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Obama, Romney Can’t Make Jobs; Here’s Who Can

October 3, 2012 by  

Obama, Romney Can’t Make Jobs; Here’s Who Can

A recent survey of U.S. businesses offers a bit of long-overdue positive news for the Nation’s economy.

A Michigan State University study shows that U.S. firms, facing a number of issues associated with manufacturing products in emerging countries amid rising global instability, are increasingly considering moving their manufacturing operations back to the United States. Many of the companies are re-evaluating overseas manufacturing because of rising labor costs in emerging countries, high oil prices and increasing transportation costs; global risks such as political instability; and a handful of other factors.

“Going overseas is not the panacea that it was thought of just a decade or so ago,” said Michigan State University supply chain expert Tobias Schoenherr. “Companies have realized the challenges and thus are moving back to the United States.”

Based on a survey of 319 firms, the study indicates that 40 percent of manufacturing firms believe a growing number of businesses are considering moving manufacturing plants back to the United States from countries such as China and India. The most likely industries to “reshore” in the U.S. are aerospace and defense, industrial parts and equipment, electronics, and medical and surgical supplies.

The firms that were included in the study also indicated that nearly 38 percent of their competitors have already taken steps to bring some manufacturing back to the United States.

Other factors contributing to the growing movement of American companies back to domestic manufacturing are concerns over erosion of intellectual property overseas and product-quality problems created by overseas manufacturing.

“From my communication with some firms, I also sense a genuine desire to help the U.S. economy and to bring back jobs,” Schoenherr said.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Linda

    I hope so . My sons could use a job….not everyone is cut out for college.

    • waltinseattle

      manufacturers want good workers but cant find educated machine operators. your son needs education or he will always have a crap low skill job and the low wages which go with it. blueprints, cnc progaming….not a manual tool world. even welding requires specialized metalurgical knowledge. brooms, on the other hand, are equal oportunity…

      • tony

        This is Bull hockey , I have worked all my life at manufacturing companies that will train you on the job and you get paid while learning . And so what if you don’t make as much starting out , at least you are not in debt up to your ears with this schooling thats so over blown today .

      • moonbeam

        You’re right on that, Tony. From what I’ve read, the school loan bubble is going to be the next big pop. Many have defaulted and can’t pay on their loans.

        I used to work as a machinist, machining the axle bores on locomotive engine frames and oil rig motors. LOVED that job! I was the only woman working with a bunch of men who taught me how to drink boiler makers, smoke and play poker. They were like the big brothers I always wanted. Oh yeah, they played their tricks on their “little sister” when I first started.

        I was told to go to the tool window and ask for a box of sparks. LOL! and off I went. I get to the window and the guy looked at me really strange. He said they were all out! I get back to my bay and realized the joke, I laughed so hard till I got hysterical.

        As for the class on drinking boiler makers (a beer and a shot of whiskey), they took me to a bar on our lunch hour. Got back to work (thank goodness I know how to hold my own) and looked up at the 10 ft high machine I worked on and almost freaked out. I kept it together, however. Never let ‘em see you sweat (or drunk).

        I sure do miss those guys, my “big brothers”. Those were good days.

        This is good news if manufacturing jobs come back, but of course the GREAT LIAR will take credit for it.

    • Doris C

      I know its hard to watch kids unable to find jobs. Main thing is to have a diploma or GED. Then if you can afford it a trade school. Or work at reduced pay as an apprentice.Any of this sound like your kids could work it?

      • Jon

        An an employer, I thought I would add my 2-cent’s worth. Many positions are left open because we can’t find workers to fill them. There are applicants, to be sure, but not workers. Finding young people who are willing to actually work for eight hours to get eight hour’s pay is difficult. Or who will return the next morning after payday. Or who can work for 30 minutes straight without using a cell phone to talk to their friends. I think in many ways it’s a matter of attitude and drive, more than training. Many of the young (and not so young) people today desire to be millionaires and sit around doing nothing. And they think they can achieve that by sitting around and doing nothing.

      • Patti Patterson

        And keep in mind, it’s not just kids. There are a lot of people out there looking for work. My question to business owners is, Why do you think that someone that is middle-aged can’t learn anything new? My last job was in the financial section and it seems that the only job openings sent by the unemployment office is for the same thing. I did that for four years. But prior, I’d worked eight years for a plastics manufacturing company. I had to learn both jobs from the ground up. But now it seems like they think I’m too old to learn something new. Not easy to get a job with an employer mindset like that.

  • Travis

    Hopefully the increasing regulations in the US on businesses will be reduced after the election.

  • TIME

    Dear People,

    ** A message, so you can try to understand – { PLEASE do note } – I care not to argue with any of you, you can either learn or not, Its your call.

    The real question on this issue should be why is that? I leave it all up to you to figure this out, but here’s a clue for you.
    When the Dollar falls and yes it will fall – how well do you think these companys will fare where ever they are?

    How well do you think these companys will do when they have to pay the workers in say China, and yet here workers will be available for “FREE” why is that one would ask?

    Well here is the BIG clue ~~ read the 13th Amendment, “understand” what it really is saying. This has all been a LONG road and the Beast is getting close.
    You all know the one, That special “New World Order” that Ragen – Daddy Bush, ~ Clinton even Babby Bush and the now Barry Omen all have spoken of,

    Then ask where are the vast amount of products used by the Armeded forces made even now?
    Items ~ Like Mollie vest, ammo packs, canteens / water packs, all uniforms, hats, boots, bedding, tents, belts, helmets, gloves, knee pads, armored vest, face mask’s, all patches etc. all the standard gear used by SWAT as well Armed Forces?

    I ask you to really look into this issue, as it will have a direct effect on YOU ~~ as YOU will be joining the ranks of these workers, ~~ but ~~ under a differant platform ~~ one of what I as well many others have been telling you for years.
    Again do your own homework on this Please do ~ Prove it to yourself.

    Pray each day many times for ~ ~ PEACE & LOVE ~~ :-)

    May all your EYES soon OPEN ~ so you can wake from the coma you’re in.. Millions of BEAST on the other side are praying each day that you all stay in your COMA.

    Only LOVE ~ can make YOU strong ~ thus ~ making the Beast week.

    • Bill

      I wont argue either, I just think you’re a crackpot.

      • waltinseattle

        as much as it pains me to say it: ditto. a crackpot who feels superior by asking questions, then leaves us hanging because he is too good to bother answering them and too dismissive to explain the (missing) answers.

      • TIME

        Dear Bill & Seattle,

        Well, let me thank you both so much for your very kind words.
        Really I truly mean that,
        Lets look at a few other Crackpots / Crazy people of whom I would share this Great Honor with. Some are from long ago, yet others from more current times, yet all have been called CRACKPOTS / CRAZY by their peers too.

        The CHRIST
        Saul / Paul
        Albert Einstein
        Leonardo of Davinici
        Ben Franklin
        Geroge Washington
        Sir Francis Newton
        Robert The Bruce
        Frank Zappa
        John Lennon
        George Carlin
        William Buckley
        Bill Gates
        Paul Allen
        Steve jobs
        Alex Jones
        Davud Ecke

        Please do keep in mind that this is a very short list as its really just to name but a few Crackpots / Crazy people that I would share this Great Honor with, BTW, they are not in order either. In retrospect it would seem – I would be in really GREAT company,
        Again, I Thank you both for such a wonderful compliment it really means a lot to me

        Now Dear Seattle,
        You may not quite get the idea of my asking you ~ {to ask yourself the Question} so let me make this very clear for you.
        { I asked everyone to ask themself these questions,} I was not asking anyone a question, be that directly or indirectly. But I can understand how one can loose the meaning of such a platform to spring forth from.

        So if you would please take a few moments and learn the meaning of words such as “Condescending” that too may quite well aid you in the future.

        May The Christ Smile on you both, as well; PEACE & LOVE to you both. :-)

        Have a GREAT DAY; again Thank You both so much.

      • GALT

        To the idiots above who are a bit clueless as to the “socratic method”……..
        asking you questions and expecting you to “think” about the answers has
        nothing to do with “superiority”……….or even establishing it…….it has to
        do with the “understanding” that to actually comprehend something,
        you must actually do the work or engage in the process…….

        This is not about “teaching to the test”………specialization is for “insects”
        and a good insect OBEYS………you sound like you want to be an insect…….
        and you want instructions on how to be a ‘good one”…………..insects of
        the lesser order are expected to sacrifice for their superiors………”eusocial behavior”…….which is good until the “fit hits the shan”,
        then YOU go first……….as in DEAD!

        A good teacher, using this method……actually profits from the exchange
        more than the pupil even IF they do know the answer to the question asked
        …….because our strength based on known brain function……is pattern recognition………but this ability do not always indicate that the same path
        is followed to reach the same destination…..

        Is Time your superior……..probably…….but in the end that is simply a fact
        ……there is nothing to be gained by this fact……..there is no profit or advantage
        …….for him/her…….s/he is anonymous………..your objection’s only indicate your inferiority……and if that is all that you are getting out of it……….better to not
        engage at all rather than confirm by admission, that which you truly are……
        and FEAR….most of all.

        In truth, you are a ‘victim in waiting”……..all that is required if for someone
        to entice you with the proper nectar………and then use you for whatever purpose
        is desired or required………

    • http://na

      Me thinks your BOILER has something in it the MAKER did NOT create…You SURELY can’t schpelle…lol

    • Linda A.

      To: Time
      I believe you, there is a good chance that the economy will crash and yes the New World Order will begin. Which means we are headed for a cashless society and the government will have every US citizen inserted with a RIFD Chip or a invisble tatoo with all of your personal information stored in this chip or tatoo and without this mark, you can not buy or sell, this is in the Holy Bible

      Revelations Chap 13:Verse 16 “He will cause all both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads”

  • Beverley Comstock

    Are you better off today than 4 yrs ago? Got a job, groceries 300% more, gas doubled. Obama and family took 35 vacations and we paid $10,000,000 for this priviledge. America is now a third world country. He promised to stop wars, bring our troops home, they are still dying in Iraq, Afgainistan and around the world. Obama says “this is just another bump in the road”. americans fear another 4 years will distroy this country. All illegals will be given amnesty, Obama plans either way to empty our jails and illegals will all receive green cards and a job, your job. Wake up America before the riots start and you will be afraid to leave your homes. The stores will be closed, no food, and no troops to protect us as Obama will send them to another country to proctect their borders, while leaving our open. Vote Republician your life depends on it. The world is laughing at US, who voted in a Musulin who was not born in this country. If Obama steals the race, look out for marshal law being applied to keep us from voting in November. I fear for America.

    • JTB

      Very well said and I agree with you 100%

    • Elected4Life

      Beverly, you’re on the right track, but still have a ways to go before seeing the whole picture. Get off the fake Fox network and step up a level to RT News and other reliable online sources. Listen to Jim Rogers, Peter Schiff, Gerald Celente and others like them who know.

      It doesn’t matter one iota who’s elected. Even if Ron Paul or someone like him, (who see the beast and fight against it) were elected, they’d be assassinated just like JFK was when he threatened their plan. Who’s plan? The Global Elite! Research online about Agenda 21 and you’ll see what’s been going on slowly, year by year and is now right around the corner with the coming Global Collapse.

      All this right wing left wing crap is just a media smoke screen to keep us polarized so the Elite can easily carry out their plans for world domination via our ignorance, like sheep led to slaughter.

      Head for the hills and keep some powder dry!

      • Bill

        Second crackpot of the morning

      • Mary-Lee

        You hit the nail on the head. I was just about to make the same type comment. There really is NO CHOICE between Obama and Romney, other than the style in which they take down this country. Both have been blessed by the Bilderberg Group and both will destroy the USA for THEIR cause. But, I need to believe that if everyone woke up, stopped playing the game of ‘we only have two parties’ and really pressured our elected officials to follow the Constitution or we’ll kick them out…..we just might be able to stop the demise of our country.
        I, for one, will vote for the Constitution Party candidate knowing he will lose, but still, I will know I didn’t throw away my vote by voting for the ‘lesser of two evils’. We all must wake up to what is happening and the only way we can do that is by doing what you suggested….start listening/reading alternative news sources that are not controlled by the Big Money. Read Drudge Report,, RT, etc.

    • david

      Good goin Bev!!!!

    • waltinseattle

      overblown rot. tgirdworlders suffer undrinkable water, power disruptions are eegular and thugs rule the streets not just the ghetto ones. your “analysis” suggests you never went abroad. your blame obama for it all suggests nievity of hiw the world works. funny how those who want to end government because it does not work believe their side has a man whi can make it work.

      • tony

        Obama is ANTI durable Growth only growth has been in DEBT PILE and that is wrong kinda fertilizer because he and his cronies are pocketing all this Wealth that they converted from the Debt placed on the backs of the Taxpayers !! And these Idiots don’t realize that their day of famine comes with the rest of us while they stand on the throat of lifes needed air supply of durable supply-side growth expanding the supply . Famine is coming because we have not expanded the food supply for the past 15 years but are adding a Billion people to earth every 10 years now . But we Know Obama and his minions are Plants from the old world Bolsheviks don’t we ????

      • victoryintruth

        waltinseattle: Seventy percent of the US has fluoridation imposed on them in addition to the increasing drug residues found in their drinking water. Power disruptions are becoming more common. Thugs DO rule the street–the thugs that wear blue costumes and badges. Many many Americans are now homeless or cannot feed their families. I’d say that we’re fast becoming a third world nation. Obama is just another puppet in a long line of puppets who serves the globalists in their agenda to make the world into what will serve THEM. Obama has done more than his predecessors in the ruin of this country. There is no one who can serve as president and accomplish anything because the shadow government will always be there to stop this. Wake up.

        I’d like to politely suggest that you make an attempt at making your post more readable by proofreading it before hitting “post comment”.

    • Linda A.

      I agree with you 100%, I will do my part and vote this man out. I can not understand why anyone would vote for a man who will destroy our country.

    • jon ayers


      • r b

        Are you better off today than 4 yrs ago? Got a job, groceries 300% more, gas doubled. Obama and family took 35 vacations and we paid $10,000,000 for this priviledge. America is now a third world country. He promised to stop wars, bring our troops home, they are still dying in Iraq, Afgainistan and around [...]<<

        romney is not going to change any of that. considering the lame duck congress and the gop policy's of the past, you can expect this to get worse.

  • Judy Craig

    This is good news, assuming the collected data is accurate. If consumers would read labels and opt to spend a few dollars more for products made in America, we could all help the economy. In order to convince the public to do this, our manufacturing companies must commit to producing quality products. At the very least, refusing to buy goods made in China would help our economy..

  • http://liberty Tony

    To Everyone:
    The solution to this crisis is privatize investment into small businesses. They’re create the majority of our jobs, innovations/creations, plus are responsible for the majority of econ. growth. These huge corps are as crooked as big gov. Thus, the former steps are the answer. Thanks.
    P.S. To Mrs. Comstock, be in touch with reality!! Thanks again.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      I guarantee you that if small businesses were to ever become a threat to the big corporations, you would see more regulations to put the small businesses OUT of business! It’s already happened! The corporations are synonymous with the bankers and politicians. Perhaps the corporate jobs will return because of obumass’s executive order which gives him the right to put US into work gangs. Free or nearly free labor for the corporations, financial slavery for us! he passed all of these executive orders for a reason! he knows what his plans are, we do not. Read the executive orders, they are the blueprint. They will NEVER allow the “little people” to take back control!

      • waltinseattle

        notice thelabor stats roll banks and mabyfacture into one glowing recovery? one side moribund the other overfat with ungodly profit…but on the whole it looks good…

        • tony

          Explain where this recovery financing is coming from that paints such a rosy picture you are painting ?

    • waltinseattle

      how would you incenivize this and how would you make it reasonably safe for investors ?

  • roger gunderson

    I believe the general public is naive to think that the president can create jobs,
    but I think congress can play a big roll in creating an environment that will help real job creators incentives. The first thing is: get the hell out of the way. There are so many prohibition laws governing businesses that you would think the government owned the business. For starters I would end the minimum wage law.

    • Guest

      You are so correct Roger.
      Stop so many of the stupid laws regulating small business.
      Give them a hand, not a stranglehold and help them to succeed. So many regulations are detrimental and I believe have been deliberately made to cause dependency instead of responsibility.
      Vote Republican.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      If the government could assist in creating jobs by easing up on regulations, then the converse is true that the government doesn’t WANT to create jobs. If people like you and I can figure out how to improve the situation, then they could obviously come to the same conclusions. It does not fit into their plans to create jobs and better our country. ALL of this has been by design! No one could be so stupid as to do the things our government has done lest it was with intent! EVERYTHING they do seems to be with the intent of DESTROYING our country!!! Our government has been infiltrated by the ENEMY on BOTH sides of the aisle!!! Get them OUT!!!

      • Marten The Canadian Libertarian

        Governments create only one thing “MISERY”

    • Deerinwater

      Exactly Roger! A framer does not create corn or cotton, he creates a condition that is suitable for cotton and corn to grow and offers seeds of his intentions. It’s a large effort and requires a constant hands on attention. The soil must be prepared, growing season considered, keep the varmints and bugs away from new growth.

      Any government worth is salt is responsible for creating a climate for economic growth. The ones that do not will not see a robust harvest. While at the same time you can not plant cotton and grow corn. If we plant poppy, we will harvest poppy.

      That American enterprise has managed to compete at the market place with other nations that subsidize auto manufacturing is amazing. While we look at the auto industry bail-outs, it clearly hasn’t been easy.

      And YES, we are better off today then we were in 2008. ~ If anyone thinks otherwise, ~ I say they felt it late ~ maybe living off fat ~ or maybe they in the foreclosure or repo business.

      If you are one to give Ronald Reagan credit for Bill Clinton’s economic success but refuse to give Obama 3 years to stop an economic free fall that start 3 months and 20 day before he was even sworn into office, I’m not sure explaining such matters worth the bother.

      2013 will mark the beginning of a “turn around” year regardless on who sits in the first chair.

      The GOP was at the helm when we sail into this shallow water and hung the bottom. We are too large of a nation to think so small and it has cost us dearly. We don’t need to steal oil for Dick Chaney and company ~ it’s cheaper to just buy it and let Dick Chaney deal with market forces like everybody else. As I understand it , American oil interest does get a Federal subside ~ strategic national importance I suppose, ~ the reason why never been fully explained to me.

      We are less dependent on foreign crude today then we have been in 40 years , this is a success story the GOP does not want you to hear. There are many success stories that are being omitted by right leaning media, including Mr. Livingston’s Personal Liberties Forums. The reasoning is most clear ~ to deny 44 any success, such matters can not be spoken of.

      We don’t hear on right leaning media how the federal government has put a choke collar on credit card companies and brought their reign of terror to an end.

      We don’t here how the current administration is very proactive in helping returning soldiers re-institute their lives with family and love ones.

      We don’t hear about ending the abuses the insurance companies seem to take great please in practicing.

      We don’t hear about airlines can no longer hold passengers hostage , strap to their seat if an aircraft fails to get runway clearance in a timely fashion.

      I could go on for hours listing what has been nothing less then an carefully orchestrated omitting of achievements both large and small by “ALL” right leaning media.

      Who was the Grinch that sold Christmas? I was surprised! I thought it started in the 1980′s but I was wrong as I only became aware something was seriously wrong in the 1980′s.

      • tony

        Perfect analogy !!! Now if we can Romney to say this Tonight to Obama and say ” Hey Obama you are using the wrong kinda fertilizer ” !!!!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        I can NOT believe that you can sit there and say that we are better off than we were in 2008! What a bunch of horsepucky! Ask all of the people who have been laid off since then. REAL unemployment is about 20%! Changing the way you calculate it doesn’t change the TRUTH! Inflation is sky HIGH! They refigured the way they calculate that too, to make it seem less than it is. Have you bought groceries or gas lately?!? Have you paid any utility bills?!? We are one of the fortunate in that my husband hasn’t lost his job (yet). His company is still doing layoffs every few months. We used to get quarterly bonuses of about $2500. Those are gone! We used to get raises in the 5-10% range. Those are now 2-2 1/2 %. We used to have the best insurance imaginable at a reasonable cost. Now the coverage absolutely sucks and our costs have at least tripled! My husbands parents saved all of their lives for their retirement. They thought that they could maintain themselves with their social security and savings. Their savings are going down the crapper due to 0% interest rates set by the fed. Their social security cost of living raises are an absolute joke! I think last year, they got a $12 raise but their Medicare went up $7. Their taxes go up. Their utilities go up. Their groceries go up but their income doesn’t!!! Most people in this country are suffering because their REAL income is dropping and their expenses are rising. Ask THOSE people if they are better off now!!! And now on top of everything else, the fed is instituting QE3 infinity! Oh yes, it will save the crooked bankers (again!) who made bad investment decisions! The rest of US will pay with our devalued currency!!! We’re going to have runaway inflation worse than we have now! We’ll all be lucky if we can heat our houses AND eat!!! WHAT A JOKE!!!

      • Deerinwater

        “I can NOT believe that you can sit there and say that we are better off than we were in 2008! What a bunch of horsepucky!”

        When I say “we” ~ ~ I did not include “you” ~ sorry ~ and I understand that your story is not uncommon. But if you look at the ‘economy’ as a river that’s headwaters are fed by many facts and the water you currently are using started it’s long journey to you years ago, you might better understand my statement.

        What I am offering you is that your water was cut off in 2007 and 2008 and it’s taken time for you to feel the full effect as most everyone else has while people like yourself , having less, feel it the most.

        We were in a free fall in late 2008 that continued into the fall of 2011. Of course if you are retired and not very active in business matter, what you noticed was price increases. If you joined the ranks of the unemployed much the same, ~ while it was DNC that fought for the 99er and their unemployment insurance to continue. If it was up to the RNC, you would not have received that.

        That you feel justified in blaming the last 3.5 years of the current administration, the GOP is depending on you come November. They have done everything in their power to make you feel this way. It has been the GOP that has blocked the job bill, that you didn’t get!

        Just vote your vote ~ is all I can tell you. ~ If you think Mitt Romney can offer you some relief ~ go for it. If you believe Mitt Romney gives a hoot about you. Clearly it’s not the first mistake that you have made and won’t be your last.

        Hey! enjoy your safety net! If there is a hole in it ~ Romney will fix it!

    • waltinseattle

      i think get out the way is only part the answer. there is also lead…like instead of no min wage give some tax breaks to make up for it, some defered taxing to allow growth .cut tax not wage and the money will truly circulate down nainstreet. where it belongs!!! incentives!!!

  • tony

    We will Never get the Public to see the Truth about all the criminal fraud that is taking place by the Obama Administration , but I think if you make people think they are being Played for fools thats a game changer !!!!! We need to work on the mind of Obama with a tactical concept of Reverse Psycho Ops because thats what he and his administration is doing , if we do this it will Intimidate and create a unbalance to the effort by Obama to appear in control . For Obama Telling the Truth becomes a Psycho Ops Exercise to get reelected . Romney needs to tell people to look at the facts about the economy , and ask people if they see Real Tangible Durable Growth in their Pockets or just more Hope and Talk coming from President Obama and his Handlers who are ANTI Growth to begin with ???
    If President Obama and his handles feel its necessary to control the minds of the voters by controlling polling and at the same time stringing people along with some kind of Government assistance while telling us things are getting better , this policy is purely being based off the controlling of people minds to give a perception to people that his policies are working while we have seen ONLY DEBT as the growth factor , no expansion in industrial durable growth just DEBT , so Obamas only focus is controlling your Mind and we should be should be seriously analyzing this tactic and asking why ? This would explain why Obama has not been able to keep his domestic policy promises but now is trying to convince the voters that he needs more time . But if you consider the aspect that Environmentalists Love a NO Growth Domestic Policy this is why Obama is playing this game of Hope with no Substance , and Romney needs to Exploit this fact and call him out as a Capitalist Supply-Side Economic Fraud and the debt and attempt to Control People’s Minds about the Process of economic recovery as the ONLY form of Negative Economic Growth is Proof of this Claim !!!!

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      tony, you’ve GOT to realize that this isn’t JUST the obumass administration!!! Our ENTIRE government has been infiltrated. They are democraps AND republicraps! This has been going on for many years and their takeover is nearly complete!!! Open your mind. Look at the WHOLE picture! EVERYTHING they are doing is being done by BOTH parties!!! The people on this site who hate bush and the republicraps are RIGHT! They have valid reasons. But the people who hate obumass and the democraps are also RIGHT! Their reasons are just as valid. All of it is just a distraction to make us feel like we have a say! We don’t! BOTH parties follow THEIR agenda! America is gone! It has been slipping away from us little by little! We need to wake up and take it back!!!

  • Chris

    Like the saying goes “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side”.

  • tony

    We need to be doing this as a alternative to Oil and cultivate the By product from this fuel source .
    Oil gives us other uses that we can use in the effort to expand the overall supply of energy and bi product resources that will drive down the overall costs of living . The environmentalists are not allowing this kind of abundance to rise up because it will promote Human prosperity and that they see as a Threat to their Earth so we see these Unsustainable alternatives being promoted like solar and wind which as high maintenance in replacement costs rendering it a useless energy resource , but while it makes people think they are doing good supporting those who are promoting such alternatives in a feel good Psycho Ops effect so they can continue to extract cash away from people with no return on their investment , so a Bleeding out effect is what will collapse the free market and self reliance away from free people making us dependent on Government and then they can control ration resources and reverse human longevity

  • Mike W.

    Keep in mind, one factor. If and when these firms return to the US, the factories of the future are going to require far less workers than in the past. The reason is technology.
    These new facilities will utilize robotics, artificial intelligence, computer integrated manufacturing software and related systems. Even if half the firms who left in the past 40 years return, at best it will only alleviate a small percentage of the current unemployed masses. The factories of the future will require highly trained, multiskilled technicians to run these facilities. Such aptitude and background would further disqualify many poorly educated persons. Most firms will look for technical school graduates with a good work ethic, in great physical/psychological health with no drug or financial problems. Such employees will be considered management as to avoid the labor problems many companies faced in the past. Also, look for the factories of the future to be located in the rural South. Thus the rust belt cities of the Northeast and Midwest will continue to deteriorate. Much of this would be contingent on reducing all forms of regulation on businesses in the areas of enviroment, employment, taxation, etc. On the bright side, the transportation and allied logistics industries would experience a boom, perhaps creating new jobs in that sector of the economy.
    And you maybe surprised that one of the reasons we have a very expensive defense budget is to protect all of these US based corporations’ offshore faciities. A strong American military presence along with a little graft insures business as usual for these multinationals. After all, disgruntled employees, revolutions, riots along with antagonistic internal politics in these respective foreign countries could effect the bottom line. And that means everything from upset stockholders to an unfavorable review by Wall Street analysts. And no multibillion dollar conglomerate can afford any of that!

  • mrrzk

    Want to know who started the collapse of our economy? Want to know who did what and why and when? GO TO: and DOWNLOAD:

    “Siren’s Song – American Betrayal”.

    The document will blow your mind. Its quite a bit of reading, but it
    will be worth it.

  • Dad

    Unions will continue to drive manufacturing overseas.

  • Chuck

    A bad part of this site is putting the newest comments at the bottom. If the newest are at the top, everybody gets a turn being seen first.

    Businesses generally want to expand, but they have to have enough profit potential to overcome obstacles. Unions, taxes, and government regulations have been big obstacles in the US. Increasing obstacles overseas will move some businesses back, but some will just shrink if the obstacles in the US are still too great. Regulations, especially, have been getting worse under Obama. Some businesses are strong enough to expand despite Obama. If the repubs win, the Bush tax cuts are extended, and/or Obamacare is repealed, I think a lot more businesses will be able to expand. If the repubs win, businesses will be assured that regulations won’t get worse, which would be enough for some to expand.

    • uvuvuv

      but chucky cheese, if the newest came first he might be responding to someone and you wouldn’t see the original comment first. for example flashy might say, you are a right wing hysterical gay hating christian taliban racist women abusing bigot, and you might take this personally until you read further down someone’s saying schools shouldn’t teach the gay agenda.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Oooooooooooohhhhhhhh, it just isn’t faaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrr is it?!?

  • uvuvuv

    one problem with chinese manufacturing is they don’t heat treat metals properly. this is an exacting and expensive process, and raises costs. so they cut corners. if you are getting a new hub bearing installed in your car make sure it’s domestic origin. a china bearing will last 2 years, a usa bearing, indefinitely. this is my experience. another experience with a wal mart bike is that the spokes were so brittle they kept snapping. this gets back to drawing the wire and heat treating it. where i worked the chinese items we purchased as components tended to match the cheaper end of the drawing tolerances. if we specced 8.00 inches +/- 0.03 inches they would send everything at 7.97 inches. if we didn’t spec the cartons the items were sent in, for example a burst test 0f 200 psi or a high humidity stacking height of 10 cartons, we would get the shipment with the cartons all splitting open. another point, if they start saber rattling towards taiwan and we back taiwan up, no imports from china. jimmy carter solved this problem by announcing that taiwan is not a nation and ambassadors would not be exchanged. but there is still instability that threatens our supply lines.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Which is why many of us in Nebraska don’t want another Trans Canada pipeline! The first on has leaked several times and an engineer hired to inspect them blew the whistle and SAID the metal was inferior. He got fired!

  • Carl Manning

    Want a good laugh??? Here’s a tv ad and my own personal true story for opposing the District of Criminals for ya’…

    I am a 49 year old Chemical Engineer living in Georgia with a BSChE from Georgia Tech and also a BS in Chemistry and an Associate’s Degree in Electronics via the USAF. I have been unemployed not once but twice since August 2009. During my first unemployment, I was unemployed for an unprecedented 9 months. Out of frustration and considering the bias against engineers in the job market, I faked my resume and took a dead-end job as a Directv Satellite Technician, which paid peanuts and was not enough money to feed my family. The job had prohibitively insane hours. I am not exaggerating in the least when I say that i was working fifteen hours a day, six days a week, from dawn to dusk, making the equivalent of $10.00/hr. My family rarely, if ever, even saw me. My one-year-old son no longer even knew who I was. I realized I could make just as much if not more delivering pizzas part-time for Domino’s, so I took a part-time job with Domino’s. After living in Savannah, Georgia, during this time, I finally landed a fulltime engineering position in the Atlanta area that worked out well for my working wife to arrange a transfer with her company. Yes, I had to expand my job search to the Atlanta region to play the numbers. There weren’t any jobs whatsoever in Savannah. After 5 months of finally some gainful employment in Atlanta, I was laid off because my company was not getting paid by their clients on many municipal contracts because nobody was buying municipal bonds for these municipalities by which these contracts would be paid. This time I was out of work for 15 months in Atlanta, Georgia. I once again faked my resume to eliminate the engineering bias out there. I now am working for $15.00/hr (way less than half of my typical engineering salary) at Chuck E. Cheese as a Technical Manager. My student loan at 8.25% is at $37,000.00 now and still not paid off with no hope of ever paying the damn thing off. Daycare is running at $760.00/mo for my 2.5 year old son, whcih eats up so much of my paycheck. My disposable income is almost non-existent. So, to sum it up, I have been unemployed for 2 years total during the Obama administration and the reign of the criminals in the District of Criminals who have voted for NAFTA and WTO against the overwhelming will of the American People. A careful analysis of the effects of this disastrous legislation is that we have lost over 23,000,000 manufacturing jobs in the US and only God knows how many ancillary jobs dependent on manufacturing jobs in the communities all across the country. Manufacturing jobs in the US now account for only 9% of ALL JOBS period. When the US was the world’s number one creditor nation, we could make about 97% of what we needed HERE. Now, it’s just about the other way around!!! I am now working for peanuts and treading water getting nowhere fast just trying to keep my head above water. My wife lost her home in this economic disaster. She lost her job when the bank was closed by the federal government. We are living paycheck to paycheck like many others in this land. I tell all of my acquaintances to avoid an engineering degree. I tell them to get a Mickey Mouse UGA Accounting, Finance, Management, or Business degree and the sky’s the limit on how much money you will make. You’ll skate through college with a 4.0 GPA in your Mickey Mouse degree and live on Easy Street for the rest of your life. With your 4.0 GPA in your Mickey Mouse degree, you can then go to Law School at UGA and make even more money if you become disillusioned with your Mickey Mouse degree. You’ll never pull all-nighters weekly and you’ll always have a job because the bastards in the District of Criminals will never eliminate your job. Then, after getting your Law Degreee from UGA, you can eventually become another Criminal in the District of Ciminals after getting elected to the Little Leagues in the State Capitol and you can further destroy your once prosperous country.

    • Carl Manning

      I also encourage all of my acquaintances to pursue technical Associate’s degrees instead of worthless BS degrees in poppycock. A BS degree is just another means of paying for college coffee-sipping bureaucrats. 4-year-degrees are way over-rated and a “debt” sentence for the rest of your life.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Yours is a problem shared by many in this country! “Deer in Water” says we’re better off now than in 2008! But you know, with the way they calculate things now, you are one of the “lucky” ones with your Chucky Cheese job. This is what THEY want for US! And after all, obumass said he’s “not worried about the private sector”!!! We’re doing just fine!

      • deerinwater

        I’ve been self employed since 1978 ~ so try again. ~ I am use to being poor ~ it’s not anything new to me to not have what I need to get by. ~ So how are you adjusting to it?

        After 12 years, ~ you will get somewhat use to it as well ~ when you finally realize you don’t owe anyone a dime, everything you own is paid for and all your ‘well to do’ friends are 75 grand in the hole while they like to call themselves conservatives .

        My best years to date were in the early 70′s for making money but I was young and stupid and wasted it. ~ ‘earning wise’ , it’s been down hill since, ~ 2008 and 09 being the worst. Things have now bottomed out and beginning to turn around here in Texas ~ but still business is very soft.

        I have the good fortune of being old, in good health and been doing the same trade work for 42 years. ~ I know people and people know me ~ it helps in these hard times to know a lot of people and be highly regarded.

        I can’t speak for Nebraska, ~ but it has been a hard row to hoe for everyone Nancy. People are having to depend on their family members to help make ends meet. ~ I help along with what I can, ~ it’s a tank of gas, ~ a few bags of grocery’s, ~ 40 dollars to help get the kids back in school, ~ fix their car, buy a used tire, find a job they can help me with, pay them what I can. It’s been a day to day existence for many people since 1996. If it’s not my family, it’s my number one ladies family, a neighbor, an employee or an old friend.

        For people that don’t have a solid family to help out in hard times the daily struggle hits them the hardest.

        You have my sincere hope that your conditions improve but my experience has been, most people that do have good job feel that we have done something wrong to deserve this disparity and little consideration will be offered your way. It makes them feel more cleaver rather then just being grateful as everyone wants to feel ‘deserving’ ~ and they should.

        I remember young women coming to Texas back in the 90′s, leaving the farming communities of Ohio and Kansas,~ ending up selling their bodies on the street, while some did manage to marry and leave the framing life behind~ What is happening to you has been happening to others for many years Nancy, this regression did not start with Obama and it will not end with Obama.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Welcome to the “NEW” middle class!!!

      • deerinwater

        Ho! no ~ middle class is a 250,000 annual income according to Mitt .

    • Deerinwater

      Sad story indeed Mr. Manning, it;s tough times for young growing families. Have you considered self employment? The service industry is thriving. While Georgia is not known as a Mecca for commerce today, the people that do have money will spend it on “high quality” services. Since you have worked with direct TV you know well the skills required to set up, up grade entertainment rooms.

      It more about selling yourself and being very professional. Don’t be afraid to jump in ! Don’t be afraid to demand high pay ~ Tell people that you would rather apologize for high prices then a job poorly done.

      Don’t depend on some rich man giving you a job ~ learn to sell and the sky is the limit.

      The lion waits at the waterhole ~ become the lion, ~ think like a lion. It beats what you are doing. When you get it started ~ as you well know~ today labor is cheap and help is plentiful.

  • Carl Manning

    This article seemed to whitewash and completely ignore the healthcare expense businesses in the US will be facing shortly now that we know it’s a done deal. DID ANY OF US REALLY THINK THE GOP WOULD EVER OPPOSE IT??? Do any of you really think Romney will opose it. OF COURSE, NOT. We now have 60% of Physicians looking for another job -wanting out of their profession altogether if given the opportunity. Many have such big nest eggs of money that going into their own business in something entirely different than medicine is a distinct possiblity for many of them. Many businesses will have no choice but to lay off employees when the Healthcare disaster kicks into full overdrive next year regardless of who is Presidential Dictator/Crime Boss of the District of Criminals.

    • deerinwater

      Maybe they will all go to India! perhaps India can offer them the comfort and pay they are accustom?

  • Supertad108

    This is an easy one… 1) Dissolve the U.S. Corporation 2) Remove ALL lobby 3) Dismantle ALL agencies, with exception of original granted powers 4) Strip ALL Legislatures of tenure, ability to dictate their own pay, and retirement 5) Roll back ALL regulations to original intent of the Commerce Clause 5) Remove ALL forms of taxation and implement a Consumption tax 7) Bring home ALL troops and place at borders 8) Dismantle the Fed and bring back the Gold standard 9) Open ALL trade between States 10) Remove ALL Business regulations and create a 100% competitive market favoring NO ONE 11) Stop feeding the globe and feed the US, less GMO’s 12) Strengthen our Military, less the War-Machine..

    Okay, that would get the ball rolling. Wait, one last thing absolutely NO unions at any State and Federal level. The States will vote on a general ballot the pay for any government employee. Which would be VERY minimal. Privatize most if not all services. Crap I can’t stop… re-structure the entire voting process getting rid of the Hollywood extravaganza. I favor Boortz’s idea on this.

    Please feel free to add more.

  • r b

    no one is coming back quite yet. business will want to see lower wages than we presently have, and an influx of more immigrants into our labor pool.
    once those business realise that the low wage labor pool in the u.s. will resemble the low wage labor pool in those foreign country’s, they will not be interested in the move.
    those low wage employees in the country’s american business’ fled to are unable to purchase the goods being produced. which is why they have to export their goods.

    if we create the same situation here, where will those business’ export their goods to. what country will provide the customer base needed?
    every business requires customers. a customer must have disposable income to be a customer. as the customer base continues to shrink, so will the number of business’ and the economy.

    you can argue about unions and labor laws. both need to be fixed. but lowering the compensation of labor will not be the answer.

    • ALLAN T.


  • thomas

    everyone has a good idea now vote for change before we lose all our freedom to even vote,i don,t want a dictator in our government,nor do i want to pay them all that i earn!

  • zach

    I find it incredibly sad, in fact incredulous that US corps will sell out a highly talented work-force; and then when things don’t fare so well elsewhere, expect us to cum running when you suddenly dangle your carrot!! What, am I stupid?
    There’s never been a better time to start a new country!

    • deerinwater

      Well, I promised myself that one day I would return to Australia ~ for now I run a small business and hang around for an aging parent. I don’t know if I’ll have the energy left or not, ~ but I’ve got some good reasons and the desire one more adventure before I go.

  • auhunter

    Reduce the Corporate taxes, ours were the highest in the world, to a reasonable level and a lot of companies would close down their out of country shops and bring the jobs back here. When a man has to pay approximately 40% in corporate taxes, along with 10 to 15 % of personal income taxes on top of that, he can’t afford to open or run a business in this country. A lot of companies are already doing so. They’re are finding that not only are they getting cheap labor but also a cheap/inferior product as a result of it.

  • Paula

    One ABC correspondent said it best, “Romeny only wants to be President because its something else for him to Conquer…” DO you honestly think he has average, Middle-America’s best interest, think again. This is Reaganomics all over again folks…. Think back and ask yourself, what would life had been like if Carter would’ve remained president then? No Guns for Drugs (Iran/Contra) Duh!
    Only Obama knew how bad it was when he took over this mess, our country brought to its’ knees – we are standing tall once again while every politican in history is working “against” him – States across America are “Hording” monies that’s supposed to be used to finance and help Americans Stop foreclosure – instead, without a lawyer and bad (financial) advice, they lost anyway. AT least he did his part to help. Under Republican rule, there will be No Emergency Unemployment, No Food stamps to feed families who (used to) work but their jobs are overseas… AT least our (current) president is fighting to bring those jobs back!
    And stop calling him a Muslim!!!
    I trust our U.S. Gov’t did a background check that was so “thorough” that they’ve verified his DNA for three generations!!!
    He’s so clean, the only thing dirty about him is the mess he inherited from Bush!!!
    The only people who will vote for Romney are the 53%ers, or the top 1% who don’t want to pay any more taxes cause it’s already too high.
    How ’bout – stop being greedy and pay your fair share!
    You can afford it!

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Your ignorance absolutely ASTOUNDS me!!! If you somehow think that America is “standing tall again”, I’d like to know your definition of “standing tall”. We are in a worse economic condition than we were in 2008. Many economists believe that our current economic condition is worse than it was during the “great depression”. The current administration has changed the long standing formulas to measure economic factors so as to make things APPEAR better than they are. We are on the brink of disaster, the dollar is headed for total collapse, yet you think that things are better because “they” said so?!? You say that states are “Hording”(sic) monies that are supposed to be used to stop foreclosures. Nothing could be further from the truth. The federal government has made their deals with the banks, not the states. And believe me, tons of people are getting refinancing. My friend works in this dept at a major bank so I know from whence I speak. Many of these people haven’t made a payment in YEARS (some, over five years). Many of these people should never have been given a mortgage to begin with. A refinance won’t help them if they still can’t afford to pay their mortgages. In many cases, they will write off one years worth of payments but if they still can’t afford it, they can’t afford it! I don’t know about you but, I’m expected to make my house payment every month and I don’t think that I should have to pay someone else’s. The problem in most cases is that they bought houses they couldn’t afford. When the bank told us how much we “qualified” for, we KNEW that that was pushing things. We did the responsible thing and bought less house because we knew that in the end, WE would have to pay. You say, our current president is fighting to bring the jobs back. It sounds nice but it isn’t true. Name me ONE example of his fighting to bring jobs back! His policies drive jobs OUT!!! You say, stop calling him a Muslim. He has called himself a Muslim on many occasions! He was RAISED a Muslim in Indonesia! Many times he has said that he was born in Africa and is a Muslim. Just because it’s advantageous to him to call himself a Christian, doesn’t mean that he is! His foreign policies in the middle east have ALL been to support the Muslim brotherhood! And lest you think that is somehow good, you should do some research on the Muslim brotherhood. It is one of their goals to KILL anyone who’s not a Muslim! You CLAIM that our government did a background check a verified his DNA going back three generations. I don’t know who TOLD you that but it ISN’T true. He was NEVER vetted. His “so called birth certificate” was PROVEN to be a FORGERY! His own lawyer admitted in a court of law that it was a FORGERY! And last but not least, YOU think that others are not paying their fair share! The fact of the matter is that “they” pay MORE than their “fair share”! The only thing that would make our tax system FAIR is if EVERYBODY paid the SAME percentage!!! What’s NOT fair is that some people pay NOTHING!!! THAT’S NOT FAIR!!! You need to turn off the tv and STOP talking to ignorant people!!! Do some research and find out the TRUTH! obumass isn’t gonna save ANYBODY!!! Neither is romney!!! Until the American people WAKE UP and stop believing all the crap on tv, we’re going to be in BIG trouble! Did you know that ALL tv stations, radio stations and newspapers in this country are owned by just 8 companies? In fact, MOST of them are owned by just six companies. THEY control what you hear!!! Did you hear that? THEY decide what you get to know, unless YOU take the trouble to find out for yourself!!! Get OFF the couch and start learning!!!

      • r b

        YOU think that others are not paying their fair share! The fact of the matter is that “they” pay MORE than their “fair share”! The only thing that would make our tax system FAIR is if EVERYBODY paid the SAME percentage!!! What’s NOT fair is that some people pay NOTHING!!! THAT’S NOT FAIR!!! <<

        i agree. we should include the millionaires and the churches. the ones who paid no tax at all. a flat tax would be great. we should amend deductions as well.

        you will not get any support from romney or obama.

      • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

        AND: The word “Dhimmitude” is found in the new health care bill; so what does it mean?

        Obama used it in the health care bill.
        Now isn’t this interesting?
        It is also included in the health care law.

        Dhimmitude — I had never heard the word until now. Type it into Google and start reading. Pretty interesting. It’s on page 107 of the health care bill. I looked this up on Google and yep, it exists.. It is a REAL word.

        Dhimmitude is the Muslim system of controlling non-Muslim populations conquered through jihad (Holy War). Specifically, it is the TAXING of non-Muslims in exchange for tolerating their presence AND as a coercive means of converting conquered remnants to Islam.

        ObamaCare allows the establishment of Dhimmitude and Sharia Muslim diktat in the United States . Muslims are specifically exempted from the government mandate to purchase insurance, and also from
        the penalty tax for being uninsured. Islam considers insurance to be “gambling”, “risk-taking”, and “usury” and is thus banned. Muslims are specifically granted exemption based on this.

        How convenient. So I, as a Christian, will have crippling IRS liens placed against all of my assets,
        including real estate, cattle, and even accounts receivable, and will face hard prison time because I
        refuse to buy insurance or pay the penalty tax. Meanwhile, Louis Farrakhan will have no such penalty
        and will have 100% of his health insurance needs paid for by the de facto government insurance. Non-Muslims will be paying a tax to subsidize Muslims. This is Dhimmitude.


      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Vietnam Nam Vet, I knew that about the Muslim exemption. Don’t forget that under obumass care, illegal aliens will get their healthcare absolutely FREE! Then there are the thousands of companies that received exemptions from this administration. As usual, the middle class Americans will be picking up the bill for everybody else.

    • http://na

      WOW Paula…better consider a different drink other than KOOL AID…

      Obarfa himself once said in a major conflict he’s stand with the muslims. He also was interviewed by G. Stephanopolis who had to correct O when he said something about his mullim faith…You surely don’t learn from online sources…OH, YES…In Cairo, O said he was one of them…them being muslims…

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