Obama Stalls Keystone Pipeline With Executive Order

State Department hear public opinion on proposed Keystone XL pipeline in Washington

The Barack Obama Administration announced Tuesday that it will, via executive order, halt further progress on the highly debated Keystone XL pipeline.

Executive action announced by the Administration asks the State Department not to approve construction on the pipeline unless the Environmental Protection Agency first determines that the project will not lead to a net increase in greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. The President’s order, announced during a speech on climate change at Georgetown University, will make it nearly impossible for construction on the pipeline to commence.

Obama has largely avoided discussing the Keystone project, as it put him in the middle of an argument between labor groups in favor of the pipeline and environmentalists opposed to it; both are groups that have supported the Obama Administration.

“As the executive order on Keystone contemplates, the environmental impacts will be important criteria used in the determination of whether the Keystone pipeline application will ultimately be approved at the completion of the State Department decision process,” a senior administration official told Huffington Post. “In today’s speech, the president will make clear that the State Department should approve the pipeline only if it will not lead to a net increase in overall greenhouse gas emissions.”

While the Administration’s criteria for measuring the environmental impact of the pipeline remains unclear, a report out this week addressing the safety of the pipeline concluded that the pipeline would be minimally prone to failure, eliminating a key argument of environmentalists worried of the possibility of inland oil spills.

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  • JimH

    I guess oil that arrives here by ship from the Middle East doesn’t make greenhouse gasses, like the oil from a pipeline from a friendly country.(keep supporting country’s that hate us)

    Environmentalists are worried about an “inland oil spill”.
    The Alaska pipeline has been in use for decades with no problems.
    A leaky pipe on land is easier to clean up, than an oil slick from a leaky or sunk oil tanker.

    • Strangerinastangeland

      No sense confusing us with the facts.

      • JimH

        Yeah I know, Facts are highly over rated.

  • northbrook

    Obama continues to wreck havoc on the economy.What excuse or subtrefuge will he use to block building of the Keystone pipeline. He continues to stop jobs and the US adding to energy independence. What are his motives I suspect none that bode any good for the US. I believe more than ever that he is intending to destroy the American way of life.

  • YourAntithesis

    This guy just does not get it. Phone calls, emails, public criticisms by the media, even a Democrat-controlled Congress not backing him up…he just does not care what the people think and resorts to Executive Orders to get his way. I’m starting to believe the only way he’ll pay attention is if there are actual protests on the streets, but things could get ugly really fast, especially since peaceful protesters like the Tea Party members have already been compared to the Taliban.

    • mari

      He gets it, he promised it from the beginning. You’re so right about how ugly it could get. People are frustrated and looking for someone that it’s politically correct to take it out on. It so reminds me of the rise of third Reich. Hitler turned citizens against each other in the same way. He had a malicious hatred of the scapegoat, like the big O has against conservatives. His divisive strategy made it possible to punish them inhumanly, without much outcry…

      • Strangerinastangeland

        Me too, scary.

  • mari

    Stalling, denying, lying, misdirecting, and forgetting these are a few of O’s favorite things. It’s modus operandi in Washington, now.

  • Debbie Hogan Tate

    ‘will reject the Keystone XL pipeline if it is bad for the climate.” But who will be doing the reports on this? Big Business! Big OIL!. Do you actually think he will shut down the pipelines and reject his special interest? I will believe it when I see it. But I will not hold my breath! I thought it was just one more lie! And behind the the curtain, what is he doing about this that he is not telling us? Anyone who believes this man is a FOOL!

  • independent thinker

    Congress needs to grow a collective pair and pass legislation overriding obama and his proclamations on coal and the pipeline. they also need to defund the EPA enforcement of obama’s bad decisions on energy. Of course I do not expect that to happen because they have not collectively grown a pair yet.

    • Ibn Insh

      Congress cannot grow a pair because congress is nothing but a bunch of whores.

  • http://betamaxmas.com/ Major Domo

    Trying to redirect attention away from public scandals.

  • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

    Amazing how determined he is to limit the so called “harmful greenhouse gases” but no regard to limit the “Harmful spending” forcing this Country into bankruptcy and foreign dependence.
    Where are the executive orders to cut off and limit spending and putting an end to the blank checks.

  • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

    Over half of the purported voters voted for “Hope and Change”, the ones that I personally know that admitted to voting for this bum in 08, were some of the first I have heard and continued to hear them complaining about their paychecks getting smaller and on verge of losing their house and laid off due to government regulations forcing their employer out of business. I tell them, I have no sympathy for you, you got what you wanted and what you voted for and now complain about it. Karma, what comes around, goes around. Now they can pay the consequences for their actions. The problem they have is that they are not the right color, nationality or gender to benefit from all the freebies granted based on race, gender or nationality. Yet this Country self proclaims they are the most equality based Country in the world. Yet in order to be eligible for certain special loans and grants and freebies you must be Hispanic, or female or black in order to be eligible that go above and beyond what other Americans are not equally eligible for because they don’t have a vagina or a spanish accent or a hyphenated word in their citizenship title of being American. (ie. Mexican-American or African-American)

  • Larry Rosen

    Didn’t Congress approve the Pipeline? What divine right gives Obama the right to thwart the Act of Congress? The article says “State Department”. Can this be true? The very Department where no one knows anything! The Department that denied the requests for security of our threatened Diplomats? Obama has the right to veto Acts passed by Congress. What about the right of Congress to veto yet another shameless embarassing harmful Executive Order?