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Obama Scouts Out Vacation Spot During Summit

April 17, 2012 by  

Obama Scouts Out Vacation Spot During Summit
During their tenure in the White House, the Obamas have taken 16 vacations.

In a recent interview, President Barack Obama nodded in agreement as news anchor Larry Conners of KMOV in St. Louis said: “Some of our viewers are complaining they get frustrated, even angered.” The nodding stopped as Conners continued: “When they see the first family jetting around, different vacations and so forth, and sometimes they think maybe under the color of State and business and that you’re out of touch, you don’t know really know what they’re experiencing right now.”

Obama responded: “I don’t know how many viewers you’re talking about that say that.” He further explained that it is not his choice, but rather a necessity that he travel through Air Force One — the safe mode of travel that costs about $180,000 hourly.

Then, at the Summit of the Americas in Colombia last week, Obama said: “I want to thank President Santos and the people of Colombia for the extraordinary hospitality in the beautiful city of Cartagena. We’re having a wonderful time. And usually when I take these summit trips, part of my job is to scout out where I may want to bring Michelle back later for vacation. So we’ll make sure to come back sometime in the near future.”

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • Patriot1776

    And the great, self proclaimed king obama spoke. He has taken the position that he feels he was “chosen” for, they are royalty, and they deserve to travel extravagantly on the backs of the working middle class slaves. His subjects don’t get to take vacation this year? Too bad, they must work to pay taxes so that they can go to Disney.

    He wants to be the dictator of a third world country and he is trying to get us down to that level.

    • Laurie

      In total agreement! We all need to stand together and vote this Non American family out of office, while we still have somewhat of a country left!

    • Ellen

      Most likely, this was just disingenous blabber. This couple couldn’t carry a genuine, truthful conversation if their lives depended on it. I’m sure it’s Obama’s job to scout out vacation spots while he is busy meeting with foreign dignitaries and Michelle is doing nothing but running up tabs at fine restaurants. That defies all logic and to even say it makes him look like an idiot.


      Obama makes Camelot look like Tobacco Road!

  • cawmun cents

    Far be it from me to suggest that the first couple are whirlwind touring the globe,while basically saying,”Let them feast on Propaganda”in an Antoinette-esque style.
    I’ll let the accute sensory organs decide for me.
    Thats what I get from it.
    Cant argue with the sensory organs.
    Its as if the drunkeness on power eludes them so gratuitously that they dont even see what the public easily notices.They have no shame in being scrutinized by spendthrift watchdogs.
    They are too busy enjoying the oppulence.That says volumes about their integrity,no matter how the press spins it,doesnt it?Or am I suddenly going to be accused of racism now because I notice that there doesnt seem to be an end to living the rich and shameless lifestyle?
    “Tax the Jet-setters!”,they exclaim.But pay no heed to us as we enjoy that lifestyle for a brief moment on the taxpayers dime.Excuse me while I laugh bitterly,but that doesnt(and apparently shouldnt) seem hypocritical to the common man?
    And they tell us that folks who make large sums of money,and wish to maintain control over that money,are evil,and should be heavily taxed?
    This from Ivy League lawyers who routinely make laws citing how they can better spend my(and apparently everone else’s) money?
    But the news shows folks camping in parks,making wild accusations of the wealthy of our nation,while the first couple parodies the jet-setters at every opportunity,yet nothing is said of the evil of this fact?
    Oh…they must be working very hard at making laws designed to steal other peoples money,in an effort to give it to who they please?So,perhaps they are entitled to fly around and travel the globe?There is that word again.Entitle.
    Laws are being drafted to support that word on a global vacationing scale.Travel to mystical and farawy places where the entitling has really separated the wealthy and poor from their money,and let the press tell everyone how regal you look doing it.
    Meanwhile Robespierre’ lurks outside of Versailles,with his guillotine,waiting for an opportune moment to horrify us historically speaking.
    “I cant watch!”,I said,staring through the space in between my fingers as my hand flashed over my eyes.

  • Pete0097

    Maybe even a nice retirement home for 2013 instead of a vacation spot. I hear that our money goes a long way towards servants and good views down there.

    • http://none george


  • Bob Rice

    Face it,the man is a MORON,he could care LESS,what you and I think,and his jet setting wife is UUUGGGLLLYYY too……

    • castaway

      Yeah for sure if I woke up in the morning laying on my are, I would surly chew it off to get away with out waking the Beast.

      • JUKEBOX

        That’s called “COYOTE UGLY”.

  • AK Tom

    Hey Pete, our money goes a long way on other things down there, too. Just ask the secret service!

  • sabulaman

    Pete, don’t forget hookers are cheap there as well. What a grand idea. I’ve got 20 bucks I’ll donate to get the ball rolling.

  • dan

    life is a bit cheaper down there…I wonder if he gets secret service protection if he flees the US after he destoys it ?


      I believe he will lose it after he is proven to be born in another country.

  • roger gunderson

    Gee-do you suppose the 180,000$ an hour Air force One plane rides have any connection to our national debt? naaaaa. Shame on me for being so petty.

    • eddie47d

      Any taxpayer expense should be questioned yet how should any President travel? What expense should occur to keep them safe and with communication links. If Ron Paul or Romney had to visit a foreign country would you want them to have security and be protected from harm? At least Roger wasn’t totally off the wall like JoMama is in the next comment.

  • JoMama

    Dear 0bama -
    Maybe taxes wouldn’t be so damn high if you & Michelle could stay off AirForceOne & spend a little time at home where you would probably be a little more appreciated instead of hated while you & Michelle & the kids jet off to who-knows-where on the TAX-PAYERS dime. How about YOU using your OWN money to take the wife & kids somewhere where there are no hookers to keep the secret service busy while you play golf & eat lobster & Michell buys expensive & designer clothes?? You should KNOW how much gasoline is nowadays. The cost of living has increased by three times since you’ve made your “change”. You are NOT my king. You never will be as long as I’m alive. You are NOT the messiah. You are not Ronald Reagan or Abraham Lincoln – you are NOTHING like them – they were REPUBLICANS. You are a lying sack of crap someone scaped off the sidewalk & propped up to be their puppet. My country is a laughing stock because of YOU. You are not making things better for anyone. You lied. You cheated. You are a fraud. You are racist & hate white people. You don’t deserve to be MY president. Furthermore – IF (and that is a BIG ‘IF’) you are re-elected – it will ONLY be by means of cheating & voter fraud. Why can’t you ever do something GOOD for your country instead of AGAINST it?? PROVE that you are one of US – a TRUE American – a LOYAL American.
    One more thing – if you are re-elected – I am blowing my brains out because I will not live through another 4 years of your lies, racism, cheating, manipulation & “executive orders”.
    Thank you.
    Signed –
    A very patriotic, loyal, true American citizen who will die for their country instead of selling it out to the highest bidder & throwing hard-earned tax dollars away foolishly to be the most popular & ignoring the very people who put you, Mr. President – where you are – in the highest office in the country – in the the greatest country in the world – the United States of America – not the Divided States of America.
    Jo Mama
    PS – I’m stepping down off my soap-box now. Have a nice day!!

    • Eddie G.

      Stick around JoMama,the country needs more like you. If Oboy goes back in ala voter fraud and dirty Chicago election tactics,it’ll be our job as the people to force the congress to finally get off their pompous asses and bring this man to long overdue trial. It may leave us Joe Biden but he is so stupid he’d have to be harmless. I don’t think the man even knows how long an 18 inch ruler is! Once we rid ourselves from this black plague in the White House with the right person,maybe things will get back on track. It’ll take years to clean up the mess. If Oboy gets another 4 years without action from congress and continues to run his own show as he has the past 3 1/2 years then there’ll be a reason and that’s from prophecy of ages ago. America will hit bottom in it’s decadence of murder of the unborn,rampant drug useage,school shootings,promiscuous sex,porn,strip joints,the destruction of it’s Divine Providence inspired Constitution,and it’s acceptance by it’s elected leaders of socialism as they pay homage to a Marxist POTUS who is an elected fraud. Stick around Jo,it’ll be a rough ride but we ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Watch how the power of Almighty God manifests itself as it did long ago in Sodom and Gomorrah or for Moses in Egypt as the Exodus began. The people laughed at Noah when building his ark but stopped laughing when the rains came. The elists of today laugh and make mockery of the Almighty in such way our Founders would never have fathomed. They will find out the hard way where there mockery and corruption will carry them and it won’t be pretty. They’ll perish in their stubborn arrogance,pride,and hypocrisy.

      • JUKEBOX

        If he is re-elected, hopefully we will all be taen up in the rapture.

    • chuckb

      congratulations jomama, it couldn’t be put any better and plain spoken.

  • Jan Deen

    I knew when he was campaigning that the lobster population was in danger of becoming extinct from Obama appetizers. Here in Europe, the so called leaders live very well also.
    The notion of being an example of frugal discipline is a lost ideal. They KNOW they are a part of the global rip off. These people are not naive. The OPTIONS being presented the American people should be voted NO!

  • Jonathon

    With all the problems we’re facing currently, we may be better served if Obama, the entire Congress, and all regulatory department employees were to take a vacation and allow things to return to normal. That might even be a less costly solution to bringing about a full recovery.

    • castaway

      Not unless it is permanent.

  • http://none Mike

    Don’t count on the next election, if there is one. Obama has put everything in place to be able to declare martial law. All that is needed is the next crisis, which he will also orchestrate. Tyranny is blossoming in the U.S. If the Supreme Court rules in favor of Obamacare, then, by next March, all Americans will be required to have a microchip imbedded in their body. And, if Obama is re-elected (by fraud), he will try to take away the guns. If that happens, America will be the USSA.

    • castaway

      Mike I will not be here to put up with it. I will “get out while the gettin is good”.

  • Ohio Vet

    Just wait until he gets re-elected(heaven forbid),they will take more vacations and plant his new “Flag” at all the places he visits!


      I wonder how many ex presidents it would take to match the 94 rounds of golf he has played in three years.

  • Randy131

    That’s what we need, another vacation spot for Michelle Obama, the 17 she has taken in just 3 years is not nearly enough. They’re now talking about the GSA scandal of excessive costs for their conventions, what about excessive cost to the American people, and taxpayers, for Michelle Obama’s excessive vacations, during a recession when most Americans can’t even take one? Oh, that’s right, ‘Let them eat Cake’.

  • chuckb

    randy 131, you have to realize, barry and moochella are king and queens to a great segment of our population, if you look to the continent of africa and study their leaders, you will find they live as barry does and the populations adore them while they lay in their poverty stricken lives.

  • Donald York

    Take them while you can, you have until Janurary 20, 2013. After that, you pay for your own. Better get to packing.

  • ranger hall

    Sorry Folks, 180,000 is just for AF1, Does not count all the other support planes,Vehicles, and all the Personnel that follows around with the Pres and The Wife. We should at lest get the full picture, And with the SS and Military this is nothing new,Even presidents have the SS get some for them and their staff, Then the SS stands Guard and makes sure no one is disturbed.
    And they call this a Business trip.
    Must be all this Taxpayers money they carry around, I love it even the SS and the Military stay in 5 star hotels.
    Well its only Taxpayers Money, Nothing to get upset over.
    Our Govt BUYS our so called friends, And they make our Enemys.
    But hell DO you really care.
    Once i was blind But now i see.

  • louie1

    How about mandating that a president and his family get no more than 3 weeks (which is God’s plenty) vacations a year. Any more than that should be paid from their own pockets. They like to say they work so hard that they deserve all those costly trips, but perhaps they should be judged by the progress made at curing the countries ills. In that area, they’ve earned a huge “F” and no vacations.

  • sesame

    Obama’s comments are nothing more than making nice to a country he is visiting. Stop trying to make mountains out of molehills.


      We have always called that “SUCKING UP”.

  • Rennie

    Coincidentally, as in March a year ago, after assuringf the public we had nothing to fear, a wave of radiation has been detected over the Western USA (russian scientists on an observation flight) and Obama once again is hiding out in South America, apparently Cartegna doesn’t have any such issues as say, San Francisco or Denver has?

  • Jay

    Why so many people cringed when Obozo went off to play with the uber-rich and famous in the posh resort areas of Martha’s Vineyard puzzles me. Many thought he should remain on the job in these critical times for America, but he has shown that he can do as much damage when on vacation as he can while at his desk in Washington.

    The man is just a complete and total loss for executive leadership and steering our ship of state.

    How much more damage control will be needed during these count-down months ahead until we can finally stop him dead in his tracks on November 06, 2012? How many more sneaky and devastating tricks of administrative deviousness like Executive Orders to further undermine our Constitution does he have up his sleeve?

    The minute he is gone some worthy soul in Congress should propose the diminution of authority that can be wielded with Executive Orders so as to protect us from another power mad simpleton in the class of Kim Il Jong or Obama.

    Those documents should be totally restricted to administrative and procedural commands not affecting operations or finances of the country. They should never be used to pre-empt or side-step an established law or Constitutional authority. Recess appointments should be banned also.

    His latest planned use of the infamous Executive Order to grant amnesty to illegal aliens in the face of overwhelming public opinion against granting these self-made criminals any sort of access to United States citizenship without proper application through our established criteria is indicative of his brazen arrogance and insistence on being dictatorial.

    This man should be ousted by impeachment instead of being allowed to continue his onslaught of terror against the American people in the form of broken laws and total disregard for our U. S. Constitution. He not only thumbs his nose at the American people he brings charges against them for the simple act of trying to protect themselves against foreign encroachment to the riches of our country.

    State governments that abide by the Constitution in trying to control the massive amounts of illegal aliens seeking to take over our cities and towns, find the U. S. Department of (un)Justice suing to stop any actions that the Usurper in Chief and his head henchman, AG Eric Holder claim is a violation of federal law. The only violation of federal law is in the non-enforcement of such laws by the worst offender, the federal government.

    Currently the states of Arizona and Alabama are under siege by AG Holder for trying to control and contain illegal aliens in their states and the deportation of same that the federal government ignores as their sworn duty and claims state infringement on these responsibilities that the federals will not enforce.

    Obama doesn’t have to be working to be a danger to our economy and our health, mental as well as physical; his talons are long like a nasty bird of prey and can be felt with just about every government action.

    Have you heard the latest? Well if not, hold on to your chair; he’s coming back for more billions to resuscitate the moribund and down to its last breath, job stimulus program.

    That’s right, this time he is promising millions of jobs. He couldn’t manage even a few hundred on the eight-plus billion which with accompanying overheads ran into the trillion numbers, now he says he will add FOUR million new jobs and his crafty, crooked cohort, Nancy Pelosi says it is 3.7 million. (It’s more impressive to quote figures with decimal points which imply you did your homework.)

    These two crooks, cheats and connivers, are pretty sure that you will be fooled again and they’re out to prove it. Well sucker, if you wanted any more reason for why the libDems wished to raise the debt ceiling, now you have it. If one trillion of our tax dollars couldn’t even create any jobs, just think about how many jobs WON’T be created if we give them even more tax dollars.

    If you can’t smell the odor surrounding this planned rip-off, just think “Labor Union Payback” and you’ll get the idea of what is coming next from this charlatan.

    It does absolutely no good to try to diminish Obama’s zeal for spending our tax dollars; he is indefatigable in that crusade. He accepts no criticism or avid suggestions of backing off his insistence in this matter. Shameless and uncaring are words that come to mind.

    I can remember when Bill Clinton expressed a “dumped-on” feeling once when a news commentary reported that he was becoming an irrelevant president; he pouted that he was still very much relevant. Obama is clueless in that respect as the public becomes more educated to the villains behind his attempts at being ‘presidential’.

    The Bilderberger Group and Council of Foreign Relations, including Obama’s friend George Soros, the socio-communist inspired billionaire, are United Nations voices of authority that are de-facto, behind-the-scenes controllers of Obama’s quest to surrender our sovereignty and governance to that corrupt and devious One World conspiracy for the destruction of the United States and its Constitution.

    Obama needs a permanent vacation; and SOON.

  • EllenM Smith

    Obama will be elected in November. Romney is just one stupid idiot. The Republicans all have there heads in the sand. Romney is dumb enough to think people will fall for his stupid beliefs. Ellen.


      Are you saying that Obama is smart enough to make people believe in his stupid beliefs. Many of them are taken right out of Mein Kampf. If you don’t believe it, read the book.

  • One-Angel

    The only relief I get is that even Dick Cheney has publically called this person an “unmitigated disaster to this country.”

  • Jay

    In an interview with ABC-News, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney waxed confident about his prospects for unseating Barack Obama from the Oval Office in November.

    As reported at the reference, in part:

    Acting very much like the GOP nominee, Mitt Romney sent a curt message to President Obama today: “Start packing.”

    The message, delivered with a chuckle, came in an exclusive interview with “World News” anchor Diane Sawyer who asked the presumptive GOP nominee if he had something to say to the president.

    Romney said Obama’s “policies have not helped the American people. They have not helped get jobs, they have not helped raise incomes and they’ve added trillions of dollars of debt.”

    He was backed by his wife of 43 years, Ann Romney, who told Sawyer she also had a message for Obama. “I believe it’s… Mitt’s time… It’s our turn now,” she said.”

    In all probability, Michelle Obama will turn the packing chores over to her White House staff, a work force of 30 or more, all being paid by US taxpayers.

    After all, intellectual elitists like Michelle do not sully their hands in work intended for hired servants, ever, if the elitist is a do-nothing sponge living on the public dole.

    Indeed, Michelle has led a life of such extraordinary advantage and privilege that she has been denied exposure to some of the mundane situations that are confronted day in and day out by “stay-at-home” Moms.

    Therefore, in a gesture of good will intended to put a lid on the “class war” gripping the nation, Mitt Romney should offer to have his gracious wife and future First Lady show Michelle Obama how to pack the Obama belongings for the family departure scheduled for January 20, 2013!

  • 2¢ worth…

    Go’head Nash, spew out some of that propogandic hatred. You’re acting as if this was the first President to take multiple vacations while in office.. You bring it out in such a way that most posters become enraged ($180,000.00 an hour!).. How much did it cost Bush and Clinton? Reagan and Bush (daddy).. Trips while in the white house for business or pleasure has always been expensive taxpaying funds (you think politicians are going to foot their own bill?) AND these Presidents have not only taken their families but quite often their pet(s) as well so, spew that hatred, at least now people might know this isn’t the solitary incidents of one President.. (we now return to the hate fest)..

  • Flossie Chehab

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