Obama Prepares Syria Strike Over War-Weary Americans’ Objections


It looks like President Barack Obama is getting ready to retaliate against Syria for crossing his “red line” on the use of weapons of mass destruction – but a new Reuters poll shows that almost nobody wants the U.S. to get involved in yet another inscrutable war in the Middle East.

The poll surveyed Americans’ opinions on whether U.S. should intervene in the Syrian conflict – regardless of whether President Bashar al-Assad violated basic human rights by using chemical weapons against civilians. It found that 60 percent of Americans are opposed to any intervention in Syria, while only 9 percent believe the U.S. should get involved. Even when asked whether it could be proved that chemical weapons have been used against civilians in Syria, only 25 percent of those polled said the U.S. would be justified in intervening.

Many who offered comments along with their poll responses justified their opposition by saying the U.S. can’t effectively police the world and that it’s not a job that President Obama, like his Presidential forebears, should assume.

Ahead of any possible military action against Assad, Obama’s critics are sharpening their knives against the President’s possible capitulation to the same second-term modus operandi of predecessors, who mired the U.S. in Middle Eastern conflict on the pretense of righting moral atrocities.

“In many ways, President Barack Obama has rehabilitated the presidency of George W. Bush in ways which the conservative president’s supporters never could,” writes Mediaite’s Noah Rothman. “This is especially true in relation to the conduct of the global war on terror; an area of public policy in which Obama arguably had the broadest public mandate to govern in ways radically dissimilar to his predecessor.”

In other words, President Obama has come full circle from his promise of “change,” and will stand amongst the Bushes when history remembers his role in extending America’s enforcement ambitions in the Middle East at the run of the 21st Century.

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Ben Bullard

Reconciling the concept of individual sovereignty with conscientious participation in the modern American political process is a continuing preoccupation for staff writer Ben Bullard. A former community newspaper writer, Bullard has closely observed the manner in which well-meaning small-town politicians and policy makers often accept, unthinkingly, their increasingly marginal role in shaping the quality of their own lives, as well as those of the people whom they serve. He argues that American public policy is plagued by inscrutable and corrupt motives on a national scale, a fundamental problem which individuals, families and communities must strive to solve. This, he argues, can be achieved only as Americans rediscover the principal role each citizen plays in enriching the welfare of our Republic.

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  • TBJWebmaster

    I absolutely don’t want us to get involved. However, the silver lining in the cloud is that if Obama does get us involved, he’ll upset more than a few of his supporters here. I’ve already heard pretty loud grumblings from many Obama supporters on the lines of “I thought he was going to pull us out of all that fighting!” Another war, dragged into by him, and even more of them will be wondering why they voted for him.

    • fenix1

      Alot of them are going to be wondering that when the ACA kicks in not to mention if the “Amnesty Bill” passes!

    • Deerinwater

      Well, hmm? ~ I’m not sure that popular support is all so important that it could be called a Silver Lining.

      As far as being “dragged into it” ~ it’s not 44 ~ but other powers that are doing the “dragging” ~ as they appeal to the President to react.

      I would hope that any response to be direct, narrow and metered or none at all.

      Neither Syria nor theses Rebels are friends of the West ~ and i’m comfortable with keeping it that way. This war only needs to be contained, put a lid on it and let is simmer to it’s basic elements while taking no pleasure in any outcome.

  • WiSe GuY

    Only congress can declare war!
    Here is another example of 0bama’s Constitutional Treason!

    • FreedomFighter

      Foretold: The Burden of Damascus: “Behold, Damascus will cease from being a city, And it will be a ruinous heap.” – Isaiah 17:1
      Is this that time?
      Laus DeoSemper FI

  • rivahmitch

    I think you’ve misdiagnosed the problem slightly. It’s not just being weary but being totally disgusted that we’re fighting FOR America’s enemies the mulatto Mussolini’s buddies in the Muslim Brotherhood. Frankly, the whole MB population of the middle east, more or less Syria isn’t worth one American dollar or life. When your enemies are killing each other, let them.

    • fenix1

      When i first saw his picture with that arrogant look and “Chin Thrust” “Benito” was the first thing popped into my mind! And you’r right…NOT one American or Dollar is worth ANY of those Muslim Mind****** ***’s!

  • Libertarian58

    Perpetual war for perpetual peace is necessary to continue the perpetual “state of emergency” declared in 1934, effectively suspending the constitution. The military-industrial complex must be supported and the printing of endless billions of counterfeit currency drawing compound interest for the banks must never end. Volumes of new “security” regulations will be created eliminating even more of the few remaining freedoms we have left. All administrations are obligated to continue the facade.

    • fenix1

      Excellent Post! Couldn’t have said it better!

  • chefz774


  • ThomasThePaine

    Oh goodie . . . We can send our cannon fodder to look for “weapons of mass destruction”. . . Again?

    Just think how much money the politicians, the defense contractors and prosthetic manufacturers will be able to make. Don’t worry, Bernanke will just print it.

    We won’t even have to fly another plane(s) into one of our buildings this time!

    Somehow, I think I’ve seen this movie before. . .

  • gw111

    Assad used Gas to kill! We should go in there and blow them up!
    Lets back the rebels, they kill and cut your head off. Or eat your heart!

    Maybe Britain has it right let congress decide.

    • 5live5

      I think Ron Paul had it right. Don’t get involved in things that are non of our concern!

      • gw111

        Me thinks you have some good insight!

        • 5live5

          I try, I try!

    • ThomasThePaine

      How’s about if we just don’t give a $h!t?

  • 5live5

    Does this a#$%^%$# ever do the right thing??? I’m so sick n tired of worrying about his next move 2016 can’t come soon enough!

    • ThomasThePaine

      Preciselly, what makes your think that 2016 will be different?

      • 5live5

        At the very least he won’t BE THERE!

      • 5live5

        At the very least he won’t BE THERE!

        • ThomasThePaine

          What makes you so sure?

          • 5live5

            If he tries, then dam near the whole country will rise up and…………! I don’t think even the military would stand for it at the cost of their families!

          • ThomasThePaine

            This pile of living garbage with all forged IDs has broken just about every law ever written. . .

            All the Republicans care about, is not to be called racists. . . Rest assured that if he “tries”, the GOP will go along.

  • 5live5

    Off subject, but did anybody see anything about de Gaulle airport in France being shut down for bomb threats? My daughter said one of her friends was supposed to fly out of there today and their flight was cancelled because their terminal was shut down!

  • Paul

    Ask the UN, ask the Arab League, to he’ll with congress again! This guy needs to go.

  • David Stovall

    I differ. Cruise missile bomb Syrian air force to ashes. then start on rails, roads, radio , etc. to send message that poison gas on civilians will not be tolerated. Just tell EPA that Syria endangered a frog with the gas and it will be done.

    • Betta

      He’s being sarcastic. Relax, justsomeguy151. David’s just letting off a little steam. If we don’t do that periodically we’ll explode.

  • Warrior

    So the French and British have to “inform” us that chemical weapons have been used in Syria. Seems to me that possibly if our own NSA weren’t so busy listening to American phone calls maybe they would have “informed” the French and British that chemical weapons have been used. This situation suggests that French and British “security agencies” may not be monitoring the phone calls in their countries. Anyway, who are the “players” in all this mess?

    Seriously though, I’m getting the “heeby jeebies” over the middle east situation. I think there are groups that REALLY are pushing for a major war beginning in the middle east and expanding to………………………everywhere! Time to cool our jets.

  • lokiswife

    60% of Americans are against getting involved in Syria? That means Obombo and Kerry will come up with some hair-brained scheme to show us that they can do as they damned well please. Syria has no respect for either Obombo or Kerry so Syria will continue to do what they want. Where is Congress? Oh, that’s right, Congress doesn’t matter to Obombo any more. Where is the UN? Hiding in their palatial quarters waiting for it to blow over?

    • mark

      Congress is on summer vacation. And even if it were back Congress is impotent. It never stood up to Truman, Johnson, Nixon, Reagan, Bush I or Bush II for any of their overseas military invasions, some involving hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops. So why would they stand up to Obama over a few air and drone strikes in Syria involving zero U.S. casualties? Get real.

      • native blood

        Well, Getting real means, evaluating the situation and some debate. Obviously knee-jerk decisions to attack Syria without some kind of negotiation for peace is far from being real-istic.
        Dave your defense for Obama is expected but your unrealistic support for warfare at this juncture within our broken economy is just plain insanity and it just won’t wash at any point by the American people. We are just sick to death of middle eastern interference and we should have learned years ago that taming the enemy by aggression just breeds more and hatred exacted upon us. Our country is in peril and we need to heal not bleed out what is left of what we stand for. Peace and prosperity! Not War!

    • mark

      No, using chemical and biological weapons against your own people is a massive and major violation of international law. When the U.S. created and then joined the UN it agreed to uphold international law (even though it frequently violated it and supported violators like Israel, South Africa, various Latin American right-wing dictators, etc.). The U.S. is a signatory to the UN charter, to the Geneva Convention, to the Human Right’s charter. As such there is some legal justification for punishing Syria over this through sanctions, embargos, and even limited air and drone strikes against Syrian chemical/biological weapons forces

      • mark

        But the U.S. is NOT going to invade Syria. There will not be a single U.S. soldier on the ground. This will not be a Bush War with 200,000 U.S. troops pouring in in armored columns. This will be an Obama War as in Libya with a few U.S. drone and airstrikes, lots more by the British and French Air Forces, and zero U.S. killed, zero U.S. wounded, zero U.S. boots on the ground. The cost will be that of a couple of Sixth Fleet naval exercises that are held every year in the region – not $2 trillion like Bush’s Iraq War.

        • native blood

          Mark says in part ” There will not be a single U.S. soldier on the ground.”
          That is a stretch, care to place a wager on that one?
          Just to be sure, any military ground asset…right?

          • Timothy Sullivan

            I think the man (Mark) has been drinking some SERIOUS Kool-Aid! His continued litany of zero deaths,casualties,etc. is absolutely ludicrous. I realize that he is one of the legions of blame-Bush-at-any-price ilk. But in his fervent attempts to exonerate his Black/2 idol he evades the very real and distinct possibility or may I say eventuality of U.S. troops being required to have boots on the ground! BTW Black/2 = half-black.

          • native blood

            It seems so Tim. Some folks are blinded by the left/right paradigm and it seems the .5black/.5white factors in the equation somehow as well. Either way, good observation.

  • Guest

    Since Obama and the government love wars so much, I think Obama should stick his wife and two daughters out on the front line, first. Same goes with Biden and all the other clowns in Congress. Stick your loved ones out there first if you like war so much. Ooops, I keep forgetting: The laws and rules never apply to the very people passing them. And in this case, it is an even worse travesty, in that Congress never legally declared war on Syria to begin with, making the whole thing illegal. Aaah well, illegal president, illegal power grabs…at least Obama is being consistent.

    • CommonSense4America

      Bidens’ son did a tour of duty in Afganhistan.

      • grumpyolman

        But Biden Sr. was a bigger draft dodger than Romney.

    • Betta

      That should be a law for every president. You want to go to war? Sure, but your sons and daughters are going first on the front lines. We’ll see how many wars they’ll be ready to get involved in then.
      If it’s good enough for Prince Harry it’s good enough for sons and daughters of presidents.

    • mark

      Yeah, just like Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George Bush senior, George W Bush, etc put all their sons and daughters in combat in the wars they initiated. All their children fought in the front line in Vietnam, Beirut, Panama, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan. Reagan’s sons and daughters all in Marine uniforms tragically died along with the other 241 marines in Beirut in 1983 as I am sure you well know – just as Bush’s 2 daughters fell in combat along with the other 5000 service personnel in the Iraq War 2003-2011. You’re right, Guest, why doesn’t President Obama do as all our other presidents have in this area. Of course there is a little problem, Guest, Malia Obama is 15 and Sasha is 12. The U.S. military will not accept children of these ages into its ranks. Maybe you would like to change this policy and send 12 year old American children into combat? Brilliant idea. Another newsflash: we have a volunteer army now, so no one can send anyone into combat against their will. They are all volunteers. And on the illegal war question, did either of the Bushes, Johnson, Nixon, Reagan, Truman ever get a declaration of war for any of their overseas invasions of other nations? Why just pick on Obama and not mention the dozen or more other American presidents who also violated the Constitution in this regard? The only “war” Obama has initiated consisted of dropping a couple of hundred bombs on Libya. Our NATO allies did the rest there. And all Western forces combined suffered 0 deaths and 0 wounded. Did Obama’s intervention of a couple of weeks in Libya even constitute a war?

      • Timothy Sullivan

        They can send in the one daughter as a “senior adviser” as I understand she had that title conferred on her on one other occasion! Tell me how a 15 year old twit gets that type of ranking???

  • grumpyolman

    Yep, Obama ran his mouth trying to get re-elected, now it’s time to pay up. I guess Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod were too stupid to realize this had a lot more repercussions than your normal election year promise. And, oh yeah – Mitt Romney’s sitting back saying “Whew, now’s not a good time to be POTUS.”

    • Deerinwater

      “trying to get re-elected”?

  • Jeff Noncent

    what happen in Benghazi? nothing has done yet and the Rat is planing to go to war in Syria that is a joke I am sorry

    • Deerinwater

      Two separate events.

      • Deerinwater

        Mighty bold charge while inside the realm of probability.

        Since “arms deals” are struck in golf carts on the back 9, in Star Bucks, Camp David,Skeet range, in Istanbul Hot Tubs, Cock Fights outside Laredo, Air Craft Carriers in the middle of the Pacific and on Pennsylvania Ave.

        It’s a dangerous career choice done on a shoe string budget by anyone that attempts to use a low profile as a substitute for “might”.

        I’m not saying that I agree with you but I will say ~ if it be so, any agent for an empire and working back room deals ~ in unfriendly territory, ~ might pay well ~ but accept that we are seen as expendable resources.

        You are making too much of Benghazi when you place it beside all the sacrifice thousands of other Americans have paid serving their country when she called.





        I suppose the crime scene in Benghazi serves your purpose and validates your resolve.

        • Deerinwater

          I see ~ it’s as i thought ~ “to expose a criminal president. ~”

          don’t forget, ~ the attempt to debase Hillary’s image in the minds of the American voter. ~ Hillary is still seen as a potential threat for the 1st chair position in some peoples eyes.

          i’m not certain if you understand or just not willing to accept the activities of a sitting president, ~ a Mr, Rogers ~ they are not. Every sitting president awakes each morning and decides who lives , who dies and who is compromised and standing in harms way.

          It’s a Mob Boss of all Mob Bosses position my friend and deserving of some respect. ~ and fear perhaps. It seem you have got the fear but not the respect.

          I like to call it “Disorganized Crime” which is much more dangerous than Organized Crime, for with Organized Crime the motives are always clear, known and understood.

          • Deerinwater

            Well ? I didn’t hire him to preach Sunday school Sir. ~ I hired him to make hard and unpopular decisions in a hostile environment.

            and ~ I’m not sure where you are going ~ with accountability.

            he is just one man among many men and women that comprise the federal Government. ~ you know? ~

            And i haven’t had a TV that connects to anything but a DVD player in over a year , ~ I get my “talking points” from the fodder that you bring forward. ~ I’d say that you watch enough TV for both of us, and find it not necessary.

            If you are one that depend on TV to know what’s afoot, ~ your head is full of mostly mindless clutter~ which seems to be the case.

            Hillary did well in these Senate hearings ~ I know you probably thought otherwise ~ let’s allow the voters to decide.

            And I want to thank you personally for all the many things that you do , ~ to expose the truth.

          • Deerinwater

            “Things” never were as you believed they were, seems to be what you are saying. That’s very understandable and I think applies to us all.

            Knowledge is the progression of learning to which there is no end. The smarter we get , the dumber we feel. To find ourselves harboring a sense of betrayal would not be uncommon at all , leaving us all to grasp for something to believe in. ~

            You say, “Yr inability to fathom that our presidents have been criminals for almost 100 years says a lot.”

            after I offered you “It’s a Mob Boss of all Mob Bosses position my friend and deserving of some respect. ~ and fear perhaps. ”

            Did you not read or understand my words and their meaning?

            I think perhaps you hold unreasonable expectations in the office holder of president. An effective President can not be what you want him to be.

            I held Jimmy Carter in high regards, ~ but he was not an effective president. While a very wise man, not a commanding one. He could not instill the incentive for people to act. ~ He was too nice and not viewed as a threat. Like some of my employees ~ they listen to me and then go do as they please in spite of what I said, knowing I will not be to harsh on them unless things goes terribly wrong.

            The older and wiser we all get, ~ the less Mayberry , our nation will appear to us.

            This is not the life that I ordered either my friend but feeding discontent and discord into your own life as well as the lives of others is not the way to change it,

            If you ever want to make enemies, ~ position yourself to preside over anything, ~ A PTA meeting, ~ The Commander over the Legion Hall , head of the Rotory Club, ~ Judge in a Beauty Pageant, Coach a children soccer team , Foreman over a Grand Jury, Union Team leader, Master Seaman Mechanic on a 150 ton Utility boat 30 days at sea, ~ any leading position, I don’t care. There will always be someone disgruntled and unhappy about the way you are doing things. ~

            That they themselves couldn’t shoulder the load consistently on their best day is not a consideration they entertain ~ There are always such people ~ that employ tunnel vision and focus on one thing and pass harsh judgement without benefit of a peripheral encompassing view,

            We are not going to get the perfect man for all occasions. While in the past, America’s has been blessed to have the right man at the right time to rise to the station and greatness, Truman was a sleeper. Roosevelt, Lincoln,Washington, Jackson, Kennedy, Lyndon, Reagan , Eisenhower even Grant they all had their moments of greatness and left Americans something to be proud of.

            Now you might not see it this way, but America was in an uncontrolled , stall, spin ,crash and burn on February 28th 2009. We were circling the drain ~ we were going down. My business phone quite ring for 6 months, stopping in Oct of 2008.

            We’ve came a long ways since then ~ pulling out of that stall, a stall that would have went Global in 24 hours ~ that was quit a feat. ~ that some would offer W credit for what “didn’t happen” (another attack on American soil) ~ 44 receives no consideration and no respect for what didn’t happen. ~ like it was some sort of natural occurrence, ~ supply and demand forces “finally” kicking in. ~ but who kick started this supply and demand? ~ Markets! ~ Right!

            Discredit and disavow 44, (the darker shade of pale guy) all you want, with all your heart and soul ~ but it won’t change things in many peoples minds that lived though these events ~ and then have the audacity to offer us Mitt Romney for President validates all suspicions of a major disconnect between the GOP and the American voter,

            Obama didn’t have too win, ~ Romney & John only had to lose , and they did! ~ So get use too it.

            There is a built-in separation of powers on the Hill that limits what any one branch of government can and cannot do. ~ The fighting is constant between these powers, it always has been so and nothing new. I’d encourage anyone to understand this “fighting” is all a part of the process of government and attempt to stay civil without attempting to appealing to the lowest common denominator among men with our arguments.

      • Jeff Noncent

        I know that here we have 4 American die in Benghazi, nothing is done about it! and the thing happen in Syria thousand of people die of chemical weapon what’s the different? 4 American die in Benghazi,and thousand of people die because of chemical weapon

        • Deerinwater

          It might seem that way but it’s being done Sir. ~ There is much afoot and much we don’t have privilege too and more so, it’s not over yet. ~ There is no telling how many Egyptians have died over this as the CIA carry’s out it’s skunk works.

          While the incident is being used to fan the flames of discontent and incorporated into a larger political agenda.

          That it’s failed anything productive for the GOP has not stopped them. ~ Thous anti-administration are still anti-administration, thous supportive of the administration are still pro Obama. ~must the same results as every other issue the Tea Party and their masters have attempted to sell. ~ No yardage, ~ 4th down with 35 yards to go for a 1st down.
          Time to kick, and kick and kick. Over and over again and again ~ hoping something might change. ~ but it never does.

  • Deerinwater

    I certainly hope not. I was hoping 44 could resist these “powers” that wants this to occur. The hawks, the military complex and the bankers.

    • Deerinwater

      And what does MIC stand for?

      And if 44 has committed treason, some ambitious attorney would file the charge, it would be considered by the courts on the merits to pursue.

      So far, ~ strike outs and base hits is the best anyone’s been able to do, as thousands of the offended continue to make the charge.

  • Al Chemist

    There are no “Good Guys” on either side here. Bill Clinton lobbed a few hundred missiles into Afghanistan and destroyed a few tents and Mountain Goats. What good did it do? Is Obama following his lead? What’s the point here? No one is really sure who is using those chemical weapons, if anyone at all is using them? Didn’t he learn his lesson in Egypt?

    • Deerinwater

      That’s my feelings as well Al. ~ Not wanting to speak in absolutes, what we should or shouldn’t, will or won’t do or not do. I’m slow to trust any information coming out of this area.

      Once the dogs of war have been unleashed, truth seems to be one of the first casualties of war.

      • Jeffrey T

        It just seems awfully funny they are this certain after ONLY A WEEK OR SO this guy did this! But here we are almost 1 yr to the day on the Bengazi attack and they are still chasing their tails!! Also this could be a tactic to get people minds off the 1 yr anniversary of Bengazi! And no ones been held accountable nor caught! This is a BS coverup to keep the kool aid drinking obama loving masses eyes glued elsewhere instead of still looking into Bengazi and all the other scandals plagueing this corrupt inept administration

        • mark

          After 8 years of trying the Bush administration fail utterly in capturing or killing Osama Bin Laden who killed not 4 Americans as at Benghazi – but 3000. It took President Obama to finally deal justice to that mass murderer. He will also get the murderers of Benghazi and in lot quicker time than Bush who could not capture a far greater murderer in 8 years time.

  • native blood

    It seems that the only support for the prospect of a war in Syria lies squarely on those who will profit from it. As usual, the ones who will suffer will be the servicemen and women and those who will have to pay the price in taxes. This does not look good morally or financially much less the fallout with the severe loss of life and limb. The Russians are supporting the other side of this situation and this can’t be good!

  • native blood

    It seems that the only support for the prospect of a war in Syria lies squarely on those who will profit from it. As usual, the ones who will suffer will be the servicemen and women and those who will have to pay the price in taxes. This does not look good morally or financially much less the fallout with the severe loss of life and limb. The Russians are supporting the other side of this situation and this can’t be good!

  • mark

    This will not be a George W. Bush War like Iraq and Afghanistan: 5000 U.S. dead in Iraq and 40,000 wounded, paraplegics, amputees, mentally traumatized – 2,000 U.S. dead in Afghanistan, 15,000 wounded, paraplegics, amputees, mentally traumatized. Cost to U.S. taxpayers for both wars: around $3 trillion. It will be an Obama “war” as in Libya: 0 U.S. dead 0 U.S. wounded, 0 U.S. paraplegics, 0 U.S. amputees, 0 U.S. mentally traumatized. Cost to U.S. taxpayers: around $5 billion – all because there will be 0 U.S. boots on the ground as in Libya There is a HUGE difference between the way these 2 presidents wage war that Ben Bullard has missed completely as usual. One puts hundreds of thousands on U.S. troops on the ground in perilous and hopeless situations. The other bombs, uses cruise missiles, drones and lots of our NATO allies air assets. Among the families of our servicemen I can assure you that Obama’s Libyan “war” was immensely more popular than Bush’s Iraqi and Afghan wars. Not a single one of our servicemen’s families had to bring flowers to a loved one in either a cemetery or a hospital because of Obama “war” in Libya. Nor will they have to due to NATO strikes in Syria. But Ben will never tell you that – even though it is a simple truth that every American knows.

    • native blood

      How much congressional support did Bush get for his wars vs the current POTUS? What have the Syrians done to us? (Same question posed to Bush about Iraq and Afghanistan) How many Syrian casualties will occur as a result from an air and massive missile attack? How much ground will be held by US/NATO interests with no ground troops available? No victory over another country be made without troops to route out and sweep objectives lest you wind up with a Clinton fiasco and wind up bombing non-essential targets with lots of innocents killed. Air wars soften targets for the Armor/Infantry teams. They are not designed to hold terrain for any appreciable amount time.

      • mark

        The Gaddafi regime in Libya was overthrown without any U.S. armor/infantry teams on the ground. U.S. and NATO airstrikes combined with local indigenous ground forces took him down. The same was true with Milosevic regime in Serbia that fell to popular revolution after prolonged U.S. airstrikes in Kosovo. There are examples of prime objectives being achieved without the insertion of U.S. armor/infantry units. The American people will only support this type of “war” in the Middle East after the Bush “massive boots on the ground” fiascos in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama is well aware of this. He will put zero U.S. troops there and stick with NATO airstrikes and drone strikes. The British and the French air forces will likely participate.

        • native blood

          You really think the American people will overwhelmingly support this? Do you support this? Not knowing the facts,
          you support attacking another country with the support of Russian advanced air defense? Do we really know for sure that the current Syrian regime committed these atrocities? Even the Syrian military has allegedly been attacked by chem weapons. Maybe we sought to get some finding from the UN before moving in to commit more warfare in the already volatile region.

          • mark

            No they will not “overwhelmingly” support it. But they will tolerate it, especially with zero U.S. casualties, zero U.S. boots on the ground, and the cost of a couple of normal Navy training exercises in the Mediterranean. What they will not tolerate would be another Bush-style war with 200,000 U.S. troops on the ground, 45,000 U.S. casualties over an 8 year quagmire, and a cost of $2 trillion to the taxpayers. President Obama opposes that kind of a war, a Bush-style war, much more vociferously than either you or I do. He voted for a resolution opposing the U.S. invasion of Iraq in the Illinois Senate in 2002, six months before the first troops went in. The UN is already in Syria dodging Syrian army attacks and the strikes won’t come until more info comes back from them, and the Brits and French sign on probably on Friday.

          • native blood

            Mark, You are wrong! You have avoided answering directly whether you support this war stance so it must be assumed that you do! There is no cheap war. There is no clean war! There is no reason now to go to war! There is a new awakening across this country, many previous deceived us and I refuse to approve of this president to wage war just because he hasn’t had his chance to start one. That is so wrong of you to even think that this country has a noble reason to go to war as broke as we are. You are wrong on this one Mark!

          • mark

            No, I’m not because I categorically oppose any U.S. intervention in Syria. But I know that Obama is going to intervene on a smaller scale way as he did in Libya. I’m not a fool: all the signs point toward cruise and tomahawk missile strikes at the end of this week with zero U.S. boots on the ground as in Libya. Of course there are no clean or cheap wars. But there are definitely cheaper and cleaner wars. The Libyan “war” was a cheaper war and cleaner war than World War II, the Vietnam War, or the Iraq/Afghan Wars of George W. Bush. Do I have to lay out all the dollar and death statistics to prove that to you? Or are you still convinced that there is zero difference between the U.S. intervention in Libya of three weeks and a hundred bombs and the 10 year Vietnam War? Well, let me try to explain it to you in a different way. The next time you are in Washington or New York or Chicago see if you can attend a Convention of U.S.-Libyan War veterans, see if you can visit a U.S.-Libyan War monument, A U.S.-Libyan War Cemetery, or try to join a U.S.-Libyan Veterans Association. Kinda hard to do when there were zero U.S. deaths and zero U.S. casualties with only a dozen pilots participating in that one. No problem at all to do with the four other U.S. wars I listed above. There are definitely vast differences between the severity of numerous wars. And there are some interventions like Libya and like Syria that to not even rise to the level of war in terms of U.S. participation. (The war against Gaddafi was definitely a major war for the Libyan people – but not for the U.S. people).

        • Kayla44

          Why would obama want a potential war with Russia and Iran? Why would anyone (9%) support this obama warmongering which appears to under false premises? Obama knows this is a hornets nest and he’s risking millions of lives. Yes, he wants to destabalize the ME and put in his MB but this isn’t the way to do it. Libya and Egypt are in shambles. I’m not sure a MB Islamic state would be an improvement over Assad’s secular state. The Syrians, like the Egyptians prefer a secular government.

      • mark

        The Gaddafi regime in Libya was overthrown without any U.S. armor/infantry teams on the ground. U.S. and NATO airstrikes combined with local indigenous ground forces took him down. The same was true with Milosevic regime in Serbia that fell to popular revolution after prolonged U.S. airstrikes in Kosovo. There are examples of prime objectives being achieved without the insertion of U.S. armor/infantry units. The American people will only support this type of “war” in the Middle East after the Bush “massive boots on the ground” fiascos in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama is well aware of this. He will put zero U.S. troops there and stick with NATO airstrikes and drone strikes. The British and the French air forces will likely participate.

    • justus brother

      What about the FOUR DEAD MEN that the dirtbag in chief left to die in Benghazi? And how many more wounded that he is hiding out and not letting them talk to congress?

      • mark

        What about the TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY-ONE DEAD MEN that the dirtbag in chief Ronald Reagan left to die in Beirut Lebanon in 1983. Not a single Democrat called for his impeachment after that massacre of 241 of our brave Marines there. Guess what they did instead? They blamed the terrorists who carried out the attack. Imagine that, what a bunch of idiots blaming the murderers for murder, instead of blaming the President of the United States who played zero role in planning or carrying out the attack on U.S. personnel. Thank God we don’t have idiots like that in the Republic Congress today – people who blame murderers for murder.

    • Jeffrey T

      Heyyyyy stoooopid!! Ever hear of BENGAZI!!!! What about the arms that were smuggled!! Through the annex to syria?? The 400 missing missles!! Hmm ever heard of fast n furious???,, over 300 mexicans dead and 1 BP agent??? Are you that STOOPID to think your Messiah IS SO PERFECT??? Damn u OD on your Govt Kool- Aid!! WAR ISNT BLOODLESS YOU FOOL!! What about the ” Innocent Wmen & Children ” that will be killed by your Messiahs bombs!!, ever think of THAT!! GD ive read some stupid stuff on here and blatant ignorance and foolins stuff but yours takes tha cake my friend!! Also in order for any fundamental change to take place all you Messiahs ” GOD BOMBS WILL ACCOMPLISH ZIP! ZERO! Acfept kill women and children!! I say stay the hell out!! Enuf American blood has been shed for people who hate us! SCREW THEM!
      Also Your great messiah n Chief isnt qualified to pour piss out of a boot with the instructions written on the heel!! ?
      ohhh a bloodless war!! Lol tooooo funny!! WTF DO YOU KNOW HOW EXPENSIVE THOSE WEAPON SYSTEMS ARE YOUR SAYING TO USE! Do the math!! You sound kinda intelligent!! Do the math!! Because unless we get the leader of Syria with one of them its gonna be boot on the ground head hunting! Ant Russia is Protecting him and arming this guy!

    • native blood

      Dave, watch this comparison of troops vs air when it comes to collateral damage.

      Hope this educates a bit.

    • Michael Shreve

      Congressionally APPROVED wars, even when UNCONSTITUTIONAL, differ from PRESIDENTIAL wars in that PRESIDENTS have NO power to go to war, ONLY defend the U.S.

    • ibn isnha

      Just because Obama can get involved in Syria without killing our own troops does not mean we ‘should’ get involved in a war. The question is if our involvement is necessary. The answer is NO. And who would we aid in Syria, Al-Qaeda and Islamic Brotherhood? So we would be aiding the very people who are against our way of life. At least Bust did not aid the enemy. Not that I am justifying Bush’s wars.

    • Timothy Sullivan

      Zero US dead in Libya? You must be pals with Hillary et al. I counted at least 4 dead in Benghazi!

  • mark

    Any evidence of this, Justsomeguy151? No, I didn’t think so.

    • mark

      You must be an idiot who believes everything he reads on whacko wingnut sites and Aryan Nation bookstores. Yes, I thought so.

  • william huffman

    We are sending tanks, planes, and money to the brotherhood. The brotherhood is the parent organization of al queda. So, we are technically supporting the very people that hate the U.S, and Israel, and have vowed to wipe us from the face of the earth. Am I the only one that sees a problem with this?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • scott2345

    “In 2003, then-Director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency James Clapper told reporters that Saddam Hussein moved his stockpiles of chemical weapons to Syria in advance of the second Gulf war, calling it the “the obvious conclusion one draws.” Clapper’s assessment was echoed by a general with the Iraqi Air Force, Georges Sada, who noted as many as 56 flights and multiple truck convoys carted the weapons of mass destruction across the border. The pre-invasion WMD pipeline is further touted by Israeli intelligence, Syrian dissident accounts and even American satellite imagery.”

    Now Barack Obama wishes to blow up the WMDs Bush went after in Iraq.

  • Michael Shreve

    WE THE PEOPLE are FINALLY opposing these UNCONSTITUTIONAL Presidential wars, but it is UNLIKELY we can stop them.

  • Lucinda

    May news reports of UN investigations concluded rebels and Al Qaeda used sarin gas. The rebels continued to blame Assad while civilians fingered the rebels. Now with gas used under the noses of the expected UN visit and Assad winning the battle, it seems unlikely he’d set himself up to be red lined. The rebels and Al Qaeda were losing and in desperate need of more of our help and the US made gas the condition for which they’d intervene. At this point we don’t know who used the gas yet we’re threatening a potential major war? Why are we helping Al Qaeda and the rebels? Is the Muslim Brotherhood waiting in the wings as in Egypt and Libya? Why would Obama want a possible world war? Why are “peace activists” so silent? Who do they really work for, it clearly isn’t for peace.

    • native blood

      Truly suspicious, Lucinda. This entire situation smells like a major distraction and this president is certainly not a military leader.

  • chuckb

    This so called gas attack is a charade (Benghazi video) and I wouldn’t be surprised this administration is working with the rebels (al Qaeda). Barry would love to give the Brotherhood a hand and at the same time he will find the wimpy Republicans easier to coerce with a mini war going on.
    Remember what Barry said: “If the going gets tough he will stand by Islam”
    We have Al Qaeda sitting in the White House.

  • ibn insha

    Does anybody realize why Obama is determined to intervene in every Middle East country? To distract Americans from what he has done inside America. This man is a coward. You cannot expect him to go to even a legitimate war. He knows that another war will be very unpopular with the public so he wants to convince us that he can intervene without boots on the ground. But does public realize that intervening in Middle East, with or without American lives, will be aiding the enemy that is Al-Qaeda and the Islamic Brotherhood?

    In 1979 we allowed secular regime of Shah of Iran to fall and what the people of Iran got in return was worse than Shah.

    We invaded Iraq and deposed Sadam Hussain who was secular. After spending well over a trillion dollars in that country the evidence indicates that the government of that country have radical Islamic elements who cannot be trusted.

    We allowed Qadafi to be deposed who was also secular. Is the present regime in Libya our friend?

    We allowed Hosni Mubarak of Egypt to fall who was secular and helped Islamic Brotherhood come to power in democratic elections who immediately started undermining the rule of law and ruled with decrees. Morsi immediately became very unpopular with the people of Egypt and the military had to overthrow that government. Instead of just being a silent observer we are condemning Egyptian military for overthrowing a very unpopular and the enemy of the USA government of Morsi.

    Now we want to intervene in Syria, depose a secular government and help Al-Qaeda and Islamic Brotherhood to come to power.

    Saudi Arabia’s radical Islamic government is still in power because of us.

    How all this going to help America? Do we realize that our interventions did not help common people of those countries? There is no doubt that the above mentioned regimes were brutal and ruled their people with iron fist but at least countries were stable. People were oppressed but not being killed like it is ‘open season’. If we wanted to help the oppressed people we did not have to wait for decades before taking action. When we destabilized them tens of thousand innocent people of those countries were killed and the new powers were proven to be worse that those that were replaced. Our track record of aiding and dealing with foreign governments or at least with Middle Eastern governments is not so great. We should straighten our moral compass before deciding if and when we should intervene in other countries and if we also can bear the cost, be it monetary or human or we should just ‘live and let die’.

    So going back to Mr. Obama all this interest in the Middle East while being oblivious with his own country’s problems is just a distraction from what he has been doing or not doing here that can even impeach him. It is an attempt to cover up his own ineptitude. Watch what the other hand is doing.

    • native blood

      Very astute observation! Thanks for this informative posting.

    • Deerinwater

      Well, I don’t know that he is wanting to meddle in middle eastern affairs but it’s clear there are people that want him too.

      While I don’t keep up with events like many of you do, I’m with Chuck below, ~ This a charade ~ an attempt to draw attention and get people to act.

      For one thing, ~ the using of Gas ~is an act of desperation in an attack or defending. ~ If not do correctly it’s harmful to everyone and it’s a serious game changer.

      That there might be seen some ambiguity as to who actually launched such an attack calls for an unbiased investigation ~ while I question if that is even possible.

      Who has the most to gain with the US involvement in this war? I do not believe Assad wants us there. The Russians don’t want us there. The Chinese don’t want us there.

      The only people that want us there are the rebels, the Hawks in our government , the international military complex and banker that are poised to make money off of any out-come.

      Now Assad might well not have complete control over his military but I do feel like Assad would act like any leader if he believe he was losing control. ~ The correct would be swift.

      So whoever is was that used chemical weapons ~ would be unwise to do it again as the process of elimination is at work and they will be found out.

      All of this Benghazi talk and “O”s secret diabolical ambitions, ~ we’ve all heard many times before. ~ It makes for great bashing and getting all lathered up into a frenzy.

      Whatever course is taken needs to be founded on verifiable intelligence and measured in response. ~ Assad is the Leader of Syria, he is under siege by the same people that wanted leadership transition in other parts of the Muslim world and to data they have not impressed me very much with their success and or their failures.

      Trading one known leader for 15 or 20 unknown leaders will not serve American interest as far as I can tell.

      It’s my hope we can contain this conflict without getting too involved with it.

      Allow these forces to fan themselves out ~ doing what “THEY” want to do.

      ~ We fought our civil war, ~ we paid the price for what we have today ~ I would not won’t to deny other world citizens that same freedom.

      Not to say that we fought our civil war completely without foreign influence or assistance as we didn’t ~ but it was small and never enough to make it a game changer.

      Allow these people to die for what they believe in and honor the victors. Only in their victory, ~ might we have something in common. ~ for at the moment I see no common ground.

  • Matforce

    Weren’t the Republicans just whipping up outrage through sabre rattling and pulling the “man code” card when the Obama administration wanted to take it slow in Syria and other Middle East hot beds? What a bunch of opportunist rabble rousers. “I was against it before I was for it… or vice versa… LOL!