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Obama Supporters: What Are You Smoking?

September 6, 2012 by  

Obama Supporters: What Are You Smoking?

Are you better off than you were four years ago?

This, pundits say, is the question that will make or break the second-term ambitions of President Barack Obama. Chances are, however, if you happen to be of the “hope” and “change” crowd that in 2008 got President Obama the keys to the White House, the answer is a resounding “No!”.

If you are a libertarian-minded, Constitutional-loving American, this dispatch will be of little value to you. You already understand that within the confines of the plutocratic two-party political system there is no hope for achieving smaller, more liberty-oriented American governance in the upcoming Presidential election. You have already likely decided to stand by, hoping for some politically miraculous event that puts a worthy candidate before you. You’ve probably already resigned yourself to writing in the name of a candidate with little or no chance of winning, marking a third-party section of the ballot or simply not voting.

This correspondence is aimed at anyone who openly declares support for Obama. If the hopey, changey warm fuzzies have yet to wear off, here are a few things to consider about how Obama has fooled his base:

He thinks that his supporters are all either high or suffer the effects of short-term memory loss.

Obama has gone to great lengths to try to make voters believe that he wants to rethink how America deals with drugs. The Nation’s “War on Drugs” is ridiculously flawed and functions only as a profit maker for the prison-industrial complex and a profit protector for the Big Pharma drug cartel.

For the casual marijuana user, Obama offered this in his book Dreams of My Father:

Pot had helped, and booze; maybe a little blow when you could afford it. Not smack, though.

I had discovered that it didn’t make any difference whether you smoked reefer in the white classmate’s sparkling new van, or in the dorm room of some brother you’d met down at the gym, or on the beach with a couple of Hawaiian kids who had dropped out of school and now spent most of their time looking for an excuse to brawl. You might just be bored, or alone. Everybody was welcome into the club of disaffection. And if the high didn’t solve whatever it was that was getting you down, it could at least help you laugh at the world’s ongoing folly and see through all the hypocrisy and bullshit and cheap moralism.

Unfortunately for Obama, no matter the amount of pot casual recreational drug users and medical marijuana patients fire up, his own “hypocrisy and bullshit and cheap moralism” is no laughing matter.

Obama, promising to end the raids that had begun under President George W. Bush, said on the campaign trail in 2008, “I’m not going to be using Justice Department resources to try to circumvent state laws on this issue.”

Despite laws in some States that made legal the use of medical marijuana, Obama’s Department of Justice has widely used Federal resources to conduct raids on medical marijuana producers in places like Colorado and California.

So, he backtracked.

“What I specifically said was that we were not going to prioritize prosecutions of persons who are using medical marijuana,” Obama said in a recent explanation of his policy. “I never made a commitment that somehow we were going to give carte blanche to large-scale producers and operators of marijuana — and the reason is, because it’s against federal law.”

And what’s more, remember the horrific tactics used by the Justice Department in its White House-linked Fast and Furious debacle, whereby it essentially put illegal weapons in the hands of Mexican drug cartels, resulting in numerous murders? Well, as the conspiracy unraveled to put on full display the dangerous incompetence of both White House policy experts and appointed Department of Justice officials, Federal crackdowns on State-sanctioned medical marijuana producers were ramped up.

In the name of damage control, after being exposed as a Presidential administration hell-bent on shaping public perception of firearm ownership by putting guns in the hands of murders, the Choom Gang President unleashed the dogs on the medical marijuana industry in California to distract Americans and appease the anti-medical marijuana, anti-alternative medicine, pro-prison and pro-Big Pharma lobbies.

The move not only destroyed jobs, but it destroyed lives.

Of course, Obama wants you to forget all of that. And convenient pre-election leaks from White House “insiders” indicate that a second term for Obama means a new look at American drug policy. Oh, yeah, and he commissioned the Generation Y equivalent of Cheech and Chong to do a commercial for the Democratic National Convention:

Of course, Cheech and Chong were likely unavailable because in old age they’ve wised up; and, tired of worrying about the Feds, they’re now pushing magic brownies that lack illegal substances but are chock full of fiber:

If you’re high enough to believe the President, you may want to check into a local rehabilitation program.

President Obama thinks that if you aren’t high, you’re at least very, very stupid.

This is the Nobel Peace Prize-winning President whose record on foreign policy is no better from a peace or human rights perspective than that of President George W. Bush or any other warmongering neocon.

Obama had this to say to supporters in a recent campaign speech at the University of Colorado at Boulder, “This November you get to decide the future of the Afghanistan war. Governor Romney had nothing to say about Afghanistan last week. We are bringing our troops home from Afghanistan. I set a timetable and we will have them all out by 2014. Governor Romney doesn’t have a timetable.”

Barely a year into his Presidency, Obama ordered a troop surge in Afghanistan, with the idea that America would get the job done by brute force and begin bringing troops home by the middle of last year.

At the Republican National Convention, actor Clint Eastwood asked an imaginary Obama why he didn’t just cut the losses and bring them home before the surge. Eastwood suggested that America should have consulted the Russians with regard to advice concerning military success in the country. And in his ramblings, this is the most valuable point the actor made during that speech. Obama, after all, did run in 2008 on the notion that he would end Bush’s wars.

Just less than two months before the Presidential election, Americans are witnessing gross American failures in Afghanistan, despite Obama’s increase in troops.

The country cannot stand on its own, despite ongoing American efforts.

The efforts are getting American soldiers shot by the very people they are trying to train.

Later this year, the long-overdue troop drawdown is slated to take place. The country is expected to revert to total Taliban control.

The Obama Administration continually pretends that it has achieved great success in ending the Iraq war. What goes unmentioned, however, is far more telling than the President’s continual self-promotion as a war ending leader.

Obama doesn’t remind voters that he actually ran more than two years behind schedule on his plan to end the Iraq war.

And he doesn’t mention that he actually scrapped his own plan for troop withdrawal and followed the plan put in place by the Bush Administration.

How’s that for change?

The real change made in foreign policy by Obama is this: increased deadly drone strikes, illegal wars — albeit quieter ones– and using the excuse of “protecting the world from human rights abuses” to put the United States at risk of involvement in worldwide war with military superpowers like China and Russia. It is not change, but a continuance “forward” of Bush foreign policy that will continue no matter which major party candidate is elected.

But, at least he single-handedly killed Osama bin Laden.

To list all of Obama’s lies and transgressions would take far more room than this article will allow, but a simple reflection on the reasons why you may have supported Obama in the first place should give ample opportunity to understand why he has failed his base.

Many of us who are conservatives have continually expressed disdain for the Republican Party’s nomination of a candidate with so many Obama-like qualities and its subsequent blackout of the one candidate who could have unified people who favor small government, end to war and a focus on individual liberty. And pointing that out seems to bring many Republican diehards to a boil as they angrily accuse anyone who refuses to walk a party line of being an Obama supporter. But I can assure you we are not. We just believe that Romney is the lesser of two liars, rather than the lesser of two evils as they would suggest.

No one wants to vote for a liar, but those of you who elected Obama the first time must realize you already have once. Do you really want to do that again?

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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    • http://MSN John B

      The missing “tooth” is to represent the “Mad Magazine” character “Alfred E. Newman”. I think the cartoon is “perfect”.
      Alfred statement was always: “What, me worry?” Check out “Mad Magazine character” on the web and you will agree!


        “John B,” THANKS. I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF, Alfred E. Newman.

      • JUKEBOX

        I am reminded of the cover many years ago, where Alfred E. Neuman was up to his waist in a commode, with his hand on the flush lever. Obama is fixing to flush all of us down the toilet, and saying “WHAT,ME WORRY?”.

    • WtfChristopher

      You look crazy when you type in all caps. Stop it.

      And, he’s not a Kenyan.

      • Butch

        He’s a Kenyan, even his grandmother said she was present for his birth in KENYA. A company he worked had biographies of all their employees, guess what Obumma’s bio said re: his birthplace? An investigation revealed his birth certificate to be a forgery. He stumped for a political figure in Kenya, claiming all the while to be Kenyan. HE paid $4MILLION to have his records sealed. Why? When hes allegedly hiding nothing????

      • William Wiley Bolton

        Even the Harvard Law Review listed his birthplace as Kenya while he was there.

    • tgeer

      As it has already been explained, the caricature is from MAD Magazine.

      Our President is not from Kenya, no matter how much you wish to discard documentation. A lot of documentation.

      • William Wiley Bolton

        Still insisting the Kenyan is not a Kenya born and quoting forgery as proof. So lame.

  • Warrior

    I see the US is now selling drones in record numbers to other countries. Must make the Nobel Committee proud!

  • http://YAHOO CHAR51


    • Peter Anton

      Are you for real. This person has NO BALLS. Spewing lies while sitting behind his keyboard just shows what a sissy he really is.

      • George Makdad

        Yea, Pete ,this is all true, You must be one of the one smoking the good stuf!

    • carrobin

      The real question is, are you better off than you’d be if McCain/Palin had won in 2008? I doubt it. Obama may not be perfect but he’s ten times better than the alternative.

      • Dj Kumquat

        no. the real question is centered around the 2012 election, not 2008. get with the times.

      • Butch

        No hes nowhere near “10 times better”. At best, hes equally worthless.


    If we understand that politicians do not create real jobs nor do they sack people who do real jobs, then i cant see why its going to change much who wins the Presidency and why we worry about who wins.. What appears to be different is how a Democratic governments looks after the welfare needs of those who lose their jobs whereas the Republicans are offering less welfare for the citizens who once worked but become unemployed and those savings will be offered as tax cuts when any savings should be used to retire debt.

    IMO there should be no tax cuts until those borrowings are reduced, in fact there should be tax increases to speed up the reduction of those deficit borrowing otherwise what the Republicans would really be really offering would be borrowed tax cuts which would have to be retaxed at a later stage. Tax cuts is not being explained very well for what they really are and thus a current tax cut is a type of false advertising as those cuts would be made with borrowed funds. The tax cuts offer is a fake offer as are welfare giveaways which are both offered on borrowed funds.

    So the next question to consider…which offer is better overall remembering that the Republicans DO NOT CREATE REAL JOBS. Jobs are created by small and large businesses and income taxes are not the biggest reason businesses will employ more people expecially if your not making a profit then you wont be saving any tax.

    Can i argue [without being called a commo] that it might be better to have happier unemployed who will spend all their welfare on goods and services than having happier tax payers, if it is not your intension to reduce your borrowings with those intented budget cuts?

    • SJJolly

      The Republican Right yells a lot about the deficit, while at the same time pushing for maintaining, if not increasing, the GW Bush tax cuts, which make the deficit worse. The only way this makes sense is if the goal is to create a crisis, then solve it by radically downsizing government. Leastwise the parts of govenment the Right doesn’t like.

      • S Johnson

        I care about our ballooning deficit, I care about throwing Israel under the bus, I care about the number of illegals in country, I care about foreign dependacy on crude oil, I care about the lies being told, I care about gas prices, I care about the divisision between Americans, I care about a scaled back military, I care about a rouge nation like Iran develeping a nuclear weapon, I care that so many nations want to destroy Isreal,I care about the amount of of debt owed to other countries and I care about any ills involving my country but these facts pale in comparison to this fact! The democrats wanted to shut GOD out!!!

      • Butch

        No, you stupid idiot, cutting taxes does NOT increase the deficit. SPENDING increases the deficit!!! See what we’re up against people??? The stupidity of libtards never ceasing to amaze me. Why not stop giving money away, stop reckless, unneeded, unwinnable wars and stop over-regulating businesses. And do away w/ the illegal unConstitutional Federal Reserve which creates money out of thin air, then lends it back to us AT INTEREST! Get off yr lazy @$$ and get educated!

      • mick maag

        Bottom line is .. Obammy never really had a job.. let alone ran a business in his entire life… Romney has been both the owner and operator of one of the largest world wide capital corporations ever and ran it successfully, with profit… Running a country is a huge undertaking that takes a business man.. not a community organizer….

    • Sherpy

      If someone in your family has bad spending habits, do you think you should give them more money? Instead of increasing taxes, spending should be controlled by means of cutting spending. The US is still trying to run on maxed out credit cards, why should this work for a country when it doesn’t work for an individual? The government has a spending problem, this is obvious, and if you continue to increase the amount of tax each citizen pays it does nothing to solve the underlying spending problem. The government has absolutely no idea how to live within their means anymore. Can we really afford to take from the people what they can’t afford to give? Can we really afford to spend what we don’t have? Nope.

    • William Wiley Bolton

      Politicians in the USA often fire people that tell the truth if it comes at an inconvenient time. Some of them have people murdered if they know too much.

  • jopa

    Is our country better off today than four years ago? Of course.Four years ago the stock market was at 6500 and today at 13000+ and that is great if you have stock a 401k and just shows the economies improvement.Four years ago we were on the verge of another great depression however Obama was able to turn the tide and the negative job growth turned into 29 straight months of job growth.The auto industry in America was on the verge of collapse and today there are well over a million workers back on the job in an industry Romney said we don’t need to let it go bankrupt.We are now more respected around the world than ever before and then there is Usama Bin Laden. Or should I say there isn’t Usama Bin Laden anymore or talk of Somali pirates.There are just so many positives in the last four years it should make your head spin.We have a ways to go however we have the right leadership in the White House now and to say otherwise is just totally ignorant.

    • Flashy

      jopa…add in the insurance for kids up to 26 yrs old, not being dropped for pre existing conditions, rebate checks..THE FACT THAT HEALTH CARE COSTS HAVE risen less the past two years than any time the past 50. Add in strengthening work for welfare and giving states the chance to run their program. Add in the savings of jobs, our heavy manufacturing base, and we ADDED manufacturing jobs for the first time in 10 years. The energy dependence being less than in our modern times. bin Laden down. Out of Iraq. Knocked out Mubarek and Qaddaffi, kept Iran from having a nuke and ratcheting up pressure to bring them to the table, being able to serve the country you love not having a black mark for who you love. Lowered taxes for 95% of Americans. Brought us back from the abyss of economic collapse and losing 750,000 jobs a month to having positive job growth the past two years (4.5 mil). And on and on …

      But the TPers, the wacked, the American Taliban … they aren’t valuing the truth. They call themselves ‘patriots’….but they don’t say to what cause they are ‘patriots’ for…cause it sure as hack ain’t for America.

      • Mamamia

        Yes sir ree………..

      • Butch

        You self embarrassing idiots wouldn’t know the truth if it punched you in the face like you deserve. 4 straight years of TRILLION dollar deficits, increasing wars and “conflicts”, giving money to other countries INCLUDING China who is our largest debtor, and Obumma playing crony capitalist. Yup, things are better of yr a corrupt POS politician in bed w/ Obumma.

      • William Wiley Bolton

        Obama removed the work requirement for welfare to able bodied people by executive order. He is supplying taxpayer money to islamic organizations that it is a felony to fund! What comic books do the liberals get their facts from?

      • tlgeer

        “William Wiley Bolton says:
        September 6, 2012 at 9:42 pm

        Obama removed the work requirement for welfare to able bodied people by executive order. He is supplying taxpayer money to islamic organizations that it is a felony to fund! What comic books do the liberals get their facts from?”

        You do not know what you are talking about. He did no such thing. What he did was strengthen the welfare to work program.

        For one thing, there has been no executive order issued or signed. At all. What was issued was a HHS memo saying that they might consider a waiver of the national Welfare to Work program if the states can come up with a program that puts at least 20% more people to work than is currently put to work.

        What Islamic organization is Obama supposedly funding? How do you know that it is illegal? How did you find out about it?

    • Shelia

      I agree with you Jopa Obama/Biden 2012

      • JimH

        Are we better off than we were 4……..Trillion more dollars in dept? (with nothing, zip, zero, nada, to show for it?
        I’m not.

    • Rob

      An increase in the stock market doesn’t necessarily mean job growth. more than 8% unemployment for 30 months straight… 23 million unemployed/underemployed people… 46.7 million people on food stamps… almost half the population on some sort of federal assistance, not including medicare or social security… national debt increase from 5 trillion to 16 trillion in the last three years… And you think we’re better off than four years ago?

      • tigrebleau

        Don’t forget that nearly half the population pays NO federal income taxes. They should pay their fair share.

      • Peter Anton

        Tigre, you do realize that out of that 50% are all the people that have paid taxes all their lives and are now receiving Social Security and maybe a small pension from former employers. What do you have against the elderly of this country.

    • Dorian Douglas

      To Jopa & others

      4 yrs ago, we were in a recession, but with NO chance of depression on the horizen. Did you forget that the recession ended in June 2009? Obama himself said so (he was correct, 4 straght quarters of econmomic growth is the definition, and we had 2.5 under Bush, 1.5 under Obama). Biden was going around proclaiming the “Recovery Spring”. But since Obama hadn’t started any economic policies, the success was all from Bush.

      Bush didn’t put NINJA loans in place, and cover them up with Fannie & Freddie. And he didn’t dump $5.3 trillion of F&F’s worthless mortgages on the market, all of which is what caused the downturn.

      But the question for you and all BO supporters is this: since the recession ended in 2009, why hasn’t the economy improveds since????? Who is responsible for that??? By the way, the stock market is no gauge for the health of the economy, just the health of the market. Jobs is the gauge for the economy, and the phantom 4,000,000+ being claimed by BO aren’t even enough to cover the new graduates since he took office!

      As to GM bankruptcy, you misprepresent Romney. What he said was “let it go thru NORMAL bankruptcy, and it will come out stronger”. He was right, and that’s why we have a GM that was a $100,000,000,000 company, that is now a $33,000,000,000 company, with no chance to pay back any more of the money the tax-payers pumped in. (Every dime of profit is going to pay bills that would have been eliminated, had BO not interceded (illegally).

      Romney is also not seeking to cut taxes or raise taxes. He proposes to leave the existing tax RATES in place, and then revamp the tax code. BTW, does everyone understand that tax RATES & tax REVENUES have an inverse relationship? Higher rates, lower revenues & vice versa???? BO may or may not know, but his is ignorant or lying when he talks about taxes.

      And more respected around the world??? Where??? Bush made his share of mistakes, but is still revered in Africa. Europe would love to have him back; ditto Russia; China loves swidling us, but that doesn’t make BO respected. And Israel (of course the Dems yesterday sealed that fate, in spite of BO’s belated attempts to save face)?????

      Since all the “positives” of the past 4 yrs you’ve enumerated are phantom, would you like to enumerate those of the past 3 yrs that “make your head spin”? Don’t bother, there are none. (Unless more unemployed than ever, or highest welfare rolls in history are your benchmarks.)

      All Romney has to do is repeal ACA & replace with a free-market, common-sense patient/doctor plan, and give long-term sense to taxation, and we will have an economy that grows at 4%-5% in 6 months. Beyond that, leave it alone, and tax revenues will likely eclipse the new record revenues that Bush got (didn’t know that it was Bush who got the highest annual revenues ever, did you??? By cutting rates!!)!!!

      But the worst is that if we reelect the “golfer in chief” (liar-in-chief), we won’t be a Republic afert 2016. Go see the movie “2016″ (in Obama’s own words) to see why.

      • tlgeer

        Are you aware that a President cannot simply repeal something? That it has to be voted, with a “yea” vote, in BOTH houses in order to get it to the President to sign?

        You talk about GM. If GM had been forced to go through a normal bankruptcy how many employee’s would have been out of work until they restructured? At a time that this country had extensive unemployment? Have you thought about this?

        How about the FACT that what contributed greatly to our growing deficit was cutting tax rates to below functioning levels? FAR below functioning levels?

        I’ve seen so many people say that we need to drastically cut our budget immediately. Do you actually know what that would entail? If you cut the budgets (it’s not just one budget, it’s all of them) what you are cutting out are employee’s jobs. Jobs that are needed for both operating this country, and the Federal Departments, and for the employee’s to be able to feed and house their families.

        I’ve seen people talk about that 50% of the US does not pay an income tax. Are you aware that it’s because they don’t make enough money to be liable to pay an income tax? How about the fact that the majority of those are, also, living with an income that is considered below the Federal Poverty level? Which is where the people on Food Stamps come from.

        Instead of just quoting blind statistics, try looking at what the real time effects are behind them.


      Generous Motors is a mirror image of GM Canada, in that is owned partially by the government.

      • deerinwater

        Doesn’t Japan also help it’s auto industry along? It’s make it hard to compete on such an unlevel playing field with market force comes into play.

    • Mark

      Do you understand thats why the auto industry hasnt crashed, yet? Of those “saved” workers, who is really paying those salaries? Might want to back up and punt! Obviously you dont understand how this all works….I have a company that ditributes ice. Theres an opening in Alaska. Need a job?

  • momo

    “hypocrisy and [expletive deleted] and cheap moralism.”

    That sums up this administration in his own words.

  • http://none Carter

    For every GM plant paid for with taxpayer money two or more were shut down( this comes from out of work auto workers.If unemployment is better than working then,lets all quit and just print money and buy china produced goods.If we are better off why are cities in California declaring bankruptsy?Oh wait,thats part of Liberalism.The more people on foodstamps,higher unemplyment and more drug users.The Utopian dream.Living in your parents basement and abortion for free.

    • Flashy

      “For every GM plant paid for with taxpayer money two or more were shut down”

      Have any supporting data for that claim ?

      • jopa

        One of the barometers I have used in the past was just traveling down the Pa. turnpike.At the end of the Bush era there was hardly any truck traffic from Philly to Ohio.That’s a long stretch of road and there would only be an occasional Walmart or JB Hunt truck and it seemed as though the world was closing down.Today on that same road it is very busy with a high volume of truck traffic and that is what America needs. PS; For anyone that didn’t’ see President Clintons speech last night it is well worth listening to.There is something in it for everybody and is a very big dose of reality and truth unlike the Republican convention that was a barrage of misconceptions and lies.

      • Concerned American!

        You need to do more research/reading! And not just from the mainstream media which are obviously biased toward Obama! He is an anti-colonialist who wants nothing more than to turn America into a third world country! We now have as many nuclear weapons as Russia (since Obama has reduced them) and if Obama has his way he will reduce it even more. He does NOT want us to be safe from any foreign power and has fooled all his followers by putting his so-called health care in the forefront so no one is paying attention to what he is doing to our national security! And do you want to be a welfare country?? I know I don’t! Oh there is so so much more going on with this man that most of you don’t even know! He does NOT love our country! He HATES America….just like his father. Two of his long-time mentors are CARD CARRYING COMMUNISTS! PLEASE for the sake of our country….look it up!!

      • JUKEBOX

        I can name two off the top of my head: Janesvile, WI and the NUMMI plant in Los Angeles.

      • Been There; Done That

        Phila to Ohio via the PA Turnpike… are you a masochist ?
        From Phila, use the NE extension to I- 80 and on to Ohio.
        …….. Do you think OTR truckers are stupid?
        I-80 is an easier drive and a safer road with many on-off
        ramps for convenience stops.
        U R are still drinking that Kool Aide, Jopa.

        • William Wiley Bolton

          Mismanaged businesses should be allowed to end as I am sure a reorganization would have come and the new business would have been better than the old business under the same management that ran it into the ground in the first place. These favors for the wealthy touted as keeping jobs for the middle class are just bull. If I have a small business, the Democrat Administrations do everything they can to destroy it and there is no move to bail it out like the BIG guys.

    • http://PersonelLibertyDigest Doug

      that’s a pretty scientific barometer there Jopa you see more trucks on the Interstate. Didn’t your man spend nearly 1000000000000 for a stimulus so unemployment wouldn’t go above 8 % and what has the unemployment rate been for most of Obamas presidency ? Answer: over 8 % Reagan inherited a bigger mess from another incompetent Democratic president but he didn’t blame his predecessor his entire first term. Be specific you say the lies from the Republican convention, but yet you don’t mention a single one. If there are so many surely it shouldn’t be a problem right ?

      • jopa

        DougRNC lies Bowles Simpson a lie,Medicare speech was a lie, GM plant in Jaynestown Wis. was a lie and the idiot Ryan even lied by an hour on his marathon time that he ran 20 years ago.You can ask any runner and they all know instantly what their best time is.The RNC even announced that they will say anything because they won’t let facts get in the way.Watching the RNC audience I thought some of these people are really buying their crap but not all.Mitler and Ryan may find out that their followers are not all stupid and may check the facts.

  • Cari Solo

    Yes we are bettr off. Sometime no matter how we hate something we have to accept it… I know people hate chemo, but they have to take it. I know some people hate Obama, but they have to take the reality that if you have a 401k today you are better – because it’s value is holding steady instead of dropping like it did in 2008, if you have a hom you ar better off because the interest rates are as low as they can get, If you need insurance you are better. so yes as a nation be are better off. Some stop hating what is in your own self interest and take a good shot of the truth sereum.

    • William Wiley Bolton

      Traitors like Obama have never done anything good for the USA. Stop with the lies already.

  • Old504Troop

    Obama 2012 – Hope & Chains

    • swampfox

      More like hype and chains

  • uvuvuv

    the dow has doubled since feb 2009 (obama’s 2nd month in office, blame bush) but where is that money? with the dow at 13000 and within striking distance of its record high of 14000 in oct 07 (give obama credit) there should be trillions of dollars from the profits circulating through the economy. this is what we had in the clinton years so what’s the problem now? maybe we should ask that corzine.

    • Deerinwater

      Well, ~uvuvuvuv, people don’t normally complain about them having it “good” but in fact just shut up or disappear finding other things a other places much more rewarding.

      Claiming that you are doing well while so many are making the claim that they are struggling is probably not the smartest thing for a person to do.

      While I will confess, I’m fairing well, much better then 1998 or 99 or 2008 and 09 , I know many that are not.

      The economy is regional, much like the weather. The people in the Carolina’s just think it’s bad from years of Federal money being spent in their states and having it so good for so long.

      If you live close to water(money) your want for money is less then someone 700 miles from money.

      Just how often do we hear about hard economic times in Washington DC?

      It’s boom and bust ~ you need to prepare for the next Boom, ~ I’m afraid I’m too old and will only see the leading edge of the next Boom, while people in their 40′s and 50′s will get to witness it.

      I don’t believe people realized just how bad this country was managed for 8 long years and even before “W”. ( but it was “W” administration that dug us such a deep hole. Other then NASA and killing sandmen on the wholesale level, Boston’s “Big Dig” has been America’s only crowning achievement in 4 decades while the rest of the free world , Sweden, Germany , Britain etc, dig grand tunnels linking continents and building great dams and water works and state of the art power generation station.

      Our cites are rotting out, as people are looking around and blame each other for the government that we’ve got while we are all to blame! while it’s true that GOP leadership has enjoyed a small dominance for the passed 40 years. The GOP has don’t little while in power to address immigration other then build build a fence using minority contractors (American Indian) that employed Mexican day labor

      Nor do I believe that NAFTA was put in place and expected to serve us and the world well without some “oversight & regulation” . NAFTA is just a “TOOL” , that it’s been misused and misapplied is our loss and corporate concerns gains.

      Entrench Washington power, is bleeding us dry. ~ from both side of the isle.

  • whatmeworry

    Jopa is an example how truly dumb people can be of about the real facts.

    • jopa

      whatmeworry;You may not be worried for I have witnessed throughout my 62 years people that are mentally challenged do not worry and are some of the happiest people in the world. My posts are for those that care about America and can do something about it and look up the facts on the Tampa convention.You will see how much rancid baloney they are feeding you folks and it’s enough to gag a maggot.

      • deerinwater

        They are not going to do that JOPA, ~ They want to think that they are winning! “something! ” if it’s nothing but the moment. They have a media that helps defend and support their belief even if it requires some embellishment now and then.

        They will find something to stage an “End Zone” dance about if it’s nothing but Mrs. Obama’s dress or a rain -out”

        It’s quite comical actually

      • momo

        So there’s no Bullsh!t coming out of the DNC, jopa? Let’s face it both parties suck, and if you haven’t learned that in your 62 years, then you must be asleep.

  • chuckb

    jopa, if you goi,back to the deprsession days there were a lot of people that thought like you. fdr was the great socialist president, the government fed and clothed those who were needy. he printed money just like barry is doing, the economy was stagnate and nearly 16% un-employmewnt. this country was on a down hill slide and nothing to stop it. barry is leading the country the same direction, his second term proved nothing accept more welfare. if ww2 had not happened we most likely would have ended up in revolt.

    barry is not qualified to run this country, he hasn;t a clue other than speaking thru a teleprompter, clinton was nothing but a tin horn politician, if you go back and review his presidency he spent almost both terms defending himself and hillary from going to the penitentiiary. the only difference between him and barry is clinton wasn’t quite black enough.

    the bolsheviks have controlled this country since jan.07 until now, even though they lost the congress in 2010, the congress can do very little in passing legislation with the bolssheviks holding the senate. the economy was destined by the clinton administration with changing the rules on real estate loans, fannie mae, bush had his hands tied by the bolshevik congress and he was too weak to fight them. check there record, things started to really do down hill when the bolsheviks took over. in 07′

    barry has curtailed our crude oil production and the result is four dollar gasoline,.he has cost the taxpayers around fifty billion in loans to gm. he has lost billions in green energy loans, of course china and other countries enjoyed profits from his paying them to produce green energy components and at the same time shipping jobs to these countries.
    food prices are going through the roof, one reason is the cost of shipping due to the high price of fuel. he has promised russia something, we have to wait until he gets re-elected to find out what it is, “something like the healthcare bill” we won’t find out how bad the healthcare bill is until next year, that should be a real surprise to those that think their getting something for nothing.

    barry is a disaster for this country and always have been, bleach his skin and he wouldn’t get 35% of the vote. the media is his henchmen, they twist and turn the news, they pick up where the administration fails. they are doing so now, listen to abc they are going all out to promote this charade of ignorance going on in charlotte.

    • jopa

      chuckb;Your first paragraph says it all.If WWII didn’t happen there would have been a revolt.So the GOP answer is go to war with Syria,Iran and keep Afghanistan going forever.Bush’s wars cost us three trillion and counting.Don’t you think that may have had a little to do with the deficit.I know thats good for the war industry supplying bombs bullets and body bags does provide jobs , however Obama wants jobs for people in the auto industry, steel,oil and farming to name a few.Sorry but the jobs Mitler Romney wants to create America does not need.For him to keep rattling his sabre makes that draft dodger look like a fool.

      • Me

        I find it amusing how you attack republican politicians and their supporters for not doing any real fact checking while spewing the same lies the Democrats and their beloved MSNBC have been saying. Lame stream Media is brainwashing the masses whether it is Foxnews, MSNBC, etc. The only difference is how it is spun. We are not better off than we were 4 yrs ago, 16 yrs ago, 24 years ago or even 28 years ago. American’s are so hung up on the two party system they aren’t seeing that progressives in both parties are destroying this country. We have less freedom, less liberty and now thanks to the patriot act (Bush Jr created, Obama expanded) and the NDAA (signed into law by Obama) ANYONE even you can be held indefinitely without ever being charged. If Romney wins Obama will just pass the baton, just like Bush did with Obama. We have more illegal wars since Obama took office. He has only continued what Bush started.

  • boyscout

    OK. I can understand both Yes and No answers to the Better Off query. I can even understand the reasoning behind the bailout operations (but not the accountability)even though I disagreed with the basic premise. I cannot understand the failure to prosecute the financial miscreants in any other light than the persistence of crony favoritism.
    In that same light I can clearly see the continuance of our Middle East involvements, our grotesquely large military expenditures, and the fact that those of the 1% involved with the M/I should be quite happy with the way things presently are.
    In these issues I see no change whatsoever from the G.W.Bush regime. Curiously, this leads me to believe that changing the head of the puppet in chief from one side of the propaganda machine to the other will cause little effect.
    Some are of the opinion that Romney would do less damage and is therefore the lesser of two evils. This remains pure speculation as what his policies would actually be can only be surmised by leaving out either the flip or the flop of his statements. I am not a good guesser and I have not yet heard what I want to hear from “either” candidate.
    What I have found is an alternative to the two faced political whore that openly proposes the use of common sense. Perhaps this explains the general lack of interest in third parties – there is just no pizzazz in clear thinking. Now, for those who would refute my semi-logic just deem that I have gone back to my booze cooled bong for another mood alteration in prep of polishing my brass knuckles while I gleefully await Satan’s overthrow of the in place oligarchy. Oh, and please take a hit on me.

  • Benjamin Fox

    They don’t care as long as someone supplies the smokes.

  • S Johnson

    Let’s say that by his slobbering, wait-and-see endorsement of President Obama, Fomer President Bill Clinton set himself up for shame or fame whether or not, if pres O gets re-elected. If you ask me, and given O’s past record, thats taking a big credibility riskk

  • http://msn tom

    you all must be some kind of freak if you think that the jack wagon OPBAMA . was the biggest looser to be in the white house.he not only stupid and has no balls how do like them apples.

  • http://msn tom


    • jopa

      tom tom;Put down the crack pipe.

  • ninja

    I will say this is what I know, I work in the ghetto areas and all the people who are African American that I work with; all will vote for Obama. They said “I do not need to be knowing politics, I know my president and he is a good man”. They vote for hm because he is black. They also said Barry or Obama who cares what his name is, he is my president.

  • swampfox

    what are they smoking?
    some form of African skunk weed that is known to grow in fresh hippo poo and was originally found in Kenya,it is now called oblamo weed,there are rumors that a huge oblamo plant is under the white house,oblamo weed grows best while being subjected to constant Obama recordings of his past uh riddeled utterances,and is then laced with urinal scrapings and dipped in cool aid and let dry,it is then known as super oblamo weed.
    it induces a euphpric catatonic like mental state henceforth called obomozmia,people under its hidious affects lose all ability and capacity to reason and or think for themselves,
    for those unfortunates who become affected,they are doomed and become Obama zombies,
    they can be recognized by the sheep like bleating sound,

    • flfarmer

      Now that’s funny, I don’t care who the heck you are!!!!

  • ohiolandman the truth about the “BAILOUT”…

  • swampfox

    I know this,I was WORKING STEADILY the whole time bush was in office,commercial construction was booming,I was getting plenty of overtime and doing pretty good,had extra cash after my bills were paid,
    when ovomit came about,work STOPPED,I mean came to a.screeching halt and I have been struggling the whole time this socialistic nitwit has been in the whitehouse,its been the same all over the u.s,
    don’t give me any of that hog wash bush caused this economy,that’s pure see grade a malarky,
    the rich whom you democraps howl over backed off as soon as it was obvious Oblivit was going to put in the whitehouse by you idiot libral turd for brains.
    I never worked for a poor man,Its the rich that keeps us tradesmen working,but you libral morons are just to ate up with stupidity to figure out that basic concept,
    or you libral mush for brains dont give a damn since most of yall are lazy and would walk a mile to get something free rather than do a honest days work,
    all you godless bums,queer,tree worshipping hippie rejects can all go somewhere(to.France maybe) and eat doodie and bark at the moon,
    I was WORKING steady,now I’m not,Obama SUCKS!

    • William Wiley Bolton

      Really, Obama is much worse than just sucks. It will be many years of very hard work to just recover from the terrible things he has done to the USA. My career was destroyed by the Democrats and I do not think our nation has a worse enemy than Obama and the Democrat Party is a gang of corrupt criminals that has destroyed our intelligence community and harmed our allies. He alone is a fifth column of the terrorists right in our own nation and is giving our tax dollars to those killing our troops.

  • Samantha

    The world would be better off if there were a republic in office at the white house. Then people would not be on food stamps cause there would be more jobs out there.

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