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Obama: “Remaking America” – The Presidents CZARS breaking the Constitution

September 15, 2009 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    Thank God we have information sources that will tell us what we need to know. The media whores at ABC, CBS nd NBC would never do this for the American people. Our #1 non-leader, comrade obama, plans to ‘remake America’ by destroying our economy and doing it in the name of making it ‘better.’ This is how you define a schizoid prez.
    So when do we get stuck with an English czar, so he and his stooges can destroy the English language and ‘make it better’?). Maybe we need a head count czar so the government can get an accurate estimate of how many people show up at tea parties and marches on Washington.
    This administration is sick. Let the impeachment process begin. He’s needed in North Korea (that country needs a new non-leader). He’s certainly qualified. He knows how to ‘hit the ground running.’ All he needs is a long list of puppet stooges and a teleprompter that works – occasionally.

    • billy

      go back and research all of bush’s czars, can you name 10 of them?everyone who has a mind knows this is just another repuke catch phrase, oh did you hear



      sounds like they all got together at bushy’s ranch over the weekend and one of them suggested;”hey we can’t be the party of “no” anymore, all of our working-class republicans which foolishly voted for us while we fuc*ed them up the ass every day for the past eight years are finally on to us!!!!!- so this week go out there and tell the press we agree with 80% of the bill- hahahahaha just watch fox news in the coming days you will see 80% AGREED. its the new catch phrase- hahahaha

      • s c

        Thanks for parading before us with your pants down. FDR, one of our worst ‘leaders,’ could be viewed as the first to dare to challenge the Constitution to get what he wanted via the use of ‘czars.’ Upon closer examination, you will find that presidents can be seen as 1) relying on Senate confirmation or 2) trying to exercise presidential ‘muscle’ – and trying to get away with it (FDR-style). Your anti-Constitution ‘leader’
        likes to avoid appointing czars who MUST be confirmed by the
        Senate (what happened to his ‘hitting the ground running’ crap?). To date, comrade obama has specialized in appointing czars sans Senate approval (sans means without). THAT is the main weakness in comrade obama’s approach. In addition to AVOIDING Senate approval, comrade obama has not hesitated to saddle America with tax cheats, wackos and social rejects who may be in need of long-term psychiatric treatment. Other than those weaknesses, comrade obama’s new czars may well be perfectly suited to similar positions back on their home planets. When it’s their time to ‘leave,’ perhaps they can take you with them. Now, pull your pants up and do some research. And, before I forget – what were you saying about ‘ha ha’?

        • Tanya Peterson

          Let’s see if I got this right. FDR was the worst President we ever had. But yet the man was elected to be President 4 times. How do you explain that?
          You do understand that for the most part the United States is a Democracy. That means majority rules. See you seem to not understand that. You want the government to cater to you and the few that think like you. But in reality the people of the US Spoke and elected Obama as President just as they elected GW Bush twice. I was not in favor of many of Bushes policies and believe that the Iraq war was just a big shame dreamed up by Cheney and Rumsfeld to try and take over the oil fields of the middle east and make lots of money for their friends. But you know what? Our system worked and we had a peacful exchange of power and now someone else is calling the shots.
          So live with it like I and many others lived with the Bush / Cheney years.

          • s c

            FDR was kept in office because he had a captive audience that had been raised to respect a president. FDR deserved no respect from the American people. FDR did his worst to disrespect America by extending the depression. Morons at the Fed it WORSE. FDR put no effort into protecting Pearl Harbor before it was attacked. Its incompetent defenses wasted many lives on 7 December 1941. Look it up!
            Back then, the American people had a Supreme Court that had the backbone and the INTEGRITY to slap down some of FDR’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL moves. Look it up! Do some research! Stop believing everything your friends, family and revised history books have belched out for so many decades (do you have a mind of your own?).
            This time around, we have an FDR on steroids in the White House. We no longer have a Supreme Court that is steeped in the Constitution. Frankly, when I read feedback like yours, I know public education has done ‘its job,’ and has dumbed-down millions of people who have to learn things the hard way.
            I have no plans for enduring the wannabe insanity that you and your ‘heroes’ have in store for America. Here’s a news flsh for you and your ilk. If you think America is going to bend over or roll over and smile, you and your heads-in-the-sand chums have NO clue.

          • Tanya Peterson

            My my what hostle words. And where do you find this amazing information that only a select few such as yourself have? And why didn’t the people vote FRD out of office? Did you live back then? Did you know that FRD actually wanted to enter WWII but the people of the US didn’t want to so we didn’t until Pearl Harbor? But if you feel that he left Pearl Harbor happen because he wanted to enter WWII then one can also aurgue that Bush / Cheney let the attacks of 9/11 happen because they wanted war with Iran.
            And part of the reason why the depression stretched on was because the government didn’t do enough spending. Proof of that would be that once we got into WWII and really started spending money on the war effort that it put everyone to work. How can you say that isn’t true? The deficit soared because of the war, but the money was spread out over many companies including Ford, GM and Chrysler and not to just a few like we have seen during the Iraq war.
            If my facts are wrong please post your so that I can read them for myself.

          • Neftali

            “FDR was the worst President we ever had. But yet the man was elected to be President 4 times. How do you explain that?”

            America got hoodwinked, by socialist communist ideals, that’s how!

            When you offer people free handouts right after a catastrophe like the Great Depression of course they are going to take it. The mob would of made him a king, for the promise of something free. FDR operated in the same manner as the Caesars in ancient Rome. The Caesars always hoodwinked the mob through political deceits by gratifying their immediate desires with games, food, drink, and revelry.
            Theodore Roosevelt who was directly opposed to FDR on the issue of socialist policies, once stated, “…every man needs at times to be lifted up when he stumbles, no man can afford to let himself be carried, and it is worth no man’s while to try thus to carry someone else.” Governmental aid, he stated, should be limited and “extended very cautiously, and so far as possible only where it will not crush out healthy individual initiative” (M.Olasky 1999 p180).

        • billy

          bush/cheney ripped the constitution into a thousand pieces so go f*ck yourself-

          • Harrisonburg Bob

            Wow!! The only thing more ridiculous than your points is your basic premises… You hate America and all it has stood for. Not to mention your proclivity to say, “Go f*ck yourself.” I wonder what you do in your spare time??? Oh, wait… You voted for Obama!! I get it… You f*cked YOURSELF and the rest of us in the process. Thanks, what a great American – NOT. Seems to me that you are just another Marxist kool-aid drinker.

        • billy

          and another thing you stupid american as*hole : can you tell me how many czars your heavenly father george bush had? he had more than 40. how’s that for a FACT.
          again, go f*ck yourself-

          • Steve

            Now Billy calm down. Don’t stoupt to their level.

            Bush actually had 46 Czars for 36 positions. LOL But according to Glenn Beck Obama started the whole Czar thing. Glenn Beck is a major part of the problem here.

      • Elaine

        RIIIIIIIIIIGHT! “wook at dah wittle whiner” can’t put a sentence together without FILTH! Sounds like a child having a temper tantrum… HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA go back to school and learn how to structure a sentence.

        • Scott Shwartzenburger

          You seem like a very angry and violent person. What is so bad in your life that makes you soooooooooo angry?
          Is life really that bad for you?
          Maybe you need some medical attention to help calm you down. Ohhhhhhhh maybe you can’t afford to get medical attention, I’m sorry, I was thinking everyone already had insurance. Sorry.

          • Neftali

            Hi Billy I don’t have private health insurance, yet! I don’t work either. You see I’m Puerto Rican and the Socialist Democrats promised me and over 60% of my Island that if we do not work they will pay us a stipend. Of course there are conditions to our free medicaid, Social Security (even though we don’t pay a dime into it), and Welfare benefits. The conditions that the Socialist Democrats gave us are, as follow, that 1. if we get a job our benefits will be stripped away from us,2. the more kids we have the bigger the stipend we will receive.

            So thanks again Billy for your hard work ethic in providing for us Ricans. I can’t wait to get that private health insurance.

            Your friend, and 12th child in a brood of 15,


    • mika

      Prez, admin, most of Senate and most of House are way beyond sick: they are products of liberal fascism (read Jonah Goldberg’s book by same name) in the name of “Change”, “Hope”, “Transparency” and “Accountability”.

      They are arrogant, condescending, hateful beings in human bodies. Every day and every night I lurk on numerous websites full of worried, sad, upset, and pissed-off people. I wonder if I can go into my community one more time to explain one more time what is happening, to those who adamantly refuse to see, hear, or know.

      But I keep on because once in awhile someone lets out a sigh, lets tears surface, and verbally acknowledge that their silence and lack of participation have been a result of the disbelief and fear that comes with the shock from the trauma of stark realization of what is happening to us.

      I don’t need any more proof. I’ve researched and interviewed and prayed and freaked out and started all over again because I am deathly allergic to this kind of reality police..

      What I want to know is, what do we do now? I really don’t give a flying frog about Bush and the past 8 years. That is so over. And, I don’t give a grain of sand about which party this and which party that. In my heart and mind that’s all gone, has been gone since I became aware–even as a teeny-bop–that we as a country were drifting into very very dangerous waters…

      We are Americans or are like obaminator and his patsies, puppets and synchophants, czars, zomboids etc ( too many of etc) whom I designate as: Amerikkans. We who are Americans love what freedom we have and want to preserve it and grow it…the others seem to hate life so much they have been convinced that a way to manage that hate is to rule over others and make them suffer too, all in the name of the public good. I love what Newt Gingrich said: “It is my argument that American liberalism is a totalitarian political religion.”

      I’ve been keying into the totalitarian part of that description and I realllly feel nervous because Prez and party and czars and etc have that part DOWN.

      So besides going more often to the shooting range and studying and researching and writing and speaking and praying, I’m going to start REstudying founding father’s documents and researching more on the Constitution. There HAS to be documentation as to how to institute the process of impeachment even with the judicial branch sitting on their hands…where the frick are the lawyers, they can’t ALL be polluted?! Onward, cybrarians!

      I KNOW the obaminator and the Red House Admin and Congressional liberals are twisted and ruthless and power-hungry and full of hatred. Does this make me “racist”? Does this mean I’ll get a cease-and-desist order from the Red House, with a letter like Humana did?

      I hope Humana puts that freaking letter/cease-and-desist order on the net! Then, I can make a huge poster of it and put it all around town for: all the delusional, naive, head-in-the-sand freaking liabilities who still think obamination is their messiah, and that his grave-digging party are the elders of his church—-and want Nanny Hate so badly that they’ll abdicate their atrophied freedom, their shriveled rights, and whatever is left of their will.

      I know George Soros is behind 98% of this—but who is behind George Soros?? But, truly, at this point I really don’t care, I just want to help get these evil, poisonous, heinous, abhorrently deviant liars OUT OF OFFICE while we still have this small window of time and space open.

      Do people really believe we have until 2010, that they will “let” us have until 2010, TO VOTE THEM OUT??!

      This so far is an abortion (albeit a bloodless one so far) of the government from the Constitution, it’s fast and focused, and it’s mean, hateful… obviously, as hugely misguided as it is, as a problem it’s also then that huge and full of misguidance. Oh, but yes, I forgot, that’s MISINFORMATION and MYTH.

      I’m so ready to find some solutions…preferably before the psychic fallout increases.

      Socialism has NEVER worked ANYWHERE (I know several people from several socialist countries and they have nothing good to say about it—and want to move here) and yet, these bozos are trying to subvert the very core of America and INSTALL it HERE!! Why don’t they go to France or the UK or get cozy with Chavez or Morales??

      Where’s the rule of law that details how to kick these rancid personalities out, how to present them with a toad-elevating moment before FIRING them, the lobotomized of the mutants?

      We need truth and we need to help each other, now. We need to exchange research, words, ideas, people, websites, support..keep each other updated on the latest bills trying to be slammed through Congress. For instance, I just heard tonight that the Dims are trying to pass a lie, formerly known as law, that will prohibit bills from being put onto the net until 72 hours before the bill is to be voted upon. I wonder who instituted that, Poison Pelosi, or the other queen of bitchcraft Feinstein? Or was it NutSack? Maybe Knee-biter?

      I mean, if this is true—I haven’t checked it out yet—I’m already not getting much done as it is–but we are to the point wherein our so-called government requires constant monitoring…otherwise they will sneak something nefarious through and then we’ll be more nailed than we already are!!

      How do we get out from under the idiotology? How do we stop the destabilizing that comes each time Nosebleed Heights gives a speech?! Between Secretary of State and obaminator, we are throwing ALL of our allies under the freaking bus, and I’m supposed to act like there is no insurrectionary noise in my brain?? I’m talking shriekout here.

      I’d love to leave all the liberal fascists up the surf with no boards! Sorry this was so long, all the social distortion has my time/space modulator burned out. If you get any info on impeachment process, definitely post, I’ll do the same. Take care!

  • TxDC

    You all know, I know and a growing number of good Americans know or are finding out the truth about our government, the fact that our Constitution hasn’t been followed since 1937 or 1931, and the fact that Mr. Obama is a citizen of Indonesia as he put on his college application for assistance (foreign aid?), along with the obviousness of his main concern being for Muslims & Hamas refugees by using our taxpayer dollars to BRING HERE TO AMERICA! . . ., the millions he’s spent to cover up ALL of his past, and the millions he spent in campaign funds for his Marxist cousin’s campaign in Kenya with the slogan “It’s time for CHANGE!” BUT — There are millions of Americans at least HALF of them who DON’T know, who listen only to and believe the major news stations who haven’t reported the truth and/or the facts for years . . . HOW DO WE GET THESE MESSAGES TO THEM????? Is there anyone with enough money to buy time on prime time TV that all those folks watch, and not only tell them the truth, but educate them on how to verify it for themselves; or would the major stations even sell time at any price to tell the truth. To bring Americans back into the fold of RE-claiming our original Constitution which provided protections for us FROM the government that has sold out America and us along with it. THIS IS TRULY THE MOMENT OF TRUTH! and too many Americans have been taught in our “dumbed-down” schools to know anything about our Constitution! or History, or what it even means to be an American! They’ve bought into the brainwashing of ‘tolerance’ (of everything), ‘faith in themselves’ (and not God), ‘diversity’ (as being more important than being an AMERICAN), and “Political Correctness” over truth, good, honor and integrity. We don’t have time to reach them all, and yet with the Supreme Court refusing to hear cases before it on Obama’s legitimacy and other matters of the Constitution, we aren’t left with much to choose from. The only answer at this point that I’ve heard about is the “National Economic Security And Recovery Act (NESARA), signed by Congress in 2003 (in secrecy) but never made public, which would remove everyone currently holding office of any party up to and including Congress, President and maybe the Supreme Court; do away with IRS as it was never signed into law anyway, wipe out all American debt and restore us to gold-backed dollars; basically replace everyone in Washington by electing only Americans who have never held any political office, and judges who have legislated unconstitutionally from the bench over the past number of years, repeal all “UNCONSTITUTIONAL” laws and actions, repeal the Federal Reserve Act and reinstate our Constitution with the ‘limited’ powers given to the government in the first place which did not include a tenth of what they are doing and have done for many years. Powers would be reinstated to the States as provided in the Constitution. If we don’t do something very soon, this government could confiscate our gold, our guns, our “private property” or anything else it wants to. So many people are so naive and so passive, that they’d rather sit back and do nothing until one day their very lives are threatened and healthcare is a thing of the past where only the survival of the fittest counts. It’s coming. The question is what is the best thing to do now. A little voice here and a little voice there isn’t doing it, or it would have never come to this.

    • Dave

      I’ll make this as short as possible. If the people in this country do not wake up and soon, we are screwed. Our future is going from bad to worse day by day and these so called qualified people are at the for front of this action. Come on America, lets take our country back! We have a voice if choose to use it. Pay attention to these people and vote them out!

      • billy

        news flash- we have already been screwed. country has already been ruined- and we already took our country back when we put obama in office. can you imagine if john mccain stole this election like the previous repub did- wow. scary thought. even more scary- what if the old man couldnt finish his term and sarah was next in line- wow. very scary.

    • billy

      sarah palin is making millions of dollars after she quit her job- how? she is now a paid speaker-hahahaha

      • Tom

        Gee Billy you’re even funnier than Obamas health plan that was written by a group of radicals outside of the government.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

        • billy

          i wish i could afford a ticket to see her she’s so entertaining i scould seriously listen to her talk all day- as a citizen.

  • Tammy

    I agree with Dave, Wake up America, lets get this country back on track and we can not wait to vote them out we need them out now. Mr. Wilson had it right when he said (YOU LIE) Mr President.

    God Bless America and all of her God Fearing people. Lets get the bible and prayer back in school and the 10 commandments back in our court houses and all our political leaders need to know that they only get respect when they earn it.

    • billy

      your so predictable

    • billy

      we are on the right track of getting this country back. his names obama

      • Tanya Peterson

        You know Billy, and can’t argue with closed minded people. Their mind is set, they have no desire to listen to facts. Science has proved that man has evoled from apes. It’s a proven fact. But there are still people that believe that one day God put Adam on the earth and that’s how man got here. It’s a nice story, but certainly not true. See now I believe that God created us, however it didn’t happen in an instant. I think god is actually this huge being and he was messing around one day with adoms and BANG! He created the universe. This is probably just like a science expirment, can you inmagine God there with an adom and it exploded and God saying, Hummmpf, I didn’t think that would happen. What if the universe is really just contained in a giant mason jar? If it has an end what’s on the other side?
        Like I said these people are so closed minded they can’t even think. They believe what they want even if it is wrong. If the world were made up of people like that entirely then we would still be living in the stone ages.
        In the end, the majority of the people in the US voted for Obama and decided he should be President. There is a minority that have a very hard time excepting that fact and don’t quite understand the majority rule concept. One day, and maybe in 2012, no one knows their pick will win again.

        Just a side note, Joe Wilson also lied. He said he was an imagration attorney, however no one can find anything that says he was ever an imagration attorney. So Mr. Wilson is a liar!

        • billy

          The problem with republicans is their leaders. Republican leaders in this country have one agenda and that is to appeal to the worst side of the people in their party. Unfortunatley for their own sake they’ve done a flawless job.

          • Steve

            Yup that exactly what is going on. It’s not a matter of what is good or bad for America, it’s a matter of making Obama look as bad as they can so more Republicans win in 2010 and Obama doesn’t get elected again in 2012.
            That my friends is the bottom line of the whole debate. They are trying everything they can to make you mad. The only problem is you really have no idea what you’re mad about.

            Taxes are too high – The stimulus bill gave a tax cut to most Americans. Only those making over $250,000 a year did not receive a tax cut, This actually went through in April.

            Obamacare – Obama is a Socialist and wants to take over healthcare. Actually Obama’s plan would give more business to private insurance and create a low cost public option so if you loose your job you can still BUY insuance coverage from a nonprofit government plan.

            If you turn off Fix News, Rush Limbaugh and stop reading DICK Morris you might actually hear the truth about things.

          • billy

            “Amazing Speech by Iraq War Veteran”

            “poor and working people in this country are sent to kill poor and working people in another country to make the rich richer; and without racism soldiers would realize that they have more in common with the Iraqi people than they do with the billionaires who send us to war”


        • Tony

          Another fine product of our school system. Can’t spell or even think and doesn’t have any respect for the LORD. Lucky for them that GOD in all his infinite grace will still forgive her and all she has to do is believe. Of course this will never happen as she worships at the feet of the Anti-Crist Obama.

    • Tanya Peterson

      OK Let’s get things back. How will you do it? What will you do? What will you change? I’d like to know.
      What exactly is wrong? I mean, I’m actually pretty happy. I have job. I have a house, and a few dollars to do most of what I want. So do tell what do I need to wake up to?

  • Pat

    I agree with Dave and Tammy. It’s gotten sickening to even listen to the news any more. Does anyone have any idea how much Obama has spent just traveling? He is getting sickening to watch. I bet his travel ‘care’ would more than ‘bail out’ Medicare that he wants to do away with. Stand up America! Thank God for FOX NEWS. It is the only way to get any truth anymore.

    • billy

      “It’s gotten sickening to even listen to the news any more” and then in your next statement you thank god for fox news. here’s a suggestion; why don’t you turn off the tv and shave yourself; make a nice sweater from the wool you gather, winter’s coming.

    • Steve

      Obama wants to do away with Medicare?! OMG!

      But Medicare is Socialism! Why would a socialist want to do away with it? OMG How you going to survive without the Socialist Medicare program.

      It’s funny, you people are mad as hell but you have no idea what you’re really mad about.

      • Steve

        Actually if we WERE in a socialist country, he wouldn’t have to. However, to get rid of Medicare in exchange for a MORE SOCIALIST program makes perfect sense to a socialist when they can’t quite come out and say they want the government to control everything. (or maybe that’s communism, or socialism, oh actually it doesn’t really matter, they’re BOTH BAD for ANYONE WHO IS NOT IN THE ELITE CLASS!!)

  • Howard

    First people need to understand how all this is taking place. Then we need to teach American history, which shows the large role God has played in our Liberties.
    The demoralizing our country is the removal of the one true God in our land, “The Lord Jesus Christ”.
    Communism is not dead but stronger then ever, we were lead to believe it was dead. It has just taken many different forms and names, this is where Man become GOD and Jesus is rejected. You’ll know them by their bad or no fruits, not their lip service.
    To understand what is taking place watch this U tube series on subversion. This X KGB agent Thomas Schuman who defected to our country is trying to help us. He believes, (this is in 1984), that our country can not be turned around, I beg to differ; History shows that great revivals (turning our hearts to God) has changed our Country over night. Where we become self governed again, where Jesus is King and no other man is given the power.
    God help our Nation.
    Check out U tube on subversion–

  • http://ordy@fedtel./net Eric g

    I really dont believe all these bad stories you are allowed to be said on this website . I do understand there is a great deal of legitimate debate on how best to skin the cat . I cant imagine there being all our free news media , all being compromised to such a degree . That nobody would report ,that Onama was a muslim ,and recieved foreign aid in college , as a foreign stuedent from Indonesia . Yes i understand the Clintons had so many people murdered that almost nobody was left to serve on his cabinet . These kind of stories do incite distrust and hate and would be better not said , unless their is some real proof and than of course prosecutions would be carried out , otherwise these stories are laufable . and should not be taken serriously by anyone .

  • Frankie Reinkopfs

    ” I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience.
    I know of no way of judging the future but by the past.”

    -Patrick Henry

  • the mackdaddy

    Lots and lots of accusations from both sides and a great deal of passion for the positions. But where is the proof from any of you? There has been a lot of malfeasance in government for so many years. I just want some transparency, facts and good analysis, not endless speculation and gut feelings. How about some investigative reporting, or well-founded charges? Is it really true that Obama applied for financial aid as a Indonesian resident? This is a new one to me. If true, present the documents and witnesses or stop writing it. If we are on the right track with President Obama, then tell me why you believe it.
    Enough said. Oh, and you all need spelling and grammar lessons.

  • s c

    You’re partly correct. When it comes to putting God ‘back in school,’ you might as well forget about it. While you’re at it, kindly remember that if it wasn’t for the ‘assistance’ of many fence-sitting ‘preachers’ and quasi-religious types, they wouldn’t have been able to remove God from American schools.
    Homeschooling is the best available method. It will put a blast furnace under the rumps of those who use teacher unions to keep schools inferior. They won’t be able to justify the outrageous expense of public education. Hit them where they feel it most (budgets and votes). Expose their self-centered ways. Public education is nothing less than another attempt at controlling America – and doing it in the name of ‘freedom.’ Why would God want to be in public school or Washington?

  • Scott Shwartzenburger

    I always find it interesting how when you present facts to the clueless ones here that believe the word of one or two people like Glenn Beck, violent they seem to get. It’s like they know they have been proven wrong and are so mad about it that they take it out on everyone else. I also find it amazing that they will believe what one or two people say rather than what all the facts and evidence says. It’s like telling them the earth is round but they aurgue it’s flat becuase Joe Blow told them so. I wonder where they get this information.

    • Elaine

      The information comes from THE FACTs remember what those pesky little things are? And to address the violence issue the only violence so far has come from Acorn people and the SEIU…the over a million people who marched on Washington last week there was NOT ONE incidence of violence CASE CLOSED! And by the way they didn’t trash the place either like those who showed up at the inauguation.

      • Scott Shwartzenburger

        Please share some of your FACTS with me

      • Tanya Peterson

        The first thing you should do is turn off Fix News and Rush Limbaugh and all that nonsense.
        Read the news and come up with your own conclusions. These people are commentators and they work for a huge business. All they really want is money and power.

  • Steve

    The 9/12 Group

    This is a non-political movement. The 9-12 Project is designed to bring us all back to the place we were on September 12, 2001. The day after America was attacked we were not obsessed with Red States, Blue States or political parties. We were united as Americans, standing together to protect the greatest nation ever created.

    What a great thought this is. We are all Americans. But Mr. Beck has used this group to try and derail any programs our freely elected government trys to create. If it is not political then why all the signs saying burry Obama with Kennedy, and Obama is Hitler and so on and so on. If the 9/12 is really designed to unit why is it driving us further apart?

    One must remember, Glenn Beck is an entertainer, he’s not a politicial, he’s not an economist, he is an entertainer. His job is to entertain you and make money for the company he works for.
    Why did he NOT show up for his own march on Washington. Way to lead Glenn. Just like Hitler, lead the people and your army from the safety of your home bunker. LOL

    • Elaine

      It never ceases to amaze me how people will not check the facts before they run their mouths. The sign said (as I read it)and you obviously did not! BURY OBAMACARE WITH KENNEDY! not OBAMA>>>Ha,Ha, Ha, its just laughable ….well….if it weren’t so dispicable!

      • Steve

        No matter what the sign said don’t you feel it’s disrespectful? I mean like it or not Kennedy was a national figure for many years. You might disagree with his policies the that sign was just disrespectful to the man.

        Do you consider yourself a Christian? What would Jesus say about that kind of disrespect and hatred towards people?

        • Elaine

          Why would you ask me if I’m a Christian? I remember Mary Jo do you? She deserved to live…didn’t she? Are you a Christian? I don’t believe after days of retoric about Kennedy and his so called accomplishments anyone offering a prayer for her.

          • Steve

            Because if you consider yourself a Christian you should have been taught to forgive.
            I must say I do Not Remember Mary Jo. I assume you mean the lady that was killed somehow by Ted Kennedy. I never really read up on the story. But I believe Ted Kennedy was a man of faith. He asked God for forgivness and God did forgive him.
            You on the other hand seem to have a hard time with that. That’s why I was wondering if you call yourself a Christian because you seem to not understand the whole Christian faith and how things relate to life.

      • Tanya Peterson

        So when someone is wrong pointing out something that the teabaggers did it’s wrong and laughable. But when Sean Hannity says that Obama called the insurance guys “Bad Guys” in his speach, which was wrong, Obama said they aren’t bad guys. That is perfectly OK because it serves your purpose.

        Just who here is acting more like dictators? You group is trying to force us into things we don’t want. We don’t want to be ripped off by insurance campanies anymore. But the minority is trying to stop it. Majority rules in this country again. You had your chance for 8 years and you’ll just have to wait this time.

      • Tanya Peterson

        OK You’re the expert, you never did answer Steve’s question though. You commented about his mistake about the sign.
        Was the 9/12 even meant to bring us together as Americans? If it’s not a polital group not focused on red and blue states then why all the politcal signs and talk in Washington last week?
        And why wasn’t Glenn Beck there?
        Can you answer any of these questions or are just going to try and make an a** out of me like you did to Steve?

        • Elaine

          I was told during the campaning that was what Obama was going to do …yet at every turn someone is shouting violence,racists, nazis, etc…I didn’t like the last admisistrations push towasocialism either!

          • Tanya Peterson

            Obama was going to do what? and who told you what?

            the 9/12 has everything to do with Glenn Beck becuase he started the whole thing.

            I’m confussed where you stand.

        • Elaine

          You don’t get it do you? This is not about GLENN BECK its about FREEDOM!

          • Tanya Peterson

            But what freedom is being taken away?

            You can still live where you want. You can move without getting aproval. You don’t have to work if you don’t want to. You can pick your own job. You can shop and buy almost anything. You can come and go from state to state without papers. And you can come and go out of the country when you want.
            You free to call the President any name you want. You can call him a liar. You can heckle him during a joint speech to congress. You can call your congress people names. You can lie about things. You can walk around your home naked if you want. And your free to own guns knives swords and cannons if you want. The list goes on and on.
            What freedoms are we loosing?

    • Elaine

      And by the way WHY didn’t Obama face the people…. over a million… and answer the questions they have? NO he ran away to MN to preach to the choir

      • Elaine


      • Billy Wells

        There were about 75,000 in Washington on Saturday. No where near 1 million as Mr. Beck has stated the college of I don’t know estimated.

        And what question do they want to ask? What is your question? Exactly do tell.

        And if the President was there and did answer the question wouldn’t you in fact call him a liar no matter how he answered?

        I’m mad as hell! I don’t know why but I am. That seems to be how you are acting. And where was Glenn Beck? Why didn’t he show up for his own party.

        The best part was when that one congressman complained about the DC Subway system not being able to handle the protesters. But that same congressman voted against money to put towards upgrades of the subway system. That is laughable. We don’t want the government to spend any money unless it bennifits us! LOL

        But I guess you feel we should go to war with Iran to protect Iseral though huh?

        • Kristin

          Were you even in Washington, DC? I was, and there were over a million people there. They interviewed a DC police officer that has been with DC for 20 years and he said he had never seen a crowd this size in all his time in DC. Also, NO arrests. We are a peaceful group and the only violence has been ACORN and SEIU. All you people look at is the State RUN Media (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC). These media outlets are in Obama’s arena. They have backed him from the start and they cannot afford for him to not succeed in his “socialistic agenda”, redistribution of wealth. Also, there were minorities at the 9/12 march, I saw them, I was there. So much for our group being “racist”. I’m sick of you people. We want a transparent government and a admistration that will listen too the people and that includes people who do not agree with him. All this administration can do is “demonize” there opponents. By the way Glenn Beck didn’t get us to go to Washington, it was individuals like me and others like me that spent vacation and money we didn’t really have to stand up and voice our opinion to the President (who didn’t even have the courtesy to be in Washington on 9/12). He was too busy trying to sell his Obamacare for the 34th time.

          • Titus Moore

            So tell me, did you count the people there? And I was there also. There were a million people at the inageration the 9/12 crowd did not compare in size.
            The minority people you saw were probably residents of DC wondering what was going on.
            And, if you hadn’t seen Fix Noise promote this event and all the other things they promote would you have known about it?
            Glenn Beck started the 9/12 thing. It’s his baby because he hate America.

          • billy

            Did you really spend all of your money so that you can go to that 9/12 thing? hahaha- PLEASE TELL ME – WHAT ARE YOU PROTESTING?!!

  • Frederick H

    The gullibility and stupidity of a substantial part of the American voters really surprise the hell out of me. Fox News, my God; the rusty propaganda machine of the Republicans and their corporate lobbyist cronies! They merely keep reciting a handful of boring cliché mantras (socialism, death panels, big spending, etc, etc) without properly substantiating their allegations. Hoping to effectively brainwash the masses and create a climate that may indeed facilitate the reinstatement of 1950’s GOP politics. Yikes…. Reminds me, by the way, of the pre-election machinations still ‘en vogue’ in Russia: use the media to bombard the empty headed crowd with your lies and your scare tactics and lo and behold they’ll run over to your hypocritical camp in the twinkle of an eye. Ughhh….

  • LeRoy

    billy you are a complete cool-aid drinking leftist moron. Mahamad Hussein Barack Obama is a complete phony. He is a Muslum through and through and hates America. He has one goal in mind and that is to destroy the American economy and he’s well on his way, do to all of the mentally ill leftist and a few liberal Republicians from the North Eastern states.

    • Tanya Peterson

      Just what stae are you from?

      Seems to me it must be the state of confussion.

    • billy

      Economy was already destroyed when Obama took office. I don’t know why I’m responding to an uneducated fool like you, but I just want to say that it’s a great day in America. Do you know why? Because people like you are a dying breed in this country- people like you will never decide another Presidential election again; we have all learned our lessons from your great leader dubya. You will see: no more Republicans; they are very unamerican and we have all seen that under bush; and we currently see that everyday on fox news. You will lose. Everytime.

  • Elaine

    Dear Fredrick H,

    Unfortunately You sir are not wrong the only problem is it is the Left wing propagandists who are perpetuating the Hate-Lies-Slander…etc…you may not know history but I do…I have seen the horrors of socialism loss of freedom so many countries have endured…you may want to educate yourself if you can’t recognize the trend towards this type of regime that are taking place as we speak. I hope we don’t have to live it to prove it to you. No disrespect.

    • Tanya Peterson

      What have you seen? Do explain

    • Frederick H

      Dear Elaine, on he contrary, I think it is you who need to read up on your history. You see, the problem with most conservatives is that they only seem to be able to think in terms of black and white. Just like Bush, you’re either with us or with the terrorists. And by terrorists he quite clearly meant Muslims, yes Muslims in general. Go take a look at one of our airports and see how they’re treating Arab looking persons…….
      But anyway, I’ve said it so often, Obama’s policies have absolutely nothing to do with (the Eastern European style of) socialism, or even with socialism in general. The 20th century Socialist dictators (and the modern ones, such as Chavez and Castro) don’t discuss their points of view. There’s no inclination toward compromises, whatsoever. They only rule by DECREE, period. Obama cannot and will not do anything even remotely resembling a decree type of ruling. Every major plan or (intended) decision is extensively discussed with Congress. Yes, he’s very, very, very ambitious, overambitious, if you like. But that has absolutely nothing to do with socialism. It’s purely the spiteful propaganda mill of the right wing commentators that can’t stop trying to convince us that Obama hates the US and is simply out to bring our country down. To me their rambling has got very much to do with racism as well as the fear of seeing the Power of the Corporate World, who caused the current economic crisis in the first place, being sternly toned down. You talk about the atrocities of 20th century Socialism? Well read up on the fully Capitalist regimes in Chile, Argentina and Uruguay (amongst others) in the 1970s until the 1990’s. Remember the Fascist/Capitalist regime of Franco in Spain? The horrendous crimes committed by these satanic regimes, FULLY BACKED by the US GOVERNMENT at the time, mind you, defies the most perverse imagination possible. Take a look in countries such as India and Brazil and see how greedy capitalist government as well as corporate officials are unashamedly exploiting untold millions of poor folk, whose children will never see the inside of a school class, precisely because they have to sweat sixteen hours a day for a living (even at the age of four years!!!). And in the US today thousands upon thousands of hard working poor people can’t afford dental care and have to take pain killers to get through their days and nights. And proper health insurance? Well, not in a million years for these poor suckers. The conservative Republicans couldn’t care less, as long as they can keep investing and keep stuffing their already very fat bank accounts. Well, I do hope the current financial crisis will teach them a rock hard lesson. But I’m afraid that there’s really no limit to their cynicism really at all.

  • Judith

    Treason used to be punishable by law! Now we just give them unlimited t.v. time for speech giving!!!

    • Tanya Peterson


      Yes, you should be put in jail for trying to take over the government we have now.

      trea⋅son  /ˈtrizən/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [tree-zuhn] Show IPA
      Use treason in a Sentence
      See web results for treason
      See images of treason
      –noun 1. the offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill its sovereign.
      2. a violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state.
      3. the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.

  • Sylvia

    It is not so much that Obama is not the first to have Czars, but what each of their backgrounds and experience is, and what they are up too. There is a list of Czars on Wiki. It notes that the term czar is subjective. Research with less emotion, and you might be able to see more clearly. We have a constitution to protect our rights and it IS being eroded. The government is corrupt, and has been corrupt for years. Politics is dirty, and getting ahead is based on who you know and who has the money. We need to replace most of our current reps.

    • billy

      yes most reps were replaced in ’06 they were republicans

  • J Riggs

    You are all full of crap. Get a grip and stop deceiving people about the problems we have had, and do have, which are from the Bush administartion, which allowed credit swap drivatives to go wild in the financial market…unchecled. If you dont know this, you are stupid.

  • MrHeid

    First, many of the comments in this thread have NOTHING to do with the video which was the subject. Those who spout the MSNBC robotic instant replay here need to spend more time reading and researching to become educated and less time participating in forums intended for intelligent debate. But I don’t think that will happen, so the rest of us will simply have to forgive you for being ignorant even though it is most likely self imposed. The video which is the subject of this thread is factual and correct in every fashion, and I would like to see any of the liberal/communist/socialist/progressive or what ever else you would like to call yourselves, address the issues presented in the video with intelligent argument rather than simply adopting an “oh my someone is attacking Obama” stance. Try doing so just once without referring to Bush as you do not know how others here felt about him, and he is no longer OUR president. PLEAE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JUST ONCE!!!

    FDR was a good president who should have SPENT MORE to end the depression? I am lost for words to describe the sheer stupidity of that statement so this comment will suffice. Please be sure to express that ideology on your next loan application and tell us how it works out for you. Or are you already part of the communistic welfare state and your income comes in the mail while you sit home watching Opra? Most people like you have don’t know what it’s like to sign both sides of a check and therefore have absolutely no clue why conservatives are so upset with the agenda of this administration. But I digress, I have made an assumption and apologize deeply and sincerely if I misjudge.

    As for the amazing “mason jar” comment, try doing some of the “thinking” you boast of after you have stopped smoking whatever is in your pipe for about a year and learn to acquire a taste for a neat drug called reality. You most likely have never read any of the statements made by our founders per the constitution being based on the 10 commandments of God much less the Bible.

    Per the comment Bush / Cheney let the attacks of 9/11 happen because they wanted war with Iran…eh hem.. Iran?…It’s called Iraq.

    Tanya said: Can you answer any of these questions or are just going to try and make an a** out of me like you did to Steve?
    You have done plenty of that in this thread all by yourself, and need no help. Are you aware you sound like a communist or simply ignorant and regurgitating propaganda?

    Billy, you are like 5 right? Please go play in the kiddie pool and leave us grown ups to our debate.

    Now for some meat and potatoes:
    The age old tactic of divide and conquer is what has been used and very effectively. If the true enemy of America continues to be exposed so the majority could understand what has happened, this “One Nation under God” may yet be saved. A common enemy will unite even the most avid opponents. To the misguided on this thread whose comments provoked this scathing rebuttal, you will come to know why you are NOT the majority. The Monster from Jekyll Island (hint to help you on the path to enlightenment) who controls ALL of the money is the true enemy, not the patriots you insult in forums like this. The need to destroy America and it’s free people is paramount to finally bringing about the Globalist agenda attempted for so many years (longer than many of us have been alive). Both sides of almost ALL wars are funded by THEM to create conflict and further build the strangle hold of debt they have on all of us. WAKE UP!! Google Conquering the Spirit of Debt for a quick course in truth so you can stop making weak useless arguments to defend Obama, who is someone you most likely have no idea as to his history, identity, or who his associates and mentors are.
    I have always held the pledge of allegiance dear to my heart, however lately I have grievance with one of the words within whether it is to be interpreted as referring to the citizens or the states which make up the Republic: INDIVISABLE …. Are we?
    A final word to my fellow conservative patriots who posted here: Have faith, for it is written that “all that the unrighteous touch will wither and die.” The signs that this latest attempt to transform OUR nation into a communist dictatorship will fail even more so than those of the past, and this Nation built on the blood and sweat of God’s people will once again flourish are showing through. When the Race card is played, their backs are against the wall. Keep fighting the “good” fight in a civil and peaceful decorum or the radical militants will lose their patience. Every drop of blood shed in that scenario will be OUR fault if we fail. When asked to present proof of the facts used to argue with idiots, ALWAYS provide them.

    Whew.. I feel better. God bless you all.

    • Tanya Peterson

      So you try and make an a** out of me. Fine. But still no answer to the the questions that were asked.

      Sorry about the Iran / Iraq missunderstanding. I guess I was still thinking about Iran because I had just read an right wing comment about having to attack Iran.

  • Frederick H

    Well Mr Heid, the trouble with you conservatives is that you think we (the Us of A) are still the leading country in this sorry world and that it can coerce the rest of the world into complying to its dictates. I’m sorry Sir, but fortunately that’s not the case anymore and it’s been over with the US and its imperialist policies for at least A DECADE. The war (on terror) in the Middle East cannot be won and will not be won, most certainly not the war in Afghanistan. The British failed, the Russians failed, the USA will fail horribly just as well, period. Furthermore the US has totally lost its grip on the developments in Latin America, thank god. It has exploited that continent to the bone in the past century and the glorious party is definitely over now for sure. The so-alled war on drugs in Colombia is a pathetic joke. The poor farmers in the region are suffering horribly from all the poisonous filth being dumped on their land by US planes. People are dying from cancer by the thousands annually in the area, etc, etc. And, drug trafficking is being continued just as calmly and massively as ever. In Africa folk prefer the expertise of the Chinese by far over that of us Americans. In the European Union people are shaking their heads on account of poor President Obama’s battle to get a decent health care plan through Congress, whereas in every civilized country around the globe general health care insurance has been arranged a long time ago already. No Mr. Heid, America’s evolved into a “has-been”, a socially highly backward country where mass paranoia and mass hysteria abound, mostly among conservatives, the majority of whom still seem to linger in the mid-20th century when god was supposed to bless America constantly and automatically. Well, not anymore, dear Sir. God seems to have fallen deeply asleep and he’s not going to wake up for a long time now in order to reinstate America’s so-called great role in this rapidly changing world. Thank god…..

  • Franchot


    How easy the liberal cool-aid is consumed. Your statement about the poor and working being the only people fighting in the wars is a half truth, as so many of the liberals statements are these days. I seem to recall that Joe Kennedy Jr. was shot down and killed at the end of WW2 and John Kennedy saved many lives as commander of P.T. 109. Now I am sure you remember Ted Kennedy, the big hero of your party, entered the war as a private and left as a private. So, are you saying that their father Joe Kennedy lost all of his money before his sons entered the war?

    • Tanya Peterson


      That was WWII. A lot has changed since then. I think if you would do some research you would find our military fighters are mostly middle to lower income people. Not all but most. Just a guess I have no facts to back it up.
      But it seems it could be true as the military would be the best option for lower income people. The can’t afford to go on to school and they don’t want to flip burgers their whole life so they join the military. Our economy more or less forces lower income people into it. either that or dealing drugs.

    • Dan

      Franchot: You obviously know so little about our military that you sound like a fool!!..First off, this is not close to WW1, Where most of the military were drafted YOUNG KIDS…DRAFTED i’ll remind you and let me assure our military has advanced to such a digree, you almost need a digree to join…And the pay is more than you make now, i’m sure..

    • billy

      Franchot; sounds like you need to take an American history course dude, and as far as your working class comment goes- that is a quote from an Iraq War Veteran-

  • Connie

    What really makes me want to leave this country is that I know that some how, some way, my tax dollars are paying for explitive-flingers like billy to make lying posts like the ones here. I am hoping, however, that once the government officially owns the media, people will treat it the way that the people of the USSR treated Pravda. That is, they laughed at it.

    BTW, notice how billy and the other liars did not refer even one time to any issues brought up in the above videos.

    • billy

      Don’t you have a “tea party” to attend somewhere? idiot.

  • Nancy

    Sounds like a lot of Acorn employees scared of losing their jobs posting here. Guess they don’t have much of anything else to do these days.

  • Federico

    Billy, you little twit; You forget that Congress is nothing more than a whore house that doesn’t know how to make a profit. (SENTENCE REMOVED FOR OFFENSIVE CONTENT)and you and the other lazy stupid acorn believers). You and Congress are more productive asleep… Federico

    • billy

      Acorn followers? or whatever the hell stupid nonsense you said about acorn.. please wait a few days before you come in here in that time you can watch fox news – they should have some new speaking point for you to ramble on about by that time- i think they are done with the acorn thing for now-(beings as most of the bush programs would have to be de-funded if they go through with acorn) and no we are not acorn believers or whatever the hell you are trying to compare us to- you are a true american idiot.

    • billy

      “ASLEEP” that was you during those wonderful bush years which you so miss.

  • Frederick H

    Ah Federico you’re a real DOLL. Very funny too. Well, if Congress is nothing more than a friggin whorehouse what’s your alternative? Anarchy, or do you want the Corporate World (who blessed us with this wonderful recession, remember) to set the rules for you, or what? Prego, ditte!!!

  • Carl Smith

    I have read a lot of regurgitated garage in this post that seems to miss the point of the video. I mourned at the death of FDR and at the time considered him to be a great person. I drank the kool-aid for years and then I opened my brain cells and started to really study history. Not history as taught in public education but that which is available to anyone who can read. ( The Library is full of factual information about our founding fathers and their hope for this REPUBLIC). The sad part of all this is that for the last 40 years we (Americans) have been slowly giving up our freedoms one at a time. Socialism is here to stay and America is just a few short steps away from slavery once again. I would say God Bless America but because America has refused to bless God why should God bless America ?

  • Titus Moore

    What freedoms have we given up?
    I hope you share your list with us.

  • madmary


    This is NOT a democracy. The United States of America is a Constitutional Republic. Go back to school. Oh, nevermind, the government public schools do not teach the truth anymore.

    51 per cent of the people do not have the RIGHT to tell 49 per cent HOW TO LIVE, yet that is a democracy. Our Founding Fathers were smarter than THAT.

    Roosevelt is the one who put us in slavery with Social Security. We are all debtors, once we are born, to PAY OFF THE DEBT he created. The Federal Reserve MUST DIE in order for us to be a Republic and FREE once more.

    I refuse to live my life any longer as a slave. How did he get elected four times? The same way a president is elected today. HYPE They are picked and choosen and put in office, but not by the people.

    You really do need to do some research, girl. Frederico is correct about Congress. 911 WAS AN INSIDE JOB The hell with socialism where the rich make the rules. The Ruling Elite care nothing about you. They want you GONE, so they can frolick on planet earth with only a few million people, environmentalists, just like HITLER. Watch True TV, you will learn something.

    Global Warming? HA Al Gore is a big Phat LIAR.

    Oh, I bet you think the underwear bomber is a terrorist too. He’s a CIA dupe just like the shoe bomber. The war mongers needed another ‘event’ to bomb the hell out of Yemen and kill more children and women. We are fighting a LIE, not a war on terror.

    What freedoms have we given up, Titus? Do you know how many people are in prison or jail for smoking pot? Did you know that New Mexico is going to require its citizens to have a passport now, to board a plane, because the state issues driver’s licenses to immigrants? That’s just TWO. STUDY, RESEARCH, DELVE, POSTULATE, THINK. I have faith that every person on this comment list can become enlightened to the truth.

    Happy New Year to all FREEDOM FIGHTERS


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