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Obama Speech Outlines Possible $450 Billion Plan

September 13, 2011 by  

The President announced his plan to Congress in an effort to bolster his image after negative economic news came out over the past two weeks. President Barack Obama delivered a speech about the state of the economy that outlined a potential plan for how to spark growth and create jobs with $450 billion more from the American taxpayers.

The President announced his plan to Congress in an effort to bolster his image after negative economic news came out over the past two weeks. While his proposal featured a mix of tax cuts and spending, the price tag for the project has many up in arms, according to Fox News.

“Faced with the reality of historic unemployment rates and record federal debt, I had hoped that President Obama, by now, would understand that even more government spending doesn’t create jobs,” Senator Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) said in a brief rebuttal. “Rather than offer a new roadmap for recovery and reform, he merely dusted off a tired agenda of old ideas wrapped in freshly partisan rhetoric.”

While the rhetoric was delivered in a stern and forceful manner, many Republicans joined Kyl in noting that a speech does not mean action. Obama offered a refrain during address, saying “pass this bill”, something that many say epitomizes his need to ask before acting due to the lack of power that he has had, Business Insider reported.

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  • Donald

    The majority of economists seem to agree with the package. In a word, you gotta spend money to make money and you have to make money to pay off the debt.

    • Don

      Cut taxes; businesses grow; profits increase; tax revenue increases (using the current tax formulas); and funds become available to reduce the debt. We DO NOT need another Bailout; the last one didn’t work and another one will not work.
      The economists that agree with Obama are progressives just like him. You can not spend your way out of debt!!!!

      • Robert A Hirschmann

        Ron Paul is everything Obama is not. Obama wants to destroy this country and Paul wants to restore it back to where it was. Obama thinks, “you have to spend money to make money”. That may be true but you also have to HAVE the money to spend. Instead of giving amnesty to all the illegals and increasing regulations on businesses we need to obey the existing laws and return all illegals to where they came from. Remove the restrictions on the private factor and let them fend for themselves. If they fail, so be it. If they succeed, hurray for them as they will hire more to expand their businesses. Isn’t that the way this country grew to be what it is? Ron Paul has the right idea and I’ll vote for him anyday!

        • djdrew103

          Ron Paul has “perfect” ideas for perfect world. Implement them in a time when our economy is starving, our workforce is at 9+% and we need intelligent change, and he would wreck havoc on our nation. At 70+ years old, his experience in the political world is massively compiled, but his wisdom may be lacking.


          Robert, I do not think your comments was how USA was developed over time, Gov’t spending has always been the base for private sector growth.

    • Brad


      That’s a great line for some one who own’s their own business. Unfortunetly government doesn’t work that way, the government collects taxes from the masses in various forms of taxation, the congress allocates said taxes to pay for or send to other states for various projects. Workers work and in return they are taxed again and the vicious cycle starts all over again, but this time congress spends more then the treasury takes in now we are borrowing money we don’t have and can’t show anything for it. So when does the vicious cycle of borrowing and spending end and we as Americans demand our elected politicians trim the bloated government and trim it’s appatite of waistefull spending? When are we going to say enough is enough, welfare recipients I feel for ya but you need to get a job, because if an illegal in this country can find a job so can you! Cut the un-employment benefits back to 26 weeks we are keeping too many people on long term un-employment. Today they are the ones loosing due to they aren’t able to keep their job skills up to speed and they are becoming un-employable. Now is the time for them to sit back and think do I take a lower paying job to include a second job just to keep a roof and food on the table, yes I would do that, it’s called being responsible and I don’t want to rely on others and I mean the government. Yes this country has a long road ahead of its self and the Presidents jobs program is just a short term fix because when the money runs out so do the jobs. We need better solutions to our un-employment problems.

      • Christin

        Good post, Brad.

        I would add that their aren’t many jobs out there to get… as Big Bloated Gov has Over-regulated and Over-taxed SMALL Businesses and forced UNIONIZATION of employees, sending many larger businesses over seas for those same reasons.

        If we had a pro-Business President that is not beholden to TPTB, the FED, and not a Marxist (Redistribute the American Wealth) we would not be in this mess… we would be Producing and Prospering.

        We would be DRILLING for oil, refining it and being energy independent and not have to Fight in the chaos of the Middle East wars. We should not be bringing hundreds of thousands of foreign third-world Islamic muslim immigrants to change the make-up of our Founding American on Judeo-Christian values… this has greatly harmed our nation’s unity.

        We could live our American lives and just prosper in peace despite the rest of the world’s loss of focus and and degradation.



        My guest is that when the money run out it will not because of the plan it will be because the public did not build on their base, if we are going to put these programs in place they should have a sunset. What I hear from many these days are comments that we should have been discussiing 10 years ago, we have been on this path for a long time. We need to get this issue under control and then establish a sys that many are talking about related to cutting spending. Doing so @ this time will only hurt those that have been hurt and do nothing about those that have not been hurt in the process

    • Ellen

      Donald, Can you explain why the first $800 billion spent didn’t help the economy? The problem with both stimulus bills is that most of the money spent didn’t/won’t create long term jobs. In the first stimulus, they gave states money to keep teachers employed for 1 more year – then they were laid off. How did that help the economy? A small infrastructure bill that will address roads and bridges would get support. Obama wants a major spending bill and it includes things that won’t create jobs (extending unemployment, lowering SS payroll taxes another percent, etc). It’s like his ‘healthy school lunch’ bill that did nearly nothing to make lunches healthy but gave dinner to 20 million kids. It’s all lies, distortions and deceit from this man.


        You are right the first go around did not bring us control fast enough, because, many did not make changes in their operation and or companys, What we do not know if we did nothing if the private sector would have spent some of their suplus, because they did not the first go around.

      • JUKEBOX

        Obama has taken Pelosi’s mantra and wants to “PASS THE BILL SO WE CAN FIND OUT WHAT’S IN IT”.

    • Capitalist at Birth

      Who are the majority of Economists? Paul Krugman, Robert Reich, and who else can you name?

    • Vicki

      Donald says:
      “The majority of economists seem to agree with the package. In a word, you gotta spend money to make money and you have to make money to pay off the debt.”

      All quite true for a business. Government is not a business. So let us take the advice of your majority of economists and STOP TAKING money from business so that business CAN spend that money to make money.

      As for government they will get more money (tax revenue) by lowering the tax rates on everyone, especially the rich.

      3 times it has been tried (maybe 4 counting GWB) All 3 times it worked.

      WARNING: Actual link to a cite ahead. This link will provide evidence of the above assertion. Do NOT read if you are liberal or progressive.

  • sean murrey ILLInio

    he can take that jobs bill and shove it.

    • Warrior

      Well, half of the proposal is in payroll tax cuts. Just think what gov quinn can do with that money when he gets his hands on it.

      • wandamurline

        Take another vacation, while he is pushing more businesses to move out of the USA? If this man really wanted to promote jobs, then he would not be allowing the DOJ to swat team Gibson Guitar company by confiscating their inventory of wood without charging them with a crime of any sort and telling them that all of their problems would go away if he would outsource his labor to Madagascar. How’s that for job creation….all of this man’s factories were raided and the employees put out on the street for at least a day or two with no mirandizing, no probable cause warrant, without right to counsel…just confiscation of his inventory….now, that’s a police state and this needs to stop. No. Obama does not want to create jobs, he wants to destroy America, and we must stop him.


          I do not think you believe that Obama want to destroy America any more that any other President before or after wanted to or will want to, We need to rethink how we goven in America, however before we can start this discussion we have to deal with all the sys that have such a strong base. Change is hard and long term.

    • Christin


      Sounds like a ‘shovel ready job’ to me… :)

  • TIME

    Again I ask Barry why even bother with just $475 Billion Dollars, why not just shoot for the moon, how about say $30 Trillion for your Masters in the New World Order.

    After all you now have your “Super Congress” in place NOW ~~ so that will be a breeze afterall no more fuss no more messy crap from the standard congress / borad of directors.

    I mean really with 12 full blown progressives making the rules of law what more could you ask for, oh yea how about $30 Trillion dollars for your great new JOBS plan, hey by the way Barry just what is it you have planed as you were rather vauge on the details.

    • Dan az

      You have to wait until he gets the money to see.

  • DWilliams

    The Government does NOT create jobs; it creates an environment for industry to create jobs, and I am afraid that with the lack of business experience by this Administration, that we will never see this occur.

    A ‘spending bill’ to “Put America Back to Work” is only another government SPENDING program. The monies for that spending comes from the taxpayers and if the economy is not robust enough to support more taxes, the program is another tax increase.

    Cut taxes; businesses grow; profits increase; tax revenue increases (using the current tax formulas); and funds become available to reduce the debt. We DO NOT need another Bailout; the last one didn’t work and another one will not work.


      Bail Out? Please help me understand, there have been tax cuts for some, however those Indiv that did get taxes cuts have not put $ back into the sys and will not. I think that if we look @ most if not all Big business have big government contracts as their base. I would agree, business need to cut some of their cost to hire, however that not what they are doing they are increasing their profits what out hiring. (@ one time was the was business was run, time for a change)

  • Dan az

    If I’m not mistaken isn’t this QE3?

    • Al Sieber

      If not, its coming. wait until the end of Oct.. raining like hell here Dan, first rain since March and my roof leaks.

      • Christin


        Still praying for rain here in East Texas… so many of the hardwood and pine trees are shutting down or dying… and there is barely any grass for livestock and horses… and crops are withering… not a good year for us. Even with us watering some, things are not growing well… need God to bring his thirst-quenching healthy water rains. Forecast says we will have rain on Sep 19-21… we’ll see.

        • Al Sieber

          Well I hope you get it Christin, we’ve been waiting for a long time.

          • Christin


            Thanks, me too… glad you are getting rain in your area and hope you get some more again soon after today.

          • Dan az

            I hope you fix the roof first :)
            Hate it when that happens.Christin what ever happened with the pond issue?Do you still have fish?

          • Al Sieber

            Dan, I have pots and pans all over the place, I live in a small cabin and fixed the roof last spring, I’ll have to fix it when it stops raining. looks like it’s headed your way, well back to work.

          • Al Sieber

            Hey Dan, I’m having trouble with my batteries for my solar panels, their not charging got any ideas? it’s cold here 65 degrees. now back to work.

          • Dan az

            Hey Al
            Ya the problem is that your not getting the power in!The cables may look clean but inside them the resistance from corrosion that you can’t see is killing them.Bus Bar them.The cheapest way is to take 3/4 copper pipe and smash the spot where they hook up then drill it to fit the post.I used the vice to do that.Just mark off where you need to do it.I also have used flat brass strap that was 1 inch wide and 1/8 inch thick.It works really good and is easier to work with.If you have a meter check out the resistance of the bar its 0 and when you check the cable you’ll see why your not getting the power that you used to.

          • Dan az

            And Al 65 is not cold. :)

          • Al Sieber

            Dan, to me it is. thanks for the info.

  • Morduin00

    I was just reading essay number 22 in the federalist papers by James Madison. Funny how 200 years ago, he made a great argument for consumption taxes… not income taxes. By keeping taxes low, you not only reduce/eliminate those who don’t pay taxes (loopholes), increase the number of taxpayers and therefore increase revenue to the government. Also, he makes a great point about a consumption tax allowing the the rich to afford their extravagance and the poor to be frugal. Good read. Everyone should take a gander at it.

    Funny how all this was said 200 years ago and politicians can’t seem to get it in their heads now.

  • TiredofBS

    If the unemployment rate wasn’t where it is right now we wouldn’t even be trying to go down this road again (broken promises). The mismanaged 1st stimulus did NOT accomplish the goals set forth. Why on God’s green earth would we keep trying the same old same old and expect different results? If people had jobs we wouldn’t need this BS. As a small construction business owner, who isn’t counted as unemployed and doesn’t receive any unemployment benefits, I say the only words that would give me the confidence to move forward would be “I RESIGN and I’M TAKING MY ILK WITH ME”. You can dress a monkey in a suit but its still a monkey.

    • Stickwoman Red

      Watch the “monkey” reference or you’ll be labeled a “racist”!!! Best to use “Donkey” for after all he is one . . . Democrat, that’s their symbol and a complete @$$! If PinocchiObama was truly sincere in this “Jobs Plan” to save America and our economy, he wouldn’t be taking is plan out on the road! He would be writing it down in detail where he is going to cut useless and un-needed departments like the EPA, The Department of Education, and over 82 federally sponsored job-retraining programs not to mention auditing all the fraud in Medicare, Medicaid and countless other departments which rip-off the American taxpayers on a daily basis. He is desperate and once again, in campaign mode, doing everything in his power to retain HIS job for the next 4 years so he can deliver the last nail in the coffin that was once America!!!

  • Lastmanstanding

    Just more money from the taxpayer to subsidize the non taxpayer…a feeble but effective method of gathering votes well in advance of the next election.

    barry realizes he is in trouble and needs to stay in the game…of course it probably won’t matter with the likes of romney, perry, etc.

    my advise to anyone listening…cover your ass with people you can trust, arm yourself adequately, be able to feed/shelter yourself and don’t believe a single word that any of these bastards says.

    • Al Sieber

      I’ll second that!!!

    • Raggs

      Right on,,,, It’s going to get very ugly people…

    • Randy Huffey

      Obama is doing just what he said he would! He has “Fundamentally Changed” the way America works. Now (for a large part) it doesn’t work at all! This is not an accident of a blundering idiot (as some contend) on this and other blogs. This is the plan, being executed to a tee! The “endgame” is in sight now for the progressives (read Communists). Financial collapse is imminent and will be hastened before the next election. Those that continue to deny the inevitable (collapse of this country) and place their hopes on a Savior from the Republicans are going to be wiped out financially and will willingly march themselves and their families into the (already set up) New World Order giving up what little freedom they have left for “security”. Unfortunately the security they volunteer for will vanish into equal poverty and suffering for all.

      • Christin

        So true, Randy.

        However, I do think Conservative (Libertarian) Rep Senator Dr. Ron Paul has got it… if he was elected President in 2012 and not assassinated.

        Here are two websites I copied down from another poster where you can hear Ron Paul speaking in his own words about what he believes and the policies of Freedom he stands by.

        “Congressman Ron Paul, MS – We’ve Been NeoConned” (July 10, 2003)

        “Ron Paul’s 202 Predictions Come Tru” (April 24, 2002)

        The videos are older, BUT his stance on the issues has not changed in all these years… he still stands for following the Constitution with limited gov and Freedom for the people… he nails it.

        • Capitalist at Birth

          I agree with what Ron Paul has said about the Fed, and many other ecomonic subjects, he is a loon when it comes to foreign policy. He has no chance of getting the nomination of the Republican Party or winning the General Election. Find another candidate before it is too late.

          • metalflyer11

            No I don’t think Ron Paul is a loon about foreign policy, He is 100% on the money. Most people believe the kool-aid about our foreign policy they learn in the media. What seems humanitarian aid is not. Big corporations have been using the wealth & military power of the US to work their agendas. If a foreign leader does not go along with the policies our Government inposes on them they either try to eliminate the leader through assassination, stirr-up a revolution like it has been happening in the middle east or declare the leader a Communist Dictator, Tyrant, Murderer, etc.,etc…. to justify an invation. At the end who benefits? $$$$.

          • Christin


            You are right, Metalflyer, about Ron Paul’s foreign policy… we should not be in all these wars with the Middle Eastern nations… their problem… we can be at peace and let them fight if they wish as they have done for thousands of years. We can drill and refine our own oil and become energy independent and not be in the midst of the chaos abroad.

            You are right, the gov’ and the media have taught the public to believe a war is imminent, but we are only suppose to wage war if we are personally attacked… most of the wars are false flags CREATED by TPTB that wish to play god, take down nations, and depopulate and cause crises with the world so that they may manipulate the county’s finances and people.

            Our leaders are helping to get rid of the evil dictators in the Middle East and Africa so they can usher in the calaphate and put the Muslim Brotherhood in charge of those people… they can’t do that if the Ruling Dictator is still their holding tight control.

            So I say NO to fighting in wars around the world.
            Ron Paul nails it on this topic, too.
            Let’s do America’s business and restore Freedom and Prosperity.

  • Tim

    CRA cut the balls off the property industry, the Fannie Mae refusal to increase base deposits cut the balls off the reserve market, the incorrectly applied QE1&2 has cut the balls of the deficit.

    In other words Obama is trying to breed wealth from a liberally emasculated version of the Keynesian model.

    I have seen liberals ask if Conservatives can do better. They could have in place of Obama were they given a chance in power. However now it is roulette to see if job creation would be better through govt intervention or hands off. The tools have been mortgaged and of no real value now. The ripple pool has gone from one series of ripples to include the bounce backs and rebounds. Thus we are seeing cumulative positives and negatives, neither in places that were expected. The best thing would to be to stand back and allow the companies to strive and expand with assistance and no intervention.

    People need jobs, but that can only be gained through giving industry a means to grow through improved sales and retention of income that gets cycled through the economy. The current administration’s offering is going to piss away $460bn of corporate $ yet follow QE1&2 into a hole.

  • Wu Ming Ren

    Obama said his jobs bill would provide more policemen and more firefighters. What?! This is federal money being spent, but we don’t have federal policemen patrolling our streets, nor do we have federal firefighters bunking in our firehouses!

    What happens to city budgets when the Obama Bucks wear off? Obama isn’t going to be in office long enough to keep writing new funding legislation for the cops and firemen he wants cities to hire!

    If cities go out and hire a bunch of cops and firemen with federal funds, those cities will have to foot the bill in years down the road, and not just for wages and facilities, but also for retirement funds.

    This whole thing sucks. It’s like a family with bills it already can’t pay going out and putting a down payment on a new home because Dad won big at the racetrack one day. If Dad wants to keep the new house, he’s going to have to win big every month to keep making the payments. Chances are, he’s going to end up owing a bookie, like Obama owes the Chinese government. I wonder whose legs get broken first.

  • Free Mind

    This f*****g idiot wanna be King is bound and determined to destroy what’s left of this country. I’d pray for someone to shoot him, but then we’d have that ‘tard Biden which would be worse.

    Many of our Presients have been morons, but none have been quite this destructive.

    • eddie47d

      Seems like Free Mind should change his name to Dangerous Mind. Are you related to that McVeigh dude?

    • mark

      You are guilty of high treason and I just hope Homeland Security is monitoring this site and will soon arrest you. Our society will be a much better place when you are behind bars where you belong for a very long time.

    • mark

      The blue title above this article states: Most Blatant Money Scam In American History. Actually that was the Bush’s 2008 TARP to all the big money guys on Wall Street who own America and the Tea Party, their new propaganda arm.

      • FreedomFighter

        The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all.–John F. Kennedy

        Millions of ignorant voters elected Obama, we are in deep trouble, due to Obama.

        The Obama presidency is an artificial creation that artificially promotes itself to create artificial hype, to lead the American people into totalitarian enslavement. Obama’s life is a fake, his book a fake; he is just a faker faking. In fact, I don’t think Obama could utter his own name, nor make a coherent statement without a teleprompter telling him what to say
        His presidency is a fake performance, supported by fake media, filled with fake programs that promote fake causes; spouting fake slogans, with displays of fake smiles, making fake promises, with his minion fakes giving fake speeches to the other fakes whom are faking the American people. We have a fake FED making fake money, banks created by fakes, which fake all with fake paper taking real wealth from all.
        Are there still any real, authentic Democrats who love America from the heart and do not push “Communism/Socialism” messages? I have not seen anything but fake ones in 20 years or longer.

        May God take these fakes and throw them and their masters into the lake of fire.

        Obama commited treason first.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

        • mark

          I’ll take socialism anyday over Wall Street, the Banks, and the giant mass-murdering military machine. They rule America now. And we can thank all three for the mess we are in.

          • FreedomFighter

            The ignorance of one vote

            Laus Deo
            Semper Fi

          • s c

            M, before you commit to that path, you need to answer a few questions (for your own satisfaction). First, if you think that your role models are not in bed with ‘Wall Street,’ you’re already almost totally clueless. Second, the MIC [military-industrial complex] has had the blessings of every prez going back to Woodenhead Wilson (even before the term was coined). Third, are you taking about independent banks or the SOBs who work for central banks (aka the Fed)? Last (this is the big one), when you say ‘socialism,’ are you talking about socialism or national socialism?
            Frankly, you sound like someone who never made it out of grade school. And you dare to make such asinine statements?

          • eddie47d

            In reality SC they do rule America so he was mostly right.

  • Artemus

    I think everyone in Congress is overlooking the obvious when it comes to economic stimulus. The answer is simple. Repeal all the laws that got the U.S. into this mess in the first place. It’s up to all of us to make this happen. We must tell our Congressmen and women do it our way or it’s the highway, then we’ll see them scramble to get the laws repealed, or loose their jobs.

  • Randy Huffey

    Obama is not done yet! He has about 16 months to complete his “Fundamental Transformation” of America. According to some, he hasn’t done enough. Those people are his political base, a formidable coalition of unassociated special interests any one of which (on its own) has little power. Let’s look at these various groups; Unions, Illegals, Gays/Lesbians, ”Greenies”, and the Crony Capitalists (like GE) to name a few. All have a motive to “Fundamentally Change” America. When that happens (or is completed) most will also be on the outside of a huge collapsing totalitarian dictatorship. The ones that will benefit the most are the Crony Capitalists that will continue to plunder the public. All others will be slaves to this Fascist regime.

    Americans, we are nearly there! Congress has rendered itself nearly insignificant by allowing so many totalitarian laws and policies to be implemented. They have allowed Obama to set up a new alternative government though his 40 some Czars that operate daily to strengthen their power over freedom loving Americans. The federal government has now become so large and powerful, it is impossible (I fear) to get rid of it as it is. Maybe Congress can have a few more worthless hearings before the president officially dismisses them. He has already dismissed them as far as any policy decisions go, instead going to the UN (for example) to “get permission” to oust Libyan leader Gaddafi and writing his own laws by Executive order.

    Obama has lamented publically that democracy is messy and slow, and CONGRESS IS THE REASON we cannot move ahead! Ahead to what? I know… A total dictatorship. Look for Obama to further neuter congress over the next few months by villianizing them for their refusal to “Pass my plan now!” (Jobs plan). Those that think Obama is a blundering idiot are missing the “Big Picture” as he is right on track to take over America for his new position. President of the World. Do you really think Obama is going to let a little thing like a free election stop him from obtaining that position? I would encourage all freedom loving Americans to step back and look at the “Big Picture”. Everything Obama has done then makes perfect sense.

    • eddie47d

      The Big Picture has been looked at over and over again and you all seem to be coming up short. Since you all are extremely business savvy and you don’t like government intervention in any part of your lives then take a different direction.Pool your resources and money and come up with your own $450 billion stimulus and create those jobs. I think that is called putting your money where your mouth is. Do it yourself and prove that capitalists can run this country.Have those corporations that you bless jump in to prove that you have the backing. Maybe you can pull it off without government but if not then you have the Tea Party and the Republican/Libertarian Party to back you up in Congress. I hear allot of complaining for a few years now but little unity in really accomplishing anything.I’m not sure if the Democrats have the same problem since they don’t seem to have a stampede going on for their ideas either. Not much of anything is getting done on either side of the bellyaching.

      • Randy Huffey

        Capitalism has been “smacked down” by this admistration. Obama views job makers as the ones that need smacked down and is doing a good job of destroying the private sector job creators. I am a small business man that has had to “shrink” my business just to hold on to it. I have had gross receipts go from about $100,000 to around $25,000 / yr. This economy stinks on ice! My expenditures have cut back accordingly, too bad government can’t (won’t) do the same when the money isn’t there! Instead they want to spend more? I am just in “survival mode” now. I can’t “create” any new jobs. I’ve had to cut back (cut out) on the people I hire! I wouldn’t think of expanding my business in this hostile, uncertain business climate!

      • 270 Win.

        eddie47d, why do we need a stimulus package at all? Several weeks ago the President of the Energy Council came out and said that if they would open drilling off our coasts, the lower 48 and Alaska that would create 1.5 million jobs. If the EPA would stop trying the shut down the energy sector there would be even more jobs. Jobs that will not cost the tax payer. Just look at the Dakota’s 3 to 4% unemployment, why because of oil. Texas has a new oil find in west Texas, EPA is trying to block it due to some lizard that nobody ever seen. Get the government out of the way the economy will come back.

        • eddie47d

          There are 3,000 new oil and gas wells in Colorado this year and the same for the last 3 years. We love our environment and our warm homes and although it can be a contentious issue we’ve learned to work together. Try it sometime.

          • 270 Win.

            eddie, why did you not answer the question?

        • eddie47d

          Colorado has 3,000 new oil and gas wells on line this year and the same for the last 3 years. It can be a contentious issue but we love our environment and warm homes so it is a matter of working together. Try it sometime.

      • bill steffen

        Excuse me, but we are pooling our money you moron. It is TAXPAYER money to finance childish whims of a boy in the White House. You do pay taxes don’t you Eddie???

        • eddie47d

          I pay plenty in taxes do you?

    • Robert A Hirschmann

      I agree with you. It seems that all along Obama Ben Ladens goal was to destroy America. So far he’s done a great job of it. When he accomplishes his task he will declare himself the first dictator of the United States. This will be another Muslim nation with him as our new Mohammed. Won’t that be great?
      The congress should have impeached him a long time ago. Why haven’t they? I wish I had an answer to that. Obama has avoided, bypassed and basically ignored the Constitution and all it stands for. Yet he swore “to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States”. Did he swear it on the Holy Bible or the Koran? If on the Bible, since he is a Muslim, he probably feels that it is not a valid oath. If this is not impeachable I don’t know what is. I call it treason. And that is certainly impeachable.
      Here he is telling the world that he is a Muslim. So, who was responsible for 9/11? What religion preaches that America is the Devil and should be killed at all costs? Look at the facts and decide if Obama is good for America!

      When elected Obama had a Democratic majority in the House and Senate. He could have pushed through all kinds of bills to heal this nation with no opposition. Now the House is Republican and he complains that the Republicans are stopping everything he plans to get this country back on track. He had his chance and blew it.

      Is the country better off with Obamacare? When exactly has the government run anything successfully? There is a story going around that a house of ill repute was taken over by the government and still lost money.
      Is the country better off with more government control and restrictions. Ask any business in America how much better off they are now as opposed to before Obama. That’s why we are unemployed. No business can afford to hire more people due to government restrictions. More businesses are moving out of the country to avoid all the rules and laws of the government. Can you really blame them?
      Is the country better off by raising the debt limit to such a high number that we will never be able to pay it off?
      Did we give Obama a chance? We sure did and look what happened. Wake up and smell the coffee!

      • http://yahoo skyraider 6

        the great pretender has surely devided this country

  • Artemus

    Yes, that means all the inane subsidies, government mandates passed on to the people (I never approved that) and foreign aid, especially to people who hate and despise us. Maybe even leave the UN and eliminate it altogether. I mean do we really need all these people telling us how to run our country and at the same time hold their hands out saying gimme,gimme?

  • Joey Biden

    Another lacking proposal by Oblankhead. YAWN!

  • s c

    Some among us don’t understand that when this ‘prez’ has to think about how unpopular he really is – and his inflated ego can’t take the strain – then and only then does he lower himself to consider “plans.” Mr. Prez, you are a certified loser. Your VP is a certified loser. Most people in Congress are certified losers. YOU have no right to waste America’s wealth.
    You are not capable of changing your ways. You were lied to when you were young. You will never be a winner. Your role models are all liars. Your icons are liars. Most of your friends are probably liars. Go away. Resign. Disappear. Find a small island in the middle of nowhere, and name it Utopia. Stay. Be happy. Lie to yourself for the rest of your life.

  • BrotherPatriot

    On a more light hearted note…I link you this that came to me this morning from my Grandfather, a retired Commander in the Navy.

    God Bless & Enjoy!

    • Buster the Anatolian

      Loved it thanks for sharing.

  • Patriot II

    It is becoming more and more clear that the intent here is to Destroy America, not save it. Who do you think wants it to Fail? Wake up, and smell whatever really stinks.


    The Mysery Man’s presentation of a plan is designed to fail, it is another political gimmick his cronies have dreamed up to sucker punch you if you believe them and if not to smear your face with that foul smelling bull excretement so that they can proudly say the right wing “A” holes would not let us save you. Medicine show snake oils comes to town again but did it really ever leave?

    Trust me, “we tried”, this will be their claim when the political speeches come to full fruition but more tax, spend and regulate is not in the stars this time.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    $450 billion?? Isn’t that about as much as the largest deficit which occurred under GW Bush?? But of course it’s only a fraction of the total deficits under Barack Hussein Oblunder!! And note how the democraps don’t even want to call it ‘stimulus’, as they know Americans will then oppose it. And for a good reason!! The first stimulus/porkulus was almost double the $450 billion, and was a total failure. The porkulus was not a jobs bill – all it did was give us the highest period of 9 plus % unemployment since the Great depression. A gambler who bets on horse races probably makes more sense than the liberal Democraps in Washington. By that, I mean a gambler can sometimes win a little, and offset a small portion of his losses. But every dollar the democraps spend is a total loss – doing nothing to help the economy while adding to the trillions in national debt which your kids and grandkids will be stuck with!!

  • JeffH

    Many details about Obama’s jobs bill are still sparse. He tossed out various claims about how much Americans or businesses would receive in tax cuts…and speaking of politics…how about that bridge from Kentucky(McConnell) to Ohio(Boehner).

    “tax loopholes for oil companies” or “tax credits for small businesses.” Or “tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires” or “teachers back to work.” Sounds oh so familiar doesn’t it?

    Obama used more neutral language, saying “it’s time to clear the way for a series of trade agreements.” But Obama’s claim that regulatory reform will save “billions of dollars in the next few years” is dubious at best. Every president promises that don’t they? Hmmm, déjà vu all over again!

    Obama says “Over the next two years, this(jobs)plan will save or create 3.5 million jobs,” Obama said the same thing in a speech to a similar joint session of Congress on Feb. 24, 2009 that cost the taxpayers $800 billion. Not sure about the jobs saved part, but the country has certainly not created net jobs since then — there are almost 2 million fewer jobs since he made those remarks 2 1/2 years ago. déjà vu all over again?

    Remeber this lie from 2009, “More than 90 percent of these jobs will be in the private sector — jobs rebuilding our roads and bridges; constructing wind turbines and solar panels; laying broadband and expanding mass transit.”

    Sounds a lot like Stimulus II…or déjà vu all over again.

  • http://personallibertydigest Honest Man

    I remember back in the middle of the summer of 08. I borrowed a catchy slogan from from the radio and had it printed as a bumper sticker [ WAKE UP AMERICA! ] Needless to say that lonely bumper sticker didn’t do the trick. Least ways not in the margin of error of being noncontestable results.

    Today I fear that we, America won’t have the privilege of another voting cycle and if we do, it won’t make much difference by that time eithor way ‘look at the way we are in a rocketed deepening of debt’

    So if you woke up durring the G.M. take over or upon hearing that the Treasuries were all stepped up to running 24/7 since the day of the inauguration or the blip of a newsreel of our leader and cheif sending back the gift presented to USA by prince Charrelse of England less than a month into office. Or you may be a sound sleeper and only resently awoken to find that the job you’ve had for the past twenty odd years has been shipped over sea’s. And now feel the need to get the message across to our Groggy sleepy-headed network news watching Breetheren that there may still be some time to [WAKE UP AMERICA] TO OUR FOUNDING FATHER’S WARNINGS and GOD BLESS AMERICA with Ron Paul’s leadership and blessings…..Wake Up

  • Mac

    I still don’t know what Obama’s Jobs Plan consists of other than he proposes spending 447 billion dollars. Until he gets more specific than that I will consider the gathering of congress to hear that message nothing more than a huge publicity stunt.

  • richard

    Mr. Obama learned that his bailouts and ‘stimulus’ packages did not create one new job and only put another nail in the American economic coffin. I think instead of having Mr. Obama pay off his union supporters and his left wing supporters by giving them money so that they can give Mr. Obama money to support his 2012 run, maybe consider cutting spending by another $450 billion, or if you have to spend money then give those who pay taxes a $450 billion tax holiday. Either way the country will at least get something for the money.

  • Bimbam

    I’ve said this a dozen times or more, blacks do not prosper any country. When one studies history you find they live off of white people or the generally starve in some areas.

    So, when one sees what oBUMya is doing it is probably a genetic predisposition to poverty. Perhaps a Bible punishment to Ham.

    Not prejudice like blacks btw, who always blame whites for their problems. Just an observer of secular history.

  • chuckb

    bibam, most people have a hard time with reality. whatever the problem, it seems blacks do not make good leaders, africa is a prime example.


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