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Obama Probably Needed A Good Teacher

August 24, 2012 by  

Obama Probably Needed A Good Teacher
"Ohio" can be added to the list of words misspelled by President Barack Obama.

At a recent campaign stop in Nevada, a heckler interrupted President Barack Obama. The President responded: “That young man probably needed a good teacher.” But the response is quite ironic given Obama’s slipups.

The most recent slipup is his misspelling of “Ohio.” In a photo reminiscent of a drunken tailgate party, Obama and three supporters spelled the Buckeye State “O-I-H-O.”



They later corrected the flub.



It’s not the first time the Commander in Chief has lost command of the English language.

While appearing on ESPN to discuss his picks for the NCAA basketball tournament, Obama misspelled “Syracuse.”



Allegedly, the President sent a letter to a citizen and thanked him for his “advise,” instead of “advice.”

The White House sent out invitations to an event to be held at “Congregation Keneseth Isreal” (should be “Israel”) and in 2011 misspelled “Libya.”

The first lady had her own fumble on Wednesday, telling voters to get out and vote on Nov. 2. The election is Nov. 6.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • Gary L

    Those words may have been mispelled but everyone knows that Bush is really to blame.

    • arthurburgus

      No your president is missleading you,Wake UP U Fool.He needs to take responsabilities.He is not a leader,but a fallower

      • Gary L

        Authur, Have you ever heard the word SARCASM? My statement was dripping with it.
        Oh, and he is not MY president. Hopefully he will be out looking for another job come November.

    • HH

      I got it Gary, I thought it was funny!!!

    • Mark S. Edwards

      Oiho is Ohio in Ha.waiin

    • Dennis

      I didn’t misspell that word, the pen did it,

      Kinda like, You didn’t build that business, somebody else did that.


      • HH

        …… or, I didn’t kill that man the gun did!

  • Soundbiteme

    Ignorant, illegal idiots invading our white house….plain and simple….sad part is the ignorant Americans put them there in the first place!

  • Mike V.

    I thought Frank Marshall Davis was his teacher…or was that his real daddy?

    • Ted Crawford

      From Obama’s own mouth Davis was clearly his mentor, and, as you imply, it’s not improbable or unlikely that he was his Father. Obama’s Mother was, clearly….indiscriminate about her male associates. That should, in no way reflect on Obama! He is not responsible for the behavior of his Parents, nor , at this point, are they responsible for his !

    • eddie47d

      I reckon the spelling police will be out in full force today or else you will be taken to the wood shed. I think we all occasionally misspell cities and states and other words too but with Spell Check no one will find out. What a hoot!



    • Dad

      NO? Well, it explains his upbringing… or the lack thereof.

  • Humpty Dumpty

    Lord, spare us four more years of this stuff, PLEASE.

    • Ted Crawford

      ” The Lord helps those that help themselves” November 6, 2012, VOTE, and bring a lot of friends with you !

  • Bob

    hes a F —–G idiot,

  • Ron Travis


  • jopa

    When are we going to see the clip of Mutt Rummy with his misspelling on his white board? Or is this site just one sided.Not only that, historically speaking the Mutt has to be the biggest flip floppers of all time.Now the jerk has a list of questions of what can be asked in an interview and what cannot.He doesn’t want to talk about Todd Aikin. his taxes, Bain Capital,Medicare, Medicaid, or any other issues until after the elections.What is this guy afraid of??He is afraid of the truth and what him and Ryan stand for to become public knowledge.

    • HH

      jopa, that’s ONE thing that I can give Obozo credit for! He doesn’t “flip flop”, he told us 4 years ago in so many words that he was going to bring this great country down and now it is even obvious to some of his past supporters that he’s kept his word and done just that!

      • http://yahoo Randy C

        He flip-flopped on gay marraige.

        • HH

          Where did he say he was against gay marriage? I think he avoided the issue all together, show me he was against it and I’ll retract what I said.



    • Ted Crawford

      Yes! We know! While Obama, for his part, naturally, wisley and understandably, “:evolves” to his changed positions. The term “transparent’ comes readily to mind here!

    • Ted Crawford

      I think that you might be surprized that most Americans are far less interested in Romneys wealth, taxes or Bain Capital, than we are in our own wealth (however modest) and taxes and that of this Nation! Todd Akin is of concern mostly to the voters in Missouri. And that both Romney and Ryan DO talk about Medicare and Medicaid, at EVERY stop and during any interview, they WANT that discusion! and so do I !

  • eddie47d

    America (Amercia) was misspelled by Romney or staff member and not corrected very timely. Florida was also misspelled by Romney or his campaign. It happens so get over it.

  • Dr J

    Hey! The democrats can try to vote on 11/2. We are going to vote B.ig M.istake, A.merica OUT on 11/6.

  • dcjdavis

    Waiting for 11/6 like a kid waits for Christmas.

  • farmist

    “The first lady had her own fumble on Wednesday, telling voters to get out and vote on Nov. 2. The election is Nov. 6.” She was just repeating the Dems mantra – Vote Early and Vote Often.

  • Dislike Obama’s Ideas

    Hold the phone here now Bush did not bail out the automakers or buy AIG Insurance company with the taxpayers money that was all the Obama administration. Bush had some bad things happen and loaded his pockets with oil money before he left but our country was not so deep in debt. Borrow and spend is not the answer get rid of all those people that practically do nothing and draw over 100K salary. Doing this across the board will heal some of the wounds in this country sure unemployment may go up some but stop some of the unnecessary spending and things will change. Foreign Aid needs to stop until we get our ducks in a row. This country hands out billions in foreign aid every year that needs to stop completely until our debt is brought down and under control. If they do that and take care of the people here that need help, then maybe they would not be talked about so badly in Washington.

    • Rev John

      Why don’t we all just find a piece of land put up the solar panels and live without the “Grid”.
      Is any one serious to do it ? Send me an email.

  • Dislike Obama’s Ideas

    Sometimes makes you wonder if he bought his education and never read anything. It happens all the time why not him. I guess his weakness is coming to light. Speech makers can not control his hand writing. haha All that law school education and can’t spell right maybe we should check to see if his exams are his hand writing.

    • HH

      (“…….maybe we should check to see if his exams are his hand writing”.)

      We won’t find out anything about that either, he won’t release his college records!

      • Dennis

        Thats because the records show his name as Barry Soetoro, His adopted name, Not Barack Obama, His birth name.

        • HH

          Oh yeah, that’s right Dennis! It was Barry in college, but I don’t think Barack Obama was his birth name either. I don’t think he knows who his REAL father is and that’s the reason he had his birth certificate altered! I believe his REAL birth certificate had his father listed as, Unknown!


    dumbo is an absolute boob

  • s c

    What would Obummer have done with a real teacher? I don’t think he’s been around many real teachers, even when he was a little kid. Many readers of this website don’t realize that careers CAN be made with little or no education (or potential) – I F you seem to have the asinine qualities that some scumbags look for 24/7.
    They can get you into schools where you don’t belong. They can create credentials that you never earned (ref. Bubba Klinton NOT being a lawyer but allowed to act like one in Arkansas). They can even get you a Nobel Peace Prize – especially if you don’t DESERVE one (that includes ‘Duh’ Gore, by the way). Come on, folks. Stop thinking that all of us play by the same rules.
    Obummer whizzes and moans about RICH people, but he’s one himself. SO WHEN DOES HE HAVE TO SACRIFICE and be seen as someone who can claim to be almost a citizen in Amerika? Hmmmm? Wake up!

  • Sam

    Don’t forget, he does not know haw many states there are.

  • swampfox

    yeah we the people are going to give obamass a schooling come this November,like get your sh*t out of our whitehouse and don’t let the door hit you in the a**.
    I wonder what kind of utter nonsense he’ll babble out then,that will be one of the few times l’ll listen
    to his nonsense.
    lord i can’t wait!

  • chuckb

    i will enjoy watching barrys face come january 21, 2013 when air force one flys overhead without him, he and moochella have to call a taxi on their way to the airport flying home to kenya. this will be the worse day for this egotist. there is nothing in this lifetime that will effect him more.leaving the power, the luxury, vacations and the teleprompter.

    • swampfox

      You mean 2012!

      • HH

        No swampfox Obama, if defeated, will have use of AF1 until January 20, 2013

      • swampfox

        Yah,know,just thinking about that seriously annoys me to no end.
        well,lord willing when he gets the boot,we can take him to court since the dork won’t have the office of potus protecting his sorry arse any more and throw the bum in prison.

  • cawmun cents

    He didnt spell it wrong,he just took an opposing viewpoint…..from the left it still spells OHIO.
    Cant you people figure anything out?
    Havent you seen the progressive liberal agenda yet?
    They will eventually make all things backward,and froward.
    Get rid of God,replace Him with gubment.It is really that simple.No kidding.
    They will make what is wrong,right.
    They will make what is right,left.
    They will make what is good,bad.
    They will make what is smart,stupid.
    And they will point the finger of blame at everyone except themselves.
    It is what they do.
    First they blame God.
    Then they blame those who follow the laws.
    Then they blame those who earn their keep.
    Then they blame those who generate wealth.
    What do they then do?
    They establish laws against God.
    They establish laws against those who follow the laws.
    They establish laws against those who earn their keep.
    They establish laws against those who generate wealth.
    It is textbook communist takeover.In every single other instance the same ploys were used.
    But who is effected the most?
    The poor and under educated.Every time the poor and ignorant give more blood and sacrifice than anyone else,no matter what their Ivy League scholars and professors tell you.
    They send their children to Harvard and Yale.
    They send our children to war and to jail.
    They have undermined your ability to properly educate your own children and taught them all feckless marxism in the system of academia they have foisted on America for four decades.And they accomplished that by telling everyone a simple lie.
    That the Constitution speaks of a separation of church and state.
    Therefore there is no need for God,because we already have our document covering our asses should things go awry(another lie).We wouldnt want any other High-sounding thinking getting in the way of our gubment and its complete control of the populace.
    So now when they try to sraighten out what has been forever crooked,and keep you from trying to stop them from making that absurd assumption at your expense,you cannot.
    Wake up you foolish arrogant generation!
    Turn back toward the Creator that your founding document based your freedoms upon.


    • HH

      Here here now cawmun cents! If you keep that up they’ll figure it out!

    • flfarmer

      cawmun cents, Thank you, finally a post that actually makes sense,, speak the truth Amen!!!




  • whatmeworry

    My 3th grade Grandson can spell better!!!!!

  • http://Yahoo George

    I’ll bet he didn’t attend many classes during his “Opportunity Years”!
    I’ll bet he knows how to spell communism, Socialism, Marxist!
    Does that tip you off about his “education opportunities”.
    Now, he’s expressing his view that “we spread it all around”.
    Obviously, he believe that a good education is “wasted time”, especially getting trained about the Basic English Language.
    Hasn’t anyone ever suggested to him that there are obvious “hints” that People just “Don’t want you around anymore”?


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