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Obama Pushes Energy Reform, Lashes Out At The GOP For Oil Company Tax Breaks

June 7, 2010 by  

Obama pushes energy reform, lashes out at the GOP for oil company tax breaksWith the nation’s most devastating oil spill still making headlines, President Obama took the opportunity last week to promote an energy reform bill that would drastically scale back billions of dollars in tax breaks given to large oil companies.

"The catastrophe unfolding in the Gulf right now may prove to be the result of human error—or corporations taking dangerous short cuts that compromise safety," Obama said during his speech at Carnegie Mellon University. "But we have to acknowledge that there are inherent risks to drilling four miles beneath the surface of the Earth."

He reiterated his support for a cap-and-trade system, which would put a ceiling on carbon emissions and force companies to purchase permits to release excess greenhouse gases. The president admitted that he does not yet have the votes needed to pass a comprehensive energy bill, but "intends to find them in the coming months."

During his speech, Obama heavily criticized the Republicans for their belief that the government has "little or no role to play" in regulating the economy, Business Week reports.

Republicans "basically offer two answers to every problem we face: more tax breaks for the wealthy and fewer rules for corporations," he said.

Obama’s aggressive tone concerning energy reform legislation has many political pundits questioning whether a comprehensive immigration reform bill will reach Congress by the end of the year.

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  • JeffH

    Obama played his politics to the hilt with the oil rig blowup. He’s pretty much screwed the gulf states, residents and businesses in lieu of playing his political game and yes folks, this guy couldn’t lead a dog to water. His late reactions to what has become the worst oil spill disaster is disgusting at best and there should have been action to declare it a disaster within 48hrs. All he wants to do is blame everybody else but himself. George Bush is a genius as a leader compared to this Marxist ACORN organizing puppet.

    All of you Obama supporters can have him, a despicable human being who puts his ego far above the American people.

    • Barb

      JeffH. I agree but I believe Obama ordered the explosion that caused the spill, so why would he respond except for 5 weeks later when he had no choice?! You are right on about everything else though!

      • 45caliber

        I don’t know that Oblama ordered the explosion but it does look like someone did to me.

        First, there were numerous safefy features on any well. ALL of them had to fail. Second there were two explosions, one at the surface and one at the bottom. I can’t see that without help. Third, this came at an opportune time to stop the drilling that the libs hate – although I can’t see why they do. Fourth, all he has done is complain about what BP is doing. Trust me, they are doing the best they can – and far better than anyone in the government can hope to do.

        • Yvan

          Jeff you belong to a mental institution. I wonder how many like you are walking the streets these days.

          • JeffH

            Yvan, like your opinion means anything…did I upset you talking about your messiah in a negative manner?

          • coal miner


            Too many,we are not addressing the real problem.We do have a real problem,oil depletion.We need to start working on alternative energy sources now, the sooner, the better.We can’t wait till the well runs dry.

   · Cached page

          • Jim H.

            Coal Miner, The Governor of Montana wants to build a plant for the gasification of coal. Eastern Montana has a huge coal reserve. As an ol’ coal hand , what do you think of the idea?

          • coal miner


            Coal is a good start.I am a little bit skeptical of wind mills and battery powered cars.The governor is right,coal could very well be our future.Polution is not the prblem,its depletion we are facing.Excellent post,JimH.

        • Tea Party Tim

          The offical report that a methane gas bubble caused the problem is questionable at best. Methane gas bubble are not new in drilling oil wells and would not have caused the explosion that ultimately led to the sinking of the platform. These off shore platforms are huge and are designed to withstand hurricane forces the likes of which have scarcely been imagined. It would take a tremendous explosion to have sunk the platform. It is also absurd to believe that the explosion that caused the platform to sink would have broken the 1″ thick riser pipe a mile below the surface of the water. There is much more to this story that we are not being told and we are being taken for idiots.

          • coal miner


            I think it would be an excellent idea.Coal is a good start.I am s little bit skeptical of wind mills and electric powered cars.We can do better.Excellent post,JimH.

          • coal miner


            Go to this website.

   · Wikipedia on Bingen
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      • refuse2lose

        Go back to just a few days b4 the explosion.What was Obama doing?He was telling us that he approved of exploration into drilling off the East Coast.then……BAM,we have an oil rig exploding spewing oil for miles and destroying peoples lives.People are angry at oil companies,calling for them to be shut down.This is exactly what Obama said he needed if he was going to get his “green energy”agenda pushed.Look for gas prices to go up to about 4.00 a gallon by November.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I always buy gas at Sunoco here in Ohio. Their price has actually dropped a penny or two. They are one of, I believe, four in the U.S. that doesn’t import foreign oil!!!

    • WarriorH

      If this Cap and Tax would just get passed there will never again be any accidents. Jobs will be plentiful, nobody will ever get sick, all the world’s countries will be rich, taxes will go down. Good God where do we sign up?

      • JC

        And the villagers will come singing and dancing gaily from the hills. LOL

    • old white guy

      folks , no matter how bad the oil is it is not a spill it is a blowout. remember there are a great many wells in the gulf that the u.s. has no control over. what the hell are you going to do when mexico has a serious blowout? i think obama is an idiot commie but jesus, you have to stop the oil flow.

    • will

      Jeff H, I couldn’t agree more. obama is the biggest buffoon to ever resemble a human being. With my apologys to lesser buffoons.

      • Misty

        Will, Did I just “hear” you apologize to yourself?

    • http://none Alex

      You Teabaggers are such a hoot!!
      The disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is the direct effect of years of Repubelickin Party deregulation, particularly from the Great Idiot, Ronald Raygun.
      What is happening in the Gulf is horrible, but I wonder how many of the Gulf Coast NASSCAR rednecks now seeing the results of our sick reliance on the infernal combustion engine were the same people crying about four dollar per gallon gasoline.
      Americans have, by virtue of corporate welfare given to the oil companies, paid much less for gasoline than people in other countries.
      We have never addressed the ridiculous toll the burning of fossil fuels takes on the environment.
      Pray for ten dollar per gallon gasoline, folks, and try walking once in awhile, you overweight slobs.

  • Jennifer Littrell

    Share your thoughts with the rest of the nation and cast your vote reflecting your opinion on the New Immigration Bill of Arizona on!

    • Gary

      Wrong Blog.

    • Robin, Arcadia, IN

      Jennifer… Thanks… I voted! More people are still for Arizona passing the illegal alien law then oppose it.

      • Misty

        Robin, that is because the responses are coming from rubes like the ones on this site.

  • Izuki Nomura

    JeffH comments on the oil spill problem are just too idiotic to comment on. In order to rebute an expressed argument there has to be a rational argument presented however in this case it is totally lacking.

    • TIME

      Your point is?
      If your as educated as your post would imply, then you would have a point expressed.

      • s c

        Time, like all useful idiot progressives, he has no point. He’s a second-rate, devolved semanticist. His head needs a patch for that slow leak (being a saul alinsky cheerleader puts a tremendous strain on an ego-inflated ‘brain’). Just ask Obummer about that.

        • marty

          just remember when you point a finger 3 are pointing back

          • JeffH

            …only if you’re pointing one finger, S C is pointing all four obviously.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          with him, like stated above, it’s not a leak it’s a blowout!!!!

    • Susan McGuigan

      I disagree w/Izuki Nomura . JeffH did make a couple of very rational points. The first being that Obama should have declared the oil spill a disaster within 48 hrs and probably would have if the governors of Louisiana,Mississippi, Alabama and Florida were of his party. (Sorry to say but that’s how things work) Secondly, if he’d declared the Gulf spill, the “breaker islands” that Jindal wanted made along the Gulf coast could very well have prevented much of the devastation to the huge tourism economy along the Gulf coast. Who knows maybe it would have saved a lot of the fowl wildlife we now see being pulled from the water soaked with oil!
      Finally, he hasn’t shown any true leadership in responding to this crisis … even James Carville admits this (and he’s furious with Obama). Carville’s tirade should have awakened everyone to the reality of the situation!!
      Obama can not seem to bring himself to utter the words that would go far in building his image without the redundant caveat: “This slow response is all my fault,it’s my responsibility, and I should have acted quicker and offered viable solutions to the crisis.” then he adds his tired disclaimer “These oil companies have been given ‘tax breaks and fewer rules’ ” by Republicans. M. Nomura, Obama does blame everyone else but himself despite his assertion that when he became Pres. he would be in charge, the buck would stop at him, he’d be straight forward with the American people. Let’s face the truth, he’s not measured up to his own yard stick and that’s the very sad fact for those voters that reeled in by his smooth teleprompter speeches and lofty sounding ideas. We voters simply didn’t ask the basic questions we’d ask a babysitter!

      • JeffH

        Thank you Susan McGuigan. I thought that some rational thought would understand my point about the POTUS and felt no need to go into any detail. Carville wasn’t the only Democrat to stand up and criticize the pres on this and other issues recently. There are some that will be led blindly over the cliff despite the obvious.


        Right-On Susan The Manchurian Pres Obama Is A Complete Failure At Every Level Except Organizer (ACORN Style) Now Take That To The Nov Elections And Get The Obama Zombies To Stop Drinking That Obamacare Kool-Aid With Bad Side Effects Of Lying And Believing It. Yikees, God Bless America.

      • cella

        Good point, but if he had stepped the first few days and BP would have fixed the problem, he would have told he was sticking his nose in the business world, where he had no business to be. The federal government does not step in the moment every business has some sort of trouble. Remember, everyone wants less government. This country is not equipped to handle oil spills. that should have been done by BP. To even suggest that OBAMa had anything to do with the spill is treason. Paul McCartney is a hero. He is worth billions and does not give a rats ass about the Fox Kooks running around in this country. I can’t wait for the next Republican president. Paybacks are going to be BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBAAAAAAAAADDDDD.

        • JeffH

          cella is on a real roll today, probably the jelly roll had to much sugar and she’s feeling just a bit off. just more jibberish….

        • TIME


          Paul only is worth about $200 Million now and thats a drop in the bucket with what BarryO toss’s about of our TAX money.
          As well Paul is far froma hero, not to even note – he has dropped to a buffon level with many people I know.
          And again I have broken bread with Paul and his late wife Linda when I lived in Tucson, he is no longer the man I knew.

          BarryO is busy working on taking the American Public’s guns away right now with the UN Bill that old Hill the Pill signed.

          So thats one reason he has been dragging his feet on this oil spill as the lights are off on this issue.
          So being the most vital reason that every American should be Emailing and Faxing and Calling their state Congress and Senate persons and tell them Hands off, and do not agree to the UN Small Arms treaty.

          As the Native American Indians now know and had to learn the hard way never trust the PROGRESSIVES and Thier TREATYS.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Would you mind telling me how that over the hill, pot smoking hippy, off key singer is in any way, shape, or form a hero??? If you mean the sir bestowed on him, even Elton John has one!! Singers and performers are anything but heroes!! That’s the problem with todays youth. They don’t stop to think about who they think of as a hero. The next thing they know the sports figure they idolize is picked up for doing roids or worse then they think if their hero does it it must be ok so they try it. Grow up. and don’t bother to tell me how old you are cuz you sure haven’rt grown up!!

          • Mike In MI

            Joe H. -
            Just let the kids know that the Clown (OOPS, typo: Crown) of the UK bestows knighthood on anybody who they judge brings a certain degree of money, fame, glamour or business to The Roiled Flame-ily. It means nothing to anybody with any sense – onl to royally punki-headed romanticists with Howllywood brains like Cella. They’re beknighted, too…aong with anone else who has to live with them.

    • JeffH

      As I have expressed my opinion it would only be natural that a liberal would respond with a personal attack such as name calling and ridicule. Now where have I seen that tactic used before.
      Izuki Nomura…you lowered yourself a few notches with such an idiotic liberal comment and didn’t your mommy ever tell you to never take the bait on the first cast?

  • TIME

    As I have said ~ there is no such thing as an accident. With BarryO’s behavior and how the press has given him a pass on this issue, that confirms my observation totaly.


    Just for the record, I prefer animials and wild life to humans, as in Anmials and Wild Life, “don’t lie, cheet nor is GREED” ever an
    Humans are prone to use anything at their disposal to make their case, that would also cover destroying anything and everything.
    Thus everyone and everything suffers due to the human effect.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Time considering some of the dogs I’ve had, I take that as a compliment!!

    • barney

      obama sucks-but when this whole thing happened bp said that the shut off valve worked for the first couple of days. then they said it was leaking a little bit and bit by bit the truth comes out. so it is incorrect to say his response was slow. What is he supposed to do? if he took over completely than y’all would have some new retarded conspiracy theory of how he was taking over the oil companies

      • JeffH

        barney, go try that story on someone that might believe it…egads, the thing blew up, not a little leak that was stopped for a few days…really now.

  • Laura Schlegel

    This site does make you wonder how many people had the opprtunity to study civics, un-airbrushed history or debate in school.

    • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

      You seem to understand little about what you are talking about in your blogs. The beaches up to high tide is the responsibility of the state and farther out is the jurisdiction of the federal government. We are asking government to do their job. Conservatives want the law enforced but they do not want over regulation which is fascism. Obama is holding up the state of Louisanna from implementing a defensive progrom with Federal government regulations. Obama has become part of the problem by not acting promply. BP has said it would pay for everything so where the money is coming from is not even an issue. I am not a fan of George Bush but it took him only three days to respond to Katrina. It has been almost two months sense the oil spill and Obama is just reacting aimlessly pushing for more regulation. We dislike socialism because of the incompetence it breeds. Obama brings both socialism and incompetence to the table.

  • Dave Gross

    Like George Bush would have done any better. I cannot think of any incident that George Bush did not screw up in 8 years. Republicans stand for lesser government but always expect government to solve every problem for them when a problem arises. You can’t have it both ways. I think any real Republican should refuse any government hand out if they are a true republican. No more farm subsidies, aid from FEMA. Live by your words with action just refuse the handouts.

    • http://naver samurai

      How about welfare and other programs sponsered by the democrats? Shouln’t we dismantle them also, since they are unconstitutional in nature?

      • old white guy


        • http://naver samurai

          Thank you!

      • JC


        • http://?? Joe H.

          And how!!!

    • TIME

      Dave Gross,

      I didn’t care much for GWB, as I clearly understand that he is “NO DIFFERANT than BARRYO.” They are cut from the same cloth, just as Clinton, Daddy Bush, and Jimmy Carter, Bubba Nixon, ButO Johnson, FDR, and Woody Wilson.

      The others not noted have paid a price for their not following the Progressive path, even with massive public support, one was shot in the public eye and then covered up with a bent report that a 5 year old can see the holes in.

      Be that as it may; the one and only thing I agree with and is a total twist for me as I love Freedom and feel its the base of all things.
      I agree with the progressives that there are way to many stupid people that can be bent like a twig in a strong wind.

      People again I ask you all to Please read who gave the modern SPIN Control its POWER. Read their works and then you will understand the why the what, and how things are done.
      Edward Bernays
      Walter Lipman
      George Creel.

      As soon as your done reading these persons works you will understand how they minipulate all of us.

    • Keith

      Well Dave, I am a Republican and believe government should be invisible to the people. Furthermore, I want nothing from the government. I want no Obamacare, Medicare, Social Security or any other welfare program as all they accomplish is breeding dependence on the government. That dependence is what the Democrats so masterfully exploit. Government needs to get out of the charity business and actually govern.

      • JC

        Wouldn’t that be nice?

    • barney

      its my understanding that cheney relaxed the regulations to allow bp to operated without an acoustic shut off

  • Barb

    We have been expecting this from Osama Obama. First there was his speech announcing the fact that they were going to allow more offshore drilling, remember? Then 1 week later boom, the oil rig blows! Coincidence????!!!! I don’t believe in coincidence when it comes to politics. This was sabotage and now there will be more and more restrictions on fossil fuels. Just wait and see. This is the first transparent thing Obama has done in his administration as far as I’m concerned. Now he’s trying to divert everyone’s attention towards the Republicans, next he’ll probably say it’s the Republicans’ fault he was ever conceived!

    • Raggs

      My thoughts exactly…..
      He will do anything to push his Marxist agenda through even if it destroys the country!

    • WarriorH

      Well of course it’s Bush’s and Cheney’s fault. Madam Huffington already said so.

      • Claire

        WarriorH–They all had a hand in this mess. They all have driven America to ruin.

        • Mondovibe

          Excellent point, Claire!
          No more Golden Parachutes or corproate welfare, who are self regualted, making record profits/benefit packages and are tax capped/off shore invested, out sourcing our industries/jobs, gambling away our economy and environment while MILLIONS are out of work/under employeed, bankrupt, homeless and state budgets are cutting social services to people and the environment, that are a casualty of this shameless profiteering!

          • Claire

            Mondovibe–There is no such thing as an honest politician. Democrats and Republicans are the same-only one may go about it a little different than the other but it boils down to the same old garbage.

    • barney

      yeaah thats right and bush blew up the twin towers so we could go to war with iraq

    • Misty

      True stupidity supports name calling. Well done.

    • JP

      How’s this for a conspiracy Barb. Obama lifts restrictions on off shore drilling so that we can boost domestic oil production and don’t have to depend on foreign countries supplying oil to us and at the same time are using a portion of that oil money to fund terrorist.

      Now lets see what countries would be most affected from the U.S. producing more domestic oil. Mainly countries in the middle east right? BP (British Petroleum) if you google the history on that company you’ll discover that they are pioneer’s in discovering oil in the middle east, primarily Iran. So we could assume that certain oil companies like BP [who have invested a lot of money in oil in the middle east] and countries like Iran (who are openly hostile towards the U.S.) and Saudi Arabia ( who act like they are friends but secretly support al-quida] would be very upset if their number one customer the U.S.A would stop buying oil from them.

      So it could be possible that BP sabotaged the deep sea oil well to cause a catastrophic oil spill that would sway the American public against offshore drilling. Then ensuring the U.S. dependence on foreign oil that mainly comes from the middle east continues.

  • Patrick T. Holmes

    Volcanos erupting, oil spills in gulf, illegals in AZ, unemployment, economy, weather,… it’s all Bush’s fault. This community organizer clown had all the answers before he somehow got elected. He didn’t even have any remarks for D-day, but real good at apologizing about this country’s past though. By the way…Anyone donating to the new mosque being built near ground zero? We are going the way of the Roman empire fast.


    For 17 months the repubs have screamed fot the Obama Adm. to stay out of big biz but now that big biz has made the royal screw up they say Obama did not step in quick enough. As usual they are “FLIP FLOPPERS”, they really don’t have a clue about anything except “TAX CUTS, TAX CUTS” for the rich and yet some idiots want to follow them. Some people just can’t seem to see the forest for the trees. LOL

    • refuse2lose

      I hope that you are not from my home state of Ohio,because if you are I am embarrassed to call myself a Buckeye.Maybe you need to be educated as to WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENTS THAT HAPPEN IN FEDERAL WATERS.That would be Obama and his clueless minions.They should have took the reins on Day One and told BP what to do.But instead we had people taking vacation,acting like everything was normal.Gee,I wonder why they would do that????

    • JeffH

      bUCKEYE…and some just can’t see the cliff they’re about to be led over for the lies and deciet coming from Obama and the Democrats.

    • Marilyn

      Buckeye~ It’s more than about staying out of big business and tax breaks for the rich. This disaster in the Gulf of Mexico should have been policed by U.S. agency. Where were they? We will know some answers, hopefully, in a few weeks. In my fantasy world, I think EVERYONE should have pulled together and been on top of this situation from the get-go. They weren’t. Public individuals were busy offering solutions which were ignored or thrown out.Congressmen were too busy dreaming up other asinine legislature and voting on it so they were too busy to come up with helpful solutions. Obama wants to make BP accountable for the disaster. Stopped all off-shore drilling. Congressmen NOW pointing fingers and arguing about the oil disaster. In my opinion, the blaming comes later. Democrat or Republican, discuss solutions to stop the oil leak, get it done, then point fingers. BP is doing everything in its power to stop the oil blow out and flow. They are paying billions of dollars to those affected from the disaster. If Obama has taken responsibility for this oil disaster, I would be glad to hear what he intends to do. So far, nothing. Actions speak louder than words!!

    • WarriorH

      I like tax cuts. Does that make me a rich republican or a rich corporation. I’m not sure which one I want to be yet.

    • JC

      Actually what I’m saying is that the Kenyan needs to back off and stay backed off. His grandstanding is a useless waste of everyone’s time. (Like his Presidency) Leave the job to professionls.

  • CatLuvr

    Does anyone think that the people of the Gulf states affected by this spill will be voting for anyone associated with Obama in the upcoming elections? Same for the large population of unemployed? November midterms & 2012 elections may be more of a blood bath than our arrogant, self-serving politicians think.

    • WarriorH

      Yea but, look at all the census jobs that have been created.

      • JeffH

        ..431,000 of which less than 10% are real capitalist created jobs…

      • Keith

        Uh, wait a minute, we need to take the number of census jobs claimed to be created and divide that by at least five or six to get close to the real number. Seems they like to hire people on, train them, work them anywhere from an hour to a few days, then lay them off only to rehire them the next week to inflate the jobs numbers. If someone works for only one hour in a month, it is called a new job for jobs numbers reporting.

  • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

    Obama needs to explain why he hasn’t given Bobby Jangle and the state of Louisianna the support they need in fighting this battle. The same with AZ and Jan Brewer. Where is Obama when we need him. Talking about more regulations rather than taking action that would help.

    • ann lawler

      Obama has to weaken the south so he can have do a complete dictator takeover of America.

  • James A Graham

    Support our troops is big issue for the USA, so think about what you read here and lets get the support we need from the senate and house and vote to oust the money grabbers running this nation. If any of you are offended, I apologize, but I share the soldier’s disappointment.
    Subject: There’s a point to this, so hang in there a minute or two and read on.

    My name is d’Lynn. I’m a disabled Vietnam vet. I don’t look too bad for a beat-up old f–t, do I? And that’s my ride. She’s also looking pretty good, especially when you consider that she’ll turn twenty this summer. That’s right, it’s a 1990 with a 1990 sidecar. I can’t ride a solo bike, ergo the sidecar rig. It’s my sole means of transportation – rain or shine, snow or wind, and this summer also marks a milestone in both of our lives, as I will finally be able to pay her off. Twenty years old? What? Why did it take so long? You weren’t paying attention, were you? It’s right at the beginning of this paragraph. I am a disabled vet, which means I receive a veterans administration disability pension, which also means “I’m broke!” Just one step ahead of being homeless every month, and that’s not an idle statement or an”Oh, whoa is me” dire complaint. There’s a point to this, so hang in there a minute or two and read on.

    There’s a 25-year-old illegal immigrant woman living in Florida , with eight kids. Yes, eight “anchor babies” and she receives just shy of $1,500 per month per kid, plus medical, plus food stamps. Oh, wait. I’ve been informed that I shouldn’t call them Food Stamps anymore. That’s not PC. It’s all called “Social Assistance” now. You do the math on that yourself. I’d say that she was schooled early in how to make it in the system. Twenty-five years old, eight kids . . . . . yep, she started early.

    You can whip out the calculator if you want, but this women, who never has paid a dime in taxes of any kind, (and still doesn’t – she’s ‘illegal,’ remember?) is here in this country illegally. She hasn’t paid one one cent in medical for all the “anchor babies,” makes more in one month, legally, than I receive in over a year and a half in disability payments and I can’t even get food stamps! Oops, I mean “Social Assistance.”

    Technically I am eligible for “Social Assistance.” I was told it would be a walk through – a gimme – being disabled. No problem, and in the very next breath I was also informed that under the law the amount I received in “Social Assistance” would be deducted from my disability pension.

    Let’s say I take a great photograph. It was just luck, a one of a kind accidental, in the right place at the right time shot. My local newspaper offers me fifty bucks to use the photo in a featured story. (I live in a small town and fifty bucks is all they could afford.) I have to report that fifty dollars to the VA as earned income, which will be immediately deducted from my next month’s disability check. If I don’t report it I’m in violation of federal law and technically they can stop my disability pension and prosecute me under a federal felony. Pretty cool, eh? For fifty bucks.

    I see no point in dealing with two federal bureaucracies, so I don’t bother. What’s the point?
    She’s here illegally and with just one kid would make over twice what I receive per month. She has eight and she’s not a stand-out case. She’s not alone. That’s the way the system works. Millions of illegal immigrants know this, know how the system works and know how to use it. (Haven’t you seen the pamphlet? It’s handed out all along our borders, “The Illegal Immigrants’ Guide to Keeping America Just The Way It Is.”) and that’s just the way it works.

    Did you know that the federal government provides a “refugee” in this country with a monthly “stipend” of $1,890, plus $580 a month in “Social Assistance?” That’s $2,470 a month, tax-free. That’s two and a half times what I’m allowed to receive as a disabled vet. And just what did they do to earn this? All you have to do is show up on our collective doorstep, raise your right hand and swear that you’re a refugee and, bingo, receive $30,000 a year, tax-free. That’s more than someone making $15 an hour, and they have to pay taxes to boot!

    Now, in defense of the Veterans Administration, they are doing what they can with what they’ve got. This is precious little compared to what they should have to get the job done. At least this country has a VA. It’s the Senate that keeps passing laws, rules and guidelines, cutting their budget, denying requests for more staff and computer systems to handle the massive work flow. Their hands are tied by the very government that’s supposed to give them what they need to get the job done, by the government you voted into office. Don’t scream at the VA. I have. It’s misguided anger.

    The point to this “story?” Just why are you paying such high taxes to support this incredibly screwed-up government? Why? And I’m not proposing you stop paying your taxes. That’s wrong. There are good programs and reasons to pay your taxes and support our government. What am I proposing? It’s quite simple. Vote.
    The government, our government, is broken and we as the voters serve as the maintenance crew. We fix it . . . . . by voting.

    If your state Senator has been in office more then two terms, vote ‘em out at the next election. If your state representative has been in office more then two terms, vote ‘em out of office. We put term limits on just about every publicly-elected official in the country except the House and Senate. Why? Believe me, they know this and love it! Ahhh – the power!

    I don’t care how much you believe your Senator or Representative is doing a good job. They’re not! Look at the government you have, that we have. How can you state they are doing what you want as the voter that put them there? How? Vote them out of office. Do it.

    Change the course of this country’s history by what you are granted and guaranteed under the law. Vote! And if you have the guts, the anger, the outrage, start a petition in your state for a state-wide initiative to be placed on your next state ballot. Limiting the terms of office for your state senators and state representatives to your federal government to two terms.
    The federal government will never pass such a law, but you can. You can get it done. You can force it. You can make it a law.

    This is the first step in “getting it right.” Just vote. It’s simple. This first step will send a very clear message. It’ll work. It’ill put “us” back in control of “them.” As it should be. As it was intended in the first place.

    Are you an American? Born and raised? Then vote!

    Side note: I sent this e-mail to a little over one hundred on my e-mail list. If you believe I’m wrong or misguided or you simply don’t agree, that’s fine. Go right ahead a delete this e-mail. No problem. Sorry to have bothered you. But if you think I just might have a worthwhile idea, something we can easily accomplish, something that could be a small part at getting this country back under “our” control, then please pass this along.

    God Bless,

    • 45caliber

      Bless you for serving. Too many now refuse to serve and blast those who do. And too many of THEM work for the government.

      I’ve got another story for you. California, of course. A woman was drawing Welfare for having 8 kids (the max the government will pay seperately for). She was about thirty. She had two apartments. One was a penthouse and the other was the cheapest thing she could find downtown. Her oldest child (a girl of thirteen) took care of the kids downtown. Mom would drop by about once a week to make sure they were still there and to drop off the next week’s food – bread and baloney. The rest of the time she lived in her penthouse.

      She decided that if she could get her oldest daughter pregnant, she could get her daughter on welfare and then collect that check as well as have another child for herself. That way she’d get paid for ten kids rather than just the eight. Where she went wrong was taking a hundred dollars from a man to get her daughter pregnant. The daughter reported her.

      It turned out that she had furs and over a $100,000 in jewelry. But ALL OF IT WAS LEGAL except for the $100 she got paid by the man. They took away the kids and put her in jail for a year for trying to make a prostitute of her daughter. Big punishment.

      And this gal was American, not illegal.

      And we wonder why the government costs us so much money.

      • Claire

        45caliber— Oh, I am not surprised. I see certain people driving big fancy cars and they live in shacks. And they get 2 carts full of groceries at the store and pay for them with their “Link” card.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Years ago, I was asked for a ride from a neighbor who was on welfare for her and her two year old. It’s an old story, the guy got her pregnant then left her for greener grass. I agreed to give her a ride and while I was waiting, I saw a guy about 30 and a woman get out of a brand new chrysler new yorker, take off a sport jacket, put on an old sweaterwalk in to the welfare office and come out later with something in his hand. He looked at me and gave me a smile as he put on the sport jacket got in his new car and drove off. I was peeved but worse, about a week later I was driving through town and when I stopped at a light I happened to look over into a construction site and there was the same guy working!!!! I got so pissed that nI went straight down to the welfare office and tried to report the guy. I could tell them about the exact time he was there and gave them a description and told them where the site was yet they told me there was nothing they could do!!! Talk about BS!!!

          • Claire

            JoeH–I believe you. It is appalling what these creeps do and they get by with it! It is aggravating.

    • VMCox

      This entire post from Mr. Graham is mock up email. It has been circulating for quite awhile. Recently, the original author was interviewed by local newsmedia and denounced much of the content.
      Mr. Graham, always posts, email junk that floats around, supposedly from just your regular folks. It is Bunk….

      • Keith

        Yeh, I’ve seen similar stories as well. But, there are some truths to it even though it surrounds one person who has refuted it. I am retired Air Force. One of the first things you do on separation or retirement is file a disability claim for service connection of your disability. I filed mine and the VA, using the rules established by Congress, granted me service connected disability on seven different things which means the VA is supposed to cover treatment for those things for life. They also rated me 0% disabled on four of those things and 10% disabled on each of the other three giving me 30% service connected disability. As a result, the VA gives me a disability check of just over $400 eacch month. Because I am retired, I also draw a pension from the Air Force. My disability pension gets deducted from my Air Force retirement. If I had been 50% disabled or more, I would have received the full disability pension and the full Air Force retirement. I can’t see for the life of me where deducting my disability from my retirement makes any sense. I earned my pension after 20 years of service and through their rules qualified for a disability pension because of that 20 years of service. Therefore, I am entitled to both, yet, I don’t get it. I am entitled to it because I worked for and sacrificed for it. If I didn’t work for it, contribute to it, or pay for it, then I wouldn’t be entitlted to it. Yet, we have way too many dead beats in this country who game the system and really do make far more than I and other working class people do. I was talking to a guy the other day. He talked about a time a few years ago when he rented a field and was cutting, baling, and selling hay out of that field. One day, he and his buddies were in the field baling the hay and it looked like it was going to rain. They had noticed the family they rented the field from, an old woman, several of her children and grand children lived in the house there, had several BBQ grills going under the trees around the house. The men he was working with asked him to go ask the lady if she would sell them a rack of ribs for lunch so they could keep working and get the hay done before it rained. He went and asked the old lady. To his surprise her response was “Ribs? There ain’t no ribs on them grills. Go look for yourself, it is all T-Bones and you paid for them,” meaning she got enough food stamps and other assistance to buy steaks. Then she had one of her kids get a pan and put several of the steaks on it for the men. Another man, sitting at the table with us, told us about his daughter who “temporarily” moved into the projects five or six years ago. He said the other day his wife and his daughter went grocery shopping. At the store, his wife was going around checking all the proces to make sure she was getting the best deal possible and only getting the things she absolutely needed. Meanwhile her daughter, who hasn’t worked in years, was walking down the aisles throwing whatever she wanted in her basket, not even worrying about what she was getting or how much it would cost because she had her Food Stamp card. And we wonder why the working class can’t get anywhere. Maybe we all just need to quit our jobs and get on welfare.

  • del

    I have to agree. It’s just too coincidental. OBANATION has been against offshore drilling from the beginning. Suddenly he decides it’s ok to drill and “BAM there she BLOWS!”

    OB has not taken charge of the situation at all. Why hasn’t he bothered to assemble a commity of all the drilling experts to brainstorm and help solve this problem? They all stand to benifit by capping the spill.

    • JC

      The Oil community will have already done that. They don’t need Obama and neither does anyone else.

  • John Worlow

    Algreement with ignorance is just that ignorance. Oil,Gas & Coal will power the world for many, many, years to come. To attempt to convert to this “green” energy, in a short time space will devistate the economy just as the $4 gasoline did. How long after the $4 crap did it take to basically intiate the recession blamed on everything else. Think about it.

  • Bob from Socal

    How much blame will Obama and his administration take upon themselves for their inadequate response. We can only wait and see the total ecological damage that will occur. There goes all the cap and trade credits for the democrats for the the next 100 years. They are not telling you the whole story. The oceans phytoplankton provides between 85% – 90% of the Earths’ oxygen. The oceans plankton is at the bottom of the oceans food web. Hundreds of billions if not trillions of planktonic organisms have probably been affected or died as a result of this spill. Invertebrates will be the most vulnerable to the spill and the dispersing agents being used to clean up the spill. Who knows why they are not allowing cameras at the cleanup areas. Probably to hide all the ecological damage that is beginning to show up.

  • Norman

    After reading these comments, It confirms what I’ve previously said. The majority of people in this country are on Crack.

    • JeffH

      Norman, I suppose you think your meth is better?

    • WarriorH

      Spot ON – And wasn’t that McCartney Private Concert just a hoot! Michelle My Bell, didn’t that just warm your cockles when you saw that.

      I say never let an oil spill, bad economy and high unemployment stop a lavishly good WH Party. Who cares who pays for it. It’s a right!

      • JeffH

        …yeah, the oil spill can wait, it’s not going anywhere soon…

        • Claire

          JeffH–the devastation from this oil spill upsets the heck out of me. I cannot believe they do not have the proper equipment to plug this leak. I thought I heard tankers were coming? I am so aggrvated at the government, past and present, they all played a part in this. The economy is busted, the ocean will turn to poison. The beaches, wetlands will be destroyed, plus all the marine life. If this oil spill was sabotaged then I pray it will become known and we will all know the truth. Politics–I hate that word. That word is on the same level as the worst curse word you can think of.

          • JeffH

            Claire, it upsets me too. I’ve long considered myself and the hunters and fishermen as conservationists and have donated time to wetlands cleanup on many occasions.
            Read Marla,s post below and I followed it with a short cut from the article’s link. Today, anything is possible.

    • http://naver samurai

      That’s OK Norman. You drink koolaid everyday and are in dire need of a cranial rectumotomy!

  • Carrie TPT

    This whole fiasco is just one more SCAM by the administration & cronies to Push for Cap & Trade to make them all richer including our President & his Joyce foundation & Chicago Climate Exchange along with Al Gore who claims there is such a sureity of the oceans rising and owns a beautiful mansion which would be under water if his claims come true. They are just after the money and don’t let them kid you, they are together with their chosen corporatons & big businesses. Remember Goldman Sachs a.k.a. Obama’s pool of Czars & administrators

    • WarriorH

      Maybe Tipper is going to get the underwater water mansion. Possibly Al is smarter than we think.

  • FreedomFighter

    The enemy within is attacking yet again. Obama is a farce, a puppet of evil.

    The Progressive/Liberal Socialist agenda is being played out…destruction of America.

    Our liberty and futre are in danger, Fight them.


  • old white guy

    one [offensive word removed] load of words and not one of them have stopped one ounce of oil from flowing.

  • Doug

    Oh did you know if the shut down off shore driling in the Gulf that willk be the lost of 300,000 jobs! Oh don’t worry the Obama will have that replaced with 300,000 govt jobs paid by who I don’t know this guy is the biggest clown around!

  • Laura Schlegel

    We don’t have the technology in place to deal with this oil spill, permits were given that weren’t deserved, safety measures were reduced to cut costs and contingency plans were not developed. Risks were taken for profits. There are no winners in this situation.

    • Claire

      Laura Schlegal–Perhaps we have the technology but they sure don’t have the proper equipment to stop the leak. I believe regulation IS needed, especially to make sure the necessary maintenance is taken care of, and the necessary equipment is on site to be able to stop a leak such as this. We don’t need radical regulation, just the necessary regulation to keep things in line. No more quick profits at the risk of safety. Until then, I am a firm believer in no more offshore drilling unless these oil companies have their essential machinery.
      The government did deregulate awhile back, now look at the mess. The oil companies donate to politicians of both parties for their campaigns. The same old “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” game-playing. “Look the other way” so oil companies can make billions in profit.
      We will all have to pay for this fiasco.

      • JeffH

        “Look the other way” so oil companies can make billions in profit.’

        You can bet there are government hands out there taking a nice chunk of thos billions too.

        • Claire

          JeffH— Politicians and the government always has/had their hands out for the money. And they always will unless we put a stop to all of the shenanigans.

          • JeffH

            I’m looking forward to tomorrows primaries and can’t wait for the Nov elections….heads are gonna roll bigtime in DC…turn out the lights, the parties over.

  • J.M.R.

    i guess the jerk-off dick-tater didn’t notice the employment figures under G.B. VERSE HIS FIGURES. don’t get me wrong i was no fan of G.W. in his second term, but he was a HELL lot better than we have now.

  • Marla

    Follow the mail trail and connect the dots. Here is an interesting article on the oil spill.
    Investigation reveals possible criminal activity connecting Obama to BP oil spill – Conservative Exa
    The new line of defense employed by the Obama Administration to deflect criticism of its lackadaisical handling of the BP oil spill is to launch a criminal investigation of the company.

    • JeffH

      Marla, good find that certaily raises more questions…lot of familiar names mentioned.

      JoAnne Moretti, along with a team of investigators, delved into records which pointed to a paper trail connecting the major players in this disaster–BP, Deep Water Horizon, Halliburton, Citigroup, Goldman-Sachs, the U.S. Government, and a company called ‘NALCO.’

      A few recognizable names of individuals involved in the paper trail also surfaced–Warren Buffet, George Soros, John Holdren, Tony Rezko….and Barack Obama.

      At the heart of the scandal which Moretti reveals is the concerted effort by all of these major players to delay the cutting off of the oil flow into the Gulf of Mexico

  • chuck b

    laura schlegal

    your messiah is the one who allowed this disaster to get out of control by his incompetence and inexperience. as you can see he still hasn’t got it right. we do have the technology to handle oil spills if the epa would get their face out of the way. they have stopped jindal from building the berms to prevent the oil from reaching the beaches until it was too late. the barges equipped to skim this surface crude are where??, barry doesn’t know.
    what you should say is the electorate of this country is so ignorant that they are in a way responsible for this tragedy by constantly voting into office these types like clinton and barry soetoro who are not competent to handle emergencies of this type, only parties at the white house./

  • http://yahoo barry

    The chief, crook & muslin is behind the whole disaster,part of the plan to destroy AMERICA !!!! HE TOOK MONEY FROM BP FOR HIS ELECTION.WHERE’S THE BUSH BOYS SPENDING THERE MILLIONS INSTEAD OF STANDING UP FOR AMERICA??????

    • Claire

      barry–All of them took money.

  • gofer

    Take away the tax breaks and we will simply pay for it at the pump. Companies don’t pay taxes, they are tax collectors. People pay taxes.

    • Tea Party Tim

      This is so true. Having been involved with policy and accounting with multiple companies in a variety of businesses and business models I have seen first hand that tax costs are always (and I mean always) past straight down the supply line to the final consumer.



    • Claire

      I am wondering if we have home-grown terrorists at work here? Or terrorists that have already infiltrated America? These situations are pretty radical just to get climate change legislation. But then again, nothing would surprise me.

      • JeffH

        Claire…you betcha there are “home grown terrorists” employed by the CIA, FBI and the administrative branch.

        • JC

          The best in the world…

  • Meteorman

    What scares me the most is that most of the Obama haters can’t spell or use propper grammar when they make these idiotic posts. The home grown terrorists left the White House 18 months ago.

    • JeffH

      Meteorman…”propper” ? OK…whatever Einstien!

  • J.M.R.

    meteorman you be talking about yourself

  • Terrie

    The cap and trade bill is now called the “American Power Act”. It is the biggest scam in the history of the world. Obama helped set up the Chicago Climate Exchange which will be where the carbon credits are traded. He and his friends stand to profit from what is to be a ten trillion dollar a year business. Thing is, the product is not produced, cannot be seen, felt, smelled, eaten, worn, or touched. It is AIR! Check out the investors in the CCX. You will see Goldman Sach, BP Gas, Al Gore and many more people that we keep seeing in the news. Everything but the legislation is in place. The climate bill will bankrupt coal companies and cripple our economy. People cannot afford to pay double the electric and food bills that they have now. I think that the mob is running our country. Where are the honorable people?

    • JC

      A complete and total scam. These people are as dirty and
      low as it gets.

    • JeffH

      Terrie…good post. CCX and the “American Power Act”? Hmmm…sounds like another set-up against the American people.

      CCX – Chicago Climate Exchange
      Greenhouse gas emissions trading exchange; designed for voluntary emissions reductions and trading for all six greenhouse gases.

      Welcome to CCX: We are a financial institution whose objectives are to apply financial innovation and incentives to advance social, environmental and economic goals through the following platforms.

      Looking to learn more about growing environmental markets and what impact the American Power Act will have? The CCX-CCFE 7th Annual Meeting is offering a comprehensive seminar with in-depth coverage of critical topics in environmental finance on June 9 in Chicago. Attendees will gain valuable insights on mandatory and voluntary carbon markets, available carbon offset standards, developments in EPA Clean Air Act SO2 & NOx compliance programs, and renewable energy market opportunities including RECs.

      Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) operates North America’s only cap and trade system for all six greenhouse gases, with global affiliates and projects worldwide.

  • Keith

    Here is a news flash folks. As a percentage, oil companies make ridiculously low profits. Their profit margin (when they make a profit that is) is between 8 and 12 percent. Most companies would go out of business with that low a profit margin. Most companies target around a 25% profit margin. Yet, no one screams about those obscene profits. Well, nowadays, no one is making much of a profit. And they won’t for the forseeable future. I see a bunch of talking heads in here. We want government regulation but we don’t want THIS government regulation. Well folks, when you empower the government to do it, you can bet they will screw it up every single time. That is precisely why Reagan cut a lot of regulation. It added way too much to the burden of businesses that was ultimately passed on to consumers. So, remember, regulation means you will eventually pay more for it. But, I tend to agree with some of the other posts on here. A coal mine explosion, and oil well explosion and now a natural gas line explosion. I wonder which nuclear reactor is going to be hit since every other means we use for power has been struck so far.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I pray to God you are very wrong!!!!

  • dlg00

    Reading post on all blogs from ppl that do not work in an industy, or have a family member just baffles me. I work for an on-shore gas drilling company. Let me tell you a few fact.
    1. They are drilling in International Waters
    2. These are NOT US drilling companies – other than the rig
    3. We are not allowed to tell them what kind of equipment they have to have.
    4. The US does not have one single rig out in the Gulf that is drilling in our International Waters. Get on a drilling magazine site and find out what countries are profiting of the oil that is a couple of hours off our continent.
    Geez…….we have US companies that tried to get with BP that have that latest and greast technology, ones that have cleaned up these spills that happen all over the world. That US companies that were told to take a hike two days into this mess. Well before this oil would have EVER reached shore?!!! Ask yourself if this is true and it is……..What the heck is this about? Taxes on American drilling when we have the best track record for
    1. Technology
    2. Well trained work force
    3. The least amount of accidents…….hear about stuff blowing up every couple of months in the US? No because we are extremely regulated
    What is up with Obmuer selling off millions of our Oil & Natural Gas Mineral Right to foreign nations? Wake up this disaster did not have to land on our shores if they let American come in that do it for countries all over the world….but they said no…….just sayin something spells oily, and it isn’t just that oil spill.

    • meteorlady

      It suits his one world order and he likes to be tough on business. I think we are doomed until we get some reasonable and halfway intelligent people back in Washington DC.

  • JeffH

    This guy Obama is a real piece of work isn’t he? The latest comments from today read:

    Bitter Obama Blasts BP Chief, Pundits over Oil Spill
    Tuesday, 08 Jun 2010 02:10 PM

    WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama said he would fire BP CEO Tony Hayward for flippant comments and lashed out at media “talking heads,” ratcheting up his rhetoric on the 50th day of the US oil disaster.
    …You, Mr. President should be fired as well as Hayward!

    Obama also revealed that he had not personally spoken to Hawyard, since an explosion on the BP-operated Deepwater Horizon rig on April 20, saying there would be little point.
    “When you talk to a guy like a BP CEO, he’s going to say all the right things to me. I’m not interested in words. I’m interested in actions.”
    …You, Mr. President should know better than anybody about “saying all the right things”, afterall, isn’t that what got you elected in the first place? And you, Mr. President have shown the same propensities throuout the oil rig blowup of not taking action.

    He said in the interview that he was looking for some “ass to kick” as recriminations mount and oil reaps a dreadful toll on seabirds, pristine Louisiana wetlands, teeming fishing grounds and idyllic Gulf of Mexico beaches.
    …start with yourself Mr. President, had you acted as if this were a major disaster instead of a political opportunity ther may very well ahve been some seabirds, wetlands, aquatic life and some fishing jobs saved.

    He also rejected a media critique that he had been too slow to respond, or was not animated enough in his public comments.
    …Mr. President , cover your ask because once a liar always a liar.

    “I’m going to push back hard on this because I think that this is an idea that got into folks’ heads and the media is running with it.
    …Mr. President, opportunity knocks for “Cap and Trade”…never let a crisis go to waste to further your agenda.

    I guess Obama wasn’t trained and told to expect people to push back against his inability to lead, yeah, lead this nation off of the cliff. It’s time for Obama to step down and for America to demand a mid-term presidentil election to replace this fake.

    • libertytrain

      Perhaps that’s what annoys him the most – he knows and understands the BP CEO’s game cause he’s played it himself well and often.

      • JeffH

        you betcha!

    • Save America Susie

      JeffH, Good comment…Then maybe he’d like to look for his own! Now he’s trying to say he was down there a month ago, when no one was paying attention yeah, right! He’s running scared now. Oh, what a tangled web!

      As Abe Lincoln said, “You can fool SOME of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool ALL of the people all of the time.”

      Sooner or later the truth will out!

  • meteorlady

    Sweet – just add to the price of gasoline and heating oil, the two things American need to get to work and keep their houses and families comfortable. Thanks Barrack. You are truly a nut case.

  • coal miner
    • Jim H.

      Coal Miner, Hydrogen, gasification of coal and oil shale are ways to get fuel. A hydrogen powered car still needs lubrication. The synthetic rubber in the tires and wipers is petroleum based. The plastics we use are oil based. The asphalt the road is made of is petroleum based. The fuel will be a good start and some of it is very feasible. We are still going to rely on oil for a very long time.

      • JP

        Yes, and by us reducing are use of oil by switching to alternative sources for energy like solar, wind, nuclear, and hydrogen would ensure that we can make and use stuff made out of petroleum for a very long time and also not depend on getting oil from foreign countries that are hostile towards us.

  • Mondovibe

    via mondovibe:

    Yesterday, I visited Caminada Bay in Grand Isle, Louisiana — one of the first places to feel the devastation wrought by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. While I was here, at Camerdelle’s Live Bait shop, I met with a group of local residents and small business owners.

    Folks like Floyd Lasseigne, a fourth-generation oyster fisherman. This is the time of year when he ordinarily earns a lot of his income. But his oyster bed has likely been destroyed by the spill.

    Terry Vegas had a similar story. He quit the 8th grade to become a shrimper with his grandfather. Ever since, he’s earned his living during shrimping season — working long, grueling days so that he could earn enough money to support himself year-round. But today, the waters where he has worked are closed. And every day, as the spill worsens, he loses hope that he will be able to return to the life he built.

    Here, this spill has not just damaged livelihoods. It has upended whole communities. And the fury people feel is not just about the money they have lost. It is about the wrenching recognition that this time their lives may never be the same.

    These people work hard. They meet their responsibilities. But now because of a manmade catastrophe — one that is not their fault and beyond their control — their lives have been thrown into turmoil. It is brutally unfair. And what I told these men and women is that I will stand with the people of the Gulf Coast until they are again made whole.

    That is why, from the beginning, we have worked to deploy every tool at our disposal to respond to this crisis. Today, there are more than 20,000 people working around the clock to contain and clean up this spill. I have authorized 17,500 National Guard troops to participate in the response. More than 1,900 vessels are aiding in the containment and cleanup effort. We have convened hundreds of top scientists and engineers from around the world. This is the largest response to an environmental disaster of this kind in the history of our country.

    We have also ordered BP to pay economic injury claims, and this week, the federal government sent BP a preliminary bill for $69 million to pay back American taxpayers for some of the costs of the response so far. In addition, after an emergency safety review, we are putting in place aggressive new operating standards for offshore drilling. And I have appointed a bipartisan commission to look into the causes of this spill. If laws are inadequate, they will be changed. If oversight was lacking, it will be strengthened. And if laws were broken, those responsible will be brought to justice.

    These are hard times in Louisiana and across the Gulf Coast, an area that has already seen more than its fair share of troubles. The people of this region have met this terrible catastrophe with seemingly boundless strength and character in defense of their way of life. What we owe them is a commitment by our nation to match the resilience they have shown. That is our mission. And it is one we will fulfill.

    Thank you,

    President Barack Obama

  • Clarence

    It was Bill Clinton who set free the oil companys from paying the percentage back to the people of the U.S.A. . And now it’s to late to reverse this situation . Thanks Dems ..!!!! You fools

  • Rick

    Rick, yvan
    now now children behave or you will be sent to your room.

  • Adolfo Hondros

    if you just complete a few quick tasks on this site they’ll send you an ipod, completely free of charge!!


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