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Obama message booed at the Boy Scout National Jamboree 2010

August 18, 2010 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • BrotherPatriot

    Wow…thats soooo KOOL…!!! LoL…A great big THANK YOU to the youth of AMERICA!

    “I hope your WATCHING THIS…!!!” <— To ALL of the encumants and Bilderberg people! Things are about to CHANGE!

    • SAD

      Anti American dirtbag

      • Sandra

        Dear Sad:

        You are obviously in love with the idea that Obama promised, as to great things for America. Unfortunately for him, his “Change” is not in the best interest of the “TAXPAYERS” who support those who believe someone owes something to them. I do not question you are among them.Oh, and by the way, I don’t owe you, your forefathers or illegals a thing..whichever you are or support, I suggest you put your hand on a newspaper and and get a job and pay taxes like the rest of us who work!

  • s c

    So, the Boy Scouts made Mr. Obama look bad. Awwwww. If only Mr. Obama had half the common sense shown by the Boy Scouts. Well, maybe half the common sense shown by the Girl Scouts. Either way, Americans of all ages are spreading the word that Herr Obummer isn’t welcome in American politics, and he isn’t doing anything constructive in Washington. Out of the mouths of babes, eh?

    • SAD 1

      Anti American

      • http://naver samurai

        You already said that, moron! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • http://soon Lyn Valentine

    Obama should be jailed ,if not for anything else ,for child corruption, at least two charges for his daughters, before he makes them as corrupt as he and his vain wife are..Send their asses both to the penitentiary for as long as they live, removing all ways of communicating with the outside world, a good start is to remove their vocal cords, tie her tubes and cut out his testicles, balls for those of you that do not understand..;/……

    • eddie47d

      Heck,You all said the same thing about the Clintons daughter and she is a beautiful young lady. The Obama girls will be just fine so lay off the nastiness.

      • Palin12

        Yes and you libtards attacked Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol, during the 2008 campaign too. What comes around goes around.

      • s c

        E, let me refresh your faulty memory. One of the pearls of wisdom that came out of that ‘fine, young’ lady’s mouth is the idea that the Secret Service guys who were guarding her precious Daddy were nothing more than TRAINED PIGS. What is it with you starry-eyed dreamers who know how to tune out reality 24/7, but you rarely see the many warts and imperfections that so typify your “leaders” or those who are close to them. Dream on, E! Keep on suckin’ down that lsd-laced Kruel Ade.

      • Michael J.

        Since you brought it up, I have a question for you. What do you get when you mix a corupt politician with a crooked lawyer?
        Answer = Chelsie Clinton

        • eddie47d

          Typical nasty negative comment from a conservative. I wouldn’t expect anything else.

    • Doris Birkett

      I agree 100%. He is a Muslim, & he has brought in 10 million Muslims & made them US citizens, gave them high educations, free food, jobs in the Military, so they can kill our soldiers within, RE: Ft Hood, the couple that had high paying gov jobs a beautiful home, but walked off & left it to bomb New York, he got caught, she had already took the kids & went back to
      afghanistan. Now he wants to make 10 million more perm citizens on the Amnesty bill, then they vote for him, they will outnumber us, so he wins again. He needs to be stopped b4 it is too late. he got billions from taking 2 yrs raises from the seniors that worked all their lives to give it to the new world order ( Obama’s Amnasty)s

    • SAD


      • http://naver samurai

        Too much kool aid. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • RJ

    May GOD forgive Obama and the Devil take him.

    • Will Canfield

      He is already in stewardship of Satans bidding. Why do you think he has and is taking this country as far away from Christianity as he can get it. Remember that Satan is the Father of Lies and Obama will say he is a Christian to gain nothing more than political advantage and power.
      What else can explain his muslim apologetics.

    • slickporsche

      I don’t know what to tell ya, but I think the devil already owns his skanky ass.

    • SAD

      (offensive comment removed)

  • RJ

    Don’t buy an Obama coin!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      there won’t be an Obama coin he’s not dead! There will not be any coins for living presidents.

      • Michael J.

        Joe H.,
        Anything is possible if you wish hard enough.

  • RG

    It should come as no surprise to Mr. Obama that when you make promises and fail to meet your word, you will meet with criticism! He and Michelle have made some major mistakes believing that the American public is as blind as they had hoped. In the same way Deval Patrick, governor of MA, promised reform and then went right out after being elected and bought 2 brand new Caddies, to only be forced to return them. We will not tolerate our government officials playing us like fools any longer!

    We furthermore need to remove them from office and all like them until we get REPRESENTATIVES that do just that! I am a BIG FAN of term limits for all Congressmen and all Senators! If you want to stop the fleecing of America, get the shepherds back in the flock and remove the wolves!

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Judy

      Well said and i agree agree RG as do many many legal Americans!! We need some BIG changes in Congress and the Senate!!!


    A sign from the American youth, and it didn’t make main-stream news. Well you know what, that is ok, and here is why. The more that main-stream media attempts to protect this Obama, and his minions, the faster they are loosing their credibility, not only as a news source, but the so-called journalists, and commentators as well.

    It is interesting to note that all through history kids have rebelled against their parents. It now appears that the kids are rebelling in a positive sense against their parents, and in some cases their grandparents too.They do not seem to be all that interested in following in the footsteps of their “hippy-dippy” parents, and or grandparents. They do not like being told what to do, what they can or can not eat, etc. etc. etc. They do not like, nor will they put up with the restrictions that have been placed on their lives, their wants, desires, and needs. They do not like the idea that there are far too many rules. When socialism, communism, Marxism,and fascism is explained to them, they reject it. A simple way to explain it to kids,is this.– They work hard in school, to obtain the marks, but then the school comes along and says we are going to take all your marks all your hard work then average it through-out the class, so you will all be equal, no one fails, and no feelings are hurt. These kids wake up very quickly.

    In a way we can thank Obama, and all his minions, for re-awaking the American people regardless of age. Change is coming Obama, but not what you envisioned. To coin a phrase, we are going back to the future.

    • BrotherPatriot

      I like what you said and I agree. One thing we CAN thank Obummer for…he has helped awaken the American public and indeed, the change he envisioned isn’t going to be the change that happens.

      The sleeping Giant has been awakened again…and it makes my hair stand up on end to think of. Do you feel it also?

      Research who you vote for in November…and oust the encumbants who have dealings with any of the Bilderbergs, TC, or the CFR!

    • SAD

      Absolutely idiotic

      • http://naver samurai

        Just described yourself very well, moron! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • http://thisone jayjay

    Amen to that RG! November is coming, it’s time for the people to speak up, and VOTE these demoncrats out, they are against everything this country was founded on – and are destroying the U.S. from within.
    Oust the radical extremists, starting with obama, his cronies, his czars, and all the radicals leading us down a path – we don’t want to take. I find it very hard to believe this obama is as stupid as many people think – I think everything he does is ON PURPOSE – make no mistake he is a muslim – muslims hate christians, jews, and Americans – they call America – the Great Satan, and it’s their wish to destroy America, they HATE us, and they hate our freedoms, they are NOT a peace-loving religion by any means – if someone doubts it, simply look up their doctrine of hate – called the Koran, and read. One of the commandments of muslims – is to deceive the “infidel” which America is called, along with the Great Satan, they will stop at nothing – until this country is destroyed. Americans must take a firm stand – and stand up and fight, for this great country, if you don’t care – do nothing, but think of future generations that will suffer IF we don’t do anything. Aren’t our children and grandchildren worth the fight? It’s time to TAKE BACK AMERICA!

    • Duende

      And what are you going to vote in?? Republicans?? HA ha ha ha Ho ho hoho Oh my. You really don’t get it.. any more than the progressives who are still holding out hoping that Obama really means well but is trying too hard to appease the right wing … ho ho ho ha ha ha ha ha. You’re all freaking idiots… ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

      Sorry.. this is the first time I’ve actually called some one a name on this group. But I’m suspecting it’s not going to be the last.

      • Dale

        Because of the two party system, unfortunately, you only have two choices, more government or less government, and because of the electoral college system you don’t even get to vote for the president.

        Since all the tax revenue that supports government comes from the 60% of the private sector that pays taxes, more government means more taxes and more debt.

        Though not a whole lot better, at least with republicans you will have more jobs in the private sector to pay those free-loading government democrats for their so-called job.

        I hope that you have the ability to understand basic economics. Government workers are a liability not an asset to the economy. Government workers pay is entirely paid with tax revenue and the deductions and other taxes they ‘pay’ are just a reduction in the amount of tax revenue they receive.

        Further more, government workers suck up the economy because the tax revenue they receive reduces the buying power of those that pay their salary, private sector businesses and workers.

        Based on the way you write I am concerned that you may not have the mental ability to understand or reason simple concepts but others reading this post will, so just in case you don’t, I post it for them.

        • Duende

          Dear Dale
          The reason we have a two party system is because no one has the nerve to vote their conscience. When Ross Perot ran for president the exit polls showed that many people wanted to vote for him but didn’t want to “waste their vote”. (the waste your vote campaign was a huge PR porject by both Dem and Repub). IF those who wanted Perot had actually voted for him HE WOULD HAVE WON!!. Believe me if Perot had gotten in corporations wouldn;t have the free run they have now and foreigneres (Rupert MUrdoch) wouldn’t be allowed to control so much of our media.

          Now Dale.. do you have the intelligence to wrap your mind around the concept that if you vote for the lesser of two evils ya still gets evils? Huh?

          Any way the argument is moot since the only way out of the political and economic dilemma we’re in is the raising of consciousness of an entire planet, so my suggestion is for you to get on your knees and pray for god to let the holy spirit enter your heart. I mean really pray.. plead.. since it’s really out of your control when this can happen. Actually it can only happen when you’re out of control.. when you finally admit your powerlessness. Then you can have the true power of the holy spirit.. a power that doesn;t exert power OVER anything.. it is power with everything. Now I’m going to pray for you, myself and an entire planet. The prayer I will use is “May all beings be happy” Kind of takes care of all possibilities doesn’t it? Peace. Duende.

  • Chris

    Early this summer Obamma refused to sign the Eagle Scout award certificates & Life Saving awards that the Eagle Scouts earned, it was close to 10,000 of them that did not get signed. The Boy Scouts of America started in 1916, every President since then has signed these Special awards for achievement, honoring these fine young men! What did he expect, these polititions today dont have a clue what the meaning of “HONOR” is!

    • http: minnie


      • SAD

        Get your (Offensive words removed)

  • Barbara Nelson

    how to comment

  • Barbara Nelson

    God Bless America, the Boy & Girl Scouts & any Youth organizations which uphold our founding fathers Judeo/Christian principles. We ARE a Christian Nation & that mustn’t be forgotten, no matter how many immigrants enter our country & try to influence OUR principles. The man in the oval office who does not salute OUR flag & who bows to foreign leaders is NOT MY president. He has built a powerful machine that does his bidding: passing legislation the PEOPLE don’t want,(Health care & Bailouts) taking over private industries (ala Socialism)& completely failing to enforce our laws (Arizona & MANY other states -illegal immigration problems) & protect our citizens. I am thoroughly ASHAMED of the man living in the White House. I thought it would be wonderful to see a black man serve as our leader but didn’t realize he is a black man indoctrinated to Hate whites & follow Muslim beliefs. I read his book where he admitted He will always be a Muslim How in the name of all that’s Holy did this man get to the highest seat of power in our Great country? College students who don’t know the Constitution & knelt to the promise of CHANGE (expecting it to be good) need to wake up & check out what is going on. My background is American Indian so I am doubly entitles to reveal the TRUTH as I see it No prejudice or racial issues involved- only Right vs Wrong & all that OBAMA stands for is Wrong for my country. Hallelujah

    • JCfromDC

      A tiny matter of protocol, BUT, properly, civilians do not salute the flag, including BHO, as he never served. Veteran military are an exception, i.e. GWB could, his dad, could, even Al Bore could, even Ronald Reagan could not… “properly”

      • http://??????? Stephen Browning

        When you place your hand over your heart, is a form of saluting. When you are not in uniform, you should salute with your hand over your heart.

    • Duende

      I didn;t know we were a Xtian nation. i thought we were a nation that celebrated religious freedom which I think should also include freedom from the influence of anothers religion on ones private life and henceforth laws that are free of religious biases…Muslim, Jewish of Hindu (Oh…and Xtian).

      • Margi

        Ah-h-h!! Me thinks the lady has exposed her true colors. After all her preaching about praying, she gives deferrence to Hindus, Muslims, etc. but denigrates CHRISTians by using an X in place of His holy name. Ma’m, the Bill of Rights gives us freedom OF religion NOT freedom FROM religion. I think maybe Mary Madeline O’Hare had some part in your decision making process. No matter. You’re entitled. And I will pray for you.

    • SAD

      The majority of America voted him in. Your indoctrinating your children like the KKK.


    We all knew,when this A.H.would’nt lay the wreath @ Arlington ! He’d rather go to a hotdog rainout in crookedville Ill. that he was pond scum !

  • http://personallibertydigest Tom

    I wish to thank you for making forum avaiable, It very heart warming and encouraging to see that they have not been able to turn all of our kids into just minds of mush. Even though our educational system is trying it’s best. Thank goodness for youth orgazinations like the boy and girl scouts and our many religious youth groups.

    • SAD

      These kids haven’t a clue on whats going on, only what you tell them. They will not fare well as bigots. But then you know that.

      • Margi

        I, strongly, beg to differ with your statement that these kids don’t have a clue as to what is going on. When is the last time you had a conversation with a teenager? I have grandchildren in Chicago,Illinois and Charleston, South Carolina (so you cannot claim regional bias) who could put most of you liberals to shame. Not only are they aware that Obama, Reid and Pelosi are bad for their futures but they can explain why they think so. They actual know American history – not taught in the public school systems any longer but discussed with friends who are “history buffs” and in their homes. Kids today are bright, articulate and curious about the world around them and they know how to access information faster and better than we ever could have imagined. So, please, don’t put down kids who simply voiced their opinions.

      • http://naver samurai

        If you can’t put up some facts or sources then stay off of the site, moron! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Paul W. Brock

    Most liberals actively hate the Boy Scouts of America. They equate it with the Hitler Youth. The ALCU is always suing the Boy Scouts for some issue or other. No surprise that Obama did not go to the jamboree. Too patriotic and too many absolute truths being taught to our youths. Liberals can’t stand absolutes.

    • SAD

      That WAS Hitler Youth you moron

      • Margi

        Shame on you!!

  • Doc Sarvis

    Those Boy Scouts should be ashamed of themselves and the leaders as well. When I was a Boy Scout that sort of behavior would not be tollerated in ANY situation! What ever happened to the Scout Oath and Scout Promise?

    • libertytrain

      In a way you may be correct however, their president abandoned them as well.

      • Doc Sarvis

        So the Boy Scouts require the President’s presence in order to behave like upstanding citizens the BSA is supposed to represent?

      • SAD

        Because “No child left behind” did so much for them. Bush left us with a 50% drop out rate. Obama is the best hope they’ve had in years. Why are you so stupid?

        • Margi

          Once again, blame it on Bush. When is your illustrious leader ever going to take responsibility for his failings. Whatever happened to your mantra “…for the children.”

    • irene

      Doc? Yeah, right. I have one comment to your weaselly post.

      • Doc Sarvis

        I didn’t know you were THAT into me.

    • s c

      DS, what happened to Obama’s oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution? If Mr. Obama sported a black, Gestapo uniform, his actions would make much more sense.
      Boy Scouts are not obligated to accept, tolerate or endure a non-leader who refuses to see the difference between a pretender and an honorable man who reveres freedom and a deep love of country.
      Mr. Obama has out-Wilsoned Wilson. Mr. Obama has out-FDRed FDR. He has out-Cartered Carter. He has out-Clintoned Clinton. And, he may out-Hitler that maniacal, strutting peacock dictator who all but destroyed Germany in WWII and killed many Americans in the process.

      • eddie47d

        SC Your so full of hateful crap. There’s probably less sleaze in a Playboy magazine than your one comment.

      • Doc Sarvis

        He has done a respectable job preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution.

        • Vicki

          Why yes S.C. has. Too bad Obama hasn’t. Just think Obamacare and how many parts of it violate the constitution.

        • Maren

          What! To which Constution are you referring?

  • Pete

    I was a staff member at the National Jamboree. The fifth point of the Scout Law is “A Scout is courteous.” The booing and catcalls during President Obama’s video message were totally uncalled for and disrespectful. I’m not an Obama supporter, but he is the President and the office should, and must be, respected. He has been taken to task for not appearing in person. The security aspects of a personal appearance by President Obama would have resulted in total chaos. I was told that when President Bush appeared at the 2005 Jamboree, the Secret Service cretins had all the cases of water in the first 20 – 30 rows removed, and this on a warm, humid Virginia morning.

    Sec Def Robert Gates (Distinguished Eagle Scout Award recipient) gave an outstanding speech at the opening ceremonies, and Eagle Scout Mike Rowe’s remarks at the closing show were equally on point. I joined Boy Scouts in 1956 and never left. There is no finer organization that helps boys become responsible adults and leaders.

    • BrotherPatriot

      He is NOT the president. He is a usurper. Check out Lt. Col. Terry Lankin’s case if you wish to hear some truth. The Bilderbergs are pretty much behind it all…has Obummer ever gone to one of their meetings…oh yeah, he has. Hrmmmm…now look at the history of WHO make up the Bilderbergs, Council of Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission.

      Both parents need to be Natural born. Period. Unless you don’t believe in the constitution, that is. Or if you have enough money, political blackmail on politions or paid thugs to do your dirty work for you.

      Enough Chicago style mafia being run in my Government as Michele Bachmann has stated for the record. Time for CHANGE indeed…Novemember will be the American Voice. If illegally manipulated again…then perhaps the American Boot will follow next.

      Obummer doesn’t even need to be impeached…this suggest he was a legal candidate to begin with. Obviously, with all his lies and sealing of documents…this will be proven by discovery granted by Lt. Col. Lankins court case coming to a head here shortly.

      • TruthOfTheMatter

        BrotherPatriot the correct name is Lieutenant Colonel Terry Lakin, not Lankin.

        • BrotherPatriot

          Ty…sorry for that and you are correct. Typing with gusto and passion. :)

          • SAD

            Go back to the hole you crawled out of, your inbreeding is showing.

    • TruthOfTheMatter

      Hey Pete, and the other brainless follower Doc Sarvis:

      Respect and courtesy are given ONLY to those who earned/deserve it, not to liers and thieves and other social outcasts. Thats like saying Hitler should have been accepted and followed without opposition/criticism.

      You two are morons. Those young kids know what is right and wrong, which is more than can be said for you old, line towing, weasles, and were disgusted to the point of breaching protocol. Even military, peace officers, public, etc., can breach protocol (disobey orders) when the orders are unlawful, let alone express discontent as the public does.

      Get a life!!!

      • Gramps


    • http: minnie


  • Helena

    We are smart enough to know that Obumma has to stand true to his Muslim counterparts, so therefore he can not support anything we AMERICANS stand for or agree with. WE all know he is not an American and does not deserve the highest honor of being called President. His wife is not allowed into the Muslim society and not allowed into their Country, what does that tell you??? Come on America,what’s taking us so long to put this man out of control. I think he has a bigger surprise coming than being boooooooooooed at a Boy Scout Convention, come quickly November and let’s get started. He may have some adults fooled, but the youth of today is tomorrows future. LET”S GO SCOUTS

    • SAD

      We? Speak for yourself nutbag

      • Margi

        On this, I agree with you SAD. You are not smart enough.

  • rrrr

    Words will not solve this problem.

    • Helena

      You are so right, we need more, we need for people to open their eyes and see the road we are being dragged down, however some people are blind to the truth and can not face reality.

  • JCfromDC

    …and that brilliant speech snippet abouth the constitutional “rights” of murders that he made about the Cordoba Mosque Project. Weren’t all his advisor/hsndlers on vacation that day? But when they got back the retraction was all rehearsed and down pat. Wonderful. No wonder the Scouts trashed him. The Feds want to control THEM too!
    Will everybody go to YouTube and listen to Reagan’s speech at the 1964 GOP convention? No telepromters, just a few note cards and a speech with a warning that is JUST as true today. We see it daily now. Just replace Soviets and Communism with Terrorists and Radical Islam

    • Duende

      Oh my god…. you don’t see it do you. Your last sentence is exactly what the elite have done.. replaced communism with terrorism. The elitists didn’t want communism since it basically said they’de have to share their wealth… wealth they got on the backs of the working man (that’d be us y’all). So they get a whole population stirred up against communism. made zillions on the defense industry and then Communism collapses.. uh oh.. how can they make money?.. ah.. the war on terrorism.. so… they control the media (and obviously the minds of many on this list) and get a bunch of “Patriots” screaming for vengance against the Muslim hoards. God you’re so are the progressives.. but have you noticed… the democrats are still keeping the war on terrorism going along just fine after Bush defined it. Yup…. you’re all idiots and have been duped. (uh oh.. that’s twice today I’ve reverted to name calling.. I guess I’ve reached my limit seeing how little effect civility has with morons)

      • Vicki

        Duende says:
        “Oh my god…. you don’t see it do you. Your last sentence is exactly what the elite have done.. replaced communism with terrorism. The elitists didn’t want communism since it basically said they’de have to share their wealth… ”

        The elitists under communism don’t share their wealth. They share everyone else’s wealth.

        From each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs. Humans have a VERY overblown sense of “need”.

        everything about that statement shows the intent of the elite to rule.

        Several communist countries of the last century show us how the elite did in fact keep their wealth. Last time I checked Mr. Castro is not the poorest of the lot down in Cuba. There are others.

        • Maren

          Communism is a silent form of terrorism–take from those who have worked and give to everyone else. We are headed in this direction with socialists leading the fray. They all need teleprompters.

          • Duende

            Can I ask??? Why in the hell does every one freak out when someone suggests giving more money to workers who’ve actually sweated in factories, but have no problem with the elite/wealthy making billions while we the people are loosing our homes due to a banking scam (and the banks are being bailed out) What is the problem people.. are you really that brainwashed that you can’t see that? Downward distribution of wealth is considered evil why upward distribution is divine. You are seriously freaking brain washed.

        • Duende

          So Viki.. you say

          “The elitists under communism don’t share their wealth. They share everyone else’s wealth.”

          That’s what you’ve got in the US.. the elite taking it all.. under communism it’s “supposed” to be different. I say supposed since every effort to install communism in any country has either been undermined by predators fro inside the country (Stalin for instance) or predators outside the country (Kissinger)

          “From each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs. Humans have a VERY overblown sense of “need”.”

          Yeah.. specially those who think they need 5 mansions and an airplane. A lot of those humans you refer to tha I know have very simple wants and needs.. but that’s a tactic of the oppressor.. create and atmosphere where we have no faith in each other.

          “everything about that statement shows the intent of the elite to rule.”

          Same back to you.

          “Several communist countries of the last century show us how the elite did in fact keep their wealth. Last time I checked Mr. Castro is not the poorest of the lot down in Cuba. There are others.”

          Are you kidding me.. he at least earned his money, Cuba has a better infant mortality rate than the USA, so he’s saved lives. And that fact can be take from the CIA’s web site

          It’ not that I love him but I can smell the hate campagn against him by american elitists (and their lackies.. that’d be YOU) who are terrified of even the concept of sharing their wealth.

  • Candace

    I am saddened that many on this board applaud our youth’s disrespect for the office of the Presidency. I am a black conservative, voted third party (my convictions wouldn’t allow me to vote McCain) and despise the policies of the current administration, but if I met him face to face, I would show President Obama respect, because he is our President. I wonder if these same people would applaud gay and lesbian youths booing Reagan or Bush… this is a sad day when we applaud teens being disrespectful. When the shoe is on the other foot, then we will see how quickly they turn.

  • George

    I am sorry, but I respect my country above the president. The policies of this president do not allow me to respect both. I do respect the office of the president, but I do not respect this president. I had high hopes for him right after he was elected, based on his promises. I now believe he belongs in jail. I did not vote for him based on lack of experience and his controversial background.

  • eddie47d

    Did any of you listen to any of his speech to the Boy Scouts? He praised the Scouts and the Scouts showed disrespect to the office. Most of you overlooked that little item. My daughter was in Scouts 6years,my one son for 7years and my 3rd son was a member for 8years. He became a first class scout. Those scouts in the video were shameful. Obama has had Scouts in the White House twice and had other commitments that day(2 I believe).Nixon,Reagan,Carter and Ford never attended a Jamboree will you be piling on them also. George Bush sent a video to the Scouts in the summer of 2001 or is that different?

    • Vicki

      Was he reading from a teleprompter?

  • Hank

    Clinton perjured himself nothing done Blago aledged to have lied could go to jail sports figure lied and could go to jail supreme court says liing is okay. This adminstration lies to citisens daily. boy scouts have more courage the Obama has brains If you asked him a question before his is given a heads up so he can read off the teliprompter for answer.Government goes after Blago and Clemens but noothing even close to investigating. To bad J E Hoover isnt here. The FBI and Cia not investigation this Administration corruption is shamefull

  • SAD

    This is an American disgrace.

    On my honor I will do my best
    To do my duty to God and my country
    and to obey the Scout Law;
    To help other people at all times;
    To keep myself physically strong,
    mentally awake, and morally straight.

    These are NOT Boy Scouts. I have never been so ashamed of our youth in my entire life. This is YOUR fault, YOU are not only allowing this but actually promoting this. What kind of respect are you teaching these future leaders. You have no shame and NO right to call yourselves AMERICAN. I will NEVER contribute to The Boy Scouts of America again. As if you F^cking care.

    • Maren

      I have no respect for you simply because of your dirty mouth. Do you have any education that included the lives of the young and old men and women who bravely fought to see freedom? Have you read the Constitution? Have you studied the records of the first Constitutional Congresses? These were not peaceful, polite meetings. They were prepared for war as they formed the Declaration. Perhaps these young men have been raised by Americans who have had enough! Ever think of that? No one asks you to support the Boy Scouts, and with a mouth like yours, I would not want my sons associating with you (Both Eagle Scouts, by the way)!

    • http://naver samurai

      What a great lib, gay loving, baby killing, marxist rant! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Mike


  • Maren

    How proud I was, today, to help prepare food and serve over 200 scouting folks who showed up for the funeral of Camp Tesomas leader Ed Zahn. Men, young men, boys, and some women showed up in uniform. We were all very moved as many, many men stood to bear witness to the service and all-American example of this fine man, but the most moving was a young man from Russia, recently adopted, only in the US for two years. He spoke of Ed’s love, humor and leadership. He ended with, “God Bless Scouting and God Bless America!” The congregation was in tears and we all broke out clapping. The American Spirit is not dead; we’ve just been lulled into a false sense of security, but as one writer said, the sleeping giant is waking up. Perhaps it takes a sloth like Obama, his selfish wife and the Peolsi-Reed, minions to wake us from our apathy? Evil men will rule when good men do nothing. Time to rise up and shout like these fine young scouts did. Enough! Vote the buggers out of office. America is the land of the brave–those brave enough to defend our borders, our freedom on land and sea AND the freedom of others, who have never been raised under the flag of democracy. The republic we live in has spoiled us. Wake up! No Mosque near ground zero. Look at the Islamization of Europe! We’re next. Sharia law! No! We will have to fight to preserve the freedoms that the Constitution has afforded us–an inspired, living, breathing document. God bless our scouts, their families, those who work to support them and the men and women of our military!

  • Mary

    GREAT! Look like we still have really hope and we have men in this country( in the short future) . I was really worry for a while. The women, the few men plus the boys scott. I think we can defend our country any time. Those young men don’t give standing ovation to crap. The people in Honduras booed Hugo Chavez when he went over there and called them stupid traitors for not accepting his lefty agenda.

  • Bpy Scout

    Ok now i was here as a boy scout in that crowd and there was a high number of scouts shocked by the booing, that and the moajority of people who were booing were trouble makers who think their hilarious and they were also booing because obama didn’t come there himself, that is what the booing is abput so no more of these muslim accustations or how the youth are opposed to him, you really have no right accusing these things unless you were there yourself


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