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Obama: Superman Or Superego

July 10, 2013 by  

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman. No, it’s Super President!

Yes, friends, things are looking up for President Barack Obama. He has saved America from an economic depression; he has mandated universal healthcare; and he has arrested most of our fears over his spy network. Now it is time for him to save planet Earth.

This is the headline from The Telegraph: “Barack Obama to cut emissions in vow to save planet.”

“We don’t have time for a meeting of the Flat Earth Society,” Obama said as he outlined his climate-change plan while speaking to students at Georgetown University. He told them he will direct the Environmental Protection Agency to limit greenhouse-gas emissions from power plants and change the country’s infrastructure to protect against extreme weather. His plan means spending Federal money to increase renewable energy.

All this change must happen soon, declared the President, before there is too much Kryptonite… I mean carbon, which will choke the life from us. The President even went on to blame recent national disasters like Superstorm Sandy, terrible wildfires and droughts on global warming. Specifically, he said, one long-running drought has “forced a town to truck in water from the outside.”

Saving the planet is a long-held promise by the President. We are supposed to be happy that he is marshaling all of his knowledge from that Ivy League scholarship plus his time as a community organizer. Yet I wager the President has less understanding of hard science than I do, which is saying a lot considering I studied economics in college.

Then again how dare we question him? He knows what is best for us, right? He knows we need to be spied on for our own good. He knows we need to spend taxpayer dollars to save ourselves from… well ourselves. It’s all there in carbon and white.

On a frightfully frigid January day during his inauguration, the President warned that failing to cut emissions “would betray our children.”

This Looks Like A Job For Superman!

“Good golly,” Superman’s friend Jimmy Olsen might say.

It may seem to us mere mortals that Obama has some explaining to do. After all, Egypt and Syria are in chaos, oil prices have rocketed above $100 per barrel, the stock market is gyrating wildly and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke doesn’t seem to have a handle on what to do. All this is happening at a time when the greatest arch criminal since Lex Luthor — National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden — is on the run and ready to sell America’s most important secrets to any and all evildoers. All of this is happening, yet the President is fighting climate change. Never mind such inconvenient truths as the fact that global temperatures have not increased in 16 years.

Please excuse this old country boy and the fact that, where I live, we have experienced one of the coldest springs and worst flooding on record, but I have to ask: What is Obama selling? I don’t believe for one second it is our salvation. I believe it could be our damnation.

In the 2006 movie “Superman Returns,” the hero’s motto was left out. The Man of Steel used to say that he fought for, “truth, justice and the American way.”

Power Africa

I am willing to bet that the last thing Obama is fighting for is the American way.

“Power Africa” (it has a ring to it, doesn’t it?) is Obama’s commitment to provide $7 billion in aid to sub-Saharan Africa.

“A light where currently there is darkness — to provide energy to lift people out of poverty — that’s what opportunity looks like,” Obama recently told students at Cape Town University.

“So this is America’s vision,” the President added: “a partnership with Africa for growth and the potential for every citizen, not just a few at the top.”

This comes at a time when America’s Federal debt tops $18 trillion and at a time when thousands of Americans live with an economy so bad that they cannot get a job to pay for their own power.

There is a reason Africa is called the Dark Continent and why it is going to remain the Dark Continent. It doesn’t have anything to do with the skin color of the people. It has everything to do with corrupt and dangerous dictators and their delusions of grandeur.

And this is something Obama shares with African leaders. You don’t have to take it from me. Instead, read this from the recently published book The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House, by Edward Klein, New York Times writer and bestselling author:

One morning in the spring of 1991, a telephone rang in Gannett House… The caller was Douglas Baird, dean of the University of Chicago Law School. He was looking for Barack Obama, who had gained national fame as the first black president of the Review.

Actually, Obama was not the first person of color to be president of the Review. That distinction belonged to Raj Marphatia, who was born and raised in Bombay (now known as Mumbai), India, and who had become the Review’s president four years earlier. But while Marphatia’s presidency went largely unnoticed, Obama’s attracted a great deal of attention in the liberal mainstream media.

That publicity, in turn, led to a publishing contract for a book on race relations and several offers of prestigious clerkships and lucrative jobs. The liberal world was already beating a path to Barack Obama’s door. I made a cold call to the Harvard Law Review and spoke to Barack, recalled Baird, who is no longer the dean of the Chicago Law School but is still a member of its faculty. I asked him, “Do you have an interest in teaching law?” and he said, “No. My plan is to write a book on voting rights.” And I said, “Why don’t you write that book here at the University of Chicago. I can give you an office and a word processor and make you a Visiting Law and Government Fellow.

“He accepted,” Baird continued, “and several months after he arrived, he came to my office and said, ‘Boss’–he called me boss–‘that book I told you about–well, it’s taken a slightly different direction. It’s my autobiography.’ I was astonished. He was all of thirty years old and he was writing his autobiography!”

What were you doing at age 30? I had a wife, a newborn and two toddlers. I was still wondering if after eight years as a published writer if I was good enough at it to make a living from it.

Not so for Obama. Even though he was a lowly teaching assistant and by all accounts broke, he decided to tell the world his life story.

Winston Churchill wrote My Early Life: A Roving Commission, at 56. That was after he had been First Lord of the Admiralty, a commander in World War I and the Chancellor of the Exchequer. At 52, Mohandas Gandhi wrote his first autobiography, The Story of My Experiments with Truth, mostly because he was urged to by his friends.

But at 30, Obama wrote Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance.

I can’t comment on the book other than the title does seem strange considering he hardly knew his biological father. I haven’t read it, and I don’t intend to.

What we do know is that after his successful entry into politics the book sold like sunscreen in the Sudan. Overnight, Obama had money in the bank.

How would Sigmund Freud interpret Obama’s book with regard to his theory of the psychic apparatus: id, ego and superego? My guess is that Freud would say Obama has an abundance of superego.

I don’t like to judge another person’s state of mind unless that person is our President. Yet any criticism of Obama may not mean much. To his loyal Liberal supporters it will always be: Up, up and away!

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • shadow1776

    Obama thinks you can just fire up the printing press and keep making money. But a child knows that if you have a lot of something, its not as valuable as a few. He is making America a laughing stock, and all not just him, all of these politicians are making us hated by other countries. They can’t fix our country but they are gonna save the World. STUPID…!

  • Pat

    Don’t u people ever get tired wish u were treated this way maybe USA would not be this messed up. You were there way before the president tryin clean up after u fools.

    • shadow1776

      These political fools in office are not trying to clean up anything. They are pushing us towards socialism. If people would bother to check history and see what they have done and are doing, you would see this. Have you done your research or just taken the word or politician.? If you don’t bother checking to see what is really going on, then you’re a fool.

      • Pat

        Naw u d fool yea ck history

  • joe kuprevich

    He is a sick bastard…got to b put down like a mad dog…

    • Pat

      Yea u do

      • shadow1776

        Pat, I check information on everything i talk about. I Never take anyone at there word anymore. So don’t take my word or anyone elses. Do the research, and then come to a conclusion. For a Free America and better tomorrow. Thank You and God Bless

  • genomega1

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    Obama: Superman Or Superego

  • Gunny G

    Reblogged this on DICK.GAINES.AMERICAN! ~ Gunny G's… Since 1997 and commented:
    Dick G

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Tim

    If BO’s hubris could be converted to money, we would have more than enough to solve the world’s fiscal difficulties!

  • http://none johnny reb

    Mussolini,hitler,stalin,tojo,all had narcissist egos as well,just like b.o.
    those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.
    it is obvious obamski needs to be impeached,but he won’t be,why?
    because the whole system is infested with rot,greed,lyers,hyprocrits,just like rome before its collapse.
    i tryed to tell people a long time ago what obama was and what he would do.oh no,i got tagged as a racist,i am a avid history buff and prior marine,my father foughf in ww-2 & korea,i grew up knowing what socialism and communism was,who the founding fathe were,what being a american meant,
    but,that is nearly gone now and this generation is skewed and have had their minds filled with garbage,they have no sense of righf and wrong

    • http://none johnny reb

      being a patriot and a defender of the America our founding fathers fought for now labels you as a threat by the same govt that should uphold those cherished ideals.
      for us who hold dear that sacred document,the conatitution we are branded now as threats.things are twisted and skewed.tbere is a man occupying the white house who hates everything this nation represents and is hell bent on destroying it.thats plain as can be,trying to explain these things to a libral is a waste of breath.
      sorry to say,i see only one way to change things and don’t really want to see things go that way,but i see nothing changing,only getting worse.
      this man is a tyrant,a narcissist,a Hitler in another guise,he has verocially lied,deceived,and continues to do so and will continue to do so,while he pulls this nation down.
      i know i am on some vovt list or other for speaking out,i don’t give a damn,he hates any kind of dissent,he is a evil tyrant.
      i am a hard working guy and never have i struggled like this to make it,when i got out the.corps,i went into construction and never struggled untill this sorry excuse for a president showed up,now i have lost near everything i worked for,but my self pride.
      WAKE UP AMERICA!, they’ll have to kill me before they drag me off to a fema concentration camp.the satanic nwo is here,jesus warned us it was coming,and its here,in Washington,in the oval office,call me nuts all you want.

      • shadow1776

        Johnny Reb, I know what you’re saying. Yep I believe we are in revelation to, remember he was pushing for the RFID Chips to be implanted. But couldn’t because they ruled unconstitutional. But you wait and see, they will find away around the constitution, but then I’m gonna head gor the mountains. But it is coming.

      • Brent black

        Rather call you absolutely right. Cause you are

      • William Grimes


    • shadow1776

      Johnny reb, I’ve been telling people for years too. But half these people are afraid to say anything because they are afraid of being called racist. But I call things they way I see them. The man is destroying our country on purpose.

  • http://Yahoo LB Duncan

    O, the Muslim egotistical,lying SOB needs to be beaten at his own game. 😡👺


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