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Obama Reports America To U.N On Human Rights Abuse Over “Unionization Rights”?

September 13, 2010 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Michael J.

    Dropping a dime (or 35 cents) on the United States to the U.N. is the moral equivalent of calling the cops on your mother and is the final proof (as if we needed any more) that this president is unamerican no matter where he was actually born.

    Even if these bogus acusations were true, which they are not, it is an in house matter best handled by Americans inside our borders, not by the communist U.N. whose members wrote the book on human rights violations

  • Chris

    That’s exactly what we need. More Union thugs that obscure and manipulate the political process to elect their candidates to office. Think I’m wrong? Who was the biggest contributor to the Obama become president? Unions… And just look at what has gotten us. Socialism, failing economy, rights being taken from us, borders not being protected, racism spewed by liberals to keep their constituants blinded to the truth, unemployement for two years (people don’t want to work when they can live off the government for two years {socialism}, etc…. It’s time to take the power back form these anti-americans and return this great nation to a God fearing nation.

    • Joan Wade

      The unions have out-grown and over-grown their usefulness and lifetimes. Yes, unions did a good job when they began. They did help workers get a living wage for the work they did. They did make the employer give the workers a safe place to work – they did a good job…BUT!! they bought into their own PR and got too big for their britches. The unions ARE corrupt, now. Now they will hold three different meetings: DAY SHIFT, SWING SHIFT, AND NIGHT SHIFT, and tell each shift the other two shifts voted “in favor – are YOU going to vote against?” Who’s to say the other two shifts voted that way? Only if you’d been at all three meetings would a worker know. All through my working years, I had my choice – Union or non-union? I started at $0.64 per hour in 1953. As the national minimum wage went up so did my salary – so did union wages. Difference is: union due did,too. I didn’t have to pay union dues. I sincerely believe that unions have outlived their usefulness. The nation has a much stronger
      OSHA and a smarter work-force. Ceazer Chavez did organize the farm laborers (even the illegals helped with that). It’s time to retire the unions. They’ve become like the American Cancer Society, so big and so wealthy, they won’t let go of the income – and the workers/
      /supporters are necessary to keep the income comming in. By doing my job, I had to generate enough money to be sure my wages would be covered. Then my boss could sign my paycheck. That is not happening with our Elected Officials. They are spending it faster than we can generate it – and the unions are helping them do it! The right to work law should remain in place and it’s no one’s business if I don’t want to join the union. Before anyone gets excited, my step-dad was president of the Union-Labor Council in our area – and yes, I did take a job later and join the union. I still say they have outlived their usefulness.

      • Keeper

        At first it seems to be a good idea to have a union to protect the workers from being over worked and under paid, But soon some smart ass thug wanted more out of protecting the workers so they began to use the workers for there own gain. protection money, black mail, (like if you don’t do this then kiss your job good by.) Then the next thug says I’ll do this so I can take a little more, These thugs keep taking until there is nothing left to take, So they have to create another reason to continue taking.. people have woke up now to the corruption that is out of control with these unions now owning its workers..they need to be stopped at once somehow, Maybe stop funding and supporting them if you are in a union.

  • s c

    The UN discredited itself years ago. The idea that The Self-Anointed Hypocrite would stoop to trying to ‘preach to the choir’ was predictable, folks. Like diseased tree, like acorn, so to speak.
    While Herr Obummer is on a roll, he might as well bitch to the UN concerning naturalized Chinese who have been accused or found guilty of espionage and computer hacking. Then, he could whiz and moan about mortals who refuse to see him as a god-like
    figure who wants to be treated better than the rest of us. The list goes on and on. Waaaaa!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I agree wholeheartedly with your comment on the UN when they (UN TROOPS) raped and killed women and children in Africa under the lead of Kofi himself!!!

  • Steve Downs

    Public-sector unionism is not adversarial but collusive. Public-sector unions strive to elect Democrats, who in turn extract money from taxpayers to increase wages and benefits and can promise pensions that future taxpayers will have to fund.

    It is very unfair for unions to collect mandatory dues and use them for political purposes. As Thomas Jefferson said: “To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.” This is exactly what unions are doing to their members.

    We need to require the unions to collect annual, written permission from each member before taking any union dues from that member used for political activities (or any activity outside of collective bargaining, contract and grievance procedure administration). There is precedent for this type of legislation in Washington state. After Initiative 134 was enacted, the number of union members contributing to political activities dropped precipitously, in one case from about 44,000 members to 88! Apparently, even union members want to decide where their political support goes, not let Big Labor bosses make that decision.

  • Joan Wade

    Obama should have a job working for a living, so he would know how ordinary folks live. And he and his wife should change their way of thinking in order to live in this wonderful Country of ours. It is said she hates our flag because it is a symbol of war on other nations
    and disrespect for the races. Yet she has had a better life style than
    our family, and others could ever have dreamed. And she is happily spending and vacationing. No,I don’t begrudge her the opportunities, my life hasn’t been bad. We had enough and we had a loving family, but we also had loyalty to our country and its flag. They, the Obama’s
    have distrusted us, dishonored themselves and us, and humiliated and embarrased America. And if they continue on their present path, I feel they should be not be surprized at the outcome.

  • Gracey

    Anything linked with the Union is asking for mafia and a chicago style thuggery. obama does this because he has worked in chicago and ran with these thugs and terrorist William Ayers, and he doesn’t know how to lead any other way. The very fact that he stabbed every American in the back when he brought charges on our people is worse than our enemies have done. He is our worse enemy, he hates us, and he’s right up there with Iran’s president. Actions speak louder than his lying words. He is NOT an American, he is a communist Muslim and a habitual liar who thinks he’s a god. He has major mental and ethical problems and this man is our Commander in Chief. He must be exposed for the communist Muslim mole he is and impeached.

    • Don in Ohio

      I agree with you, BHO is evil. I think he was put into power by radicals inside and outside the US that want to take over the US for their own benefit. Soros may be the ring leader, he supported Hitler at age 14 and HBO acts just like Hitler.
      I’m expecting HBO to institute martial law after the election because of the “lawlessness” in Arizona. All it would take is for HBO to sign an execitive order and the “people be damned”.
      It’s very scary.

  • E. G. Worth

    This goes to show you that this man is not the leader of the free world. Obama needs to be impeached for this offense only. Never have the United States of America ever been a follower of the UN. We are a sovereign government with a Constitution, Bill of Rights and Obama is a Benedict Arnold spying for the UN and needs to be impeached immediately. Do the American People not agree with me?

    • Harriet

      I totally agree with you!!!! How do we get started demanding an impeachment? Hope everyone will forward a link to all in the address book on this matter.


      obama should be impeached now. He has done more damage to America, than all other Presidents have all together.

    • slamem

      Sorry but the congress members are the only people that can impeach the president. And the democrat controlled congress will not do it.
      That is why november election is very important. If the democrates loose control I guarantee he will be impeached.If not good by America.

  • K. A. Hausauer

    E.G. Worth is right O’bama is not the leader of the free world is is but merely the most recent figure-head of the new world order. As a nation we must withdraw from the United Nations, we must bring our troops home now and leave Isreal to fight its own wars. We need to REPEAL all free trade agreements enacted in the last 10 years, as well as repealing the PATRIOT Act, Military commisions act and any electronic survailance legislation that has been passed over the last two decades. In closing, if you adequatly staff the National Labor Relations Board you’ll solve the problem of having speedy elections which will result in quicker contract resolution. O’bamas a Punk!



  • TIME

    I have said it before and I will say it again the UNIONS have to go!

    Get off your Butts folks and lets get rid of all DEMOCRATS and ALL PROGRESSIVES, as well ALL Uninos.

  • DaveH

    Unfrickin Believable. Unions are a human right now? It’s their right to coerce the employer and coerce their potential replacements? What next, that they have a right to kill the rest of us?

    • s c

      You got it, DaveH. Isn’t is amazing what people can find when they take a concerted, in-depth look at the Constitution?
      One of these days, another fascist, wannabe Obummer will tell us that a prez is also a “God,” and that “God” can do anything he/she wants. After all, there are “Gods” and there are mere mortals, and mortals NEVER tell a “God” what he/she can or can’t do. Remember, it’s in the Constitution – somewhere.

  • Michael D

    You people are blind if you think Unions are bad for America. You have had more companies without unions go out than with unions. You have rights to fair pay and benefits. Many voices have more power than single. Remember why unions started. Thugs started in corporate America not in America. Many states do not allow their own workers to organize unions. why is that? Don’t be fooled to going back 100 years in time. We should always have the right to vote for unions.

    • Michael D

      Look up the reason behind Labor day. Look up Pullman and how corporate America wants you to subnit back to 100 yer old thought. Understand what happens to the average worker without Unions. Understand there is a problem in America with blocking of the Union vote. It’s all media and the corporate America behind it. Listen to this video alone made me speak up. This guy is a total idiot on the subject and it shows through.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Michael D,
        The unions are trying to block the American workers vote! they are trying to make it manditory that we have a non-secret vote!! how I vote is nobodys business but mine!!! Who the hell are they to tell me that they have a right to know how I vote??? you want an open vote when we vote in the national election as well??? If so, I have three words for you!!!

    • slamem

      In Colorado if one does not belong to a union the employer will take The union dues from their pay check because the non union members make the same money. NOt fair. Mention the word union and see what words come to mind first. I belonged to 2 unions and lost both jobs because of them.1 . I was making too much money, he laid me off and hired a part time college student. I was moved to a different department by the company instead of getting laid off. The union complained saying the company should hire someone else if there was an opening. Union workers do less work. They will bleed a company to death and go on strike even when the company faces bankruptcy.

  • Jim H.

    Pol Pot booby trapped rice paddies and many Cambodians starved or blew up. What did the U.N. do? Now they should step in and support unionization? It would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic.

  • Dot Whitmer

    Remember that if Obama is impeached, the vice-president will become president. Then America will feel sorry for him at the next presidential election, saying he did not have a full term in the presidency. Probably the voters will give him another term as our president. I do not think we want that for our country ! Would it not be better in the long run to vote in a good strong conservative president at the next election?

  • Dee Sema

    Free Rider’s Card

    I am opposed to all Unions. Therefore, I am opposed to all the benefits Union have won through the years: paid vacations, sick leaves, seniority rights, wage increases, pension and insurance plans, safety laws, workers’ compensation laws, social security, time and one half for overtime for hours in excess of 8 in one day and 40 in one work week, unemployment benefits and job security.

    I refuse to accept any benefits that will be won by Unions and hereby authorize and direct the Company to withhold the amount of the Union-won benefits from my pay-check each week and donate it to charity.

    Sign Here______________________________________________

    “When I die, I want all my pall bearers to be union members.”
    “But why? You’ve been a scab all your life.”
    “I know. But they’ve been carrying me for 40 years and I don’t want them to stop now.”

    No Union in Hell

    I dreamed I died the other night
    And woke up down below,
    It was a cock-eyed crazy place
    That demon den of woe.

    ‘Twas like an old time sweatshop,
    That smoky room was hot.
    So dimly lit and stinking
    ‘Twould make the senses rot.

    The men were wet and stained with sweat,
    Their faces pale and drawn.
    Red-eyed they toiled, nor dared to stop
    From dawn to murky dawn.

    The only sound was of the clock,
    No lip was moved in speech.
    And by the clock, the hours of rest
    were ever out of reach.

    The devil came to meet me then,
    He took me by the hand.
    I looked about me wildly,
    And faced the hopeless band.

    “Who is the steward here?” I cried.
    But no one paid me heed.
    These were not men, but broken beasts.
    Mere slaves to Satan’s greed.

    And then I hear a whisper,
    “There is no Union here.”
    Old Satan laughed and shouted,
    “That’s why it’s hell down here!”

    • spike

      Hey, Dee Sema,
      I think it’s hell when you can’t afford anything a union produces.
      I think Unions are greedy pigs, and if I’m a scab, so be it.
      I think the unions should do something to get the illegals out of this country if they’re so worried about jobs. Just an idea. Oh, I get it, it’s easier to buy a politician…Like Barry/uh, I mean, Hussain, oh, I mean…The Obaminator.

  • spike

    I object to anyone who has the right to hold anyone’s business hostage because they didn’t get more money or some benefit they thought they deserved ESPECIALLY THE TEACHER’S UNION. How is it legal that it’s ILLEGAL to not send your kid to school, but the teacher’s can hold the taxpaying people hostage to their demands!! And, let me further say, that WHO, WHO in the world gets a 40lk that the taxpayers have to pay the difference if it ever loses value?!!The freakin teachers and government employees, that’s who. Nobody pays the difference in my investments, or my retirement fund if it loses value…Look what happened to GM a smaller workforce of people was responsible for paying the pensions of the others…Because of the high wages of the unions, we can’t afford the goods. WHO CAN AFFORD TO BUY CLOTHING WITH THE “UNION” LABEL ANY MORE? We can’t afford to live here, pay for oil, or fuel, and the price of food–let alone the poor truckers who have to truck it for next to nothing while the local, state and federal government rapes them in the bu*t between fuel prices and the DOT henchmen who “inspect ” for safety violations(yeah, right). Who can afford the unions anymore? They want more and more, and more and more, and who’s supposed to pay for it, support it, or be able to afford the goods or services produced? Capitalism, even the Teaching jobs should all be merit based. Production and good work should be rewarded, not carrying a picket sign, and having some thug who will approach a guy doing a job, and tell him that “that job belongs to the union, that’s a union job, and this is union territory…” this has happened to my small (unionionized, mom and pop org.) more than once. And then they threaten to wreck or do wreck your equipment on you. They put grinding compound in engines, or worse. So don’t anyone tell me the “right to organize ” is a freakin human right you commmunist pig obummer. the right to be able to afford a roof and food , and to be able to run a business on as little overhead as possible is a human right. The right of the citizen to keep the freaking greedy government out of your pocket is a human right. Hallelujah, holy sh** where’s the tylenol.

  • Michael shaking his head

    I can tell you people have not a clue about unions except what your BOSS told you. Who, if he does not own the company can probably be glad as to how much he makes because of them. Unions, even if your company does not have one, is the reason you make enough to survive. It would be much less without any around and heading in that direction through slave mentality propaganda. How hard is this to figure out? Do you not realize why unions started in the first place? Truly, you need to read history. And while your reading, read how many more companies have gone out that are not union. Also, read on which companies produced the best quality work. Quit with the slave mentality that been breed into you. Unions are for the people. Always have been and always will be. Without a hand from a union, you would drown in the filth of corporate america. believe it, they are not worried about you one bit.


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