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Obama proposes further tax hikes

May 20, 2009 by  

Obama proposes further tax hikesIn his quest to finance the upcoming healthcare reform, President Obama has said he will propose some $58 billion in new taxes on securities dealers, life insurance products and Americans with valuable estates.

The announcement follows earlier plans to raise as much as $1 trillion in tax revenues over the next decade, the administration’s pledge to go after individuals who may shelter their income in offshore tax havens and to close loopholes allowing U.S. corporations to avoid paying some of their taxes.

Predictably, insiders who represent industries which may be affected by the latest move have expressed their disapproval.

"Seventy-five million American families rely on the products offered by life insurers for their financial and retirement security," said Frank Keating, president of the Washington-based American Council of Life Insurers and the former Republican governor of Oklahoma.

"This is absolutely the wrong time to make it more expensive for families to obtain the security and peace of mind our products provide," he added.

Other recent tax proposals which provoked much criticism include the planned increase in taxes paid by Americans making more than $250,000 which some say will negatively impact the philanthropy sector.


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  • http://MSM steve brinkman

    Yes we need some type of health care reforme. But since when did it become the responsobility of those who have worked hard to get ahead to take care of those who don’t? Our Government is punishing good behavior and rewarding bad behavior. Socialism is a great idea until you run out of other peoples money. You never stimulate an economy by empowering the poor and taking away the insentive of a business to move ahead or expand or take away the insentive to invest. The president has no idea what the real working world is all about since he has never had to participate in it.

    • doc

      He is typical of a man who has lived his live in acedemia.

      • doc

        I ment life.

      • RG

        I think he’s typical of the corrupt political landscape that is Washington as evidenced by his appointment of tax evading criminals to his cabinet.

    • Dennis

      Socialism is never a good idea. Taking money from the productive to give to the unproductive is how it should be expressed…rich to poor sets up the feelings of justice, like Robin Hood. Stick it to the Rich People.

      I am not rich and I never got a job from a poor person.

      Bail-outs, stimulus, pork in the 2010 budget, Cap & Trade(carbon tax), national health care…all are designed to make Big Gov the answer to all of our problems, real or perceived. None of it is Constitutional.

      Do you know what is Constitutional? Bankruptcy…ooh that bad, bad word. I tell you it is much preferred to the mentality of “too big to fail”.

      Tea Parties, people! That is the way we educate the Socialist drones and shake them out of their ZerObama fog. It is the best way to get the support necessary to defeat the Socialists.

      Find one and go. You will likely find them on July 4th.

      Just go!!!

    • Bigvinu

      Well, I disagree. First what we have to look at is why costs are rising? The reason is that those with Health Insurance demand more. Premiums go up for those type of people and they get the treatment they pay for. But the problem is, when you have a lot of people unnecessarily demanding higher coverage, premium rates go up. This unintentionally kicks out lower income members because they cannot afford rate hikes.

      I’m not saying this Health Care reform is needed, but something is needed NOW. Those who don’t acknowledge the problem are living in a bubble. You might be asking, “Why would lower income people getting kicked out of the system affect me?” Well the answer is simple: When you have a nation that’s 1/5+ uninsured, it allows for vast numbers of the population to have conditions that could potentially affect the rest of us.

      An uninsured society = a sick society down the road. But the Obama Administration won’t pay attention to the fact that by raising taxes everywhere, you’re actually making the problem worse by sapping Americans’ paychecks. It would be OK if you taxed just the top 2% of America, but you would have a difficult time selling people on the idea of taxing the rich and using it for programs that won’t have an effect on the rich at all.

      There are several solutions to Health Care Reform that don’t require tax hikes. Eliminate Taxes on All Health Care Payments for middle/lower class tax-payers. Invest in education so that we have A. More Health-Care workers to ease an already maxed out system and B. We can raise wages by having more skilled workers.

      • Lori

        Those with health insurance “demand” more services and so are responsible for the loss of health care for the lower incomes? Excuse me? How about those of us with health insurance sacrifice to afford that health insurance – how about many of us don’t have cell phones for each one of children, don’t buy our children brand new cars for the 16th birthday party, don’t take expensive vacations every year and maybe don’t have a 40 inch flat screen tv in every room of our homes. Some of us consider health insurance to be one of those things that come before the luxuries in life….most of us don’t believe the government “owes” it to us. Once again, blame the productive for what they earn for “ills” of the non-productive part of society and those who choose a luxlurious lifestyle over responsible living……that is the core of what has brought this country to this point…and the middle class is being destroyed in the process.

        • Bigvinu

          It’s amazing how you stretched what I said into some sort of Liberal Democratic rant.

          All I’m saying is that when society wants more, somebody has to get kicked out. Why? Let’s say you have 300 people in a system. Let’s say 200 people of those people now want more coverage (I’m not saying they shouldn’t get it). This causes the premiums of the other 100 to go up because the 200 starting to overload the system. The only way to manage is to remove part of the system.

          The health-care system is overloaded. That’s my point. When part of an already over-crowed system want’s more, what do you think is going to happen?

          Are you also trying to say I’m rich? My family was in the lower end of the middle class before this economic meltdown. Now, we’re getting pushed further and further back.

        • Lori

          Bigvinu – you said those with health insurance are demanding more causing others to get pushed out……I don’t agree and make that point. And to blame those who pay for the health insurance for pushing out those who don’t pay for theirs, for whatever reason, is the liberal mantra. Liberals believe that the Haves are responsible for the Have nots not having…what you said is the same principle….if I HAVE, then somebody else HAS NOT…and that is bunk.

          And no I wasn’t trying to say that you are rich anymore then I’m saying I am rich….I’m saying that my three kids didn’t get a cell phone and a car because we spend hundreds each month to provide their health care benefits instead of those luxuries. I’m saying that I personally know people who buy their children those cell phones, and cars and even laptops and flat screens who then look at me and say “we need nationalized health care because we can’t afford to carry health insurance”. They choose keeping up appearances over paying for health insurance and now they want the government to provide that health insurance.

          Those of us with health care coverage that WE pay for are not the ones screaming for the government to provide health care coverage to everyone else…it is the HAVE NOTs and the DON”T WANT TO PAY for its who are screaming for that reality.

          Do we need reform? Yep….but we don’t need the government forcing us into a nationalized system that will ration care for everyone equally…..except of course for themselves and the real rich of this country.

          Right now reality is that there are those who pay for insurance and sacrifice some luxuries to do so, and there are those who choose not to pay for insurance because they don’t want to sacrifice those luxuries but that is the Choice that they have a free Americans.

          There are those who certainly can’t afford insurance, but our premiums are already taxed for those folks, our DR. visits include a fee for those folks, and our hospital visits include a fee for those folks and there are free clinics for those folks, and there is medicaid and medicare for those folks and there are sliding scale clinics for those folks….EVERYONE has access to health care…..AND insurance that is equal to what you pay for…..what they choose to do with that freedom of choice is the reality and should be their responsibility and not yours or mine….

          Lose that freedom of choice and its gone forever….along with the best health care system in the world even with all its imperfections.

      • Ray Joe

        Bigvinu- The problem isn’t being caused from people demanding more coverage…(that’s naive) it is being caused from the ambulance chasing lawyers and there frivolous lawsuits. I associate with a large number of individuals in the insurance and medical field. The General liability policies/ rates are growing expedentially every year. Those costs need to be passed along somehow. With the Government taking on more and more illegal aliens and then not paying, but pennies on the dollar, which these medical offices are entitled too is criminal. Coupled with the lawsuits…I am so looking forward to ‘Single payer Health care’. Nationalized medicine doesn’t work. Ask the elderly in Canada who come here to be treated because there country refuses to.

    • Mike D

      There are other ways to make health care more affordable, trouble is power is shifted away from the gov. and that is the problem. We all know you can make health insurance more affordable when a large number of people participate. The more you enroll the cheaper it will become. Just like at work. Insurers could allow a group plan for all to participate in regardless of employment. This would make it more affordable for all and for insurers to become more competitive.

    • Obie Rose

      I think this is still flawed thinking. I believe if people were not so fearful of giving more to the poor we might have been able to equalize our economy a long time ago. for example, it is my belief that the Welfare System needs improvement. i believe they should pay people the amount of money they need for rent and food, etc., so they aren’t scuffling to sell drugs or taking on undercover jobs and ending up in jail. It they were paid enough for a shorter period of time, offered baby sitting services while they are trained for a job. Also continue the program that gives companies tax breaks for hiring former Welfare reciprients so that more people get on their feet and back in the workforce so they too can pay their taxes. None of this can be done in this recession but people who get a kind of welfare for the rich by not paying their taxes (as much as everyone else) because of tas breaks they get are even more guilty because they can pay more. No this should not be a punishment against people who have worked hard for their money and their success but it should also not be a loophole for people who make more than $250,000 and find ways not to pay it. I don’t see it as socialism, I see it a good sense.

      • Scarlet

        Reply to Obie. People who are poor and want to improve themselves have had help for years. There have been too many generations of welfare families who decided to stay on welfare and other free aid from the government to have lazy, self-indulgent lives at their childrens expense. Many poor people don’t take government help and make due by working hard. These are the people I would like see helped. Many people who receive government handouts don’t improve themselves and stay in this rut because they won’t use good judgment and manage what they have. I have seen this firsthandedly too many years to count. They have had children when they didn’t have a good home or environment to raise them in, but they got more aid! They have in many cases (and it is proven) used the aid for their children from their own selfish needs while they children went hungry and were left on the streets to fend for themselves. Welfare should not be a way of life for many as it is. We have always worked for what we have and if we didn’t have the money to buy it…we saved for it. Watch many of the welfare recipients…they use money for the wrong things and even those of us who work don’t splurge on frivolous expenditures like they do. We need to get rid of this entitlement mentality and quit living in the past like someone or everyone owes them something.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      It has always been the responsibility of us that work hard, to have our money taken away and given to the lazy bastard that doesnt want to work for it, according to the Democratic Party. This is their mantra. Tax the working bastard and give it to the lazy shit. They need it. Shame on you American for becoming a success, and applying yourself and working hard. We shall now tax the crap out of you for that nice house you worked your ass off for 20 years to build. There are poor drug addicts that have nothing because of you. Sure, its true that they have shot up 2 millions bucks in heroin over their life time, but come one, theyve got nothing, so you need to penny up some cash and give it to them, so they can get their fix. Weve also got a lot of illegal aliens running around here, and you know, they aint got shit, so your going to have to cough up some cash for them. How in the hell are they going to buy detonators without cash? Tax time. All you working stiffs, pay the tax monster. Barrack needs your cash, because he is taking away Bush’s tax credits, where it allowed business’s to hire many people, and now that he is taking this away, these business’s are laying these guys off, so they are no longer working and paying income tax and state tax and local tax, so you suckers need to pay higher taxes to make up for the tax losses. Fricking democrat tax monsters.

  • mary huggins

    i just retired at 62, and lost my home to foreclosure because of taxes, and it will cost me a small fortune to get health benifits till i am eligable for medicaid. i am sick of being taxed to death, just sick of it

    • Dennis

      Get yourself to a Tea Party, as soon as possible. You will find plenty of people in your situation, and like minded.

      July 4th will be big, with folks choosing to be patriotic in opposition to the coming Socialism, rather than their normal holiday activities.

  • Lisa

    It sickens me to hear the President say that he is going to cut taxes and then turn around and tax business’ to death and people making 250,000, no, wait,150,000. No, wait,100,000. He keeps changing his mind on who the rich are. What is he going to do when the rich are no longer rich? When businesses close up shop because they can’t afford to operate or move their business over seas? He is an arrogant, naive extremist who is ruining America. I am sick and tired of paying for those who can but don’t help themselves. I am sick of schools teaching that it is okay to rely on the government to pay your way. I am sick illegal immigration and how it is bankrupting our nation. I am sick of political correctness and the racism card. What happened to America? Oh, I know, it is being run by the hippie generation! It doesn’t matter if you are a liberal, conservative or the man from the moon, we better send a message in 2010 and vote out the very people who aim to dismantel the USA. Look at California, how pathetic. I am proud that the people stood up and said,”ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” We all need to join them and send a clear message.

    • Bill Gaines

      Right on Lisa. You nailed it. Couldn’t have said it better, and there are many, many, many more of us who feel the same way.

    • RG


    • Dennis

      A famous rock song by Ten Years After sported the lyrics, “tax the rich, feed the poor, ’til their are no rich no more”.

      My Congressman from Texas says he is getting constituent responses 200 to one in opposition to the coming Socialism of President Obama’s policies.

      We need you at your local Tea Party!

      Find one ASAP!

      There will be a ton of them on July 4th!

    • ginnie strong

      im with you. feel the same way.

    • mike

      The power is still ours. We must band together and determine not to reelect anyone, regardless of wether they be democrat or republican. This will send the clear message that we are tired of the way things are being run.

    • Bigvinu

      But you’re assuming that lower/middle class people can’t help themselves. My parents came to American in the late 1980′s with a whole of nothing. My Dad worked for little at a small position in a local NYC hospital and my mom worked as a grocery store bagger to boost the family’s income. Despite that, my parents needed government assistance to help raise their kid (my sibling) because of their situation.

      However, my parents worked hard, moved up the ladder and were able to make a life for themselves and their children in Central Virginia.

      My point is this. Don’t think you have some god given right to wealth and that people that don’t have it don’t deserve it.

      A famous quote that I think is relevant here is this:
      Sirach 31:15 “Recognize that your neighbor feels as you do, and keep in mind your own dislikes.”

      Don’t pretend that you are higher up than those that have been bestowed to lower circumstances. I too oppose higher taxes (who doesn’t), but to say that you are entitled to money and wealth while those of lower statuses are not because they’re “lazy” is immoral and sadistic.

      • Lisa

        Everyone is entitled to make a better life for themselves. The key word is themselves. Your family came here wanting a better life and were willing to work for it. If they needed some assistance to get started that is fine. I am willing to bet that they did not come here expecting to live off the taxpayer their whole lives. I believe every person should have the right to better themselves and make a better life for their family and children. What they don’t deserve is a hand out from the government and no incentive to get up and get going on their own. Some people genuinly need assistance and should be helped, but many are not willing to strive for anything because they think they deserve to have things handed to them-this I disagreewith and I am not willing to foot the bill for them any longer. Your comment, “*Don’t think you have some God given right to wealth and that those who don’t have it don’t deserve it.” should be directed at the government. They are the ones who have the wealth and don’t think we (the peons) deserve it. They think that we need them to tell us how much we can earn, how we can spend it, what kind of cars we need to drive, how much power we can use. The list goes on. Don’t be fooled by their slick tongues. They make things sound good, but will never live with the policies they pass. By all means, I think we all desrve to be successful, but not by the government.

        • Bigvinu

          But what I’m saying is that every American deserves not have to choose between food and getting routine doctor check ups.

          The plain fact is your plan costs more period.

          Let me put it this way. Pretend a man living in Cleveland is whole life hasn’t worked a day in his life and lives of welfare. I don’t like those people, but let’s just take it as an example. Pretend he has diabetes and doesn’t know it. He lives 15 years not knowing it and then lands in the hospital because of liver failure. The amount of money it costs to tend to him in the hospital and replace his liver (because a hospital must by law attend to their patients with/without insurance) is much higher than it costs to ensure he has doctor visits.

          What I’m saying is that 100% of America should have access to basic Health-care. Obama is going too far in demanding this (“Oh! I have a headache, guess I go better waste somebody else’s $$$ and get an MRI”). Americans deserve basic health-care to prevent death by easily preventable causes. I’m sure you can understand the need to have basic Health-Care. I’m by no means an Obama-loving Liberal, but I think to A Not acknowledge the problem and B Not understand the dollar advantage to giving every American basic-healthcare would be a grave mistake.

      • Lisa

        Oh, by the way, I am middle class!!!!!!!!

        • Lori

          Here’s the thing…..that person on welfare already has the right to go to a free clinic for his regular checkups….because 90 billion a year is collected in taxes on the premiums the rest of us pay for our insurance plan to cover that free clinic for those who are on welfare. They chose not to go and so end up with liver failure from the diabeties that went undignosed……oh and we pay taxes on the Doctor Visit that we paid for the insurance plan to cover that Dr. visit….and if we are hospitalized we pay an indigent tax to cover that free clinic for that guy on welfare.

          And the working uninsured? How about they forego that large flat screen in every room to pay for their well checkups with the money they AREN’T paying every month for a health insurance plan? Or how about they not believe they just HAVE to have the latest and greatest cell phone……or the spiffiest car on the lot, or that annual vacation to Disney World or Las Vegas to pay for their own health insurance plan? Not everyone who chooses to not pay for health care makes that choice because its between groceries on the table and insurance….in far too many cases, even among my middle class friends, its so they can afford that cell phone and the new car every four years…..

          No one in this country is denied basic health care so your argument doesn’t hold weight. There are free clinics and sliding scale clinics and emergency rooms and medicaid and medicare and taxes on those who do sacrifice to pay for their own health care…..

          Far too many people choose not to have life insurance or take advantage of the basic health care they have a “right” too in our society already…..

      • Mike1968

        Your basic premise is flawed – every American does not deserve the health care he or she would desire. Every American should get the health care he or she can afford.

        Why should health care be any different than any other commodity? Should every American feel he or she deserves to drive a Mercedes when all he/she can afford is a VW? Should every American deserve to live in a 15,000 square foot mansion on the ocean when he/she can only afford a $500. a month 700 s.f. apartment in the city? If you still want that oceanfront manse should the costs be subsidized by someone else because you can’t afford it?

        You get what you can provide for yourself at the cost of your time, labor and efforts, not what you might believe you “deserve”. Health care is not a right. It is a commodity like other commodities.

        Here’s an illustration – I manage a medical office. Regularly, patients who have a medical problem will come into the office demanding to be sent to someone they believe is the absolute best specialist for that particular condition. Often, the specialist they are demanding is “out-of-network” – that means the cost of seeing that doctor is not covered by the insurance plan the patient has. We have specialists “in-network” who are capable of handling the problem, however, the patients insist they have a right to see the specialist of their choice. Wrong!, unless they want to cover the cost out of pocket, which 99% do not.

        It is the same as driving into a dealership and demanding the top-of-the-line model but only wanting to pay for the no frills, entry-level vehicle. How old is the adage “you get what you pay for”? It is true in all aspects of life, health care included.

        If you prefer to eat file mignon every night, but can only afford ground chuck, should someone subsidize your preferences?

        • Bigvinu


          I think your basic premise is flawed. Health-Care is not a commodity, it is a necessity. Your analogy makes it seem like people can do without Health-Care. 100,000+ Americans die every year from preventable causes. OK, wouldn’t you say it’s reasonable to assume that many of these diseases were deadly because they weren’t diagnosed in time? I’d say yes. Isn’t it also reasonable to assume that they would be diagnosed in time if they had proper health-care.

          The fact is that we have a health-care system stretched to it’s limit that is overcrowded, understaffed, and over-priced. I have no problem with people that work hard and make money because of it. I do have a problem with people that think all poor people deserve poor status.

          There are a lot of things that are negotiable. My belief is that there are 3 things that aren’t. Education. Health-Care. Constitutional Rights.

    • http://www Charlene Melancon

      Way to go Lisa! Well said.

      I think more people need to follow what Obama has promised in the past and how he seems to waffle on every issue as it suits his needs in the present. No lobbyists but maybe some and maybe a great deal of them in reference to green energy and GE, if it suits his agenda, transparency, but wait! Only when he qualifies it to be transparent. Lets just take the meeting between Vice-President Joe Biden and the Union behind closed doors in Florida to discuss card check. We now have a health care bill which is 900 pages and most of the congressmen have not read it and will in all probabilities will approve it because it is what the president wants.

      You do realize that the government feels that the general public is ignorant and uneducated and needs to be told what they should believe and what is best for them.

      Wake up America or we will all be paying the price in our continued loss of freedoms, the path that our congress and our presidents are leading us down.

    • Obie Rose

      Wow, I am on the wrong site. If you want change send in ideas or yes vote people out of office, but they situation we are in now is not a because of this administration. More of the same is not going to save us. I am not sure I agree with taxing anyone to death, I have just retired myself and things aren’t looking that good, but it is always harder at the beginning when people are trying to right the wrong that has been done. People who felt they were given a mandate to take what they wanted for themselves and the h… with anyone else got us into this situation (like Madoff and the Bankers). How do we change it and get us back to where people were honest and cared about their customers and co-workers and employees. It just seems to me that as a country we moved too far away from caring about those around us to just caring about me, me, me. So we are here now. How do we save the economy and retrain people so that all our industries don’t fall down?

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Pretty soon these bastards will define “rich” as anyone who didnt vote for them, then they will add another tax to that. Tax increases are proven not to work. Tax cuts to business’s free’s up money to hire more people, who work and pay more taxes, but these guys are to dumb to see it.

  • NANCY miler

    I really would like to know where people got the idea that our goverment has to provide every thing. I feel sorry for people that has lost their jobs or houses but it is not up to our goverment to bail out every one. I really think every one needs to read our constitution , is their any one out their that knows why we split from British rule??? Do you know why we fought the civil war???? I would like to know when a lot of the people became brain dead. People need to stand on their own two feet and stop expecting the goverment to solve all problems. And no I am not rich,we have no money, but we do have God and our pride. My dad was in the Navy and fought for our country, many men died for our country . and they did not die so that our goverment could run our lives. THINK .

    • Dennis

      Thank you for your dad’s service to this country. My father-in-law was a WWII POW. He, and so many others, sacrificed their lives and livelihoods to provied the freedom we enjoy.

      It is up to us to oppose this coming Socialist oppression that some apparently think is the heaven-on-earth that ZerObama is selling. Many have been duped, for lacking education.

      We must work harder to preserve our freedom, before it becomes necessary to take up arms to recover what may be lost.

      Get to a Tea Party ASAP!!! Help educate and recruit our honest grassroots movement to preserve Capitalism and the Constitution.

      July 4th this year will be more Patriotic than ever, and in a different way than it has been in a long time.

      • Lisa

        Right on Dennis! Can’t wait for July 4th. I will definately be at a tea party. We know that the left wing media will try to ignore us again, but Democrats and Republicans must stand together just like they did in California.

        • Bigvinu

          I won’t. I think every holiday has been politicized and commercialized to death. It’s time we take a stand and say we’re not going to let the 1/365 days meant to honor the pride of America be turned into some forum of divisiveness.

          July 4th is under attack from commercialism (sales! sales! sales!) and now the conservative/liberal agenda. I say enough is enough.

  • Brian

    Wondering if you idiots realized that the top marginal tax rate under Eisenhower was was higher than it is now… In fact, learn some history before you start crying about taxes; here are top marginal tax brackets under republican presidents:
    Taft: (1909-1913)–income tax began in 1913 at 7% for top rate
    Harding: (1921-1923): 56%-73%
    Coolidge (1923-1929): 24%-56%
    Hoover (1929-1933): 24%-63% (63% after Roosevelt took power)
    Eisenhower (1953-1961): 91-92%
    Nixon (1969-1974): 70-77%
    Ford: (1974-1977): 70%
    Reagan (1981-1989): 28%-69.13%
    Bush I: (1989-1993): 28%-39.6% (39.6% after Clinton took power)

    Oh my god, I might have to pay 36% again?? Sigh… The CONservative brainwashing scheme.

    • NANCY

      You know brian it really makes no difference if it is republican or democrats they are all wrong . YOU might look at more history than taxes.

    • Mike D.

      You know, it all has to do with what is going on at the time. Trying to stop the bleeding is one thing, but abusing the situation is another. All of them are guilty so you would think by now SOMEONE would learn from history. Taxes and one sided government , not the answer.

    • Bill Gaines

      And Brian, how much do you make, and do you even pay taxes?

      • Brian

        Enough to know that I stop paying FICA after $100,000. I have a hard time feeling sorry for myself, or calling people socialists over a graduated income tax.

        The kind of income that people in these tax brackets generate isn’t possilbe without government, law, and a system that supports us, considering this country went through a period of 90% top marginal tax brackets, and we were not ‘socialist then’ I’m curious what the problem is now?

        • Greta

          The problem is your tax increase has not hit yet. The problem is 11 trillion dollars on debt obama has created in a little more than 100 days. The problem is obama still does not have enough money with tarp at 350,000.00 that was handed to him when Bush left office. Omnibus that should have been a budget for a year to only cover 7 months before obama’s 2010 budget of 3 plus trillion dollars will be available for his agenda.

          The problem is obama requesting trillions for global poverty with a start today of 100 billion. The problem is obama’s climate cap and trade that will cost each family $3100.00 more a year in taxes.
          There is cap and trade and carbon tax and some have asked for a mileage tax. The health care no one wants except those who want it free will destroy health care in America and obama does not have enough money yet for it. You will not get out of paying more for illegals to have health care no matter what level of income you are in.

          The problem is you see only the start of obama’s plans. Everyone will pay more and it is not the governments legal right to steal from one to give to another.

        • Dennis

          What Greta said and much more!

          Most of ZerObama’s proposals are unfunded, and is in need of a revenue source. Much of the new taxes he is proposing is going to cover what has already been passed, but we haven’t gotten to how national healthcare will be funded.

          This from the President, then Pres. Candidate Obama, that promised to give 95% of working Americans a tax break…sounded good at the time, didn’t it!

          Now he admits that Cap & Trade will cause electricity rates to “necessarly skyrocket”, because of this mandate…it is a TAX!!! And on 100% of Americans, not just those working.

          Lovers of freedom…find a Tea Party. Join the right-wing extremist resistance to the coming Socialism.

          This July 4th will be the most Patriotic in a long time.

        • Mike1968

          The problem is your head is buried in the sand.

          Just because tax rates were oppressive in the past doesn’t mean they should be equally oppressive now and in the future.

          Taxes upon taxes, followed by fees and levies and administrative costs and all manner of new ways of reaching into the taxpayers pockets and relieving him or her of their hard-earned money. Unmanned radar camera money generators, fines for failing to wear a seat belt and removing such issues from court proceedings and making them code enforcement fines so that people are deprived of their due process under the…. get ready, here it comes, the big one – THE CONSTITUTION!

          This is what people are fed up with – BIG GOVERNMENT, and growing larger every day. Government needs to get out of people’s pockets and out of people’s lives. We as citizens of this Republic need to return to the spirit of independence that was commonplace for much of our history, we need to begin doing what we can for ourselves and minimizing the involvement of government in our lives. And we’d better begin soon because the socialist hordes, the mindless, uneducated, insipid, inane and ignorant followers of the cult of celebrity are cheering on the Mountebank-Of-The-White-House as he gleefully deconstructs the Republic. To paraphrase Satchel Paige – Don’t never look over your should, tryranny may be gainin’ on ya!

        • Lori

          Additionally, if you think that all your going to pay is a higher income tax rate then you’re fooling yourself. Have you looked at what economists are saying the Cap and Trade on energy is going to cost the average family in this country per year? Early estimates were an additional $800.00 per year, now its increased to $3100.00 each year. Have you looked at what they plan on doing to force us into smaller and less safe but more fuel efficient cars? Raise taxes on gasoline so that we can’t afford to drive those larger, safer but less fuel efficient vehicles. Are you aware that right now, both you and your employer get tax breaks on your insurance benefits but that those are going to be taken away from you ? Right now, your benefits are taken out BEFORE taxes but to pay for this nationalized health care plan they’ll be taken our AFTER taxes so that the 38% you think is okay is on more of your income than it would be presently? Are you aware that if they make it less profitable for our large employers to operate in this country they’ll just leave and go to another one? What good is that 38% tax bracket if no one is in that bracket to pay it? Because we’ll all be unemployed.

          This is about so much more then just the income tax…..but the koolaid serves to deaden the senses so that folks only see part of the total.


      BOO HOO!

  • Dr. Deed

    As a narcissist, Obama does not care what others say. It is only” me, me, me” and what “I” want. This type of personality as President will destroy the America I have lived in for 68 years.
    It sickens me to know that there were enough individuals hoodwinked by his external looks and platitudes in November, 2008. We can only try to protect the liberties we have by constantly voicing our opinions to our representatives until they hear us loud and clear. The tea parties are a start, and the California vote just a few days ago should wake up a few of the congressional puppets and let them know we, the people, are dead serious about their inept and deceitful actions.

    • doc

      Never fear Mr. Deed, the courts will overturn the will and vote of the people as they are always doing! The judges have a habit of declairing votes un-constitutional. After all we are too damn dumb to really know what is good for us or what we actually want. Save us Baaaaaaarak! The cry of sheeple!

    • Donna

      Maybe, the Supreme court will overturn that one too

  • Tom

    Hope and change……….Words I hope to never hear again from a politician! Not working out for us is it? I don’t belive in global warming, I don’t belive in a health care problem, we have a health INSURANCE problem! Do I belive that the economy will get better? NO! I’m making a prediction (based on the Carter years) that you will see 12% unenployment and 16% inflation rate.. going to be a long 4 years and a long time to fix. Before you libs go crazy understand this!!! Most conservatives are up in arms about the Bush era of spending AND a whole lot of libs were at the time too….I ask you…….WHERE AND WHEN are you going to yell about this incredible deficit spending?

    • Brian

      Well, odd that we have a health insurance problem, and universal health care would be solved by a single payer (public, non profit) insurance company. Or, you can buy into the massive health care industries lobbying campaign, I mean, honestly… keep supporting private middle men, insurance company CEO’s that make BILLIONS (for what, telling you insurance doesn’t cover that?), and all the while crying that taxes on those same ceo’s using you as a stepping stone to make their next million, should be lower.

      Seriously, you need to question your ideology.

      Oh as far as deficit spending, just thought I’d point out the only president we’ve seen a balanced budget under in a long, long time was, well, BILL CLINTON. Then Bush slashed taxes, you know, got rid of the countries income before we paid off our bills. Maybe, just maybe the stimulus plan is supposed to jump start the economy, and we put taxes back at a responsible level, and maybe start making the progress we were making during the Clinton years…

      • Lisa

        Brian, please go live in the UK. It is a perfect place for you. They have everything you want. You can go and live with the 60% tax rate, the universal health care, the ultra high gas prices, and the crap that goes on when the government rules your life. You are obviously not a true American!!!! You stand for everything America isn’t. Yeah for you that you can site all the tax mumbo-jumbo, but this is about that and more. Oh, and I like the way you liberals are always placing the blame on others and never hold anybody in your party accountable for anything. It is not just the Democrats or the Republicans, it is the whole lot of them. They are corrupt and need to go!

        • Brian

          I do sales online, a small business that I own. I’ve been very blessed and very successful – that being said, the poor tax burdened residents of the UK, make up just over 30% of my business… odd, since I don’t hardly market there, and they should, in theory be broke. I know 60% in taxes sounds bad, but fact of the matter – that just isn’t the case. I’m sure someone, somewhere would like every American to believe this, but facts are facts (or mumbo jumbo as you would call them):

          Their income tax is surprisingly simple, in my mind, compared to ours. But, reading and simple research is harder for some people than bitching.

          Also, to be clear, I’m not bitching about the Republicans high top bracket tax rate, I’m advocating it. As long as it’s a marginal rate, works for me. My point was, you’re freaking out about 39.6% top tax bracket (and it isn’t even close to that with all the write offs) and people are thinking this is socialism, when we’ve gone through periods with higher taxes – and these were great times in this country.

          Thomas Jefferson did say ‘power curropts….’ Yeah, there is curroption in our gov’t, so what? Clean it up. Vote. I’m just fascinated by how upset everyone is on the CONservative side and what all of a sudden classifies as socialism…

        • doc

          The sounds of hands clapping!

        • doc

          The sounds of hands clapping are for Lisa!

        • Bigvinu

          Right on Brian!,

          You folks just don’t get it. I’m talking about the UK thing.

          People in the UK and the rest of the world are used to living their lives on less income than those on the U.S.A. While we may think their tax rate is oppressive, they’ve dealt with it for years and have grown accustomed to it and, as such, have based their lives around it.


      • Greta

        Clinton never had a balanced budget. Not once. He had a projected surplus after he left office. Clinton never cut spending on anything.

        Universal health care does not and has not worked in any country it has been tried. When money gets low they will ration care to make ends meet. obama knowing this is getting Daschel to set up medical registry of everyone’s private medical records so they can decide who gets treatment and who does not. Daschle believes old people must accept illness and not look for treatment. obams in a interview recently said people should accept one diagnosis and not go for a second opinion. You having your own personal insurance will have more power than under government who already has policies in place to deny coverage under medicaid that obama wants the system to be similar. In Oregon they won’t pay for your treatment according to federal guidelines, but they will pay for physician assissted suicide. obama and congress will not ever be a part of this plan they will force on everyone. They will be the elite group who will have the gold insurance. Obama has his agenda and he does not care about you as much as he wants global power.

        • Greta

          Their income tax is surprisingly simple, in my mind, compared to ours. But, reading and simple research is harder for some people than bitching.

          So you looked up something online and decide they know better than anything we have done in America when we support most of the world? First of all their income levels are a lot smaller. They live simply because they have too. It is whole different world of poor medical and dental care. If you want a treatment to cure your cancer or live another 6 months, you take your 40% income and pay for it. The hospitals are poorly equipped and if you have surgery along with other patients you might be the lucky one who will not get a respirator. Their healthcare system is a nightmare. They come here for treatment.

          I have a feeling being in business for yourself you do not plan on being in the tax bracket to pay for any of obama’s agenda. You want the free entitlements. No one who pays taxes wants higher taxes. We do not work hard to support the world or people who do not want to work or for obama’s
          wealth redistribution.

      • Greta

        Oh Good Lord, you are here with talking points and not a clue what obama has in store for you and everyone.

        I do not suffer fools well. Good Night everyone!

      • Tom

        Actuality Clinton had a projected surplus but it was a step in the right direction! Now as to insurance companys, there is at least competition via marketplace to provide services a affordable price. It’s not perfect, but it has given us the highest standard of health care in the world. The single payer system you advocate has’nt any checks and balances (profit motive) after all if they take it over and you don’t like it. So what? What can you do about? Go complain to someone who gives a damm. I guess I need to explain something since I was married to a woman working in a part of the goverment. Being efficient is NOT how it works. A example of this being that she told me that their department was going to have a surplus and that since they were asking for more money they had to get rid of the surplus. Spread it out. Buying this and that and got into a small hole that they could then say “see we need more money”. Let me explain something something else……they don’t care about you in the government at all. Give me your money and go away!

  • http://none Dale

    Why do we have a health care problem? Only one reason, unreasonable litigation settlements that have driven insurance costs through the ceiling. Those that sit on juries, the judges, and the attornies that enourage and/or award multi-million dollar law suits are the cause of all all our health care woes. You see their ads on TV everyday.
    It is hard to go to school and inturn for 15 years to be a doctor then one cannot afford to go into practice because of the cost of malpractice insurance.
    Understandably when damage is done, some compensation is due, but lets be sensible and reasonable.
    Government will without question make matters worse, but this is one case where the mess we are in are entirely the fault of the jurists, judges, and attornies.

    • Brian

      This I’ll agree with. I know some of the malpractice premiums for the high risk specialties approaches $100,000, that being said, I know a lot of those same specialties pull down well over $300,000.

      Some kind of tort reform is in order – I’m more for smaller penalties as long as if someone really, truley was negligent they lose their license.

      That being said, government doesn’t have to make things worse, when people control government (ie, vote, pay attention) and big business isn’t throwing their infinite supply of money around to make you think the way they’d like you to – our government needs be nothing more than a tool the people utilize for their benefit. Reagan revolution destroyed peoples view of gov’t, and whats worse, these “fiscally CONservative” administrations have run up the biggest deficits in our history… well until the shit hit the fan recently.

      • Greta

        there is tort reform, it is called MICRA in California.

    • Greta

      The ads you see on TV are pharmaceuticals that created problems, pacemakers with faulty leads, asbestos and the like. You do not see class action lawsuits against a physician or hospital on TV.

      In many states malpractice is limited to $250,000.00 per incident. Hardly enough for the trouble you would go through in a lawsuit. If someone has been damaged by physician negligence and needs care the rest of their lives then that can be costly. But there are some really lousy doctors out there who should not be in practice also.

  • Bill

    Remember the hippy movement back in the 60′s? They thought they had it all figured out and that the “square” crowd was just plain wrong because their thoughts and way of life didn’t fit with the hippy mentality or their sleezy life style’s. Well, just remember one thing. Yesterday’s hippies are todays democrats. “Crat Rats” I call them. These are extremely ignorant people. Just look at Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Two “ding bats” of the most extreme.
    Barack Osamabama I say is not only a muslim, but an anti-christ and is doing everything in his power to destroy Christianity, the constitution of the United States, and the moral fiber that once held this nation together. The hyphenated people of this country has also played a heavy hand in the erosion of this nation. Mexican-American, African-American etc. all have divided our nation. If you can’t say you are a plain “AMERICAN”, then you need to leave this country. (like thats gonna happen).
    Osamabama says he is going to give 95% of the people a tax cut. You better read between the lines. He is setting the stage through the liberal media to start taxing the hell out of everything. The media has been brainwashing people for years along with the public schools brainwashing your children with the liberal agenda. Ever notice how everything causes cancer now? They are brainwashing you with scare tactics in order to put a hefty tax on something like sugar or nicotine for instance. They control the masses by scare tactics. It seems as though California is the most naive along with the northeastern states. If they want to tax something and it is a popular item, all they have to do is associate it with cancer and voila, they throw a tax on it because they demonized it through the liberal media brainwashing the public, and the public falls for it. Wake up people. Think for yourselves. Don’t let these communist idiots do your thinking for you. Rise up America!!!!!!! You have been lulled to sleep again.

    • doc

      You are right, Bill. The sound of snoring is overwhelming in our country. As to the hyphens, you and I should call ourselves Scotch, Irish, English, etc. Americians in keeping with this Balkan mentality. There are plenty of citizens of all ethnic groups that are happy in just being called Americian.

  • Bob

    This is to everyone. I don’t like taxes any more than the next person, but it’s just something we all have to live with. We the American public have allowed all of this to happen to our country. Who runs our country? It sure isn’t Washington. Someone mentioned History. You all need to go back and look at history and who actually runs America. The answer, BIG Business. Go back and take a very close look at things and you will see. Go out and buy the book by Joseph Farah, “Taking America Back” and I think the book will open your eyes. Our government keeps printing money, but there is nothing to back this money up. The government is doing the same and most Americans have been doing, spending and spending with nothing to actually back up the money that is being spent. If the American public does not come together to stand up and say “ENOUGH is ENOUGH”, then things will not get better.

    Take steps to getting America back on track. Talk to friend, family and neighbors and encourage them to write their senators, congressman, and even local politicians expressing Enough is Enough. There are many things that we as American citizens can do, but we have to act and not just set and write a comment regarding an article. We have to get off out butts and take action.

    • Lisa

      Yes Bob, I talk to everyone that will listen. They need to know that they are going to lose the America we love. I just wish out politicians would listen. I have tried to call, email, write letters etc. only to find returned emails, no answer on the phone and who knows what they really do with the mail. I am very frusterated. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

      I agree, the spending has got to stop, but I don’t see an end in site and it is worrisome. Inflation is going to skyrocket and when it does it will be very bad.

    • Lori

      Just who is that EMPLOYS most of America? That so called Big Business you hate so much…that same Big Business that is now laying off thousands of us middle class folks because of the fear of what Obama is going to do to them and this country….Obama is already destroying the middle class but all you Dems hear is that Bush is responsible for it……Wasn’t TARP and the Stimulous supposed to save our jobs? And our homes? And Brian? If your customers lose their jobs how will your business survive? Unless you provide a necessary service or product you will be affected by this massive hemoraging fo the big employers too. Then perhaps you’ll understand cause and affect a little bit better in regards to raising taxes on the productive to pay for the luxuries of the non productive~

  • Dave

    What is a hippie ? What age is a hippie? Perhaps Rather than hippies it just might be persons whom have not grown into adults? Maybe these people are just old children who do not want to work and think the world owes them everything…

    • RG

      Good point. I have relatives who fit exactly into that category and I get very irritable with them every time I’m around them. They are inlaws from California and the first time we met they were visiting my wife and I at our home in Savannah. It only took 2 days before they made the suggestion that I fork out the money to buy a bed and breakfast here on the coast and they would move here and run it. In other words, I do the work and put up the money and they just move in and reap the benefits.

      • Lisa

        How true RG. I have a family member who left her husband to be with lover and then apply for welfare because she was a “single mother.” When I asked her why she would do such a despicable thing she said,”because she wouldn’t have to work and she could go back to school for free!” What a loser! I told her it was not for free but the compliments of the American people. To that she replied she didn’t care. No, of cours not, because she feels the government should take care of her sorry butt. Needless to say I have taken her off the Christmas card list.

        • RG

          Good girl.

    • Mike D.

      A HIPPIE is person who for some reason thinks they have the answer and that their opinion is fact. They do not think past their own views. I grew up in MD. surrendered by these people. Some left for CA., some bummed around here and others worked but continued “bucking the establishment”. Hippies for some reason were ether well to do or fairly poor usually not in the middle. Now we see what happens when these “PROGRESSIVE” idiots grow up and have control over all of or lives.

  • K Flackey

    “Enough is Enough”. That will be our new slogan for 2010 and 2012. But, we need politicians that will stand up for our beliefs and rights and we cannot be “nice” anymore. No crossing the aisle. No singing kum-ba-yah around the campfire. At what point did it become the government’s job to provide anything other than to keep us safe from inside and outside threats? What’s next? Life insurance, car insurance, house insurance? How ludicrous it is that we expect the government to take care of us. I have had medical treatment in another country, and believe me, you do NOT want socialized medicine. I have also had an income of $700K and I have had an income of $0. Either end of the wage spectrum has not swayed my views on the fact that people need to take responsibility for themselves and their families. Parents- discipline your children. Dads- take care of your children. Moms- don’t have children unless their will be a responsible Dad in the picture. Most importantly- raise your children to embrace the big three- FREEDOM, LIBERTY, and the RIGHT TO LIFE.

    • Lisa

      YEAH!!!!!!!!! We all need to take responsibility for ourselves. My husband has been laid off twice in the past year. It was not fun, but he didn’t just sit around waiting to be taken care of. He made job hunting his full time job. He spent 8-10 hours every day looking. It took 3 months to finally land something, but he did get a job. Maybe not making the kind of money we’re used to but at least he has a job, and we are thankful. As of now we are building savings and hoping to put 6 months living expense in our savings. Not easy, but necessary.

  • LSA

    We need at tax revolt! We need a “10 million tax payer march on Congress”. The political elite will NEVER give up their power if the people who pay the bills don’t make their collective view known.

    • ginnie strong

      yes we do. we have to have a few well known people who feel the same way we do. but where can we find them ?. no one seems to talk free about the wrong on what oboma is doing. its seems like people are afraid to speak out. i wonder if it is the way people are destroyed if they do not agree with them. this has to stop. people have to fight back. i admire the young lady in the miss california.

      • Lisa

        Your right. People are afraid to speak, unless you a left wing radical. Left winged radicals can say anything they want and it’s okay. I am fine with that as long as others can do the same and not feel threatened. I don’t know how that will happen with the Obamanites in office. They want to put our brave soldiers on a terrorist watch list and take the real terrorist’ out of Gitmo and tranfer them where? That’s right, here! After all, they deserve all the rights of the American citizen. No wait, more rights than the American citizen. And guess what? Our tax dollars get to go to their needs. Did you hear that the FBI stopped another attack last week? Did Obama say anything about it? NO!!! How disgusting. And to think they planned the whole thing right from an American jail. WOW, SCARY!

    • Lisa

      I AGREE! It starts with one, we can be a voice and many will follow!!!!!! I know Sean Hannity would be on board!

  • Cliff

    Everyone. We need to vote out all incumbents and vote people that are not career politicians. Vote in people who believe in the constitution and what our founding fathers concept was for our nation.
    “To secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it;”

  • Lisa

    Brian, please check your facts again. This year the tax rate in the UK is rising to 60%. I have family that lives there and is paying the ridiculous amount! So I do not care what some website says, I’ll take it first hand from people living there. You are crazy to think that socialism is not on its way. When the government starts taking over banks, car companies, making laws to “protect people from the evil credit card companies” and trying to implement government health care we are in trouble. The car companies should have gone into bankruptcy so they could have gotten out of the horrific contracts with the unions that was bankrupting them in the first place. The AIG mess is whole other story. When the government wants to shut down talk radio and any other form of media that does not agree with them, we have got a whole lot of trouble. I seem to remember a left wing radio program that was on the

    • Lisa

      Brian, please check your facts again. This year the tax rate in the UK is rising to 60%. I have family that lives there and is paying the ridiculous amount! So I do not care what some website says, I’ll take it first hand from people living there. You are crazy to think that socialism is not on its way. When the government starts taking over banks, car companies, making laws to “protect people from the evil credit card companies” and trying to implement government health care we are in trouble. The car companies should have gone into bankruptcy so they could have gotten out of the horrific contracts with the unions that was bankrupting them in the first place. The AIG mess is whole other story. When the government wants to shut down talk radio and any other form of media that does not agree with them, we have got a whole lot of trouble. I seem to remember a left wing radio program that was on the air but quickly went out of business because no one wanted to listen to the BS. I think you are in for a rude of wakening!

    • RG

      So true Lisa. We do have a whole lot of trouble because what is happening is bordering beyond socialism and into communism. That’s when the productive society stops being productive under socialism and tyranny so then they have to be forced to work to support the government and these idot whackos running the country right now are quickly taking us there.

  • Rick

    I hope the people that drank thousands of gallons of the Obama KoolAid are proud of themselves. Do you remember “95% of the people will see no increase in their taxes”?
    He parses words far better than Clinton, for 100% of the people will bear the brunt of his multi-trillion dolar deficit This morning he said that we are out of money. If that is true, then why is he still flying all over the world on the taxpayer’s money to campaign for his re-election in 2012?


    If you do not believe you have elected a uncredentialed thug to be the mouth piece for this government gone awry, then you are not paying attention. His proposals will put you further in the hole with each passing day and his kind the elite, will continue to live a lifestyle that you will come to envy more than you will ever imagine. Windfall taxation is a sign of the times, the growing size of the government demands it.

    I would suggest that the move to tax their campaign contributions at the 50% rate be employed, these contributions should be classified as unearned income and the rate will be the same as any making $250K and above aka the so-called rich.

    I would also suggest, term limits, moritoriums between elected and appointed goveremental positions and for the states part time legislatures. Much of this can be accomplished by the use of a Constitutional convention.

  • http://msn Danny

    Obama is trying to force all people to save as much money as possible so he can take it away from all of us. He is proposing taking our 401-K, IRA, and SEP/IRA. Buy as much silver coins as possible not gold. You will be able to buy food and other things when the dollar crashes and burns. I think that we should give the government the liberal states. All of the free loaders and people who are liberal that make over $200,000 yearly can help him pay for all of his socialist programs. OR we could have the more powerful people that have money and own businesses go to another country and open up capitalism. two countires come to mind Panama and Urguray.

  • Richard

    What has happened to our country? I am in the December of my years and I am somewhat thankful for that so I will not to see what else this president will do to us.
    I really feel sorry for my grandchildren.

  • s c

    If no one has done it yet, I’d like to see a complete psychological profile of this administration. Assuming that the diagnosis is not classic paranoid schizophrenia, it should be obvious that we’re being “led” by a mentality that implies we can have anything we want in the US. However [and this point is what those twits don't want discussed or second-guessed], IT HAS TO BE PAID FOR WITH OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY! Get it? This is NOT leadership. This is leadership’s exact opposite. These ‘leaders’ swore an oath to do the right thing(s) for the American people. Isn’t it obvious that as long as this Twilight Zone administration does whatever it wants, America has been sold out and is being programmed for extinction? Inmates in an asylum get a better deal than this crap.

  • Mary G

    I am really worried about where this country is headed. My children, grand-children, and great grandchild are going to be saddled with a debt that they can never pay. They will have no chance for prosperity. Cap and trade, universal health insurance, governmental control of all businesses will take away any chance they have of success.
    What makes anyone think that businesses making over $250,000 will continue to make that amount and pay higher taxes? They will cut employees to cut their income, so they won't have to pay extra taxes. Also where do you think new jobs come from? Certainly not from the poor!

    It’s time that we get smart and realize that Obama’s ideas are socialist, and socialism is coming and we must fight with tooth and nail to keep it away.
    Remember that Mr. Obama had virtually NO experience in the real world!! He has never even held a real job, or managed a business or anything like that. He has a very smooth tongue (as long as he has a teleprompter to read), but he has no real substance and no understanding of the real world, where people have to work for a living. He is slick.
    I am an educator, and I know how higher education fosters the liberal ideals. They do not teach you to think, they teach you to think the way the liberals do.
    I have worked very hard to make my own way in life, and to pay my bills, and to pay my taxes. I do realize that taxes are essential to pay for public services, but I deeply resent having to pay for other people’s mortgages, automobiles, credit card debacles, etc.
    Thank you for the opportunity to express myself. Where are the July 4 Tea Parties?

    • Lisa

      Nicely put! I am afraid too, but I refuse to go down without a fight!

  • LSA


  • kat

    Impeach !

    • Lisa

      I agree! We need all Americans that are sick of the fat cats to join together at the mall in DC. We need to make it so big that the left wing media can’t ignore it. I’m in!!!!

  • Julian

    Americans need to realise some undeniable facts: -

    Your country is broke.
    The rest of the world is going to get sick of funding your deficits.
    Your health system is a complete joke and needs to be fundamentally reformed.
    You have paid too little tax in the past and collectively you need to pay more to try and turn around your deficits as no one wants to lose the benefits governments provide such are your medicaid.
    The baby boomers are retiring and your deficits are going to get much worse unless you do something about it.
    Arguing about whether Obama is a socialist is a waste of your time.
    The rest of the world needs a strong America to lead the free world. We are starting to think that this isn’t going to happen such are your problems. This is a big worry!.

    • Lisa

      Well, you can pretty much forget about America leading the free world ever again with Obama at the healm.

    • Lori

      And your country? Can you list its faults please? Or is America responsible for all the ills of this world? Don’t preach to us without some facts and figures about your own place of residence….thank you very much.

    • Lisa


    • John


      You are right on. America is decending and it has nothing to do with Obama. The US attitude of entitlement, the negative consumer saving over the last decade and the derivative triggered meltdown triggered by the Neo-Con disaster assures that the US will cease to be global economic leader in the next decade.

      All the middle class supporters of free market medical insurance don’t understand that they are paying a tax just paying it to corporations, universal healthcare has to happen and will happen, the taxes will be less than what they are paying now.

      If the 100 trillion dollar social security, medicade mess is not addressed the US will implode.

  • KAOS









    Obama’s ideology is nothing like the man he says he idolizes.

    LSA, we don’t need to have a TEA Party. What we need to do is grab all of our so called leaders by the scruff of thier neck and the seat of their pants and throw them into the Potomac, tell them they are fired and remind them that they work for us and not the other way around.


    • Lisa

      YES!!! I AGREE WHOLE HEARTEDLY! Lets throw them all out with the bath water. How can we the people ban together and make this happen? I would love to be part of any movement that would move us towards this endeavor. Any ides anyone? Oh, and by the way, we could be on the terrorist watch group if we do this. Ha-ha-ha!

  • s c

    What’s an accurate way to define a government that is lazy, bloated, inefficient, bankrupt and utterly lacking in character? [answer - what we have now].
    When a government is teetering on the brink of self-destruction, you can always ‘look forward’ to higher and higher taxes. Some think this is a plan. It’s not.
    When the nation’s “money watchdog” [the Fed] can’t account for trillions of dollars (and isn’t inclined to look for it) you know your problem-solvers are problem-creators.
    The key to the matter is our braindead dependence on career politicians. They know they have a good thing going. All they have to do is keep a low profile, and tell us what we want to hear. It worked before Wilson. It still works.

    • Lisa

      Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  • Lyn

    We the American people, over many years, have allowed our government (and media) to become corrupt. We have allowed them to become a political class that cares only about itself. Every decision Obama, his administration and the Pravda press make is primarily about how to increase and strengthen their power base. Our forefathers knew this could happen. They created a brilliant system that has many checks and balances, but it depends on We The People paying attention and overseeing what our “representatives” are really doing. We The People failed to do this for many years. If we want America back, it’s time to wake up, stand up and rise up! Attend a Tea Party. Vote with your feet until you can vote in the booth. We The People have the power to begin to remove the political class and restore our Constitution, if we act now!

  • KAOS

    SC, google the CLOWARD-PIVEN STRATEGY and you will see that all that “The One” does is orchestrated by he and his merry band of misfits.


  • Brady

    Let’s take all the mothers of illigitimate babies off WIC, (food for these children until they are 6 years of age) free housing, food stamps, free schooling…and let them go to work…and this country would have no problem paying for universal health care. But to use us who have worked our butts off for years to pay for THEIR care is insane. Now a senator (I’ve forgotten from which state) wants to TAX employer-provided health insurance to pay for medicaid. HAVE THEY ALL LOST THEIR MINDS????????????

  • Dorine

    Obama wouldn’t need tax hikes if he just modeled the health care industry after the auto insurance industry. Make it mandatory for everyone to carry their own and their family’s. Open up the group plans to the public and keep the government out of our pockets and Dr.’s offices. Of course, that doesn’t put Herr Obama in charge, so he can promote his government run brand of euthanasia via health-care rationing.

  • Scarlet4America

    Join the TEA party grassroots movement. It is growing and we need to take back America in 2010. We need to stop these lames bills being passed by our legislators that will break the hard-working American people. Many of our liberal legislators are passing bills to reward the lazy, irresponsible people. They want to take away the money from hardworking Americans to reward laziness. We need to stop this. Go to this link for up to date information: We need to keep this movement alive and growing. It is time for WE THE PEOPLE who work and have made this Country to stand up and let them know we will not take it any longer.

  • Dolores Fleming

    Obama can not be president of the United States.He is not a natural born citizen of the united states.Obama was born 8000 miles from the United states.He was born in Mogadesha Kenya.I saw a vedeo of Obamas grandmother over in kenya and she says she attended Obamas birth.It said his mother died she was 16 years old.She was not from the united states.She would have to come to the United states and because she was 16 she would have to live in this country six years to become a citizen.His father took him to Indoneshia where he left him to be adopted.Thats why Obama wrote the book Dreams of My Father.He is the dumbest most inexperienced and not a natutral born citizen of the united states.He is a bigger liar than Bush.Obama is a muslim his spokes person Gibbs has said Obama is a muslim but not a practicing one.I read where all the white men in this country are fighting the blacks saying no way in hell is a black man going to rule over them.I also read where all the white people working in the white house left saying the only way they will bow down and serve a black if they were waiting on them in a resturant.This is WHITE AMERICA AND ALWAYS WILL BE.Racism is alive in this country and always will be.

    • Jackie

      I am a 56 year old white woman and your racism makes me sick!!! My father tried to tell me that lie about people of other races, that they are of less worth than white people. I rejected that hatred then and I reject that hatred now!!!

  • Jackie

    I hope everyone expressing their opinions here are also expressing them to their representatives.

  • Sovereign Citizen

    Am I hearing/reading right? Everyone is saying that paying income tax is right to do and not a one so far as I can tell understands that income tax is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and ILLEGAL and while everyone seems to be upset as to who pays these unconstitutional and illegal taxes you are focused on something that has distracted everyone from the TRUTH!!! irs is a FRAUD people! they are a PRIVATE COLLECTION AGENCY FOR THE BILDERBERGERS,ROTHSCHILDS AND ROCKEFELLERS! They are to collect FEDERAL taxes from DC’s federal subjects and businesses!
    We as American Citizens that do NOT live in or work for DC (District of Columbia ‘Britain’ or federal employees like Postal workers) Are NOT obligated legally to pay income taxes! That is why you will see VOLUNTARY on your tax forms! You are VOLUNTARILY You were duped into believing you HAD to have SOCIAK security cards…which render you as literally saying you WANT to be treated as a DC ‘subject’ and NOT a Citizen of the State you reside in which is of the 50 States United and NOT DC!!
    Doesn’t schools teach the Constitution any more? was it so boring that you memorized the words and did not take time to understand them and the tremendous cost of lives that were given to Protect it and our unalieble Rights?
    WAKE UP! As long as the administration and federal (DC Congress and Senate) as opposed to your STATE CONGRESS AND SENATE has everyone bickering over paying taxes and griping about it instead of KNOWING they are NOT Legally or Constitutionally responsible to Pay these taxes at all…they don’t care as long as you keep PAYING them VOLUNTARILY even though it is IGNORANTLY doing so!
    Do you know why irs will not answer your questions? It is because they are NOT of the Sovereign 50 States United!
    DC has also been known as BRITISH AMERICA…what does this tell you people? Anything? It SHOULD! irs is hiring other private collection agencies to ‘collect form the decieved people who fill out these forms and say they ‘owe’. irs has already been sued for their fraud and strong arm tactics against Sovereign American Citizens who are ignorant of the Facts and Truth!Yes get to the tea parties, get and read our Constitution and bill of Rights and vote the lieing theives Socialists currently backing this Regime and the Bankers/Wall Street that stand behind the scenes…how be it they are now being exposed! Above all GET ON YOUR KNEES AND PRAY! PRAY FOR THOSE YOU LOVE AND PRAY FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NO ONE TO PRAY FOR THEM OR CARE ABOUT THEM AND PRAY FOR THIS SOVEREIGN NATION OF THE 50 STATES UNITED!

  • s c

    George Bush, a neocon, is out of office. The new pres is a Democrat? I do not believe that honorable Democrats of 50 years ago would claim this new pres as one of their own. This pres combines elements of socialism, communism, fascism, utopianism, Twilight Zonism and God-knows-what-elseism. I submit a good way to understand this mind-boggling flotsam is to see this new pres as a neolib. A neocon says this and does that. Would not a neolib will say this and do that? Either ‘philosophy’ will get us to the same end. Can someone can explain it to me better? If neolibs have moved into the White House and Congress, does that mean LSD will become an integral part of health reform and pc will be our national religion?

    • Concerned

      Barney Frank is introducing a bill to legalize some drugs. It appears to be the mindset of Democrats that if we heavily sedate people, we will never have to answer for our excess. Democrats want to legalize marijuana, and some small uses of cocaine.

      Democrats have been successful in dumbing down our ecucational system so no one needs to pass anything since Democrats are going to take care of you, and now they feel it would be to their benefit to increase brain death, by drug use, as acceptable to them.

      If Americans do not rebel at the stupidity being displayed in congress, we deserve to loose our liberty.

  • Concerned

    This new tax will be imposed on everyone except Osama’s friends, and Democrats who already hide their income from the tax man. And the tax man, good time Charley Rangle DNY, will still not pay his tax. Ted Kennedy, the greatest tax and tax liberal before Osama, has always had the Kennedy millions hidden in offshore accounts in the far away islands so he had no tax to pay on the millions he has earned nor did he pay any DEATH TAX because of his favored status as a Kennedy.

    So it will be left up to what the elite in congress feels is the poor trash of America to continue to foot their foolishness. Congress actually feels that we are too stupid and too poor to do anything but continue to vote for their excesses.

    May i recomend that we cast a ‘CAST THEM ALL OUT’ vote the next election? By that time they feel that America will be more concerned about which ball player is using which drug to remember how they screwed the American system beyond repair.

  • johnp

    I say we start with ending all Foriegn Aid. Why do we need to build roads,power plants,etc at the cost of 7.5 billion dollars in Pakistan? Why do we go to war against our so called enemies in Iraq and Afghanistan kick their ass’s and then turn around and spent billions re-building what we bombed. Makes no sense to me. What have we accomplished in re-building an enemies resources? Does not that make them able to re-launch another attack? Has everyone in Washington lost all basic common sense? Can’t you better win a so called “war” by kick the Sh@#t quickly on you enemy and then leaving them in ruins? Seems to me if you want to kick their butts and then re-build, that falls under the description of “Conquer”. Then doesn’t that invlove taking over and making everything yours? Was that not what the Vikings did? Was that not Hilters and Napoleons intentions? Seems to me that even the average “gang” in inner ctities undertands this concept. Let’s see, this is my neighborhood, you come here and we are heavily armed and so no mercy. Do they not also know that when they go to their rivals neighborhood to go heavily armed and get in and out as quickly as possible? How many gang members shoot up their rivals neighborhoods one day and go back the next to repair what they shot up the day before? Seems to me that the average “gang” has more common sense then our Generals do. Next we need to rember the bsics of what “Welfare and Food Stamp”programs were created to be a form of temporary assitance. Not a long term generation to generation way of life. Set limits. Let’s say someone draws from these programs. But while you getting Assistance you must say after a short period of time enroll in some type of Trade School. Or you get up and do maybe 20 to 30 hours a week of volunteer work. That way you should build a bit a “responsibilty” of what it’s like to work.let’s say as an example one has to volunteer at a local Soup Kitchen. Would that person at least learn some type of skills to work at a resturant? Maybe that person volunteers at a Food Bank. Would that person be able to learn basic organization and people skills. Then I would hope that everyone benefits. Less strain on “the System” and people learning basic job skills too. These are just a few “common sense” ideals I think should be explored and applied. I not saying my ideals are perfect. Just a starting point. I hope that others can come up with mode ideals to come together to start improving things instead of criticing and complaining.


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