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Obama, States’ Rights Hypocrisy And False Hope

May 11, 2012 by  

Obama, States’ Rights Hypocrisy And False Hope
President Barack Obama rides the rainbow unicorn of equality.

Did President Barack Obama become the first President in the history of the United States to announce that he is a homosexual this week? No, he didn’t. But with the amount of coverage of what he did say and jubilation from the gay community, it almost seems as though he did.

The President’s remarks on Wednesday should be minimally surprising to both his critics and his supporters.

“I’ve always been adamant that gay and lesbian Americans should be treated fairly and equally,” Obama told ABC’s Robin Roberts.

This is something that Americans already know, as the remark was made by the head of an Administration that ended the ban on openly gay individuals serving in the United States military.

Obama went on to say:

I have to tell you that over the course of several years as I have talked to friends and family and neighbors when I think about members of my own staff who are in incredibly committed monogamous relationships, same-sex relationships, who are raising kids together, when I think about those soldiers or airmen or Marines or sailors who are out there fighting on my behalf and yet feel constrained, even now that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is gone, because they are not able to commit themselves in a marriage, at a certain point I’ve just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same sex couples should be able to get married.

Some pundits claim that Obama has exhibited the paramount in political bravery in simply uttering the words “I think same sex couples should be able to get married,” but others would classify the so-called bravery as cowardice. The President has been under pressure to comment on the issue of gay marriage since gaffe-happy Vice President Joe Biden said last Sunday that he completely supports the rights of gay Americans to marry.

While party-line Republicans and Democrats have certainly seized the moment and either used it in criticism or support of the President, there exists no political victory or defeat for either side in what he said. What is illustrated by Obama’s support of gay marriage — but, only as a State issue — is what some people might recognize as the President’s disdain for States’ rights and how even when he advocates them, he cancels them out.

Obama instructed the Justice Department in February to no longer defend the Constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA, the legal prohibition on Federal recognition of same-sex marriages. DOMA also included provisions giving States that opt out of allowing gay Americans to marry the right to decline to recognize gay marriages performed in other States. Essentially, the President has attempted to play both sides of the issue: Support States’ rights to perform gay marriages while eliminating other States’ rights to decline to recognize those marriages performed in other States, 1+(-1)=0.

This is just a new example of Obama’s false hope. Consider how he has hoped medical marijuana patients in some States would have short-term memory loss about his 2008 campaign rhetoric on States’ rights and pot. Remember how he wasn’t planning to “use Justice Department resources to try and circumvent State laws about medical marijuana.” Well, he has changed his tune of late, saying last month: “It’s against Federal law. I can’t nullify Congressional law. I can’t ask the Justice Department to say, ‘Ignore completely a Federal law that’s on the books.’”

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Vigilant

    As posted yesterdaay:

    In his typical weaselly fashion, Obama claims support for gay and lesbian marriage but stops short of any initiative in Congress to change anything.

    Even more to the point, he suddenly becomes a Federalist and says that the states are the final arbiters on the issue! This simple statement may be the ONLY truth he’s told in his lying political career. And he does it for only one reason: to furnish himself plausible deniability when the states continue to turn down the gay marriage proposition.

    His newfound (and certainly short lasting) respect for the Constitution shows how evilly opportunistic he is. Garnering votes is ALL he’s worried about. The issues of the day are to be used to keep his sorry behind, and the behinds of fellow socialists, in office.

    America has never before had to endure a president so casually concerned about her welfare and so single-minded as to put politics above all else.

    • Flashy

      Confusion reigns in trying to track the thoughts here.

      The President never advanced any legislation recognizing the right to marry. He has taken a position of state determination, and he called off defending DOMA. What more do you want?

      In essence, tearing it down to basics, marriage is of two aspects. The State registration for purposes of legal partnership rights, duties and obligations. The second is the religious function.

      Since we all agree the State should not intrude or involve itself in religion (or should agree unless it’s the American Taliban involved) … the one aspect should have no religious overtone and should be allowed. that is the registration of a partnership. Commonly referred to as a “marriage license” . Strictly a function of the State without regard to religious creed or calling…since almost every religion is differs and sects within the religions differ.

      the other is the religious issue. Fine. If your religion frown upon same sex couples…don’t marry them. If the religion does allow it…marry ‘em.

      What should be an argument before your church…somehow becomes an issue involving state registration of legal rights, obligations and duties?

      Why do you care to the point where you insist on imposing your religious views on all others? And don’t give the spiel “marriage’ is between one man and one woman. Heck…even the bible details rules when a man takes a second or third wife. Up through the 16th century, same gender sex wasn’t a big deal. It wasn’t widely practiced, but it wasn’t a death sentence until the Inquisition Era.

      If the thought of sex between same genders abhors you? Why are you even thinking about it? You a pervert or something? And did it occur to you sex between differing genders abhors a gay? So your abhorrence takes precedent over theirs as a societal rule?

      And that’s what it is stripped down to. One is a State function of recording partnership…which should not be tainted with a singular religious creed. The other is strictly a religious question to be determined by the followers of the sect involved. The religion should not become involved in the functions of the State, and the State should not be involved in the functions of the sect.

      So … explain why gay marriage is something that should have a religious more imposed on all…in violation of the Constitution of the United States.

      • Vigilant

        “Why do you care to the point where you insist on imposing your religious views on all others?”

        Flashy, you don’t have a clue about my beliefs. And where in my posting do I make a mention of my religious views?

        Personally, I couldn’t care less if homosexuals get married. It’s not a burning issue with me, although it appears to be so with you. There are MANY more important issues to tackle than to waste time on an issue of no importance to the survival of this nation.

        Had you read my comments with understanding, you’d note that my thrust was to point out the purely political animal that is Obama. He’s flipflopped on this issue so many times, and then suddenly divulges his sentiments when his campaign coffers begin to deplete, solely to garner contributions from the liberal base.

        It’s just one more thing to keep attention diverted from the abject failures of this administration. The question is, how outrageous will the next red herring be?

      • Opal the Gem

        “Had you read my comments with understanding,…”

        Something Flushy is incapable of.

      • robowang

        My GAWD, what a stupid individual you are!
        As been said, you spout off about “religious” nonsense and don’t even know the other person’s views or theology. And obviously don’t care, you intolerant grunt.
        You are an immature little freak if you haven’t been paying attention how the Gay Rumpers have been forcing their crap on everyone.
        I could care less if you are gay (and it’s fairly obvious that you are in your rantings). All I want is NOT to be drawn into your perversion.
        Yet, that is exactly what has happened.
        Gay and Transvestites invading Catholic Churches DURING MASS to pretend to be nuns and throw around condoms.
        Uh uh.
        Gay parades where where gays and trannies march around nude and pretend to have sadistically and masochistic sex with children. And NOT on THEIR time, but on the public’s time where even small children are in the area. They could have warned the Community first, but they WANT children to see their antics.
        Uh uh.
        Lobbying for, and acquiring, antibully laws for the “protected class” called Homosexuals, yet bullying everyone else when they don’t agree with it.
        Uh uh.
        I don’t even like to have to witness a man and a woman swap spit in public, and seeing two men tongue each other makes me physically ill. Yet MY feelings don’t matter?
        UH uh.
        Children being taught in Public schools that if you are not gay, you should be?
        Uh uh.
        And please, lets don’t forget the Pedophilia that runs rampant in the Gay community. Don’t even bother saying it doesn’t, you’d be lying. Even “Fisting” Jennings, Obama’s “Safe School” csar promoted having sex with 9-10 year old boys. And THAT is a fact! Research it.
        And I am supposed to be comfortable with Gay marriage and watch as they adopt CHILDREN into their perversion?
        Uh uh.
        And on and on.
        The gay community has lost this ol’ boys heart and mind a long time ago.
        I am a live and let live person. Too bad the insane Homosexual crowd doesn’t get that.
        I will be at the voting place early to vote AGAINST any Homosexual entitlement. And THAT’S a promise.

      • paintedponey

        Right on Flashy. You got it together!

      • Wyatt

        Once again Flashy the Flasher asking why anyone cares forgets that by catering to the atheistic element and then to the Gay Crowd , someone has chosen sides . He states that somehow we of the religious beliefs and heterosexual bent somehow offend them . But he forgets that we are also offended . Not so much by their belief or lack of the same , but rather that it is offensive to have it forced upon us who believe in God and or marriage between a man and a woman .

        I have no clue as to what Bible Flasher reads but my bible says Adam and Eve , not Adam and Steve , not Eve and Eva or Esther . People can sneer all they want but they lack all morals and dignity and decency . God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for this same thing , and for all the doubters of that , yes archeology evidence has been found of that event . So all doubters beware . We have a leader who has only one agenda destroy America and remake it in his own ankle grabbing image like the arrogant asswipe he is .

      • cawmun cents
      • GiveMeLiberty

        Flashy, in true liberal fashion, you are one hell of an agitator!

      • John

        at Falashy! therre are four religions in this world: Christianity, Islam, Budhism and Hinduism. which of these says: same-sex marriage is ok? if you still figure an answer, can you quote the specific part of the divine book?

    • Steve E

      In the same line of thought with the Constitution. Single sex marriage is a states rights issue. Obama was right about that. But so is health care. His hypocritical ideas lie in the fact that he believes that single sex marriage is a states rights issue and Obamacare is not.

      • Flashy

        Steve…. comparing marriage…which is in essence a licensing issue…with health care, which affects economic areas … is like comparing an apple to a goldfish.

        They are not the same issue nor do they involve the same rights, privileges or socio/economic impacts.

      • michaeljbeglinjr

        I found it very funny that this was the only issue that he did not think was under Federal control. This is the only issue Obama wants to allow the States to decide. He has otherwise ignored or usurped States’ rights.

      • Robert Smith

        Steve E blasts; “His hypocritical ideas lie in the fact that he believes that single sex marriage is a states rights issue and Obamacare is not.”

        Why isn’t legalizing medical or recreational pot a states’ right? What about the death with dignity that Ashcroft tried to take out in Oregon after it had been voted on TWICE? What about abortion? Abortion had been voted on and allowed by THE PEOPLE in several states before Roe v. Wade.


      • Jeff

        “States rights” has always been the rallying cry of the true demagogue. It is almost always a call for a State’s majority to be able to stick it to a minority. One of the few exceptions is medical marijuana. As I recall, when Prohibition was repealed by FDR, alcohol became legal in all but a few states, or was it just a few dry counties? States should be able to do things independently to see what system works best, but fundamental rights should not be subject to the whims of a majority. Can you imagine a State Constitution being amended by a simple majority vote in a primary election? That’s what happened in North Carolina. What was the % turnout? At the very least, it should have to be a general election, particularly a Presidential election, where the turnout is generally somewhat higher.

    • Tim L.

      Vigilant says
      “America has never before had to endure a president so casually concerned about her welfare and so single-minded as to put politics above all else.”

      Oh really? Perhaps you were out of the country or just too young to remember, but most of us remember George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush and a guy named Ronnie.

    • Sharr

      If not GAY then BI?????
      Donald Young for “First Lady”?
      Larry Sinclair for “First Lady”?
      Oh – wait – Didn’t someone in the thuggery get rid of Donald Young???
      Didn’t he get in the “way”?????
      What happened to him?
      What was his Mother told?
      Where is she?
      B.O. 50% Caucasian.
      B.O. maybe 10% Black.
      B.O. approx. 40% Muslim.
      Face it America.
      Gay or BI????? 100%

      • Judy Chambers

        You got that right Sharr, the dastard in the Oval is Bi at best. His gay adventures are for real and his cover up is the same as the cover for his lack of citizenship. His mother had no morals, His grandparents had no morals, nor did his mentors, Frank Marshall Davis and Bill Ayers. We really don’t know who his father is. Several possibilities exist. He’s nothing but a low life who will lie, cheat, steal, or murder for his own gain. His mentors were gutter trash. He, himself is a hateful misfit. What is the real shocker is that so many Americans are stupid enough to fall for his BS.

      • Tim L.

        On what do you base any of the trash you just spewed out? I suspect it is just hatred. I’ll bet you’re a good Christian.

      • http://Yahoo Samuel Lopez

        Judy: you are absolutly right, WHO is that guy, WHERE he came from, WHO his parents were.WHERE did he grow up. What was his mam doing in Africa, Indonesia Hawai. Who was his step father. What is his religion.

      • DAVID

        i do remember a black man claimed to have sex and done cocaine with hussein. once. i didn’t hear anymore. i guess they buried him next to VINCE FOSTER.

      • mike smith

        you got it right ,but if you wish to shove sh– uphill without a wheelbarrow that is your perogative so to speak ,i think the man is not fit to be where he is and is not to be trusted but i am not an american ,if i was i would move heaven and earth to get ron paul uinto the white house for some sanity and to help save the USofA asap

  • Vigilant

    Obama says, ” “It’s against Federal law. I can’t nullify Congressional law. I can’t ask the Justice Department to say, ‘Ignore completely a Federal law that’s on the books.’”

    It would be nice if he said the same about immigration law. Not only won’t he enforce it, he’s having DOJ sue Arizona for trying to do so.

    • Flashy

      Vig .. two totally separate issues involving the Constitution and duties thereunder. As well…immigration is not a religious issue…marriage is totally an issue of religion.

      • myopinion

        Yes it is a matter of religon, what God said about ” It is an abomination to Me ” not a sin but an abomination, unforgiveably. We better start agreeing with God, not brackass

      • Vigilant

        “two totally separate issues involving the Constitution and duties thereunder.”

        And his oath requires defending the Constitution, not picking and choosing the parts he will and the parts he won’t.

      • Flashy

        By stating the gay marriage issue is state’s rights, and immigration is a federal issue…which part of the Constitution is he in violation of?

      • Flashy

        Myopinion…OK..which god shall we choose?

      • Vigilant

        “By stating the gay marriage issue is state’s rights, and immigration is a federal issue…which part of the Constitution is he in violation of?”

        Once again, you didn’t read my postings. I said the state’s rights issue was the ONLY true thing he’s said as president (hyperbole for sure, but valid in principle).

        Consider the DOMA. By instructing the DOJ to discontinue prosecuting violations of that act, he has done precisely as I said. He has selectively (as in the case of immigration laws) and UNCONSTITUTIONALLY failed to uphold the laws. DOMA is a FEDERAL LAW, son.

        Obama (and you) have to disabuse himself (and yourself) of the notion that the president has any right whatsoever to decide for himself whiich laws are Constitutional and which aren’t. He is NOT a justice on the Supreme Court and he’s obligated to enforce the laws, regardless of his particular moral persuasions.

        Unless of course you think that the “Trail of Tears” tragedy was a good thing. Jackson defied the Supreme Court ruling (and thereby Federal law) to persevere with the removal of Native Americans, We all know what happened next. And you want to give Obama the power to enforce laws at will?

      • Flashy

        Vig… you, TML, 45 and, as much as i will reget saying this…DAVEH in rare moments…are valued can’t miss posts giving insight as to current mainstream Conservative thinking.

        So this last has me confused. If, as it appears we agree…gay marriage is not an issue for the Feds, and DOJ is not defending a fed law imposing upon the states (DOMA), how ca that be “picking and choosing” ? Is it the suggestion that whatever law Congress passes, it must be without question zealously supported in court? What the DOJ is doing is allowing the law (DOMA) to stand on its own merits.

        One cannot defend the indefensible. Which is what DOMA is…indefensible. The Constitution (Article 4 i believe) dictates there must be Comity between the States. i.e. recognition of their laws. An example would be Driver’s licenses. DOMA blatantly violates Comity. it’s not hinting at downright says a state does not have to recognize Comity.

        now how can anyone defend that? The DOJ is not. It takes the position..”court, here it is, you decide. We aren’t going to defend it nor not defend it. We’re sitting this one out”. If the Courts decide DOMA is indeed constitutional, the DOJ must uphold the law as will the states. Though methinks with that barrier of Comity breached, the SCOTUS won’t allow such to occur. The likely result of DOMA being within the Constitution may well result to be 50 fiefdoms…

        Immigration is indeed a federal auspice as international borders is not a state issue. Uniformity must occur to establish one, overall, uniformly applied standard.

      • Libertytrain

        flashy’s commenting doesn’t appear to be under the realm of “research” that he claims he is paid to do on this site -

      • Flashy

        Never claimed that Liberty. You keep saying it…but it’s not true. So why do you keep claiming i said that?

      • Libertytrain

        Because you did. You said you are on here doing research for your job. You posted it. I didn’t. Hard to refute what you wrote in your own hand….

      • Libertytrain

        Here you go Flashy – a reminder – I’ve kept it on the computer because it’s so telling of what you are.
        “…partly as a segment of my research to do my job.
        Just because you may have difficulty fathoming any of that is not my problem….”

      • Vigilant

        Flashy, apologies for getting back so late with a reply; it’s been a busy day.

        You said, “So this last has me confused. If, as it appears we agree…gay marriage is not an issue for the Feds, and DOJ is not defending a fed law imposing upon the states (DOMA), how ca that be “picking and choosing” ? Is it the suggestion that whatever law Congress passes, it must be without question zealously supported in court? What the DOJ is doing is allowing the law (DOMA) to stand on its own merits. ”

        The analysis is not complex at all, or at least not intended to be. It goes back to the nature of our Constitutional structure and body of laws.

        The points are these: We agree that gay marriage is not RIGHTLY an issue that the Feds should concern themselves with, BUT, and it’s a big but, the law is on the records, and until it is proven unconstitutional, should be enforced by the Feds because that’s one of the jobs of the Executive Branch IAW the Constitution. The president is not charged with interpretation of the constitutionality of the laws, that’s clearly the responsibility of the SCOTUS. It was legislation by the Congress that created the law, and that law is to be respected.

        That being said, the DOMA’s constitutionality itself should be challenged in Federal court if it is to be annulled. If the SCOTUS adjudges it to be unconstitutional, then so be it, and I would concur. It comes under the 10th Amendment and the Feds should not have messed with it in the first place.

        The proper avenue for those who wish to make DOMA a Federal issue is to pass a Constitutional amendment. It’s unlikely that that would ever occur, but if it was ratified, THEN the Feds would be acting on proper grounds in enforcing it.

        It boils down to this, simply: no matter what you or I think is right or wrong, we obey the laws of the land until we effect change through repeals and/or Constitutional amendments. Nullification at local jury level is also a possibility. Nullification at state level is a trickier proposition, but is also a possibility.

        The overarching principle is respect for the rule of law. .

    • TML

      Flashy says, “… you, TML,… … are valued can’t miss posts giving insight as to current mainstream Conservative thinking. … So this last has me confused. If, as it appears we agree…gay marriage is not an issue for the Feds, and DOJ is not defending a fed law imposing upon the states (DOMA), how ca that be “picking and choosing” ?

      I have no objection to the repeal of the ‘Defense of Marriage Act’, as it attempts to define marriage in religious terms.

    • Robert Smith

      Vigilant in ignorance wants states to determine immigration law and resents Obama protecting America: “It would be nice if he said the same about immigration law.”

      The fact is that we can’t have states doing immigration law separately from the Federal government. We can NOT have 50 different policies that relate to other countries. Although internally we must respect the rights of individual states in the world we are the UNITED states of America.


      • Vigilant

        I repeat what Obama said: “It’s against Federal law. I can’t nullify Congressional law. I can’t ask the Justice Department to say, ‘Ignore completely a Federal law that’s on the books.’”

        Obama has asked DOJ to do just that regarding FEDERAL IMMIGRATION LAW.

        Now what part of that statement do you have a problem understanding?

      • Robert Smith

        Vigelant asks; “Now what part of that statement do you have a problem understanding?”

        The part where you don’t offer any specifics. You only CLAIM that’s what Obama is doing.

        We all know how that works as we ride the right wing Swift Boat into a sea of lies.


      • Vigilant

        RS. my apologies for assuming that you have more than a limited capacity for logic and understanding of the English language.

        Let me bring it down to your IQ level:

        (1) Arizona passes an immigration law that virtually MIRRORS the provisions already existing in Federal law.

        (2) Why? Because if the Feds were enforcing the Federal laws on the books, Arizona would not have to resort to such legislation.

        (3) Rather than enforce existing Federal law. the Obama administration not only fiddles while Rome burns, it adds insult to injury by suing the state, wasting taxpayer dollars.

        You say, “Vigilant in ignorance wants states to determine immigration law and resents Obama protecting America:” Dead wrong. I resent the fact that Obama is jeopardizing our national security by failing to protect America. I want him to ENFORCE EXISTING FEDERAL LAW.

  • cawmun cents

    “I cant ask the Justice Department to say,ignore Federal Law,,,,,,,,,”(paraphrasing)
    Unless it pertains to a voting block as in the case of border jumping.Then he can ignore it all he wants.
    The first thing I will hear now is that statistically speaking,this administration has deported more illegal emmigrants than the previous one did.In other words they cleaned the system and offered those in limbo here in the jails,and courts,a chance to leave and come back.
    Just make sure you put a check next to Omamba come vote time compan’eros.
    So give them another chance at jumping,and look the other way.
    Big deal,right?
    How many of them will carry a forty pound pack of weed on their back to pay for their coyotes to safely return them to their state of choice?
    Has anyone asked that question lately?
    Obviously not.
    In order to flood the market with Mexican weed,there has been more deportations lately.
    So the great Omamba can get votes and the cartels can outsource weed to the American citizen,there seems to have been more action in the DHS,ICE,and several other agencies.
    Meanwhile who is it that suffers here in America?
    The businessman who sunk his life savings in order to buy into the new legal market of Medical Marijuana.
    Yes folks.
    Omamba is outsourcing jobs to Mexico.
    Next comes those who laugh at the ridiculousness of this assertion.
    People are dying in this madness.Thousands of Mexican citizens are being murdered in grisly fashion to perpetuate the ideal conditions for both money and vote grabbing.
    How does that set with the current policy of Democratic power?They feast on it.They use it like they use the hammer of poverty to pound their agenda across to the unsuspecting populace.The worst thing of all is to see the fake Latin/a/o’s come out to pander to them.They rail on about La Raza,and watch as their fellow Mexicans are slaughtered by the dozens daily.For what?To control the illicit drug trade in the mix,and pander to the heartstrings of the philanthropic fakery of the Democratic party.Yes Virginia….there is a Santa Claus,and a connection between big gubment and the Mexican cartels.
    Can I post proof of this?
    Not and keep my head attached to my shoulders.But make no mistake,there are folks out there keeping this perpetuated for profit.You have been told that the United States can bully whomever they choose in the world,and you accept this as true,evidenced by the fact that nobody can fight toe to toe with us without being completely decimated if you leave out the politics of war.
    Yet strangely enough in this drug war,that like poor folks in the ghetto,has remained status quo since day one,is of course being dominated by the awesome power that is currently being wielded by the DOJ.
    Or at least that is what you are fed.
    I am making false allegations,right?
    We would no more jump in bed with the Cartels than we would say,with the Red Chinese,right?
    How far we have fallen.
    We dont even have one of those Home Alert systems to call out for help.
    Oh well enjoy your Mexican weed.It put more businessmen out of work in California for sure.But that isnt the same as outsourcing,right?


    • Wildcat

      Obama came out of the closet, Now Holder can come clean. Of course the two are F–bubbies.

    • Robert Smith

      Claimed by the right: “Omamba is outsourcing jobs to Mexico.”

      Really???? I thought it was corporations who employed people or shipped their jobs off shore.


      • cawmun cents

        Ask your weed smoking friends how this has effected them,Smith.
        He lied and then let the Feds raid when he saw that it was good for the Mexicans to flood the market.
        Even an idiot could see that….(I did).

    • Robert Smith

      cawmun asks: “How many of them will carry a forty pound pack of weed on their back to pay for their coyotes to safely return them to their state of choice?
      Has anyone asked that question lately?”

      Actually I’ve pointed out several times that if pot were legal then it would NOT be a problem at our borders and it wouldn’t be a currancy for crime.

      That is common sense.


  • MAP

    Like a dog begging for treats, Obama is groveling for whatever votes he can get. His stance on any issue is as uncertain as his background. Many thinking people have long known that he is merely a communist thug and the most reprehensible cretin to ever defile the White House. He has taken charlatan, liar and pretender to new levels – or should I say new depths. How such a worthless scoundrel found his way into the presidency will be a topic of interest and derision for future generations. At the very least, he is living proof that the dead should not be allowed to vote, no matter what liberals say to the contrary!

    • Vigilant

      “How such a worthless scoundrel found his way into the presidency will be a topic of interest and derision for future generations.”

      If Obama gets a second term, I would doubt that. Four more years would be enough time to complete the Big Brother apparatus the left so ardently desires. Once that’s in place, the history books will be completely rewritten to canonize the dear leader, and possession or divulging of truthful material about Obama will become a capital offense.

      • Robert Smith

        Vigilant claims: “, the history books will be completely rewritten to canonize the dear leader, and possession or divulging of truthful material about Obama will become a capital offense.”


        And what do you call destroying science books with religious creationism?


      • Vigilant

        Non sequitur, sonny, and a diversionary tactic. Long live Saul Alinsky!

      • MAP

        Robert, you can no more prove creationism wrong than you can prove evolution true. Evolution is a theory only. No one was alive to witness either event. Since no one was a first hand witness, belief in either is strictly a matter of FAITH. The question is: Why is only one faith to be imposed by the use of the police state? And the other to be suppressed by oppression? Why is one faith to be embraced with the force of the medieval church and all dissenters to be burned at the stake? Welcome to leftist hypocrisy, the only thing consistent in any of their teachings.

      • Robert Smith

        Map says: “Evolution is a theory only. ”

        So’s gravity. Gonna deny that too?

        I’ve heard the argument that gravity doesn’t exist; earth sucks. But that theory is only a little more valid than creationism.


      • Robert Smith

        “Since no one was a first hand witness, belief in either is strictly a matter of FAITH.”

        Wrong again. Creationism has no place in a science class.

        “Tammy Kitzmiller, et al. v. Dover Area School District, et al. (400 F. Supp. 2d 707, Docket no. 4cv2688) was the first direct challenge brought in the United States federal courts testing a public school district policy that required the teaching of intelligent design.[1] In October 2004 the Dover Area School District changed its biology teaching curriculum to require that intelligent design be presented as an alternative to evolution theory, and that Of Pandas and People was to be used as a reference book.[2] The plaintiffs successfully argued that intelligent design is a form of creationism, and that the school board policy violated the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. ”

        The judge was a Bush appointee.

        For more details:


      • Robert Smith

        BTW, the nuts on the school board who voted for the creationism were voted out the next election Dover had.

        The PEOPLE spoke about religion in schools in addition to the courts.


      • Flashy

        Evolution can’t be proven? Errr…care to do a tad bit of research and restate that? Evolution has been shown to exist in recent specie changes…and the proof of millions of years of evolutionary changes are in ample evidence. Even as recent as the 1000 years in Man.

        It is Creationism that cannot be proven. Because it didn’t occur.

    • eddie47d

      So Vigilant if you support some one’s rights that means you are exactly like them? If you support a German immigrant does that make you German. What poppycock?

      • Vigilant

        ‘Fraid you lost me on that one, eddie. To what are you referring?

    • Neil Swan

      Obama believes in treating people like people. Unlike most of the stupid people who make comments here. There are some comments by smart people but few.


      • Kate8

        Neil – You almost got it right.

        Obama treats stupid people like…er, stupid people.

        Just look at how he laughs at us while he gets away with doing whatever he wants.

  • Dee

    The homosexual life style is an abomination and a sin. Just read the Bible. You can’t procreate with two men or two women together.

    • Flashy

      And your sect’s christian dogma should be imposed on every American just exactly why?

      if my religion states it is the duty of a wife to submit to her husbands co-workers once a week in a mass orgy…is that acceptable to you? my guess is no….so why is your religion so darn important to be imposed on everyone…yet mine would not be?

      • Firefight

        “if my religion states it is the duty of a wife to submit to her husbands co-workers once a week in a mass orgy…is that acceptable to you? my guess is no….so why is your religion so darn important to be imposed on everyone…yet mine would not be?”

        What, exactly, is your argument here? Or, What is your point? Are you trying to tell us, subliminaly, that you are gay? Or, are you telling us that you don’t believe in the teachings of Jesus and the bible? Or, are you telling us that your wife swims out to the troop ships?

        The word of God, Jesus, the deciples and the apostles have been with the world for centuries. The bible is the most published book on the planet. You can read it and believe what it contains or choose not to believe. That is fredom of choice. Christians are who they are because that is their belief system just as homosexuality is the homosexual’s belief system. But to imply that anyone is cramming Christianity’s belief system on the subject down our throats is absurd. Homosexuality is what is being crammed down our throats and anyone with a TV can clearly see it. There isn’t hardly a show on the tube that doesn’t have homosexuals in the script and whose agenda is that? We see two gay guys and two lesbian girls in “Glee” alone. On another show, we have two gay guys showing their inapt abilities in trying to parent a somewhat “bratty” little girl. Show me a single TV show that “pushes” family values the way the present day shows “push” the gay and lesbian agendas. Fortuantely, those of us who can see behind these agendas know what is going on. Choosing to go against the teachings of Christ and the Bible just might not be a good one. It’s your future, you decide………I already have.

      • Flashy

        Fire….what makes christianity so darn important that it is a MUST for it to be controlling in our society. A society which has, as one of the pillars, a separation of church and State.

        You want your religion to be primary in the affairs of state…i want mine. Good thing neither can nor should be eh?

        Homosexuality is not being crammed down your throat…just don’t go around having sex with the same gender. it’s not a required thing y’know.

        if you desire to be in a nation which has one religion recognized by the State as being ‘correct”…i suggest you examine the ME to see whee that gets you.

        If you state we are a christian nation….aside from being pure hokum….let me ask…which sect of christianity is the “correct’ one for all to adhere to?

      • Robert Smith

        Firefight asks: “Show me a single TV show that “pushes” family values the way the present day shows “push” the gay and lesbian agendas. ”

        “Little House on the Prerie”

        “Friday Night Lights”

        “Touched by an Angel”

        “Happy Days”

        “Little People, Big World”

        “Seventh Heaven”

        “Family Ties”

        “Full House”

        “Quantum Leap”

        “Growing Pains”

        “The Andy Griffith Show”


      • Kate8

        Not so fast, RS. Those TV programs, while appearing to promote family values, were actually part of the social engineering agenda after all.

        I always loved those shows back in the ’70s. Now, when I watch the reruns, I can see the pushing of the boundaries toward what we have now. If you are astute, you will see the push toward the “independent woman” (better to pursue a career than to be a wife/mom), the subtle altering of history to “nudge” us toward an idea,… It was all “programmed” to appeal to the values of the time, while “guiding” us away from those same values.

        I’d say they’ve been wildly successful. I mean, look how many there are like you.

        It is only now that we see what was happening.

      • MAP

        You are exactly correct Kate. That is why I gave up on TV 30 years ago, when I realized I was being indoctrinated. The movies have become such trash, I avoid them as well.

      • Robert Smith

        Wouldn’t the ultimate perversion be in a religion that says “go forth and multiply” be to not have sex at all, like a priest?


      • Oneguess

        Ah, flushed one… You and Rob & eddie47 should hook up. A threesome made in…SOMEwhere…

      • Vigilant

        RS says, “Wouldn’t the ultimate perversion be in a religion that says “go forth and multiply” be to not have sex at all, like a priest?”

        You obviously haven’t a clue regarding priestly celibacy, or its origins. You make the mistake that many do, conflating religion with the rules of a church. They are not the same.

        The Bible made no sweeping generalization that celibacy was the preferred state of mankind, for obvious reasons. It was the Catholic Church, basing its structure to a large extent on Plato’s Republic, that built in the celibacy issue.

        • jeanniemac

          For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their mother’s womb: and there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men: and there be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it. Matthew 19:12

      • Firefight

        Robert Smith,
        Perhaps I should have said, show me some present, current shows that push family values. “Little House on the Prarie” died when Michael Landon died. Others you mention were great family shows like “Happy Days.” These shows were introduced back when we HAD family values. Now, stop trying to refute present day issues with past days memories. The agenda of our progressive societ is indoctrination of the masses to a new way of thinking and this new way of thinking is NOT socially healthy nor acceptable. You, Flashy and Eddie47 need to rethink evolution. Somewhere down that long illustrious road, you guys took a short cut and look where it got you. All of you guys seem to twist and distort the main issues to create an illusion that you know anything at all.

    • Firefight

      You state the obvious. What is interesting to know is the statistics on average lifespan for gays and lesbians. I recently learned that these two groups do not enjoy a lifespan much beyond the age of 46. It seems that AIDS is a huge concern for all of them and it is another factor in the question, “how long will it be before all of them are gone.” It seems that some medical studies have produced results that show that there is no such thing as a “homosexual gene” in the human body and conclusive evidence that being a homosexual is, rather, a choice of lifestyle. Understanding these facts or theories, whichever you choose to adopt and believe, makes it clear that allowing same sex marriages or couples to adopt is nothing more than an effort on their part to continue homosexuality. Or, in other words, their means to procreate. That thought is what makes my blood boil. No child, male or female, should have to go through such an indoctrination……..and don’t EVEN try to tell me that those kids are not being sexually indoctrinated. What do you think they get at school when other kids with a normal family environment (female mother and male father) discover that they have parents of the same sex? And, how are these kids, who discover these facts, affected by the event? Are they also being indoctrinated?

      • Robert Smith

        Another falsehood: “Gay people don’t live nearly as long as heterosexuals.”

        [link removed]

        Anti-gay organizations want to promote heterosexuality as the healthier “choice.” Furthermore, the purportedly shorter life spans and poorer physical and mental health of gays and lesbians are often offered as reasons why they shouldn’t be allowed to adopt or foster children.

        THE FACTS
        This falsehood can be traced directly to the discredited research of Paul Cameron and his Family Research Institute, specifically a 1994 paper he co-wrote entitled, “The Lifespan of Homosexuals.” Using obituaries collected from gay newspapers, he and his two co-authors concluded that gay men died, on average, at 43, compared to an average life expectancy at the time of around 73 for all U.S. men. On the basis of the same obituaries, Cameron also claimed that gay men are 18 times more likely to die in car accidents than heterosexuals, 22 times more likely to die of heart attacks than whites, and 11 times more likely than blacks to die of the same cause. He also concluded that lesbians are 487 times more likely to die of murder, suicide, or accidents than straight women.

        Remarkably, these claims have become staples of the anti-gay right and have frequently made their way into far more mainstream venues. For example, William Bennett, education secretary under President Reagan, used Cameron’s statistics in a 1997 interview he gave to ABC News’ “This Week.”

        However, like virtually all of his “research,” Cameron’s methodology is egregiously flawed — most obviously because the sample he selected (the data from the obits) was not remotely statistically representative of the gay population as a whole. Even Nicholas Eberstadt, a demographer at the conservative American Enterprise Institute, has called Cameron’s methods “just ridiculous.”


        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Robert Smith,

          Links to the Southern Preposterous Lie Center are not allowed here.

          Best wishes,

      • http://liberty Tony

        To Robert Smith:
        I would like to add that the HIV disease is spreading faster in the heterosexual community then the gay one. That’s because gays are practicing safe sex more than straight people. For example, only 39% of gays have unprotected sex, while close to 50% of straight people have unprotected sex. I know this is a sticky issue but is an important point to bring up. Look i’m a heterosexual Christian myself but the truth has to be known. Alright,TGIF!!

      • Robert Smith

        Silly argument that same sex couples shouldn’t marry. Maybe we shouldn’t allow elders to marry!

        Check this out: “Older people are at increasing risk for HIV/AIDS and other STDs. A growing number of older people now have HIV/AIDS. People age 50 and older represent almost one-fourth of all people with HIV/AIDS in the U.S.”

        That’s from:

        Remember, the laws of America have to apply to ALL Americans (unless you are part of the 1% and can buy yourself out)


      • Firefight

        If nothing else, this administration has proven that the truth can be obscured with a lie and that more lies can reinforce the previous ones. I certainly do not advocate that the state interfere with nor the Federal government interfere with our day to day lives. That is the objective of the progressive liberal machine. Mine is SMALLER, LESS INTRUSIVE GOVERNMENT. I, personally, view the intimacies of two men or two women displaying their sexuality for each other very offensive. My view point does not matter to the producers of much of these programs because many of these producers themselves are gay or lesbians and it IS their agenda to personalize their priorities before the Television audiences of America. It is THEY who are doing the cramming down our throats with something that is totally non-normal to any species in the animal kingdom. Now, you will probably tell me that seeing a man and a woman kissing is offensive to you. The act of a man and a woman kissing IS a normal thing. It is what man and woman were intended to do as it is a part of the NATURAL reproduction cycle. If you do not find a normal act to be normal in your eyes, then you need to look strongly at the possibility that your entire thinking process is not normal. If politicans feel the need to appease those whose thinking process is deviated or “not normal” then they don’t need to be one of my elected officials.

        This administration IS definitely trying to define our values. We have a president who is for gay and lesbian unions, we have Eric Holder who doesn’t mind attacking the churches and their pastors who preach againt gay unions but is allowed to initiate programs that place firearms in the hands of Mexican Cartel drug dealers who kill our border agents. Perhaps, Robert, you think all of this is OK too.

    • MAP

      Dee, it is also interesting how the far-left fanatics oppose any recognition of Christianity, but replace it with atheism, which they embrace and display with all the zeal of a religion. Thus, they push the indoctrination of their beliefs through the same methods that they refuse and deny the Christians. Like all things Left/Marxist/communist, it is pure, absolute hypocrisy. Secular humanism, their atheistic religion, is the most oppressive religion in existence today.

      • Flashy

        MAP…in your opinion, what religion should control State decisions? And what particular sect of the religion you cite? And where there are two conflicting sect beliefs/dogma, which is to control?

      • MAP

        Flashy, I am an American. My ancestor first stepped onto these shores in S. Carolina in 1685. I, as an American, am a Christian. I will vote my conscious – always. I will oppose anything that runs counter to my Christian beliefs. I will not embrace nor support the states push to make atheism (secular humanism) the religion of America. I will oppose it every chance I get. And I will not be deterred by leftist nonsense.

      • Firefight

        That question has only one answer. The side that leans toward God, leans away from Satan. This nation and its greatness was built on a solid belief that all good comes from the Creator and that we are a nation of people who believe in his ability to provide abundance. Unfortunately, Satan’s system steals from those who have been blessed with God’s abundance to give to those who would follow him. If you are a person who survives or exists by taking handouts from Satan’s storehouse, you are one of his deciples. We are witnessing the time when Satan has come out of the closet along with every kind of evil imaginable and he is not finished with what he has in mind. We are being allowed to make the choice of our path before the second coming. If you think this is rubbish, good luck with what lies ahead.

      • Flashy

        MAP…what sect of christianity do you belong to?

        let me ask…if a Catholic came to the Presidency and pushed that the Pope is the overall final word…and that Mass is held at the WH along with all its trappings…and that divorce is not allowed because ‘its against the word of god’…etc

        You will approve that as OK since it is christianity?

      • Flashy

        Firefight..why is your frippin’ god so all powerful to overide my god? As an aside, I’ll wager my gods can kick the crap outta yours any day of the week…

        I say that for a purpose. Why should i have to abide by what your god states…and some supposed Satan which exists only in your religion. Why don’t you have to abide by what my gods say?

        Such questions are what destroyed other nations throughout history. Such question is why we don’t have a paramount ‘correct’ religion in the Nation. And such question is exactly why this issue should not be a State issue..and the state should just be concerned with licensing … and let religion decide on its own if two should be married..

        Otherwise…if you disagree…let me know what dates your god will be available and i’ll arrange the fight card.

      • MAP

        Flashy creates doubt and division. But, lucky for us he is there, ready with solution to the probem he created in hand. Flashy, reread my post: I will not be deterred. Your attempts to confuse have failed. I detest secular humanism and the communist state. My trust lies in God alone.

      • Opal the Gem

        “Flashy creates doubt and division.”

        That is the only thing ol Flushy has.

        I take that back, he also is quite adept at twisting facts until they bear no resemblance to the truth and flat out lying.

      • Flashy

        In other words…you haven’t thought out what the ramifications would be should what you are spouting becomes reality. Short sighted and blind…typical for your American Talibanisc thinking…..

      • Libertytrain

        the only thing flashy can do and does do is insult posters – what a goof. And he’s paid to do this for his “research” job as well —- I wonder who employs him — not too hard to guess.

      • Tim L.

        I would like someone to explain the difference between fanatical christians and fanatical muslims. Both groups are extremely rigid, closed minded and intollerant. Both groups are more than willing to resort to any despicable act in order to force their will on everyone else. Maybe you call it religion, but it seems more like a sickness.

      • MAP

        TimL, you couldn’t be more wrong. Christians are peaceful people. Read you Bible and what it teaches. Anyone that trasgresses its tennents are not acting as Christians, but as sinners. Islam, on the other hand, is not a religion of peace, but of the sword. It is a part of their religion to slay the infidel. What the left leads us to believe about Musulms is the furtherst thing from the truth. But what can you expect from atheists that believe one religion is just as good as another?

      • Firefight

        Who is your God? He must be very scarey. Your approach to common sense is to tell the world that your God can kick anyone elses God’s ass. WOW! I’m shaken to the core that all of us have been kept in the dark about “your” God. My God is a God of love and compassion. Yours is about kicking everyobody elses God’s ass. Is your God called Allah? Does your God condemn all others as infadels if they don’t convert to Islam? Are you a Muslim? You go ahead and continue to follow the God of your heart. Nobody here told you that you had to convert to their religion or do otherwise, but, good conscience and common sense tells me that my path is much safer, honorable, and justifiable than yours. Have a nice day.

      • Robert Smith

        “As an aside, I’ll wager my gods can kick the crap outta yours any day of the week…”

        We do have the example of that brutal right wing christian god not being able to kick anything out of Satan. The worst he could do was kick him out of his “heaven” neighborhood.

        BTW, with a god as brutal and bigotted as the one the right wingers follow I’d leave, or escape, on my own. I just don’t want to hang around with a brutal god like that.


      • RD

        Hey people, good arugments bad one but all around good stuff. Has anyone really read the Koran the book of the muslim faith,. the trust is when they fully take over this country and the world they will kill any and all Gays. that is because the Koran is against homosexuaity. Sorry. thats the truth. Loved the holder and bama reply some one knows the truth.

  • sean murry

    We know he is a faggotand it is a sin.

    • Flashy

      Says who?

  • Scott in SC

    FYI – Gary Johnson will be on Washington Journal (C-span 1) at 8:30 this morning.

  • Michael J.

    Blatantly obvious are the actions of this school yard bully. Tit for tat juvenile tactics that adults see through like plate glass. Is he that desperate? When all is said and done, a new category will need to be devised for the faux POTUS, as being the worst in history does not cover the lies, self centered agenda and hate for our beloved country that we are now witnessing.

    Lacking a moral compass and possessed of mammoth love of self which drives his every thought, Freud would have made studying this guy his life’s work. Probably would have dubbed his thought prossesses as evilutional. He’s not the Antichrist, though he likes being accused of being so. He’s not FDR, though he emulates his policies. He’s not Hitler, though he’s made conservatives the new Jews. Does the White House have a resident Psychiatrist? And if not, why not?

    • Uncle Pat

      Excellent Post !

  • Mr. Mike

    Oh, I see, States have rights for gays, but not for enforcing laws on the books for immagration reform or marajuana. Funny how that works. I supose one could ask General Electric, or Mcdonalds, or maybe Pfizer and Merck , or anyone with enough money to support this administration and its agenda. Butt(pun intended), then we all new Obama is gay.

    • Flashy

      Totally different issues Mike. It’s like comparing apples to fish.

      • Oneguess

        But, but…flushed one…that’s what YOU do all the time.

  • Shorty

    Sounds like he just almost came out — but because of the shady past he can’t do it —

  • Michael J.

    How is it that the greatest country in the history of the world is now under the control of a madman??? Now we know how the people of Germany felt.

    Remember the sacrifices made by your ancestors, think about your children, imagine the life you wish for your grandchildren. If these thoughts make your blood boil, then it means two things. You are an American and you know what to do.

  • KG

    Do you realize the economic impact that Gay marriage could have on America? I’m surprised that the so called supporters of small business hate Gay marriage. Do you realize the economic potential? Millions of dollars spent on photographers, flower arrangers, caterers, rental places, and not to mention church rentals – that should get you guys on their side! we could turn around the economy. I love our president!

    • louie1

      I believe that’s considered misguided love. So sad…….

    • Firefight


  • e1313ruth

    Obama said to do unto others as you would have them do unto you…Does he want homosexual marriage for himself… Sounds like it to me…

    What kind of fools does Obama think Americans are..He invokes words of Jesus to legislate evil as good…

    • Flashy

      If my religion states homosexual marriage is not a sin…and yours does….why is it the function of the State to decide which religion is ‘correct’? And why is your religion OK to be imposed on society, but mine is not?

      Slippery slope indeed when the State decides what religion is correct …..

      • Michael J.

        Political Correctness is your religion and Karl Marx is your god.

      • RD

        Flashy you might want to read the Koran, it’s against Gays and Gay people.

      • One-Angel

        However, Obama’s religion, Islam, says it’s not only a “sin”, it’s also a crime!

    • http://Kilroy Kilroy

      Isn’t that why Clooney has gone through so many girlfriends? Waiting for his true love has been hard for sure. Now, let the nups begin! That is why B.O. went to George’s house after his annoucement, or so I’ve been told. Poor Michelle and the girls! But then, it could become a husband, husband, wife sort of household. Remember Lee Majors, Clint Eastwood and Jean Seberg in “Paint Your Wagon”?

      • cawmun cents

        I am pretty certain that Lee Majors did not have a starring role in”Paint your Wagon”.
        Some guy named Marvin probably did though.-CC.

      • Firefight

        He was close. It was Lee Marvin.

      • Robert Smith

        A strong case can be made that Lee Majors is bi.

        His mentor was Rock Hudson. .


  • http://liberty Tony

    To Everyone:
    As i stated in another article today, i’ll state on this one. We as Repubs. and conservatives
    need to start reaching out to this group along with others. To put it bluntly, we’re on the wrong side of history. If we don’t reach out to Gays, then we will lose big time and may never recover. As a result, our nation will become a one party left wing state like Russia was a generation ago and before. Let’s not let this happen. Most importantly, let’s not blow an opportunity to increase our fold. Thanks with TGIF!!

    • Michael J.

      Feel free to give the gay community a reach around while probing their inner sanctum.

      • http://liberty Tony

        Dear Micheal J.:
        All i have to say to your response is get loss Hoss!! TGIF!!

      • Michael J.

        Were you trying to say that Russia became a one party leftist state because no one ever took the time to reach out to gays? Nonsense!

  • Rebecca

    Total horse hockey ! He is only courting these people to get their votes. They have to be blind as bats to fall for this garbage…. but then we know how he can lie his way out of things. He’ll let them down the same way he has let down the entire nation who voted for him. I did NOT vote for the jerk and will not vote for him AGAIN. It amazes me how the fools who believe in him spend more time belittling the Republicans and Conservatives and throwing BIG STONES in their glass houses.

    • Robert Smith

      From Rebecca; “Total horse hockey ! He is only courting these people to get their votes. They have to be blind as bats to fall for this garbage…. ”

      ROFL… Have you ever heard of the “Southern Stragegy?”

      The extreme right used abortion to move the catholic vote from strongly democratic to the right, against its own interests.

      You can get the whole story at:


  • Char Dickerson

    Read Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder. Also do research on regarding the Low Down Club and the participants… Rahm, Holder and others.

  • Pete0097

    It is funny that in the places that same sex marriages are allowed, they are starting to get same sex divorces. They live together for years and years and are passionate about being able to legally get “married” and as soon as they do, they get divorced. That tells me that instead of being gay, they are really just not able to be committed to someone else. They are really just self-centered and ghte gay world is where they feel they fit in best. That really comes out when they protest to be able to get married. I think that the term civil unions should be acceptable to them as that also should be the term any time a couple are together without a church wedding. I believe that monogomous gay couples should have the responsibilities and rights of marriage with regards to healthcare, death, taxes, and home ownership, these should be basic human rights..

    • Flashy

      “It is funny that in the places that same sex marriages are allowed, they are starting to get same sex divorces.”

      probably because they are just like everyone else. Perhaps we should also ban hetereosexual marriages also because well over half end in divorce . Hmmmm

      • http://liberty Tony

        To Flashy:
        Although you and i have major disagreements on econ. policy but right on with this one.!!
        Right on!! TGIF!!

      • Firefight

        Flashy, You never fail to disappoint me. What kind of a response was that? Pete is stating the obvious. Anytime you have a marriage, doesn’t matter who it is, there is ALWAYS the possibility of a divorce. Interesting how little it costs to get a piece of paper allowing a marriage and how expensive it is to get a piece of paper to get rid of one. Must have something to do with keeping attorneys in business. Anyhow, getting rid of all marriages, as you imply, was not your finest moment.

  • Gary L

    This guy will do and say anything for any group in order to get thier vote.
    You can count on him to keep some of those promises. At least the ones that are bad for America.

  • jeanniemac
    • Kate8

      jeanniemac – It doesn’t matter. This story has been out since before the last election, and no one cares.

      Notice how they are going after Romney now for “fraud”. Obama’s whole existence is a fraud. There is ample evidence that he is an outright criminal and moral reprobate, yet he is untouchable, wholly protected by the media. It doesn’t matter who he is, what he’s done… There is a pile of bodies of those who’ve tried too hard to expose him stacking up…

      “Who can make war against the Beast?”

      • Michael J.

        The days are numbered, desperation abounds in the oval work space. Desperation breeds desperate acts. Soon it may be veiwed as a liability to the desperado’s creators. Being but a midrange useful idiot in the hierarchy of the elite, the same forces that now protect, may also turn on the beast at a time of their choosing.

      • Kate8

        Michael J. – Yep.

  • Thirty-Something

    I reject the framework of this marriage equality debate because we should not be questioning who *legally* can marry who, but rather we should question this: Why is it gov’ts concern whether or not I’m married? My wife and I did not get married because we wanted gov’ts approval, we got married as a sacrament before our friends, family, and God…not gov’t. We only signed a *legal document* because the BS tax code we must follow is structured to benefit us financially as a married couple vs. a non-married couple.. i.e. tax law coerced us to acknowledge our marriage to gov’t, a privacy violation!

    Our awful tax code favors certain folks over others whether it’s a homeowner with a mortgage deduction vs. a renter OR a married man/woman vs. two men in love. If we had a tax system that did not favor one or the other, would “marriage equality” be an issue? No way! Replacing our nationally divisive income tax code with a *consumption* tax code that does not judge marital status (FAIRTAX: would take “married filing jointly” out of gov’ts jurisdiction and rid us of this unnecessary, divisive, gov’t-created argument. Thoughts?

  • uvuvuv

    the gays aren’t even a true minority, because minority status is based on physical characteristics. for example, if asians were targeted for higher taxes they would have a hard time avoiding recognition. but if the same edict was handed down for gays, they could “act straight” and escape detection. gays are gays because of what they do, therefore people who attend nascar races should be recognized as a minority, because after all they are following a behavior habit. deer hunters also should have minority recognition, because of what they do. the trouble with obama’s pronouncement is there are too few gays to swing any state’s electoral votes, but there are many people who do have reservations about how far we should go with these gays. personally i think these gays have sprung up from all the food additives people are eating, ingredients like polychlorideacetate-2,2. they have to have some effect on genetics. that is to say, gays are mutants. until recent history gays weren’t a topic of discussion, because you simply didn’t encounter them in every day life, just as peruvian aardvarks escape people’s interest. there are probably more indians than gays, but since they never learned to open their mouths and complain they continue to live in tar paper shacks on wretched reservations. flashy says we shouldn’t impose our religion on everyone else, but just to make a small “minority” happy we are tossing aside literally 1000s of years of social mores, spanning all kinds of religions, not just evangelical christianity. hey flash, now there’s a persecuted minority for you. if a teacher says merry christmas to his students as they file out, he won’t make it until lunch hour. if a christian student group wants to meet in a class room after school, oh no, separation of church and state. but if muslims want to meet, oh yes, celebrate diversity! anyway, we now have proof that obama is not a muslim. this group has an antithetical hatred of gays, which is curiously overlooked by everyone, but boy does everyone come down on those bible thumping right wing gun toting bigots if they even dare voice the slightest opinion on the subject. and even gay advocates are condemned if they don’t buy into the total gay agenda, including marriage. i would say, go ahead, have your goddam marriage, but they won’t stop there, is the problem. look at the history, did they ever say, well that’s enough, we’re satisfied? meanwhile the indians struggle on food stamps under their leaky roofs but the do gooder oh so concerned liberals don’t even have them on their radar.

  • jeanniemac

    In Nevada, certain tribe members receive over $1000 a month each. They don’t feel they have to work, so they drink.

    • cawmun cents

      I’ll drink to that…..-CC.

    • Firefight

      Spot on. Virtually every Native Amereican tribe’s people have had their pride, motivation and identity stripped from them by the same kind of government that is now trying to do the same to all of us. The Native Americans had it all together at one time, just as we did. They should have stayed in the fight longer but could not because they were seriously outnumbered. At this point, we are not outnumbered but for some unknown reason are refusing to fight.

  • uvuvuv

    hey jeaniemac, when are you coming back. yes sadly you are correct, the indians do have a severe problem with alcohol, more so than any other race except for of course the russians and their vodka. part of the problem is the neglect i mentioned, there is no outreach. my sister teaches the navajos and she sees them graduate and then start drinking and fighting and often they end up dead. but out on their wind swept prairies it’s their only diversion. gee, it almost sounds like the inner cities.

    • cawmun cents

      You left out the Irish…..want to fight about it?
      I’ll drink to that.

  • maxinegridi

    I have no doubt whatsoever that Barry was always in favor of homosexual marriage … and that the only reason he did not, from the beginning, reveal his true feelings about it, is because it was politically expedient for him not to.

    Now however, that his fellow GLB__ (Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals _________ [?]) were beginning to up the ante … and to pressurize their guy to go public, if he expec…ted their support … along with their big bucks, then he’d come out of the closet (so to speak).

    But why has he only come 1/2-way out? How about the rest of it Barry?
    See More

  • Fedup!

    He is suing Arizona because Obama himself is an illegal alien!That much is completely obvious.

    • louie1

      What is obvious is the fact that he’s paving the way to give himself amnesty, as an illegal alien. He doessn’t do anything without a reason. Supporting gay marriage is paving the way for himself to come out of the closet, officially, to the whole world.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    This may be the one issue that will sway blacks and hispanics from voting for Obama again. If not then they are voting for free hand outs from the rest of us.

  • Kate8

    The very term “marriage” is defined as the union of opposites. Gays can be together, they can formalize their unions, but it will never be a “marriage” no matter what they call it. It’s impossible.

    That being said, government has no business governing this area in the first place. It is a religious institution, always was… For all of those who get upset with Ron Paul for his stance on this, I assert that he is correct. The only reason government entered into it was for reasons of control of the “issue” (children). In other words, when we marry and register the union with government, they own us and any children born to us.

    Government is out of control. The best thing we can do is tell them to get lost and set up our own value system amongst ourselves. The system is wholly corrupt and intent on only one thing: controlling us. When are we going to say NO to this governmental overreach?

    Let the gays do what they want. All they are after is the satisfaction of having BigBully insert itself against Christianity, and the fun of having the fight. They don’t give a fig about marriage. After all, it’s a moral institution, and gays are liberals who care nothing about morality. They are just so many more useful idiots leading us down the road to tyranny.

    Let their lives have nothing to do with us.

    • JesusKilledAbraham

      Top 21 Good Things About Hell
      21. None of that annoying check-in procedure like with St. Peter.

      20. Due to recent health code changes, vats of boiling brimstone now use low-fat canola oil.

      19. Your “Do you smell something burning?” slays ‘em, year after year.

      18. Plenty of legal help available for filing “wrongful death” lawsuit.

      17. Newly passed law: Three strikes and you’re back in LA.

      16. Satan’s confused attempts to torture masochists can be highly entertaining.

      15. No need to pack the parka over Bob Dole’s election chances.

      14. Well, sure, it’s hot, but it’s a *dry* heat.

      13. Free prostate checks and PAP smears administered daily!

      12. The surprisingly entertaining “Hitler and Kathie Lee Show.”

      11. Every Thursday is Karaoke Night, hosted by Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr.

      10. Prizes awarded for best crank phone calls to God.

      9. Everywhere you look, there’s a smoking section!

      8. Big step up from Bakersfield.

      7. Your little “blue flame” trick now produces spectacular results.

      6. Free Microsoft software for everyone (as per agreement made back in early 80′s).

      5. Now that you’ve followed her advice, you just might get that date with Cindy Crawford.

      4. 52 smmmmmokin’ channels of Jim Carrey!

      3. Saturday night WWF tag-team bout between Genghis Khan, Vlad the Impaler, and Hitler.

      2. Everyone gets a length of pipe and a daily crack at Nancy Kerrigan’s knee.

      1. Fortune to be made on “Welcome, O.J.” t-shirts.

    • Karolyn

      Wow, Kate: “After all, it’s a moral institution, and gays are liberals who care nothing about morality.” Where does that come from? There are many gays who are conservative. I have often wrote about my friend who is a very conservative, Christian gay man and very moral and upstanding. Yes, I do have lesbian friends who are liberals but who are more moral than many of the straight conservatives I know!

      • Kate8

        Karolyn – Whatever.

        I wouldn’t give two cents for most of what passes for Christianity these days.

      • Robert Smith

        Me neither. All that hate, bigotry, racism, and just plane dumb stuff like Fred Phelps and his “God hates fags” stuff.

        Yup, much of christanity is in a sad state.


  • JesusKilledAbraham

    There are only two certain things here that apply to the conversations of Jesus & all of you:
    1. All of you like to argue and think you’re completely right
    2. Jesus loves all men and women, he’s obviously bisexual, and denying that makes you look like a mongoloid.

  • http://yahoo Jeanette

    Maybe the rumors were true about him being bi-sexual. Everyone swept that under the rug like everything else. I wouldn’t be surprised if is true.

    • Kate8

      Jeanette – What rumors? Some idiocy made up by the liberal factions to slur Christianity?

      I seriously doubt Yeshua was bisexual. He was the embodiment of God the Father, who made it clear in Scripture His attitude toward homosexuality.

      You libs love sacriledge, and throwing it in the faces of those whose faith is important to them.

      I’d love to see you do that to some Muslims. Can I watch?

      • JesusKilledAbraham

        All any one’s religion does is inspire hatred. Whether hatred or intolerance for other peoples and their religions, as you have already clearly expressed Kate8. Or hatred towards other people who don’t believe in the way that you do. Although, it might sound like a non-religious type of thing to say, which of I’m not, it’s sadly true.
        The other thing is though that, Christian/Republicans always are wanting to help ‘save’ people but the only things that they support are things to help destroy the planet that their so loving God created for them. But hey, I’ll let them and you believe what you will. It’s often funny to hear people talk about it though. Like saying ‘god’ is the force that pushes me to run. It might be an idea that they thought helped them to run, but in reality, the only one giving them the strength is themselves, in their own mind. I might be somewhat religious, but by no means am I a Christian or supporter of Christianity.

      • JesusKilledAbraham

        Not slurring Christianity, but clearly pointing out that if he loves all unconditionally, that it is most likely that he was/is Bisexual. Many of the scripture that you read is undoubtedly man-made anyways. Hell is not fire, as that too was made up.

      • Kate8

        JKA – Part of your fallacy here is that you are equating love with sex.

        The fact of the matter is, human love cannot even comprehend Divine Love. Yeshua was filled with Divine Love, Infinite Love…nothing to do with sex at all.

        Most people today are just not able to think in any terms but those of physical, manifest, beastly reality.

        Infinite Love transcends earthly consciousness. In the Kingdom (Consciousness) of Heaven, there is no duality. Hence, no gender.

      • Karolyn

        Kate – what you have said has merit. When lesbians and gays want to get married it’s because they are in love, not lust. Everyone focuses on the sex part and not the love part. I have known long-time older gay men who were together for many years and didn’t even have sex anymore, just like any hetero old married couple. They loved each other!

      • Michael J.

        Jesus killed Abraham? How about Karl marx killed Capitalism? I mean that’s what you’re all about isn’t it? What college did you attend? How many semesters of Critical Theory were you indoctrinated with? You are a parrot drone with the blood of Marx and Engels and you don’t even know that you are the victim. A brainwashed empty shell whose hatred spills out against all you’ve been trained to despise by limp wristed commie professors with more in common with a three dollar bill than anything else. Get some help for your tortured soul.

      • JesusKilledAbraham

        Honestly, obviously I was just making that up. It may be or may not be true. It’s not like the christian bible isn’t just a big theory anyways.

        And I’ll be, calling me a communist because of what I said? That’s really funny, I don’t know how that could be thrown in there. But alright.
        And just letting the paranoid Micheal J. understand that, thinking I’ve taken so many critical theory classes in college along with my communist professors. The only professor that I’ve had that was far any way was a Mexican Far right conservative that tried to preach to the whole class that democrats were basically evil and had everyone watch an Glenn Beck video where he went on madly about it. Just to inform you though, the only classes I’ve had are government, history, french, and algebra and I just finished by first year. I hate to see what you accuse other people of, because god save the persons soul that accusses you of being a wingbat far right conservative stuck up paranoid dumbass.

      • Michael J.

        JKA says:
        “Honestly, obviously I was just making that up. It may be or may not be true. It’s not like the christian bible isn’t just a big theory anyways.”

        Making things up is known as lying to adult normal people. After admitting to such a misdeed, why would you expect anyone to believe anything you say??

        I stand by my comment, you are their drone and do not even realize it.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    It also seems strange that BHO mentions his two daughters, who supposedly have friends with same sex parents. Hmmmm!! If we read between the lines, does this indicate that BHO may now be blaming his daughters instead of taking personal responsibility for his bad judgments and actions????? LOL!! I don’t recall Jimmy Carter blaming Amy for wanting to force banks to lend to risky home buyers. Did FDR ever say his kids favored his (failed) New deal?? Did LBJ blame his daughters for wanting a Great Society?? Well, it’s likely some of BHO’s daughter’s friends’ families are hurting because of high taxes, this never-ending recession and high energy costs. Perhaps they fear their grandparents will be denied health care due to rationing when Obummercare takes full effect. And his daughters’ friends are the ones who will be stuck with all this unsustainable national debt due to BHO’s irresponsible wasteful spending. I wonder if he would think about them and cut spending, cut taxes for all tax-paying Americans, cut regulation to unleash the economy and restore prosperity, say “Yes” to drilling and repeal Obamacare?? LOL!!!! …. It also seems ironic that BHO talks about states’ rights. Well, a majority of voters in many states are voting to protect marriage as between one man and one woman. Yet liberal radical judges rule against the will of many Americans. We know BHO has no respect for ‘states’ rights’. Just look at how his corrupt administration treats states like Arizona which want to protect themselves and their borders from illegal aliens!!

  • David Hendrick Behrens

    Obama didn’t change his mind over Gay Marriage as some Philosophical reason or that he deeply cares.. Obama did it for one Reason.. Selfish Greed, to get more Money, Millions, and he started to get it, as soon as he made the announcement…….

  • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

    Lets get with Sherif Joe ,Orly Taitz ,and all those people trying to get obummer and his top thugs impeached before Nov.

  • Jeremy Leochner

    At the very least absolute minimum President Obama has been the first sitting president to come out in support of gay marriage. I will not deny it is limited to states authority and it does come at a politically convenient time but I still don’t believe such issues diminish its significance. Hopefully the presidents statement will encourage states to adopt measures to allow gay marriage. And perhaps this will help homosexuals to finally achieve a measure of acceptance and equality.

    • Wildey

      Man by nature is out of control that’s why he has to learn self control. God’s book contains 66 books written by 40 authors over a period of 1,400 years. The Old Testament lays out the rules, of which we learn sodomy is a no no, and holds people to the laws. Because people are born out of control they couldn’t possibly live by the letter of the law. The self-righteous say they can and the thinkers ask God’s forgiveness, which is freely given. With Christ and asking for forgiveness a person will have the law in his heart and the Liberty that accompanies it. With spirit being in a person liberty is his. No spirit, no liberty, but much bondage.

  • s c

    OK, I won’t take any time to read these many responses before I respond. In the utopian world of ‘everything is beautiful as long as you’re a card-carrying member of OUR Big Tent,’ Throw into the mix a certain sexual preference ingredient, and most likely certain political lemmings would claim that we’ve got a true gift from God.To a utopian, results don’t matter. It’s all about words, ideas, schizoid promises and going through the motions.
    That’s what separates utopians from the real world, folks. In the REAL world, results MATTER. Words have meaning, and when you’re incompetent, you get your rump kicked. I am extremely greateful for NOT having a certain yahoo as the C-i-C when I served. This prez makes it clear that having served some time in the military is more than a good idea. It should be MANDATORY and not allowed to be bypassed by party politics or $.
    If you think that a precedent matters, maybe you should ponder the FACT that our FIRST president [George Washington] was also a military LEADER. Experience MATTERS, folks. Theory is for philosophers and criminal politicians and those who use them as their own personal puppets.

  • uvuvuv

    i hate the way they take a perfectly good picture of a horse and wreck it with obama. people here have been equating christianity with islam in that both are intolerant and hateful, but actually a typical baptist sunday morning service is quite dull. oh sure they try to liven it up by excitedly announcing the next hymn or else they try to inject enthusiasm into the announcements (the picnic will be rain or shine, so do come!), but if you think these churches are boiling cauldrons of hatred, you will find they are more inclined toward personal redemption and spirituality. anyone who says the opposite just doesn’t know and doesn’t care to know. at least you people (and that’s debatable) can try to show respect for the core beliefs of others, which have been giving meaning and purpose to their lives ever since yahweh first spoke to abraham in 1800 bc. this was the first god of many, and the only god, who said that you matter. i mean think about it, it’s a big universe. it could be 400 trillion light years across or it might have no end at all. don’t you want a god out there looking out for you? or do you prefer infinite empty blackness.

    • JesusKilledAbraham

      The groups as a whole don’t go to church to preach hatred. It’s in each individual, and while out of church, why would they go somewhere peaceful, to a place a worship, and put out their hateful ideologies? Most churches aren’t like that yes, you’re correct there, though they do have those types of churches. But it is within each individual that the intolerance, hatred, and superiority towards others because of their religion, race, and personal lifestyles are drawn out. Also, you can’t think that while away from church these people don’t get together with the qualities I had already mentioned. Absurd. Your comment only made sense because you said that most churches are dull, boring and people go there for peace and spirituality while respecting everyone with the church’s personal beliefs.

  • dcjdavis

    Funny to hear Obama saying “I can’t…” to anything pertaining to changing laws, ignoring laws, etc. He’s given me the impression that by some mysterious means he can do as he pleases, when he pleases, where he pleases and to whom he pleases.

    Also, I guess he’s dropped his pretense of being Christian.

    • cawmun cents

      He will never drop any pretenses,he is the grayman.That would imply that he has taken a position on a condition.
      Nothing but gray-area except when it comes to Green Energy Parasites.
      He has to be able to conform to whatever stance his handlers tell him to conform to.
      There is no wall between conditions too high for him to walk both sides of under any given circumstance.
      The claim thereafter is that his opponent acts thusly,therefore he paints a picture of himself and pastes it over his opponent,drawing the attention away from his own deficit of character.
      His handlers have masters degrees in Black Science(Marxistsoft Version 2.1),and they use the people’s lack of good judgement to capitalize on opportunity.
      So he can be whoever anyone wants him to be.That way he can be friends with all,yet tied to none ideologically.
      The fact that he is neither black,nor white should never escape you.In fact if you were to examine this from an objective level,you would see that he is either/or,neither/nor,on purpose and that he was hand picked by the communists for this very reason.
      He is the everyman….grayman…….NOT THIS/THAT.Something else.
      What position does he take on the condition?
      Who knows?
      It is that way by design.
      The Marxists running our nation like it that way.It is their prime objective to cause chaos and confusion.You are all being conned to an extent that you cannot imagine.
      When someone tells you this you,struggle with the obviousness of the condition,and try to imagine things as being otherwise.That plays right into their Marxist ideology.
      But what do I know?
      Apparently very little.

  • Karen King

    I only have three things to add about gay marriage and homosexuality:
    1. Leviticus 18:22,
    2. Deuteronomy 23:17, and
    3. Romans 1:17-27.

    • Jeremy Leochner

      I believe we have made an advance as a society.

    • http://Liberty Tony

      To Karen King:
      You should, also, read in the New Testament, that Jesus stated his father’s table is for all, and all are welcomed to come. In addition, he broke bread and drank wine with the captain of the Roman guard , who was a well known homosexual. Furthermore, Jesus went on to say “Sodomites will inherit the kingdom of heaven”. A Sodomite was a term for a gay person back in those days. Alright, get all the knowledge ma’am!! TGIF!!

      • Jay

        Question: “Is there any place in the New Testament where Jesus actually condemned homosexuality? If so, I have not been able to find it. …It seems to me that if the Savior didn’t say it was wrong, then neither should we.”

        Answer: While it is true that there is no NT record of where Jesus explicitly stated that homosexuality is wrong, He did in fact condemn the behavior. A careful study of the Bible will bear this out. Please read the following Bible passages and then consider the questions which follow:

        1. And He answered and said to them, “Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning ‘made them male and female,’ “and said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh?’” (Matt. 19:4.)

        Questions: What did Jesus say about God’s creative work? Did He make Adam and Joseph? Did He create male and male, or did He create male and female?

        According to this passage, what has been God’s plan for sexual union [one flesh] since the beginning of time?

        Was His plan for a male partner to be joined to another male partner, or was it for a husband to be united to his wife? According to this passage, is a man to cleave to his male partner, or to his spouse?

        Consider: Since Jesus approved of His Father’s plan [i.e., one man, one woman, one flesh,] could we correctly say that Jesus condemned homosexuality?

        2. “For if you believed Moses, you would believe Me; for he wrote about Me. But if you do not believe his writings, how will you believe My words?” (John 5:46-47.)

        Questions: What law was Jesus born under? What law did He live under?

        Answer: The Law of Moses (cf. Gal. 4:4.) Did Jesus endorse and follow the Law of Moses? What did the Law of Moses say about homosexuality? (Lev. 18:22; 20:13; Deut. 23:17.)

        Consider: Since Jesus was born and lived under the Law of Moses, and since He endorsed the Law of Moses, and since the Law of Moses explicitly condemned homosexuality, then could we correctly say that Jesus also condemned it?

        3. “I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak; and He will tell you things to come.

        He will glorify Me, for he will take of what is Mine and declare it to you. All things that the Father has are Mine. Therefore I said that He will take of Mine and declare it to you” (John 16:12-15.)

        Questions: What did Jesus say the Holy Spirit would do for the apostles?

        Answer: Guide them into all truth (v. 13.)

        When/as the Holy Spirit guided the apostles into all truth; would He speak on His own authority?

        Answer: No, He would speak on the authority of Christ (v. 14.) What did Jesus say the Holy Spirit would do in verse 14?

        Answer: “He (i.e., the Holy Spirit) will take of what is Mine (i.e., Christ’s) and declare it to you” (i.e., the apostles.)

        Consider: Since 1) the apostles would be guided into all truth by the Holy Spirit, and since 2) the Holy Spirit would not speak on His own authority but instead would speak on the authority of Christ, and since 3) the Holy Spirit would take of what was Christ’s and declare it to the apostles, then by WHOSE AUTHORITY would the apostle’s speak/write/teach when the Holy Spirit guided them into all truth?

        Answer: Christ’s.

        Question: What did the apostle Paul [by Christ’s authority] say about the practice of homosexuality? (Rom. 1:26-27; 1 Cor. 6:9-10.)

        Yes, Jesus did condemn homosexuality in His Word. The good news is, “there is hope for the homosexual; he has reason to believe there is hope for a brighter future. Paul states that some at Corinth had engaged in homosexual acts, but they had been washed, sanctified and justified in the name of the Lord Jesus (1 Cor. 6:9-11.)

        The same can happen today. As anyone who repents of a sin, the homosexual can be forgiven, and invited to Christ’s table.

        He can experience the same freedom and joy that any other sinner knows when he becomes a Christian.

        The Bible condemns homosexual sex but clearly states that non-practicing homosexuals can be saved” [Doug Sensing, “Christian Response To Homosexuality,” Gospel Advocate, April '93, Vol. CXXXV, No. 4, 12.]

      • Kate8

        All of this nonsense about Yeshua condoning homosexuality because he loved homosexuals is ridiculous.

        Yeshua loved all mankind. All mankind are sinners. His purpose was to redeem mankind from sin.

        He didn’t distinguish between types of sin, saying some are worse than others. And he didn’t condone any, either. All sin originates in error thinking. He told us that we must “renew the mind”.

        The key is repentence, and a change in our thinking. He forgave all sin, and said to “go and sin no more”.

        So, the fact that He loved homosexuals in no way suggests that He approved of the lifestyle. He loved the thief, the adulteror… even the murderer. Yet, He did not condone the sin. All men are offered the choice of redemption.

        BTW, I can’t help wondering where some of these libs get their Bible quotes. I know there are some newer versions that have taken a lot of license with translation, but I would venture to guess that most of them have never opened a Bible. You can say anything about scripture and few would know enough to refute it.

    • Jay

      Left-Right Polarities

      To understand the pagan mind in this context we must recognize the truth about left-right polarities in the political sphere.

      With minor discrepancies, all left-wing ideology can be identified as “regressive,” and right-wing ideology as “progressive.” Left-wing regressives incite mutual plunder, encourage dependency and pragmatically aspire to the lowest common denominator.

      Genuine right-wing progressive conservatives encourage creativity, inspire mutual affirmation, trust and human productivity.

      By nature, all socialism falls on the regressive side, in that “socialism,” is simply a political ideology which often lacks a true sense of social justice.

      Evil disguises itself as virtue (e.g., the goal of racial purity) because it has no life of its own (which is why sad bondage wishes to be known as “gay liberation.”)

      Generally, adherents of the Left fail to do what is necessary to guard the dignity of their fellow man. A left-leaning historian, for instance, would fatalistically argue that “history” repeats itself, while a conservative like Voltaire could observe correctly how it is instead “man who always repeats himself.” No wonder left-regressives cannot learn from history.

      If history just “happens” then little can be learned from it or done to prevent it from happening again. Basing one’s decisions on a revised, corrupted or inverted version of history, however, is another matter. Some of man’s worst follies are committed because of erroneous or falsified information.

      In trying to understand the Nazi phenomenon we often ask ourselves how a gang of murdering thugs could have seized power in such a civilized nation?

      The truth is that Germany during the Weimar period was one of the most uncivilized nations in the world. Hitler himself referred to Berlin as the whore of Babylon.

      We consistently err in judging the advancement of human civilizations on the basis of art and technology. The Nazis loved classical music, and they were astute in the use of science and technology.

      The question we must ask about every society is, to what end is human culture is employed?

      For left-wing regressives, culture serves destruction and death.

      For right-wing progressives, culture focuses upon life.

      A positive and utilitarian attitude toward homosexuality, euthanasia and abortion would therefore (then as now) be a left-wing regressive orientation, and a typical Nazi profile (with very specific contradictions and qualifications). It bears repeating that the Nazis were first and foremost technocratic, utilitarian pragmatists who believed in the survival of the fittest and the societal goals of physical beauty and racial perfection, Aryans being the “fittest” and most perfected, and Jews the least “fit” and least perfect.

      In truth, racial characteristics are irrelevant. Only the morality of a individuals and nations can determine whether they are civilized or barbarians — builders or plunderers.

      How do homosexuals fit into this picture? Although Nazi rhetoric listed homosexuals among the unfit, the Nazis never targeted homosexuals for destruction. To the contrary, unless the homosexual in question was Jewish, or a political enemy, the Nazi organization was often protective of homosexuals.

      Originally, the SS was founded for precisely the purpose of protecting Viennese homosexuals. The Nazis actually attempted to cure homosexuals at the Goering Institute, albeit in many ways which proved futile. (forcing a gender-weak frightened male to sleep with a female prostitute proved ineffective).

      “Gay” rights activists often take Nazi propaganda against homosexuals and regurgitate it as historical truth. Nazi and “gay” historical revisionism, with their inversion of history and civilized values, are one. In today’s “gay” victim strategy, the perpetrator is posing as the victim.

      • Kate8

        Jay – Good post, and so true.

        A large number of those in power today are homosexual, pedophile, or in some other way sexually disturbed. Hitler, himself, had issues to do with his mother, and he was totally disfunctional sexually. Eva Braun was window dressing, much like Michelle.

        The point is, of course they want homosexuality to be accepted. And more.

        Life in this dimension is duality/polarity. There are the extremes of good and evil, and everything in between. If we hadn’t ever looked upon the worst of evil and ugliness, we wouldn’t comprehend goodness and beauty.

        We are at the time near the Harvest, when the wheat will be separated from the tares, the lambs from the goats. I think what matters is the state of our hearts, whether the “Christ” abides within us, rather than church or doctrine.

        I am encouraged to see the goodness emerging from people everywhere. At the time of extreme crisis, there is a great polarization where people make their choice to stand for what is good and of spirit, or for what is of the flesh and self-indulgence. It seems that we are nearing that time and, in spite of the devastating darkness which has covered the Earth, there is light emerging from the hearts of many.


  • Wildey

    Obama did what he set out to do, that is get the homosexual voting block and their ilk behind him. He raised a million dollar in an hour. He is dividing this nation into blocks. Homasexuals, government workers, union people, people living on the dole, what have you. There not people in Obama’s mind. There a piece of collateral with a vote. Divide and conquer. Works everytime, if the people let it.

  • Wildey

    I think what he did is a smart move. There is a statistic that says after 6 weeks people forget and heel. It takes about 6 weeks to heal a broken bone. After 6 weeks most people will have forgotten things that were important them. His comment may be forgotten to most but the homosexual crowd won’t. He’ll come up with a buzz word for each group he wants, people on the dole, union people, teachers, government employees etc. Of course there’s exception but not many. On his level people are cataloged and they don’t even know it. We’re in a brain game and both sides, except Ron Paul, are playing it. They’ve got us like Pavlov had his dog, if we let them.

  • old hillbilly

    picture on this site is too small – is it Obama??? Is he on a horse or is it a sheep???

  • Jay

    The first “gay rights” organization in the United States was an American chapter of the German-based Society for Human Rights (SHR). The German SHR, formed in 1919 by Thule Society member Hans Kahnert, was a militant organization led by “Butch” homosexuals. Many of the early Nazis, including SA leader Ernst Roehm, were also SHR members.

    The American SHR was formed on December 10, 1924, in Chicago, by a German-American named Henry Gerber (J. Katz:388). Gerber had served with the U.S. occupation forces in Germany from 1920 to 1923 and had been involved with the German organization.

    Together with a small group of fellow “revolutionaries,” Gerber legally chartered the group without revealing its purpose and began publishing a pro-homosexual journal called Friendship and Freedom (ibid.:389), patterned after the German chapter’s publication of the same name (ibid.:632n.).

    In 1925, however, the organization collapsed when Gerber, Vice President Al Menninger and another member were arrested on charges of sexual abuse of a boy, all three having been turned in by Menninger’s wife.

    The Chicago Examiner ran a story titled “Strange Sex Cult Exposed,” and spoke of “strange doings” in Menninger’s apartment. Menninger confessed, but Gerber claimed the incident was a set-up, saying that their arrests were “shades of the Holy Inquisition.” Rather than take his chances in court, however, Gerber hired a lawyer who “knew how to fix the State Attorney and judges” and the case was dismissed (ibid.:392).

    After going underground for a time, writing under the pen-name “Parisex,” Gerber reemerged in 1934 on the staff of a pro-homosexual literary magazine called Chanticleer (ibid.:394). He also retained his ties to the German SHR and published several articles in their publications (ibid.:633n.).

    In Chanticleer, Gerber revealed himself as a militant socialist who regarded capitalism and Christianity as the twin pillars of ignorance and repression of “sexual freedom” (ibid.:394).

    In response to the news of the Roehm Purge in the American press, he admitted that the Nazis were led by homosexuals and praised “Roehm and his valiant men” (ibid.:396). Gerber is quoted at length in Katz’s Gay American History regarding the Nazi regime.

    He writes, A short time ago an American journalist pointed out in the liberal “Nation” that the whole Hitler movement was based on the homosexual Greek attachments of men for each other, and the same Jewish author stated that it was another of the Hitler contradictions that the “Leader” should have acquiesced in the burning of the books of Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld…Thus we get a glimpse of the insanity of the whole movement: A Jewish doctor working for the interests of homosexuals is persecuted by a heterosexual mob, led by homosexuals (Gerber in J. Katz:395).

    It is interesting to note that the homosexual inclinations of the Nazis were a matter of at least limited public knowledge in the United States at this time, as well as their Greek origins.

    We can also infer from this passage that Gerber himself was not an overt fascist, though he clearly identified with the Brownshirts in Germany.

    Open fascism in the homosexual movement would come later, but Gerber and his pederastic friends had established its foundation. By 1972, when he died at the age of 80, Gerber had witnessed the emergence of homo-fascism as a permanent theme in the movement.

    Like it’s German counterpart, the American Nazi movement presents a decidedly anti-homosexual face to the world, while hiding widespread homosexuality among its leaders.

    George Lincoln Rockwell formed the American Nazi Party in 1959. Rockwell exemplified the narcissistic personality type so typical of male homosexuals, but we have no solid information that he was “gay.”

    However, one researcher noted that Rockwell’s small group was riddled with homosexuals. “Jeffrey Kaplan, a well-known scholar of extremism…writes, gays made up a ‘significant’ — if carefully hidden — part of George Lincoln Rockwell’s American Nazi Party in the 1960s.”

    The same source reports that “in America homosexuality continues to be a ‘secret of postwar American National Socialism’”(Southern Poverty Law Center Intelligence Report, “Fringe of the Fringe,” Issue No. 100, Fall 2000.

    Frederick J. Simonelli addressed the issue of homosexuality in the American Nazi Party in his 1999 biography of Rockwell, American Fuehrer. He reports that Rockwell’s rhetoric, like Hitler’s, was viciously anti-homosexual, but that questions about his private life and those of his staff persisted.

    Homosexuality within the ranks of the ANP was a constant concern to Rockwell and a constant source of speculation among his enemies. “There is a tendency for queers to come here,” Rockwell admitted to a hostile interviewer at the ANP’s Arlington Barracks; then he quickly distanced himself from homosexuals by adding, “because to a queer, this place is as tempting as a girls school would be to me.”

    According to FBI surveilance, Rockwell’s fear of gay storm troopers was well founded.

    The ANP’s Western Division, particularly, was shaken by the revelation that the unit’s chief, Leonard Holstein — who was also half-Jewish — was gay.

    Persistent rumors of gays within the ANP’s top echelon — primarily centering on Rockwell’s chief of staff, Matt Koehl — damaged the party….[while] throughout Rockwell’s career…[speculation persisted] about his own sexual orientation….Without digressing into a psychological analysis, suffice it to say that Rockwell’s emphatic and frequent affirmations of his own masculinity raise questions about his subconscious (Simonelli:77ff).

    Another branch of the American Nazi movement, the National Socialist League, was openly homosexual: Founded in 1974 by defecting members of the National Socialist White People’s Party, this San Diego-based NSL is unique in restricting its members to homosexual Nazis. Led by veteran anti-Semite Russell Veh, the group distributes membership applications declaring NSL’s “determination to seek sexual, social and political freedom” (Newton:46).

    Glorification of Nazi styles and symbolism would be virtually unthinkable in mainstream society, but the homosexual community flatly rejects such limitations. Within just a few short years after the hard won Allied victory over the Nazi regime, American “gay” style setters were already adopting Nazism imagery as their own.

    Healy writes, As Kenneth Anger’s films (most notably Scorpio Rising) attest, flirtation with Nazi fantasies and the use of fascist iconography were not uncommon on the urban American homosexual underground leather scene of the 1950s (Healy:115).

    Today, a simple perusal of the premier magazine of the homosexual movement, The Advocate, reveals that Nazi themes are common in the “gay” community.

    Reisman, who studied personal advertisements in The Advocate in issues from 1972 to 1991 found that the content of the ads reflected a fascist mentality.

    She writes; Overall, 72% of THE ADVOCATE data socialized a set of core values—glorified nazi dress, language and “blonde” Aryan male beauty and brutality; contempt for “fems, fats,” and blacks; threats toward “politically incorrect” homosexuals, churches and others — Romanticizing “fascist” culture to a “younger generation.”

    Nazi costumes/fascist concepts are a common component of THE ADVOCATE and thus largely condoned by prevailing “gay” cultural values (Reisman:1992, 57).

  • Neil Swan

    I initialy made this as a comment to MAT.
    I thought I would do it again to put it at the end.

    Obama believes in treating people like people. Unlike most of the stupid people who make comments here. There are some comments by smart people but few.


  • Jay

    The “gay” movement has done more than simply adopt Nazi styles and symbolism. Homosexual strategists have also embraced the terroristic tactics of the Nazi Brownshirts to advance their political agenda.

    One of the most notorious groups to employ Nazi thuggery is the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT-UP) which was founded in New York by Larry Kramer and approximately 300 other activists in March, 1987. (Alyson Almanac:42).

    Within a few months its members had gained national attention for their aggressive actions against those whom they considered enemies. ACT-UP groups invaded Catholic churches in New York during religious services, screaming obscenities and “stomping on communion wafers” (Miller:460). Catholic churches were also targeted in Washington, Los Angeles and Puerto Rico.

    Newspaper boxes were smashed in Sacramento to punish an editor for his views (Grant, 1993:104). One militant who later regretted his involvement was Washington, D.C. ACT-UP founder, Eric Pollard. The following is an excerpt from his 1992 letter to the Washington Blade titled, “Time to give up fascist tactics”:

    This is very hard for me to write. It forces me to squarely confront my past actions and to accept responsibility for the damage I have had a part in causing. I sincerely apologize for my involvement in and my founding of the AIDS activist organization, ACT-UP D.C.. I have helped to create a truly fascist organization…The average Gay man or woman could not immediately relate to our subversive tactics, drawn largely from the voluminous Mein Kampf, which some of us studied as a working model (Washington Blade, January, 1992).

    In his 1998 War on Heterosexuality, author Michael P. Wright, quotes AIDS “dissenter” Alex Russell on the fascist character of contemporary “gay” activism.

    Many attributes of the HIV Homofascist Movement (or HIVism) resemble those of Fascism and the psychology of Freikorpsmen: an authoritarian personality; extreme emphasis on the masculine principle, male dominance and blood brotherhood; exclusive membership in an elite in-group; and the fetishization and aestheticization of suffering, self-sacrifice and death.

    Freikorpsmen made war a way of life….Many HIV Blood Brothers see the war on AIDS as a way of death where the Freudian pleasure principle and the death drive become indistinguishable. The Swastika armband has now been replaced by the HIV positive tattoo and the red ribbon (Russell in Wright:Chapter 5).

    Within a few years of its founding, ACT-UP spawned the more radical Queer Nation.

    Miller writes that Queer Nation’s “in your face” tactics antagonized some in the “gay” community. Randy Shilts [a prominent homosexual writer] called Queer Nationals “brownshirts” and “lavender fascists” (Miller:460).

    Queer Nation adopted highly militant rhetoric and openly threatened violence. Grant describes their tactics during an Oregon election campaign (see Introduction) in which voters considered a law to ban minority status based on homosexuality:

    …flyers appeared on telephone poles warning people to vote against it. One showed the Christian ichthus fish being roasted on a stick over a fire.

    It read, YOU BURN US, WE BURN YOU…another said CIVIL RIGHTS or CIVIL WAR. Your choice for a limited time only…It also clarified what it meant by “civil war” by listing “QUEER KNIVES, QUEER GUNS, QUEER BULLETS, QUEER MISSLES, QUEER TANKS, QUEER TRENCHES, QUEER FIRE, QUEER WARFARE, QUEER PATRIOTS (Grant, 1993:104f).

    One of us (Lively) was active in that campaign and personally witnessed stencils painted on sidewalks in the City of Portland which threatened “Queers Bash Back.”

    In the City of Eugene businesses that had supported the Oregon Citizens Alliance (which had sponsored the ballot initiative) had bricks, wrapped in swastika-embellished flyers, thrown through their windows.

    A Queer Nation spokesman in Eugene denied responsibility but defended the violence as justified. A separate organization which called itself “Bigot Busters” specialized in harassing and threatening petitioners seeking signatures to put the measure on the ballot.

    Petitions were ripped from circulators hands or doused with paint, activists blockaded petition tables, and several circulators were physically assaulted. Hundreds of false signatures were put on petitions in an effort to invalidate them. In every case “Bigot Busters” denied responsibility.

    In classic Nazi style, the Oregon homosexual activists cast themselves as victims during this campaign of violence. A series of phony late-night cross-burnings were staged in the front yard of Azalea Cooley, a black, apparently wheelchair-bound lesbian in Portland.

    This highly publicized charade continued for six months and was blamed on a “climate of hate” created by OCA. On the eve of the election, however, police caught Cooley herself on video walking out of her own front door with a wooden cross and materials to burn it. She later confessed to all of the crimes (Oregonian, December 10, 1992).

    As we have seen with Roehm’s Brownshirts, the wrath of militant homosexuals can be fierce.

    On September 29, 1991, following Governor Pete Wilson’s veto of Assembly Bill 101 (which would have extended minority status to homosexuals) thousands of homosexuals rioted in San Francisco, setting fire to a government building and clashing with police.

    This fury is often turned against individuals and families as well. Chuck and Donna McIlhenny experienced it after the San Francisco Presbyterian church (where
    Chuck is the pastor) fired a homosexual organist, sparking a wave of terrorism against their family and their church.

    In recent years, the “gay” movement has drastically reduced its use of overtly terroristic tactics, probably because it made huge political gains during the eight years of the Clinton administration.

    Increasingly, the “gay” movement is being viewed more as a part of mainstream culture and less as an alien and destructive sub-culture.

    In most cases, homosexual activists no longer need to go to the streets to harass and intimidate their opponents. They now can use their enormous power in media, academia and government to marginalize and punish them.

    One example of this phenomenon is the rise of so-called “hate crimes” legislation.

    Ostensibly, “hate crimes” statutes are designed to deter violent criminal acts motivated by prejudice against the victim. However, the authors perceive the enactment of these laws (which are primarily sponsored by the “gay” movement), as the first phase of a process to criminalize speech that is hostile to the legitimization of homosexuality.

    As it is currently envisioned, only speech that occurs during the commission of a violent crime will be deemed criminal under “hate crimes” statutes. Eventually, however, it is highly probable that speech standing alone will be prohibited.

    This evolution has partially occurred in California where the “gay” lobby pushed through a bill in 2000 which created a new category of “hate crime” called a “hate motivated incident.” Assembly Bill 1785, signed into law by Governor Gray Davis, defines a “hate motivated incident” as “an act or attempted act which constitutes an expression of hostility” toward homosexuals or other protected groups.

    As we can see, then, homo-fascism did not die with Adolf Hitler. It lives on in the neo-Nazi movement and in “gay” culture itself.

    Clearly, actual Nazis exist today as a radical fringe of society with no real power to threaten civilization. This would be a comforting realization if we presumed that Nazism was itself the source of the evil that threatened to engulf the world and was not merely the product of a deeper and still-enduring social problem.

    Our thesis, however, is that Nazism was the consequence of Germany’s abandonment of Judeo-Christian morality and that the primary sponsors of its transformation were homosexuals.

    If this thesis is true, we would expect to find many parallels to the German experience in America, as indeed we do.

  • Karolyn

    I was with a friend today who was married to a fellow soldier in Switzerland (I believe) over 20 years ago. when they went to get a marriage license, they were told “We don’t do that. You just come to us and tell us you’re married, and that’s that. If you want a church wedding, you go to your church.” Then, when they want to divorce, they just go back and say they’re divorced. Both parties are ordered to support any children. Sounds like a great way to do things to me!

    • jeepman1

      Karolyn, you have hit the nail on the head! Govt has little to no business in marriage. The issue of marriage would not be an issue if there was no financial benefit. If the govt would take away the tax incentives and stop making money on “licenses”, then where would the argument be?

    • Wildey

      Marriage is ordained by God, the ultimate sign of adulthood, a point where two people, a man and woman, make a commitment to God and each other. If you go thru the marriage ceremony and are lying as you took the oath, your not married.

  • Thade

    wasnt it all over the lame stream ystrdy, Biden proposes to O bama ??? sure that i saw that somwhere

  • Charles Bill L.

    Hes a faggot if there ever was one.That AS*HOLE needs to be ran out of this country.Enough is enuff.

  • Homer

    WEhat a two faced lyer!!!

  • http://yahoo Bob

    OBAMA did say at a gay convention that HE had tried GAY SEX in COLLAGE.

    • John

      interesting!! is therre any video or any other thing to prove that (newspaper or etc)?

  • http://none Ridge Runner

    I belive that any person male or female that wants to have sex with the same sex isn’t playing with a full deck and i don’t want to see that in progress.I loved my brothers but i didn’t want sex with them and i am male.I have met a lot of men that i thought a lot of but i didn’t want sex with them.and I belive these homosexual people are mentaly and physicaly impared and i feel sorrow for them but I can’t fully trust them because i remember the episode with jeffery dalmer.And the prisions are full of a lot of these misfits for crimes they have commited so don’t tell me that the small children hace to be taught that at an earlier age this life style is normal. Let them get to an age that they can undrestand what the issue realy is and make uo their own mind.

  • tbone

    vote him out this november, if not you will all lose your rights. he is basking in the power he has. be afraid.

  • orples

    In a (so-called) free Nation, the Government doesn’t belong in our bedrooms or our personal business, one way or the other. While I am 100% Heterosexual, I could care less who marries who, as long as they don’t splash in my mud puddle. Why is gay marriage even an issue where our Government is concerned…especially on a Federal Level? We have so many ‘real’ problems that should be addressed. Let’s address how it is that Obama is even running the show, when he’s not an American citizen … now there is a problem that the people should be concerned with.

    • Wildey

      Marriage is ordained by God, not man. In His book he spells out whats good and bad conduct and the consequences of each. Freedom is a word that merely means status, like serfdom. Liberty on the other hand is a gift of God to those who live by His rule book. The opposite of liberty is bondage. America offered liberty but today it’s bondage, along eith it’s lewd conduct. Like it or not, man is a servant. How he lives depends on who serves, God and His rules or Satan and his persuasions.

    • Iceman47

      orples… the reason this is an issue at the Federal level currently is that obama (not a typo) has found a nice gullible special interest group to PIMP. Believe me, the Mac Daddy is good at what he does.

      • orples

        While I don’t doubt what you say as being a valid reason, I think another reason for making Gay relationships a topic of National discussion is to keep our eyes focused off of our merger into the NAU. We are on the verge of having our borders erased, which does splash in my mud puddle (yours too). Look at the bills that have passed recently. I think we are getting set up for ‘Martial Law’ (look at the recently passed NDAA Bill) and our dear Government wants our attention diverted everywhere, except where it really counts…on the salvation of America’s Sovereignty. Without that, we fall. I could go on forever on this issue as it ties into the big ugly picture of what our Nation is becoming.

  • uvuvuv

    funny how both sides run to the bible. the one side can go right to specific verses while the other side makes vague generalizations, to sum up, if God is so loving he would never condemn gays. that’s like saying if we have laws saying you can’t murder anyone then no one will get murdered. and if God ain’t don’t like no gays, he can think pretty much what he likes and he doesn’t need us lecturing him about what he “really” thinks. now if this country goes on to advance the gay agenda 100%, and it is, some of youse guys say, oh that doesn’t affect me, it’s their bedroom. it’s not like we’re going to get rained upon with fire and brimstone. will we get hit with diseases? no even though the dems urgently insist that we have the worst health care in the world we can handle any old stinking diseases. how about war? well who’s going to attack us? famine? ever heard of ships? we can import our food and anyway we already import a lot of it. how about financial upheaval and economic chaos? not a chance. i sold my condominium for a loss of $10,000 but i was the only one who did sell at a loss. everyone else has easily sold their homes and at a profit, too. the national debt? debt, shmet. job losses? oh sure, here and there some shmoe loses his job, big deal. gas at $4 a gallon? don’t worry about that until it hits $10. the stock market is struggling? sell. so you see, if ike and mike next door get connubial, nah, no effect on the rest of us. i have lots of money and so does everyone else. mine is in this box labeled monopoly.

    • Wildey

      Ever hear of tough love? That’s when you chastise your children for doing wrong. How tough depends on how tough you have to be. God gave us a rule book with 66 chapters written by 40 authors over a period of 1,400 years. In He spells out the rules we must maintain to retain Liberty, and sodomy is forbidden. “Gay” by the way has only been adopted by sodomites and homsexuals, the scientific name for sodomy, over the last fifty years. Aside for the penalties for sodomy and other lewd conduct, God offers forgiveness to those who repent. Those that judge sodomites had better check out their own conduct, adultery, living in a relationship etc. God holds those that judge up to their own judgements and that’s just as scary.

  • Iceman47

    Maybe I am all wet here, but, I believe there is one very crucial point most people are missing about obama’s recent remarks.
    The fact that most people are missing is that the issue of Same Sex Marriage is NOT a Federal issue. It is a STATES issue. Next is the fact that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 says absolutely NOTHING about Same Sex Marriage. And finally, in order for this issue to become a plank in anyone’s platform with a voter to expect any action on it, would require a Constitutional amendment because as it stands now the 10th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States pretty much covers everything that one needs to know about this election NON-issue.
    So in conclusion, all you LGTB types out there, high five yourselves as much as you want. Pat yourselves on the back as much as you want. You are being PIMPED by the MAC DADDY himself. If you want to change anything, get ready to fight for it in every state that doesn’t already recognize Same Sex Marriage and take it one state at a time.
    Actually, I am so ready to see what happens when some of LGTB types decide to get divorced. That should be interesting…lol very interesting indeed.

  • old hillbilly

    Needs sayinbg again…

    We are in the midst of an all out war against Christianity. POTUS can’t exhale without adding another restriction on Christianity. He just gave The Muslim “Brothelhoods” & Hamas $2.5 billion & $150 million + fighting wars FOR them – both are terrorists & avowed Christian & Jew killers – both avowed homosexual killers too… all because our traitorous senate & house majority gave POTUS $1+ trillion more to spend on “Christmas”! It’s about eliminating Christians & the USA– bankrupt them financially, morally, and religiously – first two done, now it’s the obama-nation’s progressives in to kick butt. Your neighbors are losing home & out of work!

    So many things going on, the china shop is disintegrating, yet everyone believes in the mad shop keeper and his raging bulls who are destroying us rather than protecting us as promised! Are we going to let them run over and destroy us, or the use Bible for guidance… turn them upon themselves? Surely loony Clooney has friends and followers who would love to integrate a mosque or two… or ERA all of them.

    We’re in this mess because we’ve lost truth, morality, and backbone. We’re afraid we might insult someone who needs insulting! That which is called abomination is an abomination, and it isn’t “love, equality, togetherness, compassion, tenderness, tolerance, or compromise.” Respecting privacy and not harming someone who isn’t harming you is one thing. Teaching sexual perversion, titillating with props, and planting perverse ideas into children of all ages in public schools deserves serious jail time. That’s how it was a few years ago! There’s nothing nice, clean, or wholesome about homosexuality, because, as the Bible says it’s an abomination, you can’t sanctify it by calling perversion “LOVE”. Call it what it is and call down anyone down who spits on your beliefs by preaching the opposite – make them define what it really is, without deception! Put your foot on your legislator. If they’re a Rino or democrat dump it, find someone with morality & truth & make it happen! The tea party & the jail bird say we can overwhelm & overcome at the ballot box, and severely punish corruption to where the next generation will have a purpose to rebuild that which we destroyed! We’ve had enough Harvard degrees!

  • C A

    Well, It is glaringly clear Obama [and his supporters] lack significant knowledge about unicorn mythology.
    First, the rider must be a virgin.
    And from his writings it is certain he is not a virgin. Maybe a question to Michelle would clarify the issue. Are the two girls really Obama’s children?
    Second, the rider must be female.
    Hmmmm. Something Barri or Michelle wish to tell us about Obama’s medical past? It could explain a lot about his ObamaCare positions.

  • http://microsoft NANCI P. SHARP

    most don’t know same-sex marriages is not governed by federal law. he’ll do anything to get a lot of votes and lose just a few.


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