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Obama Shuts Down Southern Defense Mechanism, Opens South To Attack

January 30, 2013 by  

Obama Shuts Down Southern Defense Mechanism, Opens South To Attack

As the Federal government spends billions of dollars to expand the surveillance and monitoring of U.S. citizens with electronic eavesdropping devices and drone aircraft, it has decided to shut down a surveillance system that protects the southern border and coastline against low-flying aircraft and missiles and assists U.S. Customs and Border Protection in interdicting illegal border crossings and smuggling.

The Administration of President Barack Obama is shutting down the Tethered Aerostat Radar System (TARS) that uses moored balloons hovering at about 15,000 feet to watch for incoming aircraft and missiles that may penetrate U.S. air space. NORAD, the U.S. Air Force and customs all rely on the system.

According to an email to employees of Exelis Systems Corp., the company that built and maintains the system, the government has requested the program be shut down on March 15. Following is the text of the email:

Subject: TARS Contract Update

Tuesday, 15 January 2013, we received a government request for a proposal (RfP) to de-scope and close the TARS program by the end of the fiscal year. The government indicated that it does not intend to exercise the final two option years for the TARS contract. In the RfP, the government also indicated its intent that aerostat flight operations will cease on March 15, 2013, and that the remainder of the fiscal year will be used to deflate aerostats, disposition equipment, and prepare sites for permanent closure. We are currently reviewing all the details of the RfP and evaluating the possible impacts on the program and our workforce. We continue to communicate with the government on this matter, and we will have more information in the coming days and weeks.

The TARS program provides a critical capability to the U.S. government and we should remain focused on providing that service in an uninterrupted and robust manner.

The best thing we can do right now is to continue to provide the outstanding TARS support that has become the Exelis hallmark, while allowing the company and the government time to continue discussions on how to best support the customer, the program, and our workforce. We will provide regular updates as we know more. Should you have a specific question, please address them to Tim Green, Program Manager.

Tim Green, PMP
Program Manager
Tethered Aerostat Radar System
Exelis Systems Corporation

The Air Force’s website states: “(T)he system is capable of detecting low altitude aircraft at the radar’s maximum range by mitigating curvature of the earth and terrain masking limitations. TARS provides a detection and monitoring capability along the United States-Mexico border, the Florida Straits, and a portion of the Caribbean in support of the Department of Defense Counterdrug Program… In addition to its counterdrug mission, TARS surveillance data also supports North American Aerospace Defense Command’s air sovereignty mission for the continental United States.”

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, one Exelis employee told Texas GOP Vote this about the announced closure of the TARS sites:

“Not only will this closure mean hundreds of people will be out of jobs, but it also means our borders will not be safe, especially along the remote U.S. Mexico Border like in Texas. These defense radars detect low flying aircraft infiltrating our borders. Without these defense radars, low flying aircraft will go undetected. It will be open season for any drug/gun/slave smugglers, terrorists flying in with nukes, low altitude missiles, or even a full scale low elevation invasion/attack against America.”

Since he’s been in office, Obama has seemingly done all he can to make the southern border as unsafe as possible. He’s allowed guns to flow unimpeded across the border with Mexico through Operation Fast and Furious, he’s tied the hands of border patrol agents and now he’s abandoning the whole of the Southern United States to airborne attack. And he’s violating Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution in the process.

The grounds for charges of treason continue to mount.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • phideaux

    This definately shows obama’s commitment (or lack there of) to the security of the US.

    • Robert Smith

      As if the administration is going to talk about anything else that is in place that works better if the bad guys don’t know about it.


      • Andy

        Because there is nothing. Nice try nitwit.

      • OneGuess

        As if you don’t knee-jerk a blow any time a posting even might be critical of Maobama.

    • eddie47d

      As technology improves whats to say its not being replaced with something better? Since more drones are being used along the border and along the Gulf maybe the old systems are no longer valid. That has been brought up in the news several times this past week. How is that treasonous?

      • Lima Bean

        Actually, it’s likely that they DO have something else in mind. Our govt’s secrets have secrets.

        But: they’re practicing war in the middle of US cities at the same time, claiming it’s for practice in other cities. Without proper notice to locals. They don’t know what’s going on until they see the helicopter shooting blanks at cars on the highway. If this was practice for outside our country, there would be no need to take civilians by surprise…there’s a lot of things that don’t quite add up.

      • ranger09

        Heck most of these old systems never worked properly anyway, When i worked security for DOD we pulled a inspection on a base in calif, Had something to do with the TS space div. We found out that 1/3 of the system was defective, The security police said this system was like this from the 1st day it was installed and never got the contractor to fix the problem, When our report was filed, The Gov issued a several million dollor NEW contract with the same contractor that had installed the original system, NO rebates, NO punishment.

      • rhcrest

        Eddie, i have a question for you. Is there ANYTHING that Obama could do that would make you not defend him? If he killed a baby or a puppy live on TV would you still find some way to say that there is nothing to see here, no big deal, Bush did it blah blah blah. I mean seriously is there ANY situation that would make you think differently about him?

      • Robert Smith

        Rhcrest: “is there ANY situation that would make you think differently about him?”

        Might you get several others on this forum who have been particularly nasty to Obama to answer the same question?


        • Charles Moore

          Rob. It must be very difficult for you to drink Kool Aid while your head is buried in the sand. Bush did not start the war In Iraq. Both houses of Congress voted for it. Obama increased the troops in Afghanistan by 30,000 men. Obama did not end the war in Iraq,Bush had already signed the Withdrawal Iraq and your Obama tried to get them extended but the Iraqi government would not agree to immunity for our troops. This is exactly why I stated that people are Naive Misinformed and, Uninformed .Actually they display their ignorance when they make such absurd comments. Did you forget when your idol Obama said he would halve the Deficit in his campaign of 2008?. Did you forget when Obama criticized others for increasing the Debt Limit?It was 10 trillion when Bush left office and the last two years of the Bush Administration had the Democrats in control of both houses of Congress. It just passed 16.5 trillion. Are you Brain Dead?

      • DWFields

        @Charles Moore: Wrong! The Bush administration lied to all Americans and the Congress when he asked for permission to start those wars; he specifically qualified his request with the statement with the words, “… in the event we determine it is necessary” and immediately–even before the ink was dry–declared the war as “necessary”. Even his Secretary of State resigned, stating that he had been lied to when he made his own recommendation for the declaration of war.

        Iraq was unnecessary–just a former President’s son wanting to finish the job his father had backed away from as harmful to world peace. It looks to me like his father was right since our world and our country is in far worse shape than where George H. W. Bush and his successor left it.

      • Obama Time

        Wow . Do you guys realize there are oher channels other then FOX News & maybe you’ll hear real news not fantasy news.

      • Betty

        Eddie, get your head back into the sunshine. This person is evil and is out to destroy the once greatest country in the world. I hope that makes you happy.

      • eddie47d

        There’s going to be lots of sunshine here in Denver for a full week Betty come on out and enjoy it instead of wallowing in your doom and gloom world. Did you know I replied to rhcrest above 3 times and each time my comment was deleted. Naw they wouldn’t do that now would they? America is still a great country and you fail to see the positive!

      • Scott

        Well eddie47d, Let’s hope that your assumption is correct. My confidence in Barack and this present administration on integrity is ZERO !!! My comfort level is also a big fat ZERO… The way Barack and his administration usurp our Constitution, deflate our military, GIVE our best aircraft and tanks away for FREE, to a known Muslim Brotherhood leader/supporter in Greece, not to mention that this is hundreds, upon hundreds of millions of dollars that OUR COUNTRY needs… Leaves very little confidence.

      • WILDFIRE

        @rhcrest – Yes there is something Obama can do that eddie won’t approve of and no longer worship him as a God – Take eddies food stamps and obama phone away and he will no longer worship his master Obama

    • truthbeknown

      How true. he is trying his best to destroy this country. its not just latinos who cross that border its a bunch of others. who knows maybe freinds of his. some how he needs to be shut down. our senators and congressmen dont have the balls to do so. i ask them who is pulling their strings? is george s. and others involved? you folks are unamerican and should be considered tratiors. period

    • Randy G

      how many times does he have to prove he is a traitor to the USA and the constitution before you wise up?

      • hangman

        Wetbacks= illegal = criminals. United=organized crime. Assisting them == accesoty to organized crime. Supplying them with weapons so their cartels can fight Americans on their land equals treason. Muslims excempt from the laws of our land. Time to wake up and smell the coffee. Obama wants unrestricted access to the United States for the wetbacks, the cartels, the muslims, and free passes for the gays. What is this piece of
        feces doing in the white house??

      • Fozzysmom3

        Lets see … Giving muslim brotherhood 20 fighter jets … Then shutting down our major servailance security systems along our southern boarder ……. geeee ….. I wounder what obozos promised the brotherhood now ..?…?…?…?………… Just Sayin’ ……..

    • deerinwater

      Quote : “Speaking on the condition of anonymity, one Exelis employee told Texas GOP Vote this about the announced closure of the TARS sites”

      and then we have two paragraphs of commentary by an unknown that’s hope and dreams are tied up in a Federal subsided program that is being decommissioned.

      When will you people ever wake up?

      This program is on contract , ~ the above link is dated 2004 seeking bids.

      What is it exactly about competition and free enterprise that you don’t approve of?

      You would rather assume the worst ~ then seek what you don’t know or even accept the fact ~ that “you don’t know ” and for the moment any facts pertaining to replacement are on a “Need to Know” bases

    • Benjamin Fox

      the islamist in chief wants to clear the way for Ameica to be attacked, he hates this country and proves it every day that the clown-in-chief is in control. Needs to be sent back to Kenya on a raft with no food or water and see how he likes being a slave to those who didn’t elect him? In preach the hitler-in-chief idiot and son of satan.

      • Don White

        got that right need to send that thing trying to write the gun laws with him she grew up iran you do know they bought millions of hollow points for domestic use

        • Charles Moore

          Somebody has really brainwashed D.W,.
          1. The mother of the shooter in Sandy Hook Ct. was a gun collector and had 37 guns. It is unlikely that she had them locked up as the kid was able to obtain them. The mother of the shooter also took him to the shooting range with her as she was afraid to leave him alone. What sort of moron exposes a kid that at a minimum has social problems to guns?
          2. The strictest gun laws in the U.S. are Wash D,C, and Chicago Ill. Check thoraeir crime rates.
          3. The shooter in Aurora was seeing a Psychiatrist.
          4. The shooter of the Congress woman in Arizona and his parents had both received a letter from the college of the shooter that he would not allowed to return to college until he was cleared by a mental health official because of his behavior. What is disgraceful is the husband of the Congress woman appearing before Congress and using his wife to gain sympathy because of her. This abolishing of clips larger than 10 rounds is sheer nonsense. A person can load and shoot three ten round clips in about 30 seconds for a total of 30 rounds,

          When are the brain dead, clueless and naive going to wake up and when are people that allow and do not report friends and relatives with mental health issues and stop making moronic statements about hollow point bullets and larger clips etc?

  • Harold Olsen

    An open invitation to our enemies to invade us. Our enemies. His friends.

    • Ann Engel

      How many of you want to give up your guns now?


        Very good question…
        Answer it folks.

    • Robert Smith

      Here is an idea for you Harold…

      If the border is so open why don’t YOU go to Mexico! After all, it’s clear you don’t like what is going on in America.


      • Mikey

        Harold doesn’t need to: at the rate Obama’s going, we’ll soon be just as corrupt, violent, and impoverished as Mexico.

      • Robin from Arcadia, IN

        Robert Smith… My Dad was a WWII vet. He fought so that Harold could express his opinion. I wish I had another place to go live. I have my family to take into consideration, and my job. I cannot believe this is the same country I grew up in. I don’t know when or how the corruption of our government got started, but the present administration is taking it to new levels on a daily basis. I had always thought the USA was the ‘good guys’. The government is turning into our enemy. If you can’t see that, then you are not opening your eyes!

      • Gary L

        He doesn’t need to go to Mexico. Mexico is coming to him. The government doesn’t even know how many ILLEGAL ALIENS are here but are perfectly willing to invite these criminals to be citizens. Our idiot leaders would rather make people who want to legally become American citizens wait for years in their home countries and pay tens
        of thousands of dollars for the privilege while they discuss letting
        anyone who sneaks into the country illegally just ‘magically’ become
        American citizizens. What better way to buy votes than with amnesty.

      • Steve E

        So Robert, are you saying that Obama is un securing the borders so we all can go to Mexico? I don’t think the Mexicans will let us in since they have an immigration policy that will put you in jail for illegal entry, unlike the U.S. Obama policy.

      • chief1937

        Just wait a little while and at the rate our president is going you will be in mexico anyway bwithout having to move

      • Eugene Sevene-THE PATRIOT

        Robert if you don’t own a gun you had better get one for you are going to need it to protect this government you so strongly believe in. Mass spending driving us to financial destruction. Gun control to keep us from having the weapons they feel will have an effect on their take over, to prevent us from being able to effectively defend ourselves.
        I am a disabled Vietnam veteran and have nothing better to do with my time than to talk to people I served with in Vietnam that held positions in government after the war. No I will not give out names for obvious reasons. I will say that anyone that researches the media,Obama,the liberal party, the conservative party, and does so with an open mind can not agree with what our government is going to OUR country. We talk about the politicians not being able to agree and the media lying to us and we get on these sights and argue about trivial things when our freedoms are being destroyed every day. We are being distracted from the facts and fighting one another which is just what they want. While fighting one another we are not watching them. Oh how stupid the Americans have become, lots of book learning, not a lick of common sense.

      • Robert Smith

        From Robin: “I cannot believe this is the same country I grew up in. ”

        The rich are getting richer by a wide margin. Obama wants to tax some of that. What’s the problem? Why are you blaming Obama for trying to bring things back?

        Would you accept Reagan level taxes?


      • Robert Smith

        Eugene says: “Mass spending driving us to financial destruction. ”

        Nope. It’s the top 1% who are looting the middle class as they put more money in their pockets and send jobs away.


      • Right Brain Thinker

        They’re not listening, Robert.

        Didn’t you see this? “We are being distracted from the facts and fighting one another which is just what THEY want. While fighting one another we are not watching THEM”.

        The one who wrote that is allowing himself to be “distracted”—-he is fighting the enemies his “handlers” have implanted in his subconscious (THEY)——and not watching the “them” that you and I and a few others have pointed out so many times.

    • http://centurylink Wade Barracato

      More truer words are said in jest. We have to blaim ourselfs we pu bozo back in.

      • LindyMaeUSA


        No offense to you but “WE” did NOT “put bozo back in!”

        WHO becomes “the most powerful person in this country” never has been, isn’t now, and never will be “We, the People’s” decision! Get used to that REALITY, Patriot!

        Since November, more and more “legitimate evidence” has been presented to prove OUTRAGEOUS, BRAZEN VOTER FRAUD in that (so-called!) “election” and here’s the undeniable confirmation that WE, THE PEOPLE had NO SAY AT ALL in that monster owning OUR White House for the second time!! Wait for it . . .

        “Those who CAST the votes decide NOTHING. Those who COUNT the votes decide EVERYTHING!”
        –Josef Stalin, heinous murderer of millions!

      • garland

        I think i just peed myself laughing so hard at lindymae’s comment.

  • Bigron


    • daleh

      And we soon will have a man that commited treason back in the ’70′s as Secretary of State, who will agree with obama”s love for the muslims—they both do not like Israel, so things will go form bad to woresint he next 4 years –

      • Eugene Sevene-THE PATRIOT

        You people just don’t get it. If we the people don’t stop Washington in the next few months we have just had the last election in this country until after the war.

        • Charles Moore

          We are in trouble. I belong to a Home Owners assoc mostly for information. Recently meetings were rescheduled because they were on nights where they couldn’t watch Dancing with the Stars or other programs. They got upset when I asked if they had heard of VCRS , DVD Recorders and Tivo so they could talk about negatives in the community

    • rendarsmith

      Because the country is full of idiots that want their OBAMA FONES!

    • eddie47d

      Daleh: Why do you have a continued love affair with hating others and wanting continued war with other nations and their people? Israel will not be abandoned but we have no obligation to them if they start a war!

      • OneGuess

        eddie-weddie, you ask daleh “Why do you have a continued love affair with hating others and wanting continued war with other nations and their people?” There was nothing in daleh’s post about “hating” anyone; there was nothing in daleh’s post about “wanting continued war” with any other nation “and their people”. That makes you, eddie-weddie, a TROLL. But we already knew that…

      • Eugene Sevene-THE PATRIOT

        You won’t abandon you friends next door and will help them mow their lawn but if they file a law suit against the neighbor that you saw set fire to their house that is non of your concern, you don’t need to back them in their fight. GOOD GOING. This the the whole problem with the world today, people don’t care about people anymore. We won’t go to the aid of a woman being raped to stop it but we will stand back and proclaim how bad it was. I do believe that people outside looking in on America can see more clearly what is happening than we can. GUN CONTROL? Ask the people of Australia how gun control works for them. There are plenty of gun, all in the hands of the criminals. I have stated before that the people of this country get dumber every day and every day they insist on proving me right. Prohibition did not stop the flow of alcohol, and gun control will not stop the flow of guns, the criminals will be well armed and able to sell you tax free any type of weapon you desire and you won’t have to get a back ground check. When will the people of this country learn from their own mistakes. Again as I have said before, lots of book learning, not a lick of common sense

      • daleh


        There was no or wanting wars in my post–I merely stated that the next Sec of State committed treason back in the 70′s when he met with the enemy ( North Vietnamese) in Paris , France , while still a Junior US Naval Officer –he was not any type of legal representative of the US, — he was the same as Jane Fonda , her husband Tom Hayden—and some of the other turncoats that supported the Communists—

        As for War, I know what War is from personal experience –Combat in Korea as a US Marine BARman/ Rifleman, 1951-52

        Hate in my post ?? no , but i do not like anyone that will turn against his/her country and support the enemy we were or are fighting—kerry did that and right now your presiednt couldn’t care less about the US if it does not fit his program of chnaghing it to a Communist State, where the govt controls everything–if you can’tsee what is happening before our very eyes, then you must be blind or just a troll for the leftists and don;t wnat to see—

      • eddie47d

        Yes Daleh Kerry woke up to the lies about the Vietnam War long long long before you did and apparently you still haven’t woken up from your slumber. Have a nice time endorsing our next false flag war for they will surely come!

      • Wellarmed

        eddie47d, I do believe that it is difficult for you to understand what is occurring in our country. I do not think most who hold your position will understand ( Israel’s ) until Cities such as El Paso, San Diego, Brownsville, etc….. start receiving RPGs launched into their towns from across the border, and having no way to respond as it is not a declared war from Mexico but merely a terrorist group that OUR own government helped arm.

        I see you must have pulled out your dictionary and looked up what the definition of a false flag operation is. If that be the case, then you must also understand that they are not only used by Governments ( not just ours ) to initiate illegal wars, but to create war internally upon the people it is sworn to protect, (AKA fast & furious, Sandy Hook, etc…)

        This has occurred throughout recorded human history and is not a 21st century ideology. I agree with you that if Israel initiates war with Hezbola/Palestinians then they are on their own. I would advise them to seek statehood and become the 51st state in the Union, but I am certain that that would merely be laughed at ( by Israeli’s) as they must be viewing our country as falling apart from the inside out, and I cannot see a logical nation trying to jump onto such a large sinking ship.

        Granting Amnesty to a population ( number unknown ) in our country is not just advocating and reinforcing that “We the People” no longer care about the rule of law, but it sends a message that we do not care if millions more wash up on our shores in direct violation to said laws.

        eddie47d. Are you willing to punish those who have chosen to follow our countries immigration requirements by going through the correct channels despite how arduous that path may be? These are the immigrants that I wish to see enter our country and accept the oath to protect liberty. Many who have come to our country illegally are loyal to a paycheck, and not the principles that this country was founded upon.

        I have said previously in other posts my positions and actions I would take on Immigration occurring illegally in our country. And I unfortunately can see that this “great fence” that we are using borrowed money to build ( Chinese Steel ) will be as effective as the Great Wall of China was against invading Mongol’s. It is our failed policy with Mexico (NAFTA) that is driving this illegal immigration and although the failing US economy does appear to be reducing those numbers, I have yet to see the mass exodus that I have been praying for.

        Lest we fall into Civil War, I doubt we will ever see what desire for freedom lies in the hearts of those who have come upon our shore in violation of our nations laws.

    • Gary L

      Why do you think they want to control the guns. When “we the people” finally get enough of this B.S. taking our guns away will make us powerless to stand up to the tyranny of government. The United States has been and is being invaded by foreign nations. Nothing has been or is being done about it. The tax dollars taken from the citizenry is being used to feed and support the invaders. Where is the outrage???Does anybody care???Are we a sovereign nation or a land of idiots? I would have to say we are idiiots to allow this to continue.

      • We the people…

        Got that right…..

      • jo jones

        you are right on the mark.

      • daleh

        This is in response to Eddie47d—

        kerry woke up from nothing–He got in to the smallboats in Vietnam, cause he planned on being another JFK– but when that did not pan out he turned against the US and his fellow Vietnam vets–the only thing about kerry like John F. Kennedy, was his initials–other than that he has been a phony all his life—

        I never said I wanted War , any War, but I did serve my country and am damned proud of that–and I have supported every Veteran on any War the US has fought, no matter where–HAVE YOU ?? Have you supported the US in time of danger ?? From your posts you seem very nieve about the world in general — are you ??

        Remember one thing –The US lost the War in Vietnam–POLITICALLY, but never MIlitarily, the Democraps in Congress lost it when they cut of funding as promised to the South Vietnamese—that is a glaring black mark against the Dumbcrap party—–and it’s politicians

      • eddie47d

        Daleh; Yes I was in Vietnam and yes I also woke up about the Gulf of Tonkin “incident” and our excuses for funding that war. Funny how we repeated the same things in Iraq as we send our sheep to slaughter.

  • Jerilynn Walker

    Think about it. They want to get rid of the Constitution. The man in the White House wants to destroy the U.S.A. He is well on his way to completing this action.

  • John Walkling

    if congress wont do it maybe the people will have to take him out.

    • Don

      i wonder what would happen if someone put out a referendum to remove obunhole from office with millions of signatures. i doubt congress would do a thing because government has gotten bigger than the people. how much more damage will he be allowed to do?

    • eddie47d

      What are you suggesting John Walkling since he was duly elected? I don’t think you are referring to “take out” on a date!

    • Gary L

      Most of congress is in on it.

    • kimo3690

      I think you are absilutely RIGHT John….. We The People… need to TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY!! At least those that believe in OUR Constitution; Bill of Rights; and Declaration of Independence. The Oath Keepers (law enforcement; Vets and Military) are a very large group and ready ……… to OBEY the Constitution the took an Oath to protect….. A very large movement has started and growing as we speak…… Keep your powder dry!!

      • DWFields

        Keep in mind that it has been the right wing that has worked hardest to bypass or flat change our Constitution, not the left. Show me one example where any Democrat has said, “we need to change the Constitution.” Interestingly, that’s all we’ve heard from the right for 5 years and longer.

      • MD spouse

        Ummm…. DWFields, wasn’t it Obama who said in one of his early speeches that he was “going to fundamentally transform this nation”? What do the words “fundamentally transform” mean to you? And, from what, to what? If the previous administrations had us on a downward path (which I think they did in many ways), “fundamentally transform” would mean one of two things: either to reverse course and improve prosperity for the masses, grow the middle class, restore pride in our culture, pull us out of questionable wars, shrink government, and reverse the budget deficit. Or, it could mean to accelerate the slide by raising taxes, shrinking the middle class, accelerating the expansion of the welfare state and crony capitalism both, keeping us embroiled in costly, unproductive wars, teaching our kids to be ashamed of their country and heritage, creating reams of new laws and Czars to enforce them, and growing the deficit to crushing proportions. In other words, accelerating the slide until we look like the piss-poor rat holes of Obama’s beloved Africa.

        Look around you. Are you and your friends currently on stable career paths and expecting that you’ll move up into better, higher-paying jobs with defined benefits pensions? Are you dining out more often and able to afford bigger portions of better food? Are you and your friends all on track to own your own homes and support yourselves decently in retirement? Are you able to pay cash when you visit the doctor’s office? Are you and your friends expecting the government (that is, your neighbors) to NOT help you with your food, rent, retirement or health care? Are the people you know more positive and optimistic about their personal and collective futures than they were 10, 20 or 30 years ago? If not, why not? That’s the America my parents grew up in, and raised me in, It’s NOT the America of today. Compared to 10, 20 or 30 years ago, do you think America now looks like the land of our grandparents, or the storied tinpot dictatorships of Africa? Why do you think the world once envied America? What does it mean to “fundamentally transform” (Obama’s words, not mine) the envy of the world – the place to which millions of Africans and others dreamed of escaping from their own failed systems?

      • DWFields

        Well, let’s just see. At the time he was originally campaigning, our country was headed into a depression at least as deep as the one of the 1930s, we were in two very expensive wars and quite honestly all our jobs were going overseas. We also had the issue of all three of our American automobile brands were going down the drain; Ford had already gone so far as to pawn its own good name to have enough cash on hand to survive the coming collapse–hoping it could survive long enough to outlast that depression. And that was only a tiny part of what we were under. So yes, our nation needed “fundamental transformation”.

        Now, despite all the nay-saying and concerted efforts by an extremist political organization, he’s managed to reverse nearly every one of those situations. We have been climbing out of that recession for the last three years rather than sinking deeper. We are out of one of those two wars and expect to be out of the other before the end of 2014–maybe even before the end of this year. Our jobs are not being outsourced–at least, not in the numbers they were. Ford did survive the recession and with a combination of Bush’s and Obama’s efforts (Bush originally signed the auto bailouts) GM and Chrysler are making profits again and Chrysler is actually growing stronger–bringing in new car lines which are superior to the ones they made while under Benz. Even more, the NYSE Dow is at its highest point since 2007–a time before Obama took office after it reached its low point just one year later. All this, by the way, with the Tea Party and others doing everything they could to make him fail.

        Am I and my friends on a stable career path and expecting to move into higher-paying jobs? Yes. The economy IS recovering and at least some American companies are acting on that–hiring and promoting those who are actually capable of doing their jobs correctly. I have CHOSEN to dine out less often because dining out costs far more than eating in and the quality of the food is questionable in many places–not because of the cooking methods, but rather because of the additives found in so many pre-processed foods. You see, I also plan to improve my own health by eating better, not more. And while I and my family don’t need to take advantage of Obama’s health care system, we do know many people who need that system–because there are those in our politics who simply don’t understand that women’s health is at least as important as men’s and think women have these “magical abilities” to prevent unwanted children from rape and don’t have to worry about gynecological cancers.

        Our country started downhill long ago and if you really bother to examine our history, you’ll see that the only times our economy and our lifestyles were on the rise, it was the Democrats who were in office while it was the Republicans who put us into nearly every single war in which our country has been involved–including Vietnam. Strangely–if you really bother to check, you’ll find that the Old South–at the dawn of the Confederacy–was Democratic, not Republican, at least in name.

        Obama has “fundamentally transformed” our nation from where it was going. I’m sorry it’s not the direction you were hoping it would go, but if you really want all those Africans and whomever else, feel free to invite them. Then, when they take your job you can only blame yourself for your loss.

        • Charles Moore

          What are you smoking?GM still owes the taxpayers billions of dollars and will never pay it back. The head of the Jobs council is the head of GE which has outsourced 2/3 of its jobs. It was abolished a few days ago and only met 4 times in the last two years. How many jobs do you GM outsources overseas?Unemployment has increased again and is now at 7.9% which was it was in 2008.When your ldol took office the Deficit was at 10 trillion and the Democrats had already had control of both Houses for two years. It is now at 16.5 trillion. This is over a 60 percent increase in 4 years and your idol promised to halve the Deficit(reduce it by 50%). This is your idea of progress?

      • DWFields

        Think on where we would be if he had not STOPPED it at that point. An economy is like a train–it takes a long time to bring it to a halt and reverse direction. However, in a mere three years from that point he has managed to reverse that slide–DESPITE the efforts of the Republican-dominated house. Unemployment rose to over 8% and his efforts have dragged it down below that point–again DESPITE the efforts of the BIG MONEY that spent over $500 million trying to overthrow him. Do you think those bigwigs are happy that they wasted so much money? How many of those who only barely retained their offices do you think they’ll support next time?

        Try looking at the issues from the outside–take yourself out of the equation and ask, “who, really, is trying to take over our country, Big Business, or a single man?”

  • Jamie

    He want’s more uneducated voters to vote for his next term, or allowing the native US Citizens a hole to escape through. .

    • Charles Moore

      What makes you think only uneducated people vote for Obama et al?People can be educated uninformed and naive. They can bury their heads in the sand etc.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Actually, the ten states in which the voters were the “most highly educated” all went for O’Bama, and the ten states in which the voters were the “least educated” went 9-1 for Romney.

      • Steve E

        Because you are so called “educated”. It doesn’t mean you have any common sense. Common sense is what’s lacking.

        • Charles Moore

          Huh? Are you for real?. People that had common sense voted for Obama. They can still have common sense and be misinformed. Comments like yours make you part of the problem.

      • Don 2

        Clearly, if the so-called most highly educated states went for Obama, then the educators in these states are not really educating the students.

        • Charles Moore

          Again. People can be educated and naive as well as misinformed. I know women that are teachers. Therapists, degrees in Chemistry etc that will tell you that Obama is a wonderful President and especially on the Rights of women.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Don 2 said: “Clearly, if the so-called most highly educated states went for Obama, then the educators in these states are not really educating the students”

        Nice little “snark”, Don—hope it made you feel better.

        Actually, the “most educated” and “least educated” rankings are not “so called” but were done on the basis of the percentage of residents holding college degrees. If we looked at high school graduation rates, we’d probably find the same correlation—-the states that went for O’Bama would likely have a higher proportion of high school graduates (and I’d bet that would be true even considering that those states have pockets of low graduation rates in the cities)..

      • Robert Smith

        Charles says: “People can be educated uninformed and naive. ”

        And some see what’s going on.

        Yup. Wars we don’t want but brought to us by Bush.


        The war on Women.

        Babies from rape are “god’s gift.”

        Remember, under Obama GM is alive and Osama is dead.


      • Steve E

        Charles, if you let yourself become so uninformed to the level that many are now and don’t realize that. You would not have any common sense. Of course they would not have the common sense to know that they do not have common sense.

      • Don 2

        Come on RBT, many of these students coming out of college today, with everything from an associate degree up to a masters, cannot even put a sentence together. They’re being pushed through the system, whether or not they deserve a degree. The only thing we can be sure of is that they are being indoctrinated into thinking that socialism is cool and good. Unions are socialist. Public school teachers are union members, and many believe socialism is a good thing. The reality is that under socialism, the rich get poorer, but the poor also get poorer.

        I also agree with what others have stated, you cannot teach common sense. You either have it, or you do not. Many educated individuals do not have any common sense. You would probably be the best example I can think of.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Whatever floats your boat, Don. I’m going to watch a movie from Netflix now, so I don’t have time to deal with all the foolish things you’ve said here. Later.

        • Charles Moore

          Who is Don? I guess that says it all. Keep watching Neflix!

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Charles Moore said,

        “Again. People can be educated and naive as well as misinformed. I know women that are teachers. Therapists, degrees in Chemistry etc that will tell you that Obama is a wonderful President and especially on the Rights of women”

        A lot of men agree with those women on both parts of that statement. I wouldn’t call O’Bama “wonderful” myself. I rate him “good” as a president, and the Repugnant’s stance on women was medieval, so it wasn’t hard for him to look good there. O’Bama was far above the alternatives we had in 2008 and 2012—-let’s hope we some real FORWARD in the next four years..

  • FreedomIsNotFree

    This is unbelivable! Could there be an advanced technology that would be replacing this technology? The defense of our boarders is a constitutional mandate for the Federal government! Article IV, Section 4

    • pete

      Why not defund the secret service,let obama have a carry permit and issue him a 45 simiauto hand gun,do away with air force one,let him fly commercial like every one else and how about two weeks paid vacation per year. Hes no Harry Truman ! who paid his own way mostly.

      • eddie47d

        That darn Secret Service didn’t do Reagan much good either!

      • Robert Smith

        Half a dozen guys with some of them carrying fully automatic weapons…

        Yet three were shot.

        What are we going to do? Put seven secret service guys around each school child and hope?

        More guns in schools won’t help.


      • ranger09

        Nice thought, But these people make the rules, They are the Wolves and we be nothing but the sheep. And you know when i was a kid i was taught that these people work for us, Man was my folks and our schools Wrong, Or did the American people just get really lazy.

    • Gary L

      What have you seen so far that makes you believe that they give a damn about the Constitution. The constitution is there to limit government. That is why they dispise it.

      • Steve E

        If only some people could grasp that concept.

        • Charles Moore

          Because they are naive, misinformed and believe everything they are soon fed. The U.S. Constitution gives the right only to Congress to regulate Commerce, Look up the definition of Commerce. Wikipedia has good detail. Oil rigs are part of Commerce therefore the Oil embargo was Unconstitutional. Obama tramples on it all the time yet he is re-elected and idolized by the Media and the Kool-Aid drinkers.

    • Amer Ican

      Oh sure. Change the subject by talking about the story that got us here in the first place.

  • TIME

    Dear People,

    Hold one thought in your mind, The “3 Million plus Chiniese” troops in Mexico right now.

    The Debt to China, the stopping of US Coal production, the lack of drillig for oil in and around the US, and now you should also be able to also understand whats going on with Japan and China, as well as the gun control factors.

    This has all been planned long along, now if you can just open your minds to this, as it is also what the UN Gun issue is all about ~ Also { ALL the shootings} you hear about or have seen within the mass media Circus of mindless tricks.

    Divide and Conquer, THUS ~ we have been divided, we also have been Conquerd on paper. Soon Children you will not be able to miss it anylonger.

    Peace and Love, Shalom

    I beg you to please ~ get your Bus ticket, The Christ has sent the “Holy Sprit” ~ all you have to do is ask , then your Heart & SOUL will open to it, Then your BUS TICKET will be granted.

    • Robert Smith

      Can you show us a satellite picture of that like Kennedy did for the missiles in Cuba? The technology is so much better 50 years later it should be a much clearer picture.


      • DWFields

        Keep in mind we can get better pictures off of Google Earth than what JFK had to work with 50 years ago. Why haven’t these “thousands of Chinese troops” been spotted already?

      • Hedgehog

        The question is how can you tell a Chinese soldier in a sombrero and serape from a Mexican in a sombrero and serape using a satellite photo? Drum roll please! The answer is you can’t!

      • DWFields

        But wouldn’t a “few thousand” of those be a bit obvious if they were truly “massing for an invasion”? I mean, it would be difficult to hide all their weapons and supplies in the open desert, wouldn’t it? For that matter, even if they tried to put it underground, the amount of dirt getting moved would be more than obvious to satellite photography.

  • http://personneldigest fast n furious

    the cia killed Kennedy for less….. The Republicans are no damn good at all they all sit down to pee, their all in it to take our God given rights away, I will fight to the end, before they take me out im sure ill take down a few traitors myself,… Semper Fi brothers are you with me? its time to lock n load

    • Steve E

      I’m with you. It’s just a matter of time. You probably heard this phrase in the military: “Hurry up and wait”.

    • Robert Smith

      More violence from the right…


  • dan

    at first I thought this was bad…but let me say : Predator Drones and next generation
    Composite Drone Surveilance using satellite imaging (cameras)linked via computer net

    • Dave67

      No dan,

      Obama hates America and he is opening up our borders to the Guatemalan horde in the south.

      Obama is an America hating Muslim sympatheiser…

      If you don’t believe that, please go to your nearest conservative reprogramming center or turn on Fox news. They will put you “right”

      • Steve E

        Fox News doesn’t do a good job at programming people like the Mainstream Media programs you.

      • Dave67

        Sure thing Steve..

        I need to fall for Bob’s BS fear piece like you do… then I will be a good conservative.

        I guess that pesky independent thought and critical thinking skill is still messing messing with me.

  • Dave67

    Could a better surveilence method have been developed to replace this system that has been in place since the 1980′s and maybe its top secret?


    Obama hates America… please conservative loons continue with your regularly scheduled program…

    I thought you people did not like Gov wasteful spending?

    Fear and Ignorance, the conservative mantra…

    • TML

      Dave67 says “Could a better surveilence method have been developed to replace this system that has been in place since the 1980′s and maybe its top secret?… … I thought you people did not like Gov wasteful spending?”

      Yet, no mention that a “top secret” replacement system is being, or will be, put in place before the old system is shut down, so we can’t really assume that to be the case. The system has been upgraded as early as 2004 so it’s not like it is an outdated system. It’s a system that scans from the air using an array, which is much cheaper and more effective that drone surveillance. I think the American people have the right to know why the heck it’s being shut down, and how the federal government will fulfill its Constitutional role of national border security.

      While you might downplay the significance of this issue, and rant against what you call fear and ignorance based on some of the comments here, there is an underlying rational to the arguments.

      “Since he’s been in office, Obama has seemingly done all he can to make the southern border as unsafe as possible. He’s allowed guns to flow unimpeded across the border with Mexico through Operation Fast and Furious, he’s tied the hands of border patrol agents and now he’s abandoning the whole of the Southern United States to airborne attack. And he’s violating Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution in the process.”

      I see nothing in this statement that is incorrect or should be considered fear-mongering.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        TML says, “I see nothing in this statement that is incorrect or should be considered fear-mongering”. I am 100% sure that he is speaking truth. His confirmation bias wouldn’t let him see anything else but “nothing”.

        Interesting thing—–I have googled all over the place and can’t find anything but the exact same basic fear-mongering info being endlessly repeated on the circular firing squad websites. Are we sure that the TARS system is actually being shut down? Can someone provide a source other than “anonymous” and the company e-mail?


      • TML

        And again with the confirmation bias from someone even more guilty of the same through blinded zealous support for you beloved Obama. Its obvious that all we have is the company email, which doesn’t even give the reasons for shutting it down so the entire conversation is speculate. You’re not denying the facts of Fast and furious are you? Gee, talk about confirmation bias, eh?

      • Right Brain Thinker

        This is really something to see, folks. TML has his own little circular firing squad going on inside his head! The noise in there must be overwhelming. Certainly enough to drown out any rational thoughts TML may have.

        He just CANNOT get around his need to believe that I love O’Bama—-after all, I MUST love O’Bama, right?—-if I don’t agree with TML, I just HAVE to be an O’Bama lover!—-what other way could it be? (Keep your heads down, folks, an occasional ricochet may come out one of the holes in TML’s head).

        Yeah, all we seem to have is the questionable e-mail and quote from “anonymous”, which raises the question of why Bob even wrote this thing in the first place and whether any of it is worth talking about.

        Of course, some folks like TML will take any opportunity to go off topic to grind one of the same old “talking point” axes, as in bringing up Fast and Furious here. And there are “facts” that someone “denies” there, TML? I don’t even need to ask what those facts are and who is denying them, do I?

        “Gee, talk about confirmation bias”, says TML—-yes, every comment you make just keeps proving you have a major problem with it—–as well as motivated reasoning, disconfirmation bias, and cognitive dissonance. You’re not alone on PLD, though, so you won’t get too lonely here.

      • DWFields

        And you *DO* know all the facts of Fast and Furious? You know every reason why it was planned? You know every reason why it failed? Quite honestly I don’t think anyone outside of the people involved and later investigating it know EVERYTHING about it. We’ve seen quite often how Congress’ preconceived notions about certain events have been catastrophically wrong. Considering F&F is hardly mentioned by Congress now even they learned something they don’t want the rest of us to know.

      • TML

        If its not worth talking about or contemplating, then why are you here? You need to take a break from trolling and get a grip on reality, sonny. You are obviously too emotionalwith such a long drawn out argument to ridicule and ad hominem rather than genuine engagement of the topic. Your zealous support of Obama is evident in your posts. Relax

      • TML

        DW, I’m talking about facts we do know, not specualtion on that issue. It was a gun-running sceme by a cabinet office. Whether the intent was perhaps debatable and may have even been well intended to track weapons being sold illegally, the end result is undeniable that goverment assisted in the arming of enemies they were fighting. Not unlike the imperialist policies abroad. As they say, some of the worse things imaginable are done with the best intentions, but those intentions should not dismiss incompentence. Even if we entertain the thought that Congress has learned things they don’t want us to know, should throw up even more red flags, since they are supposed to be represenatives of the people. Not blindly trusted that they got it covered.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        You’re a stitch, TML

        Quoting to us from your “Debate for Dummies” book now? YOU talk about someone ELSE using “argument to ridicule and ad hominem”? LOL

        And are you calling me “sonny”? I’m 72 (closer to 73)—-how old are you?

        And it’s a FACT that F&F was a “gun-running scheme by a cabinet office”?. Which office was that? The office of Fantasy?

      • TML

        RBT says, “And are you calling me “sonny”? I’m 72 (closer to 73)—-how old are you?”

        I have to admit; with as immature as you are, I’m shocked at your age.

        RBT says, “And it’s a FACT that F&F was a “gun-running scheme by a cabinet office”?. Which office was that?”

        The Department of Justice, genius.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        TML just won’t quit—-I have to admire his persistence, as well as his ongoing self-delusion. He once again thinks he has scored on me with “as immature as you are, I’m shocked at your age”. As if his saying that I am immature means anything to anyone with a brain—all any visitor to PLD has to do is compare our comments to judge which one of us is more “mature” and which one is less so . TML is like the little kid in a fake fight with his father that REALLY thinks he is winning, when in reality his father is acting as if he is. Dream on, TML—-there’s a real world outside your self-delusional one.

        “And it’s a FACT that F&F was a “gun-running scheme by a cabinet office”?. Which office was that?” The Department of Justice, genius.

        Really, TML? I thought it had been proved that the scheme originated somewhere down in the bowels of the ATF, which is not a cabinet “office” (Neither is the Department of Justice, if you want to get technical). Genius, indeed.

      • TML

        Lol, yes, all any vistor has to do is compare comments to see who is the immature one here. You got that right.

        Btw, the ATF is a federal law enforcement agency under the Department of Justice. The Department of Justice is a cabinet office that is headed by Eric Holder who reports directly to the President…. genius.

        Perhaps if you spent more time actually having a discussion rather than personal attacks and ridicule to anyone who doesn’t agree with you they might actually enjoy the conversation. As it is, your immaturity to think such tactics actually won you anything but a lack of respect, along with your complete lack of knowledge on the issue has lost you all credibility.

        Good day

  • Double “D” USN Ret.

    What would you expect from a Muslim POTUS in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood and the desire to install Sharia law in the USofA?? Give them weapons and open the border up to enable their entry into the US for assistance in controlling non-believing Christians. Sure am glad I will miss what is in store for the US that I grew up in.

    • eddie47d

      Double D..umb then why are more Drones being deployed along along the border?

      • Hedgehog

        Question Eddie: in which direction are those drones pointed? South for defense or north to support invaders?

      • eddie47d

        Hopefully they will be deployed along the Canadian border to keep you out Hedgehog!

      • Hedgehog

        Aw Eddie! Does this mean we’re not friends anymore? As far as the drones go why deploy them along the US Canadian border? Aren’t the helicopters doing a good enough job of keeping the border secure and don’t tell me I’m dreaming. I’ve watched them from our side. Back and forth, back and forth all day long, probably all night long too! You don’t need drones to keep me out of the US, a simple access denied is sufficient!

      • DWFields

        @hedgehog: Which is cheaper to fly and maintain, a helicopter or a drone?

        Think real hard about it. Helicopters average more than one hour of maintenance per hour of flight time and they use nearly five times as much fuel per hour of flight than any drone because they’re always running near max power (it’s the rotor angle that controls altitude, not speed.) The aerostats were effective and they certainly were cheap–but they were fixed location and still had their weaknesses as far as detecting incoming craft. Modern radar planes flying at much higher altitudes are more effective at spotting low-flying craft and even boats from farther away and don’t have known gaps in coverage the way the aerostats did. Certain types of drone–especially the solar powered one tested a couple years ago, are made to serve the same type of duty the aerostats did from 65,000 feet and can see more than 5x as far away with a similar radar system. Follow that up with lower-flying Predator-type drones that can trail boats or planes from closer ranges and track them to their destinations and you get better coverage at lower cost.

        Now, do you want the status quo–expensive in multiple manners, or do you want the government to save money?

  • John O’Brien

    The floodgates of tyrrany are opening to their maximum. This is the year. He is destroying the country willfully and deliberately at a rate that continues to accelerate far beyond what I would have thought possible. Our High King has been given “carte blanche” by the press, Congress, the so called “Republican Party”, etc. If you harbor any other opinion at this point you are either blind or you are part and parcel of the process itself.
    God help us all.

  • Right Brain Thinker

    This is written as the tenth comment on the thread. The other nine comments show that Bob has succeeded nicely in fear-mongering and fomenting paranoia with this article.

    Protect us from airborne attack?—-are Fidel and Hugo coming to get us? Since every last grandmother in FL is armed and part of the “militia”, they won’t get far.

    The TARS program has had operational and $$$ problems from the beginning some 30+ years ago and the drug smugglers have changed their tactics to evade it anyway. Has anyone considered that maybe it’s time to find a better way?

    Saving the jobs of a few hundred contractors is hardly a reason to keep a generally inefficient and ineffective program going, and that seems to be all the program has going for it—saving the contractor..

    (And the joke of the day is worrying about flying in a nuclear device, when any fool knows that there are way better ways to get that done).

    • Dave67


      Conservatives are scared by nature. They feel they must have an AR-15 to combat that gov tyranny that is not coming.

      The Daily Show had a funny bit about that moron Glenn Beck and this group that wants to create this town called the Citedel in Idaho that is consitutionally based on freedom and liberty and as Beck went on and described this conservative “utopia” he set very specific rules to be able to live in this paradise… telling people what they can and cannot have, what they can and cannot do in this idealic place.

      These conservative loons which to impose their views on everyone else… whats that called again?

      Oh yeah… TYRANNY!

      The problem with the internet is that before its existance, every town had its kooks and the insane. This board allows those people to network and they are delusional to think that they are the majority.

      Obama is the devil and responsible for everything bad… repeat over and over until brainwashed and then you are allowed into the ignorant conservative club.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        I miss Glenn Beck. Now that he has been pretty much exiled to a dark corner of irrelevancy with George W. and Romney, Jon Stewart and Media Matters have had to look for other conservative craziness to highlight. It was great fun watching Jon Stewart do his “Glenn Beck at the blackboard” routines.

      • Steve E

        FUI, Glenn Beck has a thriving internet TV channel. He is doing OK. It’s no dark corner. Anyone can subscribe and he is not influenced by his sponsors.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Anywhere Glen Beck perches is a “dark corner”. I’m sure he is “thriving” amongst the mindless—-they deserve each other. (And “OK” is relative—-OK as compared to what?)

      • ranger09

        Well we know there is a lot of Idiots out there, Man i thought all people lived under a set of rules. What is important is the type of rules that are imposed on us that count, Our country has had a set of rules that have lived for 200 plus years, And the only problem we have is these rules are now being Changed And not for the good of this country or its citizens.More power to this man and the people that follow Just rules. But they could also spend more time making sure our polititians maintain the rules that made our country what is is. Or was.

      • Dave67


        What ruke changes specifically are you referring to?

      • Robert Smith

        Here you go for some details:

        If all the extremist loonies are in one place how can that be a bad thing?


    • TML

      RBT says, “The TARS program has had operational and $$$ problems from the beginning some 30+ years ago and the drug smugglers have changed their tactics to evade it anyway. Has anyone considered that maybe it’s time to find a better way?

      TARS is very cost effective. It costs less than a 1/4 of operating drones and less than a tenth of operating manned surveillance aircraft, and has only gotten better throughout those 30 years with technology advances, including Lockheed Martin’s L-88 radar installed in almost all of them by 2004.

      Since no reason has been given for shutting it down, one can only speculate if it’s about “finding a better way”, but it would be pretty stupid if that ‘new way’ isn’t put in place and running before shutting down the old.

      RBT says, “Saving the jobs of a few hundred contractors is hardly a reason to keep a generally inefficient and ineffective program going”

      If NORAD, the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Customs, and North American Aerospace Defense Command all rely on the system, I would hardly call it ineffective for a few hundred contractors.

      • rhcrest

        Obama could be on tv yelling at our enemies to come on in, america is open for attack and these idiots on here still wouldn’t think he was doing anything wrong or treasonous. Leftists seem to have quite a thick impenetrable skull.

      • Dave67

        Funny RH,

        I was thinnking the same about you and how easily you are duped by Bob’s fear piece. Are you and Bob dialed into the security protocols for this nation?

        No, neither of you are.

        Both of you are upset that part of the military complex corp welfare program has been shut down.

      • TML

        Dave67 says “upset that part of the military complex corp welfare program has been shut down.”

        And yet, not a single military base abroad (not even Gitmo as promised) has been shut down, and instead shuts down a mainland defense system without giving any reason or the slightest word that another, cheaper and more efficient system will take its place… all the while continuing imperial and interventionist policies across the globe.

      • Dave67


        You know Gitmo cannot be closed without congressional approval right? Of course you do…you just misspoke again.

        We should be closing all bases in Europe and Japan. WW2 is over.

      • TML

        I’ve not misspoken, he promised to close it when he couldn’t. Thought he would try to get around Congress using Executive Order… again. Glad to see we agree on closing those places though.

  • Right Brain Thinker

    WHAT? There are 3 million Chinese troops in Mexico?!!!!!
    The sky is falling!!!
    We must hurry to tell the King!!!

    • eddie47d

      Yes RBT Bob let loose the entire insane asylum today. LOL!

    • Hedgehog

      RBT don’t bother, the King is dead and Obama Augustus knows all about it. Besides, you could hide 3 million Chinese troops in the US southwest or in Los Angeles for that matter and nobody would notice!

  • Chaslie

    Has anyone noticed that it appears our government is slowly shifting its focus from monitoring outside its borders to inside its own borders? I suspect that the government is preparing to quash either terrorism or an uprising by its own citizens. This is dangerous as this could give a sitting president (like Obama) the capability to take over and rule as a dictator.

    • eddie47d

      Maybe we have no right to be spying within other nations territories Chaslie? We certainly don’t appreciate them doing it on our soil or air space.

      • USN retired

        Eddie I’m sure that was a well thought out reply. I wiish I could have come up with that.

    • Bill

      You are on the money, Chaslie
      The honest tax paying us citizens are Obamas real enemy. The war is against us

  • Hedgehog

    I smell a Gleiwitz! Iranian submarine launches Iranian nuclear missile at target in southern US.Obama declares war on Iran and launches missile attack. Chinese citizens and interests in Iran are destroyed. China attacks US. World War III begins. Fantasy, you say! Probably! I hope so! But stranger things have happened. I may be wrong in detail, but am I wrong altogether?

    • eddie47d

      Captain Kirk moves to Fantasy Island?

      • Hedgehog

        Possibly Eddie. I’ve heard rumors of a new Star Trek movie in the works.

      • Robert Smith

        Fact. New Star Trek is on the way. “Into the Darkness”

        Directed by J. J. Abrams:

        See spots for it during the Supper Bowl.


    • Right Brain Thinker

      Hedgehog asks, “… I wrong altogether?”

      I was going to let that slide until I saw “I smell a Gleiwitz!” Anyone who mentions Gleiwitz is obviously getting his info from some wayout places and forming some wayout ideas. So, as a matter of principle, I will say “YES, you’re wrong” just to slow you down a bit.

      (PS Did you ever look up that “hedgehogs and foxes” article and learn something about yourself? Being a hedgehog is not all bad)

      • Robert Smith

        Gleiwitz is a part of history. It’s proven. “This provocation was the best-known of several actions in Operation Himmler, a series of unconventional operations undertaken by the SS in order to serve specific propaganda goals of Nazi Germany at the outbreak of the war. It was intended to create the appearance of Polish aggression against Germany in order to justify the subsequent invasion of Poland.”

        Sadly the tin foil hat brigade has tried to make it look like 911 was such an operation put on by Bush and company. I do not subscribe to that theory.


      • Right Brain Thinker

        Yes, Robert—–my point exactly—-Gleiwitz is significant only to historians and the tinfoil hat brigade, who DO try very hard to match it up to today’s events.

  • daleh

    There may not be Chinese Military in mexico, but a Chinese Company does operate the Panama Canal , I believe– After Carter gave it back to the Panamanians they hired a Chinese outfit to run it —really smart thinking on Carter’s part—not—and if the pipe line that obama stopped is not ressurrected , the Canadiens will sell the oil to China —more smart thinking on a Democrats part—

    These actions sure do not help Americans –just the enemies of the US

    • Right Brain Thinker

      The Canadian “oil” that will come through the Keystone pipeline was always intended to be exported. (It’s derived from tar sands and IS “fossil fuel” but NOT “oil”).

      We would bear the risks of the pipeline and the pollution of the refining, and the oil companies get rich by sending the finished product overseas. Let the Canadians build a pipeline to their west coast and bear the damages. They are already destroying large areas mining the tar sands and doing much polluting anyway, a little more destruction is fine, apparently, as long as the rich get richer.

      And a case can be made that Canada is in many ways an “enemy of the US” and puts Canadian interests and profits WAY above “helping Americans”.

      • daleh

        According to the dictionary , fossil fuels include, coal , petroleum, and natural gas–so I guess the pipe line would be transporting a form of oil, in whatever form they find it –

        As for Canada being an enemy , you have to be smoking something real bad to think that way –of course Canada takes care of it’s own interests, what country doesn’t?? The only friend that the US has not purchased with all kinds of foreign aid is Canada– but I suppose you’s rather see obama hand over the F16′s and the tanks to the real enemy –Egypt–and the other Islamists trying to eventually kill the USA—

        Yes, I suppose the oil comapnies will get richer , but if the powers thatbe had any brains the US would be exploring our own natural resources and by doing so making Americans better off and not the Arabs—-Democrap or Republican , doesn’t matter they are both stupid outfits and your president is the top of the stupid chain, wanting to turn the US into a 3rd rate country like the one his father came from –

      • Chester

        RBT, that tar sands product is just as much a fossil fuel as any other petroleum product, or coal, for that matter. Oh, and it IS oil, albeit a bit thicker than that west Texas stuff you love to hate. Might take a good look at the road outside your house, as that is an oil base product, unless it is concrete, then oil was used in producing and placing it. You can’t refine coal and have a lot of pumpable product, but you can get the same tar used to lay that roadway with, and some gas as well, plus the coke they used to use to make steel and iron. You do need to learn a bit about all the hydrocarbon type products before you say one or another is or isn’t something. If you have been listening, you have heard them refer to the “TAR SANDS OIL”, which means that product IS oil, and pretty much the same as any other crude.

      • Don 2

        Every country, except the one run by Obama, acts in their own best interest. Why wouldn’t they? Why wouldn’t Canada act in their own best interest? And since they do, according to you, that makes them our enemy? What a dumb statement. The lack of function of the other half of your brain is obvious.

      • Hedgehog

        Hey RBT, Canada is definitely the enemy of your present government and has been the enemy of many of your governments in the past. Canada is just chock full of Americans who have left the US due to government persecution, beginning with the United Empire Loyalists. You’ve invaded us at least twice and we have fought border disputes with you. Now you complain because we don’t LOVE you and don’t send you money! What is the matter with you, not the American people, you and the government horse you ride? Obama Augustus is working hard to get you to become dependent on him and proclaim him your god and fall down and worship him and you can’t see it! Well at least our borders are still open to legitimate refugees!

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Lord love a duck, folks! Daleh is actually quoting to us from a dictionary? Did he not notice the quotation marks I used around “fossil fuels” and “oil”? Nor did Chester, who throws some “expertise” into the discussion. Does not daleh know enough about fossil fuels that he has to go looking the term up.? The “oil” that comes from the Alberta tar sands is not the same kind of “oil” that almost bubbled up out of the ground in the early days of the Saudi oil fields—-”sweet light Saudi crude”. That Saudi oil needed only minimal refining to be used. The tar sands “oil” is among the nastiest and dirtiest forms of fossil fuel to be found—-it lies near the surface and is easily strip mined, and that’s its only saving grace. The land is destroyed, much water is needed to process it on site and ends up polluted, it is difficult to process to the point that it becomes an “oil” that can be transported by pipeline, it is much more damaging if the pipeline leaks, and it is more difficult to process once it reaches the refinery. It is one of the most polluting “fossil fuels” available, and is NOT “pretty much the same as any other crude”, as Chester would have us believe…

        “Of course Canada takes care of its own interests”, says daleh? He should have stopped there and not shown his mindless adherence to ideology by blabbing about F-16′s, tanks, Islamists, and Egypt, which have NOTHING to do with anything here. The fact is that TransCanada has done some dirty things in its fight for the pipeline and the Canadian government has supported them. Does daleh think that we should let Canadian corporations push their government into going against the USA’s best interests?

        Daleh again shows his ignorance of things “oil” when he talks about “exploring our own natural resources and by doing so making Americans better off and not the Arabs” He apparently doesn’t know that we get only about ONE-EIGHTH OF our “oil” from the “arabs”. And daleh just HAS to throw in more mindlessness with “OUR president is the top of the stupid chain, wanting to turn the US into a 3rd rate country like the one his father came from”.

        Don 2 is another one who apparently thinks the way to get someone’s attention is to make stupid insults, as in “The lack of function of the other half of your brain is obvious” What a dumb statement, Don. You need to take reading lessons, because you obviously do not read well enough to understand this. Note “—-” marks, too.
        “And a case can be made that Canada is in many ways an “enemy of the US” and puts Canadian interests and profits WAY above “helping Americans”. .

        and Hedgehog, are you a Canadian?
        Sorry to see that you’re still into delusional ranting, because nothing I said can be interpreted to be “complaining because we don’t LOVE you and don’t send you money!” And as for “Well at least our borders are still open to legitimate refugees!”, maybe you haven’t been keeping up because things are getting tight up there—ask any South Asian.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Don 2 asks, “Right Brain Non-thinker, do you even have a job?”

        You must be new to PLD, Don, or you’d know that I am a retired educator—-30 years—- 22+ in school administration and 7+ spent teaching mainly biology before that. Been retired 20 years now. My main “job” now is depositing my pension checks and having fun in a number of ways (and doing everything my wife says exactly the way she says to do it).

        And why do you ask anyway? What does it matter? Or is that just another “dumb” statement meant to somehow insult me? Do YOU have a job? Share with us.

    • Robert Smith

      daleh says: “but a Chinese Company does operate the Panama Canal ”

      False. Go to:


    • DWFields

      It’s not like President Carter had a choice; the date of return to Panamanian control was set even before the canal was built; just has the date to return Hong Kong to Chinese control was set for the British a hundred years or so ago.

  • USN retired

    Obama’s agenda continues to be uncovered by bits and pieces. Our congress is the only thing that can stop this unconstitutional activity by Obama. impeachment for high crimes against the United States. With the current trend to sanctify criminal activity that is unlikely. I’m sure that our homeland security secretary and AG are involve with this also. Obama is determined to open our boarders for terrorist to easily enter. I hope Arabic is easy to learn.

    • ranger09

      USN. Congress is not going to stop anything these people do, Why, because the congress is the Problem, Anyway all these people belong to the same Club And their concerns are for their own Riches and Protection, Not for the Citizens of this country.
      An uneducated Country and a disarmed country is a defeted country, Easy for the Powers to Be to control.

  • e1313ruth

    Is this the reason Obama is giving airplane fighters to the Egyptian muslim brotherhood… Jihad in America soon…????

  • Jason

    Funny the government will cut Defense, but they won’t cut Offense

  • John Reinhardt

    I have heard insiders talk about how the globalists plan to carpet bomb those states that do not go along with the current system. It may be that they are disarming those states of their ability to defend against Air /missle attacks. Sigh God b with us.

  • jopa

    It’s about time they took down a system trying to spot Japanese zeroes.Sounds a little obsolete to me.They would have been great back on Dec. 7 1941 i Hawaii.They should sell them to the Audubon Society.

  • John Spinuzzi

    Texas sends money to DC to pay for things like TARS. We should withhold that money and employ Excelis to do this job for the state of Texas. Soetero knows that Texas stands against him, so he is trying to destroy us (same as with the gulf oil fiasco). This is, fellow Texans, a declaration of war against us! Wake up and act – contact Governor Perry and your state reps.

    • eddie47d

      This article is in support of TARS yet you want to withhold support. Hmmm! Some of you are all over the place!

  • Mac Shavers

    With all of the Constitutional laws that Obama has broken, can someone please explain to me why he has not been IMPEACHED. Nixon just lied to the nation and tried to cover up his illegal activities and look what happened to him. Is there no one in the Senate or Congress with balls big enough to call for impeachment actions. Can a citizen call or request impeachment of this traitor who is destroying our country a little bit at a time. He wants our boarders open so that his terrorist brothers can come in undetected. AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN SEE THIS? And if he takes our weapons, NO MORE AMERICA! Please people Wake Up!

    • eddie47d

      Maybe its time for an eye examine Mac since he wants more drones on our border and illegal crossings are down. You also see what you want to see.

      • momo

        Illegal crossings are down because the economy in Mexico is better than in the U.S.

    • http://none ken

      You are not alone brother,many of us are waking up to the truth. big gov,wants everything. protect your self big time.

  • Eric Coddington

    We have good men looking into this matter. Men and Women I trust in FBI, CIA, NSA,
    NASA, Secret Service, all with out Prejudice keep eyes on things mentioned. It is these
    Honorable Men and Women that make sure things are as they should be, and as it
    has to be, to be safe for the American Citizen & Guest! God bless America and help US
    continue protecting American Citizens Father and to discern danger before it can harm
    these your people! Thank you for all that you do to help US as a Nation so We can as
    well continue to help others around the Globe in efforts towards peace!

    • ranger09

      DO you really believe in what you just said, These people do not work for the good of the citizens, They work for the good of the Powers to Be.

    • Scared!

      Eric, please wake up.

  • RichardS

    No problem, it’s all a matter context. You can look at them as illegals or as potential democrat voters like Obama does, your choice.

  • drmdellis

    The continuation of disassembling the United States of America as a special, great nation continues with accelerated speed. Our nation is blind to what this man is doing on every front.

  • ranger09

    America has been going down the drain for many many years and will continue to do so, Soon there will not be many Real Americans left with American values, Already most of your border cities have been overrun with the mexican population, Most all now have mexicans in control, As you watch the move northward you see more of this happening, Has been going on for many years, So in a nut shell we the real americans will soon not exist, Unless we start taking back this country we Built

    • eddie47d

      The English said the same thing about the Irish and the Irish said the same thing about the Italians and the Italians said the same things about the Romanians and so forth and so on. Everyone is busy taking it back from someone else and has a score to keep!

    • mark

      Yeah, the Real Americans, white guys like you. What a surprise

      • rvncibeib1sgret

        You get a charge out of making racial references or are you just being cute?

    • Robert Smith

      From ranger: “Soon there will not be many Real Americans left with American values, ”

      Do you mean like the guys who owned slaves? Oops, we eliminated that.

      Do you mean like the guys who didn’t let women vote? Oops, we fixed that one.

      You mean like the guys who outlawed booze? Oops, we fixed that one.

      Do you mean like the guys who supported things like the KKK? Well, we almost got that one.

      You mean like the guys who didn’t want blacks in our military? Oops we fixed that one.

      Do you mean like the guys who didn’t want gays in our military? Oops, we fixed that one.

      Just who do you mean are “true” Americans ranger?

      Remember, America is supposed to stand for equality and freedom for All Americans, not just a few of your buddies.


      • rvncibeib1sgret

        I hope you realize that the majority of the references you made above to “we” were republicans…not dixiecrats.

  • 45caliber

    It’s simple. They have to keep the cartels happy or they won’t get the contributions they need.

  • ed

    This is how Barry will let in the jihadists

    • mark

      Obama is actually killing violent jihadist in record numbers using drones. Bob Livingston and other have reproached him for the use of these drone which often kill innocent Muslims. But Obama will not relent on this drone policy and has steadily increased such attacks despite Afghan President Karazai’s complaints.

      • Robert Smith

        Have we gotten to the 3,000 + civilians who were killed on 911?

        I don’t think they have any complaints until we get to that number in collateral damage as we blow up bad guys. If they don’t want their families killed with them they should hang out somewhere else when we kill them.

        Their language is violence and terror. We need to speak that louder than they do.


      • DWFields

        Terrorists attack civilians and hide behind innocents, knowing they can’t face us on an open battlefield. We’re forced to fight them under their rules and they know they’re ‘safe’ as long as they hide behind their women and children.

  • DWFields

    People always seem to jump to conclusions; assuming the worst without even trying to determine the reasoning. Maybe, just maybe, the system is getting shut down because a better system is now in place that they don’t know about.

    • rvncibeib1sgret

      A informed nation is a secure one. It would be nice if this were explained thoroughly.

      • DWFields

        Throughout history, it has been proven that giving away all your secrets leaves you open to attack. Better that our enemies not know what has replaced a known deterrent–as that alone can instill enough doubt to slow their plans. We can guess, but it’s not likely that we will know for sure until that system is itself replaced with something even better.

  • ibcamn

    remember folks,this Obama fellow thinks a bit different than you and i my time i have come to believe that some people just love to create problems so they can solve them to look good to their peers!if a man were to take out an area of defense that many military minds would be yelling and screaming and your local PD would not be laying off officers and they would be on overtime!so,it would be most likely to assume that there is going to be something new in the area to take over this eye in the sky,yes a DRONE program!remember Obama wants to use these things all over the entire United States of America!he most likely has some unit coming in to a local air base or air field and going to show the people of the USA and the military his vision will work better,his new program of security,surveillance(control) on not just the border but everywhere!just like he wanted,his drone program,and he will shut down more and more as time ticks by!get more drones into the sky’s and less soldiers and pilots and he can sit back and watch from afar like the Bin Laddin raid he loved so much, he’s wanted to watch all of us, like a creepy uncle at the family reunion!he hates the military and the people who support it(just like the gun grab he’s doing now)he envision’s some messed up utopia were he is the all mighty ruler of it,and over us!i don’t hear any military leaders screaming about it,so i think we will be seeing a all seeing eye in the sky more often and frequent as his program” progresses”…………

    either that or Obama has made a deal with the drug cartels to open up a window in the border for them, for the US citizens to get a flow of drugs,money and women into the US(and bring down pot prices)and he is going to legalize pot and get a trade route established and tax the crap outta it!!.mmmmm….i’m thinking drone program…….

  • mark

    OK Bob, who is going to invade us from the South? Guatemala, Cuba, Honduras? Maybe the dying Chavez from Venezuela? What a ridiculous premise. We face no invasion threat from the South. And as for drugs that war is a long lost cause – another giant tax-spending boondoogle enriching lawyers, judges, prosecuters, police, and corporate prison-builders. This policy also infringes on people’s individual rights and makes criminals out of non-criminals. Alcohol is OK – even though it kills many more people than drugs – but drugs are verboten. By what right can the government do this – interfere with our individual rights to medicate ourselves as we see fit? I thought you supported this right?

    And you know this supposed military surveillance is simply a cover for spying on U.S. citizens. I can’t follow your arguments anymore. First you are against government surveillance, in this case you are in favor of it. You constantly call for our federal government to stop its interference in our lives and its ever mounting defense spending but here when they agree to do so, you criticize them? What gives? Any measure to cut back on our giant militarist/police complex has my complete support. I can’t wait until they cut more military spending in the sequester next month. The federal money-grabbers are killing us with their ludicrous spending projects on all this nonsense – and now you support them!

    • John Reinhardt

      Actually Mark there are documented reports of thousands of Chinese troops just south of the US-Mexican border which have been massing since bf 2002. Just google *chinese troops spotted at the texas /mexico border*

      • Robert Smith

        Got any real evidence? At least there are some alleged pictures of Big Foot to support some of those claims.

        Maybe the Big Foot found all the Chinese and ate ‘em. That’s why they are so hard to find.


      • Right Brain Thinker

        Actually, John, it doesn’t appear that there are any “documented reports of thousands of Chinese troops just south of the US-Mexican border”. I did as you suggested and googled *chinese troops spotted at the texas /mexico border* and found nothing but the endlessly repeated identical stories going around the circular firing squad wing nut sites. Steve Quayle is “following this”, and I didn’t see any hits but I’m sure Alex Jones is as well. There was a big flurry of stories in March of 2011 and a smaller one a year later—-both times suspiciously close to April Fool’s Day. Are you getting an early start on 4/1/2013 on us here?

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear mark,

      You write: “We face no invasion threat from the South.” You are right, mark. Nothing to see here. I’m a silly man. We are not making enemies throughout the Middle East and Africa by raining death from unmanned drones down on innocent civilians so there is no chance that we create an enemy who wants to do us harm by procuring an aircraft, loading it with biological, chemical or radiological weapons and flying into our airspace from the South. There’s no chance that someone might hijack an airliner leaving one of our Southern neighbors and fly it into a building somewhere in say, Houston or Dallas, Phoenix, etc. You believe that’s what happened on 9/11, don’t you mark? And NORAD sat on its hands for 30 or more minutes after they knew the airliners had been hijacked on 9/11? That hijackers commandeered U.S. airliners and flew them into the Twin Towers and Pentagon? It’s happened once, right mark? Couldn’t it happen again? How long could a hijacked airliner fly around in U.S. airspace unimpeded by NORAD without the TARS? And there’s no chance that somebody like, I don’t know, North Korea might supply a radiological or even an EMP-type weapon to a terrorist that we created with our unmanned drone attacks so that said terrorist might fly it across the border and use it on American soil. I don’t know what I was thinking.

      Best wishes,

      • Right Brain Thinker

        “I don’t know what I was thinking”, says Bob, as he reels off a list of all those things we need to quake in fear over. Most of them would make good movie scripts.

        Don’t want to get into discussing probabilities and the difficulties that would be encountered carrying out these scenarios, but WOULD like to say that the likelihood of the TARS being of much help is probably not too much higher than any of them occurring.. Its radar has a maximum range of only 200 miles.

      • mark

        Dear Bob,

        None of our enemies have drone technology with that kind of range. Neither do we. The North Koreans and Iranians can’t reach U.S. soil with drones from 8,000 miles away – that only, by the way, carry a very small payload, so I don’t know what you are talking about? You’re spinning irrational threat contingencies.

        And also what is this 9/11 threat you’re now suddenly asserting?! In essay after essay, you have held forth that 9/11 was an inside job carried out by the Bush adminstration. Here is your own article on this from just a few months ago:

        How can a Southern defense belt protect us from this kind of an operation? As you and others state over and over again on this site, our real enemy is the U.S. federal government – not any foreign power. Your inconsistencies keep mounting article after article.

        Best Regards, mark

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear mark,

          You write: “None of our enemies have drone technology with that kind of range.” I have not claimed they did. Please reread the response, slowly, for comprehension.

          You write: “You’re spinning irrational threat contingencies.” No. You are making things up.

          You write: “In essay after essay, you have held forth that 9/11 was an inside job carried out by the Bush adminstration (sic).” I am quite clear on what I what I wrote. You, it seems, are not.

          You write: “Your inconsistencies keep mounting article after article.” Please point out any inconsistencies.

          Best wishes,

      • mark

        Dear Bob,

        In the article of yours that I cited above and in others (usually near the 9/11 anniversary), you clearly ridicule and reject the Bush administration’s version of the 9/11 attacks. And you very strongly imply that they – not the 19 jihadists and Bin Ladin – are culpable for this atrocity. But in your reply to my post today, you surmise that terrorist hijackers using a jet airliner could attack us again – as they did on 9/11. That is why we need this Southern surveillance system – to prevent such an attack from occurring again. You don’t see the inconsistency there?

        Best Regards, mark

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear mark,

          You write: “In the article of yours that I cited above and in others (usually near the 9/11 anniversary), you clearly ridicule and reject the Bush administration’s version of the 9/11 attacks.” Yes I do, as did the 9/11 Commission.

          You write: “And you very strongly imply that they – not the 19 jihadists and Bin Ladin – are culpable for this atrocity.” Whether willfully or out of confusion or ignorance, you misrepresent my position. I suggest you go back and read my several columns on 9/11 for clarity.

          You write: “But in your reply to my post today, you surmise that terrorist hijackers using a jet airliner could attack us again – as they did on 9/11.” I have at no time suggested that four airliners were not commandeered on 9/ll, nor have I ever claimed that airline hijackings have not taken place.

          You write: “That is why we need this Southern surveillance system – to prevent such an attack from occurring again.” If you will once again reread my original comment, I provided several possible scenarios. I did not claim they were all-inclusive. I do not have a devious mind and therefore have not spent time considering all possible ways to attack the U.S. You are no doubt aware that a Russian attack submarine went undetected for weeks in the Gulf of Mexico last summer.

          You write: “You don’t see the inconsistency there?” There has been no inconsistency by me.

          Best wishes,

      • Dave67


        Just a a couple of questions?

        Do you think in 30 years we may find better technology to do this work on our Southern border? What does your top-secret clearence allow to divulge?

        Oh, thats right… You have no clearence to know such things.

        So all you have here is just another conservative fear piece to serve up as red meat to the right wing loons that buy the bs.

    • John Reinhardt

      Ok first off try using internet explorer as you will have np finding info on this subject if you type in chinese military bases in mexico or chinese troops massing in Mexico . I have been following this subject since 2002 and there have seen numerous accounts of people Chinese troops , bases and much more seen in Mexico .

    • John Reinhardt

      China is planning to take over America and Obama is the one who sold us out along with those that are controlling him. Heck our leaders openly admit these things if you have been paying attention but like always we got those that are quite naive which is many of us. Listen pretty soon Obama will come for your guns and when our military decides to have a coup then china will step in. You think im just saying this for [expletive deleted] and giggles ??? Leaders around he world have admitted what their game plan is and it is even in writing if you just take time and energy to actually do your home work. Hell , here is one of Chinas top officials speaking about how they plan to conquer America.'sPlanToConquer.htm copy and paste this link to view this mans speech.

  • Christian

    IF this is True> If border security becomes more and more lax it’s an excuse to get those FEMA detention center’s up and running under the guise of holding an “overwhelming influx” of illegal immigrants which eventually will occur. They are creating the very emergency for which the camps were nominally designed. That way they can at the very least justify the expenditures for the FEMA camps construction. There is also the far scarier possibility that it is a coverup to activate the camps and prepare for relocation of US Citizens after Obama Issues unlawful Executive Orders and Martial Law.


    Well, the boy kept his word. He did tell Putin that after the elections he would have more flexibility, did he not?

  • John Reinhardt

    People please GOOGLE THIS AND READ :URGENT!!! chinese troops spotted at the texas /mexico border

    • mark

      Right, John, the Chinese are going to invade us, through Mexico! It no crazy, cockamanie idea or internet rumor ludicrous enought that you people will not fall for? The more absurd and unbelievable it is, the more you readily accept it like Scripture from on high. No wonder extremist conservatives and liberatarians are such a laughstock in this country adn around the world. You have all cried ” The Sky is falling!” about a hundred times more than Chicken Little on a bad day. But of course it just never falls. Oh well, no problema, just start a new cuckoo rumor tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day. You have to have something to do, I guess.

      • Robert Smith

        I did a little goggling and it seems to all focus on the interview of ONE trucker who claims he saw them.

        I’d like some of what he must have been smoking.


        • Charles Moore

          Apparently you didn’t goggle that Congress who had the same access to Intelligence as Bush approved entry into Iraq. That Obama promised to halve the Deficit. It was 10 trillion when Bush left office. It is 16.5 trillion now. Apparently you didn’t goggle that Obama criticized Bush asking asking to increase the Debt but Obama asks to increase it every year or that Obama increased the troops in Afghanistan after criticizing McCain for Afghanistan.. Haven’t heard from your about the fact that the the mother of the shooter in Sandy Hook was a gun collector and had 37 guns and took her shooter son to the range with her and exposed him to guns because she was afraid to leave him alone as he had problems. Guess she didn’t lock them up good enough but she gets no blame even though CT has the 5th strictest gun laws in the U.S.What do you goggle.? Pretty Pathetic of you.

      • Robert Smith

        “Guess she didn’t lock them up good enough but she gets no blame ”

        She paid with her life.

        Better gun securiety (trigger locks or a safe) might have helped.

        The fact is that the kid was loony. As a society that is what we should be deciding how to deal with, not guns.


    • John Reinhardt

      Ok first off try using internet explorer as you will have np finding info on this subject if you type in chinese military bases in mexico or chinese troops massing in Mexico . I have been following this subject since 2002 and there have seen numerous accounts of people Chinese troops , bases and much more seen in Mexico .

      • Robert Smith

        Hi John, you say: “I have been following this subject since 2002 and there have seen numerous accounts of people Chinese troops , bases and much more seen in Mexico .”

        Then it shouldn’t be difficult for you to bring some proof to this forum, not just silly statements.


  • Vera Lawrence

    This really good to know as I live about 25 miles from two the largest Navel and Air Force Bases in the South…Stupid SOB!!!


    Or it could be another “false flag” in the making…without surveillance, who knows what the power-hungry bitches are capable of doing. Best prepare.

    • Right Brain Thinker

      Did I say something about fear-mongering and feeding the fires of paranoia? Here’s good ol’ JAY, with his ever ready can of “gasoline”. OOH-Rah, JAY!

      • http://midcontent ridge runner

        RBT, JAY isn’t using gas, because of the billions of dollars this mulsim marxist has wasted on (green) energy, theories, wind, sunlight and just pure BS. Jay would would be in violations of EPA rules for spilling carbon based liquids,Jay would be using windburn, sunburn, just plain raw sewage and failed book trained worthless theories., . Democraps and this thin skinned marixist moron are parionod any time they think of free gun carrying citizens

  • http://midcontent ridge runner

    We know have another Democrat Rep Mendez having sexual illegal immigrant pervert working in his federal office, and now he has been shipping in Domocan Republic under aged whores, now if Obama’s under 10 boys would be allowed to speak, but under mulsim rules , boys under 10, have a standing, lower than a street mut., Just like any female and their daughters who have the value of a whore, killings or murder are just standrad MO behavior. Now Mendez will climb in the democrap heiarcky, Wilson,FDR, Johnson, Kennedeys, Clinton and the muslim marxist.

  • Robert

    I think the illegals around me as well as the drug runners in my area must be Obama’s supporters. They just caught 6 tons of drugs the other day , I love the fact our borders will be even more wide open now , I live 30 miles from the borders and see illegals and drug dealers getting picked up all the time , well maybe not in the future now

  • Scared!

    I wish everyone would STOP arguing with each other. That’s what the government wants us to do……Fight each other. We need to work together to figure out how to get this country back on it’s feet.

  • Hedgehog

    RBT, to answer a previous question. Yes, I am a Canadian, living in Canada. I thought I had made that plain many many times, it is no big secret. To answer the question I suspect is forming in your mind (Why am I concerned with American politics and government?). My concern is that you, the USA, are our southern no mans’s land. To attack us from the south any enemy would have to cross the entire depth of the US to get at us. The way your government is acting it looks to me that any such enemy will have a free and unimpeded ride right to our common border. Especially if you are engaged in civil war, which seems likely. Note, I am not worried about the American people. I am worried about Obama Augustus and his anti-constitutional cronies. You should be too!

    • Right Brain Thinker

      Thanks, Hedgehog
      I must have missed the Canadian thing—I’ve only been coming on PLD for a couple of months or so and don’t look at every thread. I don’t question why you are interested in American politics and government. It’s perfectly understandable that you would keep an eye on the 600 pound gorilla next door.

      If I were you guys, I’d be worried that when the SHTF over global warming and resource depletion in a few decades, that you will become the 51st. state. We’ve been there before and we can come again, and the corporate oligarchs of both countries will get together to make it happen..

      And save the babbling about “Obama Augustus and his anti-constitutional cronies”. It just shows that you have not been watching what has been happening down here and don’t fully understand it. O’Bama .has not done everything right by any means, but he and the Democrats are the only hope we have right now of avoiding the corporate feudal state. And when it arrives, that border between us will disappear—-pack up the maple leaf flags and learn the words to the Star Spangled Banner..

      Your talk of an enemy invading is delusional—who? Chavez? Because you sell us as much oil as he does and he wants to cut you out? Like Saddam invading Kuwait? Hugo’s troops won’t make it 200 miles inland, so you need not worry. The grannies of the militia in FL and all the descendants of the CSA will dispose of them easily.

    • Wellarmed

      I agree with your postulate Hedgehog. I do not believe that there is such a thing as a peaceful rise of a nation. The fact that we needed to stop selling sonograms to the Chinese ( they are still purchasing them through third world intermediaries ) told me that they were attempting to build a massive standing army.

      I understand the need of the Chinese Government to look at population density in relation to their agricultural resources, but at the moment we realized that they were selectively aborting female fetuses, as well as physically killing baby girls through government force that should have sent up red flags to cut off ALL trade with this barbaric government.

      Instead we rewarded them buy giving to them nearly our entire manufacturing sector.

      I do not know if the statements are true about troops amassing in Mexico, and I do not feel performing recon in their country needs to be my focus at this point. All the indications I see from our corrupt government and the corrupt government of Mexico would leave me to believe that other foreign countries would not be coming to our ( The People’s ) aide.

      I cannot agree with you more that Civil War in the US would leave this country terribly vulnerable to attack from foreign nations, including the UN. Canada has been blessed with a robust economy as it appears that 70% of GM assembly line capacity exists above our northern border in Canada. I also believe that like Europe and much of the Pacific that these nations and Canada rely on US as a subsidy for their defense at US tax payer expense.

      Canada would be knee deep in it if Civil War happens in the US. I do not feel that our border would protect the Canadian people one iota in that event. An incredibly cold winter? Maybe?

      Balloons used for border surveillance are incredibly cost affective in relation to helicopters and drones in particular. My fellow Americans, YOU ALL NEED TO HEED THIS WARNING! Once drones have been implemented throughout the US and you have been subsequently conditioned to seeing them in our sky’s. Please remember the day I wrote this ( February 2, 2013 ), when YOU begin to see them armored with HELL FIRE MISSILES! It will bring me no joy when this vision becomes reality to say that I warned you.

      These drones have the potential to be operated from beyond our shores! The use of Drones should be added to the rules of the Geneva Convention to bar their use in warfare just as we have agreed ( US ) in barring the use of chemical and biological agents.

      Our country has completely lost its moral center, and there is no more high ground for us to retreat to. We surrendered it along time ago.

  • flipped54

    Has anyone wondered why the “Hindenbergs” are being retired as a surveilance method. What is the reason the big balloons are being shelved? Could it be that there something more effective in getting the job done? Each moored balloon has a limited area that it can cover. Drones can cover more area faster and are not moored and are controlled remotely. Just a thought.

    • Wellarmed

      Is it safe to say that you have heard the term of mission creep? I am not privy to what technology the Fed has as far as a suitable replacement is concerned. Drones last time I checked still operate on fossil fuels? Tethered Balloons which remain in the sky using helium consume far less energy, and will have far less maintenance, but more importantly please remember that they are tethered. It is very difficult for Mission Creep to occur when the device used is physically limited in its range of motion/radius.

      Border Patrol should remain on the Border. It has no place spreading into the United States. Local municipalities/law enforcement can easily hold those who have made entry into the country illegally for further verification from ICE. All the states need is the OK to merely follow the law as it is written. What we have now is the fed basically telling local jurisdictions that proper enforcement will be selective based on the event itself. IE Violent vs. traffic infraction. I see no reason why either case should allow the fed to ignore the law as it is written.

      If Drones are allowed to replace tethered Balloons, then Mission Creep WILL happen. It will merely be the justification to further intrude upon Americans privacy. I refer to this mission creep ( no longer the borders ) as Opperant Conditioning. Many Cities that are financially flat broke still have an eye in the sky ( ghetto bird ) thanks to federal Government grants that will not allow these birds to be grounded. Do you ever ask why?

      The danger to our country if drones become the mainstream are that they can not only be heavily armored, but that they can be controlled remotely! Do you want drones armored with hell fires above your house? Yes or NO?

      No matter what side of the fence you fall on, PLEASE think about the ramifications, before you disregard this as some far flung theory. I am at the point based on how they are being used in foreign engagements fairly certain that they meet the threshold to be included in the schedule of already banned implements of war.

      War in and of itself IS an atrocity. It is by and large avoidable. War by remote control does not merely throw salt on the wound, but also allows a complete degree of separation and accountability that threatens all of humanity by its continued use.

      • DWFields

        Not all drones use fossil fuel; modern science has helped the US to design one that runs exclusively on solar fuel–sunlight. One such as that can fly for months before landing and can cover far more area than any balloon stuck on a string at 15,000 feet. That string itself is a flight hazard for any aircraft that might fly near them–be it civil or military.

  • Charles Moore

    Wrong! The U.S. has first demand for it. That not demanded by the U.S. will be shipped overseas. Oil is not shipped overseas now. It is the byproducts such as Kerosene that is shipped overseas. I have been investing in Oil and Natural Gas for some time and have made a lot of money. I am in MLPs in Natural Gas and Oil now. The next thing will be shipping N.G. overseas since it cost less than $5.00 here and $12-14 in Asia etc especially since Obummer and his crowd are against fossil fuels and are wasting money on green energy and China has a foothold here on Solar Panels.

  • gary

    Obama ,a is a traitor and should be in Gitmo along with Holder and Hilary

    • LindyMaeUSA

      Gary dear,

      Besides obama, holder and hillary, don’t forget to ADD and DEPORT the other 545 Washington “Wolf Pack” crooks, thieves, liars and cheats to the “Gittmo Forever!” gang, including the countless, crummy “Czars” who add their anti-American “ideas and suggestions” to the “Plot(s)!”

  • SJJolly

    With all the multi-hundred billions of dollars we are spending on the US military and on Department of Homeland Security, the only real defense of our southern borders is a few teathered radar blimps???
    BTW: If the radar blimp system is working so great, why are illegal drugs routinely getting into this country in truckload quantities?

    • Wellarmed

      Who do you think trained the Sinaloa and Zetas cartel Commandos?

      Operation Wide Receiver.

      Operation Fast & Furious.

      Executive Privelege.

      Special Investigator rather than a Special Prosecutor.

      4 Members of BATFE resigned rather than behind bars.

      Congress not placing holder under arrest for contempt of Congress ( withholding evidence).

      Congress not going after (AG) for perjuring himself during his testimony.

      BATFE refusal to release weapons trace data to NRA for verification.

      Large banking institution washing Cartel Money, and receiving only slap on the wrist (charter not pulled).

      I could go on and on, but the fact is that the Ravens just won the Superbowl, and I think I am missing the next episode of dancing with the stars.

      Unfortunately no one cares that this does go all the way to the top, because King George did it and now we must look the other way for El Presidente Obama.

  • Steve

    What the hell is Obama trying to do? Leave America vulnerable to another
    911 type attack? I just hope that Americca can hold out for another 4 years
    until we can put a real leader back in the White House.

  • http://Google Fred Carter

    Fred Carter.
    What is wrong with our country today is it’s leadership, the weekness that has crept into America,comes from the forieners that are trying to run it.The fact that instead of the foreign influx into our country trying to make America conform to their cultures, they refuse to conform to ours, yet don’t want to go back where they come from.The fact that this uninformed last generation has no concept of the consequences of voting for an issue withou being informed of on the ramifications of each issues atached to it. The fact that our country owes more than we can pay to our eninies is what is taking our country down. Washington cant spend itself out of debt, no more than Washington can afford to have a dictator in the White House.

  • aden

    Many years ago my grandfather told me that this country would be taken over with out a shot being fired. Hmmm think he might be right?

  • Errol Ahlers

    Both in industry and on the farm, I learned 1 thing. If you have a problem, find the root cause. If you have a belt break, find out why it broke before replacing it. In this discussion, I find no one finding the root cause. In many cases it is the “I have my mind made up, don’t confuse me with facts” attitude. There are many who will not agree with my conclusion, which, if you think about it, proves my conclusion. The problems we have all stem from the fact that we, as a country have decided to follow our own desires and not Gods.

  • Rennie

    No worries, we have the chinese bases in Mexico and the russian bases in Cuba to protect us!

  • ted sockwell

    how can a person hate the country he lives in so much as to leave it open to attack

  • mackie66

    Just 4 yrs to get rid of this communist. Where does one began to list all of Obamas screw-ups. Maybe he plans on using his ears as a Southern listening posts. Obama has in reality opened our borders with mexico that allows anyone who can walk a free trip to the USA which includes Muslims dressed like Mex’s, but carrying suicide bombs, nerve agents, chemical weapons in small amounts to wipe out a small Texas border town. If theres no surveillance on the border then they cant see us defending our borders. And you can tell Obama is a Muslim by the way he hides behind the dead children of Sandy Hook and their parents dont seem to care that Obama uses those dead children as political fodder. Obama is as sorry as they come. Jimmy Carter will not be known as the worst president in history. If we stick together we can out last him, I dont care if it costs me my life I will not bow to him and live on my knees,,,,,,,,,,,

  • x-mil

    Looks like “We the People” need to step up and get volunteers to man these positions… screw the a hole aka “occupier”. What will they do w/the equipment on 16 march?…..

  • combinedriver

    Well this just may set the timeline for the invasion by the 50,000 Chinese troops stationed in the Red Desert area of Mexico that we citizens are not supposed to know about.

    • Tkettle

      Don’t forget to add in the thousands getting training at some 30+ alqueda camps INSIDE the U.S.

    • DWFields

      Sheesh! The number rises from “a few thousand” to “50,000″ and still without any hint of evidence or proof. Hey, at least you localized it–or have you? If these troops are there, would they not show up on a satellite image of the Red Desert in Mexico? Please, show me this massing of troops that I may believe.

  • RichardM

    Obama’s in his second term now, so he doesn’t have to play nicey nicey to the American public anymore. His true colors are now showing. He’s wasting no time in sending F-16s and tanks to Egypt and closing down the above program along our southern border, while at the same time he’s shooting for amnesty for millions of illegals. Wow, it’s like I’ve said before: this POS could rob a bank in broad daylight, with no mask on, and get away with it! This is treason. Somebody please double please, arrest this POS NOW!!!!!!!!!

    • DWFields

      Have you ever considered that your own words could be taken as treason? You have no idea as to WHY this program has been shut down, if it has at all; we only have the word of an anonymous source and a supposed email from the company reportedly being shut down. Such an emotional outcry on no REAL data only proves why the Republicans have fallen from grace–they simply cannot stand up to real logic.

  • John beach

    When Americans learn that that which we know as a name can be taken at face value, they will understand more fully the reasons for the political incompatibilities that are ineffectively coexisting to produce stalemate and division. The demographics of the country have changed so significantly that there is little agreement on anything except division. Americans are choosing to be known by their ethnic origins. Their interests and politics represent those ethnic origins, often as intransigeance in the face of history and tradition and law which existed before they chose to come to the U.S. How ironic it is that, for whatever reasons people were persuaded or motivated to come to the U.S., they should want to attain positions of power and authority for the purpose of changing those traditions and laws because they don’t like American history. Good luck in transforming America into what you want it to be.

    • DWFields

      I would correct that to say, “SOME Americans are choosing to be known for their ethnic origins”, the others are choosing for the greatest good for the greatest number.

  • Randy131

    They had the same system in Florida, and may still have, for interdiction of aircraft drug smuggling. I didn’t know it could be used against illegal immigration, but that may explain why Obama wants it shut down, or either Obama believes there aren’t enough drugs being smuggled into the USA through those southwestern borders. One or the other, who knows, but I’d bet on aiding more illegal immigrants to enter our country before the new amnesty laws are enacted, in order to raise the number of even more new Democratic voters, who really appreciate our style of socialism, and live by it once they are here, but not the paying of taxes part, that’s left solely to the rich, which we seem to be running out of very fast, both rich and the amount of taxes that can be collected.

  • Vickie Riggins

    Those of you who are questioning this administration’s policies show incredible ability to think. Those folks who believe that this president and his policy makers have American interests at heart need to read 20th century history. These same political tactics transpired in Germany, and we all ask how an entire country gave away its freedoms to a monster.

    • LindyMaeUSA

      Vickie dear Patriot, you are absolutely correct! And even though my response is a little “off topic,” I think my perspective needs to be said as a follow-up to your comment:

      When the s*** hits the fan, I predict: Those of us who “woke up” early will be very busy trying to “calm” the hysterical Sheeple masses who eventually notice our “lack of concern” during the turmoil (because WE KNEW what was coming!) and start asking us questions such as: “Where are we going?” “Who’s in charge here?” “Why are we being herded together?” “What have we done?” “When did the government go beserk?” and last, but not least, “HOW did this happen?” to which we will then patiently pat their shoulder and in a soft, soothing voice we’ll say: “There, there; it’ll all be over soon!” :-(

      • DWFields

        And what will you do when things don’t happen as you predict within your lifetime? Will you do as that ‘known survivalist’ did in Alabama and take your favorite gun out, shoot a bus driver and kidnap a kid so that you can force your views to be heard? He was wrong for over 30 years and can’t understand why our country hasn’t already fallen apart. I pity him.

        • John beach

          The tragedy of such actions is that, like the perpetrators of the incomprehensible actions of terrorists, they are random, not specifically and logically targeting of the people who are responsible for political policies or criminal actions. If you believe in justice, you pursue the criminal, not some random stranger(s). The fact is that everybody talks, but nobody does anything in terms of targeting the people responsible. This is unjust and illogical.
          Who, in the light of history, would not say that the assassination of Hitler would have been justified and morally right? If it would not have, then his policies are condoned. Any president ought to consider that fact.

        • LindyMaeUSA

          I understand where you’re coming from and IF my prediction doesn’t evolve, based upon the last six years of research into what the trillionaire banksters, NWO and US G have done, are doing now and will continue doing to “The Majority” and America, I’ll go on existing like the rest of the Middle Class in a subjugated, freedom-less, Socialist/Fascist environment until the carefully pre-planned “process” begins!

          The many Patriots I’ve spoken with since 2008 are simply waiting for the other shoe to drop (civil war or WW III?) to “start the ball rolling” toward what GOD (and George Orwell) said was gonna’ happen!

          Sorry I can’t comment about the person or incident you mentioned since I don’t waste my time with “filtered” TV and newspapers! Oh, if I don’t respond to any other comments on this subject, it won’t be that I’m not interested, I’m just too busy with my job which usually leaves no time for this type of participation. :-/

          Thanks for your perspective DW and enjoy the week. :-)

        • Charles Moore

          What views? He hasn’t given any demands etc .You still haven’t answered my questions as to your naive “hollow point” remark. This guy in Alabama was arrested for violence toward a neighbor and was let out of jail earlier.When will you people demand that they enforce the thousand of gun laws on the books now and punish people that don’t prosecute the people that don’t report those with mental health problems?

      • DWFields

        So, John, you’re condoning the assassination of a President, is that what you’re saying? Even if not, it sure sounds that way. I highly recommend you be very careful of how you say things. You do have the right to free speech, but what you say can be used against you.

        • John beach

          If the guy turns out to be another Adolf Hitler, that is exactly what I am suggesting. How many Germans today, knowing the fate of Bonhoeffer and the proliferation of the statement of Niemoeller, would have advocated and participated in a plot to assassinate Hitler? Before we have a Nazi-style Gestapo, it would behoove us to do the same.

      • DWFields

        @LindyMaeUSA: You do know that Socialism and Fascism are diametrically opposed. If Obama is a Socialist, then logically the Republicans would be the fascists; if Obama is the Fascist, then the Republicans are Socialists. Since the Republicans decry Obama as a Socialist, A.) He is NOT a Hitler and B.) The Republicans ARE Fascists. Simple deduction.

      • DWFields

        @Charles Moore: Methinks you have me confused with some other commenter. That’s ok, I’ve noticed that a number of responders here don’t really read what they’re responding to. I–I said ‘I’ have said nothing about hollow point bullets and so most of your argument ends up irrelevant.

        As for demanding the existing laws get enforced, I’m all for it–but one certain party in our government has gone out of its way to defund law enforcement of almost all types in our country–specifically cutting Federal funding designed to bolster State and Local enforcement agencies.

        • Charles Moyore

          Don’t blame me because I respond to “D.W. replies” comments. I have stated facts as opposed to your drivel about Bush and the Republican nonsense. the mother of the shooter in S.H. had 37 guns which she did not lock up and took the kid to a shooting range. No law would have prevented her Stupidity.They are all mental health issues

      • DWFields

        @John Beach: And where is the evidence that even begins to suggest that our President is even leaning in that direction? Where are the “Obama Youth”? Where are the secret training areas for people loyal only to him and supported by “His” government? I’m not saying such is impossible, but far more probable is a coalition of Survivalist Rebels who only perceive what they want to perceive, totally ignoring any logic in the process. They believe only what they are told because that is what they WANT to believe.

      • DWFields

        Let’s try this again, Charles.

        A.) I did not make any remark about “Hollow Point” Or is there another DW posting here that I haven’t noticed? Either way, responding to me about that is diversion.
        B.) I actually agreed with you that existing laws need to be enforced; INCLUDING those that require background checks to look into any mental health issues. However, many states actively bypass those laws and have gone out of their way to make it more difficult for doctors to report mental health issues for those background checks. In fact, only last year members of the Tea Party tried to amend the Obamacare laws to actively prohibit doctors from making such reports available.

        • Charles Moyore the

          Nonsense. There you go .again
          1, First it was Bush. Then the Republicans. Now the Tea Party
          2.Arizona has one of the most Liberal Policies on having people committed for Observation and even though the College wrote letters to the shooter and his Parents and the Police were called several times for his aberrant behavior there was none. When Congress woman Gifford and all were shot the Police and several others tried to blame it on :Right Wingers” and people such as you eat it up.

      • DWFields

        Alright, Charles, You Tell Me.
        WHO is ignoring all these existing laws?
        Who has been going out of their way to pull the fangs from new laws?
        WHO is working the hardest to block even any discussion on new laws?

        If your reply to these three questions don’t point in a specific direction, I can guarantee at least half the people still following this board will laugh out loud. You’ll lose what little relevance you have left–at least on this board.

        • http://dob Charles Moyore =u

          Are you serious?
          1.The mother of the shooter in Sandy Hook had 37 guns. She exposed her to shooting range because she was afraid to leave him alone, She did lock the guns in a safe.The son had social problems at the very least.
          2. The shooter in the Aurora theater was under the care of a Psychiatrist.
          3. The shooter who shot Congress woman and his parents had got received letters from the college he attended that he would not be allowed to return until he got clearance from a mental health evaluator. The police ignored his odd behavior. Arizona has one of the most liberal laws for committing somebody.
          4. The shooter on the Virginia Tech campus had a history of mental .
          5. A semi automatic pistol is being classified as an assault weapon by the moronic female Senator from California. It is not.
          6. The limit for a round clip is laughable.A determined e even with semi-automatic where you have to pull the trigger each time to fire it can shoot 20 times and have a third clip in within 30 seconds. This is as absurd as the gun control Mayor Bloomberg in NYC who abolished the 32 ounce soda. A person will just buy two 16 ounce and double the containers to recycle.

          Mental health is snot being addressed by the gun control wackos. In my City one can go to jail for leaving a weapon accessible to a child. There is no such law being addressed on a Federal level by the gun control wackos in Congress.

          7. This uproar by the media and gun control wackos about banning automatic weapons is nonsense, AUTOMATIC WEAPONS HAVE BEEN BANNED SINCE THE 1930s

          So all this crap about limiting the clip/magazine ignoring Mental Health ,,not punishing people allow guns to be accessible to children is nonsense. One has to be 21 years of age to legally purchase a firearm. This is true in CT which has the 5th most stringent gun control laws in the U.S. The shooter in Sandy Hook was not 21 years of age..It is pretty obvious who is ignoring the laws and the stupidity of the gun control people

      • DWFields

        In other words, Charles, you refuse to answer because the fault goes in ONLY one direction.
        1.) The mother of the Sandy Hook shooter did all that you said; I have never denied that. On the other hand, if the boy’s doctor had misgivings, then he should have been given the opportunity to report his fears and maybe even been required to report his fears. One Certain Party has gone out of its way to prevent that kind of reporting.
        2.) The Psychiatrist should have had the opportunity to make his fears known to law enforcement. One party has gone out of its way to prevent that kind of reporting.
        3.) That information should have been in any background check on that person, no matter if he bought his guns in Arizona, or Mississippi. Why wasn’t it?
        4.) Why didn’t law enforcement have that data?
        5.) This one I might agree with–under very specific limitations. I do not count an M-1911 as an assault weapon; I would certainly count an UZI as an assault weapon.
        6.) I’m open to a compromise: 15 rounds. I do understand the reasoning behind limiting magazine capacity simply because it will slow a shooter down. Even if a shooter has to take 5 seconds to replace a clip, that’s 5 seconds he can’t shoot and gives someone a chance to escape or counter-attack. If he has to do so more often, that’s one escapee for every magazine swap or a free attack by security.
        7.) Some of these “Assault Weapons” — in fact, the majority of them — are civilianized versions of military weapons. Many of them simply have the “select fire rate” control removed on the outside and the pin welded in place in the receiver. By simply filing off that stop pin, guess what happens? Older weapons like the M-14 didn’t have that select fire switch–there were auto-loading versions and–with a different receiver–fully automatic versions. I believe the M-16 was the first American Made rifle that offered that select fire, though I could be wrong. Having personally fired M-1911, M-14 and M-16 rifles and other firearms, I personally never liked these “newfangled” styles, though I fully understood their functioning and reason behind their design. The M-16 and up certainly do NOT belong in civilian hands as “sporting rifles”.

        • Charles Moore

          This is all nonsense on your part about one party going out of its way to prevent something.Obama, Biden and several other Democrats have not mentioned Mental Health in any real capacity . There are Republicans who have mentioned it such as Rand Paul. The NRA has also mentioned it as well as the Concealed Carry Organization. You have ignored the fact that the shooter in Sandy Hook was not of legal age and did not purchase the guns. He didn’t go through a background check. His mother had 37 guns that were accessible to him. She also exposed him to a shooting range. Did the Psychiatrist have this information. Criminals do not go through background investigations. How many teenagers have been caught with guns? Teenagers can’t legally purchase firearms. Since the “Search and Frisk” law was implemented by Republican Mayor G several years ago there has been a decrease in guns among those illegally carrying them. The Democratic mayor R.E. of Chicago refuses to implement it so don’t give me this background check and other party nonsense.

          The Parents of the shooter and the shooter of Congress woman Gifford ignored letters from his college about requiting a mental health evaluation . There were teachers in that college who were uncomfortable with him. The college did not follow through with it. The Police not only ignored his behavior although they were called several times but the Police chief after the shootings blamed it on Right Wing Extremists notably the Tea Party. Of course, the Media focused on these statements and I have seen nothing about the fact that the mother of the shooter in Sandy Hook had 37 guns and exposed the kid to a shooting range.

          It always comes out after the fact that so and so knew a shooter was mentally troubled.. it is a proven fact that Parents and Relatives do not report them because of the social stigma. People that allow guns to be accessible to children should be convicted of a Felony. When Bill Clinton was President there was a Federal law passed where anybody convicted of domestic violence could not own a firearm. There were several complaints especially from Police Unions because this meant police officers convicted of domestic violence could not carry a gun and would lose their jobs. Never the less this Legislation was passed by a Republican Congress and signed into law by Clinton. I have seen numerous instances where this law has not been enforced and it is a Federal Law.

          While I think that a 100 round magazine is absurd a determined person can reload a 10 or 15 round clip in about 30 seconds and have a potential of 30-45 rounds in less than a minute or they can have three or four guns. The limit on the capacity of clips is absurd.

          You are correct in that a person can convert a semi automatic into an automatic. This is usually done by a criminal and not a law abiding citizen.So i guess you think we should all go back to bolt actions except for the criminals who will; have the semi automatics etc.

          Again the laws on the books are not being enforced. There is no discussion on Mental Health and making it a felony for people who make guns accessible to children.. This guy in Alabama who held the 5 year old hostage had been arrested for violence against a neighbor and beating a dog to death with a lead pipe etc and was out there.

          I didn’t mention the shooters in Columbine but they were not of legal age to buy a gun. Yet they had guns and were building bombs inside their own homes

          These are your problems and not this crap about background checks and limiting magazine capacity and hollow point bullets etc.

      • DWFields

        @Charles Moore:
        Maybe you should look again at President Obama’s 23 Executive Orders that came out subsequent to Newtown. He very specifically mentions that a person’s mental health records need to be a part of the background checks. And yes, even the NRA mentioned it a couple years ago–only to deny it after Newtown. Problem is, the NRA president made the recommendation on camera, so was made to look all the more foolish by his recent denial–which has itself become an embarrassment for the NRA.

        On the other hand, what you’re pointing out about congresswoman Gifford’s shooter and the Virginia college shooter would have to be considered as “not enough evidence to convict”; essentially, those would all be opinions by non-professionals. It is true that each could have approached the police about their fears, but without legal evidence, there is nothing they could have done until he acted. Now–ridiculously–you condone a BigBrother government that invades every individual’s privacy to promote a “Minority Report” society where a person is arrested, tried and convicted before any crime has taken place.

        Mental instability in itself is not a crime; a lot of people are mentally unstable in different ways. Survivalists could be mentally unstable in one way, conspiracy theorists another, UFO believers yet a third and evangelists yet another. Should all of these people have their guns taken away? Worse–none of these would consider themselves mentally unstable as others even now consider them crazy. Who really is crazy? Who isn’t? There are reasons why we need professionals who can determine reality from illusion in a person’s mind and make recommendations based on their findings. Those doctors need to have the right to make their findings known in order to help prevent these mass murder situations. The patients of course also need to have the right to challenge those findings.

        Our country’s legal system was designed to put the burden of proof on the prosecution: the accused innocent until proven guilty. By your own words, they should be guilty until proven innocent–unfortunately a circumstance that we have seen all too often of late which has seen even ‘lifers’ released after evidence arises later that proves wrongful conviction.

      • DWFields

        P.S. @Charles Moore:
        Why do you insist on trying to disagree with me and bringing up points I have never mentioned when we agree on so many things?
        We agree that current laws are not being enforced. Isn’t that enough for you? I have also agreed that limiting magazines to a mere 10 rounds is ridiculous. I have also agreed that not all semi-automatic weapons should be considered “assault weapons”. Personally, my favorite rifle is a lever-action model which was designed for military use but never adopted.

        • Charles Moore

          The one thing we disagree on is that you keep singling out one am n party for criticism. Personally neither party is my favorite but in this case the Democratic party is the absurd one. V.P. Biden is on video stating that “Background checks etc. will not work but we have to to something.No Media source has gone into the fact that this mother of the shooter in Sandy Hook had 37 guns and that she exposed her son which at the very least had social problems and yet she exposed him to a shooting range.None. I have heard very little about the fact that the psycho in Alabama assaulted a neighbor earlier and beat a dog to death with a lead pipe.I have a concealed weapon permit and the laws are ridiculous. One can get a CCW permit in many States in four hours and not have to shoot at a range. This is absurd. I worked with the Sheriffs dept for a time and had to take a 40 hour course and pass both a written and range test. This should be the minimum for everybody.I also had to be fingerprinted and cleared for not having any Felony convictions by the local Police. I also had my record checked by the F.B.I. The latter was no problem as I am ex military and was in an area where i was investigated on a regular basis. I also had to have my doctor sign a form that I had not physical issues.d

          I have provided names of people who have demanded attention to Mental Health. None are Democrats. The NRA has asked for it. This is not supported by the Democrats.. People should have to go through the same procedures and time that it too k me to get a CCW permit. This will not stop the criminals but will make the people qualifying for a CCW permit more responsible.There needs to be the ability of .the Police with cause to be able to stop and frisk as in NYC..Universal Background checks and all the other stuff is nonsense. . Did you know that Illinois State Senator Obama sponsored and passed Legislation that Retired Police officers and only retired Police officers could carry a concealed weapon in order to get the endorsement of the Police Unions for his run for Senator? I am tired of the Hypocrisy of it all.

  • AWKingsley

    The government is closing this operation because his competition, Republicans, only care about protecting Israel not the United States. Obama is a smart man: He understands that the only other thing Republicans care about is policing the world and fighting in Middle Eastern countries. He knows how to please his Republican adversaries who do not even care about protecting their own country.

    • Charles Moyore

      It must be difficult for you to drink kool aid while your head is buried in the sand.
      1. Your idol Obama increased the troops by 30,000 men in Afghanistan.
      2, Your Idol Obama didn’t end the war In Iraq. Bush signed the withdrawal treaty with the Iraqi government in 2008. Check it out.Want to see the problem in the U.S.Look in the mirror.

  • TParnther

    Since some of you on your posts say that these systems are old, do you have any idea what they are supposed to be replaced with? Is our drone technology sophisticated enough to cover all our Southern boarders? At a time like this when much of the eastern nations dislike so much, gun and human trafficking is so high, we are going to stop this program? I pray that God will have mercy on us, with his divine protection, because we are going to need it.

  • RJones

    After reading all of these comments, I see good and bad points by almost all of you. What is becoming more and more apparent is that there is very little difference between the two parties in power and that both want unlimited power but, in different ways. Dumocrats want to control our ability to protect ourselves from the government and unlimited governmental power with them in control “for the good of the people” with no restrictions on moral behavior. Repubes want to be in charge so that they can control our moral behavior and expand our “Democracy” into the rest of the world by having a strong military/industrialist ethic and a “Free Market Economy” within Federalist “limitations.” Both are missing the mark, which is the Constitution of the United States of America. It limits the military, gives ALL rights to the people, promotes “Free Market Capitalism,” and states that the PEOPLE ARE IN CONTROL of their destiny AND behavior…not the government! As long as we fight amongst ourselves over the minutia, the leaders of both parties wrest control from the people and give it to the “Ruling Elite.” Long Live Ron Paul!!

    • Charles Moore

      Both parties have apparently spoon fed you. The oil embargo in the Gulf was Unconstitutional and illegal. Look up the definition of Commerce. Wikipedia is excellent. Only Congress and Congress alone according to the U.S. Constitution can regulate Commerce. Oil rigs are Commerce. There were already Liability limits in place that only Congress could increase. Obama did it without Congress and neither the Republicans or Democrats complained about it. The Executive order by Obama granting part of the “Dream act” was Unconstitutional and not a peep by Democrats or Republicans. The Appointments on the NLRB was illegal and not a peep out of Democrats. They knew about the director scandal in July and covered it up until after the Election. Obama said in 2008 that he would halve the Deficit in four years . It was 10 trillion when he took office. It is now 16.5 trillion.The Republican House passed over thirty pieces of Major Legislation in 2012 and the Senate controlled by the Democrats shelved all of them and would not even allow an up or down vote.People do not have a voice on the floor of the Senate yet they suck up this claim of Obstruction by the Republicans. This Country is FINISHED because people are either uninformed misinformed or don’t care and they keep electing the same people because their favorite movie star or Talk host or the Media tells them to do it.


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