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Obama: Stop Lying About Oil Prices!

May 2, 2012 by  

Obama: Stop Lying About Oil Prices!
Higher petroleum prices back up Barack Obama’s argument that renewable energy is urgently needed.

Oil at more than $100 per barrel is far too expensive. Despite President Barack Obama’s recent protestations that oil speculators are to blame for expensive petroleum, the truth is that most of the blame rests on his shoulders.

There is plenty of oil in North America. Yet Obama and his Green lobby are happy to see gasoline prices go even higher just as we hit the busy summer driving season. The reason is that higher petroleum prices back up Obama’s argument that renewable energy is urgently needed.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt made the famous pronouncement that “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Nearly 80 years later, a Democratic President is not playing down public fears but actually fanning them. If you don’t believe me, consider the facts about North America’s vast petroleum reserves and surging production.

Canadian oil production rose to 1.6 million barrels per day (mb/d) last year. That was an increase of more than 13 percent from the year before. According to the Canadian Energy Research Institute, Alberta and Saskatchewan oil sands production will more than double to 4 mb/d in the next seven years and will reach 6.2 mb/d by 2045.

Add that in with the expected increase in both U.S. and Mexican oil production, and North America will be producing 11 mb/d by the end of this decade. That is about the same amount of oil that Saudi Arabia can produce if it opens its spigots all the way.

The 11 mb/d of oil production is a conservative estimate. Mitt Romney promises that if he is elected, he will vastly open up offshore drilling. If ever fully tapped, North America has the potential reserves to produce 14 mb/d of oil by 2020.

“North America is becoming the new Middle East,” recently wrote Ed Morse, the managing director and head of global commodities research at Citigroup.

Of course, much of North America’s energy independence will depend on who is in the Oval Office. If it is someone like Romney, who believes in free markets, I believe gasoline will be affordable again within a couple of years.

However, if Obama is re-elected and he continues to object to the import of Canada’s oil sands as well as expanded drilling within U.S. borders, petroleum prices might hit new records by the end of 2013. That will be more bad news for a shaky U.S. economy and will only further weaken America and the greenback.

After all, shortages and panics happen all the time. They certainly don’t require a U.S. President to get them going.

My First Lesson In Fear Economics

In the autumn of 1972, Alberta’s bitter cold was settling in. The engine to my mother’s Mercury was idling hard when the gasoline pump clunked to a halt. I pulled the nozzle out of the tank and pushed it back into its cradle.

I fished $10 from my wallet, enough to buy the gas and still have change left over for a coffee.

After paying, I headed for the door. Before I reached it, I was called back.

The manager asked: “Do you know about the antifreeze shortage?”

“What antifreeze shortage?”

“The one that’s coming this fall,” said the manager. “I haven’t gotten half the orders I was promised. My supplier told me the province is running out of antifreeze.”

I thought I better buy antifreeze. I dipped into my wallet and found some cash I was saving for the weekend. I gathered up what was left.

Whether it was real or manufactured, I don’t know; but by the end of 1972, there was an antifreeze shortage. In December that year, you couldn’t find a gallon of antifreeze. For farmers caught in the middle of a cold Canadian winter, much depended upon it.

Years afterward, people in Alberta were still tripping over gallons of old antifreeze they had bought in 1972.

What happened to antifreeze happened to oil just a few months later. But in the case of oil, hoarding occurred on a worldwide scale, and the stakes were far bigger.

By late 1972, OPEC was sick of trading its petroleum for devaluing dollars. The seeds were planted for the first Arab Oil Embargo. For traders, just the idea that oil would be withheld from the market sent prices soaring.

From October to December 1973, the price of crude oil rose from $5.40 to $17. That was only the beginning of a frenzy that would send the price of crude above $70 per barrel in today’s money.

The climax to the oil crisis came in 1979 in the wake of the Iranian Revolution. Oil companies bought more than what they needed — not just because of the price (which they thought was headed higher), but because they were unsure they would get any oil later on.

Hoarding wasn’t limited to just oil companies. Everyone was intent on building oil inventories, even everyday motorists.

In his book The Prize, Daniel Yergin writes that before the 1979 oil crisis, American motorists drove around with, on average, their gas tanks one-quarter full. Following the Iranian Revolution, those gas tanks were, on average, three-quarters full. That changeover in itself sucked 1 billion gallons of motor fuel out of gasoline station tanks.

As a result of the Iranian Revolution, Western oil supplies were cut by 2 mb/d. Not only was the reaction to the oil embargo (3 mb/d of hoarding) worse, but it was the deciding factor in pushing oil prices above $35 a barrel and throwing the West into a recession.

My point is that you have to beware of textbook arguments by economists who don’t account for human emotions. Just because we’re not running out of oil doesn’t mean that oil prices can’t go higher, perhaps much higher. In the end, prices for everything from tulip bulbs to antifreeze and even petroleum depend much more on mass perception than the reality of supply and demand.

The Phony Oil Crisis

There doesn’t need to be an oil crisis on North America’s horizon. All we need is a straightforward U.S. President who believes in the free markets. We don’t need the leader we have now — an anti-oil President who insists on Green energy regardless of the social and economic costs.

On last month, columnist Paul Driessen summed up Obama’s broker energy policy:

Yet another “renewable” argument is that petroleum “keeps us trapped in the past.” In truth, we need to worry about the present, especially our depressing unemployment and unsustainable debt. Oil and gas provide 60% of America’s energy. By contrast, despite untold billions in subsidies, wind and solar combined still provide barely 0.60% – and are unlikely to do much better for decades to come.

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers

Editor, Myers’ Energy & Gold Report

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • Cal

    “Yet another “renewable” argument is that petroleum “keeps us trapped in the past.” In truth, we need to worry about the present, especially our depressing unemployment and unsustainable debt. Oil and gas provide 60% of America’s energy. By contrast, despite untold billions in subsidies, wind and solar combined still proiebrl , if not TRILLIONAetrfrdcdst oe”
    tsatal i non htgt”ntidiin nsbiis,ntwn n oa.Teei oidsr oesbiie hnol vntog hr’ lon nutymr rftbbn i.

    • Cal

      Okay, who the hell scrambled my post?

      • Tom W.

        It wasn’t me Cal!!! One thing that is always lost in this argument is the FACT that even if the oil was from our reserves, because oil is a commodity traded on the WORLD market, it still would be the set world market price, set by those goat-herders who belong to OPEC who are holding the world hostage!!! I like to think, well actually I pray that in reality we’re bein’ smart and just sittin’ on our reserves in case the rest of the world runs dry!

      • Alex Frazier

        I have to disagree Tom. Oil, as you say, is traded on the open market. But supply and demand set the price. OPEC would have to be the sole supplier to have any conclusive say on the price. If oil quantities equal to theirs were introduced by other nations, the situation would become a bidding war, and the supply and demand factors of the free market take over.

        Double the supply of oil available on the open market and you’ll lower the price on the open market.

      • T i m

        Tom W. my name is T i m . Mr. Myers is right on track here . I was riding the boat bring the stuff in to AMERICA during the dates Mr. Myers is quoting . Congress created an oil shortage in the 7 0 ‘s JIMMY CARTER SIGNED IT . THERE WAS NO OIL SHORTAGE . Congress wanted to move the economy by forcing the labor force to buy new smaller engine vehicles …IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH SAVING FUEL . Commerce department WHICH JIMMY CARTER CREATED , wanted the taxes off the sale . IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH SAVING FUEL . ALSO , O P E C has nothing to do with what AMERICA pays for a barrel of oil . Barrel price is orchestrated by AMERICAN COMMERCE DEPARTMENT , to suit the need congress puts on it . It has nothing to do with anything else . Barge company I worked for , at the time was stalled at Port of Memephis Refinery for 3 weeks , because we were not allowed to off load . We were 4 company in line . Sat for 3 weeks . Job I had before that , in high school was full service gas station . I sold gas for . 1 1 cents a gallon . Eleven Cents a gallon . I made a lot of girl freinds with that job . Cost me a dollar to fill a girls tank . The production process has not changed in all that time except for digital equipment . The only thing missing from Mr. Myers article , …A BARREL OF OIL USED TO MEASURE 5 5 GALLON . TODAY IT MEASURES 4 2 ?????gallon . Commerce department makes it look like we use a lot more than real . O P E C and wall street have nothing to do with what AMERICA pays for gas at the pump . The rate is set by OUR OWN AMERICAN COMMERCE DEPARTMENT . A gallon of gas at the pump should cost about . 5 0 cents a gollon . ALL THE REST IS TAXES . Same with tobaco and beer . ALSO , STEVE SAYS EUROPE HAS CARS GETTING 7 5 miles to a gallon …….ABSOLUTLY CORRECT . America has had the technology for decades to do that …..Gas mileage IS NOT IN THE ENGINE …….

      • MikeEV

        Opec may set prices but eventually they will become too high and consumers will look elsewhere for their crude. The US should be an oil exporting nation but with this President he believes the only thing we should be exporting is apologies. All new technologies take a transition time of several years. This Prez is tryiong to force the hand of inovation by denying consumers the current technology at any cost. The social consequences are fully understood by this evil man.

      • Wyatt

        Sorry to disagree Tom , As Opec is currently the only game in town supplying oil in the quanity that the world demands . It is sure that they are setting prices and supply . With the Canadian oil fields now entering the game , prices should stabilize and come down . If the oil fields now know to be in America were to be opened , we could drive them down even more . We and the Canadians , not being part of Opec could provide oil to North America at a reasonable price . Perhaps not at the super cheap prices of the 60′s but back at the sub $2.00 level . If the Opec countries start losing customers , prices drop in a hurry .
        As to the so called Green Tech , well they may one day work to supply heat and electric but as a fuel source for automobiles , a lot more work needs to be done . So far everything Obama has invested Gov. funds in has gone belly up right after getting their grants . People are laid off and corperate exec’s all get raise’s and bonuses ! Investors get the flying fickle finger and Obama give’s America a lot of BS .
        All of the ‘green cars are so overprices as to be rediculous , the battery milage is low (average of less than 50 mi per charge) and I know that a recharging system could be built into a vehicle to recharge those batteries and or top them off . Also these vehicles are rediculously small .
        Washington needs to wake up to the fact that America needs a relible sourse of oil supply in order for her people to function efficently and productively . She cannot be expected to rely on a bunch of men in bed sheets (all driving Mercedes by the way) to dictate to us so they can have their Harems . Nor do we need a South American Dictator to get them to drive prices up . For to long , liberals have ignored this situation , time to remedy it .

      • Rick

        Alex Do you remember the oil embargo of 73? I do it was when OPEC realized that they had sthat’something that they controled the majority of and that’s when this on going esclation of oil prices started. What wee need to do is make them bring down those prices our raise the price of everything they need. Food, Part and equipment, and technolgy. Or better yet, Treat them like the Native americans and desimate them by what ever means necessary.All thery want to do it fight anyway let’s just help them destroy themselves.

        • T i m

          To whom ever it concerns , My name is T i m . I was riding the boat , bringing oil in to AMERICA and then to the gas station for you to use . Please hear me . O P E C HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE GAS PRICE AT THE PUMP . Gas price should be around . 5 0 cents per gallon . MOST OF THE REST IS TAXES . Same with tobaco and beer . As soon as the people understand , CONGRESS OWNS MOST OF WALL STREET STOCK , and understand DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE SETS COST OF LIVIN RATE ON EVRYTHIN WE CONSUME …..THINGS MAY CHANGE IN FAVOR OF THE LABOR FORCE . Government does not care what gas price is , no more than welfare population . THEY DO NOT PAY MORE GAS ANYWAY . WELFARE POPULATION COST OF LIVING IS PAID FROM SOCIAL SECURITY . Corporate AMERICA does not care what gas cost , IT IS TAX DEDUCTIBLE . 1 st job I ever had in high school , was full service gas station . I WAS SELLING GAS FOR . 1 1 cents a gallon . I said eleven cents a gallon . THE PRODUCTION PROCESS HAS NOT CHANGED , EXCEPT FOR DIGITAL COMPUTERS . ALL COST OF LIVING IS SET BY AMERICAN COMMERCE DEPARTMENT . GAS PRICE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH O PE C . most of congress owns wall street ..DEPSRTMENT OF COMMERCE IS WHO WE NEED TO FIRE . …….RON PAUL PREDICTED ALL THIS BEFORE LAST ELECTION . TRIED TO STOP IT THEN . I WILL WRITE IN RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT ……

    • cynicac

      To quote Cal, “tsatal i non htgt”ntidiin nsbiis,ntwn n oa.Teei oidsr oesbiie hnol vntog hr’ lon nutymr rftbbn i.”
      If alternative energy was viable the oil companies would be working to sell it. Anything would be cheaper than drilling two miles below the Gulf of Mexico. But for a socialist politician, if you have a solution that involves the government to implement it then you just create a problem and if you destroy a successful non-government business in the process, all the better. (And try to use BIG in defining the problem and GREEN in the solution.)

      (I met a “Green” prostitute the other day, but that’s a subject for facebook.)

      • Mike in MI

        Hey, cy – Yuckity!
        ???A “Green” prostitute??? Did that produce a positive VDRL or did you meet her (“him” if it was a San Fran pastel green) before the Jolly Green Giant became the John, producing a busy “Ho-Ho-Ho”.
        Anyway, Obama is so worthless and inexperienced in matters of living. He’s so stupid from only doing “community organizing” that he wuldn’t even know how to go about getting a decent job. Look at how he’s handling the conversion from petroleum to green energy production. He ruins and gets rid of the petroleum basis of our economy and tries switching over to the green weenies before there are even the technological means to employ it. Stupid.
        That’s like the guy who decides he wants a different job. So, he immediately quits his present job and goes out searching for a new job with nothing to support himself. Stupid. Assinine. Totally lacking in the basic wisdom of how to live and manage life.
        Liberalism on parade!!!

        • T i m


      • Tom W.

        And just leave us hang[n’ like that?!! You ain’y right man!

    • Tag

      Cal, if you Adobe reader installed go and change some of the settings because this can cause exactly what happened to your post, PLUS, check the settings on your printer at the same time because it, too, can cause this – it isn’t transcribing what you are entering correctly so it distorts what it is receiving – usually it’s Adobe settings…good luck!

    • Ed

      You’re right on!!!. JUst look at North Dakota’s economy once they started drilling. Besides, oil is green enough.

      • Luci Tomlin

        Ed, WATCH the gas prices in the next six months! They will SLOWLY sink monthly until this FALL! By the end of October gas will be at LEAST a dollar cheaper! People will be so thrilled with the lower price, they will GLADLY fill up and PRAISE this “PLANT”! AND…..’ They will be so IMPRESSED they will GRATEFULLY vote for him in DROVES! Their IDOL
        has “aggressively” stood strong against OPEC and FORCED them to lower their prices (HA!) or release more oil! All it will take from HIM is a simple request! Okay, brothers, I need a break! And WALLAH! It’s DONE! EVERYTHING this INTERLOPER DOES is pure SUBTERFUGE! He is “SAVING” our natural resources, and “HOG-TYING” our Country for his Middle Easter brothers who CREATED him for THEIR Agenda! They have Invaded our Country, little by little over for YEARS and HE was the “Exhalted ONE” given the task of COMPLETING that Agenda! How ELSE could it be explained that “HE” went from being virtually UNKNOW, NO money, NO job, NO assets, NO record of achievements, experience, or PROOF that he WAS who he SAID he was and the dumb minions that SWORE he was! He had NO PAST, and NO HISTORY to dispute their claims! NOW he is wealthy beyond his wildest dreams, known world-wide, and in COMPLETE CONTROL of the greatest Nation on EARTH! WHAT the HE!! were “THEY” thinking? They WEREN’T! They were over-come with his VENEER! INSTALLED by the radical, rebel Countries who SALIVATE at the thought of taking us over! Four more YEARS of this usurper and they WILL!

        • Sheryn

          Maybe he just dropped out of the sky, from another planet !!! Go back to you’re comic books.

      • Truth Be Told

        Gas prices will fall around October. Every year the same thing. Take your head out of the sand.

    • DavidDeal

      If we had heeded Jimmy Carter’s advice over 30 years ago on alternative energy we’d be way ahead of the gaem. Our short-sightedness is what got us here. Plus Canada won’t guarantee the US that a single drop of the OIL SNDS production they want to pipe too the gulf will stay in the USA because they can get more form other countries

    • Gordon

      All I can tell you is that with my present temporary job I must gross $30 day just to cover my gasoline to go to this 1/3 wage job. It’s hardly worth the expense and effort to drive 2 hours per day and put in almost 40 hours per week for less than $4 hr net spendable income. Something must change immediately in this country..

    • http://Yahoo Dana Brinkley

      This article is a bunch of republican crap. Everyone knows that speculators buy up the oil, creating a shortage that drives up the prices so they can sell it at a higher profit.
      Give us a break with your republican ill-logic.

      • T i m

        To who ever is involved in this post ………….THE OIL SPECULATORS ….HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PRICE OF BARRELL OF OIL . ALL COST OF LIVING IS SET BY DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE . …..O P E C AND WALL STREET HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS . I rode the boat 3 0 years ago , bringing the stuff in for you to use . Gas price at the pump is all our own government setting the rate . IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING ELSE . ….THE WRITTER OF THIS ARTICLE IS RIGHT ON WITH HIS RESEARCH . IF YOU DENY HIS RESEARCH , YOU NEED TO DIG A LITTLE DEEPER , BEFORE YOU OFFER AN OPINION . I HAVE BEEN ON THE BOAT . HAVE YOU . ? Todays congress is trying to sell hybrid technology , so , they make gasoline unaffordable . Make us go buy a new car . Congress did the same thing in the 7 0 ‘s . Created a oil shortage to force the labor force to go buy a smaller vehicle . THERE WAS NO OIL SHORTAGE IN THE 7 0 ‘S . It was congress way of putting a panick in the people …..WE BOUGHT IT . T i m

  • DaveH

    John says — “If it is someone like Romney, who believes in free markets”.
    What? Since when? Ever hear of RomneyCare, John?
    Here’s a sample from Romney’s own website:
    “Government has a role to play in innovation in the energy industry. History shows that the United States has moved forward in astonishing ways thanks to national investment in basic research and advanced technology. However, we should not be in the business of steering investment toward particular politically favored approaches”.
    No Mitt, history has shown that the United States has moved forward in spite of Government intervention in the Marketplace. And “we should not be in the business of steering investment toward particular politically favored approaches”? Exactly how does Government do that, Mitt? Anything Government does with other peoples’ money is “politically favored”. If Government wants non-politically favored approaches, then they need to quit stealing the peoples’ money and let them invest and buy what they want with their OWN money. The sad thing is that a lot of people (obviously John for one) buy into that load of double-speak.
    Mitt Romney does NOT believe in Free Markets.

    • Harold Olsen

      Mitt Romney is nothing but an Obama clone. Neither will get my vote. We’ve got a real great choice this year, haven’t we?

      • Tom W.

        The best description of Romney that I’ve heard so far is that he looks like a talking JoS A. Bank manikin! LOL!!!.. He does too! LOL!!! That one don’t really hit cha till ya think about it a second! LOL!!!

      • Vigilant

        “Mitt Romney promises that if he is elected, he will vastly open up offshore drilling.”

        And upon what basis do you claim that Romney’s lying? When it comes to fossil vs. green energy, there is no reason not to take Romney at his word. He knows it’s what America wants and needs, and he would, if elected, expedite the issuance of drilling permits and remove some of the onerus regulations on that practice.

      • Firefly

        We have not had truly free markets in this nation since at least the time of FDR. Since we will only have a choice of two candidates who can win, a vote for neither, will be a vote for Obama, and the end of things as we have known them in the USA. Regardless of who is elected if the Senate remains in the hands of the progressives (pro-socialist Marxists), than you can kiss the USA you have known goodbye, and if you think inflation is bad now you will be shocked to see what is coming, regardless of who gets elected to the presidency. We are even now, today, in China negotiating to increase the value of their Yuan so Americans will pay more for Chinese goods, and food, and everything else. God help us if we don’t reverse the course on our USS Titanic.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        “And upon what basis do you claim that Romney’s lying?”

        His lips are moving.

      • Vigilant

        That cute shopworn “joke” doesn’t answer the question.

      • Luci Tomlin

        I HOPE you change your mind before November, Harold! NO vote is an O’BAMA vote!
        Four more years of THIS man, and we will be the Headquarters for “The New World Order”, and will be controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood! If VOTERS aren’t willing to “LIGHT a CANDLE”, THEY have no right to “CURSE the DARKNESS”!

        • T i m

          You are MIS INFORMED , sir / ma’am . AMERICA was born into the N W O . Prove it yourself , read the definition on the face of the dollar bill in your pocket . EXPLAINS EVERY DETAIL why AMERICAN government does what it does . AMERICAN monetary system expires end of next year . UNLESS OBAMA EXTENDS THE CURRENT CONTRACT WITH FEDERAL RESERVE . …Romney will be more of the same . THERE IS A SIMPLE SOLUTION TO AMERICAN ECONOMY . CONGRESS IS HOLDING AMERICA BACK FOR A REASON . ……….RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT .

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Luci, new world order is coming either way. They are both parts of the same whole! The socialists, communists, marxists, whatever you want to call them have infiltrated both parties. I will vote for Ron Paul!

      • Vigilant

        Yes, Nancy, by all means, contnue with your NWO fantasy, and while you’re at it, consider this: do you really think that ONE MAN would be able to make a difference?

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        One man alone cannot do it. But perhaps he could wake people up and provide leadership!

      • Vigilant

        He’s been trying for DECADES, and still no purchase. This great American public is more interested in where the next handout is coming from, or the latest American Idol, than they are in saving this country.

        Do you seriously believe Dr. Paul would last more than 5 minutes with a House and Senate arrayed against him?

      • Gordon

        Open OFF SHORE dilling? What about all the land based USA oil up north and in the 48? When the muslims unite and control 70% of the world’s oil, we will be in chaos and socio-economic collapse….. can you spell home soil jihad?

    • Tom W.

      Yeah DaveH! Since when!!! Probably not that long ago, after he changed his mind from the time before! He don’t HAVE A PRAYER!!! He’s TOAST, he’s sooo afraid of bein’ labeled a racist that he’s hamstringed himself in this race, he might as well try to win Talledaga in a Chevy Volt! LOL!!!

      • Jessy

        What’s wrong with a Chevy Volt?

      • Mike in MI

        The ‘Bamster has given them permission to move some of their production out of the U.S. (Detroit, I think.) to Mexico so he can make a decent profit on his investment. Besides when they go down there they’ll be able to get away with starvation wages, suck the union to the hilt and produce a fabulous long-term profit for the capitalist side of the ‘Bamsters schizo-personality and kick-back collection agency.

      • Luci Tomlin

        EVERY Politician in OUR Government should be REQUIRED to drive a Chevy Volt! Just THINK how much our Government would save! ALL OF them drive expensive cars that costs up to 1500.00 a MONTH to LEASE! Even their WIVES drive high dollar cars at OUR expense when they have NO ROLE in our Government! Stop the waste in our GOVERNMENT and there would BE no deficit! OH! I FORGOT! When you pick up your Chevy Volt, don’t forget your ten mile long extension cord!

      • Tom W.

        Besides being a rollin’ crematorium Jessi, Talledaga is a NASCAR race Hon, all those cars run on hi-octane!

  • anonymous

    sorry john, you missed big time on this one, romney has the same agenda as obama

    • Tom W.

      Are we sure it wouldn’t be worse anonymous?!!

      • Paul B.

        Absolutely no way possible for it to be any worse than what we have now, and this is just a warm up for his second term if we screw up and allow that to happen. His plans for our future “Forward” means he puts pedal to the metal and finishes us off as an independent world leading nation.

        Anyone who says they won’t vote for Romney is basically saying they don’t give a crap about our country by allowing this fool in chief to do whatever he wants. Like Romney or not, we can’t afford four more years of this administration. Remember its not only Obama, its Holder, Reid, Cass Sunstein, Holdren, Steven Chu, Kathleen Sebelius, Jenkins, Geitner, Bernanke, Van Jones, SEIU, and his whole staff of socialist, radical leftists who are dictating all the policies and regulations that are killing our economy, not to mention all the international problems he supports, like Muslim Brotherhood, ignoring civil rights in Iran, supporting treacherous Pakistan, ignoring N. Korea, placating China, bailing out the world, sending billions for green technology to Mexico, Finland and China while destroying our domestic manufacturing sector.

        Remember it’s not just Obama, its the whole administration, and just as important is taking back control of the Senate… possibly even more important.

        • Sheryn

          It could be worse, it could be like it was before he started fixing it. So if you were paying attention you would know all that he has done. If he didn’t take over , right now, if you were lucky, you would be eating cat food !!!

      • Tom W.

        I have to agree Paul, that is one UGLY posse’!!! Sheryn any illution of repair done by this administration over the last three years is just that, an ILLUTION!!! The wheels are gettin’ ready to come off the Euro-bus once that happens the illution will be impossible to maintain! The clock continues to tick! Tock, tick, tock! It’s almost mid-night folks!!!

  • Harold Olsen

    Obama wants oil prices to go up. In recent months, I read an article in which he stated that he wanted gas prices to go up to as least $5 a gallon so he could blame the Republicans in the upcoming presidential election. The article also said he would blame Republicans for not persuing domestic energry rescources, such as domestic drilling. He is planning on blaming Republican for blocking that, even though it is he and the Democrats who are doing it.

    • Paul

      If you can’t produce that article, I would say this is BS. Even Bill O’Reilly said the President has nothing to do with gas prices.

      • Flashy

        My experience is Canadian gas is about $2 more per U.S. gallon than in the States and opretty much stays at that level as our pump prices go up or down. So if Canada is awash in petroleum, and the tax situation add about 33% more to gas in Canada than the US….seems that Myers is claiming Pres. Obama is responsible for the rise in Canada’s prices as well. My Gosh !

      • Tom W.
      • Butch

        Its funny cuz I remember democrats were all over Bush jr about gas prices skyrocketing and blaming him. Now that the Fraud-in-Chief is in there, you see all kinds of people saying it couldn’t possibly be his fault. Well, which is it? Obumma isn’t wholly responsible but yes, he does share blame. Holding us back from more drilling drives up prices, investing in “green” energy drives up prices, saber rattling w/ Iran drives up prices, and printing worthless money full tilt, drives up prices while causing the value of the dollar to pliummet.

      • GraemeB

        Flashy: Prices in Canada are $5.40/gal. In Europe they’re up to the $7.00 mark. Obama responsible for that too, because they are “solialist commies”. Right. It all has to do with supply and demand and most of all, the speculators. Tell the guy in India and China that it’s Obama’s fault because they are paying what we are paying. $110 to $120 a barrel
        Stupid article.

      • rock thomson

        No, O’rielly did NOT say that. He stated that not ALL of the blame could be placed on Obuma. But that the markets probably would drop a little if he allowed the Keystone to progress and that if his attitude were more oil friendly, that could also help. His emphasis was on the speculators and those that send the oil overseas.

      • Alex Frazier

        It’s not a stupid article. The gas prices in Canada are Obama’s fault. Do you folks even read? Or do you learn everything on TV?

        A $6 trillion increase in our national debt caused by deficit spending has added a tremendous supply of US dollars into the global market. The dollar is currently the key currency, meaning that it is the currency used for all international transactions. So as more dollars are printed, the more devalued they become. The nations supplying the oil, knowing that the dollars are being devalued, require more of them. If a barrel of oil costs $5 and we double the money supply, it forces them to ask $10 for the same barrel so they can retain the purchasing power of the money they are receiving relative to the utility and value of their commodity.

        In turn, the EU and a number of other countries, including Switzerland, have all been devaluing their currencies as well. In the case of Switzerland, they did it on purpose in order to keep pace with other global currencies.

        So oil is going up globally because the dollar is going down globally, and since everyone is forced to purchase oil in US dollars and has devalued their own currency, everyone is paying the same high price, adjusted according to the appropriate exchange rate.

        It is Obama’s fault.

      • DaveH

        Paul cites Bill O’Reilly as a source. That’s funny. O’Reilly is clueless about economics, but he will argue about matters economic anyway because he is a pompous clod.
        However, I surely wouldn’t attribute the high price of oil only to market factors. We’ve had similar demand/supply issues many times over the last several decades and during those times the price of oil has fluctuated wildly. While regulations do indeed affect the prices negatively, the main factor driving up oil prices is the same factor that has been driving up prices for 100 years — the Federal Reserve’s profligate money creation. It’s not that oil is worth more, it’s that the dollar is worth less.
        Add to that the fact that oil has become a Gravy Train for Government theft through higher taxes:

        Anybody who has lived through the Nixon and Carter years knows that Government and the MSM did the same thing during those years — that is Blame the Oil Companies for the rising prices. Once you learn that the Government is just a Gang of Thieves, your eyes will open to the fact that they and their Federal Reserve are taking the ignorant public for everything they can, using monetary methods, taxes, and regulatory methods to line the pockets of themselves and their Crony Capitalists.

      • DaveH

        Here is a chart that has, side by side, the nominal prices of oil and the inflation adjusted prices of oil since 1946:
        Note that the nominal price has increased by a factor of 53 from the low price (1946) to the high price (2011), but adjusted for inflation the price has increased only by a factor of 5.

      • Paul B.

        Flashy, before you can compare the prices of gas here and in Canada, you have to examine the components of that price. I dont’ know what the tax rate on a gallon of gas is in Canada? what about domestic gas production or do they import most of their gas, like Iran. Plenty of reserves is great for oil companies, but gas companies who refine and sell refined gas are a different market, although their base crude price is set by market, it is government and trade that sets final “pump” price.

        It isn’t a simple function of supply and demand when government gets involved.

    • eddie47d

      The fact is that there is already more drilling going on in the USA and crude is backing up in reserves. Those speculators have indeed caused prices to rise so something smells fishy about this bashing alternatives again and again. I think the lying should stop from Romney and company and a few others.

      • Luci Tomlin

        Eddie! RESEARCH your SOURCE! Drilling permits from the GOVERNMENT has gone down 35% since O’Bama took over our government! The RISE in drilling comes from the STATES drilling on their OWN land! He has tried his BEST along with his “blankie” the EPA, to STOP the drilling! He tried that with the poor little Texas Lizard that was nearly extinct! Thankfully him OR the lizard, so far it hasn’t STOPPED Texas from drilling for their own OIL! He is taking over ALL our Country with his policies, self-imposed dictatorship actions, and his desire to hand us over to his Middle East friends, lock, stock, barrel,
        trussed, tied and delivered to THEIR control! The Liberal Left needs a good Ophthamologist! Their VISION is as SKEWED as HIS IS!

        • Sheryn

          Luci–What do you want– oil drilling on every block. The oil isn’t going anywhere so whats the hurry?? The price won’t go down if we drill more, have you learned nothing!!! The day a republican is president will be the sorriest day of our lives. So show some respect and appreciate what you have. Don’t you remember who got us in this mess in the first place???

      • daniel

        Hi eddie, The increased drilling that is going on is on private property and that was due to action taken during the Bush years. O and his policies has slowed the federal lands drilling to a trickle. I pretty much take what OReilly has to say with a grain of salt as he is too populist however Dobbs and Cavuto make good points. Speculators are doing their job by figuring out what energy demand will be in the future after considering market conditions. Of course any smart investor would do that research to in effect either make a profit or reduce losses.
        It is a supply and demand thing going on now aggravated by policies that will affect future supply and an either static or growing demand. We do have a large supply of crude oil in these states that could be drawn upon that would have an immediate effect on the price of futures. Of course it would also affect a lot of mutual funds in the process which could and would hurt a lot of retirees.
        In effect we cannot maintain the policies as being dictated at this point. The posturing going on now is detrimental to this country and its people.

      • T i m

        eddie , my name is T i m . WALL STREET HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT AMERICA PAYS FOR OIL . IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH OPEC . AMERICAN commerce department sets the rate on all cost of living . MSM has to have someone for you to blame . TRUE BLAME GOES TO CONGRESS AND COMMERCE DEPARTMENT . True cost of gallon of gas at the pump , should be around . 5 0 cents per gallon . Most of the rest is all taxes . Same with tobaco and beer . I do not care where you get your information . I have been on the boat . AMERICAN COMMERCE DEPARTMENT SETS THE RATE ON ALL COST OF LIVING , including gas price . CONGRESS WANTS TO FORCE AMERICA INTO HYBRID ENRGY , IS WHY GAS PRICE GOES UP . COMMERCE DEPARTMENT DID THE SAME THING IN THE 7 0 ‘s . THERE WAS NO OIL SHORTAGE . IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SAVING FUEL . Commerce department wants to get the sales tax . congress wants to sell a new car . Government is biggest buyer of new vehicles .

    • Luci Tomlin

      Harold, He is doing EVERYTHING he CAN to keep us from using our OWN natural resources! The well-being of the Texas Lizards and Alaskan polar bears are FAR more important than we mere mortals! ESPECIALLY if “HE” has an AGENDA formed and planned by OTHERS! Including the Radical, oil-rich, Countries controlled by the PREZ’s BROTHERS! THEY would not HESITATE to DRILL, EXTRACT, DEPLETE and SELL to “Foreign Factions” the SAME assets that WE are not ALLOWED to USE! They have already embedded themselves so far into our Government, they are just part of the furniture and require “dusting “weekly!

      • winstonsmith6079

        Here’s one reason the price of gas is skyrocketing. According to the U.S Energy Information Administration, YES there has been a SMALL up-tick in “Monthly US Field Production of Crude Oil” since ’08 but only up to the 1950 & 2004 levels. Between 1950 and 2004 our production has been as much as 50% higher than it is now.

        Meanwhile our “Monthly EXPORTS of Crude Oil” have reached RECORD heights jumping from 40,000,000 bbl/mo to the current level of 110,000,000 bbl/mo!

        And, Per Figure 1. “Annual US Gasoline Exports by Destination” shows we EXPORT 300,000,000 barrels to MEXICO, DAILY! This is THREE TIMES what we sent them in ’08! And our EXPORTS went from about 30,000,000 to well over 100,000,000 bbl/day to Central and South America. Further, our EXPORTS to “Other” destinations went from negligible in 2010 to 30,000 bbl/day today.

        This seems a lot like a parent telling a Welfare worker “Yes, I cook passable meals for my family … but I’m sending more and more of those meals next-door.
        This is more proof that “Figures can’t lie – but liars can figure”!

        • T i m

          Sir , you are ssoo wrong , you have been braiwashed just like everyone else ……….HAVE YOU RIDEN THE BOAT . I HAVE . Please do not quote the web statistics …. THEY ARE FEEDING INFORMATION THEY WANT YOU TO TELL EVERYONE ……. Here is a fact you CAN tell . A barrel of oil used to measure 5 5 gallon . Today it is 3 6 ????? . That makes us look like we use a lot more than real . THAT ……..IS FACT . You can not tell it , till you been on the boat . My name is T i m

          • needfulthings

            Tim I think you might be corn-fused on what a
            A barrel of oil is? Barrel is 50 gal, Yes it will hold
            55 gals but there must be room for expansion. The
            36.2 gal you refer to is how much gas they get out
            of a barrel (50 gals) Some oils are easyer to refine
            and can get alittle more out of lets say “sweet crude”
            Just don’t taste it! is not that sweet!

        • needfulthings

          Well winstonsmith … Your figures may or may not be correct?
          Moving oil around the globe is very complicated, We send alot of
          alot of Alaska oil to Asia ( Japan mostly) cause it’s
          a closer supply than the Arabias , but we get other oils
          from futures Japan bought in return cause were much closer to the source.
          Oil is an INTERNATIONAL thing, WE do not control it.
          We would be in a world of hurt (if not today some near by tomorrow)
          if we told the world to bag it! The only oil we control is sucked out of the ground here and
          refined near by and sold locally. We can’t send or
          crude to Tesas to be refined fore it becomes owned
          by the world market. If fact we don’t own any oil
          We sold it all (in the form of “Futures” drilling rights) to the INTERNATIONAL
          OIL COMPANIES. Except for the local stuff we don’t set the price.
          Lots of books out there to read on this, I spent almost a
          month on just who owns the XL pipeline, who controls it
          (most foreign companies) and how we get ZERO anything
          out of the pieline except leaks.
          Remember I bought that car from you and NO you can’t come over and drive it!
          Thats just the way things work in this world.

      • T i m


    • T i m

      Please do not listen to MSM, or Bill Oreilly . He is paid to keep the people fired up . AMERICAN commerce department sets the rate for ALL COST OF LIVING . INCLUDING GAS PRICE . IT IS MOSTLY TAXES , SAME WITH BEER AND TOBACO . True price of gas at the pump should be around . 5 0 cents per gallon . GAS PRICE IS GOING UP BECAUSE CONGRESS WANTS TO FORCE AMERICA IN TO GREEN ENERGY CARS . IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SAVING FUEL . Congress did the same thing in the 7 0 ‘s , created an oil shortage to force AMERICA TO BUY NEW CARS . CONGRESS WANTED THE SALES TAX OFF THE SALE . It had nothing to do with saving fuel . THERE WAS NO OIL SHORTAGE IN THE 7 0 ‘S . I WAS RIDING THE BOAT BRINGING THE STUFF IN FOR YOU TO BUY . How many members of congres you thing own stock in green energy …..My name is T i m

  • http://none Claire

    Gas prices go up here in town by Thursday–people have to pay more over the weekend, then prices go down on Mondays. I fill up the vehicles during the 2-3 days when the cost goes down. All this is nothing but a bunch of crap. The political parties/administrations are sure doing a good job at fleecing all of us in one way or another. Romney? He certainly will not be the “savior.” Go ahead, vote for him and people will find out that nothing will change. If anyone thinks these politicians will get America out of this mess, they are in for a rude awakening.

    • Tom W.

      Yeah Claire, we’ll be just like his poor ole’ dog when takes off SPEEDIN’ down the expressway on vacation!!!

  • jopa

    It just so happens that George W Bush was in office when the price of a barrel of crude went from $20 a barrel to $80 a barrel.Now you claim the cost is Obama’s fault.Then the next article will say again the President has no control over the price of a barrel of oil when the price goes down.What’s it gonna be??

    • Paul Wells

      I believe the point of the article is that if onshore drilling were allowed by this administration, we’d possibly be able to meet all our needs within the country, and dare I say it, perhaps might even become somewhat of an exporter of the valuable stuff. Considering how the ClownTown administration in DC has bulldozed us into a massive financial hole, that might be a pretty good way to pay off some of our debts. The Obama administration seems content to keep paying the high price for oil, rather than allow reasonable on-shore production. Simple as that. While we’re at it, allow a few new refineries to be built, the ones we have are woeful and old, and newer technology could boost production alone!

      • Paul

        The oil gained from off shore drilling goes on the “Global Market” It will not remain in the United States to bring our gas prices down.

      • JIM


      • Flashy

        I am left waiting for Myers or anyone on PL to explain why the rise in price is Pres. Obama’s fault when we have the highest oil production in years and taxes haven’t budged …

      • Daveh234

        We already are exporting oil and have become a higher percentage supplier to the world market than ever before. That’s because we have increaed production recently. But it all goes on the world market and the price is set by those groups involved in the trading.
        Refineries have not been built by the oil companies because they want to keep their profits instead of improving their refineries. They keep the supply limited of gasoline and they keep the higher prices afforded the short supply. No incentive for them to increase production and lower the prices.

      • Tom W.

        ell he sure and the hell ain’t helpin’ it any Flush!!!

      • Tom W.

        See where Delta is grabbin’ the bull by the horns and buildin’ their own refinery?!

      • Ron

        The thing about OIL and the Refineries is that they so claim that they had Large amounts of Damage due to Hurricanes coming from the Gulf of Mexico….. Most of the Damage was due to OLD, Delapadated, Rusted out Equipment in which was NOT maintained properly, in which when the Hurricanes came along, finished the Damage to them, then they Claimed & Blamed the Hurricanes for this Damage, thus began the PRICE INCREASES….
        Then the Poloticians got involved for their Cut-backs and Taxes upon the Commodities coming from what you see today….. If you think this is a JOKE, then tell me WHY Diesel Fuel costs more than Gasoline, when it takes less Refining to make it……The process is much the same, but it takes less to do, yet it costs more…..WHY ???? Certainly by now these Refineries have refurbished their Equipment and should als be at FULL PRODUCTION, but that’s NOT the case either, they remain around 70% and claim they cannot keep up with the demand… therefore we have to PAY higher Prices so that ALL the Poloticians, OIL Companys & Big Wigs get there share of the PROFITS……
        OH, they have a lot of EXCUSES one after the other and Claims of Problems and Lack of OIL Reserves, etc…… BUT in REALITY they are just feeding us ALL a bunch of BS……and the Funny thing is, most People believe in what they are saying…… The Media feeds us ALL the BS and most think it must be TRUE, when it is nothing more than some Drummed up Story so they will have something to tell us in the NEWS…… GET REAL PEOPLE, this is ALL BS, NOTHING is TRUE, except that of the Pollution that is caused by Petroleum Products……that fact is REAL,,,, You might even say that ALL who are trying to CON you into believing otherwise, are trying to control the Pollution Levels by creating a SCAM of OIL Shortages, Refineries NOT able to Produce the Products quick enough, etc….. It’s a Vicious Circle and these so called People who are in on this ( No Names mentioned ) are the ones to BLAME for ALL of this….. Obama and his Administration is more so involved than what anyone even knows of and if Obama is Re-Elected, you can bet the Prices will go even higher than what anyone can afford and he is ALL for it to happen…… WHY do you think he has done absolutely NOTHING about it to STOP it and also claims it is NOT his Fault….. He has had more to do with it than anyone else, so don’t Believe a word he is saying, as it is just another BIG LIE…….
        GOD HELP US if we cannot get rid of Obama in November 2012…… OUR COUNTRY will be DOOMED FOREVER……..and it is heading that way already….. I know we DO NOT have much of a choice in the Elections, but we certainy DO NOT want Obama to be Re-Elected by any means what-so-ever…… Get out and Vote for whomever it is that takes the Nomination for Republicans ( As it is looking it may be Romney )…… Yeah, I know he is NOT what I or many others would consider to be any good, but at least we get away from Obama…….who would be FAR WORSE to have……1000x times WORSE if NOT more so….. Wake-up People we need to do this for OUR COUNTRY if we expect to have the American way of Life….. If you DO NOT do anything, then you will have NOBODY to BLAME except YOURSELF…..and may GOD FORGIVE YOU….. without GOD, we are NOTHING and that is ALL there is to it, PERIOD……….
        GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!!

      • jopa

        Paul:It’s not a matter of building new refineries, the ones here in the Philadelphia area ,New Jersey and some Caribbean Islands are shut down due to low demand.Much of the oil refined in Houston is being shipped overseas.

    • Chris Mason

      Check out your facts jopa. On 20 Jan 2009 (the day Obama took office) the price of a gallon of unleaded gas was 1.88 (9/10th). This number is verifiable through a number of sources. It would seem to me that based on that very number, the energy policies of this administration have been an abject failure. Set aside the debauchle of Solyndra and the battery company, the bottom line is that Obama, through his energy secretary is on record as stating that he thinks Americans should pay more for gas. If you can explain how that is anybody eleses fault, or that somehow his words were taken out of context (the favorite ploy of the guilty who want no consequences for the bad decisions they make or the words they say) by all means do so. What it will come down to is the inability of you and Flashy and the rest of the Obama apologists unable to accept the fact that his policies have been horrible for this nation. The economy and energy prices are only two of the many strikes against him.

      • jopa

        I did go back and check my facts and I was close to the mark however in 2000 a barrel of oil was$ 27.39 and in20008 it went to$ 91.48

      • T i m

        Obama and the Democratic Party are right on track , with what they intended to do ALL ALONG . Price of gas at the pump is orchestrated by AMERICAN COMMERCE DEPARTMENT . ….IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING ELSE . Congress wants to force AMERICAN labor force into green energy hybrid vehicles . This is not about Obama . BUSH JUNIOR signed the green energy bill before the last election . It was shown on the world news , is why I know about it . HOW MANY MEMBERS OF CONGRESS YOU FIGURE OWN STOCK IN GREEN ENERGY ……… NOW, …HEAR THIS . CONVERTING TO GREEN ENERGY ( hybrid ) , HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SAVING ENERGY , FUEL . It is all about stock market earnings and SALES TAX ON A NEW CAR SALE . ….IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SAVING FUEL . Same thing as in the 7 0 ‘s. Congress created a fuel shortage to force AMERICA to buy new smaller cars . Commerce department wanted the sales tax off the sale . CARTER SIGNED IT . CARTER NEVER BEEN ON THE BOAT , HE WAS FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS . Carter created the commerce department , he was told , this will help move the economy , THERE WAS NO FUEL SHORTAGE . I WAS RIDING THE BOAT BRINGING IT IN . Government is the biggest buyer of vehicles in the nation . Commerce uses this to push the numbers to the people , this is a popular thing , this makes everyone go out and buy one , because everyone else already has theirs …. GOVERNMENT DEPENDING ON THE SHEEP TO DO WHAT WE ARE TOLD . COMMERCE DID THE SAME THING 2 0 0 8 . Created a world event , to prove the need to force gas price up by one dollar per gallon , overnite . THERE WAS NO WORLD EVENT . COMMERCE USED THIS MEDIA NEWS TO PANICK THE PEOPLE SO WE WOULD GO SPEND OUR FRIDAY PAYCHECK AND STOCK PILE ….WE SHEEP BOUGHT IT ….WE DID WHAT WE WERE TOLD TO DO . My name is T i m

      • needfulthings

        CRIS MASON yer such a fixed news watcher …. Gas was a $1.88 in dec 2008 when dubya left officeand were were end a full bloen DEPRESSION) Not to worry again a dem always fixes the right wing over spending., do ya know what is was 6 months earlyer that year for dubya ?? Of course you don’t ! A barrel of oil was $150.00 (Obama hasn’t seen that yet)? Gas was $5 bucks in some places. The avg price of gas for dubya’s time in office is 2 cents lower that Obamas 3 years in office , so we’ll see what it is when Obama completes his second term (and he will) Why do ya corn-servetives have’ta lie to make your side look good ????????? .

  • Jack Hotchkiss

    My fellow citizens;
    For years and years we have been able to depend on our vote to guide and direct our Nation.
    Slowly over the years, our say in how this Country is run has been taken from us. Not by an outside force but by each of us delegating our authority to people we hired to speak for us. Then we left them alone to do the job we instructed them to do and they turned away from us to greed
    You know the rest of that story.
    The fact I want to point out now is, even though it looks like we have painted our self’s into a corner we have several tools available for our use. The Socialist’s that we have allowed to over take our leadership rolls in our government know the name of those tools also, they are in order Our God, our Constitution, our Flag and you know the rest.
    We have a standing army at our service.
    All the people that ever took the OATH to protect and defend The United States of America from all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC are Oath Keepers; your Oath is in effect for life.
    We have the weapons for that Army because we are a free society and we have a God given right to posses and use those arms. See why Nobama wants your weapons? It is the people he wants to control, controlling the guns is only a path to controlling you.
    We have the standing Army,
    We have the weapons for that Army
    We see a need for that Army
    The oath Keepers are there to back up the wishes of the people and to fight only if we must.
    Roll call in 15 minutes!
    Jack Hotchkiss Oath Keeper

    • Tom W.

      I stand behind you Oath Keepers 100% Jack, I never had the honor of serving but have sworn the oath as a civilian to stand and be of service in ANY function where needed!!! I SALUTE you sir and ALL the brave men and women in uniform who have sworn to uphold that oath!!! In the words of one of our fellow Patriots and posters samurai;

      For God and Country!

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      I agree with everything you said, Jack. I just want to point out that it doesn’t matter who we had or have: bush, obummer, romney. They are all parts of the whole. And it isn’t jut a problem that’s happening here in the U.S. The socialists, marxists, communists, whatever you want to call them are intentionally keeping the price of oil high and they will continue to do so. They don’t even want us to have cars. They want to take over and institute agenda 21 which means we’ll all (well, all who survive) be crammed into high rises and be forced to ride trains only to places “they” allow us to go. They are purposefully bringing about the global economic crash. They are creating chaos everywhere you look ows, race wars, false flags, wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa) and rumors of wars (Iran, North Korea, China). They have created laws to allow them to take over. They are building a new private army that only answers to the president. This is just the preamble. The price of gas is the least of our worries! Every single thing that is happening is a piece of the puzzle and they are getting so close now that you can see what the picture looks like and it is ugly! They have decided that we will be their slaves.

      • Sheryn

        So… What are we suppose to do about it?? I’d like to hear the answer to this.

        • T i m

          There is a simple solution to AMERICAN economy . Rick Perry said it , HE’S GONE . RON PAUL is saying it , so far refuses to quit . …..AMERICA MUST GET OUT OF THE WORLD GOVERNMENT . America is part of the G – 2 0 world government …..WE ARE EXPECTED TO FOLLOW THE LEADER OVER THE CLIFF. T i m

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Well Sheryn, we’ve all had our heads in the sand for so long that I’m not sure there’s anything we can do about it. The first step is to make people aware of what is really going on. There is power in the masses but if the masses refuse to see and refuse to hear, what can be done? I for one, will refuse to go along quietly. If I am wrong we have nothing to worry about but if you are wrong we are all in a world of trouble. Sometimes I wish I could put my head back in the sand and pretend that everything is going to be fine but the signs of the times are too big and bold. If we don’t educate ourselves we will be doomed to slavery.

        • Sheryn

          I don’t go anywhere quietly. Too many people think everything is just fine–well nothing is fine !!!

      • Tom W.

        Sheryn, Nancy, there is a way to BE Ready for what’s comin’ down the pike! As a matter of fact, IT is the ONLY way to be ready for what’s coming. IF you believe the Bible, it says that this ole’ world is gettin’ ready to go thru the worst seven years EVER experienced in human existence!!! The ONLY way to be ready and AVOID having to go thru that mess is to drop right where you’re at, RIGHT NOW (I truly believe that it could happen any moment!!!) and ask Jesus to come into your life and heart right now and to be your Lord and Savior!!! Are you ready to do that? He doesn’t want you to have to go thru what every human being who doesn’t know Him is gettin’ ready to have go thru!!! Those seven years are going to be unprecedented in the amount and severity of human suffering that all mankind will go thru as the world faoes the wrath of ALMIGHTY GOD!!! Study! It’s been reported that in a resent poll, 75% of all Americans identified themselves as Christians.If the rapture were to happen today, I’d be totally in awe if 75% of church members, not to mention the general population of the United States, would be present at that great meeting in the air. (I Thess. 4:16-18) Do You know what the Olivette Prophecies are? Before entering Jerusalem for the last time, Jesus sat on the Mount of Olives and told the Deciples for the third time what was going to befall Him. They just weren’t getting it. But He told them not to worry because He would come again. When asked what would be the signs of His return, He gave them these prophecies. (Matt. ch.24, Mark ch.13, and Luke ch.21) Luke ch.17 also touches a little on the End-time Prophecies. Along with many other Old and New Testament prophecies. Study them! Know them! Memorize them! Is your lamp trimmed and burning? (Matt. 25:1-13) Because if you’re not looking up, (Luke 21:28) you surely to God must be blind!!! (II Cor. 4:3&4) Jesus is coming everybody!!! I pray that you’re ready! If you’re not, you may pray a prayer similar to this: “Dear God, I know that You love me. I admit that I’m a sinner. Please forgive me for my sins. I place my faith in Jesus as my Savior and Lord. Thank You for saving me. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.” If you prayed that prayer and meant it with all your heart, know for a certainty that it is impossible for God to lie! (Rom. 10:13) This is what it means to be born-again! (John 3:3) Go find yourself a church, forget about a perfect one, they don’t exist. Surround yourself with Christian friends, they won’t be perfect either, that’s why we need Jesus! Emmerce yourself in Gods’ Word so you’ll know how to fight off ole’ nick. (Eph. 6:13-18) You’re in the Army now, soldier! And now it’s your job to bring as many lost sheep back into the fold as possible. (Matt. 5:14-16) What?! Did you think it was going to be easy? (II Tim. 3:12)

        Be Ready!!!

        “Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give to me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing.” – II Tim. 4:8

        “And now, little children, abide in him; that, when he shall appear, we may have confidence, and not be ashamed before him at his coming. If ye know that he is righteous, ye know that every one that doeth righteousness is born of him. Behold, what manner of love the Father has bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not. Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is. And every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself, even as he is pure.” – I John 2:28-3:3

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Tom, I am ready!

  • Johnny Thomas

    Can’t reie on your comment’s it was the same thing when Busch was in office only you took up for him so put a plug in it JOHN

    • Ron

      You must be another one of thise who thinks BUSH ( NOT Busch ) had everything to do with all that occurred during his time in Office, when it reality it was the Congress & Senate for what they always kept things from getting done, even though BUSH tried so many different ways to work with them on it….. You blame BUSH, but he is NOT responsible for what the Congress & Senate fought against him in trying to do what was the right thing to do….Congress & the Senate kept BUSH from doing anything, this is cause the Democrats Controlled both Congress and the Senate…… When you have this situation, NOTHING is Accomplished……so place the Blame where it belongs and Shut-up……

  • Sirian

    Very good article John – you pointed out some times that I remember and experienced whereas the younger generation of today have no earthly idea, no pun intended, as to the vast reserves we have, both tapped into or not. As long as Obummer can keep the price of oil high it will be much easier to sway the crowds in the direction he desires. He’s got the answer to all our problems, doesn’t he? OPEC enjoys the profits they’re pulling down without the slightest sign of concern. And people wonder where terrorists get the money to create chaos and wars.

    • eddie47d

      Is that tea you are drinking Sirian or something a little stronger. There is much drilling going on in this country and Obama got the ball rolling or allowed it to happen. Besides why are some of you so eager to drill everything in site like it’s a big sale at Walmart. It always surprises me that Conservatives have a hard time Conserving this commodity and want to use it up as fast as possible. You may be penny wise but pound foolish. Even oil countries like Iran have imported refined gasoline for decades so we all depend on the world’s markets. That is not going to change no matter who is in office.

      • Ron

        Oh Blow it out your A__s you Commie….. You know nothing !!!! Obama has done nothing of the sort and what he has done is very little….. Places he has authorized is Far-fetched to even think of getting anything from them…..and he knows it…. This is just another SCAM created for individuals like you to believe in him as doing something that will Prove to be another BIG LIE….. Obama and his Administration is ALL HYPE and NO SHOW, ACTION or otherwise….. GET REAL and Smell the Roses for a Change as it is NOT going to happen with Obama and his Administration…… YOU are DOOMED if you stick with them…..

      • Michael H.

        All of the drilling going on at the present time was iniated under prior administrations. It takes years to get permits and EPA studies and fill out the “proper” regulatory paperwork. Obumma’s admin. has been responsible for exactly three new drilling permits.

      • Tom W.

        A little rough on the poor lil’ commie bastard aren’t cha Ron?!! Move over a little, let me help!!! You continue to stomp his poor lil’ lemming head and I’ll work on dem ribs! Man! I’m glad I wore my work boots!!!… Take that!… UMPH!.. UMPH!!.. UMPH!!!

      • Libertytrain

        tom – your comments are so classless and tacky. How are they suppose to help any cause and demonstrate the Christianity you frequently spout about – If I were Christ I’d be saddened – not impressed.

        • Deerinwater

          Mr. Livingston has more tolerance then I do it seems Libertytrain. I bide my time, thinking that perhaps lighting will strike righting wrongs.

      • Libertytrain

        Deer re your “I bide my time, thinking that perhaps lighting will strike righting wrongs.”

        When it does finally come, I do believe there will be so much of it, we’ll all be struck in one way or the other….

      • Deerinwater

        I don’t fear that Liberty, Mr. Livingston has shown us all nothing but the patience of Jobe and the desire to educate. Sometimes that takes strong measures and events.

        Lighting is drawn to a specific small point for a specific reason, neutralizing an imbalance with “matter of fact” results. Don’t worry, be happy with your work in the vineyard. It’s only the “lost” that can not see a pure heart.

      • Libertytrain

        My dear Deer – worried I’m not… que sera sera -

      • Deerinwater

        Diversion is sometimes good for the heart, Check this out. These guys must really love each other, regardless of what they say! Maybe a love/hate thang?

        This historical ceremony how the border between India and Pakistan is closed every evening!
        This is not a Monty Python comedy skit, but it sure does resemble one.
        Looks like tryouts for the Rockettes!
        Keep in mind that each of these countries has nuclear weapons…

    • Tom W.

      And there inlies the problem Sirian, it isn’t the oil supply, it’s this administration and their propensity for printing money outta thin air that’s drivin’ up the price of oil!!! Because the US dollar is the WSC, oil bought and sold on the market MUST be bought and sold in Greenbacks! Everytime this admin prints more money outta thin air drivin’ down the purchasing power of the buck, OPEC simply raises the price of a barrel of oil to compensate! Pretty simple and pretty saavy for a bunch of old perverted Bedouin goat herders!!! Somebody told me that before oil became the lifeblood of the world, the king of Saudi Arabia could carry his entire estate on the back of one camel! When I responded with a laugh, he said, “I’m not kiddin!” LOL!!!

      • Tom W.

        And another thing, the ONLY reason that prices are as LOW as they are in this country is because of the fact that the Greenback is the WSC!!! If the dollar is ever allowed to be replaced, BOOM!!! We’ll be payin’ European style prices, IF NOT WORSE, the NEXT day!!! And we’ll NO LONGER be a sovereign nation but just another member of the NWO! Living conditions in this country will more resemble those of the 3rd world!!! Pray for the LOST and UNSAVED!

      • Mike in MI

        I doubt, Tom W., that we’ll be that well off. The third world nations will have it good compared to what it’ll look like here. Try the dark ages or current day Afganistan or Pakistan.
        Everybody thinks the U.S. is “too big and complex to fail”. That’s what the dinosaurs said right up until the conditions changed. That size and complexity is what makes us really vulnerable. Once things start slippin’ into the outhouse hole you’re going to play hell trying to get it back. It’ll be kinda like the fall of Rome or Czarist Russia (and that’s who you’ll have sitting on your head, probably.)
        One thing you don’t realize or think about is how many people have been put in the miserable position, by modern medicine, of having been put in the position of being dependent on some medication in order to live. When the spply of medications starts to dwindle people are going to start dying – HARD. Others will really go crazy first and present a real danger to themselves and others. Lots of things will start happning That you really have no way to predict or prepare for. Pretty quicklythe lawless elements of society and those with no scruples (otherwise known as liberals) will cause chaos to descend. Alternatively, the leaders of big groups will start wide-ranging wars or pogroms. Then, historically, you get famines, pestilences and mass death, in that progression. What the Progressives have been striving towards will then have been accomplished…anarchy. The Anarchist’s nocturnal emmission, back to the law of the jungle.
        But, that’s what has usually happened when a people have been blessed by God
        and then quit acknowledging God or being thankful to Him for his goodness. Instead, somebody like Obama comes along making all sorts of promises he can’t keep without causing the masses to hate either the rich, or corporatists, or some race or ethnic group or religious people who are then stripped of their weapons, rights, lands, wealth, minutes and finally their lives.
        Obama’s got nothing new or out of the ordinary, special or exciting that hasn’t been used in the past to entice people or coerce them to do things that lead them to destroy the very things they say mean SO MUCH to them. Finally, they stick their middle fingers in the air toward the sky and say, “There, if you are a God, that’s what we think of you and what you can do to yourelf. SO! Ha! What’cha gonna do about that?”
        Then they start living like the nomads on the Saudi Arabian Peninsula or Pakistanis on the earthquake fault. Everybody’s equal.

      • Tom W.

        You sho paint a pretty picture Mike!!!

        “And the fifth angel poured out his vial upon the seat of the beast; and his kingdom was full of darkness; and they gnawed their tongues for pain, And blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, and repented not of their deeds.” – 16:10&11 (KJV)

      • T i m

        My name is T i m . MR TOM , you are wrong ….OPEC has nothing to do with what AMERICA PAYS FOR OIL . Barrel of oil price is ALL , OUR OWN AMERICAN COMMERCE DEPARTMENT . It has nothing to do with wall street or speculators . The whole purpose in this article is to stop all the brainwashing …….I have seen plenty of opinions on this artcle ,…..Most of it is NOT CORRECT . I have been on the boat . The only thing controlling AMERICAN gas price at the pump is our own AMERICAN COMMERCE DEPARTMENT . True price of gas at the pump , should be around . 5 0 cents a gallon . ALL THE REST IS TAXES . SAME WITH TOBACO AND BEER . . Commerce raises the price to make it un affordable to buy . Congress wants to push the labor force into buying the green energy , hybrid car . …IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SAVING FUEL . .BUSH JUNIOR SIGNED THAT BILL , LONG BEFORE OBAMA SHOWED UP . ..How many members of congress you figure own stock in green energy . There was no oil shortage in the 7 0 ‘s . There was no world event in 2 0 0 8 . Commerce creates a problem , to raise taxes to pay for what ever it wants . SALES TAX . …IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GAS OR THE CAR . Commerce wants the sales tax .

        • winstonsmith6079

          Interesting conjecture – but where’s the PROOF – other than what we “read on the web” from you?

          • Deerinwater

            LOL! Price of oil? ~ where, when, who’s buying, who’s selling? At what point on the way to market are you talking about.

            To think that one agency, one company or one person or country might have overriding control over final cost is sort of naive don’t you think? We do know that there are people trying too, just like they “try” to pick Super bowl winners.

            You’d probably be better off learning the produce business first or maybe the shell fish or timber industry, something a little less complex.

            I don’t really know what the best indicators would be, as huge business concerns tweak their numbers to paint a desired picture to reflect what they wish to reflect. This activity serves their purpose, they might be hiding losses and moving money around on paper to cover up bad decisions or failed ventures. Their reasons can be endless.

          • T i m

            Naive or not , here is fact …LOOK IT UP YOURSELF . Jimmy Carter created the commerce department , RONALD REAGAN De regulated the commerce department . The commerce department sets the rate on all commodities , products AMERICANS consume . Gas price has nothing to do with OPEC , Wall street , Speculators , NONE OF THAT . …EVRY ONES COST OF LIVING IS GOING UP , BECAUSE COMMERCE DEPARTMENT WANTS THE SALES TAX . THERE WAS NO OIL SHORTAGE IN THE 7 0 ‘s . I was riding the boat bringing it in . Congress wanted to force AMERICA to buy new smaller vehicles , commerce department created an oil shortage . WE BOUGH IT . My name is T i m

          • T i m

            I have already given you the proof . The writer of this article gave you the proof . I have been on the boat . HAVE YOU . Jimmy Carter created the commerce department , RONALD REAGAN DE REGULATED THE COMMERCE DEPARTMENT . Commerce department sets the rate on all commodities products. Cost of OIL HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH OPEC , OR WALL STREET . Stop reading the web information brainwash . Why did Obama ask the COMMERCE DEPARTMENT SECRETARY , last summer , WHAT WE SHOULD DO ABOUT AMERICAN JOBS . What does the commerce department have to do with it …..The article was advertised on the world news , is why I know about it . Look it up in the Fox News archives . Prove it yourself . AMERICAN gas price at the pump , is mostly taxes , same with tobaco and beer . IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH OPEC , OR WALL STREET . . T i m

          • winstonsmith6079

            49 cents a gallon falls FAR short of “mostly taxes”. Where do you get your figures – what website (that you say we can’t trust)?

  • kategray

    We need to drill here and be free from other countries and their whims. This would also give jobs to Americian citizens.

    • Tom W.

      As long as we’re tied to the world market kategray, we’ll never be free of other countries!!!

      “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six” – Rev. 13:16-18 (KJV).

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      It doesn’t matter how much oil we have or how much we drill. The oil, even on government land belongs to the oil companies that hold the leases. No matter how much there is, it goes on the international market to be sold to anyone who will pay the price. That’s why the oil that is currently being pumped out of our country is being shipped over to China. They won’t pump more oil because they don’t want the price to drop.

      • Sheryn

        We need free green energy. It will happen, just not by our government.

      • Tom W.

        Unless extracted from privite lands Nancy! Hence the boom in ND!!!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        That oil is being sold on the international market also.

      • daniel

        Sheryn, Hate to blow your bubble but there is no such thing as free energy. Solar energy costs a huge amount of water which out here in the west means a lot; we have an ongoing drought besides all of which our aquifers are going down in water levels. Wind energy kills a lot of birds even though I question the number by both sides of the equation. Oh yes, they also help with climate heating by creating islands of heat similar to what cities do. Ethanol is at best a break even farce perpetrated on the public. With all of that we get to pay for all of them at least twice in taxpayer subsidies and purchasing the final product. Face it what you want will not happen. What you have been told to believe by others qualifies as a lie.

        • Deerinwater

          I can’t think of one thing “break even” about corn gas unless it been it pumps up the Midwest gain belt so the people that live there or their children don’t move to my home state of Texas.

          Corn gas is a major joke, the technology is good but find something less valuable then corn, like weeds or cow manure or republicans or something.

          • T i m

            There is a simple solution to the so called water shortage . IT IS CALLED CONDENSATION . Your vehicle produces gallons of it evry summer through the air conditioner . Your home air conditioner produces gallon of condensation , every summer . There should never be a forest fire anywhere . We can create a rain forest . Lots of people tried to mix water with gas , decades ago , burned up car engines long before normal . T i m

  • Brad

    Jopa there was a 100% democratic congress and senate when the prices went through the roof, had nothing to do with Bush and all tpo do with congress screwing the American people with their Green liberal agenda. Nice try though

    • Tom W.

      Well… I wouldn’t exonerate Dubya completely Brad, but I do get your point!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Democrats-republicans: same thing! Don’t be fooled. The same puppet masters pull both of their strings. They are just trying to distract you and keep you busy arguing about whose fault it is. Look at the whole picture and you will plainly see that it is both sides with all things getting progressively worse!

        • T i m

          I am so glad to see , some one else see’s the real truth . Gas price at the pump should be around . 5 0 cents per gallon . I AM VOTING RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT . T i m

      • Tom W.

        I’ve seen that movie too Nancy! Liars and thieves exist on BOTH side of the asile!!! That is why I hated seein’ the Tea Party high-jacked by the GOP after the election of Barack! The Tea Party formed when Dubya passed the $750bil. TARP bail out bill, and although TRULY conservitive to the core, they stood against corruption on both sides of the asile!!! What you’re seein’ with the nomination of Romney is a return to the old guard of the GOP establishment! But don’t give up HOPE!… JESUS IS COMIN’!!!

        “He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.” – Rev. 22:20 (KJV)

  • dan

    capitalism 101 :the price is the highest that the market will bear.
    i personally think that the government is hording for a future world shortage that will never occur because of scientific advances….I’ll bet there are warehouses filled with buggy-whips somewhere.

    • Tom W.

      LOL!!! That’s a GOOD one dan!

    • nc

      dan, if these mossback Conservatives gain control and take us back to their 18th century policies to run a 21st century country in a 21st century world with 21st century problems it might nice to be in buggy whip business. Slate boards and chalk will be other good businesses.
      I saw where Ann Romney y, the stay at home mom, just dipped into the family food money to buy a $1,000.00 shirt! That family has it so tough! Let’s do something for them! How about a pot luck supper down on the square!!To help them out maybe we can get Mitt nominated for a position as a latter day saint.or at least as local sheriff since our last one was killed by the Earps and those illegal federal marshalls who have come to take our homes. I just know the 1900s will be much better!! BTW, have you heard that the Hoovers have had a new baby boy? They named him Herbert,

      • Tom W.

        nc, you should be tied to a chair and gaggeg and made to watch one of Glenn Becks black-board presentations until you get it!!! LOL! I’m sorry, but the mental picture extremely amusing!!!

  • Shane

    There are many reasons why things happen in life, including the price of oil. You are right that not all that occurs, falls at the foot of which ever president is in office at the time. But saying that, does not mean that a particular president. or the party that controls one or both houses also don’t have a role in what occurs in our country. Including the price of oil, such as through price inflation as a result of the deflated value of our money, and with no end in site. Ignorant people just don’t realize that much of the increased price of energy, is the devaluation of our dollar due to too much prining. In any case, presidents can through policy, effect everything that a normal family used, including the price of corn flakes and the milk in the bowl.

    Jopa, you are very naive to think that this present president does not stand head and shoulders over past presidents and those currently runnin in deceit and malevolent against what this country was meant to stand for. While others give up. I think the wise and common sensical move is to keep recruiting good canidates, and win those races that we can, and support anyone other than Obama.

    But I suppose for some, their head in the sand and a pocketful of principal works for them.

    • Tom W.

      The same way ya eat an elephant Shane, ONE BITE AT A TIME!!!

  • Chester

    Funny thing is, there is NO shortage of oil in the country. What there is a shortage of is refineries that can handle the cheap oil we produce, especially on the east coast, where it is needed the worst. If there is a shortage, why are we suddenly a refined products exporter?

    • Flashy

      Same reason they want Keystone to go all the way to the Gulf refineries instead of the one just across the border.

      Think about that. You honestly believe keystone will alleviate the price of oil? Seriously?

      Want the price of oil to drop? Don’t use it. Watch the prices plummet. That is why we need to move to the next technological stage of development as a society and quit relying on an energy technology over 100 years old.

      But then if that occurred …the radical Right wouldn’t have much to bit*h about then would they ?

      • DaveH

        From the horse’s mouth (no, not Flashman’s, that’s the other end):

      • Tom W.

        He got some BIG ole’ lips don’t he DaveH?! LOL!!!

      • Tom W.

        We’ll ALWAYS have you Flush!!! Now are ya sittin’ down?! I agree!!! If WE THE PEOPLE would get our heads together and declare a national no drive day, or if we really wanted to let them know we mean business, a no drive week, and stuck to our guns, Man the things WE THE PEOPLE could do if we would learn how to fight together and to HIT ‘EM WHERE IT HURTS!!! The same deal with the TSA, don’t fly! It wouldn’t take long, they’d be HISTORY!!! The POWER we weld folks! If WE would ever learn to use it to OUR advantage! WOW!!!

      • Flashy

        Dave H..what has the link have to do with questioning why it needs to be sent to the Gulf and not a refinery near the border?

      • DaveH

        I’m giving people a chance to see what TransCanada has to say about the Pipeline and it’s mission, Flashman, instead of listening just to your biased Propaganda.
        For instance, they say — “TransCanada continues to believe in the value of Keystone XL due to the overwhelming support the project has received from American and Canadian producers and U.S. refiners who signed 17 to 18 year contracts to ship over hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil per day to meet the needs of American consumers”.
        Did you miss the “US refiners” part, Flashman?
        If you follow their links, you can get their side of the Story, something Progressives don’t want the citizens hearing.

      • DaveH

        For instance, on this page:
        we find this information — “The Canadian portion of the pipeline runs from Hardisty, Alberta east into Manitoba where it turns south and crosses the border into North Dakota. From North Dakota, the pipeline runs south through South Dakota and Nebraska. At Steele City, Nebraska, one arm of the pipeline runs east through Missouri for deliveries into Wood River and Patoka, Illinois; another arm runs south through Oklahoma for deliveries into Cushing, Oklahoma”.

        Are you really that ignorant, Flashman, or are you just fond of spreading misinformation?

    • jopa

      Chester;You apparently live on the East Coast so take a ride to Philly and you will see the huge Sunoco refinery is shut down now to keep the price of oil high.They say there is lack of demand for their product now.There is another shut down in NJ and one in the Carribean.

  • DDearborn


    First the reason oil has gone from 11 dollars a barrel in 2000 to 100+ is 2 fold. First there is the direct and ever present manipulation of the markets by the speculators backed by the huge multi-national banks. Second is the complete destruction of the value of the dollar by the FED. Obama has nothing to do with it. And the nitwit Romney couldn’t do a thing to change prices either. Lets stop the lies here.

    • Steve E

      The devaluation has a lot to do with the rising price. Most people do not understand that printing more money will make money rise. I bet 1 in 25 people in this country understand how money works.

      • Tom W.

        Well, it SURE sound like you got it all figured out there Mr. Greenspan!

    • DaveH

      The three main factors in the high price of oil:
      1) as DDearborn said — the Federal Reserve’s profligate money creation.
      2) Government taxation.
      3) Government regulation.

      Notice that all three come from Big Government. It’s time, Folks, to wake up to the fact that Big Government is the Problem, Not the Solution.

      • Tom W.

        We’d better buy a horse now while they’re cheap DaveH!

      • T i m


    • Tom W.

      You got it figured out don’t ya, DDearborn?!!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Gee Tom, does it make you feel big to belittle other people?

      • Tom W.

        Just WHO was I belittlin’ Nancy?! Could it be that you misinterpreted my tongue in cheek agreement with the gentleman Nancy?! Oh! I’m sorry, I forgot you were a corn husker!!!

        • Deerinwater

          Sorry, Garbled at this end, would you send again?

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Your comments to Steve E, up above and this comment to DDearborn indicate that you think you are operating under a higher level of thinking. They sound belittling to me.

      • Deerinwater

        I think Tom is trolling for Ben Crystal job Nancy, much like Herman Cain thinking of himself as a worthy contender. Tom will one day bring down the thunder and go where few others has went ~ away, finding the door locked and unable to get in.

    • jopa

      Newt promises gas at $2.50 a gallon and moon colonies.He plans on hiring the Moonies first so just get in line.

      • T i m

        With all due RESPECT , JOPA , the price on barrel of oil , HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR REASONS . My name is T i m . I have been on the boat . …Please hear me. The only thing controling price of gas at the pump , IS ALL OUR OWN AMERICAN COMMERCE DEPARTMENT . It has nothing to do with the devalued dollar , nothing to do with wall street . AMERICAN COMMERCE DEPARTMENT SETS THE RATE ON ALL COST OF LIVING , AT WILL . IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING ELSE . How many members of congress you think own stock in green energy . THAT IS THE ONLY THING WALL STREET HAS TO DO WITH THIS . Congress wants to force AMERICA into hybrid cars , so raise the cost of gallon of gas at the pump too high to buy ..Congress did the same thing in the 7 0 ‘s . THERE WAS NO OIL SHORTAGE IN THE 7 0 ‘s . I WAS RIDING THE BOAT BRINGING THE STUFF IN . If you want to make a difference in something , you and all your freinds , send paper mail to the commerce department in washington , scream at them to drop gas price where it should be ….THEN, LEAVE IT ALONE . Make the commerce department trip over the paper mail to get in their office . T i m

      • Deerinwater

        yea! he pull that one out of his assets! Newt is all hat and no cattle.He never has been a serous player. A book writer and signer. i wouldn’t pay 3 dollars for one of his books, finding toilet paper more ~ user friendly.

  • Fox

    Obama? OBAMA! You mean that clown is still alive?

    • Tom W.

      Easy Fox! They’ll be knockin’ on your door!!!… BAM BAM BAM!!!… See I TOLD you!

      • jopa

        I still think the one about Usama Bin Ladens last text is the best of the year when he text “BRB someones at the door”.

  • http://liberty Tony

    To Everyone:
    Both sides are at fault. Let’s face it. I mean,how can there be a shortage of oil, when these oil execs, with speculators are making a fortune at record rates!?! I, re-emphasize, both sides are to blame. Thanks!!
    P.S. To Chester, you’re absolutely correct. So long for now.

    • Tom W.

      You mean that there are two sides Tony?!! Wooo!!!

  • http://outlookexpress Barney

    why do we export oil??? if we are dependent on foreign oil? big oil exports it because they make more money and are greedy. why isn’t gasoline the same price in every country?

    • Vigilant

      The disparity in pump prices is primarily due to varying levels of taxes per gallon levied by the governments at all levels. US Federal Excise Tax is 18.4 cents per gallon, and has remained at that level since October, 1993. State and local taxes, combined with FET, add 30-50 cents per gallon, depending upon which state you live in.

      The Euro countries add VERY high taxes to every liter of gasoline, and that’s why the prices are so high. I’m sure that if Obama’s re-elected, he will try to push through an increase in FET.

      • Tom W.

        God FORBID VIg!!!

    • Tom W.

      The ONLY reason the prices are as LOW here as they are is the FACT that the US dollar is the WSC! Once that is over, so will be our days of sub$5/gal. prices, and they’ll probably be closer to $10/gal.!!!

  • Ke

    …..and you want this thief for another 4 years ?

    • Tom W.

      It would be nice to replace him with something other than another theif!!!

  • Tom Cook

    The reasons we don’t need this bit of human excrement in our White House are innumerable. He is even beginning to resemble a turd drying in the sun and turning white as his little nappy hair prematurely whitens.

    • Tom W.

      Damn Tom, you’re cold man!

      • Sheryn

        You are also ignorant !!!!!

      • Tom W.

        Well excuuuuse me!!!

        • Deerinwater

          Take you Meds Tom or go sit down some where.

  • bendoublecrossed

    Did you know that OPEC was the idea of a South American economic visionary? His goal was to use the cartel idea
    to redistribute wealth and resources among the nations in an equitable manor! The official account of it—the one that is taught in elementary school—has it that Mr. Juan Pablo Pérez Alfonzo, a distinguished Venezuelan lawyer, is the “Father of OPEC”. –

    Over its fifty-year history, OPEC has held three separate Summits of Heads of State and Government of its Member Countries. The First Summit was held in Algiers (Algeria) in 1975. The Second Summit was held in Caracas (Venezuela) in 2000. The Third Summit was held in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) in 2007.
    These Summits were held in order to discuss issues of global importance and establish guidelines for the Organization’s policies. Each Summit concluded with the issuing of a Solemn Declaration in which principles were set out to guide the future work of the Organization.
    These principles have focused on the issues poverty; the environment; and the inherent sovereignty of OPEC Member Countries over their natural resources.
    View the OPEC Solemn Declarations here. – Pasted from

    Have you wondered why America has not built new refineries in decades? See page 8 (follows 6 preface pages) of the following PDF document

    Excerpt from Algiers Summit 1975:

    “A major portion of the planned or new petrochemical complexes, oil refineries and fertiliser plants be built in the territories of OPEC Member Countries with the co-operation of industrialised nations for export purposes to the developed countries with guaranteed access for such products to the markets of these countries.”

    And Read about Maurice Strong
    “Strong has worked diligently and effectively to bring his ideas to fruition. He is now in a position to implement them. His speeches and writings provide a clear picture of what to expect. In 1991, Strong wrote the introduction to a book published by the Trilateral Commission, called Beyond Interdependence: The Meshing of the World’s Economy and the Earth’s Ecology, by Jim MacNeil. (David Rockefeller wrote the foreword).

    • Tom W.

      What an UNHOLY union bendoublecrossed! The NWO and Islam!!! OMG! You know nothing GOOD is going to come outta this, save the return of our Lord!!! Even so, come Lord Jesus!

  • michaeljbeglinjr

    I am all for buying up the Middle East’s oil, while at the same time drilling and stockpiling our own. We should have the Keystone Pipeline built, just to stop the oil from going to China.

    After we have sucked the Middle east dry, we can sell our oil to them for $500.00 per barrel, and $.50 a gallon here at home. We could get our money back from them, while giving us cheaper gas.

    Chester: if it were up to me, I wouldn’t export any refined products to anyone but England and our absolute closest supporters.

    Obama wants to force green energy down our throats regardless of the costs. this attitude will probably cost him the election in November. I will be shocked if he gets re-elected.

    • Ken

      I am so afraid that hehas something brewing thatwill gethim re-elected. It will be illegal, just like he is. He’s sending all the votes overseas to be counted? And the results will be in his favor. He should be arrested, tried, convicted and perminantly jailed for treason ! Lets go people, get it started. Get the Impeachment going and don’t let him intimidate you into changing your minds.

      • Deerinwater

        Right! Like a track record of accomplishment. something the GOP does not have.

      • DaveH

        Perhaps, Deer, you could list some of those accomplishments for us?

      • Vigilant

        “Like a track record of accomplishment?” That one-liner will get you no where without substantiation, Bob.

        Moreover, are you one who believes that impeachable offenses should be disregarded for purely political reasons? Or because you like the guy?

      • Deerinwater

        Let’s play a game and I’ll tie one hand behind my back so to speak. For every GOP achievement in the last 3 years, I’ll supply you two from the current administration and give you the advantage of leading off. You have exactly 12 hours to accept and respond to this challenge, or I will assume you have conceded and took your vanity with you in tow.

      • DaveH

        We know you’d rather play games, Deer, than to answer the question. What Achievements?

      • Deerinwater

        You are the biggest game player here David with Jeff and Jay coming in second and third.
        I ‘d like to include Tom but he hasn’t advanced that far. Tom is more like some sweet old ladie with an Avon Bottle collecting that covers three walls of her home, begging the question~WTF is this all about?!!!! HAVE WE HAD FUN OR WHAT!????

        I’ll accept your concession in the spirit that it’s offered. You ain’t got $hit. Just a windy end of a long gut!

        Let it be know, you were given more then a fair chance to offer support to your “opinions”

        You are out! Next? The clock is ticking.

    • Tom W.

      Is England our ally michaeljbeglinjr?!!

  • Ken

    We can’t afford the gas prices now, and he’s going to push them higher ? What is wrong with his brain ? Does he have one ? If so, it has to be controled by SATAN !
    Anyone with an ounce of concern wouldn’t even think about pushing the price up. He should be finding ways to bring them down. That means higher food prices, heating oil, and everything else that fuel is used for. And the unemployment rate is on the rise. Does he want us to stop living ? We can’t afford this creep any longer. He’s got to go! The sooner the better. There is no reason in this world for him to do what he’s doing. He’s justa no doos hungry illegal no nothing ! Be advised Me Obama, GODhas you in his sights. He knows exactly what you aredoing and take my words for this, he isn’t going to let it go on much longer. And I hope I’m not too near you whan he meets out his judgement on you. You won’t me smiling any longer !

    • Daveh234

      The facts are different than the various pundits who claim they know Obama is working to raise the prices of our energy.
      He has been responsible for increased domestic production, which, even you claim, should decrease our prices.
      Other forces are at play and it is more likely the oil companies and their greedy counterparts.

      • Patriot

        The increase in domestic production was all done on “Private Lands”, Obama has suppressed every opportunity to increase supply of oil, coal or LP anywhere else, so the laziest President in US history has done nothing. Perfect example: Keystone Pipeline! You really need to find your news from sources other than the MSM!

      • Deerinwater

        You’d be wise to look for some new material yourself.

        The Keystone deal is going through the process of being acceptable, I suppose you would be inclined to accept the first offer to any deal? Quite the business tycoon I’m sure.

      • Tom W.

        Well PRAISE BE HALLELUJAH!!! Deerbravenpanties is here to enlighten us all! We all know you got the real POOP Qu… I mean Deer.

        • Sheryn

          The prices will never be reasonable again so its time to get over it. They know cheeper energy is coming and they will squeeze every penny out of us they can until that happens. I just hope I’m still around to see the day we don’t need oil anymore. That will be a great day.

    • Tom W.

      You don’t get it Ken?! HE DON’T CARE!!! His goal is to bring us to our knees, we’ll NOW see what we’re MADE of!!!

    • Karolyn

      Gas is going down, down, down! Down over .20 here in the past three weeks.

      • Deerinwater

        It’s down in northeast Texas as well Karolyn.

  • steve

    here’s something you might want to look up . volkswagen uk has a 1.7 liter engine thatgets 75 miles to the gallon in europe. the us government will not allow this engine to be sold her according to vw of america. go to the wesite vwuk .com and look for the engine options for vw cars and it will tell you how may mpg’s it gets. don’t forget that there gallon is 5 liters not 4 like ours but when you do the math and eliminate 1 liter you still get 60mpg.

    • Tom W.

      Does it surprize you steve?!

  • Stuart

    obama,where is your birth certificate?millions of us(real Americans)are requesting
    or I should say,the real one.

    • Dave67

      Stuart, your tin hat is now fitted and ready for you.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Dave67, you are just letting your own ignorance show. obummer’s lawyer, in a court of law admitted that the birth certificate that he presented to the American people is a forgery! You won’t get any real news on tv so you should do some research before you make fun of someone who knows what he is talking about. You making a comment about tin foil hats is exactly what they have trained you to do so I guess you get to wear a dunce cap?

        • Sheryn

          Get over the birth certificate already !!!!!!

      • Tom W.

        There should be a charge for producing a fraudulent one Nancy!!! But I feel confident that if there’s anything a little shady goin’ on that Sheriff Joe’s gonna find it! O’ll look REAL cute in a pair of pink skivvies!!! LOL! Deer’d probably have to be restrained!!!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Sheryn, what is the matter with you? His own lawyer admitted in a court of law that he perpetrated a fraud on the American people, and that’s alright with you?!? How can people be so brainwashed that they think it’s ok for a sitting president to commit fraud and go unpunished?!? He is guilty of high treason and the sheeple say, oh well! The time is coming when you and the rest of us will face the consequences of your apathy!!!

        • Sheryn

          I don’t think you were responding to me. but as long as I’m at it. Were you in court that day? or did you hear it on the news??? The only way I would believe it is if I was there!!

      • Flashy

        Nancy…to be exact (and it took very little searching to find the truth)….the attorney representing the administration stated the BC was not required for proof of eligibility in Jew jersey and admitted that should a BC BEEN a requirement, that printing out the scanned website copy would not be admissable. Since it wasn’t a requirement, he wasn’t obligated to produce a certified copy nor would he.

        Much much much different than what you are passing around as to the facts…

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Flashy, what you say is true but it’s only half the story. You conveniently left out the part I was referring to!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Just google it. You’ll get thousands of hits. If I posted a link you would just accuse me of posting from a right wing site. So google it for yourself. Sheryn, if you’re only getting your news from the main stream media then you aren’t getting any news at all! Do your own research. There are tons of things they won’t tell you about. All of the networks are owned by people with the same agenda. Anyone who doesn’t go along is fired. You can either accept what you’re told or you can find out the truth.

        • Sheryn

          That was old news and it went no where because it wasn’t a big deal. Its only being brought up now because its an election year. I don’t just watch main stream media either but I don’t believe everything I read on all the sites either. Use your head. He never got arrested. So get over it.

      • Tom W.

        Jew jersey Flush?! Surely to God a type O! But I can imagine you as a Gestopo officer Flush, a tall, skinny, greasy blonde slicked back hair, four-eyed, striding back and forth behind your keyboard in your leggings and jack boots, cigarette dangling from your mouth, old B&W photo of der Fuheur hanging on the wall behin you, smacking your off hand with your riding crop as you think of some venomous, leftest, propaganda to post!!!… Yeeeess! That’s it, yeeessss! HA hahaha!!!

    • RichE

      I love birthers! The embodiment of critical thinking.

      • Deerinwater

        Pretty much Rich. It’s a chicken or egg first question with the ability to refuse either answer.

  • Dave67

    Don’t you just love the right wing loons? North America has plenty of oil? Who goes and gets the oil? Private firms like Exxon/Mobile… Are they required by law to sell that oil to the USA? No… What a mis-informed person this author is… The price of oil is determined by OPEC, Wall Street, Currency (most mid-east oil is now traded in Euros)… Oil firms are making record profits off the mistakes made by Reagan, jumping back into bed with big oil after the 1972 Oil Embargo should have wised us up. But we do like the path of least resistance don’t we?

    • Tom W.

      OMG! Who are you, Deer’s brother?!!

      • Dave67

        Nope, just someone with common sense and can comprehend the world around me. You?

      • Tom W.

        Yeah? If it’s sense and you got it. it HAS to be COMMON!!! As in everyday HO HUM BORING!!!

      • T i m

        OPEC and WALL STEET have nothing to do with what AMERICA pays for oil . Price of gas at the pump is all AMEICAN DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE . IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING ELSE . I am done . T i m

        • Deerinwater

          Tim , you are like trying to chase down a fart and paint it red.

          BILLS? American Bills? ~ You need to narrow your commentary somewhat.

          While I admire your spirit and appreciate your attempt to speak in the most simple of terms.

          There is little question something unseen is having it’s way with America’s economic system. But I tend to believe that it’s the work of a bunch of smaller things rather then just a single large cog in the machine. I tend to believe that a chosen few 20 men in very high places hold sway to “all” major commerce. They are entrenched power, not elected and live large.

          The US Chamber of Commerce might well be a good place to start but it won’t end there.

          I’ve got a letter in my hand now from the IRS, I know they are not any friends of mine and I’d prefer to not attend their RSVP party. So please don’t think I’m not sympathetic with your frustration with the system of government we are all being subjected to today.

    • DaveH

      I suggest you read this article to put things in perspective, Dave:

      • Deerinwater

        Actually John Meyer’s is second generation in the oil business and related fields I believe. So the background is there Sir.

        But I too am at odds with claim of $100.00 per barrel being a bad thing. While it’s true $94.00 sounds better. But Oil & Gas and it’s supporting industry are some of the few big wheels America still has turning today. We are dragging up light in the industry department since Nafta was put in place.

        We need industry and the jobs it provides more then ever. I realize that it does create ‘hardships” with people getting back and forth from their underpaid jobs. I realize that the final price of everything must increase, that means wages as well.

        You can’t drive 60 miles ~ to work at a minimum paying job.

  • http://www, David

    The right will demonize Obama in any way they can. Blaming him for high oil prices is just plain partisan politics. The President of the U.S. has zero control over market prices. Intelligent people know this. The dunderheads that listen to crap talk like this don’t.

    • Searcher4851

      If you truly believe a president has no influence on market actions, your naivete is exceeded only by your ignorance and unwillingness to accept reality. Educate yourself. I’m not saying a president can totally control markets, but they sure can have an influence on them……good or bad.

    • Mike C

      David wow are you sure about that? What about the ability of the administration to allow more drilling here in the US? From Wikipedia: “President Barack Obama is for limited offshore drilling as part of an extensive energy independence overhaul.” You saw the part about “limited” right? More from Wikipedia: “On May 27 (2010), he announced a 6-month moratorium on new deepwater drilling permits and leases, pending regulatory review.” David you saw the part with the word “moratorium?”

      But hey David we are on the path to energy independence right? We have cheap prices at the pump correct? (Not to mention we have lots of jobs and things are so good for the youth of america that they are not in streets making mass protest). Obama’s energy policies appears to be working wonders in the present. Do you agree?

      • Sheryn

        Ok, tell me what a Republican President would have done. This is the million dollar question nobody seems to be able to answer, not even the Repubicans !!!

        • T i m

          Rick Perry and RON PAUL have both said it . You see what happened to Perry . GET AMERICA OUT OF THE WORLD GOVERNMENT / ECONOMY . Gas price at the pump should be around . 5 0 cents per gallon . OPEC and WALL STREET have nothing to do with AMERICAN GAS PRICE AT THE PUMP . ….The sheep are expected to follow the leader over the cliff . America is part of the G – 2 0 world government . Read the definition on the face of the dollar bill in your pocket . T i m

    • Tom W.

      RONG Einstein!!! Every time our Beloved POTUS asks the FED for permission to print more fiat funds, the strengh of the dollar is depreciated and the price of oil driven up there Pusslips!!!

    • Mike C

      Sheryn, wow you want to know what the republicans would do? That’s easy to speculate. You need some help? Recall the election of 2008. McCain and Palin were adamant about energy. They wanted to drill. They wanted Nuclear Power as a replacement for all the coal burning plants that are not efficient (note I am attacking coal as it relates to carbon, a naturally occuring material. I am saying that Nuclear power is better and provides more jobs and has a safe record – watch the NOVA program on Chernobyl- wildlife is flourishing).

      I recall that gas was below $2 dollars a gallon when Obama came in. Now what it is?

      The leftists of this country are funny. They think renewable and green energy is right around the corner. They rail about the wars. Oh Bush and HIS costly wars (note: we spend more on welfare, unemployment, medicaid and medicare than war). Sheryn, why would we even need to be in the middle east if not for protecting our oil interests? We are not allowed to harness resources here. We have to get it somewhere. It’s okay to drill in the middle east but not here in the US.

      I love asking liberals (on the subject of energy)… WHERE EXACTLY CAN WE DRILL? They just can’t answer that question. Then I ask them when a water car will be available? Anytime soon?

      • Sheryn

        If you can’t answer my question just say so !!! Obama is doing the best that can be done.

      • http://None Mike C

        Wow sharyn I already answered your question. The answer is drill in the US. To open up public land… grant permits. You are same person who voted for a man with no resume to assume the most powerful position in the world so it makes sense that you cannot hang in this conversation. If you’d pay attention to Romney you’d also get your answer

        “Former Gov. Mitt Romney says President Obama should fire three of his cabinet members over skyrocketing fuel prices. He berates Obama for showering government subsidies on politically well-connected alternative energy companies. And he blasts the president for failing to open up more public land and offshore areas to oil and gas drilling” to boost domestic production.”

        My last notes to you sharyn: Socialism has NOT worked anywhere. It is through strength that all other virtues can be achieved. America has done this through Capitalism. People like you want want to shackle our great industrial strentgh. The liberal media has brainwashed you to resent the things that have made america great. You fear your freedom. You do not understand your freedom.

  • niles

    Asking Obama to stop lying is like asking the Pope to stop being Catholic.

    • Tom W.

      Like askin’ a cat to not act smug!

  • Hemant

    Well, here are our options…..continue to transfer our wealth to arab countries through oil invoicing; and continue the spending which will inevitably drown us under the looming debt tsumani. Or, we get serious, identify and replace those responsible for this debacle with minimum delay. Time is not on our side!

  • Patriot

    The proof that this administration is at fault is through the empowerment of the DoE & the EPA, using the power of these department through laws & regulations imposed on the entire industry in the name of the rouse global warming. In addition, the printing of all this stimulus money that was stolen from all of us increased the supply and we are seeing mass inflation. Yes, it is all about the administration, these knuckleheads have made the situation 100 x’s worse. Like adding gasoline to a fire, a change is needed and quickly!

    • Deerinwater

      And all of this wan’t in play until “O” came along, is that what you are offering us?

      • Tom W.

        His head in a charger would be sweet DeerOho!!!

  • Scott A

    We are able to make high milage cars NOW, using batteries and generators. The Volt is a joke. I can buy a hybrid that does 140 mph, charges in 1/2 the time, for $25,000 instead of $40K. The techology is here, but is not being mass produced yet. 250 MPG cars are here. Let’s start to mass produce them. But nooooo, the exec’s in bed with the oil companies will not. Whores.

    • Tom W.

      Dayz bez hoz!!!

  • Deerinwater

    Actually,I ‘d come near thinking $100.00 per barrel is about right in 2012 John. The industry needs this price at the well head to stay vibrant and aggressive.

    What affect pump prices is more then just well head prices.

    • Tom W.

      I got a WHALE HEAD for ya Qu… oops, I mean Deer!

      • Deerinwater

        English! Mr. Potty Mouth, ENGLISH!

        Druggy Street jargon, hip and cool talk and all the different variation of prison colloquial and gutter talk leaves the rest of us wondering if you should really be left unattended.

        It’s easy TOM ~ Say what you mean and mean what you say. It’s not complicated.

  • K. Grimes

    Was I the only one watching the news when then President Bush… the last one… when during a news brief he said something about Gas pricing going up and a reporter told him they were due to go to $4.00 by that summer and our wonderful president stood there and said “GOOD.”
    I wondered why his remark was missing on the evening news?

    So we better start blaming someone besides our current president. Looks to me like the $4.00 a gallon gas was redicted before President Obama took office.

    Conspiracy is everywhere…. Can you think of even one place you work or play where someone is not trying to do something different from what you think they should do?

    • Tom W.

      He was caught smoochin’ all over the Saudi king in his Crawford rose garden wasn’t he KG?!!

  • Norm

    Everything is Obama’s fault.
    Given America’s new oil rush, it would seem the best of times for gas prices. But with $4-per-gallon sticker shock, it might feel like the worst of times
    How can this be?
    The question is all the more perplexing, because the United States is not only producing more crude oil but also using less of it. As a result, net oil imports have dropped a third since 2005.
    With such good fortune, America’s soaring pump prices seem to defy the laws of supply and demand — except for one fact: It’s increasingly not just about us.
    U.S. gas prices are largely determined by global crude oil prices, which depend on a widening and shifting array of factors half a world away: economic sanctions on Iran; deepwater drilling off Brazil; spare oil capacity in Saudi Arabia; auto use in China; less nuclear power in Japan.
    So oil rigs may be hopping in North Dakota, but what happens in the Strait of Hormuz will likely have more impact on prices at the local gas station — even though the U.S. doesn’t import a single gallon from Iran.

    • Tom W.

      It wasn’t all that many years ago that we were basically the only country that consumed oil comparatively! It ain’t so anymore!!!

  • Rich

    In the 70s we tried to eliminate gas guzzlers like my 72 ‘Cuda. Looks whats available today!!! Please 650hp out of the showroom. Give me a break. In theory, why does not car makers want high millage? Would not we all be driving more therefore racking up the millage and with the great quality of products today we would be going to the showroom for a new car much faster than we do now.

    • Tom W.

      They don’t want us all drivin’ Rich!!! They’re in a dilemma, they want to continue to want to live in the lap of luxury, but not in the pollution that has been caused by the pursuit of that illutional lap! What will they do?!! They know what they want to do but lack the testacles required to pull it off!!! Their plan;


    Can anyone tell me whether political parties are mentioned in your constitutions?

    IMO and if I’m understanding your system … Political parties are just a syndicate of independent members of parliament who collude together to use their joint voting powers to dictate the passage of laws based on that syndicates predetermined policies.

    • Searcher4851

      In this country, syndicate is a word commonly used to describe criminal groups, thereby, your use of that word in conjunction with our political parties is spot on. I think the only error in your description would be that you left out the money factor. There are really only predetermined inclinations toward policy. It’s the money that actually directs policy. The only real problem with our political system, is the people that are in it. One of our early statesmen ( I believe it was Benjamin Franklin) commented that they had created a form of government well suited to a wise and moral populace. Things went wrong when they started producing a lot of lawyers and proffesional politicians.

  • Ron


    Websites like this daily. daily. daily. beat the blunthammer that Our Christian Oil Providers (they must be Christian, ’cause Jesus only hung out with the fatcats) must be given Absolute Freedom To Drill Baby Drilla Everywhere And Anywhere–but would you ever consider being intellectually honest enough to ask former Unelected President Cheney to disclose to the American people the agenda of his “secret” meetings with oil company executives shortly after being appointed President by the Republican Supreme Court?

    Cheney had multiple meetings with oil company execs, and immediately gas prices blew up and have NEVER come down since then, America invaded the wrong country, rich in oil, embroiling itself in the longest war in American history. And gas prices don’t come down…even though we’re using less than we have in decades and (*finally*) are returning to building cars with some minimum fuel efficiency.

    And yet here you are, day after day, flogging the same dead horse that the reason our gas prices are so high is our communaziniG-aKenyanhomosocialist President just won’t let them take more oil out of American soil and dump it on the world market to the highest bidder (China, India, Asia).

    They can drill every drop of oil out of America, pollute our water aquifers, trash our coastlines, but gas prices will never drop, because we’ve converted an ecomonic theoretical model into a Religion: Anything that turns into cash is from Jesus and Could Never Be Bad.

    OF COURSE the problem is speculation–and God knows what other sweetheart deals have been cemented into place over decades of secret subsidies and breaks to the oil companies.

    And yet people on this site are so naive (? or just corporate shills?) as to C-R-O-W that these multi-national oil companies are somehow patriotic Americans…? Lord Romney of the Nobility has suggested that “corporations are people, my friend”–but they ain’t people like you and me. They don’t pledge allegiance to the United States of America (well, maybe to the United States of America, Inc.)–and they sure as hell don’t owe America ANYTHING.

    They pledge allegiance only to their shareholders, and their job is to loot for their shareholders everything that isn’t nailed down in every country on earth–with government connivance and sweetheart subsidies whenever possible–and turn that into cash.

    They don’t hate Americans. They just don’t care if America survives or not, ’cause when they’re done plundering here? They’re moving on to greener pastures–to turn them brown, I promise you.

    I’m always amazed that they can hoodwink you guys into trotting up to do their bidding and going to war with anyone would try to say: “Whoa! Save a little for the rest of us, will ya??”

    Don’t confuse their commercials with thinking that they give a damn about you or America. It’s nothing personal. It’s just business.

    And after they and Cheney got together back in 2000, business had been GOOOOOD.

    So, in fairness, could you guys allocate a *tiny* bit of the energy you put into digging up new conspiracy plots to incarcerate patriotic white people in FEMA concentration camps into going to President Cheney and asking him to tell us what their plan was?

    Back when he was President and it wasn’t open season on the President, you guys flogged a-n-y-o-n-e who disagreed with his policies as being America-hating traitors, so surely he owes you one.

    I bet if you grovelled up to him and begged him real nice, maybe he’d ‘fess up to how the oil companies are getting record profits while gas prices exploded on his watch?

    And of COURSE the government shouldn’t try to regulate speculators and the oil companies to slow down their larceny of America’s resources the way they’ve done in every third-world country for generations, giving their citizens pennies on the dollar while raping them at the pump.

    To suggest that there should be some fair play or decency or consideration for the American people would be (I just threw up in my mouth a little just now saying those words) un-American!

  • Tag

    Why would oscummo lower the gas prices when his muslim buddies are getting rich off American dollars? His interest is NOT in America or the USA but the foreigners! When are people going to recognize and accept this fact? He is a traitor!

  • Sheryn

    All but one of you is totally wrong ! If you continue to pay high prices for gas you are telling them its ok. If you don’t want to pay the price don’t buy it. conseve. Stop wasting it . The only ones at fault are the American People!!!!!

    • Vigilant

      Yes indeed, it’s the fault of people who depend upon automotive transportation to get to work every day. Without it, they cannot earn their livelihood.

      I can just see an airlines saying “we’re not going to pay that outrageous price!” When the flights are cancelled, who’s going to be the first to complain? When food and other necessities stop flowing into your local stores because the transporters failed to buy fuel, will you cheer? Will you gloat over the death of seniors on fixed incomes when they refuse heating oil at exorbitant prices next winter? Etc., etc., etc.

      They’ve got us coming and going (literally). Boycotts will simply channel increasing exports to overseas. Wake up!

    • Karolyn

      Right now gas prices are lower than they were last year at this time.

      • Sheryn

        Oh, Ok then what is everyone bitching about??????

      • Deerinwater

        Oh! you mean they need a reason?

        Gas prices today are low as compared to earlier.

        A $100.00 for barrel of crude was common while 43 was in office and it’s common today.

      • Tom W.

        Between the three of ya, there peobably isn’t a collective IQ of 10! LOL!!!

        • Deerinwater

          Well as least they can count and understand what numbers mean. I really don’t believe that you are the one to be discussing anyone IQ here Tom. When must you be back in your room for head count and lock down?

          Like 43 before him, Obama has only limited control of markets. That’s the way it was intended, set up and the way it should be.

          To direct your anger and dissatisfaction toward top leadership is commonplace. If anyone has plans to ever chairing anything from a book club to a PTA meeting, be prepared to be disliked, it comes with the position. Leadership take a thick hide, strong shoulders and driving focus that many people will resent.

  • charles holloway

    mitt romney is no better than obama, we repubilcans could not do better than mitt romney, he is a joke, i am not happy with obama, however obama is a master of lying, and mitt romney is a dum liar. I do not trust liars,and if you have two liars running for office, may the best liar win.

    • Dale

      Perhaps you should have said ‘may the worst liar win’ at least that way the people would know for certain that he i lying…

  • Ron
  • Norm

    T. Boone Pickens: Biggest Deterrent To U.S. Energy Plan Is Koch Industries 5/2012

    “The biggest deterrent to an energy plan in America is Koch Industries,” he says. “They do not want an energy plan for America because they have the cheapest natural gas price they’ve ever had, and they’re in the fertilizer business and they’re in the chemical business. So their margins are huge. And they do not want you to have an energy plan, because if you had a plan, then natural gas prices would come up.”
    The Obama administration may be lacking a cohesive, straightforward approach to America’s energy independence, but energy production has greatly expanded since Obama took office. The president has approved drilling permits in federal lands and waters that were previously off limits to oil and gas companies, much to the chagrin of environmentalists. Obama rejected the construction of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline in January, but he has recently expressed support for building the southern portion of the pipeline that would extend from Oklahoma to the Gulf of Mexico.
    “It’s very hard to get an energy plan,” Pickens laments. “It isn’t a failure of the Democrats. It’s not a failure of the Republicans. It’s a bipartisan failure. Over the years neither party could provide the leadership to have an energy plan.”

    • Ron

      Yep, we have become a corporatocracy without even realizing it. And oil is just one example of how the American people are pushed around as widgets in a corporate ponzi scheme.

      Consider Prisons, Inc.: After we began privatizing prisons during the “Get Tough On Crime” and “War On Drugs” marketing scams back in the late ’60s/early ’70s, the corporations that took over this function–that used to be regarded as a part of the judicial process–turned it into a cash cow. They plowed their profits back into lobbyists, fear-mongering, and bankrolling politicians who towed the “get tough on crime” line.

      Now: Yay! “America the Free” incarcerates a higher percentage of its citizens than any other nation in the world! Say it with me: “We’re Number One! We’re Number One!”

      We lock up more of our citizens, per capita, than China.

      We lock up more Americans, per capita, than Stalin incarcerated Russians in the gulags at the HEIGHT of the Soviet purges.

      To corporate prison manufacturers, Americans aren’t people so much as “customers”.

      The newest craze: “Let’s bring back debtor’s prisons!”–280–the-return-of-debtors–prisons.html

      Start locking up these dead-ender welfare queen unemployed sick who can’t pay their medical bills. Make ‘em do some time–it’ll be good for ‘em! And with a prison system that virtually guarantees prison rape (HIV is extremely high in prison populations), it means we can subject these rotten welfare queens to hell on earth–all on the taxpayer’s dime–and straight into the profit margins of our Christian Prison Providers (they have to be Christian ’cause they’re so well off, right?).

      If you’re looking for an evil conspiracy, I don’t think you need to root around trying to cook up Obammanid secret FEMA concentration camps for patriotic white people…after all, the government couldn’t get FEMA trailers delivered properly after Katrina, and they were doing that in broad daylight–do you really think they could pull off anything that big, that secret?

      The real conspiracy took place right under our noses, and it’s creeping into every part of our life, brought to us by the propaganda machine on Madison Ave. and brought to you by–capitalism, maybe?

      The Big Lie goes like this: All Government–Always, All the Time–is from Satan. (Remember the blood-curdling rallying cry? “Get your GD government hands off my Medicare!”)

      And all Corporations Are From Jesus, and They Will Always Only Do What Is Good.

      Big Corporate is liberating us from Big Government.
      And replacing it with Big Corporate as our governing power.

      Only, where the government–nominally, at least–had to pledge allegiance to the United States of America, Big Corporate puts its hand over its heart, and with a tear in its eye and a smirk, pledges allegiance to their multinational shareholders.

      Enslaving America for profit? It’s nothing personal, it’s just business.

      And business is Really, Really Good.

      • Karolyn

        Great post, Ron!

  • Dale

    The only thing green is the color of the money, if it were not so the likes of Al Gore would not be pushing it for profit. Green is good for Gore but bad for nearly everyione else. Ehanol polutes more than gasoline and government knew it before they forced it on everyone. You pay 45 cents per gallon for ethanol to destroy your car and polute the air, what does that tell you?

    • Deerinwater

      Corn gas was little more then a farming subside, direct at a grain belt of our nation that needed some stimulus at the time. It was sold to Americans as being something completely different.

      Quite a sales job. We’ve learned some things in the process~ education has never been cheap.

      As far as i’m concerned, corn is too valuable to be used this way. The ground will some day give out and refuse to grow.

      • Tom W.

        We keep letin’ companies like Monsanto do what they’re doin’ and that day could be tomorrow!!!

    • Karolyn

      The major part of our oil does not even come from the mideast!

      • Tom W.


        • needfulthings

          Yer RIGHT! Canada is our largest Single supplier, But remember its a foreign country and thus subject to Inernational laws , rules and agreements and they can’t sell it to us without first going thru the cartels.

    • Wildey

      Regardless what you purchase, the one holding what you want to buy tells you what your moneys worth. You got a $20.00 dollar Gold piece? It’s worth $1,500.00 dollars. It’s a two way street. The dollar is the worlds sovereign currency. If a German wants to make a purchase from a Jordanian the first thing he does is convert his Marks into dollars, not Dinars.

      Regarding oil, Iran wants to compete with NYMEX, New York Mercantile Exchange and London’s IPE, International Petroleum Exchange. Right now, the NYMEX and IPE use three oil markers to establish price: West Texas intermediate crude, Norway Brent crude and UAE Dubai crude. All the transactions are done in dollars and the value of the dollar is collapsing. Tehran wants to create a fourth oil marker, like Saddam and Gadaffi tried to do. Iran’s is priced in Euro or anything else they’ll accept. OPEX has nothing to do with the price of oil. The Arabs are pumping all the world needs. If our oil is sold domestically it will create chaos with the value of the dollar. There’s two dollars, the one we use and petro dollars. If America looses the petro dollar status, which is backing the dollar, the truth of the value of the dollar will be exposed and America will collapse.

  • Wildey

    The price of oil is determined by the stock market and keeping the dollar afloat. Gold, Silver and Federal Reserve Notes (FRN’s) cannot ligitimately be used as the commodity to back the dollar because they are all used up for that purpose. The pieces of paper we use as a medium of exchange need a commodity backing them up. Every FRN printed is counterfeit because weighing assets against liablities there are no assets. It’s called chapter 7 bankrupt. Now the government is using oil, black gold, as the commodity giving value to the dollar. They can’t use American oil for that purpose. They must insure all foreign trades for oil are done in dollars. You want oil? Pay in dollars. Iran, Syria and Russia won’t play the game, neither would Iraq and Libya when they started to sell oil for EU’s.

    Even Saudi Arabia says we’re pumping enough oil to meet the demand. Sanctions on Iran are helping to raise the price of oil. If they played the game oil would go down but we’ve got our nose in the Israeli / Iranian conflict. “When you see things happening in politics, you can bet they just don’t happen, they’re planned that way” FDR

  • Deerinwater

    I’d gladly pay more if American would curb imported oil even more. Keeping American greenbacks in America will in time offer a qualitative easing effect.

    Support your local merchant, even if it means higher prices, we’d be better off for it.

    I don’t enjoy the notion that I support men with several wives and keep their fellow countrymen suppressed in the stone age by custom and religion. This brews contempt and the breeding ground for zealotry among people that don’t have anything else to lose.

    People need to have a vested material interested in the world they live in and something to lose. These Sandmen deny their people of that and it requires the rest of the free world to clean up their mess.

    I don’t like this situation at all.

    • FreedomFighter

      Wow Something I agree with you on, Amazing.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • Dave67

        LOL… So let me get this straight FF (If that is your real name). The only way you can keep oil companies selling oil to internal (USA) customers is by gov intervention in the marketplace. Firms even small one will export the oil if they can make more money. That is the simple reality of a fixed market.

        So just so I am clear, you want more Gov intrusion into the oil market correct?

      • FreedomFighter

        The American oil belongs to AMERICANS, we as Americans can demand our oil be alloted to domestic use thru the proper means, oil companies and present practices be damned.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Dave67

        Oh FF, how ignorant you are about reality. The reality is PRIVATE companies own the land, the own the machinery that gets the oil, they own the expense and profit. So basically you are saying the Gov should tell companies who they can sell too…

        I do love it when right wing loons go against their own belief system.

        So FF, when should the US Gov take over the oil industry?

      • FreedomFighter

        Not all land is private owned, not oil on private land, nor gas.

        Like I said, present practices be damned, America first, the rest of the world second, just tell the oil companies this is the way it will be — in the interest of national security.

        Law could read (short)

        After meeting American demands excess oil produced in the USA can be sold on the world market.

        Then start building 100 electric power plants per year, gas, nuke, coal.

        Cheap fuel, and a better tax structure will propel the USA quickly to the top in all manufacturing and economic measures.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Deerinwater

        No Dave67, FF just agreed that it was a bad situating for the US to do business with people that failed to aspire to responsible leadership with their billions of earning ~ Yes we can dictate and have just cause to dictate markets and our will on markets.

        When you and I elect to spend our dollars it is the same thing as voting!

        You try to tell me that that is no so and I’ll be in you eyes like onions.

        I watched on as you raked FF over the coal, I say to you stop! enough!

        It’s for all of us to understand, ideology does play a big part in markets and market shares.

        In the dark, all cats are grey! accept this as a truth you can not ignore. If you wish to turn the light on and ruin all of our fun? Okay! leave the light on then. We can work with that as well. But you can’t cut the light off and on to suit your mood and personal argument.

      • Dave67

        Oh FF, America’s oil is America’s… Ok thats true but we need other country’s oil to make our country run. (We use over 20% of the WORLD’s oil) What if every country only used their oil for internal use only like you boast we should do? Besides the fact that shifting international trade at this point is completely unrealistic. Do you have an answer? Of couse you don’t… Because you and many other people here deal in theory, not reality. Then there is the little matter of having the Gov come in and take over the entire industry to control refineries and production. I thought your name was Freedom Fighter? Sounds like because you have to pay gas prices that are still lower than most of the rest of the world, you are willing to throw away some of that precious liberty that you spout on about that Obama is somehow takling from you.

        You speak out of both sides of your mouth…. You most be a Romney voter.

        I love Conservatives… willing to turn to Socialism so they can fill their pickup trucks and SUV’s that most do not need.

        Come clean FF, you love Socialism don’t you? You love the Marines so Socialism is not that far of a stretch for you. Admit it and stop pretending that you love capitalism or the “free” market.

    • Tom W.

      You said dat chit right Qu… I mean Deer!!!

  • Adam

    It’s not in Obama’s Puppet Master’s plan. George Soros. They want us to turn and rely on South American oil in Brazil. George Soros has vested interest in their success. Petrobras.

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    The God made oil os on the slippery slope! The God made Sun has NO foreseeable end!
    The Cars use less gas… Price Goes Up. People drive less… the price goes up. THEIR EXPENSES go up… Price goes up. INFLATION ~ INFLATION…

  • uvuvuv

    they can drill as deep as 30,000 feet to get at oil deposits. what i want to know is, as the dinosaurs in the days of yore felt their declining years coming on, what possessed them to go that deep into the ground so that they could dutifully change into crude oil for our future use? and even if they were so inclined, how did they get down there? were there convenient tunnels that they followed? i read also that sea creatures also contributed to our present petroleum reserves, but this is unlikely because they are basically pure protein without the high fat content. and even they at some point have to be buried before bacterial putrefaction strips away everything but the bones. for example, on the road near where i live there has been a dead deer for some time, it is rotting away and there definitely is no resemblance there to petroleum. sadly, a few bones and a scrap of dirty fur. so can anyone say where oil is actually coming from, in such high quantities?

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    O’Buy the way… O’BOMA is Going to win the next election too!
    He Has A UNION Hart ! NOT LIKE THE CONFEDERATE President previously!

  • Dan

    Gasoline is curently 40 cents a gallon in Saudi Arabia according to an article in about a month ago. Is this country not a part of the world?

  • Karolyn

    Gas is at $3.34 five miles from here and $3.45 here. Went down over .20 in 2 weeks or so. Just like I said a few weeks ago, it’s going down; and other than CA, NY and wherever else the taxes are highest it ain’t hittin’ $5. Just had to gloat! :-)

  • Neal

    Gas is NOT expensive. It costs the same as when I was a kid….2 silver dimes. Granted, it could be cheaper if we reigned in the EPA. Dollarwise, it would be cheaper, too, if the feds quit diluting the money.

    Add to the fact that cars go more than twice as far on a gallon as they used to and gas is very cheap. Quit whining about it. If you need something to blame on Obama, there are plenty of other things!

  • RichE

    It’s all about the profits

    spot crude 106.16
    Oilfields markup
    2008 production cost from to from
    Mideast/N.Africa oilfields 6- 28 1669.33%-279.14%
    Other conventional oilfields 6- 39 1669.33%-172.21%
    CO2 enhanced oil recovery 30- 80 253.87%- 32.70%
    Deep/ultra-deep-water 32- 65 231.75%- 63.32%
    Enhanced oil recovery 32- 82 231.75%- 29.46%
    Arctic oilfields 32- 100 231.75%- 6.16%
    Heavy oil/bitumen 32- 68 231.75%- 56.12%
    Oil shales 52- 113 104.15%- (6.05)%
    Gas to liquids 38- 113 179.37%- (6.05)%
    Coal to liquids 60- 113 76.93%- (6.05)%

    • T i m

      RichE, THAT DID NOT MAKE ANY SENSE . The numbers do not make any difference . HAVE YOU BEEN ON THE BOAT . I have . T i m

      • winstonsmith6079

        Lets see, “The numbers do not make any difference”, “WALL STREET HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT AMERICA PAYS FOR OIL” and the internet is full of nothing but lies but YOU (on that self-same, LYING, internet) and ONLY YOU know the truth that it’s the omnipotent, omnipresent, almost godlike Department of Commerce that controls EVERYTHING because you took a boat ride?

        • Deerinwater

          The Economics and Statistics Administration (ESA) is an agency in the United States Department of Commerce that produces, analyzes and disseminates national economic and demographic data.
          Its three primary missions are the following:
          Maintain the highest possible quality Federal statistical system and make improvements where warranted and feasible.
          Communicate a vision of the key forces at work in the economy and of the opportunities they create for improving the well-being of all Americans.
          Support the information and analytical needs of the Department and the Executive Branch.
          The ESA oversees two agencies:
          Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA)
          United States Census Bureau

          he Under Secretary of Commerce for Economic Affairs, or USC-EA, is a high-ranking official in the United States Department of Commerce that serves as the principal adviser to the United States Secretary of Commerce on economic analysis. The Under Secretary is ex officio the Administrator of the Economics and Statistics Administration.
          The Under Secretary is appointed by the President of the United States with the consent of the United States Senate to serve at the pleasure of the President. The current Under Secretary is Rebecca Blank, who was appointed by President Barack Obama on June 9, 2009.[1]

          The Under Secretary of Commerce for Economic Affairs oversees the Economics and Statistics Administration as that body’s Administrator. As the principal element of the Commerce Department for economic affairs, the Under Secretary provides timely economic analysis and disseminates national economic indicators. The Under Secretary serves as the Department’s representative to the President’s Council of Economic Advisers, interagency panels on economic issues, and other government agencies concerned with economic matters. The Under Secretary’s principal responsibilities include: economic forecasting, consultation with the private sector on economic and broad economic sectoral developments, and policy analysis and development in the areas of economic policy.
          The Under Secretary oversees the United States Census Bureau and the Bureau of Economic Analysis. These two statistical agencies gather, calculate, and disseminate much demographic, social and economic data including reports on the nation’s gross domestic product, retail sales, personal income, housing starts, inventory levels and international trade.[1]
          With the rank of Under Secretary, the USC(EA) is a Level III position within the Executive Schedule. Since January 2010, the annual rate of pay for Level III is $165,300.

          I think maybe you took one too many boat rides T I M

          • T i m


        • T i m

          WHY DID Obama ask the Commerce department , summer 2 0 1 0 , what to do about jobs . This was advertised on the radio world news . What does the Commerce department have to do with creating jobs . EVERY PENNY you spend for any product , the rate is set by AMERICAN Commerce department . The weights and measures tax sticker on every gas pump in the nation , verify’s the calibration of correct amount , as set by ……………AMERICAN COMMERCE DEPARTMENT AND AGRICULTURE DEPARTMENT OF UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT . …………I am done with this conversation . T i m

  • Chisna

    Why do some people feel Obama is lying ?
    And why do others feel that we are entitled in some way to deplete our domestic resources faster and faster just so that we don’t have to pay more at the pump for this finite resource. What about future generations of Americans ?

    Here are some other sources that are just a tad less biased than Personal Liberty Alerts.

    The United States reduced net imports of crude oil last year by 10%, or 1 million barrels a day. The U.S. now imports 45% of its petroleum, down from 57% in 2008.

    U.S. crude oil production increased to it’s highest level since August 1998. And domestic production is expected to continue to rise. But what difference is that going to make ? Domestic consumption is down. Which is why the oil companies are exporting refined domestic fuel.

    • Dave67

      Because the American public and especially the right wing are a bunch of spoiled rotten whiners. They love their “free” market apparently except here… They blame Obama for something he has little control over.

      Did Obama start a war with an oil producing country? No…
      Does Obama control which currency Oil is traded in? No…
      Does the Fed Gov own the oil firms? No….

      We need to get the price of oil out of the control of wall street. That regulation is the only area ini which we can control the prices at the pump from the Gov perspective.

      The right wing loons need SOMETHING to run on because it certainly is not their record of doing the right economic thing by this country long term.

      • FreedomFighter

        Commies never see the big picture, well at least they wont talk about it, they only focus on meaningless trivia, to shove a false premise down everyones throat.

        Laus Deo
        Semper fi

      • Karolyn

        FF – I watched that video you posted a link to the other day. (Age of Deceit) I have to say it was very thought-provoking but still doesn’t change my beliefs. A very depressing video, though.

      • Dave67

        And Fascists like FF love their freedom except when it inconveniences them. Then freedom be damned for anyone but themselves. Let the Gov take over the industry. LOL

  • Mark Robertson

    Just more proof that that SOB does NOT care about America OBAMA MUST GO!!!!

  • Chisna

    More reading for those interested.

    The US oil industry is increasing its exports of gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel. Gasoline exports, on a four week average, are now running 600,000 barrels a day compared to 200,000 barrels per day in 2011. The equivalent of three of the largest refineries in the US exporting most of their gasoline production.

    That Gas and other fuels are top U.S. exports, for the first time
    since 1949 ?

    FACT CHECK: 36 Years of Data shows… More US drilling didn’t drop gas price
    By JACK GILLUM, Associated Press – Mar 21, 2012

    By early 2012 there will be more rigs in the Gulf designed to drill in “deep water” than before the spill. ( And only 18 mo. after the worst spill in U.S. history. )

    And as far as the Keystone pipeline goes.

    Nebraskas state legislature passes laws which delay and divert the pipeline.

    Nebraska gives TransCanada a map of areas to avoid in choosing new route.

    Who’s really responsible for the Keystone XL pipeline delay ?

    Trans Canada pitches new Keystone XL route in Nebraska.

  • Ron

    Listening to y’all on here, knee-jerk ragging on the EPA, I have to believe most of you are too young to remember how polluted and trashed America used to be back in the 1960s when we were free, white, 21–and the Cuyahoga River caught fire and burned for days because our free multi-national corporations found that dumping their chemical waste in the river was good for profits–and who cared about the feces-people who were actually gonna have to LIVE in this country anyway?

    So you’re definitely too young to remember the words of this Al Qaeda-lovin’, America-hating, Communazihomosocialist:

    “You see, we should utilize natural forces and thus get all of our power. Sunshine is a form of energy, and the winds and the tides are manifestations of energy.

    Do we use them? Oh, no! We burn up wood and coal, as renters burn up the front fence for fuel. We live like squatters, not as if we owned the property.”

    Thomas Edison, writing to Henry Ford in 1910.

    • Ron

      Corporate America (“…people, too, my friends…”) are definitely squatters here.

      Those who reap the profits will always have the money to offshore themselves after they’ve scorched-earth this continent. So if they can get a bunch of mentally lazy, angry people to work as shills, do their dirty work and de-regulate the place so they can do whatever they want, they absolutely have the intention of ‘burning up the front fence for fuel’.

      After they’ve finished looting, we’ll be left behind to burn the scraps to keep warm. It’s the same thing we’ve done in third-world countries time and again.

      So by all means, let’s blunt up, thug down, and don’t EVER invest in any future technologies–and keep all our corporate welfare subsidies in the technology of the last century, cooking a heroin that will only get more expensive as the available supply decreases.

      The oil companies have known about Tar Sands oil for decades, but among oil engineers, it was also known that, if you have to resort to the inefficient cooking of tar sands to get oil, you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel.

      So their trotting out Sarah Palin to crow ‘drill-baby-drilla’ is a lot like W’s buddy Ken Lay holding a employee rally at Enron one evening, running up and down the stage like a televangelist getting his employees to invest the last of their money in Enron stock–and then locking them out of the building, literally, the next morning.

      Big Oil KNOWS the jig is up, they keep sites like this up and running to make sure you don’t. That’s why FreedomWorks spent so much money and time photoshopping Obama in a Hitler uniform. If you’re looking at him, you’re not looking at them.

      Corporate America, with few exceptions (Apple) seldom leads the charge toward what needs to be done for America’s best interests, preferring to let the government do the dirty work while bitching at them for spending taxpayer dollars on it (The Erie Canal, Interstate Highway Act, Rural Electrification Act, Hoover Dam, Arpanet, Eniac, and the Global Positioning Satellite program are a few that come to mind)–then swooping in to make the profits and crow that they’ve ‘given America a better life through free corporate capitalism once again’.

      Never mind that all those projects took government leading the way to get them done.

      If Corporatocracy had their way? You’d be sharecroppers or slaves in the Confederate States of America, doing all of your computer-y Big Government-hating by candlelight–assuming you could afford the candles.

    • Karolyn

      Amen, Ron! Without the EPA every river would be burning today. I remember when the fish couldn’t live in the Delaware and Hudson Rivers. As a kid I lived near an American Cyanamide plant that had containment ponds filled with crap, and the air smelled like crap every afternoon. If corporate American could get away with anything, they would. Hey, the CEO didn’t live there.

      • eddie47d

        A Big Amen to that!

  • terris

    How does any of what is in this article point to Obama being to blame for high gas prices?

    • RichE

      It doesn’t.

      • Sheryn

        Someone should tell all these mor— People on here then !!!!!!!!!

        • RichE

          I don’t think they’re in listen mode.

  • HarryButtle

    What are you talking about? Do you not have any respect for yourself, the truth or your readers?

    Gas prices down third consecutive week

    Fox News: High gas prices not the president’s fault!

    “No president has the power to increase or lower gas prices. Those are market forces!”

    “It has nothing to do with the president.”

    “It really is out of this president’s hands”

    “Yesterday oil hit a record high, and politicians can’t do a thing about it.”

    “The next time you hear a politician say he or she will bring down oil prices, understand it’s complete B.S. If Americans want lower gas prices, cut back. Sell those SUVs. Ride a bike when you can.”

    While on the subject of Fox News, there’s this just in:

    UK lawmakers: Rupert Murdoch unfit to lead company

  • Thinking About

    When everyone gets over blaming Obama go and check some real facts. In the summer of 2008 the average price of gas was $4.12 and who did you blame then. If you are trying to get the Koch Industries a pipeline to their refineries on the gulf coast of Texas where the products will be shipped worldwide then you will not get my backing. It is all in a plan, get the oil on the world market and then the prices will be controlled. Crying about not allowing drilling on federal lands and you should check to see how many acres are leased to oil companies and nothing is happening on the leases they currently hold. Also, there are refineries in Washington and other states bordering Canada and it is a good decision to build a pipeline to the gulf coast, then you have to ask who is this going to benefit. For those wanting to get rid of EPA, if you want the results of no regulations just move to China and breathe what they have and maybe for a few moments you will understand why the EPA is important.

    • Sheryn


    • Ron

      Well said! Or go to Mexico–because it may be a dirty, polluted feudal state that serves the big multi-national corporations, that’s so spun out of control that you can get somebody kidnapped and killed for a couple hundred dollars, and their infrastructure is in really bad shape with graft and corruption and bribes being the only way to get anything done, but one thing you have to admit about Mexico:


      Welcome to the Tea Party vision of America’s future.

  • J. Q. Public

    It is amazing…how the Radical Right believes and spouts statements that are not true but that support their opinion. And they never check their beliefs and so-called facts.

    The perfect example is the spouting above that would have one believe that Obama is responsible for gasoline prices because of stimulus spending that supposedly devalued the US Dollar, resulting in $ prices of oil rising to offset the devalued Dollar.

    Well the truth of the matter is that in the last two years the Dollar has increased in value. The huge decline in the value of dollar started about two years into the Bush presidency and was lower than the present value starting in 2007 (Obama’s fault?), and hit a all time low a few months into the Obama presidency. From there it has increased, oscillated something close to what it was in the period of 2003 to 2005.

    For the data see:

    The reality is that the facts refute the idea that gas prices have risen because of the declining value of the dollar. Furthermore, the facts refute that the stimulus spending caused the value of the dollar to decline.

    However, these Extreme Right Winger (and they do not deserve to be called Conservatives) opinions have no basis in truth, reality, or facts.

    • FreedomFighter

      As president the buck stops at Obamas desk in the oval office, his job is to manage America, if gas prices go up the buck stops on his desk. As a good manager its his job to facilitate the success of America.

      So far he is failing miserably.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • J. Q. Public

        What a Right-Wing Kook you are. Do you really think that the President is responsible for everything that happens under his watch? Did you say that G.W. Bush was responsible for 9/11? Did you say that the financial crisis and the recession were all his fault?

        Somebody who moderates this forum should stop you from making it your own little (and I mean little in every sense) extremist soap box from which you spout nonsense responses to almost every post with which you disagree.

        Semper fi has nothing to do with the kind of extreme nonsens you post, nor does the grace of god,

      • FreedomFighter

        JQ you have not been on the sight long, insulting little commies get ignored or overwhelmed with facts and humiliated into submission.

        or both.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

    • T i m

      My name is T i m , .JQPUBLIC, …Please stop quoting what you read on the web. IT IS NOT CORRECT . I have been on the boat . THE ONLY THING CONTROLLING AMERICAN GAS PRICE , IS OUR OWN AMERICAN COMMERCE DEPARTMENT ……It has nothing to do with the value of AMERICAN dollar , it has nothing to do with WALL STREET , it has nothing to do with , speculators . GAS PRICE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY OF THAT . ….. Stop reading the stuff you see on the web. THAT IS GOVERNMENT PROPOGANDA . ….THE WHOLE PUPOSE IN THIS ARTICLE IS TO STOP THE BRAINWASHING . True price of gas at the pump should be around . 5 0 cents per gallon . ALL THE REST IS AMERICAN TAXES . Same with tobaco and beer . IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH OPEC , or WALL STREET .

  • ranger hall

    RON, Some Americans will never see the real picture, Only thing they hear
    is the Bell.
    What do we have 4-5 major oil Companies in the world, Making Billions of dollars in excess profits every quarter. And they have been doing this for many years, And does anyone know how they are reinvesting this hugh amount of Profits (Not counting the Payoffs for Politicians in one form or anouther.)
    The object is to keep the American Citizen Broke, In this bad economy just look at the prices we have to pay for Fuel, Food, Medical, Insurance, Govt fees, Elec, Water, Vehicles Etc.ITS called The Corp Way Make Less Charge More.
    ALL Politicians belong to the same Club, And we have been allowing them to abuse this Country and its People for a very very long time, But we just keep on following the Bell, The american people are just beaten down, the only will they have is to say that this 4 years was better than the last, this 4 years was worst than the last, While things just keep on getting worst.
    To control the People you have to take away the will to fight, the means to fight. To do this they must control the Money, The Food, The Land and its resourses. An folks they are doing this Very Very well. OH and i should say they control the Military and the Police depts in the Country, and they have spent many years Putting conforming people in these positions, In other words they back the Politicians and not the American People.

    • http://elconstituyentecom Augusto

      Exelent opinion.

  • http://elconstituyentecom Augusto

    You only devoted to deceive and brainwash piople in our nation, who is to blame for everithing is the Congess. Tow weeks ego the Presidennt ordered an investigation agains speculators and the oil companies, immediatly the nex day gasoline bass in Georgia nearly .08 cents lest, today of $3.79 which was paid the gallon cost $3.59, 0.20 cents lest. This work is of the congres no the President, but the Republicans don’t want to touch the large oil monopolies bacause they are those who funfen their political bells, the President does not make laws, is the CONGRSSS. In COLOMBIA sur America the gallon costs Pesos $8.040.00, weihts and wages minimum is $540.700.00 pesos per month and the charge of the dolalar is $1.800.00 pesos per dollar so the price is $8.00 dollars, in Europe the letre costs almost US $7.50 per litre. My question to you is President Obama culprit than gasoline this face, as you say, You are a liar.

    • Sheryn


    • steve in AZ

      LOL!!! Now WHO can argue with THAT??

  • clarence swinney

    OVERLOOKED-Exxon CEO in hearings last week said “If this were a true supply-demand
    the price would be $50 to $80 per barrell”.

  • steve in AZ


    Shouldn’t the title be changed to just – “Obama – Stop Lying!!”?

  • TIME

    Look, the cost of a gallon of gas is 92.5% TAX, – and just who placed the TAX on the noted gallon of Gas.
    Your state, and them special people at the Fed level by way of the EPA and your special CON-gress people.
    So how high will the Gas TAX go, well thats up to YOU to stop it.

    But as seen thats not worked out to well before, some other exampls of crazy behavior – like the Tolls for the bridges in New York City area they were set up to pay for the roads and bridge repairs.
    YET oddly at some point in the 1970′s all the funds went to pay for Wellfare!
    And yet – No up roar over that either, so what will it take to shake up the population of the 50 states?

    Will it be when Gas is $20.00 per gallon with a 99% TAX on it?

    Will it be when the Rothschilds take say 90% of your income, by way of Income TAX?

    How about when they take away your medicare? Oh to late thats on the table now and just where is your special AARP again?

    How about when they take away the fund in the SS system, oh damm yet again there are no funds in there! Lock Box and all. Let alone no jobs to pay for it either! But as your told its just 8.3% UE — Yea sure it is, – afterall with all the NON JOB GROWTH, anyone can clearly see how the UE numbers are dropping like a rock.

    Or will it be when you get picked up by a FEMA Squad and sent to a camp, Oh crap then its to late.

    Your call what will you do? Will you just keep feeding these bloodsucking Central Banker Vampires?

    Oh I know you can just vote in another 100% owned Congress person, just due to them telling you they are just like YOU, you know one more Bull^S Story that you fell for.

    Hey be sure you get your updates on the TV Mass media; Abc, Cbs, Nbc, Msn. Msnbc, Fox, Cnn Hln, or any of them as they are for sure telling the truth right?

    YEA – Sure – that and a warm turd will get you a small cup of nothing but more of the same old same old.
    You can wake up now and perhaps save your nation, or just stay sleeping and act like nothing has ever gone on that is While your special Congress sells you out even more.
    Keep in mind that special NDAA, now the Internet, next your guns, and that will be very – very soon.

    Peace and Love

    • Karolyn

      TIME – What do you propose we do?

      • TIME


        I do feel that we should explore and should have been exploring other forms of fuel for energy use for years now.
        I am 100% totaly confident that we have scientist in this world that are well smart enough to be able to come up with something that is not going to harm the environment, as well could make energy cost near ZERO.

        But until the “De Facto Criminal Corporation” known as the US Inc. – gets out of the way, thats never going to happen.

        Saddly, We are in a world of crap, yet ignorant fools keep voting psychopaths in to office time after- time then let them do any bloody thing they so want with out any ramifications for their behavior, we have a long hard road ahead.

        Peace and Love

      • Deerinwater

        There is a lot going on today in regard to new energy sources. Much of it secret and for good reason.

        There will come a major transition some day but not until the time is right and support is there.

        All energy matters must address storage and the controlled release of energy, making is safe, affordable and convenient. We have made huge advances in the last 20 years with gas combustion alone and still we get better and better.

        Today our government is working on aircraft with planned speeds of mach 30, while we have only recently broken speeds of mach 3 with operational and in service aircraft.

        mach 30 is approaching the speeds that our alien visitors seem to enjoy with ease, you know? the guys thats not really here? They show us that it can be done, it only for us to find it and make it happen and we shall.

    • Vigilant

      “Look, the cost of a gallon of gas is 92.5% TAX,”

      Absolutely false. Gasoline taxes total between 7.5% and 12.5% per gallon, depending on your state.

      TIME once again pulls facts/figures out of his a$$.

      • TIME

        veggie brains – You are the most ignorat bloated ass I have ever seen, Bar none!

        Yet I still forgive you. You know – oddly its mindless people like you that crucified the Christ.

        Peace and Love

      • Vigilant

        Ever notice TIME never argues the facts? Simply gratuitous insults, no reply to the posting, just an “I forgive you” and then he’s gone.

        If I’m “ignorat,” as you misspell it, then YOU tell me what the tax on gasoline is. I have sources to back me up, you have nothing but bald faced lies.

        Now, for the FIFTH time, cite me ANY passage in the District of Columbia Organic Act that makes the USA a corporation. And until you can prove it, you need to shut up about the
        “De Facto Criminal Corporation” known as the US Inc.” or PROVE otherwise. You’re no better than Obama with your constant lies.

        No sir, the only ignorant bloated ass here is YOU. And hiding behind Christ while you’re at it. You know nothing, you are nothing, and a Christian is the LAST thing you are.

      • Deerinwater

        “You know – oddly its mindless people like you that crucified the Christ.”

        WHAT?!!!! OR people like you! People that jump quickly to conclusions and most willing to pass harsh judgement on anyone that offends their ego.

  • Alex

    Silly neo-conartists, unable to reason.

    Big Oil has ONCE AGAIN amassed RECORD PROFITS, but don’t blame them for the price of gasoline, right?

    Big oil doed NOT want to see President Obama reelected and they knbow that the ignorant amongst us will hold gas prices against him—-they have absolutely ZERO interest in lowering the prices that THEY set if it might hurt him. Use your thick heads, Fright Wingers—you’ve been hoodwinked again.

    • http://None Mike C

      Attacking Big Oil? Who needs gas right? You can ride your bike to the occupy rally. Don’t forget to stop at the welfare office to pick up your check. It is the hard working fright wingers that you don’t like who paid taxes to make that check a reality. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you alex.

    • Deerinwater

      I think many can be blamed Alex and not just the producing industry it’s self.

      There’s a lot of middle men involved.

      • T i m

        The only ” MIDDLE MAN ” in the orchestrated oil price , is OUR OWN AMERICAN COMMERCE DEPARTMENT . It has nothing to do with anything else . True price of gas at the pump should be around . 5 0 cents per gallon . Most of the rest is taxes , same with tobaco and beer . IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PRODUCT . T i m

        • winstonsmith6079

          Once again, according to the American Petroleum institute, the National average “combined local, state and Federal gasoline tax” is FORTY NINE POINT FIVE CENTS A GALLON!

          • T i m

            Once again , PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE WEB INFORMATION …..It is not correct . Prove it . Last summer , John Boehner and Mitch Mcconell , were both quoted on the world news , trying to raise revenue to help with national debt . Both of them agreed , on world news advertised on the radio , RAISE THE FUEL TAX , THEY WILL PAY IT . BUSH JUNIOR RAISED THE FUEL TAX , CLINTON RAISED THE FUEL TAX , ….REAGAN ….. RAISED THE FUEL TAX . ADD THE engine killing ethonol to the gasoline ALONG WITH THE ETHONOL TAX ………HOW FAR YOU WANT TO GO WITH THIS . I HAVE BEEN ON THE BOAT . A barrel of oil used to measure 5 5 gallon . Today it is 3 6 gallon .????? COMMERCE DEPARTMENT kept the 5 5 gallon rate for the taxes . Makes AMERICA LOOK LIKE WE USES A LOT MORE THAN REAL . We are talking about barrel of oil . NOT ALL THE BY PRODUCTS AFTER THE FACT . ….4 9 CENTS TAX PER GALLON IS NOT CORRECT . True price of gas at the pump , should be around . 5 0 cents pergallon , IN THE TANK . ………….GAS PRICE AT THE PUMP IS SET BY AMERICAN COMMERCE DEPARTMENT . …IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING ELSE . The information you quote from the web ….IS NOT CORRECT . I AM DONE WITH THIS . T i m

          • Gordon

            Actually the standard unit of measure is the international barrel at 42 US gallons

      • T i m

        The only middle man involved in gas price is AMERICAN COMMERCE DEPARTMENT . IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING ELSE . Commerce department sets rate on all cost of living . T i m

        • winstonsmith6079

          I alluded to it before but the “UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE” (not the AMERICAN COMMERCE DEPARTMENT) must, truly, be God, incarnate for it to have the absolute, unquestioned power to reach down to the least supplier and DEMAND what their prices will be.

          • T i m

            As you are standing beside JESUS CHRIST , I bow before your correction . It is easier and faster for me to type Commerce department . ….AS I SAID , The Department of Commerce , sets the rate on all cost of living . IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING ELSE . Department of Commerce sets the rate on the ethonol for the taxes it can get . …All of it is about the sales tax …..HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PRODUCT . My local resturant hang out , just raised price of cup of coffee , just to compete with the other restuarants who are . 1 5 cents a cup higher . Tax on the 1 cup went up 1 penny. Multiplied by 1 million sales nationwide . PER DAY . Just a number . I bought a can of coffee , last week . Says it can deliver around 2 5 0 cups of coffee , depending on my taste . Multiplied by 2 . 0 0 dollars per cup at the restauruant . ALL THIS IS DETERMINED BY THE DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE . GAS PRICE AT THE PUMP IS ALL , OUR OWN AMERICAN GOVERNMENT . It has nothing to do with anything else . I worked at a tire store , when I was in college . Store manager told me , it cost the tire maker about 8 dollars to get the tire into the store for sale . In that day , the tire cost about 4 0 . 0 0 to install on my car . Today , that same tire from WALMART , is about 8 0 . 0 0 . PRODUCTION PROCESS IS THE SAME . Even though the price of fuel has gone up , IT DOES NOT TAKE ANY MORE FUEL TO GET THE TIRE TO THE STORE . That is what I see the definition of cost of living to be . COST OF LIVING IS ALL ABOUT DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE GETTING AS MUCH SALES TAX AS POSSIBLE . T i m


    Again, there is no shortage of oil. In fact, there is a glut of oil, and it is being stored off shore because there is no place to put it. The real problem is that Obama has allowed refineries to shut down, and by not refining oil into gasoline, the price of gasoline has gone up! Just another of many, many lies out of the mouth of Obama, a devout Muslim, Communist…

    • Dave67

      LOL… Wait… Ok so Obama can tell private companies that were allowed to merge freely under Bush, to keep open refineries.

      Could you imagine the right wing uproar if Obama did that? The right wing loons would scream a certain word…. what is it? Its something that they use when they lose an arguement all the time…. Oh yes I know what it is….

      Socialism… The great right wing lie.

      • needfulthings

        President Obama ain’t telling anyone they can’t run their refineries (remember theres lots of oil in the USA or so this artical sayz? But since you wanna talk about dubya her gave away the taxes to to oil conpanies cause they be hurt’n ya know! Its funny how you want to berate the poor for needing food stamps or yer next door neigbour need’n unemployeement benefits (no personal responsibility there) but it’s OK for corporations not to pay their fair share for operating in this country ..;. errr lets make that ZERO taxes.

        • RichE

          It’s ok for the wealthy to be on welfare.
          It’s not ok for the poor to be on welfare.
          Does that sums it up?

      • needfulthings

        I don’t think the president should or could order any company to keep their business open. Refineries that are on the small side aren’t as profitable, yes they make money but it’s never enough in a so called “FREE MARKET” or “CAPITALIST SYSTEM”. If your doing 1/2 billion barrels a year 2 or 3 cents per gal is a good chunk of change, also theres the environmental end of things. They use to be out in the country, today the people are all around these operations (and most work for them) BUT the fact remains people are poisoned by the by-products floating in the air, Can’t remember the exact figures but if your within 2 miles of a refinery your kids are 5 times more likely to have “LIFE CHANGING ILLNESS’S ” which does include a higher / early death rate. This is where the government should not have allowed land around these operations to be sold for homes building… The government carries some guilt of this! Now I know some will say NO I want “LIBERTY,” I WANT THE FREEDOM TO HAVE SICK KIDS”

    • T i m

      SIR / Ma ‘am , YOU ARE CORRECT , there is no shortage of oil . Your explaination is not completely correct . CONGRESS and Commerce department of AMERICAN government , wants to force AMERICA into HYBRID TECHNOLOGY . …THIS IS NOT ABOUT OBAMA . …BUSH JUNIOR signed the hybrid bill before the election . GAS PRICE AT THE PUMP HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE GASOLINE . It is congress forcing AMERICA into hybrid technology . GAS price at the pump , HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH OPEC , WALLSTREET , SPECULATORS , OR ANY OF THAT . Gas price at the pump should be around . 5 0 cents per gallon . Most of the rest is taxes , same with tobaco and beer . Price has nothing to do with the product . …HOW MANY POLITICIANS YOU THINK OWN STOCK IN HYBRID TECHNOLOGY ……….Martha Stewart went to jail for her insider trading . My name is T i m ….RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT .

  • chuckb

    alex, the commodities market sets the price of oil, the bidders can make it go higher by selling short, they gamble on any kind of scare, a nigerian gets shot by some rebel, a muslim falls over his camel and so on.

    people like george soros are most likely manipulating the market (do you think some of these profits will benefit barrys re-election) also opec keeps a constant shortage so it gives the markets an inclination to bid prices higher.
    we will live under this sceptre so long as we are part of the world market
    the banks like goldman sachs finance oil futures for traders selling and buying short.
    do you get it now, your hero barry is a big part of the problem. his green energy agenda has failed, yet he still hangs on to the sun beams and windmills while our economy hits the skids by his refusing to open up federal lands to drilling, where we have reserves larger than most nations on earth.

    • T i m


  • needfulthings

    Here we go again more lies……. The owners of the XL pipeline and the owners of the tar sands have said ” 100% of the oil going thru the new XL pipe line WILL BE EXPORTED. We are awash in OIL, GASOLINE and CRUDE. Secondly All that crude that will be TAX FREE! and ALL THE GAS N DIESEL WILL BE TAX FREE! Because Texa$$ is a ‘TRADE FREE ZONE” 80% OF the owners of those refineries are FOREIGN COUNTRIES. We (the USA) get zero from this new XL pine line , not oil, not gas, not profits and NO taxes collected. But we do get left with the clean-up for ALL the OIL SPILLS that will happen. There is another XL pipeline that runs to Indiana and Ohio (I think)? There were TWELEVE SPILLS in 2011, some people had to move, some people were never allowed back in to there homes except the collect their stuff.

    So NO I don’t want that in my backyard if I ain’t getten any of the benefits!

    Bye The Bye The NEW LX pipeline (if ever completed) will RAISE the price of gas in the USA…. because the people their gonna sell this oil to are willing to pay more than todays market price ! (Aisa) So if it’s a globel market our pices will go up too!

    How do I know all this?? Not from the news media (left or right) Not from a blogger, not from my neighbour not even from the SO CALLED EXPERTS I got this from several hours of searching the web sites of the owns of this oil & pipeline ( mostly Canada)

    So believe this do-do or not or how about LOOKING on your own? You know some people are paid to mis-inform us .. think about it!!

    • Thinking About

      Amen and why are we falling at the feet of Koch industries, it is time for the corporations to stop running this country. They enjoy the protections world wide and don’t want to pay to have that for their defense.

  • BigBadJohn

    Can’t find it right now, but I read an article about all of the natural gas in the USA that is available since fracking. The article claimed that within this decade the USA will become a net exporter of energy – regardless of who is president. The same technology that the Nazi’s used to turn coal into diesel fuel can turn all of that natural gas in to a clean burning diesel fuel. If prices can stay high long enough for there to be financial incentive to start refining the natural gas into diesel,

    Not to mention the technology exists right now to convert diesel engines to natural gas WITH NO LOSS OF mileage and substantial cut in pollution.
    Look up:
    bi-fuel conversion systems for diesel trucks

    Sorry but this whole article is just a pre-election smear campaign.

    Do some research on drilling in the gulf – there are 3000 unmonitored abandoned wells in the gulf alone. How many of them are leaking now or will in the near future?


    • needfulthings

      News out this morning “NATURAL GAS PRICES UP 3 DAYS IN A ROW”
      So who wants to tell me about Supply & Demand ??

    • T i m

      Big Bad John , engines will not last using natural gas . I worked for a company in late 8 0 ‘s , one contract was with Coca cola company . They had a small fleet of trucks powered by natural gas . At a particular mileage , the engines had to be replaced , long before normal , engines could not be rebuilt . Coka Cola could not wait to get rid of the natural gas engine . T i m …RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT ….

  • Deerinwater

    Water is what expensive!

  • don the britton

    You dumb asses, you double the money supply the cost of what you can buy with that dollar is halved: like oil and gold. Check it out.

    • Deerinwater

      Oil is an American Industry! We developed it, We are the largest world consumer of it.

      It’s good business, try walking 10 miles and then tell me how expensive it is.

      The most valuable commodity in the world today, and likely to remain so for much of this century, is not oil, not natural gas, not even some type of renewable energy. It’s water—clean, safe, fresh water.
      Follow the Money
      When you want to spot emerging trends, always follow the money. Today, many of the world’s leading investors and most successful companies are making big bets on water. Do a little research, and it’s easy to see why. There simply isn’t enough freshwater to go around, and the situation is expected to get worse before it gets better.

      According to Bloomberg News, the worldwide scarcity of usable water worldwide already has made water more valuable than oil. The Bloomberg World Water Index, which tracks 11 utilities, has returned 35 percent to investors every year since 2003, compared with 29 percent for oil and gas stocks and 10 percent for the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index.

      • BigBadJohn

        Yup and BOTH fracking and extracting oil from oil sands or oil shale use and tie up fresh water – in HUGE amounts. You can’t drink oil…….

  • Charlene

    All that the obama clan is doing is creating extremely difficult times and creating fear in the people, raising prices of Gas, food and everything else. They’ve got it down pat. They target the number one necessity and raise the price, which in turn causes all other products to soar due to transport costs, gas again. But we haven’t seen anything yet. I believe they are doing all of this deliberately to put us in such a desperate panic stricken state so we will not only approve of the globalization process which is a stepping stone to the coming of the anti-christ and by then we will be happy to have such a savior of our awful depserate state and condition. Keep Obama and his dirty clan in the Whitehouse and watch prices sour so high the majority of the people won’t be able to feed their families let alone pay their bills. They want us to become so independant on the government, which we will if we allow it, that we will become slaves to our government. There will be two classes, the very very wealthy and the poor enslaved to government. When they get us to that point we are trapped because they have a very good solid plan. So those of you who plan on voting for Obama better do some serious research on him because you are the ones that will put us in the state and condition they are hoping for us. It’s all about power and greed and control. If we allow them to continue we will deserve what we get. We will be no better than work horses in their eyes. They laugh at us now because we have allowed them to come this far. So wake up America and take back the rights they have already taken from us because now they’re going after our guns! When they get control of ourpretection how will we be able to fight them from that point on. Think about it seriously.

    • Thinking About

      If gas prices is because of Obama then who do you blame when they was $4.12 in the summer of 2008? Talk about fear mongering, it is still Dick Cheney out with his fear mongering.

      • Deerinwater

        I think he is! used up his own heart in the process and has borrowed someone else but he still the same old snake in the grass.

  • Jay

    It is the crime of the century that America, home to some of the world’s greatest reserves of coal, natural gas and oil, is being deliberately destroyed by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of the Interior as they do everything in their power to restrict access and drive energy producers out of business.

    It is common sense that a nation that cannot produce sufficient electricity to turn on its lights and power its manufacturing sector will be destroyed if current Obama administration regulations and actions continue. Our vital transportation sector and all others that utilize petroleum-based products will suffer, too.

    While President Obama babbles about millionaires and billionaires, everyone will be impoverished by the loss of jobs and revenue our energy sector produces now and can produce in the future.

    This isn’t an “energy policy.” It’s a “no-energy policy” and it is a guarantee of economic disaster.

    Obama’s decision to reject a permit for Canada’s XL Keystone pipeline is just one example. It is a job-killer and a revenue-killer. There are thousands of pipelines serving America’s energy needs and the XL Keystone pipeline would ensure that Canada’s own vast energy reserves would flow to America. It is one of our key trade partners, and Obama has slapped it in the face.

    In early January, Ken Salazar, the Secretary of the Interior, announced a new 20-year, million-acre ban on uranium mining for federal lands in Arizona, despite the fact that these lands hold the highest-grade of known uranium deposits in the United States. It is an outrage that a new GOP-Congress will have to overturn if the nation is to be assured of sufficient uranium to power its nuclear plants and for weapons development. If the ban remains, these uranium resources would be inaccessible until 2023!

    Tom Pyle, president of the Institute for Energy Research said that Salazar’s announcement “further compounds a man-made energy crisis that has been planned and executed in Washington, D.C.”

    At the same time we are learning of enormous natural gas discoveries that can reduce our energy bills and turn sleeping little towns into boomtowns, environmental organizations have launched a vast propaganda campaign against “fracking”, a technology that has been safely used for more than fifty years. Their claims about dangers to the nation’s supply of fresh water are baseless.

    Their claims that fracking has caused earthquakes in Ohio are absurd.

    Need it be said that the Environmental Protection Agency has turned its eyes on fracking and is working on a report due later this year that will likely call for harsh crackdowns on its use and more regulations to throttle the expansion of natural gas extraction?

    The EPA has just released a report of those power plants that top the list of its regulation of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. There is no basis in science to justify the reduction of CO2. Indeed, since it is a gas on which all vegetation depends, much as oxygen is vital to all animal life, reducing it would impair great crop yields and healthier forests.

    These regulations are based on the global warming hoax that blamed CO2 for warming the earth. That is utterly false. The Earth is currently in a perfectly natural cooling cycle and the climate of the Earth is almost entirely based on the Sun—solar radiation—along with the actions of oceans, clouds, and even volcanic activity that spews tons of particulates into the atmosphere.

    Coal-fired power plants account for fifty percent of all the electricity generated in the United States. Fifty percent! And yet the EPA is determined to shut down dozens of them providing that vital factor in the lives of all Americans and the economy, nor does this take into account the billions that energy producers have spent to upgrade their technology to reduce emissions.

    The Obama administration fuel economy agenda, a call for 54.5 miles per gallon ignores simple physics. There is a finite amount of energy a gallon of gas can generate. If you dilute it with ethanol as is currently required, you get even less mileage.

    The administration is trying to circumvent Congress by issuing standards based on regulating “greenhouse gas emissions”, but there is no need for this. It is a false argument. The Center for Automotive Research says that the proposed new standards would cause the retail price of average motor vehicles to increase by more than $11,000.

    Americans and the nation’s future are being victimized by Obama administration policies.

    The 18th annual Index of Economic Freedom, was released on January 12th by The Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal, measures the many factors that contribute to the economic health of a nation—things like property rights, regulatory efficiency, open markets, free trade and labor policies.

    Economic freedom is declining worldwide as governments try to spend their way out of the global recession. The United States fell to 10th place. In 2009 it ranked 6th, in 2010 it was 8th, and in 2011, it was 9th.

    We are witnessing the deliberate murder of a superpower.

  • louie1

    Since when has Barack HUSSEIN Obama ever owned up to any errors he’s made? He seems to glory in making mistakes and screwing us all royally. He’s messing us over daily. What do want to bet that he promised Karzai, after being sure the mikes were off, that he’d be sure to let him know when there were ever any future operations against the Taliban so Karzai could warn them. This boob knows nothing but deceit when it comes to his interaction with the American people.

    • BigBadJohn

      “Since when has Barack HUSSEIN Obama ever owned up to any errors he’s made?”

      LOL about as often as GW BUSH HAS! AND he has used the SAME EXACT excuse – “ITS NOT MY FAULT!”

    • Deerinwater

      The biggest single mistake Obama has made in the last three years is spend 2 1/2 years trying to reach across the isle. That was a real waste of time.

      • winstonsmith6079

        Umm, for TWO of those years he DIDN’T have to “reach across the aisle”! The Dems had control of BOTH Houses, silly!

        • T i m

          Obama did not reach across the isle on anything except Obama care . 4 Republicans were paid to switch votes . IT WAS ADVERTISED ON THE WORLD NEWS IS WHY I KNOW ABOUT IT . Obama has already said , HE DOES NOT NEED CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL . HE WILL SIGN IT . OR REFUSE IT . T i m …..RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT .

          • Deerinwater

            So you are attempted to argue with we over 12 months?

            While in the same breath admitting that the GOP doesn’t have 100% control over their vote, you are argue that the DNC should?

            Every president has enjoyed a certain
            in history has enjoyed a certain allow of
            bipartisan support while you are telling that number was only “two”.

          • T i m

            I guess I must of just woke up . That did not make any sense to me . T i m

      • Libertytrain

        deer – though I wish it were so; I saw no evidence. He may have reach across an isle but not an aisle….unless it was the times he was pitting black against white – he’s done that a couple times now…

  • J. Q. Public

    Freedom Fighter (what a misnomer), has shown himself to be the Right-Wing Extremist nutcase that he is.

    Typically of such extremist nutcases, when confronted with facts (such as the fact that the price of gas and oil is not caused by any decline in the US Dollar, and that the US Dollar has not declined under Obama (but instead fell precipitously) under G. W. Bush….

    When faced with facts, he resorted to irrationality, suggesting that “ANYTHING” that happens under a US President is that President’s fault.

    When then called out on that irrationality, that Bush would should then be faulted by 9/11 and the financial crisis and the recession — he typically resorted to even more irrationality…name calling (commie), and threats and bluster about being humiliated on this site (and yes it is a site, FF, not a “sight”, you buffoon).

    Such is the way of Extremist Whackoos. You have self-identified yourself as such to all at this “sight.”

    I have no further need of your, and other whacko irrational, and damaging (to the USA and its citizens) paranoia. You are just what I have said you are.

    Shame on you for soiling the name of God and the US Marines with your self promotion.

    • old hillbilly

      Check the CPI Index – tells a story of inflation that causes devaluation of debt investment that along with zero fed rates charged on the perpetual money global banks endlessly recycle … to loot this country. 714% inflation since 1965 means the 1965 dollar you put under the matress buys 14 cents worth of goods today.

      weigh against the Q-easer & Barnacle money presses & we have a carter cartel hauling the loot off to goldfinger’s underwater cabin in the carryibean. When Bummer, Queazer, & Barnicle get done cooking the money – won’t be nothing left for anyone.

  • Jay

    The Washington Times published an Editorial on April 20, 2012 titled, “Where’s the recovery?”

    It mirrored all the bad news on our supposed “getting healthy” economy along with the discouraging views of the economic fundamentals and new jobless claims creating long faces and nervous hair pulling, while smiles abound in our anti-American White House and among its inhabitants.

    Believe it or not, all this bad news about the country that less than four years ago was considered the greatest nation in the world, is pleasing to our White House staff and all of its minions, czars and secretaries.

    Obama’s mission is to totally destroy America as the world has known it for the past two hundred and thirty plus years and see poverty and hardships abound where once the fruits of our forebears’ diligence and INTELLIGENCE (a commodity that is sorely lacking today) created prosperity and leadership for the entire world to follow.

    People SHOULD be asking, where the recovery is; it is certainly costing the taxpayers huge sums of money to keep this charlatan in the Oval Office in spending money for his communist, socialist and Islamist buddies in the depths and pestholes of the world.

    He is determined to put all of us along side those sand-flea-bitten cretins he calls peaceful and enlightened.

    The Times editorial announces that new jobless claims are the highest they’ve been since late January, the four-week average stubbornly hovering around the 375,000 mark. They also say that “Though we’re technically in a recovery, nobody believes it.

    A Rasmussen Reports survey earlier this week shows a majority is under the impression America is still in recession.” And why not? Recoveries see indicators of increased employment, more consumer goods being manufactured and purchased and costs of consumables dropping instead of rising as they are today.

    One can imagine the smiles on Obama’s and his staff’s faces when they hear about another huge increase in the cost of a gallon of gas at the pumps.

    Just like the mythical Midas whose magic touch turned the item touched into gold, probably smiling until he died of hunger these greedy thieves will get their just dues one of these days.

    As the editorial states, the country needs an explosion of industry but all Obama is producing is a fizzle.

    The Philadelphia Reserve Bank found manufacturing output growth slowed slightly in the mid-Atlantic region, with its index of general business activity for the factory sector falling from 12.5 in March to 8.5 in April.

    Numbers such as those do nothing to restore the confidence in America’s economic indicators. They tend to keep people wondering when the great “messiah” they foolishly elected in November 2008 will begin delivering on his failed promises of “change for a better America.”

    When the people don’t feel good about their future they don’t invest in homes and as stated in the editorial, with a significant chunk of the market still in the process of foreclosure, housing won’t recover anytime soon.

    The economy is having a difficult time as consumer prices continue to spiral upwards; all of which Obama and his people continue to do absolutely nothing to remedy.

    As stated above, this all fits in nicely with Obama’s desires, particularly when oil and gas prices escalate with no efforts from the White House to suppress or turn around the rises.

    Not too long ago Obama had an opportunity to make the price of oil take a nose dive when the Keystone XL pipeline was presented for his approval and he rejected it with some spurious reasoning.

    We all remember a few years back when the last petroleum price explosion was about to hit and all it took to get the OPEC producers to drop the price was the renewal of talk amongst Republican politicos to open new area for domestic drilling for oil. The prices tumbled to nearly half of what they reached.

    This Administration, under the usurper Obama, makes no attempt to even talk about oil production increases for America; he instead denigrates the idea until his serfs in the Democrat Party back off in fear of losing favor with him.

    These spineless-wimps have all joined Obama’s socialist-communist planning for the U. S. and oppose any efforts that would be beneficial for the country.

  • Commiefornia

    It’s not just about supply and demand, but like the article said back in the 70s oil, as it is today, is bought in US dollars and we all know what Pres. Obama and Fed. Chair Bernanke are doing to the US dollar…

  • chuckb

    the commodities market has investments from, pers, unions, banks and speculators. if the price of oil comes down so does the investments,so don’t expect miracles, when they fill ther coffers close to november, gas price will come down and the sheep will forget where the price had been, ol’ glorious leader has saved us.barry is not responsible, he is a robot taking directions from the people behind the teleprompter, i doubt if he really knows the difference. barry is a total imbecile that can talk.

  • Truth Be Told

    Look up the Enron Principle. Oil speculators ARE to blame for expensive petroleum?

    • T i m

      My name is T i m . ….WALL STREET HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT AMERICA PAYS FOR OIL . I am telling you , IT IS ALL OUR OWN AMERICAN COMMERCE DEPARTMENT SETS THE RATE ON ALL COST OF LIVING . OPEC has nothing to do with AMERICAN OIL PRICE . There was no oil shortage in the 7 0 ‘s , no world event in 2 0 0 8 ,……ALL OF AMERICAN COST OF LIVING IS SET BY AMERICAN COMMERCE DEPARTMENT . IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING ELSE . Congress owns stock in green energy , so make gasoline price at the pump un afordable . Force AMERICA to buy into green enegy . Congress did the same thing in the 7 0 ‘s , created an oil shortage . I was riding the boat , bring the stuff in …THERE WAS NO SHORTAGE . Congress way of forcing AMERICA to buy smaller vehicles , for sales tax . …IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH SAVING FUEL . SAME AS TODAY …….GREEN ENERGY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SAVING FUEL . IT IS ALL ABOUT WHO OWNS STOCK IN THE COMPANY . …WE PEOPLE CAN STOP THIS ……………WE ALL GOT TO HELP .

      • needfulthings

        Sorry Tim yer wacked ! Just about everything you said (including the 70s oil shortage) is wrong THE FACTS do not comply with your brain.

  • Stuart

    obama has no ethics,he’ll take undeserved credit for anything,he sits,on his ass,rides
    all over on Air Force One.again we’re all waiting for your real birth certificate.

    • Deerinwater

      Maybe you are, but most of us has moved on. We haven’t see your birth certificate either. You might be an alien from KR113 for all I know.

      • winstonsmith6079

        Whenever mu birth cert is needed to validate my identity: Driver’s License. Social Security, et al I’ll be GLAD to present it and NOT DRAG MY HEELS FOR THREE YEARS AND THEN PRESENT A PHONY!

        • needfulthings

          Thats an out n out lie, I seen the birth certificate within three months of this FABERCATION , From Obama’s web site and media matters trip to Hawaii with Hi res pics.
          Geeee……… do the NUT BAGS ever go away ??????????????
          Plus….. why should we believe YOU? After all your weren’t born here, your just a foreign born agitater !!!!!!!! OH YEAH! well prove it !!!!

      • Deerinwater

        well, we want the original, not a copy and proof! Prove it!

        • needfulthings

          Does’nt matter with to thee right wing nuts, If you show your birth certifiate they’ll ask for the Long form, You show that they will say it’s a forgery, if someone shows up at the state it was issued in and they say “yep that’s it” (as did media matters complete with Hi Res pics of raised seal) they’ll say their lying, If you go to the state library and find old papers with the birth annoucement, they’ll say it’s a conspiracy !
          So with all the above data, NOT ONE PERSON could prove they were born in the USA but”THEY” are making alot of money off mass stupidity! Oh yeah, if your family and friends confirm they even seen the new born at home … They will say “thats no good enough. NO BODY was born here !!!!

  • old hillbilly

    If one has sense to follow the tracks, you’ll find facts. Our state of affairs is about socialist communists overthrowing our Constitution & free government. Fact: Capitalism proportionately rewards in kind, to investment. Socialists detest capital investment because government can’t control independent subjects!

    Zero US Fed rates punish… as in American wealth and power collapsing into socialist poverty and oppressive “regulation” after centuries of prosperity and individual independence. Simultaneously high Communist Chinese rates of return generate prosperity during oppression and poverty… by corrupting, using, and depleting US capital. When individual wealth is collectivized and controlled by global financial monopolist pyramids, individual investments become socialized.

    What happens when you invest in a mutual fund that invests in GE, who just invested in new Chinese GE X-ray machine manufacturing operations, while simultaneously bulldozing US facilities & jobs? The China and GE monopolist coalition is complicit with our government majority! There is no union, no old US competing organization, no (OSHA, EPA, NRLB, ACLU, ERA, SEIU, TEAMSTERS, UAW)… just good old Communist China’s simple philosophy of workers eat – non-workers don’t, and be good or be gone! Peace in the valley means insurrection disappears when rioters disappear. They make it, you can buy it at their price or do without… except Obama-care pays the bill & they won’t do without, but you will!

    In Van Jones “bottom up- top down” equation, there’s no bottom up if the bottom isn’t oppressed an impoverished to the point of rebellion! Who can spend your money and oppress you better than government? People can’t even afford to drive to work, let alone go see someone to visit!

    • American Driver

      old hillbilly? it should be Joe McCarthy. Just in case you do not know him, he was the guy who saw comunists everywhere, in the 50′s, and was laughed out of elected office.

  • Stuart

    george tsoris,obamas mentor is running is running things/with the rest of his commie idiots.

    • needfulthings

      Okay! Whom was at fault when a barrel of oil hit $150 under dubya? Was george Soros running it then ???? How lame

    • Jeff

      Stuart, isn’t 3:00 a little early to imbibe? Actually, W had the perfect recipe for bringing down oil prices: blow up the economy, cause a depression, and . . .voila. Works every time. That;s why oil prices were artificially low when Obama took office – no demand!

      • Deerinwater

        43 was at the helm when many things transpired, other then launching two needless unfunded wars and crafting HLS, he really didn’t do that much but fill the position as President and grant pardon to the Thanksgiving turkey.

  • Herbert

    I think it’s time for we the peple of the USA to say. we need a better Leader in the Whitehouse.

  • Herbert

    PS Oboma has’ent ben a Leader at all.

    • Deerinwater

      Oh yes he has , that you don’t accept it as so, is another matter entirely. I can neither control or deny you your thoughts nor can you mine.

      Sounds like a horse race Herbert. ~ You ready to get beat? ~ Why don’t you get a head start, ~ go outside and practice falling down.

      I’ll match you leadership achievement 2 to your 1 for every GOP leadership achievement in the last three years.

      This is my second time to offer and so far no one has accepted this challenge.

  • redneckeasterwashinton

    I would think you can tell “all those that oppose Romney are Obama people” as their the only ones who are so far behind what the average American thinks in what they write and their perception is so slanted there can be no other reason they post such ignorant statements

    • Deerinwater

      Ahmm? It’s that obvious and simple to you is it?

      I tend to think a lot people will be voting come November with one hand and holding their nose with the other.

    • T i m


  • American Driver

    The fact of the matter is that oil speculators are to blame for expensive petroleum, the truth is that most of the blame rests on the shoulders of the GOP, Republicans and the Bush administration (remember the quote from George W Bush, when told of high gas prices, over $4.00 a gallon? He said, oil is $4.00 a gallon?, with a dumb look on his face) letting the rich dictate prices in the world. If you blame anyone but, then your head is up somwhere or someon.

    • T i m


    • T i m


    • needfulthings

      Your so right American Driver,
      When dubya let WALL STREET bet on oil, things got out of hand. At one time W.S. was invested 70% in oil speculation, dubya wined when crude got to $150 barrel (and gas hit 5 bucks) they then backed off to 10% investments. That along with a dubya depression brought gas down to $1.89 one month before he left office. Some here wanna tell ya it was that cheap for all of dubya’s 8 years.

      • T i m

        You are both so wrong . WALL STREET and speculators HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PRICE OF BARREL OF OIL . …ALLL COST OF LIVING is set by AMERICAN Department of Commerce . IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING ELSE . I do not care what you read on the web. That information was put there by the government . They want you to blame something . True fact , gas price at the pump should be around . 5 0 cents per gallon . Most of the rest is taxes and the ethonol and it’s taxes . price has nothing to do with the product . …………WALL STREET AND THE SPECULATORS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE GAS PRICE AT THE PUMP . Barrel of oil used to measure 5 5 gallon . Today it is 3 5 . Commerce kept the 5 5 gallon rate for taxes . Read the weights and measures sticker attached to every gas pump in the nation , says rate is set by commerce and agriculture department . it has nothing to do with wall WALL STREET . My name is T i m

  • Pingback: The Sunday ‘Report;’ 05/13/2012 « Justincase505's Blog

  • yankee doodle dandy

    Don’t look now but crude oil is down 20% in the past few months. Here in the northeast gasoline has gone down 30 to 40 cents per gallon in just four week. The lowest price in Massachusetts is now under $3.50 a gallon in spite of predicitions by the so called experts that we were in for an extended period of over $4 per gallon gasoline. Last week the price of crude was under $92 dollar per barrell or about $2.20 per gallon. Which may cause you to ask where is the other $1.30 to $1.60 we are paying for gasoline going? And all the while US drivers were paying nearly $4 per gallon for gasoline last year, The US became a net exporter of gasoline and diesel oil for the first time in sixty years. All major oil companies are large international conglomerates and sell their product any where in the world where they get the most profit. They have no allegiance to The US or any other country. It is also note worthy that natural gas is at it’s lowest price in years! The price of natural gas has fallen so much that gas speculaters have begun cutting back in drilling and exploring for gas. The production of natural gas went up 7% last year, the largest year to year increase in history. Current estimates are that with implimentation of increased fracking in producing natural gas the The US has at least a 75 year supply of this environmentally friendly fuel. Natural gas is now at its lowest price in years! Just this past month The National Grid announced a decrease of up to 20% in the price of natural gas and a 19% reduction in the price of electricity generated from natural gas.
    It is easy to blame the current administration for our energy problems, but the current situation we find ourselves was 100 years or more in the making. We only have to look in a mirror to who was responsible for the mess we find ourselves in. The current administration has opened million of acres in the western Gulf of Mexico to oil exploration. They have also open additional public lands in North Dakota, Montana, and just this past week Utah to oil exploration and development. Even at this time Gulf Oil is preparing to begin oil exploration on The North Slope!! All with the blessing of the current admistration.

  • craig

    You can’t blame obama for today’s oil prices,he’s not trying to cut thier taxes and increase thier subitties.

  • David Reinhart

    Obama is not stupid and he is not inexperienced. He is not even running this country. How myopic can you be? He is the front man for a much larger group that has had control of this country for years. It started in 1905 with Woodrow Wilson (another democrat college professor). Woodrow ushered in the private bank called the Federal Reserve System that controls our monetary system. Andrew Jackson fought against and abolished the first American central bank and was almost assinated. Lincoln and Kennedy also fought against the American central bank interest and were assassinated. The Democrats were the original proponents of slavery and they still are. The only difference is they don’t call it slavery anymore. Now they call it, social security, income tax, welfare, medicare, illegal aliens and now affordable healthcare act and green laws. Wake up and do some reading. Educate yourself so you can do some critical thinking and free yourself. Knowledge is POWER and right know you are stupid and a slave.


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