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Obama Tells Reporters His Policies Would Not Have Been Considered Liberal 15 Years Ago

April 5, 2012 by  

Obama Tells Reporters His Policies Would Not Have Been Considered Liberal 15 Years Ago
President Barack Obama advises reporters on how to report his policies.

President Barack Obama is blaming Republicans and journalists for the public’s perception that he is an ultra-liberal left-wing socialist.

“This bears on your reporting,” he said to those in the audience during a statement airing on CSPAN.

Obama then stepped into the role of history professor and gave a brief lecture on the history of political philosophy.

“It’s important to put the current debate in some historical context,” he began.

He proceeded to point out that Republicans are the ones who should be held responsible for our country’s interest in the environment and healthcare.

“Healthcare originated as a conservative idea,” he emphasized. Seemingly dumbfounded that there has been resistance to his approach, he continued, “Now this is some socialist overreach.”

He then made one last attempt in persuading the reporters-turned-history students: “So as all of you are doing your reporting, I think it’s important to remember that the positions that I am taking now on the budget and a host of other issues … if we had been having this discussion 20 years ago or even 15 years ago … would’ve been considered squarely centrist positions. What’s changed is the center of the Republican party.”

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • s c

    Let’s dig up a little history, and inject some reality into this septic tank of W H confusion, freedom-lovers. For those who know something about history [not that ___ they 'teach' in public school], when you talk about about national healthcare, say Bismarck AND Hitler in the SAME breath. Any utopians care to dispute that FACT?
    Once again, The Anointed Putzer is at odds with reality AND history. And the media just smiles, prepares to kiss whatever is handy, and then bends over and regurgitates the same, old schmucking KRAP. What we got here, comrades, is an utter failure to communicate – AGAIN. Utopians, you’ve cursed Amerika with a political hack who combines socialism, communism, fascism and utopianism in the same defective package. He’s all yours, utopians. He’s all YOURS.

    • Sirian

      You are so right s c, they have cursed America. What’s even worse is that we have allowed them to do so.

      • Warrior
      • Sirian

        They stay in touch all the time Warrior, all the time. HA, these proverbial anarchists are just like a very well dug in tick. Causing all kinds of pain and sucking the life blood out of kids that they feel need their instruction. In simple terms, they honestly deserve a good “squishing”!!!

      • Deerinwater

        “s c says:

        Let’s dig up a little history, and inject some reality into this septic tank of W H confusion, freedom-lovers. For those who know something about history [not that ___ they 'teach' in public school], when you talk about about national healthcare, say Bismarck AND Hitler in the SAME breath. Any utopians care to dispute that FACT?”

        Who is these “Utopians” you are attempting to address anyway? I’m not familiar with them.

        Where did you receive your education, was it a special school for special students with special attributed? Was it expensive and demanding curriculum? Where must one go to receive such an “education”?

        I don’t believe Hitler ideas of nation health “care”, ~ “Send them to Jesus and let him sort them out” is what people a looking for in health care. And for what it’s worth, I don’t think the Bismark and Hitler shared the same views or were exactly what you might call friends or contemporaries , while it’s true they shared the same time frame ( more or less) and ruled the German people.

        When did you say you received your education?

    • Patriot1776

      Standard left wing rhetoric, portray your stand as “normal” and centered, making any opposition radical. The fact is that the Republican party is still left of center. The Constitution is portrayed today as being extreme, religion is extreme, solid christian morales are extreme. Homosexuallity and beastiality are trying to be the norm. Bend and twist the truth. Welcome to socialism. Vote in November to clean up the mess.

      • Flashy

        “The Constitution is portrayed today as being extreme, religion is extreme, solid christian morales are extreme” <— Patriot

        i do not recall any of the current Moderates (including Pres. Obama) referring to the Constitution as "that quaint document". And the references to protraying the Constitution as 'extreme' are not … they call the mindless, unsupported, irrational, destructive 'interpretations' of the radical Right and American Taliban as extreme.

        Religion is viewed as extreme, not because it is religion, but because the carriers of the sects within that religion would be comfortable not in today's modern times and enlightenment…but in the time when Huss was burned at the stake and Luther made public the three way schism within the Catholic Church. Today's Extreme right has turned religion from its tradition of seeking social justice away from theological philosophy and into a platform to push a narrow and predictable political agenda.

        Today's Extreme Right, walking side by side with the American Taliban evangelicals denigrate rather than celebrate intellectual thought and critical inquiry. They openly disdain any program centered on the community of mankind, of justice, , or even the possibility of good in either. Their "faith" is centered against reason, against dialogue, against searching for where the truth may reside.

        That, Patriot is where your thoughts should be centered upon.

      • Ted G

        Flashy, leaving your mangled mess of a point that you were trying to make aside, how dare you imply that Obama is a moderate!

        But by all means lets steer the discussion back where it belongs and have a real conversation about the US Constitution and its clear language on what constitutes limited government, Because this self declared consitutuional scholar is obviously a complete fraud liar and a traitorous POS!

    • eddie47d

      Republicans or those on the Right did push for Healthcare several years ago.(Nixon and others) The Republicans did support environmental endeavors(Nixon).The Republicans did champion Civil Rights at one time.(Eisenhower) The Republicans did protest against Johnson’s Vietnam War until Nixon was elected then all of a sudden the war became popular to them. The thing is that the Democrats have also championed the same things but once the Republicans are elected those same Republicans turn against what they once supported. Each side plays that dastardly game of chicken where if one side supports something the other side has to be against it. Any politician who talks out of both sides of their mouths are cowards and that includes Republicans and Democrats.

      • Jake

        It’s amazing that other people can’t see it as you (and me) do. As far as I’m concerned, the only difference between the Rep and Dems is how they spell their party name.

      • Steve E

        Ron Paul is the answer. Not the RINOs and their supporters who have been brainwashed by the GOP Wholesale Brainwashing Machine.

    • liberty49

      Now, now, he is partially right. Fifteen years ago Obama would not have been called ‘liberal’. He would have been called a Communist illegal and deported. That’s when we still enforced the Rule of Law.

    • JM

      … and Hitler will look like an Angel compared to the horrors that Obummer will inflict on the people of his “not so beloved” Amerika…

  • Vicki

    Obama is correct. 15 years ago his (actual) policies would have been called extreme, progressive, insane or all of the above. Though Bill and Hillery were doing their best to change liberals views even back then.

  • Doc Sarvis

    Our President is correct in his history lesson. His health care plan grew out of many earlier Republican efforts (and more recently, a former Republican Governor of Mass.). Another specific on the environment side is Nixon established the EPA.

    • s c

      Comrade ‘d,’ if you had a conscience, you’d be FORCED to admit that between you and your White House ‘God,’ neither of you know SQUAT about history. And YOU yahoos claim to be on the side of HISTORY? Pathetic! Tell your mommy and daddy to spank your dumb ass. It’s not possible to be ‘normal’ and incredibly STUPID at the same time [though you DO try].

      • Doc Sarvis

        It is always so much easier to insult people on baseless things than to back them up with facts. Here is some fact for you:

      • Flashy

        Doc…in re Nixon…don’t forget NEPA, the Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act.

        As far as C contentions…you’ll have to pardon him. he must have gotten an overload this morning when he downloaded the robotic commands on what he was to think today

      • Vigilant

        So, let me see if I’ve got this straight….the left is now lavishing praise on Richard Nixon?

        Will wonders never cease?

      • Vicki

        Vigilant says:

        So, let me see if I’ve got this straight….the left is now lavishing praise on Richard Nixon?

        Will wonders never cease?

        Yeah. It must be getting chilly in Hell these days :)

    • Ted Crawford

      True Doc. Then the Progressives following Alinskys Tenth Rule of Ethics, ” Do what you can with what you have and clothe it in moral arguements”, Proceed to follow The Cloward-Piven Stratagy, as they stated it in 1966; ” Hasten the fall of Capitalism by overloading the government bueaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse ” Once they have accomplished this, they, once again using an Alinsky tactic; ” Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules “, they create a condition of class warfare while puting all the blame for the system failure on the ” Greedy Capitalists”. This dishonesty doesn’t bother them, they again share Alinskys point of view, ” All effective actions require the passport of morality”
      The Obama Presidency is, truly ” Transparent” if one is armed with a little knowledge!

  • Raggs

    This SOB does nothing but LIE!

    • JON

      Prove it with facts instead of a rant!

      • Flashy

        Jon…they have no facts to support what they say. My favorite is when someone refers to “the Founding fathers” as supporting a contention. Heck, when pressed, they can’t even define a “Founding Father” since they’d have to figure out which segment they wanted to refer to. The drafters of the Declaration of Independence, the Continental Congress, (1st and 2nd) the Confederation Congress, the writers of the Constitutional or those involved in the Convention, the First Congress. And let’s not omit the folks involved in all of the above but never officially seated at most…if at all. Hamilton, Washington, Franklin etc…

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Read the posts that are contrary to what your handlers give you. Proofs have been given you, you just childishly don’t want to accept them.

      • Vigilant

        Flashy, that’s not only a lie, it’s an affront to me personally. I often use the term and I know precisely to whom I am referring.

        You have brought out this lame argument before, and you have been smacked down before. Quit engaging in this child’s play, it only shows your ignorance and penchant for insulting people.

      • Vicki

        Jon ignore flashy. He believes not what of he speaks. If you look thru the archives or just hang out here a while you will see that flashy rarely provides any verifiable facts and never posts links to any. Those of us who do mention the founding fathers post links OFTEN and to the specific founders that we are talking about. There were several.

      • http://naver samurai

        Jon, if you don’t think that Obama bin Laden lies, then I have some nice land in the Everglades to sell you. Just look at everything that has gone on during his 1 term as the COOTUS. He has broken evry promise, shreds the Constitution, traditional marriage, wants the U.N. to be in charge, take away our weapons (guns for you civilians), overextend our troops and supply lines more than they were in 2008, and many other things. Are you an ostrich? Have you had your head somewhere warm and moist for the last 3 1/2 years? Neeeeed to be making that popping sound.

        Flashy, since you have made a long list, why didn’t you post any facts or sources to back up what you have said? You posted it, you post the sources. I know this will require you to do something you are not good at, thinking, but you’ll have to do it. I seem to remember this country being founded on Judeo-Christian principles, Biblical law taken directly from the Old and New Testiments, our laws based on the 10 Commandments and a deep, rich belief in nature and nature’s God. Just look at the Declaration of Independence and you’ll see God, or references to God, written 4 times, 1 time in the Preamble of the Constitution, Jesus 1 time in the Constitution, and there are so many things in this country I could use to prove you wrong, but why waste air on someone dense like you. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Karen King

      I agree with you 1,000,000 %

  • Flashy

    One has to laugh at this article’s premise. When he was campaigning in ’08, if one listened to what pres. Obama was charting out as his path he would follow, it was a moderate and Centrist path. Nothing radical in any rational twisting of the imagination.

    He has done what he stated he would be. A Centrist. Folks on the Right today rail against his health reforms. But every major item in the reform was proposed and supported by mainstream powerful Republicans in the past. Every item.

    What has changed is the radicalization of the Right and American Taliban. Ronald Reagan would not win a GOP primary today. Not a chance. He who was called the Great Compromiser wouldn’t get past the opening bell without being tarred and feathered by the irrational and extremist elements in today’s GOP..

    From the “no compromise, demand only extremist one sided policies or nothing at all bring down the nation if need be TP/Grover Norquists to the American Taliban extremist narrow minded theological evangelical wing which has turned the mainstream person into, at a minimum, one who looks upon Christianity and those who proclaim adherence stepping side by side with radical Islamists…with suspicion and caution.

    Though it will be close as most Presidential elections are, Pres. Obama will in all likelihood win re-election and this nation will be blessed in rejecting the extremist elements of both sides of the aisle. The question which will dominate the final weeks leading to that fateful Tuesday in November will be not who will be the majority party in Congress, but how much of a majority will the Democrats have?

    Will the radicals in the GOP re-elect those who carry the flag for the principles they first rallied against and scream about this day? Will the radical elements of the GOP stand by and let the current remain? The favoritism to corporate interests, the “in your face’ disregard for the welfare of the People, the blatant priorities of monied interests over all other concerns and needs.

    Or will they stand to principle and vote for anyone but the incumbents they railo against today? Will they perceive that even if they elect a Democrat to office, the major shakeup of the remaining GOP incumbent’s thought processes will be the move they seek…and that the 2014 elections will be their opportunity ?

    Mistaken though that process may be in regards to what the People want and would vote in support of..this 2012 election is the turning point for the radical Right. Will it be their Waterloo as they cave in and set aside their principles…or will they act as they urge their Congress to act…stand by the principles.

    My bet? they’ll fold and become, in their own words…RINOs.

    • s c

      Here’s more proof that utopians are PAID BY THE WORD. So, do you get paid even MORE when you make NO sense? HOW did you get out of grade school, little comrade?

      • Doc Sarvis

        More insults (rather than facts) from s c.

      • Brad


        We already know Flashy never produces facts but his own personal opinions, that’s why no one believes him, he has no credability as you have no credability.

    • carrobin

      Totally correct, Flash. I only wish Obama were truly left-wing. His major errors have been in trying to compromise with the radical Right.

      • http://naver samurai

        Obama bin Laden has been compromising with the GOP and Conservatives? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Another lost sheeple. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        P.S. Anyone that agrees with Flashy is truly a lost soul.

  • Silas Longshot

    Hope ya got some hot sauce, ‘flashy’ because we’re all hoping you (and your ilk) will be eating a lot of ‘crow’ pie after November.
    But in case the clown does ‘win’ another term, by massive voter fraud, intimidation and escalated tactics from last time, I hope, as America crashes down around your ears, you’ll man up and claim him as your own. Stay away from guns and sleeping pills, as the urge to commit suicide could be overwhelming, at that point, as you come to realize what youy hero has done. Fundamental change come home to roost.

  • Elevenarrows

    I agree that the Republicans have lost their moral fortitude to lean to the right. I don’t recognize the party anymore. The fact that Mitt Romney is going to be the Republican candidate is shocking to me, but then, McCain was shocking, too. I have no faith in the Republican party to represent the traditional Judeo-Christian values upon which, our nation was founded. (Don’t even argue this point. It is established fact by reading our founding documents as well as tons of writings of the founders that America was founded upon Christian values.) I am so weary of this two-party system that has repeatedly proven to be a failure. I do not understand why so many people are willing to hold tightly to these organizations (which are both about power and money…NOT protecting our freedoms). There are options in third parties, but it is the failure of basically decent people to DO THE RIGHT THING and to stand upon the CONSTITUTION and to ignore the rantings of the MSM and to VOTE THEIR CONSCIENCES that has locked us into this failed two-party system. Where are the men of courage and conviction that used to shape this great nation? Where are the educators that taught the amazingly rich heritage of our fore-fathers? Where are the pastors that had the backbone to stand in their pulpits and declare right and wrong? Where are the voters who would go in that voting booth and vote for the best man rather than the “lesser of two evils”. There have almost always been more than two choices.

    I will vote for Dr. Paul and will sleep well at night knowing I did right and God Himself will determine the POTUS. Last time, He obviously gave us what we deserve, I am praying again for mercy, but am fairly sure we don’t deserve it. All of you who are so insecure that you worry about election results unless you follow the crowd (which is usually fairly ignorant), please don’t get on here and bemoan your fate after the election. Obama promised socialism and has been highly successful in giving it to us. If you, like I, do not want America to be a socialistic, welfare state, then do what you can in your little corner of the world to STOP IT.

  • B. Holmes

    Read “The Roots of Obama’s Rage” to know his real anger and intentions….all evil. When he tries to silence God, the rage begins. There is nothing about him that is real. He wears regular clothes but he is a totally disguised liar and cannot speak truth.

    • JON

      Please prove what you say with facts instead of your opinion.

      • s c

        Comrade ‘j,’ are you of the opinion that anyone can confront utopians with FACTS and it will make a difference? Either you’re new to this website, or you are yet another utopian ‘plant.’ Either way, you need to observe more and talk less.

      • Steve E

        Jon, Holmes just stated that you should read “The Roots of Obama’s Rage”. Read it first and then comment.

      • http://naver samurai

        Can you do the same thing Jon, or whatever your name is? I have the book and it was very interesting reading. Ooops! I keep forgetting to expect a lib to read and learn something is just like finding ice and snow in hades. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Dad

    Let’s see… Centralized control of the economy, government takeover of private companies, government establishment of wages, government picking winners (and causing failures), increasingly violent union ‘soldiers,’… sounds like communism to me.
    If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck….

    • eddie47d

      You could be right Dad but thanks to Citizens United the Corporate Elites have unlimited powers. They can buy elections with more money and can have insider influence with the blink of an eye. Unions (individuals) can’t come close to matching the speed at which those Elites can work work their magic on the voting public. How about that Wall Street take over of our economy where they won and the rest of us were left with pocket change? How about those those “Capitalists” who take over companies and cannabalize them for profits leaving communities with skeletons of their former selfs? Why are those Corporates allowed to pay themselves extravagant salaries and bonuses while laying off workers and taking away their retirement pensions. There are plenty of rotten apples in the American landscape and they are all quacking like a duck.

      • Patriot1776

        And yet it seems that every one of the rotten apples ties back into your leader. He may rail against the rich, yet who does he always spend time with? He generously gives our tax dollars to cronies, only to have their scam file bankruptcy and walk away with the tax money, leaving communities with an empty shell. The fund raisers that obama holds at thousands of dollars per plate certainly aren’t held or the common man.

      • eddie47d

        Then you will have a fine time when Romney becomes your man. His experience at destroying companies to save them will put this country on even shakier grounds.

      • Vicki

        Last I heard Obama was not poor when he was elected. And he currently gets paid a lot of money, gets free room and board, Limo and private REALLY BIG jet(s) for him and family and friends and body guards. He sure doesn’t look like a part of the 99% we hear about from liberals.

      • eddie47d

        He was not wealthy when elected but his book sales took off in the year before and those royalties have poured in.

      • http://naver samurai

        I you read his books Ed, you would see what he really wants to do with America. He wants to turn America into a socialist state, but we patriots will do what we can to stop him. Any questions? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • northbrook

    15 or 30 years ago doesn’t change the message, Obama is a socialist and hell bent on moving this country toward socialism and destruction.

  • victor kirsch

    He is just a lieing, backstabbing halfbreed that needs to be tar & feathered and run out of town, hell out of the Country. He has been nothing but a fool and a clown who couldn’t hit his ass with both hands. The illegale imagrent halfbreed muslem need to be jailed and brought up on charges of treson for what he has and is doing to this country. A firing squad is not good enough for him, Oh yea the Muslems love to cut off heads his would look good on a poll as an example of what not to do.

  • texastwin827

    15 years ago? That would be 1997…when Bill Clinton was in office and, correct me if I’m wrong, that’s the administration that tried to push National Healthcare (Hillary Clinton) through and IT FAILED!

    Nothing like trying to re-write history, now is there?

    • Ted Crawford

      Was there a point you wished to make somewhere in your post? What does the fact that Bill Clinton was the President or that Hillary was the one pushing Health Care, have to do with Obamas politics of that time?

      • Vicki

        We are talking about how his policies (which have not changed) are viewed as merely liberal or a little radical these days where 15 years ago they would have been extreme.

  • Renee

    Calling him names isn’t going to change the fact that he has the media on his side. SO, what it seems he’s doing here is throwing some of his own under the bus to make himself look different than he really is. SO, MEDIA, take this as a hint that you are being used so get out from under the bus and report the truth as you see it and not as you are told to write it.

    • Ted Crawford

      Exactly right Renee! In fact that’s exactly what Obama wants us to do. He is simply following the advice of his primary mentor Saul Alinsky; ” The job of an organizer is to maneuver and bait the establishment so that it will publicly attack him as a ” dangerous enemy”

  • SM

    15 years ago he would have been arrested and prosecuted and thrown into jail for any one of the things (read crimes) he has done today. Maybe even deported out of the country. 15 years ago he wouldn’t have been able to get a job as a dish washer at Denny’s because of his political affiliations.

    It is laughable to entertain the notion that 15 years ago that he would have ever been considered for running for any office, not even a dog-catcher!

  • DH

    Obama learned by his early roots of islam that it is ok to lie andcheat in furtherance of a cause. The sad part is that this smooth talker has so many people believeing what he says. They are democrats first with nothing else mattering.

    Never has there ever been a president who lies and colors so much with half truths. He is like a pied piper.

  • John Hallinen

    The Constitution of the U.S. is a right of center document. That makes anyone to the left of center or too far right, unconstitutional. Not too many people are aware of that, especially if you arre under 50 and were not in the military or even a war.

    There is a lot of vitriolic diatribe listed in these postings. A lot of energy and time that could be used to read or study the Constitution and the Bible. I’m guessing that would give us the answers we seek as Glenn Beck has said for a long time. There is a 10 week course sponsored by Hillsdale College teaching the Constitution and it’s ramification. This course is free and is 7 weeks old. I’ll bet if you sign up, you would get all 7 weeks worth of infomatiom for you to study at your liesure. Between that and the Bible, I’ll bet we could get this Obama/Holder thing back on track in a short period of time. It won’t be easy though!

    Obama wants to use his race card and we were just about over that mess. “If we are racists, how did Obama get to be white”?

    • Renee

      Good point John! It’s too bad that even though we have the Good book and the Constitution still available, at least until this administration deams them illegal to posses, most people won’t read either of them and they will continue to allow themselves to be led around by the nose. They will put their fingers in their ears, cover their eyes and refuse to admit there is a problem. If I don’t see it, it doesn’t exist!!! As far as the race card goes, I believe that has been played to death and it’s time to move past it and just mark it up to ignorance. Only the ignorant play that stupid game because it happens to be the only card in their deck. If people would take the time to LEARN something they would have a more valid arguement, and if you are offended by that statement refer back to the beginning of my comment.

    • Flashy

      “The Constitution of the U.S. is a right of center document. That makes anyone to the left of center or too far right, unconstitutional.”


      As it was when written, the US Constitution is a document which is unlike any other. How any person can view it as “center right” is outside the realm of understanding. It is as revolutionary in scope today as it was in the year it was signed.

      The unaging beauty of it is, the People may form any type of governmental organization as the People may choose, subject to limitations on the majority over the minority. It has no religious references nor substance with the lone exception being the protection of a person to worship as they please without governmental interference in that worship. Be it Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Wicca etc. etc.

      Imposing some type of religious overtone to the Constitution, its intent and powers granted to the government is to Talibanize it…create a document so outside the meaning and language as to make it unrecognizable as the revolutionary concept is was, is, and will be.

      How that is “Center Right’ please explain.

    • Vicki

      Flashy appears to believe that “center right” is a religion rather than a place on a scale used to distract the populace from the real scale of government.

      Note the actual scale is % of government. Our Constitution is center right if THAT scale.

  • Teryll Baker

    Conservative Republicans for the last 20 years have wanted a, Revision of Healthcare, in this Country, (the ability to shop for insurance any where in the Country, making it competitive, thus lowering premiums; keep your insurance when changing jobs; pre-existing conditions; choose your Doctor; Etc. Not Dictatorial/Socialist Government run, Single Payer, Mandated Helathcare with “Death Panels” for gods sake!!

  • louie1

    By following his normal tack, the blame game, Obama alienates everyone. Even his avid supporters. In this rant, it’s the Republicans and the media’s reporting. This ignoramus seems to take great delight in pointing fingers, forgetting that four of those are pointing back at himself making him the greater guilty party. It’s obvious that he’s not easily getting his way so his rants are becoming more radical. I can’t wait to see him implode when he’s denied his way too many more times!

  • Jerry

    Let’s see…..
    Blame Bush, blame the Republicans, blame the media…….
    Does this guy realize that 15 years ago he would NEVER have even been elected?
    15 years ago our younger generations were still being INDOCTRINATED in the LEFTIST school system, and hadn’t been released on the world, yet!
    Does the MULLAH-IN-CHIEF ever take the BLAME for his OWN stupidity and anti-Americanism?
    Is it November, yet?

  • Crystal

    I don’t agree with Obama (as usual). I started watching “Mad Men” to take my mind off of the news for a little while. It’s funny, but one of the characters grew a beard and is spouting the same crap we hear today.

  • One-Angel

    You know. I think it all boils down to this. Blaming others for his unpopularity is most likely easier on his ego than to face the fact that we just don’t like him.

    • Deerinwater

      Blaming others make up 80 % of what they do One Angel. Of the left over 20%, 15% is spent calling people name that they like to consider as unflattering. Of the remaining 5%, 4% they fear monger leaving 1% to address the issues of the day.

      I really don’t believe they could run a profitable bingo hall for 6 months and keep the lights and water turned on.

      Reagan really tried to balance the budget, but after all the Federal spending cuts and down sizing and all the tax increases he placed in effect, he fell short of his goal, Reagan left office saying he was disappointed in that regard.

      His global ambitions, his national policies met with the realities of overrun and under estimations, gaff and profiteering . But few of us put him down for it while I personally do feel that he pulled the rug out from under state and local governments in a single tug, never considering these “taxing agent” would somehow be unwilling to make do with less when they too could craft laws, in essence creating predatory local governments, with their army of code enforcement officers, garbage police and user fees.

      Most Americans experienced a “new bandit” in their pocket, plus the old bandit that never actually left but only suggested that he might,

      Every administration has to confront and face obstacles and the resistance they offer.

      Some are afforded more civil consideration the others. In that regard,Obama is in the company of men Lincoln, Jackson and Roosevelt with a long list of enemies for whatever reason.

      In Obama’s case, the resistance comes mostly in the form of innuendo’s and inference statements, implying and suggesting, rarely having much in the way of substance.

      Which, ~ I see as a good thing. While it so true, America and American’s must go back to work and strike better and harder deals with the rest of the world. This policeman to the world business is wearing thin, especially if there little to gain for the American people and not for some Global interest locking down private enterprise fleecing American tax payers in the process.

  • t. jefferson

    The fact that he intends to destory America is not exactly news. I knew what he was up to when he ran the first time. It is a pity that more sources didn’t have sense enough to report the truth about this man and ask the obvious questions that needed to be ask back then instead of being afraid of being labeled as “Racist”. It certainly was not a secret to anyone that had sense enough to look at the man and listen to the crap flowing from his mouth.
    Matt. 20:7 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.
    If more people had the nerve to tell the truth back then ,we might not be in the mess we are in now.

    • Deerinwater

      And what are those fruits t jefferson? Please tell us in specific terms.

      You are telling us that you knew before you knew of these ‘fruits” of destruction.

      How can that be? To know before you know. Are you sure this is a “fruit” we are discussing?

      • Jay

        When we look at the skies, and we see the clouds forming, do we not read them and say; A storm is coming? So why the silly question to tjefferson, deerinwater?

        • Deerinwater

          Just more inference and innuendo statement, circular reasoning and guilt by association.

          You’d make a terrible attorney. Little more then a lynch mob with green teeth and a rope.

      • Deerinwater

        Show us this “fact”, prove this fact of “intentions”? Is this too much to ask if you expect corporation?

        Convince me with data, ~ rather then claim his intentions as a fact.

        The sky is often full of clouds of many varieties, but should we blame the weather on the clouds? A cloud is a product of prevailing conditions but the cloud did not create these conditions but is only a manifested reaction to them.

  • Kevin Beck

    Obama has a point with the title to the article. His policies wouldn’t have been considered liberal 15 years ago; they would have been considered criminal.

    • Deerinwater

      explain or stand down.

      It is not enough to make the charge.


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