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Obama Signs Natural Gas Executive Order

April 17, 2012 by  

Obama Signs Natural Gas Executive Order
The President has signed an executive order that supposedly will streamline regulation in the natural gas industry.

On Friday, President Barack Obama signed an executive order that increases Federal involvement in the oversight of unconventional methods for mining natural gas.

The order establishes a working group that includes various White House offices such as the Council on Environmental Quality and National Economic Council, along with other cabinet departments and agencies like the Department of the Interior, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Homeland Security.

The order comes just after many Republican lawmakers have chided agencies working on regulations for the industry — specifically related to hydraulic fracturing — saying they are hampering growth.

Some proponents of the Presidential order applaud the action, saying that it could streamline the oversight process of the natural gas industry in the United States.

American Petroleum Institute head Jack Gerard said his organization is “pleased that the White House recognizes the need to coordinate the efforts of the Federal agencies that are reviewing, studying or proposing new regulations.” He does, however, call for the Federal government to work closely with State regulators.

Others say that the President has effectively taken over the industry.

A portion of the order states:

Because efforts to promote safe, responsible, and efficient development of unconventional domestic natural gas resources are underway at a number of executive departments and agencies (agencies), close interagency coordination is important for effective implementation of these programs and activities. To formalize and promote ongoing interagency coordination, this order establishes a high-level, interagency working group that will facilitate coordinated Administration policy efforts to support safe and responsible unconventional domestic natural gas development.

Some critics argue that because the order states the importance of protecting long-term supplies, it gives the Federal government the power to shut down gas production at will under pressure from environmentalists, while claiming the need to protect reserves.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • GALT

    “For every subtle and complicated question there is a perfectly simple and straightforward answer which is WRONG!” H.L. Mencken

    Mr Rolley, I want to congratulate you, once again for your inciteful analysis, for the second day in a row…….today’s substance is what?

    Pretty much adds to zero……..BUT with a rather foolish closing….

    You will understand when the government TAKES OVER the industry, because it will have “taken OVER the industry.”

    Considering that the “industry” ( corporations ) have essentially taken over the government, this might prove to be an interesting situation.

    The sad truth is that “regulations” can only have an effect, when the regulators have the means to regulate. ( funding ) Since the funding is not there, it’s pretty much business as usual……but your concern is touching, or it will be for someone?

    “The most common of all follies is to believe passionately in the palpably not true. It is the chief occupation of mankind.”H.L. Mencken

    In the spirit of “limited government” and “equal JUSTICE under law”,

    Where are the common law and equity courts?

    • Vigilant

      Your comment “pretty much adds to zero”……..AND is foolish throughout…..

      That URL you linked to is a joke…the first paragraph is a wonderful display of a person claiming to be a judge, who can’t even write using proper English.

      Your fondness for quoting Mencken is laughable. Your second quote describes you perfectly.

      What do you have to say about this Mencken quote? “The Jews could be put down very plausibly as the most unpleasant race ever heard of. As commonly encountered, they lack many of the qualities that mark the civilized man: courage, dignity, incorruptibility, ease, confidence. They have vanity without pride, voluptuousness without taste, and learning without wisdom. Their fortitude, such as it is, is wasted upon puerile objects, and their charity is mainly a form of display.”

      Some great guy, huh?

    • Vigilant

      P.S. Learn the difference between “insightful” and “Inciteful.”

      • Chester

        Do believe he knew which one he was using, and intended it that way.

      • GALT

        and you would be correct, sir.

      • GALT

        So Vigilant, where are the common law and equity courts?

        Don’t know? Hey, here’s a thought, why not drop Ron Paul or Rand or Judge Neapolitano and email…….maybe they know?

    • Victoria

      How in the HELL is he still in office?????????

      • post time

        NWO JUICE.

  • Sirian

    There may be arguments to flow from both sides but in the end the same objective is being reached. As so stated from the source of “Others say”, the final conclusion is – “the President’s decree gives the federal government the ability to shut down gas production operations as they see fit, potentially leading to government price fixing and centralized control of an essential natural energy resource.
    While the President’s Executive Order aims to curtail the unsafe and environmentally dangerous practices of the fracking industry, it further expands government control over our lives through more centralization of power and bureaucracy.”

    This summarizes the overall intents and purposes of this EO, even more so, this president. Regardless, there are many other EO’s that both have and will continue to play into this. One EO is very much associated with and or directed to emphasis or embolden other EO’s that have been set in place or are soon to be set. Keep an eye open, it’s taking place faster than we could ever expect it to.

  • Fed up

    Just the latest example of that worthless P.O.S. trying to dictate everything!

  • Pete0097

    He probably wants to control it as he, Reid, Pelosi and other democrat friends have stock in gas production (futures) and they want the price to go up so they make more money. (Joe Biden is too stupid to follow along as he just won’t listen)

    • Russ

      I hope natural gas does go up since it is at an all time low. I happen to be a landowner
      who has been ripped off by the low prices. Natural gas is the cleanest and most efficient
      of carbon based fuels. As far as the POS wanting control, he or someone is already keeping the price unnaturally low considering what we are paying for gasoline from oil.
      Why is it that the smucks who make so much money selling their products to we consumers
      hate it when someone else makes a few dollars more within reason. 6.00 per mcf of gas is a fair price. 2.00 per mcf is a rip-off for people like me. You people need to start bitching about those things that matter, things like foreign aid and politicians who make way more than they are worth, runaway spending on BS programs. The real welfare class is anyone who works for government, including all those who benefit from the stolen money they pass around to their friends. The war-mongers can be defined as the worst of
      big spenders of tax-payer money and lives lost for absolutely no reason.

      The Obama syndicate is just a follow up of the Bush disaster. Remember it was Bush that ran everyone away from the Republican party to vote for the moron we now have. Why? Because people are tired of never ending wars for the Jews and their global wars. We need to get out of the UN and do as Ron Paul says, stay out of other people’s business and stop the war mongering. We also need to get rid of most of the government and return it to the people.
      I agree with the definition of the Jews that the guy above stated. Actually, inciteful makes a pretty good definition itself since Jews seem to incite a response of disdain from most who are aware enough of what they represent to the world.

      • auhunter

        I’m curious, how iss $2.00 a gallon for natural gas a rip off, vs. $6.00. Seems to me the $6.00 would be the rip off, considerig the availability.

  • Jim K

    This is interesting in view of the fact that our natural gas reserves are bursting at the seams. Industry has stopped some drilling projects because e are developing sources faster than we are using natural gas. To date, our storage facilities cannot handle any more. Obviously this is an industry with problems, first of which is why are we drilling more wells when we will only have to spend additional resources to store the material?. Why do we feel we have to drill more wells at this time? it sounds like there is an unholy alliance between the administration and the oil industry, doesn’t it?

    • Russ

      That’s because there is no manufacturing base anymore, no jobs and no need for the large amounts of natural gas that a good economy needs to run itself. Under Obama there is no economy, just the idea that he has a blank credit card to spend and buy, regulate and control. Send the gas overseas and sell it like you would anything else. We don’t need to hold onto it. Someone needs to cut of the gas and electric at the Whitehouse and at all those peoples houses who are against carbon based energy and tell them to buy a windmill or a battery. Problem is how they would charge the battery. I am sick and tired of idiots who have too much money, a job and then try to control everyone elses lives. Like the smoking BS. When are we going to post ads showing the damaging effects of eating and all the diabetics and heart patients with their chests opened wide due to eating junk?

      Liberals are the biggest idiots and are always wanting to regulate someone else while they themselves engage in another type of destructive behavior. Like the pro homosexual lobby,
      they promote disease and aids by promoting the behavior that is the number one source of sexual life ending disease. All the while they want to control if I can choose to smoke by taxing me out of money to buy cigarettes. That is the real hypocrites of our time. Why doesn’t the folks in California and Arizona get rid of the two biggest liberals in government named Pelosi and Reed? Evidently the people in those states represent the most uneducated and lacking in common sense in the country. Include New York and Florida in that comment.

      • auhunter

        Ried isn’t from Arizona, He’s from Nevada. He wouldn’t be in office here.

      • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

        Russ, you are right about where Princess Palosi is from, however Prince Harry (Reed) is from Nevada not Arizona. Arizona is the state that is being sued by the Obummer cobal for trying to stop any illegals (Obummer’s new electorate) from invading the US.

  • Karolyn

    Well, there does need to be oversight, otherwise the industry will just frack the hell out of the country.

    • Vigilant

      Yes, Karolyn, big(ger) government is the answer to everything. And I thought you were a Ron Paul advocate.

      • Karolyn

        I do support much of Dr. Paul’s views; however, we cannot abolish all oversight. Do you not agree that if we did not have regulations, big corporations would do whatever they want despite any negative effects? I recall an interview I listened to years ago where a big developer was asked if he was concerned with what his grandchildren would be left with if he continued to destroy the land; and he said “No.” All he was concerned with was getting all he could as long as he could. Greed is the name of the game, and let the chips fall where they may. As it is, there are many who say that fracking is not a good thing.

    • DavidL

      Right again, Karolyn. There is a big difference, Vigilant, between larger government and smarter government. When our citizens can light their tap water on fire, it’s time for government to step in to protect life. You are in favor of protecting life, right Vigilant?

      • Wyatt

        I would have to say it is just Bigger Government in this case . To say Smarter Government in the case of the Obama White House is an Oxymoron !

      • Daveh234

        Smarter by far than the previous administration.

      • Vigilant

        In my 65 years on earth, I have seen government become larger and more intrusive. I have NEVER sen it become smarter.

      • Will Larimer

        People in some places in Pennsylvania lit their tap water on fire seventy years ago. Methane it seems is water soluble. That said, fraccing really Does need to be studied more because it Does bring new potential and proven hazards. I just don’t like to see uhbamma involved in what MUST be the new direction in energy in the US. That sucker hates us and our country and I have very little trust in any endevor or idea of his.

  • eddie47d

    When there are no regulations businesses have proven that they will do anything they want to make a buck. Pick any industry and they will all push the envelope in achieving profits. Now profits are a good thing and a company can’t function without them. It’s the consumer fraud we get stuck with and environmental damages communities have to clean up that is disturbing. Until we can find people who are totally honest in life there will always be a need for rules and regulations.

  • Wumingren

    There is the ability of any subsequent president to revoke any and all of Obama’s Executive Orders. The question is whether there will be solid resolve to remove all the regulations that such EOs have spawned. If a master chef were to write recipes for his most delicious entrées and desserts, and a subsequent, lousy chef were to transcribe those recipes and use the wrong measurements, the food will be terrible. The recipe can be repaired, but the food will not be repaired. It must all be thrown out, and new entrées and desserts must be prepared. Thus, any new administration that does not throw out all of Obama’s ruined rules and regulations will be guilty of serving Americans spoiled policy.

    • Vigilant

      For my money, EVERY executive order on the books should be repealed post haste. Like czars, activist judges and regulatory agencies writing law, they are all unconstitutional.

      • momo

        Couldn’t agree more!

      • Wumingren

        Yes, I agree completely with you, Vigilant. I wonder if a president could write an Executive Order that says:All Executive Orders preceding this one are hereby revoked and declared null and void. If the American people should find favor in any of those revoked orders, let them speak through their elected representatives in Congress to seek legislative remedies for their retention. Furthermore, this Executive Order shall be the last of its kind. No subsequent Executive Orders shall be written by the Executive Branch. Instead, the President may, at his discretion, write only Letters of Recommendation to Congress for their consideration. Only upon acts of Congress shall such recommendations be approved as the law of the land.

    • eddie47d

      In 1982 we had the Garn-Germain Act repealed which escalated the Keating Savings and Loan Scandal. Texas and California were the main states to be hit by the bankers schemes which in turn hurt the whole country. The Deregulators are always attempting to make it easier for businesses yet end up making matters worse. The bankers were punished back then (almost 900 of them) yet those regulations were not put back into place which gave them free rein in all their predatory lending. How did the housing collaspe sit with you all because of those lack of regulations.

  • David in MA

    Can anyone state without fear of contradiction that congress is relevent?
    The Supreme Court is obozo’s next branch of government to be destroyed.
    Then executive orders will be without question as the boy who would be king will have excuted a coup on America and the installation of a socialist/communist/islamic government run by and answerable only to this undocumented illegal POS and his muslim/soros alliance!

    • Daveh234

      The Supreme Court in their hasty decision to allow corporations unlimited political funding has shown itself to be an activist judiciary of the right wing already. Something should be done to disallow the lopsided and politically motivated rulings before it goes further.

    • boyscout

      What’s with all this Marxist-Leninist BS? Obozo is a socialist; is a totalitarian. is a Jew (God’s chosen, BTW) loving Muslim ?! Notice any incongruities there ? Ob is a puppet of the real elite just like all the others since Ike. Make no mistake – or keep making the same stupid ones over and over. Get Ob out and our troubles are over – yeah right.
      Removing one rat from the nest won’t save the grain, guys and gals. All the money changers need swept out of democracy’s temple. RP in office would be a fine BEGINNING, but just that – a beginning.

  • Herbert

    He’s doing it agen look’s like and heill keep doing it . untel we the Peple steep up and Volt hem out . he’s not doing whot is right to get this Contrey back ot work.

    • Rtringgo

      Oof! Go back to school, PLEASE.

      • Linda

        You don’t have to knock someone down to make yourself feel better. At least he is involved. There are too many people sitting on the sidelines hoping someone else will take care of it. Be nice.

  • maxtor

    “Oversight” means EPA will move in and start writing regulations that will drive the price thru the roof….”Oversight” means that the government will take over every aspect of where to drill, when to drill, how much can me extracted and regulate and drive the price to the unaffordable rate to end users thus hurting the economy even more!!! he is dragging this economy and dragging the public down so far that it will be impossible to live with both spouses working. the thermostat in the house will have to be set 10 degrees lower just to afford the same gas that was affored before. ‘GET THE HELL OUT OF PRIVATE INDUSTRY AND QUIT MESSING WITH THE PEOPLE!!”

    • Karolyn

      But it’s OK for the big guy to mess with the “little people?” And that’s what happens when there is no control. “They” don’t give a sh!t about anything but the profits.

      • http://Aol CommonSense4America

        Obama wants to drive the price up so that his GREEN energy will be price competitive.

  • Raggs

    Natural gas no doubt will start rising in price in order to pad oblamas communist friends that will soon control yet another large portion of Americas economy….

  • Kevin March

    What is the purpose of having a Congress when they let Obama run roughshod over the Constitution and laws of the United States. Obummer decided that Congress “wasn’t” neccessary and that King Obummer will rule by executive order. Congress and the American people, wake up, Obummer is a dictator. If Congress doesn’t act, vote all the bums out and Obummer with them. This is the last chance to save this country.

    • Karolyn

      I think the main point is that Congress is asleep at the wheel. if we have to wait for them to get anything done, we might as well forget about it.

  • Tom sizemore

    Typical liberal welfare recipient comments hold no water because their alien masters have them brainwashed

    • Joseph Murphy

      I have a feeling, that some members of congress have had their lives threatened. Somewhat like that movie “Amerika”. Do you really think, most American military will kill there fellow Americans? Of course, Obama might bring in a foreign army to take control of us.

  • Doug Rodrigues

    Interesting that politicians always have to be in control of something? Once they attain control, what usually happens is that bumbling bureaucrats with no expertise in whatever they attampt to control transform a good working system of whatever it is into a system of illogical restrictions. The latest illustration of this is Obama “care.”

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    The (2) Sure things Are… Our Gas bill won’t be less & our taxes won’t be less!

  • jerry

    Again, one more nail in the coffin of FREEDOM. The power given to the States to regulate what goes on in their States superceeds the take over and power grabbing by this power hungry monster we call President. I did not think anyone could be worse than Bush…he has arrived on the seen.

    • Will Larimer

      I remember when I thought No one could beat Nixon for being a bum, but every other bum we’ve elected since “tricky” has been worse than the last. Believe me or not, these dirtballs are just gonna keep being worse and worse until another of them stands up and says “enough” and declares an illegal war on the club of rome, the bilderburgers , the trilateral commision voting members (they are all the same people) and kicks the UN out of New York. The only way that may happen is if we do our jobs and Never elect another professional politician to congress or as president. They have to obey the club of rome or they are kicked out of office due to a contrived scandel, are murdered, or threatened in such a way that makes them come back to “the reservation”. In other words, it ain’t gonna happen. As one of the slimers was fond of saying, “well… we all have to make sacrifices”.

  • Ray

    Nobody wants to do anything about the President going aver Congress head and doing just as he wants to. We dont need congress if they cant do their job. He runs the country like Stain, Hitler Asaad etc.

  • Raggs

    Exactly…. We also wouldn’t want a free market system either now would we?
    It’s not like they are re-inventing the light bulb or anything ( opps ) done that.

    • neenergyobserver

      Exactly, why do what works when we can do so much worse for far more money.

  • Spyder dalton

    Executive orders to control gas foos and water… Gee I wonder what he’s up to?

  • George

    Shouldn’t this action be voted on in the house and senate? Isn’t this another dictatorial action by our elected representative. He is not a King or Dictator.

    • GALT

      I believe the explanation is fairly simple… President he is in charge of the Executive Branch …..Executive Orders are the means by which The Executive, runs the various departments under his authority……enforcing the legislation passed by congress.

      really not quite so sinister after all?

  • Karolyn

    Fracking is not “working so well.” There are many naysayers, and many of the companies do not want to disclose what they are squirting into the ground. Now, why wouldn’t they want us to know what they’re using? Hmmmm?

    • neenergyobserver

      Really, the University of Texas and the Blackfeet Nation (on their Heritage Lands) begs to differ.

    • Karolyn

      There are always opposing views. Of course, for those wanting financial gain no matter what the cost to the land, there’s only one view – “Just do it.” It’s like the mountaintops that are being blown up for coal. The people who live there don’t want to lose the lay of the land, but those who gain financially could care less.

    • afdbghq

      I I was going to post a smart reply but there would be no reason as you have shown yourself to be totally brain dead (read uber liberal( and no matter what facts or truths were presented you would still refuse to listen and do any research for yourself. All you know how is what the liberal/marxist/socialist morons in power tell you. You are unable to form any opinion of your own.

    • Karolyn

      decided not to post a smart reply – as opposed to what you did write? Actually, I might just say the same right back atcha. :-) Typical conservative tactic – the personal attack. (credit given to samurai for that :-)

  • Randy131

    Now we can say goodbye to the today’s historically lowest priced carbon based energy, as well as today’s over-supply of it. Before Obama signed his executive order putting more federal restrictions on the natural gas industry today, it was at record low costs and record high production, but all that will now change in the very near future, for anything the federal government involves itself in, it screws up, as Obama well knows, and is the reason for his executive order. Obama is bound and determined to raise the price of all carbon-based energy in the USA, to the levels of Europe, so his green energy alternatives will then become price competitive with Obama’s artificially raised cost of carbon-based energy. The problem is that now the poor must suffer even more in Obama’s extended recession, as even more people will now lose their jobs, and the natural gas industry, which was the only industry in the USA that was creating high paying jobs, will now come to a complete stop and start losing jobs instead of creating them, another reason to re-elect Obama?

    • Joseph Murphy

      Are any of you posters aware that average people have been investing money in the new workings of natural gas? I was hoping, we would fuel our cars with natural gas. It was going to be cheaper than oil made gas. I know some posters will say, that I must be rich, since I have money to invest. I have savings in Series E U.S. Savings bonds (paying just a little over 1 percent. How can I, a senior citizen have money to save? Simple, I stopped buying on credit, paid all my bills each month in full. In 2008, Muslims, that had accepted Jesus, as Lord, told us that Obama was really a Muslim. God has allowed Obama to be President. God is punishing America for turning away from Jesus, similiar to when Jews turned to man made idols and taken captive into Babylon.

  • EdinNola

    So now the king has assumed coordinated control over the Natural Gas Industry. OMG – Obama Must Go

  • Nancy in Nebraska

    As usual there are two sides to this issue. On the one side you’ve got a government that wants to control every little thing we do. They regulate everything to death and destroy opportunity wherever they see it. On the other side are corporations who are only interested in making a buck (or a few billion). They don’t care that they are poisoning our land and our water. People’s lives are at stake but they don’t care if it means more money for them. They will pump their poisons into the ground and they don’t want to answer to anyone. We need real, honest regulations and oversight but you won’t find any of that here. Both sides have an agenda and neither side is looking out for anyone but themselves. Don’t interpret this as support of the current form of “regulation” that we have now but only as recognition that we do need some sort of oversight to protect us.

    • Tom sizemore

      We are doomed nancy, head for the hills

    • neenergyobserver


      I have no problem at all agreeing with you on this. I’m no more a friend to the crony-capitalists than I am the radical environmentalists. We do need some sort of referee. I’m not sure how to get there though.

      We saw plenty of this nonsense right here at home this year with the Keystone pipeline, didn’t we?

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Tom, you are an A$$!!!

  • Mort

    I may be wrong, but I thought that Congress, if it acts within 30 days,has the power to veto any Executive Order. I do understand that any veto by the House will be ignored by Harry Reid in the Senate. I will suggest that any veto, by the House, should be accompanied with an impeachment proceeding vs. Harry Reid. I am sure that there are adequate grounds.

  • http://Aol CommonSense4America

    Price of natural gas is about to necesserally skyrocket. Thanks Barry. We needed this.

  • David Hendrick Behrens

    Obama is over zealous and a narcissistic, dictator in the White House, he has to control everything and ignores everyone else as nonexistent and as just one of his mindless, slaves………

  • Lucinda

    Problem is this administration picks and chooses who they want to regulate. Favored corporations like BP get a pass. Government is pure corruption.

  • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

    Well, well, just another example of Obamacrats wanting to Nationalize all our private industries. Alla, Socialism/Communism. If all the sheeple think Obummer is El Supremo thay are idiots, just look at N. Korea, the only people that are healthy are members of the Party or the Military. Oh, also the only way their companies (the Govenmental-controled businesses) can prosper is too Steal it or have someone to steal it and then to sell it to them.

  • ranger hall

    Folks the Resourses of a Country belong to the People,And should be regulated for the Good of the People and the Country, When you allow a Private Corp. to control the resourses, The Profits should be Regulated to allow the Corp to make a decent Profit, I said a decent Profit. But the Govt is giving away our resourses and we are allowing this to happen, It all started with Oil and minerals along time ago.
    To control the People the Powers to be need to control the MONEY,FOOD,WATER,And LAND, WHICH. INCLUDES THE RESOURSES. And of course the means to fight back.

  • ranger hall

    And there is nothing different about our Country and other Countries, The Powers to be control us as other Powers to Be control their Countries and Peoples. WE just have not been beaten 100% but we are headed down that road, not sure when we will all be following that bell.

  • Jay

    Today, it all changes. Everything we have known is being transformed. The Obama States of America is officially being established by the former Democrat and Republican parties. Today, we are all Obama-Stalinists and will now happily give everything we own over to the Obama government. In other words, we will embrace our slavery with smiles
    on our faces—or else.

    Despite our efforts to stop it, both Republicans and Democrats voted to give Dictator-in-Chief Obama trillions of dollars more (which we no longer have) in this reality-show marking the end of the manufactured and phony “debt crisis.” Note: There wouldn’t be any crisis if Congress and the illegal POTUS would agree to stop spending and sending our money to their globalist friends overseas. But, they refuse.

    The agreement to add additional trillions-of-dollars to our debt—which will now destroy and gut us completely—gives Obama the means to help his reelection campaign and does NOT provide any substantial cuts to spending…if any at all. Where did you think the Tyrant Obama planned to use a great deal of it?

    The rumors that this was all a game between the Democrat and Republican parties to try to fool We-the-People into believing they are really working for us were and are true. Boehner and McConnell have just turned the country over to Obama, their planned super committee and Obama’s dictatorship. Neither Establishment Republicans (RINOs…Democrat plants) or the now totally Marxist-Leninist Democrats are working for us or the country. They are working for themselves, against the United States of America and we now fully work for them.

    And now US Congressional members have decided—since they haven’t followed the US Constitution for decades—to put into place a “Super Congress” committee that will consist of 12 members; six Marxist-Democrats and six Go-Along-to Keep-our-jobs Republicans. As Paul Joseph Watson writes, the unconstitutional establishment this Super Congress” will command that “legislation decided on by the Super Congress would be immune from amendment and lawmakers would only be able to register an up or down vote, eliminating the ability to filibuster. The Speaker of the House would effectively lose the power to prevent unpopular bills from making it to the House floor.”

    Congress now finally realizes the US electorate wants to get rid of all of those who oppose the will of US citizens and Congress members on both sides of the aisle have no intention of leaving their offices due to the votes of the “stupid little people.”

    One of the first plans of the Super Congress is to dissolve or severely limit the Second Amendment. Congressional members will cede all authority over the Second Amendment—and therefore the entire Bill of Rights—to themselves and we presume the planned never-to-be-unseated Tyrant Obama. They know that what they are doing will eventually cause a real bloody American Revolution. So, now the entire US government plans to remove our ability to fight them back. Virtually everything Obama and Congress are doing, these days, is illegal.

    So, welcome to the new and revised (aka “transformed”) world of dictatorship, severe coming suppression, poverty and early death to all US citizens. The Obama syndicate
    tested our mettle when it commanded its TSA to sexually grope us and our children. We failed. Welcome to your and our abject slavery.

    • eye4photos

      Obamacare was not all about insurance. It was about retching more power out of the hands of the people under the guise of looking after our fellow man when in reality it was about getting courts to give the president the power to dictate what one has to and can’t buy. Wouldn’t it be a utopia if we were all provided for and not have to worry about skyhigh medical costs?..Wake up people the costs will still be handed to us but some of us will fell better because our insurance will take the sting out but what about the costs incurred to the state we live in to implement and monitor the behemoth system to make sure we are all covered? .Healthcare insurance was the vehicle that the dems want to entice people into thinking that they will be cared for no matter what yet they are already saying that the system will still be broken and they may have to ration healthcare….Why would anyone who has insurance already want to give up one broken sytem for one that is even more broken is beyond me. The states don’t want it as they will be saddled with the costs of implementing and montitoring it and many of these states are barely afloat economically as it is. So, where is all this extra revenue going to come from? More fricken taxes. The system was put together by a bunch of “gurus” that were almost completely comprised of insurance executives. You can’t tell me that wasn’t a conflict of interest. So what is so affordable about the affordable healthcare act if you aren’t one of the 32 million some odd people who will be now be covered by insurance that couldn’t afford it before and who is really going to benefit from it?

      • Joseph Murphy

        Eventually, we are all going to die. Take 2 aspirins and get a good night’s sleep. Don’ t run to the doctor with every little discomfort.

    • Joseph Murphy

      I agree with you, Jay. i am expecting the worst to happen. Obama will rig the election or come up with some plan to cancel the election. I will probably be killed because I am a hot headed Irishman, and will tell Obama, exactly what I think of him.

      • Joseph Murphy

        We Christians must start praying, even for Obama. Speak gently to non Christians, do not browbeat. If they show no interest, then move on to the next person. Only God can save America now.

  • Mario

    Natural gas prices will move up rapidly. In Asia there are at $15, Euorpe $9 and here at $1.95. This situation could not last too long. May and June should zoom the price up to the $8-9 area then drop and possibly get to $11-12 area by Nov 2012-Feb 2013 time frame. NG will be $18-22 by 2015.

    The idea is not to participate in a recession, so to all , buy some natural gas call options 4-6 dollar calls for July and August contracts. Each $1 move in natural gas is $10,000. Commodities are much safer and the returns ten times better than the stock market…except they ( Wall Street gang ) don’t want people to know this so they still talk about commodities being risky and you could lose your house. There are more people who have lost their houses playing stocks and a stock will go to zero but a commodity never will.

    Get long Natural gas futures ( hedge with a put option ) or buy some calls and don’t participate in a recession. Buy some silver calls if you can, as its going to 42/43 and maybe $53-55 by end of May 2012. US dollar should start tanking fast now into mid June..then up then a final down into 41 on the DX.

    The only president worth his salt since 1900 was JFK and he was shot by you know whom.

    Its never going to change unless the people take over with a Robin Hood leading them but this will never happen….so learn to make money in commodities ( don’t listen to any CTA or broker), buy low sell high…NG is low….”Be Greedy when people are fearful and fearful when people are greedy.”

    Good luck and get long Natural Gas.

  • Silas Longshot

    One more step towards socialist utopia, one more key element of infrastructure under direct government control, one less freedom of the market which means higher prices for the consumer.

    • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

      Silas, you hit it out of the ball park on that one. I sure hope the sheeple that elected this Marxist/Socialist wake up this coming November.


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