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Obama Says He Made ‘The Point,’ With ‘You Didn’t Build That’

September 7, 2012 by  

Obama Says He Made ‘The Point,’ With ‘You Didn’t Build That’
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Obama does not regret saying, “You didn’t build that.”

In a recent interview with Virginia’s NBC 12, President Barack Obama said he “regrets” his “syntax,” but not the point he made when he told business owners, “You didn’t build that.” The President claims that it is easy to determine what he meant.

Republicans have used Obama’s Roanoke, Va., speech as a battle cry, claiming that Democrats do not understand small business and its role in the economy.

In July, Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney responded to Obama’s comment:

To say that Steve Jobs didn’t build Apple, that Henry Ford didn’t build Ford Motor, that Papa John didn’t build Papa John Pizza, that Ray Crock didn’t build McDonalds, that Bill Gates didn’t build Microsoft, you go down the list, that Joe and his colleagues didn’t build this enterprise, to say something like that is not just foolishness, it’s insulting to every entrepreneur, every innovator in America. It’s wrong.

In the most recent interview, Obama was asked point-blank about the controversy and its effect on the campaign. He responded by saying that he made the point he wanted to make. That is, in order for businesses to be successful, “we all have to invest in schools, and roads, and bridges.” He went on to explain that “You didn’t build that,” essentially meant, “You didn’t start the road project.”

He added that there is “a tendency for the other side to shade the truth a little bit.”

When the interviewer pointed out that some business owners did read the whole speech and doing so made them even more upset, Obama noted that such people would probably be Republicans listening to “Republican talking points.”

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • Jeremy Leochner

    Here’s my understanding of the point of the speech based on reading it and hearing most of it. He was saying that if you have a successful business you did not get there alone. Forget about government. Point is you did not get there alone. That is the truth. It is not an attack on entrepreneurship or capitalism or free enterprise. Success in business comes from the effort of multiple people, not just one. That is the point of the speech. And personally it does not seem all that radical or unreasonable.

    • Soundbiteme

      Well Jer, that’s probably because YOU DIDN’T BUILD anything either! Give me a break! I DID BUILD MY BUSINESS!!! WITH NO HELP FROM EVEN ONE PERSON! No loans, no anything! I worked “for the man” until I had enough…enough BS and enough to open my own company…I worked 3 jobs at one point and now I am free from everyone but Gub’mt…I built it, DICKtater wants it!!!

      • Alex

        And so, ‘biteme, all roads connected to your lemonade stand were built by you, as were
        all connections to your suppliers. You built the schools and taught your employees. You
        built the hydroelectric plants that bring you electricity and the aquaducts that bring you water. You yourself fought in wars, alone, to protect your investment.

        You, ma’am, are an idiot and a liar.

      • Robert Smith


        Really? You built the roads yourself? You hired folks you educated yourself? You built the internet yourself?

        Sheesh… It’s EASY to see what Obama meant. Why does the right have to lie about it?


      • Doc Sarvis

        Alex, you beat me to it. You are correct.

      • momo

        The taxpayers built the infrastructure…period! Doc, Alex and Robert Smith, the circle jerk trio.

      • Doc Sarvis

        AND therefore it was NOT built alone.

      • Paul B.

        YOu three don’t get it. To you we work to support the government, which is exactly backwards. the government exists to support us. we pay taxes, just as we pay employees for the services they provide.

        Sure we owe a responsibility to DC to continue to provide the services we require to succeed, but your philosophy is that without DC we would be dead in the water. that is totally wrong. Citizens used to do everything on our own, building roads, funding schools and education, but DC decided that they could do it more effectively, which I still doubt to this day which is better for us.

        Your socialist mentality has everything backwards. It is NOT DC that grants us the tights to do things. We do not work for DC. The economy of this nation does NOT belong to DC for them to then dole at at their bidding. The wealth redistribution you preach is simply to give DC more power, more control, offering pittance to the needy in exchange for thier vote so DC can gobble up more power.

        Those elitists in DC only know how to control. They are power hungry and will use any tactic, including tools like you three to spread their twisted message. Even Obama last night commented on more “cooperative3″ efforts between DC and Business, like bailouts, healthcare, energy industries they would love nothing more than to control them all. For with that they will have every american by the balls, and can twist them in whatever direction they want.

        Is that REALLY what you want, or are you foolish enough to think that they won’t. Have you paid ANY attention tot he consistent power grabs and regulations and controls they have enacted these past few decades, or even the past century.

        Yes, it is consolidated effort to achieve success, but we pay for it along the way by buying goods and services from others, and paying taxes that is the compensation for the efforts of DC and other local governments. To believe that DC has the right to take credit for my success is insulting. For if you believe that then you believe DC is our master, and whatever they allow us to keep we should be grateful.

        Take your socialist, communist opinions and shove them.

      • jopa

        Soundbit.What did you do go out and buy a shovel to be a grave digger.Even there someone helped you.Another man built a hardware store for you and had that shovel in his inventory.Japan Probably made the car for you to go and buy that shovel and you probably drove there on roads built by the taxpayers.Nobody does it alone.Sorry to burst your bubble and ego.

      • cawmun cents

        ts what I said whn everyone told me that Obama got Osama…..he didnt do that.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        What is your business soundbiteme. I would like to know. Is it in a building. Did you build that building yourself. Do you have employees. Do you use electricity or utilities or any supplies that you have to buy in your business. For that matter does your business have customers. Because if your business falls into any of these categories I am pretty sure you had at least some help in making your business successful.

      • LC

        It’s not likely that many businesses are completly financed,structured,legally established,staffed, oh wait a minute if it’s staffed then it wouldn’t be a one person operation. However KUDOS to you if you needed no ones help what so ever to set up, produce and build satisfied clientele.
        If Obama was going to back peddle he should have made reference to employees who dedicate themselves and strive to grow business as well as enterprenuers.

    • Doc Sarvis

      You are exactly right.

    • Ricksmom

      Those who live their entire lives on the government dole and then raise children who believe they are entitled to the fruits of others labors did not contribute to anything; no infrastructure, schools, etc., etc. They never pay taxes and if they do they receive more back in tax refunds than they contributed. These people then have the audacity to hate and envy those who work and make it possible for them to live like leeches off the fruits of others labors.

      • Mikey

        You’re absolutely right RIcksmom, and that’s why the three stooges, (Alex, Robert and Doc) will never get it, until the big bloated gubmint implodes. At the rate they are printing fiat money, and cranking up the debt, that will be soon. Then only those with real work ethics and job skills will survive. The parasites will have to man up, and work. Or, they will have to turn to crime and steal from those who do work (kind of like the gubmint does now). It’s a good thing most of us who build our businesses also support the second amendment.

    • Ted Crawford

      If you truly accept this rationale, IE that the Government deserves credit for the success of Business, because of the creation of the Infrastructure. It must follow that the Government needs, also to accept an equal portion of the responsibility for the actions of others, who also used this infrastructure to accomplish their works. Such as Ted Kaczynski(education: Harvard Ph.D, usps), Bernie Madoff (Al Gore’s Internet), Mohammed Atta (education:pilot training, interstate highways, Airline Industry), ETC. & ETC.
      The statement also ignores the fact that, while few actually physicaly participated in the construction of the Infrastructure, it was financed(in no small part) by taxes paid into the treasury by these same business!

      • Doc Sarvis

        And that is why government law officials (an important part of this infrastructure) hunted, aprehended, and prosecuted Kaczynski, Madoff, and the like.

    • http://yahoo marc lizotte

      Jeremy please check out

    • TML

      “Success in business comes from the effort of multiple people, not just one.”

      The principle behind the speech was communist collectivism… an effort to make you feel like you owe something more to society, and even the business itself.

      Roads for supplier connections? Yes, taxpayers paid for the roads collectively, but the suppliers are paid shipping solely by the owner for services rendered.

      Schools and education? The business owner pays salaries, and often becomes the school or source of training for many people.

      Electricity? The business owner pays for electricity

      Water? The business owner pays for that too.

      Internet? Yep, pays for that too.

      Even if your business is grave digging (the most ridiculous example I’ve heard yet) … the owner bought the damn shovel. If a shovel did not exist, he would make one!

      Without the business owner there couldn’t be a company. There CAN be a company without roads, internet, etc. Without the endless hours the owner solely puts in to get the business off the ground, there wouldn’t be a company. Thus, the small business owner did indeed build it themselves.

      The truth is only shaded by the dubious attempt to claim the speech was about merely stating “Success in business comes from the effort of multiple people, not just one.”.
      That is not what the speech was ‘about’. It was about rationalizing greater taxes with ‘workers of the world unite’ communist collectivist ideals.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        The point was not to attack individualism or promote collectivism. TML you listed several examples of an owner buying something rather then produce it themselves. They are getting help in doing that. For that matter when a business owner sells something to a customer they are getting help from the customer. No one is attacking individual initiative or work. That is still the center of success. The point is it is not the only part of success. You did build it. But you have to remember that you did not build it alone. That is not an attack against what you have done, its reality. There is nothing wrong with sharing success. It does not take away from what you individually have done.

      • TML


        You repeatedly claim its not an attack on individuality, or an attempt to promote collectivism, while citing the purpose of the speech was on a principle of ‘sharing success’. Although ‘attack’ may be too strong a word, I think your own defense helps emphasis my point.

        It also seems strange to me that in order to say you didn’t build it alone, you first down play the business owner acting as a customer to producing suppliers, while simultaneously saying the customer helps the business owner (supplier).

        I think its obvious to any right thinking person that the the success of a business contributes to the success of society as a society can contribute to the success of a business.

        So, then, what was the speech about? Sharing success. With who? And in what way that it isn’t already being shared in that fundamental way?

        As I said, it was about rationalizing increased taxes under a collectivist philosophy disrespectful of the individual business owner or entrepreneur’s hard work and dedication to achieve that success. So much so that his dubious remark (or “syntax”) was regretted.

      • Jay

        Superb response, TML!!!

      • Jeremy Leochner

        I can respect your view TML. This is what I offer. There is a big debate going on over issues such as taxes and government regulation. The republicans and in particular Mitt Romney appear to be pushing the idea that because a person has a successful business that person knows better then the government how a business should be run and therefore there is no need to have government regulation. What I believe Obama is saying is that while a person who is successful is certainly more experienced then a government regulatory that does not necessarily qualify them to make all the decisions regarding their business. They certainly have a right to make their own choices. But because their choices affect others and because they may not always be right there is a need for an outside entity to provide a balance of opinion and regulations. I guess what I am saying is Obama’s statement is not that society is more important or that the individual does not matter, What he is saying is the individual is not always right and helping the individual at the expense of society can be just as dangerous as helping society at the expense of the individual. Its a hard balance to maintain. At times perhaps the government does go too far in regulating. My problem with Romney is I feel he is going to far in not regulating. And when it comes done to it I believe Obama’s statement is not an attack on individuality. Its simply saying its not all about you. People do have a right to what they have earned and worked for. But we do all live in a society which we all benefit from. Its about finding a balance between regulation and individual decision. I believe if Obama has gone too far in one direction then Romney has gone just as far in the other. What I want is a balanced approach. Where regulations are individually looked at to see if they are needed. And where people do not treat government regulation as an evil thing. And I believe that the first step is toning down the rhetoric and sticking with the facts. And I believe the basic facts are Obama is not anti business and Romney is not anti government. The two just lean in their own respective directions. But their differences are not fundamental. They are not polar opposites of each other and both their platforms have some good ideas. Bottom line is I believe both sides want an accountable government that is effective, efficient and ethical. The only trick now is how to get that.

    • Mary Ann Ludwig

      You know all those roads and infrastructure you and BO whine about? Well, who do you think paid for that infrastructure? Every business owner pays plenty and does it by him/herself. I’ve been to plenty of city council meetings and an awful lot of businesses didn’t get started until they paid for the infrastructure. They paid for signals, they paid for street lights, they paid for curbs. They pay for the roads that lead to their business. They pay for the water that is used in the business and also in the community. They pay for the electricity they use and for the infrastructure that brings electricity to the community. They pay for schools in their area. So don’t give me that nonsense about “you didn’t build that” meaning that without the government and without the community helping them, they didn’t build anything. A lot of businessmen and women no only built their businesses, they also built the infrastructure around those businesses.

  • Harold Olsen

    Obama apparently used his “you didn’t build that” line in several speeches. I did not hear the original one but I dead hear one on CNN about a week or two after he, apparently, first used it. In the speech I heard, his words were, “If you own a business, you did not build it. The government did.”

    • Alex

      I believe you are lying, Harold. Unless you can show me WHERE you heard what you put in quotes, you should refrain from using that literary device, since you do not know what they are used FOR.

      • momo

        Hey Alex go screw yourself mofo, your the worthless POS that said GI’s in Vietnam were baby killers. Were you there moron? I doubt it.

    • eddie47d

      He never said anything about government being the main builder of America. He only pointed out that all businesses start out because someone else laid out the road map so that entrepreneur could accomplish what he set out to do. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs never would have completed (if even started their ventures) if they lived in Turkmenistan or many other countries. Now if Bill and Steve came up with their ideas while living in China in todays time they may have accomplished their enterprise much faster. Meaning the government would have spent trillions to help them get their businesses off the ground thus boosting the economy. In other words it is all a partnership in getting the job done.

      • http://na Mike in NE

        eddie47 aka sack of hammers, thanks for that brilliant deduction now I get it.

      • eddie47d

        Stop showing ypur ignorance Mike for it is flashing in bright red!

      • Palin16

        edduh I hear they have a job opening in Disneyland for Dumbo and you are qualified.




    • Robert Smith

      It’s amazing how those from the extreme right claim THEY did it, but I haven’t heard them give any credit to that their brutal god of theirs.



        “Robert Smith” – SIR, YOU ARE ON POINT!

  • Neil

    I listened to the original speech where this occurred, and his retractions are nonsense.

    • Robert Smith

      So, how many roads have you built? How many kids have you educated?

      Remember, you have to tell us how it’s part of your business that you accomplished such.


      • Ed

        How many different kinds of idiot are you? In the world that existed before Communism, taxpayers built most of the roads. The government (simply) responded to the demands of taxpayers and organized the effort. That is the job of government, not to control us.

        The problem with Obama’s little speech is that he believes and so stated that all business would not exist without the government. This is not only a wrong assertion, but a ridiculous one. In another speech, Obama stated that he would like to see many other businesses owned by the government (bailed out). In fact, the government would not exist without the taxpaying support of those businesses he so smoothly damns. If you believe as Obama does about business in this country, you are helping in the demise of the greatest experiment in self government to have ever existed. In fact you are helping to destroy yourself. A vote for Obama is called suicide.

        Uncle Joe Biden says that America has turned the corner. But without realizing it the corner is in the direction of the road that leads to total Communist tyranny. We darn well better make an about face mighty soon.

      • JimH

        How many government entities do I pay taxes to? Fed, state, county and local.
        They rely on OUR tax dollars. They rely on US, to finance the services we use.
        Did you build that road? Tax dollars went to a private construction company that builds roads.
        So yes, a business owner out there can say,”I built that road”.
        Caterpillar, John Deere, Barber Greene can say,”I built the machinery that built that road.
        All government does is collect taxes from US and hires US to build it.
        Some state workers may “maintain” some of the roads. Private contractors “build” them and do the major rebuilding of roads and bridges.

  • peter

    Unless he has a script and a teleprompter, he does not do too well. Perhaps he should choose his words more wisely, especially when dealing with folks who really understand how the stupid english language can be so easily misinterpreted or misunderstood. Morality and democracy are two words which come to mind as classics in that regard. Although dear Bill presumably knows the definition of morality, it is doubtful that he actually understands what it means. Although there are many definitions of democracy, would those who really understand it’s meaning please step forward……don’t be shy now. Anyone?

    • eddie47d

      If only Obama used a teleprompter half as much as you all claim he does. Most of the time he doesn’t so that makes your whole spiel rather weak. Now you sure manipulated the English language to get your point across and weren’t shy about it. .

      • http://na Mike in NE

        O.K. sack of hammers, we get it. All praise your saviour. Not me .

      • eddie47d

        Are you attempting to walk on water Mike? Still playing the fool and losing I see!

      • Palin16

        Obama without the teleprompter:

    • Paul B.

      Obama meant exactly what he said. that is his ideology, as he consistently preaches, although sometimes thinly disguised beneath his conservative rhetoric. He always talks about cooperative efforts, shared everything, wealth redistribution. He consistently appeals to the emotions of his minions. Fooling them into believing that Utopia can exist if we work together, under his leadership, his guidance, his controls. Just give him whatever he wants and we will ALL be happy and rich.

      He talks about hard work for success, but then rewards those who chose not to. He talks about shared responsibility, but demonizes the 1% who contribute 70% of DC funding. He is so full of C### it makes me sick to listen to him say exactly everything he doesn’t believe. He spews all these conservative values but doesn’t believe any of it.

      His narcissism knows no bounds. His hypocrisy is on constant display purely to get re-elected so he can revert to his ultra liberal ideology. We are screwed if he gets re-elected, as he will have NO reason to hold back. Executive orders will flow like the money from our bank accounts to DC pockets for supporting his cronies, his minions and the creation of a permanent dependent class and the future of the Democratic party in power.

      • jimmystory

        Exactly…as has been said, the “real Obama” finally stood up. Jeremy and the 3 O-disciple stooges must be in his campaign organization, as there’s no way any typical American trying to make their way in the world could have heard that speech and come up with the spin we’ve heard. It wasn’t just that he said, and I quote, Alex…”If you have a business…you…you didn’t build that!” He went on and on, dismissing that the successful made it because they were smarter or worked harder. He even stands by the rhetoric in this interview, emphasizing he made the point that “…somebody else made that happen”.

        Not only are the points correct about businesses being the reason and the resources for infrastructure, governments continue to bloat and fail with the alarming lack of accountability we allow. Not only does California continue to run deficits in the pattern of DC, several of its cities are declaring bankruptcy! How does that happen? Here in Colorado, governments have proven so inept at even their basic responsibilities that private entities are having to build highways (E-470, expanding). Now, who built that? Meanwhile, the largest government spending spree in American history (ARRA) bought us what? Signs to tell us that this year’s road maintenance was brought to us by Barry?

        The mental gymnastics that have been performed to defend this are obscene…one reporter referring to it as a grammatical error! Wow. The man is not only in deep over his head intellectually, his beliefs are actually some 100 years behind and destructive to the much more positive path the U.S.A. has been on. Sadly, this will all become clear if we are foolish enough to elect him again.

        I’d vote for just about anyone against what I’ve seen from Obama & Biden. Mr. Romney just proved we’re lucky to have a smart fellow ideal for the time when he picked Paul Ryan to run with him. Maybe they can make a dent in the DC gorilla and stop the money train going all the way to DC to “trickle down” again. If I were Mitt, I’d roll out a new “You didn’t build that” ad every week from now ’til election day.

      • eddie47d

        Yes Jimmy E-470 is mostly build with private dollars but not cheaper or don’t you consider high tolls a tax on the people living in that area. Those who are required to use that highway to get out of their neighborhood don’t have much reasonable choice now do they? W-470 was built by a Portuguese company so private firms don’t always favor American businesses either.

      • http://na Mike in NE

        Paul B. well said, very well said.

      • jimmystory

        I was pointing out that we expect so little from our bloated, no-account governments that private enterprise had to step into what should be a government responsibility, namely building highways. If the state had done what we paid them plenty to do, it would be a state highway all around and the people in that area wouldn’t have to pay a toll. If we believe the unnatural spin of Obama’s remarks, that’s the benefit he claimed our benevolent governments provide for all those lucky people in business.
        By the way, you may already know this, but there’s a private enterprise trying to solve the C-470 congestion (it should have been 3 lanes to begin with)…since government won’t.

        Having said that, I’m fine with user fees, and would rather pay the divided usage fee for EVERY road I drive on than to send money all over the WORLD for stuff I don’t use. E470 may seem expensive, but it’s about the best-working transport route I’ve ever seen, and it’d be easy to pay for if we had all our tax dollars back from building roads in California, naval bases in Mississippi, saving an underwater city in New Orleans, and aiding countries from Algeria to Zimbabwe that don’t like us, anyway.

        It’s just common sense: if we don’t have to send our money up 3 tiers (or more, County, State, DC), we’ll have fewer layers and more money to use locally…even if our local expenses are high. Folks like Obama want the money in DC ‘cuz they think they’re smarter than everybody else…He’s Billary Clinton on steroids! What surprises me about this blog is there are still folks who agree with him.

  • tim

    Obama knew exactly what he was saying because he was talking to the share the wealth crowd. Obama thinks everybody is stupid, especially poor people. My guess is if you voted for him the first time you made a mistake. If you do a second time, Well!!!

    • eddie47d

      Those voting for Romney aren’t exactly the smartest rocks in the box either. How many hundreds and even thousands of people did Romney put out on the street and making millions in doing so? His business “leadership” was no more than a ponzi scheme and he made out like the bandit he is. People were smart enough to reject him the first time he ran and may be intelligent enough to do so again.

    • Ted Crawford

      ” If you do a second time” Very true Tim! We are all a victim of our own ignorance about certain issues and situations, however ignorance is easily corrected with information. To make a decision ,lacking information is one issue. To make the same decision after obtaining information …well that’s just stupid! Stupid, is much, much, much harder to correct than is ignorance!

    • Palin16

      Obama’s gonna pay her mortgage and gas

  • Wyatt

    trying to clean up a statement after it has been made just doesn’t work . And no matter what he says , Obama knew exactly what he was saying at the time he gave the speech . His you belong to the government speech clearly shows that . I want to see him clean that up . In fact , the only point Obama made was that the point is on the top of his head ! In his Joe Biden moment he has proved to all Americans that we are currently being led by a pair of complete imbeciles .

  • http://yahoo mark

    If it weren’t for the people who built there own business, where would the tax dollars come from to build all those road, schools and utilities, to support you? It’s the small business that pay those taxes, so you people who didn’t take a chance to build something for yourselves, should be thankful that the small businesses built those roads for you to get around on.

  • s c

    At his current rate, the current prez will have an IQ that has two digits. Chicago seems like a fitting place for him. I’m told the IQs in that area have been on the decline for generations.
    Does he need any help packing?
    Someone needs to remind him to take all of his mental zombies with him.

    • Palin16

      yes when Obummer loses, we also get rid of Hillary, Holder, Napolitano and all the czars.

  • loboviejo

    This is a matter of backtracking to cover the President’s butt. The rhetoric of Obama does not allow for individual achievement. What he says is “look at how we saved the auto industry.” But to save the welfare states of GM and Chrysler obligations of creditors who provided real capital were wiped out. In the case of Chrysler, the preferred stocks of people who took a chance to rebuild the company after its previous failures were zeroed out in favor of government preferred stakeholders who participated in the contracts that brought the company to bankruptcy. Also, franchise owners who had paid for franchises were let go, sometimes for owners of company sponsored franchises who were more amenable to the government’s plan.

    Obama was not making a point but rallying the faithful–this was the demagogue’s moment.

  • Alaways Independent

    I always learned in school that towns and cities developed around centers of commerce.and transportation hubs. Now who created that commerce and transportation hubs? Gov’t, I don’t think so. It was created by individuals who invested time, talent and money.

    • The Christian American

      It’s because they created those things which you mentioned, they formed governments. Government is to create and preserve a societies infrastucture. Legitimately, it cannot favor one person over another, as ours does.

  • The Christian American

    Obama will never accept the fact “Because have rights as humans with the ability to reason, we establish governments”. Rights to him and his ilk are the property of government, to doled out as it sees fit. Along with rights, his government sees people as collateral or capitial items, things to be used to build their planned environmemt. Speaking for Obama and his ilk, the Emperor Caligula said: If I am man, my subjects are somthing else. If they are man, then I must be something more”. He believes in a two class society, Lords and their ilk, and serfs, like burros, beasts of burden to serve him and his. Think of a hand shake from him as a pat to your pet dog. You pet the dog but the dog better do as it’s told.

  • G. Smith

    I sure do hope that we haven’t completely lost our ability to be able to determine what the President meant rather than what he may have worded less than perfect. If we continue this kind of gotcha crap we may find that our political figures will never talk with the media unfiltered again. Many of you would rather try to build a business in an anarchy. If government is of no help perhaps less and less of it will be really helpful.

    • jimmystory

      Most folks believe the President meant what he said. It surely was NOT a “gotcha”…can you imagine the hysteria if Mitt Romney had said the same thing, word for word?

      Some are trying to muse a mysterious affirmation of the American republic out of those words. Just because people who built a business (and many who work for them) take offense when the head of OUR government tells them they didn’t, and somebody else did, doesn’t mean there’s a clamor for anarchy, as of course you know. What’s amazing is that people do build businesses and create new ideas even in the worst circumstances, including poor old Europe and even China. It’s just a lot tougher in a Socialist society, which has been repeatedly proven the past 100 years, but Obama didn’t get that.

      I have an idea that’s never really been tried, although it’s been close a few times in U.S.A., Singapore, and a few other places: capitalism!

      Sounds like DNC took your advice on limiting access to media outlets, and campaigns including Romney’s & Obama’s have done the same. Most of Obama’s biggest gaffes have been when he thought he WAS hidden from the media (and “off script). However, as long as we are truly in a free market of ideas, if one “political figure” decides not to share his ideas, another one will.

  • Charles C. Smith SGM USA Ret

    This idiot obama tells so many lie’s that he start’s to believe them himself.

  • swampfox

    Oblivit is a moronic Marxist twit and would make Lenin proud.
    you braindead obamites are so dense you make urranium seem like aluminum,lord you numbnuts defie any rational normal persons attempt to figure out you libral/democrats.
    how in the frick can you people be so damn obtuse and meatheaded?
    sh*t,even forest gump would call yall stupid!
    how many of you who bash romney and defend Obama actually work for a living,I mean real work and do not suck off the government like a tick,
    how many of you libral bast*rds can honestly say you take NOTHING from the govt and never have,instead relying on your OWN work ethics to pull you through.
    I bet not one of you libral twits have ever been covered in grime and soaked with sweat from busting your a**.
    go ahead and answer you libral turds……
    no food stamps,no ssi,no friggen welfare handout check,nothing,go ahead answer!
    and don’t give no b.s rhetoric or excuses,just answer the question straight up.


      “…libral turds…” OH, MAN! “swampfox!” – YOU ARE ON A ROLL!

      • Palin16

        LOL…yep tellin’ it like it is.

  • swampfox

    oh,and how many of you libral twits ever served in the military?
    how many of you were in a combat mos?
    I was in Beirut in 83,served 3 hitches in the suck,
    how many of you libs or democrats served your country,huh,yall all talk copius amounts of sh*t about our military,if you haven’t served,then STFU!
    as the ol saying goes,your worthless psychotic opinions on matters you know Jack sh*t about other than sitting on yalls fat lard a**and typing about stuff you only know LITTLE about from the net,
    so how many of you libturds have served in our military,and don’t mention some b.s mos remph crap neither.

  • swampfox

    meant rempf,c’Mon where all the hard working libturds?
    how bout you democrat ex hippies who served in the military,yall seem mighty scarce.

  • gsy

    Show me one dollar the gov’t ever got that didn’t come directly or indirectly from business. .. ? .. greg

  • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

    That is still Clints empty chair like it or not!!!

  • swampfox

    notice I didn’t get one answer yet,ya call em out and get nadda….figures

  • historianMI

    I hope that I am not being redundant, but the schools, bridges and highways/roads are built by taxpayers and utilized by millions every day. But only a few have the smarts and motivation to take the risk(s) and invest much time and money to establish, and hopefully, to build a business and make a living, maybe a really good one, or even a….fortune. I don’t believe Obama has the knowledge or the concern about the small businesses which hire the major part of the work force (outside the pampered, protected government area) of our nation, and are the major source of hoped-for increases in overall employment to rescue us from Obama’s so-called recovery. My first job was with a three-lane bowling alley, and I assure you the owner/manager had all the work she could handle keeping the doors open and the customers happy.

  • Dad

    “It depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is.” Slick Willie Clinton.
    Who ya gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?

  • Rage Fury

    ‘ “we all have to invest in schools, and roads, and bridges.” He went on to explain that “You didn’t build that,” essentially meant, “You didn’t start the road project.” ‘
    From where did the tax revenues for all that cool stuff originate? Thin air? Oh, wait…

  • Tim Brown

    This debate is pointless. Whether or not Obama was taken out of context, is irrelevant. He is a Communist Marxist and there is ample proof to that fact dated prior to that speech. We are the victims of the uninformed, ignorant voter.

  • jopa

    Tim Brown : The best reason for the debate is to expose the GOP on their lies and misrepresentation of the facts and edited speeches that are baseless .They have nothing to brag about or feel good about so they fabricate stories out of nothing.What would your response be if they started talking proudly about all their filibusters and job killing votes and all the rest of their anti American agenda for political gain.The GOP ( Grand Obstructionist Party)has to be exposed for what they are doing to this country and gotten rid of.

  • Linda

    In these days of recording,Mr. President we can listen to your speech over and over and over again. You cant make excuses. It is out there and we can understand your words syntax or whatever you wish to call it.
    I had a successful family business. I worked seven days a week from seven in the morning most days and sometimes until eleven at night.I never had a vacation and had just made a living for years. I didn’t have a computer. I had an intellewriter typewriter and a fax machine. to do my correspondence. I had a calculator to do my books.I had an original idea to get into my business and finally convinced my husband follow my idea. I had years when I had no money, One I had five dollars a piece to buy my kids Christmas, and my mother-in-law gave me that. There was a lot of hard work. The government did not help me. Never got a loan or a food stamp even when we had no money.

  • s c

    Obubba’s speech writer must have been on drugs – again. There’s a major difference between doing constructive things and what this prez has in mind. He needs to be reminded that his plans (negative, destructive, antisocial) were put together by subhumans like Alinsky, Lenin, Marx, Stalin, Hitler and a cast of characters throughout history.
    Doing constructive things is another matter. It takes CONSTRUCTIVE doers to compensate for those who hate freedom and see destitute nations as “proof” of their evil intent. It takes realists and those who love freedom to REMIND others that acts have consequences. Alinsky and his ‘peers’ are raw, unadulterated destroyers. Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and Adams were builders.
    The conscious refusal to separate these groups got us where we are. What do you NOT understand about a so-called ‘leader’ who sides with Alinsky and his herd of ravenous scum? America’s clock is ticking, people.
    [and, without changing the topic too much, thank GOD for Univision!]

  • JON


  • jopa

    sc:I see in your post you have stated “Thank God for Univision”.Did you happen to watch Romney give his speech on Univision last week.In order to look a little more like the Latino’s Mitt put on some of that spray tan to darken himself up somewhat.Now he looks like he is related to Boner the Weeper of the House.Then to top it off they couldn’t get enough people to attend the rally so they got a couple of busloads of teabaggers from the local loony bin to fill in the seats and cheer for him.Senator Scott Brown said right off the bat that doesn’t look like a bunch of Mexicans to me.Thus blowing his cover.Mitt just can’t catch a break in any way can he.He should just learn to be honest and right up front the first time so he doesn’t always have to remember what he said ten minutes ago and proved over and over again his ability to do so.

  • jopa

    In my last sentence that should have read his inability to do so.


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