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Obama: Senate Might Drop Cap-and-trade Aspect Of The Energy Bill

February 9, 2010 by  

Obama: Senate might drop cap-and-trade aspect of the energy billWhile speaking at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire last week, President Obama acknowledged that it is conceivable that an energy bill may be approved in the Senate without the cap-and-trade component that he has been pushing since taking office last year.

"The only thing I would say about it is this: We may be able to separate these things out," said Obama. "And it’s conceivable that that’s where the Senate ends up."

Also known as emissions trading, cap-and-trade legislation would set a limit on the amount of pollutants that a company can emit, and would then force that company to purchase credits if they exceed their allotment.

Senate moderates from both sides of the aisle have recently pushed Obama to accept an energy-only bill that does not include the emissions trading component, which exists in the House bill that was passed last year, according to The New York Times.

Meanwhile, a White House spokesman quickly downplayed the president’s remarks, stating that they were only an "observation" and that "nothing has changed" since his State of the Union address last week.

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  • J C

    You mean they “might not” perpetrate this scam on us? Wow, how very gracious of them. These !#&*ing criminals have really got to go!

    • Norm

      J C
      I’m opposed to cap-and-trade. It’s a totally dumb idea and will cost much more than we can afford.

      “These !#&*ing criminals have really got to go!” A little dramatic don’t you think.

      • Disgusted

        No, not a little dramatic. I would say spot on! This entire concept of Global Warming is a hoax and cap and trade a by-product of it. I would say maybe we all need to be a little more dramatic about it.

      • J C

        Norm…”Hang the traitors from the highest tree” is a little dramatic.
        Calling them what they are, criminals, and advocating their early retirement, was I thought, very restrained. :)

        • Joe H.

          J C,
          Dramatic?!?!? I thought it was well understated!!! Fly the a$$holes to the moon might, I say MIGHT be a little bit dramatic, but I don’t really think so!!! Passing cap and trade while we have so many people laid off and are struggling to pay bills is the height of stupidity!!!

          • J C

            Yes Joe, It is the height of stupidity. So much so, that I can’t believe they are actually that stupid. I do believe that this is deliberate malevolence towards the American people should be punished severely and in such a way that no politician will ever forget what happens when you let corruption and cronyism be your guide.

    • bbstacker

      Ol’ Norm fails to understand that what this pack of vermin has done is criminal, anti-American, anti-Constitutional, and anti-Citizen. Criminal is being polite.

  • Harry M Farah

    It is imperative that the “Cap & Trade” bill be defeated. If it is passed, this would doom the Refining business in the US.

    • http://Don'thaveone Sally

      And you don’t think that that is what they want!!!. The Mighty Muslim wants to be totally dependent on the middle eastern terrorists. I don’t know why – We hve so much oil here in the US and Pelosi won’t release any oil leases IN AREAS WHERE THERE IS OIL!. We have so much, that additional refineries would have to be built to process. We could then export – talk about job creation but you see this is not polically correct and is common sense.

  • Warrior

    Another absolutely bone head idea.

  • royalprince

    The fact that the administration might drop the “Cap and Trade” portion of the Energy bill proves that it is being open-minded, just like it is trying to be in all other areas of concern. We need Centrist solutions to problems, not radical left-wing ones and radical right-wing ones.

    • Not-Impressed

      This sham is just an end run to get around the American peoples wishes. We the people had better watch very carefully every move that this administration makes on every subject that they are trying to skirt around the real issues of!

      • Cribster

        I totally agree. The libs never give up on their agenda, ever! They either rename it or table it temporartily as they move on to their other assaults.

        In this case we already know the the EPA is picking up the ball, Obama can act like he has listened to the people and let the EPA do the dirty work.

        • TIME

          Cribster, Your dead on target! Take note of this one folks its called the end run. And the EPA is going to run with the ball on this.

    • Joe H.

      The only reason they are thinking about tableing the crap and drudge is they are starting to see it is political suicide!!! If they pass it they won’t be in office next election!!!

    • J C

      Prince, whatever it is we need, it “ain’t more government”. They love that we are divided. It’s how they keep us squabbling with each other so that we rally up on one side or the other. It’s politics as usual.
      Its disgusting and we’ve all fallen for it. Time for “change” alright.
      And not the kind the Kenyan Marxist has in mind.

  • Warrior

    Let’s set up some more commissions to review this issue. Every issue this guy brings to the table eventually a commission will have to be formed to investigate. Where’s the findings from the Great Job Summit you held? This presidency is more like a reality TV show in substance.

  • DaveH

    Why any Energy Bill? Haven’t the politicians already done enough to make us dependant on other countries’ oil? They just need to get out of the way.

    • Al Spiker

      What they need to do is get focused on drilling for oil in our own country. I have read that there are enormous amounts of oil here in the US, but it offends the “greenie weenies” if you go after it.

    • Joe H.

      A little off subject, but I just got my mail and there was another Republican party “survey” in it asking for money!!! Another one to send back and write on stating that I will send money when they support a true conservative candidate!!! this will make 20 of them so far!!!!

      • DaveH

        Way to go Joe.

      • J C

        Also off topic Joe…I recieved a call to jury duty. I replied that I would not convict anyone of anything until we retuned to a system of justice. Some one with an Arabic name sent me a form letter saying I was excused. Go figure.

        • DaveH

          They would have excused you anyway JC, because they only want jurors that make decisions based on emotion, not logic.

        • Joe H.

          J C,
          you should have told them you would be glad to serve if it was to convict the criminals that obummer has on his cabinet. tax evasion, Unconstitutional behavior, Crimes against the citizens of the U.S.!!!

        • L, USA

          Joe H.,”It takes ‘money’ to make the world “go around”‘, and I only give a scrape but you know that the rest is spread thin. I love prosperity and freedom but for Christ sake, love of the brethren , I will crawl thru hell to bring it.

          • L, USA

            RETRACTION!!! I intended to reply to JC, Not JH!


    Some have managed to see the pattern evolving from this corrupt regime, end runs, closed doors, no transparency, misdirection anything but the facts and the truth of any policy issued thus far, these people are incapable of the truth because they have a far different idea about how this country is going to be run than any of us ever could imagine.

    We have seen all the wake up needed to start procedures to remove these folks but we do not have any backbone in the congress and the government that will exercise the will to make the law become the tool it’s intended to be. The protection of law and the freedom from persecution that law is used to prevent is slipping from our grasp, we are perilously close to becoming a country who has thrown away it’s own destiny. In order to restore this country and take it from the hands of the left may require open confrontation in the future and a lot of civil unrest, freedom lost is more than difficult to regain.

    • L, USA

      I could see something coming from the pit long before the current assault upon the American people as we see it now. I tell you that, stand in the face of evil, and it WILL FLEE! Observe history, we are men of valor and have lived in the world since the beginning of oppression [one being pressed upon]! Since medival England [by the way, i really enjoy my matchless G80CS] we have loved God and lived unto the present day. “Resist evil and it will flee”!

  • Muriel P. Goyette

    All these obviously anti-American policies are calculated to make citizens lose their cool. Hang in and hang on, America. Walk softly and carry that big stick, which is your V-O-T-E. Congress has been warned. Come November, with the right votes, you can render this
    administration helpless. Tea Parties are for all. ATTEND. MAKE THOSE SIGNS TALK.
    The commandment is clear:
    …..or else
    Come November, chose a congress that is not deaf.

    • J C

      Muriel, another way to scare the hell out of them is statistics.
      Let’s show them some astronomical numbers for firearm and ammunition sales. Buy American! :)

  • Rod

    Muriel P Goyette, That says it for sure! After the radical left “elite progressive’s came out of their little rooms to find the American people waiting to deal justice to those people who would
    sell our country out to the (lowest) bidder, they are opening their
    radical left eyes. Not in time and of course they are not going to stop spending money we don’t have and trying to find new ways to
    bring tyranny to the American people. o-bum-a pretends to moderate.
    These people just don’t get it. Their jobs are in jeopardy. Hitler
    failed and so will o-BUM-a and palosi and reid and the rest of the
    criminals. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! The American people will not take anymore of o-BUM-a’s lies. We watch what he does NOT what he says!!!!

  • Joe A. Everson

    If a usurper were acting in the guise of the President he could not legally function as the Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy and of the militia of the several states, as such forces would be under no legal obligation to remain obedient to him;

    No one in any civilian agency in the Executive Branch would be required to obey any of his proclamations, executive orders or directives, as such orders would be legally VOID;

    Any appointment of Ambassadors and Judges to the Supreme Court would be VOID ab initio (i.e., from the beginning), no matter what subsequent actions the Senate might take as well as rendering any such acts by such appointed officials void as well;

    Congress would not be able to pass any new laws because they would not be able to acquire the signature of a bona fide President, rendering all such legislation legally VOID;

  • Myron J. Poltroonian

    In light of the e-fiasco recently exposed, I ask you all to consider the following: Number one of the three items on the agenda for copenhagen is(don’t hold your breath! You guessed it!) Government! Anyone who proposes turning over our constitutional rights to a foreign government (even a “Co-joined one) is guilty of Sedition. Anyone who, under the color of authority, signs our sovereignty away is guilty of Treason (yes! I dare!). On the scientific non-fact of “Settled Science”, I propose the following. “Anthropogenic Climate Change” is, in the custom of physicists’, “Something worse than a wrong idea”, and in this form the phrase often gets used as a generic term of abuse. In the case of climate change theory, the way some scientists are abandoning fundamental scientific principals rather than admit a theory is not supported by facts akin to, or something, of this kind: worse than being wrong is to refuse to admit it when one is wrong. If you “follow the (research) money”, it leads to the political – which equates with power, raw power. By the way: “Cap’n Trade” is only a smiley face mask put on by “Cap’n Tax”. (Think Black Beard, verses Jack Sparrow.) You also might wish to read “Unstoppable Global Warming (Every 1,500 Years)” 2nd edition.

    P.S.: The major selling point of Hydrogen Powered vehicles is? They only emit water vapor! And where do they operate? On concrete or asphalt covered surfaces, acting as heat sinks that create updrafts that send the vapor skyward into the atmosphere, thereby contributing to a further “Warming” of the planet! (Think of L.A. or NYC as a Louisiana Swamp in August. If the alarmists are right, that is.)

    • J C

      Myron, that’s some “radical” thinking you’ve got going there…
      Now if we could just get everyone on the same page.
      Sedition? Treason? Absolutely. These minions of the UN Globalists have the audacity to swear an oath to the US and to uphold it’s founding principles and then immediately sell us out to line their own pockets.
      And we’re supposed to back them because they are doing it “for our own good”. I don’t think so….
      I do think a great reckoning is coming though and all who can see how sick our society has become had better prepare.

  • L, USA

    JC, I say that we are a Nation founded in Love. We have life. Yet, many would cut the throat, for blood. Yet again, Jesus The Christ[HE Who shall save His people from their sins] has given His blood and body for us (see; John 3:16). In this light, and that given to the founders of this great nation, We the people, in order to form a more perfect union do declare that we are a free and soveriegn nation, citizans of heaven yet in the earth. Stand for freedom and may be as harmless as doves, yet, wise as serpents. Love to all, in the Name of Jesus Christ! My heritage is American and linage as such; American Blackfoot Native, Dutch, French, Somoan, English, other.
    If we remain in Christ, we will not be cast out and trampled under the foot of men! Stand for freedom and Love our Constitution! God Bless America!

    • L, USA

      American Blackfoot Native,English, Dutch, French, Somoan, , other.

  • Raymond Babcock

    i want it all end democratic party is just stupid the new black panther party harrasing white voters at the polling place this what i think of obama hes a monster the perfect leader for the democrats we are not a free people the goverment has sold are freedom by doing what they have to do to the election one way there is to take are freedom is to take are money or make it worthless which has allready been done


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