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Obama Re-Election Would Spell Doom

March 26, 2012 by  

Dear Bob,

My largest asset and largest source of income is working interest ownership of oils production. The producing wells are in America (Texas), therefore it is not possible to take my money and move it out of the country. Thankfully inflation will not be a problem. Please comment on the possibility that I might lose! all or part of my asset to seizure, outrageous taxes or other methods.

Daniel L.

Dear Daniel L.,

Both seizure and outrageous taxes are a real possibility. The Obama regime is the most hostile regime ever toward domestic energy production. In his Cabinet are people who are aligned philosophically with Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, who has seized many domestic industries. The Obama regime has pushed openly for cap-and-tax and “windfall profits” legislation in a direct attack on energy production. If Obama is re-elected and a Democrat majority in both House of Congress results from the November elections, your assets will be in real danger.

Best wishes,


Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Doc Sarvis

    IF President Obama was so hostile to the oil industry and IF he would be such a “danger” if he were to win with a Democratic majority in both houses of Congress, then why did he not go after the industry in his first two years as President (with a Democratic majority)? Mr. Livingston is just drumming up baseless fear.

    • Michael J.

      Doc Sarvis,
      The reason he did none of those things is because he wanted a second term… Duh!!! Second term is when the fit will hit the shan.

      • Doc Sarvis

        If he was soooo evil he would have struck when he had the opportunity not wait just in case he might be re-elected. He would not have risked it. Your premise does not work.

      • Michael J.

        Doc Sarvis says,

        “Your premise does not work.”

        The ONLY way it will not work is if he fails to become re-elected.

    • Incredulous1

      Doc, he DID try … remember “crap-and-trade?” He would have done more but it was just down so far on the priority list they didn’t have time before they lost their monopoly in Congress. And Bob is correct when he sounds alarm over a 2nd BHO term. However, I would amplify Bob’s add-on, “…and a Democrat majority in both Houses of Congress…” The thought of Brobama with a 2nd term Congressional monopoly is, and should be, terrifying.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Since when is cap and trade seizure of an industry? The industry is making record profits AND continues to get huge subsidies from our government. I would ask Mr. Livingston; what are “outrageous” taxes on this industry? Some specifics please instead of vague accusations.

      • Robert Smith

        Question asked: “remember “crap-and-trade?”

        Sure do. It allowed capitalism to regulate polution. Those who figured out a cheaper way to make less mess were rewarded. Those who didn’t clean up their act had to pay.

        What’s wrong with that?


    • Tim

      DOC , Mr. Livingston , IS RIGHT ON TARGET . Spot on as the Brittish like to say . Gas price is going up , because AMERICAN COMMERCE DEPARTMENt wants to sell the hybrid car. Make American Gas price so unaffordable , people will be forced to not buy it . BUSH JR. SIGNED THAT 5 years ago , before Obama was heard of . Timt

      • Robert Smith

        Tim claims: ” because AMERICAN COMMERCE DEPARTMENt wants to sell the hybrid car.”

        Nope. It’s speculators and those who are making war noises to scare the market up.

        BTW, wasn’t Bush supposed to get Iraq to pay for it’s “freedom” with oil? That seems to have fallen through.


    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Doc Sarvis,

      The evidence for my comment is found in Mr. Obama’s words, his actions and his associations. It is there for you to see if you choose to remove the blinders.

      Best wishes,

      • Doc Sarvis

        I see, no specifics, just guilt by association.

      • NetRanger


        Wow! You criticise a lack of specifics yet give none yourself and refuse to research before you complain? Really? REALLY?

        Can I ask you a question? Where do I get blinders like that? I could use them on my boss when I have an idea thats not so great.

    • TML

      Doc Sarvis says, “IF President Obama was so hostile to the oil industry and IF he would be such a “danger” if he were to win with a Democratic majority in both houses of Congress, then why did he not go after the industry in his first two years as President (with a Democratic majority)?”

      Are you implying that IF he did not go after the industry in his first two years as President that we should assume he isn’t now? Logically, just because he didn’t ‘go after’ the industry in his first two years (which is arguable as it is) doesn’t mean he isn’t doing it now… and I think there is plenty of evidence to support the claim that he is indeed working against the oil production industry at this time.

  • Diamondminer60

    When Obama came into office oil was selling for about $50.00 a barrel ,and gasoline was going for about $1.80. There would have been very little political support for repressive energy policies. Now, things have dramatically changed.

    • http://Google Carlene Phillips

      Hey you are so right and guess who changed them.

    • Robert Smith

      Really? Can you cite a source for that one? Gas prices were very high with Bush.


  • Mike Carey

    Doc Sarvis needs to ;pull his head out of his backside and face reality. Obama could only do so much in his first term if he wanted to get re-elected. He started the destruction of America and will finish it if he gets a 2nd term. He is an illegal alien and should be in jail, not the whitehouse. He will make Hugo Chavez look like a good guy if he is re-elected.
    However, the whole process is controlled and it probably doesn’t make any difference who you vote for. The shadow government controls both sides.

    • Doc Sarvis

      Do tell me; how is President Obama an illegal alien???

      • Uncle Fred

        Try closely examining his posted birth certificate. It is a well-proven forgery.

      • Michael J.

        Doc Sarvis asks:
        “Do tell me; how is President Obama an illegal alien???”

        Your question leads me to beleive you’ve been away from the planet for a while.

      • Doc Sarvis

        So where was he born and what credible proof do you have of that???

      • Michael J.

        Doc Sarvis,
        That is exactly the question everyone is asking him.

        “So where was he born and what credible proof do you have of that???”

      • Doc Sarvis

        Michael J.
        He has provided the proof. ANYONE can simply say they don’t believe it by sticking their head in the sand.

      • TML

        Uncle Fred says, “Try closely examining his posted birth certificate. It is a well-proven forgery.”

        Please provide evidence of this ‘well-proven’ fact that Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery. You can also start by stating your credentials to what makes you an authority on Hawaiian birth certificate authenticity, and describe to us the features which constitute a valid certificate in the State of Hawaii.

        I really wish people would give this one a rest, and focus their energy on something that actually stands up to scrutiny.

        • Hope

          This is a real issue. If he is President because of fraud, then all the laws that he passed are nul and void. Why do you keep sweeping his birth place under the rug? If he’s not legally qualified to be President of the USA, then he shouldn’t be, not matter what.

  • Sick and Tired of Democrats Hypocrisy

    In a Socialist State or Dictatorship, headed toward an Islamic Caliphate, i.e. the US under Obummer, confiscation of private property, enery sourses, the material and means of production, private wealth aad Big Brother spying on private citizens and business are the clearly established rule. Socialism and dictatorships appear to collapse under their own weight as people rebel to regain their freedom and independence.

  • Michael J.

    Dear Bob,
    There are many ways to spell doom. The most prominate pair of ways are not phonetically simular, but are never the less synonymous. Pick your poison… Obama act two, or the Robamney continuation of demise which will hardly be discernable from Obama act two.

  • http://None Bernhard Weiss

    The GOP’s war on socialisme is totally misplaced. Is there no responsibility and solidarity
    Left in our country, re we so blinded by greed that we have essentially blind?
    I have lived a long time in countries who provide a mandatory framework for healthcare
    And I have found them to deliver healthcare much less expensive than in the US.
    To me the GOP is becoming the Great oppressive party! No feeling for your fellow men.
    Wake up America and do not invent the wheel time and again.

  • scout

    Doc is extremely naive. Doc , I’ve got some oceanfront property in Arizona. Interested?

    • Robert Smith

      Maybe you should check this out:

      Little known fact: Yuma was named as the last words of a black gunfighter who lost. (not, but it’s a good story)


      • s c

        Stick to the topic, Bubba. When we need to know the history of the Swiss watch b u t someone wants to know ‘how and why Obummer getting re-elected would spell doom,’ it’s safe to say that “some” people REFUSE good to act like adults [starting with comrades ‘d’ and ‘r s.’ Can you say UTOPIAN?

  • scout

    Doc is a federal employee. Parasite.

    • Doc Sarvis

      Not at all.

      • Michael J.

        Doc Sarvis,
        Clarification needed. Not a Federal Employee, or not a parasite?

      • Doc Sarvis


    • Robert Smith

      So, is that what you think of our military? After all, they all get their checks from Uncle Sam.


  • Richard Fales

    Doc, good way to change the subject, why? Because you didn’t have enough ammunition to keep your point going!
    When I vote in Nov, I will vote for a President of the ‘United States’, not one for democrats. (I would have used the word ‘eletist’, but they are in both parties). He stopped ‘Keystone’ (don’t tell me about that little dogleg on the bottom of the map) and most drilling in the US, Oh yeh, I forgot, the EPA is slowing that down by being slow with permits. I understand they are allowing about 1 permit every 4 months! And BTW, doesn’t HE control that ‘arm’ of the government?
    I could go on and on, but don’t have enough space left, nor time, for that matter. Cheers, Tabrit

    • Doc Sarvis

      Mr. Fales,
      I’m not sure why you think I changed the subject. My remarks on this thread were either to the points in the article or to things said about me.

      • James the Obscure (Hodgson)

        Thank you for your posts, Doc. Obama must have the longest ranging plan for take-over in history if all of the problems of the last 4 administrations plus Dick Cheney are all his plans just waiting to come to go into action in his 2nd term. Sounds like the bull—- of dumping all the stuff onto one icon.
        I haven’t heard anything from the Republican candidates that approximates leadership. While I’m not entirely satisfied over his shortcomings in the Presidency, he speaks to America overwhelmingly closer than the party of God, Patriotism, and Economy for the Richest have spoken.
        The matter for America has always been Liberty, rather than Freedom.
        We hold these Truths to be self-eveident…
        Thank you for being here.
        James the Obscure

      • Doc Sarvis

        James the Obscure,
        Good points and thanks.

    • eddie47d

      Mr Fales thinks you can walk into a permit office and start drilling on the same day without any concern for the impact on his neighbors or surrounding community. Only if life was that easy. I do know who it is easy for but those fellas work in downtown NYC.

    • James the Obscure (Hodgson)

      Go back to Keystone for a moment. What is the environmental complication about the pipeline? I’m thinking that it is the fact that the pipeline is planned to lay across a vast aquifer, that lies close to the surface of the land. Thus any oil spill will dump petroleum on the aquifer. Oil in our water is a red flag, since we cannot separate once joined.
      Am I off-base here, for that sounds like a responsible concern. I see that the ad encouraging us to build the pipeline is paid for by Mobil Exxon. I remember the Exxon-Valdez oil spill, which couldm’t happen but did. And fishing industry in that area died. The oil is never cleaned up once it is spilled like that.
      Show us the safe route, or the preventive guarantees and you likely get the pipeline. Ignore the environmental concerns that are real and get a NO, until you do.
      Obama has the world and the Nation that he inherited to deal with. The International complications after Dick Cheney and W alone are discouraging to overcome.
      James the Obscure

  • Dale sorenson

    There are two sides to every situation….. every determination and every decision should involve FACT… and totally disregard OPINION. I can stand up and shout how
    absolutely sure I am of my opinion and look like a “funnel headed moron” then tell
    someone else >>They are nuts<<< It's not a pretty picture that I see in the comments.
    AND THATS MY OPINION. "Nuff said" Edale

  • ChuckL

    Cap and Trade was supposed to end carbon pollution. By its own very definition it could NOT do this. All that it could do was increase the costs of energy by creating another currency with denominations too large to be used by ordinary persons to transfer our tax money from us though the capped businesses to those who had been created to accumulate surpluses of “Carbon Credits” which had to be purchased by the real manufacturers of desirable goods.

    For those of you who still do not understand, what you have to do is create a business. Determine the product that you wish to offer for sale. Then determine how to price the product. You must add all of the following to determine the costs of the product.

    Raw material
    Transportation of raw material to the manufacturing site.
    trucks or rail freight
    damage loses in transit
    Cost of the manufacturing site.
    Cost of the money you have to borrow
    Cost of compliance with local laws.
    Cost of compliance with building codes.
    Cost of permits,
    Cost of Labor.
    Unemployment insurance.
    Health care,
    retirement plan costs
    safety equipment for laborers
    Taxes based upon the employment of laborers.
    Taxes on inventory,
    Cost of Advertising,
    Cost of packaging
    Cost of distribution

    And this is only the local costs.
    You must add additional State Costs and Federal costs.

    After arriving at the total costs, you must then determine the selling price. This must include a reasonable profit, or there is no reason to manufacture the product and hire laborers whom you will have to pay.

    When costs are artificially increased with false costs False costs are costs that exist only because some agency created a false reason for them and when the reason given is not supported by the law the cost if FALSE. These costs generally arise from a politician repaying a doner.

    You will note in this analysis that the business does not actually pay any of these taxes but simply passes them on to the consumer after adding a profit percentage to the tax. If you are following this, you will have ascertained that when a business has to pay a tax, that cost is passed on to the end user at an increased price.

    Have fun with your analysis of this problem, but if you really want to know why we are suffering from massive inflation this is a good place to start.

  • Jeanie

    If you nominate one of the two main republicans for president, your ass-ets will just about become eliminated. Think about it. The money kings of the Republican party, will keep all the money in the rich family and you and I will become null and void. Unless you are one of the rich.

    • Doc Sarvis

      You got that right.

    • TML

      “the Republican party, will keep all the money in the rich family and you and I will become null and void.”

      “To take from one because it is thought that his own industry and that of his father’s has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers, have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association—the guarantee to every one of a free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it.” – Thomas Jefferson

      It is nothing more than jealous pride, laziness, and greed to seek to take (steal)from those who are willing to work hard for their wealth, and distribute it to those would not.

  • Hope

    Jeanie, I’m not rich, I would consider myself middle income, but I believe the rich are the ones providing the jobs. I believe they pay their fair share. How much do you pay? You might be one of the 50% who don’t pay anything. If Obummer is re-elected, there will be the “rich” and the “poor”, no more middle, just like in Russia and other communist countries. Open your eyes, what the government gives, it takes it away from somewhere and it is from us. When they run out of our money, watch out! They are not using their own money to help us. Look at Obummer, getting billions of dollars to be re-elected. Why can’t he use that money to reduce the debt or help the people who needs it? He doesn’t know how to count, he thinks making $250,000/yr makes you a millionaire??? When it’s too late, don’t blame anyone but yourself if you vote for him again.

  • Hope

    Doc, wake up, crawl out of your hole. Sheriff Arpaio found the proof that the birth certificate was a forgery and now even Obama’s selective service card is fraudulent too. Do you only read what is written by the Democrats?

    • Doc Sarvis

      From what I read, he found that the .PDF document has layers. A LOT (most?) .PDF doucments have layers. Far from proof.

      • Hope

        I see that you really want to keep your blinders on. You only see what you want to see. He’s done the investigation for months now so this is not something that you look at for 5 min. and decide it is a forgery. I heard Obama on youtube say to a group of people that he was born in Kenya. I think he was in a school or some place where there was a crowd when he said it. Anyway, you will reap what you sow. Just don’t complain when it is too late to do anything about it.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Please post the link to that video.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Also post the other evidence he has on the birth certificate. All I found was the .PDF information which proved nothing.

  • ranger hall

    DocSarvis??? are you or were you a real doctor.

    • Doc Sarvis

      I’m afraid that you and scout have an unhealthy interest in my personal life. Please stick to the issues.

  • Hope

    Here is one of them:

    If you do a search on youtube, you can find plenty of them, some from his relatives in Kenya who saw him being born, and even the head of that country admits it too.

    Search on google or youtube about Sheriff Arpaio and Obama’s birth certificate and also his selective service card. It was all over the news on tv just a few weeks ago. Don’t you watch tv? I don’t mean Foxnews, but all channels, even CNN. The media mentioned it but didn’t make a big thing out of it because they are protecting him. Just like all democrats who try to find excuses for him about anything wrong that he does.


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