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Obama signs tobacco regulation bill

June 23, 2009 by  

Obama signs tobacco regulation bill President Obama signed a bill yesterday giving the Food and Drug Administration new power to regulate the manufacturing, marketing and sale of tobacco.

The tobacco products industry is expected to see major changes under the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act.

The law mandates lowering the nicotine levels in cigarettes, bans flavorful additives that are believed to attract younger smokers, requires every chemical ingredient to be detailed on the label and prohibits deceptive marketing and advertising that target the young.

"[D]espite the fact that tobacco is one of the deadliest products in America, the FDA has had no authority to regulate it," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said following the signing ceremony. "[T]his new law corrects that wrong."

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids has also hailed the step as a "historic victory" for American kids and health.

For their part, tobacco companies have expressed concerns, including First Amendment reservations about provisions that could restrict their ability to communicate information about tobacco products to adult consumers.

Meanwhile, a newly released Gallup poll suggests 52 percent of Americans disapprove of the new law.

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  • cr747

    Boy, Obama sure is setting a good example by going on TV, and stating he still slips around and puffs on a cig. Lot of nerve to sign into law on something the President still does.

  • Barbara

    Obama wants government to regulate pretty much everything so this should not be any surprise to anyone who is watching what is going on. I used to smoke so I don’t have much opinion on this particular issue however; like not using seat belts, smoking has been proven to be a deadly habit and if it takes government regulation to keep people safe because they are not smart enough to make healthy decisions for themselves then, bring it on. Smoking related health problems, not to mention serious disease, is costing not only the smoker in quality of life but, the insurance agencies millions of dollars and that is passed on to ALL of us. So good luck with this new government run health care system that has been proven in the past, in other countries, to NOT work. My final advice to you: Get on a very healthy eating and living plan because health care is YOUR responsibility.

    • Susan

      I don’t need or want the government in my life telling me what is good or bad for me. If you need that kind of guidance, then perhaps you are not a very strong person, however, don’t try to force it on the rest of us.

      If you personally feel the need to be told what to do, come on over – I’ll boss you around and make sure you don’t do anything that is “bad” for you. My list of what is unhealthy may be a bit longer than yours though.

      Also, I don’t give a damn about insurance companies or what they have to pay out. They rob us and then deny us health care coverage, causing the deaths of millions each year. A nationalized health care system that took the insurance companies out of the equation would be perfect.

      P.S. – I’m a nurse

      • Gina

        You say you don’t or want the government in your life telling you what to do but yet you say a nationalized health care system would be perfect. Those two statements are a bit contradictory; and to speak with much sarcasm I say to all of you people who voted for Obama the arrogant one, “Thanks a lot”!!!!

        I’m in the natural or alternative medicine world and I know my list of “what’s bad for you” would be huge compared to anyone in the medical world. You guys have it all wrong! I can appreciate what nurses do but you are all putting band-aids on the health problems in the world and not looking at what causes these problems. the AMA, the FDA, and the Pharmaceutical people would hate for people to get well eating fresh, healthy and natural foods.

      • Mike

        I totally agree with you Susan government has no business telling the American people what they can eat, drink, smoke, or anything else.Their only job is to protect our rights and to defend this nation against foreign invaders that is pretty much it. This seems to be something the Federal Government has forgotten.

    • Les Mitchell

      I believe the 5 th amendment if being violated. I have smoked for 68 years and don’t have lung cancer yet. I think smoking is a personal decision. It is up to the individual to decide whether he oar she wants to smoke. Drinking alcohol is just as bad. Thousands die every year from alcohol related car accidents. How about doing something about that. As a decorated veteran of WW II and also having served in the Korean war. I though I was fighting to protect the constitution and the fith amendmant. Apparently not. I am 84 now. And still enjoy my cigarettes. I don’t drink alcohol. So If I die it won’t be me that wss drinking in a alcohol related accident.

  • Dave Schaaf

    The mantra is always the same regarding smoking. That is that it costs society in medical costs. Not true.

    Yes, there are certainly medical costs associated with smoking, but if smokers die younger than they otherwise would have, they save society a lot of money. Most people die of a chronic ailment. Any of those ailments cost society. Since smokers tend to die at a younger age, a large portion of what they could have collected in benefits, whether private or public, are effectively forfeited.

    Ask yourself this question: What happens if we all live very healthy lifestyles and the average life expectancy rises to 95? Who pays for all those non-productive years?

    • Barb

      I totally agree with you…


    Our elected hypocrite, is in favor of all kinds of restrictive laws that will make simple pleasures or useful items a very expensive proposition by making items such as guns, ammunition, knives, alcohol, ciggarettes, ect. ect, whatever their legislative hearts desire and your input or wants are simply ignored. These laws enacted and abused by our wellfed, well heeled and well benefited elite are doing just what they are designed to do, subdue any opposition. It is their version of Shariah law which is nothing more than communism by another name, they do this because all attempts to control those who make law is thwarted by their ability to insulate themselves from those who elected them, obligated them to serve as responsible electees.

    I would say that the need for humility is quite evident and that real Americans elect their government to serve not rule……we need new rules for those elected to keep them in check.

  • Mark R Bowen

    I smoked cigarettes for 33 years. I’ve been smoke free now for well over 6 years. I pray every day that I do not develop cancer and/or emphasema from the dirty habit I had. Now that I’m clean, I could care less what the government does to tobacco. I hope they jack the price up to $10 a pack. Too Bad!!!

    Smoking is a dirty filthy nasty habit which makes the big tobacco boys wealthy beyond anyones’ dreams and it kills and maims the people who use it. Not to mention the cost in health care every year because of it. I wonder how much health care would go down if smoking were banned. PERIOD!!!

    I know people should be able to have the right to smoke if they choose. I agree. I also agree that when your dirt habit costs me triple in health care than what it should cost, well, then it’s affecting me and that’s where I draw the line. You want the nicotine, go get some gum and/or patches. I’m fed up with having to go without while you proceed to polute the air that I breathe with no regard of what it’s doing to me or my family. Tobacco cripples and it kill’s people. Find your inner courage and get rid of those things before it’s too late for you to have a healthy life.

    • DaveH

      Read comment #3. I think very well put. I have been a non-smoker since I was about 14, and I have never let anyone smoke in my house or car. But, this argument about costing society money is endless. It could apply to the food you eat, the sports in which you engage, even the relationships to choose. If the unhealthy pursuit of happiness results in costs to society, then what we need to address is why does it? Why do we have this nanny-state where the people who choose healthy lifestyles have to pay for those who don’t?
      I believe people eat too much sugar. Should I be allowed to say they can’t? I hope not. As a wise professor once told me “We can avoid caffiene, and smoking, and sugar, and cholesterol, and other unhealthy things that we enjoy. We may not live any longer, but it will sure seem like it”.

      • Mark R Bowen

        OK Dave, how about this. You and I sit next to each other. I sit there and down one packet of sugar after another. Who am I hurting? I slam one Big Mac after another. Who am I hurting? Or I’m chugging one Mountain Dew after another. Who am I hurting? Now, I sit there and light up one cigarette after another. Who am I hurting? You see my point now? I bet you do.

        Peace man. Y

        • DaveH

          I agree with you. As I said earlier, I don’t let people smoke in my car or house. But I don’t think it is governments business to be involved. Rather, we should avoid those places where there are smokers, and apply social pressure to those who would rudely make us partake in their habit.
          I know that it is difficult to defend freedom for smokers, but to me it was a foot-in-the-door by big government. It wasn’t long after the smoking broo-hah-hah started that the seat belt laws came into effect. As you probably recall, first it was to protect the children, then once they got that, shortly afterward, it started being applied to the adults. Again, most people that supported the mandatory seat belts, did so using the argument that non-usage was costing society money. Note, that the number of auto-related deaths per 100,000 (according to past and present Almanacs) has been relatively unchanged over the years.
          I believe that might be related to people feeling safer and thus driving more recklessly.
          I am not arguing in favor of foolishness here. I am saying that one person’s foolishness is another’s pleasure. Let’s not get involved with legislating against stupidity for we all have very different opinions about what’s stupid and what’s not. For instance, I think growing our government ever larger is stupid.

    • janice grubbs

      Everyone thinks that a smoking ban will save tons of money and life. Just remember, you could be driving down the road and be killed by a drunk driver. Your kids could kill themselves with alcohol poisoning, drunk driving or any number of other booze related deaths. Do I need to remind you of alcolic parents etc. So you think that once the cigarettes are gone it’s smooth sailing for all of us? Think again!

      • Mark R Bowen

        Janice, what does alcohol have to do with smoking? Besides, I was merely stating an opinion. Now that I am smoke free, I could care less what the government does to regulate smoking. And as for alcohol, I had two alcoholic parents. My brother is an alcoholic, my sister was an over eater(she’s dead now) and I am a recovering alcoholic. A dry drunk in other words. Most of my nieces and nephews are drunks too. If the government decides to apply more tax to booze, so be it. You can’t do away with it. Prohibition showed us that. So you do the next best thing and tax the crap out of it and cigarettes to help pay for medicare & medicaid. Perhaps that will lower the costs of my health care so I don’t have to spend at least a third of my fixed income on my meds and health care.

        Ladies & Gentlemen, the preceeding is merely my opinion.

        • Doc Dolan

          Mark R Bowen said … “Now that I am smoke free, I could care less what the government does to regulate smoking.” I am so tired of hearing this kind of statement from ‘sheeple’ I’d like to scream in the faces of those who say it! IT DOES NOT MATTER if it is ‘your’ personal rights being taken away, or the personal rights of others! THE POINT IS THE GOVERNMENT IS TAKING THEM AWAY! The current (and most past ones of late) government has been slowly but surely removing every right our forefathers revolted over. When WILL it matter to you Mark? When someone in the government decides that something YOU like to do, decides THEY don’t like it and pass a law so YOU can’t do it? Will you get mad as hl then and stand up for your FREEDOM? Here’s a clue … they will be so much more powerful and so much more ensconsed in that power that you won’t have a chance, because you did not care when they took away the rights of others! It is NOT, nor has it ever been, about smoking, alcohol, seat belts, guns, motorcycle helmets or fishing in the wrong streams or ponds, etc., etc. … **IT IS ABOUT THE LOSS OF PERSONAL FREEDOMS that so many Americans are responding to with “it dosn’t affect me so I don’t care”. WAKE UP! Look at the big picture, before it is too late!

          • Mike

            Doc you are so correct, we do as Americans have to take a stand against what our government is doing, otherwise we will have nothing but a Communist, Socialist, Dictator, Police State, and the people in this nation need to stand up and prevent this from happening.”When a government fears its people, there is Liberty, when the people fear it’s government, it is a tyranny.” WE THE PEOPLE HAVE TO STAND TOGETHER.

    • Marilyn

      Amen. The only comment I want to make is that insurance companies separate the smokers from the non-smokers. Smokers pay higher premiums so the idea that all insured are paying for the smokers is not exactly true. The insured “smoker” is paying their way and not the non-smoker.

  • Mark R Bowen

    Oh! And if that will cause our Commander & Chief a little discomfort while he goes through withdrawal, sorry Chief, that’s the price of your program. Besides, he seems to be a very dynamic forward individual. If I can summon the courage to give up those horrid things after 33 years, I truly believe our President should be able to kick the habit with no trouble. Come on Mr. President, lead by example sir. Throw those coffin nails away and show the country and the world that you are indeed the President of change and that you have the courage to lead the way. There are a whole lot of us out here who quit smoking sir and we are with you 110%. Good luck Mr. President. :-)

    • cr747

      It takes will power, here me, will power, something the President does not have. I use to smoke, but at times I would have to go 6 to 8 hrs. without smoking because it is strictly against the rules were I spend most of my time. So I listened to my Grandmother years ago who did everything by the zodiac, and said quit when the sign was in the knee. I took her at her word, because she did everything by the moon, she planted her garden, flowers, shrubs, etc., and it worked. The sign of the knee is the goat, try it and see for yourself. What have you got to loose? Let me know.

      • Jon in CA

        What a pile of nonsense.

        • cr747

          Jon in CA; Sounds to me like you don’t have any will power, (if you are trying to quit smoking) Did you try it? If not give it a try, you might be surprised. It worked for me. I smoked for forty years, and now am smoke free. I can’t smoke while flying anyway. It is forbidden for a pilot to smoke, and of course passengers can’t smoke either, so it wouldn’t be right for me to smoke and them not be able to. Give it a try. The sign is in the knee August 8th and 9th 2009, you might be able to quit. Worth a try. Good luck.

        • Jon in CA

          I am not a smoker. I am not an alcoholic. I don’t have any vices to fix. I do however have a thriving garden and did not rely on the Zodiac to determine when to plant. ;)

        • Jon in CA

          P.S. “here me” in your original post should be spelled “hear me”.

        • cr747

          Thanks for correcting my use of words, proud to HEAR you have a thriving garden. It will be good to have all that canned or frozen food this winter. Just saying a lot of our ancestors used the zodiac for planting their gardens, and some farmers used it for planting their crops also. It seemed to work for them.

          Sure would like to have a good meal from your garden. Keep up the good work and maybe some of our super markets would lower the prices on their food. You must have a green thumb.

  • Bob

    People, wake up and see what our so called government is doing. Go read the constitution, etc. Our government is overstepping their constitutional authority. NO where does the constitution give the government to regulate a private company or take over a private company as they did GM. The Obama administration is going way beyond their actual authority. Why, because we as Americans have allowed them to do this. Wake up America and tell the Government enough is enough.

    • Mike

      Bob I am in total agreement with you and the people of this nation need to take a stand against what our government does.

  • s c

    An issue that’s always overlooked is the people who directly benefit from those who are tobacco addicts (American families that receive tobacco subsidies). Who makes this insanity possible? The answer is CONGRESS. Think about it. As long as those prosties in Congress
    are in bed with tobacco families, this situation will never stop. It’s a win-win for the government. The government gets tons of money, airheads in Congress get easy votes, more people get hooked, and America literally pays for it. Do you REALLY think Obama has what it takes to SOLVE it?

    • cr747

      s c O-Bam- Bam Obama does not have anything that it takes to stop nothing. Sorriest excuse for a President that I have ever seen. Now he’s going to tax the American people for his new health care pkg. that he was going to give everyone when he was running for President. What a liar. All we got in Washington is a bunch of liars. Now, there is still a few in Washington telling the truth, I believe there was some from the little state of Kentucky that I saw on the news that was for us, the lower and middle class people. People like Schumer, Clinton, Kennedy, and all the ones from California, New York, Mass. Illinois, and numerous states need to be voted out of office now for lying so much to keep being re-elected. I’m going to vote against (per-say) “airheads” in next election.

  • DaveH

    As far as keeping ingredients out of cigarettes that might attract young people to smoking, wake up!
    I have not known any kids who smoke or drink or do drugs because it tastes good. They do it to rebel against the authority of their parents, or the school officials, or anyone else who is endangering their freedom. And adults aren’t any different. If you want an unruly society, then take away people’s freedom to do things that might harm themselves. Most people can grasp that we shouldn’t do things that harm other people. Those things that only harm ourselves is none of the governments business. Free people behave much more responsibly than those who aren’t free.

  • rancherlady

    Cigarettes have been under fire for a quarter of a century, during which the diseases they are said to cause have continued to rise dramatically while smokers decreased from about 50% to 28%. The AMA’s answer? “Oh, it must be second-hand smoke.” Increasingly smoking has been banned in offices, restaurants, and public transportation, so fewer and fewer are exposed to smoke of any sort…but the disease levels keep increasing. Medically speaking the worst thing each cigarette does is consume 20 mg of vitamin C, and few people get anywhere near enough ascorbic acid. Hence, they develop deficiency diseases…and so do all of those who do not smoke.

    What you REALLY just saw was another vast expansion of governmental power and another example of the business carcass of America being ripped to pieces and flung to vested interests. Smoking is decreasing because taxes have driven the cost up over 500% in the last decade. Solution? If the bill, written by big tobacco, drives Lorillard out of business, R J Reynolds and others pick up their customers. This was just another insider deal.

    • cr747

      rancherlady Just came out today that the Secret Service say's O-Bam-Bam is still puffing away on those cancer sticks. Seems as though if he wanted to set an example, he would quit to.

      • rancherlady

        Dear CR 747:

        I’ve got a bunch of pilots in the family, and one reason I don’t get on ‘planes any more is thinking about the man who is driving being distracted by wanting a cigarette!

        Junk science and fascism are everywhere we look. My darling Charles will be 72 this month and I was 69 in May. I have been smoking since 1959, and he started before that. Our two hands are in their early fifties and they smoke, too. The ONLY prescription medication the four of us have is the Armour Thyroid I take, and not even the AMA wants to claim that a low thyroid is the result of smoking.

        We had houseguests last week, and neither smokes. We do run several Ionic Breezes and I air the house daily, but the comment that impressed me was my guest saying how much better his breathing was here in the country. Smoke is very useful for destroying mold and mildew, which affect me very strongly, and I rather wonder if it weren’t just good, clean, country air but that we don’t have M&M. Could be. Maybe not.

        As for the Arab Muslim in the White House…the good Lord bless and keep us. We need it. The ultra-Left wing–pardon, I mean “centrist” Democrats, there ARE no “left-leaning” Democrats, just as all Conservatives are reactionary Neanderthals without compassion itching to shoot people–have the bits firmly between their collectivist teeth and there is no way we are going to avoid the Greater Depression. The only question is whether we will have it with or without martial law.

        Tim, I see your comment below, and you can guarantee the Obama Nation is after our guns. They’re slipping gun registration into an IRS regulation that won’t even take a vote in Congress! Keep your powder dry and take your vitamin C four times a day, there’s a good guy.

        • cr747

          rancherlady, when I go, our should have said when I went to a restaurant, they would ask me smoking or non-smoking, my wife and I would say it doesn't matter. I smoked for over forty years, but because of regulations out of my control, I quit. I don't condone anyone smoking. I think the government has carried this anti-smoking thing to far. If a person want's to smoke, I think the government ought to stay out of it and let them smoke. I was only stating that if the president wants to stick his nose in the smokers business, he should have enough since to show the American people the respect to quit himself our to keep his mouth shut!!!!! May God bless you and Charles is my prayer to you and he for more years together. Hang in there.

    • Mike

      This is true cigarettes have never been proven to cause any illnesses some Doctors suspect cigarettes of causing some illnesses but no doctor will actually say yes cigarettes cause this or that because they simply don’t know and it has never been proven. Doctors are just guessing and the anti-smoking coalition just jumped on the bandwagon, because they don’t like a few wifts of smoke coming their way, but at the same time they don’t mind getting into their cars starting the engine and putting out 100 times the pollutants into the air that cigarettes do. Anti-smokers are just hypocrites. I would put this to the test also. I would go into a locked garage and light up a cigarette and have a anti-smoker go into a locked garage and start their car engine with the window down and stay there for several hours and see who walks out after the test is finished. I guarantee you it would be me.

  • Tim

    This just another step towards us becoming more of a socialist socity, all I really have to say is that I didn’t vote for any of this crap!!!!!, I smoke and I don’t like the fact that the goverment can tell me how much nicatine, I can have in my smokes, I guess the next thing these DAMN DEMOCRATES, will try is to take my 2nd ammendment away from me, all I’ve got to say to them is GOOD LUCK, and come prepared for a fight cause it will be a COLD DAY IN HELL BEFORE I GIVE UP MY GUNS!!!!!!!!

    • Mike

      Bravo Tim I concur.

  • Robin from Indiana

    Again, the Obama socialists take another step in the socialist direction. I admit that it sounds like a good idea on the surface, but this is government involvement once again. They are doing this as a guise, making it sound like they are smarter and wiser than those who smoke. They are protecting stupid Americans who don’t know any better. What will they save us from next?

    • Mike

      In reality, where in the Constitution does it give government the right to save us from anything except an invading army.

  • s c

    Uncle Sham’s role in this decades-old fiasco has the same moral authority as a pimp who’s renting out a hooker on a street corner. He [Uncle Sham] gets filthy rich, the addict gets his temporary fix, Uncle Sham waits for the john to get comfy, and then it’s time to increase the product’s cost – again and again and again. This amounts to a pimp’s version of what some half-baked economists call the business cycle.
    I have a lot of sympathy for the addict, but no sympathy for Uncle Sham. When people finally catch on and see who really does what (and how) in this con game, it might get interesting. It will result in a best-selling book and a blockbuster movie, too. With a little luck, the American people might even get a responsible government – maybe.


    There are quite alot of you who have been brainwashed about the horrible thing called smoking, and its residual affects. We all agree on the one fact that it’s simply not a healthy thing to do.
    You’re all concerned with the person sitting next to you puffing away. Did one of you consider that one out of five California children has asthma from air polution–the kind that comes from automobiles and factories? Did you once consider that you only SEE one TENTH of the polution you’re breathing? And you’re worried about cigarettes?? Give me a break.

    • Mike

      While I do agree with some of your statements that factories and automobiles do put out much more pollution than cigarettes, you have also stated that cigarette smoking is an unhealthy thing for people to do. With this argument I do disagree, it has been proven that smoking cigarettes has a calming and relaxing effect on the smoker by releasing endorphins onto the brain thereby making the smoker feel more calm and more able to deal with stressful situations, like perhaps being in a war zone, or prior to a new business deal, or any number of stressful situations that a person needs to be calmed and relaxed about.I would call that a healthy thing being able to be calm during stressful times.

  • rancherlady

    Sorry I dropped out of the discussion, fellows. AOL developed a loading error that won’t let me see the titles of my 991 new e-mails and those that need revisiting. Y’all come visit me over on! It is a perfectly respectable contrarian financial newsletter, absolutely free, and not a domestic terrorist plot! Charles and I remain healthy and happy three more months into life, thank you for your good wishes, and we’re continuing to work towards becoming more self-sufficient. BAD times are coming. Linda Brady Traynham

  • Kris

    You got right to the heart of the matter Doc! It’s the loss of our freedoms, one by one that is the aim of this obama govt. Just look at his “czars” and look at their retaliation to those who disagree with him or dare to question him! He is turning us into slaves and is acting like a dictator! When will the sheeple and the obama cult members wake the hell up? Obama is a left of left liberal loon and he is imposing his idea of a perfect govt. on all of this country. When you have to stand in line to buy toilet paper, that is if we still are allowed to make toilet paper, it will be to late to wake the hell up. The congress is getting richer and the American people are getting poorer and more burdened with taxes that he and his facist govt. are imposing. Where are the jobs? Where is free choice? Certainly not in the deathcare bill. And the information is out already but they don’t say it in the govt. but medicare refuses more medical procedures then the health insurance industry! Now he is going to reduce medicare by 500 billion, add 40 million people to medicare, reduce payments to doctors, meaning doctors are not going to take medicare patients because while alot of them are in it for the good of humanity, to many are in it for the money! And we will be forced to buy health insurance or go to jail and or, pay a fine. Now this is a great idea for poor people or seniors isn’t it. And the so called death panel, was already passed in the 785 dollar stimulus bill, so this has been planned since the start. And while it is not called a death panel, that is what it will do, decide who get the medical services, rations out medicine, and will gladly give you a pain pill instead of treatment for your cancer because you are no longer a productive member of society, your to old or your “mentally defective”, or your handicapped, and there fore of no use to this govt. who needs working people to support it and them! Wake the hell up America!


    All this hipe is nothing more than Control. Smoking…..I did for 40 years. I am 72, and my mother smoked the whole time she was carring
    me. Most of this is only Hype. Take the whole thing about moving the terriosts to Illinois. Someone should tell Osama Obama that there is a Nuke Power plant some 20 miles south of that prison…..
    Makes you wonder who they are protecting. Iran is going to blow our asses up, and all I hear is Global Warming, and passing a Healthcare
    Bill. If Iran is allowed to continue by our (Not even a Bay Scout) C in C the healthcare is a moot point……I am sick and tired of all this control. I will never be controlled, so bring em on….

  • http://charter howe

    DENNISTHE MENACE missed the point. Cigarette use is unhealthy and has been proven time and time again to cause health problems for the user and people near the user. Having said that, it is an individual right to smoke cigarettes unless it clearly infringes on somebody else’s right to breathe clean air. Environmental sources can also be air polution dangers to many people. Having said all that, the point of this series of blog arguments is why government thinks it’s alright to infringe on the rights of free people in an invasive way to acheive a socialistic goal which is to take a nanny approach to health care by telling us what to eat, smoke and do exercise. Maybe educational material and the school of hard knocks isn’t enough, but I prefer living by the constitution and the reasonable laws of the land and not be imposed upon by the government in any way. This health care reform bill will put government in control of your life and when did the government ever do a good job when they were in charge of any significant program. We don’t need more government.

  • Larry

    Although I don’t smoke…and don’t believe anyone should, I do believe in the base core of this country and the freedoms it represents. I for one am plenty tired of lost freedoms as the government expans its control over the day to day decisions of the good people of this great country. Don’t be fooled…the government is not concerned about the health and well being of the american public…they are concerned about revenue (taxes) and control. Somebody stated, regarding health care, the AMA, FDA and big pharmaceutical companies don’t want America healthy…there’s no money in it for them. Well you can add to that list; American Acadamey of Dermatologist, any national cancer society,the WHO, or IARC. All these organizations represent big pharamaceutical industries that advocate sunscare tactics so you stay out of the sun or indoor tanning salons. What they are really doing is spouting lies about UV exposure. Covering up the fact the human body needs UV exposure to maintain good health and fight off over 100 different diseases directly linked to vitamin D deficiencies, including colon cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, bone diseases, heart diseases, etc.,etc.,etc….the list goes on and on. Don’t be afraid. Do your research get some sun and spread the word. is a good place to start your research.


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