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Obama signs order to shut down Guantanamo

January 22, 2009 by  

Guantanamo will be closed within a yearPresident Barack Obama signed three executive orders on Thursday relating to the war on terror, showing a definitive break from the policies of the past administration.

One order requires the Guantanamo Bay detention facility to be shut down within a year, which Obama said would "restore the standards of due process and the core constitutional values that have made this country great."

A second order states that terror interrogations must follow rules set out by the Army field manual, which ban physical abuse, coercion and waterboarding. However, the Associated Press reports the administration is considering adding some more aggressive tactics to the manual in the future.

Commenting on the decision to put an end to the use of harsher interrogation methods, Obama said that observing "core standards of conduct" during challenging times is an idea that dates back to the founding fathers.

Another order creates a task force for reviewing detention policies and procedures and reviewing individual cases. This will help determine where future detainees will be held.

The decision to close Guantanamo immediately generated controversy among some Washington lawmakers. Michigan representative Peter Hoekstra, a Republican, suggested the move could be "unnecessarily risking the safety of our nation," CNN reports.

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  • Bob Livingston

    Congratulations to Obama; I hope that this is not just a honeymoon gesture. However, I note that he did not mention the fact that Bush did away with Habeas Corpus. It seems that this is far more important than singling out just Guantanamo. Habeas Corpus is a vital personal freedom in the Constitution. Without it anyone can be arrested at any time and retained for 50 years or any length of time and never be charged with a crime, without counsel. This is America today, whether anybody believes it or not.

  • Bonnie Norem

    It is sad to be so blind to the evil in this world! There are more criminals let go because of our own projected views, whatever they are, and not to the facts and what history has shown up in the past. Why do people think that when our world has become more immoral that the immorality can change our society for the good. What has the statistics shown of the people that have been released from Guantanamo? Many of them going back to terrorist actions. What has statistics shown on criminals in our society that have been released? We read it in the paper every day of someone being killed by an ex-convict. I want a more safe society and not one run by criminals and those that don’t know right from wrong!! Some men/women are better and more secure locked up and so are we. Why are we so interested in the criminals and not people in our own society that are suffering and hurting? Why are we focusing on 4200 men/women killed in Iraq and not 2 million babies a year killed in our country from abortions? Wouldn’t it be nice not to have either killed, but it has never been since Cain and Abel.

  • Rian

    Yeah thats just great news….These ruthless killers who have Vowed to kill us and recieve better care than our soldiers can now clog up our Judicial system as well.We can even pay for their public defenders and read them their rights on the battlefeild before we arrest them! Brilliant Move by the Big “O’ and the nit-wits who voted him in.
    these are Armed combatants without uniforms and have No Rights!

  • Veracruz

    Maybe we can use some of that “bailout” money and build a safe house across the street from Obama and house the detainees there. Obama might reopen Gitmo, then.

  • Veracruz

    Bob, it seems to me that in order for one to be covered by the Constitution one must live according to the Constitution. The people in Guantanamo did not. Hence the Constitution does not apply to them. Furthermore, they rejoiced in killing Americans and, so far as I can tell, would do so again. The laws of the United States to not apply to them, rules of war do apply Obama is wrong. I also believe that a leopard cannot change its spots. Looking at Obama’s past it is evident to me that he is a Marxist-Leninist and, I think he will apply those principles as much as he thinks he can get by with. Talk is cheap. One biggie against Obama, in my book, is the fact of his stand on abortion. A man who thinks it is okay to let a baby die on the shelf in a closet has something vitally wrong with him. No, I cannot stand with Obama.

  • Roger Hoyle

    Are these detainees friends of O’Bama? These ruthless killers have Vowed to kill Americans. They recieve better care than our soldiers and now they will be using our own Judicial System to make them look like saints. We can even pay for their public defenders to read them their rights on the battlefield before we arrest them! Brilliant Move by a guy the Media/Oprey put in office and the disallussioned people that voted him in.
    These are Armed combatants and have No Rights! They will kill Americans again and again with no feelings for life.
    America is doomed if Borak Hussein O’Bama is allowed to close GITMO. Why is O’Bama starting out his term worrying about GITMO? Don’t trust him.

  • shannon

    All soilders kill thats why thier created. The people in power are no one to us. Our families are being torn apart,also the families of the pepole our soilders kill. I do not want killers as children. All this is a lie, theyv’e always lied. Mothers get your children out of the machines hands. Get your kids back, Please war is only for death. Wars are good for the economy? Stop listenning to things we all know are bull,and get our children home.

  • jyiec

    Yeah right… we’ll just bring them all home, do a way with our military, sit back and wait to see who wins the war in American … then we can all learn their language, follow their laws and practices, pay for their children’s machine guns, while we dodge bullets, planes and everything else for being Americans… good call… Don’t people understand that this Country was born in war and fighting? Do you think that any of the morals and ethics that this Country was founded on weren’t fought for before, in our history, or won’t need to be defended again? I don’t know why I’m surprised at people any more! They elect these liberals then cry because we have to defend ourselves with too little a military after their elected leaders close our bases, take away the care and benefits of our men and women in uniform, then cry when our innocent are murdered by terrorists on our own soil – heck, all over the world (American means target)! Just because someone supports a war or doesn’t support the way someone says they want to pull our troops out of a bad situation doesn’t make them baby-killers, cold-blooded killers, or whatever you want to call them. I for one defend the right to defend our great land and her people. God bless everyone willing, ready, and fighting for all of us to have the peace and liberty to be here discussing this on here today. I pray they all come home victorious. I also pray they are taken care of and not deprived, most especially for their sacrifice. Let’s not bring them home like we did our Vietnaum vets.

  • Craig

    It is amazing how the liberal dummycrats and their leader Obama are trying to bring back the 60′s–Peace-Love-etc. Sorry people it won’t work. Close Gitmo and the war on terror start’s all over again. Obama states that we must love these people-bull, we need to take them out behind the wood-shed and beat the tar out of them. When will we stop being “Mr. nice-guy” to the rest of the world and start treating them the way they treat us, then maybe they will start to have second thoughts. Obama’s “Flower Power” ideals are not going to cut it and he’s a fool to think that these muslim nuts are going to like us. This country needs to step up and stop kissing everyone’s a-s. He and his liberal buddies spend more on the illegals everyday than the war costs us, he and his buddies kill and murder more babies everyday than the war does (abortion). Mr Obama and his liberal dummycrat buddies are running this country on a double standard: It’s ok for the dummycrats to do something but when some-one else does they cry “foul-unfair- just like the gays, which by the way people who are practicising homosexuals are going to go to hell just like the Word of God says, as will those who allow and practice abortion, which is MURDER and murderers will NOT see the kingdom of Heaven. Mr Obama is so screwed up when it comes to the Bible he has no clue what he is reading or what it means or to what group of people it is speaking of. Homosexuality and abortions are SIN’S and people who do them are sinners. Don’t like what your reading? READ YOUR BIBLE AND PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOUR READING, AND READ THE “NEW KING JAMES” OR THE NEW NIV. But hey, Obama thinks he actually is the nations saviour–NOT, he may be the nations president, but he is NOT the nations saviour. At the rate he is going, he will destroy this country, which just very well may be his plan. Maybe if enough conservatives come to their senses we can retake control of congress in 2010 and then impeach Mr Obama and put him on trial for treason. Sad days for this country, sad days. I can just hear it now–my comment is so “hate-full”, only if you think in those terms that when people call things for what they really are, that’s where they run and hide behind, well, SIN is SIN and let’s call it for what it really is according to the Word of God . Remenber, God says we are either for Him or against Him, there is no middle ground. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND HER GREATEST ALLIE—-ISRAEL—THE PEARL OF GOD.

  • Sean

    The problem with Gitmo and the Military Commission is that they have no accountability for who they detain. The Military Commissions Act of 2006 gave Bush the power to claim anyone an ‘unlawful enemy combatant’ without proof or precedent, basically making anyone ‘guilty until proven innocent’. I agree that those people who they have proof against should be detained and punished, but I do not agree that we as a nation have the right to detain anyone we want, punish and interrogate them without any proof or precendent, and then only after they are mentally scarred for life, release them. Many, if not most, of these detainees were 100% innocent… people like you and I.. with families, jobs and children and no ties whatsoever to terrorism.

    Noone is saying to let the bad ones go. Thats insane. All they are saying is that all the current prisoners need to be either proven guilty or let go. This is how they do things in a Monarchy or a Dictatorship. In our government, people are innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around. This is one of the fundamental rights we fought and died for in 1776, and to take away these basic human rights for anyone, US citizen or no, makes us no better today than the British we fought against 200 years ago. The only difference is that today, we are on the other side of the coin.

    How would you feel if your husband, wife or child was swept away to a prison in Gitmo, interrogated and tortured for 3 years and released back to you without any explanation or accountability? And of course you know they were 100% innocent? This is exactly what happened to most of those detainees, and why good people are so upset about the methodology used to ‘get things done’ by the Bush Administration.

    People need to take a step back and realize that the US, while powerful, is a small part of a large world. If we want to continue living our life the way we have been for 200 years, we need to make more friends than enemies on this planet. If we make everyone else our enemy, the US is doomed. I know people like to think we are the big kid on the block, but we are not. Our best defense is to maintain good relations with as many countries as we can tolerate, even if they do not hold to all our fundamental beliefs (including religion) and for those countries that have radical elements that hate the US, but where a majority of the country is pro-US, make alliances with those willing to aid us. We can use this resource to help obtain and maintain critical information that will help prevent future attacks like 9/11. Turning our backs on an entire country because 0.1% of their people hate the US is a grave mistake.

    Anyone who has ever played the game of ‘Risk’ understands that he who owns the most armies, wins. Early in the game, luck is the primary factor, but there comes a threshold at which even luck will not help the losing side. We don’t have enough armies to take over other countries… we barely have enough to defend our own. Every fight we pick with other countries reduces the number of troops we have to defend our own borders. We cannot win thru brute force, we must employ diplomacy if we want to see our grandchildren enjoy the freedoms we have today.


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