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Obama On Pace To Break Traveling Record For U.S. Presidents

November 29, 2010 by  

Obama On Pace To Break Traveling Record For U.S. PresidentsA new study reveals that President Barack Obama has spent more days out of the country than any other Commander-in-Chief during his first two years in office.

Research conducted by the National Taxpayers Union Foundation (NTUF) found that Obama has made 15 trips and visited 26 countries during a accumulated period of 55 total days. This figure exceeds the previous record of 54 days, which was held by George H.W. Bush.

NTUF senior policy analyst Demian Brady confirmed from military sources that the average cost of operating Air Force One is $181,757 per hour, which is about 80 percent more than the highest previously reported estimate from government officials. Brady says that taxpayers deserve to know how much it costs to send the President overseas.

Overall, Bill Clinton is the most-traveled President in American history. During his eight years in office, he was out of the country an average of 29.1 days per year.

According to the Economic Times, a Quinnipiac University poll shows that almost half of American voters believe Obama does not deserve a second term as President. Approximately 49 percent of those surveyed answered 'no' to Obama in 2012, while about 43 percent said he should be re-elected.

The poll also reveals that more voters would back Republican Mitt Romney than Obama in a presidential race.

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  • bsfurg

    He lied and lied to get in the WH now it seems like he doesnt really like it.. he would rather be on that plane…I heard hes mostly bored.. maybe he would rather be on his knees praising muslim who he says is so peacefull..

  • Mick

    Where are all the good folks this morning?

  • Mick

    NTUF senior policy analyst Demian Brady confirmed from military sources that the average cost of operating Air Force One is $181,757 per hour;;
    Anybody with the littlest coming sense should be outraged by this amount of money spent on his majesty………..

    • Jana

      We are outraged at this. Not only does he like to travel, but so does his wife and she takes all of her friends and evidently new acquaintances with her.
      They both act like they are in a Country Club and have been given a lavish expense account. The only thing is IT IS NOT FREE, its costing us the taxpayers.
      Obama is a joke. He is nothing but a community organizer and he isn’t even organized.

      • 45caliber

        As Michelle stated, they are royalty and deserve all those perks. Just consider their parties to increase the level of gracious aristocrats in the country.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          They’re royalty alright! Royal pains in the azz!!!

          • Jana

            Joe H.
            That’s about right!

  • NoBonR4me

    This arrogant, narcassist, racist imposter is show-boating as Royalty at taxpayers expense with no regard what-so-ever for “The People”. To make things worse, he hasn’t one positive thing to present to this nation for these 56 “vacations”. This guy deserves to be lynched in public view. I firmly believe no other country on this planet would stand for such.

    • Mick

      NoBonR4me….He hasn’t done anything positive for this country and neither did this crooked congress but he certainly gave a boost to our enemies.
      There was a time when No other country would have dared try to mess with us, now we’re fair game.

      • Kinetic1

        I guess you missed the news when it was revealed that several years in Afghanistan and Iraq had left our military unprepared to respond. The disastrous policies of the last administration did more to weaken us in the eyes of the world than anything done by the current administration. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not pleased with every decision made by the current group, nor am I anything but proud of the hard work and unrelenting sacrifice of our soldiers and their families, but you can’t just deploy and deploy, over and over again and not expect to eventually break or soldiers down. The terrorists know this and are taking advantage of our fear. We’ve spent OVER 1,114,000,000,000.00 on these two wars. That’s 1 TRILLION 114 BILLION. And that’s the CONSERVATIVE estimate. When you add the associated costs it more than TRIPLES! And what good has it done? If we had not gone into Iraq, might we have finished with Afghanistan by now? “6 days, 6 weeks, I doubt 6 months.” As Secretary Rumsfeld promised. That’s what has left us weak.

        • Teresa

          and you seem to fail to mention that Obama seems to do the one thing that the former Administrations did not do…he keeps apologizing for the US, which makes us appear weak in the eyes of other nations.
          Here are the latest statements to the UN and the world:

          Assistant Secretary of State Michael Posner, another U.S. spokesman dispatched by the Obama administration, said the U.S. was “humbled by the recognition that we need to continue and even redouble our efforts as we strive to make ours a more perfect union.”

          “The Obama administration has a message for the world. The message is something along these lines: The United States is very bad, but Barack Obama is very good. He seeks to redeem America from its evil.”

          These comments were made after Iran, N. Korea, Cuba, China and Libya all “recommended” what the US needed to do!

          • Kinetic1

            Very nice, the way you placed the comment about the Obama administration’s message for the world in quotes. It made it look like it was a direct quote from the asst. Secretary of State, when it was really just a comment from a right wing blog. Michael Posner was representing the U.S. at a the UN Human Rights Council. Here is a little more accurate news from the AP;

            “U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Esther Brimmer said Washington was proud of its record but prepared to engage critics during the country’s first comprehensive review before the U.N. Human Rights Council.

            Anticipating harsh words from traditional adversaries such as Cuba, Venezuela and Iran, Brimmer took a jibe at those countries’ restrictions on freedom of speech by telling the 47-nation council that the Obama administration was used to hearing criticism from its own citizens at home, in newspapers, blogs and talk radio shows.

            “Some are respectful and constructive, some are not,” she said. “We protect them all.”

            In a forceful speech that highlighted U.S. achievements as well as shortcomings, Brimmer also noted that it was “our own people, to whom we are ultimately accountable,”

            That’s right, not the U.N., not the leaders of another country, but “our own people…” That’s called recognizing who we are and standing up for what we believe. Yes, unlike the claims of the last administration, these are the “grown ups” doing what adults do. We recognize our failings, stand up for our successes and strive to do better. If you, or any one else here wants to claim that the U.S. has no problem with racial discrimination or prison overcrowding, both issues brought up in the hearings, then I suggest you get your head out of the sand. The last administration refused to be a part of this group. Just as well, since Bush’s man, John Bolton would have responded to criticism by yelling back, “Oh yea? Well, we’re better than you so neh neh.” The Obama administration recognizes the potential good that can come from this sort of group and is not afraid to admit that we are not perfect, but is also willing to point out just how good we are. Next, it’s our turn to shine the light on the human rights issues of other nations.

          • Teresa

            kinetic, if you are going to tell the story, tell the Whole story…yes Obama has done plenty in telling other nations our faults as you so put it….First of all Obama owes Nobody an explenation for our actions…do you understand That! Especially those nations of whom are famous for torture and want to call upon US for OUR actions, when it is US that they call upon first to come to fight for peace…please!!! The UN is a joke, Obama uses his political correctness over OUR rights and he dares to abide by THEIR ways and laws before our own Constitutional laws….again Please spare me!
            You speak that he stands up and speaks accountability for OUR faults when he will not even speak of his own!!!!!! That is not accountability!!!! That is a tactic in which is called the blame game!

          • Kinetic1

            Ah yes, the “blame game.” Just another Palin catch phrase. And exactly what foreign laws have we put above our own? When we sign a treaty, we accept that agreement as part of our own law. This is not some new Obama rule, this is the Constitution at work.

            As for the U.N. Council, we are not bowing down and accepting any orders from other nations. And you can criticize countries like China for hypocrisy, but that is the whole point here. We are leading by example. We accept criticism, admit our faults and continue to improve while other countries fail. We expose their hypocrisy by not being hypocritical ourselves. That’s why Bush’s admission on torture was such a big deal. We can’t expect to lead if we won’t hold ourselves accountable.

            I think my favorite part of these discussions is the way people highlight Bushes failures as Obama’s. Bush gets us into a long, drawn out war, and now it’s Obama’s. Bush can’t admit to any mistakes he’s made, and now it’s Obama who is unable to accept blame. Bush set’s records for vacation time, so we have to attack Obama every time he hits the links. And even when Bush gets something right, like TARP, if you don’t like it you pin it on Obama! You folks are so transparent, even if you can’t see it for yourselves. Maybe you don’t get it? Maybe you are so addicted to the FOX trough that you don’t even think about what you repeat? Obama’s not perfect, not by a long shot, but your criticism is so slanted that it’s hard to take seriously.

          • eddie47d

            Kinetic; You hit the nail on the head. You and I both know it’s all politics.

          • Jana


            Teresa is right.

            You said,”The last administration refused to be a part of this group. Just as well, since Bush’s man, John Bolton would have responded to criticism by yelling back, “Oh yea? Well, we’re better than you so neh neh.” The Obama administration recognizes the potential good that can come from this sort of group and is not afraid to admit that we are not perfect, but is also willing to point out just how good we are. Next, it’s our turn to shine the light on the human rights issues of other nations.

            Now really, Now you are trying to put words in John Bolton’s mouth.
            How silly you sounded on that. Maybe that is what You would have said.

            Actually, I agree that we shouldn’t be a part of that group. they aren’t going to change and it just brings us down.

            The problem with Obama is we are NOT leading by example as you assert. He is an apologist as he goes around the world telling them how bad we are. Yet we are the ones who give most to other countries in their times of need not just money, but people and military help.

          • Kinetic1

            Yes, I resorted to sarcasm and placed words in Mr. Bolton’s mouth, but let’s remember who this man is. This is the man who says “the U.N. is valuable only when it directly serves the United States.” This is the man that 59 former diplomats openly rejected as a potential U.N. representative, stating that he “would undermine negotiation efforts with other diplomats at the U.N.” John Bolton was just another in a long line of Bush administration picks who were chosen, not because of their qualifications to do the job, but for their past opposition to the organization they were to represent.

            Stephen Johnson, former employee of Litton Bionetics, Bush’s choice for head of EPA. He entered the EPA to learn the regulations he opposed “from the inside” before returning to private industry. Here was a man who promoted the Children’s Environmental Exposure Research Study, which advocated recording the effects of pesticides on children from infancy to age 3. Why? Because he advocated for using human subjects to test pesticides! And for all you States’ rights folks, Johnson tried to block the efforts of 17 states to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve fuel economy. He defended his position by arguing that “The Bush administration is moving forward with a clear national solution, not a confusing patchwork of state rules.” No wonder the EPA is so screwed up.

            J. Steven Griles, former energy lobbyist and no. 2 official in the Interior Department. Griles used his position to remove barriers that prevented oil and natural gas concerns from exploiting our nation’s oil and mineral reserves. He left the DOI to take a job as a lobbyist for ConocoPhillips, that is until he was convicted of lying to Congress about illegal favors he did for Jack Abramoff. A real protector of our national treasures.

            Monica Goodling, graduate of Pat Robertson’s Regent University. Best known as the White House liaison at the DOJ who based the department’s hiring of candidates on their sexual preference, GOP loyalty, and adherence to conservative ideology. What law do they teach at Regent University?

            Oh, we could go on and on. Former industry lobbyists appointed to the very departments they once argued against, the past president of the “National Fatherhood Initiative” who funneled almost 1 million dollars to the same organization during his time as Assistant Secretary for Community Initiatives at the Department of Health and Human Services and on and on. All, like Mr. Bolton, committed to undermining the very entities they should have been guarding. So I may have been sarcastic about Bolton, but it wasn’t too far from his own words.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            nobama WAS the first president to ever go to the UN crying about one of his own countries states!!! How is it a human rights violation to demand that illegal immigrants return to their own country and come here LEGALLY????

          • Kinetic1

            That is a highly misrepresented claim. We did not turn to the UN for help or advice, but simply made mention of the legal issues in our Human Rights report. It would be hard to write a section on immigration (which is a basic topic in these talks) and not bring up Arizona. It is for our courts to decide if a state can pass these types of immigration laws, or if it is a matter for the Federal Government.

          • eddie47d

            Obama did it! Obama did it! Whether he did it or not!

      • Sweetie

        I wonder who and what ??? got us there.

        Obummer, Ignorent Idiot…

    • castaway

      You are correct and only need to look back in history to see what happens to leaders like this one. So, what does that tell you about us as a people??

  • Karolyn

    So big whoop; he’s only beating Bush by one day. So what?

    • BRYAN

      IT AIN’T OVER YET………

  • Mick

    Karolyn says:
    November 29, 2010 at 7:33 am
    So big whoop; he’s only beating Bush by one day. So what?

    Karolyn ,,,,,,,I never defended the waste within our Government no matter who was in charge but I guess the liberal philosophy is ” two wrongs make a right “

    • Sweetie

      Obummer it’s A-Okay

      Anybody else your SOL!

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Mick… Any president that uses tax payer funds to go overseas owes the tax payers an explanation. If the trip was business, it could be something important to our country. If it was a vacation then tax payers shouldn’t be paying for it. We need to make all of Washington more accountable. The present administration has drawn attention to themselves by the apologies they continue to make. They have truly awakened the American public. We needed a wake up call. Hopefully all of us will see the need to make politicians accountable to us. After all, we put them in office; we can take them out….

      • Jana

        Robin from A.
        You are so right. AMEN!

  • Raggs

    Airplane trips huh… When can we send him to the moon??? one way only!!!! I wouldn’t mind paying for that trip…

    • Sweetie

      I heard that one! :-)

      • Jana

        Unfortunately the spaceships are getting old ahhhhhh, a one way trip hahaha.
        I guess you heard the poor baby Obama got his lip hurt and had to have stiches. He was playing more of his games again, basketball.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          yeah 12 of them!! too bad the stitches didn’t wire his jaw shut!! THAT would be a humanitarian action!!

  • Mick

    Raggs says:
    November 29, 2010 at 7:48 am
    Airplane trips huh… When can we send him to the moon??? one way only!!!! I wouldn’t mind paying for that trip***************************************************

    Raggs……………….I second that !!! it definitely would be money well spent……..

  • TIME

    WOW ~ and just now people are starting to grasp that Barry Soetoro uses US 1 so much.

    I been calling it the “US ~ Barry S – O Mini Van” now for nearly two years.
    But please do keep in mind that Miss Michie has been popping about on US 2 even more than Barry has in US 1, so these plane’s are used more than the family mini van ever has been. Thus both US 1 & 2 are now known as the Sotoro Mini Vans.

    And lets not forget about the opulence these two frauds lavish on themselfs, and please do keep in mind that both were “educated on US Tax payers dollars,”
    Miss Michie whom has 30 some odd aids to run her oh so busy life ~~ all paid for by “”YOU”” the Tax payers.
    Plus aids to take care of her kids her MOTHER & the DOG!!!!!!!!!! That gift from old dead Ted Kennedy etc….
    Why are you all not SHOUTING at your State REPS about this abuse of power??????????

    • eddie47d

      Because few screamed and shouted about Bush’s travel account! It’s going to happen whether we like the expense or not. If you want to be number one in the world it will take a lot of diplomacy and the cost will only keep going up. China is out in that world bringing numerous countries under their wing.That includes the Middle East,Africa and Central and South America. I guess you could say it’s a popularity contest or to see which country can bring the most bacon home. Right now I would say China is winning.

      • TIME


        Let me ask you a question do you know anyone from China that works on {bring the bacon home} as per your post?

        I do, guess what dude ~ they use simple tools like (Phones, Fax’s) and that really wierd thing called the “Internet.” Of what by the way dude these things can be wired up for picture and sound ~ thats in the moment.
        To think that such can be done, WOW dude, thats so heavy.

        WOW ~ to think it can all be done for such little cost is Heavy too.
        I guess thats all to much to ask for from a narcissist like Barry Soetoro. As well I think I have made my point very clear on GWB as well the Clintons of whom I know, they are all no differant than Barry in anyway shape or form.

        Oh one last point – as even I do over 85% of my business by way of a simple ~ “Phone and Ineter Net ~ yes even FAX’s.” I have to fly about twice per month, but I do have offices in NYC, London & LA. But hey my cost were based on what deals I could cut to make my cost within the range of working.
        As do 99.9999% of all business’s that really make money ~ yes even Government’s are a form of Business, “yet they are not to be larger than the largest buisness known to man kind.” Nor spend beyond its means.

        $ Million dollars per day x 10 days ~ for “ZERO dollars” in return is not what’s called Logical thinking.
        Thats called “100% Insane.”
        As there was “ZERO BACON” Per Sa’ in return for that investment.

        Man your investments must be a total mess dude if you think thats normal behavior.

        • Kinetic1

          “$ Million dollars per day x 10 days”
          Are you EVER going to let that lie die? Rush jumped the gun, Beck was wrong, Hannitiy can not be depended on for facts. Was the trip expensive? Yes, all Presidential trips are, but quit spewing garbage that those outside of the FOX hole know is BS!

          • Joyce from Loris

            Well, what DID it cost??

          • TIME

            Kine 1o.

            Disprove the numbers. JFYI – the noted numbers come from the WH budget office, so you had better have a far better source.

            Oh by the way ~ Kine 1o ~ By the way I don’t listen to any of the noted persons you quoted, so you should get a better gig.
            BTW If they all also quoted the same numbers then disprove them.
            I am sure they got the same numbers from the same place I did.

          • eddie47d

            Those numbers came from an official in India who also said Obama was using 30 warships for this trip. Total bogus and not worth repeating.

        • Kinetic1

          The 200 Million a day number was credited to an unknown foreign source. Never confirmed, quickly debunked. As for you claim that you got the number from the White House budget office, let’s see the link. The White House, the Pentagon and several other top sources said these numbers were way off, as were the suggested numbers of planes and ships deployed as part of the trip. As to the real cost, we will never know. The details behind presidential travel are secret, and for good reason.

          • Robin from Arcadia, IN

            Kinetic1 says: “The details behind presidential travel are secret, and for good reason.”

            And that reason would be what? Why should they be secret? We, the tax payers, should have a right to know where are hard earned dollars are going. National security is important, but whoever is in office needs to get it through their thick, pompous heads that we want to see more accountability. If you don’t care how they spend your tax dollars, pay mine, too. Because I do care. My family could use the money a whole lot more than his family.

          • Kinetic1

            I guess this means you are very excited about the wikileaks story in the NewYork Times?

          • Dan Burke

            I suspect that part of the real reason they keep the budget of these trips a secret is because someone CAN prove that more can be done on these trips for LESS money. But since must politicians don’t truly believe in a free market (some less than others), they certainly wouldn’t want the free market a chance to prove such a point. Many of us know that better security can be done for less….

            And, yes, there are security reasons for not releasing the budget of these trips. In addition to the waste that goes on, you wouldn’t want the budget out where someone who can read between the numbers could figure out where the fraud is. Because where the fraud is, means that someone just may have found a security hole (bribes/blackmail?).

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Why are they secret? It isn’t a case of national security! We The People have a RIGHT to know where OUR money goes! Just another case of the government thinking we answer to them instead of them answering to US!!!

          • Kinetic1

            Let’s say they give us a round number. We take one look and want to know where all that money went. Now you’re asking the government to itemize the President’s travel, security, etc. You are offering up information that could expose our top government officials. I’d go on, but so many people on this site have already suggested getting rid of the President by any means that it doesn’t seem necessary to give them any more ideas.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            BS!!! your answer smells so bad it comes over the computer!!!

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I don’t begrudge her those 30 personal aids. Can you imagine what a job it is to TRY to make her look even acceptable??? Look at her now and think if she did it all by HERSELF!!!! PLEASE! I don’t want to see that day!!!

      • thinking

        We need a tax increase! We have to outspend any other ruler in the world! Hey how much travel do the Chinese do. Oh there economy is doing good while then how bout the French and other ero’s. Very little. Well screw the America’s full tax speed ahead. Don’t believe they will just increase the rich taxes, it will come down to everyone that works, except the illegal’s they get a free ride till they become citizens and can collect welfare. Looks like we are going down the crapper!

  • Mick

    TIME says:
    Why are you all not SHOUTING at your State REPS about this abuse of power??????????

    TIME,,,Trust me ,,,,We have and will keep on spending the money at the post office for a return receipt to make sure they hear us without the excuse that they didn’t receive it,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Rick

    Obama has not only set a record for travel on our dime, but he has also played more golf in less than two years than Bush did in eight
    years, and raised the deficit to a record level that surpasses his
    43 predecessors combined. He hates the “COLONIAL” power that he is
    supposed to be the leader of, and is rubbing our noses in his fecal
    mess he has created.

    • Sweetie

      If Ignorance were Power
      would Obummer be god?

  • castaway

    Like a true black, he would say these are really good diggs. Have you noticed more blacks in commercials, and government? It is the wave of the future, and the plan by the man. As can be seen, it will and is leading to our demise. Slowly but surely.

    • Kinetic1

      “Like a true black”? Really, you want to go with that? What’s next, a little discussion about “fried chickin and Watymellon?” Doesn’t it get hot under that white hood?

  • castaway

    Even though Obama may be the worst offender in airmiles, and traveling, he is not alone. We have a money grubbing, and dishonest government that will continue to do bad things for the people of this country, and spend our money like water off a ducks back, until we the people take control. How many of you are willing to do that??

  • Bus

    Give the poor slob a break he’s just trying to find that audience which he captivated during the campaign. Since the U.S. citizens have stopped fawning all over him he has to go elsewhere. I say go…go….go. Stay out of the country, in fact get a commander in chief uniform on and spend a month or two in Afghanistan.

  • marvin

    all i can say is on nov 2nd we sent the liberals a message stop or we will stop you but liberals like obama pelosie reid [clyburn,we only lost by 250,000 votes]it makes no differance how or how much you lose by,YOU LOST,kind of like watching a replay of the same ball game and thinking the score will change, liberals think by doing the same thing over and over you get a differant ending,only way to change a liberals mind or like their off, is by changing their address,YOUR FIRED

  • Daren Arthur

    The American people are smart enough to recognize that “Obummer” is traveling out of the country IN TIMES OF LOCAL ECONOMIC CRISIS and that means that he should stay more here in the US and work towards OUR local crisis. His, and his wife’s junkets, are NOW different because our country is NOW in dire need of new jobs HERE ! We are smart enough to know that if he spent this same travel money on an extensive study and implementation designed to increase jobs HERE……Americans would truly benefit ! The other overseas trips by other presidents were in times of LESSOR need of jobs !!!!

    The small businesses of the US are historically proven to be the creator of over 70% of the new jobs here in the US. “Obummer” will be hard-pressed to bolster American’s jobs HERE by being overseas or on the golf course. The PROVEN way to promote more jobs is by helping small businesses with lower red tape, lower taxes, and less bureaucratic control.

    To the astute observer……you will easily notice that not ONE element of these PROVEN needs have been addressed. QUITE THE CONTRARY !!!

    To the astute observer……you will notice that “Obummer” has done everything OPPOSITE to these PROVEN needs. CONTRARY TO TIME-HONORED HISTORY !!!

    To the astute observer……he has CONSISTENTLY done EVERYTHING to increase American dependency on foreign oil, unions, entitlements by the takers, and therefor – increase his voter base at the expense of our jobs, currency, and liberties granted by the Constitution.



    WAKE UP AMERICA !! LOOK NO FURTHER THAN THE SOCIALIST COUNTRIES THAT ARE NOW BANKRUPT !! They are the “canary in the coal mine” to those smart enough to know history. Socialism only works for the elite and those in control of the government !!!!!


    • Teresa

      Point very well stated!

  • Indian Bob

    Our problem is with the treasonous crew of Air Force One. They keep bringing him back.

    • Raggs


      We need to convince Russia they need a new astronaut…
      Maybe obama can find someone on the moon to lie too / steal from and that will worship him the way he thinks we should do…

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I have it! Let him represent us on the international space station!!! He would do real good where there is a few minute delay in speak/hear!!!

  • chuckb

    has any president carried an entourage such as barry? i don’t think so!
    clinton was probably second and bush third. king barry carried about three times more people with him than any other president.

    indian bob, i agree the crew of air force one should be held to account for bringing this illegal back into the country without proper documents.

  • 45caliber

    Only his first two years? I’d say he’s spent more time out of the country than any President I can remember! And he spends the rest of his time flying around inside our country instead of doing his job at the White House.

    Of course, since he’s never really held a job before, he probably hasn’t realized that there is work involved either.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I have suspicions that there are times that he flies at ten thousand feet and never leaves the ground! If you get my point!!

  • Rachel M Hervey PHN

    To Whomever this concerns: Thank you President Obama for ALL you have done to make US look better as a NATION around the world. The way you act, look and deal with compliments and complaints alike prove your presidential qualities are for real, for ALL of us to us see for ourselves, as you have done going around the world (working for peace) and showing to ALL how it works, moving the planet toward better understanding and PEACE ! . We just lucked out. Many of us ARE NOT educated enough to realize it, yet !

    • Raggs

      Dang there rachel…

      No wonder there is and there are not… You prove to be a not.

    • Gorba

      What’s the matter with you? This bum has spent his entire time in the government both as a Senator and as POTUS trying to destroy this country. It’s evident to most people. Take you head out of the sand.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      you been shorting someone on their psych meds lately???

    • Disgusted with Obama

      You are completely clueless and ignorant. Typical Obama supporter. I bet you were all for the picture of Christ with ants on him in the Smithsonian too. When will you wake up and try to inform yourselves, you are selfish liberals without a clue or a conscience. Are you not aware that other countries are laughing at him and the U.S. for allowing his disgusting behavior as our President. You need to get informed and perhaps travel yourself, because I am guessing you haven’t been outside of your liberal and homosexual overrun state.

  • chuckb

    rachel m hervey

    you have been smoking too much pot.

  • Gorba

    This POTUS is all about TAKING what he can from the taxpayer. Nothing about what he can give to our great country.

  • bdr

    BHO and his wife remind me of kids in a candy store – “take all you can get, its all FREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (no permission needed)

    After all, they are bankrupting America and our government is allowing it – so who is in bed with who !!!!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      aLLOWIG IT?!?!? some are actually helping him!!!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        That should be ALLOWING IT?!?!?!?!?!

  • OneDamnAngryAmerican

    Yes, and all at a time when the country is at war. I am willing to bet that he has more hours in the air then his air-crew has. Anybody remember the a$$chewing he gave the corporate world for their use of private jets to conduct their official business with? WHAT A SCUMABAG!

  • Disgusted with Obama

    Obama and his wife should be ashamed of themselves! Americans are suffering, including his own race that voted him into the White House. He needs to get his a** back in the States and do something for his country, what he is supposed to be serving not using up millions of taxpayer money for his own special entourage to travel the world. I imagine he will rought in he** one day for his terrible actions.


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