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Obama tax hikes may total $2.2 trillion

March 11, 2009 by  

Obama tax hikes may total more than two trillionThere has been no shortage of critical voices in response to President Obama’s new budget proposal, and one organization claims there may be more than a trillion dollar in hidden taxes.

According to, an organizing center for activists for traditional and conservative values, the official level of new taxation at $1 trillion may overlook as much as $1.2 trillion due to items such as carbon tax being passed off as "climate revenues."

The organization has estimated that the $645 billion in carbon taxes pushes the total tax increases in President Obama’s budget to at least $1.64 trillion.

Referring to a recent speech by President Obama, Steve Elliott, president of, said, "The president is right that a ‘day of reckoning’ is coming, but that reckoning will take the form of citizens who are fed up with politicians expanding the tentacles of government deeper and deeper into our lives and our pocketbooks."

On February 26, President Obama unveiled his budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2010 which predicts that government spending will reach 24.1 percent of GDP, financed by $5 trillion in new debt and $1.4 trillion in new taxes.

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  • Bob Livingston

    The politicians would say that we should never fail to take advantage of a crisis. This massive amount of money creates many loopholes for political pork and new hidden taxes under various names.

    One wonders how long people will go with false hope. Politicians are only re-hashing what they have been doing and the concern should be that these huge bailouts is a euphemism for the greatest transfer of wealth from the savings and retirement funds of Americans to the depreciating dollar of the paper regime.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Both political parties are pretty good about spending “our” money, but the democrats love to create more government and agencies, to distribute our hard earned dollars to those who dont want to work, and to themselves in running all these new branches they like to set up, which costs more and more, because over time they like to grow them and add more administrators, and thus involve more people who want a slice of our money. The more government they can create, the more dependant people become on them, the more power they get.
      The scary part is, the democrats have no reserves about lying right in our face and tell us one thing, then do another.

      • Elaine Bowling

        Boy, that was a great piece you wrote!. I agree with it all.

        • John

          Short but sweet.

          We will find out one day that Husaein (Do’nt know Arabic spelling) was backed by Muslems to make our country (That I fought for) fall to the Muslem religion and way of life.

          He is a puppet.

          I am a retired Firefighter from Camden,Nj dying of Cancer in Florida.

          Carry on for me and the rest of proud Americars.

          A job well done,


          • Bart Rau

            Apparently you don’t know how to spell do’nt in English, either. Does that mean you are not American either?

      • Pat

        I feel so bad that you served our country and look what has become of our freedom. I will carry on your fight to my dying day. I have heard that our young people have not been taught civic responsiblity in colleges and high schools. the last campaign was all about celebrity, smooth talking orators who will not and did not keep one promise. I encourage everyone I know to get involved and TAKE BACK AMERICA

      • physics4u

        Those Good Old Boys in Congress and the President are more than pretty good at spending other peoples money, they are world class experts! Obama is just a puppet, an empty suit with excellent oratorical skills. He has strings attached to his arms and legs and a loudspeaker wired to liberal Marxist controllers. We are likely the first country to have an illegal alien in the top controlling position. We have had our wake up call, and it tells me we should get off our complacent butts and begin cleaning out the Good Old Boys club in D.C. and get back to basics of our Constitution before we lose the whole country. We must get rid of their super pensions and force them into term limits.

        Two terms of two years each should work. It takes about two years for the Good Old Boys to corrupt an honest man; if the honest man doesn’t conform, he will be rendered ineffective and impotent and never be able to accomplish anything. After two years he becomes a fledgling crook, so he needs to be removed before he becomes an accomplished crook.

        As far as this financial farce and the ‘stimulation program’, you can’t get out of a hole by digging it deeper, but the faster you dig the sooner you will reach hell, if there is such a place. Maybe we are already there, and just too brainwashed to realize it. We are going right down the Marxist playbook.

        We also need to get the 95 percent of the educational system’s ‘professors’ , who are socialists, out of the educational system, but decent books, and monitor their teaching closely. They teach our children how to ‘work the system’ rather than a decent work ethic, and pass even the dunce because they don’t want to hurt his self esteem by a failing grade. Failure is an option, even if they don’t think so. We get children out of the system who can’t balance their checkbook or even count change. The world does not owe us anything we don’t earn; not a house, not a car, not a living, not a drug high.

        Pouring more money into education will not cure the problem. Remember, those who got us into this financial mess were educated in our current system. We need to get rid of tenure altogether and go principally by merit. They should teach basic educational requirements, without adding their own personal agenda and political views. Our Constitution is fine; it does not need to be re-written nor constantly attacked and re-interpreted. ‘Diversity’ is doing a lot more harm than good. Immigrants not willing to adjust to our culture should have stayed home, where their beloved culture is practiced. English is spoken here.

        The only product we produce faster in this country than the Federal Bureau of Engraving and Printing prints bogus (unbacked) notes is lawyers, and most of them are socialists. I could go on, but who would listen? Have a good day, while you still can, and learn to vote intelligently.

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          Very well and truthfully said. Now if you were a lawyer or a rich guy, you could run for office, but if you are neither, you cant run. That is another damn shame of the way these leeches have things all set up. The common man with the correct thoughts, structure and morals, cant run for office, because he first of all needs to be a lawyer, with would throw the moral part out, then he has to be rich or have a lot of rich friends, so that pretty much throws out the man with the correct thoughts and structure. So theyve got us pretty much screwed.

    • mitch

      hearing him (obama) say “tax cut” is almost enough to make me vomit. Are people really that stupid?

    • Dennis

      It is real nice to see all thses replys. However when are the Americans gong to stand up and take control of all government entities. These so called government servants are only serving themselves. The people of the United States put them there. We need to tell them what thaey can or cannot do. If they do not following our requests and demands then remove them from office in the next election. Or if that does not work the activate the Delecration of Independence and revolt against a tyranic government

  • aman

    Dear fellow American,

    Wall street is throwing us a bone. The economic news couldn’t be more dire! Obama is employing sugar coating tactics in order to get you to spend, and to get you to invest more! He’s trying to restore confidence with mere words. There are several sectors of the crisis that still haven’t been addressed. Commerical real estate the the complete meltdown of the confusing derivatives market globally that toallys some nearly 500 trillion dollars plus!!! This might be the plan to allow him by executive order to take custody of your retirement fund. What’s more, Super hyperinflation, and social security, healthcare, and illegal alians, still have to be addressed. As of now we’re suppose to be entering a period of deflation and once this gets going it’s going to be bad! very bad! The government does’t want you to be informed so you should seek you news from more worthy sources like Accuracy in media, Michael Savage, Money and the Markets, The Slate, and I’m sure there are others. Keep on the Alert and don’t run with the heard!

    • Pat

      I encourage everyone to join tea parties in your area, write to your representatives and let them know you will not invest in anything until the market cleans up it’s act. Some of the conservative websites are, the Heritage Foundation, the Conservative Union

  • Elaine Bowling

    It would be wonderful if every member of congress was to autided this tax season! We might have wealth unknown. On April first, please send a tea bag to the President. You don’t have to even make a note, many are doing it.

    • Pat

      Great idea

  • Virginia

    People who voted Obama in still don’t get it and the Media does not know what the word “TRUTH” means and obviously they both need a course in Economics 101.

    • mitch


  • Larry

    People who voted Obama in ,didn’t even know what they were voting for. They weren’t voting for Obama, they were voting against Bush.

    • http://NA William White

      I would immagine that the only people trashing President Bush are not true Christians. There will be millions of people alive one day that will never know

      that if it had not been for President Bush’s acomplisments against abortions, they would have been killed at birth and cut up into parts for sale.
      Obama and his cronies in the Obama cabinet, will see that the great good
      done by Bush will be quickly undone, and the million abortions a year will increase to twice that number. It makes one wonder how much The Abortion industry contributed to Obama’s campaign. William White.

    • Pat

      Look what they got, a sinking ship with no captain

    • Art

      Right. Unfortunately there are way too many people in this country and their representatives in Washington that get caught up in the emotion and hype and don’t look beneath the surface. Witness the “Porculus Bill” which virtually no one read before voting for it. There went almost a trillion bucks being spent on nothing more than an emotional whim. The people these morons represent are just as bad. What other result can you expect.

    • jcperk

      Most all of the young people that voted for him have been brain washed in the schools and colleges to believe the BIG LIE that the communist want them to believe. This was all planned and has been planned for a long time to make the US accept the One World Government that is here and being implemented right under our noses. The majority of Americans have no idea what is going on right now, but the ones who know what is in THE HOLY BIBLE know what is happening right now and we are not shocked. We are educated about what is going on. Everyone hear this. You need to read your BIBLE, preferably “Daniel” and “Iziaah” and “Revelation”. This will spell out what is happening now under our ignorance.
      They (Washington) had to break us to have an excuse for jumping on the One World Government bandwagon and most everyone will accept it because of our economic condition,
      which Washington has caused. Believe me, this is the honest
      truth. Wake up America. You are going to get the shock of
      your life real soon. Furthermore, the Morons in Washington have no idea what they are doing and what they are bringing on. Read THE GOOD BOOK and you will find out for yourself.
      Do not listen to morons, but study and learn the truth for yourself.

      • http://Personellibertydigest Jeff Barker

        You got that right. Pretty sure this is the beginning of the “End Times”. Did you know the North American continent is the only one not listed in the Bible? Probably because we won’t matter or exist anymore.

  • Paul Trood

    The people of America have once again been duped. Obama has broken just about every electoral promise or pledge in just 2 months of office. Gitmo, Iraq, government lobbyists, bailed banks directors salaries and the list goes on.
    Gitmo: delaying the closure but more importantly there is evidence he is moving detainees to other camps in both Afghanistan and Pakistan where torture can continue unfettered.
    Iraq: He first stated he would start bringing the troops back in 6 months. Then it became 16 months, now it’s 23 months and if you read the fine print it say’s “he MAY” not he WILL.
    Government Lobbyists: Stated that lobbyists would play a much reduced role in regards to his administration. If you study the people he has put in the top jobs, the majority are past lobbyists. They are also past and present members of the C.F.R and the Trilateral Commission.
    The Bailed Banks: And this is the real biggie, the so called salary caps for CEO’s and senior management staff ONLY applies to any NEW banks that find themselves in economic trouble due to incompetence and NOT to any of the former and ACTUAL banks that have received assistance and who were the main players in the collapse. And it’s based on the honor system?? They would have to be joking, there is NO honor on Wall St just greed and corruption.
    I will give Obama one thing, he is a great actor and an even better liar. Heaven help us !!!

    • Sandy

      Unfortunately, people are still not seeing the true picture of this current administration. Watch some of the news networks, they still are in love with him. Nothing he does is wrong and if you speak against him you are a racist, redneck and stupid. This is going to be a very, very long four years!!! May God Have Mercy On Our Country!!!

  • Craig

    The sad thing is we must deal with this loser congress until 2010 when hopefully the American voter will have waken up and we can rid congress of all this loser, liberal democrats, only problem is it may be to late. Obama is going run this country right into the ground. People, the America of the past is dead, Obama is going wreck this nation beyond recognition. I didn’t vote him because I listenned to what people said when they said he was a crock, lier, cheat, back-stabber. But people were so wrapped up in ridding Bush they didn’t pay attention and now we deal with what we got, the worse person possible. It won’t be long and more illegals will have jobs than Americans, there will be NO conservative radio, the democrats will have 7 million new voters (the illegals that get amnesty will coierced into voting democrat, which will pretty much assure a democratic congress and president. Thank you to the american voters for giving us this mess. “For whom the bells tolls, it tolls for the USA”.

  • s c mailen, jr.

    In effect, Obama has given America a new and more perverse New Deal. The first one was over-rated and lasted much longer than it should have. This one will be worse. What is Obama doing to investigate the POLITICIANS and government agencies responsible for creating this economic disaster? The answer is NOTHING. We should expect NOTHING positive from this half-baked administration. FDR was bad enough. Obama will make him look like a choir boy. Thanks for NOTHING.

  • Bob

    Not that I agree with Obama’s policies but if you have a deficit you have to increase revenues, that means tax increases. I am tired of everyone screaming about no taxes when we run deficits year after year after year. We will not stop government spending until we bring taxes up to revenue spending. Then the people will scream for both. Until we start paying for everything government does we will not have reform. I am for balanced budgets, small government, small business. I am tired of people only screaming for not taxes and not balancing the budget. We are bankrupting our nation not just because of uncontrolled government spending but conservative policy which only wants tax cuts or no new taxes. We will continue to have this problem until we get a balanced budget amendment, taxes raised to cover expenditures and then the fight for what is really neccessary in government. So yes raise taxes until we meet our budget deficits and then the people will decide what we really need and taxes cannot be cut until there are budget cuts to go with it. When will sanity come back to America. Conservative policy (cut taxes) and liberal policy (govt. spending) have bankrupted our nation. A pox on both your houses. You are both just as irresponsible as the other, I find no hope in either house.

    • jcperk

      Only problem with this is that the more money you give the morons the more they spend. What you say does sound good but every middle class will be downgraded to poor and every poor person to poverity. The first thing they need to do is quit taking money from the lobbyist like Obama promised he would stop. The next thing is to cut out all pork, all of it. Cut out departments and jobs that are not needed. Stop giving money to the arts for them to blasphene JESUS and GOD, etc, etc, etc,. I could go on and on but you get the point.

  • Phyllis

    There will never be any improvement in health until we get all the fast food out of the schools and reinstate activity programs. A large percentage of our children and grandchildren are obese. They are a generation of future diabetics,cardiac and hypertensive patients( poor diets ,no exercise) Compounding this is the lack of after school activity thanks to the X box. and the T.V. The cafeteria has become a breeding ground for future illness.

  • J Butterfield

    Let’s see, in the last 100 days, this is what our usurper has done.

    put us in about an 11 trillion debt
    instituted Americorps, whereby everyone would be forced into service and BTW… you can’t attend any religious services while serving in this (read details below)
    Wants control over the electrical grid and how hot or cold you keep your house
    Wants control over the internet; ability to turn it off at whim
    Wants control over churches; can’t the Bible
    Wants control over gun rights (actually ammo making)

    7.. Wants control over past government officials

    Wants control over the television networks as he wants to be on at a whim
    Has disregarded the US Constitution
    Refuses to show his birth certificate to prove who he is
    targeted our veterans as terrorists
    taken over the auto industry
    trying to take over the banking and lending industry
    I’m sure there is more, this is just what I could think of off the top of my head..

    The last 100 days have become terrifying for many Americans.

    They have seen their once proud country reduced to nothing in the world’s eyes all because someone that touted ‘change’ was able to con, sway, lie to people into thinking that his change was a positive change for the country.

    What the usurper omitted was that his change would destroy America from within and to the world.

    America has always been favored by God… but the recent changes in morality and turning away from Him has indeed contributed to the demise of this once great country.
    It is time to take our country back!!!

    • jcperk

      Your last paragraph is deadon. When we kicked GOD out of everything in our country, that’s when our escalation down ward began. Everyone is catered to in this country but the Natural Born American and the Christian. The world wanted a world run by man and not GOD and GOD is giving them what they want and our hell has just started. And just as the BIBLE says even when GOD is pouring out his judgment upon the world they will still curse and blasphene his name. SCRIPTURE FULFILLED. Unbelievers can say all they want to it will not change GOD’s plan. It is happening just as it is written in the BIBLE.

  • Linn

    People must stop and I mean stop wanting anything from the goverment , This is the only way the goverment will stop spending money !

  • Margaret Barton

    “Please don’t stoop to name calling”!? How about “the rich”, isn’t that name-calling? Oh, no, because the Presiding Usurper said it…the little ba*d, meaning born out of wedlock…And if he wants to disprove that, we’ll need to see his actual birth certificate, won’t we? Names, dates, hospital, mother, father, doctor…

  • Rev. Gary Clark

    What a joke of a President Obama is. The Devil is using him to bring in the New World Order, and he is playing right along. We know that Obama is not a Christian, and we also know that he is a Devil worshiper and that he hates Christians. This tax hike is just another way to bring the USA down into a nation that hates God and Israel. May God have mercy on the USA with this nini-Hitler as President.

  • http://N/A BADDAD

    If they really wanted to fix this country they would shut the boarders to all the imports that are stealing american jobs!!! If it ain’t made here, it shouldn’t be sold here!!! Unemployment would be 0%, tax revenues from all those working Americans and savings from canceled socialist programs would have this country out of debt faster than we could elect someone who believes in the U.S.A. and her FREE people!!!

    • terry

      hi e-one, has anyone ever though there may note be elections in 2010 ? certainlly not in 2012 . they will not give up there power over us!! the fraud in acorn, i beleive runs deep with many dems. in washington ! sad to say new world order is here!! god bless

  • Kizelyenoyevi

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  • http://charter howe

    Arizona and WE THE PEOPLE have been vocal about the need of the federal govt to enforce border security and for Obama to quit procastinating and pandering to LaRaza and the illegal immigrant agenda and quit trying to pass immigration reform into law before the border is secured. This flawed decision by Obama has imperiled many Arizonians and the reality is that Arizona is not able to protect their citizens without the government doing their job. Obama and Janet Napolitano have turned a blind eye to the inhumane problem being forced on to the State of Arizona by the drug cartels, the kidnappings by mexican gang members, the murder of a rancher and a policeman and other legal citizens, not to mention the enormous drain on resources caused by illegals sneaking across the border every day of the year. I read the Arizona bill that is under fire and I am having a really tough time finding anything that is linked to racism or racial profiling. The bill does seem to allow Arizona police to better protect their citizens from criminals, so why is that unreasonable. Boycotts and inaction are irresponsible and why as of 15 May 2010 did the (Dept of Justice) DOJ Eric Holder state during a Congressional Inquiry, that he had not read the Arizona bill 1070, yet he and Obama were questioning the constitutionality of the new law several weeks earlier and in fact did nothing to diffuse the hostile situation that Rev Al Sharpton, Senator Guiteirez and President Obama created with their devisive remarks. Sharpton was comparing immigration problems with the Martin Luther King days with the strife that blacks went through. The comparison was really a disgusting attempt at supporting criminal activity rather than lose latino support for the democrats. The new direction that Sharpton is moving toward is to pander to the latinos to help Obama and his socialist agenda to remain in power to complete his transformation of America. Sharpton admitted on Fox News that Obama and this administration has a socialist agenda. Do you ever wonder who and what ideology drives these political minds from deciding whats in the best interest of WE THE PEOPLE. I think a new strain of liberal DNA has mutated from the mentally ill and is infecting the democratic party all over the country. I may be brain dead and
    never saw this ideology coming. Just remember its less than six months to election time and if you want your freedoms and your country back please show up at the polling place and decide the fate of the Republic. It is my belief that Obama will not take any action on immigration so that he can push Amnesty as the only solution to the illegal immigration revolt. The reason he wants to go this route is because he and his band of corrupt politicians do not want to secure the border. Unless the border is secured any actions taken to resolve the illegal immigration problem is a waste of time, because the problem will just repeat itself again and again. I personally want the borders secured and the immigration rules we expect people to live by, legitimized by law, but no amnesty for anyone who came into this country illegally and that goes for revoking citizenship for anchor babies also. Either do it the right way or hit the highway. There are millions of deserving European and asian immigrants still waiting to get into this country legally and they keep getting pushed back further in the line.

  • Lesley Rouillier

    Holy water is used throughout many religions for various ceremonies, blessings, as well as warding off evil.


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