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Obama Refuses To Pay, Individual Picks Up Tab

June 26, 2012 by  

Obama Refuses To Pay, Individual Picks Up Tab
The Barack Obama campaign declines to cover all costs associated with the President’s visit.

A local resident will pay part of the bill for President Barack Obama’s trip to Durham, N.H. The town of Durham could not afford the security costs of the President’s visit. City officials refused to cover the costs. The Obama campaign also refused.

It cost the town $20,000 to supply police, fire and EMS services — money that Durham does not have at its disposal. Although the Obama campaign clearly has the funds, it expected Durham to cover the bill.

The campaign says that decisions regarding expenses “are exclusively within the control of the appropriate government officials.”

Because the Obama campaign would not cover the security expenses, a local resident came forward and offered to pay what Durham couldn’t afford.

“An anonymous donor, a Durham resident, contacted the town administrator and council chair, and offered to pay for town public safety costs up to $20,000. The donor wanted us to make public his or her sentiment that the town had done the right thing in asking the campaign to do its part,” said Town Council Chair Jay Gooze.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • revnowwhilewecan

    Trusted him to take care of it and you got got.

    • Darwin Gene Price

      We can’t take four more years of this guy.

      • swampfox

        Amen to that!!

  • Kinetic1

    Come on now, there’s more to the story. The President’s representative explained;

    “As a private organization, OFA does not participate in security or traffic control planning. All such decisions, including their impact on costs incurred by federal, state or local governments, are exclusively within the control of the appropriate government officials,” Obama for America chief operating officer Ann Marie Habershaw wrote in a letter to Durham town manager Todd Selig on June 23.
    “Should there be a question about the allocation of expenses among the cooperating authorities, we assume that it should be directed to the U.S. Secret Service,” she said.

    So, was the Secret Service contacted? We don’t know because the situation was resolved before there was even a meeting to discuss the issue. So all’s well due to an anonymous civic minded individual, right? No, because “The pro-Republican advocacy group Americans for Prosperity has filed a “right to know” request with the town administrators seeking to reveal the identity of the donor.” Now there’s a controversy worth looking into. Who paid? WHO CARES?

    • Vince

      “Who paid? WHO CARES?” This is the typical thought process. We want it so let someone else worry about the funding source. This is why our economy is in such a mess and also why President Obama must be shown the door in November.

      • Virginia Robbins

        I would gladly chip in to keep him out of my town.

      • John

        I would pay for Obama’s one way ticket home to Kenya

      • Paul Wells

        I’ll do you one better! I’ll pay for Obama, Holder, Pelosi, and Reid’s one way tickets to Kenya. Hell, I’ll even pay for first class. It’ll be the last first class those clowns ever enjoy! :)

      • Kate8

        How about we just send them all to a Camp FEMA resort. Kenya is too good for them.

      • Weseeyou

        This Obama, who is seen by mainstream media as the greatest man ever living and who also feels this way about himself has always been known to be self-indulgent, greedy, and careless with other people’s money as well as many other factors. We need a real president; not someone who is against America and Americans, who has created divisions, reverse-racism, economic ruin, enemies of friends and visa versa; who has killed jobs, hope for our future, made a mockery of our country; has lied “at spontaneous will” to protect himself while creating chaos and internal strife within the USA. He is not known for being generous except for his “own people” and “those of his ideology” (and “this”, with other people’s money too). Obama will go down in history as the truly worst, most self-centered, untrustworthy, and most dangerous head (to our country) (and I’m not sure sure if he’s even an American), but he is a dazzling failure who brought this nation down and has no conscience whatsoever!!!!!!!!!! Of course he’s too cheap to pay; he steals, cheats and lies just about daily. Anyone who hasn’t been reading about his excess spending sprees, his blame-games, and his fights with so many of our states over many issues, while our nation is suffering, probably watches mainstream media which leaves this stuff out. He wants complete POWER of EVERTHING and EVERYONE in every sector and in every corner of our lives, which is exactly what dictators have or yearn for. He, his wife, and all the parasites that are draining American freedom, vitality, and meaning have to go!!!!!!!!!!! Too bad people didn’t heed the warnings of past historical ruthless rulers and wars erupted as a result; these are fools who have their head in the sand and WANT TO BELIEVE that the CHANGES have been for the better when we have witnessed for ourselves these past almost 4 miserable years that it’s just the opposite.

      • Kinetic1

        I think you missed my point. Yes, it’s a big deal if a city that can not afford the cost of a visit is saddled with it anyway. It’s a big deal if the Secret Service, who’s job it is to protect the President and who visits the site in advance to make arrangements chooses not to concern themselves with the cost’s placed on the back of the city. But when an anonymous donor steps in to foot the bill, why is it important to drag him into the light? When people donate anonymously to a children’s hospital, do we force them to admit to their philanthropy? What if it turns out that President Obama paid the bill? How stupid would “Americans for Prosperity” feel if they exposed the President as a decent guy who didn’t feel right about the city footing the bill? If the donor does not want his or her identity known, why should they be exposed? What wrong have they committed?

      • 2¢ worth

        What ever you think about Obama is not my concern, what is though is your ilk demanding to know who chose to foot the bill when it was obvious that he/she wanted to remain anonymous.. So, what your saying is if you don’t want anyone to know that your “anonymously” giving to a charity (for instance) it’s okay for some freaks to butt in and expose your desire whether you want them to or not? Typical.

    • Sanders

      Who cares? The appropriate question would be, Who shouldn’t care? Why shouldn’t Obummer cover his own ass, all other candidates have had to do so. I know, every penny he can save via pushing his expenses onto the general public he can use to help spread his venom throughout the rest of the country.

      • Kate8

        Sanders – Barry and Moosie get a kick out of sticking Americans with the tab for everything they do, with maximum expenditure. Moosie is in London livin’ large again, and O thinks he’s entitled to anything he wants. It’s called booty, plunders of conquest.

        When you consider that he’s an Affirmative Action POTUS, a Muslim, and a brat who’s never had to work for any of the privilige he’s been afforded… What we see is a complete narcissist who has nothing but contempt for the common shlub…

        A work camp would be appropriate, after paying back what he’s stolen from America. Especially considering that he has no legal or moral right to hold office at all.

      • Brooklyn Jo Ann

        NH should not let him in then, who is the moron, I say NH, no money no landing of our Air Force One, and remember, obummer will not pay because he is pocketing the money, so when he loses he will run out of America and hide

    • Blue

      Weseeyou – Mainstream media is bought and paid for and have no allegiance to this country or to the people. They only care about their extravagant monthly paychecks. That is the very reason I have boycotted all mainstream media. Their job is to report the news, but that’s not what they do. They are helping to push the agenda of the globalists in the destruction of this country and people. They are given their talking points and that is all they do. They are worthless and people need to turn them off permanently.

    • KHM

      Are you serious? ” Who paid, who cares?” If the president (or in this case campaigner-in -chief), wants to campaign in a town his detail should have taken care of that before the event. Since it is a campaign trip I think either the team Obama or the DNC should pay for local security. I understand that because he is the present occupier of the WH the Secret Service is paid by the taxpayer, unfortunately.
      Personally I think the local who came forward to chip in up to $20K is a chump.
      Oblamo is such a cheapskate he recently invited several athletes to a breakfast and stiffed them for the tab (about $55). Now he is begging you to give to his campaign and do it in lieu of a birthday/wedding/or other occasion gift to someone else.

      • Kinetic1

        What is it with you guys? Do you just skim and look for quotes to complain about? Here is the sentence before I asked “who paid, who cares?”

        “The pro-Republican advocacy group Americans for Prosperity has filed a “right to know” request with the town administrators seeking to reveal the identity of the donor.”

        So there is my question. I didn’t say anything about whether or not it was right of the Obama campaign to refuse to pay, I was questioning why AFP is so concerned about the identity of the person who did pay. If this person chooses not to give their name, what business is it of theirs?

      • AZMarc

        Kinetic1 – Who cares? Thanks to this donation his campaign is $20,000 better off. This should be treated as a campaign donation. according to the Federal Elections Commission’s website the limit for an individual to a Federal candidate or the candidate’s campaign committee is $2,500. Once for the primary and once for the general. So to answer your question, we should all care. Especially the dems who pushed campaign finance reform.

    • Antonio

      Who paid? Who cares?… If the campaign is responsible for the costs, then the private donation becomes a political donation to the candidate and exceeds the legal amount.

  • Kinetic1

    Mr. Nash,
    I almost forgot. Nice headline. Nothing biased here since we all know it was the President himself who refused to pay the bill. Is this what they teach in Divinity School? How about “Obama campaign” or “Obama representative”? Let’s at least try to appear professional and impartial. Here’s the title of the article I referenced;
    “Anonymous donor helps town pay for Obama visit”
    Tells the whole story without the cheap shot.

    • Bobseeks

      Taxpayers should not have to pay for security for campaigning politicians, period. Just another example of how the democrats parasitize the taxpayers.

      • LAB

        Absolutely….you want security??? Bring it with you or FAHGETABOUTIT!!! Shut down no streets, no stores, no nuttin’!!! Bite my New Hampshire if you don’t like it! Dis ain’t no Chi-town slum fool!

      • Kate8

        LAB – He certainly doesn’t seem concerned about garnering the good will of the people he’s mining for votes. Hmmmm… It’s almost as if he isn’t worried about the election.

        Of course, the hopelessly mindless will vote for him, anyway, since they don’t pay for anything… They leave that to the working stiffs who pay taxes. But I sure hope this dissing of them leaves a bitter taste in more than a few mouths.

        I mean, $20,000? He spends that much on lunch.

      • Kinetic1

        “Taxpayers should not have to pay for security for campaigning politicians” and yet they do. Not always, of course. The campaigns often cover the cost, but it seems to depend on the size of the rally, the venue, the number of Secret Service available and so on.

        As for you and your “Barry and Moosie …. spends that much on lunch.” So good ol’ American conservatives wouldn’t do such a thing, is that what you’re saying? How about Rick Perry? His campaign trips cost Texas over $400,000 a month! More than $1.4 million on out-of-state trips between September to mid-December. Maybe he learned this from Dubbya? “The state spent at least $400,000 per month in the first quarter of the year when he ran for president in 2000, and Texas taxpayers paid $3.9 million for his security costs between January 1999 and March 2000 when Secret Service took over security detail. 3.9 MILLION for security! Where was his campaign when this bill came due?

    • Carl Duke

      He’ll always appear on someone elses dime. Who in their right mind would want to listen to the same ole’ S–t repeatedly? He has more forked tongues than a 6 headed snake and lies with all of them!!

    • none

      “Cheap shot”; no presumptive crooks trying to run a campaign on others money; being representative of the entire administration; and seemingly a culturural problem, believing all others should pay for what they want.

    • ipsd48

      You’re not REALLY saying Obama has not control over his OWN campaign , are you?

      • Kinetic1

        No, I’m sure he’s involved with strategy, but I doubt they bother him with the bills.

  • Warrior

    Well ,the $20k is less expensive than oh, let’s say, a $38k seat at the fundraiser. One may consider this individual a Smart Shopper, eh?

    • Airangel

      The $38K was voluntarily while the $20K was forced – big difference…when anything is forced on your, you no longer have freedom of choice.

      • Vigilant

        Both are voluntary. Check the dictionary definition of “donor.”

      • Sanders

        Vigilant, Had it not been for the willing donor who came forward, the cost would’ve been PUSHED onto the taxpayers of that community. Obummer or his “campaign” had no idea at the time an idiot would come forward to pay the bill.

  • http://google w mary truman

    Does this president and his staff/campaign coordinators have no shame at all. He can spend our money freely, no remorse; but don’t ask him to spend his. What “entitlement mentality” our president has. Please, America, get rid of this joker!

    • Kinetic1

      w mary,
      Do a bit of research and you’ll find that cities are often expected to pay for security. You may not agree with this practice, but it’s not the work of just one candidate.

  • Patriot II

    What a bunch of CRAP! “You get crap from Crap” I wonder if they invited Crap to their town or he just decided to come on his own?

    • Jeff Thomas

      I would like to know that myself. Good question

    • WayneinSilsbee

      No, they did not invite him. But that DNC convention thing is not going well in that region and His Excellency felt that a visit by him would help the cause. As usual, it didn’t happen. Come on November 2012 – this clown has had his fifteen minutes of fame.

      • Karolyn

        I live 50 miles south of Charlotte and have heard nothing about the DNC plans not going well.

      • Vigilant

        ‘Fraid you’ve tagged the wrong state. It’s Durham, Hew Hampshire, not North Carolina.

      • Doc Sarvis

        The DNC convention is going to be in Charlotte, NC, that is what she is referring to.

      • Vigilant

        No sh*t, Sherlock. I was responding to WayneinSilsbee.

      • Whit

        Democratic National Convention schedule. Organizers announced Monday night they are moving the much-touted Labor Day festival from Charlotte Motor Speedway to uptown Charlotte.

  • http://yahoo John

    Simple fix. When he comes to your town, do not supply anything. No police, fire or EMS. Let him deal with it on his own.

    • Patriot II

      John, that’s too simple! We are not about simple in this country anymore because being simple would mean fewer Gov’t jobs and less Taxes. We can’t go having that now can we? The Fed’s attitude if it ain’t broke, use the media to convince people it is so you can create jobs to fix it.

      • RivahMitch

        Actually, the Feds motto is “If it ain’t broke fix it ’til it is!”

    • Schlumbio T

      D’ya think he’d even stop if there was no security for his royal buttness? “keep them buses rolling…”

      • Patriot II

        They should tax the registered Democrats, not fiar for Smart people to fit the Bill as well

        I would be Pissed if he came to my town and we had to pay for his Royal Security out of taxpayer money. But then again we allready are paying for him, every day, what did they say Air Force One costs us a couple Mil a day? Hail to the “Campainger and waster of my money in Chief”

        What a Cancer on us!

    • brenda

      I love that idea. Thats what all the states should do.

    • williemcd

      John, that is a great idea!…Lets see.. he cannot use US troops within the US… The Governor of the state would have to call out the NG to provide security ….and that would piss off not only the tax payers for engaging their sons and daughters on a fools errand but also the troops themselves!… Then we tie it with a “blue flu” and he’s stuck with his SS detail!…

  • rhcrest

    I’d pitch in for him NOT to visit!

    • Ray S.

      Amen! This is ‘low rent’ Illinois politics style.

  • flyby

    If the town can’t or is unwilling to pay for the security then they need tell the president’s people that they can either pay or not come. If the money isn’t available then they need to tell the president’s people that they will not be providing any security.

  • sean murry

    Thats how cheap they are low lifes.

  • former walmart person


  • LAB

    He needs the cash to pay for Moochie’s FUGLY wardrobe, Kobe Beef steak and AROOOOOOOOOgula! SLIMES! Let’s not forget the two mutant offspring….they may need to take another vacate soon! Poor Bo!!!

  • duif100

    This is a perfect example of the rich not paying their fair share.

    Unlike when wealthy citizens do not pay sufficient taxes (according to Obama) and are charges for expenses they have nothing to do with, these expenses were specifically made for Obama’s benefit and the rich bastard still refuses to pay for that. What is Obama’s fair share?????

  • kategray

    He will never pay, because he wants the tax-payers to pay for all.

    • Schlumbio T

      I read an article last summer that said that Hitler had the same attitude – always let someone else pay for EVERYTHING!!!

  • Bobseeks

    Like all democrats he is a parasite.

    • http://facebook cllemens hacker

      You should more for respect for the President then that.

      • momo

        I respect the office not the person holding it.

      • Vigilant

        “You should [sic] more for [sic] respect for the President then [sic] that.”

        You should have more respect for the English Language than that.

      • Sanders

        Vigilant, you demorats should elect someone who is actually respectable then he/she will deserve the respect the position deserves. Puke just generates more puke.

  • tim

    He’s always been on the government tit. Why would you expect him to pay for anything. Look at all the parties and vacations were paying for. Thier welfare whores, nothing less!@!!!!!!!

    • Joe Z-ski

      Is it intellectual dishonesty, intellectual laziness or ignorance that rules “conservative” spin? Whom-so-ever provides a service injurious to none ought be re-imbursed. That includes Barack.

      Why excuse the trillions transferred to “corporate” beings? Such beings can do nothing. Before a corporation can administrate, an existing authority must be severed (usually contrary federal prohibition 18 USC 2385).

      Why not complain about auto firms recieving federal state and local funds for vehicles and maintenance priced beyond that of average wage earners? Consider the funds going to special electronics or a plethoria of other items not supported in the private sector.

      Does the term “conservative” mean to you “support for non-human things I can have no information, interest or control over”? or “Mandated faith in (and submission to) a higher (centralized in-corporated) power”? No, that is how “liberal” has been defined. So, if you are liberals say so. Otherwise cite real remedys, attend your own respective offices of law and stop foul mouthing. Let The man do his job.

      • williemcd

        Dude.. dry out.. sober up or get off the dope before ya post!.. That has to be one of the most incomprehensible posts I’ve encountered in a long time!

  • dcjdavis

    Did they really want him there in the first place?

  • David in MA

    The Obama campaign should be billed and made to pay even if it takes a court complaint to collect, in fact cities and towns should have no expenses in national political events….AND, additionally, expenses for holding primaries and conventions should be born by the politicians and their respective parties, the DNC & the RNC, NOT the American taxpayer/voter!

    The taxpayer/voters should only contribute to the final national election of the prez and congressional elections, up to that point, let the politicians or political party be responsible for their expenses.

    • David in MA

      BTW, what authority allows the politicians to pass along these types of expenses to cities, towns and eventually the citizen? Where is the law that says this can be done?

      • teaparty13

        Haven’t you heard? he doesn’t need the law, he makes up his own.

      • truesoy

        Dave in MA;

        The ‘conservative hypocrisy’ knows no bounds.
        They did not share the same feelings about it when the repubican candidates came to town.
        I wonder why?


    • Kay

      Why should a citizen that opposes Obama’s reign of terror be forced to pay for an obnoxious visit from him?

    • RichE

      Why should OFA pay for something it didn’t order? That sounds a bit left-minded, make the rich pay becouse they’re rich.

  • Karolyn

    Is it Durham, NH (as printed) or Durham, NC?

    • Vnova

      The original story that I read said New Hampshire, so this appearance had no connection to the upcoming snorefest, oops, I mean Convention.

  • sandman4X4

    people this is a perfect example of the do as I say not as I do, cheepskate progessive bastards we have in Our Great Country! just as long as it’s someone else’s $$$ they don’t care, and IF he feels like he is to loose, well all the better not to spend his own (donated $$$), after all whats a 1 term looser pres. going to do? expecialy when nobody is going to want to go near him, never mind hire him to do what? all he is (good)? for is teaching?

    • Schlumbio T

      D’ya think he’d get a speaking gig when his “time in office” is up? in my books, only 5 minutes before the gallows “set him free”…

  • kRIS

    The answer to this is to keep all LE on their regular duties! Why are we making LE guard the president? That is a job for the secret service, whom by the way, we pay to do that specific job! And that goes for any candidate etc! Hussain is acting as a candidate, he should pay for it out of his campaign finaces or the democratic coffers, ie, union money!

    • Schlumbio T

      …but I heard that a politician can keep all left-over campaign contributions to use as they see fit. Maybe he’s done like dinner and knows it – he’s just saving up for (early?) retirement…

      • Sanders

        No, all leftover contributions must be relinquished to the DNC for other demorat campaigns and such. He just wants more money to spread his venom as far as he can reach.

      • phideaux

        They used to be able to keep the money with little or no restrictions. A few years ago (late 1990s or early 2000s) they changed that and most or all of the money goes to the party.

    • Curt


      The Secret Service (S.S.) was probably in Columbia with all those prostitutes snortin’ blow.

  • momo

    Sh!t, if they couldn’t afford it, and he didn’t come, then they should consider themselves lucky!

  • Frank Delarcey

    I’ve been on this planet for 62 years and have NEVER seen or heard so many Americans and foreigners think our prez is not worth a crap.
    The folks in Germany have had numerous parades that picture the prez as a complete idiot. Our prez is NOT taking care of our nation and it’s people that make up this great nation.
    He’ll make sure that the illegals are at the top of his list of things to do and take care of, but the children and their parents that go hungry every night aren’t even on his radar. He and his mrs. keep those planes going to TV shows an various events @ over $80,000 an hr. !! An hr. !!!
    The folks that got him into office are even complaining about him. It’s time we stopped have exec. orders shoved down our throats and let the democratic process do it’s job. Is it fast and perfect? No, but it’s our voice and our sentiments that the driving force that put’s laws into place that benefit us, the American People. Not having an individual “Telling” us what we want or need. November needs to be a deciding moment to send BO back to Chi Town and let him be a co-ordinator and not have another term as our leader !!!

    • Hey you

      For those who look further than the present President of the USA, it increasingly appears that the current President is more of a symbol of the corrupting influence which the federal system engenders. In fact, the more one analyzes the progress of “progressive” politics, the more it seems that the end of this road of lies is soon to end. We’ve been subjected to almost a century of deceit and disaster, and it looks as if we, collectively, are wising up.

  • ernie

    Does this donation constitute a campaign contribution? Would the extra cost imposed on a city constitute a campaign contribution? Does any of this need to be accounted for, or can it be hidden? If this man is the epitome of openness can we have our closets back? I hope we have not drank too much cool aid that we can seek God. America will not stand if we keep doing the things we are doing. A year ago you couldn’t be an open sodomite (they call it gay) in the military, this year there was a national appreciation month set aside for them. God forgive us and help us get back to You before it is too late. God will punish a nation for the wickedness of it’s leaders. We are lining up to be next.

    • Sanders

      We will be the next Sodom and Gomorrah.

  • Rasta

    Just keep spinning those lies. The President did not refuse to pay anything. What a bunch of hooie, but that is what I expect from people so dumb and classless.

    • Sanders

      And you know this how? Oh, I know, because the prez is such a fine, outstanding, moral creature. In a pigs eye.

    • Ron Christopher

      Dumb and clueless. Read the article. It says his campaign refused to pay. obama is the campaign, so he refused to pay. Simple as that.

  • jeffsmathers

    Every four years the helm of the USS America is given to the most popular and good looking ‘captain’ to navigate our ship to some shore for commerce and prosperity for its crew.
    However this ‘ship’ has been neglected by not following a constitution of remedy and sound practices that would make it safe for passage through many storms. By the pilfering of its stores and stealing of its critical infrastructure, or by diverting resources for ill gained profits for but a few, it is heading for a rocky shore of tragedy.
    Each new captain offered up to those on board, will only move the rudder a small amount to the right or to the left, while keeping the engine running at breakneck speed as the end of the voyage looms quickly, it becomes a destiny of history again, like so many others that have followed the same course.
    There are those who want to destroy this ship so they can build another, a bigger one this time with the flag of all nations under their bridge. And passage on this new ship will cost you and your children dearly for many, many generations.
    Perhaps one will throw out the anchor to slow the ship and others perhaps make plans for a mutiny.? But hark!
    It is the dinner bell and they are serving free lobster and drinks for everyone. One cannot pass up a free meal after all,.. This is a pleasure cruise isn’t it?

    Make my captain Ron Paul for 2012

  • uvuvuv

    political campaigns are notorious for leaving bills unpaid, including yard signs, bumper stickers, store front rentals, motels, flights and security details etc. so if the obama campaign is planning on raising one billion for the upcoming election, they will either spend 500 million and keep the rest (shockingly), or they will run up charges of 2 billion and pay back half. but is there any anecdotal evidence of what romney is doing? it’s doubtful that he might be working on those discounts too, but we should know if he is or is not. it might give an indication of what we can expect from his administration. we already know how the present one is working out.

  • Brian

    Typical Democrat, you pay while I play.

  • mikesvoice

    Elite Socialists ALWAYS expect someone else to pick up the tab for whatever the event…City fathers have now learned a lesson, invite leftist, Socialists and it costs you….next time simply decline the offer for the visit….OR demand advance expense costs from the campaign…they refuse, tell them to stay away.

  • Stand aside

    To all the citys in America! If you can’t afford to cover the securty for the blamer in cheif DON’T DO IT! Let him bring his own securty or just let him come and lie and blame everbody else without it. Let him take his own chances it is not in the constitution that A city must provide such services.

    • 45caliber

      Agreed. And I think that any politician who wants to make a political speech should be required to advertise the site so anyone could show up rather than appear with a canned audience.

  • chuckb

    king barry should have the black panthers furnish his security, i’m sure the liberals in that town would appreciate their appearance, i can see them now, waving king barry banners as the huge entourage passes through town.
    we know who will pay in the end.
    a huge parade in january 2013 in washington dc would be something a lot of people would donate too when king barry hands over his sceptre, of course the attendees would have to wear armor plate the local natives will probably be rioting.

  • George Blumel

    Progressives don’t pay their bills –they always expect others to pay for them and for their schemes. That’s how we got the humongous national debt. Obama never paid for anything in his life as he’s never had a real job. OMG! Obama Must Go!

  • mary krause

    Why should politicians in office be permitted to campaign at all? One-term limits would allow them to do their jobs in government, without the distraction of the next election & the constant seeking of money & voter approval.
    The question of who pays for security during a campaign stop should be resolved before the campaign stop. The fed would be responsible if this were a government function, so the Obama Campaign and/or Democratic National Committee should pick up the tab, if not offered by the location.

    • Jess

      I agree that there should be term limits on all offices in the federal government two terms as a maximum. Then they must go out into the world and hold jobs like the rest of the American citizens and live under the laws that they have passed with no special privilages and no long term benefits such as recieving their pay checks from their time in office for the rest of their lives. Congress receives their pay checks for the rest of their lives even if they only serve one term and are voted out due to lack of performance. Take away the special privilages and make them live as the rest of us are forced to and then see if the laws don’t change for the better.

  • mac

    Useless travel expense for the campaign. I never heard of Durham, NH – why does the president need to go there, anyway? Let individuals pay for it if they think they need a campaign stop; they will probably claim it as a tax deduction anyway.

  • Dave

    Pay or just stay away. I like it! Who wants to have to listen to this guy’s racial diatribe AND pay for the protection of his worthless carcass?


    I would give everything I owned to chip in for a one way ticket to send Obama to the moon.

    • 45caliber

      Back to Kenya would be fine. Why foul up a pure moon?

  • karol

    I fail to see why a town, city or etc., should have to foot the bill for a candidate running for office. The candidate’s campaign should pay all of their own expenses from the funds donated to them for that purpose. “We The People” are not obligated to pay the bills for any candidate to run for election or re-election. Being President does not change those facts. “We The People” pay for the Secret Service to protect him and should not be asked or expected to pay more. It is a disgrace that this President would burden a community with extra expense to accommodate him, knowing the economic situation of today, just so he can parade around for votes. The party he represents should make arrangements for any and all of his needs and secure payment from their members.

    • James

      Right on target karol!!! I agree! It’s his re-election, his campaign, his choice, his security, and should be his cost! Maybe next time just forget the security and special perks, and let him come visit as a regular citizen as everyone else does.

    • 45caliber


      I fully agree. If he was there to solve some city problem, I might see them pay something, but not just because he is campaigning. Then it is his cost.

  • Don De

    Just make sure he pays at the polls next November and he’s not re-elected! The best tip is telling him he’s wasn’t elected a King!

    • 45caliber


      Michelle made a comment about the time he was sworn in. “The President of the US has the same authority and power of a king elsewhere in the world. So he should be treated as such.”

      So far, I’ve not seen either of them act in a way that indicates that they don’t consider themselves king and queen of the US. And kings and queens hold their positions for life, right?

  • 45caliber

    If the politican running for office needs security or anything else, it should be his responsibility and expense, not that of the local taxpayers who might not even agree with his position or want to vote for him.

  • Michael Layon

    The person who donated 30k to cover a campaign expense violated federal election rules whereby the maximum individual contribution is $2,500. I called Guinta’s office and suggested he take action on this matter. Obama allowed yet another person to violate our laws, much like the president himself has done. Obama’s first lie was his oath of office!

  • Neil Swan

    Why would a town not pay it’s own police officers ?


  • chuckb

    neil swan, huh? pay it’s own police officers? what’s that got to do with it. king barry is running a re-election campaign, let him pay for it. we pay for air force one. all his travel expenses and all this guy has done since 2007, is run for re-election. send him and moopchella back to kenya. air force one will probably have to be retired so there goes millions more down the drain, it has been nothing but a private taxi at the tax payers expense.

    • Neil Swan

      The police are working for the city, the city just wants to make a buck when the president visits.


      • williemcd

        Neil.. The whole budget for that town administration probably doesn’t come to 20K per year… The security, the lost hours, the closure of businesses, the overtime paid to P.O’s..That’s not an anticipated expense for a small community. But this narcissistic a-hole has no concern for others.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        Neil, this money, what is it 20,000, is for expenses over and above the normal pay the police receive. It IS NOT a part of the normal budget for the town which does pay their police for the regular hours they work.

        • truesoy

          Busted the Anatolian;

          Technically the police was/is involved in protecting the president, that’s the job of the secret service. Wha makes ‘cooperation and involvement’ of the local law enforcement is for traffic control, blocking a certain area (and this includes traffic control along the travel lanes of the presidential motorcade. Why so?; because traffic control is outside the ‘jurisdiction of the Secret Service’, therefore they have to rely on local law enforcement (unless you support the federal government ‘encroaching’ in their jurisdiction).
          There is a reason and purpose for local law enforcement, and this is one of their duties, whether they like it or not.
          I hope I was able to correct any misconceptions you might have about the role of local law enforcement in these types of situation.


  • terris

    I have one question. Who has been paying for the Romney campaign’s security? And not retroactively since this article came out. Who has traditionally paid for it?

  • FWO21

    If no one would have paid for the security, then Obama would have had to enter at his own risk. I’m betting, he wouldn’t, but no big loss anyway.

  • williemcd

    This reminds me of the “Dine and Dash” incident. Obama invited some vets to meet at a lunch counter… when the tab came, he, the DNC and his campaign officials were long gone!… Took them 7 hrs later to make it right…
    Were I part of the Charlotte NC administration, I’d have the Obama campaign pre-pay EVERY expense prior to hosting the convention… or that “hosting” might turn into a “Hosing”…

  • Edward

    Seems to me, if a person paid for the security at a campaign stop that would be considered a campaign donation. A 20,000.00 donation. What are the laws about that? Hummmmm?

  • David

    Yea, and this guy came into Boston a couple nights ago, and the next morning the idiot Mayor Mennino announces that the city’s taxpayers will have to shell out 200 thousand for Obama’s little campaign speech and stupid Kevin Youkilis jokes.
    I can’t believe what criminals we have in the White House today!


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