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Obama Receives Negative Marks Across The Board

March 7, 2011 by  

Obama Receives Negative Marks Across The BoardA majority of Americans disapprove of President Barack Obama's handling of major political issues, which may not bode well for his re-election efforts in 2012.

New results from The Harris Poll reveal that the public is not impressed with Obama's job performance. The survey, which was conducted between Feb. 14 and 21, asked 3,171 Americans to rate the President on six major issues: jobs, the economy, healthcare, education, unrest in the Middle East and the environment.

Approximately 66 percent of those surveyed gave Obama negative ratings on job creation, while 62 percent disapproved of his handling of the economy as a whole. A total of 58 percent of Americans disagreed with the President's stance on healthcare reform and 52 percent said his strategies regarding education and the unrest in the Middle East are inadequate.

The environment was the one area in which a majority of participants did not give Obama negative ratings. However, about 48 percent said he has not handled the issue well, while 41 percent approve of his strategies to protect the environment.

According to Reuters, the nation's unemployment rate — which has hovered between 9 and 10 percent over the past several months — may be the biggest issue heading into next year's Presidential election. Analysts told the media outlet that the figure needs to drop below 8 percent by the fall of 2012 for voters to feel optimistic about Obama's handling of the economy. 

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  • Bob

    I do not think he gives a hoot. He and his elitist friends have an agenda they are pushing whether the folk like it or not. This dictatorship needs to be rooted out. Our “representatives” do not represent the people. It is supposed to be by and for the people. Since when did the minority rule the majority?!

    • http://roadrunner NANCY

      i was always told the ones who screams the loudest ….GETS TOLD SUGAR

      • http://roadrunner NANCY


      • Linda R

        Many people attribute Obama’s oddness to his narcissism. True, Obama has a gargantuan ego, and he is notoriously thin-skinned. Obama is flat when passion is needed; he’s aggressive when savvy is required. What’s most worrisome is that Obama doesn’t even realize that his behavior is inappropriate. Consequently, he can be insensitive and hurtful without even knowing it.

        So if it’s not just simple narcissism, what is wrong with Obama? Obama admits to a history of drug use in his youth. Did his usage cause some damage? Does Obama still use?

        Obama’s family tree is replete with the unbalanced. His maternal great-grandmother committed suicide. His grandfather, Stanley Dunham, was particularly unhinged: He was expelled from high school for punching his principal; named his daughter Stanley because he wanted a boy; Obama was seriously traumatized in childhood. His mother disregarded his basic needs, dragged him all over the place, and ultimately abandoned him.

        While Obama doesn’t appear to hallucinate, he seems to have delusions. His believing he has a Messiah-like special gift smacks of grandiose delusions. His externalizing all blame to conservatives, George W. Bush, or the “racist” bogeyman hints at persecutory delusions.

        Obama will not change. He will not learn from his mistakes. He will not grow and mature from on-the-job experience. In fact, over time, Obama will likely become a more ferocious version of who he is today.

        • eddie47d

          Are you one of those high paid psychiatrists or did you pull out the tarot cards? I do give you credit for being a deep thinker.

          • http://naver samurai

            Looks like she hit the target center mass to me. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • Robin from Arcadia, IN

          Linda R… From my layman point of view, I think you pretty much nailed him!

        • Bus

          I think it comes from the Affirmative Action syndrome. He realizes he isn’t capable of the job that was given him by the press and an electorate that was just so excited that their legs tingled to have a black president. Now that he’s there he has to show an egotistical front to convince others (and himself) that he is actually up to the task. Please people put him on the unemployment rolls as soon as possible!!

          • Donald M.

            Donald:, It is a shame that people want give this man a chance, when George w. Bush was standing in for Dick Chenny for President, because Bush did noticing about the environment 1% the economic 2%.But War’s and people that have great wealth, Bush spent 77% of his time making thing possible for them. The other time being drunk 20% of the time in office as our President for eight(8) years in office. If bush would have work as hard in office, as President Obama is working in office for the two years he’s been there. We would not have had all these proplems, that United State is in, agreed. I know that what I see is that President Obama is doing a Great Job. The Country is growing again, and in the next two years, God will let the whole World see the progress that this president is doing for all American. He is not a skinning suit, and a head that don’t thank, because President Obama has brought this Country back, from falling of a cliff. I’m very proud of this President proformance, in the two years he have been there. Other word being black you tell me, that this man can not thank. President Obama pass more Laws, than all six (6) replublican President before President Obamo, and continue to serve the majority as well as the minority while working for All American, doing a good job.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Donald M,
            He has spent more money that the last five presidents combined, accomplished NOTHING, has bowed and appologized to the world, embarrassed us more times than I care to consider, tanked the economy for the next three generations of Americans at least, has broken promise after promise, has stood up for the muslims far more than Americans, hell, he has stood up for illegal aliens more than Americans. How much more does this artificial poser have to screw up before you recognise him for what he is??(and it sure isn’t a president)

          • grannymae


            I agree with you but I feel we are simplifying the situation with Obama. He was put into office by a powerful organization and they have not gone away. They seem to be getting stronger. I worry that Obama is there and getting rid of him is going to be about as easy as stopping the Healthecare bill. You saw how they shoved that down our throats and that is what is going to happen with the re-election of Obama. Scares me to death! I will do my part but I sure don’t have any pie in the sky hopes. I never would have believed that anyone would force something like healthcare on this country over all the opposition. Tells me there is a lot more going on than we thingk and if you think we have the upper hand , maybe we should think again !

        • Christin

          Linda R,
          Right on the money with that explaination…

          In addition obama displays a horrible arrogance which may be a cover up to his homosexuality… shame on him for cheating on his wife… what a role model for the country.

          Can’t believe some people want him to lead Amercia.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Actually Ibelieve him to be AC/DC!! After all, have you ever seen how he acts around Oprah??? Like a male dog after a b!tch in heat!!!

        • white tiger

          Please click on “Antisocial Personality”.
          There you will find the psychopath/sociopath clearly defined, for diagnostic purposes.
          Obama fits all the requirements to be designated a psychopath. He kills babies, , promotes homosexual perversion, defies the Constitution, weakens our national defenses, aids our enemies, has destroyed our economy, is a pathological liar, through inflation has stolen the savings of millions, etc., ad infinitum.

          This, (whatever he really is), poses a clear and present danger to the Republic. AS do his minions, the myriad mindless who voted him,(It?), into office. He is but the symptom; they, his constituency, are the problem. The ignorant might be educated. The stupid are hopeless, as are the mentally ill, the criminal class, his fellow sociopaths, the many dead and ficticious who will again cast their votes for him, the amoral, and the religious hypocrites who “talk the talk; but fail to walk the walk.”

          Sadly, it is predictable that he will be continued in office in 2012.
          With no viable opponent in view and the GOP certain to renege on its Pledge To America, right thinking folks will have nowhere to turn for relief from the oppressions of this moslem-communist dictator who currently infests the White House.

          I do not know, nor claim, but only can wonder if The beast is the all powerful(communist) Government; and the False Prophet is the moslem religion, Islam. What have they in common? They share a passionate commitment to evil. KIll, adulter, steal, enslave, terrorize, mutilate, force, lie… all the elements of satanic behavior.
          Communism and Islam are blood brothers, in the most awful application of the term. In places like the Philippines they work hand in hand to destroy society, as does the POTUS.

        • http://Verizon Bud G.

          Linda R: What you said has merit but I believe, although he is an intelligent person, that he does not have the background or experience to handle the job of being President. It didn’t help when he surrounded himself with academics instead of people well versed on international matters and national policies. Adding to his problems was his stubborn nature and failure to listen to the advice of experts especially in foreign policy.

        • Greg

          Bob………YEs He neededs to be rooted out…Linda His, Ego is not is Amigo

    • 45caliber

      I think you used the term “dicatorship” correctly. In fact, it somewhat worries me because I can’t see any attempt by him or the Democrats to worry about what happens in 2012. It is as if they expect to remain in power indefinately and there isn’t anything we, the voters, can do about it so why should they worry?

      And the GOP actions semingly in support of them doesn’t do anything to improve my feelings.

      • grannymae


        Oh boy are we ever on the same wave length. It is going to take some strong and powerful work and people to get this guy out of office and I wonder if we posess such a thing? Scarry times we are in, and the Obama machine is working overtime and under the radar. I don’t know if anyone on our side is doing such a thing.

    • Greg

      To all Poeple on this post….The US needs an Audit, We need to take our country back, these people belong in jail not in public office

  • c.lynn

    Any person who really follows the news and what is happening to America could not possibly give a tums up to Barrack Obama. It is obvious that he says what he thinks people want to hear. He is a puppet for the left. He is by far the worst president in my 60 year life, even worse than Jimmy Carter. Inflation at an all time high, sky rocketing unemployment, the world is in a tail spin. How could any one think he was doing a good job. PS. As for His handling of the oil spill and a moratorium on oil drilling that is an example of complete incompetence.

    • WayneT

      C.lynn, the only people that thinks this Muslim is doing a good job is the people without any common sense, or it could be the fact they don’t really know what is going on. I think it has to be one of the other.

    • JC

      I don’t see Obama as a puppet for the left. I see him as a puppet for the Globalists who are out to destroy American Sovereignty. That’s puts him in the same category as the majority of past presidents as well. These Globalist Meat Puppet President’s play up to whichever side will get them elected and then ignore American rights and it’s founding principles while the Globalist machine marches on.

      The right / left blame game is what keeps us all distracted while one administration after another destroys our nation.

      And if it isn’t political differences, it’s apathy.

      Boy! how about those Laker’s huh?

      • Pamela

        JC, you are absolutely right. People give him WAY too much credit and it’s exactly BECAUSE he IS a puppet for the Globalists. People are all Obama this and Obama that and I’m just *the puppet only dances to the song in the puppet master’s head*. This guy pretty much just rose from the mist to pop into the presidency….with a murky past, limited experience and a boatload of questions surrounding him in general. I’d LOVE to know who paid for his education….because then I’d know exactly where his allegiance is. And it’s not to Pell grants or his student loan admin. That info is locked away with the infamous birth certificate.

        What is particularly disturbing is that it was way past time for us to have a president who was not upper crust white…and when we finally get that person, he’s a sell out to the puppet masters, selling out not only his race but his countrymen. He was handpicked to run as a distraction, a sleight of hand, which demeans every person in this country, no matter WHAT their race or heritage. What we got was a charming, well educated, smooth talking mouthpiece with an agenda handed to him. The globalists are ramping up, it wouldn’t have mattered WHO was in office, the agenda is the thing. And anyone not *with* the agenda wouldn’t have made it into office.

        I liked that you said *majority* of past presidents. The Bushes (and a few others) weren’t puppets….they’re part of the elitist globalists. And the only thing more dangerous than a puppet president is a president who’s part of the agenda writing process.

        The US is being dismantled, piece by piece. It’s following the exact path Germany took in the process of becoming Nazi Germany. Democracy is a sham, the Constitution is just pretty much ignored in Washington (in fact, supporting the Constitution these days will get you on a *Suspected Terrorist* list), Big Brother is on every street corner and maybe even in your neighbor’s house as Americans are called upon to spy on each other and report anything they don’t particularly like, take your pick, would you like your new invasive laws served up with a side of socialism or a nice fascist sauce? I used to think the Patriot Act was grossly misnamed, until I realized it was very appropriately named, inasmuch as the real purpose is to identify, round up and contain all the Patriots. THAT’S what the FEMA concentration…..err…I mean *disaster evacuation* camps (with the armed guards in sniper towers and barbed wire fences pointing IN) are for.

        I saw someone on here say the young people *get* it…lemme tell ya, that’s not entirely so. One of my daughters is a total Sheeple and thinks Obama is *great* and the other thinks everything is going to get better and is pretty apathetic, although she will at least listen to me whereas the other one will not. My son in laws are not much more aware. My mother says she’s old and doesn’t have to pay attention to what’s REALLY going on…while she rants and raves about what a lunatic Obama is and how he’s *singlehandedly* ruining this country. I long for someone capable of independent thought to talk with.

        This country could save itself, but the days of voting so and so out of office and expecting things to get better are long over with. Soooo, how they doin’ over there in Egypt?

        • JC

          You’ve obviously been doing your homework.
          A+ for you.

        • Christin


          I don’t think many of the young people have a clue either. Between the two of us we have five nieces and only one I know for sure has a clue about what is going on.

          Two years ago my thirty-something niece said, “We like the president and I think we should get behind him and support whoever it is.”

          Don’t you know I started mentioning… so if you were born in anyone of these countries would you be so inclined to support:
          El Presidente Hugo Chavez who stole the election and shut down opposing media views, Mao in China who killed his protestors and enslaves his people allowing only one child, Fidel Castro in Cuba who took all the people’s guns away and then became their dictator, or maybe Communist Stalin in Russia who starved 40 to 50 million of his people to death, the deranged North Korean who sends off nucs and starves his people, Jihadist Akmadinajad (sorry sp) who’s waiting for the 12th Imam to rule the world in Sharia Law, or Libian lunatic Omar Khadafi who thinks his people love him while he kills them…
          okay you get the point, did she… doubt it…

        • Dale

          Pamela, I agree that we are on the same path as Nazi Germany was. I stand by the same principal as I always have, “Never reelect anyone, and keep Congress honest.” I’m certain that many americans are unaware that the reason Congress doesn’t care about what Health or Retirement programs are getting cut, is that THEY don’t have to worry about either of them- WE are paying for their excessiveness by giving them free healthcare and retirement benefits for life in return for just a few short years of badly performed public service, and for skipping out on a large number of voting sessions. Did you notice that the seats in Congress have been largely empty much of the time?

          • grannymae


            Well folks you are doing my heart good to see that so many of you seem to have a good grasp of the situation. My worry though is that this time we may not just be able to vote someone out! It’s being rigged folks and I fear it is right in front of our eyes. However ya’ll are giving me hope that maybe there is hope! God bless !

    • Mo Better

      I have lived under 11 presidents and 1 pretender:

      Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, G.H.W. Bush, Clinton, G. Bush, and the current one, The Fraud-In-Chief, himself.

      If you took all the worst qualities of the first 11 on this list and you lumped them all into one human you would get a person 100 times better than Barry Soetoro, the most miserable leftist radical piece of cr@p ever to hold the post.

      I can hardly contain myself with my eagerness to see this anti-American, un-American statist booted out of the White House and into the dustbin of history reserved for failed, deranged, freedom-hating Marxists!


      • Patriot

        Can we put Pelosi, Reed and Durbin in the same boat without a sail in the Antarctica with Barry?

        • 45caliber

          And place that boat as far from water as possible!

          • grannymae


            How about a one way trip to the moon ? The Space center could use the work !

        • http://naver samurai

          Let’s definately put Hillary, Boxer, Reid, and other morons that are too many to name at the present time. Make sure the boat is a garbage scow. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            With a computer controlled steerage that will take it to Iran!!!

          • Christin

            Yeah, Joe H,
            I think you have the right idea… send the all the fore-mentioned NWO Marxists/communists to Iran since they are so ‘pro-Islam’ (& anti-American) and see if they don’t get beheaded or stoned to death by the week’s end!

      • Greg

        When are We going to rooted this POTUS out…..and I don’t mean by voting him out.

  • r.m.

    he doesnt care at all…..if you pay close attention he is financing muslim mosque upgrades at our expense….he has voted in muslim people into office….watch your backs folks…..t s is about to hit the fan!


      If you research the number of times he has used the word “FUNDAMENTAL”, you should realize that this is the newest code word in the Progressive vernacular for “RADICAL”. Everything he has proposed before and after he was elected is RADICAL.

  • WayneT

    Muslim Obama will not get my vote. By the time he leaves office he will make Jimmy Carter look like a Saint, and that is hard for me to say about Carter. He has postponed drilling for over 6 month, and now look at the cost of our gasoline. We should have been drilling all across this country instead of buying our oil from OPEC. Some of the websites I have visited say we have more oil in this country than Saudi Arabia. If this is the case then why in the world are we still buying oil from OPEC? I went through this crap back in the sixties, and I am now going through it again. When are our leaders going to learn to use our own oil and get away from buying from our enemies. It makes me wonder at times if some high ups in our government are getting paid off by OPEC for not drilling in our country. I just hope that there are enough people with common sense to vote for anyone, rather than Obama tdhe next time the presidential election is held. If they vote for this idiot again, I will not care if the cost of gasoline goes to $10.00 a gallon as we will deserve everything we get by being so stupid. I will close my message and wait for the Liberal to reply their nonsensical language.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      WayneT… Barry is not going to do anything about the cost of gas/oil; he will not drill nor force any issues in the Middle East. I believe this has a lot to do with the ‘green’ transportation he is pushing for high speed rail. It’s all part of the plan.

      • grannymae

        Robin from Arcadia, In

        Robin, I think this is all part of the plan to force us into the NWO. When we are so broke and so down that we can’t fight back the UN will step in and take everything away from us and we will be welcomed into the NWO ! Obama has been groomed for this and those words came out of the mouth of Henery Kissinger ! According to him they have been grooming him for the NWO. Sent shivers down my spine! I tell you we have never been in such a position in all the days of this country. I hope everyone out there is putting in a garden and doing a food storage program. Also I started including in my storage some of those large cans of protein drink mix like the body builders use. They will store for a long time and if you are short on space they could be part of the answer for that situation. Also look for those that are good for the diabetic for those with that problem. There are some put out for such a purpose but I don’t know the length of storage time for them. Also I would suggest the powder rather than a liquid as they might store longer. God Bless !

    • 45caliber

      As for oil, some of the date I’ve seen says we have more in the US than all the rest of the world put together – if you include all that in the surrounding water as well. Of course, one of the main reasons is that we’ve had a lot more searching done here than any other place and I’m certain that we shall find far more oil in the world in the future.

      Oil is the key ingredient for plastics – so from my point of view, all oil should be used for that and not for energy.

      BUT … until we do have enough other energy sources to replace oil, we should continue to use it. A natural gas electrical generation system is still the cheapest although I think some of the new nuclear tech could start giving it a run for its money. But wind? Solar? They are all limited as to location and to actual quantity produced.

      Many of those pushing for wind and solar power consider themselves Green. However, are they willing to cut the forests to clear the lands needed for these energies? I seriously doubt it. A nuclear plant needs far less.

      I saw this morning an article that suggests a new nuclear energy that used spent uranium – and can operate without human aid for up to 100 years. Gates and friends are considering it for power for small cities and developments. They were talking about burying the plant. Just think, no plant taking up space somewhere, no maintenance costs, just initial investment, and a 100 year life. But I can bet few enviornmentalists will be in favor of it.

      • Robin from Arcadia, IN

        45 caliber… It makes sense, so what are the chances it will be implemented? It just seems that solutions that make sense are discarded. Go figure.

        • 45caliber

          Actually I don’t believe they intend to replace the oil with something else. They simply want us to stop building power plants completely and shut down some we have. I think the entire idea of switching is simply an argument to keep us from insisting on building more oil-based power plants – and that they only appear to be pushing green power generation to keep us from realizing that they don’t want us to have more power. More power means more expansion. They don’t want expansion since that tends to keep us at the forefront of progress.

          I think they not only want to limit growth but they want to reduce what we do have here. Therefore the brownouts. They are trying to convince us – the customers of energy – that we can have energy only when they want to give it to us. Further, if/when we get an EMP wave sufficient to destroy electronics, they won’t have to worry about someone actually getting a power plant back up or the wave missing a few of the power plants.

          Take the nuke plant I spoke about above. If it is buried and doesn’t need maintenance or operators, then it is resistant to any EMP wave. The rich can get one installed (like Gates) now so they will have power without worrying about it but the rest of us will be at their mercy as far as power is concerned. And if all the refineries are elsewhere, they don’t really have to worry about the people using the oil up either. It will be there in a couple of generations for their use.

          • grannymae


            I don’t know if I agree with the nuke power. I find it real risky! What do we do if the plant is buried and we have an earth quake ? Also what do we do with all the waste? We have so much waste of the nuke variety now that I worry about any more plants. We don’t have to worry about the energy plants but there is a tremendous amount of medical waste too. Right now there is a big waste dump in Georgia right on the Savanna river and it is poluting the river. How do they clean up a situation like that? How many people are getting poisoned by this thing and don’t realize it? We can’t trust the government to take proper care of anything especially the things that effect our very lives and health. I really don’t want to trust them with the running of more nuke plants. As for wind and solar there is a lot of expense involved in getting started and then even in the up keep of such systems. Not only are solar panels expensive but so are the battery’s and you need a lot of them and then what do you do when you have to get rid of them? In some places they charge you to get rid of batteries and tires. Many elderly and low income people can’t afford that. Then you have the green cars and that makes me laugh. They don’t use gas but they sure do use coal to recharge them because they have to be recharged by electricity and most of that is thanks to coal run plants ! To become energy effecient is going to take a long time. You can’t just switch over like turning on and off a switch but there are a lot of people out there that seem to think you can. I don’t know 45 I think we have a long way to go yet and a lot of thinking and planning to do to make the nuke safe !


      WAYNE T. we are reaping what we have sown…america voted in obama and now we are paying the price. you will not see real change in this country until
      1) americans have ABSOLUTELY nothing else to lose
      2) martial law is declared
      3) the feds start door to door gun grabs
      4) patriots are dragged out of their homes and sent off to the fema camps..
      5) rfid chips become reality..

      then and only then will real change happen in this country.

      bitch and moan on discussion bords all you want..
      send petitions to politicians and congress all you want..
      vote for the best LIAR out there every election all you want

      the fact is washington doesnt care what we the people want..
      the media doesnt report the truth…
      the polls are lies..

      the last true president we had that cared about the country was shot in dallas for his stand against the global elitists..
      all the rest have been puppets DOING AS INSTRUCTED to do..

      that you can believe in.

      i would like to think there are a couple of good ones out there

      RON PAUL


      • grannymae

        Sounds like a man with a plan ! I agree with most of what you say and you may be right on what is needed.

  • Mick

    Bob says:
    March 7, 2011 at 7:22 am
    I do not think he gives a hoot. He and his elitist friends have an agenda they are pushing whether the folk like it or not. This dictatorship needs to be rooted out. Our “representatives” do not represent the people. It is supposed to be by and for the people. Since when did the minority rule the majority?!
    Bob…I totally agree with you but who is to say what the minority or majority is anymore ?
    Eveybody lie about everything now days, from top to bottom people will say and do just about anything for their gain only. I am so disgusted the way the population is behaving not knowing right from wrong or not giving a damn about it and our representatives are no different therefore they do represent us.
    I like to see for once society put the good of the country first and realize that hard work and moral values matter and kick many of our official to the curb with the clear message that compromises to benefit a few self serving bums will not be tolerated,walk the line or walk out.

    • 45caliber

      I think that you may have explained why the majority of the South isn’t following the Democrat line any more. Lies, in the South, are considered a crime worse than murder. And these politicians aren’t even phased when they are caught in lies; they just shrug, insist that everyone lies, and then go right back to doing it again.

      In the North lies are acceptable. But in the South, they are not. Anyone caught generally gets a bad rep and has a hard time getting anyone to pay attention to him/her after that.

      But most of the politicians that we don’t like are from the Northern states or California, aren’t they?

      • bob wire

        The south is racially polarized, always has been and today this goes a long way explaining a GOP southern dominance, a WASP predisposition.

        Feel free to take exception, I’d enjoy such a debate.

  • Warrior

    The “Closing Act” will come once the almighty “Dollar” is no longer the world’s “Reserve Currency” and the great ponzi scheme will end. Then let the next one begin.

    • Christin

      Yes, the ‘last act’… the engineered collapse of the US dollar (with the pyramid and evil eye on it) to the orchestrated rise of China as the new world dominance and power… until TPTB rip that, too, from them and from the NWO for Elites only… can’t you all see the politicians who are trying to make millions to get into the big Billionaire Club with soros to be a rightful Elites who will reign in this evil empire while they globally control everything the enslaved people (who were not eliminated)do.

      • grannymae

        I think you nailed it!

  • Charles

    Heartbroken over the direction this White House, Main Stream Media and their friends are trying to take Americe. Sad. All secret deals will some day be out in the open.


      Yeah, sometime after we are probably all dead & gone.

  • David

    He has a Mulligan when it comes to polls. There is a large group that will approve of anything he does no matter how bad it is. Call it a Mulligan or an affirmative action vote whatever it is a fixed approval even if he eats children.

    • 45caliber

      The Democrats and the Republicans consider that they have 45% of the vote tied up regardless of issues or who is running for this reason. The actual decision of who gets elected depends upon the remaining 10%. The Dems try to use their positions in office to “buy” enough of the remaining 10% to win and the GOP isn’t far behind them.

  • J.M.R.

    if this muslim dick-tater gets a mark above 0 thats to much, hes the biggest scum bag to sit in the w.h. since carter.

  • Raggs

    Somebody should stop doing these polls… sooner or later usurper obama is going to figure out what he is doing wrong and find a way to blame that on Bush.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      you mean you haven’t heard him and his “Bush made me do it!!!”?

  • FlaJim

    Maybe a number of people will sit up and take notice when a number of significant states pass laws that will prohibit him even appearing on the ballot unless he can produce a birth certificate and proof of citizenship.

    • Teresa

      Yes, I am glad to see the states pushing for bills to show proof of birth before being placed on ballot.
      btw, if unemployment is down as the administration suggest and jobs really are being created like Obama says then its ok to drop the 99 wk unemployment ck. and go back to the 27 wk. right????? Just teasing ya’ll know those figures aren’t true…I just love hearing the administration trying to push the bogus lies…lol
      And also, why is the US giving 5 million to foreign aid for “green projects”? Aren’t we broke? Ahh thats right…Obama WANTS to give OUR money away, destroy our nation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • grannymae


        Love Ya ! Got to admit I feel the same way. Sure do hope they make it a law that everyone has to show their birth certificate and proof of citizenship, to run for any office or hold any position in the cabinet. I would have thought that would have been manditory right from the git go ! Like my daddy use to say “we are too soon old and too late shmart !”

  • Joe

    Obama is a product of George Sorros!!!!!

    • Teresa

      And Soros is w/Rothchild

    • grannymae


      Maybe the answer to the problem is to remove Soros from the picture. Is there any way to send him back to Germany where he came from?

  • jb80538

    I just hope that people’s memories are not so short when 2012 comes. Don’t forget how badly this big eared guy is trying to screw up America!

  • Bill from Laos

    Only 60% disapprove of The Usurper? Should be 95%! He has
    focused on gaining more power for his minions, taking away more
    of our freedoms, while doing nothing – NOTHING – to grow the economy.
    Nothing was done to stimulate small business growth, the engine of
    our economy, and help people in financial distress. He collaborated
    with his financier, Soros, to stop the drilling her & sent the rigs to
    Brasil so he & Soros make themselves money. Impeach him! Challenge
    his eligibility & dump him! NOT talk about “reelection.” Continuing on
    with Obama is madness. Can’t people see that??!!!

    • 45caliber

      But you have to remember that the Welfare group supports him – both those receiving it and those working for it. Many other branches of the government also owe their jobs to many of the things he backs. That’s where he gets a lot of his vote. Illegals (closer to 40 million of them rather than the 10-20 million they admit to) also supports the Dems since they want all the “free” stuff they can get so they can save more of their pay checks. Many unions support the Dems for similar reasons. When you add all these together, it comes up to about 40% of the voters.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        He’s also like a leopard trying to change his spots! notice today he has changed his mind about trials at GITMO??? Now, since the election is getting closer and he’s taking a beating in the polls, he’s trying to impress the people with his central positioning, although we all KNOW it is non-exhistant!!

    • grannymae

      You got it but now we have to get the house to go along with that idea. Obama has Pelosi to watch his back and that is a formidable apponate when it comes to the rest of the house ! I say impeach her too !

  • LES

    The percentage of people still looking for the utopia they were promised will still vote for him.

    • WayneT

      The only one who will vote for this Muslim will be the retards, Muslims, and the Communist. There is not any person in their right mind wold vote for this kind of person who is seeking out how to destroy us. God help us to get this nation back on the right track again the way it used to be.

    • bob wire

      I know of no one that expected a Utopia. Unless opposition can produce a valid candidate that can project some confidence that they are capable enough to handle the job and not someones political puppet that will dance for a dime. “O” will get my vote.

      This decision is really is not up to me if I’m offered no choice but a repeat of 2008.

      Begin “well liked” is criteria for getting elected but not really part of the President of the USA job description.

      If you value and wish to “be well liked”, don’t hold a first chair position.

      Considering the volatility 2010 and 2011 has offered us, we have came a long way and dodges many bullets. There appears to be no sign of things letting up as Libya and Egypt goes though a rebirth or we deal with public employee issues here Stateside. We need a strong helmsman to keep Heads of State out of things that don’t serve our best interest as the world seems to be coming undone around us.

      McCain was not such a man, perhaps you can offer the nation someone less lacking next time?

      “O” did not create any of these issues and smart enough to allow all parties the latitude to work through the issues, holding faith in the systems in place that a just solution will be reached without his hand in the mix.

      Why cry for presidential leadership when leadership is already in place on the local level?

      No Drama Bama has threaded the needle many time where pitfall, destroy and peril waited on all sides. If you don’t see this as being the case and think McCain would have done Americans better, you and I must accept the fact we simply disagree.

      Your job today is to offer Americans a worthy Presidential Candidate that people like myself would consider. I’m attempting to help you!

      • Ted Crawford

        “It is as useless to argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason as to administer medicine to the dead” T. Jefferson! Nuff said here

        • http://?? Joe H.


      • sb36695

        “capable enough to handle the job”
        This eliminates the vote for Obama.

      • meteorlady

        Adam West, Ron Paul, Condi Rice…. all viable.

        Instead I fear you might be right – we will get retreads like Gingrich, Romney, etc. and we don’t need these controlled, self-serving politicians.

        BUT I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR OBAMA, never…… if I did it would be a vote for George Soros and all the evil he would place on the world with his social engineering schemes.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          don’t forget to include Duncan Hunter Sr!

      • 45caliber


        You don’t know of anyone who expected a utopia, huh?

        How about all the people who believed that because he was “black” the government was going to pay for their new cars and mortgages. That he was going to give the blacks a million dollars a year “reparations”. That he was going to make them legal immigrants – or at least make everyone accept them as illegal. Or any of the similar groups?

        All of them were considering those things as utopia.

        • bob wire

          “How about all the people who believed that because he was “black” the government was going to pay for their new cars and mortgages. ”

          45, with the utmost respect, I do not now or have I ever been certain what anyone believes much less thinks. This is a skill I don’t possess and I don’t believe you do either.

          Any talk of some Utopia, I missed completely or discounted it as I do much of the nonsense we read here on these forums.

          I refrain from assuming when it’s not necessary.

          I accept that you have your reasons for doing so and my acceptance should be enough but please don’t attempt to think for others and cite it as being gospel. There is just too much of that going on here from many of you.

          You can’t read minds and beside that most people lie, they lie to themselves and the lie to each other. It’s not always with willful intent but a bad habit.

          I don’t know or fellowship with that many Negros, what few 15 or so that I do know personally are just Negros, it doesn’t affect their thinking or their brain.

          I’ve heard some off color jokes told by white people but they were just racist jokes, like Jewish or Pollock or Irish jokes, not something to build or make a valid political statement on. They were just funny ha! ha! and not for general consumption.

          I accept your bias 45.

          The reason “O” is your president is because McCain lost an election, it was his to lose and he did.

          All McCain needed to have done, was shown some leadership qualities and quit hopping about like his butt was on fire, stayed on message and to have picked a solid VP. His campaign was a disaster and full of petty drama.

          McCain attempted to sell us an illusion of something that he wasn’t and lost the swing vote and the youth vote. Today, we still don’t know who or what McCain is, other then a man fighting to keep his job.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            If you don’t want to rely on “mind reading”, then rely on the news reels right before the election! There were all kinds of people interviewed that SAID they believed things like 45 posted!! Research it!

      • grannymae

        You would vote to continue with this guy in the direction he is taking us and loose our sovereignty then you are nuts ! Why in the name of John would you vote to continue in the same direction when you know it is wrong and we are going to loose our freedom in the end ? You must be living in another fantasy world !




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    God grace thank you bob STENECK

    On Thu, Jan 20, 2011 at 4:06 PM, Joe Biden wrote:

    Robert –

    It was two years ago today that Barack and I were sworn in, and I remember what he said like it was this morning:

    “The challenges we face are real, they are serious, and they are many. They will not be met easily or in a short span of time. But know this, America: They will be met.”

    Even then, we knew it would take time. We knew it would be hard. And we knew we would sometimes make mistakes.

    But we did not lose sight of what we came to do.

    Together, we took on difficult issues that had been put off for decades. And some say we have accomplished more in two years than any administration since Roosevelt’s.

    Take it from me, that’s something you should take to heart — because none of it would have been possible without your hard work.

    But the job’s not done.

    I am reminded of that every time I travel to the small towns in Pennsylvania, Iowa, New Mexico — all over — and on the weekends I get home to Delaware. I meet folks who are still struggling, who want to know when the recovery will start to turn things around for their family.

    These people are why we can’t quit.

    And moving forward with this new Congress, we will need to defend what we’ve achieved together as aggressively as we pursue the goals that remain.

    I believe in the power of public service because I’ve seen what it has done throughout our country’s history to combat social and economic injustice. And I am proud to say it’s a story that continues in the remarkable progress we’ve made in the past two years. To tell it, Organizing for America has written Promises Kept.

    Take a look at the Promises Kept report of all the work we’ve done in two years — you can download a copy or have a few sent to you to share with friends.

    There’s a whole lot to be proud of.

    Of course, the big ones come to mind first: historic health insurance reform, which is reining in the insurance companies and helping control the cost of care for millions of Americans; Wall Street reform, which put in place the toughest consumer protections ever; and the end of combat operations in Iraq, which brought more than 100,000 troops home.

    And there is so much more you’ve helped achieve that is right now improving lives across the country:

    — We passed the Recovery Act, which saved and created more than 3 million jobs, provided the largest middle-class tax cut in a generation, and made landmark investments in clean energy, infrastructure, and education.

    — We made critical investments in General Motors and Chrysler, saving tens of thousands of jobs — and perhaps the companies — and spurring a rebirth of the American car industry.

    — We wrote into law student loan reform and credit card reform, which ended the worst abuses of the banking industries and are making lending fair for American families.

    — We put two new Supreme Court justices on the bench — Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, who bring rich and diverse experience to the Court.

    — We have begun to reset America’s relationship with the international community, from the ratification of a new START nuclear arms treaty with Russia to tough new sanctions on Iran to strengthening our long-term partnership with a unified Iraq.

    — And we finally repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” which was the right thing to do — not only because it makes our military stronger at a time when it needs to be the strongest, but because we are seeking that military might with an abiding sense of justice.

    Telling the story of the past two years will be critical to the fights ahead. And it’s not just the story of this president or this White House — it’s your story.

    And it is literally proof that the organizing you do on the ground — the conversations you have with your friends and neighbors — is working.

    Now, I’m not going to say the last two years were easy — and I won’t tell you the fights ahead are going to get any easier.

    But I didn’t sign up for a cake walk. And I’m pretty sure you didn’t either.

    We’re here to move our country forward. We’re here to lay a new foundation for this country — for our economy, for our politics, and for our children’s and grandchildren’s futures.

    And, as Barack says, what we will be able to accomplish together is in your hands.

    It’s how hard we all work, and how well we all tell this story.

    Take a few minutes to read Promises Kept — and let’s keep moving:

    Thanks for everything,




    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Bobby.. What was that? I can’t tell if you’re liberal or conservative? Could you possibly condense a response as to what your post was?

      • grannymae

        He appears to be on something, either that or his real name is sheene!

  • s c

    What? The Anointed is a mere mortal? He can’t walk on the Potomac? He can’t even bring the dead back to life – unless you’re a dead voter in Chicago.
    So what did you expect, America?
    In some ways, TAO was groomed for the ‘job” just like Bubba Clinton. Bubba had an advantage that the TAO doesn’t yet understand. Bubba coud go through the motions of being a centrist.
    TAO is so dependent on Soros and alinsky that even America’s entire whore media machine can’t make TAO look like a centrist. Awwww. So Sorry.
    And, fortunately for America, TAO surrounds himself with space cadets, psychotics, eugenics peddlers and a host of moral perverts (aka czars).
    Pity the poor Anointed One – NOT! Pity America. The cure will be painful and incredibly expensive.

    • 45caliber

      I will admit that he is good at bringing the dead back to life long enough to vote …

  • Tom SC

    I read this statement of a pre-schooler a couple days ago and thought about how well it sums it all up. Back in Feb. Obama stepped out of the WhiteHouse and saw his shadow. That means 2 more years of Obama….Thats why we can’t get rid of him now, everybody is waiting for 2012. A lot of damage can be done between now and then.

    • 45caliber

      Which we were HOPING to mitigate with the GOP Congress. But it looks as if most of them are willing to hang on his coat tails too.

      • JC

        And make the under aged old enough to vote…just for a day.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Tom SC,
      As Art linkletter used to say, Kids say the darndest things, I think of it as “out of the mouths of babes, the truth shall flow”!!!

  • Chitown

    Obama, Soros, Geithner, all the BILDERBERGS and their sheep had this all planned based on their meeting last year. They wanted gasoline prices over $4/gal. last Fall and a world economic depression. Daniel Estulin made his first presentation at the EU to alert this. Obama and Soros will make their Billions from their investment in Brazilian Oil, financed by Obama’s Executive Order of $2 Billion, which the media never talked about.

    Geithner’s father and Obama’s mother worked together at the Ford Foundation in Indonesia so their bosom buddies. (Ford has a history of marxist support/agenda.) Federal Reserve will NEVER get investigated nor audited as long as Obama is in office. Ron Paul’s youth followers are fully aware of what’s really happening. We just need the older generation to wake up and see what’s really happening to our lives.


      Chitown, I am 71 years old, and I knew that BHO was a fraud that spoke pretty words with no real meaning at the Dem Convention in 2004. The blind acceptance of “DIVERSITY” is going to destroy this country, just like the Roman Empire.

      • bob wire

        Yea , we know. 43 was more your kind of spokesman.

        Well Jukebox, ~ I’m not sure of what to offered you considering what you seem to like.

        Being able to convey your thoughts and feeling to where they are understood is desired by most people.

        Some people have problems with concise language and prefer gray, ambiguous language and hand signals, depends on the crowd you a running with I suppose.

        It’s hard to hoot with the owls and soar with the eagles.

        • 45caliber

          I don’t think Oblama and Soros are eagle-types. They remind me more of buzzards, reaping the wealth of the dead …

          • bob wire

            Lofty positions for a Buzzard, but no less a job to do. Being the most powerful individual in the world has some serious downside. ~ You are a target for anyone that thinks they are faster or know more then you do and they are not required to prove it or show it.

            I endured 43, you are just into your 2nd years, set back and enjoy the show. Mine was 8 years long!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I can almost guarantee you the people are smarter this time so I don’t think my suffering will be anywhere near as long as yours, poor boob!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Geese louise! I hit one “o” too many. Guess that’s just like the U.S.A.s problem, one too many “O”s!!!

          • http://naver samurai

            “A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.” George Bernard Shaw. 하나님 하고 나라를 위해서! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Chitown

    We also need to ask the White House “Why is there a NEW BIO-CHEMICAL TESTING FACILITY” being built in Kansas, in the middle of the country. It’s being kept hush-hush.

    • s c

      There are at least three reasons why a so-called secret facility is being built in Kansas. First, labor (employee) costs will be lower than in New York or California. Second, The locals are seen as more stable than in population centers. Third, someone thinks biotech jobs will be even more important than they are now.
      Unless or until they start making nasty substances that can kill people, I don’t think you’ll get any info by seeing it as hush hush. If Soros has anything to do with it, that’s a different matter, Chitown.

      • bob wire

        All good points SC. ~ Equal response time to all areas of the US and less dense population might have been factors as well.

    • JC

      Say, while you’re there, ask them WTF all those (800?) concentration style FEMA Camps are all about too.

      • Robin from Arcadia, IN

        JC… When you find out who/what is behind the FEMA camps, let us all know!

        • JC

          The fact that everything about them is kept a secret from the American people is enough to consider them evil. They should be dismantled, with a Howitzer if necessary.

  • Bitter Libertarian

    The only marks across the board that this individual should get, are skid marks as he is forced down plank into the drink.

  • Charles

    Tom SC,
    You are right ,Obama still can do a lot of damadge between now and 2012. He can be slowed down, if the Republicans hold true, to the reasons, we turned the House over to them to begin with. If they can`t, then we need to vote every one of them back out, encluding the Speaker himself ( JB ).

    • bob wire

      I’ve always thought JB was an empty shirt and I don’t like being hash with my judgment. I wish he’d say or do something to change my mind about him.

      • WayneT

        What???? What mind, bob ware? If you have one, your sure not using it very well. Or it is possible your a Muslim, a Commie, or both. You would have to be to support the man we have in there now.

        • meteorlady

          Argue intelligently – liberals call names and insult people.

          • WayneT

            meteorlady, Bob will not try to reason intelligently. His mind is closed like a vault. He will no allow anyone access to that that menory of his so how can any person debate a man that already has a closed mind. All the things that people have discussed on this forum regarding why we should not have a Muslim in our Whitehouse who want to turn this country into a Socialist Nation still pulls for Obama without giving a good sound reason.

          • bob wire

            unworthy comment, Wayne’s wounds are self inflicted and the joke is on him and no one else.

            If Wayne would actually make a political statement worthy of consideration that warranted some response we could all be surprised.

          • eddie47d

            Wayne too busy screaming about Muslims and commies to come up with a rational thought.

          • JC

            Communism needs to die. Was that rational enough for you eddie?

          • bob wire

            “Bob will not try to reason intelligently. His mind is closed like a vault. ”

            You confuse me for another or you have been exposed to my evil twin that only response to sweeping, generally polarizing, inflammatory, crass statements that seem to be coming from a “burning bush”.

          • http://naver sook young

            We should also get rid of any and all programs that he have started while in office. We need to get rid of welfare and many other programs this great country has created through the years. We should never encourage our government to create new programs, because it just really encourages them to beggar us all. “There is no art in which one government sooner learns of another than that of draining money from the pockets of the people.” Adam Smith. We should tell all liberals in office that their taxation is essentially theft by their big bully government. I believe in the power of the people. Thank you.

            Sook Young
            Wife of the Samurai

          • http://?? Joe H.

            sook young,
            Very well stated, indeed!!!! Too bad it’s wasted on some of the progs here!!

          • grannymae


            Good post. I agree we need to get rid of welfare and all the programs where we give money to countries that hate us. If Obama wants to give them money then let him give them his own money and leave mine and your money alone ! And if we start drilling for oil in this country we could sell it to China and pay off our loan in no time and get back on our feet. Won’t happen with Obama in the WH.

  • http://com i41

    As long as taxpayers keep providing train loads of free money for mush headsed jackasses who can not find their way home. Even with a map tatooed on their hands. All that money goes to book trained never do anything useful “experts” professors, but embrace theories. Onumnutts is the poster child for dumb over educated idoit bastards in office. There is a overload of idoits like him in the beltway money wasting agencies doing nothing to help create a real job. If people had read the marxist muslim moron’s books and done any research on the jug eared idoit, shouldn’t be surprised at what a slub her has been. Just go to any democrap marxist/communist party love in, colleges, schools, or union gatherings and listen to the total stupidity of these mental midgets walking around praising Onumnutts.

    • Pamela

      If the topic weren’t so deadly serious, it would be just hilarious to see you refer to anyone else as a *mental midget*….although congrats are in order! You actually managed to spell those two words correctly.

    • WayneT

      This is for Bob & Eddie. I would make a rational statement, Bob & Eddie, but since I realize you two could not comrehend it, I just thought I would shorten it up a little. A lot of the Conservatives on this forum has made a lot of good rational post, but you two just don’t seem to get it. Read this, and go back to your hibernation state.

      • bob wire

        “A lot of the Conservatives on this forum has made a lot of good rational post, but you two just don’t seem to get it. ”

        Agreed, they do! and now it’s your turn.

  • http://charter howe

    Bobby, your blog is a mess, please cut back on that sh_t your smoking, long enough to give us a lecture we can understand. If enough of WE THE PEOPLE are engaged and really interested in seeing us remain the greatest nation on earth, we must vote the progressive liberal socialist democrats out of office on 2 Nov 2012. The consequence will be that the rich will leave the country, the poor will get poorer, there will be lots of unrest because the jobs will continue to disappear and the entitlement crowd will want to riot and destroy what they think is cheating them out of their constitutional right to force taxpayers to pay their bills. Far-fetched, look at Greece and a few other countries. Somewhere we lost the Constitutional principals and the rule of law. We can do better.

    • eddie47d

      Half of what Bobby said was very relevant the other half was ramblin’ out into space.

      • WayneT

        Eddie, he has to be an Obama supporter to be talking like that.

  • meteorlady

    “According to Reuters, the nation’s unemployment rate — which has hovered between 9 and 10 percent over the past several months — may be the biggest issue heading into next year’s Presidential election. Analysts told the media outlet that the figure needs to drop below 8 percent by the fall of 2012 for voters to feel optimistic about Obama’s handling of the economy.”

    I’m pretty sure it will be around 8% when next year comes. If not, he will make it so by manipulating the figures. It’s really around 20% if you count correctly.

    • 45caliber

      I saw an article this morning saying unemployment is closer to 27% now…

      • grannymae

        With Obama cutting the funding to the Space program you can bet the unemployment numbers won’t be going down soon. Just the space center in Fla. is like a city all of it’s own. So you could say Obama has just laid off a whole city ! Nice work !

        • grannymae

          I wonder how many layoffs will be coming from Huntsville and Houston and California ? Nice shot Obama !

  • bob wire

    “The consequence will be that the rich will leave the country, the poor will get poorer, there will be lots of unrest because the jobs will continue to disappear and the entitlement crowd will want to riot and destroy what they think is cheating them out of their constitutional right to force taxpayers to pay their bills.”

    You speak like the wealthy hold all the cards and you are willing to follow them to the end of the earth.

    Sorry, I don’t look at my life that way. I don’t look at the world that way. I’m not a Sea Gull.

    I will admit that the wealthy have only one vote and this creates problems come election time as they are vastly out numbered.

    So they have spent some serious loot in educating (programing) people to think certain ways and even reward some of their soldiers on occasions.

    I understand, being out numbered, they must get people to vote against their own best self interest. ~ A Tall Task, I must say.

    From the tenor of your post, you made an excellent student.

    If the wealthy wish to leave and enjoy the uncertainty and unrest in the rest of the world, far be it from me to resist their desires and destiny.

    If their loyalty to America is that shallow, I’m not convinced they are a true asset as you seem to believe.

    I’m got much to say about this, but no time, luck you!

    • eddie47d

      Excellent Bob

      • http://?? Joe H.

        If all the rich leave here, there will be a LOT less jobs and by that, YOUR business will be non exhistant as well! The only ones that can afford your services are the WORKING people!! The poor aren’t gonna put food on YOUR table. Better think about YOUR family as well!!

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      bob wire… Since the wealthy are so vastly outnumbered, it seems that leaves a lot of poor people to easily become mindless sheeple voting for the one who promises the most handouts. I would be considered on the poor side, I suppose, but I am not a sheeple. Overnight wealth only happens if you are the holder of a winning lottery ticket. Otherwise, a lot of blood, sweat, and tears is the formula for those who are prominent in society. The risk-takers; the go-gethers; the work-aholics. It takes someone who is gutsy and business minded to go for it. It doesn’t take much to be a sheeple.

      • 45caliber


        • bob wire

          “The risk-takers; the go-gethers; the work-aholics. It takes someone who is gutsy and business minded to go for it. It doesn’t take much to be a sheeple.” so true!

          I know many such people and they are not wealthy by a far cry.

          It would be nice to get beyond simply the word wealthy.

          I’ve grossed 200,000. to pay taxes on 90,000. I wasn’t rich, I wasn’t poor ~ and I darn sure wasn’t wealthy. ~ I was tired! and hated to give up a dime! ~ But what was good for the wealthy didn’t mean that it was good for me.

      • eddie47d

        Yes Robin,everyone who disagrees with your opinion is a sheeple. That is accordingly to your opinion.

        • bob wire

          No eddie , that’s not what she was saying ~ she was offering quandary to my post with example and context and was seeking some elaboration for clarity.

          I understood her quandary.

      • bob wire

        Well Robin, ~ even at a top 5% , they truly are greatly out numbers. One can’t help but be sympathetic and willing to overlook their efforts to control any election process as they are at a serious disadvantage.

        However my sympathy does have limits and boundaries. There is a need for a strong middle class as I see it. They need us and we need them. They will find similar circumstances wherever they wish to go, if not today, then tomorrow.

        I’ve spent some time living in places that require security and compound enclosures to separate and protect the “haves” from the “have not”. It’s nothing new, I actually liked it! but it comes at a high cost.

        I do not wish there to be a class warfare and some greatly pronounced division. But it’s here anyway. ~ It’s just the struggle of life, we are blessed to have what we have and the means to defend ourselves and keep it, just like the wealthy, what we don’t have in wealth,, we make up for in numbers.

        Until the number of wealthy are growing fewer and having less like the decline of middle classes since 84. I see them having little need of my assistance to see their will done. They seem to be doing very well according to what I’ve heard.

        Have you heard differently?

        • http://?? Joe H.

          The top 5% need nothing except a place to keep their money and a place to spend it! People that have hundreds of millions don’t actually need us for anything. If you aren’t there to do the job for them, there are hundreds of thousands of others that are!! If they want to make more money, yes they need us, but besides that one thing, they can live like kings for generations to come! We, on the other hand need them to create more jobs, pay our wages and make our situation better!

          • bob wire

            So true Joe, they really don’t need us unless they stick around. They can live anywhere and governments and “hangers-on” will bow and scrape over them, enticing them to stay, honor them with heads of state positions and security forces, which will last until the next overthrow and civil unrest, then they can de de mioh, leave, if they can make it out.

            So I fail to see buying their allegiance an option worthy consideration as it hasn’t really worked in the past as 43′s tax credit has proven. Nor would I wish to depend on their benevolence. Not too suggest the wealthy are not benevolent for they truly are. But benevolence is no way to run a railroad and for myself, I have zero interest in my well being connected to someone’s benevolence. Just the thought make my blood boil.

            We are a consuming nation with out equal.

            But all of this is subject to change, as change is the only thing that can be promised, if tomorrow comes.

            The Robber Barron, uses up, extracts the wealth and then moves on.

            This Robber Barron has come to be, by laws that have be enacted, such at free trade (that Mccain supports) NAFT, etc.

            Which is fine and good I suppose, but I fear this is not good for the “future” of America or Americans unless running about barefooted and living in grass huts is considered a preference.

            We are manufacturing and exporting quality goods and importing every damn thing under the sun! Some is very good, some is not.

            Our American business can not compete with state subsidized manufacturing, that has a labor force that wear no shoes and has no running water to their homes. All a condition that has being created by our consumption, loose trade laws and third world countries non existent environment laws or world nations enforcement.

            I see it for what it is, for what it has become, and I see much uncertainty in the future without a serious attitude adjustment by American.

            I do not think that the world is ready for what’s coming. The lust for money and power is upon us. How do we fight this “thAng”? This demon born of man in hells kitchen. The demon has always been around but never was he so large as today.

            Following the Robber Barron around and doing his bidding is no answer to today’s or tomorrows problems.

    • 45caliber

      speaking of sea gulls …

      I live near the coast. Recently I was walking across a Target parking lot when a boy threw out a lot of bread crumbs. Instantly there was a cloud of gulls, screaming and fighting over the crumbs another bird had while ignoring the bread still on the ground. It was so dense it was difficult to see through the bird cloud.

      When I walked out the other side, I met a woman pushing a basket to her car. She looked at me and said, “Democrats.”

      I said, “Exactly.”

      • bob wire

        Yea , that’s your programing, it’s been very effective and has you voting the vote of a wealthy man.

        The wealthy are someone we “wished” we held more in common with. Sea Gulls are opportunist, we see the wealthy as a potential opportunity. We see the poor and needy as baggage, dead weight something to avoid.

        It all boils down to, “What can you do for me?” and then a value or label is attached to the person.

        If I am all of these things, what might be your excuse?

        I can see Sea Gulls as Republicans, I can also see them as Democrats.

        But I see the poor and needful as NON-political as they have little voice, have failed to engage in the political process or enjoy the American Dream. That your programing requires you to label their as democrats is only due the DNC wiliness to afford them consideration.

        The fault is not theirs but the DNC’s. So place the blame were it belongs 45. If they thought as you did, they would be Republicans.

      • grannymae


        LOL Nice one I love it !

        • http://naver samurai

          So did I. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Chuck D

    BHO was an empty suit when he was elected as president. He has done nothing to fill the suit, indecision, criticism of the U.S., no economic policies to “grow” the national economy. The debt is going up, the world respect is falling, we need a leader not an empty suit in the White House. Our Congress needs some leadership too, not the Harry and Nancy type but leaders who will “listen to the people” and do their bidding not big business, big politics, etc. Leadership, people’s ideas, sound economic policy all needed to make the United States of American a great natiion again. Health care composed by the people in “town meeting” across the nation, the people will pay for it and live or die under it so they should have a hand in writing the proposal even before the Congress sees it.

  • Erik Osbun

    George Bush asked:”Is this man qualified to be President?” Now you have your answer, much less the legality of his vetting.

  • Charles

    I hate to say this, but Obama will probley wil go down as the worst Preident this country has ever seen. Being a man of color, it`s to bad
    he is the type of person he is. We needed this man to be a real leader of the free world and not some Marxist, Socialists jerk. A lot of whites voted for him and he sure has disapointed a lot of people.
    I think the whites know they made a big mistake and also the people of color know that electing him also was a big mistake.He wants to take all of us down the path of ruin.

    • WayneT

      Yep! he is a disgrace to both races. I have heard African/Americans say they voted for Obama, but they will not make the same mistake again. Obama is hurting our entire nation and not any ethnicity of people want to see that happen.

    • grannymae

      A lot of people, black and white screwed up by voting for him but guess what, they will do it all over again in 2012 just to vote party. Talk about biting your nose off to spite your face , they are surley going to do it !

  • Fly By Night

    We need to keep our chins up high; and pray Obama gets IMPEACHED!!!

  • Daniel Sanders

    We can give this country back to the people. If I were president I would fire all representatives. Then go on T.V lay out some plans for the economy, job creation etc. Then have the people vote either by internet or phone. That way each american has a voice in the process.Of course i would be assinated shortly there after.

  • http://com i41

    Since Whorehound Clinton was the first black pimp President, Onumnutts will be the first crossbred Oreo wanna be black marxist muslim Prez. Whites will not admit if they voted for the slub, because that would ruin that they voted for the marxist because they are color blind. Black will claim the piece of dung till hell freeze over since he is black. Anus Powell thought he was qualified and would do a good job, Anus powell was sure America needed Onumnutts to have a black Prez, was he a dork affermanative action 2nd class idoit with a given rank, not earned.

    • Pamela

      Your argument would carry more credence if you made a concerted effort to use fewer inflammatory and deliberately misspelled words and far less name calling and adulteration. Using spell check would also be a good idea for the words you didn’t deliberately misspell, such as *affermanative* and *idoit*. And after digging through that mess and trying to extract the gist of your message, I find it’s so racially loaded that it lacks all credence, after all. The problems that threaten our very existence in this country today are not racial in nature. Throwing out the race card every time you think you have something to say just distracts people from the real issues and is EXACTLY what those who are REALLY in power want you to do, because if we’re divided against ourselves, we can’t fight the real evil. So good for you, little Sheeple, you get your cookie now.

      • Jay

        I most definitely concur Pamela. Division is to their advantage. As long as we are divided, we are ineffective, and also not a threat! Have patience with the misguided, this could be your opportunity to do what you do best. Cheers!

  • 45caliber

    Carter set a standard for the worst President but at least Carter was basically honest. Just stupid. But I think Oblama is going to take that title from him without any difficulty at all.

    • grannymae

      YEP !

  • mj

    mr. obama is quite simply an embarassment to the usa



  • Raggs

    Who gives obama points for bowing to the dictators of the world?
    Thia man has shamed America!

    • bob wire

      It’s called “humility” , something you have yet to developed any appreciation for.

      It’s so simple, it’s complicated and you have simple missed it.

      That’s okay Raggs, you are in a majority. ~ sadly.

      I was 40 before I got it.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        It’s called a hidden hate for this country!!!

        • bob wire

          No, it’s just the way you are programed to view it Joe.

          I ask that you go back, research and review Christ coming before the ruling Governor Pilate for a little one on one. Christ was humble, respectful of title and position yet unwavering in his stance.

          Christ offer us an example to follow and that is “humility” is not a sign of submission or a weakness.

          This respectful openness deeply touched Pilate and he wished to wash his hands of the matter, wanting nothing to do with Christ. But he was an appointed ruler caught between a rock and a hard place. A man that would removed a head in a heart beat and think little of it was left to wash his hands and submit to the rule of Rome and local clergymen crying for Christ crucifixion.

          Can you stop for a minute and ponder the internal strength it requires to be humble during this encounter?

          I admit, it was hard for me to ever understand it as it seems to go against human nature. In fact, it does and requires great faith in self and much discipline that few manage to ever possess.

          I see it, I’m sorry that you can’t see it, maybe tomorrow.

          • JC

            Disagree Bob, no President should be on his knees for anyone. That isn’t humility, it’s subservience. But we should also NOT be involving ourselves in anyone’s affairs but our own. No Imperialism, no Nation Building, No more wars to further “American (corportae) Interests”. If we mind our own business, there is no need to be humble (apologetic) or subservient.

            America used to be a proud nation. Now we are lead by an “apologiist” who has changed exactly Nothing!

          • bob wire

            I understand your feeling JC and pron to agree with you

            But that fails the test of humility and the dynamics it imparts.

            To honor a lesser is an elevating experience for both parties.

            “Never does a man stand so tall when he bends down to help a child”

            Maybe that doesn’t exactly fit the occasion in the case in question but the dynamics are there.

            The practice of honoring people is not what it use to be and believe we are lesser for it.

            Speaking of that, reminds me of some mail I received this morning and would like to share with everyone.

            “You’re a 19 year old kid.

            You’re critically wounded and dying in the jungle somewhere in the Central Highlands of Viet Nam.
            It’s November 11, 1967. LZ (landing zone) X-ray.

            Your unit is outnumbered 8-1 and the enemy fire is so intense from 100 yards away, that your CO (commanding officer) has ordered the MedEvac helicopters to stop coming in.

            You’re lying there, listening to the enemy machine guns and you know you’re not getting out.
            Your family is half way around the world, 12,000 miles away, and you’ll never see them again.
            As the world starts to fade in and out, you know this is the day.

            Then – over the machine gun noise – you faintly hear that sound of a helicopter.
            You look up to see a Huey coming in. But.. It doesn’t seem real because no MedEvac markings are on it.

            Captain Ed Freeman is coming in for you. He’s not MedEvac so it’s not his job, but he heard the radio call and decided he’s flying his Huey down into the machine gun fire anyway.

            Even after the MedEvacs were ordered not to come. He’s coming anyway.

            And he drops it in and sits there in the machine gun fire, as they load 3 of you at a time on board.

            Then he flies you up and out through the gunfire to the doctors and nurses and safety.

            And, he kept coming back!! 13 more times!!
            Until all the wounded were out. No one knew until the mission was over that the Captain had been hit 4 times in the legs and left arm.
            He took 29 of you and your buddies out that day. Some would not have made it without the Captain and his Huey.

            Medal of Honor Recipient, Captain Ed Freeman, United States Air Force, died last Wednesday at the age of 70, in Boise , Idaho

            May God Bless and Rest His Soul.

      • grannymae

        It’s called stupidity Bob.

        • http://naver samurai

          This POTUS also has no honor. Can a man live without honor? No. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • grannymae


            I think we are living the result of too many men living with no honor! You are right !

  • http://com i41

    Pamela, that is the trouble with simpletons of the public schools system. If I am selling a poor doing head of livestock to a buyers. If i said he is just a worthless steer, it doesn’t mean squat. If I say it is a Mt branded, wormy looking, black, mix breed, brockle faced, rat tailed bovine, that is so damn dumb it took weeks to get it bunk broke to eat from a trough. The buyer is going to know this critter is barely worth the trucking to dispose of it. It is a skinny, fence walking, with poor gentic material peice of crap. Idoits that bought the medias sale barn bull to vote for a smart skilled supposedly USA supporter. They should have their heads kicked in for not checking this peice of dung when it was still in the yards, that we have in the WH now. Sooner Onumnutts is out of the holding pen the sooner our economy will recover if this marxist muslim moron and his radical domestic terrorist don’t disstry America first.

    • Pamela

      Your ramblings are so incoherent I cannot follow them. Step away from the coffee maker and into an English class. If you can’t learn to spell, then spell check is free. Making up new words for the purpose of being as insulting and inflammatory as possible does not make you appear more intelligent or well educated, it simply renders the reader bored and they wander off. Bottom line is you come across as the raving lunatic, screaming incoherently and foaming at the mouth, whom everyone is careful to avoid. To put it in terms even you should be able to understand: Your communication skills need work….a LOT of WORK.

      • Raggs

        Pam.. youre HOT….

      • bob wire

        For sure Pamela, but we’ve got use to it.

        and believe it or not, he does shine light in dark corners on occasions.

        You just have to get beyond the overwhelming bias, crass, roughness.

        Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t.

    • http://naver samurai

      I don’t know anything about cattle, but I do agree with your last sentence. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • TIME

    My weekly gas review, On Friday the 3/4/2011 it was $3.31.9 today Monday the 3/7/2011 its now $3.55.9. The fellow at our local Gas station said he thinks its will go up again by Wednsday the 9th of March to $3.75.9 per gallon.

    So thats just 4 days and gas has gone up here in little sleepy Athens GA, just $.25 cents.

    So what do you think Barrys Poll numbers will be in say four weeks when gas at the pump is say $5.00 PLUS Per gallon?

    Now keep in mind when gas was $1.40 per gallon at the pump in 2007 the media and Congress that was run by the Democrats were jumping up and down saying that this was all due to GWB and his Bud’s raping the American WORKER.

    Where is that media on this? Where are the Democrats in Congress now who alledged to be standing up for the WORKERS?
    Why are they all so quite now?

    • 45caliber

      They are quiet because the agree that we are using too much energy here in the US. We are robbing 90% of the world because we use so much of it. Therefore the price needs to be raised to that height to force us dense workers to cut back on energy use. After all, everyone knows that we simply drive all over the country for the fun of it when those in Europe uses trains or buses for travel. So it will make Oblama’s fast train economical if all of us are forced to use it instead of driving somewhere. After all, we should live closer to where we work (in their apartments, of course) instead of driving to work. Then we could walk – like they do in Europe again. And if we do insist on driving, well then, they have these Prius and other such cars to sell us at twice what a normal car getting almost the same milage will cost. That way they can get profits both ways.

      If I remember my history correctly, weren’t the serfs supposed to stay home and not leave the noble’s estate? If they did sneak away the nobles had to find more serfs who would work for nothing and those are hard to find.

      • Raggs

        Bet-ya obama has a pink bicycle with training wheels and a little light on the handle bars with a horn that blows….

    • WayneT

      The Liberals on this forum supporting the president will love to see gasoline go above $4.00 a gallon.

      • bob wire

        16 years ago, I said I would gladly pay 4.00 per gallon if we would stopped importing crude.

        My views haven’t changed and I’m not a liberal, just left of you.

        This cost is necessary for new market to spring up and develop.

        Other cost and wages will be required to follow.

        I hate it, but it must happen, the only question has always been when.

        Now is just as bad as any.

      • 45caliber

        I spoke with an attendent at a gas station last night. They are expecting to see $5 a gallon by June.

        • bob wire

          As I understand it, Wall Street Speculators are the ones responsible for driving up current prices. That’s just what I’m hearing.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      It was reported on the news tonight that there is a town on the east coast that is charging 4.899 a gallon!!

  • Charles

    I hear Obama is gearing up the money machine, hoping to raise over one billion dollars for his 2012 run for the roses. I just wonder how much of the 890 billion dollars of stimulas money will find it`s
    way to his front door. There is no way any one could keep track
    of that kind of money. I wonder how much him and his MARXIST GOONS have already stolen. Isn`t this the way dictators and their goons get rich from the aid we send to their countries to help their people?
    Put it in his pocket,because someday being a good Marxist, that Obama is, he may have to run for his life, just like all those other dictators have when they have fallen.

    • 45caliber

      Why do you think so much of the first “stimulus” went to unions and banks? Of course he expects to get a lot of that back in the form of campaign contributions!

      Personally, I think each candidate should be given $1 million by our government. If even $1 more is spent, regardless of where it comes from, the candidate would get kicked off the ballot. Then everyone stays level and – more importantly – we don’t have to be engulfed in campaign adds.

      • grannymae


        I have been thinking the same thing. Great idea ! We are so smart !!!

  • jopa

    Pamela;You are wasting your time trying to find a cure for i41.I spoke to him a while back about his bad language and he was OK for a few weeks but I think he is back to smoking his crop or back on the bottle.I think he lives on an Indian reservation and is real mad at his neighbors and comes here to vent.

  • Tom P

    You can be sure they will manipulate the unemployment number down to try to make it a non-issue in 2010. Like the recent manipulated drop to 8.9. The reason being so many people stopped looking for a job and the reduction in available jobs helped lower the rate. Think about it…Boomers in their late 50′s and early 60′s are just dropping out of the workforce enmass. Just in time to make BHO look good. Get ready the unemployment rate will be down to 7% by early 2012 and the government media will be parising the president for his great success. They won’t mention that millions have dropped out of the race for millions less jobs.

  • jopa

    Charles;That is a wee bit of an overkill raising one billion dollars to run against ah ah let me think a bit ah ah.Who is he running against??

    • http://naver samurai

      You raelly need to get off of the kool aid before it rots your little lib mind. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • misguided

    Why do people put everything on Obama. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. This is what got us in the mess the first place. When they told us 30 years ago to stop using those credit cards. Did we stop Noooo and still using them. But we got to get the deficit under control. It starts with us. No president has been elected that did not want to spend money. All of a sudden everybody needs to stop spending money except you. When the government stop spending everybody stop spending.

    Yes I voted for him and I will vote for him again if he chooses to run. You just might swap the devil for a few witches. You want know what you had until its gone.

    • WayneT

      Your name says it all, misguided. Yep! we know that you would vote for the man who does not have any knowledge how to run anything.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Care to tell me just how my using a credit card is causing the multi trillion dollar debt??? I have three credit cards and I pay them off every month to ZERO balance! Remember, everything I buy on that card that is american made helps the job market here!! The biggest problem with the economy and jobs is that people have no trust in the economy to spend from their savings for anything as they might need it to save their house, car or even food!!

    • grannymae

      Now there is the brightest bulb on the tree ! sheese !

  • Gerry

    Some very good points here. and some very unintelligent ramblings. 45Cal, your last statement at 335PM made a lot of sense. I am a candidate for President under the ‘Conservative Constitutional Patriot Party’ or Republican Party if they so chose to have a winning candidate against the Muslim. Send me the Million, make it illegal for Obama to spend the Billion and everyone at equal footing with the MILLION dollar cap on campaigning, and I will win by a landslide. The reason for that landslide victory over this dictator is called COMMON SENSE and REAL LEADERSHIP skills. See my FB group “Gerry for President in 2012″ to see my viewpoints and means to saving this country.

  • chuckb

    god video, could it be true? sounds like it, good job done on this one.
    the bolsheviks cringe!!!

  • Gerry

    Misguided, you have a VERY good name for yourself from what your impression of Obama being a worthy President. He is far worse than any other President in history or any candidate possible who tried for Presidency, as you were TRULY Misguided to believe anything he does or says.

    • Raggs

      ? question ?… who thew hell calls him president?

      • grannymae

        NOT ME !

        • http://naver samurai

          Me niether! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Justin

    Obama is a liar and a loser! He said change and then copied Bush…another bailout but bigger! If you don’t understand bailout then let’s say it is to make sure the loser wins!! It is unamerican and unethical. Any business that fails needs to go out of business which in turn will create a vacancy for new business where successful businesses can grow. If Bof A , Chase, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, etc goes under then their customers will find other banks and these banks will grow and take the place of the failures. Circuit City went bankrupt so their customers have to go to Best Buy, Fry’s, Amazon,etc which rewards succesful business practice as it should.

    • Raggs

      obama has his reward… and it is not what you think it is.


    WAYNE T. we are reaping what we have sown…america voted in obama and now we are paying the price. you will not see real change in this country until
    1) americans have ABSOLUTELY nothing else to lose
    2) martial law is declared
    3) the feds start door to door gun grabs
    4) patriots are dragged out of their homes and sent off to the fema camps..
    5) rfid chips become reality..

    then and only then will real change happen in this country.

    bitch and moan on discussion bords all you want..
    send petitions to politicians and congress all you want..
    vote for the best LIAR out there every election all you want

    the fact is washington doesnt care what we the people want..
    the media doesnt report the truth…
    the polls are lies..

    the last true president we had that cared about the country was shot in dallas for his stand against the global elitists..
    all the rest have been puppets DOING AS INSTRUCTED to do..

    that you can believe in.

    i would like to think there are a couple of good ones out there



    • WayneT

      Russell T, this is one person who never voted for Nobama. I had done my home work. I knew from the time he was running for president that he was not a true American, and would not be good for this country. Then I realized he was a Muslim. I don’t think a Muslim should be leading a Christian Nation anymore than a Christian should be leading a Muslim Nation. His ideology is complegtely different from all the Conservatives that I know. I do fully understand what you are saying though. Let’s all work together to straighten up the mess in Washington. We all need to go vote in 2012 and try to get people elected that will fullfill the American Dream.

  • john

    I remember when George H. Bush was harshly criticized for the “read my lips” statement. obama has lied 10xs 10 fold that and the lies and the BS still haven’t stopped or are they about too.

    • WayneT

      John, most people see this, at least you and I do, but there are retards out there that cannot see this for some reason. He lies out of both sides of his mouth.

  • Jay

    Obama, in my opinion, was nothing more then a “Trial balloon”. Did anyone notice something peculiar about the crowd during his presidential inauguration? There were tears, the usual boisterous cheering and congratulatory back slapping, but also with an odd dimension attached. It appeared to me, to be bordering on worship. Also, the language used in regards to this man, the likes of which imply, a saviour, a superman, the one, and so forth.

    Off course, he turned out to be a dud with respect to fixing anything, and has been revealed for what he truly is, a puppet of wall street. But to move away to quick from what he really was, “trial balloon”, may result in the obvious being missed.

    The entertainment industry, since our youth, has been spoon feeding us a constant diet of slop, in the form of impending doomsday scenarios perpetrated by evil villains, followed by a tasty dessert comprised of super heros, that seem to always come at the nick of time to rescue civilization, from certain extinction. Has it ever occurred to anyone, that the villains and the heros may be one and the same? If the theory is correct, then what could possibly be the purpose of this idiotic story line, told and retold, as if a mantra, lulling us into accepting, what seems to be of form of indoctrination.

    Could it be that first, it must take deep roots in our subconscious, with the idea that it will ultimately emerge, unknowingly, through our interface and cooperation with respect to solving our present geopolitical nightmare? Are we not all in agreement, that the present powers that be, have been purposely manipulating events for years, so as to bring about a disruption of such magnitude, that a solution of equal magnitude will be necessary? If this is so, then the logic follows, the solution was always at the ready. But what solution? A one world order? Of course, that’s a no brainer. One government, one economy, one currency, and so forth.

    But, there is a wild card in all this, if you will, religion, to be exact, the catalyst that will allow for the complete shape and function of the proposed solution. They have yet to figure out, how to control to their benefit, this individually expressed component that is an integral part of man, that also happens to be a critical part of their frankenstein. Why would this component be so necessary? Because, in order for their proposed Abomination to live and express its true nature, man must relate to it with complete obeisance, and proper obeisance requires, all that man is, including his inner spiritual part. Not just his intellect, not just his emotions, not just his will, for they understand that all of these, if connected and harnessed to what man ultimately is, spiritual, then the whole man can be fully taken captive.

    But how in the world can they accomplish such a seemingly impossible task, since there are so many different religions? Well, they have been at it for years, really. By the spreading of a certain atheistic propaganda, that is nothing more then a relativistic view of reality, and a perception of reality, with the aim to discourage conviction, to confuse, so as to bring us to the point where we question if anything we hold to be true, is in fact true. Funnelling this satanic religion through multiple conduits, the entertainment industry, education, literature, observed most pronounced in the advertisement industry, politics, even religion, and is presently noticed playing it self out, in our younger generation. The purpose is obvious, the assault is with the intention to bring man to a point of self delusion, and to create a void, that will ultimately be filled with the offering of the solution, should man but bow to it and embrace it with his whole being. In war, such a technique is used on recalcitrant prisoners, not just for extracting intel, but also to reshape and integrate the prisoner for useful purposes.

    But a solution is naturally understood as having been crafted and shaped by someone or something, and, if its determined to have the efficacious and beneficial outcome to a desperate situation, then all the more expression of gratitude will the source receive. Maybe, even worship.

    So how does this apply to Obama, referred to as, the trial balloon? The purpose of this trial balloon was nothing more then to test the temperature, so as to determine if the time was right, and the conditions ideal, to introduce their monstrosity.

    Imagine if you will, the current, out of control geopolitical train, hurtling at break neck speed and, to its sure destruction. Fear grips your hearts, hope vanishes, and you are about to come to terms with your inevitable and certain destruction. Then suddenly, as if on cue, a hope appears on the world stage, in the form of a man, who through his economic genius, his military might, his political shrewdness and his religious language that all understand, brings the train to a screeching halt and places it on its, supposedly proper track. Also, through his political system, he brings peace, economic prosperity, a new vision and hope, and finally, a bright future for all man kind, that most considered, forever gone.

    What do you suppose, will this man deserve, who will represent a system that will be credited as having averted mankind from slipping in to the abyss, as his just and due reward? Gratitude, obedience, servitude, worship? If the answer to all of the above is yes, then behold, the man of perdition!

    In the final, what sort future can the new, mentally and spiritually sanitized humanity, come to expect from this man and his rather peculiar and monstrous system? If obedient, their life, if not… Caution, is strongly recommended!

    • WayneT

      Very good article, Jay.

    • bob wire

      It was a thoughtful revealing write Jay.

      I don’t agree with many of your views but I sure understand them.

      I never understood why women teared up and bawled over Elvis or the Beetles. At 63, I’m still at a loss to explain it.

      But I have learned over the years, it’s not that important and not my job to explain the acts of others. I’m only required to explain my own.

      If you are a person that’s not overly busy and absorbed in something that serve you and your purpose, this freedom allows the mind to wanders over thinks things and then it starts creating things that truly don’t exist. It’s become a neurosis, a form of mental masturbation.

      You have a good observant mind, don’t allow that to happen to you. Good questions offer us more then good answers so don’t stop but exercise mental discipline.

      I’m left to think, they are consumed with the excitement and disbelief, relaxing control of the social self for a brief moment and this phenomenon appears to be picked up by the “herd instinct” and duplicated.

      I do understand the herding instinct well.

      • Jay

        Well Bob, I’m not a person with a whole lot of time on my hands, as I do keep rather busy. I have noticed, however, that you managed to post a whopping 25 statements, mostly in the form of rebuttals, interesting, to my measly 3. Seems to me, Bob wire, you, have a great deal of time on your hands.

        As to your condescending, what you may have thought, was helpful advice,

        You said:
        “If you are a person that’s not overly busy and absorbed in something that serve you and your purpose, this freedom allows the mind to wanders over thinks things and then it starts creating things that truly don’t exist. It’s become a neurosis, a form of mental masturbation. (Disregard your spelling mistakes and grammar)

        Seems to me, you should apply serious consideration, to your self analysis.

        You said:
        But I have learned over the years, it’s not that important and not my job to explain the acts of others. I’m only required to explain my own.

        If its not our job to explain the acts of others, then what, pray-tell, is the purpose of these online blogs? Do we not try to ascertain the reasons behind the actions of our politicians? Why would they do this?, What is their reason for that?, What ultimately motivates them? and so forth. Would you not agree?

        What then, was your point?

        • bob wire

          Hmm? I have sleepless nights and I own and operate a business, it’s my slow season, to answer your question about my time. ~ I have a simple life, no pets, several lady friends, aging parents and work to keep it that way. My life is a no drama zone. A dyslexic contractor,having 41 year history of doing what I do. I’ve attended many school and classes and taught a few, from the US Army to community college to trade schools.

          “If its not our job to explain the acts of others, then what, pray-tell, is the purpose of these online blogs? Do we not try to ascertain the reasons behind the actions of our politicians? Why would they do this?, What is their reason for that?, What ultimately motivates them? and so forth. Would you not agree?

          What then, was your point?”

          Motives? ~it’s not our job, but a personal desire! there is a difference, one is required and one is simple desired. You can toy with desire but not with a job. Job’s are not play but dead serious effort, I look for that in others.

          I enjoy this desire, I accept that the truth is most often hidden even when it’s not necessary. People lie to themselves, they lie to each other. It’s just a bad habit they have.

          My point you ask? ~ to get people to really think about what they say.

          Play the devils advocate. The closer people say what they mean and mean what they say, the better off everyone will be.

          The truth, rings clear in the ear like a bell. We all know it’s sound when we hear it.

          As I say, you have a good shape mind, use it to keep them honest.

          My point? ~ is to spur you to put on your game face and debate for the sake of debate, to find the truth wherever it might hide.

          We need the truth in the worst way today, I see the purpose of these blog is to uncover the truth. To do otherwise is just relaying some bias programing.

          But it’s not our job, it’s fun, there not need to make it a job.

          but we rarely require grammar police here, though I know my is lacking.

          • Jay

            Well bob, its no wonder people misunderstand you, you speak a language only you, seem to understand. Your rebuttals are fraught with contradiction. They also seem to contain, subversive tactics. If you are truly hunting for the truth in the statements of others, you should not do so with the intention of belittling them.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Wiselady

    wiselady says:


    I am so glad I voted for someone else, and not Obama or McCain. I knew he Obama) was a big time liar when he made his first speech. He would say the samething,…..four or five different ways. The liberal media was salivating with glee in their eyes, eagerly recording every lie with great hype to their news media centers, internet, radio, TV, news papers and and whatever else they could find because at long last they had found some music in their ears.

    I wonder how many will be fooled twice? Here is how I bet it will go with the help of the UNIONS. Fool the Hispanics, appear with Republicans in public to show bi-partisanship,(Jeb Bush is already following him around),court the college students, the newly registered voters, (they’re brain washed), the elderly, the prisoners,the gays, Muslims, (who will watch their voting centers?), and other ethenic minorities..the list is endless. How will he do this? With tax payers money by flying in Airforce One and making speeches, health care, border “more secure now than ever”, “improvement in creating jobs with the stimulus package”, visiting the Veterans, opening new bridges and assuming ceremonial engagements, visiting schools and and telling us more lies.

    Is any one investigating who is now paying for the last few trips he has taken across the country?

    Harvard and all the schools he went to do not impress me at all. The Alumni ought to quit funding some of the colleges that did the brainwashing. ENOUGH!

    • WayneT

      Wiselady, you certainly are a wise lady. I agree with everything you said.

  • http://mine Jd

    Obama is doing exactly what he said he would, fundemently change America, the uninformened didnt think he meant that in a bad way, but they are just that (uninformened), they only know what their liberal teachers have taught them or the liberal media, we are in an all out spirtual war fair its muslims againiest christains and jews, muslims go by their cohran whitch is their bible and it tells them to kill the infidels who ever does not believe in the cohran are infidels, we are all infidels thats why 9-11 happened the muslims were doing what their cohran told them to do, for them to strap a bomb to their bodys and kill themselves and christains that is the biggiest honor they can do for their reliegion, they are promised 72 vergins in heaven, so they believe their life doesnt really start until their dead.

  • Christopher

    I concur with most of these sage comments from regular citizens. Dishonest and incompetent, this
    Oba’ama character was shoe’d in for the continued demise of America, at the behest of globalists.
    He is the worst (unqualified) president in a century, and he knows exactly what he’s doing to the USA. Where is everybody? Watching television, escaping to sports events, buried in no-end schools?
    Our families, private enterprise and communities are at stake, needing palliative care. We need true leadership- fiscally and morally, with the character of our Founding Brothers and Sisters. I hope and trust that God is truly watching over us. Time to clear the decks for Freedom!!

    • bob wire

      So you hold a name of one more worthy I’m left to speculate?

      Speak it please, don’t withhold your wisdom and tease us.

      • WayneT

        Bob, you would even want someone to prove to you that 2+2=4. Now if you said I want you to prove that (A+B) squared would equal ASquared + 2timesAB+ Bsquared, then I could understand that you would want this one proved. Some things you have to accept without proof. These things are known as axioms. Now go to your dictonary, and look up axioms. Common sense takes precedence most of the time in cases like this. You seem to lack this trait.

        • bob wire

          Why don’t you give it up Wayne? ~ I asked for a name better qualified and it was an appropriate question and germane to the post.

          Your drivel, is something only you might explain.

          If you really are looking for my attention, I haven’t the time for you now, but later something could be arranged I’m sure.

          • WayneT

            Bob, I am sorry, but you don’t seem to get it. It is alright to question things that you don’t truly understand, but at times things are quite evident, and don’t need any further explanation. It is those things that tick people off. A healthy debate is alright, but you have to agree to disagree at times. If you get up in the morning and see snow on the ground you may make an inference that it snowed some time doing the night. You don’t bcome argumentative, and say why did it snow? You just have to accept it. This is all I am going to say to you Bob as your becoming too agitated for more further debate.

        • Jay

          WayneT, can’t you tell that the man is empty inside? He has nothing to offer, except a circular argument.

          • WayneT

            Jay, your right. I can’t figure Bob out. He seems to be a circle jerk since he talks in circles. You can usually figure out what most folks are saying, but not Bob. I don’t mind a person disagreeing with my ideology, or the way I think, but it is the way he goes about it. He is either trying to impress some one, or maybe he wants to belittle people that does not believe the same way as he does. If he would only explain his ideology in a proper manner where a person could understand it, I could accept that. But Bob either can’t, or won’t do that. I am 73 years of age, Bob says he is 63 years of age, if I remember correctly. Even though we gain valuable expeiences as we age, it certainly does not give us common sense. Jay, the only reason I can spend a lot of time on the computer is because I am retired. I don’t know Bob’s situation. Have a good night, Jay.

      • Jay

        Bob, you jerk!

  • chuckb

    wiselady, why don’t you throw your hat in the ring, haven’t heard such good sense since palin’s last speech.

  • Rich

    Obama is the mystery president. Who really knows anything about this guy’s background? Was his mother married to his father? Was he born in Kenya? How was ANY of his education financed? Did he give up his lawyer status? If so, why? Law degrees are supposedly cherished. Why does the media never question ANYTHING about him? Why can he tell lie after lie and never get called on it? Where did his foreign campaign financing come from, and who is he beholden to? How can he degrade America at every opportunity and get away with it? How can he continually suck up to the Muslim world, and nobody cares?
    Who is he? Why does being half-white and half-black cause him to be referred to as BLACK?
    I don’t know the answers to any of those. Neither does anyone else, and why does no one care? Why did he have to be dragged kicking and screaming to finally put an American flag pin in his suit button hole? Hasn’t he dissed just about every one and every group outside his chosen henchmen? Why can’t he call a terrorist just that? Why does he dither whenever it comes to anything that would be in America’s best interest, and yet is quick to respond when one of his henchmen or agenda items is in any way challenged? Why won’t he secure our borders?
    What I DO know is, he hates America, loves our enemies, is determined to besmirch and hurt America whenever and however he can, and is totally incompetent for the Presidency. Can we survive his rule? God help us.

    • WayneT

      Rich, Obama is in bed with a lot of the networks. They have pushed Obama from the beginning when he first started to run for president. I think it all boils down to what he has promised these newworks. They are using each other in their quest for power, and money. It is all about power and the almighty dollar. Of course, we know that Billionaire George Soros is behind Obama with all the money. With the Liberal Colleges, and professors, sabotaging the young students minds with the crap they are spreading, they are constanting gaining these young folks over to their way of thinking. With the colleges Liberal teaching of the students in the sixties turned out a lot of folks like Bill Ayers, who was the bomber of several Federal Buildings in the early 70′s. People like us, the Conservative, who loves their country, and the values we once had, are slowing but surely getting out numbered by this type of people. We are all going to have to work hard in 2012 in trying to restore our nation back toward it original roots. If I, along with a few others on this forum can see what is happening to our country, I am sure that the ones promoting Obama see it too. However, they are wanting to change this country into a Communist country. When I listen to the news from around the world about what is going on in a lot of these counties, I’ll stand firm and fight for this country as a lot of others has done before me.

  • http://com i41

    Rich you forgot he is a closet muslim who was raised as a muslim. When I say closet muslim, he apparently was a practicing queer, something blacks when arrested switch over to being queers like snakes shedding skins. Why doesn’t Onumnutts take Big Mamee when he goes to any muslim country? Everyone know he is one strange book trained freak who is sheltered by Nazi Traitor George Soros!

  • Charles

    Good post,there are a lot of questions about Obama and very few answers. I do know he is trying to destroy this country along
    with the Socialists, Progressives,Marxist, and Communists, with whom he hangs his hat with. I know he is a big liar,starting in the begining of seting in the pews of Jermey Wright. He claims, he
    never heard Wright say one bad thing about this country or about the
    whites. He claims, he didn`t know Bill Ayers very well,yet he kicked
    off his run for President in Ayers living room and the lies go on and on. Obama dosen`t lead or run this country, George Soros and his many
    Marxist org. tell Obama when to sit and shit. Obama is nothing but a point man, who loves to fly around his big plane and get his ego kissed by every stupid person who backs him. What the hell is wrong with America, has drugs finally taken over our minds.

  • Charles

    Tell me why big Mamee has 52 ladies in waiting to wait on her for her every needs, at a cost of over 3 million dollars a year to the tax payer. Laura Bush had 2, Hillary Clinton had 2 and Barbara bush
    only had one. What is she, royalty or the Queen of America?

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest JJ

    Barack Obama dosen’t meet the requirements of the US Constitution to be President of the US. A natural born citizen is one with both parents having been born in this country. A native born citizen is one who had one parent born in this country. If Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, then he is a native born citizen. His father wasn’t an American citizen, thus making him ineligible to be President of the US.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Wiselady

    Wiselady says:


    Let’s face some truths; Obama and his liberal angry mob were brained washed by liberal Universities. Some wealthy donors donated to these liberal Universities without doing their homework on just how their hefty donations were going to be used and didn’t to know what kind of educated population was going to come out out the pike!

    There is no free speech in a lot of these Universities. I just spoke with an outstanding speaker who has quit speaking at some colleges because it is too dangerous and his topic is considered, “hate speech”, only they may use hate speech!. No one seems alarmed by this.. so Obama’s upbringing, combined with his early Muslim learnings, liberal professors, and an unstable young life makes for someone who is ambivlent towards facing reality without caring for the views of the majority. He is above the law and no one dare challenge him on that. He is a powerful BULLY.

    We must stop funding these nutty professors in social studies classes and quit get them to give Federal grants. They are using tax dollars and kicking our teeth! Let’s clean house in these colleges! The behavior of the Wisconsin teachers and students was appalling and most undemocratic. Only liberals have rights.

    Our Democracy is gone.


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