prisons.
    kissinger pushing for the NWO, pulling the strings since the 60s.
    gates and the rockerfellers using $$$ for power and control.

    They will destroy this and soverign nations of the world to usher in the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. Why?

    For their personal status quo…the HAVES want to remain HAVES, while we, the HAVE NOTS of the world, become as feudal serfs-SLAVES…or DEAD. There is no place for WORTHLESS EATERS in the NWO. The goal for MANAGEABLE world population is 500 MILLION.

    When accomplished, the ULTIMATE power of the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT unveiled will SHOCK THE WORLD. They have attempted WORLD DOMINATION throughout recorded history…THIS TIME they feel they CANNOT FAIL.

  • June

    The $2 million dollar figure barry has spent (of “taxpayer” money) AND administration attornery “hiding his records” IS NOT in doubt – -as one judge said “it’s been twittered, face booked, emailed, etc” (or words to that effect). IF HE HAD NOTHING TO HIDE -he would have produced said records. As for his “intent” to destroy the USA, there is no doubt. There will be “justice” and he will “pay the highest price”, for his lies, deceit and

  • June

    The $2 million dollar figure barry has spent (of “taxpayer” money) AND administration attornery “hiding his records” IS NOT in doubt – -as one judge said “it’s been twittered, face booked, emailed, etc” (or words to that effect). IF HE HAD NOTHING TO HIDE -he would have produced said records. As for his “intent” to destroy the USA, there is no doubt. There will be “justice” and he will “pay the highest price”, for his lies, deceit and TREASON, right along with the rest of the “commies” that supported his agenda! THAT IS MY FERVENT PRAYER!
    I apologize if this is “redundant”- -hit the wrong button on the first post!

  • Banish Taylor

    The Republicans are at the least 3 years behind the Democratic Socialist planners in stopping them from destroying our Republic. They are spineless and cannot refute the Dems. position on socialism.Bhoener is a very weak and poor negotiator. I do not believe he has the fortitude or spine to stand up to Obama. I do not think the Republicans have an alternative plan to stop big government and the Anti American Muslim Obama!

  • Delores Smith

    Don’t be too “transparent.” Seems like you are pushing for Ron Paul again. Americans are going
    through enough with Obama and Soros. I need and
    want a united Republican Party, not Obama and Soros
    with their Cloward-Piven strategy, moving toward a
    Dictatorship. Put this nation first.
    Delores Smith

  • Delores Smith

    Do you get the feeling that on this site each one of us is talking to ourselves?
    Delores Smith

  • Guido

    It would be good if the chronological order of dates & times would be followed in these postings so that discussions can be followed. I would like to comment on Rainmaker’s promotion of the individual over the group. The idea here is that only as an individual can you have integrity–that once you join a group that you must compromise and lose yourself in group-think. I know myself that I have often refused joining groups because they did not do justice to the beliefs I felt strongly about. But we are social animals and this attitude can be taken too far. Corporate America’s public relations types have worked very hard to convince us that all our problems are individual in nature. This is a very disempowering message for clearly many are beyond the efforts of isolated indivduals thus reinforcing a very injust status quo. History is taught to us as being the product of individual leaders and not the efforts of social movements. Certainly it is important to think for ourselves and verify as much as possible by our direct experience. Still unless we are willing to engage others and challenge our thinking we will never develop the larger perspectives that give us real choices that political activism demands for real change. You can bet that our Founding Fathers did not create the U.S. Constitution from the perspective of isolated individuals. They had to come together and workout the larger framework that yielded the founding principles which guide our thinking to this day.

  • AzApacheNative

    The Republic is Restored and needs you now! We are not posting blogs complaining so much as we are spreading the awesome news: “The Republic is Restored!” Got to get involved at the County level and “assemble” as the Constitution provides. Visit: and get involved now. As posted above several times, it is going to take numbers folks; the more of us that support the de jure government now in place (not the de facto actors pretending to be seated) the more we will be heard! De Jure is you and me; get involved instead of building up steam my friends. God Bless America

  • LiarsMustBeDefeated

    Sure, it’s Obama’s “game” to win or lose. But does that mean he escapes without a scratch? I don’t like what is happening and I will be doing all I can to see the kind of change I want to see. How about you?

  • jopa

    So many scary revolutionaries on this site America may be in for a change.The average age of the people on this site is sixty five plus.When the revolution starts we can see all these folks waving their deer rifle in one hand and trying to march up I75 and not being able to maintain the 55 mph minimum speed limit with their walkers, wheelchairs and scooters.Chanting along the way”Washington here we come” and when they get there they will find there representative are not there but on vacation.A note on the door Be Back Soon.

  • jopa

    Opps good thing I am not leading the charge I meant to say I95. I75 will put you in Detroit.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      With all the inane crap you have posted here lately, when the progressive socialists show their hand and come for their political prisoners, I pray you are one of the first to go!!!! You will, no doubt, deserve it!!

  • Victoria

    This is the biggest load of rubbish I have read yet.

  • http://personallibertyalerts John Despard

    Again, with your usual libertarian bull crap. If you really wanted to lower taxes you would be joining me in proposing a MAXIMUM WAGE for those doing business with the government. Corporate “welfare” is the biggest scourgeon our nation’s treasury. Since a young age I have heard it said that “wealth = power”, also “the president of the U.S. is the most powerful man in the world.” Ergo: the president is the richest man in the world. The cost of virtually everything we spend money on would be reduced if the government refused to do business with any company or individual that was paying anybody more than the president. Would CEOs, athletes, bankers, entertainers, etc. change their careers and drive trucks or something if they had to do with being paid less than $400,000 per year? Would Rush Limbaugh, Jon Stewart and others quit spewing their crap over the public airwaves if they were paid what they are actually worth? Would politicians quit taking their brib (oops, I mean donations) if they were merely hundreds of dollars instead of millions. When I was a teenager in the sixties I remember minimum wage being about $1.00 an hour. A loaf of bread or a quart of milk cost about a quarter so a hour’s pay would give me a loaf of bread, a quart of milk, a gallon of gas and maybe leave enough for a pack of cigarettes. Today minimum wage might buy me two each of one of the first three or one pack of cigarettes. The biggest change from those days to now is the pay of executives. I believe in the sixties an average executive made the same as forty or so employees. Today I believe he makes the same as about 400 employees. Athletes and entertainers (?) topped out at about $100,000 annually before Curt Flood or about fifty times minimum wage. Today minimum wage is twelve to fifteen thousand a year. Athletes, (Alec Rodrigues $27.5M) per year and entertainers (Madonna $70M per year) earn vastly more than average people. How far would prices go down if these insane inequalities were to be eliminated my greatest hero JESUS WORTH INCULABLE and other heroes such as Gutenberg, Gandhi, MLK, Cesar Chavez, Pasteur, Hilary Clinton, Sarah Palin, Barney Frank, Ben Gurion, Mohammed, Confucius, Buddha, and others worth millions. CEOs, bankers,athletes, entertainers, etc. pale in comparison to these heroes and their pay should also.

  • http://personallibertyalerts John Despard

    Again, you libertarians are hiding behind personal liberty bullshit. If you are so worried about high taxes, why don’t you join me in asking congress to pass a law that taxpayer money not be spent to enrich the wealthy. It is said that money = power and that the president is the most powerful man in the world. Ergo, the president is the richest man in the world. How much would such things as food, water, utilities, clothing, etc. cost if the executives of these companies were making less than the most powerful man in the world? They use every loophole possible not to pay taxes. I believe advertising is considered a business expense thus lowering corporations tax bills so they can pay their executives more and help enrich athletes, entertainers and other spokespersons. The same is true of political brib (oops, I mean donations.) Sure I realize these people have stressful jobs and athletes especially put a lot of stress on their bodies but if they were limited to making less than the president would they quit and drive a truck? I think that corporate welfare and personal greed are much more harmful to this country than almost anything else. It is time for a MAXIMUM wage for companies and individuals doing business with the goverenment. This might put some limits on war profiteering and other profiting that contributes to the great divide between the top 5% and the remaining citizens of our great nation.

  • arkadelphia apartments

    Really good article. I don’t quite concur with every thing you’ve went over, but you certainly have some excellent points in there.


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